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Spiderman 3 – The New Mary Jane

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Spiderman 3 – The New Mary Jane

By Sean Porter

* * * * * * *

Mary Jane Watson slowly opened her eyes. The late morning sun was filtering through her blinds. She moaned and turned over to face the clock. Almost eleven. It was Sunday morning and she had nothing to do, nowhere to be. She sighed happily, hugging the covers around her.

Peter was gone, of course. Off fighting crime, or just snapping pictures for the Bugle, he never slept late. He hardly needed much sleep at all. MJ envied his powers; it would be nice to always have lots of energy … not to mention the super strength, quickness, wall-crawling …

She smiled. He had certainly had plenty of energy last night. Their lovemaking had gone on for hours, his super-powered body never tiring. His other powers came in handy too; his hands and tongue could move more rapidly than she thought possible, and yet with incredible sensitivity. Even the wall-crawling had come into play when he decided they should make love on the ceiling. She had been hesitant at first, but the experience was unbelievable. She loved the feeling of weightlessness as they lost themselves in each other with only empty space beneath them.

“Sex with a superhero,” she giggled, touching the spot on her neck where at one point he had sunk his teeth into her milky flesh. It had hurt, but felt surprisingly good at the same time. The slight pain seemed to turn her on even more, and made her more aggressive. “Come to think of it,” she pondered, “after that I had as much energy as he did.”

She rolled out of bed and skipped into the bathroom feeling refreshed and vigorous. She pirouetted in front of the mirror, admiring her naked body. Her soft skin had a youthful glow, enhanced by her fiery red hair. Her bright green eyes peered back at her joyously, tracking down the length of her body. Her round breasts stood high and firm on her chest, bobbing above her tight tummy as she twirled. Her ass was also pert and round, with no visible fat. In fact, it looked even harder than usual … and her legs also looked spectacular! She grabbed her butt experimentally. It felt solid as a rock! “Damn, I look great today,” she giggled.

She stepped into the shower and turned on the water. Tilting her head back, she let the warm water run through her hair and down her back. She soaped her body, taking her time and luxuriating in the sensation of the hot water on her skin. As she ran her hands over breasts, she noticed they also felt unusually firm … and sensitive. A tingling started deep in her vagina as she ran her fingers over her hard nipples. She gasped. The sensation was irresistible. She squeezed her breasts, gently at first but rapidly increasing the pressure as pleasure coursed through her body like electricity. Her breasts held their perfect shape, resisting her strong grip. She closed her eyes as her head jerked back; she was at the brink of orgasm almost instantly. A hoarse cry escaped her lips as her hand shot like lightning to her clitoris. Resting her other hand against the shower wall for balance, she quickly brought herself over the edge, her ecstatic moans echoing off the tile.

Gradually her raptures subsided. She let her head fall forward, the warm water rushing down her back. “That was … incredible,” she whispered in amazement. Opening her eyes, she was surprised to see the showerhead only two inches above her face. Her first thought was that she had grown taller, but in the next moment she realized the truth. Her feet weren’t on the ground.

She was still clinging to the slippery shower wall with her left hand. And supporting her entire weight with it.

* * * * * * *

Peter Parker parked his pickup and trudged up the walk, shaking his head and muttering to himself. “You’d think these idiot criminals would get it through their thick skulls …” He reached the front door and opened it. Setting down his camera and shedding his coat, he made his way to the kitchen where a surprise awaited him.

“Mary Jane!” Peter stammered in shock. His girlfriend stood before him in a splendidly sexy negligee. It was skin tight, showing off every dazzling curve on her body, and revealed a generous amount of cleavage. It was made of a unique gray material that shimmered as she moved, posing for him. She smiled mischievously as her body turned one way, then another. The material seemed almost transparent at times, offering fleeting glimpses of her luscious body. In fact, it reminded him a lot of …

“Webbing? Mary Jane, is that … where did you get enough of my webbing to do that?”

She laughed. “Oh Peter, I would never steal your webbing.” She seductively extended an arm towards him. “Not when I can just as easily use my own.”

A thread of silver shot from her wrist and stuck firmly in the center of his chest. “What the … ?” he gasped.

“Come here, my big strong spiderman,” Mary Jane pouted, reeling him in. He had no choice. The strong thread pulled him towards her with surprising force. He found himself nose to nose with the seductive spinstress. Her lips, brushing against his, whispered a single word. “Surprise.”

Immediately her tongue was in his mouth. He eagerly responded, clumsily pulling off his clothes to reveal his Spider-suit beneath. She wrapped her arms around his neck, her web-clad breasts pressing urgently into his chest. Her hands grasped the back of his costume and pulled it over his head. “But how?” he gasped as she tugged at his waistband.

She grinned. “Last night, remember? You bit me.” Her finger indicated the spot on her neck. “Just like when the spider bit you, you must have given me your powers.”

Realization dawned on him, even as she was stripping the last of his costume from his body. “All of my powers?”

She looked at his naked body with lust in her eyes. “As far as I can tell.” She slid her slender fingers inside of her web-bra and pulled. The superstrong fibers ripped apart like paper, revealing her newly superpowered body. Peter stared in awe. She had been sexy last night; now she was incredible. Her breasts had swelled to a healthy 38DD, and held their shape perfectly without support. Her slender waist and abdomen rippled with muscle, and her long legs were a study in hard, gorgeous curves. Her face radiated a luscious, irresistible beauty, eyes and hair seemingly glowing.

She slowly backed away from him, bumping up against the wall. Her hands reached up behind her. She planted one bare foot on the wall. Gracefully she rose into the air, firmly gripping the smooth surface, her smoldering eyes never leaving Peter’s. She climbed higher, her hips swaying hypnotically back and forth as her legs pushed her higher above the floor. “Come and get me, Spiderman,” she giggled.

Peter finally snapped out of his trance and began scrambling after her. She quickly scurried away across the ceiling. Even upside-down, her tremendous breasts remained round and firm. Peter tried a different approach, firing a strand of webbing beside her and swinging across the room. She matched his strategy, expertly swinging herself to another spot. He chased her all over the apartment, both of them leaping, swinging and sticking to walls and ceilings with ease. “I’ve had over a year of practice at this,” he marveled to himself, “but she’s already better at it than I am!”

She finally let him corner her in the bedroom. He pounced like a lion, attacking her nubile body with lust-crazed ferocity. She eagerly returned his energy this time, wrapping her arms and legs around him with surprising force. Now that they were both blessed with Spidey-grip, they tumbled across the ceiling much more freely than before, frantically groping each other like over-stimulated teenagers. MJ gasped as Peter’s hard shaft forced its way into her tight pussy. Their lips locked as he began pounding her hard enough to shake the entire apartment. In mere moments she felt a powerful orgasm overtaking her entire body. Lying flat against the ceiling, she pointed her toes straight up at the floor as climax after climax swept through her shuddering body. With each pulse of her powerful vagina, she thought the pleasure couldn’t possibly be any better, yet in the next moment it would intensify exponentially. When Peter finally slowed his thrusting, she felt totally satisfied, yet energized and ready for more.

They lay on the ceiling, both stunned at the intensity of the sensations they had just experienced. “Peter,” Mary Jane whispered, “I’ve never felt like that, ever. So … overwhelmed by desire, so powerful and beautiful … I can’t describe it.”

“I know,” he replied. “I still can’t believe it.”

She smiled. “The weird thing is, I feel like I could do it again, right now. I’m satisfied … very satisfied. But I think if I wanted I could keep going forever.”

He smiled at her, his mischievous boyish smile that she knew so well. “Me too.”

And they did.

* * * * * * *

For days they did little else. Their senses were so heightened, their bodies so resilient, that it seemed pointless to do anything other than fuck. They pleasured each other in more ways than they had thought to imagine, often for hours on end. They would pause to eat, then find they could eat without pausing. It wasn’t unusual for MJ to achieve over a hundred orgasms in a single day; her superpowered cravings always returned as potent as ever after each powerful peak. Peter was hardly less prolific, his erection persisting and pullulating through climax after climax.

It was almost a week later before they spoke of leaving the apartment again. They both knew that crime would be on the rise again if Spiderman stayed away for too long. And Mary Jane had ambitions to use her new abilities for more noble purposes than just incredible sex. Using Peter’s costume as a model, they designed a Spiderwoman outfit.

Her guise was a little more revealing than Spiderman’s. It was cut high on her hips, showing off her gorgeous legs. She wore knee-high platform boots that hugged her curvaceous calves perfectly. The skin tight bodysuit had a low neckline, out of which her luscious cleavage bulged audaciously. She saw no reason why she couldn’t be sexy as well as super. Her enemies would know without a doubt that it was a woman who was kicking their ass.

She and Peter disagreed on the issue of a mask. She wanted to wear only a simple eye mask that would leave her face and hair unconcealed, but he argued that her long red hair was too distinctive and would be easy to recognize. They were able to compromise only when she hit upon the idea of wearing a wig. She procured a comfortable and realistic wig of jet black hair which covered her own. As she modeled it for him, Peter had to admit it looked good, almost as sexy as her own fiery tresses.

That night when Spiderman took to the streets, MJ was by his side as Spiderwoman. They swung above the seediest parts of the city, their sharp eyes watching for any untoward activity. Before long, they had spotted a group of young men who seemed to be harassing a woman in an alley. Mary Jane smiled as she recalled how Spiderman had once rescued her from a similar situation. She felt a burning desire to make these punks feel the same fear and pain that she had felt that night. Before Peter could make his move, she swooped down into the alley. Forgoing the element of surprise, she landed in front of the group without attacking. She simply stood there, allowing them to ogle her voluptuous body and scintillating outfit. They seemed to find her a more enticing target than their previous one, making no move to stop her as she fled.

“Look what we got here,” said the largest of the punks, stepping towards her. “A spider-babe! Hey honey, you lookin’ for some action?”

“That’s right,” she replied cockily. “Think you can handle me?”

“Oh, I’ll handle you alright,” he said as he grabbed her by the arm. She gave him a sexy smile as he leaned in close to her. Just before his face reached hers, she planted her fist in his gut and hurled him up over her head. He yelped awkwardly as he flipped through the air and knocked his head against the wall behind her. His limp body collapsed in a heap.

The other thugs looked at each other uneasily. It was dark, but it sure looked like she had done that with just one hand. They hesitated only a split second, then rushed her. The first one sent a devastating punch at her abdomen. She made no move to avoid it. His fist thudded into her with a loud crack. He stared in painful disbelief at his throbbing hand. It felt like she had a steel plate under her outfit. She chuckled at him as the next punk took aim at her face. She caught his punch as if it was a softball. “Not the face, big boy,” she cooed as the bones of his hand crunched in her grip. Her left leg shot up like lightning and connected under his chin, sending him flying into the air. She continued the motion, driving her boot into the first man’s dazed face and slamming him to the ground. The remaining two men started to run, but she quickly caught them by the backs of their jackets and lifted them both into the air, one in each hand. “Did I say you could leave?” She thunked their heads together before hurling them both against the far wall where they landed on the crumpled form of their leader.

It was all over too soon. Spiderwoman glanced over the shapeless lumps of moaning men, wanting more. She looked up at Spiderman, who had been watching the whole thing from his perch on a wall above. He dropped down beside her. “Don’t you think you were a little … uh, hard on them?” he asked. He was trying to reprimand her, but the conspicuous bulge in his leotard undermined his admonition. She gave him a smirk, and swung off into the night.

* * * * * * *

It was nearly morning when they returned home. Mary Jane had delivered several vicious ass-kickings in the past few hours and was in no mood for chit chat. She stripped off her costume and pounced on Peter, grinding her hot body against his as she tugged at his hood. “I need you Spiderman,” she moaned, “cum to my rescue!”

Peter fought the urge to respond. “Hold on MJ,” he managed to say.

She glared at him impatiently. “What is it?”

“I want to talk about your techniques. I think you were too violent tonight.”

“Oh please,” she groaned.

“I’m serious. When I deal with criminals I do my best to incapacitate them without doing them more harm than I have to. With our powers we can easily control them, bind them, whatever, without knocking them out or throwing them against walls.”

She grinned devilishly. “You liked seeing me beat up those guys. I know it.” She rubbed her soft, feminine breasts against the fabric of his costume. “It doesn’t bother you to see a girl use her strength, does it? Are you afraid I might be stronger than even you?”

He tried to shrug casually. “No … that’s not it at all. Of course not …”

“Because I seem to recall that in the arachnid genus, the female is typically stronger than the male of the species. Sometimes much, much stronger …” She swayed her hips seductively as she passed into the bedroom. “Come on, Spiderboy. Care to put me to the test?”

Peter followed her to find her laying submissively on the bed. “MJ …” She closed her eyes, arching her back and stretching her long legs. The effect was devastating. She was irresistibly sexy and she knew it. He could stand the urge no longer, and urgently shed his costume.

She yielded to his will without words. Whatever he wanted, he took; wherever he put her, she obeyed. He pounded into her over and over again, asserting his will. But before he reached his climax, she did something unexpected. Webbing shot from both her wrists, straight up to the ceiling. She gripped the web and pulled them upwards. Lying on top of her, Peter could do nothing but hold onto her for balance as she supported them both, remaining horizontal beneath him but hovering three feet above the bed.

“Keep going, big guy,” she ordered teasingly. He began his thrusting again, but this time she matched his vigor, pulling at the webs to thrust herself against him with violent force. In a few moments she had taken over, setting a frantic pace and wrapping her lovely legs around him to drive him deeper inside her. Though he was still on top of her, and she hadn’t laid a hand on him, she had completely dominated their lovemaking.

* * * * * * *

Although he disapproved of her methods, Peter decided not to interfere with Spiderwoman’s crimefighting. On some nights they would split up, covering twice as much ground and effectively eliminating crime in what had previously been the most dangerous areas of the city. And infallibly they would meet back at home in the morning, savagely fuck for several hours, and sleep until the late afternoon.

After a few weeks of this, MJ returned home one morning to an empty apartment. Crime was at a virtual standstill, and the slow nights were starting to bore her. She stalked the rooms impatiently, growing hornier by the minute and wondering what was keeping Peter. She checked the clock; he was always home by now. Finally, she could wait no longer. Her fingers slid deep into her sopping pussy as her other hand clenched her hard breast. Pure bliss flooded her genetically enhanced senses; her loud cries filled the apartment. She collapsed onto the bedroom floor, her toenails scratching deep grooves in the hardwood. Her slender fingers weren’t enough, she needed something harder, bigger, deeper. Impatiently she grabbed one of the wooden bedposts and snapped it off of the frame. It was about a foot long, four inches in diameter, with a six-inch wide sphere at its tip. She spread her legs apart and forced the wooden ball into her powerful vagina.

Immediately she was overtaken by a seemingly unending series of orgasms, indescribable pleasure coursing through every extremity of her writhing body. A muffled crunch signified the destruction of her impromptu dildo within her. Not missing a beat, she lifted the nearest corner of the bed, jerked it into position, and dropped the leg of the bed into her eager cunt. The weight of the bed drove the thick, rough wood deep into her. She almost passed out as the intensity of her orgasmic trance doubled and redoubled. Her hips bucked wildly, pounding the bed against the wall as her viselike pussy obliterated the entire length of the bedpost.

Gradually the pleasure subsided and she lay still, tears and sweat mingling on her face. Satisfied like never before, she fell asleep with the corner of the bed still trapped between her legs.

* * * * * * *

Peter awoke to find himself tied to a chair. He was still wearing his Spiderman costume, mask and all. He was in a small, undecorated room with white walls and a digital video camera on a tripod, pointing at him. Turning his attention to the cords that bound him, he realized with surprise that they were simple rope, and not even very thick. “Ridiculous,” he thought. “Who do they think they’re dealing with?” He casually jerked his arm, expecting the rope to snap like thread. But it held him fast.

“Interesting. It must not be normal rope.” He began now to search his memory for a clue as to how he had got here. The last thing he remembered was approaching a large man who had been causing a disturbance outside a bar. He hadn’t expected any trouble, but … but what? He struggled to retrieve the memory, but it remained foggy. The man had backed down … no fight … but what? From behind … someone … with a needle?

His wonderings were interrupted by a small man who entered the room from behind him. “Ah, waking up I see. So nice to have you back.” Peter glared at him through the tinted lenses of his mask. He looked unpleasantly familiar. “You must have so many questions,” the odd, white-haired figure continued, “but you’ll have to be patient for just a few seconds.” The man adjusted some settings on the camera and checked that it was pointed accurately at Spiderman. “Almost noon, you see. Our viewership will be highest at noon.”

Peter said nothing. The man had an eccentric but competent air, and appeared to be unarmed. He wore an understated dress shirt and tie, with casual khaki pants. He looked, for all intents and purposes, like a normal man between the ages of fifty and sixty. Peter was obviously unhappy with the current situation, but his Spidey-sense wasn’t alerting him of any danger.

Finally his captor seemed content with everything, and took his position next to Peter. He placed one hand gently on his shoulder and genially asked, “Ready?” With his other hand he produced a remote control from his pocket and pointed it at the camera.

“Good afternoon,” he said in a calm, authoritative voice. “Sorry to interrupt your mindless entertainment, but I promise I’ll be brief. I’ve taken the liberty of overriding all television and radio frequencies in the area to bring you a simple but important message. Spiderman will no longer be protecting this city from criminals. Those of you watching on television will see him plainly seated next to me. Please verify for our audience that you are indeed the one and true Spiderman, if you would.”

Peter looked at him incredulously. For lack of a reason not to, he spoke. “Yes, I damn well am!”

“Very good,” the man continued, not batting an eye. “You may also note that Spiderman is bound. This is regular rope, available at any hardware supply store, and of the cheapest variety.”

Peter started in surprise, and tested the strength of the rope once again. The man had to be lying.

“The reason your hero is unable to free himself is that I have relieved him of his arachnidan abilities. By injecting him with a simple genetic serum, I have reversed the transformation of his DNA and returned him to his true human self. I have no intention of killing him or harming him in any way, because he is no longer a threat to me or my criminal colleagues. I will, however, take pleasure in unmasking him.”

At this the man abruptly pulled the mask from Peter’s head. He stared helplessly into the camera.

“I don’t know his name, nor do I care. I’ll let the press sort that out. I do this only out of capricious whimsy. But let my main point be clear. Intellect will always triumph over brute strength or special physical ability.”

The man took a step closer to the camera. “That is why I do not hide my face, nor my identity. Though I am a criminal, and will continue to break the law for my own monetary gain, I trust in the superior powers of my mind to elude capture rather than in strength, numbers, or cowardly schemes. For example, it is of no consequence to me to reveal to you that my name is Gerald Colfax, or that I am broadcasting to you from 3130 Thomas Street South. This is because I will be gone from this facility long before your slow-witted law enforcement officers reach it, somnolent as they have become from relying on a single, genetically-warped individual to keep the peace. I would advise them to renew their efforts; they will be required.”

Colfax gave the camera a thin-lipped smile. “That will be all. Have a nice day.” With a click of the remote the camera beeped off. He casually tossed Spiderman’s mask to the floor. “I expect the police will release you when they get here,” he said apologetically. “Until then I hope you are sufficiently comfortable. Now if you’ll excuse me I really must be going.”

He walked unhurriedly to the door. Peter didn’t bother straining his neck to watch him leave, but stared at the floor in disbelief. Were his powers really gone? He felt no strength, could shoot no webs. He knew it was true, as much as he loathed to admit it.

He heard the door open. There was a pause, then Colfax’s voice. “Excuse me, miss.” The next thing Peter heard was a sickening thud. An instant later Colfax’s body flew over Peter’s head and collided with the tripod. His face was a bloody mess, but he was still conscious. He staggered to his feet, wiping blood from his eyes.

Peter craned his neck to see Mary Jane standing in the doorway. Her hair was a mess, she was breathing heavily, her hands were clenched in tiny fists. And she wore not a stitch of clothing.

She stalked slowly into the room. “Mr. Colfax. I just happened to catch the end of your broadcast. I was asleep, but I guess I woke up just in time. And when I realized my boyfriend hadn’t come home, I thought I’d better check in with the news.”

“Y-your boyfriend?” Colfax stuttered.

“Like I said, I didn’t catch the whole show … but I didn’t appreciate seeing my sweet Spiderboy all tied up like this. That makes me angry.” As she said this crossed the room and grabbed a fistful of Colfax’s belt. “You shouldn’t have made me angry.” She hoisted him off the ground, slamming his head into the ceiling. He groaned in pain.

“You can’t imagine how much I’d like to kill you,” she continued, hurling him back to the ground so hard he bounced. “Nor how much pain you would experience before I did.” Her bare foot connected with his sternum, lifting his body off of the ground and sending it flying across the room where it collided with the wall and fell six feet to the floor. “But as you yourself said, the police will be here soon. And I wouldn’t want them to see me like this.” She quickly walked over to him again. “So I’ll leave you …” she gripped him around the neck, picked him up and slammed him into the wall. “… here.” His shoulders and head punched through the wall and lodged in the plaster. She delivered a kick to his midsection which drove his back and rear into the wall as well. “With this reminder. Brute strength WILL always defeat intellect.” She coated the wall with webbing, leaving only his hands and feet protruding.

Walking back to Peter, she grabbed the ropes and snapped them off easily. “Sorry I couldn’t get here sooner baby … I had quite a morning.” She grinned. “But then, so did you. We’ll have to trade stories on the way home.”

Peter nodded breathlessly.

“And then,” said MJ mischievously, “you’ll have to try to persuade me to bite you.”

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