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Modifications – Chapter 5

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Modifications – Chapter 5


By Happiest in Shadows



Warning this story contains adult content so if you’re a minor don’t read it or if adult content involving sex, violence or super powerful women offends you don’t read it either. This story was written with input from Supernaught whose real name I haven’t inquired about.



“Are you okay Thomas?”


“Yeah, the air is just more humid then what I am used to. Is it bothering you?”


“No. I can tell the temperature and humidity are different from what I am used to but it isn’t enough of a difference to bother me.”


“I imagine it would take a nuclear explosion to make enough of a difference to bother you. Of course I don’t know if even that would be enough.”


Rachael gave an amused giggle. “I am sorry that I can’t do anything to make you more comfortable.”


“That is alright.” Thomas was a bit surprised when he felt a sudden rush of air. “What was that?”


“What was what?”


“I just felt something. Did you just reach across me?”


“Yeah, I saw a bug so I smacked it away for you.”


“The poor thing must have been turned into a mist considering how fast you moved your arm.”


“It was. Now Williams said one of his contacts should be meeting us where?”


“He said they would be waiting at the main exit.”


“Well then how about we go get our stuff and meet them?”


“Yeah, hopefully they’ll take us somewhere with an actual air conditioner.”


Thomas felt rather strange as the only piece of luggage he was allowed to carry was a small travel bag. Rachael had retrieved everything else and something told him the only reason he was allowed to carry the bag was Rachael had run out of room to carry anything else.


“Over there.” Rachael gave Thomas a slight nudge in the direction of a rather large man holding up a sign.


Thomas gave his nod and began to walk towards him. He would have followed Rachael but upon her nudging him a second time he realized that she expected him to lead the way. As they approached it was quite clear the large fellow recognized the two of them.


“Welcome Mistress I hope you and your manger had a pleasant fight.”


“Mistress? I don’t know if I warrant being called that just yet.”


The large fellow gave a slight chuckle and shook his head. “Mistress of the arena, I saw you fight while in the states with my employer you probably didn’t notice me though.”


Thomas gave Rachael a quick pat on the shoulder. “You sure seem to leave quite the impression. By the way you know our names but what is yours?”


“My name is Bernardo. So shall we be on our way?”


Rachael acted as if she was going to answer but instead she gave Thomas another nudge. Thomas stumbled a bit having not expected it. “Yes, I believe we shall.”


An amused giggle escaped Rachael and she leaned forward closer to Thomas. “Well you are my manager it seems. I’ll leave decisions on who we should associate with and who we shouldn’t up to you.”


Bernardo gave a quick nod and lead Thomas and Rachael to a waiting SUV. “I hope you don’t mind the mode of transportation.”


Thomas gave a shrug. “I take it we are going to off road so it is fine.”


Bernardo gave a nod and opened up the trunk. “May I take your luggage?”


An amused giggle escaped Rachael and wordlessly she set a single suitcase down. Bernardo gave her a curious look and went to pick up the suitcase. However, upon his trying he found himself facing quite a dilemma. Upon wrapping his hands around the sturdy handle and trying to lift the case he found that it was far too heavy for him to lift despite his bulk.


Rachael gave Bernardo ten seconds to try and lift the suitcase until she finally reached down and picked it up once again. Pushing him to the side she proceeded to load them into the SUV. When Thomas moved to place the loan bag he was holding onto into the vehicle Rachael took the bag from him. Turning to Bernardo and Thomas Rachael gave a playful grin. “I don’t suppose you thought to bring some straps to hold the cases in place.”


Bernardo grinned and proceeded to reach into a side compartment. “I don’t have straps but I do have this.” A moment later he brought out a rather heavy looking rope. “I never know when I’ll need some rope so I bring some with me wherever I go.”


“Well I can’t say that I am good with knots so I’ll leave tying everything down to you.”


While Bernardo worked on tying the suitcases down Rachael took hold of Thomas’s arm and pulled him to the side of the vehicle. She then opened up the back seat and climbed in pulling Thomas along with her. Once she was seated she took the seat belt and buckled Thomas in.


It only took Bernardo a few moments to finish tying down the bags and climb into the drivers seat. “Mr. Dario is waiting at his home to meet you.”


Thomas couldn’t help the curious expression on his face as he tried to remember where he had heard that name before. As Bernardo started up the vehicle and began to drive it hit him. “Do you mean Dario as in the drug dealer?”


Bernardo gave a slight chuckle and nodded his head. “Yes, I believe you have the right Dario in mind.”


Rachael gave an amused giggle. “Well that is most assuredly one person who could afford to enhance people.”


“Yes, and even after they are retired from the ring they make wonderful bodyguards and enforcers.”


“I take it that is one reason he wants to meet with Rachael.”


“Yes, though don’t miss understand. He doesn’t want to meet her for the same reason he enhances other fighters.”


Thomas gave a nod. “What does he want to meet Rachael for?”


“After seeing Rachael’s performances in the ring we thought she would be willing to help us with a problem. Mr. Dario isn’t the only person with enhanced after all. This job calls for more muscle then what the regular enhanced can offer.”


“Would you care to give us more details?”


“Actually, yes I would. I don’t mean to be rude but please refrain from pressing further until you can speak with Mr. Dario himself.”


Thomas felt Rachael’s hand on his shoulder and he looked back to her to see what she wanted. When he did he quickly gave his head a shake no. To this Rachael gave an amused giggle and leaned back in her seat. Thomas had no doubt that Rachael could force Bernardo to tell them what he wanted to know but he didn’t believe such actions were wise at the moment.


Bernardo seemed to have noticed what was going on as the moment Thomas shook his head no he let out a sigh. He didn’t bother saying anything but Thomas got the feeling he knew how close he was to getting seriously injured.


As they drove along Thomas was surprised when he felt Rachael’s body pressing against his own and her arm wrapping around him. When he didn’t lean over right away Rachael tightened her grip on him and forced him to lean his head against her. “You know I like having someone drive us around. I don’t have to worry about making you crash.”


Thomas couldn’t help but grin despite the fact that he wasn’t quite as comfortable with someone else being in the vehicle with them as Rachael was. “It is nice.”




As they drove up the drive way Rachael took her time to examine the estate as a whole. The lawn was immaculately kept and full of expensive ornamentation but Rachael couldn’t help herself. “I don’t like the lawn.”


Thomas was a little surprised by Rachael’s out burst but had to wonder. “What do you not like about it?”


“It’s the stone benches. They look so fragile.”


“So would you prefer the metal framed ones?”


“I believe so.”


Bernardo couldn’t help but chuckle. “Well when you meet with Mr. Dario you can tell him what you think of his choice in decorations.”


Thomas couldn’t help but laugh. “Believe me I am sure that she will.”


Rachael’s response was to pull Thomas’s head slightly further down against her chest and continue her critique of the estate. “And to be honest those thugs looking around takes away from everything. You’d think someone with so much money would be able to give them appropriate attire as to not distract from the scenery.”


Thomas shook his head lightly brushing against the top of Rachael’s breasts. “I would comment but they are two mountains blocking my view.”


“I believe some carefully arranged sidewalks would also be helpful.”


Bernardo just rolled his eyes as he brought the vehicle to the stop in front of the large main house. This was probably the first time he had heard someone complaining about Dario’s choice in the lands layout.


Rachael finally relaxed her grip on Thomas’s head once the vehicle had come to a stop and allowed him to set up. It was something of a shock but Thomas didn’t feel impressed by the structure either. Before hand great signs of wealth had at least caused him to feel a little impressed. Now the manner looked to be nothing more then another building to him.


Rachael noted the look on Thomas’s face and giggled. “There isn’t much to it is there?”


“I swear Rachael I believe being around you has permanently affected my perception of the world.” Thomas opened the door and stepped out grateful that at least he could hold the door open for Rachael.


“And how I have I effected your perception of the world?”


“I suppose the best way I can put it is. It’s very hard to be impressed by a ditch after seeing the Grand Canyon.” The smile on Rachael’s face told Thomas that he had picked the right words.


Rachael moved to the side and allowed Thomas to shut the door. She then gave him a quick kiss on his ear and whispered into it. “So is the beauty of this home or the power that it tries to imply the ditch?”


“They both are compared to you.” Thomas didn’t have to see Rachael to know that a wide grin was currently on her face at the moment though they had someone to meet. “So Bernardo what should Rachael and I do about our stuff?”


Bernardo had by now made his way to the other side of the vehicle. “Just leave it here for now. We’ll know what to do with it after your meeting.”


Thomas gave a nod. “Well then please lead the way.”


Rachael chose to walk closely behind Thomas as they made there way into the building. Once again she found she didn’t like the homes construction. “I really don’t like stone and I believe I know why now.”


Thomas slowed down a bit so he could hopefully finish speaking with Rachael. “Why is that?”


“Not only is it easy to break but I can’t bend it back into place like metal.”


“How do you feel about wood?”


“I still like it. I know that it is even weaker then concrete but I find the aesthetics make up for the appearance.” A giggle escaped Rachael. “Oh good grief, I feel like concrete is lying to me.”


“How is concrete lying to you?”


“I don’t know I suppose I feel as if wood promises to shield one from the elements which it can do. Concrete on the other hand seems to saying that it is stronger then me. I know it is silly but that is how I feel.”


Thomas couldn’t help but chuckled and slowed down enough to reach back and give Rachael a pat on her head. “We’ll have to discuss this in more detail when we get a chance to rebuild.”


Bernardo had known to expect Rachael to have quite a personality from her behavior in the ring. He had seen as the Valkyrie turned what was meant to be an arena into her personnel playpen and anyone foolish enough to step into the ring with her into her toy. He was beginning to get the feeling that this attitude wasn’t entirely restricted to the arena. “Well here we are.”


Thomas gave a nod as Bernardo opened a rather heavy looking door. A moment later they found themselves stepping into a room that spoke of wealth. Bernardo closed the door behind them and proceeded to take the lead once again. “Mr. Dario your guests are here.”


Thomas hadn’t been impressed by the home but he was a little surprised by the man that stepped into the room. He had expected someone a great deal smaller then Bernardo what he saw was someone much larger. After a moment he knew what he was looking at.


Rachael gave an amused giggle. “So you’re an enhanced.”


Dario gave a quick nod. “I suppose with all the security you were expecting something less?”


Rachael gave a quick nod. “Yeah, I wouldn’t have thought an enhanced of your level would feel the need for so much security. You must not have any real combat experience if you need so many to hide behind.”


Dario clearly hadn’t expected such a blunt statement and the annoyance showed on his face. However, he had seen what Rachael could do in the ring so he held his tongue. “Well I prefer to focus on the business aspects of my operation.”


Thomas couldn’t help but find the distress Rachael caused Dario to be amusing. She sure didn’t hesitate to speak her opinion anymore. “You were supposed to have some work for Rachael. Bernardo wouldn’t tell us what it was would you mind filling us in now?”


Dario gave a nod. “Yes, let’s get down to business. I have some competition that has recently grown much stronger especially in the states. They have started messing with those sellers that buy from me and they have started hindering my progress here. I would appreciate it if Rachael would help me remove their leadership.”


Thomas glanced at Rachael for a moment. “Why stop at their leadership?”


“What do you mean?”


“Rachael, would you prefer to only do away with the leadership or kill everyone that works for them as well?”


“Well that is a silly question. I’d rather kill them and the people that work for them. Slaughtering a bunch of wimps that can only hide behind thugs just wouldn’t be any fun.”


“You may change your mind. You see until now they haven’t been a problem. The reason they recently became a threat is they have began enhancing a good deal of their fighters up until this point I have been the only person with a significant amount of enhanced working for me.”


Thomas shook his head. “Which I imagine is due to Williams. That doesn’t change the situation though. If you didn’t notice back in the states Rachael takes pleasure in beating up other enhanced.”


Dario shook his head. “I admit she is powerful, but even she couldn’t take on this many. The best bet is for her to simply run in making use of her speed snap their boss’s neck and run out.”


Thomas shook his head. “Just take us to where they work and operate from and leave the killing up to Rachael.”


Dario didn’t like having someone contradict him but what did he care if Rachael got herself killed? “Fine then you may handle it as you see fit but their leadership must be wiped out.”


Thomas gave a nod. “Do you know where they operate from?”


“I know most of the details of their operations.”


“Now before this conversation goes further how much money are we talking about?”


Dario gave a smug grin. “If you can rid me of this annoyance I am willing to pay you two hundred and fifty thousand American dollars.”


Thomas gave a sigh. “I can’t believe I am going to do this. Rachael would you mind working for that little? This is in part to repay Williams as well after all.”


Rachael gave a shrug. “That is up to you.”


“Okay, we’ll do it. However, we are going to need a place to stay.”


Williams had told Dario that Rachael was quite arrogant when it came to her abilities and value. Despite this he hadn’t expected her to be this bad. “Given the type of equipment you brought along I’ll have a room prepared in my home.”


Thomas shook his head. “That isn’t going to work. Rachael and I like our privacy.”


Rachael gave an amused giggle. “Well if we were to hurry up and help Dario with his little problem there would be plenty of vacant homes.”


“You have a good point Rachael. Okay Dario we would like to begin work on this endeavor of yours today.”


Rachael gave Thomas a quick nudge. “After we go into town have a nice dinner and rent a room.”


Thomas was a bit surprised when Rachael got involved in the conversation. However, he soon realized the dinner and room wasn’t for her. “I am kind of hungry.”




“Go ahead it is safe to eat.”


Thomas looked up at Rachael who had just spent the last thirty seconds examining his food. “Were you checking my food for toxins?”


“Yes I was. Oh I didn’t mean to make you feel awkward.”


“Then please order something.”


“I am not hungry.”


“Rachael please we are in the middle of a restraint and you’re the only one without something to eat.”


Rachael rolled her eyes. “Fine, I’ll order something.” Instead of waiting for a waiter to return to the table Rachael simply waited until one got close enough for her to reach out and grab.


The young man gave a slight shout whenever Rachael took hold of his shirt collar and yanked him over to herself. “I’d like a lobster with some red wine and you don’t speak a world of English do you?” The blank look on the young man’s face told Rachael that he hadn’t understood what she had said to him.


Thomas couldn’t help but chuckle as Rachael released the young man. He could already see a second waiter most likely one that could understand her coming to the table. He hoped the waiter would ignore Rachael’s forwardness and not try to give her a hard time if he did Thomas felt that more then a few people might receive a rather severe beating.


The waiter knew better then to give Rachael or Thomas a hard time. It wasn’t that he knew about Rachael but he did know they were acquainted with Dario. “I am sorry about that.”


Rachael gave a shrug. “It isn’t a problem. I would like one of these.” With that Rachael held up the menu and simply pointed to what she wanted.


“And what would you like to drink with that?”


“Some red wine would be nice.” Rachael didn’t actually care for wine but Dario was paying so she didn’t see a reason to eat cheaply.




“Do you want to get some sleep and begin work in the morning?”


Thomas felt a shudder run up his spine as Rachael breasts pressed against his back. Her hands reached under his arms and took hold of the wash cloth and soap. After working it into a nice lather she pressed the warm cloth to Thomas’s chest and began to soap him up. The feeling of Rachael’s breasts pressing against his back and her hands moving the warm cloth over his body that it took a few moments for Thomas to realize she had even asked him a question. “Yeah, I was able to nap on the plain after all.”


“I know.”


“Rachael, am I going to be joining you for your work?”


“Do you want to stay somewhere else?”


“No, I just want to know if you’ll let me come along.”


Rachael bent down so that her head was level with Thomas’s ear and gave the back of it a quick lick. “To be honest it is hard for me to decide whether or not I should let you come with me.”


“I’ve been wondering about that since we spoke with Dario.”


“If I believed you would be safe here I would prefer if you stayed behind. However, I don’t trust Dario and I don’t know how secure this location is.”


“I don’t imagine saying that I know how to handle myself will help.”


“No. It won’t. Of course if I take you with me I’ll be bringing you into a war zone and you could get injured there as well.”


“So you have to decide between leaving me in what should be a safer environment but without you there and watching over me in an extremely dangerous environment.”


Rachael gave a sigh and straitened up. Reaching one arm under Thomas she easily lifted him from the ground and began to clean off his legs while holding him up. “That is what it amounts to. I decided that given my ability to increase my speed it would be best if I took you along with me. That and I really like having you there to watch.”


“I could shadow you. I imagine they’ll be too busy worrying about you to pay much attention to me.”


“That is true. Mm someone has been working out.”


“Huh?” Thomas glanced down at himself and noticed Rachael’s fingers pressing into his abdomen. He was actually quite surprised to see his abdominal muscles had become quite defined. “When did that happen?”


“I guess you have been working out more then I realized.”


“Rachael I have been following the same exercise routine that I always follow.”


“Are you serious?”


“Yes I am.” Thomas felt Rachael’s grip on him tighten. It wasn’t painful but he could tell he had just scared her.


“Thomas this had better not be a joke.”


“Rachael wouldn’t you have noticed if I started working out more then normal?” Thomas could tell that Rachael was becoming concerned and in truth he was beginning to feel fairly nervous about the situation as well.


“Thomas you didn’t take any of the enhancements did you?”


“No. I promise that I never took any of the enhancements.”


Rachael slowly nodded her head then leaned it against Thomas’s back. “This is very strange.” As she leaned her head against Thomas Rachael took in a few deep breaths. After a few moments she seemed to relax considerably.


“Are you okay Rachael?”


“Thomas why haven’t I wanted to enhance you since it would make you safer?”


Thomas grew silent for a moment. “I don’t really know. I know that you enjoy being stronger then me but you could make me a hundred times stronger then what I am now and you would still be so far beyond that.”


“Are you worried Thomas?”


“I would like to know what happened and yeah I am a little nervous but well this isn’t something I would normally complain about. Plus well something tell me it has something to do with you.”


Rachael gently rubbed her head against Thomas’s shoulder for a few moments before responding. “When I hold you and feel you against me. Something is telling me not to worry however my brain is screaming that I need to run some tests and run them now.”


Thomas gave a soft laugh. “They’ll be plenty of time for us to worry about that later.”


“We aren’t really set up to run any tests are we?”


“Not yet and plus we told Dario that we would begin today. Even if you don’t trust him it is time to begin building a reputation.”


“I believe after this I’ll be able to trust him more.”


“Because he’ll know that if something happened to me you could kill him and all of his men?”


Rachael couldn’t help but laugh. As she shook with laughter Thomas reached down and took hold of Rachael arms to better balance himself. “Yeah, I could tell at the meeting. At the moment he considers himself more powerful then what I am.”


“Well then if you’ll set me down I could get cleaned up quicker and you could show him other wise.”


“No. I want to bath you.”


Thomas couldn’t help but smile. “Okay but does that mean I get to bath you after words?”


“Mm yeah I want to see if those muscles are just for show or not. So you shouldn’t hold back.”


“Blast it.”


“What is it?”


“I don’t know if I want you to hurry up so I can have my turn bathing you or not.”


Rachael couldn’t help but giggle. “Well while I appreciate your eagerness you’ll just have to wait. I am not going to rush.”


“Oh is that a fact.”


“Yes it is … ohh.”


Thomas couldn’t help but smirk as she twisted to the side a bit and reached down with his right arm. Taking hold of the front of Rachael’s breast he proceeded to squeeze as hard as he was able. As a low moan escaped Rachael he relaxed his grip and graced his index finger around Rachael’s areola. A moment later he felt his position shift lightly due to Rachael bending at the knees a little. “I may not have strength anywhere near yours but I bet I can still make you feel weak in the knees.”


Rachael bit her lower lip. She was determined to remain in control of the situation but as she felt Thomas’s fingers gently tracing the edge of her nipple and then pinching her nipple that resolve nearly fell away entirely. At last she gave in and allowed herself to fall backwards quickly positioning Thomas so that he would land atop her.


The sound of Rachael’s head impacting the side of the bathtub was so great that Thomas felt certain it would have knocked most people unconscious. She hadn’t even tried to slow her fall down however when her lips pressed against his a moment later he felt certain that she was alright.


Rachael hadn’t even noticed her head striking the metallic rim of the bathtub. At the moment she had other things on her mind. Reaching around Thomas she placed one hand on the back of his head and forced his lips against her own. The other hand proceeded to reach down and take hold of his buttocks. She then proceeded to pull his entire body more firmly against her own.


Thomas wasn’t entirely certain what was going on at the moment. He had been kissed, held and even fondled by Rachael before. At first it had seemed like this time was no different then the previous ones. However, as she held him against herself he could tell that something was different about this time.


It wasn’t possible for Thomas to get his hands around Rachael as her back was pressed against the rather solid bottom of the tub. However, he was able to reach around to her sides. Placing one hand on either side of her he began to draw them downward until he came to her hips.


Rachael felt Thomas’s hands slide up her hips and tracing the contours of the muscle that appeared in her thighs whenever she would flex or shift in the tub. His touch was light but she could tell that he was squeezing with as much strength as he could. The simple knowledge that he was trying his hardest to make her feel something seemed to make her skin more sensitive and what might have been nothing more then a tickle became a sensual massage.


Thomas had always found the feeling of Rachael’s thighs to be both sensual and interesting. The soft skin that one felt on the surface was in stark contrast to the unyielding muscle underneath it. Even whenever she flexed her muscles and her legs would expand the silken skin could be felt.


As Thomas messaged her thighs Rachael’s legs slowly spread. The sound of cracking could be heard but it wasn’t paid any attention as Rachael spread her legs they began to tear through the sides of the bathtub.


Thomas shuddered as he felt Rachael’s legs running along his side as she brought them up. Those impossibly strong columns of muscle wrapped in the softest silk rose up on either side of him. He felt the heel of her foot pressing against his back ever so slightly as Rachael wrapped her legs around him.


A moan escaped Rachael as Thomas’s right hand left her thigh and began to travel up her body. It didn’t make it far though as Thomas’s hand came to her stomach. His fingers spread so that one finger rested on each fully pronounced abdominal muscle. She could feel his fingers tensing as he began to press down on her stomach.


Thomas pressed down with as much strength as he was able to until his fingers began to hurt. He couldn’t make the slightest dent in the solid plate of muscle he pressed against. Slowly he shifted his fingers so that they were all pressing down upon the bottom right abdominal. With that he began to press down on the single muscle with all the strength he could manage and once again it had no effect except to delight Rachael.


Each one of Rachael’s abdominal muscles received the same treatment until they have each proven themselves. Then Thomas’s removed his fingers from her stomach and proceeded to lay his hand down flat upon the solid sheet of armor. He kept his touch gentle. As Thomas ran his fingers over Rachael’s abdominal muscles he couldn’t help but think they felt stronger. Even stronger then how they felt when he pressed against them with all his strength a few moments ago.


The combination of a touch which required Thomas to use his full strength and one that was kept light was far more effective then he might have realized. As Thomas ran his palm over Rachael’s stomach he didn’t seem to notice the soft moans that escaped her lips almost as if she was purring.


As Thomas’s right hand continued to pet Rachael’s stomach his left hand at last left her thigh and traveled up her body. Drawing his fingers along her skin he tried to follow the contour of her muscles so that they never fell out of the path. Her skin smoothed too much for him to do this though once he reached close enough to her breasts.


Rachael felt Thomas’s fingers run along the edge of her breast and slowly slip between her breasts. As his hand pressed into her cleavage Rachael flexed her chest muscles ever so slightly causing the pass to narrow and trapping Thomas’s hand.


There was no true desire in Thomas to free his hand from the grip of Rachael’s cleavage. If he had not known that there was no way for him to possibly free his hand without Rachael allowing it he wouldn’t have struggled. However, with the knowledge that there was no chance of him freeing his hand with his own strength he began to pull backwards with all of his might.


Rachael held Thomas’s hand firm with her breasts alone. As she felt his struggles began to weaken she slowly began to relax her hold on his hand so that he would be able to withdraw it. She made sure to wait until she felt Thomas weakening and did this slowly in order to show that by no means had he freed his hand with his own strength.


Once his hand was free Thomas once again pressed it between Rachael’s breasts. Lightly he began to stroke the flesh between Rachael’s wonderful breasts and lightly tickled the sides of each breasts. Each time his hands would near the top edge of Rachael’s breast he could sworn he felt a vibration. A vibration which he realized was Rachael’s heart beating.


The force with which Rachael’s heart beat was truly astounding. Despite his situation Thomas was fully aware of how strong Rachael’s muscles were and to be able to feel her heart beating even through those mighty layers of muscles was astounding. As to do so he felt certain that each beat of Rachael’s heart must have had the force of at least a city shaking explosion.


At last Thomas’s withdrew his hand from between Rachael’s cleavage and began to run it along the outside of her bosom. Once again he moved his fingers so that they didn’t lay flat against her skin but seemed to dance along and travel ever so slightly up the side of those delightful peeks.


As Rachael felt Thomas’s fingers dancing along her breast she couldn’t be sure if she preferred it when he used his full strength or when he used feather light touches. What she was sure of was that he was doing a wonderful job of exciting her. With her legs now wrapped around him so that he couldn’t back away she finally removed her hand from his rear.


Thomas shuddered a bit whenever he felt Rachael’s hand leave his back side and take hold of his upper arm. Instinctively he began to try and flex while at the same time Rachael tightened her grip just enough to prevent the muscle from rising.


Rachael finally relaxed her hold on Thomas’s head and allowed him to break the kiss. Now that both of her hands were free she began to explore his body as well. Reaching down Rachael surprised Thomas whenever she took hold of his excited member.


It was hard for Thomas to resist coming right there. He hadn’t expected Rachael to suddenly take hold of his penis. Worried that he might lose control of himself he resolved to try and take some control of the situation.


As Rachael ran her fingers along Thomas’s shaft she was temporarily distracted whenever she felt Thomas place a kiss atop her nipple. A shudder ran through her body and for a moment her fingers ceased to tease Thomas’s body.


The brief reprieve from Rachael’s teasing fingers was exactly what Thomas needed to regain some control of the situation. Quickly he shifted his position and while he couldn’t rise up he was able to slide further down Rachael’s body making it more difficult for her to taunt his more sensitive parts. This left him too low to continue kissing Rachael on the lips but he could still stimulate her through other means.


Rachael gave a sigh as Thomas placed several kisses atop her breast. Each one was placed so that the edge of his lips just touched her areola but none of them where centered precisely upon the sensitive bit of skin. As he kissed Thomas would let his tongue flick out from time to time to lick around the outer edges of her nipple.


Now that he could use his lips to tease Rachael’s nipples and breasts Thomas moved his hand back down her body. Coming to her lower lips he gently ran his fingers on the inside of Rachael’s thighs no more then a thong’s outer edge away from touching her lips.


Rachael gave a delighted gasp and arched her back causing Thomas to be lifted further into the air. It took a great deal of effort for her to not take hold of Thomas’s head once again and force his lips to go where she wanted them to be. As Rachael arched her back she spread her arms the resistance the bathtub walls provided her was so insignificant that she didn’t even noticed her hands pushing through the sides.


Thomas felt Rachael’s hands come to rest upon his sides and for a moment he feared she was going to pull him upward so that there lips could once again meet. He was relieved whenever her fingers simply glided over his sides lightly tickling him.


Rachael brought her hands up behind Thomas’s back but she made no move to restrain him or change his position. Instead she proceeded to gently squeeze and message his back muscles. As she did so she was careful to keep her touch gentle though no where near as gentle as his most forceful touches felt against her skin.


It was amazing to know what Rachael was capable of doing with her hands. To have seen her sink her fingers into concrete, stone and steel without the slightest bit of effort. Then to have her use those hands to massage you so very gentle was a truly exhilarating experience.


Bringing her hand up Thomas’s back Rachael moved her hand onto his shoulder and gave it a gentle squeeze. This wasn’t the same squeeze which she had used to keep him from flexing his arm. Rather it was a truly gentle action that left him free to continue moving about as he had been.


After only a few moments Thomas realized that Rachael had changed tactics and was playing the same game he was. Up until then she had been using her strength to control him now she was working his body and attempting to control his actions through gentle stimulation. This was made very clear when she shifted slightly causing her breast to rub against his face.


Turning to her side slightly Rachael brushed her nipple against Thomas’s lips. This brought a gentle kiss from him and he began to lightly suck on the bit of flesh.


To move forward and once again press his lips to her would be a bad idea at the moment and Thomas knew it. Rachael’s hands were doing a wonderful job of exciting him should he move forward and cause her to start using her strength as well he knew that he would lose any control of the situation that he might have had.


It was clear that Rachael was quite excited. As Thomas ran his fingers around her lips he found them being coated with a liquid that was far thicker and stickier then the water that was currently running over the both of them. Slowly Thomas brought his fingers in closer so that they touched the very edge of her lips. The moment he did he felt Rachael’s entire body tense up.


It was fortunate that Thomas didn’t look up the moment he felt Rachael’s body shudder. Had he met her gaze and lifted his lips from her nipple she might have lost control of herself. As things were she was able to keep herself from simply taking hold of Thomas and forcing him into herself.


Thomas had to remember to return his mouth Rachael nipple quickly each time he was forced to quit suckling in order to take in air. As each time he ceased his suckling he could feel Rachael’s frustration grow.


As Thomas looked out the corner of his eye he could tell that Rachael was getting frustrated. At the moment he could only focus on one breast at a time at least until he remembered he had a spare hand. With everything that had been going on he had almost forgotten the hand he left resting on Rachael’s stomach.


Rachael let out a delighted gasp when she felt Thomas’s hand come to rest upon her breast. His fingers didn’t feel as nice on her nipple as his mouth did but it was what she had needed. As she felt his finger tracing the outline of her areola as if Thomas was counting every little dimple in her flesh she seemed to regain more of her composer though she most assuredly didn’t calm down.


Thomas could hear Rachael breathing more quickly and was certain that he was as well. He knew that the physical effort their time together required wasn’t nearly enough to require Rachael to take such deep breaths. However, while her body wasn’t truly exerted, emotionally she was on a very active level and her body was working to show how she felt at the moment.


Rachael couldn’t help but cry out whenever she felt Thomas’s finger move from the outer edge of her lips to running along them. If he had not had the good since to bring his previously inactive hand to her breast she would have lost control and forced him in at that instant.


When he had moved to massage her breast Thomas had felt Rachael regain a considerable amount of control over her body. However, he could tell that control was once again slipping away and this time he didn’t have an extra limb to spare.


Rachael bit down on her lower lip even as she felt her grip on Maxwell tightening. She was trying to keep herself from pulling him more firmly against her body. However, while she wanted to see what he was going to do next another part of her simply wanted to take what her body so desired.


While Thomas didn’t have any limbs free to try to further effect Rachael he felt that he was ready. At last he quit circling her lips and pressed his finger gently against the outside of her slit. A moment later he felt a shiver run through Rachael’s body and her entire form began to shake violently.


As Rachael’s body shuddered Thomas could hear several things being broken around them. The portions of her body that he was touching seemed to be the only ones that were stable. As she moved her head backwards suddenly it struck the bathtub with enough force to tear through it and her legs easily crashed through the bottom of the tub.


As his hand was coated with her nectar Thomas continued to gently run his finger against Rachael’s lips. When he felt Rachael’s body finally settling down he finally looked up from her breast and into her eyes. The smile that he saw told him he had just lost any say in what would happen next.


Rachael set up slightly and took hold of Thomas once again. One hand rested on his back side while the other took hold of his penis. As she drew him forward she adjusted him slightly and brought his shaft against her lips. As she felt Thomas’s body beginning to tremble at her touch she inserted the shaft just enough so that she could squeeze down and stop his orgasm.


Thomas nearly collapsed atop Rachael whenever he felt the muscle gently squeeze on his member and prevent his orgasm. He didn’t have time to question Rachael as to what she was doing though as the moment he settled down and quit shaking she drew him further in.


At last Rachael released Thomas’s penis and removed her hand from his backside once he was fully inside of her. She once again brought her lips against his and made him lay so that as much of his weight as possible rested atop her breast.


Thomas could hardly move at first. As he felt Rachael’s arms gently rapping around his body while her pussy held his penis firmly in her grasp. It was only when he felt those internal muscles flex that he responded and began to move within her.


A gasp escaped Rachael as Thomas moved within her. As he withdrew she would tense her internal muscles not so much that she prevented the action or caused him pain but it did force him to move more slowly or risk hurting himself. As he would enter her she would relax her muscles.


As Thomas thrust within Rachael it was hard for him to remember that he had additional limbs. He was able to remember though and he put them to work. He could no longer manipulate the front of Rachael’s breast as she had him held too firmly against them however he was able to reach the sides.


The fact that a fully grown man was currently laying atop them seemed to mean very little to Rachael’s breasts. While they did give slightly it was just enough to feel pleasant to the touch. Beyond that point they stood firm actually forcing Rachael to bring her head upward and force Thomas to lean over in order for their lips to meet. If her breasts had been much larger then they were he wouldn’t have even been able to kiss her during such times.


Rachael wasn’t entirely certain what was going on all she knew was that her body seemed to have taken over and she was content to allow it. When she had learned to work her pussy muscles in such a refined way was beyond her but she knew at the moment her body seemed to be trying to drain every last bit of pleasure out of the situation it could.


Thomas wasn’t the only one that had noticed the different levels of stimulation when he would withdraw or enter. Rachael could feel Thomas’s building release each time he would enter and withdraw. Every time her pussy muscles would tighten on his penis she could feel it slow the build to orgasm however each time he would enter it would draw closer. Of course even the tightening ultimately brought him closer to orgasm.


As Thomas entered Rachael he could tell she was nearing a second orgasm. Her pussy was still wonderfully tight however the grip had loosened so that he could move more quickly. He didn’t use this as an excuse for him to orgasm more quickly though rather he tried to hold back his own orgasm in order to make the experience last as long as possible.


At last a gasp escaped Rachael. She knew not to scream for the effect it would have on Thomas and surrounding environment. However, as her body stiffened it was clear what was going on.


Thomas felt himself suddenly lifted higher by Rachael’s breast so that the kiss was at last broken. As he felt Rachael’s pussy milking his penis his body seemed to realize what was going on before he did and a moment later he was left trembling as well as he came.




“Well that was something.” Thomas found himself looking into the bathroom. The tub was entirely destroyed and Rachael had actually got some of the floor and wall as well. The floor was of course soaked.


Rachael gave a contented sigh. “Yeah, we are going to have to do it again later.”


“How much later are you talking about?”


“Would after I am done with the nights job be okay?” Rachael gave Thomas a quick glance and noted the exhausted look on his face. A delighted giggle escaped her a moment later. “I suppose tonight would be too early.”


A crooked grin formed on Thomas’s face. “You did take a lot out of me but I would be happy to try.”


“Mm no I am content with knowing that the spirit is willing.”


“Believe me the spirit is willing.” Thomas on top of being exhausted was a little sore as well. He had a few bruises were Rachael had gripped him a little too hard. Of course had he the energy to go another round with her the bruises weren’t nearly painful enough to prevent it. “Rachael, where did they come from?”


“I don’t know. I’ve wanted to do that ever since my strength started increasing. For some reason I just held back until we were in the shower.”


“Maybe the muscles were just too much for you to resist.”


Rachael gave an amused giggle. “Maybe, but I like to think that wasn’t the only reason.”


“I hope so as well.”


“Now I am going to have to get some work done today.”


“You’re still up for slaughter even after that?”


“Well since you don’t seem to be able to go another round I am going to have to do something to work out my frustrations. I hope my arena clothing is strong enough to endure being shot.”


“Considering what you had to fight in the arena I am pretty sure that it will be.”




“Hey wake up sleepy head. We are here.”


Thomas went to shake his head however the moment he did it impacted with something very warm and soft. “Huh?” As he opened his eyes a huge grin crossed his face as he looked up into Rachael’s smiling face. The warm object his cheek had encountered was her breast.


“Come on. Shake those cobwebs out.”


As he set up Thomas stretched. “I guess I was even more tired then I realized.” Shortly after their time in the hotel they had called Bernardo and had him drive them to the first location. During the trip Rachael had picked Thomas up and cradled him in her arms.


“Do you feel better now?”


“Yeah I feel better.”


“Mm maybe I shouldn’t have woken you up. I could have carried you a little ways.”


“No it is fine.” As Thomas became more aware of his surroundings Rachael set him down and allowed him to climb out to the vehicle. “So what do you want me to do?”


“According to Bernardo the main gate is a mile up the road. I don’t know if I want you to walk close to me or stay back.” Closing her eyes for a moment Rachael gave her head a slight nod. “Okay, I want you to walk a little ways behind me.”


“Well I feel like an idiot. I just realized it is night time.”


“Ah, you can think of it as a night at the movies. Just considering what you’re doing now as going to the popcorn stand.”


Thomas gave a slight chuckle. “So how well can you see in the dark?”


“I can see just as well as I can during the day time. What does that look mean?”


“I was just wondering. Can you already tell where the guards are? I remember how good your hearing was from back home. You could hear a conversation even through all that concrete.”


Rachael gave her head a quick nod. “Yeah, I already have a pretty good idea of the security layout.”


“Well then please lead the way.”


Rachael gave a nod and began to make her way down the road. After she had walked a few meters she heard Thomas begin to move and the two of them started to make their way down the street.


As Thomas made his way down the road he kept a close eye on Rachael. He knew what her intentions were but he had no way of knowing just how she planned on carrying them out. He was grateful that the sky was clear and the moon shown brightly as it allowed him to better see Rachael. This was rather odd moment for him. As he realized that in nearly any other situation he would be cursing the moon for lowering his conceal ability.


Of course walking right down the middle of the road also violated every bit of training that he had received unless he happened to be walking behind an armored vehicle. Thomas gave his head a quick smack. Effectively that was exactly what he was doing. Rachael’s skin was most assuredly worthy of being considered armor after all.


Rachael ran her tongue along her lips as she neared a small watch house. She could hear the guards inside and realized they hadn’t noticed her yet. A slight cloud of dust was generated as she quickly accelerated to two hundred kilometers an hour and closed the gap between herself and the watch house.


Thomas was caught off guard when Rachael accelerated and held up his arms to block the cloud of dust she created. He was actually surprised when he found this wasn’t necessary. The cloud had looked large but it didn’t have enough energy to reach back to him. For a moment he wondered if Rachael had actually controlled her speed so that she wouldn’t leave him covered in her dust.


The world seemed so strange whenever Rachael entered her accelerated state. As she came to the guard house and looked in through the window. It felt as if she was standing there for several minutes before the guards even noticed her presence. As she saw their eyes widen she moved to the side and to the door.


The door looked perfectly normal to her and she could have sworn that all she had to do was reach out and open it. However, as Rachael took hold of the doorknob without first allowing herself to lapse out of her accelerated state she knew that wouldn’t happen. The twist she applied to the doorknob was simply far to fast for it to handle.


It had been designed to be turned by human hands and at human speeds. The twist Rachael applied to it was at least one hundred times faster then what a human could manage. The bolts that normally held the knob in place didn’t have anywhere near the strength to handle such speeds neither did the door itself which held the knob in place.


What seemed slow to Rachael seemed like an explosion to those inside of the little guard house. The force of Rachael twisting the knob was so great that it tore it free of the door and broke free several chunks of wood with it. They didn’t have time to see what happened to the door knob as it vanished within a tenth of a second.


Rachael took a moment to look at the warped bit of metal. The twist she had applied had felt normal to her however the door had broken as if it was made of straw and the metal had warped as if it was clay. When she released the knob it didn’t fall to the ground as it normally would have or it didn’t appear to do so. Instead it seemed to just hang there in space for a few moments before gravity took hold of it.


If she were to push in on the door Rachael knew it would most likely splinter and given the speeds she was moving at those splinters were very likely to tear through everyone in the room. Instead she chose to place her fingers within the opening she had just torn and pull the door open.


To those within the room it was hard to tell exactly what was going on. The knob and door were torn away so quickly that one wouldn’t have been sure if it was caused by two separate actions or the same action without relying on a highs peed camera.


As Rachael entered the room she took a moment to glance over her shoulder. She had directed the tug in a downward direction so that none of the splinters would be sent into Thomas. Once she felt sure of this she continued on into the room to confront the guards. They had began to stand by now and ready their weapons. One was going for what she imagined was some sort of alert system.


It pleased Rachael to no end to see what the men were wearing at the time and it made her glad that she didn’t fill the room full of splinters. If she had she might have damaged the guards’ clothing.


Rachael appeared to be little more then a blur as she entered the room. As she moved a powerful gust of wind ran throughout the area sending several of the cards the men had left laying on a table flying through the air.


There had been times whenever Rachael had touched Thomas while in her accelerated state and she hadn’t harmed him at all as she reached for the guard’s wrist though. Something told her that wasn’t going to happen this time around. It was as if her body didn’t simply respond to her mind but also responded to her feelings and without the same concern or consideration for the guard as she felt for Thomas it simply didn’t have a reason to control how much strength it used.


The action was so quick that the guard continued to push forward for just a moment even as Rachael’s fingers sunk into his wrist. His flesh didn’t seem to offer any resistance at all. The flesh simply slipped between her fingers as easily as the liquid blood within and the bone didn’t even seem to slow her down from her own view point let alone anyone that might have been watching.


For a moment Rachael considered letting herself slip out of her accelerated state and have some fun with the guards. However, with Thomas so near by and the environment she couldn’t bring herself to take such a chance.


Thomas had continued to walk at a regular pace despite no longer being able to see Rachael. As he continued up the road he heard what sounded like numerous explosions though they were oddly drawn out. By the time he had made it to spot where she had first seen the guard station everything was over.


Rachael doubted that the guards had felt much pain. Even the one whose hand she had torn off didn’t have long to wait before he died. Glancing out the window she waved at Thomas and motioned for him to hurry up.


When Thomas noticed Rachael signaling he speed up to a light jog until he came to the guard house and looked inside. “Well someone made a mess.”


“I just realized that I could get you some body armor. I should have asked Bernardo to bring some along but I didn’t think to do so. So I figured you could wear these guys.” Rachael had slowed down so that she could strip the guards of their protective clothing without tearing it to shreds as she did so she noticed something. “Well that is neat?”




“Look at where I grabbed this guy’s wrist. It looks like it was charred by something.”


Thomas took a moment to step into the room. He had watched Rachael in the ring several times but he wasn’t actually used to stepping into her playhouse. “I would say it looks like it has been charred because it is. You must have been moving very quickly.”


Rachael nodded her agreement. “Would you mind putting on the guards’ body armor? I tried to keep it from getting too bloody once I realized what I was going to do.”


“As long as I can wear it over the clothing I have on now I am fine. Though, I don’t believe it will offer me much protection.”


“I know, but I want you to be as safe as possible. I wish there was a better way.”


Thomas gave a shrug and began to slip on the vest which Rachael had already removed. “I am kind of surprised to see that they were so well equipped.”


“You’re not the only one but to be honest I was hoping to encounter an enhanced.”


“Um Rachael, look at that guys chest. Either I am looking at a world class bodybuilder or I am looking at an enhanced.”


Walking over to Thomas Rachael glanced down at the man. He had been setting at the table so Rachael hadn’t realized how large he actually was plus her time in the ring had left her a little numb to such details. Taking hold of the headless corpse’s sides she lifted it up and found that even without the head it was still taller then her. “Well that is what I get for not paying more attention.”


“You know Rachael with you killing everyone around I believe this would be a pretty safe spot for me to stay at.”


Rachael took a moment to look around. “I swear the walls just look so weak. I don’t like the idea of them being the only thing protecting you especially with the door missing.”


Thomas gave a slight chuckle. “Yeah, I imagine to you the walls do look very weak.”


“I miss the ring. When you could set to the side and watch me fight and I could easily keep an eye on you.”


“Well think of it this way. Someone could have shot at me there to and you would have had to go through the bars.”


“That is true but it doesn’t help me relax. I just don’t like the idea that if I missed one bullet it could be the one that kills you. All well it isn’t really a serious problem it just means I won’t be able to have any real fun.”




A wide grin formed on Rachael’s face. “The odds of them actually harming you are quite low if I kill everyone within a second.”


“Mm that is true. Though I believe that saying you can do it within a second is a little much even for you.”


“I am sure the guards in this room would disagree if they could.”


“Well then how about you make your way to the manner and I’ll walk there on my own. I expect the entire place to be cleared by the time I get there though.”


An amused giggle escaped Rachael. “Yes sir. I’ll make sure the path is clear for you and if you notice anything give a shout. I’ll be there before the sound wave returns to you.”


Thomas gave a nod and picked up one of the guards weapons. “I hope you don’t mind but I’ll take this as a comfort blanket.”


Rachael gave a nod and proceeded to walk outside of the guard house and around to the window. Giving Thomas a playful glance she quickly accelerates so that when her feet struck the ground they sent up a wave of dust large enough to block out the window for a moment.


As Rachael speed ahead Thomas shook his head. He had finally adapted to her protective habits and had learned to cope with and even enjoy them at times. However, he knew that he wouldn’t be able to accompany Rachael on her jobs for much longer. As he stepped outside he felt certain that this would be last time he accompanied her to work.


A sigh escaped Rachael. She had been smiling when she ran off but in truth she didn’t like the situation. She wanted to keep Thomas safe, be able to take her time to enjoy herself and put on a show for him. With some time she knew that she would able to do two of the three but she didn’t know how she would do all three.


If she brought Thomas along and took her time she wasn’t certain that she could keep him safe. In order to keep him safe and put on a show she couldn’t afford to take her time. Then there was the option of her not putting a show on for him that made her shudder. She liked using her power and loved flaunting it but that was when Thomas was around to enjoy the show.


The idea of going by herself and not having an audience didn’t appeal to her at all. It meant Thomas would be safe but even if she could take her time she doubted that she would enjoy it. She knew that she wouldn’t enjoy it as much.


Cameras could be taken along with her and she could record what happened. Though she didn’t know if there was a camera that could survive the type of games she enjoyed. She doubted that there was one. As Rachael considered cameras her thoughts turned to various automated reconnaissance devices. Once she had some more money she could purchase some fairly expensive ones.


A pleased grin formed on Rachael’s face. Such devices wouldn’t be as fun as having Thomas there in person but he would be able to watch and move to see what he wanted. That was assuming that it didn’t get destroyed but such machines did tend to be hard to target especially when they would have a much more dangerous target in her.


There was also the benefit of recording the fight through such devices. While it wouldn’t be as good as having Thomas there to cheer her on he could record the events and later on they could watch them together. This also would help her in finding more work as she could use the recordings to demonstrate what she was capable of doing.


As Rachael walked she didn’t pay attention to how hard her feet were striking the ground. In order to generate enough force to propel her at her current speeds her legs were striking the ground with enough force to be compared to an artillery shell. This combined with the rate of her steps and the fact that she was controlling her inertia so that she didn’t get launched into the air was having quite a profound effect on the road though she couldn’t see it given her speed.


It was fortunate that her shoes had been made of such a sturdy alloy on the bottom otherwise she would have destroyed them within a few steps.


Rachael didn’t bother allowing herself to slip out of her accelerated state even upon coming to the compounds main gate. Now she faced a problem. Rachael knew that if she jumped over the gate it would take her a while to return to the ground. While she was moving and walking at increased speeds gravity didn’t care about that. She could fly but at the moment her flight ability would once again be to slow.


It wouldn’t have bothered Rachael as much if she had realized the damage she had caused by simply walking around but at the moment she didn’t want to damage the buildings anymore then she had to. Walking over to the gate she bent down and slipped her hands under the gate.


When Rachael pulled her hands upward she brought them up so they pressed underneath one of the vertical bars each. Despite using the sturdiest positions she could find though her hands began to push through the bars. As she pulled her hands upward she saw the metal warp as if someone was pushing up on the bottom of a string of suspended liquorish.


After just a few moments of this the metal began to turn a bright red and actually seep between her fingers. When this happened Rachael quit pushing up on the gate and took a step back. After a few moments the opening she had created was actually warped enough to allow her to step through. “I really need to stop to consider how my actions are going to affect the world around me more.”


With this Rachael stepped through the gate and looked around. She was moving so quickly that the guards hadn’t even had time to notice what was going on. Shrugging she walked over to the first guard and held her finger up to his head. She then gave his skull a light flick. As she did so her finger easily pushed through and actually went into his skull for a moment.


When Rachael withdrew her finger she knew that it was going to cause more then a hole in his head. All that force had to go somewhere which meant his head would most likely be nothing but a mist to her the moment she went out of her accelerated state. At least he wouldn’t have to suffer.


Turning around she made her way towards the second guard that she saw. She considered trying things other then destroying their heads but decided against it. Without an audience and with her moving so quickly that they couldn’t even fight back or respond she simply didn’t feel like playing with them. It would have been little then smashing statues to her.


It took less then a second for Thomas to here the first of a series of what seemed to be explosions. The shockwaves that traveled through the ground threatened to knock him from his feet. “Well I guess Rachael is already well on her way.


Thomas had planned to walk up the road but considering how close together each impact was he resolved that running would work just as good. He was fairly surprised when he made it a little ways up the road and came to a massive ditch that traveled the length of the road. He quickly realized that it must have been the result of Rachael running up the road at such high speeds.


As Thomas ran along the ditch he couldn’t help but wonder just how fast Rachael had been moving. He knew that if she was running at such a speed that it required her to strike the ground so hard she was well beyond the super sonic range.


As Rachael finished the last person off she finally allowed herself to slip out of the accelerated state. Just a millisecond later she was struck by a horrific force and sent flying into the air. The roar of the explosion reached her ears only after it had lifted her into the air and sent her flying through the roof of the manner.


It only took a second for Rachael to once again alter her inertia and this time she made use of her flight ability to counter act the upward momentum more quickly and help gravity bring her back to the ground. At first she wasn’t certain what was going on due to the massive dust cloud that blocked her view. The moment the cloud cleared though she felt her heart sink.


Rachael liked using her strength and normally the more she could flaunt the better. However, as she looked at the remains of the compound she was not at all happy. She hadn’t stopped to consider the fact that her legs were striking the ground at speeds around or over fifty thousand kilometers an hour with every step.


Standing up Rachael quickly ran out of the compound and back down the road to find Thomas. She limited her speed to one hundred and fifty kilometers an hour for fear of the effects.


Thomas saw Rachael approaching and came to a stop. Once she slowed down enough for him to get a good look at her he knew something was wrong and that he should brace himself. As she neared him Rachael threw her arms around Thomas and scooped him off the ground. A moment later she buried her head in his chest.


A slight gasp escaped Thomas. Rachael had hit him with more force then she probably realized but it was little more then a light punch. Her arms however were very restricting. Breathing was about the only thing he could do at the moment. He was quite surprised when he noticed that Rachael was shaking. Despite the difficulty he managed to struggle and say. “Rachael what is wrong?”


Rachael heard the pain in Thomas’s voice and quickly relaxed her grip though she didn’t set him down. “I was so worried.”


“Worried about what?”


“I was worried that it might have reached you.”


At first Thomas had no idea what Rachael was talking about then he remembered the explosions that he had heard. “It’s okay Rachael I am fine. Did you accidentally set of an explosive?”


“No.” Rachael shook her head and finally set Thomas down. “Oh Thomas you could have been killed.”


“What could I have been killed by?”


Rachael trembled for a moment and Thomas wondered if he had asked the wrong question. Once again she wrapped her arms around him and pulled him against her body though this time they were still standing. “Me!”


Now Thomas was officially confused even as he wrapped his arms around Rachael. “I don’t understand. How could have you killed me.”


“Come on up the road and you’ll see.” Rachael shifted Thomas’s position so that she was carrying him. She then proceeded to take him back up the road.


Thomas could hardly believe what he saw. He had no way of knowing what the compound was like before Rachael reached it and unless they were pictures he never would. The entire area looked as if it had been carpet bombed. The surrounding trees had even been torn apart though it didn’t reach as far as it could have. “Rachael what happened?”


“I was going too fast. Every time I took a step it generated so much energy. If you had been here with me or if the energy hadn’t first gone into the ground, it would have killed you. Thomas I would have killed you and not even noticed I had done it until I stopped moving if I hadn’t left you so far back.”


Thomas was silent for a moment then turned to Rachael. Taking a step forward he wrapped his arms around her. “Rachael, it is okay I am fine.”


“It is not okay. I don’t want to hurt you Thomas. I should have realized the consequences of moving about so quickly but I didn’t stop to think about them.”


“Do you believe that you would have been moving so quickly if I had been here?”


“I wanted to clear the spot quickly enough that you wouldn’t be in any danger.”


“Rachael, you have never injured me no matter what you were doing. You may have not thought about the consequences while you were alone. What makes you so sure you wouldn’t have thought of the consequences while I was here?”


It took a moment but finally Rachael looked back at Thomas. “I just don’t want to hurt you.”


“You won’t or not seriously anyway. I think I need some ice packs for my sides though. Hey don’t look like that and you learned what happens whenever you run at such high speeds.”


Rachael shook her head. “When I first saw the destruction my first thought was that the energy might have reached you. I didn’t even stop to realize that only those trees surrounding the immediate compound had been affected.”


“You see. You knew what you were doing you just didn’t think about it. Now how about we get you cleaned up and find you some more clothes.”


“Huh?” Rachael was a bit surprised when she looked down at herself and noticed that her outfit had been completely destroyed.


Thomas gave a slight chuckle when he noted the surprised look on Rachael’s face. “You seemed to have forgotten about the affects of wind friction as well.”




Thomas could tell that Rachael was feeling better since the previous night as he watched her through the binoculars. “It’s a good thing she has some spare outfits.”


Bernardo glanced over at Thomas. “I don’t know if I agree with you on that.”


Rachael had a wide grin on her face as she walked towards her fourth target. She had calmed down a great deal since the previous night after realizing how she could have killed Thomas if he had been at the compound with her. The reason it had shaken her up so badly wasn’t so much that she didn’t know she could accidentally harm or kill Thomas. It was because it had been the closest she had ever come to it.


She was feeling better since she had dealt with the first two targets of the day. Her improved mood was due to the fact that she was using them to practice control by picking one person not to kill until the very end. She would then try to insure they didn’t get killed by stray weapons fire or by anything she did. So far she had succeeded completely and now she planned on getting even more practice.


There was one problem with her current target though. She didn’t know how much she would able to resist having some fun. The first two targets of the morning she hadn’t had an audience as she had kept Thomas well away from the action. While Thomas was still away from the action this time he would be able to see her almost perfectly as long as she stayed outside.


Thomas and Bernardo currently set in the same armored SUV that they had taken to the first job. They were currently parked on top of a rather high cliff which was nearly inaccessible except for those on foot or those that received an airlift. The airlift was especially true whenever one wanted to bring a vehicle along.


It had taken a while but Rachael had actually flown the vehicle to its current location. Her speed was still very lacking, Thomas estimated that her best during the entire trip was only fifteen kilometers an hour however since a lot of that was spent going strait up it was still fairly impressive.


The position allowed Bernardo and Thomas to over look most of the compound by making use some high powered binoculars. There was some concern that they would draw attention and possibly be mistaken for a sniper however in just a few minutes they both doubted anyone would be thinking about anything but the pretty lady that was tearing their and their comrades’ limbs off.


Since Rachael had torn apart the previous compound just the day before and hit two of them this morning the guards were on alert. No one knew exactly what was happening as no one had survived to report back.


Despite this they seemed rather perplexed when Rachael began to approach them. Her revealing clothing and build made her quite an oddity. That wasn’t enough to keep them from responding. Unfortunately Rachael had no idea what they were saying.


Brushing up on her foreign languages was beginning to seem like a really good idea to Rachael. Given her ability to enter her accelerated state she wondered how long it would take her to learn a few new languages. Still, she didn’t have to speak the language to guess what the men were saying whenever they pointed their weapons at her. This of course wasn’t nearly threatening enough to cause her to stop.


The guards actually took a step back whenever Rachael continued to advance. Rachael’s confidence in the situation seemed to unnerve them. However, only a moment later they opened fire.


A frown crossed Rachael’s face as she quickly determined the type of bullets they were using. The bullets were powder projectiles. She had been hoping for liquid projectiles. She could of course tell Thomas that they were liquid projectiles after all he was too far away to actually hear the sounds the guns made which meant he wouldn’t be able to guess what type of bullets they were with any accuracy.


As the bullets bounced off Rachael the guards began to step backwards. They had thought the woman might be an enhanced given her total lack of fear of their weapons. However, they had expected her to dodge the bullets they hadn’t expected or even thought it was possible for her to let them bounce off of her.


Rachael stopped her advance for a moment as the guards continued to shoot. She really wished that she could speak their language as she would have told them to focus on her breast more. Realizing that she still might be able to tell them through body language she started to point towards her breast when the guards ran out of bullets.


“Well they are dead.”


Bernardo leaned forward a bit more as if trying to get a better look. “What makes you think she won’t play with them more?”


“I believe that she just rolled her eyes. At least that seemed to be the head gesture she makes when she rolls her eyes or sighs.”


“So she’s bored with them already?”


“Yeah, it’s kind of hard to keep Rachael amused.”


The guards fumbled for extra clips for only a second before they seemed to realize even if they reloaded it was futile. The two took a quick look at one another and both dashed in different directions.


Rachael grinned and proceeded to pick up a few of the bullets that had struck her. She then gave each one of the bullets a light flick sending them into the guards. As she flicked the bullets Rachael felt the metal distort around her finger. The tiny metal fragments were sent through the air with far greater speed then they had left the gun.


Bernardo gave a slight jump when he saw the two guards apparently explode. The force with which Rachael had sent the bullets at the guards had been so great that they tore the bodies into bits.


The guards’ gun fire had attracted the attention of others within the compound. They had simply been as surprised as the guards were to see the bullets bouncing off Rachael so that only after she had killed them did the signal to everyone else what was going on. However, they weren’t certain of what they should do since they had just seen the bullets bounce off her.


Tearing the gate down seemed over done by now. Rachael had done it to the previous three targets and she didn’t really want to do it to this one. Instead she moved to the side of the gate and gave the wall a quick tap. The distance which Rachael’s knuckles pushed into the wall wasn’t significant however the speed and thus the amount of energy her knuckles transferred were.


The wall seemed to explode inward sending several large chunk of debris slamming into the first few groups that had arrived at the gate. Stepping through the opening Rachael stared to move towards the men when she changed her mind. Turning to the side she gave the wall another light tap and tore out another massive section. This caused the bit of wall that had remained above her to fall down.


Thomas was reminded of some old comedy clips when the massive stones struck Rachael in the head and simply rolled off. The only difference was that Rachael wasn’t sandwiched neither did she form a large bump.


Rachael continued to walk along the protective barrier. She’d realized that the wall would hinder Thomas’s view of the action so she had resolved to simply tear it down. Of course this meant she would have to work quickly otherwise some of the people might try to escape into the forest and then Thomas wouldn’t be able to see her chasing them down at all.


Several bullets were fired into Rachael as she worked on the wall though no one bothered to empty their clips into her. Soon it was clear that their weapons had no effect upon her and several tried to flee.


Rachael kept her actions slow but she was still within her accelerated state as she worked on the wall. This allowed her to easily keep track of the guards. When she saw the guards beginning to run she dug her fingers into the wall and tore out several massive chunks of the concrete. She then sent the hunks of material flying through the air and into the guards.


Thomas couldn’t help but shiver a bit. Rachael could have easily killed those that tried to flee with the hunks of concrete but she chose to tear off their legs. “I suppose she doesn’t like it when they try to run away.”


After a few of the guards were left legless on the ground those that remained didn’t seem to know what to do. It was only when Rachael made a bit more progress on the wall that they finally dashed for the manner. When half of the wall was missing Rachael was finally content with her work.


Bernardo glanced over at Thomas. “What makes her so sure that no one has snuck away?”


“Rachael has hearing that is almost as inhuman as her strength. She may even be able to hear us right now. Hey Rachael, if you can hear us wave.”


Rachael grinned and turned in Thomas’s direction. As she waved to him she decided to show him something else and raised her voice. “I can also raise my voice to.”


Bernardo’s eyes widened as not only did Rachael prove that she could hear the two of them she also revealed she could talk back as well. “Well I am glad that I didn’t ask you anything unflattering.”


As Rachael walked towards the manner she couldn’t help but wonder how she was going to encourage the people inside to continue fighting her. Her first option would be to simply continue killing them until they got desperate enough to try and fight back. A wide grin formed on her face whenever one of the men looked out the window and pointed a rather surprising weapon at her.


Thomas shook his head. “Where do you people get those things?”


Bernardo gave a shrug. “Dario gets his from Williams. Them I don’t know.”


Rachael couldn’t have hidden her amusement at the soldier pointing a rocket launcher at her if she had wanted to. Unlike Thomas and Bernardo she didn’t care were the weapon had come from she was just grateful for a chance to show off.


It took a bit longer to aim then normal as the weapon was meant to detect and fire at aircraft not a loan woman. Had Rachael wanted to she could have lobbed a rock through the man’s head before he had a chance to fire. At last though he fired and sent the rocket towards her. Rachael made no attempt to dodge but did try to insure she would remain stationary.


The moment she had seen the rocket Rachael had entered into her accelerated state. This allowed her to watch the rocket coming towards her despite the fact that it was moving over two times the speed of sound. The projectile actually seemed to be moving quite slowly from her perspective and she could have easily dodged.


Instead of avoiding the rocket Rachael watched as the nose of the weapon pressed into her breast. For a moment the flesh yielded but it didn’t make any more progress then Thomas’s hand. As her breast pressed back the rocket seemed to acknowledge that it had hit a target and detonated. This however was just as slow to Rachael. She could see the metal being pressed apart and the fire expanding outward. She could tell which pieces of metal would be sent back into the compound and which ones would hit her.


A few shards of the metal struck Rachael’s body. She felt several of them stick for just a moment as the heat of the explosion caused them to melt however the torrent of energy caused them to fly off of her.


Thomas knew what he would see even before the smoke had cleared. “Well that is one way to get her naked.”


An amused giggle escaped Rachael as the flames flowed around her and then vanished. Looking up towards the window the guard had been in she was a bit disappointed to see that he and a fair bit of the wall was missing. The explosion had been extremely powerful and given how close she was to the structure it wasn’t surprising that the building suffered a fair bit of damage.


Would they run, beg or try to fight her? Rachael had no way of knowing which one of three they would do. The begging was probably the most useless she had a job to do after all and she couldn’t understand what they were saying anyway. Walking over to the damaged building Rachael peeked in through the massive opening when an idea hit her.


Neither Thomas nor Bernardo had any idea what Rachael was planning when she stepped back from the structure. At least they had no idea what her intentions were until she lifted off the ground and flew up to the roof.


She would just take the structure apart starting from the roof and going down. So long as she destroyed the sections of the roof above her head and walls Thomas would still be able to see what she was doing. Once she was level with the roof Rachael proceeded to push her hands through the wall and find as many joins as she could. A moment later she tore a massive section of the roof off and sent it tumbling in front of the front door.


The moment the roof came off Rachael was surprised whenever she was assaulted by a storm of weapons fire. She had expected everyone to run until she had them cornered so it took her a moment to respond when they stood and fought back. Flying a little higher into the air she moved her body so that the bullets began to strike the bottom of her breast. After a few moments she also began to rotate and bend over a bit so that they could strike her rear as well.


“So how long do you believe they’ll keep shooting her?”


Bernardo took a moment to consider the question. “It’s really hard to say. I imagine they are the unlucky ones that got picked to delay her.”


“So you believe they were probably locked up there?”


“It seems likely, with the understanding that if they don’t stop her they’ll be killed.”


“I bet there isn’t an enhanced amongst them.”


“I’d have to agree most likely they are down below better preparing themselves.”


Rachael giggled when she felt the bullets striking her rear and held the position. She didn’t know what it was but she found the tiny bits of hot metal striking her bottom to be quite pleasant and very ticklish.


As they fired their weapons those few that had been left on the top floor did so out of pure desperation. At the moment it was the only option that was left to them. They each knew that they were dead. Still, even with this knowledge they were sickened whenever their guns quit firing and they heard a sigh from Rachael.


The pout on Rachael’s face would have been cute if the people hadn’t been so scared. As if she was a little girl and the ride had just ended. It seemed like she would kill them right away however Rachael simply floated over their heads and proceeded to tear away more of the roof.


Thomas tapped the dash board for a moment. “It is nice to see Rachael showing some mercy.”


“Do you believe she’ll let them live?”


“No. Why would she? It isn’t like they’ve really done anything for her to show them that much mercy and she has an agreement with your boss. She’s just giving them the choice to kill themselves if they want to.”


Bernardo gave a nod. “I see. I’d take it.”


“Yes but you’ve seen what Rachael has done to people in the ring. They haven’t had the chance to.”


Bernardo gave a nod. “It feels kind of odd talking about her like she can’t hear us.”


“She’ll ignore the conversation unless we speak to her directly. She’s sweet enough to respect my privacy. Now what is that look for?”


“Oh I just thought something that might be me injured if I actually said it.”


“Then I recommend keeping it to yourself. “


Rachael quickly slapped her hands together to remove the dust that had accumulated while she was removing the roof. Flying back over to the group that had been shooting at her previously she finally landed within the home which for the moment blocked her from Thomas and Andrew’s view. That didn’t last very long as a massive hole appeared in the wall.


Those that were currently trapped upstairs with Rachael weren’t certain what was going on. She seemed to be more focused on the house then on them. Some were even optimistic enough to have a shred of hope she wouldn’t kill them despite the fact that she had killed everyone at her previous targets.


After removing the roof and main wall Rachael turned to the group that was currently up stairs with her. When she did, she noted they seemed to sicken as she finally began to pay them attention. Up until that point they had only received a quick glance now she was actually looking at them.


Bullets wouldn’t have any effect on her. They had known that whenever she withstood the rocket blast. In truth that had been their only real hope of taking her down. Despite this each person there wished they had more bullets to shoot at her just so they could try to fight back. As Rachael slowly walked towards the group they finally broke apart as if hoping she would walk by them.


It was hard for Rachael to decide which one of the people she wanted to kill first. There wasn’t really anything that made one stand out from the other. She was actually relieved whenever one of them finally seemed to snap. The man screamed drew a rather large knife and charged her.


He didn’t believe that his weapon would have any effect upon this woman but he had to try something. As the man neared Rachael he thrust the knife strait at her throat. The point hit her jugular dead on. The man felt the knife push forward for just a second then it stopped and the force was exerted on his hands.


Rachael caught the man by the throat before he could fall backwards. Holding her free hand up she waved to him before quickly jerking the hand that held his throat to the side. The sudden motion generated an audible snap as the man’s neck was broken. Instead of just dropping the body to the ground Rachael gave it a light toss and sent it flying over the side of the building.


“I thought she was going to draw that out longer.”


Thomas shook his head. “Rachael tends to show those that do what she want more mercy then she shows the others.”


By now everyone had cleared out of the room. This didn’t really bother Rachael. Instead she made her way over to another one of the walls and tore a massive chunk of it out.


“Why is she taking the house apart?”


“I believe she wants us to be able to watch her.”


It was easy for Rachael to tell in what rooms someone was hiding and what rooms were empty. The only reason she bothered tearing apart those empty rooms was the walls would block Thomas’s view. At least she didn’t have to work slowly on this room and allowed herself to not only lapse into her accelerated state but to actually work in it as well.


He didn’t know what was going on. The woman’s actions had been methodical and slow up until that point. Then he heard a roar as if a hurricane was tearing the entire place apart. The sudden silence that came after words didn’t help anything. A moment later an arm came bursting through the wall took hold of his shoulder.


Rachael’s fingers sunk into the man’s muscles as easily as anyone else’s would have sunk into water if not more easily. She had intentionally rammed her hand through one of the studs in order to weaken the structure and allow herself to pull the man through entirely.


Those hiding could hear their comrade’s screams as Rachael began to work on him. As she held the man to the wall Rachael pressed in on his chest so that she felt his ribs beginning to bend inward. She couldn’t help but wonder if those in hiding would realize why she was going to make this one scream more then she did the one that actually attacked her.


As he screamed the man took hold of Rachael’s arm and attempted to push her away despite seeing that the explosion from the rocket hadn’t been able to move her. At the moment he was simply in too much pain to think about such things. He did have enough of a hold on himself to realize that he could use his legs though so that he placed his feet against Rachael’s body and tried to use them to push away.


Using her free hand Rachael reached down and took hold of the man’s knee. As she began to tighten her grip the man tried to withdraw his leg but it was far too late. Rachael’s fingers sunk through the muscle forcing the flesh to the side while reaching down to the bone. The incredible pressure had already fractured the knee in several places and soon her fingers began to reduce it to powder.


As Rachael’s grip tightened the man continued to struggle however she could tell the pain was causing his strength to decline. A moment later her fingers met and the lower section of the leg fell free.


Leaning forward Rachael suddenly exerted tremendous pressure on his rib cage causing the bones to collapse inward and crushing his heart. The force of the push was so great that her hand actually went through his body and took out a sizable chunk of the wall he was held against.


After letting the body fall to the ground Rachael took a moment to look it over before giving it a light kick and sending it over the side of the house. As she moved lower into the building she had no desire to have corpses or anything else falling down on her and possibly killing her next victim.




As the two men’s heads met the force behind each as so great that their skulls were made to collapse sending a spray of blood and bone fragments about the area. Rachael gave a sigh as she looked around.

She had finally made it to the main floor and she had yet to encounter a single enhanced. This was becoming fairly boring as far as she was concerned.


“What has you looking so happy all of a sudden?”


Thomas didn’t bother looking at Bernardo. “It is nice to see Rachael lying off the torture. I know she likes to flaunt her strength but well I am glad that she has started killing them within ten seconds of taking hold of them.”


“Why do you believe she is doing that?”


“It’s probably quit being as much fun to her. I don’t believe it is really the torture she goes for she just wants to show off how powerful she is in the most effective manner.”


Rachael gave a giggle. Thomas knew her pretty well and for the most part he was right. Tearing apart the normal humans had been fun for a time but now it was just boring. The enhanced on the other hand she hoped to have some more fun with. The fact that they had left their regular counterparts to guard while they hid away somewhere didn’t set well with Rachael for some reason.


Reaching down she sunk her fingers into the floor once again and was delighted whenever her fingers met steel reinforced concrete. The sound of the concrete and steel being torn apart was so great that Rachael wouldn’t have been surprised if Thomas and Bernardo could hear it.


There was a moment of disappointment for Rachael whenever she wasn’t immediately assaulted by weapon’s fire. Shrugging a bit she nearly jumped down into the basement when she remembered something very important. If she did that Thomas couldn’t see her handle the enhanced she was searching for. One again she began the task of tearing the basement apart.


Thomas was a bit surprised whenever he saw Rachael suddenly fly into the air. The speed with which she moved told him that it wasn’t due to her own flight ability. The moment she halted her motion he was certain that she was alright.


An enhanced could handle a weapon that a normal human couldn’t. That was fairly common knowledge however Rachael hadn’t expected weapons meant to be used by enhanced specifically would be in the compound. The high velocity bullets had caught her off guard and actually been enough to knock her into the air until she exerted more energy to control her motion.


“Nice try but it didn’t work.” Rachael didn’t know if anyone could understand what she had just said but she was certain they could hear the mocking tone in her voice. Lowering back down to the opening a delighted squeal escaped her whenever a few of the rounds struck her between the legs and on the nipples.


Thomas chuckled and bumped his head against the passenger door window a few times. He didn’t know but he doubted Rachael realized just how loud she had been or the pose she had just struck whenever the bullets hit her. Apparently she liked the feeling of the massive ultra high velocity bullets striking her flesh.


He wasn’t certain what was going on when Rachael turned in his direction until she raised her voice. “No. They didn’t part my lips.”


Rachael gave an amused giggle and returned to the weapons fire that peppered her body. As the bullets struck her she began to play a little game. Rachael would shift about and try to get as many bullets as possible to hit her breast without changing her position in space.


Thomas wasn’t certain what was going at first as much of the time Rachael was a blur. However, as time passed he noticed something. “Is something on Rachael’s breast?”


Bernardo took a moment to reply. “It looks like they are shining.”


Thomas couldn’t help but grin. “My, my. She is actually using the metal from the bullets to coat her breasts.”


When the bullets would strike her chest Rachael would quickly press the metal to her skin. The already hot metal would quickly liquefy under the extreme pressure and she would smear it over her breasts. The only problem she had with this was that she didn’t have any method of cooling the metal so that the vast majority of it ended up rolling off of her breast.


Rachael had no idea how much time had passed whenever the bullets finally quit striking her in the chest. Eventually though those inside ran out of bullets and she renewed her effort to remove the roof.


Thomas shook his head as he found himself looking at a total of eight enhanced. Apparently all their normal counter parts had been left on the top floors. “I believe they’ll wish they had died with the others.”


Rachael stood grinning as she looked at the eight fighters. She finally had them cornered now she just had to get them to try and fight back so that she could get some amusement. Grinning from ear to ear she walked over to the largest of the group and gave him a quick kick in the ankle.


A jet of blood erupted from were the man’s ankle had once been. The light kick from Rachael had been so forceful that it has broken through the skin and tore away the bones. As he fell forward Rachael bent down and then up bringing her breast up to meet him.


A delighted giggle escaped Rachael as her breast struck the man on the jaw. The force of the impact was so great that it sent him stumbling backwards though her breast only bounced pleasantly. A positively wicked smile appeared on her face.


One of the group members had clearly had enough and made an effort to run only to have Rachael accelerate so that she was standing next to him. After giving a slight hop she spun in the air and caused her breast to slam into the side of his arm. The force of the impact was powerful enough to send him toppling to his side. It only took a moment’s glance to realize that Rachael had most likely broken his arm by bumping him with her breasts.


When no one else moved Rachael quickly moved behind one of them and thrust her breast against him. His attempt to scream in pain was cut off as the force of the impact knocked the wind out of him and sent him toppling onto his face.


Bernardo couldn’t help but blink. “Is she going to beat them to death with her breasts?”


“I believe that is her plan. Since I believe you are wondering but doubt you will ask. Rachael’s breasts are actually very soft whenever you first touch them. It’s only whenever you begin to really push that they exert a force back on your hand. Then beyond a certain point they become too solid to effect. ” Thomas couldn’t help but feel aroused as he remembered messaging those globes just the previous day.


Rachael couldn’t have kept track of the men if she had only been able to move ten times faster then human. She was simply giggling too much as she wrapped her arms behind her back and continued to use her breasts as weapons. Several times she nearly toppled over due to her laughter.


He couldn’t believe this. Never before had he been able to think of a woman’s breasts as weapons especially after he became enhanced. But now this woman was beating him to death just by using her globes. Every few moments she would thrust her breast at him with such speed that the impact knocked him back a few feet. She was slowly working him back to the wall.


The whole time Rachael had been giggling. Now as she pinned one of the enhanced against the wall she took a few steps backwards and prepared to slam him again. As she thrust her breast at him she was actually surprised whenever he rolled to the side.


An ear splitting impact was heard in the basement as Rachael’s breast struck the wall. When the various enhanced looked to see what had happened they were all horrified to see that she had imbedded her breast up to her chest in the reinforced concrete. It only took a second for Rachael to pull her chest free and reveal the devastation she had just caused with one of the softest parts of her body.


After taking a moment to appreciate the damage Rachael shifted to her side and gave the wall a quick smack with her breast. Once again her globes tore into the reinforced concrete as if it was nothing more then sand.




Dario could hardly believe what had happened over the past week.

Each day Rachael would tear into several of his competitions homes or places of operation. Every time she would kill anyone that happened to be found there. A week down the line and his competition seemed to have entirely vanished.


Rachael set next to Thomas while Dario took a few moments to consider the news. Currently her head wrested on his shoulder while her arms wrapped around him.


Thomas smiled at Rachael and gave her a pat on the thigh before he focused back on Dario. “Well I believe you can see that Rachael has fulfilled her end of the deal.”


Dario took a moment to respond. He had been examining some pictures brought back from the slaughters. “Huh? Oh yes I agree. I was just wondering. How would you like to be paid?”


Rachael’s hand took hold of Thomas’s and began to move it along her thigh once he forgot to do so. This got a slight chuckle from him. His love really did prefer to keep his attention for her. “Cash in the form of manageable bills.”


“Very well, I’ll have your money brought to you within the day. I have to admit I never expected you to succeed and so quickly.”


“Rachael does impressive work.”


“Yes she does. In fact I was wondering if I might be able to hire you in the future.”


Thomas gave a shrug. “That will depend on how much you are willing to pay.”


Dario didn’t dare admit it but after seeing the images. He actually feared someone else hiring her to do the same that she had done to his top competitor. “After seeing her abilities I will be sure to give her a more fitting sum once I find some task that require her abilities.”


Thomas gave a nod and turned his attention to Rachael. “Well what should we do now?”


Rachael glanced up at Thomas. “We are going to need more money then that. Do you believe you can find me some more work?”


Thomas rubbed the back of his head. It wasn’t like he knew anyone. They had only met Dario through Williams but he couldn’t just say no to Rachael. “I will do my best.”


Dario took a deep breath and tried to calm his nerves. “I have some friends that could use your help however the jobs won’t be as well paying as the one I gave you.”


Thomas gave Dario a moderately offended look. He didn’t like the idea of Rachael doing grunt work. “And just what are these jobs?”


“They are a few people in the government that have been giving us a hard time and in the press.”


“Rachael isn’t going to do a job that a common hit man could handle or a bomb for that matter. I won’t have her doing grunt work.”


A long sigh escaped Dario as his cool began to break down. For a moment he allowed his eyes to meet Rachael’s and a chill ran down his spine. Over the years he had developed the ability to read people fairly well. He could tell she saw him as an insect. He didn’t know if Williams had done him a favor by introducing her to him or not. “If that is your decision, I hope we can work together in the future.”




Thomas glanced over at Rachael who was currently lying on the bed. “So Rachael, where do you want to live?”


“Mm I don’t really know to be honest. It’s pretty nice here and I sure did clear off a lot of nice plots of land.”


“So should I start looking for some land to buy up here?”


Rachael rolled over onto her stomach so that she was facing Thomas and stuck her tongue out at him. “What does I don’t know mean?”


“Now there is no need to be a smart aleck.”


“How goes the job search?”


“I’ve been in contact with Williams and I believe I might have found something for you. I was able to make use of the pictures from your work with Dario.”


“Neat, so what needs to be done?”


“I’ll let you know whenever I know for certain what job it is going to be.”


“I wonder what a private island would cost us.”


“Why do you want to know?”


“It could make a nice home.”


Thomas gave a slight chuckle. “Well I don’t know the exact price but I am pretty sure we are very far away from that goal.”


“Yeah, of course I could just go raid a few banks.”


“How about we see how these jobs work out before you do that?”


“I guess I should try earning an honest living before I start tearing banks apart. Still, can you at least tell me what kind of jobs you are trying to get me?”


“The type that pays far better then what Dario had you doing.”


Rachael gave a sigh and proceeded to climb out of bed. Walking over to the computer station where Thomas set she reached down and took hold of the main support. She then quickly lifted him into the air so that he didn’t have time to get out of the seat.


Thomas wasn’t sure what Rachael was going to do until he found himself over two meters above the ground. Instead of being scared he was amused. “You have a rather steady arm. You know that?”


“Of course other wise I wouldn’t have picked you up with the chair. Now let’s see what you were talking about.” Using her free hand Rachael began to search through Thomas’s messages.


“Well what do you think?”


Rachael was able to scan through the messages by entering her accelerated state even more quickly then the computer was able to scroll through them. At last she had all the information she needed. “You’re trying to get me some mercenary work.”


“It sounds like you don’t like the idea.”


“Thomas, business decisions are up to you. If you want to get me some work as a mercenary then that is what I’ll do.”


“Yes, but I can tell from the tone of your voice you don’t like the idea.”


A sigh escaped Rachael. “I admit at the moment it doesn’t exactly look appealing to me, but I know that if you get me the job you have a reason for it.”


Stepping away from the computer Rachael placed the chair and Thomas back on the ground. After removing her hand from the bottom of the chair she placed her arm around Thomas from behind and gave him a kiss on the cheek. “While I don’t exactly like the idea of working with other people I am sure that I’ll be able to have some fun.”


“Thanks Rachael.”


“You’re welcome. So what is the hold up with the job?”


“They don’t believe you’ll be able to deliver what I promise and they don’t believe an enhanced is worth the price I am asking.”


“Oh I didn’t read that far down. How much are you charging them?”


“I am currently asking for one million dollars. I know that it is only four times what Dario paid you but you’re building a reputation at the moment. Actually, the main reason I am working on this is reputation building.”


Rachael couldn’t help but giggle. “Only a million, I believe someone has a plan.”


“I am surprised you didn’t say anything back when I was speaking with Dario.”


“Well I didn’t really feel like it. So what do you have up your sleeves anyway?”


“There is basically always a little war along going on somewhere. How would you like to be involved in that?”


“I would like that very much. So you believe that I should start working as a sort of living weapon?”


“You like lots of action. That seemed like the best way for you to get it.”


“Mm I like this plan of yours. So how are you trying to win over our current client to be?”


“The last I had contact with them I offered to have you work without any payment up front. If you succeeded you get the full amount if you fail you don’t get any.”


“That sounds reasonable. So is it really worth a million dollars?”


“Given the number of men and equipment they would lose. Plus the difficulty in finding the target I believe that it is.”


Rachael gave a nod. “So they don’t know were their prey is?”


“No, but I am confident that you can find them. It’ll also give you time to work on your super speed. I hope you can find a way to run around without tearing up everything you step on.”


“Yeah and on the subject of working on things” Rachael gave a light hop and quickly began to float in the air. Holding her legs under herself she floated down so that she was level with Thomas. “I suppose I should work on my flying.”


“It would be nice if you could get some more speed.”


“So how much information did you leave out when using Dario as a reference?”


“Well for one thing I didn’t mention that you could take a rocket dead on. I just don’t believe they would buy that story. I also didn’t mention you can fly for the same reason.”


Rachael gave a quick nod. “You know when I used to think of flying I would always picture myself being able to fly faster then I could run.”


Thomas couldn’t help but chuckle. “You’re not the only one. Of course there is a difference between the energy that is required to walk and the energy that is required to fly. I doubt that is the reason you fly so slowly though given how much energy you have.”


Reaching out Rachael took hold of Thomas’s right arm and gave the biceps a slight squeeze. “I can’t believe your genetic code is still human.”


“Yeah, I felt certain something had change. Of course that actually brings up more questions then it answers. Namely why and how am I developing this muscle mass without either intensifying my exercise routine or being enhanced?”


“I wish that I knew but all my tests revealed that your genetic code remains unchanged. I have a theory but I haven’t really been able to test it yet.”


“You believe that it has something to do with you.”


“It seems likely.”


“Mm milk it does a body good.”


Giggling a bit Rachael leaned over and gave Thomas a kiss on the cheek. “Oh please it couldn’t. Huh, but then again I haven’t really tested.”


It was clear to Thomas that Rachael had just realized something. “You believe that your milk may have something to do with it?”


“I don’t know. I mean the changes sure took a while to occur if it did but I haven’t tested it. There is also the fact that my body is always changing I suppose that it is possible.”


“That is true. I swear if it is your milk you could make a fortune selling dairy.”


Placing her hands under her breast Rachael hefted the massive globes of flesh more then what any other force had been able to move them. After shifting them from side to side slightly as if testing them an amused giggle escaped her. “Well now I am going to have to test to see how my milk compares to other types.”


“I can save you the trouble with a taste test. Yours is better.”


“Well I am glad to hear that. The theory is worth looking into though I don’t believe I’ll be selling my milk even if it comes out to be true. I doubt I could make enough.”


“I don’t know. I am sure they are some sports stars that would love an easy way to put on some extra muscles and not have anything able to be traced back to them. It isn’t like you would have to provide enough for a large number of people.”


An amused giggle escaped Rachael. “Are you sure you wouldn’t mind sharing with someone else?” As Rachael spoke she wrapped her arm around Thomas’s head and flew a little higher in the air so that she was pulling his head towards her breasts.


“Uh come to think of it, yes I would be quite hurt.”


“Mm well then you’ll be the only one that will ever get to taste them.”


Leaning over further Thomas gave the top of Rachael’s breasts each a kiss. “I am glad.”


“Sorry that I can’t say you’re the only person that will ever get to feel them.”


“Oh that is fine. I am sure I am the only person that enjoys it. I doubt those enhanced you boobed to death had a chance to appreciate them. The ungrateful jerks just don’t know how to appreciate a truly beautiful woman.”


Rachael relaxed her grip on Thomas’s head and lowered herself back down so that she was hovering at the same height setting in a chair would have lifted her. “Well then what do you want to do while you wait for a response? Come to think of it what is taking them so long to respond?”


“They have to run the idea through a few other people.”


“Have you been watching the news much lately?”


“I can’t say that I have been. Why do you ask?”


“Well I was wondering what the police had to say about their search for me. Come to think of it did you use that footage to show what I can do?”


“Yes I did. Well I didn’t need to send the footage to them they already knew of it.”


“Do you believe that we could get a copy?”


“I already have one. It’s been circulating the web for a while.”


“Oh neat, will you show it to me?”


“Sure, just give me a second and I’ll bring it up.”


Rachael leaned back as if she was in a chair when Thomas brought up the file. After a few minutes of watching the video she had to comment. “I wish that I could have had some more fun with those police.”


“You felt like you needed to hurry to keep me from being harmed didn’t you?”


“Yeah, it has been causing me quite a few problems. I want you there to watch but I don’t want you to be in any danger. There were a few times that I told myself in my accelerated state I could keep an eye on you and shield you should someone shoot at you or some other threat arise and for the most part I believe I could. Then I think that I can’t be certain as there is a slight chance I just wouldn’t notice one tiny piece of metal and then I get scared.”


“That is why you ultimately had me wait back at the guard station even after having me put on the guards’ body armor.”


“Even with me and the body armor protecting you there is still that chance you could get harmed. So yeah I resolved that the chance was simply too great. I was so glad when I realized that there were a few safe positions for you to watch from on a few of the jobs.”


“It was nice to be able to watch. So are you saying that it isn’t as fun whenever you don’t have an audience?”


“Yeah, while I still enjoy using my strength and speed a great deal no matter what. It really takes something away from it whenever you aren’t there to watch me and I know you’ll never see me. I guess I just love the attention.”


“I love giving you the attention and to be honest I am glad you want me there to watch.”


“You don’t find my behavior to be unpleasant? I know I can get a little carried away.”


Thomas gave a slight chuckle. “I swear Rachael I would never do some of the things you have done and I would never wish them upon someone. However, when I watch you it is like all that melts away.”


Rachael bit her lower lip as she watched a police car fly into one of the helicopters. Leaning over she wrapped her arms around Thomas. “Would you like me to tone it down?”


“Be honest with me Rachael. If you were to tone it down do you believe it would take away from your enjoyment?”


“Well yes it would.”


“Then I want you to be as naughty as you want to be.” Taking hold of one of Rachael’s hands Thomas lifted it to his lips and gave it a quick kiss.


Rachael removed her hand from behind Thomas and took hold of his seat. She then spun him around so that he was facing her and leaned forward gently pressing her lips to his. “Thank you.”


“I don’t know if I have ever said this before but in case I haven’t I’ll say it now. I love every aspect of your being. You do things that I don’t approve of and at times you have frustrated me. That doesn’t change the fact that I love you just the same and I know how much you enjoy using your abilities. I love you too much to try to change you.”


Taking hold of the sides of Thomas’s chair Rachael pulled him in closer. “How come you never tell me when you don’t approve of my actions?”


Thomas couldn’t help but chuckle. “Because I only realize that I don’t approve of them when I think of anyone else other then you doing them.”


A delighted giggle escaped Rachael and she leaned forward so that Thomas could easily see down her shirt. “Mm I have to say I rather like that. Is there any other reasons?”


A grin formed on Thomas’s face. “Yes if I did try to change you I might end up changing something that I didn’t want to. You’re so close to perfection already I don’t know if I could add to one area and not have to subtract from another.”


Rachael had kept her legs folded under herself while she floated in the air. Now she unfolded them and stretched them to either side of Thomas’s chair. Wrapping those wonderful limbs around the seat as best she could there was a slight scream from the arm wrest as she bent the metal. Slowly Rachael used her legs to draw the chair and Thomas closer to her. She continued until she was left hovering slightly above Thomas’s lap. “Well aren’t you being a little stingy.”


Leaning forward Thomas gave Rachael another kiss. “I know, but I worry if I tried to make you more carrying of the world it might take some away from me. I don’t have any real grounds to scold you anyway.”


“Why do you say that?”


“Well I am your manager. I can hardly blame you for taking the jobs that I find for you and who ever complained about service with a smile?”


“Ah, I see. Mm I wonder if that is one of the reasons I am so enthusiastic about my work. I have a manager that finds me such amusing jobs.”


“I try my best. Still, it’s hard to believe that you were able to acquire so many materials before you altered yourself given your temper.”


“Well I had better control of myself back then as you may recall. I suppose going from as weak as a kitten to as strong as a tiger and beyond can have quite an effect upon someone.” Rachael took hold of the now very warped arm wrest and proceeded to remove them from the chair entirely. She then took hold of Thomas’s arms and placed them on her legs.


Thomas slowly ran his hands along Rachael’s thighs. As long as he kept his touch gentle her skin felt silky smooth. “I don’t truly believe that it affected your mind.”


“Then what would you say happened?”


“I believe that you never were a kitten. I’d just say the tiger finally decided to pounce.”


“Mm I like that.” Taking hold of Thomas’s hands Rachael pulled them further along her thighs then released. She was glad that he took the hint and start making longer strokes. “I suppose my prey injured me in the initial struggle.”


“Well you did go after some terribly large game. Still, you caught it and it nourished you allowing you to catch increasingly large prey.”


“Yes, but the wounds lead to me being captured as well.”


“Huh? How were you captured?”


“Some other kitty came along and took the injured tigress back to his layer.” Leaning forward instead of kissing Thomas Rachael let her tongue flick out and proceeded to run it along his cheek.


“Well you were always a very difficult catch. How else could one hope to run you down except when you had been weakened?”


“Mm I though I had every approach covered but I was so focused on my goal that I didn’t realize there was one I ignored entirely. I am glad that you caught me otherwise I would have never made it of course now that I have my strength back and then some.” With the arm wrest removed from the chair Rachael was able to draw Thomas even closer to her so that their faces were only centimeters apart. She then wrapped her arms around him once again.


Thomas placed his hands on Rachael’s shoulders as she drew him closer. Setting up he leaned forward and gave Rachael a solid kiss on the lips. “You may have your strength back but don’t think that means I have given up.”


“So you struck first. Let’s see who ends up pinned.” Rachael returned Thomas’s kiss and then some. The two of them were preparing for a most intimate struggle.




“Are you sure these people can pay me more then Dario did?”


Even without listening to the words Thomas could tell that Rachael was under whelmed by the structure they found themselves waiting in.

“It depends on how you take it. You could say that Dario wasted all his money on building impressive homes.”


“That is true but still.” Rachael had to resist the urge to sink her fingers into her chair to make a point. The only reason she didn’t was because she knew it wouldn’t truly make a point. She could sink her fingers into wood and concrete with equal ease.


“I am sorry to keep you waiting.”


Rachael and Thomas turned to see a figure that was no more impressive then the building. Instead of an expensive suit the man wore a fairly simple military uniform. This had the reverse effect that Dario’s expensive clothing had on her. She didn’t feel as inclined to insult the figure but that meant she wanted Thomas to handle more of the talking so she gave him a slight nudge. “It isn’t a problem.”


“How was trip over here?”


“The plain ride was nice enough.” Thomas resolved not to give his opinion about the car ride.


“Good. I apologize for the conditions but we are currently having some problems. Now miss Rachael I just want to go over some of the conditions for your employment.”


“You’ll want to speak to Thomas about that. I just go along with the decisions that he makes.”


“Oh? Very well, well then in case you were wondering my name is Raul. Thomas you must have been the one I spoke to previously.”




“Well then, as you know we will only pay whenever Rachael has completed her job. We also expect her to avoid or at least limit the amount of damage she causes to our personnel.”


Thomas held up a hand. “That depends purely on your personnel whether or not we will accept any loss for damages Rachael may cause. You didn’t mention any of your people being involved when we talked previously.”


“We had resolved to send some people in order to help her.”


“That won’t be necessary.”


“I realize that Rachael is capable and I am sure given her mobility she can search with ease but she still wouldn’t be able to handle them alone.”


“You can send help if you want but we won’t accept any deductions if you do. I don’t see why you have a problem with the fact that Rachael needs to work alone. If she fails your target still ends up weakened and you don’t have to pay anything.”


Raul gave a nod. “Very well you can handle the problem on your own.”


“Good, now what additional information could you provide us about the target?”




“I swear I thought I made it clear to them you would be working by yourself before we even came out here.”


“Some people just don’t listen very well.”


“That is true. So have you picked up anything yet?”


“Not just yet but the day is young. So what are you doing right now?”


“I am trying to plan out your next job.”


“From the tone of your voice I assume they are problems.”


“Yes. I am having trouble maintaining the connection. It’s a wonder that your head set is working so well.” Rachael and Thomas were currently no where near one another. It had taken quite some time to work out but finally they had resolved it would be best if he waited in a safe house while she searched the forest. They maintained communication through a very well armored mini radio.


“I’d rather the head set be working instead of the computer. If this line goes dead I am coming back to check on you.”


“I wonder how quickly you could make it back here.”


Rachael gave an amused giggle. “I’d say pretty quickly especially if I took the direct rout.”


“You mean if you crashed through everything in your path on the way back. Just how quickly are you running right now?”


“I would say I am going around four hundred kilometers an hour and yeah you’re right.”


“That seems a little slow for you.”


“It is but I don’t want to risk missing anything. It is no wonder the rebels are hard to find in this mess. I’d be pretty useless to try searching from air with the equipment they have.”


“I have the feeling that they could destroy the rebels if they weren’t so good at hiding.”


“I’d have to agree. Though to be honest I feel a little cheated taking this job.”


“I imagine you felt that way working for Dario.”


“Well yes I did. Considering the damage I did to his competition he is going to make the money he paid me back very quickly. The reason I feel cheated this time is just think of how much money they are saving by hiring me.”


“That is often the problem when you’re just starting out. When you were just out of college did you start getting hired to work on the big projects right away?”




“Oh well that isn’t the experience for most of us.”


“I was the top of my class.”


Thomas gave a slight chuckle. “You still are the top of your class. I suppose you had a lot of time to devote to your studies.”


“I always have.”


“Well then consider this school or mercenary college.”


“The classes are more fun but I could use some real tracking skills out here.”


“I don’t know if conventional methods of tracking would apply to you or be of any help and I am sure your methods are just fine given your abilities. After all you can run a sweep of the forest as quick as any aircraft and you’re doing it at ground level.”


“That is true. Hold on a moment I believe I just picked up something.” Rachael was able to quickly stop long before the friction the ground could have provided would normally slowed her down. This was due in large part to the same ability that allowed her to hold herself stationary and fly.


“Well do you see anything?”


“Oh yeah, give me just a second this won’t take long.”


The three sentries didn’t pay any attention to the sudden gust of wind that moved about them. They kept their eyes turned towards the forest until the one in the center suddenly fell forward and landed on the table. The men jumped back nearly falling over their seats when they noticed his head was turned in the wrong direction. When they turned to look at one another they found a woman instead.


Rachael quickly reached to her sides and took hold of both the men’s heads before they could scream. She didn’t hesitate to drive them towards one another with enough force to shatter stone. A wet crack could be heard as the men’s skulls collided and a spray of blood came from each though to Rachael’s surprise their heads weren’t entirely destroyed they were however well past dead.


The entire process only took seconds but the people in the camp were very aware and by the time the three sentries had been dropped someone had signaled for help. He might have delayed if he realized this would draw Rachael’s attention.


He hadn’t seen the woman come into the camp so he didn’t know how quickly she could move however he had seen her kill the three sentries so he knew what she was. This hadn’t prevented him from crying out to the others in the camp that they had an intruder and try to raise his weapon. He was able to call out to the others but he never got to bring the weapon up as the moment he called out the woman was standing in front of him.


It only took Rachael a moment to decide on what she wanted to do with the man. Taking hold of his sides she gave the sky above them a quick glance and heaved him into the air. The moment Rachael’s hands came in contact with the joints of the man’s arm they were shattered and nearly tore away from his body. As the pain shot through his body he was shot into the sky.


The sight of bullets flying towards her drew Rachael’s attention before the sound actually reached her ears. She quickly snatched the first group of bullets out of the air and sent them flying back towards the people that had fired them even more quickly then they came at her. A delighted giggle escaped Rachael as she watched the group of eight soldiers be torn apart by the bullets she sent back at them before the second bullets from their gun barrels had even reached her.


As the few bullets that had managed to leave the guns before their firers were slaughtered neared Rachael she quickly snatched them out of the air. Each bullet would warp and begin to melt in her hands due to the extreme force and speeds involved however not before she could send them towards one of the other men. The speed with which Rachael threw each of the bullets was so great that it easily made up for the metals warping.


“Hey Thomas, do you believe it would be okay if I took some things from the enemy?”


“That was quick. Is it done already?”


“Everyone is dead in the immediate area but that wasn’t the main force.”


“How many were they?”


“They were a bit over two dozen people. So what would you say to me taking a few things?”


“I don’t see anything wrong with it. Why has something caught your eye?”


“You could say that.” Rachael grinned as she walked over to one of the large crates. Opening it up she was delighted to find a few grenades lying inside of it. “They have some interesting toys that I believe we could have some fun with later.”


“Don’t tell me I want to be surprised.”


“Okay, yeah this was most assuredly an early warning station. I just wish I had an idea were the main camp was.”


“Do you see any rout that looks well traveled?”


“I told you that I needed some training in normal tracking skills.”


“Ah I see your point. Try just listening considering how sensitive your ears are you can probably pick up something.”


“Okay give me a moment.” Rachael let herself fall entirely out of her accelerated state so the sound waves seemed closer together. She hadn’t mentioned it to Thomas but to her it seemed like there was a massive delay between each word he spoke. Of course controlling her mouth so she didn’t speak too quickly for him to understand was a problem as well. After a few moments she felt certain she heard the sound of metal scraping against metal.


“Do you hear anything?”


“Yeah I believe that I do and I think I just had an idea as how to have some fun.”


“What is that?”


Rachael walked over to the corpses of the three men she had killed first. She proceeded to retrieve two of their automatic assault rifles and their ammo belts as well as one large container. “I can’t tell you right now.”


“Why is that?”


“Just in case someone is listening in on our conversation.”


“That is possible but I believe they would be listening in for something more then two people talking.”


“I’ll let you know what my idea was once I have tried it out.” Once again Rachael listened for the sound of the metal. After she picked it up she quickly dashed in the direction of the scraping.


Thomas gave a shrug and once again busied himself. Finding Rachael work wasn’t exactly easy due in large part to her reputation just forming. He wouldn’t have thought it possible to find her a job such as the one she currently had if it hadn’t been for two factors. One was her encounter with the police and the second one was Williams. As he typed on the keyboard he was a bit surprised when he felt a sudden rush of wind behind him.


He had felt such gust before several times in fact. Rachael tended to generate them after she came back from work. For a moment he wondered if she had decided to run back quickly to show him how quickly she could move. When he turned to greet her though a feminine and very powerful hand covered his mouth, however it wasn’t Rachael’s.


In most cases Thomas would have tried to break free or shout however as he felt the hand on his mouth he had no doubt that the owner would twist his head off in an instant. He felt some hair fall on his shoulder as the figure leaned over him. He felt another hand move to the side of his head. For a moment he thought whoever was behind him was going to remove his mouth piece instead she removed her hand from his mouth and pressed a loan finger to it.


Without the entire hand covering his mouth Thomas could have shouted but considering that it had been the figures decision to remove it he didn’t feel the need to shout. Instead he turned around and was surprised to find Sally standing behind him a wide grin on her face.


Sally pressed her finger to Thomas’s mouth before he could speak to her. She didn’t want Rachael knowing that she had dropped by for a visit at least not yet. When she was sure Thomas had the message she removed her finger.


Thomas didn’t know what was going on when Sally lifted him from his seat. He felt a little nervous when she carried him over to the door and held him so that he could look out. What he saw shocked him.

Several bodies lie about the area and all of them had been clearly armed. The cause of death for each of them was apparent.


It was fairly clear that Sally had been the one that killed them and that she had a sadistic streak to her much like Rachael. All the guards had the exact same injury namely there was a massive hole where the lunges should have been. This would have prevented them from screaming out but been an extremely painful death.


“Thomas did I just hear a giggle?”


“Uh yeah, Rachael I believe that you should come back now.”


Rachael came to a dead stop as she felt a sudden flair of anger. Something about Thomas’s tone of voice told her she wouldn’t be happy when she got back so that she was already pissed. “I’ll be there in a second.”


“Tell her not to attack me.”


“Don’t attack Sally.”


When Rachael’s response came less then a minute later it wasn’t over the head set. “I won’t attack her so long as she gives you to me this instant.”


Sally grinned and turned to Rachael. She promptly held out Thomas for her. A pleased smile crossed Rachael’s face though it was clear she was still upset and she proceeded to take Thomas from Sally. “Okay now what is going on?”


Thomas glanced over at Sally. “I believe she knows better then I do.”


“That I do, but could we go back inside first? I want to set down.”


Rachael gave a nod. “Sure.”


“Do you have anything to drink? I had to really hot foot it over her so I am thirsty.”


Rachael rolled her eyes. To her surprise though she didn’t feel annoyed just amused. She gave Sally a playful push that sent her stumbling back into the room. “Go ahead but then you need to get to talking.”


Sally grinned and led the way back into Rachael and Thomas’s room. As Sally rummaged around in the kitchen Rachael made her way over to the seats. Instead of setting down on the sofa she chose the chair and simply held Thomas. A few moments later Sally came back into the living room and lay down on the sofa with her drink. “First of I want to apologize for what happened her. Not that Williams or I had anything to do with this directly.”


Thomas felt a little strange. The way the ladies chose to seat them was rather unusual for a serious meeting. “Then why apologize?”


“Well we did recommend you work for them and help set this up. We simply didn’t have any idea that would try a stunt like this. Allow me to explain. As you know Williams helps research and develop methods for enhancing and as part of this effort he puts a good deal of money into various projects.


For several years now we have been providing funding, weapons and even enhanced to various governments that found themselves in need of some help. Your clients were one of those groups. Of course we got something in return. In the case of your clients we supplied them with some money and weapons and they supplied us with test subjects.”


Rachael gave a slight giggle. “That makes since. I suppose it is easier for them to procure test subjects in a country with a large population and a politically unstable violent government. Even if no one noticed a few people going missing they don’t have the voice to do anything about it.”


Sally gave a nod. “Bingo. Well recently they seem to have begun resenting the level of control we keep over their supplies and other factors. The puppet as it were decided to cut its strings. Of course they kept this a secret from us which actually surprises me. I didn’t believe they had the talent to hide anything from Williams.”


As Rachael considered this she felt her body warming up. She could tell that she was getting angry. “So you help Thomas get in touch with them and they know about me. Possibly the most powerful enhanced around, then during the meeting they see how much I value Thomas and resolve to acquire a blade capable of making a good cut.”


Sally gave a giggle. “I love metaphor. Yes you were the blade and Thomas would have been the handle. Williams learned of this and sent me to make sure they didn’t get control of you.”


A shudder ran through Rachael’s body as she felt her anger growing. “Well I am just going have to kill every last one of them for this.” Rachael’s voice was even but her body language suggested utter rage.


“I hope this isn’t out of line but we would prefer if you didn’t kill them all. I know which ones are responsible for this event.”


Rachael let out a long sigh. “It’s a good thing you said you have a list before you finished talking.”


“Yeah, I thought I should include that detail. I was sent here to deal with them as well or offer you the job. We are willing to pay you what your former clients were if you will limit your anger to kill the people we know are responsible for this.”


Thomas was a bit surprised when Rachael gave him a slight shake. “What is it Rachael?”


“It is business talk.”


“Huh, I figured you would want to handle this?”


“I am not level headed enough at the moment.”


Thomas gave a nod. “I don’t believe Rachael will be calmed now by the time she kills only them. Could you provide a list of people you know weren’t responsible instead of a list of those you knew were responsible?”


Sally gave a nod. “Sure that works just as well. It’ll let us fit even more threads on the puppet then just having those we know were responsible killed. Now there is something else I want to speak to you two about.”


“What is that?”


“First of all” Sally pointed at finger at Thomas and started to make a shame sign “Shame on you for not picking a better safe house that goes for you as well Rachael.”


Thomas was a bit surprised when he noticed Rachael lower her head. When he looked up at her he could tell that even if Sally’s tone was playful her words had hit a sore spot. “It isn’t Rachael’s fault. I was the one that chose the location.”


Rachael gave a sigh. “Thomas she is right I should have helped out as well. It is my failure to.”


“That’s right and it isn’t the only time it is going to happen. Rachael right now you don’t have any safe havens and considering the line of work you’re getting into you will need them. I know you were thinking you could rely on your reputation and for the most part you can but there will always be the idiot who believes they can out smart you.”


Rachael gave a sigh. “So would you suggest an alliance?”


“Yeah I suppose my motives about this are rather transparent. Still can you say that I am wrong?”


Thomas and Rachael both shook their heads. “No. You’re right. So what would be the terms?”


“Well there is one thing you know we want and that is your mind working for us. Now I know you have a mercenary career you want to work on and that is fine. We also know Thomas won’t need protection all the time. So under what terms would you be willing to work for us in research and development?”


Rachael tapped her cheek. “If you safe guard Thomas to my satisfaction I’ll develop some treatments for you. I won’t give a specific time but I’ll make it worth your time and if I don’t you can always refuse to help me out the next time unless I offer something else.”


“Okay. Now another condition we have is you don’t attack us and we don’t attack you.”


Thomas made the mistake of thinking he was out of the conversation until he felt Rachael give him a nudge. Setting up a bit he resumed his roll. “That is agreeable. Though I hate to think I need protection.” Just a second later Thomas felt Rachael’s lips press to the back of his head as she gave him a gentle kiss.


Sally gave a quick nod. “Okay, but before we agree I’ll need to know what you plan on developing first.”


“Will you be the one to protect Thomas for me?”


“Yes, unless you say other wise. It’s cheaper and easier to conceal then shipping in the others Williams keeps.”


“In that case I’ll find a way to significantly increase your abilities if you protect Thomas while I am away.”


Thomas gave Rachael’s thigh a quick pat. “Of course she’ll need access to your equipment.”


Sally gave a nod. “That is fine by us.”


Thomas gave a quick nod. “I take it you have full authority in this negotiation.”


“Yes I do. Well within certain parameters but yes I do.”


“I see. So when could you get us that list of people? I don’t know if you can see it but I can feel Rachael trembling.”


Sally felt a bit of a chill when she heard a low chuckle escape Rachael. She felt certain she needed to get the list quickly. “I’ve got the list right here and their locations.” With that Sally pulled out a small hand held computer and proceeded to open the screen. “Just give me a few to mark those that are responsible and those that we don’t know about it.”


Rachael gave a nod. “Don’t worry I know that I can’t begin just yet. You and Thomas have to find some place to stay since I doubt this is safe even with you here.”




“Hey what is the matter?”


Thomas glanced over at Sally who was currently relaxing in a rather well cushioned chair. “It isn’t anything really.”


“The look on your face says it is something. Now tell me what is bothering you or I’ll beat it out of you. Mm well I guess I can’t really do that. I suppose Rachael would beat the life out of me for that one.”


A slight chuckle escaped Thomas. “Well if you feel that strongly about it I’ll tell you. I had really hoped by finding safe locations for me to wait at I would be able to keep myself safe. I don’t like feeling so helpless.”


“Helpless? Personally I think you should feel quite proud. They did see fit to send twelve fully armed Special Forces soldiers to retrieve you.”


“That is one way of thinking about it but no matter what I still needed help. I feel like I am holding Rachael back.”


“Williams doesn’t hold me back and he can’t fight worth crap.”


“What has that got to do with it?”


“Listen everyone has their roll to play. Williams is the science and negotiations part of the organization. He wouldn’t stand a chance against an enhanced but he is still very important. I am the main muscle effectively. If you recall the man Rachael killed well he handled a lot of the funding aspects. You have no idea how badly his death hurt our organization our budget was in utter chaos for weeks.”


“I can’t say that I felt sorry for him but I believe Rachael did over react when it came to killing him.”


“That is just it. Rachael over reacts and you know she wants you to handle the business end of things. The only time I have scene her take over is when in regards to your safety. I assume that is because you don’t take enough safety steps for her liking.”


Thomas couldn’t help but grin. “Well that is a nice way of thinking about it.”


Raul tapped his desk nervously. He had learned about the retrieval team and how they had been found. Now he wasn’t certain of what he should do. There was no way of knowing exactly what was going on. His thoughts were taken from that problem as a new one suddenly arose. An ear splitting impact was heard which drew his attention to out the window. The wreckage of his private helicopter was what met his eyes.


Rachael gave a sigh as she looked at the destruction. She had actually taken the time to survey the building before she attacked. When she had first met Raul in the run down little building she had thought he wasn’t all that important. Now that she saw where he was staying her opinion quickly changed. Of course he was only the first person in a long list that had to die.


She had chosen to take out the helicopter not because she thought Raul could use it to fly away. She would catch him if he tried to do that but to make him feel trapped. Now she began to make her way slowly towards the main gate.


The security team had been told about Rachael so they didn’t bother questioning. Instead the moment they saw her, the alarm was sounded and they opened fire.


Much as she had done with the soldiers in the forest Rachael caught the bullets as they flew towards her unlike the ones in the forest though she didn’t grant the guards a quick death. Instead when she flicked the bullets back at them she aimed for their knees.


The guards’ screams of pains didn’t even slow Rachael down as she continued over to the main gate. Placing her open palm on the heavy metal bars she gave the door a light push. For a moment the sound of the metal warping surpassed that of the guards’ screaming. The force of the impact forced the bars to bulge outward and sent the gate flying open tearing the joints that were meant to hold it shut apart. The gate barely remained anchored to the wall when it was forced to swing open.


The security teams of the estate made it to the main yard before Rachael had made it halfway up it only because she was walking at human speeds. Once again they began to shower her with bullets. This time Rachael chose not to return the lead but simply held her arms out to her side leaving herself entirely open.


Raul’s eyes widened as he looked out the window. He had seen the video and saw how she stopped the police cars. The ease with which she had sent the car flying through the air and into the helicopter but to see the battle in his yard brought it home.


The guards continued to hammer Rachael with bullets until she drew within five meters of them. The moment she did it was overly apparent their weapons weren’t going to have any effect on her and they quickly began to retreat. The moment they did Rachael proceeded to flick the bullets she had been catching at them. Once again she sent the bullets towards them so that they tore out the guards’ knees but left them alive.


As she neared the door Rachael considered pushing it open as she had done the gate. Instead she lowered her arms to her side and proceeded to press her breasts against the heavy door. Her breasts were compressed slightly but no more then Thomas could manage after that the door didn’t even slow her down.


Those inside of the estate had no desire to fight Rachael whatsoever. After they had seen what she did to the guards outside nearly all of them had began making their way towards the back of the estate. Of course Rachael could hear them fleeing but she had no intention of letting them escape. She would give them some time to run before tracking them down and finishing them off.


Raul’s anger was at a fever level as he tried to push through his own men. Those meant to help protect him were now delaying his escape by not moving aside. The fear stricken soldiers for their part couldn’t have cared less what Raul’s position was at the moment or how much he had paid them.


In his fear stricken state Raul didn’t even realize Rachael had found him until he felt her hand come to wrest on his shoulder. “Hello.”


There was no attempt on Raul’s part to turn and face Rachael. As he took in a deep breath of air he remained perfectly still. “I can pay you.”


Rachael gave an amused giggle. “OH you couldn’t pay me enough to forgive what you tried to do. Now I am going to make you regret not killing yourself before I got here.” As she spoke Rachael dug her fingers into Raul’s shoulder until blood began to flow. The action was slow so he was able to keep himself from crying out that lasted until Rachael turned him around to face her.


A delighted giggle escaped Rachael when Raul finally screamed. Reaching into his mouth she took hold of one of his front teeth and easily yanked it out of his mouth. The force of the downward pull was enough to force his jaw to snap shut for a moment. It would have yanked him to the ground as well however Rachael’s hold on his shoulder kept him from falling down. This caused even more damage to his shoulder


After rolling the tooth between her fingers for a few moments Rachael crushed it into a powder. She then reached back into his mouth and began the process of tearing out his teeth one after the other.


Raul could no longer scream as he lay on the floor. Rachael had by now removed his teeth, fingers, toes, arms and legs bone by bone. The only reason he hadn’t bleed to death was Rachael had been taking measures to keep him alive. He could barely see now though that wasn’t due to Rachael doing anything to his eyes the pain was simply blinding.


“You know you brought this on yourself. I would have gladly finished my job, taken my money and been on my way. I might even have refrained from taking a job to harm you as you would have been an early business partner. However, for some reason you decided it would be a good idea to try and control me.”


As Rachael spoke she ran the end of her finger along some of the exposed bone. “Well don’t worry you don’t have much longer to live. I don’t have the medical supplies to keep you alive too much longer. Still, let’s see if I can get a few more screams out of you before you pass on.”




“Hey.” Sally grinned as she watched Rachael enter the door. “Are you done?”


“I haven’t gotten everyone on the list but I am off to a good start.” Rachael grinned as she looked at Thomas. “I would have liked to come home while he was still awake but I didn’t want him to see me looking like this.”


“I am sure he will understand. You’re a mess.”


“Yeah, I am going to go ahead and take a shower. At least I was able to pick something up for him.” Rachael opened up her hand revealing a rather expensive looking ring.


“That is nice. Though do you believe he’ll like it?”


“Mm I don’t know. It may not really fit his style. I don’t believe he cares for suits either.”


“Well you can ask him after he wakes up.”


“Sally, I didn’t think to ask. How long can you stay here?”


“Oh quite some time, remember if you didn’t agree to kill those responsible I was suppose to.”


Rachael gave a nod. “Okay.”




Thomas couldn’t take his eyes off the television screen as he listened to the report. When Rachael had dealt with Dario’s rivals it had gained a fair amount of media coverage. However, that was nothing compared to what was going on with her killing Raul and a good deal of the governing political body.


Dr. Hall was once again being called on to discuss the happenings.


As things were he was trying to guess at Rachael’s level of power while not causing a panic. Currently Jill was doing the talking. “According to most agencies the young woman is most likely Rachael Marks. Who many will recall is wanted for illegally modifying herself beyond the safe limits. Once again we have Dr Hall with us to discuss this issue.”


“Thank you Jill but I don’t know what I can say. We have never seen an enhanced with this kind of power which makes me even more worried about what might come from her.”


“You are referring to a possible super virus again aren’t you?”


“Yes. From all the footage I have seen this young lady is every bit as powerful as a tank with several advantages.”


“As powerful as a tank, don’t you believe that is going a little far?”


Thomas couldn’t help but laugh. They had no idea just how powerful Rachael truly was.


“I don’t believe so. While we have little video footage what little we do have clearly showed armor piercing rounds bouncing off her skin. The rounds they found at the seen would have torn through any armor short of military grade such as what they use on troop carriers and tanks.”


“How then do you suggest they go about subduing her?”


Dr Hall shook his head looking very concerned. “That is like trying to subdue a fully armed modern battle tank that can pretend to be a human. There is no way a police or SWAT unit would have a chance against those odds.”


Jill gave a nod. “As I recall the remains of an old anti-aircraft rocket launcher was found at one of the sights.”


“It’s a terribly frightening thought. The videos footage that was recovered show the ease with which she could simply walk into any government building and start killing. The quickest response possible would require a jet armed with anti-tank rockets being sent to deal with her.”


“I believe that I am mildly insulted.”


Thomas glanced behind him to see Rachael entering the room. He hadn’t managed to find her any jobs as of late so she was wearing a rather tight t-shirt and a pair of jean shorts. He could tell she wasn’t wearing a bra by the impression her nipples left on the shirt. “Well the element of surprise can be a good thing.”


Rachael walked over to Thomas and proceeded to slip her hands under him. After lifting him up she then set down and placed him in her lap. “That is true.”


Jill waited a few moments after Hall had finished before she began speaking against. “The events of these videos have not been loss in the general public either. A series of protest have started out demanding action.”


“So do you believe we should get moving again?”


“I don’t know this would be a great chance to show off what I can really doing.”


Thomas leaned against Rachael’s breast as he turned slightly to look into her eyes. “Do you want me to try and set up an interview for you?”


“It could be fun especially if they tried to stop me.”


“Yeah you would also get a chance to establish the exact line of work you’re currently working in.”


As Rachael spoke she began to run her fingers through Thomas’s hair. “Do you believe that it would really help my career?”


“I can’t be sure. Part of me fears that it would drive potential clients away. I believe that you should try doing something very big first.”


“Like what?”


“Give me a moment to think. It needs to be something big enough to really show off how powerful you are and get the world’s attention.”


Leaning forward Rachael gave Thomas a kiss on the top of his head. “Level a major city perhaps?”


“Not big enough.”


“Sink a fleet of ships?”


Thomas shook his head rubbing Rachael’s breast as he did so. “Help overthrow a government.”


“Are you serious?”


“There is political unrest all over the world. I don’t believe it would be difficult to find a group that would like to over throw their current leadership.”


Rachael gave a nod. “I agree with that but that well that sounds like a hell of a lot of fun.”


“I am glad that you like it.”


“Still, how would we decide what group I am going to help?”


“I’ll get in touch with Williams I am sure he has a few connections that would help in the choosing process.”




“She wants to try what?” Williams had been reclining in his office chair when Sally had given him the news. Now he was setting perfectly upright.”


“Rachael wants to try helping to over throw a government.”


“Say that one more time I want to make sure I understood.”


“Rachael wants to try to over throw a government.”


“That is the third time and I am still hearing the same thing so I have to believe I heard you right.”


“What is the matter boss you seem a little shocked?”


Williams gave a nod. “Believe me Sally I am.”


“Well it was nice of them to come to us and ask what governments we wouldn’t mind seeing over thrown.”


“I have to agree with that.” Leaning forward Williams closed his eyes for a few moments. “Sally you’ve seen the damage she caused. Do you believe that she could actually pull this off?”


“Well first I’ll say I am glad you never let me fight her. Secondly I don’t believe anything short of a nuclear weapon would be able to actually harm her. “


“What makes you think that? She has yet to be hit by an anti-tank round.”


“I’ve seen what she can do with just a tiny portion of her strength and I’ve seen her speed.”


“Sally, I want you to try and convince her to wait. She is supposed to enhance you further I believe. Also I’ll need time to prepare.”


“I’ll see what I can do.”




Rachael held her finger down on the scroll key as she read through a few of the files on Sally’s enhancements. The rate at which the computer could actually scroll through the file was far slower then what she was reading so there was no need to let up. Indeed several times she found herself having to wait for the computer to bring up another line for her to read.


“So you don’t mind waiting?”


Thomas had been looking over Rachael’s shoulder and watching the words fly by though he had no chance of reading them. “We never intended to do it right away. Part of the agreement was you get enhanced for protecting me which you did.”


Sally gave a nod. “So Thomas just what is Rachael looking to gain from this job?”


“A reputation, financial and political benefits as well and before you say anything. I know that by helping a party that has yet to gain control we won’t be able to ask a great deal initially.”


“So you want your payment after the war is over?”


Thomas glanced down at Rachael. “Let’s make it an installment plan.”


Sally gave a quick nod. “That sounds fine. So do you have any preferences?”


“Yeah, whoever Rachael helps shouldn’t have a chance of success without her.”


“That should be easy to manage.”


“Does Williams have any particular governments in mind?”


“Oh yes. While we have helped a few parties stay in power throughout the world they are some who’s down fall even we couldn’t prevent. We do have a limited amount of supplies and money after all.”


Thomas glanced back at Sally. “Given the amount of money it must have cost to develop you I find that kind of hard to believe.


Sally couldn’t help but giggle. “You’d think that wouldn’t you? Still, we do have our limits and a lot goes into developing enhanced.”


“I don’t suppose you would tell us your ultimate objectives?”


“Nope, I can’t do that.”


Rachael who had been silent throughout the conversation finally looked up from the computer screen. “So what lab are you going to make available to me?”


“You can use the one that is located under one of Dario’s homes.”


“I suppose there is no reason to ship most test subjects back to the states.”


“Not really. Are you going to need me around?”


“Yes, I haven’t quite finished reading your files but I am getting a few ideas. Being able to think thousands of times faster then normal is quite advantageous.”


“Blast it and here I have to settle for only being able to think fifteen times faster then I once did.”


Rachael gave an amused giggle. “Well you can at least be grateful that your nervous system was improved. Many enhanced don’t get that of course the vast majority of them don’t have the speed to actually need it.”


“That is true.”


“Sally what were you before you became an enhanced?”


“I was a sniper.”


“Do you know how many candidates you had to compete with?”


“Not really. I know they wanted people with good physical builds, combat training and weren’t opposed to killing someone who didn’t have a real chance to fight back.”


Rachael took another moment to skim a few more pages of Sally’s file. “So how much may I alter your physical form?”


“Well I have to be able to pass for human even after the alterations and to be honest I rather enjoy my current shape.”


Rachael couldn’t help but giggle. “Yeah I have to admit I am rather fond of my appearance now. Not that I looked anything like I do now back when I was a human. How much of your initial appearance did you retain?”


“I used to be shorter and of course I didn’t have this build other then that I am pretty much the same as I always have been.”


“I swear it is strange. Even before I became enhanced I felt confident with enhancements but now they seem to come so easily.”


“Well I like the sound of that. So how much do you believe you’ll be able to improve me?”


“Enough that the researchers you have working for you will feel rather foolish though I have to say they are a few alterations that I wish you didn’t have. They’re preventing me from making a few adaptations that I would like to.”


“Why did you have to tell me that? Now I feel depressed.”


“Well don’t worry about it too much.”


“Okay. Since you are working on that though how about I call ahead and tell them to get the lab ready for our arrival. You don’t mind sharing the lab do you?”


Thomas couldn’t help but chuckle which drew both women’s attention.


“And what is so funny?”


“I am sorry that was uncalled for. I just thought about Rachael sharing her lab space.”


“Hey I didn’t hog that much.”


“Rachael, I am pretty certain that the only reason you didn’t throw everyone out of the building was you didn’t have the physical ability to do so.”


Rachael started to retort but in the end could only make one statement truthfully. “I wouldn’t have thrown everyone out.”


A chuckle escaped Sally. “Fine I’ll let them know to give you plenty of room. I don’t imagine you’ll need any test subjects other then me.”


“Yeah, your genetics are too heavily altered for testing with normal people to be of any use to me. Of course that means I am going to need a lot of blood samples from you and maybe a few tissue. I hope you’re a quick healer.”


“I thought you said this was coming easily to you now.”


“It is but I still need to run test for safety’s sake.”


End Chapter 5

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