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Ultrafemme: Reward and Punishment

Written by anterion :: [Friday, 04 March 2005 07:45] Last updated by :: [Thursday, 15 May 2014 12:29]

Ultrafemme: Reward and Punishment

By Anterion

Editor's Note: while this is only the second Ultrafemme story written by Anterion, this was intended as a shared universe and three of our authors – Larafan, JNW550 and Ultragirl – wrote another chapter called Ultrafemme: Gemini that sits between the first installment and this one.

Julia was sitting at the beach watching the sun slowly sinking into the sea. She was lost in thought about the events that happened lately with her nieces. What was meant to be a gift for a few days of fun for her favorite niece had turned almost into an out of control rampage by two other girls.

"Good thing that the effect of those pills were only temporary. But even that limited time was enough for them to cause some real damage. I really need to do something about that. But how?"

Her right hand was playing with tennis ball sized lump of metal while her mind was still set on solving that problem. A few drunken college boys had hit on her half an hour ago, when they saw a breathtaking beauty sitting all alone on the beach. She had politely told them to leave her alone first, but when one of them had tried to cop a feel of her magnificent breasts her patience had found its limit. A quick shove with her left hand had sent the guy skidding across the sand for several feet. One of the others hand pulled out a gun after that and threatened to shoot her. Julia's eyes now traveled to the lump of metal in her hand. The imprint ".38" could still be read on one side. Buy now she should have been used to it, but she still enjoyed the look on everyone’s face when she had snatched the gun out of the young man's hand and had begun to slowly work her fingers on the metal until it had the crude shape of a ball it had now. The college gang had escaped after that display of superhuman strength, probably seriously injured in their manly pride.

Julia let her delicate fingers sink into the steel one last time before a quick toss of her arm sent the ex-gun flying in a wide arc way out of sight into the ocean.

"If there only were a way to prevent the misuse of the formula. Maybe … there could be a way …"

The bus pulled up the long road to the old ranch that now was called a “beauty farm”. Basically, it was a place where women could take a vacation and take care of their health and appearance. The farm provided sports trainers, beauticians and everything else the women could think of. And lately, they had hired an expert for sports nutrition and other food supplements.

From her room's window, Julia watched the newcomers as they got off the bus. Since she had started 'working' here, she had been on the lookout for some test subjects for her new formula. Yet, there had been none so far. She had been looking for a certain kind of women. Now she noticed two women leaving the bus. One of them was tall and had wide shoulders. Julia's perfect eyes saw some hints of muscles underneath the casual clothing. “She might be a good candidate”, she thought. The other woman was the exact opposite. Small, frail and with a heavy set of glasses on her nose. In her pocket, Julia saw an asthma inhaler. “Reminds me of my former self.”, she thought. “She might be worth a try as well.”

A week later, Julia was watching the group of women doing their morning gymnastics outside. Her two candidates were among them. Karen, the bodybuilder, wasn't really paying attention to what the instructor was saying. Actually she was laughing about the other women. She was doing some stretching but nothing of the aerobics. Sonya, the small woman, seemed to be doing her best to keep up, but every few minutes Julia saw her stepping aside to catch her breath. Sometimes she even had to reach for her inhaler. Julia shook her head at that sight. She felt pity for Sonya.

The few times that Julia had talked with her had shown that Sonya was a very silent woman. She hardly ever answered to Julia's suggestions how she should change her diet. She had only nodded and had left the room.

Karen was a different case. She had actually been trying to teach Julia about nutrition and diets. She knew a lot, but that was to be expected from a woman who planned to be a professional bodybuilder one day. Still, she had tried Julia's patience with her almost arrogant character. But exactly that was why she had chosen her as her second test candidate. She was just hoping and waiting for the right occasion.

The first one was a few days later at the evening in the gym in the building's basement. Julia heard the sound of weight discs being slammed together as she walked by. A quick look inside confirmed her expectations. Karen was trying to fit more discs on a small weight bar. “Bingo.”, Julia thought. “Hi Karen. Working out?” She entered the room.

“Oh hey, Julia. I'm trying to, but this sissy gym here has hardly enough weight to work up a good sweat. What kind of mice do they train in here? But this should do it.” Karen grabbed the seriously overloaded bar and pulled of some slow bicep curls. Julia smiled, she wondered what Karen would say if she knew that Julia could not only easily lift the weight with one hand but could tie her up with the solid metal bar as well without even straining.

“Three … and what …four … are you … five … doing here?”, Karen asked between reps.

“I just walked by and heard you. Why are you in this place at all? You're hardly out of shape.”

“True, but I guess my skin could use some professional help. The judges look not only at the muscles but at the face and overall appearance as well. And I don't want to look like one of those dried up steroid taking bitches.”

Julia raised an eyebrow. “You don't take any?”

“Are you crazy? I'm clean.”, she was getting angry. The bar fell to the floor. “Just because a woman has some meat on her bones you think she's taking 'roids.” She pushed a finger against Julia. Julia took a step back, she didn't want Karen to break her finger against her. Karen was flexing her impressive biceps. “This is all earned with hard work.”

“But you're using supplements.”

“Of course. The body needs nutrition. Muscles can't work if you don't 'feed' them.”

Julia nodded. “Would you like to try something new?”

“I said I don't do 'roids.” Karen had lifted an eyebrow. “Really, I would have thought better of you.”

“I'm not talking about steroids. I am talking about a substance that can instantly 'feed' your muscles with energy. It allows you to work out longer and more intensive.”

“Oh please, and then you tell me that it has no side effects and is actually very healthy. You know that there is no such thing as a free lunch?”

“It has it's disadvantages. First of all, it only works once, maybe twice before your body gets immune to it. Second, I can't predict how effective it will be on your body.”

“And how did you get your hands on that little wonder drug?”

“It's my creation. This here is only a job to fund my own research. So, how about a try?”

Karen looked doubtful. “Hm … OK. I'm in. But two things first, Julia. I only trust you because you've been such a nice person so far and second, if there's anything wrong with that stuff, I'll brake every single bone in your body. Understood?”

“Sure. Here you go.” She handed Karen a small bottle with a clear liquid. “I've mixed it with some Gatorade for taste.”

“I can't believe I really do this … This better work.” Karen gulped down the bottle's content. “Ok, now for some workout.”

Over the next few minutes Julia watched Karen pumping iron. She was impressed by the weight and reps Karen could do. She estimated that her new formular would kick in about … “Now.”, she thought.

Suddenly Karen's reps with the heavy weights got faster and seemingly a lot more easy. “What the … this stuff really works. That's incredible. I need more weight.” Together the to women racked the bar with just about the double weight it had before. Karen instantly got back to lift it. “That's just crazy. This about 50 percent more than my usual max. What is this stuff?” Some more weights were added until Karen finally maxed out. She was sweating but her face was bright with joy and satisfaction. “Yes! I just curled the double of my usual max. That's not possible …” Karen ran her hands up and down her pumped arms.

Julia frowned. “Only a double of strength?”, she thought. “I wouldn't have expected that it would loose that much of its potency. Then again … I designed it to have its effect varying by the subject.”

“Thanks Julia.”, Karen said while she hit a double biceps pose that rivalled some male bodybuilder. “That was the best workout I ever had. If this stuff is ever released on the market, you're going to be rich. Don't you think, Sonya?”

Julia turned around. Sonya was standing by the door. Her eyes wide in amazement. “Wow. I was so focused on Karen that I didn't even notice her. I better keep my guard up.”

Sonya was slowly stepping closer, her eyes fixed on the enormous weight that Karen was still holding.

“How is that possible?”, she asked.

“Just a little drink I invented.”, Julia answered. “It boosts strength and endurance for a little while. It can also benefit your health. Want to try a sample? I could need another test subject. I've seen what I can do on a strong and healthy person like Karen here.” Julia had fetched another small bottle from a pocket of her jacket. She was already thinking about how she would persuade Sonya to agree, but …

“Sure. Let me try.”, Sonya answered eager.

Julia handed her the bottle and the small woman quickly drank it, expecting the effects with great excitement.

The formula worked wonders on the frail woman. Her strength almost instantly shot to superhuman level and rose even beyond that. There was no change in her appearance (Julia had removed that part of the formula) but by now Sonya could have stopped a tank with her bare hands. Her eyes lit up along with the smile on her face as she felt the incredible surges of power running through her.

“Hey skinny, let's see what this little booster can do with as little as you have to offer.” Karen had placed her elbow on a small table in the room and waved Sonya with her hand towards her. “Maybe you can put up at least a little bit of a fight now.”

Sonya really had to suppress a laugh. Somehow she felt that despite her enormous size the woman on the other side of the table had as much of a chance as a snowball in hell.

Karen's eyes widened and she even winced a little bit in pain as Sonya's tiny hand grabbed her with a strength that would have crushed every bone in her hand if she hadn't been affected by the formular herself. Carefully, she pushed just a little bit against the smaller woman's arm before they actually started. It was as if she were pushing against a steel girder and Sonya didn't even seem to realize that Karen had pushed.

“One … Two … Go!”, Julia announced.

Immediately, Karen pushed has hard as she could. The competitor in her wanted to give Sonya no chance at all. Thus, she was greatly surprised as nothing happened.

Just as Julia had expected, Sonya's new strength had vastly surpassed the already amazing strength that Karen had developed after she had taken the formula. No matter how the big woman struggled, no matter how big her muscles flexed, Sonya easily pushed her arm down with a ever widening smile on her face. Karen was pushing as hard as she could now. Beads of sweat were forming on her face. It was very obvious that Sonya was now way stronger than her, yet Karen refused to give up. Just inches above the table, Sonya suddenly pushed even harder, so hard that she slammed Karen's hand right through the thick wooden table and threw her off the chair. Sonya laughed.

“Now that was uncalled for.” Karen said as she stood up again. If it hadn't been for the Ultrafemme formula she would have been badly injured. “You made your point. You pack a lot of power in those small arms of yours.”

“Yes. I do. And now I'll have some fun with that strength. She stood up and walked towards the exit. “Move it.”, she said to Karen and pushed her out of the way. Karen was lifted off her feet and sent flying through the room and slammed into a wall, leaving spider-web cracks where she hit it. Karen dropped to the floor, unconscious.

Julia took a step aside as Sonya walked past her. The gym's doors where kicked out of the frame and Sonya left. “Interesting turn of events.”, Julia thought. “Not exactly what I had planned, but interesting.”

She turned around to Karen. The knocked out woman didn't respond at first, but after a few minutes, and some water splashed in her face, she came to.

“You ok?”, Julia asked, seriously concerned.

Karen nodded a bit.

“Shit! Now that stupid bitch is a stupid super bitch. We have to stop her. The way she's now she could hurt or even kill someone.”

Julia looked at her in surprise. “You care about that?”

“Of course I do. What do you think I am. Some kind of heartless monster? I may not be the most friendly person around here, but I have a sense of right or wrong. You invented that stuff, so you have an antidote too, right? Tell you what. I'll try to stop her … “ she looked at the table and the wall. “… or slow her down somehow. Get that antidote.” The muscle woman dashed out of the room, in search of a small and frail looking woman that could clean the floor with Superman.

“Perfect.”, Julia thought. “This could turn out even more interesting than I thought.”

People were screaming in fear as the building shook as if an heavy earthquake had hit it. But it wasn't the movement of continents that made the building shake, but the fists of an surprising small woman that hit the basement walls with incredible force.

Sonya began to giggle as she blew the dust of her knuckles. The heavy walls had crumbled under punches like dry mud and she hadn't even felt any pain in her fists.

“I wonder …”

Suddenly she stomped her small feet down with such force on the ground that the whole foundation shook and partly cracked. Now she laughed loudly as the building still quaked until the walls cracked and the ceiling caved in. In a matter of seconds Sonya was buried in a heap of bricks and dirt. The dust hadn't even settled as the whole pile exploded again outwards and Sonya emerged from it without the slightest scratch.

“Nice.”, she purred.

She turned around a corner and found herself in front of a steel door labelled “Heating main room”. She tried the handle. Locked.

“Oh, what am I to do now? I know.”, she mocked. She kneeled down and jammed her slender fingers between the door and the floor. The metal deformed as her fingers proofed to be stronger than the steel door. Then she stood up and almost peeled the heavy door upwards, hinges and locking bolts were torn apart with ridiculous ease under ear splitting whining noise. When the last hinge broke, Sonya had rolled the thick steel door completely upwards. A quick flick of her wrist sent it flying over her shoulder. A few feet away, it hit the floor with a thunderous clang. Sonya entered the dimly lit room.

“What do we have here?”

A furnace for the buildings central heating complete with a large water tank and metal pipes dominated the far side of the room. “Toys!”, Sonya giggled.

Quickly, she grabbed a few of the pipes. Her feminine hands, crushing them instantly, so that not a single drop of water escaped. Sonya had sailed with her parents when she was younger so she knew lots of different knots and there were enough pipes to try each one. The metal squealed and protested as she tied them each into a different knot. Satisfied with her work, she turned her attention to the water tank.

She grabbed both sides, careful not to puncture the tank walls but the metal still deformed under her superhuman grip. Then with a small grunt she ripped it of its fixings and set it side. Despite it's enormous weight, she handled it like a empty jar.

The gas driven furnace was more interesting to her right now. She could now see the flame burning in its blue light. She remembered that blue flames were a lot hotter than yellow ones. Curious, she reached out an put her hand in the flame. It felt comfortable warm to her. That was all.

“Maybe if I turn up the heat a little bit.” She reached for the gas pipe and with her fingers pried it wide open.

The sudden increase in gas output and the unhindered air flow caused in an instant gas explosion. Although it was hardly more than a split second before the flame would have filled the whole room, Sonya almost lazily pursed her lips sucked the flames in, easily containing it in her superhuman lungs. Feeling the warmth inside her, she jumped. She smashed through the ceiling, sending debris flying everywhere. She found herself in the huge dining room. She had hated this room, where all the other woman had chatted while she had sat at her table alone.

Again she pursed her lips and blew this time. A sharp stream of flames shot out of her mouth instantly incinerating everything. Soon the whole room was ablaze in flames and Sonya made her exit through another wall, laughing like mad.

A few minutes later the whole burning building was deserted. Sonya was disappointed. She had just walked straight through another brick wall and enjoyed the sight of the bricks exploding away from her body. Just for fun she had spread her arms before she crashed into the wall. Now she had left an almost comic like human shaped hole in the wall. She was getting pissed now. Sure, it was really fun to demolish the old building with nothing but her super charged body, but it would have been even better if the people had stayed to watch her, or be her victims for some experiments. “Oh well. Can't be helped.”

“Hey bitch! Catch”

Sonya twirled around. At the and of the corridor stood Karen holding the barbell from the gym above her head. Before Sonya could say anything, Karen launched the massive metal weight at her. If the huge bodybuilding woman had hoped to stop her with that, she got extremely disappointed. Sonya merely swatted the barbell out of the air with her left hand, causing it to create another hole in the wall.

Then, faster than Karen could follow, Sonya was standing in front of her, grabbing her by her arm and flung her down the corridor, sending er through a window outside. Karen was landing on the bus parking place and tumbled across it until she smashed into the wall of a garage. The bricks cracked as she was forced right through the wall and then lay there, motionless for a minute.

Sonya didn't bother to use the window as she followed Karen. She walked right through the front doors, kicking them outward. She had a maniacal grin on her face now. She felt omnipotent.

Inside the garage, Karen shook the dizziness from her head and tried to get up.

Sonya couldn't believe her eyes as she saw Karen standing up again, the debris of the crushed wall falling off her like nothing. She had hit her with the hardest punch she could throw but that muscle woman still standing. “What's was going on?”, she thought. “Ten minutes ago, a slap of my hand knocked her unconscious. Ok, that's it. I'll just kill her now.” She reached for one of the parked tour bus.

Karen was as surprised as Sonya was. The beating she had taken from that tiny superwoman wasn't much more than a few minutes ago. She should be still aching all over but she felt just fine. As she dusted off her body, she heard the groaning of stressed metal. Right in front of her stood Sonya, the tour bus grabbed by the rear and pressed vertically above her head. Ready to throw it down on her. “Fuck! That's … it. Sorry, Julia. Looks like you're on you own now.” The bus came crashing down.

Sonya jumped a few steps back as the bus hit the ground. It exploded instantly, the shock wave tearing on her hair and clothes. “Burn in hell, bitch.” she said. She turned around and started to walk away. Now that this nuisance was gone she was going to have some more fun. Though, something bothered her. The old tractor she had messed with earlier had been so easy for her to lift with just her left arm, she had hardly felt it's weight. But this bus had been something else. It had took nearly all of her strength to lift it. Her arms had actually begun to shake a few moments before she dropped it on Karen. “Maybe I should take it a bit more easy.” Suddenly, she heard a strange sound behind her.

The very moment that the bus came crashing down on her, Karen had been filled with sadness that for all her hard earned muscles and the extra strength she had recently gained, she hadn't been able to subdue that menacing superwoman. She felt pity for the people who would fall victim to her insane strength. In the last split second, she had crossed her arms above her. Then she had felt a sharp impact, a tearing on her clothes, a deafening explosion and next she felt a warmth travelling all over her body. She opened her eyes.

“What the …”

She was standing inside a burning inferno. Actually she was standing in the middle of the burning bus wreck. Naked. Her clothes had been burned away but she didn't feel any pain or injury. No, she felt just a comfortable warmth despite the flames licking her skin.

“I'm not dead? But how?”

She tumbled a step forward. The noise of tearing metal made her look down. She had been standing knee deep inside a jagged hole in the bus' floor. Now, that she had took a step forward, her leg had cut smoothly through the steel floor without effort. Wordless, she put her foot against the hole's edge and curled her toes. Instantly, she felt the metal buckle under her toe, giving way as her toe cut through it like a hot knife through butter.

“Yessss!”, she hissed. “Looks like the odds are more even now.”

With a yell of triumph, Karen flexed her big muscles, feeling the tingle of superhuman strength running through every one of them. Then she kneeled down, grabbing the underside of the still burning wreck. She felt how her fingers dug a secure hold into the searing hot metal and then she stood up, lifting the bus off the ground like it was nothing.

Sonya felt a wave of fear creeping through her as saw she Karen standing up with the bus pressed above her head. Not only was she alive, but somehow she seemed now to be just as strong as herself. Her fear turned into pure horror as she watched Karen rapidly spreading her arms apart, tearing the bus in half. The two parts noisily fell down and Karen walked forward, like the Phoenix rising from the ashes, she seemed to radiate pure strength. The flickering light of the fire in the dark night played on the curves of her nude heavily muscled body. “Oh, little Sonya!!! I've begun to like this game. Let's play some more, shall we?”

Sonya's fear turned into pure blood lust.

“Fine, if I can't smash you, I'll just strangle you to death. Come here you muscle freak.”

Sonya stroke out with her fist against a nearby garden wall. The wall cracked and buckled, but didn't fall. Sonya didn't notice. But Karen did as she now almost ran towards Sonya. “Now look at that.”, she thought. “A few minutes ago a casual slap with her hand send me flying through a wall. This one just got a little damaged. She must be getting weaker. That's my chance.”

She still had a few more steps to go when Sonya jumped towards her, hands reaching forward. Karen was taken by surprise as Sonya crashed into her. Both empowered women tumbled to the ground but Sonya managed to get a firm grip on Karen's throat and began to squeeze.

The first moment of panic passed quickly for Karen. Although Sonya was trying to choke her with all her strength, her grip seemed to get weaker with each passing moment. She grabbed Sonya's hands and began to pry them away from her throat.

Sonya howled in anger as her hands were forced apart by Karen's now superior strength. All the feeling of power suddenly left her. Karen was now standing up, holding Sonya at arm's length away. The smaller woman was struggling like mad now. She tried to kick Karen and to easy her grip but she now was even more powerless against the muscle woman than Karen had been against her some minutes ago. She was screaming in rage now.

“Knock it off you stupid bitch!”, Karen scolded her. “It's over! Don't make me hurt you.”

“No, no … I'll kill you. I'll …”

“Oh, come on … Fine, have it your way.” Karen walked over to a lamp post. “You wait here.” Holding Sonya now with only one hand, Karen grabbed the lamppost, her grip distorted the metal. With a loud whining noise the lamppost surrendered as Karen almost casually bent it down and around Sonya's body. The small woman was still screaming.

“Will you be quiet?” Karen almost screamed herself. “Damn, I hate to do this.” Karen almost gently tapped Sonya's forehead, but the force in that single finger was enough to knock Sonya unconscious, despite the remaining partial invulnerability in Sonya's body.

Karen sighed in relief. Behind her, someone clapped applause.

“Nice work. Karen.” Julia said. “You proofed that my formula limits its effect when someone gets into blood lust.”

Karen nodded.

“And it also seems to get more effective if someone feels to be in mortal danger.

Karen nodded again. “So this was just an experiment?” She looked back to the damaged and now burning building. “Pretty expensive.”

“Well, I hope they are insured.” Julia laughed. “It was worth it. Can you imagine what would happen if someone gets his hand on my formula without this limiting effect?”

“So when does this stuff wear off?” Karen asked, sounding somewhat impatiently.

“Pretty soon. Why? You sound as if you want it to loose effect sooner than later.”

“Of course I do. I still need to prepare for my next competition. And how am I supposed to get a good workout with such strength? No, I want to compete fair and square and if I'm getting bigger and stronger, then it'll be by pure hard work. Thanks for trusting me with your little power pill, though. It was fun for a night.”

“You're very welcome. Actually, at first I saw you as the bad example to test my new formular on. Looks like I was wrong.”

“Ha. Maybe … I'm surely no angel, but that bitch was even worse than me. Let's go. The cops will soon be here and I don't want to answer any stupid questions.” Karen put her arm around the smaller woman as they walked away from the burning ruins. “There's something I meant to ask you. You talked about your new formula. So there was a previous one?”


“You took that yourself, didn't you?”


“Thought so. I bet you're even stronger than me?”

“Oh … maybe … about … a few thousand times.”

Karen groaned. “So you could have stopped the whole story?”

“Sure could. But where would have been the fun in that?”

“Hm. Good point, even though it was me who got smacked around the house at first.”

“You were never in real danger.”

“No? Damn it. Now you tell me. If I had known I'd pulled some more stunts in the first place. Where're you going next?”

“Don't know.” Julia answered. “I think I'll be doing some more experimenting. You gave me a nice idea what to do with yet another version of my formula.”

“Me? Oh please tell me you won't …”

Julia's melodic laugh was the last thing that could be heard as the two superwomen walked off into the night.

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