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Captain Victory and the Iron Nazi

Written by Rick Powers :: [Wednesday, 17 October 2007 13:42] Last updated by :: [Wednesday, 22 May 2013 13:51]

Captain Victory and the Iron Nazi


By Rick Powers (The Power Company)



[The University of Brakenbaden, 1936.]


In a lushly decorated room, a group of scientists were seated behind a large table examining a proposal in front of them. Half way across the room sat a young woman, impassively awaiting their decision. She sat erect, her young German body stiff and formal, her strong jaw set hard as her bright blue eyes stared into the faces of the older scientists. Her blonde hair was chopped off at the shoulder in a very practical cut, designed to stay out of the way.

Finally one of the group spoke.


“Dr. Schultz (We've decided to dispense with the usual fake half-German stuff, like calling her Fraulien, und shtarting vords, I mean, starting words that begin with 'w' with a 'v', and we're really going to try and stay away from “Vas ist das?” like they love to do in the comic books. We figure if we're going to translate the dialogue into English, it may as well sound like we're translating the dialogue into English!), after reviewing your application for a research project,” started a well dressed gentleman, “it is the opinion of the panel to deny your request.”


The young woman's eyes narrowed as she controlled her rage, “But sir, surely you must see the importance of this work. Every day our country is threatened from enemies from within as well as from without…”


“Miss Shultz,” one of the women on the panel interrupted her, “we all realize your … fervor … for Germany and your devotion to our leaders, but what you are proposing is more in the realm of science-fiction rather than science. All this talk of building a master race belongs in a beer house not a scientific institution.”


“I see.” Anna Shultz rose slowly to her feet, clenching her teeth lest she let go a string of profanities and invectives against these obvious ignoramuses.

Probably mostly Jews as well. She bowed stiffly, “Thank you for your time.” Then she raised her right hand in a quick salute, “Heil Hitler.” She paused waiting for several seconds for their response. The men and women stared back, shuffled papers nervously, cleared their throats. One man made a slight gesture in response. If her eyes were capable of killing, everyone in the room would have been fried as she slowly lowered her hand and walked from the room.


[Heidelban Concentration Camp, 1943.]


An official SS car roared into the compound, splashing through the late winter slush and mud. Lines of women walked past on their way to and from barracks.

They were all dressed the same, with little or no clothes, the barest of shoes, only the lucky ones with a scarf to cover their closely shaved heads.


In one tower a curious soldier looked down on the scene as the car pulled to a stop in front of the Commandant's office. He was surprised to see a woman emerge from the back of the car dressed in the uniform of the SS and bearing a captain's rank. Even more surprising was how pretty she was, the model of German beauty, with short blonde hair, a square jaw, and large breasts that stretched the front of her uniform ever so nicely. But he had seen many officers come and go. He turned back to his watch duty as she stepped up to the building.


As the colonel emerged from his office, he paused taking in the woman's obvious assets, then he saluted her in greeting, “Captain Shultz, welcome to Heidelban. We are pleased that you have chosen our facility for your work.

Come in, come in. I hope you find everything according to your liking.” He ushered her into the warmth of the building.


Anna looked the colonel over as she approached him. Mid-forties, she thought to herself, probably an accountant before the war, but anyone with half a brain can run a concentration camp, especially one filled only with Jewish cows. Probably fancies himself quite the ladies man by the way he's staring at my boobs and ass. He'll be easy to control. “Thank you Colonel Manheim,” she cooed. She lightly brushed against him as she entered the office.


“Please, call me David.”


“Oh, thank you, David,” she extended her hand, “my name is Anna.”


He took her hand and warmly held it between his, all the while smiling a stupid smile. Finally after a few seconds of uncomfortable silence, Anna asked,”Umm … and where have you set up my lab?”


“Oh .. your lab .. of course.” he released her hand. “Right this way.” He turned to the driver, “Private, take Captain Shultz's bags to the officers' quarters. She will be staying in the apartment on the second floor. Captain?” He indicated for her to accompany him back out to the compound.


David escorted her across the compound to a small building as more women filed past. A few of the unfortunate prisoners dared to raise their eyes as they two officers walked past. But only one gasped in recognition as she quickly averted her gaze. She knew this new officer only too well. Her perfect Aryan features had been burned into her memory seven years earlier. Her mind raced with the same fear she had had back then. My God! She thought as she clutched her tattered clothes tightly to her chest. She is an officer in the SS! With all of the power of the Third Reich at her command, could she still be working on her wild dream? And why here at this woman's prison?


“May I ask, Captain,” David said as he opened the door to the building, “why did you select our camp for your research?”


Anna walked slowly around the room, surveying the set up. “Colonel, my work is highly classified and of the utmost importance. In fact, it has captured the attention of the Fuhrer, himself. Unfortunately, it has also captured the attention of the Americans. They have managed to infiltrate and destroy my laboratories on several occasions, always at a great cost to them, of course.

But it has also slowed my progress down. I chose this camp because of its location and its record for security.” Anna stepped closer to David and gave him a sexy scan down his body, “You run a tight ship here, Colonel.” He blushed in spite of himself at her suggestive tone.


“Besides,” she continued, “a woman's prison is the last place they would expect to find me. And I am close,” she leaned on a lab table as the intensity of her voice increased. “I am so close I can smell it. All I need is a couple of months of uninterrupted research …” she stopped mid-sentence as if her mind were even now tracing through possible chemical formulas.


“Um … yes … well, ahem,” David cleared his throat to break another uncomfortable silence,”I hope that you find these facilities to be satisfactory for your … very important work. If you need anything at all, just let me know and it will be done at once. By the way, I have made inquiries around the camp and I could find no one with more than just a rudimentary knowledge of chemistry and I'm afraid that we won't find much more in the city. However, my secretary has gone through some of the files of the prisoners and found several women with backgrounds in chemistry. I will be more than glad to assign them to you as assistants. With a guard at all times, of course.”


Anna had begun to unbutton her black jacket and was nearly lost in though already. “Yes, that will do, I suppose.” David noticed that her breasts were even more pronounced out of the restrictions of her military jacket and he felt a rising in his own uniform. However, she quickly slipped on a long white lab coat and ruined his fantasy. “If you will excuse me, Colonel,” she turned back toward him as she buttoned up the coat, “I am anxious to resume my work.”


The colonel politely excused himself and strolled back to his office. He had no sooner sat down then his secretary, Hilda, walked in with a cup of coffee.

Now this was a woman he could fantasize about, he thought as she handed him his mug. A lovely face, long dark hair and a penchant for wearing low cut sweaters that showed lots of creamy cleavage and hugged her bounteous proportions so invitingly. Her flat stomach and rounded hips beckoned him to reach out and glide his fingers along her curvaceous expanses, but he was a military man now, and had to keep control of himself at all times, especially around the enlisted men, or at least that's what he had been taught in officer training.


But then again, she wasn't an enlisted man, he thought as he watched her beautiful round ass sway through the doorway.


But then again, she was twenty years younger than he was and probably had her pick of the men.


He took a sip of his coffee. It had been an exhausting morning for him. He just might take the afternoon off.


[London, two weeks later]


A tall thin man in a U.S. Army uniform was quietly looking over a map of Germany posted on a wall. Several other Army men were seated at desks working on paperwork. Suddenly, a young corporal walked into the room, breaking the silence.


“Major Stone?” he called out.


“I'm Major Stone, Corporal,” the tall man said quietly as he turned toward the visitor.


“I've got an urgent message from British Intelligence, sir.” He handed Stone an envelope.


“Thank you, Corporal,” he said as he carefully opened the message, “you may go.” British Intelligence, mused Stone, now there's an oxymoron. Suddenly his face took on a much more serious demeanor as he announced to his companions, “They've located her again.”


The other men jumped up from their work and gathered around their leader.

“Intelligence has just received word that she's set up shop again. This time she's in a concentration camp outside of Heidelban. No telling how long she's been there, but we do know that everyday that passes, she gets a little closer to finishing her formula. This time, we've got to shut her down …

permanently. Okay, guys, we've got a hell of a lot of work ahead of us. Let's get started.”


[Back at Heidelban]


Two women were working silently at a long table filled with beakers, vials, test tubes, and Bunsen burners. Everything they did was meticulously recorded by hand. They hated their work, but at least they were warm and dry. And they been given newer clothes and extra rations since they had started working in the lab. The older of the two women sighed as she adjusted her glasses and stretched her back. Suddenly a look of recognition came over the face of the other women. She scribbled out a note and passed under a petri dish to her colleague, 'Are you Prof. Echstein from Brakenbaden?' The other woman quickly burned the note on a burner and shot a threatening look at the younger one that told her that they would talk later.


After dinner, the women were escorted back to their barracks. When the last light was extinguished, the young woman felt a presence by her bunk.


“Yes,” the voice whispered, “I am Helene Echstein, but no one must ever know.

And yes, I recognized you, Mari, the moment I saw you. There are not many half-German, half-African women in this camp. I also remember that you were one of my very brightest students. But how did you end up here?”


“My mother is … was … Jewish. My father is an American jazz musician. To their way of thinking, I had two strikes against me. But tell me, why don't you want Shultz to know who you are. I've seen her work, and you are by far the superior scientist.”


“That is because I know what she is trying to do and I need to keep close tabs on her. If she realized who I am, I would be dead tomorrow. She is trying to perfect a super soldier serum that could increase a man's strength enormously.

I first met her several years ago when the university turned down her request for support for her research. I thought she was crazy back then, but now I've heard that the Americans have such a super soldier. But they've only been able to create one. Shultz intends to use it on the entire army.”


“My God! If she is successful, Germany could truly conquer the world! This insanity would never end!” Mari's voice began to raise in excitement.


“Shhh. Precisely, that's why it is imperative that we continue to work quietly, looking for a chance to stall her progress or sabotage it altogether.

Now get some sleep, Mari.” Helene slipped away again into the darkness.


When Mari and Helene arrived at the lab the next day, they were greeted by an unexpected sight. Four other women were sitting on a bench totally naked, while guards watched over them. Mari and Helene glanced quickly at each other, determined to see this through even though they wanted to scream in protest.

Anna Shultz was already in the lab preparing four different syringes, humming a little tune. These women mean nothing to her, thought Helene as she tried to control her trembling hands, they are no more than animals to run her cruel tests on. And the tests were cruel indeed. Although Shultz had done preliminary work on her formula in previous labs, she was finally to the point of needing live subjects to test it on. And the German Army was more than willing to let her use their prisoners.


The women rose when commanded. The long months of subjugation had broken their resistance. They did as they were commanded and offered their emaciated limbs for injection. Helene could not even bear to look at their faces as she assisted Dr. Shultz. She knew that they must think her to be a traitor to help out with this inhuman madness.


The first round of the experiment turned out to be a disappointment for Shultz and a horror for Mari and Helene. Three of the women died of cardiac arrest within a half hour while the fourth slipped into a coma. Shultz sighed as she thought of the work ahead of her. Helene cringed when she thought of the untold number of deaths ahead of her. It was all she could do to remember what her true goal was. But the problem presented itself fully after that first day. How could she sabotage the research without leaving a trail of hundreds of bodies from the failed attempts? She began to formulate an alternate plan.


[Back at Allied Headquarters.]


“Here's what we've got so far, gentlemen,” Major Stone was addressing a small gathering of generals. “Dr. Shultz has set up another lab inside the Heidelban Detainment Center. This is a concentration camp reserved for women. We would never have thought to look there, figuring that she would design the formula for men. But we lucked out and we just happened to have an informant nearby that recognized her.”


“How are the plans for the raid coming along, Nick?” asked a older general.


“This is going to be a tough one.” Stone turned toward a map of Germany. “This camp is nestled at the far end of a narrow valley. The mountains on three sides are high and very steep. Here in the middle of the valley is a good sized anti-aircraft battery and the Luftwaffe is less than an hour away.”


“Nick, are you going to get some 'extra' help on this one?”


Stone turned back to the general, “You mean …” The general nodded. “Yes,” Stone continued, “Major Victory will be along on this raid. He has been contacted and is in transit. We've also gathered his usual group of Rangers, the “Howlin' Raiders”. Plus, we've got an escort of P-38's lined up. The men will be dropped in at 700 ft., if we can get past the ack-ack.”


“How soon will you be able to leave?” asked another general.


“We're good to go in the next 72 hours. I just hope we get there in time. The information we're receiving takes an extremely long time to arrive. The agent is being very careful about contact. The last message we received indicated that she has commenced testing formulas on humans.”


The generals rose to leave the briefing room. The older one paused and looked Stone in the eye, “Don't let her slip away this time, Nick, we may not get another shot at her. She's got to be stopped.”


“Yes, sir,” Stone replied with a confidence in his voice, “we'll get the job done, sir.”


[Heidelban Detainment Center]


“Today is the day.” Anna Shultz was speaking to herself, even though Mari and Helene were in the same room. She hardly recognized their existence, let alone talked with them. “Today will be the day. I am so close …” Her words drifted off as she studied her notes again.


Helene knew that she was right. Her instincts as a researcher told her that they were zeroing in on a feasible formula that might give the results that Shultz was looking for. Every action was measured now, every motion carefully thought out.


The door opened as four more women were escorted in by the guards. “Strip all of your clothes off and lay on these cots,” Shultz directed them. Slowly the women complied. After they lay down, a single leather strap was fastened around their waist in the chance that they might try to bolt for the door.

Soon the injections were ready.


Shultz went down the row administering the shots while Helene took down necessary information about each test subject. No, she reminded herself, these are not just test subjects, these are people, heros that are forced to give up their lives for the vainglory of this madwoman and the madman that she follows. She wrote their names and identification numbers proudly as if she were keeping a record of their martyrdom.


After the formula was injected, Mari began taking temperature and heart rate readings, checking their pupils, observing any physical changes. Usually, nothing external occurred, but she kept watching anyway. Today, as Anna had predicted, was different.


Suddenly one of the women, a woman in her mid-thirties, began fidgeting and groaning. She began taking quick, shallow breaths. As she grasped the edge of the cot, Mari could see the muscles in her forearms pushing out, larger than they were just a second ago. Quickly she scanned the woman's entire body. Her eyes were wide opened and her teeth were clenched. And muscles seemed to be popping up out of nowhere!


Mari glanced up to see if anything similar was happening to the other women. One had slipped into a coma while the other two showed no signs of reaction. She called to Helene and Anna to join her. When she looked back she couldn't believe the change that had occurred in the last few seconds. Hard, defined muscles covered her entire body.


The woman tried to sit up but the strap confined her. In a rage, she grabbed the thick leather and tugged on it, trying to free herself. As she did so, her muscles bulged out even farther. The guards, frightened by what they were witnessing, raised their rifles and took aim at the thrashing woman. Suddenly, with great effort, the woman succeeded in ripping apart the strap, but then she immediately collapsed back onto the cot. She took one desperate breath then died.


The scientists and guards stood in stunned silence. But Anna's face was beaming. It had worked! Only for the briefest of moments, but that woman had exhibited definite strength increases. “Guards,” Shultz commanded, barely able to contain her glee, “remove these others and dispose of the bodies.”


“Yes, Captain,” replied the soldier in charge with a smart salute.


“And Sergeant,” Shultz spoke directly at him so there would be no mistaking her meaning, “dispose of all of the bodies. There will be no witnesses to this spreading rumors around the camp. I will keep you two alive because you are so valuable to my work,” Shultz addressed Helene and Mari. Then she paused and looked at Helene, possibly for the first time. A slightly puzzled look came over her face, but then it passed as quickly as it came.


As the soldiers removed the dead women, the two remaining women dressed themselves and stood by the door waiting to be shackled and led away knowing full well the intent of the doctor. Finally the soldiers came back and escorted them away across the yard. Mari and Helene went back to work checking over their notes and comparing the variations of the formula used. Suddenly there arose a disturbance outside. The three women went to the windows to see what was going on.


There, in the middle of the yard, one of the two remaining women had dropped to her knees and appeared to be in pain. But Mari's keen eyes could see that her drab, shabby uniform was slowly being stretched out. One of the soldiers roughly grabbed her by the hair and hauled her to her feet. Swiftly she swung an elbow at his face and knocked him backwards several feet. Another soldier stepped toward the woman only to be lashed across the face by her chains. He spun away with a broken nose and deep gashes ripped into his face. A third man used the butt of his rifle to club the woman square in the face, but she barely reacted to the attack. She grabbed the rifle out of his hands and threw it a good hundred meters over the fence of the compound. Then she swung her chains over the soldier's head as he followed the flight of his rifle and in one quick motion, snapped his neck.


“Look at her!” Anna was talking to herself again, lost in her fantasy world, “she's not just reacting like a wild animal, she has full control of her senses. And her strength! She is magnificent!”


The woman let the dead man drop to the ground as she grabbed hold of the chains and began to pull on them. Within moments, the heavy metal chains succumbed to the woman's new power. Quickly she looked around for the nearest point of escape. She bolted off for the fence at a place where the trees almost came into contact with it.


“Shoot her!” Anna was already out the door and marching across the yard in the direction of the melee. “Kill her!! Don't let her escape!”


The soldiers were shaken out of their shocked state and opened fire on the woman. In seconds, the woman lay dead just a few meters away from freedom.


Back in the lab, Helene took advantage of the confusion and quietly slipped several bottles of the formula that was given to that woman into a secret compartment that she had fashioned in the baseboard. Then she quickly changed her records to cover up the missing chemical. By the time Shultz was walking back to the lab, she was back at the window with Mari. Shultz was beside herself with joy.


“Yes, yes! I knew it. It was just a matter of time,” she mumbled to herself as she entered the lab. “I am a genius and the Fuhrer … ha … perhaps the Fuhrer will make me a general, perhaps he will give me my own country … my own continent … perhaps we shall rule the world together …” She looked up at the two assistants, “I must go now. Here is the woman's identification number. We will resume our research tomorrow. If you breathe a word of this to anyone … anyone … you will be dead by morning. Guards, make sure that these two don't touch anything without my permission. They are to clean up and then be escorted back to their barracks. If you need me, I will be in my quarters.” With that she turned on the heal of her black leather boot and strode out the door humming to herself.


This happened to Anna often. Just the thought of becoming powerful would be enough to make her incredibly horny. And thinking of ruling the world by Adolph's side was just about enough to send her over the edge. And now that she was so close to finding the formula, her deepest fantasies were about to come true. But the churning emotions within her could only be calmed in one way. She had to have someone, hard, fast, and soon. As she crossed the compound, she spotted a handsome young lieutenant lecturing a group of grizzled old sergeants. He will do very nicely, she thought, very nicely indeed.


“Lieutenant,” she snapped in an authoritative voice.


“Yes, sir … uh .. ma'am,” the man snapped to attention.


“Come with me soldier. There is a matter that I need your help with.” She walked past him as she gave him her order. He had to step lively in order to catch up with her. She led him across the compound and into the officers' apartments. “Upstairs and to the left,” she ordered, pointing the way. If he had any questions or suspicions, he never voiced them. “What is your name, lieutenant?”


“Garns, ma'am,” the young man replied as he climbed the stairs, “Rolf Garns.” As he stood in front of the doorway, he stared at the door in front of him.

“Is this the place, ma'am?”


“Yes, Rolf, step inside.”


Rolf obediently entered the apartment, looked around quickly and then turned back to Anna, “Everything seems to be in … or …der.” Anna had removed her lab coat and was seductively opening her black blouse, exposing more and more of her large breasts and deep cleavage held within a sexy black lace bra. Rolf could only swallow hard and stare as the beautiful captain opened her shirt and held one side back with a hand on her hip. His eyes momentarily flickered between the large globe of soft tit flesh and her taut mid-section.


“I'm glad to hear you say that,” Anna cooed as she let the blouse fall from her shoulders. She stepped up to him, barely brushing his torso with her engorged nipples. “It's always nice to have a big, strong man around.” She took him by the back of the head and gently pulled his lips down to hers, while pushing her firm boobs into his chest.


He resisted at first. He had heard that the SS might try anything to ferret out traitors. But then again, he had never seen such a beautiful SS officer.

His reserve began to weaken as the kiss went on and on. Slowly his hands drifted up to her waist as if they had a mind of their own. Anna returned the attention as she stroked his back. Finally she broke off the kiss and began to unbutton his shirt, exposing his chest. Mmmm … she thought to herself, wouldn't this be a fine specimen for my formula. She began to get lost in the thought of Rolf growing stronger, becoming the ultimate male, and then taking her in wild sex. She nearly ripped his pants off and then pushed him roughly backwards onto her bed.


[Four hundred miles west and twenty thousand feet above Heidelban.]


The C-46 plowed slowly through the evening skies high above the clouds. It was being escorted by five P-38's. Not the fastest armada in the skies, but one of the sturdiest. In the cockpit of the C-46 sat Maj. Nick Stone and his best friend and pilot, Capt. Gabe Hancock. Gabe and he had grown up together in Nebraska and had joined the Army together. But Gabe got accepted into pilot training while Nick got put in the infantry and then ended up as a cook because of his poor physical condition. Nick was destined to miss out on all of the action while Gabe brought home all of the honors. That is, until Nick volunteered for a top secret experiment.


“Jus' about time for you to do your thing, Nick,” Gabe said to his friend as he checked his airspeed, “we'll be over the drop point in a little over two hours.”


“What d'ya think, buddy,” Nick said as he reached into a secret pocket in his flight jacket and retrieved a long pill, “will you be able to get us through this cloud cover and get out in one piece?”


“Never met a cloud I couldn't fly though,” Gabe replied with a laugh, “but those mountains, that's another story, let's just hope our recon did their job.”


Nick popped the pill in his mouth and waited for the familiar reaction. The secret experiment had worked on him – and only him. For some reason, the Super Soldier Formula was a total failure except for him. He could feel the vigor flowing through his veins as his strength began multiplying and his senses became heightened. Even his body took on a physical change. He pulled a mask over his head, emblazoned with a proud 'V' on his forehead. Then he reached behind his seat and pulled a round shield with another 'V' on it out of a pack. This old shield, he thought to himself as he ran a gloved hand over its smooth surface, it's saved my life more than a few times and looks none the worse for it. Even took a few rounds from a 50 cal. Machine gun and it doesn't even show the scratches. No one was quite sure of where the formula for the metal alloy came from, but it has got to be one of the strongest, most resilient metals on Earth. After the shield was made the formula disappeared again. This old shield was truly a unique weapon.


Nick's super-charged body was now stretching the material of his outfit to the limit. He unsnapped his seat harness and slipped past his friend, the only man besides a few of the top brass that knew the secret of Major Victory.

“Remember, we've got to stay up here until the last second, then we come in steep and low, we jump and you get the hell out of here.”


“You don't have to tell me twice, this crate isn't made of some fancy bullet-proof metal. Now get out of my cabin!”


Major Victory made his way back to where his men were positioned. Some were reading letters from their girls back home, one was playing a harmonica, others just sat and stared at nothing. One was trying to liven the mood by telling jokes. Jimmie, always the joker of the group. Stone (now Victory) realized how much he loved and respected these men. They had been through hell and back with him and were about to do it again. These were twenty of the best that the U.S. Had. These were his Howlin' Raiders. As he entered the fuselage, everyone fell silent with the exception of a few whispers of “Look sharp boys, he's here.” or “It's Major V.” or “Damn, where does he come from?”


“All right men,” began Maj. Victory in his authoritative voice that just made anyone want to get up and follow him no matter where he was going, “this isn't going to be a cakewalk tonight. We're flying right into some severe thunderstorms and right up the middle of a heavily guarded valley. To make matters worse, we're dropping into a concentration camp so we have to be careful of hitting prisoners. And … they'll be expecting us. We're going after Anna Shultz, the Nazi's top scientist on their Super Soldier project.

She's been able to get away from us on our last three raids, but tonight, we've got to shut her down permanently. The word we have is that she's almost figured it out. But if she's made any progress in the last few days, we could be up against some real trouble. After we've taken the camp and destroyed the lab, we'll work our way up the mountains to a small airstrip shown on your maps. Gabe will be waiting there with an escort. He takes off at 0600 hours tomorrow morning whether we're on the plane or not. Like I said, this isn't going to be a cakewalk. Check your equipment and say your prayers.”


[Back at Heidelban.]


Rolf could not believe what was happening to him. The energy and enthusiasm with which this woman made love was astonishing. He wondered at times which was more powerful, the lightning storm currently raging outside, or the woman that had been raging in bed with him. She had done things to him that he had never heard of and which before this night, he had thought impossible. Now after hours of satisfying her every desire, all he wanted to do was to curl up in a ball and fall into a blissful slumber. But instead he found himself tied hand and foot to the four corners of Anna's bed. She was trying everything she could to bring him to one more erection. But he was too tired to respond. A sudden flash of lightning illumined her naked body as she sat next to him, using a riding quirt to lift his flagging member


“I've got just the thing,” she said, rising from the bed and opening the bottom drawer of her bureau. She pulled out a small dark vial and a syringe. “I worked on this as my undergraduate project in chemistry,” she said as she pulled only two cc's of the purple liquid into the syringe. She walked back to Rolf and gently lifted his flaccid penis, inserting the needle at its base and injecting the liquid. “There, that should bring you back to life a bit. I call this my 'German Fly.' What do you think?”


Even before she had finished talking, Rolf felt a burning sensation sweep through his loins. It quickly spread through his whole body. He felt like he was being stabbed by thousands of tiny needles. Just as he was about to give in to the pain, it all focused again on his crotch. Almost magically, his cock responded, growing harder and harder by the second. Harder than it had ever been in his life and maybe even bigger than he had ever been. He lifted his head as high as he could to see the biggest, rock-hard cock he had ever seen staring back at him, throbbing with every pulse of blood, begging to be touched and stroked, burning to be thrust deep into a woman, any woman! Suddenly his whole body was on fire again and his every thought was centered on satisfying his intense sexual lust.


Just then, Anna heard the first air-raid siren. She leapt from the bed and flew to a window. Another flash of lightning showed her what she was dreading.

An American bomber was coming in below the clouds and she could see several parachutes already open with more to follow. She wasn't sure, but she could swear that the first one out had a red, white and blue shield in his hands.


“Those fools!” she ranted as she quickly threw on a black leather jacket that reached to her thighs and slipped into her knee high riding boots. “This will be the last night that I have to worry about Major Victory and his damnable Raiders.” With that she burst through the door and sprinted down the hallway.


Just by chance, there was another sexual liaison happening down the hall from Captain Shultz and her boy-toy. Colonel David Manheim was sure that he had died and gone to heaven. Sitting astride him and slowly riding his shaft was his beautiful secretary, Hilda. How he had convinced her to go out with him was still a mystery. A bigger mystery was how easily he had gotten her into his quarters and eventually his bed. But here she was, her breasts much more than filling his hands as he guided her sexy body up and down. Her full lips parted in ecstasy as both partners rode wave after wave of pleasure. Her firm legs squeezing his hips, her back arching, and her fingers clutching at his shoulders as she neared her climax.


David and Hilda heard the air raid siren also. They froze in mid-thrust as they listened for the sound of explosions. Suddenly, David's attention, and blood supply, went north and he unceremoniously rolled the luscious Hilda off of him, and ran to the window.


“Oh my god!” he muttered, “we're being attacked! We've never been attacked before! What the hell?” He grabbed his pants and began hopping and pulling in a frenzied attempt to dress himself and rush out the door.


But Hilda was standing stark naked in front of the door, blocking his exit. “You're not going to leave me, are you?” She asked as she pressed her back against the door and thrust out her prodigious chest.


“I'm sorry , Hilda,” David tried to explain as he continued to button his pants, “but didn't you hear me? We're under attack!”


Hilda delivered a quick and crushing kick between David's legs, “I said, you're not leaving!” As David doubled over in pain, she followed up with another vicious kick to the face which sent the soldier sprawling backwards. Hilda walked over to the stunned and whimpering man and picked him up by his belt. She held his torso between her knees and began applying incredible pressure until he found it hard to move or breathe. Then she unleashed a torrent of punches in his face. She continued the barrage until she was sure that he was unconscious or dead. Then she let his limp body slip to the floor and calmly went about dressing herself.


The entire camp was in an uproar, with sirens going off and searchlights scanning the skies and rifles being fired at anything that might be an enemy. In the midst of all this confusion, two dark figures stole quietly through the shadows, headed for the building that housed Anna Shultz's lab. A back window that had been purposely left unlocked provided their entrance. With only the light from the searchlights and the occasional lightning bolt, the two figures moved through the lab to their destination. Silently, one opened a secret hiding place and removed a small syringe.


“What are you gong to do with this, Helene?” one of the figures whispered softly.


“Yes, Helene,” an arrogant voice repeated out of the darkness, “what ever are you planning on doing with that?” Suddenly a match was lit and the two women could see that Anna Shultz was standing on the other side of the lab. She bent down and carefully started lighting several candles. “Helene … Helene Echstein, I believe. How ironic, isn't it?” Anna continued lighting the candles until all five were lit. “You were on the university panel that turned down my research proposal all those years ago, and now you've been forced to assist me in my creation. So what do you intend to do with the formula? Destroy it? Help the filthy Americans duplicate my work? Well, you're too late.” Anna clutched her arms around her waist as if to hold herself in and stepped into the middle of the candles. “I've already injected myself with my formula. Even now I can feel it racing through my veins, strengthening every fiber of my being. But it struck me this afternoon, what the problem with the formula is. The body needs a source of energy in order to make full use of the potential of the formula. That poor woman's body burned itself up in a matter of minutes. Even if they hadn't shot her, she wouldn't have lasted for more than a few hours until her body consumed itself.”


Helene looked down at the floor by Anna's feet for the first time. “Oh my God!” she gasped as she saw a star inscribed within a circle and the candles at the five points.


“Your God? No, not your God, Jew,” Anna laughed. “Your God is an old man in the clouds who could care less about you. When was the last time he did anything for the Children of Israel? No, you can keep your silent, impotent God. I call on the powers of darkness!” With that she began chanting to herself and then yelled out, “Come to me, powers of the dark world!”


Suddenly Helene rushed at Anna in a vain attempt to stop her. Faster than the eye could see, Anna snatched Helene by the throat and effortlessly lifted her off the ground. “You fool, don't you realize that even now, I am many times stronger than you? I could snap your neck as easily as I would a ….”


Suddenly a flash of eldrich fire exploded from the design on the floor, enveloping Anna and throwing Helene across the room. As the blaze of mystic fire died down, the dramatic change in Anna's body was obvious. The energy generated had added at least 20 pounds of muscle onto her frame. Muscles bulged in her legs, pushing open her thigh length coat. The leather creaked as her arms and shoulders expanded. Her already large chest pushed out even farther, popping the top button off the coat. She flexed her arm and watched her bicep fill the sleeve of the coat. “The power! It's working! I feel so …

so strong!”


Unbeknownst to either woman, Mari had realized what was happening and had injected herself with the formula while Anna was ranting. Now she was feeling the effects of the formula. After seeing the change in Anna's body, she knew that she had to stop the mad-woman before it was too late. She rushed at Anna and put her shoulder squarely into her stomach. The force of her blow was enough to knock Anna out of the circle and against a wall. But Anna was unfazed by the attack and knocked Mari back across the room with a backhand slap.


“You idiot,” Anna smirked as she crossed to Mari and picked her up like a rag doll, “did you think separating me from the circle would cut me off from the dark energies? No! I can still feel them rushing into me, strengthening me by the second. I am bonded to the circle no matter where I go!” To demonstrate her point, she raised her free arm and tensed it. Slowly the black sleeve was stretched to the breaking point with powerful muscle. Anna's smiled widened as she closed her eyes and mentally summoned more and more power and the growth of her bicep continued. Soon her massive muscle ripped through the seams. Her shoulders, also, had grown too large for the leather coat and began splitting apart the thick material.


A look of sheer contempt swept over Anna's perfect features as she returned her attention to Mari. “This, little one, is real power!” she cried as she held the helpless young woman tightly in her superpowered grip. With that she threw Mari through a window and across the prison yard.


Meanwhile, Hilda was making her way through the officer's quarters as quietly and quickly as possible. Suddenly a hand reached out from a dark room and grabbed her around the waist. Before she could react, she was whirled into the room and thrown on a bed. With surprising agility, she continued her forward movement and rolled off the bed and onto her feet, fists clenched and ready to strike. She saw Rolf standing naked in front of her on the other side of the bed, sporting the largest, hardest erection she had ever seen. Somehow in his madness, he had managed to free himself and had gone in search of someone to relieve his all-consuming lust.


As he circled around the bed, Hilda made a desperate attempt to escape over it. Rolf launched himself on top of the buxom woman and tackled her before she could get away. With a strength augmented by his libido, he flipped Hilda over and tore off her panties and prepared to thrust his enlarged manhood deep within her.


Hilda was very confused. She knew that she should be able to handle this young buck easily. She had been trained in hand-to-hand combat at the OSS school and was the equal to almost any man. She had grown up on a farm in New York state, the only daughter of German Jewish immigrants. When she signed up with the OSS, her farm hardened muscles and her fluent German had made her the perfect operative for deep undercover work. Of course her voluptuous figure had helped as well. But just for a split second, after she saw Rolf in all his manly glory, she had forgotten all about her mission. Perhaps secretly she wanted to see what such a cock would feel like inside her, perhaps she was curious if she could even accommodate one so huge. But as he roughly tore at her undergarments and held her legs apart, she suddenly remembered where she was and what she had to do.


Before Rolf could impale her, Hilda wrenched her legs free of his grasp and snapped them around the surprised lieutenant's throat. She crossed her ankles and began applying pressure with her shapely calves. The soldier, unable to breathe and not fully understanding why, clutched madly at her thighs and knees. Hilda continued her silent assault as Rolf began pounding on her thighs, trying to find some air. But thighs made hard from squatting to milk cows and hiking up and down hills, showed no sign of surrender. Finally out of air and out of energy, Rolf collapsed in Hilda's grasp.


Hilda rolled the young soldier off her. She had made sure not to kill him, such a handsome young man should deserve a chance to live, especially one that well hung. She looked down and to her surprise, his huge penis was still erect and throbbing even though he was knocked out. She couldn't resist. She leaned down and kissed the hot head and stroked the length of the shaft, allowing herself to have a quick fantasy about how it would have felt inside her. Then she stepped quickly for the door and continued her quest.


In the fields and forests surrounding the camp, the Howlin' Raiders were easily making their way to the detention center. The patrols they encountered were not very well trained and fell quickly to the war-hardened Americans. The planes had gotten up and over the mountains before the German fighters had a chance to be scrambled, and now were nowhere to be found. And by the time more ground troops could be brought in to find the all but invisible Raiders, they would be long gone, too. All was proceeding according to plan.


The first men to arrive at the perimeter quickly dug a shallow trench and cut a few strands of wire. Then it seemed like the rest of the troop appeared from out of nowhere, sliding silently out of the shadows and mists and coalescing by fence, the ones in the rear providing cover fire for the ones crawling through the breech. The process was repeated with an inner fence and the invaders slowly poured into the compound. The inexperience of the guards played into the American's hands as they were allowed to take up defensible positions and begin to pick their targets.


Suddenly, much to everyone's surprise, a body came flying out of a small building, propelled it seemed, through a window. The body rolled to a stop in the middle of the compound and didn't move. Both groups of adversaries momentarily held their fire to assess what was happening. That's when they first saw the Iron Nazi step into the compound through the hole she had just created in the wall of the lab.


The Iron Nazi, Anna thought to herself, yes, I very much like that name. That's what they will call me. She stood in the middle of the compound, the sleeves of her leather jacket ripped and hanging loose around her massive arms, the front barely covering her nipples, while the bottom of the jacket hung down to the tops of her rippling thighs. Every muscle seemed to be etched from living stone, unreal in their size and hardness. Her leather riding boots had split down the back from her dramatic growth and hard, diamond shaped calves pushed the sides apart.


The soldiers were dumbfounded. They knew that each side had been working on creating super powered humans, and the Americans were intimately familiar with Major Victory, but none of them could have anticipated the sight that greeted them this dark and stormy night. A smile broke out on some of the Germans' faces as they realized that she wore what had been a uniform of a German officer. A bolt of fear went through the Americans as they came to the same conclusion.


Suddenly a shot rang out. The muscular woman flinched as the bullet tore through the shoulder of the jacket. Initially caught off guard by the attack, the woman just stood her ground and seemed to concentrate, as if she were drawing on some unseen, inner power. A strange sheen seemed to come over her skin and the blood from the wound stopped flowing. It also looked as if her muscles had grown a bit larger.


Several of the American raiders looked furtively at their fearless leader. Certainly he could take her down, their eyes seemed to say. He had the strength of ten men and was the best fighter in the world. Victory could feel their eyes on him, he knew that their lives depended on his action. He knew what he had to do. With cat-like grace, he rolled from his cover position and came up flinging his shield directly at the woman's head. He had used this maneuver before and had killed many an enemy with it.


Anna saw the flash of red white and blue and saw the shield coming for her head. She casually reached up and caught the shield bare handed inches away from its target. She held the famous weapon in both hands and made a show of examining it. “So this is the shield of Major Victory,” she spoke out loud in heavily accented English. Then once more calling on the dark energies she began applying tremendous force on the edges of the shield.


The Americans watched in horror as the huge woman slowly began to bend the 'indestructible' shield in half. Every muscle in her chest and arms swelled larger than before as a lightning bolt lit the surreal scene. Somehow, her muscles were overcoming the hardest metal that the American war effort had ever produced. The thought raced through more than one mind that if she could do something like that, what chance would anyone have against her.


While this drama was playing out in the middle of the compound, Hilda had finally managed to make her way to the lab. Moments after Anna had transformed into a super muscular she-devil, Hilda had quietly slipped inside the lab, then paused to catch her breath. She was totally unaware of the events that had just transpired. She was shocked to see a large hole in the wall where a window had been. This could only be bad news, she reasoned, she had better work fast. The beautiful spy reached into her dress and removed the shoulder pads that were truly little more than adornments on her already broad shoulders. She silently ripped each one open and removed small packets of plastic explosive, not much by themselves, but enough when combined to blow up a goodly portion of the building. Then she reached under her D-cup bra and removed a small detonating device concealed as an underwire support. She pressed the plastic around the trigger and began to look for a likely place to set the charge.


It was just then that she saw a slight movement behind a lab table. She froze, ready to strike in case she had been discovered. Once sure that she was in no danger, she crept toward the prone figure. She was shocked to see that it was Helene Echstein. She felt for a pulse and found her to still be alive, if just barely.


“Helene,” Hilda whispered, “what are you doing here? We've got to get you out!”


“What … who are you?” Helene struggled to get the words out.


“It's me, Hilda, the Commandant's secretary,” she answered, not sure how much she should tell her.


“Why are you here?” croaked the old woman as she reached out for the younger one.


“I'm,” Hilda paused, fearful to reveal her secret, then continued feeling that she needed to know, “I'm working for the Americans. I need to destroy Dr. Shultz's lab and put an end to this nightmare.”


Helene looked into her eyes and realized that she was telling the truth. “Then help me up, Hilda,” she whispered, “there's something you must know.” She struggled to get up, but found that she had sprained a knee in the fall. “Ughh … I can't move … you must listen to me. Shultz has discovered the super soldier formula. I came here to destroy it, but she beat me to it. After the attack started she came here and injected herself with it. I had two vials of it hidden away and my assistant used one on herself as well.”


“Mari? Where is she?”


“How did you know?” asked the bewildered scientist.


“I was the one that got you two assigned to help Shultz,” explained Hilda, “I knew that with your knowledge of chemistry, you would be able to slow down her progress until we were able to bring in help to disrupt her research. I knew that she was close,” Hilda paused as she surveyed the damaged wall, “but I never realized …” Her voice trailed off as she thought of the power that one person would need to be able to do such a thing. “Helene,” she continued, “you said that Mari took the formula, too?”


“Yes … she tried to stop that madwoman … but she wasn't strong enough. That hole in the wall was made when Shultz threw Mari through it. I'm not sure that even someone who had taken the formula could survive that.” Helene laid her head down again and tried to ease the pain in her leg. “Schultz said that the formula needed a source of power to be truly effective. She set up a pentagram over there and began funnelling power from some other dimension.”


Hilda crouched low by the hole and watched as Anna was shot in the shoulder. As the Nazi's skin hardened and she gained new strength, Hilda looked back at the pentagram and saw the candles glowing brighter. That's it, she thought, I've got to break the connection she has, stop her now before she gets too powerful. She stepped toward the ritual space but was prevented from touching it by some unseen force. She put her shoulder against the invisible barrier, but again could not get any closer.


Hilda looked at the charge that she had set on a table by the prone woman. It was enough to disrupt the pentagram, but not enough to get the safe where the formula was stored as well. It would also attract Shultz's attention, and she looked to be strong enough even now to defeat a small army.


“Helene,” Hilda bent over the injured woman, “you said there was another dose of the formula. Where is it?”


Outside, in the compound, Anna casually tossed Major Victory's shield over one shoulder. She had succeeded in completely bending it in two, folding like it was made of nothing stronger than tin. “See how easily I, the Iron Nazi, have destroyed your leader's precious little weapon,” she bellowed at the cowering Americans. “I will crush all of you in the same manner unless you surrender now!”


Major Victory swallowed hard. Images of bullets bouncing of the super hard metal played through his head as he watched the Nazi amazon destroy his prized possession. For the first time since he had become the hero known as the Symbol of Liberty, he felt real fear. He was paralyzed, not sure what to do next.


The Iron Nazi, however, did not suffer from any such uncertainty. She walked confidently to a half-track that several raiders were hiding behind. They opened fire on her, everyone of them expert marksmen, every round finding its target, ripping the leather jacket to shreds … and bouncing ineffectually off her iron hard skin. She even seemed to grow stronger and more resilient with every step. Finally she reached the large armored vehicle. She placed both hands under one side and tried to lift it. To the astonishment of all present, her body seemed to respond to the challenge. Her muscles, already larger and stronger than seemingly possible, began flexing and expanding to even greater size.


The remnants of the leather jacket gave way to this explosive muscle growth until they were little more than rags hanging on her massive shoulders. With a small grunt, she hoisted up one side of the half-track. Placing her mighty hand on the undercarriage of the huge machine, she proceeded to lift the entire 8 ton half-track above her head.


Using her super-strong muscles like this excited Anna in a way that she had never experienced. A feeling of absolute power washed over her and nearly caused her to orgasm. But it was even better than any orgasm she had ever had.

She quivered, not from the cold of the early spring night, but from the sheer sexual delight she felt as she used her superhuman strength. The fact that bullets were bouncing off her invulnerable breasts, back and legs only added to the mounting sexual eruption.


The soldiers that had been using the half-track for cover scrambled away as quickly as possible when the ultra-muscular blond woman had picked it up like it was a toy. They were in shock as they had just watched their bullets bouncing off her with no effect. Now they were just praying to escape with their lives. In one last desperate attempt, one of the Americans spun around and fired once more at the Nazi monster. The bullet struck lower than he had wanted, but still had no noticeable affect.


If he had stayed around to watch, he would have seen a strange look on Anna's face, a look of pure ecstasy. The bullet had accidently hit her between her legs, striking her clitoris with such force that it triggered the most intense orgasm she had ever felt. Her legs and arms began to buckle under the massive weight that she held aloft and her breathing came in short, jagged bursts. With a loud groan, she launched the vehicle into the air in the direction of the retreating soldiers as her body shook with pleasure.


Major Victory watched with horror as eight tons of German steel dropped from the sky on top of his cringing men. All he could think about was how they had followed him into this death trap, trusting him with their lives. Suddenly the fear that Victory had felt before turned into righteous rage. He bolted from his cover and leapt toward the muscular demon, dodging a spray of bullets from the camp guards.


Meanwhile, Hilda was experiencing some strange sensations, too. The serum that had been developed at the cost of so many lives and that had transformed Anna Shultz into an unstoppable juggernaut, was coursing through her veins now. She had injected herself with the last dose of the formula that Helene had ensconced. Furtively, she looked about in the dark room for some source of power that might be able to increase the effects of the drug. She could feel her strength increasing, her senses becoming sharper. Electricity could do the trick, possibly, but it seemed that the entire camp had gone dark since the invasion. Maybe the telephone system was still operational. She grabbed a telephone that was attached to the wall, and was surprised as she tore it off its mountings. She ripped the wires out of the phone and stripped back the shielding with her fingernails. Holding onto the bare wires, she could feel a low voltage electrical flow running up her arms. Her keener eyesight saw, to her amazement, that indeed, the input of electrical power was stimulating and feeding her muscle.


Hilda's arms began to feel tighter as her forearms and biceps swelled under her soft skin. Soon her chest began contracting as the energy spread through her body. She could even feel the electricity tingling between her legs as even those delicate muscles were becoming stronger. Finally she released the wires as she felt the growth slowing down. She realized that electrical stimulation was too inefficient. But it would have to do for now.


Flexing her considerably larger muscles, Hilda stepped over to a large lab cabinet. With great effort she lifted the entire cabinet and its contents to shoulder height. She was so surprised by her own strength that she almost dropped the 400 pound cabinet. But she tightened her grip and rushed toward the pentagram that Anna had drawn on the floor.


As she had estimated, the weight of the cabinet combined with the force of her thrust was enough to disrupt the ritual scene. The cabinet shattered into hundreds of pieces as it penetrated the invisible shield. The candles were splayed across the floor and extinguished. With the first task done, Hilda swiftly set the explosive charge under the safe, set the detonator, and scooped up Helene as she dashed out the door. She was again amazed at how light the woman felt in her arms. She realized that she probably wasn't nearly as strong as Anna, but still, the sudden increase in her strength made her feel like a superwoman right now.


Outside the lab, in the middle of the melee, Anna felt something suddenly snap inside her. The disruption of her connection to the dark energies felt like someone flipping a switch to shut off a light. Momentarily disoriented, Anna stumbled backwards a step or two. It was at this exact moment that Major Victory had launched his attack.


Victory had been up against many opponents, even took on groups of men at a time, but never had he fought against someone that could heave a half-track twenty yards. He knew that this fight would take all his skill and cunning if he was going to come out alive. With three quick steps, he leapt through the air, planting his jack-boots as hard a he could in the small of Anna's back. It was then that he realized that for all of her power and massive muscles, this Nazi amazon was still at least a half foot shorter than he was.


Anna was caught off guard by the American hero's charge and fell forward onto her knees. A series of lightning fast blows to various pressure points on her neck and head kept her disoriented and confused. She tried to regain her footing, but Major Victory swept her leg out from under her and she went sprawling forward, face down in the mud.


For all her fantastic strength, Victory thought, she isn't much of a fighter. Still, he cautioned himself, he couldn't let himself get careless. He knew that if he allowed this superpowered enemy to grab hold of him, she would make quick work of him, and there would be no stopping her. So he kept up the constant jabbing, striking quickly and staying out of reach of her tremendously strong hands. He had been schooled in the martial arts at the Army's secret training base in China, and was now trying to use everything he had learned. Every opponent has a weak spot, he remembered his instructors saying. Problem was, this woman's skin was as tough as tank armor and he wasn't sure he could stay alive long enough to find a weak spot.


After several exhausting minutes, Major Victory had The Iron Nazi on her knees. He jumped into the air and came down with his elbow aimed at the back of her neck. But she had been waiting for him. She absorbed his crushing blow with little more than a wince, spun slightly, and grabbed his thigh with one hand. Fingers that could crush a steel girder dug into his muscle and bone. Victory tried desperately to free himself, but it was useless.


Still holding her captive with one hand, Anna swung Major Victory in the air over her head as she stood up, then smashed him down into the ground. Twice more she repeated the act but harder with each swing. She may not match him for fighting skills, but her superior strength more than made up that lack. Finally the helpless hero was beaten into unconsciousness.


Suddenly an explosion ripped open the side of Anna's lab, drawing her attention away from her victim. Hilda's charge had finally gone off.


“Noooo!!” Anna bellowed, still holding on to the American's leg. Then she flipped his limp body above her head and grabbed the back of his neck with her other hand. “Sorry, I have no more time to play with you today!” she exclaimed as she lifted him high above her head so that all in the camp could see them.

Then using just a fraction of her tremendous strength, she twisted and bent the body of Major Victory. There was a sickening sound of snapping, crackling, and popping as human bone, ligament, and muscle gave way to superhuman strength. As if to punctuate the horror of the scene, a lightning strike flashed near the camp just then, illuminating the camp, searing the image of the triumph of evil into the minds of all present forever.


Anna casually tossed the dead hero aside as she ran to examine her lab. Hilda had reached the shaken Mari during the brief struggle and was trying to revive her in order to enlist her help against Anna. She had just roused the younger woman by the time the Iron Nazi had turned the tables on the brave American. Stunned, they both witnessed the dreadful way in which Major Victory was killed. As Victory's body fell to earth, Hilda fought hard to not give in to her growing fear that nothing short of an atomic weapon that she had heard rumors of could stop this madwoman.


“Oh my God,” Mari muttered, more a prayer than an exclamation.


Hilda joined her in sentiment, “God help us all.”


“That's all I was waiting for.”


Mari and Hilda looked at each other in surprise. Had they heard what they just thought they had heard? The look in Mari's eyes told Hilda that she had indeed heard that strange, calm voice, just as she had. Suddenly they seemed to both be surrounded by an incredibly bright light. The light was so intense that it washed away all colors. Mari and Hilda were frozen in time, staring at each other while the world around them seemed to disappear.


To everyone else in the compound, it looked like a lightning bolt had struck in the middle of the camp. Two German soldiers who were on their way to get the two women out of harm's way were knocked back unconscious by the force of the bolt. The other soldiers shielded their eyes from the brightness of the sudden explosion of light. Anna hardly noticed the explosion and resulting shockwave as she hurried to what was left of her lab.


“Those damn Americans!” she cursed as she observed the damage, “It will take me months to replicate my results.” As she spoke she grabbed a piece of lumber from the shattered wall and squeezed it. As the wood splintered in her hand, she looked down at her hand and arm. “Then again, why make any more like me? Am I not the most powerful human that ever walked the Earth? I could take on an entire army of these pathetic Americans! No one will stop the Iron Nazi!!”


Meanwhile, time had come to a standstill for Mari and Hilda. All of their senses seemed to be filled with the incredible light. Then they heard the voice again coming from everywhere at once, even from inside their heads, “You are My chosen ones.” The voice was soft, yet filled with power, calming, yet it stirred them to their souls. The voice continued, “To you I give the strength and the speed of My lightning bolt. Use your powers wisely and for Good. And now, go My daughters … and kick some Nazi butt.”


The two women continued to stare at each other in total shock at what was happening as the light around them began to fade. Slowly their eyes adjusted to the night surrounding them. Only then did they realize that the lightning bolt had vaporized all of their clothes, yet left their bodies unharmed.


“Oh … my … God,” Hilda whispered, barely able to speak.


“Yes, I AM,” came the soft, strong reply inside their heads.


Suddenly Hilda felt a power rising in her body unlike anything she had ever felt in her life. Some magnificently huge power source was feeding her, flowing through her, exploding in every fiber of her being. She felt like she had just been plugged into the power of the sun! She doubled over, wrapping her arms around her torso, as if trying to hold herself together as the forces inside her threatened to overwhelm her.


Mari, too, was feeling strange, as a tingle seemed to run from her heart down her legs and out her arms. Then her heart slowed down considerably, pumping hard as the muscles in her chest started to expand. She jumped to her feet, suddenly aware that she was naked, and ran toward the barracks to find some clothes. As she ran she realized that everyone else seemed to be moving in slow motion, practically frozen in place. She dashed into the building and came upon a guard with his pistol drawn. She pulled up and suddenly the world around her seemed to resume its normal pace.


The guard had drawn his pistol and was carefully searching the barracks for any signs of the invaders when suddenly a naked woman appeared in front of him. But not like any other woman that he had ever seen. Her black skin was pulled taunt over large bulging muscles, larger than he had ever seen on a woman, certainly, and even larger than most men. Her hair was cropped short and totally white, and her breasts, large round mounds of firm flesh, sat high on her powerful chest. More out of fear and instinct he quickly pointed his weapon in her direction and fired.


Mari heard the revolver fire and her heart seemed to leap. But the bullet seemed to slow down as it approached her. Finally she realized that she had jumped into some sort of super-speed mode. She watched the lead projectile spinning toward her. The guard had gotten lucky and had actually aimed directly at her heart.


Mari easily side-stepped the bullet and ran up to the guard whose hand was still recoiling from the shot. Again, she slowed herself down so that the guard could see her once more. She had moved so quickly that she wasn't even much of a blur. She seemed to be disappearing and appearing in the dim light of the hallway. In another blink of an eye, the revolver was totally dismantled and laying in pieces on the floor. Then using just a portion of her enhanced strength and speed, Mari gave the man a backhand slap. The poor man was lifted and spun around from the super fast blow and was unconscious before he hit the floor.


Suddenly, Mari had an idea about how she could help fight the Iron Nazi. But first, she thought, I better find some clothes, can't go around fighting bad guys naked! In a flash, she was off and tearing through the enlisted men's quarters looking for something that would cover her and give her enough flexibility to fight. The barracks looked like a tornado was ripping through it with clothes flying in all directions and doors being torn off lockers and cabinets. Finally she found what she was looking for then headed for the mess hall.


All this super speed stuff was making Mari incredibly hungry. When she arrived at the mess hall, she discovered that it was empty. She made her way through the mess hall and kitchen eating any kind of high protein and complex carbohydrate foods she could find until she was stuffed. Then she paused for just a second to examine her reflection in a window.


She had dressed herself in black long underwear that covered her from her neck to her ankles. The warmth didn't bother her and the material was stretchy to accommodate her physique. And what a physique! She ran her hands over the large mounds that stretched the front of her shirt, marvelling at her shape and firmness of her breasts. Then she noticed sizeable biceps swelling in her sleeves. She looked down and was amazed at the sight of her bicep rising up from her arm as she flexed it. It surely was a large as any man's arm that she had seen. But still not as big as that muscle demoness out in the compound. Holy God, she thought in a sudden panic that once again propelled her into a super speed dash, I almost forgot about the Iron Nazi, and that other woman that was trying to help me.


In an instant, Mari was back outside and standing beside Hilda. She had only been gone for a few seconds when she reappeared in front of the still growing woman, the only difference being that Mari was now completely dressed in black. Hilda barely noticed that she had gone, so caught up she was in her amazing growth. And her growth had been truly amazing!


As Mari watched her new partner (did she have much choice in the matter – it seemed ordained by God Himself that they were meant to work together), she couldn't believe the mass of feminine muscle that she was exhibiting. Mari had been shocked by her own size, but Hilda's physique was almost beyond imagination. Huge beefy arms hung from soccer ball sized shoulders. Even unflexed, her upper arms were easily twice the size of Mari's own incredibly developed arms. Thick bulging trapezoid muscles were just the tip of the proverbial iceberg that lead down to a back that was nearly a meter wide and then tapered dramatically down to a svelte, solid waist.


In the throes of her muscle explosion, Hilda straightened her torso and clenched her fists. Mari saw that her once bounteous bosom looked perfectly proportioned to her newly burgeoning physique. But her arms started swelling to huge proportions while a thick blue vein rose to the surface of her bulging biceps. Mari estimated that her upper arms must be at least 65 cm around. Suddenly it struck her that her partner was still totally naked. She had been so fascinated by Hilda's muscle growth that she had forgotten that her friend needed clothes also. She looked around for someone who might be the right size, but only the dead superhero, Major Victory was even close to her physique. In a flash, Mari raced to the still form and removed his clothes at super speed and just as quickly began to dress Hilda in the proud colors of the fallen American.


All Hilda saw was a blur of movement in front of her and the next instant she was nearly fully dressed in Major Victory's costume. Suddenly, Mari appeared before her holding Major Victory's mask which she had fashioned with an opening in the back to allow for Hilda's wavy black hair. Hilda hesitated for a moment, staring at her hands now covered by Major Victory's red gloves. Then a look of determination came over her face as she accepted the mask from Mari.


“Get me my shield,” she quietly ordered Mari as she slipped the mask over her head and took on the mantle of Major Victory.


Meanwhile, Anna had been preoccupied surveying the damage done to her lab. She found the small safe where she had carefully kept all of her notes from the last few years of experiments. It had been blown apart by Hilda's well placed plastic explosives. All of her notes were destroyed. In a sudden rage, the muscular woman picked up the charred remains of the heavy safe and threw it like a baseball through the wall of the lab. Only then did she notice what was going on in the compound. At first she thought her eyes were deceiving her. Surely that couldn't be the hated American hero standing again? But as Hilda drew the mask over her head and turned towards the lab, Anna clearly saw that it was a woman who now wore the costume of the vanquished hero, albeit an extremely muscular and powerful looking woman that was now covered in the red, white, and blue. Where had this superwoman come from, Anna wondered, another one of Helene's tricks? Judging by the color of her face left uncovered by the mask, it certainly wasn't the negro woman who had foolishly attacked her earlier. “No matter,” she decided as she stepped through the debris of the lab, “I will crush this one just like the last and the rest of the Americans as well.”


In another flash, Mari was handing the bent shield to Hilda. “Here you go,” she said, “I guess this means you're the new Major Victory.”


“Captain,” Hilda said quietly again, as she began to apply her tremendous strength to the task of straightening out the super strong metal. Mari gave her a quizzical look. Hilda continued, “Actually I'm a captain … in the American OSS. Call me Captain Victory. The name and the legend of Major Victory will forever stay with that brave man who gave his life for us…”


Her sentence was cut short by a sudden burst of gunfire coming from some of the German guards. Captain Victory instinctively somersaulted backwards to escape the attack while Mari confidently stood her ground. She could see the entire trajectory of the bullets as they sped toward the duo and knew that they would miss. She turned to her partner, “You take care of Shultz, I'll handle the guards. Just call me Black Lightning.” And just like that she was gone.


Captain Victory could barely track her with her eyes as she dashed toward the guard tower, but soon the shooting stopped as abruptly as it had begun. Victory turned her attention to the shield which was still refusing to budge when suddenly she caught sight of the approaching Nazi superwoman. As she turned to face the muscular Aryan, she kept replaying in her mind the moves that Major Victory had used to bring her to her knees. Although Captain Hilda Rothenburger had been trained in hand to hand combat by the OSS and was pretty good at it, Captain Victory knew that it would be very different to fight a super powered foe. She had precious little time to reflect on it, though, as Anna was quick to the attack.


Stepping free of the demolished lab, Anna seized a command car parked near the building. In one smooth motion she swept the relatively small vehicle (compared to the half-track she had lifted earlier) over her head and then launched the car towards the nascent super hero like a guided missile. Victory caught sight of the oncoming car and had only milliseconds to react. Without thinking, she thrust out one hand hoping to somehow deflect the car. The German car crumpled as if it had been driven into a solid rock wall and fell to earth with a crash. Victory was stunned by how easily she had demolished the car and had truly felt little or no effort in doing so.


With renewed confidence in her titanic strength, Victory again turned her attention to the buckled shield. Applying the strength of her massive arms as well as her will, she slowly re-shaped the unique weapon to its original form. And just in time.


Anna, surprised by the woman's ability to shrug off her initial attack, decided to take a more personal approach toward tackling her latest challenger. She rushed head long toward the hero while she seemed to be preoccupied with the dead American's shield. She slammed into the woman's back and drove her with the force of a freight train a brick wall. The wall collapsed onto the new superheroine with a thunderous roar and a cloud of dust. Anna stepped back to once more revel in her latest victory, stretching her arms out and flexing her huge muscles.


Suddenly the Iron Nazi felt a brick hit her in the head and bounce ineffectually off her toughened skin. And then another and another until she was being assailed from seemingly all sides by bricks flying at faster and faster speeds. Soon the bricks were coming at her so fast that they were exploding on impact against her. Anna could have withstood such a barrage for hours, but it was beginning to annoy her.


Ah, it's the dark one, she thought to herself, somehow she has found the secret to super speed. Anna clapped her hands together as hard as she could sending out a shock wave in the direction that Mari was moving. The Nazi had estimated the effect of her blow perfectly and Mari ran into the resulting wave like she had run into a wall. She bounced off the air like it was solid and fell unconscious to the ground.


“Hmm … we will have to study you little one,” Anna smirked as she stood over the fallen heroine, “dissect you until we find out how you got your powers.”


Anna was just about to pick up Mari when she heard a rumble behind her. She looked back at the pile of bricks that had buried the new American hero. Slowly the entire of pile of bricks seemed to move and shift, then rise.


“Ah, Major Victory,” Anna calmly said, again in her heavily accented English, as Victory used her super powerful leg muscles to launch herself free of the crumbled wall. “I see that I killed you too quickly last time. I shall not make that mistake again.”


“You'll not have another chance, monster,” Victory said as she dropped to earth and crouched in a fighting position, the newly reshaped shield slung upon her left arm. “And by the way, it's Captain Victory now.”


“And you may call me The Iron Nazi, when you are grovelling at my feet and begging for mercy!”


Anna leapt toward Victory hoping to catch her off guard again, but Captain Victory was ready and swiftly brought her shield up under the attacking woman's chin standing her upright and off balance. Victory smashed the bottom of her red jack-boot into The Iron Nazi's exposed mid-section doubling her over. Then the American followed with a tremendous upper cut that knocked the Nazi back a good ten meters through the air.


Anna landed with a thud, her head spinning. Never had she been hit like that, especially since becoming the invincible Iron Nazi. She staggered back to her feet and once more charged at her opponent. Victory once more used the shield to deflect her headlong rush and sent the naked muscle woman sprawling in the other direction. When Anna picked herself up again, she saw that she was standing by the remains of the car that she had thrown earlier. She hoisted the car above her head and swung it threateningly at Victory. Once more she advanced, this time swinging the destroyed vehicle like a major leaguer swinging a baseball bat.


After several near misses, Anna brought the car down on top of Victory with a crushing overhead blow. Victory did her best to absorb the blow with the shield, but she was visibly shaken. The Iron Nazi reared back and swung again, this time connecting cleanly with her target. The cherished shield was ripped from Captain Victory's arm and flew like a line drive, imbedding into a concrete wall on the other end of the compound.


Without missing a beat, Captain Victory jumped at the Iron Nazi before she could swing again. She knocked the woman backwards, dislodging her grip on the car and then wrapped her massive arms around the shorter woman's waist. She began to flex her powerful muscles, focused only on one thing – trying to squeeze the life out of this monster. Anna was shocked by the sheer power she felt in her enemy's arms. Muscles far larger, harder and certainly stronger than hers encircled her iron-hard midsection and relentlessly pressed in. It looked to her like Captain Victory's arms were made up of huge hard boulders of rock solid muscle that were as unyielding as a mountain. She noticed that the seams in the shoulders of the costume were beginning to stretch under the strain of her bulging muscles. She desperately pushed on the larger woman's arms but even with all of her fantastic strength, Anna could barely even dent the clenched muscles.


Running out of air and options, Anna was almost swooning in the pure power that Captain Victory possessed. Their breasts mashed together as they were, bulged upward, almost to Anna's chin. The material of the American's costume rubbed roughly against her causing her nipples to grow in excited response. Her iron hard nipples, fully engorged, began to tear small holes in the blue fabric. As Anna saw this, she thought of how bullets had bounced off her skin made iron hard by the dark energies. That gave her an idea. In a desperate last ditch effort to free herself, Anna grabbed the back of Captain Victory's head and smashed her iron hard skull against her enemy's forehead.


Captain Victory was momentarily stunned by the force of the blow. That was the only opening the desperate Nazi needed. She broke free of Victory's grasp and then immediately put everything she had into a double handed roundhouse to the stunned heroine's jaw. The blow, which could have leveled a building, did little more than turn Victory's head to a side. But that was all the opening that Anna needed.


The crazed muscle demonness jumped onto Victory's back and wrapped her huge arm around her throat. Even if she couldn't break her neck, she thought to herself, at least she could cut off her breathing and finally kill her. Biceps that could crush a steel beam bore down on the dazed woman.


With a calmness that belied her few minutes as a superheroine, Captain Victory tensed her mighty neck muscles to hold off the constricting arms of her naked opponent. Then she calmly reached up and pressed her thumb into a pressure point on Anna's arm, a move she had learned in OSS training. Her super powerful grip overcame Anna's iron hard skin and muscles and began bearing down on the sensitive nerve. With her other hand, she grasped Anna's arm and began to pry it away from her throat.


Anna couldn't believe the power in Captain Victory's hands. Struggle as she did to maintain her hold, she could not resist the American amazon. Suddenly, Victory changed her hold and using a judo move that she had learned, flipped the Iron Nazi over her head. But Victory wasn't accustomed to her new level of strength and proceeded to hurl the naked woman like a missile across the compound and through the wall of the lab.


Confident that she had bought herself a few moments respite from the battle, Captain Victory ran to the wall that held her shield. She easily pulled the weapon free from its cement prison and then turned confidently back to the lab. She wasn't sure how she was going to end this fight with her super powerful opponent, but she knew she had to somehow prevail.


As the American heroine approached, Anna stumbled to her feet among the wreckage of her former lab. Even with all of her superhuman strength, she wasn't sure how long she could last against her obviously stronger foe. She needed to find some sort of endgame strategy. Suddenly she became aware of a slight movement in the shadows and heard a small whimper like someone in pain. Perhaps this was her way out of here.


Captain Victory scanned the exterior of the demolished building as she cautiously stepped forward. Suddenly she halted as she saw the Iron Nazi step out into the open. She wasn't alone. She had one arm extended out and held a woman in her mighty grasp. Victory immediately recognized the small form of Helene Echstein dangling helplessly from the muscular woman's hand. Victory froze in mid-stride, fully aware of what this monster was capable of.


“That's far enough, hero,” the Iron Nazi spoke in heavily accented English, “one more step and I'll snap her neck. And tell your Negro friend to stay where she is …” Victory looked back and saw Black Lightening slowly rising from where she had fallen. “Even with her great speed, she would not be able to reach me in time to save this Jew.”


“This will gain you nothing, Anna,” Captain Victory responded in flawless German. “Yes, I know who you really are. Leave Dr. Echstein alone. This is between you and me.” She took a slow step in the Iron Nazi's direction.


Anna tightened her grip on Helene's throat causing her to squeal softly in response. Captain Victory froze again. “You Americans are such fools,” the German superwoman gloated, “how easily you are controlled. You care more about the life of this one useless woman than you do about stopping me!”


“All life is precious, Anna, even yours. As soon as you decide that one group of people is expendable then where do you draw the line? Is it nationality or belief that matters? The color of their skin? How do you differentiate between the millions of shades of skin color? Is it age? Abilities? If one group is expendable then all groups are soon expendable. Even a so called master race.”


“Enough of your close-minded sermonizing!” Anna spat back. “On your knees now and drop your weapon or this weakling will be only the first of hundreds to die today!”


Captain Victory hesitatingly obliged. But as she went to set her shield down, she seemed lost in thought. Then slowly she turned the shield around with the back facing the Iron Nazi. She closed her eyes and placed her hands on opposite sides of the shield. Slowly every one of her incredibly huge muscles began to flex and expand as if she were pouring all of her strength into the shield. A high pitch hum seemed to emanate from the vibrating weapon as Victory tensed every muscle in her body. The more she squeezed, the louder the hum became.


Anna momentarily stared at the strange scene, not sure what to make of Captain Victory's actions and also perturbed by the increasingly annoying buzz. Suddenly it seemed that the hum went up in both pitch and volume. As the pitch and volume continued to rise, it began to coalesce into a visible light.


The intensity of the light grew as the pitch seemed to go out of the range of hearing. But Victory continued to flex her muscles harder and harder. Suddenly, a beam of light shot out from the concave side of the shield toward the Iron Nazi and her captive. The light was nearly blinding in its brightness. Soon both women were engulfed in the light.


“Blessed may you be O Lord, God of Israel, our Father,” Captain Victory whispered through gritted teeth. Then her volume rose as she raised her eyes to the women bathed in the light, “Yours, O Lord are grandeur and power, majesty, splendor, and glory.” The ancient words of scripture that she had learned as a child on her father's knee just seemed to flow from her, “All in heaven and earth are yours, you are exalted as head over all.” Victory's voice continued to raise in volume, “In your hands are power and might; it is yours to give grandeur and strength. Therefore, O Lord, we give you thanks, we praise the glory of your name!”


Anna stood frozen in the intense light, unable to move any of her powerful muscles. She felt as if someone had reached inside her mind, her very soul. Her whole life seemed to lie open before her like a book. Every hateful thought, every lustful action, every envious motive flooded over her like a torrent. And then she was overcome by an overwhelming feeling of sorrow and hopelessness as she became instantly aware of all the repercussions of her actions and thoughts. Finally, when she felt as though she might explode from grief, a simple cry went up for forgiveness … and mercy.


Suddenly all the feelings of guilt and grief vanished and all that remained was a sense of … compassion and … love. The beam of light from Captain Victory's shield grew dimmer, flickered, and then retreated back to its place of origin. Victory relaxed her muscles and slumped momentarily over the shield. Anna felt as weak as kitten. Trembling, she released her hold on the older woman and sank to her knees.


Helene barely even realized that Anna had released her. She stood straight up, still dazed by the light and feeling an energy deep within her that seemed to be rising like bubbles to the surface of a pool of water. She couldn't stop the energy that threatened to overtake her, but strangely to her, she really didn't want to stop it. She felt like embracing the energy, letting it sweep through her. And it did.


Instantly, Helene's felt the strange energy flow from her heart and down her legs. The pain from her injury went away immediately, and her legs felt stronger than she could ever remember. Next, she felt a burning sensation spread across her back and down her arms. She looked down at her exposed forearm and watched as the age spots and wrinkles just disappeared as her arm took on a healthy, toned, young look. In fact, her whole body was changing, looking younger and younger by the second. Soon her face and figure looked like that of a twenty-five year old woman. But the changes didn't stop there.


Helene was overwhelmed by a feeling of strength, super strength, coursing through every muscle in her body. She looked again at her forearm and was amazed to see her formerly non-existent muscles writhing under her skin like living steel cables, pulsing and growing with each second. That's when she noticed how much her breasts were filling out the ragged dress she wore. She lifted one arm and felt the material of her sleeve strain against the rising muscle. Then she turned around, looking for something heavy to lift, to test her strength.


Helene took a few steps away from the rubble of the lab and reached down to pull something from the debris. She came up with the remains of Anna's safe. She lifted it up as if to examine it, but she was really marvelling at her new strength. She knew that the safe should weigh about 200 Kg, but it seemed to weigh only a few grams.


“How … how is this possible?” Helene asked, dumbfounded.


“The power that Anna had called upon has been given to you,” Captain Victory calmly responded. “This was the true purpose for which the shield was created.” She slid the shield back onto her forearm.


“But … but wasn't that power … evil?” Helene asked as she effortlessly tossed the heavy safe aside.


Captain Victory looked at Helene, “Power itself is neither good nor evil, but only how it is used by the one who wields it. God knows what is in your heart and what a good person you are. He knows that you will use this power only for good. You are only about a third as strong as Anna was because she had the effects of her formula to enhance her. However, I think that you will find that you also have the ability to transform your skin into living steel, much like Anna did. You can also transform back to your natural state.” Victory turned to Black Lightning who was now standing behind her, “Mari, please find something for Anna to wear.”


By the time that Victory had turned back to the still kneeling Anna, Black Lightning had returned with several articles of clothing. Victory laid a coat over Anna's shoulders and gently lifted her to her feet. “You, too, have been given a great gift today, Anna,” Captain Victory said as she wiped a tear away from Anna cheek, “not only have you experienced God's loving compassion and mercy firsthand, you still carry within your bosom the light of Truth. You will be able to use that light to expose all evil and darkness, to bring healing to those in despair, to bring joy where only sadness exists. Also, because of the changes the formula caused in your body, you are still stronger than any normal human, but you must use that strength only for good now.”


An old master sergeant approached the women, “Ummm … sir? I mean …ma'am?? I mean … Captain Victory, ma'am … we're going to be crawling with Gerries in just few minutes. My men are ready to move when you give the word. We've got to get to our rendezvous point in less than three hours.”


“But what about the prisoners here, sergeant? We can't just leave them.”


“I'm sorry ma'am, but that was never part of the mission,” retorted the older man, obviously annoyed but recognizing Captain Victory's authority.


“I am not going to leave them behind!” Captain Victory turned to her partner, switching languages effortlessly, “Black Lightning, we don't have much time before German reinforcements arrive. Release all of the women.” She turned back to the master sergeant,”There is a train on the far side of the camp. Have your men organize the women and load them in the boxcars as quickly as possible. Also, bring a detail with me and we'll bury our dead.”


Captain Victory ran the short distance to where the half-track lay on its side in the mud. Victory grabbed the undercarriage with one hand and lifted the truck like she was lifting a small dumbbell over her head. Anna, remembering how she had struggled to lift the monstrous machine, was awed by the American's strength. Victory set the truck down and the sergeant and his men removed the dogtags and other personal effects and set about giving their fallen comrades a decent burial. Next, Captain Victory brought over the broken body of Major Victory and laid it beside the others.


“Well I'll be danged,” the crusty old sergeant muttered, “That's Major Nick Stone.” Stone's body had reverted to his frail state, not having the effects of the serum working on him now. “I never would have thought it!”


After the soldiers had been buried, Victory and the detail joined the others at the train. Black Lightning had broken the locks at super speed and freed all of the women. They were naturally cautious about following the American soldiers who were leading them to the train. Some of the electricity had been restored in portions of the camp and all of the German soldiers, including a beaten and bruised Commandant and his naked and confused junior lieutenant, had been locked in the barracks.


Anna, now dressed in civilian clothes, was standing next to the engine talking with a German soldier. She was quite pretty, Victory thought to herself, now that she wasn't wearing a permanent scowl and an SS uniform. A strange light seemed to emanate from her as she talked to the man. As Captain Victory approached he nodded and climbed into the engineer's compartment.


“He said he will take us to Switzerland,” Anna reported, the glow slowly fading from her face. “It was the strangest thing, I thought he would put up more of a fight, but he agreed immediately. He said it will take us five hours to get there.”


Just then, Helene walked up and joined the women. “The power to convince people of the Truth is only part of the gift you received tonight,” Victory told the beaming Anna. “It will serve you well as you try to get these women to safety. I need to accompany the Americans back to England to make a full report.” She turned to Helene, “I was hoping that you could help, Helene, or should I call you Dr. Steel now?”


Helene was dressed in combat boots and an olive drab tank top and knee-length shorts, clothes that Black Lightning must have found in the German barracks. The large tank top barely contained her expanded chest and her full breasts and the shorts fit loose at the waist and snug around the thighs. She had transformed into her steel hard physique and looked ready for action.


“That would be an appropriate sobriquet, Captain,” Helene responded. “I will do my best to get this train to Switzerland. We're undoubtedly going to run into some resistance from the German Army, but nothing that the three of us can't handle, I'm sure.”


Just then, Black Lightning appeared next to Dr. Steel and Anna. “We better get moving! I just spotted a dozen German troop carriers coming this way, and they're only about a half hour away!”


“Black Lightning,” Captain Victory said as she took her partner aside, “stay with the train until everyone is safe and then meet me in Paris. There's a club on the Rue Le Francois. I'll be there in four days.”


With that the friends parted. The train pulled slowly out of the camp and quickly picked up speed as it headed south. The American soldiers with their new leader slipped silently into the shadows of the surrounding forest and made their way up and over the mountains. Captain Victory was impressed with how the war-hardened soldiers took everything in stride as they quickly adapted to her leadership and never ceased to work as a well trained unit. She knew that she would have many more adventures with these men before this madness was over.


The train did arrive safely in Switzerland. The three heroines took many patrols by surprise as they worked together to clear the way. The final obstacle was the border guard, but after Black Lightning had hit them, they proved to be of little resistance. A loud cheer went up from both the women inside the train and the onlookers at the station in Bonn as they arrived, for word of their journey had spread just as fast in Switzerland as it had in Germany.


Captain Victory led her troops back to the rendezvous with Gabe Hancock and the others right on time. Gabe was saddened by the death of his best friend, but he had no ill feelings toward the new Captain Victory and her wearing the costume. He's all business now, Victory thought to herself, but I know he'll need a shoulder to cry on when this is over. She thought of the families and friends of the other men that had sacrificed their lives last night as well as the poor women that Shultz had destroyed in her lust for power. She closed her eyes as she settled in next to Gabe in the cockpit and he pulled the plane into the morning sky, and she sent up a silent prayer of thanks to God as well as a vow that she would do everything in her power to end this war. And she knew that He was listening.


The End.

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