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Superlana – Chapter 1: What if Lana Got Clark’s Powers?

Written by thewisewatcher :: [Wednesday, 11 July 2007 11:54] Last updated by :: [Sunday, 19 May 2013 12:01]

I am The Wise Watcher and for countless years I have observed your planet Earth for it’s many heroes. The greatest hero of your world is a being named Kal-el that is known to the entire world as Superman. As an infant, Kal-el was rocketed from the doomed planet of Krypton. Upon it’s explosion, fragments of his planet following him to his arrival in Smallville, Kansas. Here he would be raised as Clark Kent and grow up to have amazing abilities that he would use to save others in his youth in Smallville en route to becoming Superman. One such case is where he goes out to save a young outcast named Eric Summers, who precariously stands on top of a ledge during a thunderstorm while holding a bag of meteor rocks, which are fragment meteorites of Clark’s home planet. With the weather pushing him over the edge Clark intuitively reaches for the bag and through a twist of fate, a bolt of lightning strikes him and the contents of the bag causes a transfer all of Clark’s powers to him.

Noticing that Eric uses Clark’s powers recklessly, Clark locks himself in a battle where he gets his powers back and teaches him a valuable lesson about the responsible use of his abilities. However, what would happen if Clark’s powers were transferred to someone else that day as we ask …


What if Lana Got Clark’s Powers?


Lana Lang really didn’t want to be on this field trip. She was still pretty depressed after recently losing her boyfriend Whitney in combat while he was stationed in Cambodia. Not only did she lose her boyfriend but also her aunt Nelle, whom left for Metropolis with her fiancée Gill. Luckily she was able to stay with Chloe, whom has always been like a sister to her. She originally did not want to go on Mr. Summers’s geology trip but Clark talked her into it in order to get her mind off of her recent troubles. Clark even asked Mr. Summers to pair them together so they can work on the assignment while also trying to cheer her up. While digging for samples of the meteor rocks that ravaged Smallville sixteen years ago, she bumps into Eric. Eric has always been an outcast because of his father being Mr. Summers and no one wanting to associate with him because of their professor’s unsavory attitude towards his students. What makes this ironic is that because of Mr. Summers, Eric makes no friends and at home while his father gives him little reason to be happy by always belittling him. It seems that Lana Lang is the only person that meets him nicely at school.


“Hey Eric, what are you doing?” she asks.

“Uh, oh, nothing Lana, just looking for igneous rocks for my dad’s assignment”

“Igneous? Shouldn’t you try finding meteor fragments? Those can be pretty hard to find cause they are buried pretty deep”

“Nah, for me it was really easy, I knew a great spot to find them” after an odd moment of silence between the two of them he breaks it by saying “hey I am really sorry to hear about Whitney, Everyone at school saw that you really cared about him”

She says, “that’s really sweet of you thanks” (Lana thinks of how miserable Whitney used to treat him but he still shows kindness to his ex-girlfriend)

After receiving an angry look from his father, Eric says “Listen, I had better get back to the assignment, but if you ever want to talk about anything …”

“Thank you, I will remember that,” she answers. As Eric leaves with his bag of meteor rocks, it makes it safe for Clark to approach Lana and talk to her.


“Hey Lana, how are you holding up with the assignment?”

“I am doing okay Clark, I was just talking with that poor kid Eric, nobody really pays attention to him because of his dad. From what I saw, I don’t think his dad really appreciates him. It’s a shame that he has a father and they can’t be a happy family. They are very lucky to have each other, unlike me, at times it feels I have no one, and if I feel I do, they suddenly leave me.”

Lana then begins to almost cry but then Clark tries breaking it up with “Hey Lana, don’t cry, just remember that you always have me. How about after school today, we go horseback riding with your favorite horse. When was the last time you took Byron out for a ride?”

Fighting the tears away, she says under her breath “It’s been a long time, but yea, that would be great.”


Throughout the remainder of the assignment, Clark and Lana talk while looking for all of the minerals of the assignment. Throughout their chiding, a storm begins to brew, but they would never know because of how involved they get in the assignment and with each other. It’s the first time that Lana was able to lose track of time in a while. She thinks that Clark is really sweet for taking her mind off of things. She still found it amazing that when they separated while she was talking to Eric, Clark was able to come up with almost all of the rocks for the assignment. Little did Lana know that because Clark is an alien from the planet Krypton, he is granted powers that separate him from normal human beings because of Earth’s yellow sun. Clark was able to find these minerals quickly because he was able to travel at super-speed while looking through the ground with his x-ray vision to the correct areas with just the right type of mineral deposits. He then was able to crush the rocks with his bare hands to carry pieces of those minerals back to Lana. Even though Clark was physically different than other human beings, his heart was almost too human since it was given to Lana obliviously at their first meeting. To Clark, there are a number of reasons to love Lana. She was compassionate, intelligent, dedicated and not to mention the most beautiful woman that he had ever seen.


They run through the checklist and find that they are short only one mineral, meteor rocks. Even though Clark was able to see from a distance where they were, how could he tell Lana that he can see through the ground? He cannot explain to her that exposure to this rock makes him very sick and long-term exposure would probably kill him. Before Clark can come up with a plausible explanation, Lana interrupts him with “Wait, I know where we can get some meteor rocks! We can ask Eric, maybe he can tell us where he got some of his.”

They go to Pete and ask him where was the last place that he saw Eric where he says that he saw Eric take off for the condemned bridge over the Smallville river. Clark quickly answers with “Maybe we can ask someone else if they know a good spot?”

Concerned about Eric’s safety, Lana says, “that area is real dangerous, especially in a storm like this. I lost a friend there when I was young, Clark, please help me search for him!”


With Lana pleading for it, Clark follows. The trail is easy for him to follow, which he chalks up to educated guesses so Lana doesn’t get suspicious. They make there way a little over two miles away from the research site, where they find Eric standing on the top of the barricade of the bridge, overlooking the ominous storm that seems to be starting at any moment. The wind and the thunder immediately begin to blow but Eric would never know because of the P.O.D CD that he is blasting on his headphones. She yells Eric’s name a few times as Clark stands behind her so he doesn’t get immediate sickness because of the Kryptonite stones in his bag. Eric finally notices and says “hey Lana, I guess you found my special place. Whenever the world begins to get me down, I just come up on this bridge and feel like I am on top of the world. Come a lil closer, the view is pretty amazing.”

Reluctantly she comes closer to peer over the bridge’s barricade, where she says, “It’s beautiful.”

Clark interjects with “I really think we should start getting back now. Mr. Summers is going to start filing us in to head back since this storm looks like it’s about to start.”

Even the sound of hearing his father’s name begins to faze Eric as he takes his backpack off of his shoulder and looks down. Noticing the pain in his eyes, Lana tugs at his bag saying, “Come on Eric, let’s start heading back”.


Just as he was about to get down, a crackle of thunder and a strong gust of wind shift Eric off of balance and he falls off the bridge. Noticing this, Lana holds onto the bag to try and save him but she too ends up falling over, both of them are holding a strap of the bag that contains the kryptonite. Before they can begin plummeting down the one thousand foot drop towards the bedrock below, Clark moves at super-speed to grab the top of the bag, already beginning to feel weaker because of the kryptonite.


“HOLD ON” Clark yells.

Lana looks to Clark frantically while thinking to herself, too frozen to speak. Eric begins to panic as he slowly looks below and notices how fatal the drop could be. With the wind blowing fully and the clouds motioning in the sky, Clark begins to pull them up. Normally, this task would be a breeze for him, but with the kryptonite in the bag weakening him by the second, it takes every ounce of his amazing strength to pull them up. One-quarter of the way up, a large bolt of lightening hits a pillar of the dilapidated iron bridge twenty feet away. This flash distracts Eric and causes him to lose his grip Lana and Clark both yell “ERIC!!!!!!!” but he falls right before their eyes and watch helplessly as he dies.

For a moment, they remain fixed on his dead body before Lana begins to really panic until Clark yells “LANA I DON”T WANT TO LOSE YOU HOLD ON” Clutching the bag full of kryptonite with one hand, he reaches for Lana with her other hand. He almost reaches her before …



A bolt of lightening comes out of the sky and hits Clark right in the chest.


With the constant flashing of lightening, the two of them do not notice the eerie green glow that comes over Clark and passes from the bag and finally onto Lana. Clark immediately feels weaker than he has ever felt, while a sudden wave comes over Lana, a feeling so physiologically intense that once Clark finishes getting her to safety, she passes out.


Clark checks to see if she is okay but upon touching her smoking jacket, he gets a feeling he has never felt before. That feeling is the pain of being burnt. He is awestruck, but barely has time to register it since Lana wakes up dazed and in a muttering voice asking Clark “What happened?”

He interrupts with “You're going to be okay Lana, lets get some help fast.”

He helps her up as she mutters “Eric, I am so sorry, if only …” she passes out again this time with Clark holding on so she doesn’t fall. He takes her into his arms, and begins to take notice that she feels heavy. Clark has never really known what heavy is since he can lift things ten times heavier than Lana without even breaking a sweat. He notices that she is unconscious and then tries to move at super-speed to get them back to the research site. He notices immediately that this ability is gone as well. Clark then runs as fast as he can to get them back as soon as possible.


The next thing that Lana sees as she awakens is her room in Chloe Sullivan’s house, wearing her sleeping tank top and short shorts. She gets out of bed a little befuddled at first but all of a sudden she feels fine. She finds that odd because sometimes after waking up, her left knee hurts from a riding accident she had when she was ten. She looks in the mirror at that knee and even the scar from that accident seems to have disappeared. It takes Lana a moment but then she realizes “Wait a minute, none of the lights are on, but I can see as if all of them are. That’s really strange”

She walks across the room just to make sure and in every corner she sees just fine with all the lights off and it being pitch black at ten o’clock in the evening. She sits down on her bed, wondering how her eyesight could be so good and says all of a sudden “Come in Chloe”


Chloe enters, and in her own sarcastic way says, “I can see that someone is part wolf.”

Examining the room being dark she turns on the light and says “AND part owl. I tried not to disturb you, but when I thought I heard you talking, I eased over to your door and was about to knock but you just told me to come on in! Looks like being asleep for two days hasn’t affected your sense of hearing”

With Lana facing her back to her she turns her head and says “Yeah, that’s weird, for some strange reason, I was able to tell that you were there, almost like I could hear you when you were … wait a minute! You're saying I was asleep for two days!?!”

Chloe says, “Yeah, you were out cold, but Dr. Nathan made a house call and she gave you a clean bill of health. Not bad for someone who survived a near death experience! Usually weird things have been happening in Smallville lately, but you haven’t missed anything happening in town. Before I forget to tell you, a note from Mr. Summers came in the mail this morning, it says that Eric’s funeral is day after tomorrow.”

Lana couldn’t believe it as Chloe said it. She retraces in her mind how that poor boy fell to his death and she couldn’t do a thing about it. The last thing she ever remembers him saying to her were his empathic words to her in her time of need. She was taking it pretty hard but being the sympathetic person she always is asks, “Where’s Clark? I know he must feel terrible also, watching him die and not being able to do anything about it”

Chloe then gains a puzzled look on her face walking closer to Lana while saying “Clark and Pete have been off in their own little world the last few days. Pete told me Clark is spending a lot of time researching something in those ancient Indian caves that they discovered a few months back. But everyday he was checking on you and asking if you were feeling …”

Chloe stares at Lana for a moment and says, “Not to sound totally insensitive, but how would you like to be on my wall of weird?”

Lana asks “Why?”

“Well because if memory serves me correctly, the guys at school may think you’re the beauty and I am then brains, but I always had the bigger bust. All of a sudden you’re a full cup BIGGER than I am! I can call the byline 'Girl Brushes With Death, Fear Stuck in Bosom'”

With that Lana gets up and examines herself in the mirror. She immediately notices that her breasts DID become bigger. Not exactly to the fake looking size of the models in Playboy that she sees in boys’ lockers at school, but to such a degree that it did alter her appearance.

While Lana examines her chest, Chloe goes “Uh, Lana” and points to her backside, which has become a little bigger and tighter, which is connected to flaring hips, giving her the ultimate hourglass figure. She has been told by many men that she was beautiful in a girl next door type of way, but her current appearance made her look voluptuous.

“Makes me think that I should get into a near death experience to get those kind of assets” Chloe says gibingly. “Now that I know you are okay, I can get back to work on my expose on the breach in safety violations that were responsible for Eric Summers’s death. If the Department of Natural Resources had placed proper barricades around that area, Eric might have lived. I am gonna head back to The Torch, compile my research on the story, and I’ll call my dad and let him know you are okay. If you need anything, there is takeout on the kitchen counter.”

She gives Lana a hug and says “I am glad your up, if you need anything call me.”

With Chloe leaving, Lana sits back down and looks at herself in the mirror. Even though she was asleep for two days, she really didn’t feel that hungry or thirsty. She was just in awe at her sudden change in appearance and senses. It was as if nothing were making sense. She needed a way to put things into perspective. With that being thought, she said “Byron” and changed into jeans, a baby-tee and her favorite lavender jacket (which all snugly fit her amazing new body) and went to the stables.


At that time of night, all of the farmhands at the stable were home for the day, which meant she had to take care of everything by herself. She took Byron out and started enjoying herself. All of the things that were happening to her, her troubles with family, love, school, all disappear when riding her horse! A euphoric smile begins to form on her face until raindrops begin falling on her head. She starts taking Byron in and puts him in the stable. Lightening and thunder start as all of the horses within the stalls awaken and start panicking. As Byron panics, she calms him down and leads him to his old stall. She settles him in, continuing to calm him down. She then locks the door and looks at the rain outside, giving a look as if it’s the first time she had ever seen rain before. She was looking intently because her sense of vision increased even more than she thought while she was at Chloe’s house. Her vision was so acute that she was able to focus on individual raindrops because to her they would be moving in slow motion.

Her head was swirling thinking how was such a thing was possible until the crackle of thunder startled Byron and he kicks the support beam of his stall forcing it to collapse. The items resting above the beam came falling down, the biggest being a huge spare anvil used to tie horse reigns to. Lana shrieked as this item came straight for her, so she braced herself, closes her eyes and hears a thudding sound. She opens her eyes and finds the anvil resting beside her on the floor with a huge dent in it. She didn’t understand what was going on. That anvil was close to three hundred pounds and it hit her square on the shoulder, but instead of severe injury, there was a dent about the size of her shoulder in the anvil. She knocked at it gently and it felt like the texture of pure steel. She knocked again a little harder and this time she put a small dent the size of her fist into it. Lana thought that she must have been going crazy. To test it, she placed both of her hands around it and bracing herself, picked up the anvil in one quick, fluid motion. To her, it seemed amazingly light. So light in fact that she held it above her head with her left hand. Assuming that it is fake or defective, she throws the anvil against the wall and it makes a hole almost the size of a door in the barn wall. “That thing is real!” Lana says as she stands with a stunned look on her face.

At first she was skeptical, but she had to be sure if what was happening was real. To test herself again, she notices an old tractor on the other side of the barn. She walks over to the center of the tractor. She places her petite hands underneath the frame and counts “Okay, here it goes 1 … 2 … 3

With that, Lana lifts her arms and the tractor goes flying up in the air. Still awestruck over how strong she has become, she doesn’t give herself enough time to dodge the tractor so it hits her right on the head. She hears a huge metal on metal clanging sound as the tractor almost breaks in half and collides with the floor.

With this huge sound, one of the rodeo star’s stallion horses, Damian, gets loose by breaking out of his stable and runs away into the rain. Seeing as how she was up in the middle of the night, she felt responsible for him getting loose. Seeing him already a half mile up the path already, she instinctively starts to run. She notices that before she can blink, she covered the distance and grabs the reigns of the wild horse. Where sometimes it takes three huge farmhands to coral the horse, she holds the reigns with her dainty left hand. She calms the horse down and puts him in his stable and puts two locks on it. She then looks back at the trail. She wonders how she just covered the large distance between her and a speeding horse. She looks outside to the end of the ranch to a fence that is miles away. “I wonder.” she says.

She then takes off like a rocket causing a gust of dirt to blow through the stable. She moves like a blur through the ranch, going from one end to the other. Huge gusts of dirt follow behind her as she covers miles in just seconds.

She then runs back into the ranch and stops short of Byron with a look of awe and excitement in her face as she asks, “What’s happening to me?”


Lana wonders how on Earth could all of this be happening. She became faster than a bolt of lightening, felt stronger than everyone in town put together, with amazingly acute senses and a body that looked even more beautiful than before while being harder than steel. She remained in the barn to test her abilities some more, and then tidy up and head back to her room at super-speed, where she quietly cleaned up, changed and went to The Talon to open up.

Even though Lex Luthor was the one who helped finance it, she was running it; it was her idea and her responsibility to do so. She opened up and was all alone. She still wasn’t hungry or thirsty but her mind says she should still go for a cup of coffee. Seeing an old pot that was left on from last night, she decided to use a trick she learned while testing her amazing new powers in the barn. She concentrated on the coffee within the pot intently till her pretty brown eyes flashed red and two beams of intense heat came out and went into the pot. The coffee then boiled over and was ready to drink. She poured herself a cup, took a sip and then flashed a smile.


It was a busy day for Lana, much busier than what she had at The Talon for a while. Even though it was she and her only waitress Renee, she was doing most of everything. She was running around in the hot weather not even breaking a bead of sweat while others where coming in sweltering. Even her partner Lex visited her that day, he was impressed when he saw how she not only was delegating, but taking charge of everything, serving every customer and not even getting winded for a moment. It was almost as if she had a never-ending supply of energy, which unknowingly to everyone she did.

“Hey Clark” she says nonchalantly from the counter.

Clark stands there amazed since he just walked in and with her back turned she acknowledged his presence while she was on the other side of The Talon. He then walks up to her and says: “I talked to Chloe at The Torch last night, she said that you woke up. I tried calling you but nobody picked up.”

While working, Lana replies, “Yeah, Chloe’s dad is out of town for a few days and Chloe was working on an expose on Eric’s accident.”

“What about you, where were you?” Clark asks.

Lana hesitates for a moment. Her mind goes back to how she crushed a three hundred pound steel anvil with her bare hands, outran a speeding horse in the blink of an eye, and broke a tractor in half with her head. She didn’t know what to make of all these extremely powerful abilities she now possessed. The only thing that she knew is that until she could make sense of them, she had best keep it to herself. “Yea, I went back to bed, I guess my body was still pretty tired from the last couple of days”

With her mentioning her body, Clark wanted to mention that her breasts and backside looked different, for the first time he wanted to tell her she looked sexy instead of beautiful. But being raised as a gentleman, he would never say these things directly to Lana. Instead he is interrupted in thought when Lana says: “You know, you don’t really look like you have the weight of the world on your shoulders like you usually do. You look really relaxed.”

Clark was thinking to himself that that was the problem, he feels relaxed that he doesn’t have the responsibilities and burdens of his powers, but wonders if they will ever come back. The last few days, he was in the Keewachi caves with Pete, researching an explanation as to their disappearance. He knew that they were gone when he pulled Lana up from the bridge days ago. If he was feeling strange, he wanted to know if she felt anything peculiar after that day. He asks her while wiping his brow “You’re moving around all over the place in this heat, don’t you feel hot?”

Lana, being the consummate school play actress, plays along by saying “Yeah, it’s a scorcher today!”

Mercifully before Clark continues asking questions, Pete enters and yells, “Hey Lana, feelin' better?”

She replies “A lil Pete, want an iced coffee?”

“No thanks. Hey Clark, I got those books from the book store, ready to go?”

Clark says “Yea, let’s go, say Lana do me a favor and come by the barn sometime, I want to talk to you”

“Sure thing” and continues, “now in the meantime, I had better get back to work, seven people are sitting at table nine that need coffee.”


Clark and Pete exit The Talon, where Pete asks Clark “What was that all about?”

There he replies, “I wanted to see how she was doing. Ever since that day I saved her from the bridge, all my powers are gone. It’s great for my peace of mind, but I was wondering if anything weird was going on with her. She does seem different but maybe it’s just my imagination. Let’s head back to the caves and see if there is an answer there.”


Lana locks the door of the Talon at eleven o’clock promptly in the evening. She yells to Renee in the kitchen she should start cleaning up back there and she will take care of everything else. She unbuttons her blouse to reveal a turquoise sleeveless shirt. She notices that the floor is full of scuffmarks, the chairs are all out of sorts and the counter was filthy; The Talon was just an overall mess. She looks to see that Renee is out of sight and then grins.

She tosses her shirt high in the air and begins moving at super-speed. First picking up a mop and mops the whole floor. She then moves across the room and lifts each table with one hand and mops underneath them with the other, following by placing each chair upside down on the table. She takes a sponge and wipes the entire counter, then opens the register and counts each bill faster than a counting machine. She goes back to her starting point in time to catch her shirt as it was falling to the ground and says “six” out loud. It took her only six seconds to do all of that work! She buttons her blouse back on as she says to herself “I am really starting to enjoy all these powers.”

She makes her way back to the door with a sponge because she notices a spot on the glass. While wiping she says, “How are things going back there Renee?”

She gets no answer.

“Renee?!?” she asks again worryingly.

She looks back at the kitchen with a perplexed look. She focuses on the kitchen for a moment and to her amazement, not only can she hear Renee coughing, but can then see through the wall to find Renee on the floor passing out.

Lana then looks at the wall in back of the stove in the kitchen and looks through that wall next to Renee to find there is a leak in the gas line that connects to the stove. “Oh my god, the gas line, it has a hole in it!”

With the speed and fury of pink tornado, she rushes through the door to save Renee. She first picked up Renee in her arms and took her to safety. Even though Renee was taller and weighed more than her, she felt like she was the weight of a feather to Lana. She then runs at super-speed through the back door and laid her down on the floor in the alley. Lana then rushes back inside to deal with the hole in the valve. She was smart enough to know that if she were to use her heat-vision to fuse the pipe, The Talon would explode in a gust of fire. She focuses on the wall again and looks through to find that the gauge near the pipe saying it’s temperature was two hundred fifty-eight degrees. That didn’t phase Lana one bit as she coils her hand into a fist and punches a hole through the wall. She then wraps her right hand around the pipe and gives it a gentle squeeze. The steel pipe made a creaking noise, surrendering itself to her super-powerful grip, immediately closing shut. She then called the ambulance and the fire department to deal with the situation, and thought up of a cover story to tell them on how the situation resolved itself.


Before she heads back to home to Chloe’s, she figured she would visit Clark because he said that he wanted to see her, so she makes it to his house in her unique way by running there from The Talon. When she makes it to the Kent’s farm, she stops short of the door to Clark’s barn to find him looking through his telescope and she says: “It’s some view out tonight isn’t it?”

Clark says “Yeah, I am glad you came by, I have been wanting to talk to you, find out how you are, you know, catch up since everything has gone haywire recently.

“You definitely have been more relaxed lately Clark, is there anything that’s the reason for this good mood?”

Clark hesitates. He wants to tell Lana about his rather unusual origin. Since being bereft of his powers, he as been able to relax and interact with others as if he were a normal person. The only thing gnawing at him is that with all of the strange things happening in Smallville, it needs someone who has the types of abilities he had to deal with the threats that put the whole town at risk. That is why he is researching on a way to get his powers back. He finally speaks by saying: “I have just been going through changes recently Lana, for the first time in a real long time, I am at peace, nothing really holding me back from going after what I want. One thing is for sure though, is that before I have to reorganize the priorities in my life, I want to build on our friendship more, because I know in the past I sometimes have problems being there. I just want you to know that I care.”

“Clark Kent opening himself up, that’s a first!” she playfully says.

“What about you, you have had a big smile on your face all day Lana, what is making you so happy?”

She knows why she is so happy. She has had to deal with all kinds of tragedies in her life. From the deaths of her parents, Whitney and Eric, to Nelle leaving for Metropolis, she has always been a victim. Pain always seeks her out. By having these amazing new powers, she is given the security that she has wanted since her childhood that nothing can ever hurt her again. Lana doesn’t hesitate by saying “Well I have just been able to put things in perspective Clark. For the first time, I feel in control and it feels wonderful! See you later Clark, I just remembered something I have to do!”

She adds a wiggle to her walk, accentuating her new features, as she makes Clark’s heart beat faster. She knows because she can still hear it from outside the barn which makes her flash a sexy smile.


She makes her way to the cemetery to see her parents. She brushes away at the dirt on their tombstones with her hand. She kneels at their graves and says: “Hi mom, hi dad, it’s me. I am about ready to pop because I need to talk to someone about the craziness that has been happening to me lately. I saw a boy die a few days ago. It really traumatized me because it seemed that everyone around me seemed to be dying. I remember that when Clark was holding us both over the bridge, I couldn’t say a word because I was too paralyzed with fear. I was praying that I could have found a way to save that boy. To spare him from pain. I have been feeling so much of it since the day that you two went away. I wished that I could stop people around me from dying, starting with you, to Whitney and now Eric. Well I couldn’t then, but now I have the power to stop others from feeling all the pain that I have all my life. There have been all kinds of the bizarre things happening in Smallville; people turning into monsters, killers, stalkers and all these crazy things in such a small town. So I have made a decision. I am going to use these powers I have to help others. But I am going to do it in secret because I don’t want the adulation of being a hero. I want people to love me for whom I am rather than what it is I can do. I just want to spare people from pain, and use these powerful gifts responsibly. I hope you two will be proud of me. I love you.”

With that, she kisses each of their graves and goes back home to prepare for a new day as Smallville’s champion.

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