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Starhawk Chapter 5

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Chapter 5: Earth


by Castor

(Special Thanks to Dru1076 for proofreading and editing)



The next day was the hard part. Selma had struck her as a little flighty. She had learned why. Before she actually had flown … not now.

Getting a naked woman from behind a bank building was surprisingly tricky. Especially considering the bank expected her to work the rest of the day to figure out the robbery. There were still swarms of police.

Selma ended up spending a couple of hours wearing her jacket, a blanket from her trunk, and a smile, in Karen's car while she sorted things out. She seemed happy, in a blissful way. Before they got … well, home.

She wasn't Starhawk anymore. She had given up that power. She was just normal Selma Hawkins … she had given up infinity to be with her. Sweet, that was the word.

She explained that she had a credit card that gave her whatever money she needed. But had destroyed it. No money. She had an apartment that had a first in last month deposit … but well, she wasn't averse to actually working, she had said helpfully. That was an option. How viable this was, was yet to be determined.

But they got home. And they made love. And Karen was in another place again. All was bliss. Selma still was a beautiful gorgeous woman who loved her … more then literally anything in the universe. That was an expression she supposed, but an accurate one.

So they woke. She had expect to be entangled in her arms. She could take the day off … and plan.

Selma was eating a surprisingly sensible breakfast.

"I made you cold fruit. A little bit of eggs for protein"

"That's sweet," Karen said. She walked through her small Chicago apartment with only a robe. Selma, she noticed, was naked.

"I don't want to get fat" said Selma smiling. She bent over showing the slight curve of her small abs, her breasts heaving.

And for 15 minutes Karen leaned down and ate her in the kitchen.

"Don't stop … please … my … my … I love … ..ooooooh"

And then Selma collapsed on top of her, pushing her to the floor in an awkward pile. The kind of pile that could have turned from comic to painful in a couple of seconds.

Selma looked down apologetically. "I'm sorry"

Karen got up. Shaking her head. "Don't know your own weight?"

Selma looked at the floor. It was extremely sticky from her own love juices. And smelly. "I'll clean up."

Karen shook her head and went to her now cold breakfast. That was her fault.

Selma looked down "Where do you keep your mop?"

Karen looked over "Third cupboard … the long one."

Selma smiled "Thanks. I want to serve you. Be your servant … do anything you need me to."

Karen was taken aback by her sweetness but not as much as before. Karen had never actually lived with anyone. No real partner, as they said in the trade. Never been married. Should they get married? She suspected she knew Selma's answer.

She didn't know. But she didn't know if she could throw her out. She had at the very least saved her life … and then thrown away her own for her. That was no small thing.

Karen looked down at Selma as she moved a mop over the floor shaking her delectable ass in front of her. Porn stars longed for asses like Selma's.

That was something.




Things where going more or less to It's plan. Oh, the FBI agent was a minor complication … but it had worked out. The second quicker sample was at the destroyed warehouse, but that was acceptable. It had waited 200 years for this. It could wait a couple more days.

But still outside of time, It seethed.

It wanted. In that sense It was no different then her. It had come to acknowledge that fact, but hoped with time, say a few billion years, it could get over that. Desire was the root of all suffering, and it had suffered.

It lacked the power to abolish time. Perhaps once It was complete It could do so. It didn't dare hope, but perhaps …

It couldn't destroy the physical universe but hoped. As long as she existed, It was connected to it … the filthy place with the ugly monkeys. It could not comprehend beauty, but It could comprehend ugliness. For it could not quite see.

For its power was the mind.

It knew everyone's thoughts, everyone's feelings from the smallest amoeba (those were okay) to humans. All of it. To her. For 200 years it had sat and watched Earth like an idiot watching reality TV, before It figured out how to enter the world. It was like her method, but It's method was different.

It could prick the mind. Not control, but nudge.

He had nudged the dock worker. To build the machines to unlock the devices. It used technology.

Unlike Selma It wasn't sure they weren't aliens. Perhaps it thought that they had been from some ancient civilization that had gained godlike power (It had watched Star Trek) before collapsing and forgetting. Or perhaps not. Still the intricacies of a system entered his hateful mind. And the hate was useful.




Three months earlier Stang stood in a supermarket.

Anything would do. Well anything with a carbohydrate base. But he wanted something fun. Something ironic. Though he knew that it literally didn't matter, because once it went off no-one would laugh at the joke … some cosmic sense required it.

Honey Bunches of Oats? No.

Gramam Crackers? No.

Bacon? He always knew it would be the bacon … but no. He needed something that wouldn't rot and be replaced.

Marshmallows. He smiled. He remember the movie Ghostbusters as a kid. As he looked he was disappointed to learn that Staypuff wasn't a real brand.

Still it would be a 'Jollytime'.

In his lab he built two devices … one main and a backup

The problem with a deadman-switch was that it required him to exist at least a second after he died. If he was killed by Starhawk that was asking a lot. So he created two. It required a code be set. On the first one everyday. On the second every week. He attached electrodes to the marshmallows.

If he was correct when they went off, they would destroy the world.




Selma lapped at her girlfriend's pussy. Her need was sated. Now there was the pleasure. She admired it … it had been shaven, but not particularly recently. There were follicles. It was largish with a high mound to the most beautiful clit she had ever seen going to a wide channel. It was perfect. It was hers. From the slight bumps and dimples, to the peaks and valley.

Which judging from the way that she was grabbing her head with her legs needed to come soon. Ahh well.

She pushed her tongue inside and with expert care pushed her.

Her body was by human standards quite strong. She didn't need to go overboard. And she had a lot of stamina. She had blessed herself with the ability to move her tongue quite long and quite fast … and every little bit.

Karen shuddered.

Selma leaned her head happily against Karen's thigh.

Karen looked down and stroked Selma's now conventionally red hair. "You really gave up the universe for me?"

"No … your a part of the universe silly. I just found my place in it." she paused and deciding adding "is all" would be tacky.

Karen giggled. She wouldn't have believed it. Maybe she didn't. But she was here.

Selma had originally planned not to tell her at all … but this seemed to be working out for the best.Karen's bedroom (was it her bedroom now? She wondered … ) had a large picture window. She looked out at the sky.

She would miss flying. She had liked that.

She tried to tune it out.

She was not looking forward to watching the news.

For the first time in her own thought she wondered if she could make it. It was troubling.

The possible futures were troubling. Even with her human mind she realized that none of them were great.

They might break up. Maybe.

They would die. That was a certainty.

Yet at last she smiled. Yes that was part of the appeal the limits of life, the beauty of it. Yes, she remembered how Karen had quizzed her about it, but she had realized the appeal. She had to make their time together count.

She paused when she realized that she was still lying between the wet thighs of her lover. She looked up, and started to talk with Karen. Perhaps, she realized, one of her problems as Starhawk, as well as anything she had ever been, was that she had lived too much in her head. She wanted to share.

She wanted to make plans to show her all the places in the world. She thought perhaps it was a mistake to get rid of her magic credit card (though Karen thought it immoral) as they would both have to spend so much time of it in drudgerous work, but perhaps that was also part of the appeal. They made plans long into the night. They would buy a house … possibly a pony. Yes they would be married regardless of local legalities. They made plans, though Selma realized they might not be carried out. But that was one of the beauties of the world. Just to make plans.

Which was just as well, for the next day the world would end.




They awoke with an earthquake holding each other in their arms. It was 5:45. Selma wanted to go back to sleep, to truly dream … but force of habit. She didn't have her special cell-phone anymore … so she went to a TV.

"A major earthquake has just been reported in southern Chicago this morning. At least seven on the Richter scale."

"There is widespread damage in the area, and reports are still coming in."

"Chicago is not known for earthquakes, but the midwest has experienced strong tremors."

Then there was a second quake. Larger then the first.

Bookcases got knocked over in the house. Not badly but there. The power went out Selma closed her eyes. As Karen came out, Selma closed her eyes.

"What's happening" Karen said.

"I don't know" Selma paused.

"What?' Karen went over at her lover and hugged her. "We'll be okay, we will be okay darling." It was the first and only time she called her darling.

Selma started to cry. What was going on was obvious even to her human mind. It was a Nova bomb. It was a three phase process. This then …

A giant gout of flame went up outside the window of the apartment, in the predawn light like an earthly glow. 2000 feet high.


And …

"I need to stop it." Selma said with half closed eyes. "It's a bomb. He must have built it. It works on the principal of carbohydrate adhesion. Once its final charge goes off … it will probably destroy the Earth. 'Maybe leave little chunks of molten core. I need to stop it"

"Can you?" Karen said.

"I can try" Selma said. "But I don't know if I will be back"

Selma felt the pain. The purely human body she had was so much weaker then her previous form. It would be much harder. But she tried. And she knew this would have to be quick.

"I thought you could just magic yourself another body"

Selma didn't answer as her muscles started to form, starting to bulged out of her body. She screamed in agony as she fell to the floor.

Karen grabbed her and held her. She watched the form of her lover change, things sank across her. she remembered what she said. she put her hand on her lovers pussy and started to …

"That just hurts now."

Karen cried but held on watching the thing that had been her lover, become something else entirely. Even as she became more beautiful, she held her breasts in her hands as they expanded into beach-balls … they were more inhuman. She was loosing something.

And then Starhawk with superhuman strength pushed her away.

Karen looked on as she stood, and a bright red uniform appeared in a flash.

"I love you" Karen said for the first time.

Starhawk walked to the window. "Thank you" she said.




Starhawk flew through the sky breaking the speed of sound three times, shattering speed to see a small sewer site that had its cover long blown up. This is where it was.

How did she know what it was-when she realized it.


Yes, It said, though it had no mouth. It was the little voice at the back of her head. It was talking. The part of her that didn't want to be on earth to be trapped here. It was.

And it said as such. Why?

Did you realize the next part? I manipulated the dockworker yes … but also you. It was far simpler than even his depressing mind. When you saw her in the store. I nudged you. In your pants mostly. Your love is just hormones of lust that float through all humans. Nothing special. I made you love, if such a pathetic concept exists as love. I can read all thoughts all the minds of Earth and I could never …

Shut up. Starhawk flew and saw a lead-lined container.

I figured that if you were human you might have slept through it to be honest … been too groggy to do this. Too reluctant to change back. She's going to die.

a massive earthquake went off.

That was a 10 on the Richter. It demolished your apartment building … no way she could survive that unless you go right back and stop it.

Starhawk grabbed the device with a pull.

The voice continued. There's nothing you can do now anyway. Its started. The nova bomb is about resonation between the carbon and the earth. As long as it exists there's no way to stop it.

Starhawk lept upward into space. Her flying created an earthquake a shockwave that would level half the city. Knowing that if the previous quakes didn't destroy Karen, that surely would. The irony wasn't lost on her.

She flew upward.


What are you going to do? The voice taunted. Throw it in the ocean, the sun.

It won't matter. The harmonic device depended on actual matter.

Which could be neither destroyed or created … you're doomed.

Mass moving at speed of light could be two places at once … and …

She accelerated faster. Starhawk was super-powerful, but even she couldn't fly that fast. To do so she changed her form again, manipulating herself like before. There should have been pain, but first she removed the nerves to feel it. Her legs flew off. her arms became carrying tools. The carbon that was her changed to silica shell for ease. It gave up all elements of its humanity as it flew- loosing its sex, its brain, its heart, its kidneys to fly ever faster.

Its not going to be fast enough. Your not fast enough.

"I'm S …"

And she exceeded the speed of light and the bomb was destroyed. Along with her.




Except, of course, a little bit of the marshmallow fluff flaked off when she flew through the upper atmosphere and landed with the force of a trillion atomic bombs.




It took quite a while before the energies that had made her up were able to coalesce enough to gain a resemblance of conscious. Quite a while … for them to drift to earth.

Only to discover it was gone.

And it wept.

And it wept.

For untold eons it wept, before it could even cause to think of why. Of It.

It confronted, turning in its mass to It. Why?

The earth was a distraction from their existence. The perfection of nothing. The endless void. Yes she would cry. That would happen and It felt her tears, but then It would move on and forget.


It could be said that they fought but their battle is unlike any a human could describe. It was not two beings, but a being that had two nodes inside it, and no body to fight with. It was an abstract battle of wills and egos. Before the personality that had lost … won.

But she couldn't kill It. That was what It wanted or a version of it. The irony that she was planning for her own end did not strike her. If only it had waited just a couple of decades it would have floated away into nothing.

The creature of the body took the creature of the mind and imprisoned it deep within itself where It could never get out. It gave It the memory of Selma's life with Karen … its last dreams and plans, and gave It that to study to think about for all eternity. Perhaps someday even a creature of such limited mind would see the endless boundaries that it had lost. And feel pain like nothing else in existence.




In the process It became aware. In the fighting, the punishment, It realized the futility … and It became aware that there wasn't just two nodes. Locked within It where many.

Maybe 'thought' had been right and that it was an entire civilization trapped with in It ascended to some higher plane. However the distinctions between them were hazy. The mind It had been and the body she had been where just those that rose to the surface of the sea. Had just jumped out.

But the ocean was vast. It delved into the ocean of Its own existence and saw philosophy and music, math and science, time and space … all of it floating through beautiful voids that she wasn't even aware existed. She contemplated spending forever exploring. Where did It start out? How many billions of years had It been?

'How long do you want it' said 'Time'.

And It realized the truth.

It was god, or It had the power of god which meant the same difference.

When where or how, It had got it was no difference. It existed.

It became instantly aware of the cosmos, the heavens a billions stars. All of time to from before the big bang to after the end.

And It floated over the molten core of what had once been earth looked back down and said "let there be light".

Because like god it loved.




Karen walked into her apartment shaking her head. Work had been a crap of a stress-filled day. People don't realize how both boring and full of shit banks were. Loans customers, the little lollipops they gave out …

Karen sighed as she opened the door. But then she smiled.

Sitting in her apartment, nude as was her want was Selma Harrison, her fiancé. Her beautiful fiancé. Her ravishing fiancé. Selma had just moved to Chicago 6 months ago, and was a technical writer for the agriculture industry. Boring stuff, but it let her slink around her apartment wearing slinky panties, frilly garters or sometimes just a grin. Yes she spent time in front of a computer doing it. But …

"How was work honey?"


Selma smiled "I'm doing a barbeque tonight. Got a recipe online for sauce."

Karen nuzzled her to shut her up.

They didn't make love in the traditional sense, but as Selma lent down to massage her feet, Karen felt a fluster that was better than it perhaps. A connection to someone that she had looked for all her life.

Someone up there must love me.

That was actually someone next to her. Creating the body had been childs play by then. She had kept the body, the soul, but locked away the memory … that would have gotten in the way of just being her. It would have been boring to know she was all-powerful. More exciting to think about going cherry picking next weekend.

Yet She looked out the window. A part of her that she didn't know existed, looked out and wondered. And regretted perhaps just a tad.

"Have you ever thought about flying?" Selma said.

Karen simply kissed her.

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