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The Fall of Dwahahl – Part I

Written by Dru1076 :: [Saturday, 05 July 2003 01:00] Last updated by :: [Friday, 06 June 2014 18:29]

The Fall of Dwahahl – Part 1

by Dru

The city of Dwahahl was among the largest in the world of that age. Built from granite and encased in local marble, the original buildings and imposing outer wall were now surrounded by a spread of buildings. Though a new outer wall had been planned, each year the city grew and building it seemed pointless.

Approaching the city from the east came a stream of migrants. They entered unhindered, and though Saiya stood out from the crowd in her chosen garments, the burly soldiers guarding the ceremonial gate only stared at her partially revealed breasts. They had no idea what she planned, otherwise they would have tried to stop her.

She made her way through the poorly planned city, looking around in disgust. The road snaked through a confusing jumble of random construction that made Saiya shake her head. As soon as she took care of the King, her first task as ruler would be to demolish and rebuild her city with straight roads and sturdy houses.

Finally reaching the original city wall, Saiya went to pass the guards but they stopped her.

“Hey! Residents only in the Old City.”

“Let go of my arm. I'm going to the palace.”

The tall guard smiled, but didn't release her.

“What business do you have?”

“If really must know …” Tired already of being manhandled, Saiya whispered a two-syllable word the guard didn't quite hear. There was a flash, and the man felt her arm pulse in his grip and suddenly burst free. Unfortunately for him, when Saiya spoke her magic word, the amulet around her neck imbued her body with such vast strength that her muscles grew and hardened so quickly he was vaporised, and the explosive wave that her sudden growth generated knocked over several buildings and tossed people about.

The other guards, first to regain their feet, rushed forward with their trusty steel weapons. Where Saiya's clothes had been loose on her before, the fabric was now tensed over her impressively feminine musculature. A few seams were starting to fray as the swordsmen swung at her. Crossing her massive arms, she made no attempt to dodge or block, allowing her attackers to give it their best shot. Their swords cut through her clothes and clanged on her now diamond-tough body. One of them hit her so hard across the head with the edge of his blade, he broke his wrist. The slightly dull edge found no give in her cheek, and he held his arm in pain as she smiled.

“Do you surrender?” she asked, as three more men came at her. Though she whispered gently, her words were loud and clear, and the men could feel her gentle breath ruffle their hair and uniforms.

“No?” They continued to circle around the unmoving woman, cracking their swords against her from every angle and destroying her garments. “Good. If you'd surrendered, then I wouldn't have the excuse to do THIS.”

Her last word was not whispered. She spoke loud and firm, and the results were everything she hoped for. The men were thrown violently away, scattered lethally into walls. Saiya watched the destruction range out a few hundred feet, her hyper-active senses allowing her to watch the buildings burst and the people tumble about.

As she moved forward, she said another word. The amulet concentrated and purified the energies pooled in her muscles, allowing them to approach a normal size and give her back her devastating figure whilst increasing her strength at the same time. Taking a confident step toward the tall gate and Old Dwahahl beyond it, she turned her head and gave a few brave townsmen that watched her a quick wave. They cowered as they felt and heard her footfall shudder the deep bedrock beneath the city.

As she entered the shadow of the wall, the iron lattice of the Portcullis dropped to bar her path. She smiled as archers popped up along the wall, and three more iron gates slid to the ground.

“Die witch!”

The arrows were accurate, but sharp as they were each one bounced or broke in a different way with the same result on the target. Nothing. Saiya did nothing for a moment, making sure they realised how useless their weapons were against her.

“Enough.” She told them with a thunderous whisper. Not wanting to destroy the wall of the city that would soon be hers, Saiya decided to leave the archers alone for the moment, and play with the gathering mob of soldiers and brave citizens behind her.

“Open your gates and surrender,” she ordered. As she had hoped, their answer came in the form of more arrows. A few soldiers ran up from behind and began hacking at her with axes and jabbing spears into her lower back. Their forceful efforts were wasted. Turning slowly to face them as more joined the assault, Saiya backhanded the closest one in the face. His head exploded like grenade taking out three others, and his body span into the ground. Those nearby were thrown from their feet by the explosive blow. Desperate and unable to accept what they witnessed, the citizens charged.

Watching them run at her over the ruins she had made of the nearby buildings, Saiya could not keep her amusement from her face. The soldiers had regained their feet and as the crowd surrounded the scene, Saiya went to work on anyone who took a swing at her. The first to rush in became her weapons, her careful grip on their forearms cracking bone. She swang them around like rag dolls into their comrades, before sending them soaring through the air in opposite directions.

Even as those close to her backed away from the screaming men she laid her hands on, those behind pushed forward and forced them into Saiya's range. She went on obliterating and dismembering her foolhardy opponents, until remembering that these people would soon be her slaves, and she didn't want to rebuild the city herself. She stopped, and watched a moment before ending the ludicrous scene. Speaking loud and firm, she told them to “Stop”. Her voice knocked them to the ground, many losing consciousness. Springing on her toes, she leapt beyond the shell-shocked crowd and landed heavily among an undamaged area of the city. Her impact with the ground destroyed thirteen buildings, but before any of them could completely collapse Saiya puckered up and blew through her tempting full lips with the force of a dozen hurricanes. The howling wind gushing from her small mouth removed all evidence that anyone had ever thought of building anything among the confusing roads. The whole quarter of the city, mostly vacant at the time, was levelled in a matter of moments.

Saiya was astounded by how easy it had been. The abilities obtained through her amulet hadn't ceased to amaze her since she first put it on three weeks ago.

This time as the people regained their feet, they ran. Saiya calmly waited for the city to empty of people before making her way around the city removing the rest of the buildings. As she cleared the final quarter with clap of her hands, she saw the inner-city gate open, and a hundred men on armoured warhorses came galloping out. The portcullis came down behind them, and Saiya turned to face the bellowing cavalry without trying to hide her smile.

As they bore down on her, they drew swords and axes from their mounts and raised a mighty battle-cry that would frighten the hardiest warriors. As the first to reach her passed by, she stood with hands clasped behind her, and lifted her chin to offer them her throat. As their weapons clanged against her healthy skin, several riders were unhorsed, three broke their wrists and seven dislocated their shoulders … all in the effort to bring her pain.

Standing still and letting the riders churn around her slashing and hacking uselessly at her unprotected body, Saiya focused her ears past the horses and angry men, and into the city. Ignoring her attackers completely for a moment, she employed the power her ring gave her. Saiya had three items of ancient sorcery. Two were designed to enhance her physically, and one to enhance her mentally. Her wrists bore the Bands of the Ogre-King, which gave the bearer the strength of four mountain ogres. On the middle finger of her right hand was the ancient Ring of the Overseer, once given to her father in a time when he served the Emperor. It was s simple trinket for enhancing vision and hearing, also for making a person's voice loud. But the third item she wore was more powerful than both the others combined. The Amulet of Siah imbued the wearer with constant invulnerability, making Saiya immune to any injury even when the amulet was dormant. With the right words, Saiya could activate the amulets true power. Her other items were amplified a thousand fold, and Saiya could increase and refine this at will.

Looking through the dense mob of horses, Saiya's gaze passed the bricks and mortar of a hundred walls to focus on the King in his throne room. Searching other rooms, she found her reason for choosing Dwahahl as her new home. Not only was it a beautiful city to make her capital, but within the walls of the palace lay the Crest of Elena. It was a gift given with great ceremony by the king to his queen, and even now it rested on her head working its very subtle magic on the already very attractive wearer. The tiara worn by the queen had been designed to enhance the beauty of the wearer and keep the queens elaborate dresses in order as she greeted foreign envoys or danced at royal celebrations. Saiya wanted that silver headband very badly, and she was going to have it.

But there was no hurry.

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