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Rosie, Sam and Marcie

Written by Rick Powers :: [Wednesday, 17 October 2007 13:38] Last updated by :: [Wednesday, 22 May 2013 13:42]

Rosie, Sam and Marcie

by Rick Powers (a.k.a. The Power Company)

Author's Note: This is a continuation of a story that Marknew wrote years ago called Lilly Lane (by the way, if you haven't read that story, you won't understand this one – so go find it and read it and then come back here – you'll be glad you did). I kept thinking about how Superman was left in the story and some of the possibilities for a conclusion. I did check with Marknew to see if he minded if I added some to his very good story and he gave me permission to post it here. He and I don't always agree on what should happen to the characters in our stories (okay, I admit it, I'm a sucker for a happy ending) but I guess that is what's nice about a forum like this, lots of different voices.


Superman, dressed in a blue t-shirt and red shorts, swept the floor, his heart pounding. He had only a few minutes before Rosie would be home, and he hadn't even started on dinner yet. She told him to cook for four. It would have to be chicken. The beef would take too long to defrost. The chicken breasts were still in the fridge. He could manage a nice sauce. The key turned in the door. Oh no! They were early.

"He's right in here," he heard her say. "You'll just have to believe me then." She entered the kitchen. "WHAT? You're still just cleaning."

"Y-you said five o'clock. I …”

"Yeah? So what? You'll get yours later, for not thinking ahead. I'll do our dinner. Girls, this is Superman. And Superman, these are my nieces, Samantha and Marcie. My brother's kids."

Superman looked at the two girls, who looked back at him in wonder. It was their father he had put in jail. They were young, he knew, just 16 and 17, and soon their father would be dead. "I'm glad to meet you girls. I -- I'm sorry about your father. He …"

Rosie pushed Superman and he hurtled across the room. "Shut up Superman. They don't want your sympathy." She nodded. "Yes, girls, it's him. He's lost his powers so don't be afraid of him. He's
really weak, I promise."

"Are you really Superman?" Marcie, the younger one, asked. Superman nodded. She bit her lip, crying. "You killed my Daddy!"

"No, I did not. I never killed anyone. He's serving his debt to society for his crimes. It's a disease that's killing him."

Samantha shook her head. "You put him in jail, where it wasn't safe. He used to be strong and healthy, but thanks to you he's going to be dead of AIDS. He weighs only seventy pounds now. And it's your fault."

"I'm sorry. I …" Marcie ran up to him and pushed him, and Superman staggered backwards. "Hey, I …"

"Now girls! Not in here." She winked at Superman. "They're pretty upset, but I'm sure they'll feel better later. Now Samantha and Marcie, you can watch TV in the living room while I get dinner ready." The girls looked disappointed, but left. "I thought it would be good for them to meet you."

"Uh, sure, I guess."

"I have to do something to help them get over it." She took his arm and brought him into the living room. "Girls, show Superman your muscles."

Marcie smiled, flexing her biceps. "Like this, Aunt Rosie?" She held up her arm and a solid bump appeared.

"Very nice, dear. Samantha? You too."

She stared at Superman with narrowed eyes and flexed her arm. A muscle peak appeared, equal to any high school boy's. She looked down at a newspaper with a picture of Superman flying on the front page and the headline: "WHERE IS HE?"

Rosie smiled proudly. "We're all pretty strong in my family, Superman."

"Yeah, that's him for sure," Samantha said. She smiled and walked up to him. She was almost 5'7", and the diminished former superhero looked her straight in the eye. She put up her hands to box him. "Come on, Superman. Fight me."

"I don't …"

"Defend yourself, or I'll hit you anyway!" Samantha waited a few seconds, then ripped a jab into Superman's face. His nose spurted in blood.

"Samantha! Remember what I told you, honey. Take your time. I want your sister to have a chance too." She left for the kitchen.

"OK Aunt Rosie. I will," Samantha called out. She grabbed Superman's arms and squeezed his biceps. "Auntie was right! Your arms are so small! Mine are bigger! My muscles are bigger than Superman's!" She flexed again, shoving her solid biceps into his face. "Admit it."

Superman nodded helplessly. "Yes, they're bigger. They're much bigger than mine."

"You don't have any. You're weak as a baby. Right?"

"Yes, yes I am. I - I know that."

"Let me try, Sammy."

"OK Marce." She held him tightly and walk toward her sister pushing him. "Here. I'll hold him for you."

"You don't have to! I can do it myself." Marcie complained to her bigger sister.

Samantha pushed Superman toward Marcie, who caught him. She was just an inch shorter than he. She angrily looked up at him and, holding him by the shoulders, shook him back and forth. Superman's head flopping weakly, his legs barely able to keep him standing as her strong arms dragged him around like a doll. "Murderer!" she cried, hitting him in the stomach, her fist penetrating deeply into Superman's gut. He covered his midsection with both arms, but Marcie pulled them away and held both of his wrists in one hand while she slapped his face with the other and kicked him, then threw him on the floor. "Look at me! I'm beating up Superman!" she crowed. She jumped on top of him and pinned him, enjoying his feeble efforts to dislodge her. "He's like a little boy, isn't he. A very bad little boy!" She bounced on his tender stomach a few times, enjoying his cries of pain.

"Girls! Wash up for dinner."

"But Aunt Rosie! I only got a short turn," Samantha complained.

"Samantha! Don't talk back! I told you, Superman isn't going anywhere, and you'll be here the whole summer. So eat now and keep your strength up. Alright?"

Samantha looked at Superman, who was on the floor, probing his stomach. "OK. What about him?"

"He can eat later, after you've gone up to bed. Now come in girls. We  have a lot to do tonight. You want to grow up big and strong like your Auntie Rosie, don't you?" Rosie raised one arm and flexed her bicep. Superman couldn't stop from gasping every time he saw Rosie's muscles. Her arms were nothing short of astonishing. Superman had been forced to measure them just two days ago. They were an amazing 20 inches of rock hard muscle. But she looked even bigger today. He started to get another erection looking at her powerful arm. Rosie smiled, knowing the reaction she was causing in the former superhero. The same reaction that she had been able to use against him for all these months.

Rosie returned to the kitchen and stared at the frozen beef. In a few moments it was totally thawed and cooked. Then her hands became a blur as she put the finishing touches on dinner. She called the girls to the table as she brought the steaming food out of the kitchen. She smiled as she watched Superman struggle to raise himself from the floor and shuffle off to clean up the kitchen.

It had been by pure luck that she had regained enough consciousness at Leo's lair to see Lilly suck off the Man of Steel. Then while she was punishing him after Lois left, she got the idea that it might work for her as well. She had flipped him over after spanking him till his butt was glowing red and saw what little cock he had left was practically bursting. She quickly pulled him into her mouth and gave him a blow job.

The change hadn't come immediately. But slowly over the months that followed, her muscles were responding to her now Kryptonian-Human DNA. Soon she had gone through every weight she owned and had begun lifting cars, then trucks, then semi's just to keep her strength growing. She decided to move out west to Nevada where she could continue to develop without lots of people watching. Plus she felt the sun would help, too.

Her other powers were developing, too, but at different rates. For instance, she had just leapt for a quarter of a mile that afternoon. And she was having some success seeing through walls. And she was getting the hang of her new heat vision. She had tried to cut herself with a knife a few days before and found that she only dulled the blade while her skin was left perfectly smooth.

And speaking of skin, her breasts, which were always a good size before, were now positively huge and incredibly sensitive. Her face practically glowed with perfect health and she had gained a few inches, topping out at 6'4".

She had kept Superman around all these months, lording it over him that she was growing stronger every day while he had stayed his weakling, subservient self. But now the second part of her plan was beginning. It was time to show her nieces how to jack off a man. After dinner.

"So what are we going to do tonight, Auntie Rosie?" asked Samantha after eating plenty of juicy beef.

"Tonight, I have a special surprise for you," responded the amazon aunt, " but first, Superman!" she yelled back to the kitchen, "clear the table and get busy with the dishes!" Superman came out obediently and did as he was told. When she was sure that he was occupied in the kitchen, Rosie began to talk to her nieces.

"First of all, you need to know that Superman is an alien from another planet, a planet called Krypton…"

"I know about that already," said Marcie, proud of herself, "I learned about him in school."

"Well, since he's not human, he has certain powers and abilities that we don't. And I found out that he has the ability to pass on some of those powers to humans. That's how I got so strong." To make her point she put her hand under Samantha's chair and lifted it above her head with one finger. Then she quickly and gently set her niece back down.

"But how I got this strong is … rather … well let's just say that I wanted to wait until you girls were older before I shared this with you." Rosie smiled at her clumsy attempt to explain the origins of her power.

"I'm not sure I know what you're talking about, Auntie," Marcie said.

"Well, I guess I better just show you," Rosie said firmly. Then she turned toward the kitchen. She used her new ability to look through the thin walls of her house to see that Superman was just finishing up with the dishes and about to sit down to his own dinner. "Superman!" she called out, "Would you please come to the dining room, we need you!"

Rosie knew that even now Superman could never refuse a call for help. He sighed and put down his fork and knife and walked obediently to the table.

"Superman," Rosie started, "I've decided to educate my nieces in how to handle a man. They were so awful to you before. They also need to know how to pleasure a man." Superman wasn't sure he like the direction that this was going. "Drop your shorts, Superman."

"Rosie, don't you think this is rather inappropriate? I mean, this sort of thing should be treated with more privacy and respect."

Rosie gave Superman that look that let him know that she was dead serious. "I said drop them. Now."

Superman remembered the bruises from the last time he failed to comply with one of Rosie's demands. They were just healing. He didn't want to go through that again. Slowly he slipped his shorts down to his ankles and stood back up, exposed to the three women.

"Good boy, Superman," Rosie smiled, then turned to her charges, "watch closely girls." She removed her shirt by lifting it over her head. The two girls and Superman all let out an audible gasp when they saw how large and defined her muscles were and how her big boobs rose majestically from her thick chest. She looked at Superman's crotch and could see that he was already beginning to get hard. She knelt down in front of the former superhero and kissed his rising erection, the source of her new found powers.

"The point here is to get Superman's cock hard," Rosie explained, "You can touch it, stroke it, even lick it." She demonstrated all of these techniques and of course her subject was responding as always. "He also likes it when you stroke it between your breasts," she said as her cleavage engulfed the rising rod. Superman had not gained back any of his strength to any degree, but his cock had returned to some of its former glory. It was now nearly 9 inches long and threatening to explode.

"But what really turns our boy on," said Rosie as she released the throbbing member, "is muscle. Now I know you don't have muscles the size of Auntie Rosie yet, but I'll bet by the end of summer you'll be well on your way to being super like me." She flexed her big bicep to demonstrate and Superman came to full attention, nearly ready to blow. Rosie placed her mouth around the thick shaft and slowly brought Superman to cum. As always, she took in every drop of the precious Kryptonian jism.

Superman’s penis quickly retreated and he stood still with a look of utter shame on his face. He couldn't believe what she was able to do to him now, at any time she wanted. She had total control over him.

"Now Samantha, it's your turn," Rosie said as she used a napkin to wipe up after her snack.

"Wait a minute, Rosie …" Superman began to protest, but was stopped short by another of Rosie's looks. Superman just gulped, swallowed his pride once more, and prepared to be further humiliated.

Sam took off her shirt and approached the man who was no taller than she. She slowly knelt down and grabbed his flagging member. She was rough with her touch and at first it was impossible for Superman to respond. She had never handled a man's penis before. And it didn’t help that her tits hadn’t developed much more than the slightest bumps on her chest.

"Gently, gently," instructed her patient aunt, "men respond so much better to a gentle touch."

"But all I keep thinking about is what this … this bastard did to my father!" Samantha grabbed his cock and pulled and twisted it hard. Superman whimpered, but didn't try to stop her.

"This 'bastard' is your means of getting enough power to make things right, Sam. Try kissing and licking and sucking."

Samantha reluctantly released Superman cock and placed her lips around it. Actually the rough treatment that she had given it had caused it to begin to respond. Now the gentle touch of her lips made it grow even faster. Before either of them knew it, he was exploding into her mouth.

Sam had never given a guy a blow job in her life. She had only been on two dates and both had ended with the boy beat to a pulp for trying to get fresh. So this was Sam's first sexual encounter of any kind. She did a fine job keeping up with the flow of ejaculation and didn't even mind the taste.

Once more, Rosie cleaned up while Samantha stood up. "Okay, Marcie, your turn."

The sixteen year old was a lot shyer than her big sister. She slowly knelt down and with great trepidation, clumsily took Superman's limp penis in her hands. Through a combination of her not knowing what to do and his embarrassment at being sucked off by such a young girl, nothing happened. His once super cock just wouldn't respond.

"What's the matter, dear?" Rosie asked when she saw Marcie about to cry. Then she looked to Superman who was trying to be as impassive as possible. "What are you doing?" She shot daggers with her eyes toward the former Man of Steel. "I told you to get it hard!" she commanded.

Suddenly, Marcie jumped up and ran off to her room sobbing out of frustration. Rosie grabbed Superman's shirt with one hand and lifted him into the air with amazing ease. "Look what you did to my niece!" she shouted while shaking the poor man. "I've had enough of your impudence! Get to your room and don't come out until it time for you to cook breakfast.

"But … but Rosie …" Superman whimpered, "I haven't had time to eat dinner tonight."

"I HATE it when I have to repeat myself," Rosie thundered as she stomped down the hall with Superman dangling from her hand. She flung the door to his room open and thrust him inside. "And you better not come out again! Maybe tomorrow night, you'll be more accommodating!"

Marcie heard the commotion in the other part of the house as she lay on her bed, racked with sobs. She had never felt so humiliated in her life.

Later that night, when she was sure that everyone was asleep, Marcie crept quietly down the hallway. She softly knocked on Superman's door and slowly pushed it open. Superman raised his head up with a start and began to say something, but Marcie silenced him with a
hand to his mouth. The man who until recently could bench press millions of pounds was surprised at the strength of the little girl's hold.

"Don't say anything," Marcie whispered, "I don't want Aunt Rosie to know that I'm here. I just wanted to say that I'm sorry that I got you in trouble tonight. I can guess how hard it was for you to be so humiliated like that. And I really do know that you weren't the one who killed my daddy. He did a lot of bad stuff and made some really stupid choices. And I’m sorry for the way that Sam and I treated you.”

Marcie released the diminutive man’s mouth and walked back tot he door. Superman was beginning to see that this one might be different from the other two. Meekly, Marcie turned back to the bed.

“Would it be okay …” she hesitated, “Do you think … Could we sort of … try it again?”

Superman paused and then silently shook his assent. He slipped out of the sheets and his shorts and sat on the edge of the bed. Marcie knelt down in front of his crotch and examined his limp penis. “So how am I supposed to do this again?” She gently touched the flaccid cock and it began responding.

“Flex your arm,” Superman whispered.

Marcie pulled up the sleeve of her night shirt and flexed as hard as she could. Slowly the man’s organ responded by filling with blood. Marcie smiled at her success and went back to touching the growing rod.

“Now slowly and gently, start sucking on it. Don’t worry, it’s clean,” Superman instructed the young girl.

Marcie did as he said and was rewarded with a mouthful of hard cock. After a slow start, she got the right rhythm and soon, Superman could feel that his climax was imminent.

The one power that he had retained all these months was self control. He had been using his famous self control to limit the amount of DNA that Rosie was receiving. But Marcie was different. He mentally allowed an extra amount of DNA to build up in his semen. Finally he exploded into the girl’s mouth. Marcie did a great job of swallowing most of the supercum as Rosie had shown her, even though she was rather surprised when it happened.

Marcie rose and wiped the remnants off her chin, licking her fingers. “Wow, that was pretty cool,” she said shyly. “Thanks for helping me. Well, I guess I better get some sleep.” She made her way to the door, “See ya tomorrow, I guess.” She paused a moment, “Thanks.”

Superman watched as the door closed silently behind the girl. “Thank you.”

The next day, the girls spent time working out with some of their aunt’s old weights and swimming and working on their tans. Superman had chores around the house as usual, but still managed a few peeks at their nubile bodies as they romped in their bikinis. Rosie spent several hours working on her superpowers and then took the girls shopping for some new clothes for all of them.

After dinner, which Superman prepared in time this night, Rosie called in Superman for the what would become their nightly ritual. He stood emotionally detached with his shorts around his ankles as Rosie and Sam took their turns sucking him off. When Marcie’s turn came, she settled right in like an old pro and skillfully jacked off the old superhero. And again, Superman put in a little something extra in Marcie’s serving.

Later that night, Marcie was again at Superman’s door. “Superman?” the girl whispered, “Could I, I mean, could we … you know, like last night?”

Superman smiled and beckoned her inside. She pulled her sleeve back and flexed her muscle. She reached over with the other hand and touched the small, hard mound. “Wow, it feels harder than yesterday. Do you think I could have already started getting stronger?”

Superman’s reaction was instantaneous and Marcie was staring at the man’s hard-on waving in front of her face. She smiled as she took his manhood into her mouth and began to lick and suck him to even greater fullness. She was taking her time tonight, really enjoying the feeling of having a man in her mouth.

Once more she was ready for the stream of super jism that Superman sent into her waiting mouth. And just as quickly she was gone out the door.

This pattern continued for the next few weeks. Rosie, Samantha, and Marcie sucking Superman off after dinner and then Marcie coming back for desert after bedtime. Both girls had grown taller with Marcie just a little taller than Superman and Samantha at least two inches taller. And their breasts were developing as well. Marcie had started out with a bit more tit flesh than her older sister and now was considerably larger, although Sam was easily larger than a A cup finally.

Their strength was increasing as well. They were nearly maxed out on the weight that Rosie had at the house and had ordered another ten big plates to keep up the progress. Samantha had the clear advantage in this regard, being a lot stronger at the beginning of the summer than Marcie. But each girl was adding inch after inch of rock hard muscle seemingly on a daily basis. Samantha was already curling 1200 pounds ten times with each hand, and looking for new challenges. It seemed that Marcie was never quite able to out lift her big sister, but seemed content to follow behind her lifting a little bit less.

One afternoon, near the middle of August, when the heat of the Nevada dessert was at it’s worst, Superman was busily working in the kitchen cleaning and cooking. Marcie walked in and startled the shorter man, “Hey, Superman! How’s it going?”

“Oh Marcie! You gave me such a scare,” he said as he held his wildly beating chest. “I thought you had gone off with your aunt and sister.”

“Naw, I just thought I’d hang out around here and do some reading,” she replied.

“Seems like you’ve been doing a lot of that this week,” Superman said as he returned to his duties.

“Yeah … well…”

“Something on your mind?” the former hero queried.

Marcie paused and considered what she should tell him. “I guess … it’s just …”

Superman turned and gave Marcie his undivided attention. She continued, “Well, for the last couple of weeks, weird stuff has been happening.”

“As opposed to the perfectly normal stuff that goes on around here, with three women getting super powers by sucking my dick – please pardon my frankness. Marcie, what are you getting at?”

“Well, you know how big and buff Aunt Rosie is. I mean she’s even bigger than when we got here and she was huge then.” Superman nodded in agreement as he felt a stirring in his loins.

“And Sam’s not far behind her. I mean, you measured her arm just the other day. She’s got 18 inch arms and can press a pickup over her head like it was a feather pillow.” Superman’s cock responded even more with the memory of Rosie forcing him to measure the girls arms and then commanding that he kiss and lick the bulging mounds of power. Power that he once easily surpassed but would never have again.

“And remember that my arms were only 15 inches - which was pretty amazing to me, even though that wasn’t very impressive when compared with Sam’s big guns. But then this happened.”

Marcie had been wearing a sweatshirt for the last few days instead of her usual tank top, even in the heat of the day. Even during her nocturnal visits to Superman’s room. Now she grabbed the bottom of the sweatshirt and pulled it over her head.

Superman’s eyes widened in shock. He had seen The girls’ naked torsos before in the course of the last few weeks, but this was astonishing. The first thing he noticed was Marcie’s breasts. Instead of the perky little A-cup mounds that she had had at the beginning of summer vacation, she now had huge, perfectly formed, DD globes.

Tearing his eyes away from her marvelous mams, Superman was shocked once again, this time by the size of her muscles. Thick pecs supported the tremendous titties and huge shoulders capped even more impressive arms. Below her ponderous boobs, he saw deeply etched abs that led to her tiny waist. His desire for muscular women overrode his self control and his cock sprang to attention.

Marcie raised one arm and flexed her bicep as hard as she could. A massive muscle exploded into view. “This is what I mean … weird, huh?” She pumped her arms up and down a few times, making the muscle
grow with each pump.

“Great Scott, Marcie,” Superman was nearly swooning at the sight of her incredible display of femuscle, “you … you’re … you’re even bigger than Rosie now!”

Marcie crossed her hands in front of her, forcing her tits to spill out over her muscle bloated arms. She tightened her pecs causing her boobs to lift while ripple upon ripple of muscle emerged above them. “And I got really strong, too,” she continued, looking down at her phenomenal chest. “Everything that Sam was lifting started to feel really light. Even when she kept adding more weight, it just seemed to get lighter and lighter. So I didn’t even try my hardest when I was around them.” Marcie looked up and smiled, “Oh. I can fly, too.”

Superman could only watch in silent awe as Marcie rose slowly from the floor. “Isn’t this wild?” the young girl exclaimed. She unfolded her arms, stretching them straight out, and began to slowly turn, as if modeling her glorious figure for Superman's approval. Then she glided over to the stunned super man and lowered herself to look him straight in the eye, brushing her huge tits against his thin chest.

Marcie moved in closely and barely whispered, “I’ve been using some sort of super microscopic vision these last few days to inspect your cum. It seems that when I blow you, your sperm is different than when Aunt Rosie or Sam takes you.” Marcie could tell from his elevated heart rate and the miniscule movements of his irises that she was on to something. She pressed her advantage. “This is the reason that I’m suddenly developing so much faster than Sam, isn’t it?” A tiny, almost invisible bead of sweat on Superman’s brow told her that she was correct.

“I … I knew that …” Superman voice was barely audible, “… that I could … trust you,” he continued, more mouthing the words rather than speaking them, “… with my true powers … but I had to do it … secretly.” He turned his head and looked off into the distance in the direction of Rosie and Sam. “How far away are they?” he asked the young super girl.

Marcie stared through the walls and over the miles, at once amazed that she was able to do so while at the same time not at all surprised by her new power, “About 25 miles.” she reported.

“How long would it take them to get here?” Superman whispered.

“Aunt Rosie may be able to fly for short distances, but Sam would have to run. I would estimate that they could be here in as little as five minutes.”

“Then we’ll have to be quick about it,” Superman said, setting his jaw as firmly as he could. “I have something special for you.”

Marcie smiled as she came back down to earth. Superman slipped out of his shorts one more time. “Marcie,” he was still whispering, “you need to suck me off one more time. Quickly, but quietly. And whatever you do, don’t stop.”

Marcie obediently dropped to her knees and began to stroke Superman’s already hardening cock. “No,” he whispered firmly, “don’t kneel in front of me. You are Superwoman. Stand tall.” He took her hand and motioned for her to rise. “Now, one last favor, please.”

Marcie scanned his eyes. What did he mean by one ‘last’ favor? Was he planning on going somewhere? Did he think he could escape from Aunt Rosie?

“Cradle me with your biceps under my legs while you take me into your mouth.”

Rosie complied, lifting the small man up like he was a doll. By the time she had him situated on top of her biceps, he was already rock hard and throbbing for release. Marcie expertly took his thick cock into her mouth and began to lick and suck it’s entire length. Superman put one hand behind Marcie’s head, tangling his fingers in her wavy golden hair. The other hand reached down below his legs and traced the outline of her super powered muscles. Every so often, Marcie would increase the speed of her sucking to super speed. This just excited Superman even more.

Marcie scanned through the wall again as she continued sucking. Suddenly she slowed down and then stopped. “Oh god, they’re coming. Maybe Aunt Rosie is developing super vision, but it looks like they’ve noticed us and they’re coming back fast.”

Superman grabbed Marcie’s head with both hands and thrust his member back into her mouth, “Don’t stop!” he commanded. “Just a little bit more…”

Marcie picked up the pace. She wasn’t sure what was going on, but she had a sneaky suspicion. Suddenly, Superman jerked and spasmed. At first his usual load of super jism shot into Marcie’s waiting mouth. But then he seemed to will the flow to pause. He stared at his groin, focusing his mental powers. Then he exploded once more.

Marcie could taste the difference. Whatever he had done, Superman was holding nothing back. Superman continued coming into Marcie’s mouth until she was finding it hard to swallow all of it. Finally the deluge ended and Superman collapsed back into Marcie’s mighty hands, totally spent.

“Marcie,’ Superman’s voice was just a whisper now, “you have it all now … all of my strength … all of my power …”

Marcie could only stare at the helpless hero. He seemed to be shrinking before her eyes.

“You even have … my Kryptonian heritage now … my very life force …”

Marcie could tell that he was finally dying, really dying this time. She could feel the effect that his final gift was having on her body. She was becoming super, Kryptonian, right down to her cellular level. Tears began welling in her eyes. He had willingly given his life. Why?

“Marcie,” Superman’s voice was growing softer, “Be good … do good … use this power to … help … others …”

“I will, Superman,” Marcie said, choking back tears, “I promise.”

Superman reached up with his trembling hand and touched Marcie’s cheek, smiling a weak smile, “You’ll be … great … Superwoman …”

Then Superman got a distant look in his eye , “Please … take me … to my Fortress of Solitude … lay me … among my ancestors …”

With those final words, Superman died.

Just then, Rosie came bursting in through the roof. She landed on one knee in a pile of debris. She still hadn’t gotten the hang of this flying thing and couldn’t always control where she landed. “Marcie,” she commanded, “what’s happening to Superman?”

“Superman has died, Aunt Rosie,” Marcie said as she stood up. Rosie was shocked to see the development in her niece’s upper body. Then suddenly she wasn’t there. And just as suddenly she reappeared. Using her super speed, Marcie had gone into Rosie’s room, retrieved Superman’s cape, and brought it to wrap his body in.

“What are you doing?” Rosie demanded as she grabbed Marcie’s arm. Marcie may have developed some meaty muscles lately, but Rosie thought that she could still control her.

“Do you really think you can stop me?” Marcie asked, partly as a challenge.

Just then, Sam came bursting through the door like a fullback coming through a line. “Grab your sister,” the dear auntie ordered the older sibling.

Without stopping, Sam dove into her little sister, hitting her squarely in the abdomen. Marcie didn’t even flinch as Sam went bouncing off her little sister. Then the new Superwoman calmly grasped Aunt Rosie hand and removed it from her arm. Rosie struggled with all of her super human strength, but it wasn’t enough to resist the incredible power of her niece. With a flick of her wrist, Marcie sent her aunt flying across the room. Rosie smashed through several walls before coming to a rest. Marcie knew that her aunt was tough enough to take that kind of punishment.

“What the hell’s gotten into you, sis?” Sam queried as she smashed the dining room table across the younger girl’s back to absolutely no effect.

In a flash, Marcie was standing in front of Sam. She casually grabbed her sister by the throat and lifted her high into the air. But they just kept going higher and higher. Sam looked down and realized that they were hovering a mile above the earth.

“Marcie,” Sam gasped, “I can’t fly!”

“No,” the younger sibling replied, “but you can fall.”

Marcie released her hold on her sister and Sam plummeted toward the earth. Then the super girl zoomed down faster than Sam was falling and easily caught her before she hit the ground. “I’m a Kryptonian now, Sam,” Marcie said as she gently set her sister down.

Sam looked up at her little sister, hovering above the ground. She realized that she was jealous of her sister’s huge tits and muscles. “What about Dad?” Sam spat the words out, trying to hurt her invulnerable sister with her words. “What about getting even for how dad was treated?”

“I saw a long time ago how wrong we were. Dad made his own self-centered decisions, even putting us at risk at times. He’s the one we were really mad at, not Superman or the cops. We were just lied to for so long that we thought it was the truth. I see things differently now.” Marcie calmly looked down at Sam. “I hope that you will too some day.”

In a blink of an eye, Marcie was gone and then appeared again. She was holding Superman’s body, wrapped in his cape. “Superman passed on to me his Kryptonian essence. I need to return the favor by giving him a proper burial.”

“Are you coming back?”

“I’m not sure,” Marcie replied as she slowly rose into the clear dessert sky, “I’ve been given an incredible gift. I’m just not sure how to best use it. I need to figure that out first. maybe then, I’ll be back.”

Marcie flew off toward the north bearing the body of Earth’s mightiest hero in her arms.

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