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Going Super Chapter 4

Written by happiest_in_shadows :: [Tuesday, 29 March 2005 08:49] Last updated by :: [Thursday, 23 May 2013 10:09]

Going Super Chapter 4


By: Happiest in Shadows


The story of a woman and her ever growing abilities.


Author's Note: This story contains adult content though no out right sex …yeah I know don’t worry it is coming in later chapters. Anyway if you dislike general fondling and bath scenes go read something else. Done with input from Animike and Anterion .



Kate sat in the chief’s office watching as Mark paced the room clearly deep in thought. Her little incident with Copperhead hadn’t gotten to the press just yet and Mark was determined to think of a way to handle the situation. Kate lowered her eye feeling more then a little upset with herself. She had let herself get out of hand. She had systematically destroyed another person’s life even if Copperhead did live despite the blood loss and damage she had dealt out she doubted he would ever return to normal. This guilt was however very moderate as she also recalled what he had done to the security guards and to several other people during previous escapes from prison. The bastard had deserved to die as far as she was concerned and this knowledge did a great deal to relieve her guilt.


In truth she was mostly concerned with what kind of trouble the department might be in as well as if this would hold any consequences for her. She had taken a life after all when not required to and that could get her in a lot of trouble. As she looked up though she was at least relieved to see that Mark didn’t show the least bit of anger on his face. Rather, he seemed determined to put as good of a spin on this as possible. It actually seemed he wanted to plan things out as he had sent Eddy to retrieve Jack as he wanted to have a group session. “All right you acted in self defense after all he attacked you first. While you did kill him, it was not cruel and indeed it was an accident.” A curious looked appeared on Kate’s face as she looked over at Mark.”


Umm Mark I sort of tore his hands off.”


No you didn’t he did that while trying to escape from the bonds you had placed him in. Though if we can that won’t be mentioned in the report I will go down and have a word with the coroner I don’t think smoothing things will be too difficult. Of course the big thing is do we really wanted to tell them about you or not?” Kate seemed to think of this for a moment they did have some options after all. They could say that the blood had accidently been thrown on Kate and they hadn’t actually seen who mangled Copperhead. The crooks that where alive from the seen where so scared Mark doubted it would be hard to get them to cooperate.


Mark took his seat and took out a moment to fish out a pack of cigarets as he took a draw from one he seemed to relax visibly and lean back into his chair. “If we tell them you did it we can just say you where acting in self defense and announce that the city has a new protector. It would be good for some pr I imagine and you could put your abilities to better use. However that is going to bring some extra attention to your friends and family as well so it is up to you. There is of course the option of just telling them that you didn’t see who had done it.”


Kate gave a slight nod of her head. “I suppose the big issue is if Copperhead lives to tell his side of the story.” Mark almost immediately burst into laughter as the words left Kate’s lips curiously she looked up at him. “What is so funny?” “Oh trust me I doubt that is going to happen you mangled him pretty bad from what Eddy told me. Anyway I took some extra steps myself the hospital he was sent to well you remember that plague he a few of his buddies and that damn amazon helped to release a while back.” Kate gave a slight nod. “Well the doctor there lost a family member to it no I doubt Copperhead is going to live.” A worried look appeared on Kate’s face while she was grateful for Mark’s help she couldn’t help but worry.


Sir don’t you think that is going a little to far.” Mark immediately turned a hard look on Kate.


Kate listen you killed a murdering bastard there is no reason for you to feel bad. Now if you worrying about my methods.” A long sigh came from Mark. “We have to watch out for our own every once in a while now belief me if you had beaten some graffiti artist, shoplifter or most repeat felons to death you would be on your way to jail but you didn’t. You seriously mangled someone who had not only killed several people but several good officers and I will be damned if I see my precinct or any of my officers get a bad name or tried for that.” Kate felt a little better she was glad that Mark was on her side and she was pretty sure Jack and Eddy would be as well. The sound of rushed foot steps got her attention turning her head towards the door Jack came in a few moments later Eddy following shortly behind.


Jack didn’t even look towards Mark though as he rushed to Kate and threw his arms around her. “Kate are you alright did you get hurt any?” At first Kate was a bit shocked after all Jack knew that bullets would bounce of her skin. Still as she listened to his voice and heard the concern in it she imagined why he would be worried. Eddy had probably told him that she had a fight with Copperhead and for all her power that was her first fight with another super powered being. Her arms closed around Jack a few moments later.


Don’t worry I am just fine you don’t need to worry about me.” Jack leaned up a bit and was quite relieved to see Kate smiling at him.


Sure I do your just plain reckless.”


I will second that.” The two turned towards Eddy who had moved to stand beside of Mark’s desk. Kate immediately stuck her tongue out at him which gained a collective chuckle from the group it seemed to lighten the mood. Jack pulled up a seat next to Kate and took her hand a few moments later.


Alright now that most everyone is here I think we should get down to just what should be done. Now we are going to treat this as a case of self defense where Kate responded with lethal force to a lethal threat the same deal as when you draw a gun on an officer. That is if we want to let it be known that it was Kate at all. That is why I had Jack brought here actually I figured you two would want to consult one another since he is serving as your doctor.” Jack looked around the room for a few moments unsure of just what to say.


Well I am just going to leave that up to Kate of course I mean it is her life.” Kate leaned over her seat and gave Jack a quick kiss on the cheek.


That is sweet but you know this is going to bring attention to the people I care about as well. So you need to have a say in this as well.” Jack leaned back in his seat seeming to concentrate on the question. He knew that Kate would eventually end up going public they had decided on that a while back however he wasn’t sure if she was powerful enough to ensure her own safety just yet. His line of thought was disrupted for a moment as Mark spoke up.


Now I have to say first of all that I am for Kate coming out. She would be a lot more useful if she didn’t have to always hide her abilities. Also people are already beginning to ask questions and I tend to fell it is best to announce something before some nosey reporter bitch comes out and announces it first. After all it is always best to get your own spin on a situation them allow someone to put theirs on it.” There was a nod of agreement from everyone within the room.


I will have to agree with you there really the only thing that keeps me from saying she should come out now is I worry she isn’t powerful enough just yet.” Eddy, Mark and Kate all gave Jack a look of disbelief she had taken apart had mangled a extremely dangerous villain like he was nothing and here he was wondering if she is powerful enough. Jack quickly took steps to defend his position. “Well while Copperhead is err was dangerous he is still considered a fairly low level villain over all they are a lot of things out there that are more powerful.” Kate decided to speak up at last.


That is true but if we always go with that logic it could be said there may always be something more powerful out there. It has been over a year now and I have come a long way I am beginning to think that is time to come out. Hey Eddy you haven’t said anything what is your feelings on this?” Eddy rocked on his feat for a moment.


Well it would be nice to get rid of that darn back seat driver she can be kind of annoying always wanting me to speed up.” The men couldn’t suppress their laughter at the annoyed look that appeared on Kate’s face.


Is this a planning session or are you all just going to set around and point out my faults.” Mark and Eddy continued to laugh while Jack at least made a visible effort to suppress his own. Kate endured the joke with good enough humor at least.


Anyway yeah I think it would be good if she came out then she would be able to put herself to some real good use instead of always hiding.” Mark took another long drag from his cigarette the cancer stick nearing the end of its length.


Well then I suppose I am for it to be honest I think it will be kind of nice to see you on the news every once in a while. Perhaps you could show what those muscles can really do.” Jack turned his head smiling fondly at Kate who grinned and flexed her right arm showing off her impressive biceps.


Well then I guess we have all weighed in with our opinions and now for the only one that matters. Kate just what do you want to do?” Kate actually felt a little timid as every eye in the room came to rest upon her. Looking around at the men she bit down on her lower lip for a moment dwelling on her situation. She would be increasing the danger that her parents and friends lived in however she could do a lot more good if she came out. She wasn’t about to put on a mask and run around never letting anyone know who she was. That was actually some of the behavior that she disapproved of. Of course her parents could take care of themselves her father might have not been the wealthiest man of all times but he could indeed higher a few bodyguards.


Then their was Jack to worry about however she didn’t know how much of a concern that was either. Just put him in a safe area with a computer connection and she doubted he would want to leave let alone rush off to put himself in danger. Mark and Eddy as well as the rest of the force weren’t really concerns either since well they where already the target of such threats. “Yeah I think I would like to let them know who took him down. Anyway I don’t think he is going to be recovering to try and get revenge.” This got a agreeable nod from everyone in the room even if Copperhead did manage to pull through which was unlikely considering the care he was getting. His injuries and the memory of what happened would seem enough to insure he didn’t make such a move again.


Anyway this change perhaps we can get you some better equipment. The stuff we have been using simply isn’t going to hold up for much longer.” Mark and Eddy both gave Jack a shocked look before turning their attention to Kate who just let out a slight giggle. Raising her arms above her head she flex both of her arms as well as her abs making her muscles stand out.


Well it was bound to happen eventually.” Mark was the first one to find his voice.


Yes I suppose it would well then yeah perhaps we can actually help with that. I imagine your training equipment must be growing some what costly.” Kate gave a slight nod of her head though so far her father had paid the bill she knew if her strength continued to increase her training equipment would eventually become a notable drain upon his company. “Anyway I imagine you two want to go get some rest I know I sure do. It isn’t exactly pleasant being woken up in the middle of the night though I admit the news took most of the stress out of it.”

Hey you’re the one that gave us the late shift.” Mark’s attention turned to Eddy.


Watch it Kate isn’t your partner anymore so I could give you a even later one.” Eddy shut up immediately. Kate let out a slight giggle but was cut short when she felt a hand rest on her shoulder. Looking up Jack was smiling down at her.


Well lovely lady you ready to head home? “Kate smiled and stood up allowing Jack to place his arm around her.


Oh one thing about how long do we have ready.” Mark looked up for a moment as he was getting ready to head back home himself.


I think I can keep the press content for a few days you should take the time to inform your family and make any arrangement. You know things are going to get pretty hectic once you go public.” Kate gave a slight nod and leaned on Jack.


Yeah I know so we will make good use of these next few days.”



Kate turned over in her bed her eyes wide open. She had been smiling when she had left the police station however that wasn’t truly how she felt. She had wanted to explain her situation early on to Mark however she hadn’t gotten the chance he had done to much of the talking. Even though she had a smile on the outside she was still feeling down though she was glad to see the guys where going to help look out for her. That got a giggle from her the thought that despite all her power her friends still tried to look out for her. Still the main thing that was really worrying her was the fact that she had enjoyed what she had done. Slowly mutilating that bastard had been such a thrill to her the realization of just how powerful she had become.


As she lay there a sound got her attention setting up in bed she slipped into the living room. Looking over on the sofa she was surprised to find Jack setting there seeming to be waiting on her. “Couldn’t sleep?” Kate was more then a little shocked as Jack seemed to know she was there curiously she stepped forward.


No how about you?” Jack grinned.


Yeah I could sleep after all sleeping pills still work on me. I noticed you took some from the bottle more then the recommended dose to but oh say half the bottle.” Jack blushed for a moment. “I was going to take a few myself to help myself rest but then I noticed what had happened something is wrong isn’t it?” Kate smiled and shook her head in the negative about to reply but Jack beat her to it the tone of voice he used some what scolding. “Naa now Kate don’t you going laying to me you killed someone today or about did and you just took half a bottle of sleeping pills. Now I realize your body can handle far more then normal but that is still a clear sign something is up.” As the stunned look went away from Kate’s face a new one appeared one that was both sad and much like a child who had got caught laying to a parent.


Walking over to Jack she climbed into the chair with him. As Kate got closer Jack placed his arm around her and pulled her down so that she was leaning on him. “Now come on Kate what is wrong?” At first Kate didn’t answer however as a few tears began to come from her face she looked up.


Jack, I killed another person I killed another human being.” Of course he had figured this was what was wrong with Kate still at least she had the words out.


Kate, it was self defense you had no choice in the matter.” A loud sob and a few more tears told Jack that wasn’t the case.


Yes I did I had a choice if I killed him or not. Jack he couldn’t even hurt me I could have simply restrained him and it would had been no harder then holding a child no it would have been even easier then a child at least if I was still normal. I killed him not because I had to but because I was angry and because I could and now I am going to be putting you and my parents in danger.” Jack sighed and continued to stroke Kate’s hair.


Kate why where you angry?”


Because he killed those people, he tried to kill me and he has killed people before some good cops and more then a few civilians. It use to make me scared however when I realized that he couldn’t hurt me that I was so much powerful then him all the fear I had turned to anger. No my anger started building before that.”

I suppose you where tired of hiding then Kate I can’t imagine how tough it must be to be a cop with those over powered monsters running around. You must have spent a lot of time feeling quite helpless despite all your physical training.” Kate gave a slight nod of her head.


But I let that fear turn to anger and then murder I abused my abilities.”

Funny that isn’t how I see it. Kate it isn’t like you killed a innocent just think if you hadn’t mangled him he would have just been arrested. At which time he probably would have broke out before he even came around to trial or if he did make it through and got the death penalty he would brake out again long before it would have been carried out. You saved quite a few lives today.” Kate smiled a bit of course what Jack had told her was the very thing she had been telling herself still it made her feel much better to hear it coming from someone else’s mouth as if she wasn’t just trying to lay to herself in order to feel better.


Now you said that you are worried about the danger you are putting me and your family in as well by going public.” Kate gave a slight nod of her head.


Kate think about it think how hard it would be to really keep who you are a secret. I don’t know how some of those yahoos do it running around all the time but I can’t imagine it is easy and you don’t want to be like them. Kate the only way to truly keep us entirely safe from being discovered would be if you never used your power at all and that would be such a waste you can do so much good.” Jack opted to leave out and have so much fun. “At least with you going public your family will already know and can take steps to protect themselves.” Kate gave a slight nod of agreement leaning more closely to Jack.


Still I can’t help but be worried I mean if I can kill one person couldn’t I kill another.”

You are just going to have to do your best and do what you think is right. I trust you and I am sure your parents do as well.” Kate proceeded to wrap her arms around Jack pressing her face against his chess a soft sigh came from her.


Someone has been doing their exercises.” Jack just grinned and continued to run his fingers through Kate’s hair. He would simply stay there and let Kate fall asleep he could get his Z’s later on. Absently he wished he was as relaxed about all this as he made himself out to be. He didn’t like the idea that he might be the target of some super powered mad man’s attempt to get at Kate. Still he didn’t want her to live her life from behind a mask either then again if she handled most situations the way she had handled the last he wasn’t sure he would have to worry about that.



As Kate’s eyes slowly drifted open she was some what surprised at what she saw. Jack slumped over on the side of the chair sleeping though not soundly. Setting up she realized what had happened. Jack had set up petting on her until she had fallen asleep then stayed awake after that until he couldn’t take it anymore. Smiling she noted how uncomfortable it must be to set in only a slight reclined position. Slipping her arms under him she easily lifted him from the chair and carried him to his bed room. Placing him down Kate set down next to his sleeping form and once again began to consider her options. She could get a hold of Mark still and let him know she didn’t want to go through with it that she wanted to keep her powers a secret.


That would only be a temporary solution to her problems though. The Medea already knew that there was a red headed police officer going around or at least they had an idea and she doubted the medics would hesitated a red headed police officer leaving the building covered in blood. No not only would backing out of things be a temporary solution but it would be an extremely short lived one. She needed to think of something that would last longer. At least she hadn’t made any enemies as of yet unless she could count Copperhead which she doubted. Absently she made her way over to Jack’s computer. Turning the machine on she waited for a few moments and logged onto the local paper.


What she saw confirmed that she didn’t have to consider Copperhead an enemy. Right on the head lines his death was announced. Curiously Kate began to read the article as she did she felt a weight being lifted from her shoulders. She didn’t know how Mark had done it but he had managed to keep the fact that his hands and feet had been severed what truly surprised her though is that he was actually able to keep out that his jaw had been torn off. The picture they used while of his bloody and lifeless body had the jaw back in place. She imagined they had simply put it back in place though she wondered how they had gotten it to stay.


While the report did make mention of a several beaten body the image didn’t show the actual damage and their was no mention of the more extreme details. As she read on, she found that no mention of her was made or how Copperhead had died simply the police where going to have a press conference in a few days where they would announce their findings. At least this meant she had a few days. Standing up and making her way out of the room, she ran through her options. She could go ahead and call her parents and tell them the news perhaps her father would even have some ideas on just how she could keep herself from drawing too much attention. Looking at the clock she decided to let him sleep in considering their differences in time zones. She decided to let him sleep in considering how much stress she would soon be bringing him.


Rather Kate opted for her second option walking into the kitchen she flipped on the hot water. Running her hands under it she weighted for it to heat up to scalding hot before actually putting some soap on her hands and washing them off. A frustrated look appeared on Kate’s face as she waited for the water to warm up to a sufficient level that she would define as warm. This of course didn’t happen as even standing in pure steam the heat didn’t really get to Kate. At last she withdrew her hands and figured if their had been any microbes living on them they where burned off by now. Flipping off the water she began to rummage through the fridge she would call her parents after she and Jack ate breakfast.


Even though no one had mentioned it she doubted the chief expected her to be coming in to work today so she had some time to burn. So she wanted to make Jack a nice meal after setting up with her so late into the night even if he hadn’t really needed to. Waking up and seeing a friendly face even if it had been asleep helped to settle her down. As Kate was working with the food she found her way over to the medicine cabinet and located the sleeping pills. Looking them over for a moment, she snorted. “That is more like 1/3rd then half of the bottle and I bet they didn’t completely fill it either.” Chuckling to herself and replacing the bottle Kate didn’t bother rushing through breakfast preparations she would let Jack sleep for a while before waking him up. After all she didn’t know how long he had been up and she needed far less sleep then him.


Jack would actually wake up around two hours later slowly setting up he still felt sleepy however his internal clock kept telling his body to wake up. As the scent of bacon and eggs hit his nose thoughts of sleep where pushed aside as even though he didn’t mind his meal getting cold he truly liked it hot. As he walked into the kitchen he couldn’t help but grin as he watched Kate preparing breakfast. Two large pots set cooking one of oatmeal and the other of chocolate. A large pan covered in several slices of bacon and eggs where also laid out all in all enough to feed quite a few people or in the current case one male and a super fem. Jack let out a bit of a sigh as he watched Kate reach down and use her fingers to turn over the bacon while she didn’t perform this task with the eggs as she wanted them runny.


I swear I better not get to use to seeing you do that or I might forget just how capable you are and think I can do it one day.” This got a chuckle from Kate who looked up at him.


Well it is about time you woke up I have been cooking for a while now.” Jack gave his head a slight nod.


Yeah looks like about a hours worth.” Kate gave her head a slight shake.


Look at the table.” Turning his head Jack’s mouth nearly hit the floor as he saw several large plates already holding a pretty decent stack of various items.


Don’t you think you over did it a little bit?” Kate gave her shoulders a slight shrug.


Well I couldn’t think of anything else that I wanted to do and I figured the smell of warm food would hurry you waking up. It is just when it started to get cold I decided to make some extra. Don’t worry I will eat anything that you can finish.” Jack gave a slight nod.


You know they are some nations that would consider you a real dilemma thanks to food shortages.” This got a giggle from Kate who actually agreed she had over done it a little bit still she wanted to eat well for the up coming days.


Well enjoy a big meal while you can who knows what will happen when it comes time to talk to the media.“Jack took a moment to think walking over to the table and snacking on a few bits of bacon.


Hey Kate I was wondering just what are you going to tell them?” Kate looked up as she began to get the last of the items off the stove. “You know about your powers just how much information are you going to give.”

Only what I think they need to know. Don’t worry I won’t mention that it was your serum that gave me my abilities I am not that dense. I suppose they will end up asking just how I got my abilities but I got a suitable answer.” Jack grinned a bit.


And that is?”


None of their darn business of course. If they want powers like mine they can just go out and find their own secret.” Jack couldn’t help but chuckle as he wondered just how the press was going to respond to that one. “And if they begin to imply that I am being selfish by not sharing my secret I can just tell them they are being lazy by not developing their own powers.” A lopsided grin appeared on Jack’s face.


True but neither did you.” Kate grinned as she walked over to Jack and planted a kiss on his cheek.


Yeah but I made friends with the person that did. I suppose if they want to they can go and try to make friends with a mad scientist who knows maybe they won’t end up a pile of goo.” Jack just rolled his eyes as he took a seat beside of Kate this time taking a rather generous amount of various items it hardly dented the huge volumes of bacon and eggs that Kate had prepared. Kate for her part didn’t bother nit picking but simply started eating knowing good and well Jack couldn’t eat everything or even come close to it. As Jack watched Kate eat he couldn’t help but wonder if all the food was really necessary though. With Kate’s current strength level he wasn’t sure if even that much was enough to meet the energy needs of her body. Which if that was the case she would have to be getting it from somewhere else. He decided to push these thoughts out of his mind when Kate’s hand shot across and stole some of his bacon.


Hey that is mine.” Kate grinned taking a moment to swallow.


Then stop looking at me and eat.” Jack started to return to his food but looked up a moment later.


But your so much more pleasant to look at.” This got a giggle from Kate as well as a rather large grin. It also helped to insure the safety of Jack’s food for the remainder of the meal even if he did take his time looking at Kate.



Nathan was just getting settled in when his phone began to ring. Grumbling as he made his way to his desk he was sure to change his tone as he picked up the receiver. As much as he didn’t like phone calls when he just got in he couldn’t risk offending a client now if the company was bigger that would be a different story. “Hello Stonecutter speaking.”


Hi Daddy I was just calling to tell you some news.” All desire to grumble and gripe quickly left Kate as he set down at his desk.


Sure Sweety so what are you calling me for.” Nathan grew a little nervous when his daughter took a few moments to answer his question. Absently he began to tap one of his pins against his desk. “Kate is everything alright there hasn’t been a turn for the worse has there? You didn’t accidently snap Jack in two while hugging him.”


Ah nope that isn’t it he is still in one big peace. I was just calling you to let you know that I plan on announcing my abilities to the world sort of need too after yesterday.” Nathan didn’t bother asking why she would need to do that it had been all over the news. He hadn’t been sure it was his daughters handy work as of the time however between the phone call and the reports of Copperhead’s death he simply decided it was a reasonable assumption that Kate had a hand in that one.


So you where calling to let me and your mother know that we need to take some extra steps incase a crazed monkey shows up at our house?” Nathan’s tone had more then a little humor in it he didn’t want to get to series. After all even if it meant some extra danger for him he didn’t like the idea of forcing his daughter to hide what she could do for the rest of her life.


Yeah I suppose so though. It isn’t to late now I mean if you want I could back out of it.


Oh no no nope no need to do that sweety. Who knows maybe you can get the company some extra publicity hmm I hope known one assumes that it was any of our creations that gave you your abilities though. At least I don’t think I do I wonder what kind of government contracts that assumption could get us.” Kate couldn’t help but roll her eyes as her father suddenly seemed more interested in making money then he did about his own life. “Tell me though is Jack alright with this.”


Oh yeah he is fine in fact I think he is eager to see me start making appearances in the news.” Nathan laughed slightly at the idea.


So is there anything else you wanted to talk to me about?”


Well yeah actually even though I am going to admit to being the one that took down Copperhead. I was wondering if you knew of anything that might keep peoples attention away from me for a while longer. You know buy me some extra time got any suggestions?” Nathan took a few moments to think about this one. It didn’t take him very long though.



Perhaps you could try downplaying the fight. I mean was it a hard fight?”


No it was actually pretty darn easy.” Kate didn’t bother telling her father that Copperhead hadn’t stood the slightest chance against her.


Alright that isn’t what you tell the media. You need to show up and let on that it was a extremely close fight one that you barely walked away from if you can.” Kate took a moment to consider this remembering the medical personnel even though they had largely cleaned her off she had still come out a bloody mess. Perhaps some that just got a glimpse could even speak on how messed up she seemed to be.


Hey thanks for the advice that just might work. I will need to talk it over with the others and you sure your going to be okay?”


Yeah just fine we can talk about this later on I kind of need to get to work..”


Alright bye and take care.” Kate hung up shortly after giving her father time to say his good byes. As she did this she tapped her chin a few times her father’s idea seemed like a pretty reasonable one as far as she was concerned. She would need to talk about it with Mark and Eddy of course but she would wait until later to do that though. Mark wasn’t suppose to give out any more information for the day and she would prefer to speak to them face to face. Absently she made her way into the exercise room. Walking over to the bench press and turning the machine up a sigh came from her lips as she had to bring the device up to near its absolute max. Her current exercise equipment was pretty darn over sized but it wouldn’t last her for much longer.


Hey why didn’t you tell me you where going to work out you know I like to watch.” Jack entered into the room a few moments later walking over to Kate he took a look at the side panel. Reading the amount of tons the machine was currently putting out he bent down and took a look at the floor. “How the hell did your father make this place so the concrete wouldn’t simply shatter. Curiously he began to look closer and noted several bolts he had noticed them before of course but assumed they where there to keep the thing from falling over now he wasn’t so sure. “Do you suppose these bolts might actually be supports as well and be reaching down to some steel reinforcement.” Jack was a bit surprised as he turned his head and noticed the faked irritation on her face.


Now just who is the scientist here.” Kate face immediately returned to a smile as Jack chuckled.


Alright point taken I guess I will just have to ask him later on. Still these things aren’t going to last you much longer.”


Well I know that silly that is why you should get to work trying to improve them.” Tapping his hand on the side of the machine Jack seemed to dwell on the situation for a moment.


Yeah I suppose I am going to have to actually I have a few ideas though it couldn’t be used by a human at least not with current technology. I suppose that was inevitable though.” Kate’s curiosity was brought up for a moment.


Just what do you have in mind?” Jack grinned a bit.


You will just have to wait and find out I want to talk it over with your father first. We would need to move you out of this building though to provide enough power though that might not be such a issue once you go public. Until then this thing is just going to have to hold you.” Kate stuck her tongue out at Jack as he took a seat a little way off from her and simply watched her work out.



Kate tapped her finger against the wall lightly as she looked herself over in the mirror. While she was in her police uniform she was more dolled up then usual something she had decided to do since she would be appearing on tv. She had talked it over with Mark, Eddy and Jack and resolved that the fight with Copperhead will have been considered a close one not a absolute slaughter. Further more if the media asked she would lie about just how capable she truly was. They had resolved that she would be the one to decide on the final details of just how capable she truly was. This was one of the major things she was having trouble deciding upon at the moment.


She had decided on telling them she could lift 300 pounds in one arm and run at 120 mile per hour though both of these figures where actually far below what she was capable of doing. After all she could support several tons in a single arm well provided the weight wasn’t to oddly displaced other wise it would simply pick her weight up. Then there was the little matter of having her feet drove into the ground if she got certain things over head. She figured this would be a believable sum considering such strength would allow her to easily lift most men and out run quite a few vehicles. This would also be good incase she got to actively use her powers in the city.


Even if she couldn’t use her true speed being able to run around at 120 would be far better then having to drive around. Of course she still couldn’t use the side walks considering what would happen if she accidently bumped into anyone. Kate gave her head a furious shake realizing that she was allowing her mind to wonder to far into the future. First she had to get through the press conference then she could think of all the fun things she would be able to do. There was also the little matter of what Jack and Nathan had been talking about. It surprised her but Jack had actually managed to keep her in the dark though this meant no phone calls at least not many after all she could hear them easily then.


Instead he had stuck to talking to him over the computer and the few times they did talk on the phone they where both careful to use discrete terms. It was clear that this was all meant to be a surprise. Kate pouted for a moment and finally forced herself away from the sink. “All right all you have to go in there answer a few questions and two or three hours later.” Kate visibly groaned at the idea. “The news will be out and then we can deal with what comes.” This thought brought Kate back to thoughts on her family and wondering just how her father was going to deal with the situation. As of yet he hadn’t told her what steps he was going to take to protect himself she hoped he wasn’t just going to depend on dumb luck.


At last Kate managed to get herself away from the mirror and into the halls. Making her way down them she found Mark standing next to the door where the press would get to question them. As she looked at him she realized that she wasn’t the only one that was nervous. “Hey that is the matter?” Mark gave a slight start and turned in her direction.


Oh nothing much I was just thinking how I am about to tell a few reporters that I actually have someone with super human abilities working in my department. I just hope they give me time to prove it before some people show up to take me away in a strait jacket or I get fired.” This got a slight giggle from Kate.


Well don’t worry if they try and take you away in a jacket I can prove it simply by tearing one apart. By the way just what are we going to do to demonstrate my abilities?” Mark grinned a little bit.


Well I figured you would just pick up a few of the reporters for a starters. After that if you don’t mind we can take things on down to the driving course. I have a few things that you could do some lifting to show off.” Kate gave Mark a concerned look. “Don’t worry they are all within your lifting ability at least the one we have planned. Though I would appreciate it if you went there on foot while everyone else drove.” This got a chuckle from Kate who gave her head a slight nod.


It will be a heck of a lot better then having to ride there with you slow pokes. I swear everyone drives so slow it about drives me up the wall.” Mark nodded and glanced at his watch again tapping his finger against it. It was only two minutes before they where to go in and begin speaking on the matter. It was some what amusing to Kate but Mark seemed to be even more nervous then she was. Then again as the one that would be speaking first if she decided not to play along he would seem like the crazy. That wasn’t an issue though she was quite willing to show off. Though she regretted Jack couldn’t be around to see it at least not at the police station they wanted to keep any knowledge of him a secret. He was just going to have to stay at home and watch the video feed a task that he was already working on.


The moment the final minute ticked around Mark opened the door and made his way into the room all hints of how nervous he was quite well hidden. As he made his way to the podium in the center of the room Kate followed close behind her nervous reaction not as well hidden. Taking her seat a little to quickly she was glad at the moment all the camera’s where focused on Mark. She knew that wasn’t going to last a extremely long time but at least then she could show off maybe being in her element and actually getting to reveal her strength would help her relax she hoped it would. Kate’s eyes focused on Mark as he began to speak.


Gentleman, ladies and members of the press as you are all where aware of four days ago the criminal known as Copperhead was apprehended. A process during which he sustained injuries that lead to his death approximately two days ago. We have since concluded that these injuries where a direct result of one of our officers acting in self defense.” Mark went quiet for a few moments as a few pictures where taken though he refrained from answering any questions directly. Kate noticed that as Mark confirmed it was a police officer that had delivered the damage a few eyes had fallen on her for just a moment.


We had up until this point kept this officers identity a secret though some have speculated about just whom it was. I would like to introduce you to that officer now and she will proceed to answer any further question you have.” Kate could have strangled Mark at that moment shooting him a rather aggravated glance as he took her by the hand and partly pulled her from her seat. Now standing up several of the cameras took pictures of Kate as Mark retreated back to the safety of the seat Kate had just been forced to give up. Looking around Kate took a few moments to clear her throat something that she would regret.


Excuse me miss just who are you and did you really apprehend Copperhead as we have just been told.”


Umm yeah my name is Kate Stonecutter and yes I did apprehend the criminal err former criminal known as Copperhead.” Kate’s voice showed that she was more then a little nervous despite her impressive build she wasn’t doing a good job of projecting a aura of strength especially like the strength she had at her disposal.


Pardon me miss but you don’t exactly seem the type that could take down such a dangerous criminal normally such events have required the league to be called it. Perhaps you could tell us just by what means you apprehended him.” Kate instantly decided she didn’t like the tone of the reporter at all.


I used my fist.” The looks on the reporters face told Kate that her answer was smart enough to at least give him a smack to his ego.


Well while I see that you are a fit woman I don’t see how …” Kate didn’t bother waiting for the question to be asked as she turned around and took hold of Mark’s belt easily lifting him out of his seat and holding him at arms length.


I can support roughly 300 pounds in a single arm so I am pretty darn strong. On top of that I have a remarkable ability to heal and can move at extreme speeds. Does that answer your question?” A few of the reporters fell silent while it was clear some didn’t believe that Kate was doing what they saw rather it may have been a trick. Kate wasn’t about to give them a chance to ask though her actions had taken the floor for her and she was going to run with them. Setting Mark down she turned to the reporters. “Of course I would be happy to prove that wasn’t just a trick if any of you have some suggestion I would be happy to hear it.


I will take you up on that.” Kate gave one of the reporters an odd glance as he made his way over to her. She didn’t recognize the man but he looked like a healthy enough build probably weighing in around two hundred pounds or so. Good that meant she could lift him without having to fake any strain. Looking him over for a moment she bent down and placed her hand on the floor.


Step on.” As the reporter took a moment to find his balance Kate proceeded to stand up being careful to keep her arm steady. The crowd seemed shocked enough as Kate easily raised him into the air though she didn’t make it too fully standing had she did so she would have slammed his head against the selling. Despite the windows and lights being on the room seemed many times brighter as several camera’s flashed at this display of strength. Though they had seen better from those more powerful then her it still a very nice shot. Especially since Kate was more or less posing for it.


Placing the man back down he didn’t say anything simply grinned as he made his way back to his seat. It was kind of strange though as Kate had expected him to at least look surprised. She couldn’t let this distract her too much though she has some power flaunting to do. “So does anyone else need some proof?”


As several reports approached Kate she took turns lifting them into the air though she had to remember to pretend to strain when a particularly large fellow came up even taking the time to comment on how he needed to diet. At last when the crowd seemed to be content with just how strong she said she was.


Okay Miss Stonecutter you also mentioned that you could move at extremely high speeds. Would you mind giving us a demonstration?” There was a rush of air throughout the entire room as Kate quickly moved along the wall from one side to the other. A few papers flew into the air and it took everyone’s heads a few moments to turn around to see her leaning against it.


Sure thing.”


Actually.” Kate and the reporters turned their head to Mark who had taken the podium. “We had planned on putting on a better demonstration later on today. If no one objects I would like to move everything to the police academy training grounds a few miles out of town where Officer Stonecutter may show us a better demonstration on a wider plain of course she will be traveling there on foot.” Kate simply grinned and gave her head a slight nod starting for the door. “Not yet please allow us a head start.”


Oh sure thing.” Taking a moment to open the door, Kate went to the back of the room and allow people to file out of it. Being sure to ignore any questions that came her way until they got to the training grounds. After everyone had left Kate made her way outside and took a look at her clothing noting she would have to be sure to keep things under 120mph other wise she might end up damaging her clothing. Slipping off her shoes, she opted to hold onto them while running around realizing that the force of her feet impacting the ground would probably tear them to shreds. Letting the various vehicles get a head start on her Kate finally fell in with the rest of the flow of traffic and it was made clearly almost right away that people had been watching the news.


The traffic was even heavier then usual and she noted a few cameras already snapping pictures. Kate rolled her eyes in response as she made her way along at moving along slowly so the reporters could see her then speeding up and easily passing them. After all as a pedestrian she didn’t have to worry about the speed limit laws. It was only a short while later when she caught up with Mark. Tapping on the window she matched the car’s speed. “Traffic slowing you down?” Mark sighed and gave a slight nod. “Well see you later.” Kate didn’t wait for an answer before accelerating to roughly 100mph easily passing him. As Kate ran along getting ahead of any of the media vehicles she began to play around.


She could easily pass anyone provided that weren’t speeding too much and unlike those that where driving she didn’t have any trouble finding enough room to pass someone. As she moved along a pickup caught her eye not the truck itself but the rather large dog riding in the back of it barking quite loudly. “Ah you’re a big boy aren’t you.” The dog gave a visible start as suddenly Kate appeared in his line of vision. The moment the shock whore off the large beast went to barking quite loudly getting a giggle from Kate who reached up to pet it only to have the animal jerk back clearly it wasn’t use to someone running along sides its master’s vehicle.


Kate was forced to move rather quickly when at last the driver noticed her and swerved the vehicle a bit luckily he regained control rather quickly. At first Kate was a little shocked but kept pace running alongside the vehicle she smiled at the driver and mouthed. “Sorry” Before speeding off again. As Kate had her fun Jack set at home watching the news feed and wishing that he could have been there. He didn’t see why he had to stay home after all it isn’t like it would take long for them to identify who her friends where. Grumbling for a moment it at least meant he had some time to get some future plans together for Kate’s next generation of exercise equipment. That is provided it would have been a worthwhile investment. The next series of equipment she would be working with was going to cost to much for Nathan to simply pay the bill without getting something in return.


Taking his mind off Kate’s current antics he turned his thoughts too just how they could go about acquiring some extra funding. Kate could make use of her abilities to start earning some extra money now of course. After all while she wasn’t the most powerful person in the world yet and down played what power she did have she could still probably do well for herself. A few media adds who knows it could even get her some equipment. He doubted the city could spring the bill after all while she was capable she wasn’t revealing how capable she was and at her current levels it probably wouldn’t be considered worth it. Anyway it would also run the risk of someone finding out how strong she truly was too easily.


The phone ringing got Jack’s attention a few moments later. Dashing into the kitchen and retrieving it from the wall, he was surprised to hear Kate’s voice on the other end. “Hi sweety and how are you doing?”


Kate, where are you calling from? I saw you running around on tv just a few moments ago.”


Yup well I already made it to the training center it doesn’t take me nearly as long as anyone else. That and well to be honest I sort of took a short cut once I got away from the main road and began to use some of my real speed.. Kind of wish I hadn’t though.”


Huh what happened?”


Tore my clothes a little bit but that wasn’t to much of a issue. I just slipped into one of the uniforms that they keep here. Hey Jack about how long do you think it will take everyone else to arrive?”


Oh a little while traffic has them slowed down.”


Rats I was hoping they would get here sooner all well I am going to try and find something to amuse myself maybe take a look at the course I am going to be running. Talk to you later.”


Sure thing.” Hanging up shortly after Kate had Jack once again return to the tv. Absently he began to wonder just what steps would need to be taken after this. There was no way that Kate was going to be able to continue working as a regular officer. Thinking for a moment Jack forced himself away from the tv and back into his room picking up the phone he dialed Nathan’s number.


Hello Jack surprised to hear you calling. I figured you would be watching my little girl on tv.”


Well I was going to but I was calling you to discuss that new training equipment we had planned for Kate. As I recalled you mentioned the price would still be to steep for your company to cut even if you didn’t have the maintain the equipment. Well I think we might have something that we could sell to cover the cost of construction and perhaps even maintain it for a while.” Nathan turned down the tv so that he could hear Jack better.


Oh and just what is that?” Nathan’s voice was more then a little curious.


We would have to talk it over with Kate first but what about the data I gathered while studying Kate in her early stages of development back when I could still get a darn blood sample from her. I mean do you suppose there might be some branch of the military interested in it?” Nathan didn’t respond right away but took his time running it through his mind. Kate would most assuredly be getting the military’s attention eve if her abilities where limited compared to some of the other beings out there especially the way she was down playing them they where still far more then human.


You know you might have something there though we are going to have to play our cards right. Listen talk it over with Kate and we can decide what to do later whatever you do don’t get a hold of any military or government Personnel we need to let them contact us if we are going to get any real money.” Jack was quite pleased as Nathan seemed to think his idea at least had some merit to it. He didn’t mind leaving it in Nathan’s hands either after all Jack didn’t have any real skill with business himself and negotiations where not his strong point.


Alright well then I am going to get back to the tv then I don’t want to miss a minute of Kate showing off.” This got a chuckle from Nathan.


Yeah my daughter is quite a wondrous site most assuredly her mother’s daughter.” Jack didn’t bother asking about that one knowing so little about Kate’s mother. Rather he waited a moment for Nathan to hang up before hanging up himself. Dashing into the living room he turned the tv back on and watched as the news vans began to pull up. Kate was of course already waiting outside seeming as if she had been waiting for a very long time. Actually he couldn’t help but wonder if fifteen minutes was beginning to seem like a wrong time to someone that could move so quickly. He knew if Kate remained in her accelerated state for to long she could about drive herself insane just trying to microwave some food.


Well I am glad you all could make it.” Mark grinned at Kate as he climbed out of his car it was obvious that she had relaxed quite a bit once she got to flaunting her power. That seemed to be her element though so long as she remained in the physical realm she would remain extremely confident. Walking up to her Kate rose to her feet before she could be helped out as reporters began to file out of their various modes of transportation a few shots where taken.


This way please after this lass demonstration you may ask any questions you want.” Mark lead the way through the building and out back where a rather large parking lot was. This would normally be covered with cones and be used for new recruits to practice various driving maneuvers. As Mark lead the way Kate noticed he was carrying a radar gun her smile faded a bit but returned quickly she would have to be careful not to go over 120mph but she figured she could do it. “Hey Kate what happened to your shoes?”


Took them off they would end up getting shredded at the speeds I am going to be moving at.” Mark gave a slight nod as they finally reached the training area. Indeed quite a few cones covered the parking lot however they where to close together and the turns where far too tight for a vehicle to take. Taking his position Mark set the radar gun up before turning to Kate.


Ready when you are.” Kate gave a slight nod and took her time walking to where she imagined the starting point was. Looking at the reporters she gave them time to ready their equipment the moment the last camera was ready Kate seemed to vanish from the spot. Though this wasn’t the case it came from the fact that her powerful legs could easily accelerate her from 0 to 120mph within less then a second and faster had she wanted to move that quickly. It was clear from the reaction of the reporters and even Mark that they weren’t prepared for such a sharp jump in speed. While to the reporters Kate seemed to be nothing but a blur to Kate the world seemed to move in slow motion having only accelerated her body to a small amount of her true speed her senses however where at full ability.


This had the effect of making her run seem like an extremely slow walk. Indeed she found herself absently looking around as she approached every curve in the corse easily holding herself to the center of the cones. Absently she began to play around actually hopping every once in a while to help keep her boredom down. She could afford to play around though as only a very small amount of the reporters had proven they had the reaction time to keep up with her. The only major issue Kate had is while the entire course only took her a few minutes to run it seemed to take a great deal longer to Kate thanks to her reaction time.


Mark for his part was stunned he had planned on tracking her with the radar gun as she increased in speed but he had moved too slowly and only had the starting speed of 111mph. They where a few cameras that had managed to follow Kate though at least after a few moments. Though most of them had only followed her through the start, a few brief glimpses, and then focused on her at the end. “Ta da.” Was the only think Kate could think of saying as the eyes finally all focused on her. Taking a moment, she proceeded to flex some of her upper body as well as her legs.


Kate enjoyed the shock look on a few of the reporter’s faces though some of them where clearly handling it better then others. Kate dumped her head to the side for a moment as she instantly felt quite silly realizing why some of the reporters probably didn’t react at all. They had probably been around when one or more battle between enhanced or altered life forms had broken out and thus where well adapted to handling such situations. Still, at least she was still able to put on a good show for a few of them. “Would you mind doing that again we weren’t able to follow you to well.” Kate turned her attention in the direction of the reporter who had asked giving her head a slight nod.


Sure thing though this is going to be the last time.” The man nodded and once again Kate was shooting through the course at least to everyone’s eyes except her own. To Kate the 5 minute walk felt like it took a hour as in truth she could move nearly 10x as fast as she currently was going which gave her a distorted view on time. At least it gave her time to think about other things as well as dwell on past memories. The situation reminded her of the time she had decided to see how it felt to heat up some pop corn and remained in her enhanced state. She had resolved to never do that once again as at the time her senses and thoughts where reacting twenty times faster then a normal human. That turned the 3 minutes it normally took to get done into another hours’ wait she most assuredly would never be doing that one again.


As Kate made her way through the cones she found herself weaving in and out around them. Looking over at the camera’s for a moment she wasn’t sure if she should be acting up at the moment but she couldn’t help herself she was bored. She wasn’t moving fast enough for this to be really considered an exercise though it may have more of a result then just moving at normal speeds. For a moment she wondered what it must be like for the people trying to video tape her. While to her she was moving at a remarkably slow speed to them she was moving fast incredibly fast. It made her want to speed up even more to really show them what she was capable of doing. However she had talked it other with Jack and both resolved it would be best if no one knew how capable she truly was.


A visibly sigh of relief came from Kate’s lips as she made it to the other end of the corse and turned her attention back towards the cameras. The world began to speed up or seem too as Kate relaxed and force herself to keep her movements down to a human level. “So any questions?”


Why aren’t you wearing any shoes?” Kate snapped her head in the direction of the voice seeing the rather young reporter. Looking down at her feet she couldn’t help herself as she began to chuckle out of all the questions he could have asked.


Because moving at those speeds Nike doesn’t make a pair that could withstand the force especially taking corners like I did.”


So you haven’t been able to afford equipment suited to your abilities?” Kate considered mentioning the special training equipment and other things she had made. The fact that she had to wear clothing meant for motorcycle racers to avoid running naked at least if she moved from a spot. While running on a treadmill it wasn’t a issue the only thing that was destroyed was her pants which was easily solved by not wearing them. At least at the speeds she was keeping herself down to her normal clothing such as her uniform didn’t get torn apart.


Not yet.” Kate made her way over to the rest of the reporters and took up her position next to Mark who was keeping silent for now. Figuring he would just go with whatever answer Kate offered them.


And how long have you had these abilities?” Kate considered this question just how far back did she really want to go.


They manifested roughly a year ago I was so surprised and worried about my health that I even took a bit of a vacation from the force to try and figure out what was going on.” A few more notes where scribbled down.


Any idea of just what caused these abilities to form.” Kate couldn’t help but grin.


Sorry but that is one question I am not going to answer.” Immediately Kate was assaulted by the exact same question as she had just refused to answer.


But miss the public has the right to know, just think of what good it could do if scientist could figure out what caused this change in you.” Kate’s face turned stern the moment the words left the reporters mouth.


Not as far as I am concerned and as far as scientist learning just what caused this. Are you already trying to get me to turn myself into a lab rat?” Kate rebuffed several more questions as far as the origins of her abilities refusing to tell the smallest detail she even opted to keep the information of just where she had been vacationing a secret. Curiously she wondered if the hospital would keep her visitors list a secret as well as just what she had been in the hospital for. At last after several refusals to answer any questions as far as her powers went, they got into other subjects.


Now miss from what you told us earlier you killed Copperhead with your fist. Now I can’t help but wonder if people as powerful as superman has avoided killing him up until this point what happened with you. You’re clearly quite strong and fast but not nearly as fast as him.” Kate snorted for a moment wishing that she could show her true power. As much as she wanted to keep herself out of the spotlight for a while longer, she didn’t like her abilities being looked down upon.


Well it was my first encounter with someone on his level at least since I have gotten my abilities. I reacted much the same way I had with previous encounters when such criminals made themselves known in the city responding with everything I had. Unlike in previous cases though when that was my sidearm my fists are far more powerful. Then when the fight really got going I was more interested in keeping myself alive.” A few of the reporters seemed content with this answer most knew there wouldn’t be raising any sympathy for a convict with a criminal history as long as he had.


You said you where worried about staying alive does that mean you where injured during the fight as well.” Kate gave her head a slight nod.


Yes that is actually why I didn’t appear until today we where giving my enhanced healing ability time to work its magic so I could heal up.” Kate went ahead and offered the reason that they couldn’t find any markings on her body. She didn’t like the fact that she had to lay about it that Copperhead’s best attacks hadn’t even injured her in the slightest but if they where going to make it a case of self defense and not of Kate losing her anger and giving in to the desire to really use her power as well as a bit of blood lust she had to lie about that one. As Kate looked around she was grateful her abilities weren’t commonly known though she could have sworn she saw a few skeptical looks from the crowd.


Miss Stonecutter are you related to Nathan Stonecutter the owner of InCon Ltd?” Kate was instantly grateful that Mark had decided to keep who she was a secret up until now as it actually required them to ask such questions. Had they known who she was right away she imagined they would be much more organized.


Yes he is actually my father.”


Did he have anything to do with the development of your abilities?” Kate gave the reporter an annoyed look.


I thought I had established earlier on that I wasn’t going to answer anything about just how my abilities came to be.”


Yes but”




Surely you can tell us if he had anything to”


No.” Kate soon found herself forced to give the one word answer several more times. No matter how much they asked she wasn’t going to tell anyone just how her abilities had come into existence. She wasn’t even going to lie about that one she would simply allow the media hounds to beg and wine as much as they wanted but they where not going to get an answer.


Well then could you at least tell us if you plan on remaining in the police force or going to go solo?”


Do I look like some costumed vigilante?” The tone of Kate’s voice was more then a little cold while on other questions the worse had been was irritated it was quite clear she didn’t like that last question in the least. “I am going to remain with the police force for as long as I can besides if I go solo I won’t get a paycheck.”


And just how long would that be?” This question was actually addressed to Mark who responded rather quickly as if expecting the question.


Well we would be glad to keep Kate here for as long as we can. Though she had better not expect her new talents alone to warrant a pay raise or an increase in rank.” Kate just rolled her eyes as if she had been asking for any such special treatment. Besides any pay raise the police could offer couldn’t really put a dent in the amount of money she would be needing later on. The questioning would continue for some time later several more times would Kate have to refuse to reveal how she had gained her abilities. By the time it was over Kate was very happy that she was allowed to run home instead of ride.



Jack turned his attention towards the clock for the seventh time in the last fifteen minutes wondering just when Kate was going to wake up. He hadn’t mentioned his conversation with Nathan the previous day while she was at the press conference. He wanted to speak to her after she had some time to sleep and eat something. To that effect he had went to be shortly after she had gotten home a good 3 hours before she would to insure that he would wake up before her. Granted that had required him taking a sleeping pill to force himself to sleep but he really wanted to prepare breakfast for Kate and with her body’s enhancements she was waking up sooner and sooner. Yes waking up before Kate these days was getting to be a real challenge especially when you had reporters calling.


Jack gave the telephone an evil glare he had finally taken it off the hook and left it like that figuring that Nathan would know to email him if he wasn’t having trouble of his own. They had expected Kate’s little show to get some attention but not this much. While Kate was no where near as powerful as some of the other beings out there and had yet to make a serious name for herself. All she was known for at the moment was taking down a genetically altered although not extremely powerful villain. It seemed the fact that she was a enhanced being and they actually knew how to get in touch with her easily made her a prime target especially since she didn’t hide behind a mask.


Shrugging for a moment he wondered if this would help them with their financial plans in the future. He didn’t want to risk cursing it at the moment just incase they had to make use of it. Still for the moment he just wanted peace and quiet as he set another pancake off the pan and poured some more batter into it. He had prepared several already a pretty large pile resting on the table already. An eighth time he found himself looking at the clock wondering if he had enough time to get another pancake done. At least by waking up earlier then Kate he insured that most calls where kept at bey just by the unreasonable hour he was up. Still he knew that Kate would be waking up any time. He was quite right about that as Kate was stirred early by the smell of the cooking flapjacks. Opening her eyes up she looked around the room her inhuman senses detecting the smell and sound of the cooking food. Raising from bed a grin broke across her face she had be worried the previous day.


Jack had went to bed so early now she had a idea why. Walking into the kitchen she smiled at him. “Did you go to bed early so you could get up in time to fix me breakfast?” Jack smiled and gave his head a slight nod.


Yeah I wanted to feed you before I risked stressing you out.” This got a chuckle from Kate who walked over to him. Looking down at his hand she noted he was wearing a oven met for when he had to take hold of the pans handle. While it didn’t conduct heat well he had been cooking for a rather long time now and it had time to warm up.


Damn that is a strange site I have grown so use to not needing to protect myself from such low heat extremes. It is kind of strange to see someone actually having to use a mitten.”


Well yeah some of us still need them. I imagine a lot of things are beginning to seem strange to you though.” Kate gave head a slight nod and walked over to the table. Setting down she simply took the serving plate Jack had been placing the pancakes on poured some syrup and began eating. Jack didn’t bother saying anything though the act did surprise him it just meant he was going to get the ones that he was currently fixing. So at least his food was going to be warm not that Kate seemed to mind the condition of her food.


So what do you want to talk to me about that is going to stress me out?” Kate had to wait a few moments for a response as Jack got the last of the pancakes out of the pan putting them on his own plate and took a seat next to her.


Well Nathan and I where talking about what is going to be needed to build you some new training equipment. Though to be honest what we have planned is more like a facility which yes is required if you are going to continue developing your strength by making use of any training equipment we can provide you with.” Kate gave a slight nod.


Alright so I take it the means by which you plan on paying this off may stress me out. What you want me to start making tv appearances?” Kate was of course joking she knew she hadn’t reached that level of fame yet.


No actually we where wondering if you would mind if we sold the data that was taken from you. During your first year of development we have a feeling that it might be possible to get the required funding that way.” Kate didn’t respond right away simply seeming to stare at Jack. Putting her fork down she leaned closer to Jack.


Now just how is that suppose to stress me out?” Jack looked confused for a moment.


Well it is personal information at least I figured it was.” Kate simply rolled her eyes in response to this.


Please it isn’t like I am hiding anything though I am curious just who you plan on selling it to. Some genetic engineering company or perhaps the media? They are always itching for a story after all.”


The military actually.” Kate slowed down for a moment taking a few more mouth fulls of pancakes she simply shrugged her shoulders after words.


I don’t have any problem with that.” Jack was some what surprised by Kate’s reaction to all of this. He had expected he would have to do some convincing or she would need some time to way the benefits against giving away some information about herself.


Err Kate are you sure that you don’t want some time to think about this? I mean your volunteering well basically your medical chart.”


Jack, I spent a good deal of time in the hospital when I was ill and I have never had issues with giving away my medical information. I don’t have an illness after all and nothing to be trouble by so I don’t see the big deal. Anyway wouldn’t information from that long ago be out dated by now?” Jack gave his head a nod indeed any information about Kate that was even a month old was probably out dated. Her body was worse than the computer developers for making her original form obsolete. “Well you see right there. I don’t have any reason to be worried I am actually proud of my body after all and the information is outdated by now. Besides I wasn’t all that strong back then so it shouldn’t jeopardize what I told the media.”


Actually we where also wondering if you might be willing to reveal a bit more of your abilities to the military. Perhaps we could get some extra money from them.” Now Kate seemed to seriously think about that one. It was true she wanted some new exercise equipment what she was using wasn’t offering much of a challenge anymore. However she wasn’t sure she wanted anyone but an select few people knowing more about her.


Hm I suppose though this would be an discreet showing. Wouldn’t it?


Well most likely but if it isn’t we can just decline that part of the deal.” Kate gave Jack a curious look.


So just when is this meeting suppose to happen.” Jack just shrugged his shoulders.


I have no idea that is Nathan’s department and he is waiting for the army to call.” Kate couldn’t help but give Jack a blank look. As she realized they hadn’t actually been in contact with the army just yet. Realizing what the look meant Jack chuckled a bit. “Trust me Kate if they have any interest in super human beings even the ones that down play their powers and make the assumptions Nathan and I are hoping for they will be calling. Which reminds me I suppose I should call him and tell him the news.” Kate watched as Jack left the table however as he walked out of the room everything seemed to slow down. This was intentional of course as Kate got a playful grin on her face. She would have to be careful to remember how fast she was really moving so she wouldn’t damage anything though.


Nathan was surprised by a slight roar as he picked up the phone. “What the heck was that.” He had just lifted the phone and began to say hello when Kate had began to play around.


Err I think your daughter is up to something. Anyway I was calling to let you know Kate say it is okay if we sell the data. Though lets still keep it to the first year of the research. And umm I think I am going to go I am worried about what Kate got into her head to try out.”


Yeah sure take care.” Nathan felt a little strange as he hung up the phone that having been one of the shortest conversations he had ever had. Curiously he wondered just what Kate was up to at the moment. Looking at the clock he didn’t take long to fall back into bed wondering of Jack had stopped to consider how late it was. Jack actually hadn’t stopped to think with as early as he had gone to bed and Kate got up it would be a good two hours before Nathan would be waking up. Jack had gone to bed an entire 4 hours before Kate as she only required 4 hours to be fully rested.


Jack was visibly relieved to see his plate untouched as he entered into the kitchen. Though he did notice that Kate’s was completely cleaning and she was taking a few moments to look herself over. “Seeing what it is like to try and eat at super human speeds?” Kate grinned and gave her head a slight nod.


I figured that would bring you rushing back in here as well.” Jack was slow in taking his seat next to Kate. “I couldn’t use my fully speed I found that out quickly enough well when the fork started to bend and tear through the pancake thanks to how quickly I was moving it.” Jack looked around the room trying to see if Kate had made a mess of anything he was relieved to see she hadn’t or at least nothing caught his eye. Still he set down rather slowly.


Well I see you avoided destroying anything.”


Yup though it is a good thing I didn’t use my full speed. I swear it is so funny how different things behave when I am using anything near my full speed. It is kind of obvious something is wrong when nothing is moving but when I am in a place where things are suppose to be stationary it is just so strange. When I try to move my fork is bends because of the speed I am moving it at. I have to be careful not to even bump into anything or I would end up destroying them. It is just such a strange feeling.” Jack could only nod in agreement though he didn’t really know what it was like.


I suppose you even have to be careful to slow down your foot steps when your not on pavement or a surface you have to worry about damaging.”


You better believe it I mean I bet if I stepped down on hard food floor in my accelerated state with what I would consider a normal steep. I could cause a friction fire or I would at least destroy the floor. Heck I couldn’t even risk throwing anything jumping is another issue though I found that out while running around. Actually I never mention it to you but I had to learn to control what my jumps did while we where away in the woods.”


What happened?”


Well I was out running one day going about 80mph pretty darn slow compared to what I can do now. Anyway I thought I would just hop over a tree limb just a 3 feet jump was my goal. I ended up going well over twenty feet and since I wasn’t touching the ground I smashed strait through a tree.” Jack couldn’t help but chuckle as he imagined what Kate must have felt like. Kate simply stuck her tongue out at him seeing his amusement.


I didn’t bother to realize that even though I felt like I was moving at a normal speed I was actually moving far more quickly. Thank goodness I found that out and learned how to control my jumps before the press conference other wise I might have regretted my hopping around.” Jack just grinned setting down and eating his meal he was grateful Kate had simply decided to see if her goofing around would spook him.



Damn him.” Nathan grumbled visibly as he made his way into his officer some what annoyed. He had a very hard time getting back to sleep after Jack had called waking him up a full two hours before he was use to. Now he was going to feel sleepy the entire day no matter how much coffee he drank. It was something that he was just going to have to deal with as he set down and began to look through the company’s current standings. They where doing good not great but they where making money and he wasn’t going to have to fire anyone. Things where going pretty good right now which is about all he ever asked for. They had several decent contracts that would last them for a while longer though he always had to be on the look out for new ones.


Nathan felt a good deal more relaxed as he looked over the numbers. He was glad everything was going well with the company as it gave him some time to focus on his little girl and try to help her out. Things had calmed down since the year she was in the hospital an event that still made him sick at his stomach. He should have been there by her bed side instead of working but he couldn’t bring himself to see his daughter sick and dying for to long. He never mentioned it to anyone else but it made him more then a little upset with himself from time to time. The phone ringing took his mind from this picking the phone up he knew it had to be some what important at least if it came strait to him.


Hello Stonecutter speaking and who is calling.” The voice that came over the line was relaxed and seemingly no threatening but it was clear whomever it belonged to was in a decent possession of authority.


Hello My name is General Mathews and I am calling on behalf of the Unite States army and I must say that is quite a exceptional daughter you have there Mr. Stonecutter.” Nathan took a moment to take in a breath of air wondering if this might be the phone call they had been hoping for. He knew it wouldn’t take them long to decide on a course of action.


Yeah though she is a bit of a show off.”


Yes but that is a wonderful way of getting peoples attention. Which she did quite well I might add not only showing off her abilities but announcing her name. I must say it is rare that someone would come out so boldly most seem more apt to hide when they realize they have such talents. At least hide behind a disguise of some type.”


True enough but she has never liked the type of person that thinks just because they have a few special abilities they have the right to run around playing vigilante.”


Something that we are quite thankful for as well. Anyway as you might have supposed I am not calling just to congratulate you. We where calling wondering if you might have any data on your daughter’s current condition. Our files tell us that you deal in military supplies at times and perhaps this was a way of getting out attention. Though if it was we wish you had just given us a private demonstration. If what we assume is accurate and you have develop some new procedure.” Nathan took a moment to figure out just how he was going to word this he wanted to male a sale after all.


Well you see Kate’s condition is a unique case we haven’t been able to replicate the same results we got with her. Kate wasn’t even suppose to be a test subject however after medical conditions seemed ready to take her life we opted to try it out on her.” Nathan had to be careful to keep his cool as Mathews took his time responding.


Then have you gathered in data on your daughter perhaps tried to research her current condition perhaps found out why it hasn’t worked?”


Well we have gathered a massive amount of data we had her closely studied for a year. However, it is rather hard to sift through all the information with our limited funding. As things are now the only thing we can afford to do is try to insure, her treatment doesn’t have any adverse effects. We had to cancel further development of the treatment.” Nathan didn’t want to risk them thinking they continued with the experiments he wanted to sell the research data not get a contract he feared he couldn’t keep. After all he had talked to Jack and knew just how difficult that would truly be.


Well then perhaps you would be willing to make a profit on what data you have been able to gather. Tell me Mr. Stonecutter are you willing to sell the search data that you have gathered on your daughters condition?”


Well that depends on the price.” Nathan settled back into his seat as he prepared for the real negotiations to begin.



Jack sat at his computer musing over the data he had began to compile the information on Kate’s shortly after breakfast. While he did have all the data saved to his computer, he hadn’t bothered to organize it. Now he spent his time making sure everything was nice and tidy including the video files he had saved while looking at her dna. He also took the time to look at the results between every month and couldn’t help but be impressed. While her cells changed rapidly enough that even a week brought about quite a few changes. It was truly something else to see what a month’s difference could make especially the final three months. Kate’s cells hardly even resembled one another the changes where so drastic.


The fact that her body had maintained a human form throughout all these changes was perhaps the most interesting fact of all as he knew she was not human. She looked it that was true but right now to her cells she wasn’t human. Even the parts of her cells that could be recognized such as the nuclear and mitochondria had clearly been altered to an extreme. Then there was that blasted glow whatever it was he hadn’t been able to figure it out and all attempts to study it had proved futile enough. Still he hadn’t really had time to examine it and indeed had recorded a massive amount of information. He had spent his time taken down every little detail that he could get his hands on.


Of course the information also included the basics on the treatment though not every single detail. After all Jack didn’t know all the details being only one member of the team and he wasn’t about to go back to Lex Corp and ask for the data. Fat chance of getting that information if it hadn’t already been destroyed and he was determined to keep it a secret where the treatment had actually been developed. If they didn’t destroy the data they might be apt to start the project up again. That was something he didn’t want to happen after all he didn’t want to risk someone having the same abilities as Kate at least without knowing how powerful she was going to get. Also there was the little matter that he could go to prison for what he had done. After all he had stolen company property though it would have just been destroyed and he didn’t exactly have the legal right to apply the treatment to Kate.


The phone ringing took his attention away from his work and musing. Wondering why he hadn’t gotten a phone in his room he made his way into the kitchen and retrieved the phone. “Hello”


Hey Jack I got some good news.” Jack was quite happy to hear Nathan calling him.


Yeah what is that? Did the army call?”


Yeah I just got through speaking to one of their officers and it looks like we are going to be able to get the funding we need. However, we may need Kate to put on one more show while what she gave at the press conference was good if we want to get any real money we need to show that she is actually more powerful then that. So would you mind getting her so that I can talk to her.”


Hey daddy so just how do they want me to show how capable I am.” Nathan didn’t respond right away. Jack realizing what was going on decided to clear things up for Nathan.


Kate can hear everything you say no matter where she is in the house. I assume she just picked up the living room phone after hearing you mention her name.”


Whoops I almost forgot that part perhaps we can get that into the demonstration as well. Anyway they want you give a demonstration at Fort Borrows.”


Okay but how many people are going to bet there? I mean we are trying to keep a secret and just where is that anyway?” Kate’s voice only seemed a little worried she trusted her father to have covered most of the little details she simply felt a slight need to remind him of them.


Don’t worry only a few higher up military officials should be there and they are pretty good at keeping secrets at least from my experience. I will take you down there myself though it might be a good idea to keep Jack out of the picture even then.” An annoyed snort came from Jack who didn’t much care for this being singled out also it meant he was going to miss a really good show.


Hmm sorry Jack looks like your laying low for a while longer. Alright, that sounds good just when do they want me to be there to put on my little demonstration?”


Today if at all possible they are pretty eager to get negotiations for the data over with though the price they are willing to pay depends on just how capable you show yourself to be.” Kate gave a rather large grin though Nathan couldn’t appreciate it Jack knew the army was going to be getting one heck of a demonstration. A further frustration for him as he really wanted to watch.


Alright then I suppose you best get on your way here. I am going to go ahead and start getting prepared bye Dad.”


Bye Kate.” Kate was sure to beat Nathan to hanging up the phone though she remembered to slow down less she slam it down to hard. She could brake such things so easily. Turning her head she noticed the slight disappointment on Jack’s face. Unable to suppress a giggle she walked over to him and gave him a rather large kiss on the cheek.


Don’t worry once we get my new equipment depending on how well this goes I promise I will show off just for you. A few private showings and maybe some fun after words.”


Jack quickly perked up at this news. “All-right but I am going to hold you to that promise.” Kate just chuckled and made her way into her room to change clothing. While her normal clothing could handle speed at around 120mph, what she was going to be running at today was going to require something a bit more sturdy. As Kate came out of her room she saw Jack had already made his way into his room. Thinking for a moment a giggle escaped her lips. Jack gave a slight start as he felt Kate’s arms wrapping around him remembering just how sneaky she could be if she wanted to. “You know it is going to be a while before my father arrives how about we do some snuggling to pass the time.” Kate didn’t let Jack respond to this instead she simply lifted him from his chair. He was a bit disappointed when she carried him out of his room and placed him in the couch but he didn’t get a chance to voice this before Kate’s lips locked onto his. He would just have to be patient and wait a little longer for Kate to ready to take him to bed.



Kate looked around as she and her father where lead through the military installation. It wasn’t an overly impressive site but it would do. The place had proven to be quite a bit further out of the way then she had expected it to be that was for sure. She also felt a little silly in her motorcycle racing gear while her father was wearing a nice suit and she would probably be around quite a few people in uniform before long. This was a necessary evil though the outfit having been designed to help racers keep their skin from being torn off during wrecks. This made it adequate for holding up more of Kate’s speed though not nearly her max. No as of the moment the only way for her to run at her max speed was to be stationary on a treadmill and just now wear anything on her legs or to run naked.


Mr. Stonecutter glad to see you could make it on such short notice.” Kate turned her head in the direction of the voice more quickly then her father. As a man approached she noticed the various medals he was wearing though she didn’t really have any idea exactly what they meant.


General Williams?”


The very same and this must be Kate. I am glad we could have this meeting and if I may be so bold. I must say it is quite a delight to see young people granted with such gifts as yourself willing to show the world who they are and not hide behind a mask.” Kate smiled and gave her head a slight nod though looking at the man she wondered if he really had the right to be calling her young. Sure he was a decent amount older then her but either he aged quite well or he wasn’t as old as her father.


Umm like wise nice to meet you. So my father tells me what you want me to show you what I can really do.”


That is affirmative as you know the armed services have never really been able to deal with certain threats and lately those threats have been showing up more often. We would like to find a way to rectify this situation so that we no longer need to depend on a small group of individuals whom we can never be quite sure of.” Kate gave a slight nod it wasn’t like she was going to argue. She never liked knowing if help was on its way or if they where going to have to hold off some monster even longer. “Oh and I almost forgot though this isn’t really my area I must thank you for ridding of us that scaly nuisance.” Kate felt a little nervous as the tone of Williams’s voice seemed to tell her he knew then they had meant them to find out. He didn’t seem to be displeased with the event though she opted not to ask.


When at last they made it to the rear of the facility Kate found herself taking a jeep ride before they finally came to rather large area. Looking out she noticed a few other vehicles with a few officers looking around. A couple of them looked in their direction though unlike Williams they didn’t make any motions to great them. Clearly they where waiting to be impressed before they applauded. “I hope you don’t mind but your father informed us that you where holding back for the media. He wouldn’t tell us how much though so we took the liberty of bringing a few things out here. If you would just lift whichever one, you think you can handle.” With that William’s indicated a group of steel beams that had been laid out. Kate sighed a bit hoping she would get to lift something a bit flashier when something at the end caught her eye.


So does that mean I can get started?” Williams took a moment to look around before giving his head a slight nod.


Everyone seems to be ready.” Kate grinned and took off in a light sprint the weights having been set a bit away from the main crowd. As she made her way over to them Kate noticed the area seemed even quieter as the few that had been speaking went silent and began to do what they had come to do observe. Walking over to the steel beam Kate recognized it as the type used in building construction a brief recollection of some shows of modern marvels reminded her they weighed about two tons. Reaching down she looked towards the crowd. “Is it alright if I damage them a bit other wise it might be hard to get a good enough grip?”


Go ahead.” Kate noticed a few of the people seemed to take note of this. Grinning Kate proceeded to take hold of the steel beam her fingers easily sinking into the metal. Getting a good grip she proceeded to hoist the metal bar slowly wanting to make sure they saw this was not straining her. A grin was on her face the entire time until she finally held the bar aloft with one hand. Considering that she was now holding two tons above her head with ease it was obvious she could lift more. Setting the bar down and hopping over to another set, these, where actually joined together. Finding the center once again Kate proceeded to lift the heavy beams over her head. While William’s probably wanted her to go with whatever was, the heaviest Kate couldn’t help herself as she went through each of the sets.


All together she figured she had lifted 2, 4, 6 and 8 tons all with one arm and showing no strain. Curiously she caught sight of one of the things that had been brought along. “Am I suppose to stop with the Bar’s or is the Abrams okay?” Kate took a moment to look at the crowd who had went from cool and unconcerned to cool and interested. The fact that she was boasting that she could lift a 32 ton tank seemed to truly peek their interest.


Well we have meant it for other purposes but sure.” Kate grinned not bothering to ask just what those other purposes was. Walking over to the heavy machine she began to size it up trying to figure out just where would be the best place to get a grip. Running her hands along the tank’s armor she knew it was strong but couldn’t really find a spot that she felt could support the vehicles entire weight. At last a idea came to her when she rounded the back. The audience seemed a bit more curious then usual as Kate began to crawl under the tank though she couldn’t see this she should hear the bit of shuffling. As she came to the center of the tank she pushed her up against the armor for a moment. Feeling it was thick enough she finally began to push up with more of her considerable strength.


Slowly the heavily armored vehicle began to be elevated. A grin forming on Kate’s face as she realized this was the first real weight she had felt in a while. Her muscles expanding slightly as more blood began to rush to them. At first it wasn’t clear to everyone watching what was going on until the tank was a few inches above the ground. Some had thought Kate might be using her legs considering that they are normally stronger then the arms. However as she stood up to her full height it became apparent that while her legs where indeed holding up the weight her arms where also holding the machine above her head. There was some clapping from the crowd though not stunned shocks. Kate was glad the treads hid the disappointed look on her face but she had to keep in mind whom she was dealing with.


Still that wasn’t going to stop her from at least attempting to get more of a reaction. Looking up Kate made sure the metal was bending around her fingers just yet then she began to lower her left arm. Instantly she could feel the increase in tension as indeed this truly was enough to give her an work out. The muscles in her lone arm where strong enough to support the weight though it did require her to exert some real effort. Taking in a deep breath Kate lowered the tank until she felt it touch the top of her head then once again she pressed the vehicle back over her head fully extending her arm. As she did this she watched as her biceps swelled though they where no larger then they had previously been the power she held in her arms was still quite impressive. She was holding a 32 ton tank with one arm and actually able to press it over her head.


Kate might have been more careful about demonstrating this if she had realized that the tank actually weighed more then that. Had she actually been taught to recognize certain types of tanks she would have realized the machine she was lifting was not actually an Abrams tank while it did look similar. Williams on the other hand had fully knowledge of this little detail. “My that is quite impressive I think your daughter has just made a very large step in making your sell.” Nathan didn’t respond right away as unlike the military personnel he was some what stunned by what his daughter was doing. A slight wobbling of the vehicle seemed to signify Kate’s arm was giving out however that wasn’t entirely the case.


Williams comment had reached her ears which caused her to lose focus for a moment and on top of that the ground was beginning to give way. While the treads of such vehicles normally tore up the ground fairly easily the fact that all that weight was now focused on Kate’s to feet was drive them into the ground even more deeply. Realizing this Kate finally began to lower herself down to her knees then on her hands. Using one arm to support the vehicle until its treads finally rested on the ground.


A few moments later Kate made her way out from under the heavy vehicle. Looking around at her audience at least they mostly had large grins on their faces now. Though now she found herself at a lost for exactly just what to do. Turning her attention to her father’s direction she made her way back over to Williams and Nathan. “So what is next?”


Well we where hoping you could give us a demonstration of just how quickly you are able to run if you wouldn’t mind.”


Err well I would gladly prove that I can run more quickly then what I showed the media however my clothing couldn’t take it if I ran at full speed. So I hope you don’t mind if I hold back a little bit on that account.” Williams gave a slight nod.


That is understandable though I wish we had thought to bring you something that could withstand the force. One of these days you will have to show us how quickly you can really move. Anyway if you don’t mind would you take your position out there.” Kate turned her attention in the direction of Williams’s finger towards a rather lengthy strait away she had noticed earlier. Between the seclusion and the amount of ground she would be able to cover Kate couldn’t help but think that was one of the primary reasons the area had been chosen. “It is normally use as a targeting range just put some nice fake tanks out there and let the recruits have at it.”


Gee thanks I am not sure that is what I wanted to hear.” Williams just chuckled as Kate took a moment to remove her shoes. Running out to the range she looked around at least they had taken the time to clean the area up. Turning her attention back towards the crowd.


Everyone ready for me to start?”


Go right ahead.” Kate gave a slight nod not bothering to check where the confirming voice had came from. A moment later a huge jet of debris shot up from the ground as Kate’s feet pushed off. While she had kept her speed down to 120mph earlier now she forced herself up to 400mph still not even half of her max speed however it felt like something of a walk now or perhaps even a jog. As Kate reached these speeds the world seemed to alter slightly while she wasn’t moving as quickly as sound waves she was nearing their speeds. This caused something of a distortion she had noticed earlier. It was strange listening to those that did say something the distortion that such rapid movement caused in their voices.


Of course she knew things would look even stranger if she broke the sound barrier. It wasn’t like a jet fighter pilot flying their plain after all. While a jet fighter and its pilots could handle the same speeds as Kate the fighters brain didn’t think or react at the same rate hers did. To a human moving at 400mph was almost an over whelming experience required great distances for them to react. To Kate it was nothing more then a light jog this included to her eyes. This brought about a change of perspective as even the air seemed to grow thicker as it moved more slowly. Where ever her feet happened to strike she could feel the extra force she exerted and had to be more careful to keep her balance.


It was a very strange experience to her even after having her abilities for so long. Of course she also had to keep in mind just how long she had been moving. What felt like ten minutes to her was an extremely short time for the spectators. Curiously she began to wonder just where she should run. Opting to remain in the clear areas Kate proceeded to make her way up several hills even taking the time to run around them a few times. The whole time her feet left rather deep impressions though she only noticed them when she happened to look back. The simple amount of force that she struck the ground with was bound to tear up something. No tire would have done so much damage after all the acts of taking a step and a will revolving are to very different things.


When at last Kate finished her run she felt as if a hour had passed though it had been only a few minutes. The entire area was covered with marks making it look very much like a war zone the effects of having Kate’s feet strike the ground hard enough to send her moving at 400mph. Looking back Kate was still amazed by the damage that moving a few extra hundred miles per hour could actually cause. Turning her direction back towards the crowd, she returned to Nathan and Williams. “So general Williams anything else needed?” As Kate approached, she noticed a rather large grin on the General’s face. “Or does that grin mean we made the sell.”


Oh you made the sell believe me actually you made that earlier you just made the sell worth a whole lot more. Though there is one thing that we would like to try would you mind if we conducted some weapons test?”


Depends on the weapons.”


Oh just some anti-personnel weapons and if you don’t mind some more powerful ones as well if the latter doesn’t hurt you.” Kate seemed to think about this one for a few moments.


Hmm alright. Hey the fact that your buying the data does that mean your going to try and clone or duplicate the results?” Williams gave Kate a some what amused look.


We are going to try to duplicate the results after all that is what makes the data so valuable. The fact that we may be able to figure out how you got your abilities and then enhance others.” Kate had been expecting this though she wasn’t able to mention how confident she was that they wouldn’t be duplicating the results. Quite a few factors had resulted in the development of her abilities after all. Of course the fact that the money would probably pay for her new equipment was another major reason to sell the data and on top of that. Well even with as much faith as Kate had in the government she felt it would be better to sell them what they wanted or risk them trying to acquire it through other means.


Ah then Daddy be sure to charge them a lot.” Williams confident grin instantly turned to a rather amused one as he glanced at Nathan.


Hmm I suppose I should have been expecting that one. That is what I get for saying to much.” Kate simply chuckled and began to remove her clothing though she kept her bra and panties on.


Kate just what are you doing?” Nathan’s voice showed more then a little surprise at his daughter’s actions.


Well they are going to be testing some weapons on me and I don’t want my clothes getting torn to shreds.” Kate just grinned and continued stripping down until she stood in her bra and panties. “If you don’t mind would you avoid these I don’t mind showing off a bit but I don’t want to be in the nude.” Williams gave his head a slight nod though even with all his years of training and discipline he wished he hadn’t agreed so quickly. Still it wasn’t the time for to much pleasure he had business to conduct. “So just where am I going to be standing for this test?” William’s proceeded to indicate a area a little ways out from the stands. Kate hadn’t noticed it before but it seemed set up for target practice.


Right over there.” Kate gave a slight nod looking around for a few moments she wondered just who was going to get the honor. As she made her way over to the stand and took her position she resolved not to tell Jack about this one he would be jealous. As she took her position she found herself waiting for a few moments as one of the humvees’s doors opened up and a few soldiers stepped out. Looking at them for a moment she figured they where actually weapon’s instructors rather then regular soldiers. Kate suppressed a giggle as she noticed the nervous look on her fathers face.


All right miss we are going to be starting with our side arms is that alright?” Kate turned her attention towards the two men who would be gunning her down shortly.


Sure but I can say that won’t hurt me we already tested me against quite a few side arms. You probably want to jump strait to assault rifles.” Kate could see the grin on the soldiers face apparently he was amused by her recommendation.


Well lets not get ahead of ourselves you might have already tested that but we don’t want to risk seriously injuring you. You’re still a civilian after all no matter how strong you are.” Kate just nodded her head. A moment later she felt an impact upon her chest right above her breast. Had she not been enhanced the bullet would have gone strait through to her heart. A slight snort came from her at the soldiers choice of target spots so much for being concerned about her well being. A moment later she felt a few more impacts all of them very well aimed at one lethal part of her body or another quite a few of them actually struck her throat. Standing there Kate didn’t even flinch.


Well it seems you where right about that one tell me did you feel any pain at all?”


Not a bit.”


We are going to switch to a light machine gun in that case.” Kate gave a slight nod as she watched the second soldier retrieve a weapon of their own. Looking at it for a moment she figured it was probably used in urban combat rather then a all out battle field. A few moments later Kate was quite sure of this as she felt the bullets striking her in the abs. As they struck her rapidly, Kate took a moment to dig her toes into the ground. Even with all her strength she was still under 200 pounds and with the rate at which the bullets where hitting her she could actually feel her feet sliding. A grin formed on her face as an amusing idea came to mind and the world began to slow down.


It had been a while since Kate had watched bullets come at her now in her accelerated state she could see them very easily. On a whim she found herself catching those bullets that would have missed out of the air. At least until the weapons fire quit turning towards the stand she waited for a response then realized in her accelerated state she would be waiting for a response for quite some time. Lapsing back into her normal rate of movement she finally heard what the soldier was saying. “Are you all right miss?”


Oh yeah I am fine I got bored and decided to catch the bullets that where missing.” With that Kate opened her hand allowing the rounds to slip from her fingers. The soldier didn’t wait instead simply put his M249 away and turned to his partner.


I know we were going to the M16 after this but I think we might as well switch to the sniper rifle. It is clear that bullets of this caliber aren’t going to have any effect on her.” His partner simply nodded and made his way back to the humvee. A few moments later her returned carrying a rather large rifle one that actually got a whistle from Kate. “Read for this one?” Kate grinned and the two and nodded her head as they got the weapon set up. She was a bit surprised though when they actually took the time to measure the wind making sure the shot was nearly perfect Kate felt the impact right between her eyes. A sudden gasp coming from the stand as Kate was sent on her back.


Everything was silent for a few moments most to stunned to react until they heard laughter coming from Kate. Setting up for a moment, she held the bullet out for a moment. “Caught me off balance.” Nathan instantly felt a wave of relief as he watched his little girl get up entirely unharmed. “Okay lets try that one again see if I can keep from getting knocked down.” Neither gunman replied before firing off another shot this one as well aimed as before. As Kate felt the bullet strike her in the forehead, her body remained entirely strait though she felt her feet slide back a bit. She would have to be careful when bracing herself for such impacts other wise she would get knocked down. It didn’t hurt her in the least but a super strong 180lbs was still 180lbs.


Kate didn’t have to worry about her balance for very long only one more shot was fired before the rifle was tucked away. If the first three shots hadn’t hurt her in the least the others sure weren’t going to do it. “So going to shoot me with that?” Kate proceeded to indicate the tank an action that got the two soldiers attention. They had been preparing to hit her with something more powerful then anti-personnel but jumping to the final extreme seemed a bit much. In truth they didn’t think she could actually withstand a shot from such a powerful weapon. The grin on Kate’s face though told them she was quite confident that she could. Nathan was about to speak up when Williams beat him to it.


While we are quite impressed with what you have shown us don’t you think that would be going a little far.” Kate grinned for a moment.


Well lets see I lifted the entire tank with one arm and even curled it. Which means I can deliver several tons of force with one arm further more I can move nearly as fast as a bullet fast enough to catch them from this range. Now unless that tank shell weighs several times more then the tank does and travels much faster I bet I can take it.” Nathan was more then a little stunned to hear his daughter behaving in such a reckless manner. It was true that she had taken down Copperhead with ease but she was volunteering to allow herself to be shot by a tank very few would do that even those with enhancements. Still he also could see some of her logic as he imagined the power that one of Kate’s punches must be packing. The fact that her punch would probably be like being hit by a tank moving at 1,000mph made him wonder if he was just being paranoid.


Nathan wasn’t the only one thinking about this one as Williams grew silent. His mind set being similar to Nathan’s he finally spoke up. “Are you sure you want to try going that far already? I will say right now it isn’t necessary we are already quite impressed.”


Come on let me see if your little gun is enough for me.” Quite a few of the spectators turned in Williams’s direction who finally spoke up.


All right lets see.” Kate’s grin was more then a little smug as she watched one of the gunman walk to the vehicle that she had been holding over head only a few moments earlier. Watching as he climbed into the vehicle she was surprised however when it started up and moved into position without anyone else. She felt herself suddenly unnerved as she realized what she assumed to be an Abrams tank was being driven by a single person which simply didn’t happen. The majority of tanks required at least three crewmen which meant she was about to take a slug from a new model. As this realization sunk in the world seemed to slow down as Kate pushed her senses to their max. If the shot came out to quickly there was no way she was going to stay in one spot.


She didn’t bother telling anyone this as the machine took aim and fired. Kate watched as the shot came out of the barrel moving roughly 3 times her max running speed still there was enough distance for her to think about it. One of the perks of moving and reacting at such rapid speeds. The shell was pretty large and she imagined that whatever it was made of was pretty darn heavy though no where near as much as a tank. So while it might be moving even faster then her punches it didn’t have the same force behind them. Then there was the matter of the rough point at the top of it. It would focus more of the force in a single area then her fist would. Considering all this Kate couldn’t bring herself to move as she instead chose to tighten her abs making sure the rocket slammed right into them.


Nathan didn’t know what to think as he saw and heard the explosion. He had just let his little girl take a shot from a tank. Immediately he felt a great amount of concern well up inside of him as he realized what might have happened. Kate had seemed so certain though that he hadn’t though to question her. Now he found himself nearly panicked as he scanned the area for his little girl.


Kate lay on the ground letting out a light groan of pain as she tried to stand up and fell back almost immediately. The impact reminded her of a horrifically stout punch having knocked the breath out of her. As she lay there gasping for air she tried to relax and figure out just how far she had been knocked back. Already she could hear her father crying out to her groaning and realizing how worried he was Kate finally managed to find the will to force herself to stand up so that her daughter could see her. The look on Nathan’s face told her just how worried he had been and that she was going to get a lecture on the way home. All well it had been worth it as she remained standing bent over trying to catch her breath. It would only be later that she would notice the explosion had burned her clothes off and just how far she had been thrown. At least one thing came out of the event everyone watching was quite impressed.


She did feel kind of silly though after all with her police training and knowledge of knives she should have figured how much more effective focusing all that sort into a single point would be.



Kate grumbled to herself as she lay on her bench press machine. It had been a few weeks since she had put on the little show for the military and she had a major problem. Her exercise equipment hadn’t been able to provide her with a decent work out for a while now but ever since her showing off with the tank it hadn’t had any effect on her what so ever. This had only grown more extreme as her strength had continue to grow and now a new problem was beginning to develop. Sighing and setting up Kate proceeded out of the room and into Jack’s once again finding him at his computer. Ever since the little show for the army he and Nathan had been working on getting her new exercise equipment ready. She was grateful for all their efforts but it meant Jack spent less time with her. She was able to temper herself with the knowledge that one reason he was working so hard was for her and he wanted to see her show off that badly.


She had resolved to let him work unless she had something important to talk to him about and now she did. “Jack mind giving me a moment?” Kate was quite pleased by how quickly he turned his attention from his computer after a quick control s.


Yeah sure what is wrong Kate?”


Well it is just ever since my exercise equipment quit giving me a work out. Well not ever since but a few weeks ago I began to feel different. I didn’t bother mentioning it to you simply figuring it would pass but every day err I don’t know how to put this?” Jack gave Kate a curious look realizing she actually wanted to talk to him about something that may involve her health.


Have you began feeling weaker?” Kate seemed to think of this for a moment then shook her head.


No that wouldn’t be the word for it which is kind of a surprise. After all if you don’t use your muscles you tend to lose them yet mine seem to be doing just fine. Though I hmm I feel like I am standing still.”


Umm would you mind elaborating on that a little bit.”


It is like I am standing still or I have found a speed and am staying at it. Sort of like I was accelerating always moving faster by body growing more powerful more and more quickly. Since I haven’t been able to do any of my exercises though I have just felt like I am stuck in one spot or at least slowing down.” Kate glanced over at Jack who seemed to be thinking about this.


Do you think it could have been because your body was always changing and growing so quickly? I mean at first you where gaining the ability to lift a few more pounds per week however lately it has been a few more tons.” Kate took a moment turning her attention towards her arm she slowly formed a bicep before applying some pressure with her free hand.


You think that I can actually feel my body strengthening? Then wouldn’t have I noticed it starting up?”


Not necessarily if it was like you put it earlier a acceleration process you might have simply slid into it to easily thanks to your slow start up. You may only be noticing it now because it was such a sudden change. Well that is one theory I don’t think it is harmful though after all your cells have been doing nothing but improving for over a year and a half now.”


I don’t like it. I don’t feel bad or anything but this feeling of being stationary again even if it isn’t painful I can’t help but feel it is annoying.” Kate was a bit perplexed when a chuckle came from Jack.


Well who likes having to slow down? Of course that is just a theory we may be able to test it though when your new equipment is ready.” A long sigh came from Kate as she proceeded to roll her eyes.


And just how much longer is that going to take?”


Err don’t you have patrol in a little while?” An annoyed snort issued from Kate knowing that comment meant he had no idea. She wasn’t sure exactly what the two of them where working on but she hoped it would be worth the wait. Of course even if it wasn’t there wasn’t really anything she could do about it. This was one thing that her strength wasn’t going to help her wish. Shrugging her shoulders Kate proceeded to lean forward and give Jack a kiss on the neck.


Yeah I suppose that it is about time for me to get to work. I might as well leave out a little early since I am not going to be getting anything else done. Kind of makes me wish that we had been more honest with the public though so that I could get some exercise while running around.” Jack simply continued to grin as he watched Kate head out. Kate had her work shift moved shortly after the press conference to make better use of her abilities. She now spent her days working from 7 at night until 3 in the morning. She would then come home and sleep for 4 hours and wake up fully refreshed.


While this meant Jack missed out on the night time cuddling it also meant that he got to wake up each morning with Kate around. Something which he valued over going to bed with her near by after all that was saying goodbye and he much preferred to be saying hello to her. Turning back to his computer monitor he was quite grateful that he and Nathan had began the plans for Kate’s new equipment before they had even acquired the money though. The complexity of what they where working on was a bit more then he was use to. He hadn’t mentioned it to Kate but he no longer spent his time designing anything rather he spent his time looking over the current progress.


Still he and Nathan intended on Kate’s next generation of exercise equipment as being something that would last her for several years. An extremely difficult task considering how rapidly Kate’s strength was increasing. This meant that her new equipment had to extremely adaptable and applying far more force then any hydraulic press could. After all even if it could give her the needed tonnage finding a alloy that wouldn’t simply mold around her hands was another issue. A grin formed on Jack’s face as he looked over the plans grateful that he had been zoomed on a specific section upon Kate entering the room. It hadn’t required him to shut down the file and seem suspicious. Clicking zoom all he looked on what they would consider Kate’s new training equipment in its entirety.


He and Nathan had finished designing it some time ago now simply getting the thing build was the major issue. They had broken ground shortly after Kate’s dealings with the military and the money had been transferred. It had surprised him how readily the military had paid for the information he figured they would want to check it to make sure what they wanted was there. It made him wonder if they knew more then they had been telling or if perhaps Nathan’s reputation had helped things out. It also made him a little nervous that they would end up disappointed or make better use of it then he realized they could. Then again perhaps it was their way of helping Kate out they did seem pleased to have a new super being who they actually knew.


He only felt even more nervous that he had no idea if they where happy with the data or not. “All well at least the reporters quit pestering us.” Jack thought openly to himself as he looked at his computer screen once again. While the media had been excited about Kate’s appearance, it had only lasted for around a week. It only took one incident for the Justice League too once again claim the spotlight. He didn’t mind that though after all Kate was trying to keep a low profile despite the fact that she now regularly ran through the city at 100mph. She had to be careful not to tear the equipment she had with her apart as even if she could take down a entire gang herself she had no way of transporting them. Rather she relied in calling in other officers for that ask. Still Kate had been able to make good use of her powers especially when it came to emergencies that where called in. Unlike a normal police woman or man she wasn’t slowed down by traffic but could easily wave around the slowest moving of vehicles.


This meant she didn’t have to depend on people recognizing the sirens and pulling over but could easily shoot past them. Jack soon found himself unable to focus on his work as he rather focus his mind on Kate. Wondering just what she was up too at the moment if she was already rushing towards a crime seen or if her night was as slow as usual. Thoughts of Kate also reminded of her mentioning the feeling she had. Truly he wondered what the cause of that could be however with the difficulty of getting a blood sample for Kate these days it was so very hard to know exactly what was going on with her.



I bet your not even going over one hundred.” Kate set in the passenger side seat of the humvee blind folded so that she couldn’t see where they where going. Jack had worried about this early on unsure if Kate had developed some ability to since her surroundings. Luckily at least for the moment Kate had no extra since while her eyes where insanely sharp they couldn’t see through solid matter. This was a good thing as far as Jack was concerned after all he and Nathan had been working on this surprise for Kate for quite some time now. Kate wasn’t actually sure just where they where taking her only that Jack insisted on going there and that she should where a blind fold since it was a surprise.


Now a few hours into the drive Kate had wished he had waited until the last hour to show her the way there. “Don’t worry Kate we are getting there. Sorry it is so far out of the way but we figured you would want privacy for this.” A long sigh came from Kate who slumped back into her seat realizing that had she been able to fall asleep she would have finished a rather lengthy nap by now.


Well you didn’t need to blind fold me right away.” Jack simply chuckled.


Yeah sorry about that one I guess I got a bit over excited. It isn’t like you have ever been here before either. All well you just keep yourself handicapped for a while longer.” Kate just rolled her eyes and leaned her head against her window for a while longer.



Alright we are here.” A relieved sigh came from Kate who finally was allowed to take off her blind fold. As she did, she was some what shocked by what she saw. A rather nice two story building stood in front of her not extremely massive but big enough.


Jack, this had better not be a bank or I am going to disconnect you from the internet when we get home.” Jack grinned expecting as much from Kate after all he had just kept her blind fold and no doubt quite bored for over three hours. Still, he felt that she would forgive him and even enjoy the suspense once she got to look around. Climbing out of the vehicle he made his way over to Kate’s side and opened the door for her.


Now don’t go making any plans for revenge until you see what is inside. I think you are going to be spending quite a bit of time here.”


A three hour drive? Hmm well I suppose if I could run the distance myself I could come back here and visit it more often that way I wouldn’t have to deal with your slow driving. Though I don’t exactly see why I would do that.”


Don’t judge a book by its cover.” Kate turned her attention towards the front door where she found Nathan exiting. A grin formed on her face as she finally realized that perhaps Jack had indeed taken her out this far to show her something worthwhile. At least if her father was there, they had a good reason hopefully. Kate was a bit surprised when she felt Jack’s arm wrap around her at first she wondered what he was doing until he began walking towards the entrance. Kate didn’t bother resisting as easy as it would have been but rather allowed Jack to lead her up to the door and even open it for her. As she walked into the building the two men followed shortly behind.


Alright so what is all of this?” Kate was getting more then a little curious just what this was all about. While she now felt assured that it was something Nathan and Jack felt she would enjoy and thus probably would she wasn’t quire sure about it.


This is what the lion’s share of the sales money for your data went for. I think you will be quite pleased with your new exercise equipment once we show it to you.” Kate couldn’t help but stair at her father the news seeming more then a little shocking to her.


You mean you built a entire facility for me to exercise at. What did you get more then you expected and decide to go over bored?” Nathan once again took the question as Jack continued to lead Kate along.


Only a little this facility was actually planned from the start though we did get more then expected. This allowed us to take things a little further and to rush construction as well without sacrificing quality. Also it helped a lot that Jack and I had already planned out the facility from top to bottom.” Kate simply wore a thoughtful look on her face as she began to wonder just what all they had done. Looking around she noticed several rooms and had to assume they where meant for various things.


So where is the exercise equipment?”


Well there is a lot of minor equipment but we wanted to show you the main things.” The group finally came down to a set of stairs that lead downward as she followed the men Kate found the basement was far more sparse then the upstairs. Though as she walked she couldn’t help but notice a rather odd sound as a strange feeling went through her. She opted not to tell Nathan or Jack feeling she was probably just getting excited. It didn’t take them long to come to a solid grey door. Looking at it for a moment Kate realized that it was some kind of alloy this was incredibly fitting as Nathan opened the door and ushered them in. What Kate found herself was a room lined with the same type of alloy that had been on the door. Except for a few lockers that stood close to the door as well as some windows. “Kate welcome to your main exercise room.”


Kate took a moment to look around as she saw no massive machines not really much of anything actually. Simply a few seats and areas for her to lay down at though they looked quite solid. “Umm guys where is the equipment?” Nathan grinned having expected his daughter’s reaction.


Lay down over there.” Kate followed Nathan’s finger to an area that seemed set up for a bench press. Sighing she made her way over to it and lay down looking up she watched as he then retrieved to small objects. After handing them to her he and Jack proceeded to put some distances between themselves and Kate. Kate for her part found herself holding to metal spheres setting up she gave the men a rather annoyed look wondering if they where just funning her.


All right guys get serious.”


Oh trust me we are serious and we will prove it in just a second. Computer activate sphere one 40 tons free weight style. Kate you might want to get a better grip on it.” Kate gave Jack a odd look but decided to humor him she was grateful she had decide too as a moment later she felt a rush of energy. She quickly realized that the energy flow into the area must have increased and what she felt earlier wasn’t simply nervousness. Whatever was in the basement required a great deal of energy to function. Kate felt an incredibly strong jerk upon her arm only moments later as the weight of the tiny object rapidly increase. In roughly a minute Kate felt like she was trying to hold up the tank once again. A task that even she found difficult as although her strength had increased since the event it hadn’t grown enough to make it overly easy.


Whaa what?” Kate was more then a little surprised as she felt the tiny sphere’s weight jump so rapidly. Curiously she began to do a few curls with the sphere. Jack and Nathan simply looked on as Kate’s look of shocked turned into an amused smile to a rather wide grin as she began to get her first decent exercise in a long while.


We realized that standard machines had their limits so we designed this room for you. It takes a lot of energy however it can exert a pretty darn strong pull on those spheres. It can also control their movement so you should be able to simulate just about anything exercise you want.” Kate took a few moments to look up at her father. Falling on her back she held both the spheres above her as if doing a bench press.


So do I just tell it what I want and it simulates it?” Nathan and Jack gave a nod. “Computer activate sphere to as well, increase weight to 50 tons on each.” A few moments later Kate felt the force being applied to her hands though she wished she had a bar to help insure her arms stayed even she still felt the situation as good enough as she began to press the spheres. The extra tonnage being needed to make sure she used all her muscles involved to full effect. A low whistle came from Jack as he considered that Kate was now benching a good 100 tons. Kate for her part couldn’t help but smile though that was beginning to waver a little as she had to focus to lift the massive weight. “Does the computer listens to just anyone’s voice or just a few?”

Just a few we didn’t want to risk you getting injured. It will respond to me or Nathan as well as yourself. Though to go beyond 100 tons for each sphere you would have to go to the main control room over there and reset the limits.” Jack proceeded to point towards the adjoining room the one whose windows Kate had noted earlier on. Kate grinned quite broadly realizing that the energy she had felt earlier on had been caused by the amount of power it took to produce such effects. That and considering the technology that had probably been used Kate wasn’t surprised it had sucked up all the money the sale had made.


Are you two sure that it is safe for you to be in here with everything running?” Nathan and Jack looked at each other for a moment.


Yeah we are pretty sure the walls may look like metal but they are actually a extremely good insulator there shouldn’t be any risk of getting shocked or worse.”


Then I wonder what is this feeling I noticed it whenever I came down here and it seemed to get even stronger once you had everything power up.”


Well I don’t feel anything think your senses might be causing it?” Kate thought about this for a moment then took in a deep breath.


Probably hey would you two mind turning on the cooling? I am beginning to get kind of warmed up.” Kate was a bit perplexed when Nathan walked out of the room and came back a few moments later cool air beginning to circulate. “You programmed the computers so that it would work by voice to turn on this insanely expensive weights. Yet you did not take the time to make the air-conditioning voice activated?” Jack and Nathan seemed to blush a bit at this over sight.


Oh sure make us sound like idiots.” Kate found herself shaking with laughter as the two men seem quite embarrassed. It was a pretty silly over site as far as either one of them where concerned. At least they had gotten all the important details down though Kate was more then pleased with her new work out equipment.


Hey just what was in all those other rooms and what was upstairs?”


The majority of the other rooms have different types of equipment for you as well as for testing other aspects. There is a room made for you to work on running, biking and the likes we even got a swimming pool put in for you. Then there is a snack room and a brake room incase you want to wrest.”


Now that doesn’t sound like you spent all the money on this room.”


Well they are all-important details of an exercise routine after all we doubted you would want to run home every time you want to take a drink of water or watch some tv.” Kate simply chuckled as she nodded her head in agreement.


Well I hope you fellas don’t mind but I am going to take some time out to get back into my regular exercise routine.” Nathan nodded and started to leave the room when he noticed Jack walked to one of the areas Kate wasn’t using and sit down.


Aren’t you coming?” Jack got a rather large grin on his face.


Heck no I am going to stay here and watch.” Nathan was a little stunned but this soon turned to laughter as he left the room. Kate simply smiled turned her head and winked at Jack before focusing on her work out again. She figured there was another reason for them lining the room with whatever alloy they could use. Considering how much weight was currently being exerted upon Kate she imagined the room had been built incredibly strong. As she considered this she wondered if that meant it was strong enough to actually keep her trapped in it. Turning her attention towards the control room, she felt safer with it there. The thought that was the reason it had been set up to give her an extra feeling of safety seemed to make a lot of since.


This was soon pushed to the back of Kate’s mind as she finished her bench press, curls and leg extensions. As she went through her exercises, she began to notice a feeling other then her body simply warming up. While it could be defined as a form of warmth it wasn’t quite as intense though far more pleasant. Curiously she found herself working even faster throwing a few more reps into each set she did. Jack of course noticed this change in pace as he began to wonder what Kate was doing. She normally pushed herself that was true but she had a nice steady routine that she seemed to prefer the fact that she was putting extra reps into it now seemed some what strange. “Jack I think I can feel it.”


Feel what?”


My body changing. Remember how I mentioned I felt as if I was missing something a few weeks back. I think it is coming back. I mean my body feels so warm all of a sudden like energy is coursing through it once again. I think I can feel my body changing it feels like a warm light is growing within me.” Jack at first didn’t know what to say at the idea that Kate might indeed be able to feel her body strengthening. Surely it would require at least a few days for her muscles to rebuild after she had finished her exercises. He shook his head at this thought Kate’s strength was building so rapidly that he couldn’t really begin to understand just how her body was working. Indeed her strength may be growing so quickly that she may very well be able to feel the changes happening within her.


Are you alright? I mean does it feel like your going to be okay?” Jack rose up from his seat unsure of just what to do. He had some thoughts of running to get some medical equipment but knew that wouldn’t work out. Kate’s body didn’t work like a normal humans anymore so even if he did check her vital signs he couldn’t be sure of anything. Even with all the time he had spent analyzing her before hand he couldn’t be sure. The only thing that he had learned for sure during those studies was that Kate’s body was becoming infinitely more complex then a normal human beings.


No actually it feels really good. Though I am beginning to feel a little warn out I suppose that my exercising still exhaust my body more rapidly then it can build its strength.”


I suppose so but still …able to feel the changes going on inside of your body.” Large smiles soon adorned Kate and Jack’s mouth as she continued to exercise. He had concluded early on that any changes Kate’s body made to itself where advantageous and now with it so hard to test her neither saw any reason for worrying about it. So far the results had proven positive and hadn’t shown any signs that she was going to be turned into some type of monster. It wasn’t like Kate was doing anything different from what she had been then either. Despite the greater complexity and ability of her equipment she was still simply pushing her body to grow even stronger just as she had been doing the entire time. As Jack looked on though he found himself imagining that indeed every time Kate lifted a weight or exerted herself. Her body grew a little stronger that the second time her wonderful biceps lifted those weights they where a little stronger then the first.


Jack continued to observe as Kate gave attention to each part of her body. It had been several weeks, well over a month since she had gotten to give her muscles any attention and it seemed she was ready to make up for some lost time. The result being that by the time she was finished with her exercises every last bit of her body was fully pumped. “Now that is a site to be hold.”


Kate grinned and took a moment to flex one of her fully pumped arms. “Thanks. Now I suppose with all the money you men put into this place you at least had sense enough to set me up a shower.” Jack grinned and gave a slight nod.


Yeah I will show you the way.” Kate smiled and began to follow behind Jack almost forgetting to have the computer shut off her weights and put them away. As Jack lead Kate through the hallways he had to be careful to suppress a chuckle as he decided to tease her a bit.


Oh and don’t worry about privacy here we installed a pretty nice security system. We have cameras all over the place.” Kate simply nodded her head when a flash of recognition hit her. Just where Jack was taking her she wondered if he was just teasing her or if he was serious. Well she could play at that game as well.


Yeah to bad you can’t simply take a bath with me. Still the kind of bath I take would scald the flesh from your bones.” Jack’s grin went away almost instantly.


I swear you just have to ruin my fun.” This did get a giggle from Kate which was at least worth a grin from him.


Well that is what you get for trying to tease me. I know my daddy well enough that he wouldn’t let you spy on his little girl when she was in the shower. At least not without my knowing it and in a facility he helped design.” Jack nodded in agreement.


Once you get out of the tub me and Nathan will have another surprise for you.”


Really what is it?” Jack gave a knowing grin turning as if he was going to tell her.


It is a surprise.” Now it was Kate’s turned to pout as they finally made it to the room that held Kate’s bath/pressure cooker. Opening the door for her Jack ushered her into the room then closed the door. Proceeding on down the hallway he figured he would find Nathan on the upper floor probably in the recreation room.


Kate looked around herself for a few moments as she did she couldn’t help but notice the radio set into the walls as well as a television. A grin formed on her face as she wondered how she was going to watch tv once the glass fogged up. She would talk to them about that later on for the moment she made her way over to what would serve as her bath tub. Stripping away her clothing and reveal her toned body. Kate took a moment to admire her fully pumped muscles before climbing into the area that would serve as her bath. As she reached out to shut the door she couldn’t help but notice it didn’t feel like it was made of glass. Running her fingers along it she couldn’t help but wonder if it was some special-made plastic or polymer she couldn’t really be sure.


Shrugging her shoulders she slid the door shut and listened as the latch went into place. The entire change sealed air tight. “I hope they didn’t forget to make the radio voice activated. Computer turn on the radio and start going through the stations until I tell you to stop.” A moment later Kate heard the radio switch on. As the computer began to switch through various stations Kate looked around on just how to turn on the shower. A few moments later she came across what she was looking for. To tiles on the floor one blue and one red as well as a silver one. Tapping the silver one it lit up Kate then proceeded to press down on the red one. At first she found herself covered in hot water though not as hot as she desired.


Holding the switch down she noticed several numbers appear above it and realized that it was showing her the temperature in Celsius . A snort came from Kate since she didn’t have much experience with the temperature scale. It didn’t take her long to find out that at 100 degrees though water vaporized as she found herself engulfed in steam. Continuing to keep the pad pressed down Kate brought the temperature steadily higher until it finally reached the want she was hoping for. A long sigh came from Kate as she breathed in the air and for the first time in a long time felt what she considered to be real warmth. Just how long could she hope for this feeling? As her body grew more powerful temperature extremes where beginning to mean less and less to her.


This had proven the issue with her home shower as she had grown more powerful even it couldn’t provide her with the kind of heat she desired. The ability to walk through flames will do that to a person was the main thought in her head. “Hmm I wonder if I could try cleaning myself off in raw flames?” A slight chuckle came from Kate as she imagined herself standing in a white-hot jet stream enjoying the heat. “Well perhaps later.” At the time she didn’t think even she could enjoy such heat extremes for the moment she was content to enjoy her bath. It didn’t take her long to find her soaps tucked away in another floor area apparently they had focused on strengthening the walls and didn’t want to risk anymore open or inconsistent spaces in them then they had to. The radio would end up simply cycling through various stations as Kate enjoyed her bath.


Jack looked at the outfit in the mirror the specially made suit was meant to be Kate’s uniform of sorts. As he looked at it though he couldn’t help but think how small it was. “I swear I would hate to try to wear this. The darn thing would crush me.” Nathan simply chuckled as he held one as well having had a couple made for Kate. The two men knew that wasn’t an exaggeration on Jack’s fault. The material while rather stretchy was also very strong meant to hold onto Kate very snugly. The idea was to keep the material tight to her skin so that it would only have to deal with some friction and no lose ends would risk catching. Since the garment had been made with Kate in mind, it was horrifically tight and indeed would have crushed the life out of a normal person.


Jack’s smile wavered a bit as he got off on a serious subject. “I worry that Kate is leaving me behind.” Walk over to one of the seats and setting down. “It didn’t really bother me at first but something she said a few moments ago and now this sort of brings it home. She mentioned that if I where to try to bath with her at least the type of baths she enjoys I would end up being cooked and now. With her knew clothing if I was to try it on I would get the life crushed out of me. I wonder what is going to happen next it seems that everything about Kate’s world is growing outside of my reach.”


You are not alone there I have to admit I am beginning to worry about my little girl as well. People normally think of power as something that would free you but with Kate with her power growing so much it is also going to separate her from the rest of the world. At least if she wants to enjoy things like she did while she was normal. I mean look at the weights we had to make her how many people have to use such extreme tools to build their strength? Heck just like you mentioned the bath or the pressure cooker she considered a bath would steam a human down to their bones in just a few moments. I can’t help but worry that all these changes aren’t good for my little girl.”


Nathan proceeded to walk over to Jack. “Have you noticed that I haven’t really given her a hug in a while?” Jack looked up from his seated position seeming to think on this for a while.


Yeah I suppose so. Why is that?” A long sigh came from Nathan.


Because I can’t give her the type of hug that I use to. Kate and I developed a habit of giving one another bear hugs shortly after she began to put on some real muscle. I was so proud of her one day I squeezed the wind right out of her a few moments she caught me with my muscles relaxed and did the same. Since then it has been something of a content. One that I can’t win now. Though that isn’t the real problem if I did hug her I doubt she would feel the same I mean really. Hmm well I suppose since you might be my future son in law.” Jack let out a slight yelp as he felt Nathan pull him from his seat then wrap him in a bear hug.


A long grunt came from Jack as he felt the air squeezed right out of them before being dropped to his seat. “Do you think I could give my little girl a hug like that anymore?” Jack didn’t response right away as he took the time to suck in some much needed air.


No … I suppose she … wouldn’t” Jack’s words where a bit delayed as he took in a few much needed gasp of air. He would have to find a way to get Nathan back for that one. He wasn’t really made about it but still he would need to get some revenge later on. Though considering the difference in their strength he might have to wait until Nathan was old enough to need an oxygen tank so that he could play with the valves some. He pushed this thought to back of his mind for a moment. “Well at least we can help to protect her in some ways.” Jack proceeded to look around the room.


Yeah by helping her to increase her power. I suppose it is the only way that I can really offer my little girl any protection anymore. Still, even that is getting difficult.” As Jack forgot about the baerhug he had received a few moments earlier her drug himself up from his seat.


Well I suppose we should go check up on Kate.” Nathan gave a nod and followed Jack out of the room leaving the outfit he had been holding between. As they walked Jack took the time to attempt to stretch out the clothing. Using both hands and holding onto the neck area he put as much of his strength into it as he could. The material hardly even yielded a quarter of an inch. As he continued this game they finally made it outside the room where Kate was bathing. Neither man attempt to open the door though incase Kate opened up her shower. Even if it wouldn’t be fatal the idea of standing in a room that would be filled with scalding hot steam didn’t appeal to either one of them.


They had actually taken this into account when constructing the room as a light on the door warned if Kate was showering or if the room’s temperature would suddenly be jumping to over 100 degrees Celsius. “Hey let me see that.” Jack gave Nathan a curious look when he realized he was talking about Kate’s clothing he handed it to him. Taking hold of the outfit Nathan tried his head at spreading the collar area. Grunting with effort he actually managed to get it around 1/3 of a inch expanded though that was his best. It would still have choked anyone to death as indeed they where relying on the strength of Kate’s neck muscles to avoid her getting strangled. Though they doubted Kate would feel the slightest discomfort after all hands that would lift a tank would be required to strangle her.


Lets try this together.” Nathan looked at Jack who took hold of one end of the collar while Nathan held onto his. Nodding both men began to back up putting all their strength into opening it up. While Jack wasn’t as strong as Nathan he was still fairly fit and Nathan was able to get a good deal of his strength into it. Using their weight and the majority of their body’s strength including their legs, both men attempted to stretch the collar. A few moments later it was opened up an inch and both men where exhausted. Of course they moment they let up the material snapped back into place. Taking in a few deep breaths both men simply grinned and shook their heads. No human would be wearing Kate’s new clothing that was for sure.


Leaning against the wall at last the light flipped off signaling that Kate had finished her bath. As Kate climbed out of the bathtub she was suddenly hit by a rush of cold air as the environmental controls sot to lower the temperature in the room. Looking around curiously she considered how hot her bath steam had been and realized the reason for this. She would find the towel in a air tight compartment no doubt meant to keep the moisture from her steam baths from getting to them. Wrapping one of them around herself she was some what surprised when she found Nathan and Jack waiting outside for her. “Hey fellas decided to greet me?”


Well actually we thought you might want this.” Jack, handed Kate the outfit a moment later. As she took it in her hand she noticed the odd texture of the material. “Hm I figured you would have some spare clothes for me while I was here but I wasn’t expecting this.” Looking at the full body outfit Kate noticed how small it seemed. The mixture of blue and red that covered the outside of the outfit brought a grin to her face.


Don’t worry about it fitting it is made to stretch.” Kate’s look of concern vanished from her face and she gave a slight nod.


Well then let me try it on.” Stepping back into the bathroom and shutting the door she continued her examination of the material. The red covered mostly the interior of the outfit such as her inner thighs, arms and the palm of her hands. There wasn’t any material that actually covered her fingers Kate figuring this was for two reasons. One to show she wasn’t hiding who she was by trying to cove up finger prints and the other was so she wouldn’t tear the material as easily if she grabbed something. After a few moments she found the seem that would open the garment up along the back. Letting her towel drop from her Kate proceeded to open up the seem and climb into the outfit.


The material stretch quite easily as far as she was concerned though she noticed she was using more then 8 times what most humans would have been able to put out. As the garment covered her figure she wasn’t surprised out all how tightly it hugged her form figuring this was meant to be her work out clothing and for her to really be able to use her abilities in it. As she finished getting dressed Kate took a few moments to look herself over in the mirror. Even though the clothing was hugging her as tightly as a second skin it felt quite comfortable to her. The pressure it did provide felt to be even less then her normal clothes did while she was still human. Taking her time Kate proceeded to stretch her arms and legs making sure the material wasn’t going to rip. After satisfying her curiosity with that she once again opened the door.


I don’t think this is something I would want to wear on patrol for the time being but still this is kind of nice.” Jack couldn’t help but look Kate over wishing that she could wear the outfit while it did cover her entire body except for her fingers it hugged her so tightly that it was a joy to behold. They where only a few areas that had been especially fitted to ensure they weren’t too blatant most notably the crotch and breast regions still Jack enjoyed the view.


So how much of my speed should this let me use?” Jack was to busy admiring the view to answer leaving Nathan the job.


It should at least let you brake the sound barrier without tearing it to shreds. It can handle quite a bit of heat and friction provided you don’t get a tear in it. The moment that happens and you might as well say good by to a section of your outfit.”


Hmm so I take it that means it is pretty hard to tear?” Nathan gave a nod.


Yeah you don’t have much to worry about. Just don’t go taking any more shots from a tank.” The look Jack gave Nathan told him right away Kate had neglected to mention that little detail to him. “Yes your crazy girlfriend allowed a tank to shoot her and not a ordinary one either. No she had to stand in the way of a Cyclops.”


Oh so that was that bastard’s name.” Nathan gave a slight nod.


Just as mean as the Greek myth. Though it got its name from the fact that it only require one pilot to handle all of its operations.” Kate gave a slight nod she had realized that it wasn’t a normal tank when she realized only one person was going to be driving it. She had simply been a little over confident in her abilities. As Kate noticed the worry on Jack’s face she couldn’t help herself.


Don’t worry sweety a few weeks of working out and those shells won’t even faze me.” Jack grinned a bit though it was clear he was still nervous.


Well I would prefer if you would avoid getting shot by shells that weigh more then you do but I guess that is good enough.” Kate simple gave Nathan and Jack a kiss on the cheek.



Kate felt more then a little strange as she made her way through the city streets. Checking out various vehicles as she passed at least by keeping her speed down to 120mph she had plenty of time to check into peoples vehicles as she passed them. Still she couldn’t shake how silly she felt as she considered how slowly she was moving compared to what she was capable of doing and now that she has some clothes that could withstand the force it seemed even stranger. Not that she was wearing it at the moment rather she found herself in a modified police uniform. The uniform was actually the main reason she felt silly as she had given up certain bits of equipment. Her baton and firearms had been left at home since she had revealed herself to the media she didn’t need them.


Instead she found herself carrying small bits of electronic equipment upon herself. Some of which had been provided by her father so that she could carry more equipment as she no longer had access to the computer she would normally keep in her car. A small computer on her side now took care of that task while her baton had been replaced by another small device that linked her directly to the station. It felt strange and she couldn’t help but think she looked silly luckily no one else seemed to think that. She had left Jack only a hour ago so their was still a decent amount of day light out not that it would really matter. Her eyes could see through the pitch black of night time just as well as anyone else’s could seeing during the day. Having a rather boring time Kate considered ticketing a few people those that seemed to take her a little longer then they should to pass them.


She pushed the thoughts aside after all she hadn’t seen any major violations or none that she considered worth giving the person a ticket. What she wanted some real fun perhaps a gang fight or something where she could put her abilities to some real use. Yeah that would have done her though she would have liked for it to at least involve ten people. They wouldn’t last her very long as she had given a strength level to the media high enough to explain her ability to nock someone out cold with a single punch. It still would have had a bit more excitement then a lone mugger. Kate took a moment to scold herself mentally realizing that she was out seeking excitement again not a good thing for a police officer. It was just ever since Copperhead she had felt a slight decline of the rush she once felt.


This was to be expected though as ever since her abilities had really come into play she hadn’t had to worry about any normal criminals. They had no more chance of defeating her then an infant had of defeating its parent. A giggle came from Kate who took a moment to actually do the math. In all truth unless the parent was over 4,000 times stronger then its infant a normal criminal had even less chance of defeating her as far as their physical strength went. The fact that certain disturbances where better suited to other officers was another matter. While Kate could deal with armed robbery and help in high speed chases she wasn’t sent to domestic disturbances to often. Considering she would have to wait for someone else to arrive to actually retrieve the offender.


Kate felt a rush of excitement as her radio went off though she was a bit disappointed as she was informed of the situation. “Well at least it has some promise.” Came from her lips as she deviated from her current path and began to head towards the residential areas. Taking alley waves in order to decrease the amount of time it actually took her to arrive. There had been a brake in and the officers where currently searching the area in hopes of finding the perpetrator. While this wasn’t exactly the type of case Kate would have preferred she understood why they would want her to help out. They would already been officers on seen to pick up the suspect and she could search the area far more quickly then a human could.


Kate was more then a little pleased with herself as she arrived on seen and realized she had made it in under 5 minutes. Previously it would have taken significantly longer considering that despite their sirens people didn’t always get out of the way depending on how traffic was. Also she could handle curves at 120mph far better then any car possibly could added to that the fact that she could take short cuts that vehicles weren’t allowed it was little surprise she decreased her time to a fourth of what it usually required to make the trip. She didn’t bother talking to any of the other officers who she saw driving and walking around the area having gotten the information she needed over the radio.


As Kate began to search around she actually had to be careful to keep in mind she was searching for a human on foot. This was actually a major issue as she didn’t want to risk over estimating a how much distances a human could travel and risk searching a wider area then she had to. However, just as important she didn’t want to risk underestimating and not searching a wide enough area. A task made some what difficult since as her powers grew her perception on things began to change. A few miles weren’t a decent job or walk anymore instead it was right down the road or a short distances away. Still her heightened senses proved themselves to be extremely useful as Kate began to listen for anyone that sounded winded. It didn’t take her long to find to find three likely targets which she soon decreased to two as they came in the direction of the police officers most likely the two that had given chase first.


It didn’t take Kate long to close the distance that the suspect had managed to put between himself and the police officers. The man giving out a quite audible shout when he suddenly found Kate standing directly in front of him. The man he fit the description of the person they where after and there was another thing. As Kate scanned the man her nose caught with of something that she could have sworn she had smelt before. At first she wasn’t sure though her senses had become more active she hadn’t give much thought to her sense of smell as it seemed less important then her sight and sens of touch development. Now it seemed that sense might have improved along with her others though not as rapidly. “Are we stealing so we can support a drug habit?”


The look on Kate’s face was more then a little patronizing as she took a few steps towards the crook. When he pulled out a fire arm a few moments later she groaned inwardly. While she had shown off for the cameras she hadn’t shown herself to be powerful enough to explain simply standing there and letting herself get shot. Anyway she wasn’t sure how much she really wanted to torment the poor fellow. After all from the way he looked she doubted he was exactly enjoying his current life style just had a problem he wasn’t quite able to fix himself. Her tone switched from patronizing to a more friendly one. “So do you watch the news?” The man gave her a curious look then a nod. “Then you probably know that isn’t going to work on me. Now why don’t you just put the gun down and give up? You can’t out run me and whatever weapons you may have on you aren’t going to work.”


Considering that the guy didn’t start shooting right away and how nervous he looked Kate couldn’t help but feel a little sorry for him. It was probably his first offense at least the first he got caught and he was seemed nervous enough. She resolved not to let him do something that he would regret and quickly moved to his side. Between his own nervousness and the fact that he was trying to keep his weapon trained on a target that could move 120mph at least as far as the public knew it was easy to get out of the weapons line of fire and to his side. Taking the guns barrel between her fingers Kate debated on her next action but went ahead. She easily compressed the metal until it was ½ its original diameter far to small to let a bullet travel through.


The shocked youth gave something of a jump and stumbled backwards only to be caught by Kate’s hand. “Now we already established that I am faster then you. So why don’t you just settle down and come with me. What is your name?” Kate was a bit disappointed in the fellows choice of actions a moment later as she began to struggle in a vain attempt to escape her grip. Shrugging her shoulders Kate gave the fellows legs a slight kick. Catching him before he could fall to the ground Kate supported him with one arm around his waste while she used her free hand to handcuff him. “Lets just forget that you pulled a fire arm on me shall we? Your in enough trouble as is and I kind of feel sorry for you.”


Kate couldn’t help but feel a little strange at this comment. The guy had pulled a weapon on her normally she wouldn’t have cared how nervous or scared he was. She would have been willing to beat him to a bloody mess for threatening her with a dangerous weapon. Plus probably been a little upset as he struggled against her. After all it was his choice to brake the law problems or not. Still she couldn’t bring herself to take weapons as seriously as she once did. Looking back she debated on retrieving the weapon but at last resolved not to. She would on the next person who pulled a weapon on her though she would probably avoid crushing the barrel. This time she would cut the fellow a brake and avoid having to ask any questions that she didn’t really want to answer. A short while later came upon the other police officers the man tired from struggling against her but still not talking.



Kate ran swiftly down the highway far more quickly then she had revealed to the media easily topping 300mph as she made her way towards what was now considered her gym. Though it had grown to be more then that over the last few weeks. Jack tended to spend a lot of his time there and indeed the facilities had been designed with such things in mind. Kate had learned a few of the rooms weren’t actually for exercise but where bedrooms. This made since to Kate though as unlike a normal gym she was really the only person that would be using most of the facilities there and the equipment was more advanced then what Jack had at home. This was quite helpful for keeping better tabs on her progress and to make things even better they had finally managed to get a new blood sample from Kate.


Well the blood sample she could have done without and she wasn’t sure if it was so much a good thing. Jack had attempted to analyze it but had broken into a storm of swearing one night. Went to the indoor pool and spent a few hours just floating waiting for his head to quit hurting. Kate had learned later on that he had finally given up on trying to understand just how Kate’s cells where working and simply went to recording data. The fact that her cells where getting so complex didn’t bother Kate though it did surprise her. Though in all reality it probably shouldn’t of considering how much stronger and faster she had become. There was simply no way that she could be that powerful and resemble human to closely. One thing that did concern her a bit was Jack had mentioned a slight glow and even shown it to her.


It seemed that if the room was made completely dark and Kate’s blood was still fresh it would glow a odd pink. It wasn’t bright enough to become a light source but after Jack had informed her that at first it was only noticeable through a microscope she had gotten a little worried. The idea that she might turn into an over size flash light didn’t appeal to her at all. Her fears had been put to rest though when Jack had informed her that she didn’t herself glow and that her skin seemed to contain whatever it was. This finding had still prompted Jack to start using radiation shielding when working with Kate’s blood until he found out what that glow was. He didn’t want to make the same mistake as scientist in the past and give himself radiation poisoning or some new form of cancer.


Kate had agreed with this sentiment after all she didn’t like the idea of his attempts to help her being what brought Jack to his grave. Slowly down Kate fell back to her 120mph as she began to approach a few more vehicles. As she passed the cars she waved to some of the passengers holding herself at 120mph until she was out of their sight then once again accelerating to 300mph. Despite these delays she had learned that she could easily turn a three hour trip out of the city into a 40 minute one by alternating between her speeds. This made it practical for her to travel back and forth between the city and the facilities in order to exercise. Though it wasn’t as practical for Jack who still had to rely on motorized transportation that and obey the speed limits something which Kate didn’t have to do. She also had the advantage of being able to run along the side lines easily and not get slowed down by slower moving traffic.


As Kate turned onto the road that would actually leave up to the facility she was glad they had managed to find a location with nothing but trees for the most part. As Kate quickly jumped from 300 to 550mph holding herself back not quite wanting to brake the sound barrier. A grin formed on her face as she was instantly made grateful for the outfit Jack and Nathan had made for her. She kept her uniform at the station and would switch into her special-made clothing after work and wear it on her way to work as well. While this was some what risky she was normally moving to fast for people to really notice just what she was wearing. That and the odd hours she worked meant there wasn’t a whole lot of traffic at least relatively speaking.


As the facility came into view Kate slowed her pace down to a trot. Taking her time to look it over. The building was of a odd size as far as she was concerned. Far too large to be a home or a simple gym the design also push such things aside. However it wasn’t large enough to host any major organization that she could really think of. The thought that perhaps a well to do hunting club or group of religious nuts might be able to use a building of its size did occur to her. Once again though not an extremely large group. “Just the right size to seem out of place.” A slight chuckle came from Kate as she pronounced her final opinion on the structure. Way to large and generic looking to be a ordinary building but not large enough to clearly show a tie to a major organization.


So far out of the way that it couldn’t help but be suspicious however a necessary trait to give Kate the privacy she needed. Snapping her fingers, Kate finally settled on the notion that the facility looked just the right size for a mad scientist to house his research project. The thought that she was the research project only seemed more humorous. Finished with her musing Kate finally went up to the door and looked at the overly sophisticated lock. “Most assuredly a mad scientist’s place.” With that typed in her 15 digit password and placed her finger against a pad. The moment it read Kate’s finger prints and opened up she stepped in. Grateful that at least her finger print hadn’t changed do to the alterations going on inside her body. Focusing on her hearing she could hear the sound of the machinery though that wasn’t her goals.


The regular breathing of someone sleeping told her that Jack was still in bed. Reaching back Kate proceeded to pull her outfit off watching as the material contracted in upon itself as it no longer had her muscles to spread it apart. As the outfit shrank Kate stood entirely nude and made her way back to her room. At first she considered taking a bath but resolved to take care of that later on. At the moment she wanted to get her few hours worth the sleep so she could be fully awake when Jack was. Once again grateful that her body had adapted so that it was needing less and less sleep. At the moment she only needed between 4 and 3 hours worth the sleep to be fully rested. This allowed her to fix her work schedule so that 4 hours of her work day where spent while Jack was asleep.


Though not all of this time was spent together as Jack was still a natural computer addict and required what they now referred to as internet time. Kate wasn’t entirely guiltless on this matter herself though as even she needed her alone time. She simply chose to spend the greater amount of her alone time relaxing in the swimming pool, jogging, watching tv or a whole slew of other things. The tv time was the biggest issue and the best way she had learned to get Jack to leave without actually asking him. As she had learned, he and she had very different ideas of what was a good show. While Kate tended to rather enjoy legal proceedings Jack found them to be horrifically boring. He had never said it though they both knew it as every time he would find her watching anything involving law enforcement he would simply make his way to one of the computer terminals and partake in his hobbies.


Upon making it to her room Kate soon opted for bed after slipping into some undergarments and a t-shirt. Another oddity Kate had began to adapt to as she lay in bed was that she no longer would cover up. The cold didn’t bother her any more at least nothing like she had felt in quite some time. Thus she had no need of covers the only time she actually would cover up was when with Jack cuddling or whenever some impulse moved her to. The impulse most often brought on by the thought of how much more of her human life was going to slip away from her because of her powers. It was actually something she was coming to fear though she never mentioned it to Jack. She also made no mention of the fact that her training session had almost become a addiction for her. The fact that ever since her body had been strengthening itself since she had to quit exercising for a while. The feeling she now enjoyed and noticed was like a drug. These thoughts didn’t bother Kate for long as even in her enhanced state sleep found her quickly when she sought it though it could never hold her for long.



Jack moved quietly down the halls feeling some what strange thanks to the size of the facility. It had been a feeling that he hadn’t been able to shake ever since he had moved it there was simply too much space for two people. It was even stranger then living in a mansion by one’s self as far as he was concerned. As the entire structure was something of a lab and gym combined into one with a living section. He had actually began to wonder if this setting was good for someone’s mental health. As he made his way passed Kate’s room he took a moment to ease the door open thankful that she never locked her door. Looking in on Kate’s sleeping form he noticed she lay uncovered.


He knew that it felt nice enough not to need covers even if you where a human and that Kate had even less need of such things. Still as he looked upon her. He couldn’t help himself from making his way into her room taking a moment to find a sheet. He laid it over Kate’s form giving her a curiously look as he set down beside her bed. “So do you trust me this much?” Jack kept his voice down to a whisper though he knew if Kate was awake she could hear him even then. Still he found himself admiring her sleeping form and how she remained asleep despite the noise he made. He wondered if Kate’s body and mind had simply become so accustomed to his presence that it felt no trigger to wake up no threat. Curiously he wondered if it would upset Kate if he conducted a little test.


Wrapping his own hands around his neck Jack restricted his own breathing unpleasant as it was. He wanted to make sure his voice came out correctly. “Kate …help.” Jack felt a rush of wind looking up he found himself looking strait into Kate’s eyes while her face showed more then a little anger at first. For a moment Jack thought he was about to lose his head as he watched her gaze quickly scan the room. When her eyes only found him in there though it went away to a curious look to a grin, until she fell back onto her pillow. The entire event took less then a minute but it was at least 3 before Jack found the willpower to set up again. That look had scared the daylights out of him especially considering how powerful Kate was. The fact that she had fallen back to sleep so quickly after only finding him in the room was some what perplexing though.


Though he could feel his heart pounding inside his chest Jack’s curious nature got the better of him. Standing up he approached Kate’s bed, reached down and placed his hand against her throat. Nothing happened Kate remained entirely still and simply continued sleeping. So she responded to his cry for help and went strait back to sleep yet she didn’t respond to his hand on her throat. A moment later his fingers returned to her neck those this time attempting to tickle her. This time she did respond in that her right hand came up and brushed his away while her body convulsed in a giggle for a moment. A playful grin appeared on Jack’s face quite glad he had managed to wake up before her as he continued to harass her with tickles.


Several times Kate brushed his hand away until at last her hand ceased his and Jack found himself pulled across her body. A slight yelp came from his lips as Kate’s arms wrapped around him scared that his experiment had just cost him his life. Instead he found himself wrapped in Kate’s embrace quite similar to the ones he had enjoyed while cuddling with her though this time his arms where entirely bound. Struggling to free himself for a while he continued until his strength was exhausted. “Umm Kate would you let me up.” No response. “Kate please let me up?” Once again no response. “Kate are you awake?” No response. Jack was soon to be grateful that Kate had already had 3 hours of sleep as he only had to spend a short while unable to move.



Kate didn’t feel entirely wrested as she began to wake up though she felt good enough. As her eyes drifted open it didn’t take her long to notice that there where two things amiss. One she had some covers on herself and two she had a hold of Jack. Unsure of just what had happened she looked at Jack who had a sheepish grin on his face. “Alright which one of us has some explaining to do?” Jack blushed a bit.


I do.” Kate grinned and tightened her grip on Jack enough to cause a bit of pain though nothing serious.


Well then you best be getting to it.” Jack considered his options for a moment if he wanted to leave out a few details. He opted not to deciding to give Kate the entire truth.


You see I noticed you where uncovered when I managed to wake up before you and decided to cover you up. However, upon entering your room it struck me that with your senses having been enhanced so much that it was kind of odd that I didn’t wake you up. I assumed that it was simply you didn’t consider me a threat thanks to your strength or because you where comfortable around me. In order to test this theory I restricted my breathing a bit and called out for help. I didn’t expect it to work considering how obvious it was. However you did respond quite rapidly I must say. I guess your subconscious told you that I was in trouble and your body reacted without you really becoming aware. I imagine that had I actually been in trouble you might have become entirely aware but as it was you feel back to sleep rather quickly.”


Kate gave her head a slight nod. “Go on.”


Well after that I decided to see if you would respond to a threat in a similar manner so I put my hands around your throat. I didn’t try to strangle you as I knew my strength couldn’t hurt you anyway. I suppose it was a bit dangerous but you didn’t even respond to this. I suppose your body can recognize when you are in danger and it felt something with the strength of a fly wasn’t worth moving over.” Kate gave a slight giggle considering that she was more then 4,000 times Jacks’ strength that was a fairly accurate comparison.


Okay so you where testing me without my permission hmm. Now tell me how did you end up in my arms.” Kate tightened her grip a bit more reminding Jack of an overly snug seatbelt.


Well I decided to try one more thing so I went to tickling you. At first you just brushed my hand away until suddenly you reached up and well. I ended up like this.” Kate loosened her grip on Jack though she didn’t allow him to get up yet.


So did you discover anything through these tests of yours?” Jack gave a nod.


It seems that whatever alternations your body and brain went through to allow you to move and respond more quickly. Also, makes your body and mind respond more closely together. Though I haven’t done enough tests to be sure, I assume your body responds more readily to emotions then a normal persons’. I think your body may be capable on acting upon your emotions without the full consent of the conscious part of your brain. Your body is its own animal if you where at least more so then what a human’s is.” Kate gave Jack a serious look.


Is this something that I should be concerned about?”


Well this is all speculation from my part from a few amusing tests. It could be that you’re simply more prone to sleep walking of course. The only reason I am willing to go this far is that you seemed to search the room when I called for help and your emotions clearly changed. That said if it is true I don’t think it is something you need to be overly concerned about after all you where able to recognize me.” Kate seemed to take this in for a moment as Jack watched the expression on her face he was a little surprised to see how well she was taking it. Though he didn’t feel she has any reason to worry or at least that worrying wasn’t going to help with anything even if she did. At last Kate released her grip from around him and rolled him over onto his back. Setting up she looked down at him.


Then if there isn’t anything to worry about I suppose I should make you pay for tickling me.” A moment later Jack found himself unable to move and hardly able to breath as Kate seemed able to find every ticklish part on his body.



So how did your work go last night?” Jack looked up from the plate of scrambled eggs he was currently working on towards Kate. She had finished giving him the tickle torture a few minutes ago and now he found himself preparing breakfast. Not that Kate was actually forcing him to he had actually volunteered for the task. He wanted to make breakfast for them in the first place after all his playing around had simply delayed his efforts. Kate for her part was setting at the dining table absently bending and unbending a metal bar. “Where the heck did she get that?” Ran through his mind for a moment and he began to search the area for signs that Kate had broken something.


It well enough made a few arrest caught someone trying to out run the police.” Kate went silent for a moment as if thinking on something. “Hey Jack what is the difference between your every day crook that is willing to kill and those with abilities beyond human?” Jack considered the question for a moment.


Well I would say it is pretty obvious one is a lot more dangerous then the other. Why do you ask?” Kate stuck her tongue out at Jack.


I know that. I mean well you know that I killed Copperhead and even though the official report is that it was self defense we both know I am far to powerful to have really been threatened by him. Well last night I caught someone on the room who pointed a gun at me. Though he never fired I didn’t really give him the chance to pull the trigger. Now everyone seems to feel that Copperhead deserved to die because he was a murderer but wasn’t that guy willing to kill to.”


Oh I see where this is going. There is a difference between willing to kill and enjoying it you know. After all how many people did Copperhead kill and how many did the guy you arrested last night kill?” Kate turned her head seeming to mule this over in her mind a little bit. “Kate, even if they had the same mentality there is the danger factor to other people as well. Even if that guy had the same desires as Copperhead he simply wasn’t as powerful.” Kate gave a slight nod.


I suppose the more dangerous something is to ones’ self and others the more seriously one needs to take the situation.” Jack gave a nod of agreement starting to give his opinion when Kate snapped her fingers.


Oh that reminded me there is something I wanted to talk to you about. I think my sense of smell has been improving.” Jack gave Kate a amused look here she was getting him worried that she was going to start doubting her actions and now she wants to talk about what she can smell.


Huh what makes you say that?”


Well last night when I caught that guy I could smell drugs on him and let me say I don’t mean a little bit. I mean that either he had spent the last 24 hours in a smoke-filled room filled with 80% smoke or my sense of smell has gotten stronger. Do you think we could do some test to see if I have improved any in that area?”


I suppose so but I am not sure if we really have the equipment to test that one. Why don’t you get a hold of Mark and see if he could help out in that area?”


All right, but could we do some testing here first? I don’t want to get him out only to find my nose is only slightly better then humans. Also depending on how much it has improved. I really don’t want to seem like a nut.” Jack chuckled at this.


Yeah I suppose I see your point. I will see what I can dig up after breakfast. Just how should we go about testing you though. Mix two substances together and see if you can pick them out or perhaps try for small amounts?” Kate seemed to think on this for a few moments.


Well I think being able to locate something would require both talents to be honest with you. Why don’t you try to come up with something and I will see if I can find it.” Nodding his head Jack was a bit surprised when Kate brushed him aside and took over the cooking. “You go ahead and get started while the smell of the food can help mask things.” Nodding Jack dashed out of the room and towards the lab section of the structure. As he made it into his lab he looked around trying to figure out what would be good for this little project. A short while later he found himself feeling a few small containers with very small amounts of ethyl alcohol. Deciding it was the best substance it wasn’t exactly the type of alcohol one would drink considering it was meant for lab use. It would do for this task at least.


Kate do you want me to go ahead and hide them while your still cooking?”


Yeah go ahead and thanks for the heads up.” Jack wondered what Kate had meant by that then considered how sharp her other senses where. She would probably be taking steps to ensure she didn’t get any idea of where he had put the containers. As Jack worked his way through the facility he was reminded of just how large it truly was as he head each one of the containers. He didn’t worry too much about concealing them as Kate seemed to want to use her nose and he trusted her not to cheat. A short while later he returned to the kitchen to find the plates ready. “All set.” Kate grinned and took a bit of her eggs.


After we eat I am going to blind fold myself then I will need you to make sure I don’t bump into anything.” Jack was a bit surprised he had expected Kate not to cheat however he hadn’t expected her to go that far.


Are you sure that is a good idea? You might end up braking something.” Kate giggled a bit amused that for once that something most likely wouldn’t be her.


Don’t worry I will take things easy.”



Jack watched curiously as Kate wrapped some medical tape around her head several times putting quite a few layers over her eyes. She didn’t seem to think that closing them would be good enough and was insisting on ensuring she couldn’t see. Curiously he called out to her. “Hey Kate why don’t you try seeing through that?” A moment later.


Nope that is a no go.” Jack snapped his fingers a slight chuckle coming from him.


Dang. All well I guess I shouldn’t be surprised so far it has only enhanced what you naturally have after all.” Kate nodded her head in agreement as she finally stopped bandaging herself though it was only because she had ran out of tap.


All right now just what am I trying to find.” Jack took a moment fishing in his pocket he pulled out the vial. Holding it up under Kate’s nose, the moment she sniffed a curious looked appeared on her face. “Since when do you keep alcohol around and why does it smell funny?”


It is for some experiments in the lab and the reason it smells funny are some handy chemicals that are mixed in with it. It doesn’t interfere with its use well so long as you know how they react and ensures no one drinks it.” Jack’s mouth nearly hit the floor a moment later as Kate simply inhaled through her lips and the liquid was gone.


Taste kind of funny.” Jack snorted a moment later.


Well I suppose we don’t have to worry about you going blind.” Kate simply giggled and took a moment to get a weft of the air. A few moments later Jack was following her through the facility only giving her directions when it looked as if she was going to hit something. Still Jack found himself more then a little impressed by how easily Kate was finding her way around. Recalling her sense of touch he wondered if she was giving new meaning to being able to feel your way through. Jack wasn’t the only one noticing this either as Kate found herself seemingly able to feel any large structure that she was about to encounter. This was handy as she didn’t much feel like leaving dents in the wall considering how much it might cost to fix. Of course considering her exercise room she wondered if this might be the one place that she didn’t have to worry about damaging the walls to much.


The entire process took time and Jack was grateful that he had left the containers out in the open not requiring Kate to feel around. Still as he followed her he noted how easily she located each one of the containers never entering the wrong room and always going in at least the general direction. It took her a while to distinguish the direction the scent was coming from a few times. Still this was more then a little impressive to Jack as he couldn’t smell a thing a thought hit him a few moments later. “Hey your not cheating and going by my reaction or something are you.”


Nope.” Jack gave Kate a scrutinizing look the tone of her voice didn’t seem to be hiding anything and she did actually want to find this out for herself so it didn’t seem likely she was pulling his chain.


Alright just checking.” Kate felt Jack’s lips press against her neck a moment later. Smiling she reached back and pulled his head around to her face. Pressing her lips firmly against his she gave his rear a few good pats before moving on.


We can do that later, searching now.”


Dang now you got me wishing I hadn’t hid so many.” Kate simply giggled at Jack’s comment as she continued her search. Jack in the mean time growing ever more grateful for how sharp her senses where as it only required her a short while to find each one of the containers. The fact that she didn’t seem to notice the different in volumes each held was quite a bit more astounding. Kate would only realize the difference a short while later after setting the containers down and removing her blind fold. As Kate found herself looking down at the containers she couldn’t help but grin.


Well I think it is time to call Mark and set up some other test.”



Mark felt more then a little odd as he led Kate towards the training center. He had shocked enough whenever he had gotten the phone call and informed that Kate wanted to test her since of smell. Now here he was leading what had become his prized officer towards the same area they used to test police dogs’ sense of smell. Jack had managed to come along for this one though it had meant they had to leave early three hours early actually. This of course meant he wouldn’t be going back home until Kate was ready for work. Of course Kate felt as strange as Mark did and hoped that no one was going to see her doing this. While at home it had seemed, kind of fun walking around it was a different case when there was someone else there other then Jack.


Alright now Kate are you sure you want to go through with this. I mean it does seem a little strange.” Kate couldn’t help but blush a bit.


Well I admit I feel silly however if I can do the same things as the dogs then I can start relying on my nose more. Who knows perhaps we can make it official so that my news can count for probably cause when I smell drugs.” Mark gave a slight nod it would be handy to have an officer that could not only travel around the city quite swiftly but who could work as if they had a canine unit with them as well. He wasn’t exactly sure how he was going to get the paper work put through of course but figured that would come after the testing. Kate’s anxiety jumped a level as they reached the testing area and she found Eddy waiting for them.


Well I got everything set up for you fido.” Kate stuck her tongue out at Eddy.


Your just jealous that I may not have to work with a stinky dog.” Eddy just rolled his eyes at the comment.


Hey she is a lot better partner then you. Doesn’t complain nearly as much.” Kate gave Eddy a curious look that turned into realization a moment later.


Well I hope you two are happy together.” Both Eddy and Kate chuckled while Mark and Jack simply rolled their eyes as the two swapped insults.


All right then how about we get started?” A moment later Mark set a few containers in front of Kate each of which held a white powder. Taking a seat a little way away Jack watched as Kate sniffed the air lightly and proceeded to indicate which ones where drugs and which were other substances. The process only requiring her a little more time then the test at home as with her enhanced senses of smell she still had to know something’s scent to tell what it was properly. Jack couldn’t help but find the entire process quite amusing as he watched Kate put her nose to work.



What? What?” Kate looked over at Jack who was still shaking with laughter. Having just watched Kate finished her test he couldn’t help himself. She had passed them as well as any canine unit though that wasn’t the most amusing thing about it. Eddy had handed her a dogs collar with Kate written upon the tags once she was finished. Though she refused to wear it she was holding it in her hand. Kate finally simply grinned while she had past the test she wasn’t sure if her nose would count as a dogs just yet. Mark would have to do quite a bit of paper work and explaining most likely before he could get that one passed still he was going to try.



Kate couldn’t help but grin as she stood within the locker room getting dressed for her patrol. Though it wasn’t in her altered police uniform rather, it was a civilian outfit. Her dog license as it where had went through. She could now legally search and arrest someone based on her sense of smell. This was made even more remarkable by the fact that Mark had managed to get the paper work through in bit under a week. The fact that he had come up with a favorable result made it all the more interesting and now they where ready to use her. Her job was a simply one she would patrol the rougher neighbor hoods and see whom she could track down. Today she would be spending a lot of her time searching for dealers.


Unlike previous times though she didn’t need to actually buy any illegal substances she just had to smell it on them. The fact that she was effectively walking around with a canine unit was going to make this an extremely easy task. Of course one couldn’t actually perform such a act with a dog considering how much attention it would get and the danger. That was another matter Kate didn’t really have to worry about. Unlike a normal officer she didn’t need any back up to protect her. Rather those officers who would be helping her out where purely there to get anyone that she arrested. After all even though she would be unarmed she was far from defenseless and anyone who made the mistake of shooting her would simply be charged with assaulting an officer with a lethal weapon.


Taking a last glance at herself, Kate nearly skipped out of the locker room. As she made her way outside and found Eddy waiting for her she quickly took the passenger site seat. “Well guess I am going to have to deal with your slow driving once again.”

Just until we get to the drop point then I just have to shadow you.” Kate nodded in agreement as they drove off in the unmarked police car. There would be other officers close enough by but once again they where entirely there for pick up. This meant shadowing Kate was going to be extremely easy as in truth they just had to remain within 5 minutes of her position. Indeed the fact that Kate was pretty much invulnerable to any weapon she was likely to find on the street was going to make this an extremely easy task.



As Eddy drove off leaving Kate to walk the wrest of the distances where she was going to begin her assignment, she had to force her smile down. Taking in a deep breath of air she could already pick up several substances though the majority weren’t illegal they where quite unpleasant to smell. Oddly she found this didn’t bother her as much as she figured enhanced senses would have. A giggle escaped her lips as she figured this was probably to avoid her getting over whelmed. The thought that if her senses had simply enhanced without being able to handle, certain extremes would make it possible for a stink bomb to take her down seemed quite amusing.


Her mood hardly even changed as she began to make her way through the buildings simply letting her nose lead her. This was extremely useful as it took all the guess work out of the situation. As she began to approach a man dressed in a rather over sized coat she grinned as within her current range she was sure of what that jacket hid. He for his part gave Kate a rather miss trustful look. The lack of cation she had taken preparing for this showed. It was quite clear to him that she was either a rooky cop or someone who didn’t have a damn idea what they where doing. Which meant he wasn’t about to risk that she was a police officer by selling her anything. A grin formed on his face as he prepared to simply tell her that he wasn’t selling anything. His grin faded the moment Kate got up to him. “Your under arrest for possession of illegal substances please lay down flat on the ground and put your hands behind your back.”


WHAT THE FUCK, BITCH YOU GOT TO BE KIDDING ME.” Kate couldn’t help but giggle at the man’s reaction. Of course it served to gain the attention of nearly everyone in the area almost immediately.


Now no need for that. Either you comply right now and get on the ground or I will make you.” The guy was now visibly upset apparently he hadn’t expected Kate to come out in such a direct fashion. Of course what Kate was doing would have normally be illegal after all she would need a reason to make an arrest. However, with the paperwork now official she could. Based simply on her sense of smell. A moment later she fished her license and badge out from a side pocket.


Fuck this.” Realizing the man wasn’t going to comply Kate simply reached out. Taking hold of his right arm at which he tried to jerk away. Only to find he couldn’t budge Kate in the least and that he was on the ground a second later with her hand cuffing him. “What the fuck, get of me.” The man was clearly upset at Kate’s actions after all she normally couldn’t treat a civilian in such a manner even with her enhanced strength. A grin formed on her face as she couldn’t help but think how much she loved her new abilities. She was so caught up in this that she didn’t notice a few people coming up behind her.


You heard the man.” Kate only noticed the fellow behind her when he spoke up. As she finished cuffing the one she had downed she stood up to notice a group of people around her. One of them flashing a weapon this got a giggle from her.


I guess my back up is late in coming.”


Girl you just made a big mistake.” The fact that Kate only grinned as if she found his threat amusing seemed to anger the fellow. As Kate took a moment to look around, she noticed that her backup wasn’t actually late but instead they where holding back. Apparently they saw this as a good chance to make a few more arrest.


What do you want to join your friend here?” Apparently the group hadn’t heard of the red headed super fem police officer or didn’t think it was her. This was fine with her though perhaps this was going to be more fun. The look upon the man’s face was quite priceless as Kate’s attitude seemed more then a little unnerving. Of course she doubted he was going to back down considering how many people where around. No he wouldn’t dare to lose face in front of so many people and she doubted the others would as well. A moment later Kate’s hunch was proven correct when the man struck out with his right hand. The impact landing quite solidly on her face she even felt the rough edges of a few of his rings not that they hurt in the least.


The cry of pain that came from his lips on the other hands showed how much force he had put into the impact. “Eww that was assault you realize.” A moment later Kate drove her fist into the males stomach as she did so she found herself actually able to detect what she was hitting. A rather solid layer of muscle underneath his clothing quite a bit of a surprise to her. It mattered little though as his human building didn’t stand against Kate’s strength. She felt that wall of muscle even give way. The force of the punch actually lifting the guy a few inches off the ground suspended by her fist. As the man gasped for air Kate removed her hand allowing him to fall to the ground. “So who else wants to try?”


At this point Kate fully expected everyone else in the area to catch onto just what was going on. The fact that she had easily downed one of their numbers with a single punch should have been proof enough that they where out matched at least in her opinion. This proved to be a false assumption though as a moment later Kate found herself engulfed.


Eddy watched in amused silence at first seeing Kate have her fun with the first of the group. However as the crowd seemed to fall in on her he had to resist the urge to rush out and help. Calling to mind just who was under that mass of humanity he was glad a second later when he saw another person downed. Leaning back into his seat he watched as each one of Kate’s punch easily took down one of her assailants.


Now this wasn’t fun as far as Kate was concerned. She had expected the people to turn tell and run the moment Kate had downed their apparent leader. As this had proven not to be the case she was actually getting annoyed. The idea of downing a few thugs had seemed fun at first but now as she fought them she was bored. They simply didn’t give her enough of a time to really be worthwhile. She was a bit surprised thus when she felt a knife slash her back. The blade didn’t damage her skin in the least however it did cut through her shirt. Looking over her shoulder as she held two of the gang members by the throat waiting for them to black out. She grinned at the person who had drown a knife on her. “You might want to try something else.” A moment later she let the two men drop to the ground as several people backed away.


It was a pretty nice group Kate realized as 11 people where at her feet and a few more where left standing. As they surrounded her realization finally seemed to set in. “Shit is the bitch from the news.” Kate gave the source of the words a stern look not appreciating them.


What are you going to try and run away now? It won’t work the best thing you can do now is surrender.”


Yeah lets see if you’re faster then this.” Kate could have dodged easily or moved to floor the man as she watched him draw a fire arm from his side. As she looked at the sawed off shotgun she couldn’t help herself. A few moments later Kate felt a spray of small beads cover her upper torso shredding a good deal of her clothing. The man’s smug look faded the moment he saw Kate still standing.


I don’t have to dodge.” Kate’s smile had by now turned into nothing more then a smirk. The entire event had actually ceased to be amusing thanks in part to her inability to have any fun. She would have liked to tease these fellows a bit and to really put them in some pain but that would get her into some trouble. Even now she imagined she might hear some complaints about internal injuries perhaps or the fact that she had simply knocked some of them out. The fact that she had to work within the confines of the law and avoid most things that would to easily get the police prosecuted was a big disappointment. As a few people looked in stun aw Kate heard someone else cry out and a moment later she felt herself covered in bullets.


Of course quite a few missed though none hit the people around her she made sure of that. Kate’s arms became a blur as she snatched several bullets out of the air. Though she allowed others to strike her skin further tearing away her clothing. As the bullets struck her Kate couldn’t really get the same amusement out of the situation as she had several before it. This was thanks in part to her having to worry about bystanders and how badly she hurt those that was currently assaulting her. When at last the hell of bullets stopped even Kate’s smug grin as gone. “You do realize that you just used what is considered a lethal weapon on me. I could snap each one of your heads off for that and call it self defense. I recommend you get on the ground now.”


Of course Kate knew this wasn’t the truth. Yes they had used what would be considered lethal force on her however she hadn’t been injured. Thus she had no reason to claim she had feared for her life and while she might get away with killing the occasional person based on such grounds five people where out of the question. Mark probably wouldn’t be able to cover up such a slaughter and in all truths she didn’t really want to conduct such a one. She had came into this expecting to get shot after all she just hadn’t expected it to be so boring. As those still standing complied Kate took her time binding them up looking around she tried to figure out if they all belonged to the same group.


Needless to say they did as she realized none of them wore the same colors so to speak. The fact that they attacked her probably had more to do with her taking down the dealer and the fact that she was in a neighborhood that just hated police. That wasn’t a really big deal to her though in fact she figured she would have to come back more often. Though perhaps when she had a sturdier outfit as she looked at her tattered clothing. She glanced over at Eddy who just waved to her. Eddy had of course realized that his police car wouldn’t be enough to load up all these people and had already called in some extra cars. It seemed things hadn’t went quite the way they had expected.


It had been expected that Kate could just catch them individually letting her nose lead her. That simply wasn’t going to happen it seemed as one of the major problems was she appeared to be alone. This tended to make her attackers more bold then what they would have been other wise. Quite a annoying situation, the fact that she had walked up too boldly didn’t seem to help matters either. As she looked around though she wondered if that would have changed the next time she came to visit. After all surely they would learn to simply stand down. As Kate heard the sound of sirens, she soon found several other police in the area and two ambulances. A moment later she felt Eddy’s hand on her shoulder and was surprised to see him holding something her uniform.


You have got to be kidding me we probably altered every dealer in the neighborhood.”


Oh I wouldn’t know about that I am not sure they would give up a night’s business or at least the entire one just because one incident. Though let us see if we can avoid incidents like this. Besides it isn’t your clock out time yet and even if we have to just roaming the area I think we can achieve some good results.” Kate gave a slight nod and was ushered into one of the ambulances for a moment. A few minutes later she stepped out fully clothed in her uniform.


Alright lets see how this goes.” Taking in a rather deep breath of air, Kate was surprised that she smelt some other chemical substances in the area. Looking around she recalled the ambulance rolled her eyes at her own quick assumption and headed out. Eddy stayed back for a while setting in his car. He decided he would have to talk to Mark about having Kate simply walk through here on a regular bases letting her nose lead her. Even if she didn’t get to make any more arrest he couldn’t help but think that it would make for a good deterrent.


As Kate scanned the area she noticed the streets had emptied out a bit though not as much as she expected. It made her think that the time she spent in the woods had caused her to forget just how use to sirens these neighborhoods really were police or ambulances. Still as things calmed down the amount of people on the streets began to swell once again. Kate soon learned word traveled quickly as she found herself being yelled at. Apparently she wasn’t welcome in such areas but that was to be expected. She didn’t let this openly bother her after all she wasn’t out there to be a heroin she was out to protect people by enforcing the law. This meant she was naturally unwelcome in certain environments. As the term pig was shouted out to her more then once she turned towards a group of teens. She couldn’t arrest or injure them for being brats. “That is super pig to you little punks.”


As Kate continued to follow her nose she didn’t make any point of pursuing anyone. With so many people watching her everyone who had something to hide seemed to know to duck out before she came around. She actually wondered if anyone would be dumb enough to try and pull off a shot at her. To their credit despite the insults and comments she endured no one was that foolish as it would only earn them a trip to jail. As Kate walked along she didn’t realize it but her since of pleasure had begun to return as her demeanor took on less of that of a protector and more of a predator.



Mark looked through a few of his files a rather long sigh escaping from him. It had been two weeks since Kate had begun patrolling the less pleasant neighborhoods and she had done a good job. That said it was also beginning to get a few complaints as she had went a little further then he would have liked well actually a lot further. She hadn’t killed anyone or broken any bones but her tendency to deal a punch that sent most people to the ground was something of a issue. Especially when she so easily could have restrained them. Still the fact that her new abilities made it so easy for her to find people made him reluctant to take her off the beat. “You wanted to see me?”


Mark looked up from the stack of papers as Kate walked into the room. “Yeah take a seat.” Kate set down in front of Mark a few moments later noting the large stack of papers between them. “Kate do you know what these are?” Looking them over Kate didn’t look angry, smug, defiant or pleased with what she saw. Rather she looked a little down though still herself.


Misconduct reports I assume about me.” Mark gave his head a slight nod.


It seems some people don’t appreciate the way you been handling the situations. Now to be honest I really don’t care I would care if you beat those people to a bloody heap however I can’t ignore all of these. So I am calling you in here to ask you to tone it down a bit. No more rendering them prone with a punch to the gut alright?” Kate gave a pout and lowered her head.


Yes sir, but it is well it is just so boring.” Mark gave Kate a curious glance quite pleased to see her complying so quickly. This was in part of course thanks to Kate realizing the truth of the matter. She had realized early on that she should have simply restrained those people’s arms and cuffed them but it was just so boring. It felt good to at least be able to cause them a little pain and vent some of her frustration. Though he now found himself pondering on the situation of her boredom. It wasn’t a situation that he had really dealt with very often actually he had never dealt with a situation as with Kate’s. While he had gotten thrill seekers to calm down, he couldn’t really put Kate into their lot. She was simply too powerful to be considered your regular thrill seeker. He could see why she would consider the job boring when he took in account just how capable she was. “I guess I need to be more careful though when I consider my hands can deliver a impact far greater then any human with a club or gun for that matter.”


True I can’t argue with you there. I really don’t know how to handle this situation though. Unless hm I wonder if I should move you to SWAT I bet you wouldn’t have any problems meeting the physical requirements and when they are called out violence is normally already prepared. Perhaps it is time we took you off the streets and put your abilities to better use on assignments that suit you.” Kate seemed to think about this for a moment.


Well it does sound good but I worry I wouldn’t be making the best use of my abilities. I mean even if I find what I am doing boring I know that at least I am protecting people.”


Tell you what I will have you moved over to SWAT but also make you available for some other assignments. You won’t be a patrol officer anymore of course but I think I can get you some assignments that better suit your abilities. Who knows considering the diversity of the situations you could put yourself to good use I might be able to get you on with the fire department and some other rescue groups as well.” Kate now had a worried expression on her face.


I said I wanted to help people not give my social life up.”


Don’t worry about that you would just have to work your regular hours still.” Kate’s look of concern vanished.


May I get a pay raise as well.” Now Mark looked worried.


We will see how well this works out then we will go from there.”


Ah shucks.” Kate let out a slight giggle and Mark leaned forward looking over the papers shaking his head. “I guess this means you have more paper work to get done.”


Yeah that goes without saying. Listen I guess that will do for your reprimand. I am going to get to doing the paper work.” Kate nodded.


Thanks Mark see you later.” Making her way out of Mark’s office a long sigh came from Kate as she looked around the station. Considering her options she was still on duty so she wasn’t going to just go home. That would also throw off her sleeping habits which she didn’t want to put up with either. Instead she opted to roam the halls for a little while to try and find something to amuse herself with. As Kate let her mind wonder she didn’t notice the figure sneaking up behind her. It was to late when she found something slip around her neck and buckle on the back. Snapping around Kate found herself staring strait into the eyes of her assailant.


Very funny.” As Kate looked at the chuckling Eddy. She ran her fingers over the collar.


So what did the chief want to talk to you about?” Kate took a moment to remove the collar before responding.


It seems some think I have been getting a little to rough with my chew toys tearing them up a little too much. So I am going to be moved to SWAT and perhaps even get some special assignments.” Eddy nodded his head.


Well we knew that you wouldn’t be working as a normal cop for too long. To be honest I am surprised they even let us keep you around.” Kate gave Eddy an annoyed look.


Keep me around? Hmm I think I am going to have to beat you with a rolled up newspaper to get you to do drop the K 9 deal.” Eddy grinned walking over to Kate and putting his arm around her.


Well while you are here how about we go down to the firing range and I can shoot at you some.” Kate rolled her eyes but didn’t resist as Eddy lead her away.



End Chapter 4.

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