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Modifications – Chapter 4

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Modifications – Chapter 4


By Happiest in Shadows



Warning this story contains adult content so if you’re a minor don’t read it or if adult content involving sex, violence or super powerful women offends you don’t read it either. This story was written with input from Supernaught whose real name I haven’t inquired about.



Thomas generally poked the needles against Rachael’s skin trying to get a reading of any type. However, no matter how hard he pressed the needles into her the volt meter just wouldn’t give a reading.


“Thomas what are you doing?”


A wide grin formed on Thomas’s face. “OH I am just seeing how well you function as in insulator.”


Rachael rolled her eyes. Currently she was not only holding a life wire but she was also the energies only path to the ground. “Well what is it saying?”


“I’m not getting anything.”


“Well it is only a thousand volts.” An amused giggle escaped Rachael. She had been a little annoyed when Thomas had first started poking her with the needless until she realized what she was doing. Now she thought it was cute.


Rachael had been working on hooking up various pieces of equipment however while working she had become careless and taken hold of one of the live wires. This would have probably been fatal for her at a previous time or left her seriously injured but in her current condition she wasn’t affected in the least. “Thomas, I am glad my senses still let me know when I take hold of something dangerous.”


“It is helpful I would have to see what would happen if you grabbed the wire and didn’t realize what it was. You might have destroyed something or even handed it to me without realizing it would cook me. I wonder why your body does that though.”


“I believe you just answered that question. I think perhaps my body remembers what is lethal to a human because I don’t want to risk harming you.”


Thomas reached down and took hold of some of Rachael’s hair he then moved it to the side and bent down. “Thanks for thinking of me.” He then pressed his lips against the back of Rachael’s neck.


Rachael shuddered a bit and had to remember not to squeeze the wire to hard or she would end up cutting through the material. She loved the feeling of Thomas’s kisses on the back of her neck. A slight giggle a bit and Rachael used her shoulder to Thomas back a bit. “Now that felt electric.” Rachael’s smile faded for a moment when she felt the needle of the volt meter press into her once again.


“Really? The meter isn’t picking anything up.”


“Oh you’re lucky that I won’t risk letting you get too close to this wire.”


“I know.” Thomas gave Rachael a few more kisses before stepping back.


A sigh escaped Rachael and once again her annoyance melted away though she was glad to hear Thomas setting down the meter. It was hard for her to focus back on the task at hand and finish connecting the wire. The only reason she even did it was she knew it would be too dangerous for Thomas if she simply left the wire out. “There we go.”


“Your strength has made you forget a lot of the safety precautions you use to follow.”


Rachael gave a nod. “I know that I could pass a safety exam at this point unless the tester took into consideration that it is very difficult to harm me. That or I could just threaten the instructor I suppose. Though I am really becoming concerned over these slip ups. I may not be harmed but I don’t want to destroy a few hours worth the work or longer and I truly hate the idea of harming you.”


“Well generally speaking when there is no fear of consequences we disregard certain steps. So what you’re doing isn’t really surprising.”


“Thomas there is a fear of consequences though not directly to me. If you were injured it would affect me and I still get annoyed when my work is ruined. These muscles haven’t really helped with my patience.”


“Oh sure they have effected your patience. You’re even less tolerant of most people since you no longer have to worry about their reactions.”


Rachael stood up and took a moment to look over her work. Walking over to Thomas Rachael wrapped her arms around him and gently embraced him. “Actually, I believe you have something to do with that as well.”


Thomas gave Rachael a kiss on the chin and cheek. “How do you figure that?”


“Mm you’ll have to figure that out on your own.” Rachael brought her lips down and pressed them against Thomas’s. It took a few moments but at last she pulled her head back and let out a slight gasp. “Okay. If I let myself get started now neither of us is going to get any work done.”


“How many more rooms do we need to get wired?”


“I need to finish wiring two more rooms upstairs and three more parts of the basement.”


“I? Do you mean that I can’t help?”


Rachael giggled and lifted Thomas off the ground. “That is exactly what I mean. I don’t want to risk one of my slip ups hurting you. Well that it isn’t entirely true that you won’t be helping me you’re going to supervise me and let me know whenever I am forgetting a step or a precaution.”


“You know the work will go faster if I help and I know you don’t like being told you’re doing something wrong.”


“You’re right I don’t like being told that I am doing something wrong or that I am wrong which is why you’re going to supervise like I said you would or have you forgot who is the stronger of us?.” Rachael intentionally used a tone of voice that was sterner then she truly meant it to be.


Thomas pretended to try and pull away though there was no way he could break the grip Rachael’s arms hand on him. “Okay I’ll be good. No need to get rough.”


Rachael giggled and placed a few kisses on Thomas’s neck. “That is a good boy.”




Rachael easily pressed the nails into the solid lumber and secured the wires in place. Working another nail up from within her hand she had to be careful not to bend or dull the nails she had too much otherwise they wouldn’t work very well. When she worked the next one up though a sly grin formed on her face.


Thomas knew something was about to happen whenever he saw Rachael glance over and insure that he was watching her. He wasn’t entirely certain what was going on when she placed the nail against the wall and pushed it in just enough to hold it into place. She had been using her fingers to drive nails the entire time.


Once Rachael felt certain the nail was in just enough to insure gravity wouldn’t pull it out for a few moments she bent down a bit and brought her head level with the nail. Slowly she extended her tongue so that the tip of it was touching the head of the nail then ever so slowly she began to stick her tongue out as if she was mocking the wall.


Mocking the wall seemed to be the right way to put what Rachael was doing. The heavy oak wood was normally considered very sturdy but despite this it didn’t even slow Rachael’s tongue down as it drove in the nail. As the tongue extended Thomas couldn’t help but be reminded of a young girl sticking her tongue out at someone that she had just bested.


An amused giggle issued forth from Rachael after she finished though there was a somewhat unpleasant expression on her face. “That tasted terrible.”


Thomas slowly walked over to Rachael and bent down so that he could see what she had actually done. “Wow.”


If Thomas had been paying more attention to the super fem standing next to him he might have grown concerned whenever the same sly grin that had been on her face just before she used her tongue to push the nail in returned. Leaning closer Rachael extended her tongue outward and very carefully pressed it to the side of Thomas’s head.


Thomas gave a slight jump whenever he felt the touch of Rachael’s tongue on his face. Quickly he turned in her direction to see her tongue still sticking out at him. “Careful Rachael that tongue of yours is dangerous. Well it has always been sharp but now it can be down right blunt.”


Rachael gave an amused giggle and pulled in her tongue. “Don’t worry my tongue will never bruise or cut you.”


“That is nice to know.”


“I wonder if I could spit a nail out of my mouth hard enough to drive it through the board.”


“You probably could though I don’t know how strait it would be.”


“Do you want to find out? There isn’t anything very vital here.”




Rachael handed Thomas one of the nails. “Okay go wash that thing off and dip it in sugar or something. I don’t mind trying but they taste fowl without a little flavoring or maybe that was the wall? I don’t know either way go and add something.” Thomas gave a nod and quickly made his way out of the room and into the kitchen.


“Here you go Rachael.”


“Oh chocolate” Rachael quickly slipped the nail into her mouth and proceeded to clean away the chocolate syrup before turning to the wall. She then puckered her lips as if she was going to kiss it and blew the nail out of her mouth.


The sound the nail generated whenever it was driven into the wall could have easily been mistaken for a small explosion. The bit of metal was actually imbedded so far in that one would have to carve out some of the surrounding wall in order to remove it. “Woah. Careful Rachael you nearly sent it through the wall.”


“I was being careful.” Rachael gave a giggle and gentle blew on Thomas so that she made his hair fly back and his shirt began to ruffle.


Thomas smiled and braced himself against the torrent of air. He had been impressed by what she had done with a nail however when he realized that the wind was picking up speed and even threatening to blow him over he was stunned. It wasn’t long before Thomas had to use all his strength just to remain stationary. Despite this he couldn’t bring himself to ask Rachael to stop.


Rachael relaxed whenever she saw that Thomas was having trouble holding his ground. She then took a moment to look around the surrounding building. “It is a good thing we had this place reinforced.”


“Yeah other wise you might have blown out a few windows or worse.”


It had only been a few weeks since Rachael and Thomas had resolved to build a home but already they had made an enormous amount of progress. Rachael and Thomas had worked on the actual design together though to his dismay at times she insisted on doing most of the work.


On average Thomas would help out until he began to tire at which time Rachael would continue to work. She simply never seemed to get drained. During these times he would look over what she and he had done and in general keep her company. Rachael also worked during the early hours of the morning while Thomas was still asleep. A time period which had been growing longer and longer as Rachael found herself needing less sleep.


The building was official a one story structure however the basement actually had two levels. This had been done in order to deal with the rather heavy equipment they would be bringing in and the need for a secure work area. The top floor of the building had been made sturdy but the basement levels could have doubled as bomb shelters.


Thomas walked over to his tools and picked up the nail gun he had been using. Walking over to a spot next to Rachael he began working once again or at least he tried. When he went to drive the first nail Rachael suddenly stuck her hand in the way causing the nail to be pushed against her hand instead of into the bored. The gun gave a slight kick when it proved incapable of penetrating Rachael’s skin.


“Thomas you still look tired I want you to rest for a while longer.”


“Don’t worry I can help.”


“You can rest or you can go and get a snack and rest.”


Thomas gave a sigh. At one time he had took such moments as insulting but he knew Rachael only got this way because she was concerned about him and it was true he was still quite tired. He also knew that there was no reasoning with her when it came to such matters. “What would you like?”


“Mm a chicken sandwich I suppose though to be honest I am not actually hungry.”


“Rachael I don’t remember seeing you eat yesterday.”


“I didn’t.”


“And you’re still not hungry?”


Rachael gave a shrug. “No. I can’t say that I am. I don’t feel any weaker either.” Thomas didn’t say anything but proceeded to make his way to the kitchen.”


“Here you go pretty lady.”


Rachael was a bit surprised when Thomas walked up to her and held a sandwich just in front of her face. For a moment she didn’t do anything then she opened her mouth and took a bite while Thomas was still holding it.


“Mm that is good. I am glad that I can still enjoy food even though I don’t know how much of it I still need.”


“Well since your hands are dirty how about I feed you while you work then I’ll eat mine?”


“That sounds fine to me.”


“Rachael I really don’t like the thought of you not eating.”


“Why not, I feel fine.”


“Still, I want you to try something other then just quitting.”


Rachael took another bite of the sandwich and took her time chewing to enjoy the taste. “Thomas don’t worry about it I’ll be fine. After this I’ll probably go without eating for a few days more well until I get hungry however long that is.”


“Rachael I don’t want you to quit eating all at once. You should at least be careful and instead of cutting out food entirely eat smaller and smaller portions each day. Don’t make me force you to eat.”


Rachael turned around and faced Thomas for just a moment. Then her arms wrapped around him and she pulled him against herself. “Okay I’ll take it slowly then. I can see that you’re serious about this.”


“How about letting me prepare your meals? Each day I’ll reduce the calorie intake slowly and you can let me know if you notice anything.”


“How slowly are we talking about?”


“Once a week I could cut the number of calories by ten percent.”


Rachael couldn’t help but frown. “Come on Thomas you know I can handle a bigger cut then that.”


Thomas couldn’t help but smile. “Would you let me talk you out of it if you were worried about my health?”


Rachael couldn’t help but pout. “No I wouldn’t.” A grin formed on her face. “But I am at the one with super human strength here.”




“Oh fine be that way.”


Thomas had to repress a chuckle as he watched an Amazon that stood over two meters tall pouting. “Thanks for letting me take care of you to.”




Rachael ran her fingers along the heavy concrete the whole time she did so she had to fight the urge to bury her fingers into the solid material. Thomas for his part was finishing the last check on the power system. “Okay Rachael I believe that you have done it.”


It took a moment for Rachael to respond. “Do you think that we built it strong enough? The walls they just feel so weak.”


“Rachael is something the matter you look concerned?”


Turning around Rachael walked over to Thomas and wrapped her arms around him. “I don’t know. I just thought it would feel more secure whenever it was finished.”


Reaching up Thomas placed his hand on Rachael’s cheek. “I guess when you’re as strong as you are it would take one heck of a building to make you feel safe. I don’t see why you are so worried though, I doubt they are many things that could harm you.” Thomas’s eyes widened for a moment and a chuckle escaped him. “But you’re not worried about yourself. Are you?”


Rachael wrapped her arms around Thomas to insure that he couldn’t back away. “Do you mind if I worry about you?”


“No I don’t. I guess I must seem pretty fragile to you?”


Rachael gave a nod. “Yeah and the stronger I get the more delicate you seem to be but the more we are together the more important you become to me. So I worry whenever you’re not near me. I was hoping I would feel more relaxed when we finished building our home but I just can’t shake the feeling that it isn’t enough.”


“Rachael you know that I can handle myself in a fight.”


Rachael couldn’t help but flinched, she really despised the idea of Thomas having to fight. “With normal people maybe but not in the world I have brought you in to. You know the majority of people there who aren’t enhanced themselves either having nothing to do with the fighters directly and just gamble or have several bodyguards.”


Thomas considered arguing his point that he knew how to fight again but knew it wouldn’t have any effect. Rachael was right after all he wouldn’t last very long against someone with the level of enhancement most of the fighters had. “So what do you want to do?”


“I could enhance you as well but a part of me just doesn’t want to do that. There is just something telling me not to.” Rachael looked down at her hands and then back to Thomas as if waiting for something.


“Rachael if you believe that it is important that I not be enhanced then I won’t be. Even if you decide it is the logical thing to do I’ll take the risk and remain normal.” Thomas felt himself lifted from the ground a moment later and held against Rachael.


“Thanks and I don’t believe it would matter. Even if I made you ten times stronger then you are now I would still worry so much. The real problem here is me and my speed.”


“How do you figure that?”


“I may be very difficult to hurt but if someone threatened you I may not be able to get to you in time. After all I still can’t run much faster then a normal person. I am going to have to work on becoming faster and then maybe I’ll be able to relax some.” Still cradling Thomas in her arms Rachael lifted him up a bit higher and gave him a gentle kiss on the cheek. When she spoke again she didn’t pull her face away. “Until then you’re just going to have to stay near me.”


Thomas sighed and returned Rachael’s kiss and then some. “You know in the past I would have found this all very emasculating.”


“And how do you feel about it now? You know I don’t want to harm you in anyway.”


Thomas wrapped his arms around Rachael’s neck and pulled himself against her. “It is nice to be loved. I’ve just had to accept that physically there isn’t really anyway for me to protect you.”


“Hey I thought you said you accepted that a long time ago.”


“Well to be honest it was more like accepting it and to be entirely honest that process is still going on to some extent but I am getting there.”


Rachael gave Thomas another kiss. “Is there anything that I could do to help you along?”


“You are.”


“How am I helping you along? Once I know what I am doing maybe I can do it more often.”


“Thanks for letting me protect you in the arena.”


It only took Rachael a moment to realize what Thomas was talking about. “Mm yes I do need someone to protect me from all those annoyances. I am just terrible when it comes to dealing with people. Besides I trust your judgment and you have some fun ideas to.”


“Like the three on one fight that almost destroyed your career?”


“Oh shush it was fun. I don’t mind that it made earning money somewhat difficult. It would have happened anyway after all and we did manage to make quite a bit of money, besides that was my fault not yours I am the one that lost control and lashed out. Hopefully, you can get me more such matches. ”


“I’ll do my best.”


“Thanks.” Rachael gave Thomas one more kiss this time she pressed her lips securely to his.


Thomas pressed his lips as securely to Rachael’s as he could. He felt her arms tighten up on him a bit though not enough to cause him any pain. When he began to need air he felt Rachael’s tongue pressing against the outside of his lips and opened his mouth allowing it entrance. The moment he did he felt fresh air flowing into his mouth and he took a breath.


Rachael loved maintaining her and Thomas’s kisses by supplying him with the oxygen that he needed. It wasn’t just maintaining the physical action that she loved. She adored having him depend on her even for his oxygen. She loved separating him from the wrest of the world to the best of her ability so that he was entirely hers.




Rachael didn’t cry out whenever she was sent flying backwards and slamming into the padded wall. Even if the thick cushioning hadn’t been there the impact wouldn’t have harmed her. The only reason they had even set it up was to actually protect the steel reinforced concrete wall behind it.


Thomas gave a slight jump when he suddenly saw Rachael fly backwards and impact the wall. It wasn’t that he worried about her being harmed. He knew how strong she was even down to his subconscious now. The suddenness of the event didn’t surprise him though. “Rachael what happened.”


“Thomas what does each mark on the dial stand for?”


Thomas glanced down at the treadmill Rachael had been standing on and noticed how quickly it was moving. “Each one of the marks is ten kilometers.”


“Oh that explains it.”


Unable to help himself Thomas walked over to the machine and took note of what Rachael had it set for. “Rachael I have to say I believe two hundred kilometers and hour is too high of a speed to start out with.”


Giggling a bit Rachael stood up. “Yeah I would have to agree. Why on earth did you make it so that each mark is ten kilometers per hour?”


“Well I know that you can easily handle running at twenty kilometers an hour. So it seemed like a good choice.”


Walking back to the machine Rachael turned the speed down so that it was only running at twenty five kilometers per hour by her estimation. “That is true.” Hopping up onto the treadmill once again Rachael was almost thrown off again but after a second she was able to match the speed.


Thomas proceeded to move one of the seats in front of the treadmill and set down so that he was facing Rachael. “So how do you plan on doing this?”


“Well I was thinking that I would try slowly turning up the speed until I felt myself moving backwards. Then I would try and match the speed so that I quit moving and hopefully I’ll even be able to start moving forward.”


“I wish we could have started this sooner.”


“Yeah me to though I suspect that we have different reasons for wishing that.”


“Oh? And why do you regret not being able to really work on your speed sooner?”


“The sooner I figure out a way to bolster my speed the sooner I can quit worrying so much about not being fast enough to protect you. What is your reason?”


“Well you started to move very rapidly in your fight with Dr. Williams’s fighters. I wish the fight was fresher in your mind so you could better remember what was going on.”


“Blast it now I have two reasons to regret not getting to start sooner. All well I suppose that means I’ll just have to focus on my speed even more to catch up.” Reaching up Rachael gave the dial a very slight turn which results in the treadmill speeding up by three more kilometers.


“Would you like me to try and make some more precise controls?”


“No these will do just fine.”


Thomas gave a nod, stood up and moved to the side of the treadmill. Leaning over a bit he watched as Rachael’s legs and rump would flex and move whenever she ran. “I swear I am quite tempted to spank you right now.”


“Don’t you dare, I don’t want to risk accidentally kicking you or being thrown back while your arm is still in the way.”


Nodding his head Thomas walked back to the front of the machine and climbed up a bit so that he was leaning on the bars that supported the controls. He then leaned forward and gave Rachael a kiss. “I wonder how I should go about encouraging you to run faster.” Once again Thomas leaned forward and gave Rachael a kiss only this time he gave the control a slight twist.


“I think this is a nice way.” Rachael felt the machine accelerate and saw Thomas twist the dial.


Thomas grinned and continued to kiss Rachael only stopping from time to time to look down at his watch. After about five minutes he noticed that he had to lean forward just a bit more then normal. He quickly retreated back to his starting distance from Rachael.


There was only two centimeters between their lips now but Rachael knew that distance would grow with time. “Okay move your head back and get to the side. I don’t know how this is going to work.”


Thomas gave a quick nod and leaned over the bars one more time. This time he leaned forward enough to give Rachael another kiss before retreating to the side as instructed.


After Thomas had moved back Rachael began to try and run faster. She didn’t bother mentioning it to Thomas but she still had a very good idea of what she was feeling in the final moments of the fight before she mutilated the final fighter. She had quit trying so hard to catch the other fighters and had just begun to have fun. Of course she hadn’t actually noticed the speed increase so she couldn’t be entirely sure she was focusing on the right moment.


Thomas watched intently as Rachael tried to match the treadmill’s pace. He wouldn’t actually be sure she had done it though for at least five minutes. It had taken that long just for the machine to move her back around two centimeters after all.


“Thomas I don’t want you to tell me if I am being moved backwards or not. I’ll just keep this up until I am thrown off and then I’ll just hop back on. I don’t expect to get this right the first time through.”


“How many times do you plan on trying?”


“Until we come up with a better idea I suppose.”


“Well I could program your moving targets to move more quickly and see if you could hit them Of course it is basically working off the same method.’


“That is a good idea. Why don’t you begin working on that while I work on this? If after a while this hasn’t yielded any results we can move on to that.”


“Well in that case.” Standing up Thomas walked over to the work station they had set up in the basement and retrieved a meter stick he then walked over to Rachael and measured how far away she was from the front of the treadmill. Removing his watch he switched it to timer mode and set it on the treadmill controls. “Whenever you get thrown off just stop this. Then when you try again you just have to start from the same position and see if you last longer.”


“Sounds like a plan to me.”


“I have to say though. I wish that we could work on testing your strength as well as developing your speed.”


“So do I. I would also like to look into just how I was canceling out the force of your weight when I picked you up before but this has to come first.”


Thomas gave a nod. “Well I am going to at least bring a laptop over here for you. That way you can watch some television while you are running. That way you won’t get bored.”


Rachael pretended to pout. “Are you that eager to get away from me?”


“No. I meant for later whenever I need to do the sleep thing which you seem to be doing so little of these days.”


“How about just turning the computer screen to where I can see it and setting up a voice command system? That way I can work or play some games while exercising. There aren’t many shows I can think of which I would like to watch.”


Thomas gave a nod. “Okay. Wait a second did you say play?”


“Yes I did.”


“As in play computer games?”


“Well yeah. Hey don’t give me that look.”


Thomas quickly shook his head though he couldn’t get the grin to leave his face. “I am sorry you just never seemed to be the type.”


“Thomas what did you think I did whenever I was waiting for the machines to finish running tests?”


“You always seemed to be working on something is all so I assumed you were working on another project.”


“Even I need to take a brake from time to time.”


Rachael gave a slight giggle. “Well that is how I liked to seem so I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised.” Rachael took a step back off the treadmill and quickly grabbed the watch and stopped the time. “Okay now let’s see if I can do better. Later on I am going to have to kick your tail on a shooter.”




“Well what do you think?” Gregory smiled as he presented his handiwork to Thomas and Rachael.


Rachael grinned as she proceeded over to the machine. Reaching up she took note of one of the strikers and the various heads it could use. “It looks very nice.”


Thomas stood a bit back from what he would have considered a rather menacing looking torture device. They had been working on Rachael’s speed so much that they had almost forgotten about hiring Gregory to make the machine. Currently the three of them were in the garage. Later once Gregory had left Rachael wanted to give the machine a truly careful looking over before they moved it into the basement.


Gregory clapped his hands together. “Well would you like to try it out?”


Rachael shook her head. “Not just yet but don’t worry you’ll get your money today.” In most situations Rachael wouldn’t have paid before testing something but since she planned to seriously injure or kill Gregory if she found out she had been tricked she wasn’t too concerned.


Gregory had been working in the fights long enough to realize what was happening. “Well if it doesn’t work out before you decide pummeling me is the best option. Let me know what is wrong and I’ll fix it.”


Rachael gave an amused giggle. “Is that from previous experiences or am I just that easy to read?”


Gregory gave a slight shrug. “Well you did kill one of Williams’s men and he is a major player. Of course you also beat his three top fighters all at once so I doubt you have anything to worry about.”


“So do you have the information I need?”


Gregory gave a nod before handing Rachael a small card. “Here you go. Just transfer the money there.”


Taking the card Rachael slipped it into her pocket. “Okay I’ll have it done within the hour.”




“So when are we going to move it?” Thomas had kept his distance from the machine while Gregory was there but now he found himself looking it over.


Rachael took a few moments to finish up the transfer before responding. “I want to look it over carefully before I move it anywhere.”


“Do you believe there is something wrong with it?”


“I believe that it will work but I have other concerns.”


“You’re worried that it is going to be recording information about you aren’t you?”


Rachael gave a nod. “Even though I have been fighting for a little while now I am still the new comer. We have few friends there and those we do have I still don’t know if we can trust.”


“Well you’re on your way to building a reputation as someone that shouldn’t be crossed.”


Rachael gave a giggle and moved behind Thomas. After wrapping her left arm around him and pulling him against herself she extended her right hand which still held the card Gregory had given her.


Thomas wasn’t entirely certain what was going on as he watched Rachael’s fingers close around the card. However, he did know that he should keep his eyes on the card.


Rachael made certain to leave some spaces in between her fingers before she began to increase the pressure on the card and slightly shift her fingers about. It only took a few moments for the heat and pressure to take effect. Smoke began to rise from the slip of paper after only a few moments and then it was a small ball of flame resting in Rachael’s hand.


Turning her hand Rachael allowed the burning paper to fall to the garage floor and she relaxed her hold on Thomas a bit though not entirely. While she spoke she began to shift from side to side ever so slightly causing her breast to rub against Thomas’s back. “Well I have to admit I do like having everyone’s attention focused on me.”


Thomas shuddered slightly as he felt Rachael’s breast rubbing against his back. When Rachael lightened her grip on him a bit more he quickly turned around and pressed his lips against hers. “Sadly the stronger the enemy, the more people want information on them. Also you have to consider that almost everyone else there is at least willing to sell their design. I bet they’re dying to get information on you.”




Rachael carefully slid the last bit of the machine back into place. She had nearly taken Gregory’s handiwork apart in her search for anything suspicious. The only spots she hadn’t taken apart were the ones she felt certain no recording device could be stored though this had not stopped her from checking them over through other methods.


“Well what did you find?”


A sigh escaped Rachael. “You know I am almost disappointed. I didn’t find anything.”


“Would you like me to check it over as well? I know you’re far better at putting together genetic codes then I am but I believe I got you beat when it comes to machines.”


It took a moment for Rachael to reach a decision. “No. I believe that I am going to leave it as is.”


“You’re not worried?”


“Well even if they do get information on me they are going to have to also have someone strong enough to exploit that information.”


“They already know you have at last one major weak point.”


Rachael gave a nod. “I am so slow that my strength is the only thing that kept me alive during the fights. Of course I am working on that. I still don’t fully understand what is going on though. My legs are surely pushing off the ground with enough force to help me to run faster then any human that hasn’t been enhanced.”


Thomas gave a nod and made his way over to a cleared section of the garage. After fiddling with a few latches he proceeded to slide away a rather heavy trap door. “I am glad you set this up so even I can get it open.”


“Well I had to make sure it was accessible to you if you ever needed to use it.” Reaching down Rachael took a moment to find the two strongest points on the machine and press her back against some of the upper material before lifting. The metal creaked a bit in protest but there was nothing to cause major concern.


Thomas waited until Rachael had stood up entirely and had to try something. “Rachael would you mind holding that up while I run a little test?”


“Mm sure go right ahead.”


Thomas gave a nod and walked over to Rachael. Bending down his wrapped both his arms around her lower waste and proceeded to try and lift her. If he hadn’t remembered the experience with the trampoline he might of went into shock whenever he lifted her a few centimeters off the ground before having to set her down. “Okay it seems that however your canceling the force out before it reaches the ground works on that much mass to.”


Rachael couldn’t help but stair for a moment. “I suppose so.” Unsure of what to say Rachael began to carry the heavy device through the trap door and down a ramp into the basement testing area.




“I did it!”


Thomas was a bit startled when he heard Rachael shout. It wasn’t just that she shouted that surprised him, it was the fact that he could have sworn it shook the entire house.


Rachael gave a slight giggle when she realized she had shouted a little louder then intended. With Thomas upstairs and the house’s reinforcing materials she had become a little careless. At least it got Thomas’s attention though as she heard him rushing down to the basement.


It didn’t even take Thomas half a minute to dash through the house and down into the basement. He knew where Rachael was before he even opened the door and quickly turned to see what had happened. “What happened?”


Rachael giggled a bit and turned to Thomas. “Come over here and take a look at the treadmill.”


“You mean you have gotten faster?” Thomas started to ask Rachael how fast but quickly decided it would be better to go over and see how much she had improved. What he saw was quite a shock. “Rachael you’re up to 80 kilometers an hour?”


“Yes I am. Well actually a bit under eighty kilometers but close. Do you want to see?”


“I would love to.”


Nodding Rachael quickly hopped onto the treadmill once again. The moment she landed her legs began pumping and for a few minutes she seemed to be entirely stationary. “It took about seventeen minutes for it to put me off at this speed.”


“How does it feel and how long has this been going on?”


“Well I actually I started speeding up almost the third day of my running and since then I have been increasing though it has been far from constant. I believe that I could have run this fast a long time ago and I can probably run a lot faster it is just a matter of letting go.”


“Is that why you shouted?”


“Yeah for a while now I have only been going around forty kilometers and hour. Then all of a sudden I don’t know it was like I opened up and I felt myself take hold of something.”


“Do you think you can go faster?”


“That is what I am going to try and do now. I think I have a hand on what I need now let us see if I can tighten up my grip a bit.”


Thomas nodded and went to take a seat however before he could even move across the room her heard an odd sound coming from the treadmill. One quick look at Rachael’s legs told him what was going on. She was beginning to run faster then the tread was actually moving.


As Rachael felt herself accelerating she was overjoyed though not so much so that she didn’t notice something strange happening. When she turned to look at Thomas it seemed that he was moving at a third of the speed which he normally moved at. “Thomas, are you okay?”


It took Thomas a moment to respond especially when he saw Rachael speed the treadmill up even more however he was able to find his voice. “Yeah a little stunned but fine.”


“Would you mind waving your arm as quickly as you can?”


The request would have normally made Thomas wonder what was going on but at the moment his mind was focused on other things. “Sure.”


Rachael watched as Thomas waved his arm a bit. She knew that the action was slowed to some extent by his surprise but despite that she knew he shouldn’t be moving that slowly. “Well it seems that I have a lot more testing to do with this. For now though how about we find out how fast I can run?”


Thomas tried to understand Rachael but found it to be difficult. “Sorry I didn’t understand you. You’re speaking to fast.”




Rachael carefully chewed her sandwich not out of hunger but rather to enjoy the taste longer. She was down to half a sandwich and a few bits of fruit that wouldn’t have even amounted to half an apple per meal since she had Thomas start reducing the amount of food he prepared for her.


“So when you were running at 120 kilometers an hour it seemed like I was moving only a third as fast as I normally do?”


Instead of responding right away Rachael held up a finger. It was three more minutes before she swallowed and finally responded. “Yeah, I noticed when I was running at eighty kilometers an hour you only seemed to be moving at half the usual speed then when I went up to one hundred and twenty you seemed to slow down to a third.”


“So it seems that your body is speeding up as a whole. Even your nervous system is working more quickly.”


“That would be the most likely cause as I doubt I am altering time around myself.”


“I don’t know you seem to be altering gravity.”


Rachael gave a slight giggle. “Well yeah I didn’t see that one coming either. Still, let’s stick with your first guess as the most logical. Of course we don’t really know if I am effecting gravity either it could be something else entirely.”


Thomas gave a nod. “True. Your body is adapting faster then we can study what is happening.”


“Yeah, it doesn’t help that it has a year plus head start on us but I really don’t want it to stop. On another note how is my next fight coming along?”


“Things are going well. I am sorry all the fights that I have managed to get you sense you fought Williams men have been one on one fights.”


Rachael waved her hand. “I can’t say that I don’t wish I could get some more amusing fights but it isn’t your fault. Still, since you bring it up that must mean you have some good news for me.”


“You mean you haven’t been listening to me while I was on the phone?”


Rachael gave a slight giggle. “Every time I realize your speaking to Andrew I begin to ignore the conversation.”


“Well then you’ll probably like this. You’re going to be the tester for multiple fighters.” Thomas felt a slight rush of air and in just a blink Rachael was no longer in front of him but was standing behind him. She only slowed down whenever she moved to wrap her arms around him.


“Goody. Now give me the details.”


“Well the basic idea is that they will introduce one fighter into the ring at a time. Each fighter gets scored based on how long they last with you and how much they manage to injure you. This would normally continue until the tester had been beaten down. After this those fighters that had managed to survive would get to fight one another so of course they try to survive their fight with the tester with minimum damage.”


“Mm okay enough about them now tell me about the tester.”


“You get scored on how many rounds you manage to last. This is a pretty big event though it isn’t like more then one of them will be coming at you at once. They take the time to gather up a lot of fighters and testers since the testers normally don’t last past five rounds at best.”


Rachael gave a slight giggle and Thomas a quick kiss. “Well you should tell Andrew that he only needs one tester and that is me.”


“So are you going to show them your improved speed?”


Rachael gave a quick nod. “Of course I am. It is going to be the debut of my new outfit as well.”


“So you finally think it is time?”


“Yeah I have been saving it for a special event after all.”


“I can’t wait to see you wearing it in the ring. I am sure the audience will love the wrapping.”


“Mm and after words maybe I’ll let you do some unwrapping.”


Thomas gave a slight chuckle. “If only that was true, still even if I can’t take your clothes off I’ll be happy to try.” Rachael had actually let Thomas try to undress her numerous times while she wore her fight clothes however the material hugged her skin far too tightly and was far too strong for him to remove.


A giggle escaped from Rachael. “Well I suppose I could let you try using a crowbar this time.”


“I’ll gladly give it my all crowbar or not.”




Andrew didn’t know what to think as he looked over the list of fighters. Rachael had been fighting for only a few months now and people were traveling from all over to come and fight her. Everyone knew that whoever managed to take down the invincible Rachael would be able to sell their design for a fortune.


The fact that in almost every fight her opponent ended up breaking their hands while trying to injure her only added to the value. Now she was meant to be a tester or one of the high bars in a series of fights. These events always ended with the testers being taken out as even the best were normally worn down after five fights.


This was the first time Andrew thought that there may not be testers but rather one tester. He had seen Rachael fight enough and learned enough about her to know this is what she would be aiming for. He had his suspicions confirmed only a short while ago when Rachael and Thomas had shown up. Thomas had placed an enormous amount of money on Rachael to not just last for five fights but to beat everyone that climbed into the ring with her.


There was something that made the fight even stranger then someone making what would normally be a very foolish bet. Thomas wasn’t the only one that had bet a large sum of money on Rachael to last through the entire event. Dr. Williams had arrived with Sally before Thomas and Rachael had even arrived and also bet a large sum of money on Rachael. Apparently he had a great deal of confidence in someone that could beat his three best fighters at once.


Sally couldn’t help but grin as she set next to Williams in a private viewing section. “You bet an awful lot of money on someone that put three of your best fighters down for months.”


Williams gave a nod. “Well she did cost me a lot of money. I figured this was a chance to make back some of our funds.” Williams hadn’t actually bet on the fight between Rachael and his three but the cost of taking care of the three seriously injured enhanced was quite high.


“Aren’t you worried that she is just going to lose you more money now? I can see her beating any number of the nothings they send at her but after she last through them she is going to have to fight all the wood be testers.”


“I doubt they’ll even be able to scratch her.”


Sally was about to comment but noted the grin on Williams face. “You know something that I don’t. What is it?”


A slight laugh issued forth from Williams. “It is something that you don’t know.”


“Mm well if you’re going to be that way maybe I should go down there and sign myself up to make sure you lose your money.”


“Don’t you dare, I don’t know which of you would win but I don’t like the outcome either way. Fixing up those three was costly but repairing you from the same level of damage would put more then a dent in our bank account. It would also severally hinder all operations.”


Sally was a bit surprised. “Surely you don’t believe she could hurt me.”


“You’re not to participate in the fight. That is an order.”


“Woe you are serious. Okay Sir I’ll stay out of the fight though I still don’t see how someone that slow could ever beat me.”


“My Sally you normally don’t have this much of an opinion when it comes to the fights. You normally giggle, call them insects and leave it at that.”


Sally gave a shrug. “What can I say? I like her.”


“Why is that?”


“I get the feeling that she is using her power instead of hiding behind it. So many fighters seem to stagnate whenever they come here and don’t really seek bigger and better things.”


Thanks to the large bets that they normally placed and Rachael’s reputation Thomas could have set in one of the loftier private sections. However, he chose a section that was right near the ring and while it didn’t give him a bird’s eye view he felt that he got the better show especially whenever Rachael came down the walkway. The fact that he was closer to the ring also seemed to comfort Rachael as she liked to be able to see what was going on around him.


There had been a dull roar of conversation going through the arena for sometime now and it only stopped whenever the announcer climbed into the ring. “Ladies and gentlemen tonight we bring you a very special event. A series of twelve fighters must stand against an oncoming wave of combatants. Will these twelve be able to hold out against the ocean or will they be swept away?”


A cold chuckle could be heard throughout the entire arena drawing everyone’s attention to the entrance where Rachael currently stood. Rachael had intentionally put enough power into the laugh to insure everyone in the arena could hear her she continued to do so as she spoke. “Are you trying to insult me?” The tone of Rachael’s voice was cold, even and very powerful.


A shiver seemed to run through everyone in the arena except for three. Thomas had heard Rachael use that tone of voice before indeed she had used it while speaking to him at times. The difference was that whenever she had used it to speak to him she had always been teasing him. Now he couldn’t be sure if she was truly offended or not. The announcer seemed to be feeling the same way as he appeared to be quite shaken.


The announcer couldn’t be certain whether or not Rachael was simply putting on her stage persona or if she was serious. In most cases he would have no doubt they were just bluffing but even though time had passed since she beat Williams’s men it was still fresh in everyone’s memory. Still, he couldn’t just stand in the ring and be made to cower before her. “Did you hear that ladies and gentlemen? It seems that the mistress of the arena has claimed dominion over the ocean as well. Will she be able to tame the sea?”


A devilish smile adorned Rachael’s face as she finally stepped onto the walk way and began to make her way down the ring. With each step she would flex her leg muscles and drive her heels into the solid concrete. Even if the crowd had been cheering one could have heard the sound of her heels being driven into the concrete as things where now you could have also heard a pin drop.


As Rachael made her way to the ring Thomas couldn’t help but wonder if everyone was being quiet due to the tone of her voice and smile or if they were stunned by the lovely image before them. Rachael wore both her new outfit and her stage persona quite well.


A light blue top that covered the entire bottom portion of her breast and just a bit of her chest rose up to four centimeters just above her nipples. The material then lightened into a fine gray that barely even put a shadow over her breast and reached up over her shoulders and down her back.


Two straps reached down from the bottom of her top each one traveling along the outer most edges of her stomach growing thinner and thinner until they connected with her light blue bikini bottom. The material was the same blue as her top. The material was drawn so tightly against her skin that the outline of her lower lips could just barely be seen and thinned in the back to reveal her wonderful rump.


An eighth of the way down her thighs a blue material wrapped around her thighs growing thinner as it moved to the interior of her thighs and wider around the exterior creating a slant. Running from the bottom of this ring her entire leg was covered in the same gray nylon material that covered her breast until it reached down to her shoes the very toes of which were the same familiar blue. The heels of her shoes looked somewhat odd as they seemed to have a shine to them as if they were metallic.


Traveling one eight of the way down her arm to her shoulder one found a similar ring wrapped around her biceps as the one on her leg.

The gray nylon material forming from it reached down covering her arm and palm though leaving the fingers exposed.


As Rachael walked past Thomas she slammed her foot into the ground extra hard and caused his chair to jump. A giggle that was so quiet only he could hear it left her lips and she gave her hair a light toss. Thomas breathed a sigh of relief. The announcer didn’t have to worry about Rachael tearing his head off though he sure didn’t know that.


Rachael walked to the side of the ring but didn’t make any move towards the entrance. Instead she took hold of the two heaviest bars that she could reach without jumping. The metal seemed to scream as Rachael slowly bent the bars creating an opening large enough for her to go through. Quickly she climbed into the ring and bent the bars back into place.


The announcer was quiet as he waited for Rachael to speak. He only felt it was safe to talk whenever she walked over to her preferred corner and leaned against the bars. Rachael never actually sat in the arena and always claimed the same corner even if it was suppose to go to another fighter.


She had thrown so many fighters out of what she considered her spot that they had eventually just started letting her have it and now no one but those that wanted a truly sever beating or thought they could beat her dared set in it. It was to the point now that even when Rachael wasn’t fighting few would risk setting there.


Thomas knew the reason Rachael always claimed the same spot. It meant her back was to him and with the way she stood he was presented with a truly wonderful view of her rear. He wondered how many other people noticed Rachael posing and flaunting her body while the announcer spoke.


Rachael watched as a very well muscled man made his way down towards the ring. If one just looked at him they wouldn’t have been sure if he was a body builder or an enhanced. For this fight the announcer only gave the testers a great deal of attention as there was simply too many other combatants to take the time for. From the look on the man’s face Rachael could tell he resented the total lack of attention.


Climbing into the ring he sneered at Rachael. Her build wasn’t much better then his and he hadn’t been there to see her beat Williams’s men. Unfortunately for him he wasn’t a local and thought most of what he heard about Rachael was a just hype.


Rachael gave a slight chuckle. “What would you like to do to me?”


The man blinked a few times and the announcer slowed his retreat from the ring not wanting to risk leaving the ring unless he felt it was with Rachael’s good graces. “Huh?”


“Did the enhancement process you went through destroy brain cells? I asked you what you wanted to do to me.”


Not being one to take an insult the fighter puffed himself up a bit. “I am going to fuck you up bitch and maybe after that I’ll fuck you.”


Rachael tone was amused but cold and full of malice. “Such a dirty mouth, I am going to have to rip out your tongue for that and I think I’ll crush your balls for that threat to rape me.”


The man started to speak again but the announcer was back to retreating from the ring. “Hey where the fuck are you going?”


“That is the third time you said that word in less then thirty seconds. Don’t you have a better vocabulary then that?”


The announcer didn’t slow down. He normally liked to give the fighters time to throw around threats but they didn’t have time for that in such matches. Of course he also didn’t want to be in the ring with Rachael. She had never harmed him but he had seen her basically torture her opponents and given some of her other behavioral patterns he was a little nervous around her.


“Let the fight begin.”


There was a sudden gasp when Rachael quickly shot across the ring. Everyone was so use to her opponents hammering away on her until she was able to get a hold of them or they tired out. They didn’t expect her to suddenly sprint across the ring before her opponent could take two steps.


Rachael gave a slight giggle as she came to stop right in front of the man and held her hand up to his face as if she was about to flick it with her middle and index fingers. When the man went to dodge she gave his front teeth a quick flick.


He had been told that Rachael was slow but here she had covered the distance between him and herself in less then a second. He didn’t have time to think about this as the pain from having his front teeth knocked out clouded his mind.


Rachael quickly reached into the man’s mouth and took hold of his tongue she then gave it a quick yank. The force of her pulling on his tongue and the momentum that carried him backwards tore the muscle clean out of his mouth. The action was completed so quickly that Rachael didn’t even get a trickle of the blood upon herself.


When the man went to his knees Rachael moved to grab his nuts to carry through with her final threat but she stopped before she reached them. Walking back to her side of the ring she grinned and turned towards the downed fighter “Hike.”


There was a gasp from the audience as Rachael quickly accelerated to eighty kilometers per hour and slammed her foot into the man’s nut sack. The force of the impact was so great that she sent him flying over the top of the cage and onto the hard concrete floor below.


The announcer took a moment to respond. He expected Rachael to win but given her past fights he didn’t expect it to be over with so quickly. When he finally realized he needed to declare Rachael the winner the medics were already taking the downed fighter away. “Winner by ring out Rachael, next victim come on down.”


Rachael gave a delighted giggle and turned towards the announcer. “Now you are getting it. However, how about you make that plural and give me more then one person at once?”


The announcer turned towards the judge stand. “What do you say can the lady have more then one at a time?”


Rachael couldn’t help but frown when the judges’ decision came back. “It seems the judges have decided that while Rachael is clearly able to handle more then one they won’t be allowing her to take more then one victim at a time.”




“Well they finally seem to be catching on.” Sally turned towards Williams who was watching the fights closely. Rachael had continued asking opponent after opponent what they wanted to do to her.

Depending on their answer she either went fairly easy on them or exceptionally hard on them.


“So do you still want to fight her?”


Sally frowned. “She has only been moving at one hundred eighty kilometers an hour tops. I can easily deal with that and she hasn’t shown herself to have as much strength as I do.”


“Shown being the key word, how long do you believe she has been keeping her speed a secret.”


“I bet she only developed her speed recently. She looked too frustrated in previous fights to be holding it back.”


Rachael had finally gotten to the points during her previous fights that her lack of speed didn’t bother her too much, at least when it came to fighting. That didn’t prevent her from enjoying her speed now that she had it.


Thomas watched as Rachael avoided her opponent’s attacks. It was actually surprising to see Rachael wanting to dodge as she always seemed to enjoy flaunting her endurance so much. Then again perhaps she was enjoying letting her opponents know that she could take them out of the fight whenever she wanted to.


Williams had known that Rachael enhancements were of a far higher grade then what most considered possible with the current level of development. Watching her flaunt those abilities in the ring now only served as amusement. “It is very impressive that someone with such limited resources was able to come up with such a design.”


Sally gave an amused giggle. “I know. Why didn’t you try to recruit her before she did that to herself? I am sure the research and development team would have loved to have her.”


Williams gave a sigh. “It is amazing that we let someone so talented slip past us. I wish that we could have made a better first impression on her.”


“We could still try and offer her a deal.”


Williams shook his head. “We need to wait for a better time.”


Rachael easily lifted her opponent from the ground and gave his body a light toss. She put just enough force behind it to send him over the top of the ring so that he wouldn’t have too far to fall. She had taken to clearing ring after she defeated her opponents instead of waiting for them to limp out of the ring. “Hurry up. I swear every one of you come to the ring slower then the last. You’re not even worthy of climbing into the ring with me.”


Thomas could tell that Rachael was getting tired of waiting for the other fighters to come down the walkway and climb into the ring with her. Of course he couldn’t blame them for moving slowly. She had dealt with thirty three of them so far and a half hour had just passed. She was going through one opponent every minute and most of that minute seemed to be then walking down to the ring and climbing into it.


A loud thud could be heard issuing forth from the ring as if something very solid was hitting with the steel polls. It only took a moment for everyone to confirm that was the case. Rachael was so bored she had taken to banging the back of her head against the main supports while she waited for her opponents to come down the walkway. Everyone felt a little nervous whenever she stopped.


Rachael intentionally raised her voice so that even those behind the walls could hear her. She was thankful that the entrance for the other fighters was the one opposite to where Thomas sat so that the sound wouldn’t be going directly towards him. “I have waited for you pest long enough. You accepted this when you came here to fight to me and I am tired of your stalling. From now on for every five seconds you make me wait I am going to break five of your bones in addition to what I would normally do.”


Thomas grinned and rolled his eyes. That is what they got for making Rachael wait he figured though he believed that braking five bones for just taking five seconds was rather extreme. Still, he could tell that Rachael was officially bored which meant she was also annoyed. He didn’t believe it was entirely the fighter’s fault Rachael was bored. The judges also were to blame as they were the ones that resolved to not let more then one fighter at a time into the ring with her.


Due to her boredom Rachael had worn a frown upon her face for the last five fights and as it had grown into a scowl she had been doing more and more damage to her opponents. Now whenever she saw her next opponent sprinting down the walkway in an attempt to make it to the ring in less then five seconds a cold smile once again began to form. Of course while the smile was far from comforting it was far better then an angry glare.


“So speedy what would you like to do to me?”


The fighter had seen what happened to those that insulted Rachael he had also seen what happened to those that tried to kiss up to her. He resolved to try a different approach. “I want to end your unbeaten record.”


A low laugh could be heard coming from Rachael for a moment. “Well that is a good answer. Of course no one else can use it if they want me to go easy on them.”


The fighter would have protested and said he didn’t want her to go easy on him. However, he had witnessed what she did to others thirty three times now and truly wanted her to take it easy on him.


Going easy on someone for Rachael meant she would only cause a few major injuries or at times none at all. As she looked over her opponent she resolved to make this fight last for a while. After she was given the go ahead she crossed the distance between them and lightly tapped him on the side of the face.


He had been in arena fights for a while and encountered some rather powerful fighters but nothing like Rachael. So he was rather surprised when her first punch didn’t shatter his jaw.


Rachael gave an amused giggle as even a light punch from her nearly knocked her opponent unconscious. It looked like she was going to have to focus on other parts of the body if she wanted the fight to last for a little while. While he was still dazed she quickly moved to his side and tapped him on the side of the arm with the same amount of force she had used when hitting him in the head.


Rachael’s punches still carried as much power as the strongest fighters he had ever encountered. Of course none of those fighters could have delivered their punches as quickly as Rachael was delivering hers. The only reason he was still conscious was Rachael focused on his arms. At least this allowed him to regain his focus and attempt a counter attack.


It was easy for Rachael to avoid the fighter’s leg though she was glad he chose to try to kick her instead of punch. With the damage she had done to his arms it would have been even slower.


He was able to keep from crying out when Rachael took hold of his ankle and quickly pulled him upward. His head impacted with the arena floor though it was a very light impact compared to when Rachael had punched him. “I don’t believe you’re going to be ruining my record.”


“Not today.”


Rachael’s smile spread until her teeth could be seen. “So you’re not just a coward that was sucking up to take less damage. Okay I’ll put you to sleep now.” Rachael’s fist slammed into the fighter’s face this time rendering him unconscious in a single blow. Instead of tossing him out of the ring though she proceeded over to the side entrance, opened the door and even lowered him so that he was only a third of a meter above the arena floor before dropping him.


Instead of closing the door though she left it open. “You know what. Quit closing that door it is just a waste of time.”




The announcer was fairly quiet as he stood in the ring. “Well ladies and gentlemen. We have a first here. A true mistress of the arena has stepped forward and forced the sea to bend to her will.”


“They are eleven more waves that need to be broken.”


The announcer wasn’t entirely certain what Rachael meant until he looked at the testers. Rachael had beaten all sixty of the fighters that climbed into the ring with her in under two hours. “Do you here that ladies and gentlemen? It seems that the mistress of the arena is ready to call out her fellow breakers.”


Rachael’s eyes seemed to slow when she looked at the announcer. “You will never put them in the same league as me again.”


“Do you here that? Well are you just going to stand for that?”


Rachael turned and looked strait at the testers. There was shuffling amongst them but none seemed eager to climb into the ring with her.


“Well it seems that no one is willing to take up Mistress on her challenge.”


Rachael blinked for a moment. The vast majority of fighters received some form of nickname once they had enough status. The name normally had something to do with their status or ability. It seemed that the announcer had resolved to appoint her the unofficial ruler of the arena and the ring was her thrown one which she wasn’t going to be removed from.


A few more minutes passed before the loud speakers came on. “All testers will proceed to the ring in the order which they would have normally taken on the standard combatants.”


An amused giggle escaped Rachael. “And your mistress is going to have to go extra rough on each and every one of you for not coming up her whenever she wished for your presence.”




“Well how do you feel Mistress?”


Rachael gave an amused giggle and leaned over so that her head was wresting on Thomas’s shoulder. “I feel fine, if kind of tired, well not physically tired but mentally.”


“So is it strait home Mistress or do you want to stop off and get something to eat.”


“Okay enough with you calling me Mistress. I am your Rachael.”


“And everyone else’s boss?”


“That works for me.”


“So what do you want to do now?”


“Mm go home and relax seems like a good idea. Since letting you sneak some extra food into my diet plan is out of the question.”


“Rachael you’re down to a forth of a sandwich.”


“I have noticed that forth I have been getting is piled rather thick as well.”


Thomas gave a sigh and took his eyes off the road just long enough to give Rachael a kiss upon the top of her head. “I am glad that you’re not as stubborn as you are strong other wise I would never get you to even bend.”


“It is a shame we had to purchase all that equipment before this fight. We could have made a larger bet.”


“True but we couldn’t put it off any longer.”


“You’re right. I wonder how badly this is going to hurt how much I can make per win.”


“I don’t believe it will hurt it too badly considering that you took down all three of Williams’s men at once. When you think about it taking on sixty fighters that have been judged to be standard or untested and eleven higher ups one at a time there isn’t much of a difference.”


“Those fights were so boring though.”


“I don’t know I enjoyed watching. You make that outfit look nice.”


“Do you believe that a day will come when no one is willing to send their fighter up against me?”


“It is possible.”


“Well we can just enjoy the easy money while it last and once that runs out I’ll try to find something else. Maybe, I’ll finally agree to start enhancing people again.”


“I am sure such an organization has other jobs that one can branch out into. I am sorry that the fight didn’t live up to the hype.”


“You don’t have anything to be sorry about.”


“Well I was the one that got you excited about it.”


Rachael gave a slight shrug. “It sounded like it would be fun. You just told me what was going to happen.”


“It was the wait for the different fighters to enter the ring that killed it for you. Wasn’t it?”


Rachael gave a nod. “Yeah, if they had came faster or allowed four into the ring at a time it would have been a lot more fun.”




“Andrew Rachael really needs to start fighting tougher opponents.

She isn’t making much of a profit on her bets and even worse she is getting bored.”


Andrew currently set at his desk talking with Thomas over a secure line. “It is tough to find people willing to fight her. No one has even scratched her yet and the condition she tends to leave her opponents in doesn’t help.”


“I know. Couldn’t you start giving her more then one opponent at a time? She’s proven that she can handle anyone in a one on one fight.”


“Well I wouldn’t say anyone. Though I have to admit I have never seen another fighter as strong as she is. Normally I would put her up against some of the more agile fighters but they refuse to fight her as well.”


“Are they any events that don’t require you to tell them who they are going to be fighting?”


“If there was a ranking system there would be but there isn’t a truly defined one. Reputation decides who is champion or in this case Mistress of the ring.”


“How about allowing them to use weapons that aren’t actually part of their body?”


Andrew was silent for a moment. The goal of the fights was to show off different fighters and what their DNA designs had done for them. For the most part weapons that weren’t part of the fighters’ body were not allowed in. “In most situations that wouldn’t work. After all the idea is to show off the fighters’ bodies.”


“Yeah in most situations but you know when Rachael climbs into the ring it isn’t a normal situation.”


“Has Rachael considered picking a few fights?”


“You mean insult some of the sponsors?”


“Yeah, piss a few people off. Sure if they do send someone to fight her they’ll be trying to kill her but that doesn’t seem to bother the Mistress. Of course that isn’t the only option.”


“What is another option?”


“Well before I tell you I want you to promise you won’t do this in my arena.”


“I’ll do my best to make sure Rachael doesn’t pull whatever stunt your about to suggest in your arena.”


“Okay. Just have her show up at one of the rings climb up and beat the living day lights out of the poor bastards that happen to be in the ring.”


Thomas was quiet for a few moments. “Well she couldn’t bet on that fight but I can see why it would get you attention. I don’t believe it is the best course of action though I imagine Rachael would be happy to try.”


“I don’t doubt that.”


“I imagine by picking fights you don’t mean insult the fighters. She needs to upset the people that sponsor them.”


“Yeah but anger won’t be enough at least not after a few fights.”


“She has to try and destroy their reputation. Like you said it is how one determines their status.”


“The more enemies she makes the more fights she’ll get. Of course for most people this is a careful balancing act.”


“Rachael on the other hand is liable to try and anger the entire ocean.”


“Most fighters who do that don’t live for very long.”


“Do you have any suggestions on how she should go about angering the sponsors? Smacking their fighters around doesn’t seem to do it. They are just seen as property in most cases.”


“Well the most common way is by muscling in on their territory which involves selling enhancements.”


“That shouldn't be difficult for Rachael.”




“So is your work going well?” Thomas rubbed the sleep out of his eyes as he walked down the stairs and into Rachael’s lab. He couldn’t help but grin as he saw Rachael setting at her computer for the first time in a long while.


“I believe it is going well. I can’t believe how much easier it is to get synthetic DNA materials then in the lab. Though more expensive and I imagine if I didn’t have this body a great deal more dangerous.”


“Yeah, so what designs are you working on?”


“I am working on some designs that I made for myself previously but never used. I decided they were too finite when it came to their potential.”


“You don’t believe anyone will develop like you did do you?”


Rachael shook her head. “No. This isn’t anywhere near the design I used on myself and plus that design was custom made for me. If I used it on anyone else it would most likely kill them. The earlier designs I am working on now do have one problem though.”


“Which is?”


“I designed them to work on females I don’t believe they would behave properly on someone with a Y chromosome.”


Thomas gave a nod. “All well.” Walking over to a rather large tank he tapped the very top of it.


“How many experiments are you running in here?”


“There are a total of one hundred different dishes in there. Most of them are testing different designs but a few are testing my series designs.”


“You mean you have some designs that are meant to be enhanced again?”


“With a specific enhancement yes, the first one is almost entirely based on existing human DNA designs. The second one is more powerful but you need the first to survive it and they are a few with a third though the failure rate with them is too high for me to sale them.”


Thomas proceeded over to Rachael and gave her a kiss on the cheek. “I almost forgot to say. Good morning.”


Rachael gave a giggle and took hold of Thomas’s shoulders she then pulled him down and gave him a very full kiss upon the lips. While she kissed him Rachael reached around Thomas and lifted him from the ground. She then set him in her lap. “So did you sleep well?”


“Yeah” Thomas had been planning to go and make some breakfast but he hadn’t expected Rachael to set him in her lap. He was moderately hungry but at the moment he resolved that he wasn’t hungry enough to make himself get up.


Rachael finally broke the kiss and looked back to the computer screen. Reaching around Thomas she continued to work while he sat in her lap. His back was leaning against her right arm however his weight felt so insignificant that it didn’t bother her or make her hit a single wrong key. “Well there goes that one.”


Thomas looked to the screen and noted a side image. It showed several cells attacking one another as if they each thought the other was a virus. “I bet that is a painful way to go.”


“You should see the results from early experiments on humans. Come to think of it I am surprised you didn’t have to watch any of those videos before you came to work for the lab.”


“They were nice enough to only show us the cells braking down. Did you have to watch one?”


“In my genetic engineering ethics class I did. I wish that my instructor had turned down the volume. It was plain to see they were in pain we didn’t have to hear the screaming especially at the actual volume.”


“Did it hurt your ears?”


“Yes and blast it. That one is a goner.” The cellular break down occurred far too quickly for Rachael to actually tell why it had failed. She would have to take some time and review the various recordings and test that had been being ran by the machine and computers throughout the event to determine what had went wrong.


Thomas watched as Rachael brought up a small display window and typed in the same number that appeared on the screen showing the failed test. He heard a slight hiss and saw the cells stop. She had frozen the test dish to make it easier to study. “So do you need me to get up?”


“I don’t need to move that dish to the storage unit just yet. You can stay there until you feel like getting up.”


“That may be a while.”


Rachael gave a giggle and used her left arm to pull Thomas more firmly against herself. She then shifted a bit in the chair rubbing her breast against him. “That is fine.”


“So you’re really going to start selling DNA designs?”


“We have been planning it for a while and I am one of the best after all. Oh who am I kidding I am the best.”


Thomas couldn’t help but chuckle and gave Rachael a kiss on the cheek. “You sure are.”


“Years of only having ones mind to depend on will do that to a person. At least that is my theory on the subject.”


“You know your sort of sponsoring a race car by doing this. Except that you’re the driver as well as the company.”




“You got out there and flaunt your best product to get attention you then sell a weaker version of that product.”


Rachael gave a slight giggle. “I never thought of it like that. I just have to insure that my product is one of the best to make sure people come back for more.”


“I am sure that some people will be happy to try it. So how much do you believe you can increase someone’s strength?”


“Well one of the step ones I developed has the potential to take them up to around eight times stronger then what is humanly possible however it also has a 90% fatality rate so far.”


“Is that the one that started tearing itself apart a while ago?”


“Well yes and no. That was a variation on step one to the process. I am trying to strengthen the foundation you see so the entire structure won’t fall in whenever I expand upon it.”


“Is there anything I can do to help? You know I used to work in the lab with you?”


“You can keep me company. Now my mind doesn’t have to wonder about what you’re doing at the moment.”


“I’d be glad to. You seem to be working even faster then what you did in the lab though.”


“I am. With this body I don’t become exhausted as quickly as I use to plus I type a lot faster. I could type even faster then this but well look over to my right and in the trash.”


Thomas had to set up a bit to see over Rachael’s arm. What he saw was a keyboard looking as if it had nearly been broken in half. “I suppose you started going a little too fast.”


“That I did.”


Thomas was quiet for a moment and relaxed back into Rachael’s arms. He watched as her fingers flew over the keyboard and she brought up one screen after the other. As if a new idea was coming to her every few minutes. After a while he was hit by a thought. “You’re not just typing faster then you did before you’re thinking faster.”


Rachael gave a slight giggle. “Yeah I admit it I am. It seems that whenever I learned to speed my body up I also learned to speed up several aspects of myself. It isn’t surprising though considering that my entire nervous system has improved.”


“So how much faster are you thinking now?”


“I assume however much slower the rest of the world appears to me. It seems like your taking at least twelve seconds between each word.”


“That is impressive. I don’t see how you stand to talk to me though.”


Rachael looked away from the screen for a moment and gave Thomas a gentle kiss. “I don’t have any trouble putting together what you said even if it takes a while for you to get it out. It doesn’t feel like someone is talking to me slowly in the normal since. I can’t really explain what it feels like.”


“Do you believe that the rate of your thought process is related to your running speed?”


“That is my theory at this moment.”


“Okay when did you learn to break the sound barrier and why didn’t I hear anything about it or hear it happen.”


Rachael couldn’t help but chuckle. “Well I don’t know if I could break the sound barrier. I do know that running at three hundred kilometers an hour feels horribly slow to me now. At least if I put myself in this state. It seems they are different levels I can switch to.”


“So if your equipment could actually handle your speed it would be as if you worked at least 24 hours over the last two wouldn’t it?”


“Yeah especially considering that it would be twenty four hours in which I didn’t begin to tire out physically or mentally.”


“Well I hate to delay your work but I am going to and make some breakfast. I’ll bring you down a few ounces of oatmeal or would you prefer chocolate?”


“Oatmeal is fine.”




“Okay, take the thirty kilogram mass off.”


Thomas currently stood on a small ladder while Rachael stood on a compressed platform. Reaching over to her he took hold of one of the thirty kilogram masses she held and set it down on a near by table.

The platform rose a few centimeters a moment later.


“That is good. Please bring me one of the fifty kilogram masses now.”




Rachael had began spending more time experimenting with whatever mechanism was allowing her to cancel out the extra mass of an object whenever she lifted it up. It only took Thomas a moment to return with a fifty kilogram mass and set it atop the others Rachael was already holding. He then climbed down and checked the status of the platform.


“It isn’t going down.”


“Okay. I have a bit over doubled my own mass now.”


“Are you ready for me to take them away?”


“Yeah I believe that I am. Let me know if the height of the platform changes in the least as you remove them.”


“Sure.” Thomas was grateful that he hadn’t simply let himself go after Rachael had began working otherwise he would had a nightmarish time working with the up to fifty kilogram masses Rachael had him stacking on her one at a time.


As Thomas removed the weights Rachael tried to insure that whatever force had been preventing the weights from forcing the platform down continued to operate. She also attempted to use the same force to insure that the platform didn’t rise while she stood upon it.


“Do you feel anything?”


“There is something there. I believe my experience with increasing my speed will help me along.”


Thomas gave a nod and removed another fifty kilograms of mass. After setting them on the table he was relieved to see that the platform hadn’t rose in the least. “Should I work quickly or slowly?”


“I want you to go slowly. If this fails well I’ll just have to try again.”


“I’ll help.”


“Thanks, but if this fails you can just rest and I’ll practice with a single fifty kilogram mass while you wrest.”


Thomas gave a nod and continued to remove the masses from Rachael until the only thing holding the platform down was Rachael’s own mass and whatever ability she had been using to support the masses and now press down on the platform. “There you go.”


Rachael gave a nod and looked at the walkway she and Thomas had set up. The bit of material was little more then a sliver of paper which wouldn’t have been able to support someone half Rachael’s mass. As she moved Rachael tried to feel any shifts inside of her while Thomas watched the platform closely.


It was hard for Thomas to remain still as he alternately watched Rachael walking across the platform and watched the gauge to see if it lifted up as she moved. He started to say something when he noticed the platform lifting up but when he looked at Rachael he realized she had stepped off the platform and was now making her way across the walkway.


As Rachael crossed the walkway she attempted to feel anything. She hoped to grasp a change in herself such as the change that occurred when she drastically speed up. Once she came to the center of the walkway she turned to Thomas. “Okay, go ahead break the walkway from the far end.”


Thomas quickly ran over to the end of the walkway not wanting to risk whatever was allowing Rachael to stand upon it to give out before he got there. With a single quick motion he broke the walkway and allowed it to drift to the ground.


Rachael took in a breath as she felt the material fall away leaving the only thing under her feat as open air. As she stood there a huge grin began to form on her face and a nervous chuckle could be heard coming from her. “Thomas I am holding myself still in open space. This is just remarkable.”


Thomas was silent for a moment. However, his surprise wasn’t due to shock but the lack of shock. “That is very impressive Rachael but I believe I finally comprehend how remarkable you truly are. So I can’t say that I am surprised.”


Rachael couldn’t help but blush as she looked in Thomas’s direction. It was probably one of the rarest sights Thomas had ever witnessed.


“Thank you.” For a moment Rachael forgot that she was floating in the air but even if she had fallen to the ground during this time she wouldn’t have minded. Even when Rachael was able to regain her composure the blush didn’t leave her face.


“So what are you going to try now?”


“I am going to try to walk.” Looking ahead Rachael went to move her leg but found the limb would not cooperate. She had been able to lift her leg while standing on the ground and still cancel out the force of whatever she was holding but it seemed with both feet in the air things changed. Instead of struggling to lift her limb Rachael began to shift about and see if she could cause something to happen.


At first Thomas just watched as Rachael remained stationary but after a while he got an idea. “Would you like me to try and push you? Just because you’re canceling out the force of gravity doesn’t mean that you’re resisting a horizontal force.”


Rachael gave a nod. “That is a good idea. Okay come on over and see if you can push me but stay behind me.”


Thomas gave a nod and walked over to Rachael. As he reached up and began to place his hands on Rachael’s thighs she suddenly took hold of them and pressed his hands against her rear. The action surprised Thomas but he kept his composure. “Should I push now?”


“Yes, push as hard as you can.” When Thomas started to push Rachael quickly noticed he was only using his hands. “No lean into me with your entire body so all your weight is behind it.”


Thomas gave a slight chuckle and did as he was told. Leaning forward he had to bring his hands down a bit thanks to the height at which Rachael was holding herself above the ground and her own natural height.


As Thomas pushed Rachael continued to try and move forward. It took some five minutes but at last she felt herself slowly beginning to move.


Thomas knew that his strength wouldn’t be enough to budge Rachael if she didn’t want to be moved. After all none of the fighters that had challenged her had been able to budge her. So he felt a slight thrill when he realized that he was leaning forward as Rachael began to move.


Rachael had to be careful to contain her excitement and focus on what was happening to her. She needed to get a feel for just how she was moving. She wasn’t so focused though that she didn’t notice Thomas beginning to pant. “Okay that is enough. How about we see if I coast for a moment?”


Thomas gave a nod and proceeded to stop pushing Rachael. He was a bit disappointed when he looked up and saw that she had quit moving. “Well that isn’t any good. Do you want me to push you some more?”


“I believe we need to set up some tools to help you out. I don’t know how long it is going to take me too” Rachael’s sentence was cut short when she suddenly fell back to the ground.


Thomas couldn’t help but stair as he looked down at Rachael who appeared equally stunned. Unsure of what to do or say before too long he began to shake with laughter.


Rachael was glad her previous blush still hid her current one as she looked up at Thomas. “I believe that this is going to take a lot of practice.”




Rachael glanced over at Thomas’s work station and couldn’t help but wish she could see through solid objects. She had begun working on several projects as of late. Though her ability to float and increase her speed received most of her attention she did spend a few hours each day working on various DNA designs. Namely the hours which Thomas slept and she didn’t.


As of late though Thomas had taken up a project of his own and even set up some blinds to make sure she couldn’t see what he was doing. She knew that he was working with some fairly sturdy metal but she didn’t know what he was actually building. However, she did know that it was suppose to be a gift for her which actually made the situation even worse.


“Come on Thomas can’t you even give me a hint?”


“It involves bending and cutting steel.”


Rachael couldn’t help but snort. “Could you give me a little more information?”


“The steel is very shiny.”


A slight sigh escaped Rachael and she set the two hundred kilograms of mass she had been holding up down on the platform below her. The surface was depressed so that it was only a few centimeters beneath her feet.


Rachael had begun to work on her hovering by climbing onto a spring loaded platform. After the platform was depressed she would pick up the two hundred kilogram mass and cancel out the force before it could cause the platform to sink lower. After a few moments she would actually set the mass down upon the platform so that she was standing in open air though not very high up.


She had actually made some progress when it came to her mobility when she was in mid air. The progress was very limited though. She could only move slightly faster then one kilometer an hour. Her practice with speeding herself up had indeed helped her though as the experience was similar. This wasn’t surprising given that even when she ran at super speeds she didn’t leave foot prints everywhere.


The fact that her feet didn’t leave any marks whenever she ran at super speed meant that somehow she was negating the force. Of course she had also learned to leave very noticeable foot prints. She could run at super speeds without the ability she had been using to levitate it would just make her very easy to track on certain grounds considering how hard and fast her feet struck the ground with every step.


As Rachael hovered she couldn’t help but try and cause herself to float higher in order to see over the top of the blinds Thomas had set up. However, as with previous attempts she found she hadn’t developed any such abilities yet.


“I wonder if I’ll ever be able to hover as fast as I can run.”


“I am sure that you’ll find a way.”


“Thanks for the vote of confidence.”


“You’re welcome and stay away from the blinds.”


Rachael couldn’t help but pout. She had began to slowly move towards Thomas’s work station hoping that the total lack of foot steps would allow her to sneak up on him. “Rats.”


“Don’t worry Rachael it should be done before today is up. I just need to run a few more quality checks.”


“Oh why did you have to say that? Now I am only more eager to find out what it is.” Rachael didn’t worry about falling to the ground. She had developed her skill with levitating enough that she could at least avoid falling.


“You’ll just have to be patient.” Thomas gave a slight chuckle as he heard Rachael huff and took a few more moments to sand down the edges. The project had taken him far longer then expected but he wanted to make sure it would last Rachael for a good long while. “Just be glad that I am not making you wait until Christmas, your birthday or an anniversary.”


“If you’d come out from behind that curtain I would give you a kiss for that.”


“I would love to and if this was something I was doing for myself or anyone else I would however, I am doing this for you.”


Rachael gave a slight giggle. “Well I’ll just have to give you that kiss later.”




Thomas couldn’t help but sigh as she carefully wrapped Rachael’s present in some white paper. He didn’t know why he was wrapping it considering that she would open it very shortly he just felt like doing it. “Are you ready?”


“Yes!” Rachael immediately relaxed her levitating ability and allowed herself to fall back to the ground.


Thomas was fairly surprised by the sound of Rachael landing. A moment later the curtains were hit by a rather powerful gust of wind. The wind was the result of Rachael sprinting over to the curtains the moment she had landed. Straitening up Thomas stepped around the curtain. His hands were covered in oil and ink the work station was a mess but he was finished.


Rachael had to resist the urge to snatch the white package away from Thomas when she saw it. “Give me, give me.”


There was no way that Thomas couldn’t think Rachael was both lovely and unbelievably cute in that moment. He didn’t care that she was an Amazon and stood over two meters tall in that moment she was the most precious sight he had ever seen. The fact that she didn’t seem to notice she was making it hard for him to stand by stamping her feet so hard they shook the ground only added to the moment. “Rachael you’re busting the concrete.”


“Oh I don’t care about the concrete. Give me my present.”


Thomas couldn’t help but laugh but did as he was told. It was getting heavy anyway.”


Rachael only remembered to slow down her rate of moment just before she took hold of the package. She didn’t want to risk crushing her gift especially after Thomas had worked so hard on it. Once Rachael actually had the present in her hands she seemed to calm down considerably. That is she seemed to calm down for an entire second before reducing the package to several tiny pieces.


“Well what do you think?”


Rachael ran her fingers over her gift. Looking back at Thomas she wrapped one of her arms around him and then proceeded to pull him into herself. She continued to tighten her grip on him until she was at the very edge of causing him pain. A moment later she brought her lips against his.


Thomas couldn’t have moved more into the kiss had he wanted him. Rachael held him far too securely for that. As the kissed he noticed that Rachael was once again supplying him with oxygen. The kiss was unlike previous times though as she started before he truly needed to take a breath. So strong and encompassing was Rachael’s grip that the only thing Thomas could do was return it to the best of his abilities.


It was only when Rachael found that she was beginning to hurt Thomas that she relaxed her grip on him. The reason her hold had been uncomfortable wasn’t because of her grip tightening rather it was due to her chest heaving and her nipples becoming pert.


They both knew that Rachael could go exceptionally long periods without air if she even needed to breathe. At times Thomas thought the only reason Rachael even took in air was so that she could compress it inside of her lunges and give it to him whenever they kissed. So it was a very good sign that Rachael appreciated her gift whenever Thomas wasn’t the only one left breathing hard after their kiss.


“I take that as a yes.”


“I love it Thomas. How much stronger is if then my old one?”


“I don’t know that for certain but when I was designing it I treated it as if a human finger weighed one kilogram. So I built it to withstand forces with a mass of one kilogram striking the keys at two thousand kilometers an hour repeatedly.”


“Those are some strong keys. No wonder you were using such high grade metals.” Thomas was about to say something whenever Rachael pressed her lips against his once again effectively cutting him off before he could get a syllable out.


It was another five minutes until Thomas was allowed to speak again. “Yeah, it took a lot longer to make then I anticipate as well.”


“Well now I have a problem.”


“What is that?”


“I don’t know if I want to hook up my new keyboard or continue holding you. Mm well no I don’t have a problem. I’ll hook up the keyboard later.” Rachael gave a slight giggle. “I just realize I am going to have to get a stronger desk now and bolt the keyboard to the table.”


“Yes I included some stands for that.”


“That was very thoughtful of you.”




Thomas smiled as he peeked in on Rachael who was currently setting at her now reinforced desk making good use of the keyboard Thomas made for her. Her fingers moved so quickly over the keys that they were basically a blur to anyone who had to rely on human eyes. “So how is your work going?”


“It is going great. It really speeds things up having equipment that can keep up with me though now I need a computer that can process data quicker.”


“Would you like to buy one?”


Rachael gave a slight giggle. “How about after we make a few sells?”


“That sounds good.”


“So what is for breakfast today, maybe a teaspoon of chocolate?”


“Actually I haven’t made breakfast yet. I need to go out for a while.”


“Would you mind if I came with you?”


“I would be glad if you did.”


Rachael gave a nod and slowed down her typing. She didn’t exit out of any of the programs she had been running but proceeded to save several files and leave the computer on to monitor the experiments. “So what are we going to get?”


“Groceries for those of us who need to eat. You don’t need to quit yet I am going to have to go and get cleaned up.”


“Ah I didn’t know that we were running out but I suppose that I wouldn’t notice such things.” Walking over to Thomas Rachael didn’t hesitate to scoop him up. “Well lets go get cleaned up we can bath together to save time. I imagine that you’re getting hungry.”


“I don’t believe that bathing with you will save time.”


“Oh shush.”




“I didn’t think you enjoyed grocery shopping.”


Rachael gave a slight giggle. “Oh Thomas I hate grocery shopping.”


“Oh so you came along just so you could spend the time with me?”




“Thanks I am glad to have some company.”


“You’re welcome.”


“So is there anything you would like to get to snack on?”


Rachael couldn’t help but roll her eyes. “Thomas it doesn’t matter how much food is surrounding me I am not going to eat anymore then I have been.”


“Well maybe I can get you to change your mind.”


“You can try if you want to.” As Rachael followed Thomas she did find herself looking around the store. “I swear I hate this.”


“Hate what?”


“Hate not being able to use my strength or speed.”


“You haven’t spent much time in public lately.”


“I suppose I haven’t really had to deal with people since I quit working at the gym.”


“Well I’ll try and speed up so you don’t have to wait too long.”


“No. I would rather you take your time and make sure you get everything. Besides I can’t spend all my time in our basement just waiting for my next job. I swear I am living like I did before quitting the lab. I wanted this body so that I could get out more.”


“Personally I am content just to spend my days with you.”


Rachael leaned forward and gave Thomas a kiss on the cheek. “Thanks, you know I was wrong a moment ago I am not living like I did before quitting the labs. I have you now and that makes a universe of difference.” Leaning a bit closer Rachael whispered in Thomas ear. “But I still hate doing this.”


Thomas felt one of Rachael’s arms encircle him and he was lifted ever so slightly from the ground then set back down. “I believe that you have been away from the ring too long. You seem to be suffering from withdraw.”


Rachael gave a giggle. “I am addicted to the attention and using my strength I suppose.”




Thomas had known Rachael didn’t want him to rush but as he made his way through the store he could tell that she wasn’t comfortable. It seemed that she was being entirely honest when she claimed to be addicted to the use of her strength.


Rachael had to be careful to keep her temper in check. She liked attention but as she was walking through the store she found herself getting attention that she didn’t want. The more she considered it the more she realized that she shouldn’t have been surprised. She was after all over two meters tall and a rather curvy Amazon. Her hair’s unique color didn’t help things either.


“Are you okay Rachael? You seem a little tense.”


“It isn’t anything much. I just feel like I am hiding from people and to be honest it is pissing me off.”


“You don’t mind staying at home though?”


“I am not hiding at home I am spending time with you.”


Thomas gave a slight nod. “I am glad to hear that.”


Rachael gave a sigh and placed her hand atop Thomas’s head before giving him a kiss on the side of the cheek by leaning over his shoulder. “I’ll be okay for a while longer.”


“Well you won’t have to wait too much longer.”


“Why is that?”


“We are on our way to the checkout line. You’re really getting upset aren’t you?”


“They are some people in this building that I would love to smack around.”


“Why is that?”


“I have very good hearing.”


Thomas gave an understanding nod. It was hard to have a private conversation around Rachael. Even when on the phone upstairs Thomas knew that if Rachael wanted too she could listen in on the conversation and hear what both people were saying.


He knew better then to blame the peoples’ comments entirely. Rachael was very use to using her strength and he had no doubt she was suffering from a form of withdraw when she couldn’t use it. Add that to the fact that even after she had gained her new body she had to hide who she truly was and it wasn’t surprising that she was becoming upset.


“Do you think it would better if you stayed home next time?”


“Honestly, I believe it would make things worse.”




Thomas couldn’t help but chuckle as they exited the store. The moment they stepped outside he could tell that Rachael was doing better. Up until that point she had been walking behind him now she quickly trotted out in front of him.


Rachael could feel herself relaxing as she stepped onto the side walk and even more so when she stepped off the side walk and onto the pavement. A wide smile threatened to split her face in half whenever she turned to face Thomas. “That feels better.”


“I am gla-” A loud honk cut off Thomas’s words and a moment later he heard a crash as if car had hit something very solid. When he looked up he saw exactly what it was. He had been so focused on Rachael that he hadn’t checked the road.


Rachael could feel her body warming up despite her efforts to control her temper. She hadn’t bothered to look both ways whenever she stepped into the street and apparently someone had been driving through the parking lot far faster then they should have. The result was that they had run into Rachael with enough force to bend their bumper. To make matters even worse is due to her experience with the fights she had instinctively used her grounding ability which meant she wasn’t budged a millimeter.


Slowly she turned her head towards the vehicle and looked through the windshield at three very stunned teens. “You stupid little brats.”


Thomas felt a chill run up his spine when he heard Rachael speak. He had heard a tone of voice very similar to the one she used. The one he knew was the one she used while in the ring or teasing him. The thing that made her current one different is that she wasn’t faking anger. Rachael was truly pissed off.


At first no one said anything. No one seemed to know exactly what to think of the situation. Rachael was the first to act. Bending down she slipped one of her hands under the car and began to lift it up. Only whenever the car had been elevated over twenty degrees did the driver finally respond.


Rachael heard the engine beginning to act and immediately increased the angle so that the tires were no longer touching the ground. Now with neither the back nor front tire touching the ground she continued lifting the car. Only when her arm was one sixth from being fully extended and then she gave it a slight toss.


Thomas knew that Rachael could have done a lot worse to the vehicle and those inside then simply flip it over. Of course as he noted the look on her face he felt confident that she intended on doing far worse. This was confirmed when Rachael began to walk around the over turned vehicle to the passengers side.


A grin had begun to appear on Rachael’s face as she flipped the vehicle over onto its roof. Now as she made her way over to the passenger’s side her intent was to rip the door off and show the driver just how upset she was with his poor driving skills. She was stopped whenever a hand wrested upon her shoulder.


“Rachael don’t you believe that killing him would be a bit much?”


“He’s the one that was too stupid to be watching for pedestrians. If I had been a normal human I would have been killed.”


“Would you limit it to breaking his legs?”


A long sigh escaped Rachael. “His negligence could have got someone killed but then again I don’t really care about. We need to leave Thomas.” Rachael glanced around at the crowd. By now several people had came to her senses and more then a few were both running and making phone calls.


“The police are going to be here soon.”


Rachael turned and glared at the young driver who was struggling to escape the over turned vehicle. Bending down she reached through the driver’s side window and took hold of his right arm. She ignored his pleading and screams entirely. Thomas could have sworn he heard the crack when Rachael broke his right arm in two separate places. “Learn to drive if it hadn’t been for Thomas that would have been your neck.”




They had managed to leave before the police arrived at the store but Thomas knew that they would catch up. Too many witnesses had not only seen him and Rachael but they had also seen the vehicle they were driving.


“I should have broken more then that brats arm.”


Thomas had to admit to himself that he was pretty mad at the driver himself. It was due to his driving that he was currently looking for a side road or some place to ditch the vehicle and try to sneak away. “I should have planned for this outcome but after being hidden here for so long I let myself become relaxed.”


Rachael gave a sigh and placed her hand on Thomas’s shoulder. Leaning over she gave him a kiss on the cheek. “Then we’ll just have to make our plan on the move.”


“I don’t believe that we should risk going home?”


“I agree. I hate leaving everything behind but it isn’t like we could take anything with us. Hopefully no one will figure out that is where we have been living.”


Thomas gave a slight laugh. “If they do I wonder what the police are going to think when they try to bust in the door. Is there anything on your computer?”


“Several DNA designs but not the original so I am not worried.”


“Okay and I believe that our bank account is still safe.”


Rachael gave a quick nod. “Yeah so that means we just need to get out of the city and hide for a while. Of course that is going to be even more difficult with this body.”


Thomas grew silent for a moment as he saw a police car heading the opposite direction from them. When it didn’t turn around to give pursuit he gave a slight sigh. “I guess they haven’t got the entire message out yet.”


“They will though. As soon as the word gets out that I am an enhanced they’ll be all over us.”


“Blast it.” Thomas slammed his hand against the wheel. “We have got to find a place to switch vehicles.”


Rachael couldn’t help herself. “Actually I was hoping for a place that I could just carry you on foot. I can run as fast as you can drive and I am more maneuverable.”


“Damn city with no forest to retreat to.” Thomas continued to drive only slightly faster then what the speed limit allowed. Even once they police started looking for them it wasn’t like their vehicle was entirely unique. If he could keep driving for long enough he hoped that they would be able to slip away.


“So where are we heading now?”


“Back to our old campsite if we can get that far. Would you mind turning on the radio?”


“Sure. We might as well listen for police reports.”


Thomas gave a slight sigh when the only thing they heard at first is music. “I swear I am beginning to become really disappointed in the police’s ability to locate illegally enhanced. From the way I learned it in class it is a miracle that we haven’t encountered some super plague yet.”


Rachael gave a nod. “When I think about it I wonder if the virus that once weakened me might have been intentionally released.”


“Why would anyone do that?”


“So that they could justify controlling the technology.”


“That seems a little bit out there as far as being paranoid but after everything I have seen. That is a frightening thought.”


“All well. If I ever find out that it was intentionally made whoever made it had better already be dead.”


“You’d like to repay them for the years of weakness?”


“No. I would like to repay them for all the trouble them put me through. Having to acquire all those illegal materials was expensive and difficulty at times. Well always expensive at times difficult.”


Thomas couldn’t help but chuckle. “I suppose you consider having the drive to develop your body as reward enough.”


Rachael gave a nod. “A young life time of weakness is worth it to have a long adult life full of strength.”


As Thomas had been driving he had changed directions multiple times in hopes of further throwing off the police. “I hope that I am not just wasting my time. Taking all these back roads is really cutting down on our speed.”


“So once we get out of the city what do you think we should do? It isn’t like we left anything at our old campsite.”


“I know. The only reason I even chose it is that it is the most secluded spot I could think of. I think we may want to try and leave the country.”


“Where would you like to go?”


“Some place where an illegally enhanced could hide out.”


Rachael gave a slight whistle. “That cuts down on our options. Of course I bet the arena could help us hide they have some very freakish illegally enhanced. Then again I doubt the police know of them or they are content to never go out in public and I don’t have a sponsor to take care of us.” Rachael gave a slight giggle.


“What is it?”


“I just realized how bad of an idea it would be to rely on the arena. They might be able to help us get away and I believe that would be worth the risk. However, I don’t believe we could trust them in the long run, especially since I refuse to let them push me around.”


“So do you believe it would be a good idea to go there after we switch vehicles?”


“When we don’t have to worry about being caught I do.”


Thomas was about to comment when the radio quit playing music mid song and a police report came over the line. “Well here we go. So what do you think should I speed up and make it clear we are running from something or hope no one notices?”


Rachael gave a slight shrug as she scooted her seat back and moved into the floor bored. “I have no idea.”


It wasn’t hard for Thomas to make his decision. As he saw a pair of flashing blue lights he quickly accelerated. “Rachael there is no need to get in the floor we have been spotted.”


Setting up Rachael looked out the back window. “Drat.”


Thomas didn’t bother commenting as he focused on the task of driving.




“Hey boss there is something interesting on the news.”


“What is it Sally? I am kind of busy at the moment.”


“I believe that you’ll want to see this for yourself.”


Williams had worked with Sally for quite some time now and had come to trust her judgment in several things. This included when something was worth delaying official business for. Reaching into his desk he brought out a control and flipped on the TV. At this what appeared to be a few books on a near by shelf slid away revealing a rather large wide screen.


“Why doesn’t my room have one of those?”


“Hush Sally now what channel?”


“It is on channel forty two.”


Williams gave a nod and flipped the channel. After a few moments he had to wonder. “What is so important about a high speed chase?”


“Oh the person is an illegally enhanced woman with violet hair.”


Williams quickly turned back to the screen and began to watch very intently. “Sally I want you to be ready to move out in three hours.”


“Why are we going to wait for three hours?”


“We may end up waiting longer. I believe that is the minimum time before we can move.”


Shrugging a bit Sally left the room to go and get dressed. She only needed ten minutes to prepare at most but felt she may as well be prepared in case something else comes up.




Rachael glanced out the back windshield towards the police cars and then up at the helicopter that had been pursuing them. Over the last few minutes the number of police that were pursuing them had greatly increased. Since then they had also began to move closer to the vehicle though they had yet to try and stop them. “Okay Thomas I have waited long enough.”




“They are going to start trying to wreck us soon. I would survive but you may not. I want you to keep going.”


“Rachael I can’t just leave you behind.”


“You’re going to keep driving Thomas but after a few minutes I want you to slow back down to one hundred or one hundred and twenty kilometers an hour. I don’t want you to risk crashing.”


“Rachael what are you going to do?”


“We don’t have a video camera with us do we?”


“Why are you looking for a recorder?”


“Mm I don’t believe that we do. All well I am sure that the police and news helicopters will record everything.” Reaching down Rachael quickly rolled down her window.


“Rachael what are you going to do?”


Thomas didn’t get a verbal answer. Instead Rachael unlocked the passenger side door and proceeded to climb out. At first she held the door open and leaned out then she jumped out entirely and began running the moment her feet hit the street. Rachael’s sudden decision to jump out of a moving vehicle surprised Thomas but he remembered to keep driving.


Rachael speed up slightly faster then Thomas was driving and moved to the side of the vehicle. After shutting the door she looked in through the open window. “Don’t worry.” Rachael didn’t slow down in the least but she did change directions and ran head long into the nearest patrol car.


The officer didn’t have time to stop or even swerve before Rachael collided with his vehicle. The moment the patrol cars momentum was ready to over whelm hers Rachael held herself to the spot in order to make the impact as extreme as possible. It wasn’t just as if the officer had ran into a solid wall or tree it was as if the tree had been heading towards him at one hundred thirty kilometers an hour as well.


It had never occurred to Rachael how much her enhanced senses would allow her to enjoy herself. She felt the metal meeting her body, the warmth of the hood as it collapsed inward. The experience of the metal tearing away at her clothing, lightly tickling her flesh and the warmth generated by the friction washed over her was all quite pleasurable to her.


Two other police felled to respond in time and slammed into the now very compact vehicle. At least they had been fortunate enough to hit something which hadn’t been moving.


An amused giggle left Rachael as several patrol cars swerved around her and attempted to stop. She would have liked to enjoy peeling the metal away from her skin but at the moment she had more pressing issues. After removing the front part of the patrol car from around herself she quickly accelerated in order to catch up with Thomas.


Thomas had seen the crash in the rear view mirror. The entire incident had taken less then three seconds but Rachael had brought all the police that were giving chase to a very sudden stop. His attention was brought back to the passenger side window. “Well that was fun. Once we get out of the city I am going to have to deal with the police though.”


“Yeah after that little display of power I imagine they’ll keep their distance for a while. At least until we get outside the city limits where they can set up a road block of some kind. They’ll probably take the time to gather more weapons as well.”


“I would normally be very excited right now but to be honest I am worried. I don’t want to risk you getting caught in a fire fight but I don’t want to leave you either.”


“I am drawing a blank on just what to do.”


Rachael glanced over her shoulder back towards the police. A few of the cars had once again begun to pursue them but they were staying a good deal further back now. She imagined that many of the police officers had felt the need to stop and help their most likely dead or seriously injured comrades.


Thomas was somewhat surprised when Rachael opened the passenger side door up and once again climbed into the passenger side seat. “The police aren’t going to try anything in the city. At least not as long as that helicopter is keeping an eye on us. I am going to wait until we are outside of the city limits then I’ll deal with whatever they have.”


“I can’t say that I like letting the enemy choose the battle field.”


“And I don’t like the idea of running off and leaving you.”


Rachael was a bit surprised when Thomas suddenly hit the brakes. “Go and get them.”




“Letting them choose the battle field is a mistake. I’ll just wait for you right here.”


Rachael blinked her eyes a few times. “Thomas you’re right out in the open.”


“Rachael, the police aren’t coming any closer.”


After looking behind them Rachael couldn’t help but giggle. Thomas was right the police cars and had been chasing them had come to a dead stop the moment he had. Several of the officers had turned their cars to the side and taken shelter behind them while pointing their weapons in her and Thomas’s direction.


“You had better go before they decide to start shooting the car.” Thomas gave a slight jump and wondered if he should have said that when Rachael climbed out of the vehicle so quickly that she nearly tore the door off.


Rachael wasn’t going to give the police any reason to aim in Thomas’s direction so she wasted no time in closing the gap between her and the police cars. She moved so quickly that by the time anyone thought to tell her to freeze she was only a few meters away from the closest car.


“Hello officers.”


Silence was the only thing heard throughout the officers’ ranks. They had been brave enough to continue pursuit but they didn’t expect a direct confrontation. In truth they had been to upset to truly consider what they were doing whenever they continued to give chase now with Rachael standing so close several of them realize what a poor choice they had made.


At last one of the officers broke the silence. “Put your hands behind your back and lay down on the ground.”


“I just destroyed three of your cruisers by letting them run into me. Do you really believe that I am going to listen to you?”


“Backup is on the way. You can either surrender and make it easier on everyone or fight and make things a lot harder.”


Rachael gave a slight giggle. “You know what? I could kill all of you before that backup arrived. You know that your weapons won’t have any effect on me. That is you should know that considering how little effect a car hitting me had.”


There wasn’t a man amongst them that didn’t already know that. The only reason they had even brought out their weapons was force of habit. “What are you trying to do?”


“I was trying to go shopping when some idiot hit me. Of course you can’t just let me go. After all I could be a danger to a vast number of people.”


“This doesn’t have to end badly for anyone.”


“Is that so? You mean that if I surrender the government won’t either lock me away in some isolation cell for the rest of my life or try to reverse my modifications? A process which I might add will most assuredly kill me if I let them try.”


“Please get down on the ground.”


“I’ll tell you what. You can either climb into your cars and leave or I can kill all of you. I am going to count to ten and anyone who wants to drive the other way can. If any of you shoot me I’ll kill you and all the others oh and if you’re still here after I count to ten you all die. Now let’s begin.”


The officer who had been speaking to Rachael felt his body twitching. He knew that a bullet wouldn’t harm her if a squad car slamming into her so hard it destroyed the car didn’t. He knew it would get him in trouble but once Rachael counted five he holstered his weapon and climbed back into his vehicle.


Rachael couldn’t help but grin as she saw the loan officer driving away. She didn’t stop counting though when she finally reached ten four remained. “Well I guess the rest of you just want to die.”


He hadn’t been able to bring himself to fire his weapon knowing that it would end in his death. However, he couldn’t bring himself to leave either. The old veteran just couldn’t bring himself to leave.


In a moment Rachael accelerated from o to 200 kilometers an hour. Coming to a dead stop only a few meters away she placed her hand on the eldest officer there. As she looked down at the old man she still intended on killing him. After all they had been warned and if his since of duty required he die then that was his decision. She had given them all a chance to leave.


By the time the other three officers had located Rachael she had already removed the old man’s head. Up until this point they hadn’t been able to respond but finally found the initiative to start firing.


Killing didn’t bother Rachael and she truly loved using her powers. However, while she tended to enjoy taking the time to flaunt her power she felt the old veteran deserved a quick death. He had done what his duty demanded of him though she felt his choice to stay behind was foolish. The other officers wouldn’t receive such gentle treatment.


Why hadn’t he left? Why had he even given chase? The officer didn’t know what had kept him there as the woman turned in his direction. He could tell that his bullets were hitting her because every time he fired his gun another hole would appear in her clothing.


Rachael took her time and actually proceeded to walk around the squad car in order to allow the police to unload at least one full clip into her. She felt the hot metal striking against her body, deforming and then toppling down inside of her clothing. A few of the caps had actually become lodged in her cleavage as well.


As the woman rounded the back of the car the officer heard the sickening click of the guns hammer striking with no bullet to be fired. Why this bothered him he didn’t know. He had known his weapon wouldn’t harm her before hand. The fact that even after he and the other officers had unloaded at least a clip each into her she kept coming as if nothing had happened only brought the point home even more strongly.


Rachael waited until the officer started to run to actually make use of her close and close the distance between them.


The officer couldn’t help but cry out whenever the woman’s hand clamped down on his. She hadn’t actually harmed him yet but due to his terror alone he cried out. The officer was so desperate to try and escape that he didn’t even try to reach for his club or mace but tried to jerk his hand free. His fear didn’t hinder his chance of survival though as in any of the three cases he didn’t have a chance.


As Rachael felt the officer struggling to pull his hand free she felt herself relaxing. She had been so worried about Thomas that it had taken her a while to begin enjoying herself. As she relaxed mentally her hand began to tighten around the officers. As the bones were compressed into a tighter and tighter space around his gun they began to rip through the skin.


The two remaining officers had stopped firing whenever Rachael had took hold of the officer’s hand for fear of hitting him. Now they were faced with either trying to help him and dying or trying to run away.


The officer’s struggling to free his hand was rather disappointing to Rachael. She preferred when they actually tried to injure her. The feeling of the bullets striking her flesh had been rather enjoyable and she enjoyed the tickling sensation the hot metal caused as it traveled down the inside of her clothing. Those bullets that had struck her in the chest and ended up in her cleavage were also beginning to grow cold.


At last the officer was able to free himself however he didn’t free his hand. As Rachael’s grip tightened his bone and flesh had been crushed against the gun even while the metal itself began to deform. When her grip grew tight enough the hand was actually removed entirely. Rachael had crushed it off.


Rachael gave a slight giggle when the officer crumbled to the ground. She didn’t think that he would be finding the ability to stand for quite some time which meant she could have some fun with the others. It didn’t really surprise her though whenever she heard an engine starting up. One of the officers or both of them were trying to get away.


Spinning around Rachael quickly took hold of car she had been standing beside. Her fingers effortlessly sunk into the cars solid steel frame as she lifted it from the ground. As the other car started to accelerate she brought the one she had lifted into the air down upon its hood.


A scream of utter terror escaped the officer as the patrol car came crashing down upon his. As frightening of a sight as it was though he was even more terrified when his door seemed to explode outward.


It took Rachael less then a tenth of a second to rip the driver’s side door off of the car. “Now I gave you a chance to leave earlier. You decided to stay so you’re just going to have to deal with the consequences.” With that Rachael took hold of the cops shoulder, she intentionally used enough pressure to force her hand to sink through his flesh until she touched the bone beneath the flesh before pulling him from his vehicle.


The screams of pain from the officer with the crushed hand had died down to be replaced by the scream of his comrade. Rachael had pulled him from the vehicle with enough force that she nearly tore through the muscle her fingers had already dug into.


After removing the officer Rachael gave him a slight toss. She was distracted for a moment when she heard a gun shot. It wasn’t the sound of a gun firing that surprised her. Rather it was that the shot neither went in Thomas’s direction which she had been keeping an eye on nor did it hit her.


When she looked to see what happened she found that the fourth officer had actually shot himself in the head. This only distracted her for a moment. “Well it beats a painful death.”


Thomas watched as Rachael dealt with the two officers. He had to admit that she had a sadistic side to her but he already knew that. A shiver ran up his spine when he remembered that she had done far worse to at least one person. While it seemed to take longer when he looked at the clock inside the car he found that she only took a minute to kill the officers after the fourth one shot himself. There was one person that it took hours for her to finish off.


As Rachael stood up she gave a contented sigh. She then turned her attention to the helicopters that had been recording the entire thing. Reaching down she once again lifted another police car. The helicopter pilots seemed to believe they were safe they were about to learn very differently.


Thomas knew how strong Rachael was from watching her during their camping trip, the tests they ran and just how she behaved around home. Still it amazed even him whenever she proceeded to throw one of the squad cars at the police helicopter.


The pilot saw the car coming but didn’t have the time needed to respond. The cruised impacted solidly with the helicopter. Thomas could easily hear the impact though there was no explosion. The car struck the helicopter deforming the metal and destroying the propeller blades. The frame was bent and warped as the front section of the aircraft was destroyed. Rachael had thrown the police car with enough force to cause the helicopter to actually lift into the air before it came crashing back down to the earth.


The entire event was so shocking that the news helicopters didn’t think to respond until the police had crashed to the ground. By then it was too late.


Rachael gave the bottom of the car a slight kick with her leg. A loud impact could be heard throughout the area as the light kick caused the car to lift into the air a good meter and a half. Quickly she reached out and sunk her fingers into the metal catching the car almost as if it was nothing more then a ball. Twisting her body slightly she gave the second car a quick toss and sent it crashing into another helicopter.


The ease which Rachael threw the police cars were truly astounding. It took less then ten seconds for Rachael to send all four of them skywards. The force with which they struck the helicopters was so great that it would actually lift them a few meters into the air before falling back down to the earth.


More then four helicopters circled in the air but after seeing the others struck down no one was willing to risk Rachael finding something else to throw at them. Her accuracy was nearly as astounding as her strength and speed.


Once the helicopters were clearly leaving Rachael quickly ran back to where Thomas had been waiting. Opening the door she climbed back into her seat. “Well then let’s get going.”


Thomas gave a nod. He felt certain that the police would be keeping their distance after seeing her deal with four of their fellow officers and with the helicopters no longer following them they wouldn’t be able to track them either. The only draw back is the next time they encountered some resistance he knew they would be far better armed.


“I hope I didn’t take to long.”


Thomas gave a slight chuckle as he began to drive once again. The three police cars Rachael had crashed into and the news broadcast guaranteed that they had the road all to themselves. “I wouldn’t worry about that too much. I have to say though I believe that your hand eye coordination seems to have improved with your strength.”


“Of course it has. All my motor controls have.”


“I am never going to play you in a game of darts.”


Rachael gave a giggle and leaned forward. Ever so gently she pressed her lips to Thomas cheek, giving him a gentle kiss. “Thanks for being so patient.”


“I hope you didn’t feel rushed.”


Rachael shook her head. “Not at all, to be honest it quit being any real fun whenever they quit shooting at me. I do enjoy braking things but metal is more fun to tear apart then people if they aren’t going to fight back.” Reaching into her cleavage Rachael took a few moments to remove the bullets from between her breast. “These things get cold too fast.”


Thomas glanced over to see what Rachael was talking about. A slight chuckle escaped him when he realized she was talking about the caps from the bullets. “I take it from your statement you rather enjoyed the feeling.”


“They do feel nice. I wish that their backup had actually come. Then I might have been able to have some real fun.”


“You were to rough.”




“Rachael you have a real problem with taking your time and enjoy something. If you want them to fight back then you can’t just start tearing them apart. It is really hard to resist whenever you’re nearly blind with pain.”


Rachael was a bit surprised whenever she felt herself begin to blush. “I am overeager.”


Thomas couldn’t help but chuckle when he looked over and realized that Rachael was actually blushing. It was amazing how quickly she could switch between appearances. “Well this was your first time to really enjoy using your abilities in the open. Even the arena didn’t give you an audience like the one you day today.”


“So what are we going to do now?”


“Well since we don’t have any helicopters pursuing us anymore I plan on ditching this vehicle the moment we are out of the city. I don’t care if we are able to find a new one along the way we can’t stay in this one.”


“You know we could. I could just keep doing away with anything we encounter.”


“Do you want to do that?”


“No to be honest I couldn’t enjoy my time with the police as much as I would have liked. I don’t like you being in the battle field.”




Williams listened intently to the reporter. “At this point we had to cease filming as the unknown woman began to attack the helicopters.

The police are also staying back at this moment.


At this moment the future is uncertain. Previous reports detailed that the woman was illegally enhanced however for her to display so much strength and speed is entirely unprecedented. We have with us Dr. Hall to comment on the subject.”


“Thank you Jill.”


“Tell us Doctor. What is your opinion on this?”


“This is a very unfortunate event. Whoever this person is they are endangering the lives of everyone in the state perhaps the country or world. Such levels of alteration can’t be allowed.”


“What about the subject’s supposedly impossible level of strength?”


Dr. Hall was quiet for some time. “Up until today I would have said that it is impossible for a single person to have that much strength. The subject is clearly beyond anything that we have previously seen or thought possible.”


“Would you say it makes the situation even more dangerous?”


“Yes. Not only is she going to be more difficult to stop but if a virus was to develop within the body of such a person it could very well end life on this planet.”


Williams rolled his eyes and turned off the TV. “Blah, blah, blah.” Picking up the phone on hid desk he dialed one of the in house numbers. After just one ring the phone was picked up. “Sally, are you ready to go?”


“Yes I am heading down to the pad now.”


“Do you believe that you’ll be able to find them?”


“Sure. It should be easy for me.”


“I don’t want you picking a fight with her.”


“I know I saw the news report. I am not certain that I want to fight her either.”


“You don’t want to fight her because I am telling you not to.”


“Yes, Sir. Sir, Permission to speak freely?”


“Permission granted.”


“You didn’t have to pull rank on me.”


“Just the same I am. Treat this as an order. You’re not to engage Rachael unless she attacks you and then you are to retreat if possible.”


“Yes, sir” Sally waited until Williams hung up his phone to hang up hers. A moment later she climbed into the helicopter. “Okay let’s get moving. Since she seems to enjoy throwing things at helicopters I want you to drop me off at the side of the road and uses long range sensors to help me locate her.”


The pilot gave a nod and the helicopter lifted into the air.




“I like giving you piggy back rides.”


“Your hair smells nice.” Currently Thomas held onto Rachael’s back allowing her to use her arms to clear the way. He had thought he would be walking on foot at first but Rachael had insisted on carrying him. Currently they were making their way through the woods at what he estimated to be twenty kilometer an hour. It wasn’t exactly a fast speed but it was pretty good for two people making their way through the woods.


“Why thank you. So what do you think we should do next?”


“Well we could try hiking out of the country.”


Rachael gave a slight giggle. “Yeah and at night I wouldn’t have to walk so slowly. It is a shame that I can only hover five kilometers and hour. If I could actually move fast enough to call it flying that would give us another option. Seriously though what should we do?”


“Find an ATM and get some money. Then we’ll just have to try to work our way out of the country.”


Rachael gave a nod. “I am going to go and try to get you something to eat.”


“You don’t have to worry about me I am fine.”


“Thomas you didn’t even get to eat breakfast.”


“Rachael you could end up meeting with some police.”


“If that happens I’ll just have to deal with them.”


“It is a shame that we forgot the groceries.”


Rachael nodded her agreement. “I am going to run back to our home at night. I’ll grab my arena clothes and maybe a few extras. I’ll also get some clothes for you, any money we have in the house and pick you up something to eat as well.”


“That sounds good. I was worried that you planned on going for something to eat now.”


“Oh I do.”


“Rachael right now everyone knows what you look like.”


“They also know not to mess with me. Plus I won’t have any trouble losing anyone dumb enough to chase me.”


“Rachael I can handle going without food for a day.”


“I know you can I just don’t want you to have to.”


“So you’re just going to leave me alone in the forest?”


“Ah that is mean. I can be there and back in less then five minutes.”


“An entire five minutes?”


Rachael gave a slight giggle. “You know I wouldn’t leave you behind if I didn’t believe it was safe.”


“You never know what could happen.”


“No but I do know that you’re hungry.” As Rachael approached a rather rock trail she gave a slight jump. The force easily carried them both over the massive stones. “Okay I believe that this is far enough.”


Thomas climbed off Rachael back as she relaxed. “So I can’t talk you out of it?”


“I am not just going to wait around and let you go hungry.” Rachael knew that even in perfect condition her clothes wouldn’t survive her running at the speeds she planned on moving. Especially with the various bullet holes causing extra drag. As she pulled her shirt over her head though another idea hit her. “Of course we could try something else. I don’t know if it will work though.”


“Why are you taking off your clothes?”


“I am taking them off so the friction won’t shred them. I’ll just leave them with you.”


“What is the other option you mentioned?”


“Well I don’t know if I can do it or not but.” A delighted giggle escaped Rachael as she folded her shirt and set it down on a near by rock. She didn’t bother wearing bras anymore since her breast didn’t need the support.


“Come on tell me what it is.”


“Come here.”


Thomas wasn’t certain what Rachael had in mind but he proceeded to walk over to where she was sitting. When he got close enough Rachael took hold of his hands and pulled him into her lap. “So what do you have in mind?”


Rachael gave a slight giggle and lifted Thomas up so that she was cradling him. After taking a moment to adjust his position she set him down so that his legs were on the stone but supported his back with her left arm. She then brought his face against her breast and gently poked her nipple into his mouth.


It was only when Rachael set him down that Thomas realized what was going on. He didn’t get a chance to comment on Rachael idea as by then his face was pressed firmly against her breast with her nipple inside of his mouth. Any attempts to back away on his part would be halted by her arm which firmly held him in position. With no way of protesting Thomas began to suck on Rachael’s nipple.


“Mm now I don’t know if I can do this or not. I mean I have thought about it and we don’t know how my body functions entirely but I felt it was worth a try. At least if it works you won’t have to worry about me going to back to the city until later tonight. Mm and even if it doesn’t work that feels nice.”


While he hadn’t expected Rachael to try and breast feed him Thomas had to admit to himself that he didn’t exactly mind her trying. He would have told her so but at the moment he couldn’t do that and imagined she would prefer if he continued to suckle.


“Oh I swear if this works you may not be getting many solid meals for quite some time.” Rachael was moderately surprised that she didn’t think about this earlier. It didn’t just appeal to her physically it also had great psychological appeal to her.


As Thomas suckled he could feel that Rachael was not only enjoying herself but she was becoming aroused. He could hear the sound of stone being grinded and new from past experience Rachael was most likely digging her fingers into the stone they were setting on. He only wondered if she even realized this.


The idea of breast feeding Thomas was a true delight to Rachael. She loved supplying him with air she loved holding him and carrying him around. She loved taking care of him and trying to keep him all to herself even to the point that often when they would kiss she would hold him above the ground so that the earth was no longer touching him. So it was little wonder that the thought of being able to breast feed him and hopefully provide for his bodies nutritional needs was exceptionally exciting to her.


At first Brian didn’t get anything but as he felt Rachael growing more excited he began to notice warmth in his mouth. It took him a few moments to be certain of what was going on but as he brought his tongue against her nipple he realized what was happening.


Rachael’s right hand ceased to dig into the rock. Reaching up she gently stroked Thomas’s cheek with her now free hand. She could tell the moment that her breast began to produce milk. “That is nice. Now just let me know when you’re finished.”




“Okay this will do.” Sally glanced down at the three hundred meter drop. Ducking her head so that helicopters blades wouldn’t hit it she proceeded to more fall then jump out of the aircraft. The last time she had jumped she had received a rather lengthy lecture about what destroying the propeller blades of a helicopter did.


It took a few minutes but at last Sally landed upon the ground. The force of the impact was enough to cause her feet to sink into the ground a bit over a centimeter even though she bent her legs upon landing. She only gave Thomas’s and Rachael’s abandoned vehicle a quick glance before dashing into the near by forest.


Sally’s legs quickly accelerated her until she was running at 140 kilometers an hour the various branches that struck her as she ran didn’t face her or even warrant her attention. “Checking, checking is the equipment working?”


“Yes Sir, we can hear you just fine.”


“Okay I want you to fly up to a higher elevation and begin scanning like we discussed. If you notice anything let me know but do not go in for a closer look. She may not respond well to a military helicopter.


“Be careful yourself.”


Sally couldn’t help but groan. “I have had enough of my superiors telling me to be careful with this one I don’t want to hear it from my subordinates.”


The pilot didn’t bother commenting as he proceeded to climb upward. The copilot proceeded to switch on the helicopters various sensory devices and began to scan the forest.


Sally felt confident that she could be able to catch up with Rachael despite her head start. Even if Rachael was as fast as she was which was something Sally still doubted. She had someone with her which meant she would be going more slowly then normal. As she ran through the forest Sally kept her speed down to what was a lot trot for her.


Rachael had done a good job of covering her tracks which only made Sally more certain that she was moving slowly. One thing puzzled Sally as she ran. It didn’t take her long to pick up on Rachael’s tracks but she didn’t see a second pair. Of course she figured this was most likely due to Rachael carrying Thomas instead of having him walk. What was strange about that assumption was that the foot prints seemed extremely light especially for one who was carrying the weight of another person.


Rachael gave a slight sigh as she slipped her shirt back on. “That was nice.”


Thomas couldn’t help but grin as he considered what had just happened. “It was different but nice.” A moment later he felt Rachael’s hand take hold of the underside of his chin.


Rachael guided Thomas’s head so that he was once again facing her. Leaning forward she pressed her lips against his. “I hope you realize that I wasn’t joking before hand.”


“What you intend to regularly breast feed me now?”


“Yeah and no you don’t have a say in the matter.”


Thomas chuckled lightly and leaned his head against Rachael’s chest. “Well then I’ll just have to cope.”


A delighted giggle escaped Rachael. “Yes you will.” Leaning forward she began to place tiny kisses on Thomas’s face. She only stopped whenever she felt Thomas’s hands take hold of her head. Rachael didn’t put up any struggle whenever Thomas pulled himself up and this time pressed his lips to hers.


Thomas held Rachael as tightly as he could as he kissed her. He felt Rachael’s arms slip under him and he was lifted from her lap. He expected Rachael to tighten her grip so that he couldn’t pull away but to his surprise that never came. Still he continued to hold the kiss until he felt himself growing short of breath.


Rachael kept her hold on Thomas relaxed enough that he could pull away whenever he wanted. Whenever she felt him growing short of breath and realized that he had no intention of backing off, she opened her mouth and gently breathed into his.




Thomas was once again being carried through the woods by Rachael. Currently they were looking for some shelter for the night when Rachael would make her trip back to the city. As she moved through the woods a curious feeling ran through Rachael and she turned to her right.


“What is it Rachael?”


“Something is coming towards us very quickly.”


Thomas tried to hear what Rachael was listening to but all he heard was the sound of the forest. “I can’t hear anything. Surely they wouldn’t send a lightly armed unit after you.”


“I can’t here an engine.”


“Are they on foot then?”


“No they are moving much too quickly to be on foot or horse back for that matter.”


“How long do you believe it will be before they get here?”


“It depends on if they are truly following us but from the speed they’re moving at I am going to say less then a minute.”


Thomas wasn’t certain of what to say whenever Rachael bent down and set him upon the ground. “Take cover behind those trees.”


“The target has quit moving.”


“I guess they know that I am following them. Well it beats surprising them.”




“What is it Rachael?”


“They are slowing down.”


Sally had dropped her speed to one hundred kilometers an hour. It would take her longer to catch up this way but she wanted to make it clear to Rachael she wasn’t coming to fight her.


Rachael relaxed a little when whoever was coming towards her slowed down though not entirely. She wouldn’t have worried at all if she didn’t have Thomas with her. As their pursuer grew closer Rachael slipped into her accelerated state in case she had to respond suddenly.


Sally slowed down to just forty kilometers an hour whenever she was within the last two hundred and fifty meters. A short while later she caught up with Rachael and Thomas.


Rachael was rather surprised when Sally came trotting through the trees just slightly faster then what a human could run having slowed down even more moments earlier. “Sally?”


Sally gave a slight giggle. “Hi.”


“What are you doing here?”


“I am looking for you of course.”


Rachael gave a sigh. “How about telling me why someone whose level of enhancements are clearly beyond what many believe to be possible be looking for me?”


“Many used to believe was impossible. You took care of that today.”


“Yeah now how about answering the question?”


“Williams sent me to find you before the police did. He wants to talk to you about your current situation.” Sally glanced past Rachael at Thomas. She then leaned to the side to make it clear she was looking past Rachael and speaking to him. “I am not here to fight so there is no need for the caution.”


Thomas gave a slight chuckle. “Thanks but I believe I’ll stay right back here.”


A sigh escaped Sally. “I swear you people are paranoid.”


“I guess you didn’t hear me the first time. Why does Thomas want to speak with me?”


“We’re hoping to make a deal with you in regards to your current situation.”


“Which is?”


Sally gave a shrug. “That depends on what you two want. Of course the bigger the favor you ask for the greater the cost. Don’t worry about that little affair with you beating the crap out of William’s fighters or killing his helper. That matter was settled in the ring.”


“What do you think Thomas?”


“We may as well see what he wants to say.”


Sally gave a nod. “Great. I’ll have the helicopter come and pick us up and don’t nock it out of the air it is an expensive one.”


Rachael gave a slight shrug. “I won’t throw anything at the helicopter.”


“Did you hear that? Come on down and pick us up.”


“There isn’t a spot to land around there.”


“We’ll just jump up to you. Are you okay with that Rachael?”


“That is fine.” Walking over to Thomas Rachael wrapped one arm around his waste while he wrapped both of his around her neck. “Thomas, are you sure about this?”


Thomas glanced over at Sally. “Yeah I am certain. We had planned on looking into the arena for help after all. I imagine that if we are going to do that then we would end up dealing with Williams either directly or indirectly.”


Sally gave a slight shrug. “For the most part you’re correct. Here comes our ride.”


The pilot brought the helicopter down until it was just thirty meters above the forest floor. A moment later he heard to loud clunks and had to adjust ever so slightly for the extra weight as Sally and Rachael jumped up and took hold. A moment later both of them pulled themselves through the side door with Rachael bringing Thomas along for the ride.




“I am glad that you two decided to meet with me.” Williams currently set across from Thomas and Rachael while Sally set next to him.


Thomas for his part had become accustomed to handling business negotiations and from Rachael’s demeanor he imagined he would be handling this one. “Well thanks for the lift out of the forest but what kind of agreement were you hoping to reach? Sally said it depended on what we wanted.”


“That it does. So first tell me what do you two seek to do?”


“At the moment we are seeking to leave the country.”


“Where do you hope to go?”


“We haven’t really decided only that it should be somewhere which enhancements aren’t illegal.”


Williams gave a nod. “I was hoping that you two would want to stick around and continue fighting in the arena.”


“Neither Rachael or I want to live in isolation.”


Williams gave a nod. “Very well then I can help you get out of the country but what do you want to do after that?”


“Rachael would like to continue employing her body in some task.”


“So you wouldn’t have any interest in working on DNA designs?”


Thomas shook his head. “No.”


Williams couldn’t help but glance at Rachael. He only needed to look at her face for a moment to realize that she wasn’t doing to disagree with Thomas. “I was hoping that we could hire the two of you to help us with DNA designs. While I understand you’re unwillingness to sell the one you used on yourself your skill would still be very welcome.”


“Rachael enjoys using her body now.”


Thomas gave a nod. “That is understandable. I only wish that we had taken note of you before you enhanced yourself.”


“So what is it going to cost for you to help us out of the country?”


“Well it depends there. I could simply help you out of country if you just want to be left in some port city or I could introduce you to some people who would find your talents quite useful.”


“What country did you have in mind?”


“Well there is more then one available to you. I suppose you should take some time to consider if you prefer tropical weather or a more aired region.”


Thomas couldn’t help but glance at Rachael who gave a shrug. “The climate doesn’t affect me so that is purely your decision.”


Thomas gave a nod. “Tropical.”


Williams gave a nod. “So would you like to me to try and set Rachael up with some contacts that could provide her with some work?”


“Will that reduce the cost?”


“Why should that reduce the cost?”


“Because I know that whoever you are going to introduce her to is going to be someone you are on good terms with and introducing them to someone as capable as Rachael will only improve your condition with them.”


Williams couldn’t help but chuckle. “You have me there however there will still be a cost.”


“Which is?”


“Depending on where you would like to be relocated. However, it isn’t financial.”


Thomas gave a chuckle. “Considering what I saw Sally arrive in and your home I didn’t think so.”


Rachael who had been quiet finally resolved to speak up. “Sally I have been wondering since I saw you at the arena. You’re a custom job aren’t you?”


Sally gave a nod. “I bet you are as well. The treatment you used on yourself won’t work for other people will it?”


Rachael shook her head. “No, so how much money was invested into giving you your body?”


Sally turned her eyes up at the roof for a moment as if thinking. “I would say in excess of two hundred million.”


Williams gave a nod. “That is close but she is worth it.”


Rachael couldn’t help but giggle. “Oh what could I have achieved with that kind of budget.”


“Well Rachael now that you’re speaking for yourself. Would it be okay if I spoke with you?”


“If what you want to talk about is related to business then you may not speak to me. That is Thomas’s department.”


Williams gave a nod. “Well then Thomas since Rachael wouldn’t like to work with us would she at least be willing to provide some of her old DNA designs and perhaps do a few errands?”


“In order to get out of the country she could do a few errands. Though whether or not she charges you for it will depend on the value of the errands. As for the DNA designs she has a few she could part with.”


Williams started to address Rachael but could she that she had no interest in the conversation when it came to her employment or sells.

Clearly she was leaving that up to Thomas. “How long would it take her to recreate the designs?”


“She won’t have to recreate them she can just retrieve them.”


Rachael glanced over at Thomas. “So long as you are waiting near by I am not going to leave you here.”


Williams gave a nod. “So you have some designs in storage?”


Neither Rachael nor Thomas actually believed Williams didn’t know of the equipment they had purchased. Still, there was no point in bringing it up. “Yes.”


“I thought Rachael was done working on designs.”


“The designs she made were meant purely as a taunt to other sellers in order to increase the number of fights.”


Williams couldn’t help but smile. “I imagine that I may have to repay you in that case depending on how many of the designs you’re willing to sell. After all in order to provoke the other sellers to sacrifice their fighters you must have come up with some impressive designs.”


“Well as you can tell everything about Rachael is remarkable.”


End Chapter 4.

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