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Modifications – Chapter 2

Written by happiest_in_shadows :: [Friday, 24 March 2006 00:00] Last updated by :: [Friday, 28 June 2013 13:18]

Modifications – Chapter 2


By Happiest in Shadows



Warning this story contains adult content so if you’re a minor don’t read it or if adult content involving sex, violence or super powerful women offends you don’t read it either. This story was written with input from Supernaught whose real name I haven’t inquired about.



Rachael glanced down at the tiny scrap of paper in her hand and then towards the sign once again. Her gaze then traveled up the massive building that currently stood before her and she let out a slight whistle. It had been so long since she had seen a building of this type and size she hoped that she hadn’t forgotten how to conduct herself in a professional setting.


Taking in a deep breath she proceeded through the front doors and to the front desk. As Rachael glanced the clerk over she couldn’t help but feel the woman didn’t quite fit the setting. When the woman finally looked up at the computer screen she seemed to think Rachael belonged in such a place. “Hello and how may I help you?”


“I am here for a job interview my name is Rachael Marks.” Rachael felt odd using her birth name when she knew that she was wanted but Thomas had assured her it would be fine and far better then her using a name she wasn’t familiar with and perhaps slipping up.


The clerk took a moment to open a few files on her computer before glancing at Rachael once again. “So you are the one that is applying for the assistant position and trainer. I would like to say that you won’t have any problems getting the position but I don’t know how Ronald is going to respond to having an assistance that makes him look like the student. Have you been working out long?”


“Ever since I knew what I was doing.” While Rachael knew that the woman’s statement meant lifting weights she didn’t consider her answer to be a total lie. She had been using her mind to develop her body all that time after all.


“You mentioned that you have had some genetic alterations performed.”


“Yeah I was born rather sickly so that they modified my DNA so I could survive.”


“They seem to have been quite generous with your modifications.”


“I would have to agree with you.”


“Oh how rude of me. My name is Molly.”


“I am glad to meet you Molly. Have my medical records already arrived? If they haven’t I brought a copy.”


“We received them before we gave you a call to come in so don’t worry about those.”


Rachael gave a nod and said a silent thank you to Thomas. They both knew that she wouldn’t be able to pass any true examination to see if her genetic structure was within the legal levels however that was a legitimate examination. Thomas had actually managed to find a doctor whose morals were less them ethical though he had refused to tell her how much the documentation had cost. “Well then I suppose I will just hold onto these.”


“Follow me and I swill show you to Ronald’s office.” Once Molly actually stood up she realized just how massive Rachael truly was as Rachael stood nearly one third of a meter taller then Molly. “I know you won’t be working side by side with Ronald that is certain.”


“Didn’t you read what my height was in the paper work?”


“Yeah but I guess I didn’t really put it together until I saw you would you mind if I ask you a somewhat personnel question?”


“I wouldn’t mind though that doesn’t mean I have to answer.”


“How much of your current build would you attribute to your exercise and how much would you attribute to your enhancements.”


Rachael gave a slight sigh as if she regretted what she was about to say in truth she was quite proud of it. “I would have to say most of my strength comes from my enhancement. After all how many women do you know that are roughly two and a third meters tall?”


“And have your build? I can’t say I know any personally.”


Rachael couldn’t help but notice the relieved look on Molly’s face. Of course she knew the woman was silently telling herself that the reason she was over weight was genetic and not her lack of exercise. While there was no way to be certain Rachael couldn’t help but think the little woman was lying to herself.


Ronald looked up from his computer screen when he heard the knock on the door. “Come on in.” He was fairly surprised that when the door was opened he found Molly standing in the opening with a woman that seemed to take up most of the door way standing behind her.


“Ronald this is Rachael. She is here for her job interview.”


It took a few moments for Ronald to respond. He had read Rachael statistics including her height, weight and the amount of muscle mass she possessed so he wasn’t expecting what he saw. He was expecting some muscle bound hulk that could hardly pass for a woman anymore lacking in anything resembling breast. What he got was a lovely if towering and well developed woman whose figure made her gender quite clear.


Rachael was relieved to see that Ronald seemed to like what he saw figuring that it would make her job that much easier. The time spent waiting in silence was actually quite amusing as far as she was concerned as she waited for Ronald to finish gathering up his thoughts.


“Well please come and have a seat. You may leave Molly.” Molly gave a shrug and exited back out the door after Rachael took a step back. Rachael then proceeded into the room and set down in one of the chairs in front of Ronald’s desk. “I have to say you’re not quite what I expected.”


“Is that a good thing?”


“I believe so. I see you applied to be an assistant and general trainer to the customers.”


“That is right.”


“Bench 138 kilograms, press 205 kilograms, dead lift 410 kilograms and curl 50 kilograms. Is that accurate?”


“Yes sir.” In truth it was a total lie Rachael’s strength had gone far beyond those limits several weeks ago.


“Would you mind coming down to the gym to show me? I want to see your form.”


“Sure.” Standing up Rachael allowed Ronald to make his way around his desk and take the lead as she didn’t know her way around the structure yet. Also she didn’t want to seem pushy to her potential employer especially after the trouble Thomas went through to get her the position.


Ronald didn’t know what to think as he watched Rachael pressing the dumbbell. Despite her size he imagined that she had given him her absolute max something that she could perhaps lift a few times and then would be too tired to continue to continue on. He had just watched her complete three sets of twelve and now she was working on her fourth.


Rachael pretended to be exerting far more effort then she actually was which was fairly difficult for her as there was a great temptation to use her true strength and see if she could lift the mass with just one of her arms. Letting out a loud groan of effort she finally set the weight back upon its mount and set up.


It was taking some time for Ronald to put his thoughts together. As the gyms owner he was also known to be an active body builder and had even developed a few exercise programs of his own and now Rachael shows up and nearly matches him unsure of what to say about her strength he switched the subjects. “You have a rather odd hair color. Is that due to the genetic alterations?”


“No I just like to dye it this color. Is that going to be a problem I can quit if you want?” Rachael tried to keep her concern from showing as purple had actually become her natural hair color since the change and she didn’t relish the idea of having to dye it to conceal it.


“No. It is just a bit unusual. I guess you received a rather high level of enhancement.”


“Yeah it was border line legal.”


Ronald seemed to perk up at the news. “I have to say I am glad that they don’t make to many mistakes when enhancing people. Still since most of your muscle mass may be from enhancements I am going to have to make sure you know the proper forms and how to teach.”


Rachael didn’t have to worry about looking disappointed or hurt by Ronald’s statement since she wasn’t. He could contribute as much of her strength to enhancements as he wanted as far as she was concerned. “Sure where would you like to begin?”


“You tell me you’re the instructor.”


“Okay. We’ll start with a warm up and then move on from there. I hope you don’t mind if I treat you like an advanced student.”


“Actually I want to see how you are going to treat the beginners.”






Ronald set in his office looking at the various applicants for the position including Rachael’s. It had been roughly two days since she had came in and demonstrated her teaching ability for him. She wasn’t the best instructor in the world but she was far from the worse as well though he did have people with more experience Rachael had one thing that they didn’t though she was beautiful. “If I get her to keep how much she was enhanced quiet and say that she was only given a little extra height.”


Ronald closed his eyes for a few moments imaging how some of his male clients would react to such an attractive instructor. They would pay more attention that was certain and perhaps Rachael could bring in some additional people women who were looking to improve their physique and men who perhaps had no great interest in exercise but would join just to have something to admire.


One thing that Ronald knew would bring customers would be the chance to wrestle with Rachael. She had actually challenged him to a grappling match as part of their mock training exercise. It had been quite a enjoyable experience and she was strong enough that she could train with the vast majority of clients if not all of them. After all she had nearly over powered him.


At last he set down the last of the files and picked up the phone. Even if he didn’t like the fact that she was taller then he was in the end she was the best for the job.


“Thanks for letting me take such a risk.”


Thomas smiled up at Rachael. The two where currently relaxing on the sofa Rachael was setting up while he had his head laid across her lap. “Don’t worry about it. It wasn’t that big of a deal.”


“Yes it was. How difficult was it to find that doctor?”


Thomas rubbed the top of his head for a moment. “It wasn’t easy. Let us just leave it at that.”


“I bet finding him cost you a bundle.”


“Hey you were working to and you will probably start working again soon so the money was yours as well as mine.”


“I am going to have to buy you something nice once we replenished our savings. Of course I don’t know how long that is going to take since someone won’t tell me how much it cost.”


Thomas gave a slight laugh. “I’ll let you know when are savings have been built back up. Of course we still have some emergency money in case we have to move quickly.”


“It has been over a year now I suppose the case has gone cold.”


“Without a doubt we haven’t heard them mention anything on the news in quite some time. Well except for the occasional rerun of most wanted.”


“Do you think we can begin to lead more normal lives once again? Maybe you can get in touch with your family.”


Thomas let out a long sigh. “I don’t know if that is a good idea. I think they may very well call the police on me.”


“Why would they do that?”


“Because you are genetically modified and everyone is worried some horrible new illness may form within you. They may think I have been infected and have me taken to the hospital.”


Leaning to her side a bit Rachael proceeded to slip her arms underneath Thomas. She straitened back up as she easily lifted him into the air so that she didn’t have to bend down when she gave him a kiss. “Don’t you miss them?”


“Not as much as I would miss you. I might try to make contact eventually but not right now.”


Rachael was about to comment when the phone began to ring. Thomas proceeded to wrap his arms around Rachael’s neck giving him some support as she used one of the arms that had been supporting him to retrieve the phone from a near by stand. “Hello.”


“Rachael this is Ronald. The position is yours when would you be able to start?”


“The sooner the better I have been without a job for a while and had to deal with some expenses recently.”


“Well then I will see you tomorrow. You’re working the evening shift.”


“What time is that exactly?”


“Twelve to eight.”


“Ah. I suppose that is the peek times to get people who are getting off work and those that are skipping work since they would want to sleep in. I’ll be there.”


“See you tomorrow.”


Thomas took the phone from Rachael as she slipped her arm back under him he quickly turned the little device off and tossed it back on the table. “Twelve to eight huh? Maybe I should look into getting my hours changed.”


“Yeah with your current work load it is going to cut into the time that we get to spend together. Maybe I shouldn’t have agreed to those hours so quickly.”


“Well you just got the job it isn’t really the time to start asking for a change. I’ll look into changing shifts though I know I won’t be able to get the exact same hours as you.”


“If you can’t you could just start stopping by the gym after work.”


Thomas gave his stomach a few quick pats. “It has been a while since I set foot in one though I like to believe I am keeping myself in presentable condition.”


“Mm more then presentable.” Rachael once again pressed her lips against Thomas’s in a very deep kiss. When she let up there was a wide grin on her face. “Actually if you start showing up I think you wouldn’t get to spend much time with the weights.”


“Why is that?”


“Well Ronald had me wrestle him some as part of the training exercises. I have to admit I thought it was kind of fun though I hated having to hold back and let him win.”


“When didn’t you just over power him?”


“It would have made it too obvious just how strong I am. I mean I don’t have any formal training in that stuff.” Rachael was a bit startled when Thomas pushed up on her shoulders and proceeded to squirm out of her grip.


“Okay we need to clear some space.”


“How come?”


“I was in the military if you recall.”




“So I am going to give you some training. I doubt it is what the actual wrestles get but I was trained in hand to hand combat.”


“Thomas I don’t think my boss would appreciate it if I hurt some of the customers.”


“Don’t worry I will just show you some restraint techniques.”


“They taught you those in the military?”


Thomas turned his head to the side for a moment. “Well they didn’t teach us very many but we were taught a few. Just in case an occasion should arise that we don’t want to harm the target. Anyway some practice is better then none.”


Rachael grinned and proceeded to stand up. “Okay but let me clear the room. I want you to see just what you are going to be dealing with. “


“Now Rachael I won’t be able to train you if you use so much of your strength that I can’t do anything.”


Rachael couldn’t help but pout. “But I want to show off for you.”


“Okay how about you let me win for the first thirty minutes so I can show you a few holds and how to brake out of them with something other then raw strength then you don’t have to hold back so much. Just don’t hurt me.”


“Hm. I would rather if I let you get me in a hold and then I see how much strength I have to use to free myself.”


“You’ll need to know how to pin them as well.”


“Oh alright I will hold back for the first thirty minutes now let me clear some space.” Thomas gave a nod and proceeded to the opposite side of the room. He knew what was coming.


Rachael turned her back to Thomas and bent down so that her rear was even more noticeable then usual she then proceeded to reach under the sofa and feel around until she found the frame work then seemingly with no effort at all she began to straiten her legs once again. The sofa was steadily lifted into the air while the whole time there wasn’t the slightest wobble as if Rachael was about to drop it. The only thing she actually had to be careful for was to make sure she grabbed it at or near the center of gravity so it wouldn’t over whelmed her body weight and cause her to fall over.


The show wasn’t over there though as Rachael continued to elevate the couch until she was holding it above her head quite a height considering that she was nearly two and a third meters tall. Add in the extra height due to her arms and Thomas was certain he wouldn’t want to be under the sofa if she accidentally dropped it. She always told him that she lifted things above her head to insure she didn’t accidentally bump anything but even if that was true on some level Thomas knew the main reason was Rachael enjoying showing off.


Good sturdy floors and a high roof ran through Thomas’s mind as he watched Rachael carry the sofa to the opposite side of the room and gently set it down. He had actually looked for these things when searching for a new apartment to accommodate Rachael despite this he had been very scared that she would end up leaving foot prints all throughout the floor the first time she picked up their sofa and felt it to some extent every time she lifted a new piece of heavy furniture.


Feeling the sofa’s weight resting upon her hands was truly an exciting experience for Rachael. It was funny to think that a few months passed and she hardly had the strength lift herself up now she could easily support her own weight and a lot more with just one of her arms.


She knew that it was somewhat dangerous to go around picking up such heavy items and carrying them around. Someone may very well see her and it would be very obvious that she had an illegal level of enhancements. Despite this Rachael just couldn’t resist the rush she felt every time she flaunted her strength or endurance and having Thomas serve as an audience only made the experience even more enjoyable for her.


A thought ran through Rachael’s mind as she finished setting the sofa down and glanced at Thomas. “Thomas do you believe we can settle down here at last after all we have been on the move for a year now.”


“We could give it a try. It would be nice to get to know the local area for once.” Thomas didn’t bother saying that he would also like to take the time to build up some finances once again and he didn’t relish the idea of having to find another doctor to bribe.


Rachael seemed content with this answer and proceeded to move over to the easy chair and pick it up. This time she didn’t bend at the knees at least not the way in which it was recommended. The furniture felt so light to her that she didn’t have to worry about hurting her back so she intentionally moved in such a way to present her certain parts of her body as well as she could.


“I am glad we are on a first floor.”


“Why is that?”


“There is a good solid foundation beneath us. I would worry that if we were on something like a tenth floor you might go through the ground and well I doubt you would stop after braking through the top level until you reached the bottom level.”


A somewhat peculiar smiled appeared on Rachael’s face “You know that sounds like it could be a lot of fun.”


Thomas couldn’t help but laugh at Rachael’s response. “I should have known better then to say that. Well please hold off on trying.”


“But I want to try it.”


“Yes but it would bring attention that you don’t want.”


“Oh alright I’ll wait.” Rachael had to be more careful with the table and other pieces of furniture and they kept the all shelves firmly against the wall.


“You know your level of control still surprises me.”


“I know. It surprises me to. I mean here I am carrying around furniture which would normally require at least two people to move with any easy and I am lifting it above my head.”


“Yet yesterday I saw you holding a glass of water and you didn’t shatter it when you picked it up. That and I don’t have any broken bones.” Rachael shuddered for a moment. “Is something wrong you looked concerned for a moment?”


“I am fine. I am just glad I haven’t hurt you during all of this. To be honest I thought you were out of the clear when after the first few months since I felt certain I wouldn’t develop a virus. Now I have to worry that I might accidentally break you in half.”


“Well let us not worry about it too much. Until you start shattering glasses when you pick them up I believe I am safe.”


Rachael gave an amused giggle. “Okay I will have a glass of orange juice every morning and if it shatters I know things are going too far.”


Thomas gave a nod and waited for Rachael to walk to the center of the room. The moment she reached it he pushed off the wall and proceeded to slam into her with all his body weight and strength. The impact didn’t even come close to harming her however his total momentum was enough to over whelm her own.


Rachael wasn’t certain how hard Thomas had hit her until she hit the ground and heard the thump despite this the impact didn’t harm her in the least. “Oh that isn’t fair. You can be rough with me but I have to be gentle with you.”


“Well I am the fragile one now.”


A slight giggle escaped Rachael and she gave Thomas’s leg a gentle nudge using just enough force to knock his legs out from under him. As he fell Rachael rolled slightly so that she was underneath him. Thomas’s fall was quite gentle as he landed atop Rachael his head actually landing within her cleavage. The moment he was on the ground Rachael wrapped her arms around him so that he couldn’t get up again. “That you are but it makes you so cuddly.”


Thomas was a bit surprised by where his face had landed though he wasn’t complaining. “Okay this is one hold that I don’t want you using on anyone else.”






“I said it was a deal, I’ll only use this hold on you.”


Thomas smiled and attempted to raise himself up to give Rachael a kiss however he found the action to be quite impossible thanks to her arms. “Uh, I would kiss you if you would let me up.”


Rachael giggled a bit causing her breast to press more firmly into Thomas’s face she waited until her laughter had died down to actually let him up. At last her arms relaxed and she allowed Thomas to raise himself up though she was a bit disappointed when it was just a peck on the cheek. “Oh you are going to do better then that.”


Thomas let out a slight gasp when Rachael reach up and took hold of his shirt collar. It wasn’t so much from her taking hold of the shirt rather it was how quickly she pulled him back down and pressed her lips against his. When her hand let go of his shirt it was only so that it could reach behind his head. He was only allowed to raise himself back up when Rachael sensed that he was having trouble breathing. “If that is your reaction to a disappointing kiss I had better not disappoint you on anything else.”


“You’re right about that. You know I believe I like being taller then you it makes it easier to cuddle you. That and the extra mass means you can’t take advantage of superior body weight since you don’t have it any longer.”


Thomas smiled and proceeded to stand up he then reached down and offered his hand to Rachael to help her stand as well. He wasn’t sure if he was disappointed or glad when she didn’t pull him down on top of herself again but rather proceeded to allow him to help her up. “Okay let’s get to wrestling.”




That had to be the most wonderful rack that he had ever seen looming over him. William couldn’t help but smile and enjoy the distraction as he continued to bench press. His pudgy build was that of a man who wasn’t use to exercising indeed he tended to despise the activity however between his wife and doctor he had little choice in the matter.


Rachael knew the clients mind was more on the underside of her breast then on actually lifting the weight. It didn’t bother her though as long as he continued to try and complete the set. Actually Rachael rather liked the attention that her body brought her and as long as no one tried to touch they were free to enjoy. “You’re doing well William perhaps it is time to add some more mass. How would you feel about adding ten more kilograms for your final set?”


William took a while to respond but he did answer in the positive. “Sure I will give it a try.” Though the exact reason for agreeing to the additional weight was beyond him the one he was working with and had been working with for the past few weeks now was becoming easy at last. Perhaps, he just couldn’t say no to a nice set of breast.


When William started to set the dumbbell on its rack Rachael didn’t give him time to finish the action. Instead she reached under the weight with her right arm and took hold of it she then lifted the weight from William’s grasp with one hand and set it down. “Okay you were working with forty five kilograms so let us see if you can do a set of six with fifty five kilograms.”


It took some real effort on William’s part not to grown but he had just agreed to this not that he liked it. He felt confident that he could handle an additional ten kilograms but that didn’t mean he wanted to.


As Rachael set the dumbbell back on its rack in order to change the masses on it she couldn’t help but be tempted indeed she was tempted a great deal to balance the mass atop her breast. She knew that would make her level of enhancement overly obvious but the temptation was quite strong it took considerable will power for her to resist the urge. “You just lifted that with one hand and didn’t even strain.”


Whoops, was the dominant thought in Rachael’s mind as she glanced down at William. “Really did it look that way?”


“I know I saw you only using one arm.”


“I meant did I make it look that easy?”


William gave his head a quick nod. “Hell yes. You didn’t even flinch.”


Rachael resolved to give William the same story that she had given Ronald. “William how many women do you know that are as tall as me?”


“I can’t say I know any of them but I know of a few. Why do you ask?”


“Do they have my build?”


“Well no. They are pretty lanky but what does this have to do with you lifting that weight.”


“Don’t let me being able to lift that weight with one hand before you. My genetic code was altered at birth you see.”


“OH so you are an errant.”




“Lucky you.”


Rachael gave a slight giggle. “Yeah I suppose I am.” It wasn’t a lie after all her genetic code was abnormal at birth however it had made her weaker instead of stronger. She had just given William enough of the story to set his mind to rest.


“So you are abnormally strong and larger then normal aren’t you? Just how much stronger are errants?”


“Well we aren’t any stronger then a normal healthy human initially and even if we exercise it isn’t like we are super humanly strong. It is just well let’s take a body builder and say that it took ten years for him to reach a certain level.”


“You can do it in half that time?”


“Yeah, it is actually possible for someone to have genetics that are just as good as an errant though. It is just extremely unlikely.

Okay I have let you stall long enough it is time to add that extra mass.”


William groaned a bit as he watched Rachael add the additional masses and fasten them in place. “If it is to much you’ll help me out right.”


“Well I can’t very well let you get injured. I would lose my job.”


“Do you believe you could curl this with one arm?”


Shaking her head Rachael glanced to each side. “I wouldn’t feel comfortable trying with someone lying down underneath it.” Of course that was a lie on Rachael’s part she could have supported the mass with one of her fingers after all.


Ronald liked to glance in on Rachael from time to time though it wasn’t so much to insure she was doing her job. She had proven herself a capable instructor though it wasn’t entirely due to her knowledge. An attractive woman was able to motivate men at times far more effectively then a male instructor and it didn’t hurt that Rachael didn’t mind the attention. He was concerned about what would happen when one of the clients tried to get to friendly with her though and forgot how strong she was.


It took great willpower on his part to turn his attention away from Rachael and a few of the customers who were lounging on a near by bench. The group ran the gauntlet from those that had finished exercising and were resting to those that hadn’t even begun yet and were more then likely enjoying the sights.


A long sigh escaped William when Rachael finally lifted the mass from his grasp. He had managed to complete five reps at least he believed that was all he was able to complete. Rachael felt confident that he could have finished the last one but he did suffer from a lazy streak and she was just glad that he had tried. “Next time I’ll start you off with fifty five.”


“Do you believe I am ready?”


“Well you did five just now and that is after working with forty five for a while so I believe you are ready.”


“Perhaps we could just use fifty?”


“Oh alright we can go with fifty next time. Once you can handle that much mass well enough we can take it up to fifty five.” Rachael had learned not to say when a customer was ready since that day never seemed to come.


William gave a nod and proceeded to set up though he still didn’t quite feel like standing up. His fatigue seemed to lighten considerably when he noticed what time it was. He had to be careful to keep from showing Rachael how hopeful he was.


“William I want you walk a bit on the treadmill to help yourself cool down. Don’t push yourself though. I am going to head on over to the wrestling mat.”


“Sure.” William was careful to hide his smile as he did what he was told. He didn’t care for the walking part but it would let him watch Rachael. He himself had no desire to step on the mats with her as while she hadn’t harmed anyone he knew that he couldn’t provide a challenge for her. Still, he loved watching her on the mats and he loved seeing the larger men get tossed around.


Rachael enjoyed wrestling more then anything else since it not only let her do her job but it let her flaunt some of her strength even if she couldn’t use all of it. There hadn’t been many people at first but after a weeks she also found there was an abundant supply of people who wanted to try to over power her that or to get to touch her body. She lamented not being able to use her real strength but she could at least use her stamina if she was careful.


A few people began to stand up and move towards the mat most to watch but some to challenge Rachael. She had only been working at the gym for a short time but it was already a tradition almost. Before any of the customers could step into the ring with her Ronald stepped onto the mats.


“Hey Ronald, did you decide you wanted to exercise with me?”


“Well I thought you might like to try wrestling someone who is actually stronger then you.”


Rachael couldn’t help but giggle while she didn’t mean to she couldn’t help herself the idea that Ronald was actually as strong as her was laughable let alone stronger then her.


“Laughing are we? Well you must be feeling confident today.”


“I have had a lot of practice since I started working here you know.

This won’t be like the first time.”


“We’ll see.”


She was going to use more of her strength then what she should and Rachael knew it. The desire to use more and more of her power was constantly building inside of her and now she didn’t believe she could keep it in check. Of course she would try to keep it within acceptable limits perhaps she would just match Ronald’s strength this time and rely on her stamina to beat him.


There had been a moment of disappointment for those that wanted a shot at the gym’s resident amazon. However, there was also a great deal of interest. As several were left wondering just who would prove the stronger of the two. Several hoped to see Ronald taken down after all up until now Rachael had taken down everyone who stepped into the ring with her. Others wanted to see Rachael taken down. Several knew that Rachael had modified genetics and didn’t consider it truly fair while others didn’t care.


A huge grin adorned both Rachael and Ronald’s face as they stepped onto the mats. Each one was confident they would come out the victor. Ronald to his previous victory over Rachael and Rachael because she knew that she was far stronger then she had been previously and even then she was holding back. There would be no chance of him winning if she were to use her full strength he should even chance a chance if she only used a twentieth.


Ronald closed on Rachael quickly intending on over powering her. He had plenty of experience on the mat but he wanted to make it clear that he was still the strongest at the gym. He was delighted when Rachael responded in a like wise manner apparently they both wanted to make this a pure test of strength and forget any skill for a later date.


The group that had gathered to watch the two was made up of the majority of those in the gym at the time. As they watched it was difficult to tell just who would come out in the end. The two had roughly the same mass however Rachael was around a third of a meter taller then Ronald meaning she seemed to loom over him while he appeared to have more bulk.


If wasn’t for his size it would have felt as if she was playing with an infant. Ronald hardly seemed to be applying any force at all and yet to keep up appearance Rachael had to pretend to struggle against him. This was a good thing though so long as he continued to try and push her of the mat all she needed to do was hold her position and let him expend his energy.


Those few people in the gym that hadn’t been watching soon turned their attention to the mat as they watched Rachael and Ronald struggling to overcome one another. The two both seemed to be using a great deal of strength and effort as their muscles flexed.


Rachael flexed the muscles in her arms and legs in order to make them bulge and appear as if she was exerting more effort then she was. She strained herself so that her skin began to redden and took in quick breaths of air the whole time knowing that if she was to truly use as much of her strength as she was pretending to use Ronald would be nothing but a smear on the wall.


Ronald had known that over powering Rachael wouldn’t be easy and had even expected her to hold him back during the initial moments. However, after five minutes of trying to overcome her with brute force he was surprised to see that he hadn’t made any progress at all. At least that is how things appeared when one only looked at their position however when he glanced at her arms, legs and face he felt confident that he would win. She was struggling to hold him back soon enough her energy would begin to decline and he would over power her.


Rachael had to keep a look of concentration on her face when all she really wanted to do was grin and push Ronald off the mat. She could feel that his strength was on the decline and had actually begun to use even less of her own strength to keep from overwhelming him. As long as he thought he could over power her all she needed to do was stand her ground and let him exhaust himself.


As William watched Ronald and Rachael he couldn’t help but remember how she had lifted the dumbbell from his grasp. She had never done that before in fact she had always used both hands. He just couldn’t shake the feeling that the wrestling match between Rachael and Ronald was something similar. As if that look of focus didn’t truly belong on her face.


Was she as strong as him now? Ronald wasn’t certain what was going on but he knew that he was weakening. He also knew that neither he nor Rachael had moved in the least. Could it be that in her time working at the gym she had matched his strength or had he been slacking off recently?” Then he felt Rachael begin to press harder as if she was regaining the strength that she had lost.


Rachael carefully began to apply more force. She had held back long enough and she could tell that Ronald had managed to wear himself out. Now she just needed to use the same level of strength that she had used during the start of their little match.


Ronald attempted to get better footing to find the strength to resist Rachael but as he felt himself moving backwards he knew that wasn’t going to happen. His legs felt like jelly now while he arms felt like blocks of lead. He just didn’t have the energy to match Rachael.


In his weakened state it was all too easy for Rachael to overwhelm Ronald using the same amount of strength she had in the start. It was tempting to take full steps forward just to show how easily she was over powering him but she held back in part to keep from seeming to strong and to also avoid humiliating Ronald.


This wasn’t the first time that he had been beaten in the ring. However, this was the first and in a long time and they had made use of actual holds instead of relying upon pure strength to push him out of the ring. He couldn’t even remember the last time that someone had used strength alone to overcome him. His efforts to strength his position and stop moving backwards only resulted in him losing what little foot he had left and Ronald was sent stumbling out of the ring.


Smiling from ear to ear Rachael continued breathing deeply as if she was exhausted she then raised both of her arms above her hand locked her fingers together and proceeded to flex her considerable biceps for everyone to see.


William was carefully watching Rachael know as if to figure out her rate of recovery. He just couldn’t shake the feeling that something was off. Fortunately he was the only one who was even thinking about that the majority of the audience was simply astounded that she had managed to over power Ronald in a test of pure strength.


Ronald took his time standing up not so much because he was embarrassed but rather because it took him that long to regain enough strength to stand. Once he had managed to regain his foot he walked over to Rachael and extended his hand. “Well I have to admit.

You over powered me.”


Rachael nodded and took Ronald’s hand. “Thanks it was a fun match.” While Rachael didn’t care for having to pretend that she had to exert any real effort she wasn’t going to rub in her employers defeat.


“I guess I need to start hitting the weights more.”


“Don’t forget to have someone spot you. You forget to do that a little too often.”


Ronald waved his hand and proceeded towards out of the gym and towards the juice bar he needed to get something to drink. In the mean time Rachael turned her attention back to those that had been watching them.


“Okay who wants to wrestle?” Rachael was somewhat amused when she looked towards the main back of the crowd and noticed a man paying another twenty dollars apparently some had made a few small bets on her and Ronald’s little wrestling match.


“Do you think you can still handle a match after that? You look kind of tired.”


“Na I am good. Anyway this may be your once chance to beat me.” Annette recognized the voice as belonging to one of the gym regulars. There was a brief commotion as a larger figure made his way through the crowd and then stepped onto the mats while he didn’t have the same bulk Ronald did he was still a regular and a true exercise enthusiast which showed in his build.


Rachael knew that she needed to hold back for this one. She couldn’t even use the same level of strength that she had used to beat Ronald perhaps it would even make since to lose. A shiver went up Rachael’s spine as she thought of the prospect of letting herself get beaten.

No she didn’t like the idea of that one bit. She would just have to hold herself back and only use enough strength to win.


This time Rachael turned her attention to the crowd before they began. “So does anyone feel like making a small bet?”


“What kind of bet?”


Rachael’s attention was brought back to her opponent who was currently doing some warm up stretches. “How about ten dollars says that I can force you off the mats even in my exhausted state?”


“You’re on but you have to force me off which means you can’t pin me.”


Rachael hadn’t anticipated this no doubt he was intending on pinning her instead of trying for the brute force approach as Ronald did. Despite that Rachael couldn’t bring herself to back down. “Okay then.” She wasn’t entirely certain how she was going to do this though. After all while she was stronger then him she still had to limit her strength so that the truth wouldn’t be revealed. This meant if he managed to pin her she wouldn’t be able to brake out of it without perhaps showing too much power.


This wasn’t the head on clash that Ronald and Rachael’s match had been. Instead the two proceeded to circle one another trying to find an opening. In this Rachael was at a disadvantage since she had to force him out of the circle while he just had to pin her or force her out either one would have worked fine.


When Rachael did move it was with surprising speed though he had done this enough to respond in time moving to the side a bit he attempted to use Rachael own forward moment to take her feet out from under her this is when he got a surprise.


One good thing about only using so little of her strength was it granted her a great deal of control. Rachael’s charge wasn’t the all out action of someone who had put all their strength into a full frontal assault rather it was a casual walk. Her right arm quickly locked around her opponents neck while her other went for his lower body.


A gasp ran throughout the crowd as with a grunt of effort Rachael actually lifted her opponent off the ground. Every muscle in her body flexed and bulged as she did this. Her massive thighs seemed as if they were going to rip the material of her exercise outfit as did her biceps. Her face turned a bright red as she strained against the weight.


It felt so odd to flex every muscle in her body and pretend to actually exert herself as if she was about to drop the man. In keeping with this act Rachael wasted no time in packing him to the edge of the ring and dumping him outside of it.


The regular blinked his eyes a few times having been truly astounded by what just happened. It had been so quick that he didn’t even get a chance to respond. “You picked me up?”


“Yes. Yes I did.”


Slowly the man stood up a look of utter astonishment on his face. Walking back through the crowd he proceeded over to the stands and found his wallet amongst his gym bag after taking out a ten he returned to the ring and handed it over. “That was so fucking amazing. I never thought anyone would do that to me. It wasn’t exactly an orthodox move but I don’t know of many people who could dead lift their opponent like that. “


Rachael didn’t respond right away but held up a single finger to indicate she needed a moment to catch her breath. In truth she was had to work to keep herself from laughing at how easy that had been. At least it worked to make her acting more realistic. When she felt as if her giggles had been put to rest, she finally took the ten dollars. “Thanks. I thought I needed to try something unique if I was going to win.”


“I had no idea you where that strong no wonder you beat Ronald.”


“How much do you way?” Rachael felt a sudden twang of fear as if she had gone too far.


“One hundred and twenty kilograms.”


Rachael felt somewhat better though she knew she had just shown more strength then she meant to. “I guess my work is paying off. I am going to take a moment to rest and then we can continue.”


“No that is enough for me I didn’t get much of a workout but I am going to go hit the weights. Someone else can have a chance.”


Rachael took a quick glance at the crowd. “Okay I’ll be back in a little while.”


William had been shocked by Rachael’s sudden display of strength.

While he was admiring her as the others were he now knew that she was holding back. He just couldn’t imagine her recovering enough strength to lift her last challenger if she had indeed used as much strength as she seemed to be using with Ronald.


Rachael was grateful that no one had noticed that despite the effort she had pretended to be exerting she wasn’t sweating in the least. She hadn’t exactly found a way to make her body sweat when it didn’t need to. For a moment she leaned over the sink and closer to her reflection. “Okay I really shouldn’t do that again.” Of course as she looked at her reflection she also realized that the patrons would expect her to regularly use such levels of strength.




“Don’t worry you can struggle as hard as you want. I won’t let you get up and I need to work on restraining people.”


Currently Thomas found himself trapped by Rachael’s incredibly strong legs. Those magnificent limbs had wrapped around him and pinned him against her. Of course this left him with quite a dilemma as struggling was the last thing he wanted to do. He hadn’t truly been giving it his full effort until Rachael had assured him she wouldn’t let him up. “Well if you are preparing for your job. Why don’t you pretend that it is taking a little effort to hold me? You need to practice that as well.”


“That is true so maybe later but not right now.” Rachael gave an amused giggle and gave Thomas a quick kiss on the cheek.


Thomas shook his head then began to consider his options. He unlike those people at the gym knew there was no way that he could over power Rachael but he could at least try to slip out and even if he couldn’t he could have some fun.


“Hey now I don’t think any of the customers would be willing to try something that unorthodox.”


“Well I am not one of your customers and you learn in boot camp you must be prepared.” Thomas had begun his escape attempt by leaning back so that his head rested entirely against Rachael’s breast. True this wouldn’t help in his escape in anyway possible but it sure felt nice. His head was shaken a bit when Rachael giggled causing her breast to bounce lightly.


“Okay but if you were a customer I would have to make this a bit more uncomfortable.”


Thomas chuckled and began his escape attempt by pulling his legs towards him. It took a few moments but at least Rachael wasn’t trying to hinder his movement as he positioned his legs. A grunt of effort escaped his lips as Thomas began to try and raise himself up.


Rachael felt Thomas making some effort in his attempt to stand up but these didn’t last for very long. While he was fit and indeed in rather good shape Thomas wasn’t a body builder and with her Amazonian there wasn’t any real chance that he would be able to stand up.


It didn’t take long for Thomas to realize that this was only going to waste his energy. Once again he grew still and considered his options. Rachael didn’t exactly have him pinned. “You know. This wouldn’t count as pinned in a wrestling match.”


“So you want me to pin you?”


“Well you are preparing for work.” Thomas didn’t bother resisting when Rachael began to move him into a different position to simulate being pinned.


“A customer wouldn’t let you move them about either.”


“Oh fine then.” Rachael released her grip on Thomas and proceeded to stand up.


“Well that was stupid of me.”


“Why do you say that?”


“It caused you to let go of me.”


Rachael gave a giggle. “Well don’t worry you be back in my grasp in just a few moments.”


Thomas didn’t comment but resigned himself to the fact that if he was going to help Rachael practice for work he was going to have to try and avoid her pinning him. He didn’t like it since he loved the feeling of her arms surrounding him but she needed this.




Rachael grinned as she easily pinned her opponent and slowly counted to ten to confirm a successful pin. She never rushed her counting and indeed did it so slowly that it was actually a good fifteen seconds rather then the ten she counted. This gave them more time to try and escape from her grasp. At last she reached ten and released her hold on him.


William had been staying at the gym longer lately as he had been watching Rachael wrestle more and more. He hadn’t forgotten what he saw a couple of weeks past though Rachael had avoided doing it again. This only made him more suspicious that she was stronger then she let on.


Extending a hand down Rachael helped her defeat opponent to his feet. “Good job you are improving.”


The man grinned and gave a nod. “Thanks. Would you care for another match?”


“No I am going to go and clean up it is almost the end of my shift.” There was the sound of movement as if several people were preparing to leave. This was exactly the case as several of the clients tended to leave when Rachael did.




William drummed his fingers against the bleacher nervously as he watched Rachael leave. Standing up he made his way out of the main gym and towards the health bar.


“Rachael someone left you a message.”


Rachael glanced back at Molly. “Does Ronald need to speak with me?”


“It isn’t from Ronald actually.”


“Huh, did Thomas call?”


“Nope give me a second I wrote the name down. It is from William.”


Rachael walked over to the desk and Molly handed her a little slip of paper. Silent she swore to herself that if it was offering money for sex she would probably lose her job and he would regret his actions. “It is an invitation. I guess I’ll go see what he wants.”


William was rather relaxed when Rachael entered into the bar and walked over to his table. “I am glad you decided to come.”


“You wanted to speak to me about something?”


“So how much are you really holding back when you are on the mats?”


Rachael didn’t even flinch though part of her did worry. “What makes you believe I am holding back?”


“I may not exercise much myself but I have seen a lot of fights and I know when someone is throwing a match.”


Now Rachael was getting curious. “Wrestling is hardly fighting.”


“That is largely true but I know you are holding back so how much?”


Rachael considered saying she wasn’t holding back but couldn’t bring herself to. “The amount of strength I am actually using is none of your concern.”


“Now don’t run off on me. I noticed that you took a few bets before hand.”


“Only a few little ones and I saw you making some wagers yourself.”


“True. I was wondering though if you would like to make some bigger bets.”


“What are you getting at? I don’t think you are talking about my regular job.”


“When I see you on the mats you aren’t just holding back your strength. You’re holding back your desire aren’t you? You want to show more of your strength and you don’t care for the gentle stuff.”


A large grin was on Rachael’s face now. It was rather true she wished she could use more of her strength and be rougher with her opponents. “You’re assuming an awful lot.”


William held his hands out. “Just hear me out. I know of a club where you could use even more of your strength and make some good money to.”


“I don’t know if I want to quit my job here to try another club.” Rachael didn’t mention that she didn’t like the prospect of having to get another fraudulent medical report.


William didn’t bother putting Rachael’s fear of quitting her job to rest just yet. “How would you like to try some true fights?”


Rachael couldn’t help herself. “Do you mean actual fist fights? I don’t have any formal training in actual combat just wrestling. That said I would love to try.” It was rather odd Rachael never thought of William as the type to be making such an offer to her if he was.


“Mm well without any real practice I don’t know if you would really like what I have in mind. You see I like to attend certain events from time to time and gamble a bit. It makes for a great show and lets people like me gamble a bit. Plus the fighters get to prove who is the toughest.”


“So where does this happen?”


“Go tell Ronald you would like to participate in the fights he deals with a lot of the fighters.”


Rachael couldn’t hide the surprise on her face. “You mean Ronald is part of it? I wonder why he never approached me.”


William gave a slight shrug. “I can’t be certain I just know a few details. Mostly I just go there to gamble. He may not believe you could handle the fights aren’t the wrestling matches after all.”


Rachael wasn’t sure if William was serious or not but she couldn’t let this chance pass her by. “I’ll see if I can get him to let me in. After I speak with someone first.”




“You want to join a fight club?” Thomas was currently setting at the kitchen table with Rachael. She had waited until he had been home for an hour before she had actually mentioned it to him.


“Yep. It would let me earn some extra money and have some fun all at the same time.”


Thomas didn’t respond right away but took his time to think. “You’ll need to practice some. After all if you go in there and simply let yourself take blow after blow it is going to become obvious that you aren’t normal.”


“So you don’t mind if I try it? I won’t if you don’t believe it is a good idea.”


“It is fine with me so long as you practice.”


Rachael clapped her hands as her excitement was clearly shown on her face. “Okay what are we going to need for you to train me?”


“A few punching bags for one thing so you can get an idea for how hard would be too hard and some boxing gloves as well as mouth pieces.”


“I don’t believe I’ll be using gloves.”


“Yes but if I am going to be practicing with you I will since I don’t want to hurt my knuckles and I really don’t want to lose any teeth.”


“Oh Thomas I won’t hurt you I won’t even hit you as hard as I am going to hit the punching bag.” Thomas felt a slight impact on his leg though it was hardly painful. “See I won’t hit you any harder then that.”


“Well okay but I still need the gloves.”


Rachael gave an amused giggle and stood up. Walking over to the other side of the table she wrapped her arms around Thomas. “Sure. I’ll pick them up on my way back from work tomorrow.”




Ronald had been surprised when Rachael had approached him about their little after hours work program. He had been even more surprised when she had started talking about joining in. “Rachael I know you are strong. I mean I know it first hand from the ring but do you have any fighting experience? Strength alone isn’t enough for a fight after all.”


Rachael had to resist the urge to show Ronald just how strong she was and prove that when one was as strong as her it was indeed enough but she resisted this. “Does everyone you recruit have fighting experience?”


“Well not everyone is professional or had much experience but Rachael I have seen you on the mat. Even your wrestling style is rough.”


“I still want to try. The gentle wrestling on the mat is okay but I want to try something that is rougher.”


Ronald wasn’t sure about this he had considered denying it but felt Rachael would learn for certain sooner or later. “I don’t know if I like the idea of you coming to work beaten up.”


“Come now. You didn’t deny the fights when I confronted you about them. So surely you must believe I have some potential.”


Nodding his head slowly Ronald did believe Rachael would make for a nice attraction that is if she managed to last a few fights. “All right I’ll give you a trial. Now this won’t be an actual match just something to see if you have what it takes. So no betting and there won’t be many people. If you win then you can participate if not you drop the issue.”


“You have yourself a deal.” Of course this meant that no matter how many times she was hit Rachael had no intention of allowing herself to go down. “When is the match?”


“I’ll schedule something one week from today.”




“Here you go. Strap these on and let us get started.” Rachael held out the boxing gloves before Thomas who gave them a quick glance.


“So he agreed?”


“Well I have a test in one week so I need to get to practicing. Oh, I picked up a helmet and a few other pieces as well.”


“A week, what about training with a punching bag? You haven’t even begun practicing that yet.”


“You’re right. So we need to get to work. Come on will go until you tire out and then I’ll work with the bag some.”


Thomas glanced down at the gloves then let out a sigh. He could tell from the eagerness in Rachael’s voice this was something she truly wanted to do and he wasn’t going to deny her it. Of course he worried that a week wouldn’t be nearly long enough and the first thing she would do in the ring would be shatter her opponent by putting to much force into her punch.


While Thomas got ready Rachael took to moving the furniture around. For her first match with Thomas she had decided she wouldn’t even try to hit him rather she would try to avoid his punches. Until she had time to practice controlling the amount of force she put into her punches she wasn’t about to risk harming him.


Thomas waited until the last bit of furniture had been moved then rushed Rachael. He knew that she wouldn’t be on her guard yet and while he felt it was cheap he didn’t think she would be fighting a fair fight anyway.


The glove colliding with her face felt odd. Rachael felt the momentum behind it and could tell there was quite a bit there far more then a normal pat. Despite this she didn’t feel any sort of pain or need to resist. The only thing she was even moved was her mass wasn’t great enough to counter act the impact.


It was a good thing he was wearing the gloves and Thomas knew it had he used his knuckles it would have been like hitting a brick wall. That didn’t stop him though as he through another punch once again striking Rachael’s squarely on the side of the face. While Thomas continued his attack Rachael found herself having trouble avoiding the punches. She hadn’t been expecting him to attack as he expected and while the punches didn’t hurt they did cause her body to move slightly.


Rachael was proving an overly easy target for Thomas. Considering how little combat experience Rachael had and his time in the military Thomas had a huge advantage over her. That was provided she didn’t brace herself. He hoped she would remember that she couldn’t afford to just come to a stop while she was being punched or it would reveal too much or at least run the risk.


Rachael tried to back away from Thomas but despite the punches inability to have more then a superficial affect upon her she simply couldn’t get away from him. He just kept pressing the attack and she couldn’t keep falling back otherwise she would end up against the wall.


Thomas had no delusion of what would be the result of Rachael was to fight back. It felt like he was punching solid steel once he got past the soft exterior of Rachael’s skin. He had no doubt that using his fist would only result in him busting his knuckles over her pretty face. Then again he felt quite certain that the surface he was striking was far stronger then steel.


A mental groan ran through Rachael’s mind as she felt her back meet a solid surface. “Blast it.”


A grin was on Thomas’s face. He didn’t bother pressing the attack. “I see we have a lot of work to do.”


“So that is how you expect them to fight in the ring?”


“Actually, I believe they will fight far more cheaply.”


Rachael smiled and walked back to the center of the room. “Well then we will just have to continue until you are too tired to throw a punch.”


Thomas gave a slight laugh. “Well if I keep going at it like I was that won’t take very long. So I am going to take it easy on you and we can slowly step up the intensity.”


“Just remember you need to accelerate my lessons.”


“I know. Now let us begin.” Thomas didn’t rush in for the attack this time but moved carefully as if he was actually trying to defend himself. He knew that most likely Rachael’s opponent wouldn’t be so passive in their attacks but he needed to teach her and repeatedly hitting her in the head wouldn’t work.


This time Rachael saw Thomas coming in for the attack and moved to avoid however she didn’t move quite fast enough and his punch connected though it wasn’t as solid as his previous ones. Thomas didn’t give her time to savor this slight victory though as he continued to throw punches.


Thomas had considered stopping to offer some advice but resolved to try and back Rachael into the corner before he did that. He could already see her making several mistakes the dominant one being simply backing away. There was only so much space behind her after all. They also needed to work on her reaction time.


It was difficult to keep from throwing a punch after all one of the reasons Thomas could attack so often is that she made no effort to try and fight back. At least it was difficult until she reminded herself of the differences in their strength and what might happen. The thought of accidentally tearing off Thomas’s head with one punch was horrific enough in Rachael’s mind to suppress her urge to fight back.


It only took a few minutes for Thomas to once again force Rachael into a corner he didn’t dare strike her though since she could no longer move back it meant there wasn’t really anywhere for the force to go. He knew that this wouldn’t harm her but he also knew it would hurt his hand. “You’re doing well.”


Rachael blinked her eyes somewhat surprised by the fact that the attacks stopped. “Huh? You cornered me.”


“Yes but you tried to evade the punches at least. Now you need to try not to back peddle so much. How about we try something a little easier? I am going to tell you what arm I am going to try and punch you with so you wont’ be caught off guard.”


“Isn’t that a little too easy?”


“Yeah but like you said, we will just keep sparring until my arms tire out since there is no way I am going to wear you down.”


Rachael gave an amused giggle. “I wonder what the police would think if they walked in on us.”


“Oh I would probably be down on the ground and handcuffed until they actually got a good look at you. Considering that you’re nearly a third of a meter taller then me and your over all build.”


“Okay that is enough. I don’t really fit the helpless damsel look do I?”


Thomas grinned for a moment but answered in a way Rachael hadn’t expected. “Left.” Thomas’s left fist shot out and struck Rachael square on the side of the face.


Rachael gave an amused giggle at how soft Thomas’s punch felt. When she heard the words left again she was actually able to avoid his fist though she thought he moved more slowly then he had previously as if he was letting her avoid the punch.


Thomas was indeed moving more slowly then normal though he had every intention of stepping things up once Rachael began to move more fluidly. “Right, left, right, right, doing good Rachael.”


While Rachael was indeed avoiding Thomas’s punches for the most part she wasn’t able to actually speak it took to much concentration for her to keep dodging the in coming fist. She still had a long way to go of course but due to her strength Thomas could push far harder and be far rougher with her then he could be with someone else whose skills were so lacking.


As Rachael continued to avoid his attacks Thomas considered to try and kick her but resolved against it. He knew that she would have to be prepared for dirty tricks but he had tried that several times already by catching her off guard and she just didn’t have the fighting experience to cope yet. “Rachael you’re backing up to much I’ll have you against the wall soon if you don’t stop.”


Rachael gave a nod and attempted to follow Thomas’s instructions instead of simply moving back she began to move to the right in an attempt to circle around him and avoid getting pinned in. Despite this she found herself stepping back far more often then she would have liked and felt certain that it would only be a matter of time before he trapped her again.


“You’re doing good Rachael lets keep it up.”


Despite being backed up Rachael couldn’t help but smile as Thomas praised her progress while she wasn’t certain how good she truly was doing she appreciated the encouragement. It was a fairly amusing thought that at one time she had believed there was nothing he could really teach her.




“To light, to light, to hard, to light blast it.” Rachael turned her head up towards the sky and let out a slight groan before turning her attention back to the punching bag. She had spent a little more money then perhaps she should have and acquired one that would actually tell her how hard she was hitting.


Thomas smiled as he set on the couch rubbing his arms. Rachael and he had finally taken a brake from her evasion practice as he had finally reached his limits. His arms were sore from throwing so many punches as he thought about this he couldn’t help but laugh.


It didn’t take long for Rachael to notice Thomas laughing. Turning around her frustrating quickly faded and a smile formed on her face.


“What is so funny?”


“I was just thinking. Here we have been sparring I’ve landed all the punches yet I am the one that is sore.”


Rachael giggled a bit and stuck her tongue out at Thomas. “I am sure the punching bag feels worse then you.”


“I would have to agree with you. That second to the last punch seemed like it would shatter bones.”


“It would have but all the others were too soft.”


“Well at least you didn’t rip it in half like the first two, I am glad you started with the cheap ones.”


Rachael gave a nod and glanced over to the corner. “Yeah thanks for talking me out of starting with this one.” Rachael turned her attention back to the bag and brought her fist up once again. It was a basic fighting stance that Thomas had managed to show her.


“Once you get the hang of that you can try hitting me when we spar.”




Thomas blinked his eyes a few times somewhat surprised by how sudden Rachael’s response had been. “No? What?”


“No. I am not going to try and hit you back.”


“Rachael you need to work on hitting a moving target.”


“You aren’t going to be the target.”


Thomas let out a bit of a sigh and leaned back into his seat. While he was glad Rachael was concerned for his safety that did complicate matters to an extent.


“Too hard. I am sure we can think of something later. You’re just tired now.” Thomas gave a nod and stood up moving around a bit he started watching to see just how hard Rachael was hitting the punching bag. He had to admit he didn’t like the idea of being splattered all over the wall by a slight slip up on Rachael’s part.


“Thomas if this pays off well enough I want you to quit your job.”


“Huh? How come?”


“Well you have done so much for me and we have been working different hours lately so I haven’t been able to see you as much as I want to.”


“Rachael. I really don’t believe it is a good idea for me to quit working and I don’t want to try to leech off you.”


“It is only if I start making enough money.”


Thomas couldn’t bring himself to answer Rachael. The idea of not holding down a job wasn’t exactly pleasant for him even if she was pulling in enough money for them to live off of. “Let’s wait and see how well you do.”


Rachael gave an amused giggle. “I even saved up some money to bet on myself just a little bit though.”


“You can bet on your test fight?”


“Well no but I mean after I win. I had best not make it look too easy or the odds won’t be against me.” After some time of silence Rachael had to ask. “Aren’t you curious where the money came from?”


“Well yeah but it is your money.”


“Thanks, it is money I earned while wrestling at the gym. Some people would place little twenty dollar wagers or so. I have about four hundred saved up.”


“So you found twenty people to gamble against you and then they learned their lesson and quit?”


Rachael gave an amused giggle. “Maybe.”


Thomas gave an amused laugh and shook his head. “You know I believe I have an idea.”




Rachael couldn’t conceal her shock as she watched the tiny aircraft hovering in front of her face. “Thomas what is this?”


“It is your sparing partner. You don’t get to fight back against me and this won’t fight back against you.”


“You mean you want me to try and hit this?”


“Yep, I do.” Thomas had went down to the toy store the previous day and proceeded to purchase several of the cheaper remote controlled aircraft. The one he currently had hovering in front of Rachael had limited visual ability and very low level AI requiring that the controller do most of the maneuvering.


As the little aircraft moved around her Rachael’s look of surprise turned to one of amusement. “Do you really believe this is going to help?”


“Trust me Rachael I am not going to make this easy for you. Just pretend that it’s your opponent’s head. You hit so hard I don’t really believe it’ll matter what part of him you hit. Now come on Rachael try and hit it.”


Rachael was about to comment when the little helicopter suddenly bumped into her face. “Hey I thought you said it wouldn’t fight back.” Thomas didn’t reply but made the aircraft bump into Rachael’s face several more times until she reached a hand up to take hold of the tiny machine. The child’s toy quickly accelerated upward away from her grasp.


“You’re going to have to do better then that.”


Shrugging her shoulders Rachael took on a fighting stance preparing to knock the little machine out of the sky. Thomas found Rachael to be exceptionally easy to read as she drew her fist back and attempted to punch the toy he quickly had it accelerate upward so that it was hovering just slightly above her hand. “Hey a human can’t dodge like that.”


“Complaining won’t get you any hits and remember you need to try and use a balanced punch like with the punching bags. No sending it through the wall.”


Giggling a bit Rachael began to get serious and started trying to pummel the little machine. Thomas proved himself to be quite an adept pilot as he avoided her punches though he was being forced to do so by greater and greater margins as Rachael started to move more quickly. Every now and then Thomas would have the helicopter go low in hopes that she would try to kick it however for the moment it seemed Rachael wasn’t quite used to using anything other then her arms. “It’s harder to hit one of these things then I expected it to be.”


“Yeah and this is the cheap one.” Thomas had to move around the room in order to keep an eye on the helicopter to insure that Rachael didn’t shatter it as she chased the little machine around the apartment.


“If this works out I’ll have to get you some of the more expensive toys. Have you had any practice at this?”


“Yeah I worked with scout drones for a little while. It is a shame we can’t get a few of those.”


“Are they too expensive?”


“Yeah they are way too expensive.”


“I am going to have to try and fix that.”




Ronald didn’t quite know what to think when he saw Rachael walking into the gym. She had arrived a little before her opponent showing how eager she was he just hoped she knew what she was getting into. Rachael of course noticed the look on his face. “What is the matter Ronald? I would have thought you would be use to this sort of thing?”


“Well it isn’t often we get a female fighter and they don’t last very long. Rachael this is going to be real you know?”


“Ah you wouldn’t let anyone get beat to death would you?”


“It has happened.” Ronald was truly shocked when Rachael giggled. “Rachael I am serious.”


“That is what makes it so amusing. So if I snap the guys head off when I punch him I still get to compete?”


Ronald shook his head and turned his head in the direction of the door as a somewhat small but well built male entered into the gym. He was often considered one of the light weights relying more on speed then anything else.


At first he wasn’t sure who he was going to be fighting but he knew it was some rookie trying to prove they were worth letting in so he wasn’t concerned. He was somewhat shocked though when he found a woman standing in the ring. “Ronald what is this? You want me to fight a woman?”


Rachael couldn’t help but laugh. “Oh please. A runt like you hardly has any grounds to criticize me.”


“Excuse me?” The man blinked a few times clearly surprised by Rachael’s comment. He wasn’t use to holding back and he sure wasn’t going to hold back against her after she mouthed off to him. “I think someone needs to show you your place.”


Ronald didn’t say anything. He felt a little bad that he had put Rachael up against one of the main hot heads but felt she needed to either prove herself or be discouraged from bringing this up again. He couldn’t help but be concerned though when he saw Rachael taking on a fighting stance. It wasn’t that he saw any true flaws in it but she just looked so rough.


Rachael knew that he couldn’t harm her but she also knew she couldn’t let her strength advantage be to obvious. This meant that she would have to finish the match quickly. She hadn’t quite mastered how hard she hit but she felt confident she could avoid killing him. She wouldn’t use too much force just enough to fracture bone even if he did manage to block her.


The fighter snickered a bit and moved into position. “Since you work in the gym I’ll avoid messing your face up too much.”


Ronald moved out of the ring. “Begin.”


Rachael was surprised by her opponents speed as he quickly charged across the ring still all those hours with Thomas had paid off and she was able to twist away from his fist though just barely. However when she went to hit him he found that he evaded her with ease. She was somewhat surprised though when she noticed the look of pain on her opponents face.


She had avoided the blow to her face but he had managed to deliver a good solid blow to her abdomen she hadn’t even seen him coming. However, the moment he had pulled away he had noticed something very peculiar. His hand was killing him as if he had smacked it into a granite wall.


Ronald had seen the punch and heard the impact but was stunned to see that Rachael was entirely unaffected by the punch or at least seems to be.


She wasn’t clear why he had ceased his attack Rachael wasn’t about to let up on him and quickly moved in to try and deliver a few hits. She was disappointed when he evaded her initial punches but delighted when she felt her fist graze his arm.


Damn that had hurt. Her attacks were fairly slow and clumsy as far as he was concerned but they packed a lot of power a fact that he had learned when Rachael barely nicked his arm. He wasn’t sure what would have happened if she had managed to deliver a solid blow.


Rachael on the other hand knew exactly what would happen. The first time he managed to block one of her punches he would end up with a fractured or broken arm and then the fight would be very easy from there.


Ronald was surprised by the way the fight was going. At first it looked like Rachael lack of experience would cost her the fight however it seemed that her strength was making up for that lack of experience. While she had yet to land a solid blow her strength had allowed her to shrug off her opponent’s attacks and the little nick she had landed looked as if it did some real damage.


He hadn’t expected this, the woman looked strong that was certain but he didn’t expect her to be so strong that a shot to the stomach would harm him more then her. Now he had to worry about avoiding everyone, of her punches since just one of them could possibly take him out of the fight. Still, he wasn’t out of options he just had to hit her in an area that wasn’t quite as strong and he saw two orbs that looked quite a bit more vulnerable.


Rachael found herself having quite a bit of fun despite her inability to hit her opponent. This is just what she needed real life experience. The week with Thomas had paid off of course but this would help as well. A giggle almost escaped her when she felt something strike her right breast.


He didn’t know where her mind was but Rachael had left herself quite open. Open enough that he had managed to land a solid blow right against her breast and even used the force of his own weight.


Ronald could have sworn he heard the sound of a bat when Rachael struck her opponent in the jaw. The impact was so forceful that it actually sent him flying backwards.


It took some effort but Rachael quickly removed the smile from her face as she delivered a solid punch. He had clearly expected his attack to stun her and had left himself open for just a moment.

Clutching her breast where he had struck she let out a cry of pain the whole time having to hold in her laughter. The punch hadn’t even stung.


For a moment Ronald worried Rachael had just killed one of his fighters with a single punch. As he neared the down fighter he was relieved to see that he was still breathing he had just been knocked out cold. He then turned his attention to Rachael who seemed to have been hurt herself though not nearly as badly. He didn’t move to console her though but made a simple declaration. “Well you win. I’ll fill you in on the other details later.”


Rachael didn’t comment but continued to act as if she was trying to keep her pain from showing. Instead she nodded her head as an acknowledgment. Standing up she smiled down at her fallen opponent.




Thomas couldn’t help but feel outside of his element. Not that he was scared but he still felt like a fish out of water as he walked over to the betting counter. Rachael had asked him to watch her fight and handle the betting. Of course he wanted to come to make sure she was safe though the thought almost made him laugh considering how strong she was. “Four hundred on Rachael.”


The man at the counter glanced up at Thomas for a moment and then down at the counter where he had set the cash. He quickly checked the bills and made a few notes which ended with him handing Thomas a slip of paper. Only after he took the bet did he speak. “Betting on a new comer, you like to gamble don’t you?”


Thomas gave a shrug. “Well if she found out I didn’t bet on her she would probably break my arm.” After taking the slip of paper Thomas made his way back through the people and down to his seat.


Rachael paced back and forth her excitement building as the time for her first fight grew closer. She hoped that Thomas would remember to place the bet she also hoped that she would be fighting someone that relied more on strength then speed. Speedy little people were somewhat difficult for her to crush though she felt she stood a better chance of hitting her opponent now. She and Thomas had continued to practice to develop her fighting talent.


Some commotion caught Rachael’s attention and a man was ushered into the room holding his nose. Two doctors were with him though they didn’t look like the best trained physicians in the world. One of the doctors glanced over at Rachael. “They wanted us to tell you that you’re up.”


Thomas let out a slight gasp as Rachael entered the main room and began to make her way down to the right. She wore a skin tight outfit that not only showed of her curves it also did a wonderful job of showing off her muscles. You could even see her leg muscles flexed as she made her way down the short walkway.


Rachael waved at Thomas when she saw him setting in the front row. He had offered to stand at the sideline but she had insisted on him setting in the audience. When she got near the ring she waited for the door to be opened to let her in. The ring itself was a cage presumably to keep someone from trying to run out when in truth it was just there for show.


It upset Rachael to some extent when she found she was the first to enter the ring. The moment the door was shut though her opponent began to make his entrance and she couldn’t help but smile. While Rachael hadn’t had much experience with fighting and even less judging her opponent she felt confident that she had got her wish.


Thomas took his time judging the man as he made his way to the ring. He was quite large and indeed sported a lot of muscle mass though there was a great deal of fat to him as well most likely someone that depended on endurance and strength to overwhelm his opponent. He knew that Rachael was going to flatten him. The first time he blocked her she would most likely fracture one of his bones and since he doubted the man could dodge well Thomas felt that would be soon.


Ronald blinked his eyes a few times then covered up his face. He knew that this fight would only encourage Rachael to get further involved. If he had known who her opponent would be he most likely would have protested. Though when he thought about it he felt certain the miss match was mostly his fault. The fighters Rachael had overcome during her test fight had depended mostly on speed so apparently they thought to counter Rachael’s fighting ability.


Rachael turned her head in Thomas’s direction and waved her hand as the announced called out their names. She only turned her head towards her opponent when the call to fight was sounded.


He had already covered most of the distance between himself and Rachael having no intention of letting her prepare. It was fairly upsetting that they had put him up against a woman he didn’t care how built she was. He would just have to mess this one up so badly that they would never do it again.


The sound of bone cracking could be heard despite the crowd as the massive male swung his fist only to have the amazonian meet his punch with her own fist. The look of pain that covered his pain made it quite clear who had been the worse off for the collision.


“Just like the practice toys at home.” Rachael spoke lightly as she recalled all the time she spent trying to knock Thomas’s toys out of the air. The man’s fist had moved at about the same speed and had even fewer maneuvering options so it was easy to meet his punch head on.


Thomas could have sworn that Rachael’s fist were disappearing at least three fourths of the way into the man’s gut every time she would punch him. What made things worse for the fellow is that Rachael had no need to draw back her fist entirely or put the least bit of weight into her punches in truth she was pulling them after all so they were exceptionally rapid.


“What a miss match.” Ronald mumbled under his breath and leaned on the side post. The mammoth had never stood a chance against the amazon. Still, he had noticed that Rachael seemed to have improved since her practice match most likely she was still training and not just depending on her strength to see her through each fight. Actually, she seemed to have improved far more then he would have thought possible in so few days.


Ronald wasn’t the only one that could see an improvement. As Thomas watched he had to admit all those hours training had paid off. Of course the only reason Rachael could train like she had been was her strength.


Rachael grinned as she finally relented and stepped back from her opponent. While she had been pummeling him she had happened upon an amusing idea. Could her punches be the only thing that was keeping him on his feet? A moment later her suspicion was confirmed as the mammoth stumbled a few times and proceeded to fall forward. A delight squeal erupted from Rachael and she found herself uncontrollably jumping up and down clapping her hands.


The ease with which Rachael had one had surprised almost everyone her reaction after words stunned them. She was like a child that had just been given permission to do something she had been denied up until that point.


It didn’t seem possible at first but Rachael felt her first fight in the ring had been even more exciting then her test fight though it had been a great deal easier. Only when the ref placed his hand on her shoulder did Rachael snap out of it. Still smiling she allowed herself to be lead out of the ring.


Thomas couldn’t help but laugh as he stood up the fight hadn’t taken long at all. He would need to speak to Rachael about putting on more of a show for the audience if she was going to be fighting often otherwise they may get tired of seeing her. He resolved to stop by the counter and pick up his winnings before he went to see Rachael.


“So what did you think?” Rachael smiled at Thomas as she set in the dressing room a massive grin still on her face.


“It was impressive Rachael. Those training lessons are really helping you.”


“But you could have drawn the fight out longer.” Ronald didn’t bother knocking as he stepped into the room. “Other then that though well done, you really seemed to enjoy yourself out there.”


Rachael giggled a bit. “I sure did.”


“So I take it you are Thomas.” Ronald extended a hand for Thomas to shake.


Thomas took Ronald’s hand and was somewhat annoyed when he felt him clinch down upon his hand for a bit as if he was testing his grip. Ronald started to smile until he noticed an odd look in Thomas’s eyes as if he saw a vulnerable spot and was warning him to lighten up on the grip. “And you’re Ronald.”


Ronald withdrew his hand before speaking. “Um yeah so you have been teaching Rachael how to fight? You must be pretty good yourself to help her advance so fast.”


“She is a very devoted student.”


Ronald gave a nod. “Well Rachael you did good.”


“Thanks. So when do I get to fight again?”


“When would you like to fight again?”


“As soon as possible.”


Ronald chuckled a bit. “I’ll try to set something up for you. Actually, I don’t really handle that I’ll introduce you to the people that do some other time.”


Rachael gave a quick nod. “Well just keep in mind that if anyone backs out I am more then willing to step in.”


“Are you thinking about becoming a full time fighter?”


“Oh that would neat. Today’s match was so much fun.”


“You know not every fight is going to be that easy.”


Rachael gave an amused giggle as if Ronald had just told a joke. “Well if things get to intense I’ll let you know. For now I want scheduled for as many fights as you possibly can.”


Thomas knew Rachael was eager to show off her abilities but as he listened to her talk he had no idea she would be so enthusiastic about it what happened next though surprised him even more. Rachael turned in his direction pouting a bit.


“That is if it is okay with you my love.”


“Rachael you don’t need my approval to do this.”


“But I want it and I won’t if you don’t want me to.”


Thomas chuckled a bit. “Okay Rachael you have my blessing to beat as many people to a bloody pulp as you want.”




“Here you six hundred dollars.” Thomas held out the money for Rachael to take. When she placed her hands around his and pushed the cash back towards him.


“You hold onto it and remember to bet on me.”


“You know normally I wouldn’t approve of gambling six hundred dollars away but then again with you it is a sure thing.”


“Thomas once I manage to get a few thousand dollars saved up I want you to quit your job.”


Thomas let out a sigh and nodded his head. He remembered having this conversation with Rachael previously. “You know that I don’t like that idea Rachael.”


“Please Thomas? Please.”


A slight laugh came from Thomas as he looked up at Rachael. He had noticed something since her strength had began to increase mainly that while her ability to be independent had increased her dependence hadn’t but rather she wanted him around more and more. “Okay Rachael. If you don’t mind having a bum around I’ll quit my job.”


“You’re not a bum and this is what I want. If I can provide more then enough money for us to live off of then there is no reason for you to keep working when you could be spending that time with me.”


“Well it would give me more time to work on your training equipment but Rachael why do you want me to quit working so badly?”


“I. I just want you to spend more time with me. I mean if we needed the money I can understand why you would work but if we don’t then I want you to spend the time with me.”


Thomas stood up and proceeded over to Rachael. Placing his arms around her he had to stand on his toes a bit to hug her and not end up burying his head in her cleavage. “You don’t like being alone do you?”


“No.” Rachael wrapped her arms around Thomas in return and pulled him against her. “Especially not now I was always so scared of people before that my fear out weighed my loneliness but now that I don’t have to be worried about how delicate I am.” Rachael stopped for a moment. “No it isn’t that. I don’t want people to be around I want you to be around.”


Thomas felt one of Rachael’s arms slipped around behind him and under him a moment later he was lifted one third of a meter into an air so that he was eye level with Rachael. He didn’t get to comment though as her lips pressed against his.


Rachael broke off the kiss when she sensed that Thomas needed some air. It was interesting but as her strength had increased she had noted she didn’t need to take a breath as often neither did she need to eat or sleep as much.


Thomas couldn’t help but chuckle. “For a moment I worried that you were going to smother me.”


Rachael placed a few kisses on Thomas’s neck before speaking. “Sorry. Controlling my strength is one thing but they are still some unexpected changes.”


“I know.” Reaching back Thomas ran his hands through Rachael’s hair. “At least they seem to be beneficial.”


“Yeah hmm still it is going to probably take me some practice how about we work on kissing some more?” Once again Rachael didn’t bother waiting for Thomas to respond but once again pressed her lips to his.




“Thomas. Would you mind if I showed more skin while I was at work?”


Thomas walked a few paces behind Rachael as she browsed through the men’s clothing section. They had tried to find clothes to fit her in the women’s but that was difficult of course it wasn’t exactly easy in the males thanks in part to her prominent bust and her refusal to wear certain things. “Will I get to see you wearing what you wear at work?”


“Of course you will.”


“Then it is fine with me.”


“Here we go.” Rachael smiled as she found what she was looking for and began to look through several packs of extra large t-shirts.


“I have to ask though. You won’t let any of them touch will you?”


“Not without consequences.”


“Is it me but has more people been showing up at your second job since you began working there?”


“I am pretty sure that they have been. Of course all the time I spend working there hasn’t been good for my clothing that is why I need to change my outfit a bit. These should be easy enough to replace.” Rachael proceeded to pick up a few packets of the largest t-shirts they had on sell.


“I have been meaning to ask though what do you want to do with your winnings?”


Rachael froze up for a moment as if the question had caught her unaware. “Um well I suppose I would like to get some clothes that fit me better and a nicer home and.” An amused giggle came from Rachael. “What would you like to spend it on?”


“Well that is really up to you Rachael.”


“I want to know what you want to spend it on.”


“Come on. Just tell me what you want to spend the money on.”


“I want to spend the money on you.”


Thomas grew silent for a moment. Rachael’s confession had caught him off guard to a large extent. “Surely there is something that you want for yourself.”


“Like I said a nicer home and some clothes and that is about it. I have spent so much of my life working to gain a body like this and spending so much on it I suppose I never thought of what else I might want to have. Now that I have this body I can’t think of much else to do.”


Thomas gave a slight laugh. “I am sure you will think of something else but it is your money so you spend it how you want.”


Rachael puffed out her cheeks and a look of annoyance appeared on her face. “I don’t like it when you say that. You’re going to be quitting your job before long you know and it is our money.”




Thomas glanced down at the little slip of paper in his hand. The odds had been moving in Rachael’s favor for some time now which meant the winnings were getting smaller and smaller. He was thankful for the pay offs being big early on since it meant they had a lot of money to bet on the events. He once again shifted his attention to the ring. There was a peculiar look of annoyance on Rachael’s face.


Rachael hated dodging she didn’t have to after all but she had to put on a show and pretend that these fights were serious. It was amazing that no one had noticed already that no matter how solid of a hit someone landed on her she wasn’t harmed in the least. How she wished she could just stand and let her opponents have a free shot or two just let them shatter their knuckles on her pretty face.


At least the fights weren’t serious as far as Rachael was concerned. The other fighters had begun to hesitate to step into the ring with her though as she had become known for delivering devastating punches. That just one solid punch from her was often enough to fracture or even brake a bone.


Thomas watched closely despite Rachael’s boredom to see just how quickly she was improving. He had noticed that she was easily developing her combative skills at the very least three times faster then normal. Then again that wasn’t entirely surprising considering that she never had any need to recover from a fight and how much she practiced. Her evasion and accuracy had both improved considerably. Still, there was something else.


Rachael couldn’t help but feel her opponent’s punches were coming even slower then Thomas’s of course the reason for this was probably because Thomas didn’t have to worry about her hitting him back. At last Rachael flashed a smile and her opponent seemed to grow pail. Her right arm struck out and struck him in the face.


It was amusing at least for Rachael that people had began to learn when she was through playing around. When her smile grew so that her lips parted everyone knew the fight would be ending very soon.


“I have to say Rachael I never believed you would do this good.” Ronald smiled as he approached Rachael. “And I think the audience likes your wardrobe.”


“I thought they might.” Rachael grinned as she posed a bit.

Currently she was in what amounted to a bikini bottom with a t-shirt over her chest. She didn’t bother wearing a bra for two reasons. One it let her nipples outline be seen more easily and she had no need of such a garment. “Ronald. Would you mind if I used the gym a bit tomorrow night after hours?”


“Um sure. Do you want to do some exercising I have noticed you have been hitting the weights less often.”


“Well I am going to have some company.” Rachael gestured towards Thomas who was watching her intently. It wasn’t a jealous gaze as if he was worried about her speaking with Ronald rather it was a gaze that let him know she had his attention.


“Are you going to flex for him some?”


“Yeah it is something of a celebration though he doesn’t know about it yet.”


“Okay. Though later I want to speak to you about something.”


“Hm what is it?”


“It’ll hold.”


Rachael gave a slight shrug. “Okay.”




Rachael smiled as she looked herself in the mirror she had grown use to her violet hair long ago so it no longer distracted her. A T- shirt that would have been too small for a guy of her height was made even thinner by her breast and a tiny white thong was the only other garments that adorned her. Reaching down she proceeded to trace each one of her abdominal muscles and amused giggle escaping from her as she did so.


Slowly she lifted one of her legs and pointed her toes before flexing her leg muscles. Her calves were a near perfect heart shape and her thigh muscles bulged with strength yet remained sleek and smooth. Relaxing her leg she placed it back on the ground and proceeded to wrap her arms around herself so that she pressed up on the underside of her breast.


Tonight was going to be a special night. Glancing over her shoulder Rachael smiled at the stack of money she had left on the table. This would be the day when she finally told Thomas to quit his job and that she wasn’t going to take no for an answer. They didn’t need his income any longer and since the need for him to work no longer existed she wanted his time spent with her.


Of course she was prepared to enforce her decision and had even planned a little show. She had left the back door to the gym unlock and told Thomas to come by. He knew that she had something planned and was probably expecting a pleasant evening but she doubted he had any idea of everything she had planned.


Thomas was quite eager to find out what Rachael had planned exactly. While they had yet to make love Rachael could put on quite a nice show something that she had been doing much more lately. He had to figure she thought up something special which would require more equipment then they had and probably stronger floors. He couldn’t explain it but watching her flaunt her strength was quite enticing.


He was grateful that it took him a while to find the weight room since it gave him sometime to calm down at least he thought he had calmed down until he saw Rachael standing there.


“Mm you were eager to get here. You’re a whole ten minutes early.”


It took a few moments for Thomas to respond as he looked Rachael over. There was something about her that took his breath away though he wasn’t quite sure what it was. It wasn’t just her outfit or rather the lack of one. There was something more. “Yeah I suppose I did speed a little.”


“Is something the matter? You seem stunned. I have wore skimpier then this around the house.” Rachael couldn’t help but giggle.

“Though not much less I will say that.”


“It is just that. Wow. I know you have dressed like that before but something seems different.”


Rachael giggled a bit. She wasn’t sure what Thomas was referring to but she appreciated the complement. Walking across the gym she quickly placed one arm behind him and the other under him. It always excited her to feel how light he was now. “Thomas I have something to show you.”


“What is it?”


“Over here.” Rachael carried Thomas so that he couldn’t actually see where they were going. As she walked she flexed her chest muscles and shifted from side to side slightly causing her breast to rub against him. “I hope you don’t mind but I decided to show you just how much I won in the fights as of late and well you’re quitting your job now.”


Thomas froze up for a moment. He knew that Rachael wanted him to quit working and spend more time with her but this he felt like it was an order. “Rachael I know I said I would quit if you were making enough but we need to decide if it is really enough. Umph.” Thomas was a bit surprised when Rachael suddenly tightened her grip and pulled him against her body far more firmly. It was so forceful that it knocked the air out of him.


“Thomas you are going to quit your job or I am going to tear that factory apart.” An amused giggle escaped Rachael as a cute smile formed on her face. “Come to think of it that could be a lot of fun.”


A shiver of excitement ran up Thomas’s spine as he realized something. Rachael was being entirely serious at the moment and something told him that she could. While he didn’t know her actual strength since they hadn’t been able to test for that or if she had she hadn’t told him about it. Something in her tone of voice told him she was deadly serious. This didn’t make him scared though as he considered what she said. “So you wouldn’t just break my legs and force me to stay home?”


“Thomas I would never harm you, however if you don’t quit that job and start paying more attention to me. I do have other means of getting you to do what I want.”


Thomas was about to reply when Rachael’s lips pressed against his cutting him off for a few moments. As he felt her lips against his own he suddenly found the desire to resist her leaving him.


“Thomas this is really important to me. I really want to have you with me as much as possible. You took care of me for so long and gave up so much to help me. Let me take care of you.” Rachael grew silent for a moment as if she had just realized something. “No. It isn’t just that I want to take care of you. I want you to take care of me still but your job isn’t doing that anymore.”


“If I don’t work how am I suppose to take care of you?”


“By being there for me.”


“Okay. I’ll put in my weeks notice.”


“Oh no you are quitting today.”


Thomas gave a slight chuckle. “Well alright. I’ll just phone them and let them know I quit tomorrow. I doubt they’ll have trouble replacing me. Now um would you loosen your grip?”


Rachael responded by tightening her grip around Thomas for a moment so that he couldn’t actually take a breath. “Okay.” With that Rachael relaxed her arms and even allowed Thomas to slump a bit. “Hm you look more relaxed already.”


Thomas couldn’t help but chuckle. “Hey I thought you said you wouldn’t harm me.”


“Oh was that too tight? Maybe I should kiss it.” Rachael lifted Thomas a little higher so that his chest was level with her face she then placed kisses along his chest. Thomas reached down and placed his hands atop Rachael’s massive breast and gave them a slight squeeze. “That feels nice.”


Thomas was a bit perplexed when Rachael moved him away. “Is something the matter?”


“Nope but I have some things I want to show you before we go too far.”


“How far is that?”


“You’ll have to wait and see.” Rachael carried Thomas over to one of the bench presses and set him down she then stepped behind the bar as if she was going to spot him. “Do you believe you could lift this Thomas?”


“Without any weights on it? Yeah it would be easy.”


Rachael gave a nod and removed the clamps from either end and slipped on a fifty kilogram mass on each side. “Could you lift it now?”


Thomas gave a slight laugh. “Maybe with a lot of luck and on a very good day.”


Rachael didn’t respond but slipped another fifty kilogram mass on each side. “Now could you?”


“Not a chance.”


Reaching a hand under the bar Rachael slowly wrapped her fingers around it and prepared to lift it when Thomas’s hands wrapped around hers.


“How much does the bar itself weigh?”


“Oh it has a mass of twenty five kilograms I believe.”


Thomas gave a nod and released his grip on Rachael’s hand. With that Rachael lifted the weight from its resting position and extended her arm outward so that she wasn’t just holding it with one arm it was also fully extended. Despite this her muscles didn’t bulge in the least in fact it looked like she didn’t feel any difference between the weight and a feather.


Rachael glanced down at Thomas before she quit using her pinky finger to help support the mass her index finger followed soon after and still she didn’t show the least bit of strain. Not in her arms and not in her fingers. “Wow.”


“Aren’t you worried?”


“Worried about what?”


“Aren’t you worried that the weight might be too much and I may drop it?”


Thomas reached up and once again placed his hands around Rachael’s.

He then proceeded to pull himself up so that the majority of his mass and the weights mass were all being supported by Rachael. Still she didn’t seem to be bothered in the least by this. “Nope I can’t say that I am.”


Rachael gave and amused giggle and quit using her middle finger as well so that only the index finger supported the weight. Slowly she began to pull her arm back dragging Thomas along for the ride as he still had hold of her hand. Slowly she set the weight back down.

“How about I add some more mass then?”


“How about adding three hundred more kilograms?”


“Is that all?”


“Well I would suggest more but I am worried the bar will begin to bend.”


“Mm you make a good point but that is a fun idea as well to feel a metal bar just bending in my hands.” As Rachael spoke she took hold of the bar with both hands and lifted it from its rest. Slowly Rachael began to bend the bar unto a U-shape being careful not to move her arms too quickly. The action was a clear demonstration of her strength she didn’t need to jerk or poor on the power to bend the bar rather it was a nice steady action that involved not real effort on her part.


“Wow. Though I don’t think Ronald would appreciate you tearing up his equipment.”


“Oh it is easy enough to fix.” Still smiling Rachael bent the bar back to its original shape. As she did this Thomas set up and moved to get a closer look at the bar and see just how close it was back to its original form.


“That is impressive. I didn’t expect you to be able to bend it back to its original shape or at least close enough.”


“I guess I have developed some rather impressive motor controls.”


“That you have.” Thomas reached out and took hold of Rachael’s arm.

At first he kept his tough light and noticed how soft her skin felt however when he applied more pressure he could feel the incredibly strong muscles beneath that skin muscles that he couldn’t even begin to indent.


“How strong are you?”


“I don’t really know I haven’t been able to run any test for quite sometime. I couldn’t even test it in the gym when I finally got here.” Rachael slowly flexed her arm so that the muscle Thomas was feeling became even more solid and larger in volume.


“Maybe I could keep my job a while longer and you could use that money to by some testing … equipment.” Thomas felt a bit of a chill as he made this suggestion. Looking up at Rachael he could tell that she wasn’t amused by it in the least.


“I’ll tell you what I could do. You already saw what I can do to that bar. I wonder what I could do to the building which you use to work in.”


“Uh no need bad suggestion on my part.” Thomas resolved that had best be the last time he brought the issue of him working up to Rachael again.


Rachael quickly returned to her normal self once she saw that she had gotten through to Thomas. An amused giggle came from her and she stuck her tongue out at him for a moment. “I am glad I decided to take you here. I don’t know if you would have been so willing to listen if I hadn’t emphasized my point.”


Thomas gave a nod and leaned forward so that he could place a kiss on Rachael’s biceps. “Well these do speak rather loudly.”


Rachael chuckled and set the bar back down on its rest. “Stay right there I just had an idea. Oh and grab hold of the sides.”


Thomas wasn’t certain what Rachael had in mind but took hold of the sides of the bench just the same. He didn’t bother asking believing that it would be more fun to wait and see what Rachael had in mind then try to spoil the surprise. Then again it wasn’t very likely she was going to tell him.


Rachael bent down being careful to give Thomas the best view of her cleavage she could. Taking hold of the main supports of the entire wrack she slowly began to straiten up not because of the weight forcing her to move careful rather she needed to see if she was applying too much force to any one area.


A rush of excitement shot through Thomas as Rachael lifted him into the air slowly bringing the bench level with her arms and then lifting it above her head. “Wow. Are you even straining?”


“It feels like I could throw this for a mile it is so light.”


Thomas released the sides of the bench and moved so that he could reach one of Rachael’s hands. Reaching down he began to gently rub the top of her fingers as well as some of her wrist. “So did you believe you would become this strong?”


“Well to be honest. Yes. I just wish I knew how strong this is. I designed the treatment with improvements in mind it just looked like it had been a failure early on as I am sure you recall.”


Thomas scooted down a bit and began to place kisses on the top of Rachael’s fingers. “You know I have quite a nice view from up here.”


“Why don’t you try to climb down?”




“See if you can climb down while I am holding the bench up.”


“Are you sure you don’t mind?”


“Now if it was going to bother me I wouldn’t suggest it.”


Thomas gave a nod and took a moment to slip off his shoes and socks first then give them a slight toss across the room before he began to climb down. Moving to the side he placed his foot down on Rachael’s shoulder.


“I was thinking you would use something more spacious them my shoulder. How about we find out just how perky my breasts are?”


“Rachael. Are you sure you want to try that?”


Rachael thrust her chest up in response. “Yep. I bet my babies could support all your weight.”


Thomas bit his lip for a moment and removed his foot from Rachael’s shoulder. He then placed it upon her right breast and slowly began to apply more force. At first it didn’t seem like it was going to work as Rachael’s breast yielded however after a few moments they suddenly ceased to yield. Looking down he noted that his foot had moved Rachael’s bosom about as much as he might have moved them while caressing her breast.


“I told you they were perky.”


Thomas gave a nod and began to step down so that more of his weight rested atop Rachael’s breast. What he found was that even with his full weight he couldn’t cause Rachael’s breast to move beyond that point. At last he placed both feet on her chest and began to climb down. “I would have to agree with you.” A large grin was on Thomas’s face when he finally made it to the ground. “Would you mind if I.”


“Tried using your hands? Let me set this down first and then you can.” Rachael waited for Thomas to back away and then carefully set down the rack so that Thomas could take some time to examine her rack.


“I have a feeling your rack is the stronger of the two.” Thomas walked back to Rachael and reached his hands up. He then took hold of the front of Rachael’s massive right breast through her shirt. At first he didn’t notice anything but soft and wonderfully pleasant to the touch flesh however as he began to increase pressure the more Rachael’s breast resisted and once the force went beyond what would have normally been a caress there was simply no affecting them.


“Well how do they feel?”


“Simply wonderful.”


“You know the face is more sensitive then the hands.” Rachael giggled a bit and reached an arm around Thomas before he could respond. After bending down a bit she proceeded to pull Thomas towards herself so that his head was buried in her cleavage.


Thomas was a bit surprised but not upset by Rachael’s actions. However, as she held his head prisoner he placed his hands against Rachael’s shoulders and began to push against them as if he was trying to free himself. As soon as he began to strain Rachael released almost causing him to topple backwards but Rachael quickly caught hold of him.


“Was I squeezing too hard? I didn’t hurt you did I?”


“No I was just curious what you would do if I began to struggle.”


Rachael didn’t respond right away as Thomas’s reaction had caught her off guard. When she did it was with a slight grin. “Be careful about doing that. You don’t want me to start thinking you are kidding around every time.”


Thomas stood on his tip toes so that he could better reach Rachael’s lips a task made difficult not only by her height but by the two rather large obstacles on her chest. He was given some help though when Rachael slipped a hand under him and lifted him slightly off the ground. “Don’t worry. I won’t.”


Nodding her head Rachael carefully set Thomas back down. “Well that has it for my upper body. I wonder what should be next.”


Thomas bent down and placed a hand on either side of Rachael’s massive thigh. “To be honest I think that has your legs to. I mean they did have the full weight of that rack wresting on them whenever you picked it up.”


Rachael pressed up on her chest for a moment. “Yeah but they are always carrying the rack around.”




“Oh you meant the weights. Yeah but you couldn’t appreciate my legs then.”


Thomas gave a slight chuckle. “Okay that is the second or third rack joke in the last few minutes. I believe that is enough for one night.”


“But they are so easy.”


“Yes, but you are abusing them.” Thomas jumped a bit when his hands were suddenly and forcefully forced further apart. It didn’t harm him but it caught him off guard after a moment and upon noticing Rachael’s giggling he realized that she had just flexed her leg.

“Well that is some nice muscle expansion.”


“I told you. You didn’t really get to appreciate them while you were climbing down me.”


“I can see that. Now don’t flex them for just a moment or you might bust my lips with that level of muscle expansion.” Leaning forward Thomas proceeded to place several kisses along Rachael’s massive thigh.


“That feels nice but I prefer when you kiss me up here.” Rachael reached down and once again picked Thomas up so that she could kiss him on the lips.


After the kiss had been broken off Thomas glanced down. “You seem to enjoy picking me up.”


“Believe me. I do. It is just so much fun to cuddle you. You’re just so light.”


“You’re probably the only person in this world that can say that.”


“Well you’re not that heavy they are some other enhanced people that could say it. Still, thanks for saying so.” Rachael set Thomas back down. “Now back to business at hands. Just how can I show you just how strong my legs are? Ah I just had an idea.” Rachael quickly stood up and began to head towards the back of the gym. “You wait right there I need to get something that won’t be missed.”


“What are you looking for?”


“They keep some old free weights in the back.”


“How heavy are they?”


“Oh I think the heaviest is 40 kilograms.”


“But I just saw you lift a lot more then that.”


“Well I don’t plan on just lifting it. Just wait and you’ll see.”


Thomas gave a nod and set down. Rachael returned a few moments later carrier a single one handed weight in her hand. This actually surprised Thomas though it wasn’t because of the free weights mass. “Huh, I thought you would have gotten more.”


“Mm well it would be nice if I could use more but this is about all I can use comfortably. Ronald mentioned these to me earlier. They were part of a package but never got used since well how many people do you know that would use forty kilograms in each hand?”


“So what do you plan to do with it?”


Rachael started to tell Thomas to stand up but quickly changed her mind. Instead she set the weight down and slipped her hands under him. She then proceeded to lift him up and set him down on the floor. “Watch carefully now.” Picking the weight back up Rachael set down where Thomas had been and spread her legs.


Thomas started to back away to give Rachael more room however he was prevented from doing so when Rachael took hold of his hands and guided each one to an opposite thigh.


Rachael placed the free weight between her legs at first so that the bar between to the opposite ends was length wise between her legs. Thomas felt his hands lifted slightly as Rachael flexed her muscles not even beginning to close her legs yet. The expansion was impressive made even more so when he heard the slight wine of metal being bent.


When Thomas looked between Rachael’s thighs he couldn’t help but reach down and take hold of the bar. He could see the bent in the metal but he had to feel it for himself. After a few moments he withdrew his hand and placed it back on Rachael thigh. He then gave a slight nod.


Slowly Rachael began to close her legs together. The metals duel cry grew into a scream as more and more of it was forced together. Looking down she could have sworn that she noticed a bit of red appearing in the metal heat being generated by the amount of pressure that it was under.


“That is just remarkable.”


“It is going to get better.” Continuing the sides of the weight began to bulge outward as the metal was forced together. Reaching down Rachael placed one hand atop the weight and another beneath it. Her hands and legs weren’t enough to engulf the mass entirely but it helped when she felt a bit of the alloy beginning to move outward she would use her hands to forge it back down.


“I wonder if it is the friction making it warm in here or not.” Thomas removed his hands from Rachael’s thighs and got down on his knees. Leaning forward he placed his head atop Rachael’s right thigh and gave the magnificent muscle a kiss. He rose up when he felt Rachael’s legs begin to part.


“I just thought of something fun. I don’t even know if I can do it.”


“What is that?”


“We’ll need to go somewhere else for this. Now where would it be safe?”


“Where would what be safe? Perhaps, I can think of a spot.”


“Sorry but I want this to be a surprise.”


“Okay I believe I know what I can do. You just wait right here.”


“Is this different from what you had planned to do earlier?”


“Yes it is. After all, I don’t even know if this will work out. Now just hold on.”


Thomas gave a nod and set down as he once again had to watch Rachael dash out of the room. This was actually something of a good thing as it gave him a few moments to calm down. As he was setting Thomas glanced over at the former dumbbell she had been working with. Reaching down he took hold of it on either side and was somewhat surprised by the amount of warmth he felt in either edge. Apparently her legs crushing it on other side had generated a lot of warmth.


“Checking to make sure it is real?”


Thomas looked up to see Rachael entering the room once again. Under one arm she was carrying a rather massive stone with an impression in the center. “Where did you get that?”


“Just a bolder I found outside. I took a few moments to scoop out the insides. Mm I still don’t like the idea of trying this in here though. Let’s go to the back room. Get that if you don’t mind.” Rachael used her free hand to indicate the weight Thomas had been feeling of moments ago.


Nodding his head Thomas reached down and took hold of the lump of metal with both hands he needed them to lift and carry the mass. “So where should I take this?”


“To the back room, just follow me.”


Nodding Thomas followed Rachael out of the room and into what he imagined was a storage area. The floors were solid concrete and he could have sworn he smelt some form of oil. “Just what is this room used for?”


“For the most part it isn’t used for anything. Otherwise it is used to take worn out equipment for storage you know a treadmill that quits working.” Rachael set the stone down and took hold of her shirt.


Thomas was a bit startled when Rachael pulled her shirt over her head and tossed it to the side. She wasn’t wearing a bra which left her massive breast fully exposed. “I see.”


Rachael grinned when she saw the expression on Thomas’s face. “Just wait until you see what these babies can do. Let me save the weight.” Rachael didn’t actually wait for Thomas to hand it over by took hold of the top of the metal lump. Her fingers easily sunk into the alloy and she lifted it from Thomas’s grasp.


Thomas took a few steps back and watched as Rachael walked over to the stone slab and bent down so that she was leaning over it. She then proceeded to mash the lump of metal for a few more moments before slipping it between her breasts.” Rachael what are you planning?”


“You’ll see. Well if this works as well as I am hoping it will. If not this may hurt. Would you hold this in place for just a second?”


“Um sure.” Thomas reached under Rachael’s breast and held up the former weight while Rachael pressed her breast together.


“Okay let go.” Rachael felt Thomas remove his hand and increased the pressure she was exerting on either side of her breast to insure the metal didn’t slip out from between them.




“Don’t worry I wont ever use this much force when your head is between them.”


“That is nice to know.”


“Okay step back a bit I don’t want to risk you getting burned.”




“You’ll see now step back. Well you’ll see if this works out.” Rachael glanced down at her chest and then back up to Thomas who took a few steps back. Once they had some distance between each other she began to increase the pressure with which she was exerting on the metal at first she felt her breast giving but once again they only gave so far and then she felt the metal begin to give.


Thomas wasn’t entirely certain what Rachael was planning until he glanced down at the hollowed out stone slab and her position just over it. A look of recognition and peek interest appeared on his face. Slowly he scooted closer to Rachael and bent at the knees to get a better view. “How is it going?”


“I can feel it bending but that isn’t quite the result I wanted. I guess I need to apply more force.” Rachael was only using a small portion of her total strength however she still didn’t know if it would be enough to get the desired results. Even if it didn’t she couldn’t help but be amused by the fact that her breast were now strong enough to bend metal.


As Thomas watched Rachael exerting more and more force he didn’t really notice when his hands reached up and touched the very top of Rachael’s breast. A slight yelp from Rachael made him withdraw his hand. “Sorry, busy hands I guess.”


Rachael giggled a bit and exerted more force. “Don’t worry and put it back just not on the bottom.”


Thomas gave a nod and reached back up. Placing his hands atop Rachael’s breast he began to squeeze her flesh gently occasionally running his fingers over her soft skin.


“Mm that is nice but if you are going to help me with this you need to be more forceful. I’ll let you know if you are hurting me.” An amused giggle came from Rachael the moment the words had left her mouth.


“I don’t know how much I can but I’ll try.”


Rachael gave a nod and began to increase the pressure she was exerting on her breast even more. As she did so she began to notice something that she hadn’t felt for several weeks if not months.


Thomas continued to press harder however when he glanced up he couldn’t notice Rachael’s arms. “Rachael how much of your strength are you using?”


“Okay that is enough this is beginning to really hurt.” Rachael let out a sigh and relaxed the pressure she was applying. She then moved one of her hands under her breast relieving the pressure entirely and caught hold of the new very compacted lump of metal. “That is disappointing.”


Thomas grinned and glanced down at the lump. “Those are some pretty substantial dints in the sides.”


“Yeah, but I was hoping that I could get it to melt.”


“I figured as much. Well maybe you’ll be strong enough someday though I wonder how strong you actually are.”


“Other then very strong I can’t be certain. This has only made me want to run some real test even more.” While Rachael was talking and Thomas was looking at the lump of metal she reached a hand behind his head and pulled his head into her cleavage. “Well I suppose I am strong enough for now.” Thomas would have responded however he found himself unable to speak with his head pressed so firmly into Rachael’s breast.




No one won every fight at least no one was supposed to win every fight. Ronald found himself looking down at the record of Rachael’s wins and he had to admit it was surprising. She hadn’t lost a single fight and what was even more surprising is that her wins seemed to be coming easier and easier every time she won. She had won so many times that the odds were far too favorably stacked towards her.


While he had seen fighters have rather extensive winning streaks Rachael’s was just unbelievable and she wanted more fights. Perhaps it was time to try something different then a regular match.

Standing up he made his way out of his office and down to the gym where Rachael was currently working with some clients. “Rachael can I have a word with you for a few moments?”


Rachael had been walking around the gym helping anyone that seemed like they were having issues or didn’t really know how to use the equipment properly. It was an amusing thought to her at times considering it hadn’t been too long ago and she didn’t know the first thing about weight training. “Sure. I’ll be right there.”


Ronald gave a nod and continued out of the room he then made his way back to his office.


“So what did you want to speak to me about that it required us to walk all the way back here?”


“It is about your fights. You have been winning quite a few of them.”


“Yeah thanks for letting me join oh and thanks for letting me use the gym a week ago.”


Ronald gave a slight laugh. “Okay that is the seventh time you told me that. Are you going to say it once a day?”


“Whoops. Anyway, you were saying?”


“Yes about your fights. Have you considered trying anything special?”


“Like more then one opponent at once or perhaps my opponents could use baseball bats?”


Ronald blinked his eyes a few times. “The baseball bats might be a bit much but you just sounded very eager.”


Giggling Rachael nodded her head. “You believe I am. I am kind of tired of these little one on one fights. They are too easy.”


Leaning forward on his desk Ronald has to ask. “Rachael have you been holding back?”


“Nope I have been fighting with all the skill that I have. I have just been improving a lot.”


“How often do you practice?”


“Daily unless Thomas doesn’t feel like sparing and now that he has quit his job he has even more time to work with me. I like to think the effort is paying off.”


“I would say it has been. Though I have to admit your stamina surprises me.”


“How is that?”


“The power in each one of your punches they never seem to decline but I should have expected that from our wrestling matches. You can last that is for certain even longer then me.”


Rachael knew how she wanted to respond to truly flaunt her strength but she also knew that it wouldn’t be in her best interest. However, despite her resignation not to boast her lack of a response and the look on her face spoke volumes.


“Rachael. Have you been holding back? You said you fought with all your skill how about all your strength?”


“Yeah I have been using most of it.”


Ronald shook his head. “No you haven’t. How much stronger are you then you have been letting on? You’re not just enhanced are you? You have an illegal level. That is it. It is the only way you have got through every fight without a scratch. Damn it I don’t know why I didn’t notice before.” Ronald felt a chill run up his spine when he looked at Rachael once again. A sudden look of fear formed on his face as he realized what may only be a moment away from happening.

“Of course you’re not the only person I know of that has an extra edge.”


While Ronald had been connecting the dots a massive smile had formed on Rachael’s face the same smile she wore before she neutralized and opponent. “And how would that be?”


“Not every fight is meant for normal people there is another division where the bets are much higher.” Ronald felt tempted to ask Rachael if she was three or maybe even five times stronger then she let on but he didn’t want to take the risk. He had no way of knowing that she was thousands of times stronger then she let on.


“Ronald before this conversation continues any further. I just want you to know that if you tell anyone that I have an illegal level of enhancement without my consent I will drive my fist through your skull.”


“Rachael would you like to get out of the regular fights?”


It was somewhat perplexing for Rachael when Ronald didn’t bother commenting about her threat but she decided to play along and list more. “I have thought it would be nice to have some more serious fights like we were talking about before.”


“Well like I said I know of other people with illegal levels of enhancements. How would you like to try competing in their league?” Ronald didn’t care for being threatened but he had no reason to report Rachael to the cops. After all that would cause considerable trouble for him and if he ever did feel true fear for his life a powerful enough hand gun would take her down even if she was five times stronger then she let on was his reasoning.


Rachael couldn’t help herself and let out an excited yelp. “I would love it. I wouldn’t have to hold back as much and now I have some practice.”


“Okay, but it is going to force you to travel more.”


“That is fine with me.”


Ronald grew silent for a moment. “Okay I don’t want you to encounter any surprises. Rachael people have been seriously injured and a few have even died in the regular fights. It isn’t often but the special fights are different.”


“Since the fighters shouldn’t even exist yeah I imagine the death rate is higher. I am not stupid. I know the danger will be much greater.”


“Okay. Well it is also going to require you to travel. You won’t be able to work in the gym any longer.”


“Alright, I’ll put in my letter of resignation today.”


“Well aren’t you eager.”


“Of course I am. Can still participate in the regular fights?”


“No. That can’t be allowed anymore. Anyway people will begin to wonder eventually.”


“Yeah to be honest I am surprised they haven’t already noticed. I suppose they were distracted by my breast.”


Ronald gave a slight laugh. “That may be the answer.”


“Oh I can’t accept yet. I need to speak with Thomas first.”


“Huh. How come?”


“Well we are in this together and I don’t want to leave him out of the decisions. After all he’ll have to move to.”




“Sure I wouldn’t mind moving. It isn’t like I have a job to keep me here anymore but why do you want to move?”


“Well I quit my job as well so that I could focus on the fights.”


Thomas gave a slight chuckle. “Well then I believe you already made up your mind.”


“Thanks for not being upset though you may be when I tell you this next part. The fights are against other people with an illegal level of enhancement.”


“Why would that worry me? No one is as strong as you or I would be willing to bet no one is.”


“Aren’t you worried about the police finding out?”


“Actually I believe it is one of the safer things you could do. After all it is already illegal and hasn’t been stopped yet. We are going to be moving more then once aren’t we?”


“I believe so. From the way Ronald spoke the fights are held in different locations.”


Thomas gave a nod. “I don’t know if that is a good idea or not but it is something you want to do and anyway. I doubt Ronald wants you fighting in the normal ring any more.”


“Actually, he said I couldn’t find in the normal fights any longer.”


“Huh, I am surprised you agreed to him saying you couldn’t.”


Rachael gave a slight giggle. “Now that I think about that it does annoy me a bit. Perhaps I should go give him a savage beating for trying to tell me what to do? Well maybe later. Right now I need him to introduce me to the organizers at least the ones that I am going to get to meet.”


“Rachael, are you comfortable with the way your life is going?”


“What do you mean?”


“Well what you did before was illegal but it seems that you are getting involved in more and more dangerous and illegal activities.”


“Do you want me to stop?”


“This is about what you want.”


“You tell me what you believe I should do first.”


Thomas let out a slight sigh. “I believe what you are doing is dangerous and part of me wants you to stop. However, this also seems the best thing for you. I have seen how much you enjoy your new job.

So ultimately I don’t want you to stop if it makes you happy.”


“Okay you’re going to answer that again but not with any ifs or buts.”


“I believe you should participate in the fights.”


Rachael smiled and nodded her head. “Okay then tomorrow I’ll find out more and we can begin making preparations.”




“So how is this going to work?” Rachael was currently setting in Ronald’s office she had just slipped him her resignation later and now awaited an explanation.


“How much do you want to know?”


“Just how should I go about requesting fights, being given fights, where to go and picking up my winnings?”


“We’ll arrange the fights for you though you can put in specific request. I don’t believe you being that too often though after all you’ll be fighting people at your own level. For now I am going to have to serve as your contact and manager.”


“So I won’t be dealing with anyone else?”


“Not for a while. Of course once you get into the more serious fights you’ll have to start talking with other people. To be honest I stay away from the enhanced fights.”


“What is the highest level of enhancements you have seen?”


“I once saw a fighter that had actually sacrificed some of his human shape for claws but that is the really heavy divisions and well I don’t think you’ll make it that far.”


“Ronald could you tell me just who enhances these people? I don’t mean names I just mean a rough outline.”


“Mostly wealthy benefactors those with too much money on their hands and a fair amount of contempt for the law of course the fighters don’t care for the law much either.”


“Can you give me more details then that?”


“I really don’t know anymore and to be honest I don’t want to know.”


“How did you get involved then?”


“Well you aren’t the first person that I introduced to the ring. A few of the other fighters wanted to get more and more involved until they got picked up by the enhancers. You are a unique case though since you already have the improvements.”


“What qualified them to be improved?”


Ronald shook his head. “I can’t be certain. I believe it was how much they enjoyed fighting and the desire to be better physically.”


Rachael turned her head to the side for a moment without really thinking about what she was saying it slipped out. “And yet I bet their sacrifice gave them so very little.”




Rachael’s eyes widened for a moment as she realized her slip of the tongue. “Oh nothing I was just thinking.”


“I don’t imagine you were actually accidentally enhanced any longer. Do you regret the improvements?”




“From the way you just talked it sounded like you do.”


Rachael couldn’t tell Thomas the reason she had set that wasn’t because she had improved herself. Rather it was because those other enhanced people seemed so weak in comparison. “My head just wasn’t with me at the moment. So when will my first fight beat?”


“Well at the moment you’re a novice with no standing.”


“But I have been fighting for several weeks now a few months even and I always win.”


“With normal human fighters, remember these are people who are all two or three at times even five times stronger then what they would be normally and considering a good deal of them were fighters already that is saying a lot.”


“Okay so when do I get to prove myself?”


“Did you and Thomas talk over the idea of having to travel around?”


“Yeah he gives the endeavor his approval.”


Ronald nodded and picked up a slip of paper as well as a pin. “Okay. I’ll give you the address of where you are to go and when. We can meet up there and I’ll get you in.”


“I want Thomas to come as well.”


“That should be fairly easy. You’ll need to inform them that he is handling the money you want to gamble on yourself.”


“What if I want to place a bet on the other fighter?”


“That isn’t permitted.”


“Is that so the fighters aren’t tempted to throw a fight?”


“Yeah of course most fighters have even more of a reason to win.”


“What would that be?”


“Well the majority didn’t pay for their enhancement as I recall and those that did expect their investment to pay off or at least put on a good show.”


“Oh. I see. I see.”


“Anyway I plan on introducing you to some people there. Depending on how your first matches go others will contact you.”


“So the best you can really do is help get me started? Now here is a question. You said recruits occasionally pick people from the fights you help direct. Why didn’t any of them contact you about me?”


“At first you didn’t seem skilled enough for one and two why do you think I mentioned this to you?”


Rachael gave a slight shrug. “All well I won’t worry about it. Is there anything else?”


“Nope just be sure to show up.”




“Is this the place?” Thomas glanced at the surprisingly well maintained building. He had expected an old run down structure but this one seemed in at least moderate condition.


Rachael took a second to look at the paper with the directions on it. “Yes it is. Now we just need to pull into the parking lot and head down to the bottom floor.”


Thomas gave a nod and proceeded to pull into the parking lot. “Is there any particular level I should park on?”


“Yeah the floors four through should are advised and I believe nine and ten are off limits entirely.” Rachael looked around the parking lot as Thomas drove. She wasn’t exactly sure what to expect she hoped she was reading Ronald’s hand writing correctly as well. She was so caught up in her thoughts that she didn’t notice they were parked until Thomas opened the door for her.


“This looks like a good enough spot.”


Rachael gave a nod and climbed out. “Sorry I was just thinking.”


“What are you thinking about?”


“How humiliating it would be if we were in the wrong building.”


“Yeah that would be quite of embarrassing. So we head down to the bottom basement level now?”


“Yes.” Rachael didn’t move until she saw Thomas start to walk in front of her. The moment he did she reached out and took hold of his shoulder to stop him. “I was just thinking. Let me walk in front just in case this isn’t quite what we expect.”


“Is something worrying you?”


“Nothing in particular. I just feel like playing things safe while you are with me.”


“You know I can take care of myself.”


Rachael couldn’t help but grin. “Yes but I can take care of you even better then you can take care of yourself so let me lead.”


“I can’t exactly argue with that. Okay lead on.”


Rachael led the way into the center of the building and down a series of stairs that was for all purposes a standard fire escape.

Even at the bottom of the building she didn’t notice anything unusual except for perhaps the doors she had been told would taken her to the actually ring. It looked unusually thick. “Now where is Ronald?”


“I am right here.” The heavy door opened revealing that it was indeed thicker then Rachael original thought. “Glad you could make it. Please come on inside.”


Thomas started to take the lead when he felt Rachael’s hand once again rest on his shoulder and remembered their brief conversation. He didn’t bother protesting but once again fell in behind Rachael. As they followed Ronald down the hallway Thomas and Rachael were constantly examining their surroundings.


“What are you looking for?”


Thomas was the first to respond. For some reason Rachael seemed even more distracted and worried about safety then he was. “I suppose were checking to see just what kind of structure this is. That was a lot of parking space upstairs.”


“Well they can get a lot of people wanting to place bets.”


Thomas gave a shrug. “To be honest I didn’t expect such events to be housed in a permanent structure especially one like this.”


Ronald nodded his head. “Everyone has a different impression. I suppose you favor mobility.”


“It would seem the most logical method. With a standing structure like this you have to worry about constantly keeping it beneath the notices of the authorities.”


“I imagine the owners worked that out before this place was chosen.” The group stopped when they came to another set of doors. “Give me a second and I’ll get us in.”


While Ronald talked to someone over an intercom Thomas stepped up next to Rachael. “Is something wrong? You seem nervous.”


Rachael smiled at Thomas. “I just feel a little nervous with you around is all well worried that something might happen.”


Thomas wasn’t entirely certain he like the way this conversation as going already. He had tried to assure Rachael that he could handle himself but it didn’t seem to have worked and even with him letting her take the lead she was still worried about him of course that was better then her not worrying at all. The door opening was a bit of a relief as he wasn’t quite able to think of anything to say.


Rachael’s eyes widened when she saw the true expanse of the facility. Instinctively she reached out and took hold of Thomas pulling him closer against her larger body. This wasn’t for her safety rather it was for her comfort as she wanted to insure herself that he was safe.


“So is this the young lady you were telling me about?”


The group turned to see a young man in a business suit approaching whom Ronald went to meet. “Andrew it is good to see you and yes this is Rachael.”


Andrew gave a nod and stepped past Ronald to look at Rachael. “So are you the same young woman that the police was searching for over a year ago?”


“Yes. That would be me.”


“It isn’t often that someone enhances themselves. You’re still together with your cohort as well.” Andrew looked beside Rachael for a moment at Thomas while in comparison to Rachael Thomas looked remarkably fragile Andrew felt quite certain that was only in comparison to someone like Rachael. “Thomas I believe that is what the reports said your name was. Is that correct?”




“I have been wondering why you haven’t enhanced yourself.”


“I never really wanted to.”


Nodding his head Andrew turned his attention back to Rachael. “Now what would you like to ask me?”


“I suppose the normal stuff. When do I get to start fighting, where do I go and how do I bet, oh and how often?”


“Well your first fight is going to be here playing to a small crowd.

The amount you get to fight depends on how often you win and how often people want to see you. I’ll show you where to place your bets.

You may not get to fight as often as you would like since your improvements aren’t on the market.”


Thomas took a step in front of Rachael. “What do you mean on the market?”


“Well this isn’t just an arena it is also a market where people show off what their improvements have done to their bodies. Some of our clients pay to be enhanced actually more then a few of our wealthier clients watch the fights for years waiting to see just the idea enhancement.”


“And I am not willing to enhance anyone with the treatment that I used on myself.”


Andrew tapped his chin for a moment. “Of course you could always be a gauntlet.”


Rachael blinked her eyes a few times. “What do you mean by a gauntlet?”


“A gauntlet is a fighter that is used to test other fighters against to obtain this status though you have to have quite an impress record. Those fighters who obtain the status of gauntlet are some of our best and those that can defeat the gauntlets well their enhancements are the most desired.”


“So as a gauntlet I would get to test the newer fighters?”


“Yes. You’re rare for another reason as well namely because you are self enhanced.”


“Is that a good or bad thing?”


Andrew grinned. “Well it depends on your view point. You do realize that while we do have medical facilities they aren’t free and I doubt you want to go to a standard hospital.”


“So unless I have the money I don’t get treated. I can’t say that actually worries me.”


“Yes, Ronald said you have earned some money on the regular fight circuits. I have to tell you though that can get eat up awfully quickly.”


Rachael couldn’t help but giggle. “I mean I don’t believe anyone is going to be harming me.”


“My you sound confident in your enhancements. Well just keep my warning in mind.”


“So when will be my first fight?”


“In two weeks we are going to be holding a beginners battle. Those less known fighters participate the longer you hold out the more likely you will be invited to participate in later fights.”


“Sounds fine with me what do you think Thomas?”


Thomas glanced up at Rachael face and noticed the huge smile on it.

He then turned to Andrew. “So just how do these fights work?”


Andrew gave a slight chuckle. “We set up the new fighters’ one on one and weed them out until you get to the top two fighters. The winner doesn’t get any particular title but it does just about guarantee you will be in future matches.”


“Are they going to be any gauntlets there?”


“Sorry but no while we do have the occasional death we don’t like to intentionally set death matches up and well most gauntlets would break the newcomers in half.”


“Well that just isn’t any fun.”


Andrew couldn’t help but chuckle. “You seem to either be a glutton for punishment or you are very confident in your abilities. Ronald informed me that you have been holding your true strength back in the ring. Would you mind giving me a little demonstration?”


Rachael thought about agreeing but changed her mind. “Sure you can when you let me into the ring.”


Thomas had been looking around while Andrew and Rachael spoke at last he had to say. “It is impressive you keep a facility this big below the authorities’ radar especially considering what you say most of the fighters are.


Andrew gave a nod. “I imagine that was more of a question then anything else. Is it really surprising though?”


Thomas grew silent for a few moments. “Not when I compare it to other operations I have heard of. It just seems strange to actually be seeing one. I have to wonder though. Why did you have Ronald bring us here if Rachael wasn’t going to get to fight?”


Rachael seemed to perk up a bit. “That is true from the way you and Ronald were talking earlier I had hoped I would get to fight some today.”


“Come now would I have every client and fighter waiting here on the first meeting? This could have been a planned operation after all.”


Nodding his head Thomas was about to step forward when he felt Rachael pull him back. He hadn’t intended on starting anything it just felt a little awkward to be standing so close to her while having a conversation. “And you’re sure that it isn’t now?”


“Relatively certain yes. Though I do have one favor to ask Rachael would you give a DNA sample to prove you’re enhanced beyond the legal limit or at least perform some action for proof.”


“Well I am not willing to give a DNA sample but I believe I can prove my strength to you. Do you have any weights hand or iron bars?”


“Sure. I didn’t believe you would be willing to give up a DNA sample considering you aren’t willing to sell your enhancement method.

Please follow me and I’ll take you to the fighters warm up room.”


Ronald had been quiet up until this point. “Andrew you seem to have this all in hand. If you don’t mind I am going to be leaving.”


Andrew gave a nod. “Are you sure you don’t want to stick around.”


“Yeah right now I am just background noise.”




Rachael turned and walked as Ronald walked away she then turned back to Andrew. “So does that mean you’ll be the person I contact from now on?”


“Actually I would prefer if I contacted you.”


Rachael gave a slight giggle. “Okay so let us see this equipment you mentioned.”


As Thomas walked next to Rachael he felt her relax a bit though he knew it wasn’t entirely. The reason he knew she was still somewhat nervous was that every time he would try to get beyond her arms reach she would pull him back in close to herself or right up against herself. It was a small miracle he realized that she wasn’t packing him around. It was moderately annoying but amusing all at the same time.


“Here we are. Andrew lead Rachael and Thomas into what at first glance seemed to be a regular gym however on close inspection it became clear that it wasn’t. Everything in the area had clearly been build to higher degrees of sturdiness and resistance. The bench press bar alone had a mass of 100 kilograms and the smallest weight in the room looked to be at least fifteen kilograms while one hundred kilograms appeared to be the most common.


Rachael finally allowed Thomas to move away from her though she kept a close eye on him. “Well let me see here.” Rachael glanced around until she came across some free weights. “Seventy five kilograms” Reaching down Rachael wrapped her fingers around the bar and easily lifted the weight from its rack. “How is this?”


Andrew took a few steps closer so that he could read the weights mass he then glanced at Rachael’s arm. “Would you mind doing a few reps with that?”


“No problem.” Rachael slowly extended her arm to its full length holding the weight out from herself she then lowered her arm so that it was along her side. Then with the same slow motions she began to curl the mass. Every rep was done slowly but without the slightest sign of effort upon Rachael’s part.


Andrew clapped his hands together. “Well then I am convinced. You’re strong enough to participate.”


Rachael smirked a bit and set the weight back down. “So is my strength the only thing you wanted to test?”


Andrew gave a slight shrug. “They are a few other things that I would like to test but you already showed me what you need to.”


“What are those other things?”


“Not every fighter has endurance proportional to their strength. If you would like my opinion to whether or not you should participate I could give you a test.”


“What is your opinion right now?”


“That you have enough strength to be a threat but your skill is quite lacking. I heard about your fight in the normal ring but here you’ll find your opponents are not only much stronger but they are a lot faster. From what I have heard your speed is still normal.”


Rachael grew silent for a moment. She had been so caught up with her strength that she hadn’t really bothered to think of her movement speed. Still, she knew that her endurance would be more then enough for the ring. “I think I’ll leave things at that. I’ll be expecting a phone call in two weeks.”


Andrew gave a nod. “Well it is your body.”




“What happened back there?” Thomas once again found himself driving while Rachael set in the passenger’s seat.


“My mind has been so caught up with my strength and toughness that I had never really bothered to consider that I haven’t improved my speed in the least.”


“Was the treatment supposed to help you move faster?”


“I was supposed to be improved in every possible way however considering what the treatment did to me at first I suppose I shouldn’t have been surprised. Still it seems odd. Given my increased strength I should at least be able to run faster.”


“Yeah your legs should be pushing against the ground with even more force.”


“Did you notice any improvement while you were training me to fight?”


“I can’t say I noticed anything that can’t be explained and is most likely due to your increase in skill.”


Rachael let out a sigh and leaned her head back. “I don’t even know what triggered by body to suddenly decide to start becoming stronger when I think about it. Perhaps there is a way for me to move even faster then what I have been but as of this moment I have no idea what that is.”


“So what do you want to do?”


“I need to take some time to practice.”


“I don’t believe you’re talking about with the training equipment we have.”


“No I am going to have to go some place more secluded for these test.”


“When would you like to start looking for a suitable spot?”


Rachael grew silent for a moment. “How about we start looking tomorrow? I won’t be participating in anymore fights for two weeks after all and I did quit my job.”


Thomas gave a nod. “Okay. Give me more details on what we are going to be looking for?”


“It needs to be some place that I can use my full strength and not worry about being spotted. Actually, that is pretty much the main requirement though I would prefer if terrain was nice and solid.”


“As in you want to have lots of rocks to bust up?”


Rachael gave a slight giggle. “Yeah that would be fun. Of course now I am worried that …”


“Is something the matter Rachael?”


“Do you remember that time I lifted the entire weight set in the gym?”


“How could I forget? Oh I see. You’re wondering how you kept from cracking the floor when you lifted it entirely over your head.”


“Even though I didn’t walk I have to believe that all that weight pressing down on my feet would have some affect or maybe I am underestimating the strength of the flooring.”


“I doubt that the flooring is strong enough to handle all that force pressing down upon it at least not normally. Yeah. I can see why you would want to run some test.”


“So do you have any ideas on where we should go to find a nice secluded spot?”


“They are a few spots that come to mind. Yeah I can think of a few likely spots though they are sort of out of the way.”


Rachael gave a slight giggle. “Well being secluded sort of requires they be out of the way. How about instead of leaving tomorrow we take some time to plan more and make a vacation out of it? Take some time to relax before I start by new job?”


“That sounds fine to me.”


End Chapter 2

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