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The Ultimate Cat – Part 1

Written by Rick Powers :: [Wednesday, 17 October 2007 13:51] Last updated by :: [Saturday, 21 June 2014 08:55]

The Ultimate Cat – Part 1

by Rick Powers (a.k.a. The Power Company)

Author’s Note: We were inspired by the Black Cat’s appearance in Ultimate Spiderman recently. This is how the tale would have gone if it were written by The Power Company!

Her long fingers worked the combination on the hidden safe swiftly and silently in the near total darkness of the office. It had been quite an accomplishment to get this far, but she knew that it would all be for nothing if she didn’t finish the job. Word of the priceless jewel that lay inside the safe had spread in the underworld for the last few days. It would make the perfect addition to her collection. And besides, what’s a trifle like this to a man like …

“Would you like some more light, my dear?”

Suddenly the room was ablaze with spotlights aimed at the wall where the safe was installed. Yet the man who had turned them on was still cloaked in shadow. The burglar spun around, seeking a quick escape route. But the only door to the office was currently being blocked by the surprise visitor.

As the Black Cat scanned the doorway for any hope of exit, she realized that the door was more than blocked. It was filled with the massive physique of the last man she wanted to meet on this job. Wilson Fisk. Damn, she thought, he was supposed to be downstairs at a social event. How did he know? Nevertheless, she had every confidence that she could elude his capture. She always trusted in her bad luck powers to get her through. All he would have to do is make a move for her.

Fisk stood still and stoic in the doorway. “It’s no use, Cat, there is no escape. And I’ve seen enough of your moves to know that I would be a fool to try to catch you. I would probably trip over something or twist my ankle. And trying to shoot you does no good either. How many times have guns misfired or even exploded while aimed at your lovely face. And so we sit here. You cannot escape and I refuse to move.”

In desperation, the Black Cat flung herself at the mountainous man. A quick succession of punches and kicks yielded negligible results. Fisk simply blocked some and let the others bounce harmlessly off his portly body. And still, he filled the doorway.

“Are you quite done, my dear?”

The Cat twirled around and picked up a two foot tall statue that sat on a side table. She launched it toward the large plate glass window on the other side of the office. It, too, bounced off and shattered into a million pieces.

“Bullet proof glass, four inches thick. You know Cat, that little statue that you just smashed cost me $200,000. Are you going to reimburse me for your damages.”

The Black Cat was still in a fighting stance, waiting for any opening she could find. “It was only $145,000 if I recall correctly, and you were taken in – it’s a forgery. Not very bright for the ‘Kingpin of Crime’, eh?””

The big man smiled. “Hmmm … it’s refreshing to see someone who takes their work seriously enough to do their homework. It was actually $146,500 to be precise. And when I discovered that I had purchased a forgery, the poor man who sold it to me met with an … unfortunate … accident. Whereupon I recovered the original. Which you now destroyed.”

The Cat was suddenly shaken and lost some of her bravado.

“But I’m not here to quibble about statues. I am here to make you an offer. One that, for your sake, I hope you can’t refuse. After that, you are free to go.”

The Black Cat relaxed her stance and leaned on the desk. “I just have to listen to your offer, and you’ll let me go?”

“That’s correct.”

“In that case,” the burglar crossed her arms over her abundant chest and settled back against the desk, “you’ve got my undivided attention.”

“I am just a humble businessman,” Fisk began, as if beginning a fairy tale, or addressing a jury, “trying to make a living. Where people get this wild idea that I’m the so-called Kingpin of Crime is beyond me. I am one of the state’s largest employers and most generous philanthropists. However,” he continued with more somber tones, “I have a small insect problem. A spider has been bothering me as of late, sticking his nose into business that he shouldn’t be. Making my life a lot more complicated than it should be!” He slammed one fist into the other to make his point.

The Black Cat cocked her eyebrow at this sign of weakness in his otherwise solid front. “I believe that would be an arachnid problem, not an insect problem,” she gently corrected the large man.

“NO! He is a puny little insect of a man and he will be squashed!” Kingpin paused and calmed himself down after his outburst. “All of my efforts in the past to ‘restrain’ him have failed. He is either too quick, or too resourceful, or just too lucky. He is the thorn in my side, the sliver under my fingernail, the paper cut on my hand – he’s not very big, he just keeps on pestering me, always looking to knock me down, always gumming up the works on my otherwise smoothly running empire.”

“Whoa, that’s quite a lot of similes there, big guy. Take a breath!”

“Metaphors, to be precise,” it was Fisk’s turn to correct the Cat. “So this is where you come in.”

“You want me to kill Spiderman? Sorry, Kingpin, but I don’t do assassination work. You need Elecktra or maybe Bullseye. I’m just a lowly cat burglar.” She turned away from the big man, picked up a vase, and began to examine it.

“I’m not asking you to kill the vermin. There are plenty of others who will line up for the chance to rid the world of Spiderman. First he needs to be caught. And you my dear,” Fisk looked at the Black Cat with her trademark black costume with the slit in the front all the way down to her navel showing off her bounteous bosom to it’s fullest, “are just the bait I need to spring the trap. You are a most exquisite beauty. How could a young man like Spiderman resist your feminine charms?”

“My, I didn’t expect you to be such a flatterer.” She brushed back her strands of long platinum blonde hair. “But I’m afraid you’ve still got the wrong gal. Every time we’ve mixed it up, he’s always got the better of me. He even overcomes any bad luck. He’s just too good.”

“Ah yes,” sighed the Kingpin. He reached inside his coat pocket and produced a small vial of clear liquid, “That’s where this comes in.”

The Cat looked at the vial skeptically, “And that is …?”

“Some of my scientists have perfected a serum that will multiply a person’s natural strength.” He paused, letting the woman turn the possibilities of greater strength over in her mind. “Listen Cat, you have the agility, the resourcefulness, the fighting skills to take down Spiderman. You have the sexual appeal to snare him. All you need is the strength to defeat him in combat. This is your chance.” He gingerly held the vial in front of the Black Cat’s eyes. She seemed almost mesmerized by the prospect of superhuman strength.

The woman blinked and brought herself back to reality. “If this stuff is so good, why aren’t you pumping out legions of super strong thugs?”

“This single vial cost nearly two million dollars and nine months to produce. I do not intend to pass it out like candy to less worthy candidates. You, on the other hand,” he looked at her again, scanning her fetching costume, “you are perfectly suited for this sort of advantage.”

The Black Cat was turning his sales pitch over in her mind. What he probably means, she reasoned, is that the effects are so unpredictable that the augmented person would either wind up dead, or too difficult to control. “So why don’t you just take the stuff and take care of the problem yourself?”

“And what makes you think that I haven’t tried? Your punches and kicks earlier were much more effective than they appeared and for any normal man would have proven quite debilitating. However, thanks to an earlier version of this serum, I now possess the strength of ten average men. Even still, I cannot match the strength of the spiderboy. And like I said before, strength alone is not the key to his defeat. He has shown time and again that he can defeat far stronger opponents.”

“I’m still not clear, Kingpin, on what I get out of this deal.”

“I thought that would be abundantly clear, my dear Cat. You are left with super strength to continue your life of burglary – but on an even grander scale – and there’s no Spiderman to stop you. But to sweeten the deal even more, I will throw in that little jewel in the wall safe that you were so interested in.”

The Cat mulled the proposition some more and then finally said, “Well, I’m terribly touched by your offer, big guy, but I think I’ll pass.” She set the vase back on the table and stepped toward the looming figure of the Kingpin.

Fisk’s face went suddenly cold and stoic. “I was hoping that you would agree to my proposal. However, I am a man of my word and you are free to go. Felicia.”

The Black Cat froze in her tracks. He knew her name! Fisk pulled a small device out of his pocket and pointed it at her head.

“What a horrible host I’m being. I left all of my guests downstairs, unattended,” the Kingpin said as he pushed a button on the device and a large television monitor came to life on the side wall. “Perhaps I should check in on them.” After several other clicks and different camera angles, he settled in on a particular couple and zoomed in a little. “I say, Miss Hardy, isn’t that your mother chatting with the ambassador of Zunithia. Wouldn’t she be surprised to see that her young daughter is not home doing homework tonight?”

Felicia’s first instinct was to rip away at her enemy, break away as fast as she could and then try to think of a plausible alibi later. But she knew that that was impossible. Fisk had already taken her best shots and laughed them off. She twisted and turned her head trying to find some means of escape.

“You see Cat, I do my homework, too,” Fisk said with a wicked smile.

The Black Cat grabbed the vase again and lifted it, ready to smash it and anything else in the room. “You may break anything in here, but it will do you no good. I will not move from this doorway,” Kingpin intoned. Then taking a different tone, he said, “Did it occur to you why your mother was invited tonight? She has been working on a real estate deal that could set her up for life. Or it could ruin her financially if it falls through. So much riding on one deal. With me.”

The Cat remained poised to throw the expensive vase, “So that’s what you’re up to. You’re going to try to blackmail me into bringing Spiderman to your feet.”

“Blackmail is such a pedestrian term, my dear. I rather think of it as an opportunity. Everybody can win in this situation. Your mother gets her deal of a lifetime. I get the Spiderman out of my affairs. You get a real super power to go along with your natural abilities and some lovely parting gifts.” He motioned to the safe. “And my word that I will never ask anything of you again.”

“Your word always has too many hidden strings attached,” Felicia said as she lowered the vase back to it’s table. Then she turned back toward her captor. “I don’t really have much of a choice now, do I?”

Fisk held the vial out toward the slight girl again. The Cat stared at it for a few moments before stepping toward the big man. She gritted her teeth and slowly took the vial from the Kingpin. She looked at her hand compared to his. His was easily twice as large as hers. She wondered how many lives he had snuffed out with those massive hands.

“How does this work?”

“It will cause a mild virus to infect your body. When the virus passes, your muscles, bones, ligaments, and tendons will be … mmm … different.”

“Different? Will I end up looking like a big lump, like you?”

“You would be totally useless to me if you did. No, the serum will leave your muscles slightly larger but far denser and stronger. You will retain your beautiful form and wonderful agility.”

The Black Cat held the vial up to assess it, “How long does it take?”

“You should expect to run a low grade fever for about ten hours as the virus begins its transformation of your body. After the fever passes the changes should come rather quickly. Your body will essentially rebuild itself within three hours. I should warn you that you may be very hungry. Your muscles will initially need a large supply of protein to help with the change. But then your appetite should return to normal.”

The Black Cat tucked the vial into her belt, “Okay. I guess I better stock up on some protein shakes.”

The Kingpin held out one big hand to stop the girl from leaving. “I’m sorry, Miss Hardy, but I’m sure you can understand that I don’t intend to let you leave here with two million dollars worth of serum tucked away in your belt.”

“You mean you want me to drink it now?”

“Correct. And,” he turned his super sized hand over, “I’ll take the vial when you’re done.”

Cat sighed and retrieved the vial again. She stared at the contents one more time, wishing she had any other option available to her. But it seemed that the Kingpin of Crime held all the cards this time. Maybe someday, she would be able to turn the tables on this hideous man.

“My guests await my return,” Kingpin said impatiently, still holding his hand out, waiting for the empty vial.

I don’t even know if this stuff is going to kill me, the Black Cat thought to herself. Then she swiftly uncapped the tiny bottle and poured its contents into her mouth. For the briefest of moments, she held it in her mouth, not knowing what to expect of the flavor of a super strength serum, then she swallowed it as quickly as she could. Surprisingly, it had the taste of …

“Strawberry,” Kingpin said as if reading her mind. “I made sure that my scientists added a nice flavor to it. Did you like it?” The big man took the vial from the young woman and slipped it back into his jacket. “Thank you Miss Cat for a most enjoyable evening. And I look forward to our next meeting – which should include a certain wall crawler as well. Oh by the way, you have seven days to deliver the spider to me here.”

“What do you mean? What if I can’t find him in that time?”

“That would be unfortunate.” Fisk turned to walk away and then paused again, “Oh dear, perhaps I failed to mention one little detail.” He turned back to face the Black Cat, his face agian coldly stoic, “I failed to mention that there is a second serum that is needed. In seven days, the need for protein will return and will grow so great that your body will begin to consume itself. There is only one way to stop that from happening – an antidote. I will give you this antidote when you deliver the Spiderman to me.” He handed the Black Cat a small device that he had retrieved from his pocket, “When you have Spiderman incapacitated, press this button. It will send a signal to me. I will have someone come around to collect my ‘specimen.’ Do what you need to do to capture the Spiderman, but whatever you do, do not kill him. I reserve that pleasure for myself.”

Kingpin turned quickly and walked back into the shadows leaving the stunned girl standing in the office. “I trust you can show yourself out the same way you came in,” he said with a casual wave of his hand. The Black Cat lunged for the door, but he had already disappeared. Shocked by the Kingpin’s parting shot, Felicia Hardy unsteadily made her way home.

8:00 AM at Midtown High can be a zoo. Kids greeting others on their way to class, girls doing last minute primping in the bathrooms, hallways crowded, announcements blaring. General confusion. Even the most serious students can caught up in the pressure.

“I’m gonna kill you, Parker!” A tall, athletically built blond boy was looming menacingly over a smaller, frail looking boy. “Lookit this! You almost made me rip my favorite shirt.” He was gesturing towards a small tug in the fabric of his sleeve.

“It wasn’t my fault, Flash,” the pathetic victim pleaded.

“What?! You’re the nerd who smashed into my locker door and nearly broke my throwing arm…”

“I was pushed by your buddy Steve …”

“You sayin Steve tried to ruin my shirt?”

“No, I’m trying to explain…”

“Yeah, you’re so good at explainin things.” Flash cocked his big fist back, “Well try explainin to my knuckles, puke head!”

“Mr. Thompson!”

Flash froze in mid punch. It was the vice principal, Mr. Goodall. He couldn’t afford another detention. Slowly his fist opened, he wrapped his arm around the smaller boy’s shoulders, and turned back to Mr. Goodall with the biggest, phoniest grin he could muster. “Hey, Mr. G! I was just talking with my buddy Pete here about our big project, uh yeah, our big science fair project. Right Petey?”

“It’s time for class, you two. Get going!”

“Sure thing, Mr. G,” Flash said with his grin still intact. Then he turned to Parker and pointed a finger at him, “How’s about we get together after school and finish our ‘discussion’ Parker?” Flash’s phony smile melted away into a snarl.

Peter walked off to Chemistry class shaken and upset again by Flash’s bullying. And this was his favorite class. Not only did he love the subject, but he had two great lab partners. And that always brightened his day.

No sooner had he sat down at the table when one of his partners, and his beautiful girlfriend, Mary Jane Watson came up and grabbed her bag. “What’s going on MJ?”

“Hey Tiger! Sorry, but it looks like you’re flying solo today.”

“How … how come?” Peter looked towards the door and noticed his other lab partner leaning against the door frame. She looked like death warmed over. Actually, he thought to himself, she never looks really well. She looked like a typical high school wanna-be goth-girl. Her short black hair always was cut ragged and looked unkempt. She wore thick glasses that were so large they hid most of her face. She might be kind of cute if it weren’t for those glasses, Pete thought. And she usually dressed in ankle length skits or really baggy pants with long sleeve shirts and sweaters and black boots. A truly strange looking girl. But then maybe I’m just comparing her to MJ’s beauty, he mused to himself. Still, if he had to have anyone in the class a a lab partner, he would want her. Her quick thinking and depth of knowledge was a real asset.

“I’m going to help Lecia home. She’s in a real bad way, and it’s just a half day anyway. Not like we’ll miss a whole lot. I’ll call later if my dad lets me. See ya, Pete.”

And with that the two were gone. I guess I’ll struggle through class by myself, Peter thought. I hope Lecia’s okay.

The two girls rode the subway toward Manhattan. For some reason, MJ never thought of Lecia as an uptown girl and was surprised at the station they got off at. Lecia was running a pretty high temperature but insisted that she didn’t want to see the school nurse or even to call her mother. She assured MJ that if she just got home, she would be all right. However it seemed to MJ that she was getting worse with every passing minute.

“Girl, you are fairly burning up. Are you sure you’re gonna be okay?”

“Just gotta get home.” Lecia licked her lips to keep them moist. She removed her thick black rimmed glasses and mopped the sweat from her forehead with her sweater sleeve.

She’s always wearing at least one sweater, MJ thought, she probably would be more comfortable without it right now. But she didn’t want to ask any more questions for fear of bothering her friend.

Finally they stumbled out of the subway and into the light. Lecia told MJ that her house was just a block away. She seemed to perk up some with the fresh air, but she was pretty shaky by the time they reached the front door.

A doorman greeted them, “Miss Hardy, are you okay? Do you need some help?”

“Fine … I’m fine, George. This … is MJ … a friend. I’ll be okay …”

George opened the door for the girls and whispered to MJ, “If you need anything for Miss Felicia, don’t hesitate to call.”

“Thanks,” MJ whispered back. Strange. She knew that Lecia’s real name was Felicia, but no one ever called her by that name at school. Come to think of it, no one really talked much to her at school. She was kind of invisible.

The girls made their way up to Felicia’s apartment with MJ supporting her most of the way. The fever was raging through the girl’s body and MJ knew that she needed at least a cool bath.

Once inside her bedroom, Felicia collapsed on the bed. Mary Jane dropped both backpacks in a corner and went to look for a bath. She started the water and came back for Felicia. The fever was so bad that the girl was just rambling incoherently.

“Gotta have … food … protein … King … said …”

MJ helped her off with her shoes, “Okay, so you were talking with a King?”

“No … Kingpin … said … lots of protein …”

“Kingpin?” Mary Jane had heard Peter talk about a Kingpin of Crime that he fought as Spiderman. But it couldn’t be what Felicia was mumbling about. She held up the nearly unconscious girl and helped her off with her sweater and blouse. Felicia fell back on the bed, but MJ stood there stunned. She was looking at Felicia’s nearly naked upper body and she had never seen a girl in such great shape before. Large, well formed breasts, as big as MJ’s, maybe bigger, rested on a tightly muscled torso. The girl wasn’t skinny, she was buff with well formed and toned muscles from her shoulders to her abs.

But MJ shook herself out of her amazement. She needed to get her into the water quickly. She slipped Felicia’s skirt down and again was shocked at the sight of her long, perfectly toned legs. “Good god girl, what do you do in your spare time? Work out in every gym in Manhattan?”

“Gonna be strong … gonna catch a spider …”

“Sure thing Lecia. Gotta be strong to catch those spiders.” MJ helped her off with her underwear and then hoisted her up to walk her to the bathroom.

“Need … food … lots of protein … gotta be strong …”

“Sure thing honey. Let’s get you into this bath, and mama MJ will fix you up some food.”

“… gonna be super … strong … catch spider …man … catch ‘im …”

“Okay, superhero, in the bath.” Mj helped settle into the cool water. “You okay, Lecia? I’ll go get some food, now, okay?”

“…protein … need protein …”

“I’ll see what you got, just take it easy, okay?” Mary Jane looked at her once more to make sure that she was all right, then she found her way to the kitchen. Protein? What kind of high protein food did they have? And what’s all this stuff about being strong? She’s obviously hallucinating from the fever, reasoned MJ. And catching spiders? I wonder if she has a thing about spiders? “Definitely a strange day, MJ,” she said to herself.

She looked around the kitchen and came up with a dozen eggs which she threw into a blender with some peanut butter, chocolate protein powder (Hmmm, same stuff my dad used to use, she thought to herself), and some ice cream. She also found a couple of pieces of left-over pizza, some chicken strips, and a good size portion of left-over steak. She put the steak and the chicken into a microwave to warm up and blended the drink mixture. This should do the trick, MJ thought.

After leaving Felicia to soak in the tub for twenty minutes, Mary Jane came to pull her patient out and put some food into her. Felicia held herself up while MJ toweled off her back then wrapped the towel around her.

“Lecia, I gotta say, you’ve got a killer bod! I would die to have a buff body like yours. Why do you keep it all hidden away at school?”

“…secret …” Felicia barely whispered.

“What’s that?”

“Se …” Felicia pulled herself up and looked at Mary Jane. She was exhausted and still burning with fever. “Can you keep a secret?”

“Uh, yeah, Lecia, sure.”

Felicia licked her dry lips again and motioned for MJ to come closer. She whispered as if there might be someone overhearing their conversation, “I’m … the Black Cat.”

MJ looked at her for several seconds, not quite sure how to respond. This was just too much. The fever must have really got her going. “That’s okay, Lecia,” Mary Jane said with a straight face, “I guess that means that I can trust you with my secret. I’m Dr. Octopus.”

For a moment Felicia stared at her wide-eyed as if she really believed her. Then both girls burst out laughing. Felicia leaned on MJ for support as her laughter turned to coughing as she struggled for breath. The girls continued laughing and coughing and sunk to the floor of the bathroom. Finally after several minutes of trying to contain the coughing and giggling, Felicia pulled herself up to Mary Jane’s face and draped an arm on her shoulder.

“Jeez, MJ, you’re so great. Thanks so much for helping … helping me.” They were looking into each other’s eyes and slowly Felicia moved her face closer to MJ’s. Then before she could react, Felicia kissed MJ on the mouth. MJ was totally taken off guard by the sudden advance and wasn’t sure how to respond. She attempted to break off the kiss, but Felicia held onto the back of her head and continued. Then she was probing the inside of MJ’s mouth with her tongue. Mary Jane had never kissed a girl before, had never even thought about what it would be like. And frankly, she wasn’t comfortable doing it right here and now. But somehow Felicia had more than enough strength to control the situation. Finally, the exhaustion and the fever took their toll on Felicia’s strength and she broke off the kiss.

She looked into MJ’s eyes again, but this time MJ was trying to look away. Somehow she realized that in her feverish state, she had taken advantage of the situation. “Oh god … I’m … sorry … don’t know …why I did that,” Felicia said weakly.

Mary Jane was quick to change the subject, “Hey that’s okay, just a kiss between friends. I mean, if Brittany and Madonna can do it, ya know? Uh … how bout some food?”

MJ stood first and helped Felicia to her feet again, helped her on with a fluffy pink robe, then led her out to the kitchen. Felicia started nibbling at the food that MJ had prepared and sipping the protein shake. Then slowly her appetite picked up and soon she was eating like a starving woman. MJ mixed up another shake like the first and Felicia nearly downed it in one chug.

“Thank you MJ,” Felicia said as she unsteadily rose from the table. “That was so great! God, I can’t believe how much better I’m feeling all of a sudden.”

MJ cautiously placed a hand on Felicia’s forehead so as not to seem like she was encouraging another close encounter like before, and felt for the fever, “It feels like the fever must have broken.”

“Yeah … I feel a lot better now, just really tired.” Felicia tried to stifle a yawn but couldn’t.

“Yeah, It’s getting late, I better be going too.”

“Hey MJ,” Felicia stopped her, “I … I don’t know what got into me. It must have been the fever. I can hardly remember what happened after waking up this morning until just now after I ate something. I guess I said and … did … some pretty weird stuff, huh?”

MJ smiled wanly and looked down, “Yeah … must have been the fever. But you’re okay now, right?”

“Yeah. Thanks again for taking care of me today. I’ll see you on Monday in class.”

Mary Jane had already picked up her backpack and was heading for the door. “Oh that reminds me, I saw a note in the kitchen from your mom. Says she’s got some weekend seminar going on. She’ll be back late Sunday. I left it for you on the counter. Listen, if you need anything, just call. I’ll get here as soon as I can, okay?”


It was the middle of the afternoon as MJ finally boarded the subway back to Queens. Still light enough for a girl to be out by herself, but she was hoping that she could get home quickly and with no trouble. All she was feeling at the moment was exhaustion. For some reason, she had to take several breaks just walking the few blocks from Felicia’s apartment to the station. She was wondering if she had enough strength to get herself home. Funny, she thought, I didn’t really do much today, why am I so tired all of a sudden? And hot! She felt her forehead. Damn, I hope that I didn’t pick up whatever bug Felicia had!

Back in Felicia Hardy’s apartment, the young woman was dozing fitfully on her bed. After MJ had left, it was all she could do to drag herself into bed. Still dressed only in her pink bathrobe, she had crawled under the covers and fell asleep immediately. But now, something was happening. It seemed like only a few minutes had passed, but as she glanced at the clock, she saw that it had been two hours since she had gone to bed. And she was tingling.

It was almost uncomfortable. She felt it in her bones, in her muscles, even in her skin. It was even hard to catch her breath, as if she had been running for a couple of miles. Then a warm sensation began to wash over her. It started from her heart and began to spread from her chest to her arms. Then down to her waist and through her legs. She tried to get up, but her body wasn’t responding. She wanted to watch the process in her mirror, to see what was going on with her body. But she still couldn’t move.

Suddenly she became nauseous. The room started spinning. She closed her eyes and clutched her bed sheets in an effort to not get sick. Then slowly the nausea and tingling faded away. Her heartbeat returned to normal, and then surprisingly, even slower than normal. She felt it beating slowly, powerfully in her chest.

Felicia tried again to stand and this time it felt as if she practically floated off the bed. She stepped toward the mirror in her bedroom and viewed her image curiously. Her face looked the same, and her hands, but the robe that fit so comfortably before, felt a little snug now. She untied the terry cloth belt and let the robe fall open.

Felicia Hardy had worked for years to develop an extraordinary body to aid her in her burglary schemes. She could scale walls with ease, run along the narrowest of ledges, pull herself up a rope hand over hand as fast as some people walk up stairs, even leap from building to building like an olympic long jumper. She was proud of her strong, toned physique. But the body she was looking at now was something totally different.

The first thing she noticed was her stomach. Delicate lines separated each of her abdominal muscles and she wasn’t even flexing. She pulled the robe back and stared in amazement at her obliques. They seemed to jump to life with the slightest of movements. Then she looked down at her legs. She lifted the robe over her right leg and turned it side to side looking for changes. It looked nearly the same as it had before. Then she pointed her toe and flexed her quads and calf. Suddenly muscle she had never seen before exploded from her leg. She gasped at the size and thickness of the new muscle.

That was all the waiting she could stand. With a shrug, she dropped the robe to the floor. She was greeted with the most muscular upper body she had seen outside of a bodybuilding contest. Thick, rounded shoulders capped an impressive arm. Her pecs swelled out and her lats spread almost of their own volition. And her breasts! Felicia was really impressed by her new full sized tits. She had loved her boobs before and designed her costume to show them off as much as possible without getting an ‘R’ rating. But those had been B-cups at best. Now she was staring at real live, fully developed D-cups for sure. She cupped her hands underneath her big boobs and felt their heaviness and fullness.

“Damn, I’m going to have to let out the seams a little on my costume,” she purred contentedly. She continued to eye her new bustline as she turned to the side, “Or maybe a lot! Hell I might have to redesign the whole thing!”

She turned back and took in her new physique. She raised her arms and flexed her biceps. Hard, baseball sized muscles swelled upward with solid triceps below. Felicia was impressed with the size of her arms. Big but not too big, she thought, as she inspected her bulging arms. In fact she looked like a fuller version of a fitness girl, especially with her expanded bosom and tight waist. “Well, Kingpin, I’ll give you this. Your super serum stuff sure did a nice number on my bod! So let’s see how strong it’s made me now.”

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