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Going Super Chapter 6

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Going Super Chapter 6


By: Happiest in Shadows


The story of a woman and her ever growing abilities.


Kate’s official work begins.



Author's Disclaimer: This story contains scenes of violence, sex and general naughtiness. If you are a minor either beat it or lie about your age. Either way don’t get me sued. Mkay? I make no claim to any of the DC characters or trademarks used in this story as I don’t want sued by them either. This story was done with input from Animike and Anterion .



Kate and Jack set in the back of the humvee as Mathews set in the front while a grunt drove the humvee. “Well it took a while, but I am glad you’re finally ready to begin your official work.” Mathews called back to Kate and Jack, glancing over the seat at the two of them. Kate as usual had her eyes clothes in order to endure the painfully slow pace the motorized vehicle moved at.


“So what exactly can we expect?” Kate didn’t bother opening her eyes as she spoke. So far she had managed to forget that they where only moving at a pathetic 70 miles per hour and she didn’t want to remind herself. It would also heighten the surprise a bit when she actually saw the structure.


“We are currently heading towards a specially made military installation with accommodations for staff comfort depending on rank or status. With specialized equipment set up to better allow you to condition your body and even handle research. Consider it your base of operations. Of course thanks to its distance from any inhabited space. You will be expected to run to wherever the crisis is.”


“Sounds good to me, except the comfort part. What is with the living accommodations?” Mathews couldn’t help himself as he glanced back at Kate. Her eyes so tightly closed, as if she didn’t expect anything to happen to her. Reaching back he started to take hold of her nose and was more then a little surprise when a hand shot up to catch his rest. Kate had a large smile on her face.


“You would be amazed at how aware I am with my eyes closed. This body is very sensitive. Now about the accommodations?” Mathews just laughed in response to this.


“Well it is a military installation so there are barracks for the soldiers. Further more we built special living accommodations for a few of our civilian personnel. Whom we hope will remain at the facility. This is in part a safety measure also since the facility is one of the few places where you can truly get a decent work out. We expect to see you quite often, so it seemed like a good idea to simply keep you around.” Kate released Mathews arm and once again set her hand in her lap.


“Jack, do you have any problems with that? I would feel safer knowing you are in a nice secured army base while I am away.”


“I don’t really have a problem with it, though I want to have a look around before I sign up for an apartment.” Mathews gave a slight laugh that surprised Jack and Kate.


“Don’t worry. We have had experience with trying to force out will upon enhanced humans. We know better then to try and make you do something you don’t want to do. Anyway, once we arrive, I will show you around the training facility, the armory, your special clothes area, the lab, the civilian dining area, the rooms we prepared for you and a few other locations.”


“Are they any other enhanced humans there?” Kate couldn’t help but ask.


“Not at the moment, the facility was built for another organization that. Went a different direction then we would have preferred.”


“Who were they?”


“Who are they would have been a better term. Still, I hope you don’t mind but I would prefer not to answer that question.” Kate just gave a shrug of her shoulders, figuring that it was probably want of the groups that had gone out of control and now was a source of nothing but head aches to the military.


“How does the equipment compare to what Kate is currently using?” Mathews knew this was a rather important question. Considering how much Kate enjoyed increasing her strength. If the equipment fell below the standards of what, Kate had been using there would be no way she would remain at the facility. If it should exceed what she is currently using though she would be more likely to stay and perhaps even tolerate some annoyances.


“We consulted your father about this and obtained the designs you used. We improved the over all mechanics slightly however the real improvement comes from the power source. We where able to greatly increase the amount of energy the weights could endure and can also provide the needed amounts of energy.” Kate didn’t bother commenting but she did have a huge grin on her face. Mathews assumed that meant she approved of the news. Jack for his part couldn’t decide which he was more excited about. Getting to work in an improved laboratory facility or getting to watch Kate exercising with even more advanced exercise equipment. One glance over at Kate’s relaxed form and he realized what a silly dilemma it was. He couldn’t wait to see Kate pushing her body to even higher limits.


“Hey Kate, we are here.” Kate’s eyes slowly drifted open as she glanced around and was fairly shocked at what she found. They where only a few small buildings in the area which looked like they hadn’t received any real attention for quite some time. The humvee pulled into what Kate imagined was an aircraft hanger and Mathews, Kate and Jack climbed out leaving the driver to take care of the vehicle.


“This isn’t quite what I expected.”


“Yeah, sure doesn’t look like much but that is how it was built. This way, please.” Mathews proceeded to lead Jack and Kate over to a rather thick looking metallic door. Placing his palm on a small pad, he followed it up with entering a set of numbers. “Hmm I just thought of a problem.” Mathews glanced over at Kate. “With your DNA being so hard to acquire and the fact that it is always changing. I doubt we will be able to run a DNA scan on you.”


“DNA scan?” Mathews indicated the little device he had just put his palm on.


“It checks your DNA, as well as your finger prints and palm print, also we each have our own code. Sadly in current times this isn’t always enough and it is kind of depressing the number of beings that could simply rip this door out of the wall.” Kate gave an understanding nod, especially since she was one of those beings. As Mathews pulled open the door, Kate couldn’t help but wish she could have gotten away with ripping it out of the wall. The metal looked to be somewhere around three to four inches thick. It would have been so much fun showing off her strength by shredding the thick metal like it was paper.


“Perhaps, we can find a trait of Kate’s DNA that is unchanging.” Jack decided to offer his opinion in the matter as they began to walk down a series of steps. Mathews leading the way, Kate in the middle and Jack taking up the rear. “It may be possible since Kate’s physical appearance has actually changed very little since her body began to undergo its changes.”


“You sound about as ready to get to work in the lab as I am ready to get to work in the gym.” Kate glanced over her shoulder and noticed a rather large grin on Jack’s face. Mathews didn’t bother commenting though he hoped that was the case. In truth he hoped this entire project would work out. Mathews didn’t know of many enhanced humans that had stayed part of the armed services after acquiring their powers. At least none that hadn’t been grown in a lab somewhere and even in those cases it had often proved to be a mistake on the military’s part. Kate and Jack ended up following Mathews through two more doors before finally arriving within a rather spacious room where much to their surprise a young woman was setting behind a desk.


“Kate, Jack, I would like you to meet Elaine one of our security technicians and receptionist.” Kate and Jack gave the blonde a look, which was returned. Elaine wore a rather large smile on her face and for her demeanor one couldn’t imagine her as being part of a security team.


“If you need to know where something is or see something amiss call up here to the front desk and let her know.”


“Please to meet you Elaine.” Kate made her way over to the woman and held out her hand.


Elaine promptly took Kate’s preferred hand within her own and gave it a slight shake.


“Don’t worry, I may be young but I know what I am doing.”


“Oh I wasn’t.”


“You might not have said it but you where thinking it. Anyway, I hope you have a nice tore as you might imagine we don’t get many people here.” The woman gave off a confidence that seemed to infect Kate and Jack. Mathews soon led them out of the first room and into a solid white hallway, the walls clearly made from some alloy.


“You know I had better show you to your living quarters and other areas before taking you to the gym or lab. I may not be able to get you two away.” As they walked both Kate and Jack noticed a lack of activity within the facility.


“I am kind of surprise, I thought there would be more people.” Mathews didn’t bother to stop walking while he responded.


“Well the facility was only reactivated recently. Also this is something of a new project for us you see. The fact that the military needs to form a special unit to deal with the more powerful threats out there. Has become so obvious that it is painful to admit, but as we are now there is no way we can effectively protect our citizens or even ourselves as has been proven in far to many situations.” Mathews finally stopped outside of a rather large set of doors, which promptly opened up. The three of them stood in a room lined with several tables and a small bar. “Your rooms come equipped with a kitchen but if you don’t feel like cooking and don’t want to go out. Here is the mess hall, come on down whenever you want a snack since we plan on operating the facility around the clock.”


The three didn’t stay in the room very long, considering it was perhaps the least interesting.


“Are we going to get a map of this place?” Kate finally asked realizing how many rooms they had already passed up but not been shown through.


“Of course. I am just showing you around the key areas. Well I had planned on showing you around. Would you prefer if I just showed you your living area, the gym and lab? Then let you find everything else out yourself.”


“I think that would be best I really want to see the exercise equipment you have set up for me.” Mathews gave a slight nod and didn’t bother making another detour for the time being.




Jack and Mathews looked on as Kate set in the actual weight room. Currently Jack was looking over the computer that would actually control the max amount of force which could be applied to Kate’s exercise equipment. Kate had slipped into one of the exercise outfits the military had provided, surprisingly she found it to be of the same red and black color scheme she and Jack had planned out earlier. “Hey Kate ,you ready?” Kate turned her attention towards the window as she held the two silver spears in her hands. The design seeming to be exactly like the ones she had been using.


“Yeah. Set the weight for a bench press and let me know how many tons I am up to.” Jack gave a nod and waited for Kate to lie down before entering a command for the weights to increase to ten thousand tons. Mathews stood a few feet away from Jack where he could see the monitor, the moment he saw the value entered he let out a low whistle and turn his attention to Kate.


“Jack, that machine had better be able to do better then that or we are going home.” Kate actually had an annoyed scowl on her face while Jack had an amused one.


“Well I was just making sure you are back up to your usual strength. All right I am going to take it from ten thousand tons to fifteen thousand.” Kate gave a slight nod and continued to hold her hands into the air. The moment, she felt the weight increase Kate slowly lowered the weights down and lifted them back up. “How is that?”


“A little better but it would really only serve as a toning exercise. I need something just a bit more intensive.” Mathews eyes widened considerably when Jack set the value to 21,000 tons, a moment later he heard a grunt of effort from Kate. Kate was a bit surprised by the sudden increase and the difficulty that just a few thousand tons could add to something she previously felt was too easy.


“That is 21,000 tons.” Kate gave Jack and Mathews an annoyed look though it couldn’t mask her amusement.


“Very funny take it down to 18,000 tons. That would be about right.” A moment later Kate felt the weights lighten though she still had to put some effort into lifting them. “Thanks, that feels about right.” Jack was a bit surprised when he glanced at Mathews and noted the stunned look upon his face. Up until then Jack had assumed that Mathews at least had a reasonable idea of how strong Kate truly was. From the stunned look on his face though it was obvious that whatever his previous assumptions had been they where way off.


“I take it the military’s previous estimates of Kate’s strength have proven inaccurate?” Mathews’ look of shock soon turned into a huge smile.


“Have you managed to uncover just how quickly her strength is increasing?” Jack glanced at Kate who he was certain could hear their conversation very easily even without the speakers.


“Go ahead and tell him if you want to Cuddly, he needs to know if they are going to help us effectively and I don’t mind. Anyway if we are using their equipment. I imagine they will figure out just how fast my strength tends to increase.” Jack gave a nod of agreement then glanced over at Mathews.


“As of yet we don’t know when it is going to stop, but for the past two years and a half Kate’s strength has gone up roughly ten percent every week from the previous week. However, there have been times when it saw a far more pronounced increase as well as nearly halted. These times have coincided with when Kate has suffered significant bodily harm.” Mathews seemed to think of this for a moment, while ten percent didn’t seem like too huge of an amount, the fact that it had continued over such a long period of time and so quickly explained just why Kate was so strong now, yet had waited to make her appearance. When Mathews finally finished with this thought there was just one thing he could say.


“We are going to have to upgrade this room. Otherwise it won’t be to long before it won’t even be able to provide her with a decent work-out.” Kate and Jack where actually delighted to hear that news. “Once I am finished showing you two around, I am going to report this to my superiors and look into acquiring extra funding for the project. Other wise your strength will have exceeded what this room is capable of providing in a bit over a year if I remember the details correctly. That is if your strength continues to increase. Tell me, has there been any indicators that it might be stopping?”


“None that I have come across in my studies, but it has gotten pretty hard to study the changes going on inside of Kate’s body at all. Have you made any head way with the data we provided earlier?” Mathews let out a sigh and shook his head, though it was only a slight damper on his mood.


“That is actually one of the reasons they are so few people here. We simply can’t find enough people who can even begin to analyze the samples that where provided.” Jack seemed to tense up for a moment, as he prepared to inform Mathews of something. That he wasn’t certain he wanted to admit to.


“I think your going to have trouble finding any then. Since, I can’t actually understand what is going on inside of Kate’s body anymore. Actually for the last year or so I haven’t actually been testing her since there was no way I could begin to comprehend what was going on inside of her body. To be honest I don’t even know if you could call the substance running inside of Kate’s body blood any more.” Mathews seemed some what disheartened by this news. There wasn’t much that could be done about that though.


“That is disappointing, can you even tell if Kate’s body might be going in an unfavorable direction or damage her mental state?”


“I wish I could but all I can really do is try to see the trend it has been following.” Mathews seemed to think of this for a moment, glancing at Kate for a moment who was continuing her work out. Having by now switched from bench press to leg lifts.


“Just do your best if you don’t mind. We realize that there is only so much we can expect from you. Anyway it isn’t like this is a project to clone Kate, your primary part in this isn’t really to understand what is happening to her body. It is simply to try and insure Kate stays’ healthy.” Mathews turned his attention to Kate. “I take it your going to be in there for a while?”


“If you don’t mind, I would like to finish my work out.”


“That isn’t a problem, since you two are going to be here for a while though. I am going to go ahead and contact by superiors. Since Kate has proven to be far stronger then we originally assumed it may be prudent to make some changes. Of course we won’t try anything without your prior approval.”


“That is fine with me.” Kate called out between breaths. As Mathews made his way out of the room and back into the halls. Jack came out and made his way over to Kate.


“So do you think it is a good idea to actually work with them?” Kate glanced up at Jack.


“Well I don’t plan on going renegade and this would allow me to work in more areas instead of just our city. I admit, I will miss working with the police force or SWAT. Over all though I would rather focus on those that really require someone of my abilities to deal with them.” Jack glanced down at Kate’s leg muscles, watching as they flexed each time she would bring the weights up. “How do you feel about all of this?”


“Well I do like the equipment and from what I read on the terminal this stuff could give you more of a work out then what your father and I where able to set up. Also I haven’t really been able to do anything with the lab materials we have been using. So even if their lab doesn’t work out any better that isn’t really a factor. So the only thing I really have to be concerned about is how you feel.”


“Now that isn’t fair. Especially if we accept their offer to make use of the living accommodations.”


“Kate, I spend the majority of my time inside with computers anyway. I really don’t care all that much for traveling or wondering around aimlessly and for over a year now my job has been monitoring your condition.” Kate took a few moments to think switching from leg lifts to leg curls.


“All right then, we will see what kind of accommodation this place has to offer and if you feel comfortable with them. We can look into finalizing the deal. Of course we should probably read through whatever the final contract is just to be sure. I doubt they would try to pull a fast one on me though.” Jack gave a slight nod.


“They seem really interested in having an enhanced being that chose to work with them that is certain. Though I have my own opinions to, why they chose to reactivate this facility instead of moving you to one that is already operational.” Kate gave Jack a curious glance. “Well they don’t exactly have any means of controlling you. So of course they wouldn’t want anywhere near a facility that might have some disfavor able happenings.” Kate rolled her eyes in response to this.


“I swear you had better not be turning into a conspiracy nut on me.” Jack just continued to smile, while he did feel that was indeed a possibility. He wasn’t truly worried about it. Anyway, even with Nathan helping out there was no way they could continue to fund Kate’s equipment needs. It required a larger source of income if she was going to continue to hone her body.




“So how did the talk with your bosses go?”


“Well they are pretty upset that it doesn’t look like we are going to be able to clone an army of you.” Kate and Jack froze dead in their tracks as Mathews continued walking for a few moments.


A short while later he broke out in laughter. “I am sorry, I just had to say something like that.” Both Kate and Jack glared at Mathews while he took a while to get himself to relax.


“I swear you’re nothing like what I would expect in a general.” Kate finally responded.


“A lot of people say that. You have to develop a sense of humor though when you’re in this line of work. That or form yourself quite the solid shell, which to be honest makes it rather hard for you to relate to people. Also, with all the bad press we have obtained thanks to our less then ethical research in the past it has gotten even more important.” Kate and Jack just shook their heads as they followed along. Making their way a bit lower into the facility. As they moved further in the number of doors grew less numerous which Jack assumed meant each one was becoming larger. At last they came to their final destination. Mathews took a moment to search in his pockets at least producing a key and a piece of paper. After unlocking the door he then entered the numbers on the paper to open a second lock.


“People don’t normally stay at these facilities do they?” Kate looked over Mathews shoulder before he could open the door.


“It depends on the project ranking to be honest. A black, project requires higher security then others and even though this isn’t a black project. It was decided to prepare some living quarters for the two of you. It is actually part of your contract considering that you may be provoking some powerful enemies. That the military would do its best to provide additional security for your family. Which means of course should you agree to the finalized contract your father will be given security as well.” Mathews went ahead and opened the door, stepping aside to let Kate and Jack in. What they found, surprised both of them. Jack had indeed been correct that the further spacing of the doors was because each individual room had gotten larger, much larger in this case.


“This is bigger then my old apartment or even the mountain house” was Kate’s first observation as she began to examine the room. “You seem to have gone through an awful lot to insure our comfort. Don’t you worry that task payers may be a bit upset with you taking such extravagant steps?”


“Not considering how much money you saved said tax payers. Considering that you only recently disposed of Metallo and Copperhead. The expenses those two cost us over the years are far greater then I care to think about. Even the one tank you probably kept from being destroyed in the future probably would have paid for this. Not to mention the money it would have cost to properly secure the two of them had you simple arrested them.” Kate couldn’t help but smile at the praise. It was quite clear Mathews had no more sympathy for such undesirables then she did.


“So you expect this project to actually save you money?” Mathews and Kate actually had to look around for a few moments to locate Jack. When they finally did locate him, it wasn’t surprise that he had seated himself right in front of the rooms computer terminal. Jack was currently checking to make sure the connection had a connection to the internet.


“In all honesty yes, even with the expense of reactivating this facility, adding onto it in order to accommodate Kate and provide protection for you and her family members. If she is capable of dealing with the more dangerous threats such as the one once posed by Metallo it will still end in us saving a considerable amount of money. I mean when several city blocks get destroyed a year the price adds up quite rapidly. So it is quite the money saver if we can prevent such happenings. Especially when Kate uses such a permanent method of dealing with the situation.” Jack was suddenly under the impression that by killing Copperhead and especially Metallo Kate had increased her value to the armed forces a great deal and the amount of the budget they where willing to allocate to obtain her aid.


Kate walked over to Jack, glancing over his shoulder she watched him look around the internet for a while. At last turning her attention back to Mathews. “Well when do we actually get to see the paper work? We need to read through it as well I imagine.”


“I assume that means you like your accommodations so far?” Jack shut down the console for the time and got.


“You could say that.”


“Very well then follow me.”




It was a good thing Kate didn’t have heat-vision as she glared at the paper work forcing herself to read each and every line before signing. Jack was having a easier time then Kate on this aspect do to years of working with computers and having to read the licensing agreement on various programs. Still it was a significant amount of paper work he found himself reading through.


Looking up for a moment, Kate decided to tease Mathews some. “No wonder you can’t ever keep any enhanced humans around. The paper work you make them fill-out is pure torture.” Kate took a moment to glance over at Jack noting that he was already half way through his paper work. In part thanks to him reading faster then Kate, being able to keep his focus longer and the fact that he had a smaller stack of papers.


“Sorry about that, it is just this is a little unusual for us as well.” Kate gave a nod in response her attention now focused on Jack. Even though she realized he wasn’t trying to compete with her she simply couldn’t stand the idea of him getting finished sooner then she was. Looking down at the paper work Kate resigned to be careful not to tear it to shreds as she lapsed into her accelerated state. While she couldn’t risk moving the pin faster then normal and have to be careful when moving the paper as well. It allowed her to read each page at a far sifter rate then any normal person could, even with years of experience at reading mind numbing legal documents.


It took Jack a while to notice how swiftly Kate was feeling out each of her documents. As if she wasn’t really bothering to read them. “You know Kate you shouldn’t just skim those. You never know what the fine print is going to contain.” The rate at which Kate’s head turned to look at Jack told him something was wrong. “Hey now, that isn’t fair using your enhanced abilities to read.” Kate just stuck her tongue out in response to Jack’s scolding and went back to work. “Now that isn’t very polite, I should give you a spanking little missy.”


“That sounds like it could be fun, I am going to need to do something to relieve some stress after this.” Jack was a bit surprised by Kate’s response and glanced at her face to try and see if she was serious. Unable to read her emotions at the time he figured it was thanks to the fact that even though she was using her accelerated state to read the documents more quickly. That didn’t help with her patience in the least. Mathews just waited patiently for Kate and Jack to finish reading through the paper work. At last Kate signed the last of the papers though Jack still had a ways to go.


“Finished.” Mathews proceeded to take the documents from her and glimpsed through them rather quickly. Insuring that Kate hadn’t forgotten to sign her name anywhere that it might be important and indeed filled out all the information. “Now I have to ask, I read a page in their about training. Just what are you talking about?”


Jack gave Kate a concerned look. “You mean you signed up for it not knowing what it was?”


“Don’t worry Cuddly they worded it nicely, if I don’t want to do it or feel that the practice is too dangerous I don’t have to participate. Also the head of the medical team has the ability to halt the exercise which would be you.” Jack suddenly felt very silly.


“Sorry about that Kate.” Kate just smiled and turned her attention to Mathews.


“Well we haven’t gotten all the equipment prepared yet, but basically it means you can make use of military machinery and personnel to practice your abilities. Within a certain budget of course. Of course we intend on setting up the scenarios to help you train for other events but you can request a special training secession. Now we reserve the right to deny any request that you might put in based on expense or if it seems a waste. I mean robots and tanks are expensive.” Kate giggled in response to this.


“Especially the number that I could potentially tear through.” Kate stood up from her seat and proceeded to walk over to Jack. Lifting him out of the chair, Kate proceeded to set down then place Jack in her lap while he continued to feel out his forms. “Keep your back strait.” Came from Kate as Jack attempted to lean forward, wrapping her arm around him Kate pulled Jack so that his back was firmly pressed against her breast. Jack didn’t bother protesting though he wished Mathews wasn’t around, he simply continued to feel out the forms while Kate and Mathews continued their conversation.


“I take it one of the reasons this place is so large is in reference to the team section? As well as technology seizure.”


“Well yes, while this facility isn’t currently developing any new technologies except your training equipment of course. The military is prepared to allocate greater funding to the project if you are ever able to cease any of your opponent’s technology. Of course the condition of the equipment depends on how much, the funding is increased.”


“Can you legally do that? I mean claim someone else’s technology?” Mathews waived his hand a bit.


“It is kind of grey issue when it is dealing with technology that is military grades or beyond.” Kate, got a huge smirk on her face though it was hidden behind Jack.


“Is that the reason it stipulates that I am to keep such recoveries quiet?”


“Maybe” Was Mathews only response, though his tone spoke volumes.


“I don’t have any problem with that. Though, I imagine Jack may be interested in actually getting to examine it.” Kate gently blew across Jack’s ear, distracting him from the paper work in front of him for a moment. Jack didn’t look back at Kate right away, as he took a moment to finish up the last few lines of the paper work.


“Actually that is something I would like to discuss with you at a later date.” Mathews took the papers and arranged then in a neat stack. “Now that is all taken care of, lets go and get your security passes ready.” Jack and Kate followed Mathews out of the room the two of them dwelling on the fact that they where now officially part of the project.




Jack set at a computer console having finally made it into the laboratory section of the facility. Various machines where arranged rather neatly around the area, meant to make maxim use of space without creating an overly crowded working environment. “Quite a nice set up they gave you.” Kate walked over to Jack to see exactly what he was doing.


“I have to agree with you there. I never thought I would see some of these machines again after I left Lex corp. That is. I am already beginning to think of some test I would like to conduct.”


“What are those?” Kate walked over to a machine that looked more like an instrument of torture then something that would serve a medical purpose. Jack didn’t notice this and assumed she was referring to the experiments.


“Well I would like to test the specific heat of your skin or how much energy has to be applied to raise the temperature of your skin one degrees Celsius.” Kate turned her attention from the machine suddenly feeling quite interested in the proposed test.


“And how would you go about doing that?”


“Well if you don’t mind I would like to make use of a laser and slowly raise the intensity. I am fairly certain that some of the equipment in here was actually made for the purpose of testing such aspects of your biology. That or perhaps they hoped it would be able to extra DNA or skin samples from you. That chair your standing near is meant for that purpose I suspect.”


“Aha so it was meant to torture me. They are trying to cut me up.” Kate said with far more emotion then she really felt. “Do you think any of these machines in here are capable of actually hurting me?” Kate’s voice held very little concern if any as she began to feel around some of the more dangerous little instruments. Jack let out a slight laugh as he glanced up at Kate from the computer terminal


“I don’t think you have anything to worry about. So far out of what I looked through I haven’t found anything that could harm you. Also considering how surprised Mathews had been when you revealed your true strength, this equipment was probably designed to test someone far more vulnerable then you are. Now me, it would cut me up quicker the scissors can go through paper.” At last Jack stood up having finished checking through the list of equipment the facility currently provided. He hesitated to really begin though as the entire situation felt quite odd. Kate noticed the look of concern on his face and dashed to fifty miles per hour quickly appearing behind him.


“What is the matter Cuddly you seem worried?” Jack felt Kate’s arms wrap around him and he was pulled against her body.


“It is just that this all seems a little odd. I mean I am not use to having an entire lab to myself. I know Mathews said that they would be hiring other people to help out but well this place is just so empty. It makes me nervous.” Jack gave a bit of a yelp as he suddenly felt Kate’s leg sweep his feet out from under him. As Jack fell Kate quickly scooped him up in her arms before he could actually reach the ground. Pulling him against herself, Kate’s lips soon came down to rest on his for a moment. At last Kate pulled up a smile on her face.


“Don’t worry Jack I am here for you. It isn’t so strange though. After all how many people have enough experience with such matters or a high enough level of education? That hasn’t already been swept up by some other program. Also, I am kind of glad there won’t be to many people. Since at the moment I am the prime test subject.”


“You’re right. To be honest when I think about it. I am kind of glad there isn’t a great deal of people helping me with this project. I get you to myself more often and longer.”


“Now hold it right there mister, just who has who here?” Kate proceeded to tighten her arms just a bit not enough to seriously hurt Jack but it did cause some discomfort. This was almost offset though by the fact that Kate’s hug pressed him even more firmly into her breast.


“Well, at least it still means I get to spend more time with you. Still, I am yours and I hope you are mine.” Kate relaxed her grip and pressed her lips against Jack’s once again, this time holding the kiss for a much longer time. A kiss that when it was over, left Jack gasping for breath not just because the length.


“I am yours.” Kate smiled down and Jack and almost reluctantly placed his feet back on the ground. Upon doing so Jack actually had to take hold of Kate’s shoulder to avoid toppling over. As the strength to his legs had yet to return. Kate smiled quite pleased with the effect she had on him and waited for Jack to remove his hand. Before she once again began her examination of the various machines, devices and test tubes. “So do you already know what equipment to use to run this little experiment of yours.” Kate glanced back at which time Jack seemed to snap back to reality by giving his head a vigorous shake.


“Yeah, like I said some of this equipment seems custom made to run tests on human subjects. I would just need a little time to get everything set up.” Jack didn’t know what to think of Kate at the moment, whether she was being nosey or truly curious as she looked through the equipment. Then again she was just doing physically what he had been doing on the computer.


Curious would have been the best way to define Kate at the moment, as she opened the shelves and looked through the various instruments and machines. She recognized a few of them from her time in college chemistry and physics. Others where way beyond what she imagined even the school she had attended would have been able to afford.


“Well then is there anything I can do to help out?” Jack looked at Kate for a moment.


“I am sure there is. Just give me a few moments to take stock of everything we need then we can start getting set up.”




Kate set in a largely metal chair, her right arm bound in something along the lines of a restraint. Though judging from the thickness of the metal Kate imagined she was capable of snapping it off without a moment’s resistance. It was doubtful that Jack would appreciate this though or the enjoyment would last very long if Kate did it. The little lock was actually part of a larger machine which was currently resting above her arm. “So just how hot can this thing get?” Jack appeared from behind the seat clearly checking over a last few details before the experiment began. The peace that currently covered Kate’s arm served four purposes though one if it tried, it would have felled miserably. The three it performed admirable. The first was to pump all the air from around the test subject out. The second was to allow the laser in, third to measure the heat-increase on the target area and the fourth and the one it couldn’t have succeeded at was to keep the testy from moving.


Jack, considered giving Kate the exact numbers as too how much heat energy the laser could apply. He opted for a more impressive means of relating the information though.


“Considering how small of a area the beam is going to be focused, it could very easily cut through several layers of steel. I am fairly certain this is one of the machines that was set up for testing a enhanced human’s endurance to be honest. As you really wouldn’t find this sort of equipment except in some manufacturing facilities that required very precise cutting. Though this is a little delicate to go in one of those.” Jack looked at the machine in question for a moment, the machine did seem custom made to test the heat tolerance of invulnerable beings. Since it was a peace of lab machinery it wasn’t made as sturdy as those needed in manufacturing. For a moment Jack worried that having Kate move the machine into place was such a good idea.


“Well shall we get started?” Kate looked at Jack who resigned himself that if it had been damaged. When Kate, had carried it over to the seating area. They would just have to deal with it later. For now everything seemed to be working. Kate watched as Jack punched in a few commands, a low hum coming from the machine for a few moments before the machine began emitting a beam of light. Instantly Kate could feel the heat being applied to her skin though it wasn’t painful. It was just a noticeable difference in heat as compared to what it had been previously.


“Feel anything?” Jack had noticed Kate move slightly and worried that the beam might be hurting her.


“I feel a little warmth but that is it. Don’t worry it doesn’t hurt.” Jack gave a nod of his head but decided to check the temperature reading just to be sure. What he saw was a perfectly normal skin temperature. While Kate could feel the energy being applied to her skin, it hadn’t increased even the slightest. Jack continued to watch the monitor for a few more moments.


“Well your skin temperature hasn’t risen in the least. Right now the machine is applying enough heat energy to warm about a pound of iron to 400 degrees Celsius. I am going to take it up a bit more.” Kate nodded and simply waited to feel the heat increase.


“I can feel it warming up but it still isn’t hurting me, really it seems odd that I can tell the difference between the temperatures. They both felt like the sun use to on a pleasant day it just seems that I can detect a slight variation.” Jack took a quick glimpse at how many joules of heat energy where being applied to that single area of Kate’s skin. It was currently putting out enough energy to heat half a pound of iron to its melting point and a bit beyond. Glancing over at the temperature read out Jack waited for it to go up, letting Kate’s skin soak up the heat energy. A few moments later he returned to the controls. “Still nothing?”


“Not even a .0001 change, which is the machines most accurate reading by the way.” Jack once again raised the output of the machine, deciding to take it up double what it had previously been. Considering that the beam was focused into such a small area this was quite a considerable jump. As it would have cut strait through a pound of iron even if it had been stacked so that it was pencil lead thick, the current precision of the laser. “Kate right now, that beam would be cutting through a few feet of iron and I don’t mean a slow cut either. I mean strait through.” Kate looked at the machine for a moment then back at Jack a wide grin on her face.


“I wonder how much electricity it takes to run that thing.” Jack was momentarily stunned for a moment but finally began to laugh. He had forgotten just whom he was dealing with. Jack checked the temperature once again giving Kate’s skin time to soak up the energy before raising the temperature even further. The machine made a slight electrical buss before the light seemed to brighten. The intensity of the laser having taken a significant jump. Kate just continued to watch Jack, not the slightest bit of pain showing up on her face. “Anything?” Jack held up his finger.” One degree Celsius?”


“What? Oh no, your skin hasn’t warmed up at all. I just wanted to give the temperature gage time to take an accurate measurement. I am getting kind of tempted to just set this machine to its maxim. I don’t think it can actually deliver a high enough energy out put to warm up your skin.”


“Sounds good to me.” Kate was full of confidence as she always seemed to be. Jack felt she deserved it though, she had spent two years now developing her powers on an extremely regular basis. She had a greater feel for what her body could endure and do then anyone else did. Jack once again walked over to the keyboard and punched in a few commands, the machine didn’t respond right away as they could hear a slight electrical hum come from it. The hum didn’t go away as it did before though as the beam of light intensified. Jack new that at the current out put the tiny beam would have cut through even tempered metals. Looking at the temperature gage once again. He didn’t feel the least bit surprised, when Kate’s skin hadn’t warmed up in the least. “So, what is it?”


Jack didn’t respond right away but proceeded to walk around to Kate. Looking at the machine then the lock on her arm. He surprised her when he suddenly set down in her lap. “It as yet to show any difference, so I am just going to set here for a while and let your skin continue soaking up the energy. It should change eventually.” Kate wasn’t certain of what to say as Jack set in her lap just looking at the machine. At least not right away.


“Oh and just how long do you expect me to set here?” Kate’s tone was more playful then serious.


“Until the temperature gage changes, it shouldn’t take more then a few hours. I mean how high can the specific heat of your skin be? It shouldn’t be able to lose to much heat energy as your arm is in an inclosed environment. So it has to change eventually.” Kate wrapped her free arm around Jack pulling him more firmly against herself.


“Like, how my breath had to eventually run out.” Jack gave a nod of his head. “That is it, shut down the machine. I am not going to set here for a few days waiting for that machine to warm up my skin.” Jack had a smirk on his face as he glanced at Kate. He didn’t really expect her to set there and simply let the device try to burn her arm any longer then she had. Standing up he began to shut down the device, the laser shutting down and the electrical hum fading away.


“I suppose I shouldn’t have been surprised. Mathews had said this equipment was made for someone weaker then yourself. Also I can only begin to guess how much heat energy you are producing when running around at super sonic speeds.” Kate waited for Jack to pop the lock on her arm before standing up.


“So now what? Do we need to do anything about that spot on my arm?” Jack shook his head in the negative.


“No. I don’t think so. It shouldn’t be dangerous, just if you touch something that happens to be at a lower temperature then your arm. It is going to warm up until it reaches equilibrium.” Jack grew silent for a moment. “Well crap, I suppose that is what happened to that ice. Your body had so much energy in it that when it came in contact with ice it quickly heated it to equilibrium with your skin. Kate smiled as Jack seemed to be kicking himself for not happening upon the realization sooner.


“That is hyper sonic speeds thank you very much.” Kate decided to take Jack’s mind away from his, scientific over sight. At least she now knew why people could handle touching her after she spent a few hours running around at speeds exceeding five times the speed of sound. After shutting down the machine Jack made his way over to Kate and bent down so that he was looking strait at her thighs. Placing his hands around her muscular thigh. Jack squeezed with all his might while leaning forward and placing a kiss on the interior of Kate’s wonderful limb.


“You do have some spectacular legs.” Kate let out a sigh as she enjoyed the attention for a moment. Reaching down she proceeded to scoop Jack into her arms.


“Lets go back to our room for some privacy, no need to risk someone just walking in here.”




Kate glanced at Jack’s sleeping form, as she got dressed. She had tired him out quite a bit the previous day so she knew he wouldn’t be waking up any time soon. Of course it wasn’t just the physical activity that gave Kate an advantage on waking up. She no longer needed to sleep as much as a normal human though she did need to sleep. It was just while a human may spend 8 hours sleeping to recover all their energy. Kate found that she only required 2 hours and 12 minutes to regain herself and that number was always dropping. At times she even found herself wondering if the day would come that she wouldn’t even need to sleep.


Kate rather enjoyed this though, as it allowed her to enjoy roughly 6 hours of the day that would have been previously lost to sleep. The only problem this brought about was that at times it left her trying to answer the question. Just what should she do with herself? There was no way that Jack could keep up with her sleeping habits or the lack there of. Previously she had actually been adapting her work schedule to be at night that way she could spend as much waking time with him as possible. Now that she didn’t have any work to do, she wasn’t quite certain just what she should use to kill time. Reaching up Kate’s placed a hand on her biceps and slowly flexed the muscles.


“Well there is one thing I know I would enjoy doing.” Kate looked over at Jack and walked over to him. Bending down she placed the softest of kisses upon his cheek. “Sorry Cuddly, but you are going to have to miss out on this show.”


Kate proceeded to make her way out of the room and through the halls of the facility. If Kate had thought the place was dead during the day, night time was something else. Even though there was no exposure to the outside world to reveal how late it truly was. She could hear the numbers of people moving about the facility performing various task. Her enhanced hearing able to pick up the sounds and distinguish them even through the facility’s walls. She could hear a few people snoozing and an even smaller number of people actually working. It didn’t bother her though, very few things bothered her anymore. Things that use to scare the day lights out of her where laughable now.


Kate, did find one thing that frightened her though. As she found herself constantly zeroing in on the sound of Jack’s breathing. Kate didn’t realize it until a short while later, but ever since the camping trip and even during it she had been checking up on Jack more often. She felt this was a natural reaction though. After all she cared for him and as she got more powerful the more fragile he seemed to become and the more he needed her protection. Kate gave her seemingly invulnerable abs a quick smack. She didn’t mind feeling that way and she doubted Jack would mind her feelings about him. So she would just have to work on improving her ability to protect him and the rest of her family.


Kate looked at herself in the mirror, having located the gym and her training clothing. It was fairly odd to actually be wearing the outfit Jack and she had designed. Kate, hadn’t gotten around to it the previous day but she realized she would need to ask Mathews if this was to actually be her uniform. She hoped it was, while she did enjoy being part of a unit and didn’t mind showing it. As her powers had grown, Kate had to admit to herself she had become something of a show boat. Looking around the gym area there was one thing she didn’t like about her equipment. It didn’t really have any obvious evidence of how much weight she was currently contending with. In truth someone that didn’t know about the room’s layout could make a joke that she was struggling with such tiny weights.


Kate found herself taking a moment to remind herself of the layout. Of the fact that the weights where only part of her equipment. The room, the weights, the generator and the computers required to control the entire mechanism could all be considered part of her equipment. Kate had a huge smile on her face as she raised her arms above her head, locking her hands together Kate proceeded to flex every muscle in her body. Her skin tight outfit stretched even further the deep cuts in her stomach where plainly visible. Kate biceps pressing against one another and her legs thickening. Looking over her form Kate couldn’t help but be excited by the thought that no simple weight could provide the resistance her body needed. Instead it required an entire complex to help her hone her magnificent body even further.


At last Kate relaxed her pose and walked into the control room. Looking at the console she was grateful it was similar to the one they had back home. Flipping the device on Kate adjusted the settings to allow the weights to go between 18,000 tons and 21,000 tons jointly. Upon walking back into the actually exercise area. Kate retrieved the apple sized metallic spheres from their stands. Kate grew concerned with something as she realized back at home she had relied on voice commands to help get the equipment to actually engage. As of yet she didn’t know if the military had designed such features into her equipment. Neither did she know the exact commands that it would recognize. At least she could try though. “Free weights, separate, 9 tons.” Kate had to weight a moment before she could feel the weight begin to increase. Quite pleased with the results she walked over to one of the seats and set down preparing to do some arm curls.


Kate didn’t reach the seat though before she realized it would also be a good chance to work on her grounding ability as she had been calling it. So instead of setting down she acted as if she and began to make force of whatever ability was allowing her to stay in one place. Kate was quite content with the results as she proceeded to hover three inches above the actual chair. As the weight increased though Kate found herself having to exert some will power in order to keep herself from being pulled down. She had suspected that enough force would be able to over whelm her ability to hold herself in place. It wasn’t that her arms where having trouble supporting the weight though it was quite sufficient to give her a proper work-out. It was simply that she had never tried to ground herself while so much force was trying to pull her down.


“I guess this means this is something I need to work on” Kate mused to herself as she focused on lifting her weights while keeping herself suspended in mid air. As she did this she felt herself being drained far more swiftly then she had been in previous exercises. It seemed her ability to ground herself was much like any muscles but unlike the rest of Kate’s body. It was very much under developed.




Kate wasn’t sure how long she had been in the shower when she heard Jack begin to stir. Looking up she couldn’t believe how much, her entire body was aching her. From the fact that Jack was waking up she assumed she had been setting there for some time waiting for her muscles to quit hurting her. As Jack woke up he wasn’t surprised to find Kate wasn’t in the room. He knew of her sleeping habits and figured she had gone to look around for a while. He was a bit surprised though when he noticed the sound of running water. Kate hardly ever took normal showers, in fact the only time he recalled her not taking one of her steam showers was when she was with him.


Curiously he made his way over to the bathroom door and gave it a few knocks. “Hey Kate, you know they installed a steam bath for you. I figured you would have noticed the room earlier.”


Jack grew curious when Kate didn’t respond. Knocking on the door a few more times he placed his ear against it. “Kate, are you all right in there?” Kate looked at the door for a moment, suddenly seeming to snap to.


“Oh yeah I am fine just kind of tired is all.” Jack was actually surprised by what he heard. Kate hadn’t said she was tired in such a very long time he instantly grew concerned.


“Didn’t something happen last time? You don’t sound all there.” Kate stretched a bit and turned off the water. Figuring she was worrying Jack she decided not to stress him out too much and simply show him that she was all right. Jack was caught off guard when the door suddenly opened up and he found himself falling forward. He didn’t reach the ground though as Kate quickly caught him.


“Sorry about that.” Jack glanced up at Kate for a moment, taking a second to compose himself he was surprised at what he saw.


“My word Kate. You look like you just ran a marathon and a half.” Kate helped Jack to his feet and took a moment to rotate her head around a bit. Stretching her neck muscles and trying to get the stiffness out.


“I feel like it to. I haven’t felt this tired since well I was human. Well no further back then that. The only time I have felt this tired is when I first began lifting weights and didn’t know how hard to push myself. That may be what I did this time though. Pushed myself too hard. I guess that isn’t surprised though considering I was working a muscle I never worked before or had before.” Jack took a moment to consider what Kate had just said before asking any questions. It didn’t take him long to realize what she was most likely talking about.


“So you where working on keeping yourself stationary?” Kate gave a slight nod of her head then a rather long yawn. “So how much of your body is sore?”


“All of it. It is like I had to pull energy from every bit of my being.” Jack didn’t get to comment as a phone ringing got his attention. A phone? Went through Jack and Kate’s mind as they began to glance around. Following the sound Kate located the phone in one of the living room drawers.


“Hello.” Kate wasn’t exactly certain of what to say. She hadn’t expected to find a phone in this place.


“Hello Kate, this is Mathews, I was wondering if I could stop by today to talk about some things with you.”


“Stop by? What are you talking about? Aren’t you in the installation and why are you asking to stop by you own the building?” Mathews chuckled for a few moments at the surprise in Kate’s voice.


“Actually I am still an hour away from the facility I don’t actually live there you see. Further more I am kind of surprised you didn’t notice the clause in your contract. Stating that we are required to treat the space allocated to you as your home. So we can’t put any spying equipment in there without your permission and we can’t just go barging in. So would you mind if I dropped by some time today?” Kate was a bit shocked by this. The military was really going all out to make sure she was comfortable. Kate couldn’t help but think it felt nice to be wanted so badly.


“Sure that would be fine you officially hired me yesterday after all. I am quite ready to get to work.”


“Yeah I noticed. You two haven’t even been there a day and you’re already making use of the laboratory facility. What did you find out?” Kate glanced at her arm where the laser had been the previous day.


“That the specific heat of my skin is beyond your machines ability to test within a reasonable time span.”


“Did you try the laser?”


“It was the first thing we tried.” Mathews grew silent as if he was thinking about something.


“We are going to need some bigger weapons for you to use. Anyway, I will talk to you later I really don’t like talking on cordless phones. They make me paranoid even if the line is supposedly secure. Before I go though, you can use that phone to call whomever you want. So feel free to give a few friends a ring.”


“Can I invite them over?” Kate’s tone was joking as she anticipated the answer.


“Sorry but we can’t make you that comfortable. Well unless you can somehow get your friends to your rooms without taking them through the facility.” Kate let out a mock sigh.


“No I think that is beyond even my ability unless I wanted to damage some of your property. I will be seeing you later.” Jack noted Kate had an amused look upon her face as she hung up the phone.


“Mathews is going to be coming over to discuss something with us. I assume it related to my first job.”


“Good news then.” Kate nodded her head in agreement before setting down. While she was grateful for the news that didn’t negate from the fact that she was tired. Jack walked over to Kate and patted her on the shoulder.


“Let me see if they have the kitchen well stocked, perhaps I can fix you up something.” Kate nodded and simply watched as Jack headed into the kitchen area, when she heard him rummaging through various pans and pouring some water. She knew he had found something to fix.




Jack wasn’t sure if he liked or disliked the total lack of surprise at having company at the facility as he opened the door for Mathews. Even though Mathews did have a security pass he had chosen to be allowed in as if he didn’t. After all part of his objective was to make sure Kate and Jack where comfortable. “Having a good day?”


“Pretty good, Kate is in the kitchen right now.” Mathews gave a nod and followed Jack into the dining area. Upon entering he waited for Jack to set down next to Kate before he went onto the matter at hand. He figured it would be a good idea considering the bomb shell he was about to drop.


“We would like to take you to court.” Kate’s eyes went wide as she was about to take in a mouthful of eggs. Jack looked quite stunned himself which wasn’t surprising. “Now before you say anything please allow me to explain. As of to date we have been restricted in the amount of force we have been able to bring to bare against beings that aren’t human or have technology exceeding our own. We hope to change that by forming this unit but to truly make it effective we must remove certain restrictions on what we can legally do. Our exact goals are to have a legislation passed that would allow us to legally seize any technology that exceeds military standards and is used in a criminal manner by the creator as well as to use lethal force on any being that exceeds what is humanly possible or has a inhuman trait. Such as fangs that can inject venom and a tail.”


Kate didn’t know how to respond to this right away though she knew who they where talking about. The police had determined that she had acted in self defense while fighting Copperhead but she had never gone to trial. Which meant that it was still possible to charge her with murder. “Just what happens if I get convicted of murder?” Kate was up for helping such laws passed as she felt they would indeed better allow them to safe guard the country’s civilians and others. Still, she didn’t like the idea of going to prison if the gambit blew up in their faces. Also there was the matter of that even if she did win the trial, it didn’t mean the legislation would be passed though having such a trial as ground work would help. “Also just what defense could I be making use of?”


Mathews had anticipated this would be a tough sell. People didn’t tend to like the idea of being dragged into court especially when in all truth it was for a political reason. “If you where found guilty, it is most likely that you would get a light sentence if you didn’t simply receive a pardon all together. After all it isn’t like you killed a nun. As for the defense. We want to convince the jury that you responded appropriately to meet the level of a threat. I don’t mean you acted in self defense though. We want to prove that you used the needed amount of force to deal with a target that was posing a threat to other police officers. Focusing on the fact that Copperhead was armed with a lethal weapon at all times and can’t be treated like a normal criminal.”


Kate took a few moments to think about this. Did she really want to take such a risk? Then again if she continued in her current career she would most likely end up using lethal force again. If this plan did succeed, she wouldn’t have to worry about future trials nearly as much. “All right, but just how are you going to get the trial underway?”


“Allen Brice is going to be prosecuting you again. It seems he is quite upset at having lost the last trial. I guess that isn’t surprising though. Helen has a air about her that just upsets some people. When she is winning.”


“Kate, are you sure you want to go through with this?” Jack stood next to Kate having gotten up from his seat to close closer to her.


“I admit I am not exactly excited about the prospect and I am going to be fairly upset if I am convicted of murder or using excessive force. That said, I also think it would go a long way in getting some legislation passed that law enforcement really needs. All right, I will go along with it. Anyway at least you asked me about the plan before anything got under way. I wonder though. Would you have halted the plan if I had said no?”


“Well it is easy to say yes now since you have already agreed, but yeah. Had you expressed no desire, what so ever to aid us in this endeavor we would have pulled the plug. Anyway I hate to take off so soon but now that you know what is going to be happening over the next few weeks. I need to go speak to a few people in the legal department, the FBI and the police department. After all this isn’t really something that the military should officially be involved in except for securing you at a facility. After all there is no way, a normal prison could hold you.” Kate seemed to perk up at this praise, just slightly.


“So does that mean that when it comes time to actually arrest me I am going to be secluded away in a military facility?”


“You can’t get much more secure then this place.” Kate chuckled for a moment. At least she was glad that she would have some nice accommodations.


“Wait, before you go. Whom do I need to speak to if I want to make use of some of the equipment here? As maybe a tank or two? I am particularly interested in those tanks you had when we first met.”


“You’re not going to brake them are you?” Mathews seemed truly concerned, while he didn’t like the idea of Kate trashing random Abrams the Cyclops was even more expensive. Kate didn’t answer but gave a playful giggle. “Check the computer and find the map of the facility, stop by the armory and let them know what you want to do. Please keep in mind, that even the armed services can’t have you destroying tanks constantly.” Kate gave a slight nod.


“Don’t worry, I will keep it down. I need to save the nation money rather then cost them it. Especially if you are going to keep this place up to date.” Mathews nodded and made his way out of the room, he would need to talk to Helen later and have her stop by. Since she would be the one defending Kate in court once again.


“So what do you feel like doing?” Kate turned her head in Jack’s direction upon Mathews leaving.


“I feel like taking a nap.”


“Still tired?” “Yeah, I kind of think I should have gone to sleep right when I got back to be honest.” Jack walked over to Kate and proceeded to slip his arms under her, lifting her from the seat he let out a slight grunt of effort.


“Then let us get you to bed. I don’t want to keep you up after all.”




Jack couldn’t help but feel odd as he set at his computer terminal occasionally glancing into Kate’s room to look upon her napping form. It had been so long that he had a chance to see Kate sleeping. As the number of hours she required sleep had went down he got to see her in such a seemingly vulnerable state less and less. He realized seemingly vulnerable was accurate though at least when in reference to normal people. Even while Kate was asleep and entirely unaware there wasn’t really anything a normal human could have done to her. At least not without some very advanced weaponry.


Currently he was browsing through the facility’s layout and printing out some maps for future use. He had considered getting in touch with the armory and preparing a few tanks for her since it seemed she wanted to play around with a few. He had decided against that though, since he didn’t have that type of authority. Though from what he had heard Kate could make use of such costly equipment for training purposes. Without a doubt the two of them had signed very different contracts. Jack was broken by his musing by the sound of a voice over the intercom. “May I come in?” Jack recognized the voice though just barely. Upon sliding the door open he quickly recognized the person as Helen stood there holding a small laptop.


“So May I come in?” Helen had a rather large smile on her face and was wearing a business suit. Realizing that it was rather unlikely she was there just to stop by Jack quickly let her in.


“Kate is asleep right now, I don’t know how long she is going to be out.” Helen glanced back at Jack but didn’t answer. Instead she proceeded into the living room and set up her computer.


“That is all right, I am just here to give you two some information you can pass it on.”


“Oh, I thought since you had stopped by it meant something serious was happening.” Helen gave a slight shrug of her shoulders.


“Well speaking to a client face to face tends to help things and I had thought to run a few details by Kate. Since it is her trial. That can wait until later though after all she isn’t even under arrest yet. It should take about three days but we would appreciate it if you two would remain within the facility. Instead of posting bail this time it was decided that it would be better for her image if she would remain here. Of course the public doesn’t actually know how the facility is designed. We will just inform them that thanks to her inhuman abilities the military decided to confine her to a highly secure facility.”


“All right is there anything else?” Helen smiled at Jack.


“Well like I said I did want to talk to Kate. I was hoping to get some information on her friends strait from her lips but it can wait until later.”


“Do you think you can win this?” Helen had a huge smile on her face when she looked up.


“Jack, the military isn’t into starting a battle that they don’t plan on winning. We have been gathering data and videos of just what people such as Copperhead can do for some time now. It shouldn’t be difficult at all to convince the jury that such threats can’t be treated like the standard crook. Of course even after winning the trial that doesn’t mean we can effect any major changes, that is quite a more difficult task. Right now the military simply views the trial as the bombing before the landing. We need to create an opening.” Helen was a bit perplexed when she noticed Jack shaking his head.


“No politics please. I will just watch out for Kate as best I can” Helen just grinned as she took a moment to right a few details down on a card before handing it to Jack.


“I will be in touch be sure to give that to Kate though I doubt she needs it.” Jack gave a nod and slipped the tiny card into his pocket. Then made his way back towards Kate’s room and peaked in on her. Jack nearly jumped out of his skin when he found Kate looking strait at him.

Then she began to slowly stretch and tense her body as if working the stiffness out.


“What is the matter Jack? Did I spook you?” Kate had noticed Jack’s slight jump, when he had walked into the room. Glancing over at a clock she had a fairly good idea why he would have been spooked. It hadn’t even been two hours since she had laid down and from what he had told her and how she had been feeling. She was pretty much out of it. “I guess my body doesn’t require all that long to recover.”


“No. I suppose it doesn’t. Uh Helen was just here she left you this card.” Jack quickly fished the card out of his pocket and handed it to Kate. “Though, if you want to talk to her. I bet you can catch up to her before she leaves the facility.” Kate just gave a slight wave of her hand.


“I heard you two talking. I just didn’t feel like talking to her about anything. Maybe I will get in touch with her in a day or two but for now I have had enough legal matters. Those contracts we had to sign where more then enough legal details to last me at least a year.” Jack had to agree with Kate on that one. He hadn’t exactly enjoyed feeling out his stack of legal papers and Kate had even more to deal with.


“Well in that case. If you are feeling better now I went ahead and printed a layout of this place. At least of the areas that would print. We can stop by the armory if you want and see just what you have to do if you want to borrow a few weapons.”


“Now that does sound like fun. You stand there while I get dressed then we can stop by the armory and see just what they have in stock.” That was one order Jack didn’t mind following at all.


As Kate pulled herself out of bed though he wondered just what Kate was going to change in to.


Jack realized that put on would be a better way of defining what Kate was going to do as she climbed out of bed. Kate currently stood only wearing a pair of simple white panties and a lacy bra.


Her muscles had relaxed since her work out but stool where quite defined and now they where in plain view. Kate’s wonderful heart-shaped calves seemed even more defined then before while her biceps swelled ever so slightly whenever she would move her arm.


Her crimson red hair seemed to flow into waves of silk while her emerald green eyes seemed to shine more brightly then any jewel. “Are you sure you want to put anything on?” Kate gave Jack a playful smile and proceeded to reach behind her back. Undoing her bra she allowed the material to fall to the floor yet her breast didn’t show the least bit of sag.


“I wonder why I wear that at times.” Kate pressed up on her breast making them appear even larger. Turning her back to Jack she presented him with a wonderful view of her firm rear as she bent over in an exaggerated manner to search through her drawers. Jack started to step forward to give her rear a quick smack when Kate looked over her shoulder. “Back. I said stand right there.” Jack’s first reaction was to back up like he was told which got a giggle from Kate as she continued to look through her drawers. At last she found what she was looking for or to be more exact stopped pretending to look, and brought out one of her uniforms.


Jack wasn’t certain of what he should do as he watched Kate slide her panties down her wonderfully shapely legs. Did she just want him to watch or should he try something? Upon seeing Kate flex her legs he opted to do as he was told. Wiser to be safe then sorry he reasoned. He was surprised to see she had one of her uniforms handy as she slipped it on. “I just love how these things show off my body and nice hiney. Don’t you?”


“Most assuredly I do.” Kate smiled and proceeded to slip her outfit on. The material hugging her skin so tightly that it seemed a second skin though totally comfortable to Kate. Jack had to remind himself that between the strength of the material and how tight it was that it would crush a grown adult should they manage to get it on. Kate made her way over to Jack slowly, rapping her arm around him she pulled him against her frame. Pressing her lips firmly against his.


“That is a good boy, later on I will have to give you a nice reward.” Jack had been smiling quite widely upon Kate letting up. With that news the smile threatened to split his face in half.”




Kate had seen some fairly nice armories in her time on the police force and SWAT. However, what she and Jack currently found themselves wondering through looked like it could supply a small army. As Kate made her way around, she took particular care to notice the various high explosives. “Hey, I bet I could have some fun with these.” Jack looked to see what Kate was talking about and noticed she held a hand grenade in her hand. Jack was a little surprised to see Kate holding such a small anti-personnel weapon considering how much she liked showing off. He imagined Kate as having more of a interest in the C4 then hand grenades.


“Do you think so? It seems a little small impact for your regular taste.” Kate’s tongue came out to lick along her lips for a moment.


“Now Jack, don’t sell me short. I like trying new things and small things can be fun. Like lets see. What would be a nice way to handle this little trinket?” Kate had a rather playful grin as she gripped the handle on the grenade to keep the timer from activating then pulled the pin. Jack didn’t know what to think as Kate was now holding a live grenade in the middle of an armory. He truly hoped she knew what she was doing. It was clear from the soldiers that where standing guard they where thinking the same. Clearly they hadn’t been expecting her to pull such a stunt.


Kate only smiled as she noted the wide-eyed stairs, she had already decided on how she would like to deal with the first grenade. Easing the little explosive between her ample bosom Kate pressed her breast together to make sure none of the force would escape from the inclosed environment. “1 … 2 … 3 … 4 … 5 … 6” Kate felt a slight impact between her breast as the grenade finally detonated. The razor sharp shrapnel proving incapable of escaping from its confines. Kate breast proved so effective at muffling the explosion that Kate was the only one capable of hearing it. Everyone knew what had happened though upon Kate reaching into her cleavage and slowly taking out the bits of metal. “Just a ten seconds delay? You don’t give yourself much time to throw them do you?” Jack knew Kate was strong and had seen bullets bounce of her. He knew that her body could withstand such explosions easily.


Knowing such things and actually seeing them was to different things. The sight of such a feat was almost enough to take Jack’s breath away. The laser had been a nice show but it didn’t respond as violently as the explosion must have been. Kate wasn’t done yet as she took the bits of shrapnel and began to squeeze it in her hand. Slowly compressing the metal together with a hand that could exert several tons of force within such a confined area. Kate had to be careful not to let any of the metal pop out of her fingers as she squeezed down on it for fear it would tear someone open. As her hand shut she could feel the metal heating up thanks to the friction of its molecules being forced together.


“Wow” Didn’t just come from Jack but several of the guards upon Kate opening her hand.


There was set a red glowing lump of metal where had been several bits of grenade a few moments earlier. Kate rather enjoyed the attention as she made her way over to a metal desk. Placing the little bit of alloy down she felt the desk would be able to withstand the heat while she continued her inspection of the armory. “I swear Kate it is hard to believe you can even feel me touching your breast at times.” Kate smiled at Jack as they made there way deeper into the armory.


“Don’t worry I can feel it. I am not the type to fake such things.” Jack nodded and began to look around as they made there way deeper.


The anti-personnel weapons slowly began to give away too larger and more powerful weapons including rocket launchers and anti-tank weapons. Kate noted several of these weapons and seemed particularly interested in the rockets. That is until they got closer to the back when the shelves ended and off to the sides they could see several massive doors. The reason the shelves ended was because there was no shelf that would be capable of holding what they found. A wide variety of tanks lined the garage like area. Kate nearly forgot all about the simple rockets she had been looking at earlier and began to scan the tanks.


Walking around the massive machines, Kate looked under several of them trying to figure out the best way to lift them. As Kate considered the fun she could have with the machines she realized that in a few of their cases she would have to be careful or not actually damage the tank all together. Not all the machines had been designed to function without a driver and as much as Kate enjoyed showing off. She didn’t want to end up killing someone simply for funs sake especially when that person was just an innocent. That didn’t mean she couldn’t have fun though, after all she rather enjoyed simply letting herself be shot to show off. At the moment though she really wanted to find the Cyclops and test herself against its cannon again. Such thoughts left her mind though upon noticing something very important. “Hey Jack?” Kate turned around realizing she had lost track of him. It wasn’t really something she was worried about though as she simply decided to do a super speed search of the area.


Kate didn’t bother making use of her enhanced hearing. As she felt a super speed search would be more enjoyable. It was Kate’s turn to be stunned when she finally found Jack and realized why he had wondered off. Jack had noticed the weapons were not simply arranged by size. They where also arranged by the level of advancement. In his curiosity Jack had wondered off towards the rear of the facility and stumbled upon something Kate hadn’t expected near the back. Kate found Jack admiring a roughly 13-foot tall mech. The machine had a humanoid arm on one hand while the left was simply a large chain gun that looked as if it could chew through nearly any armor in the area. The shoulders seem prepped for weapons though they currently did sport any and it seemed the armor in some areas where missing. “Nice find.”


Jack turned to look at Kate. “Yeah but it doesn’t look complete. Do you want to ask some of those soldiers about it?” Kate responded by scooping Jack up in her arms.


“Lets not waste any time.” Jack felt a slight lurch in his stomach as Kate quickly accelerated to 50 miles per hour. Quickly dashing back to the front of the armory. The guard at the front desk gave a slight jump when Kate suddenly appeared right in front of him. “Pardon me but I was wondering what was up with that mech. In the back.” It took a moment but the security guard finally responded.


“What would you like to know about it?” Kate gave a huge grin.


“Is it operational? How strong is it? How much armor can its main gun go through? What other weapons does it have available? Can anyone pilot it? How strong is its armor?” The man hadn’t been expecting quite so many questions all at once so it took him a moment to respond. Particularly because he had to take a moment to look up the information on the facilities data base.


“The armor is only 80% complete at the moment and the operating system isn’t installed as of yet. The armor is a specially made alloy that can withstand multiple anti-tank rounds and the main weapon can fire a round through a tank and out the other side.” Kate didn’t bother interrupting as the guard simply read from the list. Giving her some information that she hadn’t asked for but was still welcome. When it was over Kate had a few more questions to ask.


“Is it going to be complete any time soon and do you have any pilot for it?” The guard was one of the men that had seen Kate playing around with the grenade so he had a idea what she wanted to do with it. However, his superiors had informed him of her current rank and how she was to be treated.


“We don’t have any plans to finish it at the moment. What you saw is actually a proto type sent to us by Lex. Corp. The reason we don’t have an operational system installed is that no one has been trained to use it yet. “Kate felt a little disheartened at this news. She had been looking forward to rough housing with the mech.


“Is there a chance that it could be completed?”


“You would need to take that up with General Mathews miss.”


“Okay I will get around to that later. Until then. Come on Jack. I bet we can find some other things to play with.” Kate gave Jack a quick kiss before dashing back into the armory, while she was grateful he had lead her to the mech she didn’t feel like letting him wonder off again. So throughout the conversation she had continued to hold him.




Kate once again found herself in the defendant seat. A seat that despite all her strength and endurance she found remarkably uncomfortable. Helen set beside her occasionally taking a drink of water. Brice currently had taken the floor and much to Kate’s dismay was once again doing a good job of prosecuting her. He had a very strong opening much as he had in Metallo’s case. In truth Kate felt he had an even stronger opening then what he had previously. Currently on the stands was one of the medics that had cleaned off Kate.


“And how would you define Ms. Stonecutter’s condition when she had came out of the building?” The medic looked to Kate for a moment as if he didn’t want to speak. He knew that his testimony wouldn’t be good for Kate and in truth he didn’t want to testify against her. He had been sworn in though and wasn’t going to lay about it.


“When she first came out of the building, she was completely covered with blood.” Brice waited for a moment as if expecting the medic to continue. He soon realized that the man would need some more motivation to give more information. “Whose blood was it?”


“We never confirmed the origin of the blood as he assumed it was hers and cleaned it off.” The medic was doing his best to avoid answering the real question.


“You say it wasn’t Ms. Stonecutter’s blood. After you cleaned it off did you notice any damage to her body?” Brice chose not to force the issue of it being Copperhead’s blood. The state of the corpse would go a long way as far proving that.


“Upon removing the blood her body didn’t have any noticeable damage on it.” Why didn’t she just kill Brice? Kate glanced at him for a moment and reminded herself that it was illegal to kill someone for being an ass. Also, he was just doing his job to the best of his abilities. Kate simply tried to hide her annoyance as Brice proceeded to call in yet another witness.


Helen glanced over at Kate noticing that she was looking rather upset. Placing her hand on Kate’s shoulder she learned over and whispered even lower then she regularly did. “Don’t worry, we aren’t trying to prove you didn’t kill him. Simply that you did what needed to be done and what must be done to handle such dangerous criminals.” Helen rather liked that she didn’t have to talk loud enough for a human to be able to hear her when speaking to Kate. She just wished her hearing was on par with Kate’s so they could hold a conversation. Helen pushed thoughts of a conversation from her mind as she began to focus on Brice again. Unlike before she actually needed to pay attention to his points, if she was going to rebuff them. After all she didn’t imagine Kate would take to well to being found guilty and it would be a black eye for the police as well. Not to mention the military that currently employed Kate and paid Helen her paycheck.


Kate looked up and was surprised how much time had elapsed. She had let her mind wonder for a while and hadn’t actually noticed Brice setting up some slides. They where images of Copperhead’s body. It was odd though as Brice began to go through each piece of information and detail the brutality of the entire event. Kate simply couldn’t bring herself to feel guilt over what she had done. Kate would have felt more guilt over killing an animal then she did for killing Copperhead even in such a brutal manner. Even going beyond that, Kate found she felt a fair amount of pride in what she had done. The idea of all the people Copperhead and killed and the even greater number his actions had influenced simply pushed asides any feelings of sympathy Kate might have felt for him.


Helen listened carefully and couldn’t help but be grateful that Kate hadn’t killed a one time offender, but a mass murderer who had been captured numerous times. While she didn’t like the notion of how many people had died. The number and way Copperhead and killed people was one of the main reasons Helen felt Kate would be found innocent of any wrong doings. Of course she wished that the military would have mentioned this scheme of theirs to her sooner. Copperhead was the cause of much suffering true, but Metallo would have been so much better. Not only would she had his time spent as a mechanical terror but she could have also fallen back on his terrorist life. Then again she could also take advantage of the fact that Copperhead tended to kill some of his victims with a lethal bight. Debra gave her brief case a slight pat having brought several images of what a person’s insides looked like by the time Copperhead’s venom got finished with them.


Helen also intended on bringing in various victims family members. As well as prison official to speak on the inability of the prison system to handle such criminals in its current condition. Especially while remaining humane. Helen was very assured in the knowledge that despite Brice pointing out how brutal Copperhead’s death had been and how Kate had went too far. That she would ultimately have more emotional leverage on her side.




“That pathetic little man. I swear he really wants to lock me up.” Kate sat on the couch while Jack lay down his head across her lap. Turning his attention from the tv, he had to scoot to the side a bit to look over the rise of Kate’s breast.


“You mean Brice?” Kate gave a nod of her head and let out a long sigh.


“I know he is just doing his job but it is really starting to upset me.” Jack didn’t bother commenting on this though he understood where Kate was coming from. No one liked it when a person was trying to have them locked up in prison at least no one that he knew of. In truth when Kate told him about the trial, Jack felt fairly upset about it as well. After all he didn’t like the idea of someone trying to lock up the woman he loved.


“So now that the trial is under way I suppose your movements are restricted.”


“Yeah, I can’t leave the facility until I have been found innocent of any wrong doings. I figure I can take the time to do some physical training and just have some fun in general.”


“Well that is good news for me. I get to watch you make use of your strength more often. Though I was wondering. Kate would you mind donating, a hair or skin sample to my research?” The look Kate gave Jack told him that he had better have a good reason for wanting the samples.


Considering how much it hurt her when she removed them. “You wouldn’t need to give a very significant sample, I just have a few things I want to study.” Kate seemed to think about the request for a moment then let out a long sigh.


“Well it is your job and you do need to provide some data to keep it I suppose. All right but how big of a sample are we talking about?” Jack took a moment to consider the exact amount. He didn’t require a great deal at least he didn’t feel that he would. Neither did he plan on truly researching the sample as he had been before hand. In truth he simply planned on testing a single theory.


“I wouldn’t even need the entire strand of hair or you could just shave off a small layer of skin. You don’t need to draw blood in this case. In fact considering what I have seen your blood do to stone I don’t think I would be able to research it effectively with the equipment I had them bring in.”


“What equipment is that?”


“Just some items for growing tissue samples.” Kate gave Jack a curious glance.


“Now why would you want to grow a tissue sample from me?”


“Well for one thing I want to see how quickly your cells stop evolving once removed from you. Of course if I can even keep a sample and alive or grow is a unknown at the moment. It would at the very least give us a moment in time that we can study your cells’ structure and see how different they are from human.” Kate couldn’t keep herself from smirking.


“Of course by the time you get through studying that sample I imagine it won’t even be able to compare to me. This wonderful body of mine is just evolving so fast that your science can keep up with her.” Jack returned Kate’s smirk and proceeded to rolled over onto his side. Pressing his face into Kate’s abs he proceeded to kiss those wonderful powerful and solid muscles.


“I don’t mind. I enjoy the chase.”




Kate found herself standing within a vast expanse of open land. The grounds actually where considered part of the facility. They had been prepared in order to allow them to test new types of long range artillery so Kate had a truly vast expanse of land to survey and her opponents had a truly vast expanse of land to hide in. The battle field had been set up so that Kate found herself having to fight over an extremely long range. The sound of a cannon going off snapped Kate to action and she took off in a dead run. Following the sound of the cannon fire she looked up and noted the shell flying well over head. No doubt going to land on the spot where she had been standing moments earlier. A moment later Kate found herself flying through the air as the ground underneath her seemed to vaporize.


Kate realized what had happened while she spent her time in the sky. The tanks had most likely been linked and a second one had fired after the first after seeing the rout she was taking. Most likely they had expected her to take off at her full speed and she couldn’t hear the sound of the cannon fire as the shell had been moving more quickly then the speed of sound. However, Kate did notice the third shell that was currently heading strait for where she would be in moments. Apparently now that they had her in the air no one intended off letting her down. Kate never reached the point as she made use of one of her own abilities. Halting her movement in mid air, Kate watched as the shell flew by.


Quickly relaxing the ability Kate returned to the ground and altered her battle plan. Instead of running at her full speed Kate took a more relaxed 1,000 miles per hour. Easily braking the sound barrier but allowing her to focus more on keeping herself grounded. Even though she felt she would be able to avoid the cannon fire by keeping a close eye on the skies. She felt this would be far more fun especially if she saw the various anti-tank rounds heading her direction. A moment later Kate was swallowed up within a fire ball.


Mathews watched on the monitor as various cameras did their best to track Kate’s position. Depending on computer guidance systems normally meant to control automated guns. The tanks where currently using the same system, while the human controls at the station only programmed in rough battle plans and left it up to the computer to execute them. It was at the moment the only thing they had capable of keeping up with Kate. Mathews let out a low whistle as Kate had pushed her way clean through the explosion. The detonation proving unable to even slow her down. Looking down at one of the tacticians. “I don’t think that plan of yours is going to work anymore. Any other ideas.”


“Working on it sir.” Mathews returned to watching the video feed. Kate continued along at her comfortable pace realizing that no more then a few seconds had passed but it felt so much longer then that. This was thanks to the fact that she was holding herself to less then 1/13th of her full speed. It was impressive how quickly the computers where doing their calculations and re-aiming the weapons. Kate felt an impact in her back as one of the tanks she had passed managed to get her. The force of the explosion proving insufficient to make her stumble or even take a step more quickly then she was now that Kate was holding herself down.


Kate finally came within sight of the first tank and was disappointed to see that it was an older model. The machine had most likely been outfitted with an automated control system for this test. At first Kate thought to simply tear the tank apart but opted for another plan. Diving beneath the tank, Kate quickly pressed herself up. Her fingers sinking into the heavy armor as she began to lift the tank from the ground. She was able to prevent herself from sinking into the soft earth thanks to her staying ability this also served to make the task of lifting the massive machine easier. The entire act took only a few moments and then the 50+ ton machine was sent flying through the air.


Kate aimed the tank along the trajectory of one of the incoming shells that had hit her. Deciding to trust in her aim she began to make her way towards the third firing position. Mathews could hardly believe what he had just seen in the video screen, a tank had just been sent through the air, broke the sound barrier and slammed into another one of the tanks. As the massive hulk slammed into its counter part there was a massive impact. So great that one could have very easily mistaken it for an explosion. The two tanks had simply disintegrated upon impacting with one another, various bits of metal actually fusing together thanks to the horrific amount of force of such a great mass slamming into another at such high speeds. “I think we need to step this up a bit.” Mathews glanced over at a few people who nodded their agreement before working on the keyboards.


Kate had by this time found the third tank and was having some fun. Jumping atop the machine she proceeded to bury her fingers in the hatch. Finding the task of removing the protective covering to be far to easy Kate glanced down inside of the machine. Hoping into the gun turret, she found the doors that separated the shells from where the crew would normally be. Flipping the doors open, Kate proceeded to slam her fist into the shells setting off the propellent within each one of them. This time she didn’t make any attempt to halt her movement as she allowed the force of the explosion to throw her back. Kate could feel the warm metal deform against her body thanks to the force of the impact and the heat of the slams within the inclosed environment. Only a small amount of force being able to escape through the opened hatch.


Kate slowly pulled herself out of the warm metal, the blast having melted the interior of the tank. The explosion made all the more intense thanks to only a small amount being able to escape though Kate still regretted the lost. A moment later she found herself shaking with laughter as the tank exploded and she was sent tumbling across the ground. The other tanks had fired on the destroyed one upon the programmers realizing she was still inside. Kate quickly brought herself to a halt and soon found it hadn’t been another tank that destroyed the one she had been in. Rather it had been a helicopter that was currently flying far above. The helicopter quickly fired off another rocket. Kate simply stood there as she began to consider the situation and the best method to take the aircraft down.


“She isn’t exactly making this easy.” Mathews glanced over at one of the controllers that seemed upset Kate wasn’t even trying to avoid the rockets. Mathews gave a shrug and continued to look at the monitor.


“I wonder if she even realizes that her clothes have been burned off. Anyway, you should be happy you’re getting a chance to test the automated system.” Mathews was fairly grateful for the test as well. The program was meant to control a certain number of rockets or other military weapons in defense of a location. Some had hoped to make use of the system in field combat and street fighting but as of yet it was still to risk. Still, it was working quite well as a defensive system. It if hadn’t been for Kate’s speed and her ability to hold herself to a certain area, they could have easily kept her back until they ran out of ammunition with enough punch to knock her into the air.


A sonic boom shot through the area as Kate finally decided on a course of action. Jumping up her legs easily propelled her to a speed faster then sound or any anti-aircraft missile. Kate simply chose to make a weapon of her entire body. The moment she impacted with the helicopter it vanished into thousands of little pieces if not more. Kate quickly halted herself the moment she had went through the aircraft hanging in mid air for only a moment. The trick made her even more grateful for her ability to halt herself as she wondered how far up she would have gone without her ability to halt her movement and worse yet how long it would have taken her to fall back down under the normal effects of gravity. As Kate began to fall down, she opened her hand revealing a tiny bit of red-hot metal that she had snatched while moving through the helicopter.


It proved a beneficial preparation as another helicopter attempted to take advantage of her time spent in the air. Kate gave the tiny scrap of metal a good toss sending it slamming into the second helicopter, the speed at which the alloy struck the helicopter more then made up for its lack of mass and the aircraft was soon in several hundred pieces raining back down to the earth. Kate was more then ready to go after the other automated weapons when she heard a horn sound signaling the end of the test. “Hey what is going on? I have more things I want to brake.” A speaker came on a moment later.


“We already have all the data we need, it is clear the current training session isn’t appropriate for you and wouldn’t serve any benefit to continue.”


“But I wanted to smash them.” Kate gave a slight pout.


“Well you are naked.” Kate’s eyes went wide and she glanced down at herself. A moment later Kate vanished from the screen only to appear moments later in the wreck of one of the tanks.


Before the cameras had even realigned she had reached down and tore up a rather large sheet of still intact armor and bent it around herself in a fashion very similar to a towel. Kate didn’t bother to say anything. Like wise the loud speaker didn’t come on to voice anyone’s thoughts on the matter as Kate made her way back towards the entrance clearly some what embarrassed. It was true that her clothing could withstand bullet fire and blades but it seemed getting swallowed up in the fire of an anti-tank round was more then it could endure. At least when she was hit that many times. She would need to talk to Jack about that one.


“So do you have any ideas?” Kate glanced at Jack who was currently looking closely at a monitor. The screen displayed a great number of objects which Kate assumed where her cells moving about. They most assuredly didn’t look like what was found within a human any more or anything within the animal kingdom. One of the odder features of Kate’s cells is they seemed to be letting out a purple glow. Jack didn’t respond right away as he continued to observe the monitor.


“Well I do have an idea.”


“What is it?”


“If you don’t mind, I would like to keep exactly what a surprise for later.” Kate’s question had been in response to her need for a set of clothing that would be able to endure combat conditions. At least the conditions Kate put them through. Kate considered Jack’s response for a moment. She could pressure him and try to get the information out of him right away. Still, when he did surprise her she often felt it was worth the wait so it was with a resigned sigh.


“Okay I will wait. Just what are you working on now though?”


“I am checking to see how well your cells are multiplying.” Kate glanced towards a rather large tank in the wall. At the moment the container seemed to be clear except for a little bit of material right in the center. Walking over to it Kate knew it was some of the special equipment Jack had put on order.


“I assume that getting my cells to continue to reproduce isn’t as easy as growing a normal tissue sample?”


“Hell no, stimulating their growth takes quite a bit of effort. Luckily computers can handle most of the details. Right now I am just looking at their rate of reproduction and if they change any.”


“Have they?”


“Not in the least, I am becoming more and more certain that once cells have been removed from your body they no longer evolve.” Kate felt reassured with that knowledge as she placed her hand on the tank. While she trusted Jack not to try to make a clone of her and largely trusted the material not to try such a plan. It was nice knowing that even if someone made a clone of her. It still wouldn’t be able to match her in power, since however long it took them to grow the clone and train it. Kate would have evolved beyond whatever her limits had been at the time. Leaving the tank Kate once again made her way over to Jack. This time leaning over him she slowly rapped her arms around him.


“I have a recording of my combat training. Later on today you are going to watch it with me. Then we are going to have a nice dinner and end the day in the gym with an exercise session so I can flaunt my muscles for you.” Jack wasn’t certain of where this had come from but he was none the less delighted to hear it. “Oh and you will be getting to see a bit of a strip show I didn’t realize I was giving on the video as well.” Jack seemed confused by this then realized just why Kate must have been asking about stronger clothing earlier. As he thought about what must have happened he couldn’t help but laugh. Kate didn’t bother trying to deter Jack’s laughter she knew it was in good humor. When he finally settled down Kate leaned over and gave him a kiss on the cheek. “I am going to go and be somewhere else for a while. Try to find a way to amuse myself.”


Jack watched as Kate made her way out of the laboratory before returning to his work. A moment later he gave a slight curse and almost wished Kate hadn’t told him what they would be doing. It made it very difficult for him to focus on his work.




Jack was rather comfortable as he lay down, his head resting just against Kate’s crotch while her legs wrested atop him. She had turned the touch length wise so that they could both watch the tv screen. Looking up for a moment Jack found he couldn’t quite make out Kate’s face thanks to the angle which she was laying at. “I am glad as your body strengthened your breast didn’t shrink any.” Kate couldn’t help but giggle her laughter shaking Jack somewhat.


“You’re not the only one. I imagine you liked watching them bounce on the screen.”


“You bet.” Jack was currently admiring the way Kate’s form moved while jogging. The video they where currently watching had been slowed down so that they could observe more of what had happened. The recording was actually on the facility’s mainframe and they had simply had it ran to the tv in Jack and Kate’s room so the two of them could watch it. At the bottom of the screen a small read out told just how much the video was being slowed down so that the average human audience could appreciate everything that was happening. If it was actually functioning at the same rate which the session had been then the video would have been over in less then five minutes. Even them it was rather difficult to observe Kate when she was running.


Currently Jack was watching as Kate was sent flying through the air by the first round of tank fire that had caught her off guard. This seemed to be in slow motion and Jack couldn’t help but admire how little Kate’s breast moved even under such a extreme condition. The majority of the rest of her body didn’t move at all except for the fact she was flying through the air. Kate’s breast only moved slightly more then he was able to with his hands. It seemed that there was only a certain point that Kate’s breast would move too naturally and then the amount of force required to affect them sky rocketed. This was most likely just before she would actually start experiencing pain from her breast either being too compressed or pushed out of their natural position. Unable to resist Jack slowly reached up and pressed up on Kate’s right breast. This got a low moan from her which only inspired him to push harder, upon Kate’s mighty mammary.


Kate smiled as she glanced down at Jack, as he pressed for all he was worth. His efforts felt rather nice and very gentle despite the fact that he was using all of his strength. At last Kate took hold of Jack’s hands and removed them from her breast. “Save your strength for later. The day has just begun and I don’t want to tire you out.” Jack returned his attention to the video silently hoping that he would get a little further with Kate then he already had.




“So how is the trial going?” Kate glanced up from her meal, the portion actually that which a normal person would have eaten. In accordance with Jack’s request to test to see just how much food her body truly required to function.


“I can’t say for sure, the prosecution still hasn’t finished.” The two of them had been eating in silence after the video. Jack keeping quiet since he was having trouble thinking of anything except the video they had just finished watching. Kate kept quiet since she was eager to get to the gym and show how her body had improved since they last tested her. They both would have liked to skip the dinner but Kate felt that they would be better of if Jack wasn’t hungry once they began the physical activities. “So have you been up to anything other then research in the lab when I am away at court?”


“Nothing as of yet, though it is likely I will end up working on other projects depending on how capable I prove at studying as unique a case as yours.” Kate proceeded to flex every muscle in her body. All her muscles becoming far more defined so much so that they where actually quite obvious despite her clothing being less form fitting then usual.


“I am quite the unique case, aren’t I?” Jack could tell when Kate was fishing for a complement and he wasn’t going to pass up a chance to flatter her.


“Kate, you have always been a unique case even before your enhancements. Now your body just better complements you.”


“Are you just saying that to soften me up?”


“No, I mean it.” Kate smiled, she trusted Jack though she wasn’t certain that she was such a upright person that she deserved such a wonderful body. She was none the less extremely grateful that Jack had decided to try and use the serum on her.


“I suppose my illness might have been a blessing in disguise. After all, if I hadn’t been dying. There would have been no way you could have convinced me to let you inject me with that stuff.” Jack seemed to tense up for a moment and slowly looked around the area as if Kate had said something she shouldn’t have. She quickly realized what the problem was, she hadn’t been thinking and had accidentally said too much while they where in a military installation. “Now Jack, you can’t be so paranoid. If we are going to live here, you are going to need to learn to relax.” Kate was somewhat more relaxed about the danger of talking while they where in their room.


The look of concern on Jack’s face passed soon later. “You’re right. Anyway it would be rather difficult to reproduce the treatment and even if I could. Well like you said the only reason we even risked it is you where going to die anyway.” Kate nodded her head in agreement, while she didn’t know how complex the serum was to make. Even she wondered if Jack could remember every detail after two years had passed. The conversation grew cold for a moment when finally Kate decided she had enough.


“You know I am feeling pretty full. What do you say to the two of us making our way to the gym?” Jack looked down at his stake for a moment then up at Kate. He didn’t have trouble deciding which was the best to be with. Jack stood up from the table without taking another bight, made his way over to Kate and offered his hand to help her up. Jack smiled and allowed Jack to help her to her feet.


“Before we do that, would you mind if I brushed my teeth?”


“I don’t mind, but I wonder just what you think we are going to do. That would require you to brush your teeth.” Jack felt a rush of air then Kate had vanished from in front of him before he could respond. He quickly tried to locate her however by the time he made it to the wash room she had already vanished. He quickly realized Kate was making use of her super speed to insure she finished before he did. Chuckling Jack took his time getting ready, before making his way to the training area.


Kate rushed down the hallway at a rather easy speed of 450 miles per hour. The people in the hall looked to be moving in slow motion while Kate was grateful for the floors sturdy construction. She would have hated to see what moving at such a high rate of speed would have done to carpet or even a hard wood floor. Arriving at her exercise room, she quickly opened the doors and stepped into the normally empty room. There set various bits of metal as well as a few tank cannons. Those that had remained after Kate’s training sessions. She had gotten the idea after using the tanks’ armor for a wrap-around-towel, after her clothes had been burned off. The materials would have been too bulky to take into Jack and her room. The other rooms where in much the same condition or didn’t offer the kind of privacy Kate wanted.


However, her exercise room counted as hers and she had managed to convince Mathews to let her borrow the bits of metal. It hadn’t really taken much convincing though. As Mathews said before they where trying to make Kate comfortable so they would be fairly accommodating to her.


Kate realized this was purely special treatment thanks to her status as one of the few enhanced beings the military could actively claim as their own. She wasn’t above taken advantage of this status once in a while though. Kate made her way over to one of the large bits of armor. Former armor that is, Kate had torn it from the tank that it once protected after all. So it couldn’t be considered armor anymore. Kate resisted the urge to stay playing around right that moment, she wanted Jack to be there to see her in action. He had watched her training video that was true, but it really couldn’t compare to seeing her in action close up. Of course Kate would have liked to have Jack in the combat zone with her but that would simply be far too dangerous for him.


Jack noted several people in the hallway seeming somewhat stunned. He imagined it had something to do with Kate and her exit. He couldn’t really blame them, it wasn’t every day something zipped by you moving faster then a race car especially when one was within the confines of a hallway. He didn’t take too long to observe their reactions though as he wondered just what Kate had in mind. He arrived at the sealed doors of Kate’s exercise room a few minutes later and quickly entered his code to gain entry. Upon stepping in he was fairly surprised to see the bits of tank armor and weaponry laid out across the room. “I thought you would like to see what my hands can do to take armor up close.” Jack was fairly surprised at what he saw when he turned to find Kate.


He expected Kate to be wearing her uniform instead he found her wearing a pair of silk panties and a bra. Kate noticed the surprise in Jack’s gaze and let out a giggle. “Even I like to wear something a bit delicate once in a while.” Jack nodded, it wasn’t like he was going to complain about Kate’s choice of attire after all the more delicate her clothing was the less likely it would survive her wearing it. He realized that Kate must have changed clothing upon arriving in her training room, not entirely surprising considering what she had laid out.


“You know none of that stuff is going to give you the least bit of a workout.”


“I know, but this isn’t really about conditioning my body. I did enough of that earlier while you where still asleep. This is about putting on a show for you and this is the strongest material they would let me play around with right now.” Kate made her way over to one of the tank cannon barrels and lifted it up, holding it up so that one end was just in front of her mouth. “I have to say though, I wish we could do this in a wider open or sturdier area. I bet I could launch a tank shell just as fast as the cannon could by focusing my breath through here.” Kate lowered the cannon revealing her dazzling smile as she flashed her purely white teeth. Jack wasn’t exactly certain if Kate had reached such a point but he wasn’t going to argue with her if she could or couldn’t achieve such a feat yet. The idea that she could, was simply too seductive to try and disprove.


“Well what should I do.”


Jack felt a rush of air as Kate made use of her super speed to quickly move behind him.


Scooping him up she proceeded to carry Jack over to the bench she had been setting at before he had come in. “You just relax here while I show you what I can do.” A moment later Kate was back over to the pile of metal and seemed to be looking at it as if in deep thought.


Kate considered starting with one of the larger bits of metal but as she noted the smaller ones she began to get a idea which she felt would be more amusing. Picking up a few shards of tank armor, she made her way over to Jack and proceeded to lay them out in the floor just a few feet away. Setting down Kate picked up one of the sheets and slowly began to fold it, the metal letting out a slight scream as Kate’s horrifically strong hands warped it. Jack watched in awe as Kate bent the metal in on itself forcing it into a smaller and smaller spiral. As she did this he watched as they metal began to take on a red glow thanks to the incredible pressure Kate’s hands where putting it under.


When Kate finally set down the bit of metal she had formed it into a rather thin rod. The alloy still glowing a slight red thanks to the pressure, it had been put under. Kate then proceeded to take up the other bits of metal. Jack grew exceptionally curious to just what Kate had in mind as she straightened out her legs and placed the metal between then. Then proceeded to take hold of one of her longer strands of hair and place the strand on the top of the metal. “Cover your ears.” Jack quickly did as he was told and a moment later the scream of metal being torn apart went throughout the area. Kate quickly brought her single strand of hair down easily cutting through the metal as far as she could without pulling her hair out. Jack knew from the times he ran his fingers through Kate’s hair it wasn’t very fine in fact each strand was thicker then what you would find on the head of the average person.


Kate had simply put so much force and speed behind the action that the cut came out fairly neat. Kate then proceeded to switch the sheet over and use the same technique on the other sides. The end result was a fairly neat square. Kate looked at the edges of the sheet for a moment, before she began to compress them with her fingers. Forcing the metal into a rounded shape. “You know this is pretty easy once you get strong enough, it reminds me of play doe, well until the doe got hard. Then it gave more resistance then this is. Well actually even fresh I remember the doe putting up for of a struggle.” Jack didn’t say anything but simply continued to look on as he watched this remarkable feat of strength.


Jack was only distracted for a moment when the climate control came on and he felt a rush of cool air. He hadn’t realized that the metal was beginning to heat up the entire room. Kate paid this no mind and picked up the scraps of metal that she had used her hair to remove only moments earlier. Taking a few of the smaller bits of metal Kate held as much of them in her hands as she could and proceeded to squeeze. Now Jack could feel heat truly radiating from where Kate was setting and he wondered why her clothing hadn’t caught fire yet considering how far away from him she was. Kate took her time doing this and then began to move the metal inward working it into a massive ball of read hot former tank armor. Kate then proceeded to roll the bowling ball-sized sphere between her hands slowly pressing down upon it.


The sphere began to rapidly thin out and lengthen as Kate forced its mass to its sides. As the sphere began to lengthen into a bar, Kate began to move it around within her hand’s length. This helped to insure that no one section of the bar had more mass then the other. Kate followed suit with the remaining bits of metal leaving her with one particularly long bar, too shorter bars somewhere around the length of three to four feet and a flat surface. Kate picked up the longest of the bars which had cooled by now and proceed to bend it into a perfect U shape. Jack finally had a idea of just what Kate was up to when she held the bar up straight with her legs and proceeded to settle the flat surface on the top. Placing her hands around the tip of the bar and the top right corner of the plane, she squeezed down. When Kate finally let up the end and the surface had been fused together with the area Kate had held bearing the imprints of her fingers. She then proceeded to do this with the opposite end. The two other bars ended up taking up the back sides of the plane. “I know it isn’t exactly art but I wanted to give you something functional. You can think of me every time you look at it and especially when you see where my fingers pressed down.”


Jack would have gotten a closer look at Kate’s handy work but he knew that would be a bad idea. While the heat wasn’t unbearable. There was no way, he could touch it. Kate glanced down at the desk and silently lamented that she couldn’t make something more complex it seemed she would need to take some time to work on her crafting. Kate moved the little desk away and took a moment to glance down at her bra and panties, she could feel the material warming up thanks to the close proximity to her work. Still, it hadn’t reached the point where it was ready to ignite which was actually a disappointment to Kate. She was determined to get the material to catch fire not by directly applying flame but simply by indirect heat caused by her using her strength. “So is there anything you would like to see me attempt? There are some scraps left.”


Jack glanced over at the remaining building material and found himself running short on ideas. His mind was more focused on his lower regions. He knew Kate wanted to show off for him to tease him and show him just what her strength was really capable of doing. “Well since we are working of reminders of you. How about a statue?” Kate didn’t respond right away but truly seemed deep in thought. That was a rather tall order Jack was asking for, it wasn’t her strength that was lacking of course rather it was if she could be that precise.


“Well not making fun of me if I can’t do it. That is a rather difficult trick.” Jack grinned and reached into his pocket. Kate wondered what he was doing as Jack took a while to fish something out of his wallet. A moment later he set a photograph of Kate down.


“Since we don’t have any mirrors in here, I figure that will help you.” Kate gave a nod of her head. The image was quite tiny and would have been difficult for a ordinary person to work with from such a distance. However, Kate’s eyes could see every little detail as if the image was blown up on a big screen television or larger. Walking over to the scrap pile, Kate began to gather up various bits of metal. Scooting the desk away from herself, she began to gather up the smaller bits of metal and compress them into each other. Slowly forming several large masses of red glowing metal.


Jack made himself comfortable and realized that Kate probably planned on starting with a ball and trying to mold it from there. Whether or not this would actually work he wasn’t certain, after all neither of them where really artists. Kate did have one thing on her side that a regular sculptor didn’t. Her medium didn’t simply brake into little bits when she applied so much force and she could work the metal as easy as clay. Except unlike clay the metal held its shape until Kate decided to alter it. Kate could feel the heat building up as she continued to mold the metal within her hands. Suddenly she realized why her clothing hadn’t did as she desired yet.


Kate glanced over at the cooling units and realized that it must be delaying her clothes’ ignition. She couldn’t turn them off though other wise Jack may find the heat to be a little too extreme for him to remain so close. Kate simply began to work even harder after all her clothing was already well on its way to going up and the cooling units could only negate so much heat. Kate simply began to put more force into molding the metal and actually began to make use of her super speed to generate more friction though she only moved at three times what is humanly possible. This began to change however as Kate realized the task in front of her was going to take longer then she expected. As Kate’s desire to finish grew so did her rate of movement. Until Jack was watching little more then a blur of motion.


Jack wasn’t about to ask Kate to slow down, as while her arms did move at remarkable speed as did her body from time to time, she was overall a stationary object which allowed him to enjoy the view. One thing he found particularly interesting was the smoke that was slowly beginning to raise up from Kate. He knew the only thing on Kate that was flammable was her panties and bra. Kate had of course noted the smoke which gave her all the more reason to increase her speed. Though to her she wasn’t moving super fast, rather the world around her seemed as if it had slowed down. Jack had to hand it to Kate she was doing adequate work considering the materials she was working with as well as her lack of practice. The image wasn’t perfect and its detail was rough but one could still make out Kate’s likeness in it.


At last Kate stopped working though she had only made it down to smoothing out some of the roughest details. As her panties and bra ignited into flames she glanced over to Jack. Jack just looked on as he watched the flames slowly growing beginning to consume the material that made up Kate’s bra and panties. As he watched he leaned a bit closer and could feel the heat radiating from the metal. Kate stood up as her garments continued to be consumed by the fire. Lifting the statue up she proceeded to set it aside. “Okay I think I am warmed up enough now.” Kate had a look of lust in her eyes as she glanced back at Jack who returned her gaze with equal desire and admiration. Kate didn’t bother taking off her clothing as the flames ate away at it. Kate simply waited until every last scrap had been turned to ash. The only evidence that the flames had ever even touched her body was a few black smudges left behind.


When the last of the flames had died down, Jack slowly stood up and walked over to Kate. After a moments hesitation he gripped Kate’s right breast in both his hands and squeezed with all his might. Despite the heat Kate’s skin felt the same as it always did. The fire having not increased the temperature of her skin even the least. He knew that it wouldn’t due to the test in the lab but to actually touch her skin with his hands after seeing such a feat. A part of his mind just told him it had to be hot. Jack was a bit perplexed when Kate removed his hands from her breast. “Now shouldn’t you get dressed for me?”


Jack started to remove his shirt when he stopped himself. “I would rather you did it.” Kate didn’t bother arguing but simply reached up and took hold of one of the button’s of Jack’s shirt.


Squeezing on the piece of metal she compressed it until it was nearly as thin as a sheet of paper and easily slipped it through the opening. She followed suit with each one of his buttons. Thoughts of what they would do when Jack had to make his way back to their live quarters didn’t really register in either of their minds. Kate was right running test, watching videos and reading papers on just how powerful she had become was fine. Still, it didn’t begin to compare to actually witnessing what she was capable of up close and personnel. Even if it didn’t truly give one an idea of just how vast her strength had become and how greater her speed was. It still made it far more easy to appreciate, even the fact that Kate was removing his buttons by flattening them so that they couldn’t hold his shirt rather then slipping them through the openings was quite captivating.


Kate didn’t bother slipping Jack’s shirt of him after buttoning it. Rather, she placed one hand on the front and the other on the back. Slowly tearing the garment in half. Kate was careful to keep the action a slow and steady. Making it extremely clear that the reason she was going slow wasn’t because she needed to. She wanted insuring it was obvious that the action was exceptionally easy for her and didn’t require her to jerk the material apart in the least. Jack’s pants soon met the same fat as his shirt as did his underwear. “Well it looks like someone is happy to be out.” Jack started to comment when Kate suddenly pressed her lips against his preventing Jack from speaking.


Wrapping her arms around Jack, Kate gave a light hop.


Jack felt the sudden acceleration as Kate jumped several yards into the air. He then felt a rather odd motion as Kate adjusted herself by twisting her body around. Soon Jack found himself laying atop Kate, as she positioned herself horizontally. Looking to Kate’s side for a moment, he noted that they remained suspended in the air as if floating. He knew this wasn’t quite the case, Kate had simply stopped the majority of her body’s motion. Still, despite knowing this it was very easy to consider what they where doing as flying. “I didn’t think to bring anything soft in here. So I figured that perhaps we could try this.” Jack didn’t respond right away but locked his legs around Kate and proceeded to set up. It was truly amazing how solid her body could be when she wanted it to.


Jack felt as if he was atop a steal beam suspended in the air. Except no hunk of metal could be as pleasant to hold onto as Kate. No peace of steel was anywhere near as strong as Kate was either. Kate didn’t let Jack set up for long before reaching up and wrapping her arms around him. Pulling him down to herself once again she locked lips with him. Jack was a bit surprised when the kiss was over Kate had a serious look on her face. “Jack, I need to ask you something before we go any further. Should a birth control pill work on me?” Jack grew silent for a moment realizing what this question was suggesting as well as the possible risk.


“Kate if you’re ready to go that far I am, but I think it would be safer if I used a condom. I can’t say for certain if a birth control pill would work on you but then again I don’t even know if you can have children the way you are now.” Kate let out a rather long sigh, she had been wondering about that but simply hadn’t been able to bring herself to ask the question. Jack felt Kate flip, them both vertical and slowly relaxing her ground ability until they where back down. For a moment he thought their time was over but it wasn’t to be the case. It seemed Kate had thought of this issue already. As she was only gone a moment before returning with a little packet.


“I had hoped you wouldn’t have to use one of these. Better safe then sorry though.” There was no way Jack was going to tell Kate how glad he was that she didn’t want a kid just yet. He was a bit perplexed though when Kate started to reach down and slip the little bit of material on him then stopped mid motion. “Hmm not just yet, I almost got ahead of myself. We need to have some more games first.” Jack felt Kate’s hands press down on his shoulders a moment later. He didn’t bother trying to resist her strength knowing how futile it was. Also from past sessions with Kate he also knew what she wanted.


Jack didn’t waste any time in pressing his face against Kate’s pussy lips the moment he was level with her crotch. He would have gone further however, until Kate relaxed her internal muscles there was no way he could penetrate them even with the most solid part of his body. This was actually beneficial as it forced him to consider the danger he would be putting a certain part of his body in if he went as far as Kate seemed prepared to. Those horrifically strong muscles may very well grind his penis to a paste. As Jack licked and kissed Kate’s lips though the danger passed from his mind. It was worth the risk and if something so unfortunate did happen to him, he would just have to deal with it after the fact.


Kate let out a slight moan and began to move her hips slowly. Making sure not to move to quickly or put to much force into her thrust other wise she may hurt Jack which she felt would truly ruin the mood. As Kate did this though she once again grounded herself and lifted her legs from the ground. Jack seemed a bit startled at first but didn’t complain upon Kate wrapped her legs around his head. Jack’s hands began to play over the magnificent thighs that now held his head against Kate’s crotch. Kate had already gotten quite wet while putting on her show for Jack however now it was truly pronounced. Kate’s juices began to coat Jack’s face as she grew more excited. He could no longer move his head thanks to Kate’s thighs but that didn’t bother him in the least.


Reaching up he pressed his hands up against Kate’s breast. Jack’s hands moving Kate’s magnificent mammary as much as his limited strength possibly could. He soon worked his hands around the front of Kate’s breast and while he continued to move them he also squeezed her nipples as hard as he possibly could. All of Jack’s strength could only stimulate Kate further and she began to let out a low moan. Her eyes drifting shut and her legs squeezing Jack’s head against her crotch more firmly though not quite enough to cause pain. As Kate grew hotter she had trouble holding herself back. She had been waiting for this day for quite some time now. Also limiting just how far Jack could go and how far she was willing to go with him. Now she was finally ready to go beyond that point, they had been together for over two years now.


He had always respected the limits she set for their relationship. Now it was time for them to move to the next stage and Jack wasn’t the only one that was exceptionally excited. However, while Kate’s excitement equaled Jack’s. Her fear of what would happen if she couldn’t control herself surpassed his. Could she really forgive herself if in the height of passion she injured Jack or worse yet killed him? Jack had similar concerns for his own safety of course however he had decided to put his trust in Kate. She had avoided harming him after all this time no matter how excited Kate had been. At last Kate’s legs unwrapped from around Jack’s head and she reached down. Lifting Jack by placing her hands under his arm bits, she released and quickly caught him under his buttocks. Lifting him so that his dick was level with her mouth.


Jack could hardly control himself as he felt Kate’s tongue come out and slowly lick the length of his shaft. He had been having trouble keeping himself from ejaculation already despite the lack of direct stimulation. Kate had simply worked him up that far. He had to exert a great deal of will power. The only thing that seemed to give him the strength to resist the urge to not simply give into his pleasure was the idea of what awaited him if he held on. For the first time he was perhaps truly grateful for all those games he had played with Kate. Other wise he may have not had the control to endure the teasing of her tongue.


Kate continued until Jack was nearly ready to explode then let off. A long sigh escaped her lips as she resolved that they would indeed be going to the final step. Of course that meant they would need to wait a little while for him to settle down. While Kate’s stamina could handle multiple releases, Jack’s was a different story. Considering how she had been working him up she imagined that he might only have one shot then be spent. Of course this posed quite a problem as she realized as excited as Jack was it would take a while for him to calm down unless she wanted to throw him into a pool of cold water and that would just take them back to square one. Also she was very doubtful that Jack would enjoy such treatment.


Jack had to be extremely careful to keep control of himself as he felt Kate’s hand rest on his shaft. The condom slipped onto his throbbing hard on. “Kate, I don’t know if I can hold out.”


“Don’t worry. I have an idea.” Jack didn’t bother asking as he felt Kate lean back once again suspending them in the air. His body resting on top of hers, at first Jack was uncertain of just what to do. After waiting for so long and having Kate, guiding them both through every step, he felt a little uncertain of just what she wanted. This was actually beneficial for his safety though as Kate took a moment to relax her internal muscles. Had Jack simply went to thrusting he would have effectively rammed his penis into something far more solid then steel. As Kate relaxed her muscles, she placed her hands on Jack’s thigh and began to press down.


Jack let out a gasp the moment he felt his shaft press into Kate’s lips and would have cum right there. Had Kate not tensed her muscles ever so slowly halting his premature ejaculation far more effectively then any cock ring. “No. You don’t. You’re not getting off that easy.” The moment Kate felt Jack’s orgasm fade she once again relaxed her muscles and continued to guide him into herself. The moment Jack felt his entire length vanish into Kate his entire body tensed up and he began to function naturally. Slowly he began to raise and thrust his length into her making sure to put as much force as he possibly could into each thrust. He had no reason to hold back, after all if any of them were going to get injured it would most likely be Jack, which was a risk he was willing to take.


Kate would periodically tighten up her muscles to prevent Jack from obtaining release before her. Of course she had every intention of finishing him off, she wasn’t going to simply leave her guy hanging. Kate simply didn’t want to risk his body giving out too soon. As things continued though Kate began to lose her clear mind and began to thrust upward to meet Jack. Barely remembering to restrain herself so that she didn’t send him flying across the room. Jack felt his body jerk upward for a moment and was instantly grateful he was on top. Considering how powerful Kate’s thrust was at that moment he doubted he would have enjoy laying on the ground at the moment. Of course that was the whole idea of Kate keeping him suspended in the air. The hard floor below wouldn’t be pleasant in any case. There was also another aspect of their love making that further intoxicated him.


The fact that he was on top of Kate was something Jack couldn’t help but find exciting. It wasn’t that it made him feel as if he had some power over Kate. No, Kate’s powerful hands wrapped around him and the knowledge that she was what held them in the air took away any such thoughts. Rather the excitement came from the fact that he knew he was there because Kate wanted him to be. He felt as if she desired him as much as he desired her. “Kate, please.” Jack managed to squeak out after Kate had stopped his ejaculation several times.


Looking into his eyes for a moment, Kate could feel her climax approaching as well. Jack wouldn’t have to endure much longer. Deciding to help Jack along Jack soon felt her hands rest on his thighs. Soon he was moving at a much more rapid pace as Kate helped to speed up the pace of his thrust.


Jack felt a wave of fear and pleasure run through himself as he and Kate obtained their release. The fear of what her internal muscles may do to his penis only seemed to prolong the high as his and her body began to convulse. It was fortunate that Kate held them suspended in the air as her hands reached out to her sides trying to find something to grip. Her concern for the facilities floors taking a second seat to her instinctively keeping herself from harming Jack. Her hands would have easily crushed through the specially made alloy if she had been laying on the ground. As she was now, they only grasped thin air. At last Jack’s head came to rest atop Kate’s breast as she relaxed her flying ability and drifted back to the ground. Looking into each other’s eyes Kate noticed a mixture of exhaustion and great satisfaction in Jack’s eyes.


Jack was quite happy to see the grateful look on Kate’s face though he could tell her stamina was already returning. For a moment he worried that Kate might show some frustration that he hadn’t lasted longer. No such emotion ever express itself on her face though.




“Ow ow ow.” Kate repeated as he stood up from his chair. He currently found himself in the lab as he had been as of late. Currently he was observing the progress of Kate’s skin sample she had provided earlier. The reason for his pain was he had been forced to stand up in order to operate a few machines as well as to retrieve one of the samples he had grown. Kate had left him very sore the previous day something he had learned after the after glow of the experience had worn off. He had been so sore that Kate had actually carried him back to their room, wrapped in a sheet so no one could see exactly what she was carrying. This was fine with him since he was naked at the time.


Kate was currently away at court, Helen from what he knew had finally started making her defense. This made Jack a little nervous as he wondered if last night had been a special happening in case Kate had decided to give him a treat. In case Kate was locked away perhaps she wasn’t as confident as she acted. There wasn’t anything that he could do about that if it was the case though he preferred to think other wise. Kate had been honest with him after all and he doubted she would hide such a serious concern. Easing himself back into his seat Jack took a moment to consider putting an ice pack on his more private of regions. He pushed the thought out of his head as he watched the monitor for a few more moments. So far Kate’s cells where multiplying nicely. He had been relieved to see they still multiplied normally at least. It seemed the first stage of his plan was working out quite well. The second was going to be another story though. He had to find out if Kate’s cells would respond to the same stimulus as those of a normal human.


Jack was also grateful since this gave him a chance to study just how much nutrients’ Kate’s body needed to function. Though he didn’t want to risk giving the cells to little or else they could end up dead and he didn’t want to have to ask Kate for another sample. What he had managed to learn is that Kate’s body made use of the material it took in though not exactly the same way as a human. The vast majority of the materials the cells took in were converted into building material. Very little of it seemed use up for energy purposes which lead Jack to try and locate Kate’s mitochondria. He would have loved to see how the energy producing parts of Kate’s cells currently functioned.


That had proven beyond his ability at the moment, Kate’s cells had simply changed too much to be so easily recognizable. At least for their individual parts to be. He also felt he knew how Kate could consume so much. Simply Kate’s cells could easily store a great deal of materials. That wasn’t exactly surprising considering Kate was over two hundred thousand times stronger then she had been before she gained her power and as far as Jack knew that number was still going up. He couldn’t even begin to guess at how advanced of a biological system must be going on inside of Kate at the moment. He did feel it was safe to assume that Kate’s fat cell’s could easily store at least 1,000 times that of a normal human body. Then considering the rate at which it actually used up the materials it had stored he felt it safe to assume Kate could survive for a exceptionally long time on just what she had been storing up.


This did bring up the question though just how much would Kate have to eat before her body started showing some fat? A slight chuckle came from Jack as he also realized that it would take a very long time for Kate to lose that weight if she actually put it on. He would have to inform her of his findings later on though he hoped to have something even better to show her eventually. Groaning in pain as he stood up a moment later Jack hobbled over to a large case and slipped on a few gloves. A moment later he pulled out a small device that was similarly shaped like the upper body of a human. Walking back over to where he kept Kate’s skin and hair samples before. He did his best to forget about the pain standing caused him as he resumed his work.




Kate was upset, it was the only way she could define herself at the moment as she made her way down the stairs of the facility. It wasn’t that her trial wasn’t going well. Helen was doing a very good job of playing on the juries heart strings. Especially by bringing in those who had lost family members thanks to Copperhead or those police unlucky enough to encounter him. That was the problem though at the same time Helen was pulling on the heart strings of the jury she was also pulling on Kate’s. This wasn’t intentional but couldn’t be helped Helen had to prove that Copperhead was too much of a threat thanks to his constant abuse of his abilities to be allowed to live. The more Kate listened to her though the more anger she felt towards Copperhead and the more she wished she had made his death even more painful then what she had.


Kate let out a sigh and resolved that she was going to have to take out some of her frustration before she exploded. She was already feeling on edge thanks to the trial. So instead of making her way to the lab to check up on Jack she found herself headed towards the gym.




The lights suddenly dimming and then brightening got Jack’s attention. As he looked up from his work station he waited a moment to see if it happened again. A few seconds later just that happened. Moving his hands away from his keyboard he leaned against the side of the desk wanting to see if the lights would dim just a few more times before he tried to find out what was going on. Sure enough he found the lights did indeed dim, deciding to play things safe he quickly made a save and a back up of the information he had been working on. Checking on the incubators he made sure their back up power was functioning before hobbling over to the phone. Calling the front desk. “Hello, this is Jack Hunter down in the lab. The lights are acting funny is there something wrong?”


“It seems we are suffering from a slight power drain sir. We are trying to find out where it is coming from.” Jack didn’t respond right away as the mentioning of insufficient power reminded him of something. A few seconds later he remembered just what that was.


“Did Mathews ever get around to having the facilities electrical systems updated?”


“Not yet. While the upgrades have begun, the new system won’t be operational for a while.” Jack suddenly had an extremely good idea of what was causing the power drain and in truth he could wait to see.


“Thanks for the information.” Jack said his good byes and hung up the phone before hobbling out of the lab wishing that he could move faster. As expected Jack found Kate in the training room.


Jack was careful to be quiet though he realized Kate must have something on his mind not to have noticed him. Her hearing was so very sharp it would be hard for her not to notice. Making his way into the control room he flicked on the control console and his jaw nearly hit the floor. In each hand Kate was currently curling over 12,000 tons of force. He suddenly realized what was causing the lights to dim. Each time Kate would lift one of the weights they would dim in response to the extra power drain as well as on the way down. When the weight came to rest at her side though they returned to normal as the weights would only exert force within a certain height from the floor in case Kate dropped one.


Kate’s strength had increased so much since their arrival, that she was currently using nearly the same weight for curls that she had used for benching pressing upon their arrival.


Mathews had mentioned the electrical system would need upgraded however it seemed that he had been wrong about how long this would have to happen. Jack glanced up at Kate again and noted the look of concentration on her face as well as the anger. He soon realized that there was another reason for Kate using so much weight other then her desire to improve her strength. She was currently trying to work out some anger. He decided to weight until she was finished to ask her.


Kate wouldn’t have normally pushed herself as hard as she was. The current weight range she had chose was not the most effective for developing her body at the time. She had simply chosen such a high setting as she truly needed a way to work out her anger and hadn’t been thinking too clearly. Even now Kate found herself remembering back to the trial, to video footage, testimonies and the victims. It wasn’t just what Copperhead had done though it was the fact that he was one of the least evils. They where beings out there with a lot more power then Copperhead could have ever hoped to acquire and some of them valued the lives of others even less.


Kate remembered times of helpless frustration when she would hear such killers being sentenced. The whole time knowing good and well it would be a long time before they where executed. Made even longer by the fact that thanks to their gifts they would most likely escape to cause even more chaos and the police could do little or nothing about it. The feeling of helplessness when someone would finally capture the convict as well as the humiliation of not being able to protect those you had promised to. Only to know that they would end up escaping again. It seemed to be guaranteed no matter how strong they made the prison that it would never be enough. Now she had the power to change all that though.


Jack knew Kate was deep in thought as her arms began to move at an even faster pace. As he watched her though he noted something rather strange happen. While Kate’s skin began to change the natural red of someone who was exerting a great deal of effort. Whenever the lights would dim, he could swear he could make out a violet purple glow. Radiating from Kate’s skin. It was the same glow that he had seen while studying her cells previously. It made him curious as it was the first time that he had ever seen the glow. Then again it was also the first time that he had ever seen Kate pushing herself so hard. So hard that he was fairly certain it wasn’t truly healthy even for Kate’s body.


Typing a few keys on the computer Jack switched off all the lights in the room and then he was certain. Kate was currently surrounded by the glow. It was radiating from her skin though not so brightly he could see it through her clothing. At last Jack decided to step in. Realizing that it may be harmful for Kate. “Don’t you think you’re pushing yourself a little too hard?” Jack words cut into Kate’s thoughts and she seemed to snap back to reality. Suddenly noticing that the room had been darkened she could still easily see in the room though. She simply had a different feel. Looking around she located Jack in the control room.


“Whoops. Sorry about that, I didn’t notice you.”


Jack bit his lip for a moment as if thinking. “No problem. Kate, you do realize your glowing? Don’t you?” Kate blinked her eyes for a moment then looked down at her hands. A look of surprise crossed her face the moment she did.


“Kate?” Jack wondered what was taking her so long to respond. Had it not been for the darkness he could have noticed the look of surprise on Kate’s face.


“Jack. Why am I glowing?”


“I suppose for about the same reason you’re so strong. Whatever reaction is going on within your body apparently puts out a great deal of energy.” Jack was grateful that he had shown Kate her cells previously other wise she might have panicked. It wasn’t simply that of course, over two years of not knowing just what was going on inside her body was more then enough to condition Kate and Jack for such shocks. As Kate looked down at herself and her body’s energy output began to return to more normal levels the glow finally began to fade until the room was covered in darkness. Jack finally flipped the light switch back on. “So care to tell me what got you so upset that you pushed yourself to that point?” Kate glanced over at Jack the temporary distraction having done wonders to calm her down.


“Sure thing.”




Jack could hardly contain himself as he looked into the tank of nutrients. It had been a few weeks now since he had begun his experiment. Now he found himself looking at the fruits of his labor and he was quite delighted. He hoped that Kate would like it as well. To make matters even better Kate’s trial seemed to be going quite well. Though they wouldn’t be sure until the jury had given its verdict. It was nice to see everything coming together so well. Of course he still had some testing that needed to be done. Pressing a few buttons on his keyboard he watched as the nutrient tank was drained. Making his way over to the phone he quickly dialed his and Kate’s room extension.


“Hey Kate if you don’t mind. Would you meet me at the indoor firing range?” Kate currently lay on the couch. Jack had request that she not come into the lab until he had given her a call. He explained that he was preparing her surprise thus she had done as asked.


“I don’t mind. Is my surprise ready?”


“I think so.” Kate quickly hung up and made a dash for the indoor firing range. Barely remembering to slow down enough to open the door without tearing it out of the wall. Jack smiled at Kate response and didn’t waste any time making for the range either.


Jack wasn’t at all surprised to find Kate had made it to the range before he had. The moment he had shut the door Kate was in front of him. Looking him over clearly searching for what he had been working on. It didn’t take her long at all to notice the black material he was carrying. “Is that it? It looks like leather. Oh you made me a new costume.” Jack didn’t say anything but simply handed the garment to her. It was made in the same style as her uniform except it was solid black.


“Sorry about the coloring but that was the only one I have been able to get so far. I hoped to find a way to alter even that though.” Kate didn’t respond right away as she held the uniform up.

Unlike the previous ones this one seemed meant to fit someone of her size while the others had been meant to be tight. At first Kate couldn’t see what was so special about the garment that Jack would spend so much time in his lab rather then with her. Still, she trusted Jack and decided to try and see what was up first. She realized just what was so special about the material when she tried to stretch it.


“Tough isn’t it?” Kate glanced down at the bit of the material she had tugged on, wanting to see if it could stretch like her previous outfits. She had used roughly the same amount of force and was more then a little surprised to find it didn’t stretch in the least.


“You have no idea. Just be careful that once it begins to stretch that you don’t accidently tear it in half. That was hard to grow.”


“Grow?” Jack didn’t bother responding but watched as Kate took her time. Holding a bit of her new outfit between her hands. Kate slowly began to apply more force. As she did, Kate could hardly believe what was happening or to be more precise what wasn’t happening. Kate was easily applying ten times the force needed to tear a hardened steal bolt in half and yet the material wasn’t stretching in the least. Wow formed silently on her lips as she doubled this force and found that even after this, the material didn’t warp in the least. Twenty, thirty, forty times the amount of force required to tear solid steel apart proved to be in adequate to stretch the material. At last Kate truly began to apply some of her strength. Increasing it until she was exerting some 961 tons of force on the garment and at last it began to stretch. “Jack what is this made of?”


“Well I am not sure if you want to know. You might find it a little sickening.”


“Come on. How bad can it be? This stuff is incredible.” Jack gave a slight chuckle.


“Yes your skin is incredible indeed. I can only begin to guess how much force you had to exert to stretch it that far.” At first Kate didn’t realize what Jack was saying then it hit her. One of the reasons he had been trying to get her cells to grow.


“This is made from the skin sample I gave you. Isn’t it?”


“Yeah, it hasn’t strengthened like you though. So be careful it has been a few weeks so you can still tear it apart.” Jack thought for a moment Kate might drop the clothing in discuss. While it didn’t bother him, he realized the idea might bother certain people. Kate didn’t do this but rather she set the clothing down and began to strip off her jeans and shirt. Kate didn’t really mind that the material had been made from her skin cells. After all she wore them all the time. Thus, she didn’t see a good reason to be bothered by the fact that her clothing was made from them. She was far more interested in having an outfit that could actually withstand the stresses her strength would apply to it.


“Can you make any other colors or any stronger?”


“Well I should be able to change the color but as for stronger. At the moment strengthening the old sample is a little beyond my ability. I would need a new sample from you if I was going to make it any stronger then what it already is.” Kate was rather disappointed that she would have to donate future skin samples. At least she could hope Jack would find a way to decrease the amount of flesh she had to give up.


“I swear it feels like leather. So just why did you want to meet me in here? Want to spend some time shooting me?” Jack got a rather large grin on his face and produced to vials of chemicals from his pockets.


“Actually I hoped you would mix these together while a fair distance away from me and with me behind some shielding.” While Kate didn’t recognize the chemicals, Jack was currently holding up. Going by Jack’s request though she imagined when mixed they where of an explosive nature. “Oh you will need to generate some friction as well.” Kate took the two containers from Jack having slipped on the new outfit. She was quite glad it fit her though it was odd to feel something along the lines of pressure from the clothes hugging her body. Up until now the material had simply felt so weak it was almost as if she was wearing nothing at all.


“Ah, so now that I did a strength test I suppose this will serve as a heat test. You should take cover then.” Jack didn’t waste any time in hopping into one of the protective booths for when weapons of a higher caliber then standard where being used. Kate made her way into the shooting range. Opening each of the vials she poured them into one another, instead of over flowing though the two compounds proceeded to form into a thick goo that remained within the vial. The new substance proving so thick that it flowed out of the vial at roughly the same rate as warm syrup. Smiling Kate began to rub the substance on her body, noting how it seemed fairly sticky. It was actually somewhat surprising.


Jack watched with eager anticipation as Kate coated her entire body in the flammable as if she was preparing to sun-bathe. Of course no one in their right mind would choose to bathe in what Kate was currently going too at least no one with endurance that was to far less then hers. Kate was able to get a fairly even if thin layer of the odd goo over her body before she finally ran out.


Looking at her now glistening form she placed her hands together. Pressing down firmly she gave the slightest twitch and her entire form was engulfed in flames. The world was suddenly in a crimson tent thanks to the flames that had swallowed up her entire form. Looking down at herself Kate was actually quite surprised at how intense the flames actually where. While she wasn’t certain just what chemical reaction was going on to generate such heat she knew it was substantial. This brought her mind back to her clothing.


All Jack could see was a ball of fire engulfing a human form. He couldn’t even see Kate well enough to know if her clothing had survived or not. He was fairly certain that the material would though he couldn’t be certain. After all while Kate’s skin could endure the heat and could have a great many months ago. He couldn’t be sure if the material he had grown actually retained all the properties and strength of Kate’s skin or if the process of growing it caused it to degrade. As the fire began to die down though he was able to make out the black material of Kate’s outfit thanks to it contrasting so heavily with the red flames.


As the fires died down more it became apparent where the majority of the substance had went. Kate’s hair had been able to hold the most and thus continued to burn more intensely then any part of her. Jack wished he had a camera so very badly in that moment as the weakened flames licked at her skin a few spots more strongly then others. Kate’s fiery red hair was engulfed by the fire and that wonderful body of hers. Jack felt as if he was looking upon a goddess as he watched his incredible image. Kate ran her fingers over her uniformed delighted to find that it had survived the flames and was continuing to do so. While she wasn’t certain if the heat had reached that of the rockets of anti-tank rounds from her training session. She was fairly certain that her old uniform would have been reduced to ashes and fairly sure the fire did indeed surpass those of the rounds.


Looking towards Jack, she was quite pleased with the look of wonder upon his face. Even if she couldn’t go near him, thanks to the flames she was happy he was appreciating the show. Kate, resolved that later on she would have to show him just how grateful she was for her new uniform. Even if it meant she had to endure a little pain to have the material made. “So tell me did you actually cut this stuff?” Kate spoke up to make sure Jack could hear. Even through the protective glass. The extra power in Kate’s voice had an even more profound effect on Jack. The fact that Kate’s voice could carry so much power combined with the image he felt himself going weak in the knees. To make it even more spectacular is he knew she wasn’t trying to put any true force in her voice. She was just asking a friendly question. It made him amazed that she could even hear him, as if a goddess was listening to a mortal.


“No. I … I had to grow it in that shape. There is nothing here that could cut it.” Jack had to struggle to find the words. Even the clothes made for Kate where almost beyond human ability to affect and the only way they could be made was with Kate giving away a small bit of herself. Kate could hear the slight trembling in Jack’s voice and much to her surprise felt herself blush a bit. She was use to Jack flattering her and enjoyed the attention but the look of utter admiration on his face was more then even she could handle. The only thing that kept Jack from noticing the red tent to Kate’s skin was the fire that still covered it though it was dying down. Kate’s smile softened in response to this.


Soon Kate found herself experiencing warmth other then the fire. This one came within herself and as she looked at Jack her smile seemed to carry this warmth to him. Kate had a carrying gaze on her face. To be loved by a goddess, flashed through Jack’s mind and he wondered if anyone had ever experienced the same level of happiness that he had experienced with Kate. He was highly doubtful of that. As the flames died away. Kate made, her way over to the booth Jack was currently residing in. Reaching a one hand out she proceeded to press her index finger against the glass ever so slowly. A slight bulge forming in the material which began to expand outward.


Jack watched as Kate’s finger easily pushed through the specially made bullet resistant glass.

Small shards of glass falling slowly from it as it was warped in such a slow methodical way. At last, the very tip of Kate’s finger stuck through the other side and she curved it slightly, withdrawing the digit the action took the protective barrier along with it. Jack instantly felt the heat of the air thanks to the flames despite them having died away. Giving a slight shake of her arm Kate sent the glass panel flying against the furthest wall before holding out her arms to Jack. Jack got the message rather quickly, Kate wasn’t going to simply scoop him up as she easily could have. Rather she allowed him to climb into her arms, a task that proved fairly easy as he made use of the now open window frame and that despite his weight Kate’s arms didn’t bend in the least.


Kate only closed her arms around Jack the moment he had settled down. Kate’s seemingly impossibly strong arms holding him with the greatest of gentleness. Jack in turn wrapped his arms around Kate’s neck and leaned against her. “Lets go and have some fun.” Jack didn’t bother commenting as Kate carried him out of the room and back to their private area.




Kate tapped her fingers against the heavy table in front of them. Kate unknowingly used more force then the heavy and quite solid peace of furniture had been built to withstand. The results sounded as if someone was constantly pounding their fist against the table. She only stopped when she felt a hand rest on her shoulder. “I know you’re nervous but if you keep that up your going to split the table in half.” Kate glanced over at Helen and then towards her own hands. Noting the rather deep indents that the drumming of her fingers against the wood had left. A sheepish look appeared on Kate’s face and she withdrew her hand. Placing them on her lap, she proceeded to tap her fingers against one of the few things in the area that could withstand the impact. Her own legs.


Helen chuckled and went back to looking through her folder. The trial was over now that the jury was deliberating Kate’s future but she still liked to make sure everything was in order. She didn’t bother glancing over at Brice though she could practically feel his eyes on her. She didn’t bother glancing back over at him though she imagined they both felt the same. That was extremely confident that they had made a good case and would be the winner in the end. “I wish you could be a little more nervous.” Helen smiled over at Kate.


“Sorry, but I simply feel a little to confident right now. To be nervous.” Kate sighed and took a sip from the glass of water in front of her.


“Why the hell am I killing myself like this? I can just listen in.” Helen smirked a bit as Kate suddenly remembered her hearing. Kate for her part began to focus on that particular sense and trying to locate the voices of those that were deciding the outcome of her trial. Helen felt quite a bit more confident about her case when a smile began to appear on Kate’s face. Kate remained silent through the rest of the time as she listened to the jury.


Kate could hardly contain herself as the men and women that had made up the jury made their way back into the court room. Despite having listened into the conversation, she still felt nervous just wanting the verdict to be out and all this to be over with. As much as she had enjoyed her time in the facility they where some things she missed being able to do. As the verdict was handed down to the final jury member Kate had to resist the urge to rush up there and take the paper from her then read it out. Normal people just went too slowly.


Helen wasn’t quite certain how to respond when she was whisked into the air the moment the jury read the verdict. An excited squeal coming from Kate. Kate simply couldn’t help herself, even though she trusted in Helen. The fact that the trial was now over and she had been found innocent was just too much for her to keep in. Helen just enjoyed the ride as Kate spun her around a few times. “Well I see you are pleased with the out come. Don’t get too comfortable though the trial was only half the battle.” Kate still had a large smile on her face as she settled Helen down.


“I know but at least if we don’t succeed at the second half. I don’t end up with a criminal record.” Helen nodded her head in agreement.




Jack listened to the tv as the reporter announced the verdict to Kate’s trial. As well as brought up the bill that certain members of congress where trying to get put through. Jack had at first worried that they might drag their feet on the issue but it was quite clear that wasn’t going to be the case. Of course that was only the opening charge. “So are you ready to become the bill’s spoke’s person?” Kate squeezed Jack a little tighter, pressing his head more firmly against her breast. Before planting a kiss on the top of his head. Jack couldn’t move enough to look up at her face or to see the tv but he wasn’t complaining.


“I think I am. I feel that I represent a needed element anyway. After all the law is going to apply to me.” Jack gave Kate’s breast each a kiss.


“Well at the rate which your strength is growing. I don’t know how much you need to fear the military.” Kate giggled in response to this, shaking Jack as he lay on top of her, his head nearly buried between her breast.


“How is the rewiring going?”


“All the major systems have been adjusted, you can start taking the weight limit up to a higher extreme.”


“Thanks. Though I wonder how often I am going to get to use it now.”


“Wouldn’t that all depend on wheher or not you get to run back here? Just how fast are you up too anyway?”


“I can easily jog around 20,000 miles per hour.” Jack let out a low whistle in response to this. Even if Kate had to take a round about way to get back to the facility, he couldn’t think of many things if any that would offer a faster means of travel. Especially since he didn’t know of any airliner that even flew 1/12th of Kate’s speed and very few fighters that could even travel at 1/9th her speed. “So tell me Jack, do you want to travel with me or am I going to have to run back here whenever I want to visit?”


“Well I was thinking I would stay here and continue to examine your tissue samples. I still need to find a way to alter the color and it isn’t really more then a short jog for you.” Kate sighed a bit, she had expected that was how Jack would want to handle things and it would be safer for him. After all considering what she was trying to bring about, she would be upsetting a great many very powerful beings.


“I am going to have to be careful to keep my strength on the up. We never know whose attention this is going to attract.” Jack wasn’t entirely certain of that considering that Kate had taken down Metallo and he was fairly powerful. She had increased her strength sense that day as well by several times. Not to mention her speed as well. In truth he felt that if anyone along Metallo’s ability level tried to harm Kate they would be in for a very rude awakening. He wasn’t about to voice these thoughts though. After all if concern for the more powerful opponents out there encouraged Kate to develop her strength even more. He was quite happy with that.


“At least you don’t have to worry about having your sleeping schedule messed up by changing time zones. I mean what is you down too now? Two and a half hours?


“Try a flat two hours, actually at times I wake up even sooner then that. I suppose I can’t claim to have anything like a regular sleeping schedule any more.” Jack’s whistle was muffled by the wonderful breast flesh to either side of his head.


“I have got to say. That I am pretty grateful your body recovers so quickly as does your mind. It lets me spend more time with you. Despite your work hours and exercise routine.” Kate had persistently made use of her extra time spent awake to take care of various tasks. This allowed her to spend more of the waking hours with Jack. Kate had actually been surprised what one could do with an extra 4 hours of waking time especially when she still felt fully rested and now that she was up to 6 hours she wondered if she might run out of things to do. This would also be extremely helpful the work schedule that she had to look forward to. It would allow her to be on call nearly constantly and the amount she needed to sleep was always going down.


“Jack, do you think the time will come that I never need to sleep?” Jack considered this for a moment.


“Well your body is well on its way to getting to that point. I suppose you’re going to miss dreaming.”


“Not really I think laying like this is more pleasant then any dream that I can remember. Also, I won’t have to worry about having any nightmares. It also lets me spend more time with you and doing the things I enjoy.” Jack was quite happy to hear spending more time with him in that sentence. Though it did at times hinder his work, over all he felt it helped it. After all he had a constant reminder of whom he was truly working for and Kate was a truly inspirational person. Even if the military or Nathan, were the ones that signed his paycheck. All his work was still meant to benefit Kate ultimately. The thought that he was doing it all for the woman that he loved took any feeling of work right out of his efforts. It was something he enjoyed doing, since he was doing it for Kate.


“Well I suppose you should start getting ready.” A long sigh escaped Kate. Even though there was no way Jack could see the clock his time perception proved quite sharp. Unwrapping her arms from around him, Kate allowed Jack to set up under his own power. She was in no hurry to push him away after all. This process took quite some time as Jack wasn’t exactly eager to leave. He knew Kate had important matters to get to though. Soon she would need to make her way to a rally where she would offer her support for the bill. Once Jack had finished setting up Kate finally made her way into her room and began to get dressed. She and Jack had spent some time cuddling after her bath.


At least this meant he would have more time to work on his projects. Perhaps he could finally learn to change the color of the material he had grown from Kate’s skin sample. He had a few ideas on how to manipulate the cells to generate the desired effect. He simply wouldn’t know if it was successful until later.




“… our prison systems where not designed to handle threats of this extreme. Neither can they be with our current level of technology.” Jack looked at his secondary computer monitor. He had it playing a live internet feed of the rally. Kate had currently taken the stand and was currently in the middle of giving a speech. As he listened to her he could be sure if Kate had written it herself or if it was something she had memorized. At least it seemed to go along with her opinions. Currently she was dealing with the subject of just why the law was necessary if they where going to decrease the wave of destruction that was all too often brought upon them. She was doing a good job though Jack wondered just who would oppose the new laws passing.


The only ones he felt would be concerned were those it would apply to and anyone who felt the government would eventually try to make the law apply to any criminal. The only major threat he could see would most likely be if the Justice League stepped in. Not as far as using force though but if they expressed opposition to the bill then those who admired the league would most likely side with them. As of now though the league had been quiet on the issue at least to Jack’s knowledge. Of course the bill was continuously getting help when another incident involving a super human life form would happen.


While Jack didn’t like the comparison, he felt the over all support was thanks to the same mentality as what the red scare brought on. People where frightened and the bill promised to help relieve the fear. Of course thanks to the nature of the bill the league couldn’t help but be an obstacle. Those who argued against its passing seemed to feel the league would always protect them. Kate’s main counter to that is while the league had helped it wasn’t wise to depend on a outside organization. You never knew what might happen to it or how it might change. Further more while the league did help deal with the criminals they all too often ended up returning even after their defeats. At times even more powerful then they had been previously. “If anything the dependents on the league have hurt not only this nation but the world.” The statement came through the speakers quite clearly.


Jack glanced over at the monitor once again and noted the resolve on Kate’s face. It was quite clear she believed what she had said. In Kate’s eyes those that depended on the league where relying on a temporary solution at the best. Allowing a threat to the nation to grow in their midst at the worst. Jack agreed with Kate on most issues though he didn’t feel as strongly as she did about them. He was so engrossed in his work and the speech that he nearly jumped out of his seat the moment the lab door opened. He was even more surprised by what walked into the door. Mathews proceeded into the room followed by one of Kate’s colleges. Jack didn’t recall the name though he remembered seeing her. “Jack, I would like you meet Debra.”


The name was all that was needed to bring back all that Kate had told Jack about the woman. Realizing that he was being rude Jack proceeded to shut down the screens and stand up. “Please to meet you Debra. Kate told me about you.” Debra walked over to Jack and proceeded to give his hand a good shake.


“I suppose you’re wondering just what we are doing here? We plan on making Debra the second member of the team.” Jack’s eyes opened wide. Kate had told Jack how capable Debra was but there was no way she could compare with her. She was after all a normal human. Debra noted the look of shock on Jack’s face and couldn’t help but let out a laugh.


“Don’t worry. I won’t be holding your girlfriend back. At least I don’t think so. Mathews here said that they would be letting me use some equipment.” Jack gave a nod.


“Ookay, I still don’t see why they are endangering a normal person though. Just what do you

plan on letting her use?”


“That damn mech that Kate has been insisting we finish. It needs a pilot after all and since as of yet no one has been really trained to pilot it. We felt that we would bring in someone that Kate has already worked with. Jack nodded his head, while he still wasn’t sure that was the best of ideas he couldn’t think of a reason to argue against it.


“So just what brings you two down here?”


“Well I was wanting to talk to you about what you are growing in that tank over there. You see we are currently working on finishing the mech’s armor but we saw what you had done in your progress report as far as Kate’s clothing went. We were wondering if you could prepare something suitable for the mech.” Jack grew silent for a few moments.


“I would need to talk it over with Kate first.” Mathews gave a nod.


“That isn’t a problem.” Debra stepped in here.


“However, don’t tell her exactly what we have planned. If she agrees, I think it would make a really nice surprise for her.” Jack gave a nod of agreement. Though he wasn’t sure how much he could give away and still make sure Kate knew what was going to happen.


“All right, if she does agree I will do it. But I will need some better materials. I mean once the stuff is made there isn’t really any modifying it.”




Jack nearly jumped out of his skin at the sound of the gun shot. Quickly glancing around the room he noted Debra had drawn a hand gun and promptly fired it at Kate. Kate was in a word shocked. She had just arrived back home and the first thing she sees when walking into her living quarters was Debra and Jack. First she had thought to give her friend a hug however she had been to stunned to react when Debra had drawn a gun and shot her. “Now Kate that just won’t do. I mean what would have happened if I aimed at him.” Debra proceeded to indicate Jack. “You haven’t had much practice in dealing with protective situations have you?” The shock slowly wore off and Kate couldn’t help herself. Giggling as she did so Kate walked over to Debra and proceeded to give her a hug.


“No. I suppose I haven’t really been training for that type of situation. Though, you did have me off guard. What brings you here?”


“I am going to be working in the weapons department here. Mathews felt it would be good for pr if the team had a human influence.” Kate gave Debra a curious glance. “Well what did you think all those other rooms are for? Mathews hopes to establish a special unit.” Kate suddenly felt fairly silly but it wasn’t enough to spoil her good mood. She was happy to see her friend and Debra was a sniper after all. She doubted that the woman would do anything to put herself in danger.


“All right. You have got me there though I must admit I am surprised to see you here. Did Mathews give you any more information?” Debra shook her head in the negative and set back down when Kate relaxed her hug upon her.


“They also want something else. Kate, some of the higher up were wondering if they could make use of the materials developed from your skin? To help with equipment, other then just your uniform.” Kate took a seat between Jack and Debra before responding.


“Just what do they have in mind?”


“Well they want me to try and develop some protective armor and clothing.” Kate leaned back thinking about the request for a moment.


“That is fine with me. So long as there is no cloning.” Jack gave a nod. He was grateful Kate didn’t press the issue other wise he might have to tell her just what armor he was talking about.

Cloning wasn’t really a issue with her of course. It was one thing to grow a tissue sample it was quite another to try and grow an entire organism.


“Sounds good to me. So how did your day go?” Kate seemed to sober up a bit at this question.


“It went all right though I can’t wait until I can take a brake from speaking and just be the pretty face. I still feel kind of nervous speaking in front of a large group of people. I mean for all my strength I still feel silly when I mess up a word.” Jack couldn’t help but be amused at the fact that despite all her power. Kate still had her nervous moments, though she did an exceptionally good job of hiding them.


“Well then I will leave you two be. Be seeing you around.” Kate and Jack waved bye as Debra made her way out of the room. Once she was gone Kate made her way over to Jack, scooped him up in her arms and proceeded to set down. She then set Jack down in her lap.


“So did you and Debra get to know one another better?”


“Yeah, she is a bit odd.” Kate chuckled in response to this. She had to agree with Jack Debra was one of the more unique people she had met in her life. “So what do you want to do now that you are here?”


“Something physical with very little thinking in it. It seems my mental energy isn’t quite on par with my physical stamina.” Jack was more then happy to go with that.




Kate felt odd to say the least as she stood on the road. Waiting for the simulation to begin.


Looking over her shoulder she noted a few of the cameras the news crews had set up as well as a few other items. It seemed it was time for her to start putting a face on the threat that beings such as herself could pose. As part of this effort today’s session was actually going to be recorded and broadcast. At least it would help illustrate the need for a better equipped force to deal with such threats and new laws to allow them to respond with the needed power. Kate glanced down at the little town for a moment. The town was normally used by the military to train soldiers to fight in urban environments. Today though it would show just how open these areas are. Kate’s objective was to make her way to the central building retrieve her target. The target was a steel box meant to represent any number of valuables. From cash and diamonds to computer codes for nuclear weapons or a nuclear weapon. After which Kate was suppose to fight her way out of the town. Fight her way out was the key to this. She wasn’t supposed to simply make use of her speed and grab her target and run out. She was to show that she didn’t even need to run. Of course this meant human’s couldn’t actually be part of the simulation. Instead they where making use of robots far more effective then a human to represent the police. To dramatize it all they had even set the scenario up as if the military did respond.


Kate simply couldn’t help but feel odd though. She wasn’t exactly use to playing the roll of the villainess but it would help out their cause. Finally, Kate heard the sound of the signal horn. Locking her hands before her back, she began to walk towards the town. The sound of various vehicles reaching her ears. They had really done a good job of setting up the town. It made it all seem even more strange. As if she was really about to lay waste to a small American town.


This was a rather odd scenario, the number of criminals no matter how powerful they where that behaved as she was at the moment, tended to be quite low. Then again the scenario was set up as if whoever was perpetrating the crime had no fear of the league. The sound of screaming tires was all around Kate as the machines swerved to miss her. Kate simply had to glance at a few of them, their reactions seemed so human she couldn’t help but be worried. Kate didn’t mind killing a murderer but an innocent human. That was something she didn’t want on her mind. One of the vehicles swerved too late and impacted with her back. Kate felt the metal deform against her body the two-ton town car felling to move her in the least. As the metal deformed around her body she noted a warmth. Generated by the friction of the rapidly moving metal suddenly coming to a stop against her.


Glancing back over her shoulder Kate looked at the humanoid robot for a moment. On a impulse she reached through the broken glass. Wrapping her hand around the machine’s throat. She almost let go when its hands came up to grip her wrist as if struggling against her. However, Mathews had assured her the machines didn’t have any level of AI. In fact all the thinking was actually handled by a rather large computer not on the ground. That transmitted the information. Yanking the robot through the car, it was clearly meant to simulate a human’s behavior and vulnerability as she tore it in half. Giving the remains a slight toss she sent them flying through a wall of one of the near by buildings.


“Haha, she broke your neck.” The controller gave his colleague a rather annoyed look. In truth the machine’s reaction had been more human then Kate knew. While some of the machines were entirely automated, the majority had a human controller.


Kate heard the familiar sound of a siren and felt a little sick at her stomach as several police cars pulled up. Continuing her slow walking towards them she reminded herself several times that they where just machines. It was just a simulation and it was okay to have a little fun. Still, as several of the mechanized men climbed out of their vehicles and leveled weapons at her. Kate simply couldn’t allow the one with the bull horn to speak. As the machine went to order her to fault, Kate quickly took hold of a large chunk of the side walk. Lifting it up a sonic boom shook the area as Kate sent the slab slamming into the machine. Debris went everywhere. Thanks to the force Kate had put behind the concrete, the velocity causing the shards of metal to tear through those standing near and even some further away. Kate didn’t want to risk them having a human voice.


“You know as much as she enjoyed the normal simulations and from the way she dealt with Copperhead. I felt she had more of a killer instinct.” Mathews mused openly.


“I think she does. She is probably just suppressing it at the moment. She doesn’t think she should enjoy this type of scenario.” Mathews gave a nod. It would be interesting to see how Kate began to respond. This was a rather long simulation as she had been told to walk at a normal human speed. Between that and the damage she would have to cause in order to get out of the town. He felt it would most likely bring out some of Kate’s darker traits in time. He wondered how long she could suppress the destructive side of human nature in her.


Kate had to be careful to keep her speed down to human levels as she took hold of the nearest robot. The machine had been running while firing at her. She had been getting fairly frustrated when it stumbled. Quickly she ceased upon its chest panel easily digging her fingers into the alloy. Without really thinking about it she had given the machine a quick jerk apparently far more quickly then the metal could withstand and torn it wide open. Far away another technician cursed. At first Kate was somewhat stunned at what she had done, however she didn’t want to be here all day and despite her feelings about the matter. Her impatience was beginning to manifest resulting in her attacks becoming increasingly vicious and rapid. The fact that the machines carried human shape and behaved humanly was beginning to bother her less and less.


A curious look crossed Kate’s face as she wondered if the people at home would be seeing machines in the simulation. Considering each one of them had a human design and where essentially the same. It seemed that perhaps they would be replaced with actual images of humans. It would most assuredly make the message hit home more firmly. The sound of a gun reloading got Kate’s attention at last. The machine having emptied his bullets against her. The impacts hadn’t been enough to take her out of her musing. Kate chuckled a bit as she realized one method of speeding this all up. Bending down she picked up the bullets that had bounced off her. Turning toward the machine she gave one a slight flick and the chest of the robot exploded.


Kate had hit the bullet so hard that the metal had actually melted back into a liquid state thanks to the wind friction. The rate of speed giving the tiny peace of metal the same destructive power as a cannon-ball if not more so. Walking over to the machine, Kate searched around it for a moment finding the rest of its bullets. As she began her trip down the street once again she began to absently flick the bullets she had retrieved and those she picked up on the way at the various machines. The impacts proving dead on and with enough force to tear the automatons to shreds.


Kate started to relent when the machines began to retreat from her. However, she remembered the roll she was suppose to portray and continued to destroy them even after they had fallen back. “So when do we bring in the big guns?”


“Let her make it to her target location first. We want to keep this fairly realistic and it would take us a while to normally position the equipment.” As Kate continued her walk, she began to wonder exactly what she was suppose to do now. As far as she knew she had destroyed every police robot that was currently available. Mathews had said there would be some big guns used against her she simply didn’t know when that was going to happen. She also felt fairly curious about just how far she should go with her current roll. After all she wasn’t really a villain and she was walking through a training site for soldiers which would have to be repaired. Kate stopped dead in her tracks though when she came across a garbage truck. Walking over to the automobile it was fairly obvious that it had been ordered for such simulations. More then likely soldiers would have liked to use it for cover. There wasn’t a bit of trash on it and Kate doubted it had been used to pick up a single can since it was produced.


Kate dug her fingers into the thick steel frame of the vehicle. The metal deforming around her fingers as easily if she had been dipping her hand into water. Unlike water though as she began to lift the vehicle it didn’t simply slip through her fingers. Kate felt the concrete crack underneath her feet as she made no attempt to use her grounding ability. She wanted to feel the weight of the truck pressing down on every bit of her being. It was fortunate she was currently wearing the uniform Jack had made for her previously as she felt her feet sinking into the stone. Other wise her shoes may have very well been destroyed. Kate soon located where the greatest number of buildings where lined up at least those that would offer a strait shot. Giving the truck a light toss she sent the vehicle screaming through the air and strait into the buildings.


Kate watched what her slight toss did, as the dump truck slammed into house after house they would disintegrate. The heavy steel vehicle warping as it made its way through the sturdier parts of the structure but not stopping. After a while in the air it impacted with the ground only to bounce up again. The force of Kate’s toss still carrying it. Kate was a bit surprised when it bounced off the ground and went over one of the structures that had been intentioned for destruction. She continued to watch what she had done with the slightest bit of effort until at last the steel lump slammed into a hill. The mound of earth managing to stop it. Kate couldn’t help but flex her arms in response to this. Just to think she hadn’t even tried to put any real force behind that toss. She realized that she shouldn’t be surprised though after all despite the truck’s mass there was no way it weighed over 30 tons and she could lift several thousand tons. In truth the amount of force Kate had put into the toss was proportional to what a child would do when skipping a rock.


“Did we have any camera’s in those houses?”


“Yes sir.” Mathews had a huge grin on his face. Now that was quite the display of power there. “Sir, don’t you feel she might be going a little far? After all we want people to trust her.”


As Kate pulled her feet from underneath the concrete. She once again began her walk towards the heart of the town. Kate pressed her hand against a light post as she walked, digging her toes into the ground she proceeded to pull the iron bar over without even losing a step. She had to admit this was getting fairly fun and how often would she get to cause such destruction in an urban type setting? Without worrying about hurting someone. Kate stopped just as she massed the tip of the bar. Picking former lamp post up she proceeded to bend it at its center until it was doubled over. Taking hold of the two ends that now met Kate began to squeeze the steel together.


Kate intentionally left her fingers slightly part, as the compression caused the metal to heat it. A few bits of liquid iron dripped from between her fingers to land on the side walk and grass. The grass catching fire as it did so. Relaxing her grip she took the top in one hand and gave it a slight swing. “Batter up.”


“My, she is beginning to get into it now. I swear if they don’t pass the law in order to better protect the public from the pre-existing criminal threats. This may very well inspire them to pass it just in case Kate’s goes renegade.” Mathews was currently watching the video feed on different monitors. As Kate played with her club, anything that came without range receiving a rather swift smack. “Well this isn’t entirely accurate now. I doubt anyone would risk hiding in their homes right now. At least anyone that lived along the street.”


Kate finally released the club allowing it to fly through the air like a massive dart. She watched it fly through the air for some time however it vanished over some hills before she could see it impact with the ground though she did hear it. Having finally arrived at her target area she was grateful Mathews had at least told her where it was. Giving the front door a slight flick her finger they both flew inward knocking out a pair of secondary doors. Kate looked around the bank for a moment, not a single person was inside the lobby though she imagined that was realistic. It would have been fairly obvious what direction she was headed in and most likely the building would have been evacuated. Walking over to the heavy steal doors of the vault. Kate couldn’t help but think how she would like to have some fun with it.


However, she knew that was a no-no at the moment. With all the cameras on her. She had to keep her modesty in mind. Though her uniform was quite revealing. Looking at the heavy door, Kate, sunk her fingers into the sides of it as easily as she had done the fire truck. Slipping her hands in until her wrist where the only things sticking out Kate started to pull the door towards herself. She was a bit surprised though when the door didn’t come out but instead she pulled the entire safe out of the wall. The sound of the grinding stone actually causing Kate to stop mid action. “What the hell.” Kate gave her hands a quick jerk freeing them from the metal that had melted around them. Stepping away she noted the bulge in the metal from where she had pulled the door outward.


Kate considered trying a different approach but quickly changed her mind. Getting her grip again. She quickly began to back away dragging the massive hulk of metal along for the ride. The safe’s hinges screamed as it was pulled along and Kate could hear the crunch of the ground caused by the grinding of steel against artificially cut stone. Kate’s back soon came against one of the banks walls but she didn’t stop. Instead she continued to move backward Kate easily pushed her way through the wall and brought the safe through a second later. As Kate made it to the street though at last the vault gave out a horrific wine and the door popped up. The action actually catching Kate off guard and sending her flying. Kate felt her back impact on the road with the vault door on top of her. The momentum carrying her along the horrific weight grinding her back against the concrete.


As Kate lay there the heavy door setting atop her, she began to shake. Her shaking turned into a soft giggle which grew into a fit of laughter. Her laughter actually strong enough to cause her body to shake and thus drive herself more deeply into the ground as the door bounced atop her. When she finally managed to calm down enough to push the door off her and stand up Kate, was still giggling. The mistake had been so silly but ultimately a great deal of fun. Walking into the now opened vault Kate quickly located her target. Picking up the tiny box and looking it over. As she stepped out of the vault though she was surprised by the sound of a megaphone having forgotten all about the second wave. “You have been surrounded put down the vault and give yourself up.” A fair distance away as a single humvee a robot stood holding a megaphone as if it actually needed it.


Kate let the box fall from her hand. She then bent down, quickly taking hold of the bottom of the safe. In only took the briefest of moments for Kate to heft the massive vault minus the door into the air and send it flying towards the humvee. Her feet hardly even had time to be pressed into the ground thanks to the massive weight. The machine didn’t even have a chance to dodge before the massive hunk of metal slammed down atop it. Cracks radiating from the point of impact. The moment this happened Kate felt several shots slamming against her super strong body. The machine had been accurate, apparently they had set up a fair distance away from her. It was a logical response considering that for now she was holding back on her speed. Kate didn’t bother taking the box with her but decided to retrieve it once she had dealt with the threat.


Running over to the safe Kate quickly tore a large chunk out of the vault. Falling into her accelerated state she noted the path of the bullets coming towards her. Every one of the machines that fired at Kate exploded into bits a few seconds later. Kate sent the hunks of metal she tore off flying down precisely the same path to the ones that had fired the shot. While her aim wasn’t entirely accurate even those that only grazed their target where moving at such a high rate of speed that it inevitably destroyed them. As realized that was the opening moments though, listening carefully an annoyed look appeared on her face. Mathews was taking this logically and had the tanks’ station themselves quite a distance away. This meant they would shell her from afar and she wasn’t allowed to use her super speed while running.


Falling into a run that she felt a human could match Kate resigned herself that it was going to be quite a long day of catch.


Mathews blinked as he watched the screen, a tank was seen on the monitor except it had been turned into a cube. It was the first tank that Kate had managed to catch. The controller had done a rather good job of avoiding her which only resulting in angering Kate. He still remembered seeing her trying to catch the war weapon. At first she hadn’t been able to catch it thanks to her speed restrictions. However, she had been begun jumping. While this did allow her to move very quickly it wasn’t running thus she was allowed to do it. The most interesting detail was how angry Kate was when she had finally managed to get atop the tank. It seemed that between the distance she had ran and how dodgy the controller had proven she had been quite upset.


Kate had first taken the barrel in her hands and proceeded to roll it up as if she was folding paper. All the way until the barrel had reached the turret. She had then made her way towards the edge and simply stuck her hand between the treads. This resulted to them immediately grinding to a halt. She followed suit with the other set. As this point she had hopped of the tank and Mathews assumed she was finished. He was proven wrong though when she took hold of the front end at the top and bottom and proceeded to bend it upwards. Once the section was pointed upward, she had bent that inward towards where the cannon had previously been. Climbing atop the tank he realized she must have made use of her grounding ability as she forced this down upon itself.


She had continued to work on the vehicle until it seemed as if was going to melt thanks to the friction of simply being forced together. That was perhaps the only reason she had stopped. Kate didn’t want the tank to melt. That or perhaps she was happy that it had welded itself together into such a solid lump. The tanks that she had caught after this at least received better treatment as she was striving for speed now. One tactic she seemed to like was to tear off the cannon and ram it down into the tank.




Kate walked slowly through the facility halls. Today had been more mentally tiring then she had expected. As much as she enjoyed making use of her abilities, she didn’t like it when she had to cut her speed out of the picture. It was nice to be back though. As she came to the laboratory door and opened it up she was actually surprised to find someone in the room with Jack. The two women glanced over at Kate the moment she entered. “Kate so how did your day go?” Jack looked up from his keyboard.


“It was tiring but all right. Who are these two? I haven’t seen them around before.”


“This is Elaine and Jenny. They are the heads of material research and development.” Elaine made her way over to Kate and offered her hand.


“I am glad that we could finally meet.” Kate gave a slight nod and shook the woman’s hand.


“Nice to meet you, but I thought Jack was the head of research.”


“Only of everything involving you. We where hired in anticipation of what materials you might recover. We where just helping Jack with pigment adjustments as far as your skin sample goes.” Kate had been suspicious of the women at first but perked up quite quickly when she heard the news.


“How is that going? Have you managed to change the color to something other then black?” Kate had felt a little hostile towards the fact that Jack would be working with two women. However, at the news she quickly warmed up to their presence. Elaine responded by directing Kate’s gaze towards the tank that currently held her newest uniform. The look on Kate’s face was pure delight as she noted the mixture of green and black on the uniform.


“We should be able to get red eventually, that way it can look like it was originally planned.” Kate was quite happy at the moment, while she enjoyed the improved durability of her black uniform. She didn’t much like wearing the depressing colors. Kate’s attention was taken away from the tank when jack came up behind her and gave her a hug.


“Well, you have had a busy day and I am finished here. How about we go back to our room.” Kate, turned around to face Jack and proceeded to give him a quick kiss.


“Sounds good to me.” Kate allowed Jack to lead her out of the room and down the halls. “I suppose I shouldn’t drop by like I have been now that you are working with some people.”


“Actually they shouldn’t be around too often. Elaine and Jenny work in a different wing of the facility. Been here for a while I just never spoke with them. That said you need some mechanical adjustments you need to talk to them.” Kate didn’t want to admit. She most assuredly wasn’t about to say it but she was grateful that the two women wouldn’t be around Jack that often. She had gotten use to having him all to herself.


“Well just the same I will try to behave more professionally in your work environment. We both have jobs to do after all.” Jack wasn’t exactly certain that he liked this news. It was kind of nice to have Kate stop by but she was correct.


“So how did your uniform hold up today?”


“Quite well, especially when I accidentally pulled a safe door down on myself. I thought it would be fun to just drag the vault for a while until the door came off. I just didn’t bother to think ahead to just what would happen when it finally gave out. I actually ended up sliding down the street with this three-ton door on top of me. It was pretty fun though. Though I will say that I don’t think you could get my uniform off me without my help after that.” Jack gave Kate a curious look so she decided to explain. “I didn’t think of it until later but a single rock hadn’t managed to slip between my uniform and my skin. I suppose that when something gently holds me. I had better consider just how solid of a grip it really has.”


Jack knew that was quite true, he hadn’t thought Kate’s uniform was quite that tight though. Then again Kate did a pretty good job of filling out most clothing. “Sounds like you had a good time, I am going to have to check out the video whenever it is ready. See just how you look when your playing the part of a bad girl. I am sure it is quite stunning.” Kate got a thoughtful look on her face and proceeded to stand up after Jack had finished. Walking into her room she closed the door before Jack could follow. A short while later she came back out wearing the black uniform she had been wearing during the simulation.


“You know I just realized. I did a lot of murder and pillaging in that video but no raping. Now what Kind of thug am I not to rape someone?” Jack didn’t comment but jumped out of the seat. Quickly dashing for the phone and the emergency button. He never made it though as he suddenly impacted with too rather soft though immobile objects. Kate had let Jack get a good run before quickly accelerating to move in front of him. She had managed to position herself close enough to Jack so that he couldn’t stop running.


“Now now, there is no need to go for the alarm. It isn’t like any of them could save you. You poor, weak, human, are you scared? You should be I could accidentally squash you into a paste and wouldn’t even feel the resistance. Your soft flesh just can’t compare with my muscles or even my most vulnerable areas.” Jack was stunned for a moment though unhurt as he stumbled backwards to land on his rear. He had to be careful to maintain a look of fear upon his face as he looked up at Kate’s magnificent form. Despite all her power Jack found it very hard to not smile at her teasing words. It was hard to even pretend to be scared of one he trusted so completely.


“Wha … what do you want?” Kate bent at her knees a bit, bringing herself closer to Jack as he rapidly scooted away from her.


“Now that is a silly question. I want to rape you. Is your mind as feeble as your body?” Jack stood up slowly as if preparing himself to run again. Instead he made a grab for a near by lamp and swung it at Kate. Kate made no attempt to dodge as she saw the lamp coming. A moment later she felt the impact on her forehead. Jack pretended to be stunned by this turn of events however he knew good and well it wouldn’t harm Kate. “Is that all you have got?” Kate didn’t give Jack time to respond this time. Grabbing him under the arms she lifted him into the air. Jack responded by screaming and kicking his legs. Kate couldn’t keep a strait face through all of this. The atmosphere was entirely too playful but that was fine with her. They where both just having some fun.


After all in truth it was impossible for Kate to rape Jack. Putting her feelings for him, aside it was quite difficult to rape the willing. Which Jack was more then willing than. If it hadn’t been for the fact that he knew it was going to happen no matter what. He wouldn’t have struggled nearly as hard to escape. Kate lay Jack over her shoulder and proceeded into their bed room. Stopping by the night stand just long enough to grab a condom. Kate removed Jack from her shoulder and gave him a light toss onto the bed. Jumping into the air, the moment he left her hands Kate landed atop Jack nearly the moment he landed upon the bed. Kate quickly moved to pin Jack under herself.


Jack was amazed at the rate which Kate could tear away his clothing without actually harming him. As he continued to struggle his penis made it quite obvious that he enjoyed what Kate was doing. As he continued to struggle his penis made it quite obvious that he enjoyed what Kate was doing. Then something truly spectacular happened. Kate reached up inserted her fingers into her uniform and tore it into shreds with hardly any sign of effort. “It was a few weeks old, my strength has more then doubled since then. Guess you need to make another one.” Jack didn’t get to respond. He would be very sore the following morning.




Jack set in the little bunker looking across the field. It had been a few days since his little session with Kate and he was still quite sore. It made him feel a little bad that he could only offer Kate oral sex during this time but she didn’t seem to mind and he enjoyed it himself almost as much as pure sex. “Okay Kate. This simulation is to test you against an opponent that is faster then you are. So you’re to keep your speed below 400 miles per hour. There is a time limit of 30 minutes. Furthermore you are not to destroy your opponent. There is a human pilot so take it easy.” Jack spoke into the microphone trying to keep a professional tone and hide how excited he was to see Kate actually working. Kate wasn’t exactly thrilled about this last bit of information. Though she knew such training sessions where coming. They hadn’t informed her of this though to also help her prepare for changing combat conditions.


Kate didn’t have time to give a response before she felt a sudden impact on her back side from a horrifically solid object. Kate didn’t even notice the mech. As it swooped in at nearly 5 times the speed of sound and delivered a horrible solid kick to her back. Between the speed of the impact and the 30 tons machine mass the blow sent Kate’s lesser mass flying and blowing through the ground. Kate didn’t bother trying to stop herself instead she tried to locate just where the attack had come from. As Kate’s body cut a creator into the ground the machine quickly took aim with its chain gun and opened fire while she was still in motion. Kate felt the shells slamming into her. The depleted uranium would have allowed them to cut through tank armor however it didn’t hurt Kate in the least or her specially made uniform.


At last Kate got back control of herself and made a leap for where the bullets had been coming from. She was a bit surprised when she found herself diving head first into the machines hand. Kate regretted holding back when she had jumped as the machine ceased her around the cranium release then once again opened fire with the chain gun. The barrage of bullets sending her flying backwards. “That is it.” Kate quickly engaged her grounding ability and promptly stopped moving. This time when she leaped towards the machine she put enough force into the jump to take its arm off even if it caught her. Instead of running into a mech. Though she ended up plowing head first into the ground. As the mech, gave a quick leap into the air souring well out of harms way.


Capitalizing on the momentary relaxation of Kate’s grounding force. Kate felt three rockets slam into her seemingly indestructible body. She didn’t have to wait a long time to return to the earth though, as the pilot of the mech helped her with that. Opening fire on Kate in mid air. The shells sending her back to the earth at over twice the speed of sound. Jack was quite impressed with the performance of the mech and its pilot. Though he wondered how Kate was going to respond when she actually managed to catch hold of the contraption and found out just how solid its armor was. The mech’s attacks weren’t hurting Kate physically but they where beginning to seriously hurt her pride. If only she could make use of her real speed, she could easily out class the flying tin can.


As Kate came back to the earth she noticed a glint, realizing they where the shells fired from the machine she smiled up at the flying menace and began using her grounding force. At first the pilot didn’t know what to think when Kate began walking towards the tiny wholes made by its bullets. Upon realizing what she planned on recovering though it quickly opened fire. Kate turned around as the bullets struck her back side. While the impacts would have normally sent her flying now that she was grounding herself they had no effect. Kate simply stood there allowing the mech to fire as many of its rounds as the pilot wanted. This didn’t last very long however as the pilot quickly realized what Kate was doing.


Kate had to admit she was grateful how fast the machine’s weapon could dish out punishment. Though it wasn’t punishing enough to actually bother her. However, it was clear the shells where quite powerful. As even after losing most of their energy upon impacting with Kate. They still cut deep ruts into the earth upon bouncing off and slamming into the ground. Bending down Kate proceeded to gather a few of the shells into her hand. Kate remembered what Jack had told her about the machine having a human pilot so she held off in how much force she put into her toss. Only putting enough force to go about half-way through a tank’s armor. The sound of the impacts resounded through-out the area however what happened next surprised Kate.


Every bullet came falling back harmlessly to the ground. The pilot had by now realized Kate was making use of her grounding ability so there was no attempt to return fire. Kate grumbled as she realized the armor was tougher then she had expected which meant she would need to do some experimenting. What made the situation worse is she only had a short time to neutralize the mech. Kate quickly took hold of a few more bullets putting some extra force into the throws. This time the mech didn’t wait for them to impact but proceeded to dodge. Kate sighed as she came to terms with the fact that this truly was a training session. She would have to figure out how to hit the mech hard enough to damage it. Without injuring the pilot.


It would have been easy to simply leave Kate behind however the pilot had instructions to remain within the area. The bits of metal that Kate sent up at the mech were easy enough to dodge thanks to the computer tracking system, distance and that Kate didn’t know how much force she could put into each toss. Now Kate had that problem there would be trouble. There would be no way the machine could dodge projectiles moving at that rapid of a speed. Kate was getting rather annoyed by now, she feared putting too much force into each toss however without using more the bullets moved too slowly. Just how the pilot reacted so swiftly Kate had no idea, it didn’t seem to be human.


While Kate thought the mech had a inhuman rate of reaction Jack knew it did. “That suit is impressive.” Elaine smiled over at Jack from within the booth.


“The armor you provided is the real key as well as the parts. It provided wonderful insulation and allowed for a much greater thrust though I worry about fuel consumption now.”


“I was referring to the suit the pilot is wearing.”


“Oh, just a combination of some recovered technology and a hi-g suit meant for fighter pilots.” Jack figured as much, considering the pilots habit to jump from a few hundred miles per hour too somewhere around 5 times the speed of sound. A human would have great difficulty surviving those conditions without some type of aid. At least they would have trouble keeping conscious. Jack wasn’t exactly certain just where the technology had been recovered from but he didn’t bother asking. Kate was having a pretty hard time and her time was running out.


Kate couldn’t stand this any longer finally making use of the one projectile she could control.


Kate gave a slight jump and sent herself flying towards the mech at well over mock 30. As expected the machine provided unable to dodge her. As Kate came within arms reach she made use of her grounding ability to halt her movement and attempted to dig her fingers into the armored covering. Her eyes grew wide as her fingers slammed into the metal and slid over the smooth surface. The mech’s pilot made good use of this momentary stop in action and quickly flew away from Kate.


Kate was fairly frustrated by this turn of events, she had been worried her fingers would just go through the metal and she wouldn’t get her grip. Instead she hadn’t used enough of her strength and they had just rubbed against it.


Kate’s irritation didn’t end there though. Jack watched on the screen as the mech flew below Kate and aimed its weapon upward. He couldn’t help but chuckle as he realized exactly what was going to happen. Kate would take a while to fall back down to the ground even under normal circumstances. Now it seemed the pilot had decided to make the trip back to the earth take even longer. It would have been a mistake to shoot Kate from above as it would have only returned her to the ground sooner where she could have tried again. Kate sighed and twisted her body around as she began to fall back to the earth. The moment she did though she felt bullets impacting against her and quickly made use of her holding ability to avoid being sent higher into the air. She wasn’t done though as her hand shot out and caught hold of one of the bullets that had slammed into her breast.


Kate wasn’t sure how strong the machine’s armor was but she knew it was far tougher then any she had encountered previously except perhaps Metallo’s. She had grown a lot stronger since that fight though and now could put enough force in her throws to tear even his armor apart which is exactly what she did with the bullet. As she let the bit of metal fly, she aimed for the machine’s weapon arm. The pilot felt her mech accelerate downward as the metal slammed into its shoulder. The force actually driving the machine’s legs into the ground. Kate was stunned at what she saw. She could hear the sound of the metal colliding with the mech’s shoulder armor. She saw the deep rifts in the ground appear as its legs where driven into the ground. Yet she didn’t see the slightest dint where the shot had hit. Since when had the military developed a metal that was stronger than Metallo? Shooting at Kate was clearly going to be a mistake from here on out. She was getting an idea for how hard she could throw stuff now and how hard she could hit.


This caused a problem though as if Kate managed to return to the earth she would have plenty of ammo. She had to be kept in the air without the use of anything she might be able to throw back. Kate relaxed her staying ability and began to let gravity return her to the ground when suddenly the mech’s engines let up and once again it came flying up towards her. For a moment Kate expected a hand to hand fight with the pilot taking advantage of the fact that she was still in the air. Instead the machine stopped just a few feet away from Kate. Keeping itself outside of her reach but well within its grasp. Kate knew what would happen the moment she began to fall back to the earth. It would simply grab her by the leg and try to throw her back into the air. “Lets see how strong your engines are.”


The pilot didn’t have time to respond as Kate quickly inhaled and let lose a gust of wind that put a hurricane to shame. The mech’s armor was horrifically strong and it had powerful weapons but while the engines had been improved by the use of the materials developed from studying Kate’s skin samples. They were no where near ready for this type of abuse. While the power of a normal human exhaling was laughable. The torrent of wind from lunges that where over two million times as strong as a normal human’s could deliver. Where far more then even the 30 ton pest was able to withstand with its engines going. Kate smirked quite pleased with herself as she watched the machine slam back into the ground. Kate quickly relaxed her grounding ability and began her decent back to the earth. Kate planned to rip the machines arms off and engines out the moment she had returned to the ground and could get over to it.


However, as a buzzer rang out, she felt a chill go up her spine. “Time is up.”


“Whaaa!?! But I was just about to get a hold of her.” Kate couldn’t help herself, this was the first time she had not completed a training session and she didn’t like it one bit.


“Sorry Kate but that is how it goes. You where delayed for the required amount of time.” Kate let out a long sigh and began to make her way over to the mech which was standing up.


“So who do you I have to thank for this learning experience?” Kate looked up at the machine.


“Whom do you think?” Kate was a bit surprised by the voice that came over the speaker. A moment later the machine opened up and a woman wearing an extremely tight looking white suit stepped out. Kate just smirked when she removed the helmet. Debra smiled back at Kate.


“It figures. How did you avoid passing out?”


“This damn thing they stuck me in.” Debra proceeded to slip a few things into the collar of her uniform and pull the material away from her throat. As Kate looked over the material, she noted several wires and other materials imbedded into the material.


Kate walked on over to the mech and placed her hand on its armor. Squeezing lightly she didn’t have to ask for Debra to know what she wanted to ask. “The armor is a crystalized version of the same material used in your uniform or in other words it was grown from your skin. Think of it as a really thick fingernail. I am glad you didn’t manage to brake it. The stuff takes a while to make.” Kate suddenly got a look of recognition on her face as she realized this was the armor Jack had asked her about previously.


“Well just don’t think it is going to have you in a few weeks. I am going to be quite a bit stronger by then and I guarantee that outdated sample used for form this stuff won’t hold up then.” Kate proceeded to flex her arms. Of course she felt that she probably could have torn through the material even with her current strength if she had only known how much force she could put into her throws. Debra just laughed in response to this. She knew Kate had gotten quite used to winning since her powers had begun to manifest themselves. Of course Debra also knew the only reason she was able to hang in the fight even with the mech was because Kate was holding back. If she made use of all her strength and speed, the machine wouldn’t have stood a chance against her.


“Kate, I will have to talk to you later on. I need to get this back to the hanger so that they can check it over and see if you damaged anything.” Debra gave Kate a quick pat on the shoulder before climbing back into the machine. Kate gave a slight nod and made a dash back for the main entrance, relieved to finally get to make use of her speed again. She preferred her strength over her speed but it was still nice to have it.



End chapter 6

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