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A Day in the Military Chapter IV

Written by Camille Jones :: [Monday, 17 June 2013 19:36] Last updated by :: [Wednesday, 19 June 2013 15:47]

A Day in the Military


Chapter IV


by Camille Jones


(With special and outstanding thanks to Anon, Pansardum, Njae, Jason White and PaulWitz. Seriously, you guys help me out a lot and I can’t thank you guys enough.)


After ensuring that no damage was done, General Roberts figured that it would be best if we move on to the next test. I couldn’t agree any more for once, taking into account of what happens if I am not careful with my powers. After all, what good would I be if I just end up hurting the people that I want to protect?

I want to stop the tests for fear or injuring someone, or worse. As I look over to Jason, he gives me a reassuring smile that he is just fine. That and remembering what Tom said earlier on the phone gives me the reinforcement I need to smile back.

“Shit happens. Besides who knew you were going to break the sound barrier to make sure that bullet didn’t hit me?” Jason says.

“Yeah, but I should’ve been more careful.” I say.

“Hey, it’s alright, growing pains remember?”

“Right, but still I gotta be more careful with how I go about things.”

“Alright, but for this next one, you don’t have to hold back as much.”

“Oh, why’s that?”

“Because the boys will get to practice their artillery fire on you, and you’ll be about 100 yards out.”

“Oh, really? To be honest, I’m looking forward to this one in particular.”

“Really now?”

“What better way to prove that I’m strong if I can withstand artillery shells from the very best the Army has to offer?”

He stares at me, dumbfounded, before he lets out a chuckle.

“I see your confidence has returned.”

I smile back at Jason before taking off into the air, flying over to the target site. Once I land down, I can see the cannons from 100 yards out. I can also see Asher staring back at me with his binoculars. I smile at him, waving at me. Confused, he waves back at me.

Jackson is making the final measurements while Ramirez is lining up the cannon. Soon after, Jason meets up with his unit to ensure that everything is okay. He then gives the okay to General Roberts and Doctor Mason, who then gives me the okay. Through their binoculars, they see me nodding back as I stand on the ‘X’ they mark on the ground beneath me.

I hear a loud BOOM, my eyes able to trace the large shell sail high in the air before coming down on me. I could not help but smile as the shell crashed on my body, releasing a rather warm and pleasant heat due to friction and kinetic energy. As soon as the first one fired, there was an second one that followed right afterwards. Again, the shell crashed and deformed upon contact as that wonderful warmth caressed and licked my body.

I couldn’t help but bite my lower lip, loving the way the fire feels against my skin. I was unscathed and unharmed though my laboratory coat is in shreds once again, my tanktop now obliterated and my shorts threatening to rip right off. My boots and socks were non-existent as well, leaving me barefooted. Thankfully, the coat was still long enough to provide some decency but I don’t think it could last the next test.

“Hope whatever uniform they got can stand up to that,” I think out loud as I fly back to the men, “Otherwise I’ll go through them within the week.”

As I hover back to them, I pull my laboratory coat closer as an attempt to not provide a distraction to the guys. Considering the amount of fabric I have left around me though, I fear that might be a problem in itself soon enough.

“Anyone mind lending me some clothes?” The second I finish speaking, a massive slew of army jackets and laboratory coats are launched towards my direction, effectively burying me in a heap of clothes.

“Thanks …” I reply before I then pick out a laboratory coat that covers me from the knees up. General Roberts walks up to me, eyeing me up and down for a moment.

“And not even a scratch on you. So you can take on our conventional firepower head on, and I’m not even going to try using a Tomahawk or Sidewinder. No ma’am, we’re going straight to the top for you.”

“What do you mean by ‘straight to the top’?” I ask curiously as I see his gruff mustache spread into a smirk.

“You’re about to find out soon enough.” He says before he then motions for everyone to pack into the Humvee convoy that was waiting nearby us. Instead of opting to fly over there, I figured that it would be best to ride inside the convoy for now. Not that I’m tired of flying, but I think that it would be best to let the General take me wherever he wants to just to make sure I’m completely invincible. I’m sure that whatever test the General has in store for me I am more than a match for.




I sit in the back with Jason while the General sits in the front with his Major driving us. The Humvee was not outfitted with a machine gun, so it sat about 5 people comfortably. The vehicle’s engine roared to life as it started to move out with the convoy. My eyes look out to the seemingly endless desert. Peering past the canyons, I was able to see a few cottontails scurry about while a golden eagle dives down on the group in order to ensure that it survives for the night. Though most of the cottontails made it into the entrance of their cave, an unlucky cottontail finds itself in the talons of the brown-feathered bird of prey. The eagle then flies up high into the sky, soaring higher and higher with the cottontail in its grasp. The cottontail wriggles around the tight grip of the eagle’s talons, fighting to break free from impending doom. The eagle must’ve been surprised by how much the cottontail was fighting back since it decided to let him go at about 20 feet up.

The cottontail tumbles down from the sky, its ears flapping wildly against the wind as it looks up to the bird pulling away from him. It then lands on the ground with a rather dull thud but not before it gets up and scurries off into the hole. The eagle screeches in anger as it buries its beak into the hole, hoping to catch the cottontail just before it reached the bottom of the hole. However, it emerges with nothing in its beak. The eagle then takes off into flight once more, hoping to find something else to prey upon before it finds itself surrounded by condors.

The chances were overwhelmingly small for the cottontail.

Yet it fought to survive.

It fought, despite it knowing that it was good as dead.

Even against something as big and mighty as the eagle.

Now the eagle might starve to death because of a defiant cottontail.

A defiant cottontail that said, “Fuck the odds, I’m coming out of this.”

I smile softly, realizing I’ve learned my first lesson already:

Fight and overcome, despite the odds.

“Something on your mind Miss Jane?” the gruff general’s voice breaks me out of my gaze.

“… the things you learn by watching nature is incredible …” I say softly.

“What was that?”

“Nothing General.” I then turn to face him. “ Are we there yet?”

“As a matter of fact, we are.” he says as his Major stops the vehicle. I then look in front of me to see a tiny shack that is literally out in the middle of nowhere.

“And where is here exactly?” I ask, as I look around the desert.

“Jane, we’re standing over one of the United States’ secrets.” he then turns to flash a rather cocky grin.

The flimsy and unassuming shack opens up to a massive shaft that was definitely man-made. The convoy lines up in a single file before going down the gentle slope of the shaft. When the last car enters down the shaft, the massive door begins to close up again. The shaft was well-lit at every 10 feet, though I would’ve like to test out how well I can see in the dark.

About 5 miles down, we reach a platform where there is just two hallways. We all get out of our vehicles, the scientists are already going down one hallway followed by a few soldiers. General Roberts then walks down to the entrance of the other hall.

“Alright Miss Jane, this is where we part ways. Down that hall is where your final test is going to be.” he said pointing down the dark tunnel.

“And what is the fin--” I look down the hall, my eyes able to see a rather small bomb with a radioactive symbol on it. “You’ve got to be fucking kidding me!?”

“Like I said before, we’re not sparing any expense for you.”

“What’s down there?” Jason asks which was answered by General Roberts’ silence.

“A nuke. He wants to see if I can stand up to a nuke …” I reply solemnly.

“What!? Sir, with all due respect, this is bullshit! We can’t fucking nuke her!”

Everyone around us stopped and stared at us. Though they were surprised by Jason’s outbursts, I can tell they were not surprised as to what the final test was going to be. It seems that they were debriefing other things that was conveniently left out up until now.

“Stand down Sergeant.”

“We’re not going to nuke Jane--”

“I said stand down Sergeant, or I’ll have you tried and imprisoned for insubordination.” Jason glares at General Roberts, his grip tightens into a fist.

“It’s alright Jason, I’ll be fine.”

I place my hand over his shoulder, reassuring that I will be just fine. Actually, I don’t know that it will be just fine. I’m actually scared shitless right now. Taking bullets, knives, artillery shells and missiles is one thing. But now we are talking about a nuke. A nuke that was meant to wipe out millions in an instant. A powerful, horrible and destructive weapon that’s only been used twice in the history of Earth. And they want to use it on me to see if I am all that I am cracked out to be. However, I have this feeling that is coming over me, telling me that I’ll be just fine. It’s beyond my usual confidence, it’s as if the universe is speaking to me. It’s telling me that it’s going to be alright, that nothing bad will come out of this. In fact, it’s telling me that nothing but greatness will come out of this.

The General is the eagle, only this Cottontail is a lot tougher than she lets on.

“Alright, let’s get this over with.” I say before I turn to hover down the hall where the bomb is.

“You sound like you’re gonna come out this.” he mutters underneath his breath.

“I am.” I reply back, continuing down the hall as the large door closes shut.




I enter the locker room next to the chamber where the bomb is. Finding it rather odd that I don’t see any environmental suits, I was beginning to wonder just what purposed this room is for.

“Miss Jane, I’m afraid for this exercise, we’re going to need you to remove your garments. Due to the extreme temperatures that you will endure, the clothes will burn off your back.”

I turn to see the intercom speaker high on the wall as the voice of Doctor Mason echoes in the empty locker room.

“Really?” I sigh in frustration. “I’m about to be nuked and all you care about is that the clothes might burn off my body?”

“Well, we are running out of coats. Plus if you do make it out of this, then you’ll have something to wear again until we get your outfit ready.”

“Figures …” I mutter as I take off the lab coat and hang it up on the coat hanger. Now stark naked, I hover over to the door that leads to the chamber. I slip inside, feeling the door shutting behind me as well as an few locking mechanisms activating, ensuring that the explosion will never leave this room.

The room was unsurprisingly empty inside, save for the nuclear bomb that’s in the middle of the room. The walls were very thick, about 36 feet deep around with the ceiling and floor being 48 feet deep. Considering that the walls were mostly made of titanium, I can tell they took every safety measurements possible. There was no ventilation and no glass windows, I guess they want to ensure that there was no way for any radiation to leak through should something go wrong. But in this case, they want everything to go wrong.

I look around a bit more until I spotted a camera at the corner of the ceiling. My eyes widen as that camera reminded me that I’m naked. They are probably staring at me in my birthday suit hovering next to a hydrogen bomb. I wanted to cover up, but I found that the gesture would rather be moot.

“M-magnificent …” I heard Doctor Mason stammer over the intercom. I no longer have any doubt that everyone involved in this exercise is now staring at my naked body through the camera. “… truly magnificent.”

I was growing rather uncomfortable. So much so that my feet are back on the ground as I turned my back to the camera, giving them a view of my backside. I would be happy if it was just Tom and I, but there is still that slight undertone of self-consciousness that I can’t quite get over.

“C-can we just continue with you guys nuking me?” I said, turning my head to the camera.

“O-of course, Jane.” came General Roberts voice.“Considering this is an much older hydrogen bomb, we don’t need much authorization for detonating it.”

I sigh, wondering if this was just an elaborate plan to get rid of some old military weapons. Then again, I’m glad to know that’s one less nuclear weapon that’s out there. I then turn to look at the bomb, seeing that the countdown timer screen has just turned on. As soon as it showed 00:60, it started to countdown from there.

“Alright, that should do it, t-minus 60 seconds til’ it goes off.”

Sixty seconds to find out if I’m going to die, or if I’m going to come out of this alive.

“T-Minus 30 seconds.”

I should’ve at least gotten a chance to call Tom or my mother. What if I do die, here and now? What if this is where I don’t make it out?

“Fifteen seconds.”

No. I’m not going to call them because I’m coming out of this.

“Ten seconds.”

I’m going to survive this nuke. Not only to prove that I can but so my boyfriend and my mom know that I’ll always come back to them.

“Five. Four. Three. Two. One.”

There was not a single sound and the blinding white flash impaired my vision. I could not hear myself scream, yet I know I was screaming. The only thing I could feel was this heat, this extraordinary heat that was paramount to anything I have ever felt before. It completely surrounds me, engulfing me completely as the only thing I could do was let it overwhelm me. I could feel the air burning around me, starting to suffocate me as all I could see was white and all I could feel was this unsurmounting heat. The large blast that followed behind the flash catches me completely off-guard, I could feel my body sailing through the air before I was embedded into the wall of the bomb chamber. However, as soon as I felt the wall behind me, I can feel the strong suction of the newly-created void pulling me towards what seems to be the middle of the room.

I honestly believe that this is the moment where I am going to die.

But I can’t die, not yet!

I don’t want to leave Tom or my mother wondering about what happened to me.

I’m going to come back and tell them my damn self!

Suddenly, I can start to feel the heat drawing into my body. My eyes start to widen as the heat was turning into pure energy. The sensation of this heat now spreading throughout my body was starting to send shivers throughout my body. I can feel the room becoming less hot around me yet my insides feels as if it was injected with molten lava.

I keep absorbing more and more of that heat, starting to feel it spread throughout my body. My muscles start to expand, using this new fuel source to make them stronger. Yet, when the energy starts expanding its way south, that’s when I gasped as if there was no more air left. I bite down on my lip with a few tons of force as my body was writhing, suspended in the air as it was flowing towards my sex and my breasts. More and more of the radiation was being absorbed by me, as I can feel my chest expanding in order to contain this energy while the rest either flowed to my muscles or to my sex.

“M-more … MORE!” I can hear my thoughts ringing to my head as I was too caught up in the overwhelming sensation. Almost on command, my body starts to absorb the radiation that is in the chamber at an exponential rate. Soon, my muscles stopped growing all together yet there was a stronger surge of power heading towards my breast and vagina. I can feel my vagina contracting and pulsating as my breast continue to grow. I started to pant and writhe, my deeply-muscled six pack stomach crunching as my puffy labia started to dribble my juices onto the floor.

I can feel all of the energy pouring in, faster than ever. My body is drinking every single bit of radiation, the heat is insurmountable yet highly pleasurable. My toes curled as I am still suspended in the air, the feeling of raw power is beyond euphoric. I can feel my own heat rising now, matching to the one I’m absorbing. Unconsciously, one hand reaches over to my erect nipple while my other reaches down to my labia. Simultaneously, my left hand brushes my nipple while my right hand touches my clit lightly.

That’s when my mind went blank.

“Yes! YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!” I cried out as I was sent into one of the most powerful orgasms in my life. Wave after wave of orgasmic bliss rocks my body down to my very core as my labia was gushing out my juices, contracting fiercely. Each yell and cry from my powerful voice box shakes the bomb chamber, inadvertently affecting the stability of the control room as the men were knocked onto the floor. My juices were hot, starting to melt the steel-plated floor underneath me and form a crater as my intense orgasm lasted for what seems like decades.

Oh, when I get back to Tom, let’s hope he has cleared his weekend and the next week too.

I panted for air, though I realized that the nuclear blast burned up much of the oxygen. In my post-orgasmic stupor, I hovered over to the massive and thick steel door. Pausing for a moment to catch my own reflection, I marveled at how pumped my muscles look not to mention my own glowing eyes, now shining brighter than ever. My now tanned skin, seemed to shine a bit with sweat. I was not even tired, far from it, so I assumed that it was due to the intense orgasm I just experienced.

Focus Camille. Remember, no air.

I look back up at the door before I look back to the camera for a second. I have no doubt that they are watching me now, General Roberts must be petrified that I can survive a nuclear explosion by now. But just in case if they are still any doubts, I think this demonstration may drive the point home.

My glowing blue eyes can see that there is quite an layer of ash on top of it. Surprised that the camera is as sturdy as I am, I hover up to it before dusting off some of the ash with my fingers. Knowing that they are still looking at me, I mouthed ‘Watch this’ to the viewers on the other side. I hover back down to the door, pressing my nipples and breast into the door. start to smile as I see my breast not giving way to the door, the door is giving way to my breast.

The metallic door starts to whine in protest, yielding to my breast as I slowly continue to hover into it. I can feel my nipples poking and denting the door along with my breast. More and more of the door started to deform around my chest as they were pushing the door off. I can then see the locker room through the crack that I just made, feeling wonderful and cool air entering into the chamber. I draw as much of the air into my lungs, causing them to expand dramatically. This in turn causes my breast to push out even further until the door is completely open, deformed completely beyond repair.

General Roberts, Doctor Mason, Jason and all of the staff involved were already waiting for me in the locker room, mouths agape. I was hovering in front of them, stark naked, yet now I could care less. In fact, I’m actually quite proud of how my body is able to absorb nuclear energy.

The smell of honey and vanilla entered into my nose. As I was starting to wonder where that smell is coming from, I almost gasped -and let out a massive torrent of air- when I saw every male in the room with a prominent bulge gathering at the front of their pants while some females legs were quivering as their crotches were starting to dampen. I realize that the smell is coming from the room, yet I also caught a whiff below me, realizing that this sweet scent was my smell.

Great, so my pheromones are also super and can turn everyone into a glubbering mess. Awesome.

Realizing that my pheromones were running rampant, I turned around and unleashed the massive torrent of air I held in my lungs into the room. The room started to grow cold, but now my smell was becoming less and less as frost started to form around the walls. My juices buried in the crater I created upon cumming froze over, cutting down on the sweet scent. For added measure, I blasted an uncomfortable jet of cold air onto my sex, effectively killing my post-orgasmic buzz but allowing everyone to regain their composure.

“Well, do I pass the test?”

No one could respond other than a semi-collective nod. Finally, the doctor cleared his throat as he steps forward.

“Alright, before we continue though, we have to make sure that we’re not exposed to any further radiation.” Doctor Mason said before he pulled out a Geiger counter from his lab coat pocket. He starts by pointing the device to General Roberts, to measure a base level of radiation. Once he establishes an standard number, he then points it towards me. After a few seconds, he gasps as he looks on the screen of his Geiger counter. “Th-this can’t be possible?”

“What’s not possible?” I ask.

“There’s not a single trace of radiation on your body.” he replied softly. “It’s as if you was never hit with a nuclear bomb in the first place. You have less radiation than any of us in the room.”

“Are you sure, maybe the device is defective.” General Roberts says.

“No, t-this is state of the art. S-same model that is used in F-fukushima.” he stammers out loud before gasping. “How can this be? It’s as if she absorbed every single amount of radiation from that bomb.”

“Hello? I’m right here Doctor Mason!” I huffed in annoyance. He then glares at me, his eyes showing a flash of anger.

“How dare you make a mockery out of everything I have ever researched and learned! You basically threw every single theory and law out the window! How the hell did you make all that nuclear radiation disappear!?”

“It didn’t disappear.” I reply coldly.


“It didn’t disappear, it’s simply stored into my body.”

“Do you honestly expect me to believe that you stored the nuclear equivalent of Hiroshima into a five foot seven inch body?”

“Believe whatever you want to believe. But the law of energy still stands. Energy is either conserved or transferred, but it can’t be created nor it can’t be destroyed. I think that they are being stored mainly in one place.” I said before I then pointed to my bare breasts, which are definitely much bigger than before. “I guess this confirms that I’m able to absorb any kind of radiation and either use it immediately as energy or store it for future use.”

He stares at me, glaring as he is refusing to accept my theory.

“You expect me to believe that you’ve contained all that energy in your breasts!? That is absolutely preposterous! You should be dead right now!”

“And yet, here I am, talking to you. Either everyone can see ghosts all of the sudden or my theory is right. Unless you want to repeal one of the main laws of physics just so you can prove me wrong, Doctor.”

He gritted his teeth, clenched his fist as it shook with anger. The elder physicist cocked his arm back, as if to take a swing at me. I guess he lost all of his reasoning and logic skills because I’m more than sure he saw me take a nuke directly.

I’ve had enough of his snide mannerisms.

And the fact that he was going to hit me speaks volumes about the type of person he really is.

And I’ve had enough.

Before anyone could blink, I already stretched my hand out and grabbed him by the collar of his shirt. I lifted him high in the air as I hovered back up myself until his head was touching the ceiling. About 3 seconds later, the sound of M4 carbines and M911 pistols cocking their bullets into the chambers.

“L-let go of me!” he protested.

“I don’t want to hurt you. Or anyone for that matter.” I said, looking down for a moment to see all of the guns pointed at me. I then return to staring at Doctor Mason. “You would’ve broken your hand if you would have hit me.”

“You arrogant little--” he paused as my glowing green eyes glares at him. His eyes constantly darting back and forth while my eyes did not even break contact with his.

I can see it in his eyes. They way his breathing is growing sharp. His heart beat increasing in a off-beat pattern. His nostrils flaring. His pupils dilating.

He’s afraid of me.

He must have saw something from the way I was staring at him. Maybe it is dawning to him just how much power I have contained within my body. Or maybe he’s realizing just how much I’ve been put through today, only to come out unscathed from it all. Or maybe it is that I’m holding his body aloft with one hand effortlessly.

“Let go of him Jane.” Jason said, his gun cocked though he knows that it is moot to do so.

However, I don’t want to use this power to intimidate. I want to use it to help people.

Slowly, I descended back down to the ground and drop him on his ass. I can see that everyone was lowering their weapons slowly as I raise my hands up to show that I’m not going to attack anyone.

“Look, I came out here because I wanted to know more about myself and about what I can do. And now that I know what I can do, I’m going to use it to help people who need help the most.”

I then turn to look at Doctor Mason, who is simply staring at the ground.

“I’m sorry that a lot has changed. But we need to accept that I can do these things now. For better or for worse.”

I then grab my lab coat and slip it on again, though not being able to button it all the way up.

“Now, can we get out of this place?”




The convoy drive back to the base was rather quiet. Only this time, instead of riding with General Roberts, I was riding back with Jason and his unit. I was harnessed to the seat, though because of the amount of power I just took in, I couldn’t quite sit down as I remained hovering a few inches above the seat.

I can see everyone darting their eyes from me as I looked at them. Even Jason wasn’t saying anything to me at the moment. The only sound that was being made was the quiet hum of the engine as well as the flow of blood in their veins.

“It’s not like we have an pink elephant in the car or anything like that.” I scoffed, not at all happy with the discomfort.

“Sorry, it’s not everyday we see a naked goddess absorb enough radiation to make Fukushima look like a walk in the park.” Jackson retorted.

“First off, don’t call me an goddess. I’m not a deity of some sort, I’m human. Secondly, did I know I was going to be able to do that? No. I’m pretty fucking glad to I’m alive right now!” I snapped back.

“Okay, we’re human. Me, Jackson, Ramirez and White. What you did - what you’ve been doing since you’ve got here - is not human.” Ascher said. I was about to snap back but he continued. “Maybe you started out human, I’ll give ya that. But now? You’re beyond human, you’re superhuman though if you ask me, super doesn’t even scratch the goddamn surface.”

I’m torn about what he said. Part of me is happy that I’m able to do these things now so I can go out and help people. But am I in an different species, further beyond a human? I don’t think I want to consider myself anything other than human, though I know that the things I’m capable of is not in the human limits.

My butt finds my seat as I look down, trying to contemplate with who or what I am now. The unnerving silence was starting to grow.

“Regardless of what she is now, she’s still a American citizen and she’s still one of us. She was born here, so for all intent and purposes, she’s one of us.” Ramirez says, preventing the silence from growing again. “And we should leave it at that. End of discussion.”

“I couldn’t agree more, let’s drop it for now.” Jason says in agreement. “Besides, we’re making the lady upset.”

“Thanks.” I look back up and smile before breathing a sigh of relief.

“So, what’s going to be your name?” Ramirez asks, staring out the window.

“My name?” I ask back.

“Yeah, your superhero name. I mean you can’t go out there saying you’re Jane. You gotta have a hero name to go by, right?” Jackson says.

“Huh, well I haven’t really thought about it yet.” Honestly, between getting shot at and nuked at, I haven’t put much thought into it.

“Well, it can’t be Supergirl, or Powergirl for that matter. Both are copyrighted.” Ascher jokes.

“Hmm, Mega Girl?” Jackson suggests.

I shook my head, “Too generic.”

“Hyper..Girl?” Ascher says.

“Okay, how about nothing with the words Girl, Woman, She, Femme or anything of the sort?” I reply.

“Atomic-a” Ramirez suggests.

“No.” I firmly reply

“Okay, what about American Steele? I mean you are American, and your body is stronger than steel?” Jason says.

“While that’s nice and all, my interests are helping out anyone in the world, not just in America. Plus, I think that’s taken too.” I countered. Not to mention Tom is German so that wouldn’t be right.

I then look up to see the sun shining brightly before smiling at the glowing star in space.

“Hmm, how about Solaris?” I suggested.

“Solaris? What does that have to do with anything?” Ascher asks, confused.

“Well, a lot actually.” I said. “I can absorb radiation, which probably includes the sun’s rays. And considering that’s going to be a constant source of energy for me, I figured why not Solaris. Plus, my boyfriend calls me his sunshine so..”

Everyone groans in reaction. I merely shrug my shoulders, blushing sheepishly. Though, thinking of Tom causes me to hover off my seat again.

“Alright, aside from the last comment, I think it fits well.” Ramirez says as the others were nodding.

“Solaris. It does have have a nice ring to it.” Jason replies.

“Solaris it is then. Now I just have to see what the outfit will look like and I guess I’ll be all set.”

“Oh, I think you’ll like it.” Jason replies.

“You got a sneak peek at it?” Jackson asks him, his brow raised.

“I was the one that drew up the sketches, actually.” he smiles back with an smirk.

“Anything I should be worried about?” I ask him, fearing the worst.

“You’ll see …” he replies as he continues to drive down the desert road with the rest of the convoy.




We arrive sometime later, it’s way late into the evening and I’m more than sure Tom is worried about me by now. Fortunately, I’m almost done here, I just need to receive my outfit. The outfit I’m going to be wearing for quite some time as Solaris. Once I have that, I’m coming home.

All of us line up in the meeting room finding their seats again. I was dressed once again in a spare shirt and fatigues, though the shirt is rather snug because of my recent growth. Hopefully the outfit I’m going to receive is up to snuff in terms of durability or there would’ve been no point coming out here.

I was on stage with General Roberts, Doctor Mason and Sergeant White. Behind us was a black veil covering up something; what I’m going to assume is my outfit. I was so tempted to use my x-ray vision, but I’d rather not spoil the surprise.

“Alright, Miss Jane. As per agreed on the conditions, we are awarding you this outfit for completing all of the tests today. And just like our tests, we’ve spared no expense.”

With one swift tug, General Roberts pulls the veil down and unveils the outfit. There was a collective gasp at the audience. I turn to look, my mouth agape as I look at what I would be patrolling in for the start of my career.. I took a few steps back, actually stepping off the stage and remained aloft as I try to take in the full-view of the costume.

“Oh. My. God.” .

The outfit was an one-piece spandex suit, white with blue stripes going down the outside of the arms as well as the outside of the legs not to mention the blue area that covers much of the neck and chest with a white star embroidered in the middle of the chest. A pair of white open-knuckle,  fingerless gloves are attatched to the ends of the arms. There is an red utility belt around the waist with velcro pouches, conveying that this outfit is much more practical than I give credit for. Finally, there are silver shoulderpads as well as kneepads, something that I may end up discarding at first.

I look at the outfit over again, capturing every detail of the star-spangled outfit. I love my country, there isn’t a doubt about that. But I want to protect the world more. I don’t want to be exclusive only to the United States, I want to make sure that if anyone on this planet needs help, I’m there for them. I don’t feel that this color-scheme would convey that message well. Then again, I wouldn’t have put it past them to make sure that the world’s first superheroine was stamped on by the United States Army. Plus, Jason did design it himself and I can’t just turn down something that a friend made for me.

“I love it.”

Truthfully, I’m not a fan of the color scheme. But considering it is the world’s first supersuit and made only for me, I can’t help but smile at it. Then again, I did risk my life to get this suit. Jason smiled beamfully as Doctor Mason nods in approval. I’m going to assume that he also had a hand in designing the suit.

“Sergeant White, since you designed the suit, why don’t you walk us through it.” General Roberts ordered to which he nodded.

“Yes sir. Okay Jane, so I figured that considering you are American, you wouldn’t mind being America’s first superhero.”

Actually, I do kinda mind that now. But I made sure to bite down on my lower lip to refrain from saying anything.

“So I went with an design that emphasizes our colors as well as the suit itself be more practical instead of it being flashy. As you can see, you have no cape whatsoever nor do you have heels. The entire outfit is one-piece, much like an leotard. And I figured that with your speed, you should have no problem with getting into the suit on time.”

“The fabric is super-flexible, able to bend and contort to any movement you make and it is very breathable as well. And thanks to Doctor Mason and his team, the fabric is bulletproof and fire-retardant, considering what you may go up against. The utility belt is also bulletproof and fire-retardant with a locking container in each pouch,  keeping any item safe as you are travelling at Mach 1 or above. Also, the honeycomb pattern is to ensure that any blows you endure will be absorbed, think of it as a shock-absorbant mini-armor if you will, though I doubt that you are worried about that considering you are bulletproof and then some.”

I couldn’t help but smile at that part.

“Had we known about your ability to absorb radiation, we would’ve made sure that the costume could absorb the radiation from the sun.” Doctor Mason chimed in. “Ah well, maybe for Mark II.”

“Well, I think that’s about it, it’s pretty simple in design actually. Well, if you don’t have any questions, why don’t you go try it on and see how it feels like?” Jason said.

“You mean it’s mine now?” I asked.

“Yeah, go on an--”

It only took me a fraction of a second to grab the outfit, appearing as an olive-drab blur before reappearing in an white, blue and red blur before I stop in the air. I look down, seeing the outfit on me for the first time, feeling it against my skin and how it conforms perfectly to my body. Quite surprisingly, the outfit even contained my chest, despite its recent growth.


“It feels good, comfortable. It’s like second skin, everything fits perfectly around me.”

I honestly feel I’m naked considering how skintight my outfit is and how light it feels. With any other clothes, my heightened sense of touch allows me to feel any article of clothing. But this suit feels as if I’m not wearing anything at all, as if it’s an extension to my body.

“Now for the flex test.”

I raise my arm before curling my bicep into an flex. I can hear the material creak as my bicep curls into an peak, but not a single thread popped out of place. Though it wasn’t my hardest flex, I at least know that I won’t break it upon exerting myself.

“And it’s durable, too. Thank you guys very much!”

“Ladies and gentlemen, Solaris!”

Everyone clapped and cheered as I took a small bow before hovering back down to the crowd. As soon as I did, enthusiastic soldiers surrounded me. I smile, still not quite used to the attention but I’m growing more accustomed to it as they asked numerous questions about my abilities and what I’ve done so far. Some of them even wanted me to engrave my own fingers into the hand grips of their M911 pistols. I obliged, squeezing the metal hand grip and feeling it ooze in between my fingers though I was careful not to damage the magazine wall.

As I was working on including “lady grips” on each gun, I could not help but overhear General Roberts and Doctor Mason talking at the other end of the room.

“Incredible, isn’t she?” General Roberts muses as I pretend to not notice.

“Yes, she is. She manages to defy all conventional laws and odds without batting an eyelash …” Doctor Mason replies softly.

“Yes, she changed everything that I know about power and might. If she wanted to, she could take on the entire U.S Military might and overthrow this country. Hell, she could take on the world …”

“But I doubt that she would want to, just look at her for a moment. She seems genuine in wanting to help people.”

“Could’ve fooled me with the way she lifted you up.”

“Actually, I wouldn’t be having this conversation with you if that was the case. And neither would you or anyone else if she actually went through with her actions.”

“Which is a waste, if you ask me.”

“What on Earth are you trying to imply, that she imposes her will just because she’s stronger than any of us? If anything, I’m more than glad to learn that she is benevolent and merciful. I saw it in her eyes General Roberts, when she lifted me after absorbing enough nuclear radiation to level Las Vegas flat! I could see it in her eyes, the amount of power oozing out of them. She is well beyond any human measurements or scope, she’s a goddess walking among us General Roberts! She can do whatever the hell she damn pleases and there is not a single thing you or I or anyone on this planet could do about it. Yet, her goal is to help people overcome their obstacles or hardships.”

“Which is a waste of her power and talents Doctor Mason. She should be helping us further American interests and goals. With her as our secret weapon, China will bend over backwards for us while North Korea will finally stop their empty threats. The terrorists wouldn’t dare attack us once we show them what she can do. Iran wouldn’t even dare to build their nukes and we’ll be the dominant country again. With her, all of our problems would be solved in one fell swoop and no one would ever want to mess with us again. That’s why, her going out and helping out people instead of destroying the ones needed to be destroyed is just a waste of her time and talents. And like all good weapons, she can be controlled to work with us.”

I couldn’t help but pause as I looked over to the two arguing over me, my glare focused at General Roberts.

“You’re mad, truly mad if you think you can control her. She is not for you or for anyone to control, she’s a human being for fuck’s sake!”

“Funny, you called her a goddess a minute ago.”

“That’s not the point! You are just so narrow-minded, you just can’t see it? She has no interest in helping you. She wants to help other people that need the help. You can give her a star-spangled suit, even give her the American flag as her cape and have her hand out apple pies to everyone she sees. She’s not for you to control, she’s not for the American people. She’s out to help the world.”

The older scientist turns to walk away, but turns back to look at General Roberts one more time.

“A children’s author once wrote in her book, ‘If you ever want to know about the character of the person, don’t look at the way they treat their equals. Look at the way they treat those of lower status than them.’ Don’t ever contact me again about this matter and I’m going to cancel all of my future contracts with you. If you even try to contact me again, I’ll reveal this entire exercise for the world to see. Understood?”

General Roberts furrowed his brow as his nostrils flared up again in anger.

“Crystal.” he mutters back. Doctor Mason then walks away with his assistants, leaving the base and heading home.

General Roberts then looks at me, surprised that I am glaring back at him until I motion my finger towards my ears, letting him know that I heard everything. I can see the anger building in his eyes before he leaves the room as well in a flustered manner.

“Hey guys, I gotta run. I wanna go try out my outfit and my first night as Solaris.”

Everyone groans, some even protest. I shrug as I start hovering up, waving at everyone as they wished me luck. I slipped through the window I smashed through at the start of the day before streaking up to the sky. I then head back east, high above the clouds and back to Tom’s apartment in Germany.




It was already mid-morning the next day when I arrived above Tom’s apartment building. I truly felt that I haven’t slept a wink but the energy I absorbed from the nuke makes me feel that I have slept for an good 8 hours. I use my x-ray vision to find that Tom was on the couch, playing a video game. I smile softly, hovering back down until I land softly on the balcony. His eyes dart over to me, seeing my slowly hover back down which causes his mouth to go agape and for his controller to drop out of his hands and onto the floor. His expression goes from awe to a warm welcome as I then open the door before hovering inside, hugging him and kissing him passionately on the lips. The both of us were locked in an embrace for a while before we pull away reluctantly.

“Wow, um well I missed you too.” he says to which I let out a small chuckle.

“Well, after everything I’ve gone through, I am just glad to be with you again.” I reply before I then pull away to show him the outfit that they gave me. “Well, what do you think?”

“Well …” the slight hesitation in his voice is what gives it away.

“I know, I am not a big fan of the color scheme either. But I just flew here at Mach 5 and the suit didn’t burn up! I say it’s a keeper.”

“Only the best for my sunshine.” he smiles before kissing me again on the lips.

“Speaking of hun, I did figure out my name.” I reply after breaking the kiss.


“Yep. How does Solaris sound?”

“Has a nice ring to it, and I guess I can see where the inspiration comes from.”

“Yeah, a certain someone had something to do with it.”

I then lean up and offer a more sensual kiss on the lips as my body presses against him. I gasp softly, feeling his bulge press against my outfit, causing my nipples to harden underneath my outfit.

“Mmmph, did the costume added some padding or did your breast grow bigger over there?”

“Well … they grew bigger after I absorbed a nuke …”

“I’m sorry, you did what!?”

“Don’t worry hun, I’m not radioactive. But I didn’t get a chance to release all this pent-up energy. Mind helping me out with that?”

I didn’t even wait for his answer as I then carry him in my arms before I speed off to the bedroom, closing the door behind us. That night, I definitely released all of my pent-up energy I had left over as Tom had a chance to explore my recent growth among other things.

Solaris would have to wait for tomorrow. Right now, I just needed to be home with Tom. Somewhere safe where I can get away from what General Roberts had said or what his intentions were or where people don’t fear me. I just need somewhere where I can be Camille Samantha Jones without having to worry about any of those things.

I just needed to be home and Tom is my home.




Somewhere in the United States.

The underground base was bustling with activity as people are monitoring data and logistics on computers. People shuffling about, passing reports onto one another. At the head of it all was General Roberts, staring obsessively at the at an picture of Solaris herself along with various data coming in. A knock on his metal door breaks his gaze.

“Come in.”

Major Iris Davis comes in with an manilla folder full of papers with the words ‘Phoenix Project’ titled right on the tab of the folder. The redheaded Major lays the folder on his desk before she stands at ease, dressed in her formal Army uniform.

“Sir, we have acquired much more information about Sierra. All information is listed in the files but I can give you a quick summary if you wish.”

“Go ahead.”

“Right, Sierra’s real name is Camille Samantha Jones, age 20. She is listed as a resident of Syracuse University but according to the tracer in the suit,  the last place that she stopped was in a small town in North Germany. It’s no coincidence that the last call she placed was in an office near that small town, suggesting us to believe that her boyfriend lives there. She is an English major at Syracuse though she has submitted her application to study abroad in Germany, and as you can tell from comparing her old driver’s license with her new, her appearance has changed drastically.”

“Hmmm, what else do we have aside from knowing where she lives.”

“Well, we do have something interesting actually. We cross-referenced when her she updated her license to a three month timeframe and found that she has changed her license 1-month prior to an small meteor that impacted that area. You can lead to the conclusion that the meteor may have something to do with giving Sierra her abilities.”

“And, what do we have from that?”

“Well, after we guessed on the trajectory of the meteor, we discovered that it belongs to a cluster of asteroids. We’ve also guessed that there are about five more asteroids that will impact on the Earth in these three regions.”

Major Iris pulls out a map with five red dots on the Earth, highlighting where the asteroids will hit.

“Their ETA is about 6 weeks from now.”

“Alright, I want you to personally lead and assemble units to mobilize and prepare for these meteors to come. Your orders are to contain these meteors and bring them into our possession. Only then can we truly start the Phoenix Project. In the meanwhile, monitor these asteroids and Sierra. Dismissed.”

Major Iris gives him an firm salute before turning to exit his office. However, the beacon on the tracer suddenly disappears from his screen, causing him to smile.

“You can run, but now you can’t hide.” he slowly whispers as he then starts reading the envelops.




I hear this faint beep in the room, waking me up from my sleep. I look around to Tom’s phone and clock, realizing they are both off. I then search for my phone, to which I realized it was obliterated during the artillery shell firing tests.

Note to self: Buy an Otter Box for my next phone.

I look around the apartment with my x-ray vision, seeing that all electronics are off. It was when I barely glanced at my suit that I caught it with the corner of my eyes. On my back left shoulder, I see an small red light blinking back and forth.

A homing beacon. They put a homing beacon into my suit.

With a flash of anger, I enveloped the beacon with a faint pink glow before I crushed the device beyond functional use with my telekinesis, cutting it off from whoever the hell was trying to find out where I live.

I flopped back on my side of the bed before I turn to look at Tom, sleeping soundly and undisturbed. I sigh softly as I then wrap my arms around him, to which he unconsciously returns the gesture and nuzzles against my bare breast. I stroke his hair, unable to sleep anymore thanks to the way my body works now.

My home is now compromised.

But I’ll do anything in my power to defend him if they come after us.

They better not dare to come after us.

Because I’ll do everything in my power to make sure that they won’t touch him.

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