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Modifications – Chapter 6

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Modifications – Chapter 6


By Happiest in Shadows



This story features adult content and should not be read by anyone that isn’t legally an adult. It was written by me with almost daily feedback from Supernaut. (Yeah, he likes the song a lot.) Feedback is welcome.



“Aren’t increased recovery rates nifty?”


Sally gave a slight sigh and looked up at the sealing for a moment before responding. “Yeah, they let you draw my blood far more often then normal.”


“Oh don’t look so glum. Since you’re the only one with your particular genetic code you’re the only person that can provide the samples I need to conduct my research.”


“That is true though you’re taking a lot more samples then normal.” Sally climbed out of the seat as Rachael picked up the six vials of her blood. She then followed her back over to the work station.


“Well I am also working a lot faster then those you’ve worked with previously. If you’re going to look after my Thomas I need to make sure you can keep him safe while away.”


“So how are your experiments going?”


“It depends on whose time frame you’re asking about.”


“What do you mean?”


“Are we talking about the time frame in regards to you and everyone else on the planet or in regards to me?”


Sally wasn’t sure what Rachael was talking about for a moment then she gave herself a quick smack on the head. “Your accelerated state, you’ve been working in it.”




“Okay, according to Rachael how much time has passed?”


“In regards to me, I have been working on this project for little more then twenty years. Though there is one delay I keep encountering.”


A low whistle escaped Sally. “Twenty years? That is something else but what is the delay?”


“The fact that nothing around me wants to work as quickly as I can think is the primary delay. That is why I have to take so much blood from you. I have so many tests that I need to run.”


“I swear you must have unlimited patience.”


A slight giggle escaped Rachael. “Well no. I don’t have unlimited patience but something does seem to change when I enter my accelerated state. It is the only thing that keeps me from going insane I believe.”


“Are you sure? Maybe you simply went insane and now you don’t care.”


“That is a possibility. Though I am surprised you’d point it out since it is your DNA I am going to be adjusting.”


Sally’s smile slowly vanished and was replaced by a look of concern. “You’re right that isn’t very comforting.” An amused giggle escaped Sally a second later and her frown vanished. “Then again I have risked my life a lot to achieve this much power.”


“Yeah, you took too much risk for so little gain.”


“Oh shush.”


“Well if you need some comforting you’ll be glad to know that twelve years ago I decided that working with your DNA would have to wait. I have actually begun working with your RNA. It’s your least altered attribute.”


Sally watched as Rachael took the blood contained within the six tubes and separated it out into ever smaller containers. She then placed each container within a different microscope and began to apply different treatments to each one of them. “Are you in your accelerated state now?”


“I have been this whole time.”


“So you’ve learned to control your body’s rate of movement even while accelerating your thinking?”


Rachael gave a nod. “Yeah, even if I can’t be certain of anything until the tests are finished it gives me plenty of time to work out new theories.”


“I bet that is really nifty during sex.”


A delighted giggle escaped Rachael. “Oh I wish Thomas had been here to hear that one. Yes it does help make things last much longer. I can enjoy a good orgasm for weeks if not months.”


“So do you believe you could include that nifty little trick in the package of enhancements you’re preparing for me?”


“I may be able to work something out that would at least give you a few hours.”


“Do you really think so?”


“Well a few hours may be beyond my ability when it comes to your first enhancement.”


Sally once again began to pout. “Well that is disappointing. How could you get my hopes up and then crush them so easily?” Sally raised her voice as she spoke her voice taking on a more and more fussy tone.


“Oh shush, I’ll get you there eventually as long as we are in a good working relationship.” As she spoke Rachael waved her hand as if dismissing a child.


Sally moved to give Rachael’s hand a quick smack but Rachael pulled her hand back far too quickly. At first Sally was surprised then she realized that Rachael had yet to leave her accelerated state. “I take it that to you it seemed as if my hand took several minutes to move.”


“Yes it did.” Rachael gave a slight giggle. “Do you want to see if you can avoid one of mine?”


“No thanks.” Sally glanced over towards Rachael’s keyboard when she heard a slight roar. What she saw was Rachael’s fingers moving over the keyboard so quickly that even to her eyes they seemed like a blur. When she glanced up at the computer screen she found that she couldn’t actually read what was going on. “I take it you don’t use your mouse.”


“Thomas hasn’t gotten around to making me a mouse that could keep up with me or handle the forces I exert when I move this quickly.”


“What happened to your old steel keyboard?”


“It’s in the drawer. Thomas made me a better one shortly after we arrived.”


“Where is Thomas anyway?”


“He is in bed.”


Sally gave a nod. “I was wondering why he wasn’t down here with you. Well then I suppose I’ll let you focus entirely on your work and go check up on him to make sure he is safe in bed.”


“Feel free to but if you touch him I’ll pull your hands off.”


Sally gave an amused giggle though she knew not to test to see if Rachael was being honest. “Wow you must really like me if you’d stop with my hands.”




Rachael glanced down at Sally as she lay on the table. “Is something the matter?”


“I am just hungry.”


An amused giggle escaped Rachael. “Sorry about that but I didn’t want to risk any complications with your enhancements. Don’t worry you can have a nice big feast after this is over. Actually, I’d recommend you don’t hold back on eating once I am finished with you especially for a few days. Your body is going to be going through a lot of changes.”


“Well that is good news. So are you about ready to begin?”


Rachael started to look to her computer screen when she stopped. She was about to see if the compounds she had introduced to Sally’s system had made it through her body yet. Indeed that is what she seemed to be doing but she wasn’t looking at the computer yet. “Uh”


“What is it?”


“It isn’t anything bad.” Rachael continued to look at Sally. She could have sworn that she could sense and on some level even see the compound making its way throughout her friend’s body. After a moment she gave her head a shake and looked back to the computer screen. “I could swear I can analyze your body without diagnostic equipment.”




“My body has a habit of surprising me with nifty little quirks. Don’t worry though I won’t rely on it just yet. Now give me a moment to find out what the equipment says.”


“How can you be so calm about that?”


“The same way I was calm after I realized my body was getting stronger and I was no longer dying. Okay that is a double check from the equipment. Everything says you’re ready for the actual treatment.”


“What do you mean the actual treatment?”


“Oh silly the material I injected with you before hand is what your cells will need to make the improvements I have designed once things get underway.” Rachael grinned as she picked up the syringe meant for Sally. She could have sworn that it was meant to poke holes in bone instead of flesh. “We are going to have to get you some stronger needles once this is over with.”


“I kind of like that. So tell me. The stuff you injected with me earlier what would it do if you didn’t enhance me?”


“Oh it would make you very sick and probably do some real damage though I don’t believe it would kill you. Now hold still.”


Sally nodded her head as Rachael inserted the syringe. The needle was thicker then most as it had to be made strong enough to break through her skin. As she watched the fluid being pumped into her veins she had to ask. “And why did you wait to give me the treatment?”


“Well without the materials I put into your system the treatment would kill you. Your cells would tear one another apart in an attempt to get what they need to rebuild themselves and you would end up a nice flesh pudding.”


“Well then, thank you for putting the materials in first.”


“You’re welcome.” Rachael quickly moved to cover the opening once she removed the syringe.


Once Rachael removed her hand Sally pressed the bandaged down and started to get up. Before she had even raised a third of a meter off the table she felt Rachael’s hand press to her chest and she was quickly forced back down. “Huh?”


“Do not try to stand up.”




“You’ll feel why in just a few moments.” As Rachael spoke she made her way over to the biological hazard waste bin and threw the syringe away. She then made her way over to a heavy steel cabinet and opened it up. A blast of cold air assaulted Rachael the moment she opened it up.


“What are you getting those ice packs for?”


“I am going to pack you in them.”


Sally took a moment to respond as a sudden wave of dizziness washed over her. “What? I don’t feel so good all of a sudden.”


“And you won’t for a while. You’re body is going to heat up a lot and I need to keep your temperature from getting to high.”


“Rachael, un what would this have done if I wasn’t enhanced already?”


“It would have killed you.” Rachael brought six packets of gel over to Sally and began to place them along her body. One went atop her forehead while the other five were placed at various locations where blood flow would be particularly high.


Sally gave a low giggle as she felt the packet on her head. The gel could hold a tremendous amount of heat but they had been used on her before. “So are you going to take care of me?”


“Of course I can’t trust anyone else with your care.”


“Thanks, but I have to wonder. Why didn’t you give me more warning?”


“Because your employer who has final decision on all things related to you medically said that it was okay.”


A sigh escaped Sally as she lightly shifted about. “I did tell him to quit telling me how badly the enhancing process may hurt after the third time.”


“So that is why he didn’t tell you. Why would you tell him that though?”


“I wanted the power but I worried that after I dealt with the pain a few times I would chicken out and refuse to go further if I knew it was coming. So I told Williams to quit telling me when it was going to hurt. Of course I still felt like backing out a few times when the pain got real bad however I would always think. Maybe this time it wouldn’t hurt and I would have lost the power for no reason.”


“How are you doing ladies?” Thomas smiled as he walked into the room to see that Rachael had already packed Sally in gel packs.


Rachael smiled and waved for Jack to come over to her. “Well we’ve only just begun really but so far she seems to be handling the treatment well.”


“That is nice. Is it okay for her to eat yet?” Thomas made his way on over to Sally and Rachael. Currently he was pushing a small cart in front of him.


“I don’t believe it is a good idea for her to have anything just yet.” Rachael took hold of the front of the cart once Thomas was close enough and began to turn it around bringing him around to her as she did so.


Instead of just letting go of the cart Thomas moved with it until he was standing with his back to Rachael. He felt her arm wrap around him from behind and he was pulled against her. “Ah, well her food she last then.”


“What did you bring me?” As Sally spoke she started to set up only to have Rachael once again press her to the table.


“Stay down. Don’t make me go and get some chains.”


Sally gave a sigh and proceeded to lie back down. She knew there was no way for her to resist Rachael’s strength. “You know there was a time that I believed I could beat you in out right combat. Williams always knew that you were holding back as did I but I didn’t realize how much.”


“Well it is good for both of us that we never met on the field of battle.”


“Yeah, so what did Thomas bring me to eat?”


Rachael reached down and picked up a metallic cylinder from the cart. She held this up for Sally to see. “I suppose whatever is in here.”


A groan escaped Sally as she saw the cylinder. “Oh lord that paste.”


An amused giggle escaped Rachael. “What is it exactly?”


“It was developed as the nutritional needs of the enhanced Williams made went up especially after just being enhanced. Regular foods didn’t seem to be able to cut it so they made a special high nutrient paste. It’s effectively a weeks worth the food in paste form.”


“Are they any draw backs to eating it?”


“Yeah, for one thing it can only be eaten by enhanced. The vast majority of humans wouldn’t even be able to begin digesting it. Even for some enhanced it is hard on the stomach. As for me, well it tastes horrible.”


Thomas couldn’t help but chuckle. “Then it sounds like a standard MRE.”


A grunt escaped Sally. “Yeah right, don’t forget I was in the military before I became an enhanced. You have entire teams of people trying to make sure your food taste as good as possible while still meeting the nutritional and preservation requirements.”


Thomas gave a slight shrug. “Well that is true. I was just trying to make you feel like you weren’t alone in your suffering.”


Rachael removed her arm from around Thomas and lifted him from the ground. She then reached under him and lifted him into her lap. “Maybe you should teach her a lesson by going and getting yourself a nice steak dinner to eat in front of her.”


A pout appeared on Sally’s face. “Thomas you wouldn’t be so cruel as to do that to someone who was at one time a fellow soldier would you?”


“I don’t know. I am going to have to eat eventually and I would like to spend as much time with Rachael as possible.”


“Fine then be” Sally grew silent as she felt a sudden wave of sickness wash over her.


Rachael carefully but quickly scooted Thomas off her lap and made her way over to the cupboard again. Taking out a few more gel packs she packed one on either side of Sally’s neck and a few more along her body. “Are you okay?”


“It doesn’t hurt but oh lord I feel so sick.”


“I am sorry about that. I really couldn’t help it. In order to enhance you as much as I wanted to I actually had to undo some of the things that were done to you previously then have that area reconstructed the way I wanted it to be.”


Instead of responding right away Sally closed her eyes and took in a few deep breaths. The gel packs helped more then she realized. “How warm is my body getting?”


“An ordinary human’s brain would boil if I did the same to them as what I did to you.”


“So should I be glad that I am enhanced?”


“I regret to say no. If you didn’t have so many adjustments already you wouldn’t even have to go through any pain. Reconstruction is rarely a gentle process and when the reconstruction is something that is complex as your genetics well there is going to be some aggravation.”


“May I have something to drink?”


“Sure.” Rachael started to go to retrieve Sally some water when Thomas handed her another container.


“You don’t have a meal without a drink.”


Rachael gave a nod and held the container where Sally could see it.

“Is this okay?”


“Yeah, it’s just a sports drink for enhanced. It tastes pretty good unlike the paste.”


Nodding Rachael found a small straw along the side and opened a tiny cap. She then placed the container next to Sally and put the straw in her mouth. The moment Sally’s lips sealed on the straw she began to drink the bluish liquid down.




“What do you think Thomas?”


“I don’t know if even you’ll be able to succeed with this plan Rachael. The only times these people have ever stopped killing one another is when an empire grew large enough to conquer them.”


“Oh not about that, turn around.”


“Huh?” Shifting in his seat a bit Thomas turned to find Rachael looking in a mirror. He didn’t notice anything at first until he realized that her hair was braided. “Do you want the truth?”




“I like your hair strait still you make that braid look great to.”


An amused giggle escaped Rachael as she shifted from foot to foot. As she evaluated her current hairdo she took hold of the braid and draped it over her right shoulder. “You really think that my hair looks better strait?”


“Yes I do. Still, you’ll look great however you want to wear it. Do you want to wear your hair in a braid?”


“I don’t know. Now that you said you prefer my hair to be strait I am tempted to just lose the braid.”


“What do you think looks best on you?”


There was no need for Rachael to even consider the question as she looked back at Thomas. “Whatever you think looks best on me of course. So I’ll just let it go back to strait. Anyway, in a real fire fight it would end up ruined anyway at least strait is easy to fix.”


“Are you sure about that?”


“Yeah” Reaching behind herself Rachael began to loosen the knots that held her hair in a braid. “So you really don’t believe I’ll be able to get these people to surrender?”


“After a while I believe they’ll begin surrendering after encountering you then go right back to causing trouble once you leave.”


“Well it won’t really be my job to keep them under control. I just have to help over throw the current government. It is up to those that I help to maintain power after that.”


“That is true, but since you’re going to let them pay you after the event then you’ll want to keep them in power. Otherwise you’re going to find it very difficult to collect your money.”


Rachael gave a sigh as she loosened the final not and began to brush her hair. “That is a good point. Still, the main reason I am doing this is to build up my reputation as an unstoppable force.”


“That is true, so you’re not really that worried about the money.”


“Well it would be nice to get the money but we’ll make do if we don’t receive it. I could always enhance Sally again but charge this time.”


Thomas gave a slight chuckle. “I suppose you could. How did the speed test you put her through before we left go?”


“It went quite well. She is slightly over three times faster then her last best.”


“I hope you didn’t run too many circles around her to show off.”


An impish grin appeared on Rachael’s face. “I didn’t run circles around her but I did insist on floating the entire time.”


“Oh that is much better. You show off. I wish I had waited to bed so I could have watched. How is your flight training coming?”


“It is going fairly well. I’ve speed up quite a bit though I still have a ways to go before I am chasing down jet aircraft and rockets.”


“So that is why you didn’t just fly us around yourself.”


A delighted giggle escaped Rachael. “That is a really fun idea. When I get faster I’ll have to try and figure out a way to take you with me.”


“That sounds fun. I would ask you how much faster you’ve become but honestly I would rather see for myself.”


“Then I’ll have to wait for a good opportunity to show you. So is Sally going to be meeting us when we land?”


“Yes, we are. Then we’re going to travel to meet your”.


“What is the matter?”


“I was going to say your employer but I really don’t like calling them that at the moment. Until they pay you they don’t really deserve the status of employer or even past employer.”


An amused giggle escaped Rachael. “There is no need to be so technical about it. I wonder how long it’ll be before I get to see some action.”


“I doubt it’ll be very long. I believe how soon you see action will depend on you for the most part.”


Sally sighed as she looked up at the bright sun. Her enhancements had made it so that such levels of heat didn’t actually bother her. Still, something about the bright sun overhead and the vast amount of sand that surrounded her made her feel hot and uncomfortable. She could hear the sound of an approaching aircraft and took a drink from her refreshment. She’d recovered enough sense her enhancement to begin working again but she still felt thirsty often. Of course that could have just been her mind playing tricks on her.


“There she is.”


“There who is?”


“Sally, I can see her. I suppose will be landing soon.”


Thomas blinked a few times. They were still far too high up for a non enhanced human and even for the vast majority of enhanced to see someone. “I should know better then to underestimate your senses. How does she look?”


“Thirsty and bored out of her mind.”


“Well that is kind of odd. I wonder how long she has been waiting for us.” Instead of waiting to be told that he needed to buckle up for landing Thomas trusted Rachael’s eye sight and began to fasten his belt.


“Hey Thomas, do you want to have some fun and fly down? We’re close enough now.”


Thomas couldn’t help but grin. “That sounds like fun but we have supplies to unload.”


“Well the plain can still land.”


Thomas bit down on his lower lip as he considered the offer. He knew that it wasn’t necessary and in some ways wasn’t the best idea in the world. Despite that it sounded like a lot of fun and Rachael wanted to try it. “Okay let me go and tell the pilots what we are going to do.”


Rachael gave an excited giggle and quickly set up. “I’ll be waiting for you back at the jump door.”


Sally had been very pleased when not only her reaction time had gone up with her speed increase but so had her eye sight. However, she was still getting use to having such vision so she wasn’t sure if her eyes ere playing tricks on her or not when she realized the drop door to the aircraft was open.


“Are you ready?” Rachael pressed up on the underside of Thomas’s bottom as she held him against herself. Instead of having Thomas hold onto her back she had resolved to have him hold onto her front. This would insure that if she jumped improperly and the plain was to strike her in the back the only thing that would end up damaged was the plain.


“Well I am as ready as I am going to get.”


“Don’t you trust me?”


“Rachael I trust you with my life, gravity is what I don’t trust in this situation. The murderous bastard was just waiting for us humans to try to fly so it could kill us. Waiting for us to fall off a cliff or down some stairs wasn’t enough.”


An amused giggle escaped Rachael. “Well I’ll make sure gravity doesn’t hurt you.” With that Rachael leapt from the ground though not out of the plain. Instead she began to use her flight ability so that the plain flew past them and left them both floating in the air. “Do you think I can catch up with our plain again?”


Thomas glanced over at the aircraft. “With me slowing you down I don’t believe you stand a chance except for when it begins to land.”


“Well I’m not willing to actually try it so I’ll just take your opinion on the subject for the time.” After turning around and locating Sally Rachael began to fly in her direction. Rachael slowly accelerated until she was flying one hundred and twenty kilometers and hour.


Thomas felt rather nervous as Rachael flew towards Sally. It was true that he trusted Rachael but without the researching straps of a parachute on his back the situation felt very odd. His mind and his heart told him that he was safe but his body told him other wise. With his body telling him one thing but his heart and mind telling him others he couldn’t help himself when he spoke. “Don’t tell me all you’re going to do is fly in a strait line.”


Sally couldn’t help but giggle. She could hear what Thomas had said and while his words were brave she could tell he was somewhat nervous. His voice was high pitched and louder then normal. Despite the tone of his voice though it was obvious Rachael liked his challenge.


An impish grin appeared on Rachael’s face as Thomas teased her about her flying talents. She didn’t want to risk doing anything to spectacular for fear of harming Thomas but with him teasing her she couldn’t resist having a little fun. Arching her back she began to accelerate upward. “Just remember you asked for it.”




“Sorry to have kept you waiting so long.”


An amused giggle escaped Sally as she glanced over at Rachael. “It isn’t a problem. You just got lost in the sky is all.”


As Sally drove Rachael set next to her. Thomas was currently relaxing in the back seat and waiting for his heart to settle down. “I thought you’d be more annoyed with us making you wait even longer.”


Sally gave a shrug. “Do you really believe that is the longest I’ve had to wait to complete a task?”


“I suppose given your past training you are quite use to waiting. So why did you look so bored when I first saw you.”


“Oh I was bored. It just wasn’t bored enough to be worth fussing over. I have been meaning to ask. How much longer will I be perpetually thirsty?”


“It shouldn’t last too much longer. You just need to adjust to your new body, I can’t give you a precise time but it shouldn’t be much longer.”


“So you’re saying that my thirst is in my head?”


“I wouldn’t go so far to say it was just a mental issue. You really should keep drinking whenever you are thirsty. There is no point in taking any risk.”


Sally gave a nod. “So Thomas, how are you doing back there?”


“My stomach is settling down and my heart beat has returned to normal.”


Rachael gave a slight giggle. “I am sorry. I didn’t expect those loops to make you motion sick.”


“I think it was looking at the ground then the sky in rapid succession that made me sick. Don’t worry though I am fine.”


Sally glanced over her shoulder at Thomas. “I guess Rachael showed you how well she could fly.”


A grin formed on Thomas’s face despite his sickness. “Yeah, she needs to pick up the pace a bit and her dives were lacking in energy.”


Rachael couldn’t help but giggle when Thomas taunted her. Turning around in her seat Rachael placed her knees on the cushion and leaned over the back of the seat so she was closer to Thomas. Reaching out she ran the fingers of her right hand through his hair. “Maybe I should get you a flight suit and helmet so I can really show you what I am capable of doing.”


Thomas took hold of Rachael’s hand and brought it down to his lips. He then proceeded to give each one of her impossibly strong fingers a kiss. “That would be nice. I’d like to see what you are really capable of when you don’t have to worry about injuring me as much.”


Once Thomas released her hand Rachael ran her fingers along his chin for a moment before setting up. “So Sally what can I expect in this meeting?”


“Well I’ve already discussed the details of what you’ll be doing for them. They want a demonstration of your capabilities though before they commit to your cause.”


“Aren’t they the ones that want to take over the country?”


“Yes, but they don’t like the idea of open warfare as they’d be crushed in just a few days if it even took that long.”


“Do you have any suggestions on what I should do?”


“Normally I would say take out the communications centers but I doubt that is what you want to do. So I’d suggest just going into a military base and killing everyone there. I suggest you minimize the damage to the equipment though.”




“The group you’re helping is really under equipped at this moment.”


Thomas couldn’t help but chuckle. “Well with Rachael they are over equipped. Still, it would probably be best if you avoided damaging the equipment as much as possible.”


A sigh escaped Rachael and she slumped forward a bit so she was leaning on the back wrest. “Well that just isn’t any fun. I haven’t even got to destroy a single tank yet.”


Thomas set up and leaned forward so that he could pat Rachael on the head. “Rachael what do you believe is more impressive, destroying a tank or ripping the hatches open, taking out the pilots and capturing the tank?”


Rachael shook her head as if trying to get Thomas to remove his hand. However, she didn’t put anywhere near enough force into the action to force him to remove his hand. “Destroying the tank would be more fun.”


“Well you can destroy them if you want but that just means you’ll have to do more work later.”


“I’ll capture the tanks.” Rachael continued to sulk as they drove.”




As Thomas climbed out of the vehicle he was able to flinch slightly. The heat outside was in sharp contrast to the air-conditioned interior of the ATV. Upon climbing out he was surprised when he noticed Rachael was completely silent. A slight chuckle escaped him.


It only took Rachael a moment to notice Thomas laughing and she glanced over her shoulder back at him. “What is it?”


“It isn’t anything. I just expected you to comment on the state of the camp. Especially considering how much you enjoyed insulting Dario’s home.”


A slight giggle escaped Rachael and she turned to Thomas. “Well this is what I expected even before we got on the plain.” After looking at Thomas for a moment Rachael gave her head a slight smack. “I should have brought you a sun umbrella.”


“We can find him one later. Until then let’s go and speak with your business associates.”


Rachael gave a nod and moved to the side allowing Thomas to walk by.

As he walked past her a playful grin formed on her face and she gently blew on the back of Thomas’s neck. At least it was gentle for her. To Thomas it felt like a very substantial wind.


The sudden rush of air caught Thomas off guard and he stumbled forward a bit. Rachael had put a considerable amount of power into the gust. At first he thought it might have been a true breeze but he soon realized that it was lasting far too long for that. He didn’t even look back at Rachael as he continued to walk. “Careful you don’t cause a dust storm.” The force of the wind instantly doubled


As they followed Sally, Rachael continued to keep the torrent of air focused on Thomas. If focusing the stream of air didn’t require the use of her mouth she would have been grinning the whole time as what was a gentle puff for her made Thomas’s shirt flutter, disrupted various tents and other items.


Sally had to work hard to keep herself from giggling. She was trying to keep a strait face despite Rachael antics but she couldn’t bring herself to ask Rachael to stop. In truth she felt Rachael may be affecting the talks more then she realized. Even with such a casual display of power from Rachael it would most likely give them some extra leverage.


Despite Rachael being playful Thomas was able to look around. “I am really surprised they just let us walk in her like this.”


A slight giggle escaped Sally. “They wouldn’t have if I hadn’t come here earlier. I demonstrated my capabilities to them a bit and they became more reasonable.”


“I don’t see any corpses.”


“That is because I got here long before you and Rachael.”


Thomas resolved not to ask Sally whether or not she was kidding. At last Rachael ceased blowing on them whenever they finally approached one particular tent. It was sparse as the others but it did have a few extra frills to it. He followed Sally inside of it.


“Welcome my guests.”


Thomas glanced over at a man that he guessed was in his thirties though he couldn’t be certain. He gave a nod. “Hello.” Thomas glanced to his side as Rachael finally ducked into the tent.


“So this young woman must be Rachael. Greeting my name is Kareem. Please, have a seat.”


As Thomas moved to set down at the cushion Kareem ushered at he saw Rachael’s grin out of the corner of his eye. He knew she was going to show off.


Rachael waited until Sally and Thomas began to set down. She then slowly lifted her legs from the ground and proceeded to fold them under herself much as she would if she had been setting on the floor.


Kareem’s eyes widened slightly as he saw Rachael’s legs lift into the air. If it had not been for Sally’s previous visit he would have been even more shaken by the sight. “Impressive, Miss Sally didn’t tell me that you could levitate.”


“Actually, I can fly.”


Kareem nodded his head and turned to Thomas. “I was told that you handle Rachael’s business arrangements.”


“Yes, unless she wants to take over.”


Slowly Rachael leaned back and folded her arms behind her head as if she was reclining in a chair. “Nope.”


It took a moment for Kareem to quit staring at Rachael. While Sally hadn’t been joking that it had require a display of power from her to convince him to work with them. Rachael was taking that to new heights. “Very well, Miss Sally informed us that you would allow us to handle payment after we had achieved our objectives.”


Thomas gave a nod. “That is correct. However, she mentioned that you want Rachael to give you a show of what she is capable of.”


“Yes. Though the one she is putting on now is quite impressive. We are as you probably noticed far outmatched. So far we’ve only managed to stay alive by remaining hidden.”


“Do you have any particular targets in mind?”


“Yes. There is an armored division whose destruction we would benefit greatly from. However, I must inform you that even with their destruction much of the fighting would have to fall to Rachael.”


“You mean if Rachael was to simply destroy them. Would that change if she were to acquire the equipment instead of destroying it?”


Kareem couldn’t help the look of surprise on his face. “Well yes. We would be strengthened greatly by acquiring the weapons.”


Thomas nodded his head. “Before we talk about this further I want to say something. If Rachael helps you, you will not use any biological weapons.”


“Our enemies won’t hesitate to use them against us.”


“You won’t use them.”


Kareem gave a sigh. “As long as you are helping us we will refrain from their use.”


“We are doing this with no guarantee that you’ll be able to pay Rachael. If you want her help you won’t ever use or develop such weapons unless you want to have to fight her.”


Once again Kareem was made to glance up at Rachael who by now had a positively wicked smile on her face. “I understand. If Rachael proves her power to our satisfaction and aids us. Then we will give up all biological weapons. Tell me why do you feel so strongly about this?”


“It was a man made virus that caused Rachael a great deal of hardship. She isn’t very fond of such weapons.”


For a moment Kareem was silent then he gave a nod. “I understand.”


“Good, when would you like Rachael to deal with the division?”


“As soon as you feel she is able.”


Thomas glanced over at Rachael. “Well then it is time for you to cause some destruction.”


An amused giggle escaped Rachael and she lowered her feet to the ground. “Just show me what you need torn apart.”


Kareem blinked a few times. “You mean you’re ready now?”


“Rachael doesn’t need much sleep or anything else for that matter.”


“Don’t you want to gather some information first?’


Thomas shook his head. “Just tell us what you already know on the way there or have whoever you send with us give the information. You’ll also need to start rounding up enough people to take the equipment.” Even though Thomas told him to he doubted Kareem would actually begin gathering up the requested people. “Or do you need time to pick a location to store the equipment?”


“We’ve made some preparations after speaking with Miss Sally.”


“Some?” Sally had remained quiet up until that point. Now she decided to step in. “I made it clear to you that things would move very quickly once Rachael actually arrived.”


“Indeed you did. I am sorry but we didn’t expect things to move quickly.”


A slight chuckle escaped Thomas. “Sally, how many of these people did you kill? I had decided not to ask you about it after we arrived but really. This entire conversation has just been out of place.”


Sally flashed Thomas a toothy smile. “I’ll just let you guess at how many. If you really want to know what I did and whether or not I killed anyone you’ll just have to ask around.”


As Rachael lifted her foot into the air she began to ground herself so that she wouldn’t be thrown into the sky. Less then one hundredth of a second later her foot came slamming down onto the ground. The shockwave was powerful enough to cause everything within a few meters to shake violently. “Well are we going to get going? I want to have some fun before the sun goes down.”




Thomas took a sip of his water canteen as he lay next to Sally. He didn’t have to worry about the sun beating down on him do to the camouflaged tarp that covered him and Sally. At the moment he was using a specially made pair of binoculars to watch and record as Rachael walked towards the installation.


Sally for her part was working with a bit of machinery. The little device was meant to record any transmission from the installation. This wasn’t actually to provide Rachael with any warning that they had radioed for help. Everyone knew that would happen once things got underway. Rather it was to provide further documentation. “Put this on.”


Turning around Thomas saw that Sally was holding a pair of headphones out towards him. “Don’t you want to listen to what is happening?”


“I can hear just fine the way I am now.”


As he nodded his head Thomas took the headphones from Rachael. He was a bit surprised what happened a moment later.


“Sally, remember to take good care of Thomas while you two are watching.”


At first Thomas wasn’t entirely certain of how to respond. The listening device allowed him to hear Rachael so long as they kept it focused on her. He had forgotten that she would be able to hear them.


“Don’t worry. I’ll keep him safe. Just try to keep the fire that is directed towards us down to a minimum.”


Rachael gave a nod and began to pick up the pace a bit. As she neared the gate it was clear that she had already been noticed. From the look on the watchmen’s faces they had seen her some time ago though they didn’t consider her a threat. Given her current clothing it wasn’t likely that she was carrying any explosives on her.


For a while Rachael was allowed to continue towards the gate. Her clothing, demeanor and the surrealism of the situation seemed to amuse the guards while confusing them a bit. At last though one of them stepped forward and made a gesture for her to stop. At the same time he spoke what must have been an order to halt though Rachael couldn’t understand him.


While the words would have been unclear the hand gesture wasn’t. Still Rachael continued towards the guard as if he wasn’t even there. After she took three more steps the guard called out once again this time using a far harsher tone. When that didn’t have any effect he brought his rifle up to bear on Rachael.


Rachael continued to smile as she walked towards the guard. She considered taking the weapon from him but remembered that she needed to acquire equipment. As the first guard leveled his weapon at her she glanced to her side. There were far more then the main gate guards watching her.


After Rachael showed no sign of stopping the guard had finally had enough and pulled the trigger on his weapon. The weapon released a quick burst of three bullets. For a moment Rachael couldn’t see out of her right eye. As the three rounds struck her one of the bullets actually slammed directly into her eye. Despite the bullet hitting one of the weakest parts of her body Rachael didn’t even flinch. The round had no more effect on her then a gentle breeze blowing in anyone else’s face would.


When the bullets began to fall Rachael quickly caught them. As she made more progress towards the gate she held out her hand allowing the guard to see the remains of the bullets. Instead of sending them back at the guard she tipped her hand and allowed them to fall harmlessly to the ground. Another three rounds was squeezed off followed by three more.


Once Rachael had come within ten meters of the gate the guards began to back away. She considered grabbing them but quickly changed her mind. Puckering her lips as if she was going to kiss someone she blew on the guards.


The torrent of air slammed into the guards at over three hundred kilometers an hour. The focused stream of air easily lifted the men from the ground and sent them flying backwards. Neither of them survived the impact against the gate was a jet of blood coursed when their bodies were actually imbedded into the gate.


“Why don’t you try spitting on them?”


A giggle escaped Rachael. Apparently Thomas had already adjusted to the fact that she could hear him speaking. “I might try that later on.”


Thomas was grateful that the listening devices didn’t magnify sound beyond a certain point. As a few moments after the guards were slammed into the gate by Rachael simply blowing on them several alarms could be heard. He could already see numerous soldiers rushing towards the main gate while others were making their way to the armored vehicles.


“Do you think they’ll try to retreat?”


Sally didn’t respond until she felt Thomas’s elbow pushing into her. At first she had thought Thomas was speaking to Rachael but realized the question was addressed to her. “I believe that they’ll be given the order to retreat eventually. It’ll be up to Rachael to insure that no one escapes. Then again I could be wrong.”


Rachael didn’t bother pushing the gate aside but proceeded to walk into it. As her massive breasts pressed into the gate at first the soft flesh yielded. However, as she continued forward and her flesh ceased to give the metal began to give in return. With each step the gate was made to bulge inward more until the third at which time Rachael’s breasts forced their way through.


As Rachael came through the gate several soldiers began arriving. They’d heard the alarm that they were under attack but no one had time to tell them by what. If they hadn’t seen Rachael walking through the gate they would have thought it was a poor joke. However, after seeing her press her way through the metal with such ease they didn’t hesitate to fire upon her.


When the bullets began striking her body Rachael came to a stop. Slowly she intertwined her fingers and began to move her arms above her head as if she was stretching. Due to the number of soldiers firing upon her every part of her body that happened to be facing them was being struck. Feeling the bullets bounce off her body was a delight to Rachael and she slowly began to turn so that every part of her body got a little attention.


The soldiers only sustained the fire long enough for Rachael to rotate around once. Once she had finished the first rotation they were ordered to hold their fire. The moment the guns grew silent though several reached for their belts.


An amused giggle escaped Rachael as several of the soldiers sent grenades flying towards her. She would have loved to bat them back at the troops but felt it would be more fun if she let them detonate around her. The grenades detonated nearly the moment they landed at her feet and some were timed so well that they actually detonated in the air causing more of the force to wash over her.


For a moment Rachael was concealed but none of the soldiers cheered. Several wondered what chance grenades had of harming her if assault rifles weren’t capable of penetrating her skin.


The smoke seemed to vanish in an instant as a sudden rush of air caused a powerful downdraft that quickly dispersed the debris. When Thomas was able to see Rachael again he realized that her arms were now in a downward position. She had most likely generated the downdraft that cleared the smoke by quickly swinging her arms down.


It was very tempting for Rachael to kill the soldiers the way she had killed the first two. However, at the moment she was trying to secure equipment. After standing still for a second longer she began to move at an inhuman rate and quickly closed the gap between herself and the soldiers.


There was a slight gasp as a sudden gust of wind ran through the soldier’s ranks. They were all surprised to find Rachael no longer where she had been but was now standing right in front of them. Before anyone could react she quickly reached down and took hold of one of the soldier’s combat knives.


In most situations Rachael preferred to take her time and enjoy flaunting her power. She also tended to avoid using weapons but this wasn’t a normal situation. As once again she lapsed into her accelerated state so the soldiers no longer seemed to be moving. Smiling she brought the blade against the first soldiers neck and quickly moved it through the flesh.


Thomas was somewhat surprised when Rachael was suddenly standing behind the group of soldiers. She had been moving too quickly for him to notice at first but as she stood still he noticed she was holding a blade. A moment later several gushers of crimson came from the soldiers throats and they began to topple over. He quickly realized that in less then a second she had removed the heads of at least two dozen men.


Due to the speeds Rachael had been moving at the blade she had used didn’t have a drop of blood on it. An amused giggle escaped her when she looked back towards the soldiers and was made to remember various samurai shows. For a moment she tried to mock one of their poses but the thought was simply too amusing to her and she couldn’t hold the pose due to her laughter.


It was impossible for Thomas not to chuckle. Seeing Rachael botch her pose and nearly fall over sent him to chuckling as well. For a moment he had to lower his face to the ground to settle down a bit. When he looked back at Rachael he found that she had recovered and had her attention on something else now.


By this time the tank crews or at least one of them had made it to their machine and was heading out. When Rachael saw one of the machines coming out of a hanger she quickly hopped over the corpses and began to make her way towards the behemoth. There was no attempt on her part to dodge however she didn’t want to stand too close to the remains to help keep the equipment they carried from being damaged.


The tank crew could see the results of Rachael’s handiwork. Despite that they weren’t nervous. There was a great difference between a grenades destructive power and a tank’s cannon.


Rachael walked slowly but she remained in her accelerated state. She could have sworn she saw a spark in the barrel as the projectile began to rocket down the barrel towards her. The shell was easily moving one hundred times slower then she was reacting and she could have moved and acted even faster then that. Still it gave her time to decide what to do. Once the shell was halfway to her she finally decided and for a moment Rachael’s body seemed to become a static blur.


Rachael had to stand on her toes slightly in order to bring herself to the proper level. After a moment she managed to adjust herself so that the tank shell was heading strait towards her right breast. As the metal neared her she adjusted herself further so the tip of the round would impact with her nipple first.


As the bit of the round connected with Rachael’s nipple her flesh once again yielded at first. Once the round had pressed her breast in until it would give no more the nose of the round began to buckle. Rachael felt and could see the nose being pressed in slightly as the shell began to separate. As the covering separated several smaller bits of shrapnel began to pelt her body.


The bits of shrapnel would have torn the interior of other tanks to shreds while the nose was meant to break through the armor. Neither of these was able to scratch or burn Rachael. It stimulated her more then what the assault rifle fire had but that was all.


The tank crew lost sight of Rachael due to the heavy bit of debris the round generated and stirred up when it struck Rachael. When they finally saw her again she was walking out of the black cloud that had engulfed her when the round struck. Her clothing had been torn to shreds by the force of the metal fragments striking her and the heat.


Taking your time and enjoying your first experience with something knew was important to Rachael. So she had made use of her accelerated state to really savor the first time she had been shot by a tank. However, the experience wasn’t quite as enjoyable as she had expected it to be. It’s true the tank round carried more force and heat but that didn’t matter very much. She much preferred the feeling of a sustained barrage them a sudden massive burst.


The bullets were like a gentle caress as if someone was taking their time to please her. Tanks on the other hand proved to be nothing but a sudden burst of heat and energy that left her feeling unfulfilled as if someone only meant to satisfy themselves. She didn’t really understand why this was but she found herself actually becoming very angry as she walked towards the tank.


Every member of the tanks crew knew that the shell had hit Rachael dead on and even if it hadn’t hit her head on they didn’t see a way for her to survive. However, they couldn’t deny what they were seeing now as the Valkyrie exited the pillar of smoke and flame and made her way over to them. The sight was so unbelievable that only when the heard a thump on the tank’s turret and realized she had jumped atop the armored vehicle did they believe.


“Thomas, am I suppose to take prisoners? We never asked.”


“I don’t believe so. It isn’t like they have room to hold any prisoners.”


As she nodded her head Rachael bent down and felt along the hatch cover. Her first notion was to simply tear the tank hatch off however the time spent waiting for the round to strike her had given her time to think. She needed to acquire the equipment in as good of condition as she could. After she felt around for a moment she finally located the lock and dug her fingers into the metal.


Rachael’s fingers forcing the armor plating aside generated a loud shriek that was made all the worse within the confines of the tank. As the metal screamed the gunner covered his ears but he couldn’t take his eyes from the hatch. He could see Rachael’s fingers pressing through the metal and wrapping around the lock. After a moment her fingers crushed the bit of metal entirely and she lifted the hatch off.


“Hello.” A giggle escaped Rachael as she reached into the tank and quickly took hold of the gunner. Her fingers easily sunk through the man’s uniform and into the muscle of his shoulder. She then quickly jerked him up out of the tank.


The gunner screamed as if a demon had taken hold of him though he didn’t have long to scream. Once Rachael had lifted him free of the turret she gave his head a quick smack. She had thought to use the knife that she had recovered previously to remove his head however it had been destroyed in the blast.


After removing the corpse’s head Rachael gave it a slight toss so that it landed fifteen meters away. She was about to go for another crew member when she noticed two more tanks exiting the hangers. While the tanks couldn’t harm her they could destroy one another and Rachael wanted to prevent that. Sighing she gave a slight shrug and resolved that the gunners were going to have to be the lucky ones to die first.


Thomas once again lost track of Rachael as she suddenly vanished from atop the tank. He knew that she hadn’t actually disappeared but was moving at a rate of speed which was too great for him to follow. “Sally can you follow Rachael’s movements?”


“Yeah I can keep up with what she is doing.”


“Would you mind giving me the play by play?”


“Just zoom out with the binoculars and quickly. You can watch the recording later.”


Thomas gave a nod and began to work a nod atop the device. Up until that point he had it set so that he could really focus on Rachael. As he zoom out he could see what was going.


It was fortunate that Rachael was working with armored vehicles and not something more delicate. Currently she was moving at roughly twelve thousand kilometers an hour as she dashed from tank to tank. With each stop she would climb onto the top of the vehicle and quickly open the hatch. Once the hatch was opened she’d reach in and give the gunner a quick flick to the head. She knew that trying to pull them out would be useless given that she would only end up tearing away a chunk of their body due to her speed.


It was impossible for Thomas to truly keep track of what was going on. He could have sworn he saw a disruption where Rachael had ran across the ground but he couldn’t keep up with her. The tank hatches seemed to suddenly pop open and he’d see a splash of crimson. He had a good idea of what the crimson was but that was all he could see. Despite being panned out he even found himself losing track of Rachael every few tanks and having to look far ahead and wait for her to arrive.


While Rachael was granting the gunners a quick death she intended on having more fun with the foot soldiers and other members of the tank crews. She simply couldn’t risk the gunner having time to load and fire then destroying the tank she happened to be on. Securing equipment was truly proving to be a limit on the fun that she could have.


As Rachael was tearing through the ranks of the armored vehicles the bases personnel was struggling to keep up with her. They’d seen her take out the first guards to approach her and were able to see what she had done to the first tank. Now they noticed the other tanks having their hatches quickly removed. Given her current speed it would only take her two minutes tops to go through every one of them.


An amused giggle escaped Rachael as she made her way through the tanks. A few of them hadn’t even been started up yet so she could keep the damage to a minimum. Instead of tearing the hatch open to get to the gunner she proceeded to squeeze down on the latch. The force her hands exerted was great enough to generate enough heat to cause the metal to fuse together. Later on the hatch would have to be cut open but the damage would be roughly equivalent at worse.


While Rachael worked Thomas found himself growing increasingly curious. Reaching up he proceeded to lift one of the head phones from his ear. He was surprised by what he heard. The sonic ear he had been listening through had been filtering out the duel roar that Rachael’s movements were causing. Considering how far away he and Sally were from the installation he could only imagine how loud it was up close.


The sound generated by Rachael tearing open the tank hatches or compressing them was dueled by the walls of the installation however it wasn’t enough to block them out entirely. Many of those outside had to cover their ears however even their pain wasn’t anywhere near the level of those that happened to be in the tanks.


“What is that look on your face?”


“Huh?” Thomas glanced over at Sally who now had a grin on her face.


“What is that look for?”


“I was just thinking. That Rachael could have more fun if she were to start sealing the doors up so no one could escape or not easily escape.”


“Now that wouldn’t be much fun. You wouldn’t be able to see what is happening in that case.” Rachael came to a stop and took a moment to survey her handiwork. She was fairly certain that she had taken care of every tank in and around the installation. Now her secondary concern was the other armored vehicles. She didn’t like having to rush around at all.


Kareem had taken up a position further back then Thomas and Sally. He clearly didn’t have the faith in Rachael that they did. However, as he watched the installation being taken apart he felt his mouth going dry. What he saw he couldn’t accept as possible and felt certain that he was having some kind of dream or a nightmare. He gave a slight jump when heard his radio come alive.


“You may want to contact your people and tell them to get to moving. I don’t believe Rachael is going to take very long to finish up. She should be done in the few hours it is going to take your people to get here since you didn’t tell them to be ready to move like I told you to.”


The beginning of her work had been lots of fun but Rachael truly didn’t care for securing materials. She hoped that this would be the only time that she had to do it. She didn’t care for the fact that they didn’t have time to properly prepare for her arrival either. As she listened to her surroundings it was clear that the installation was in utter chaos. No one had been prepared for so much destruction to descend upon them so quickly and silently.


Thomas was made to jump slightly when he finally located Rachael. It was the first good look of her he had managed to get sense she started dealing with the armored vehicles. He could tell that she was uncertain of what her next step should be.


After taking a moment to consider her options Rachael began to move about once again. This time she limited her speed to one hundred and fifty kilometers per hour. At least moving at such a speed the soldiers would have the ability to see her and it meant she was still moving far more quickly then any of the armored vehicles. Her next targets would be the tank drivers.


Several of the crews were just recovering from being nearly made deaf when Rachael had torn into the turrets and none of them actually had been able to keep track of her. As she moved from tank to tank once again she was grateful that she could move at a slower pace.


The driver held his ears and waited for the head splitting pain to pass. He wasn’t certain of what had happened he hadn’t even seen what was attacking them. All he knew was that one second he was preparing to drive out of the hanger and another heard an ear splitting screech. He had heard it coming then it had been right above them and that is when he had covered his ears.


Having to rush from armored vehicle to armored vehicle was taking its toll on Rachael. She wasn’t becoming physical tired but she was mentally. As she came to the most recent tank she slowed down. It didn’t take her long to decide that she could at least spend three seconds on each individual soldier.


The driver only looked up when he was suddenly assaulted by the outside light. He was more then a little stunned to see a naked Valkyrie looking down upon him. For a moment he wasn’t certain what was going on until she took hold of his throat.


An amused giggle escaped Rachael when she noted the stunned look on the soldier’s face. He had seemed truly astonished when he saw her. While she appreciated the attention that didn’t mean she could allow him to live. The moment her hand took hold of his throat she quickly jerked it to the side causing the soldier’s neck to break and rupturing several arteries within his neck. While she didn’t cause a great deal of motion the little bit she did cause was too fast for him to handle.


Sally couldn’t help but chuckle. Rachael was being far from practical in her approach to the situation. Instead of taking out the communications center as quickly as she could Rachael was avoiding it. This allowed those inside to send out several messages though they had only gotten a few off and those they did send weren’t entirely believable.


The initial ones had mentioned that they were under attack but didn’t know by whom. This could have suggested a stealth bombing run and was believable. However, when they mentioned that a loan woman was tearing apart the entire installation things became less believable.


The gunner felt his throat going dry when Rachael placed her fingers over his heart. Thanks to the two second delays at every tank some could actually see what was going on. A moment later Rachael quickly pressed her hand into the man’s chest however her fingers went no further in then one fifth of an inch. The force destroyed his internal organs.


Rachael was a bit surprised when a stream of blood issued forth from the soldiers eyes and mouth. She hadn’t pressed her fingers in very far but she had done it exceptionally quickly. The shockwave that her slight push had generated in the man’s body was great enough to force his liquid blood out of several openings.


Thomas had to remind himself of how impossible the situation must seem to the soldiers he was currently watching. It was the only reason he felt that they had yet to signal for them to retreat. It wouldn’t have done any good considering how quickly Rachael could work. It had only been ten minutes and she had nearly taken out the crew of every tank they had.


As she moved from tank to tank Rachael found she enjoyed giving her victims two or three seconds to look at her before she killed them. It gave her time to see the wonder and fear in their eyes.


The sight of a loan woman with so much power was getting to Kareem. He wouldn’t have dreamed something possible. As Rachael continued to move about he found himself beside himself with wonder.


There was a contented sigh from Rachael when she finished with the last of the armored transports that had been mobilized. She could still tell there was plenty of activity happening all around the installation and perhaps now she could enjoy it. With her focusing on the armored units the foot soldiers had time to form up.


Due to Rachael’s speed none of the commanders had been certain of how to approach the situation. Thanks to her constant movement she seemed to be all over the place so none were certain how to form a defensive line. At last several of the commanders had their men begin to file back into the buildings and take up defensive positions either in front of doors or inside of hallways.


Few had seen the tank round strike Rachael so few knew how useless such tactics would be despite being the best option available. Those that had seen the tank round strike Rachael were too busy questioning their own eyes and too panic to truly think.


Slowly Rachael came to a stop on top of one of the tanks. The base was still abuzz with activity but it had died down to a great extent. She could hear and sense those that had taken up defensive positions and heard many more preparing for combat. After taking a moment to look around and get a fill for the situation she quickly moved towards the second strongest enemy position.


The strongest position was the communications room as it had the highest amount of soldiers that had been able to watch what was going on. The doors had already been prepared by stationing several gunners at each opening. If the doors should even look as if it was going to open they knew to fire. Of course there was a cold despair amongst these people as well.


For a moment Thomas turned his attention away from Rachael and back towards the first group of soldiers she had encountered. The area was by now dyed red around them. With so many taking up positions within the installation he imagined the walls and floors would be covered soon enough. He doubted that Rachael would let anyone get out alive.


Rachael giggled as she came to the hanger door. Upon extending her hand so that it could be seen in front of her entrance her palm was showered in bullets. An amused giggle escaped her and she quickly moved to stand in the opening. She held her arms out wide and kept her eyes open as her entire body was tickled by the assault rifle fire. A delighted smile appeared on her face when she noticed several of the soldiers moving aside.


This seemed to be a group that hadn’t seen what Rachael was capable of doing. As she recognized the weapon as an anti-aircraft rocket, if they’d seen how much the tank was able to affect her they would have known it was no use. Of course if they had realized it was no use then she could have any fun. She just stood her ground and continued to smile as the weapon was fired.


Thomas gave a sigh as he lost sight of Rachael. She was inside one of the hangers now and would most likely be moving from various buildings of the installation for the remainder of the time she was there. “So have you picked up any interesting messages?’


Sally gave a nod. “It seems that they’re having trouble getting their comrades to understand the situation. It isn’t like it would matter though by the time they got here Rachael will have taken the installation.”


“So how many such divisions do they have?”


“They only have three more after this one. While they do have other military facilities this is one of the largest.”


“That is quite a test to put Rachael through. I don’t believe she should hurry to destroy the other three. It’d probably be a good idea if she held her ground for a while.”


“You’re talking in terms of publicity aren’t you?”


“Yes I am.”


“No argument here. I am sure Kareem and his friends will need time to prepare as well.”


“I wonder how they are going to respond to this.”


A pout appeared on Rachael’s face when the soldiers began to drop their weapons. Apparently after shooting her with the rocket they resolved that surrendering was the best option. Slowly she walked over to them until she was within arms length. She then gave the nearest soldier a quick smack that removed his head entirely. A grin once again crossed her face as she looked his stunned comrades over and gave a giggle.


He could hardly believe this. They’d surrendered and she’d just killed one of them. Was she going to kill them all? Three seconds later he seemed to get an answer as another comrade’s head suddenly vanished from atop his body and his lifeless corpse fell forward.


Instead of killing them quickly Rachael timed her actions so that every three seconds she killed another soldier. She wasn’t there to take prisoners. Of course she could have killed them all before they realized what was happening but she really wanted them to run so she could chase them.


After the fifth man fell and Rachael stepped forward to once again bring them within arm’s reach the group seemed to get the picture. There was a scream amongst their ranks and they began to quickly flee from her. This caused her to giggle with delight and she began to follow them through the door and into the interior of the installation. She couldn’t help but wonder if the hanger was connected to the other buildings or if this was only a small basement.


Rachael had slowed down a great deal since dealing with the armored vehicles. She was now only walking sixty kilometers an hour which gave her prey some time to run. The fact that she was still waiting three seconds to drop another one of the soldiers also meant they had more time to flee. Though, her speed was still great enough to catch up with an individual soldier with exceptional ease.


As Rachael rounded one of the corners after a few of the soldiers, weapons fire rung out. The men were torn asunder by the spray of bullets that flew down the hallway towards Rachael. All Rachael did was shrug. They’d been nice enough to grant their allies a quick death even if they didn’t realize it at the time. Of course now they would just have to take their place.


As Rachael walked towards the still firing soldiers she was certain that many of the buildings were connected. The hallway winded too far for it to have been under a single hanger.


Instead of walking strait through the bullets Rachael actually turned her back on the soldiers. She then proceeded to walk backwards through the rain of lead the whole time giggling as she felt the bits of metal tickling her back side. Once she had come within five meters of the line the soldiers began to back away from her. Surprisingly they didn’t run but continued at a steady pace backwards roughly equal to her own still firing their weapons. She could even hear whenever they removed their ammo clip and reloaded their guns to fire some more into her.


It was only when the ammo clips began to run low that the soldiers began to openly run away from her. At this point Rachael quickly spun around and accelerated. She pressed her shoulder into the first man she came to. The force of the impact was so great that it sent him flying through the air, past his comrades and slamming solidly into the wall behind.


Rachael stopped only two meters ahead of the soldiers which resulted in a few of them running into her. She quickly delivered a smack to each one of their head’s removing the head entirely and converting it into a fine mist. The force and speed of the impact was so great that even the bones were turned to powder that vanished in the spray of crimson.


Those soldiers that managed to come to a stop quickly began to fall back down the hall. This once again resulted in them bumping into Rachael as she quickly dashed in front of them and came to a stop.


“Not only is the enemy already inside the facility but the enemy is also far more powerful then they are. I really can’t think of a sufficient way to handle the situation.” As he could no longer see Rachael Thomas had taken to studying the situation. “They also don’t have any information on Rachael and what her personality is like.”


Sally nodded her head in agreement. “They seem to have lost track of her for the moment. They no that she is inside but she is moving about too quickly for them to track.”


“Have they begun building defensive lines yet?”


“I don’t know. I can only listen in on so many communication channels at once.”


Rachael stood still amongst the shattered human bodies. Playing chase with the soldiers was helping to make the experience more enjoyable but she didn’t care for the total lack of an appreciative audience. She really missed being on the outside and she had only been going through the hallways for a few minutes.


A devilish grin appeared on Rachael’s face as she suddenly considered trying to drive the soldiers outside. All she needed to do was remain in the interior of the installation and make it clear that she was gutting the insides. Hopefully that would cause the commanders to gather their men outside and attempt to wait for her to exit. She could then put on a real show with a sufficient number of bodies and she’d have the audience she wanted.


“You’re going a little hard on the water. We’ve only been out here for a little while.”


Thomas glanced down at his hand and was surprised to see that he had taken another drink of his canteen. “I suppose I am a little focused. I wonder what Rachael is up to right now.”


Sally gave an amused giggle and lightly pushed on Thomas’s shoulder. “You just don’t like watching the previews.”


As the two men ran away from her Rachael finished breaking their comrade’s head off. She’d give the men time to make it to another line of defense so they could inform their comrades just what was going on. Once they had a chance to call in what was happening she’d resume pushing them out. If she wanted her enemy to organize in one spot so she could destroy them she needed to let them plan and communicate.


As the soldiers began to organize more, several made their way to the tanks. While none seemed pleased to find the gunmen with their heads destroyed or the pilots in various states. They all began to remove the bodies from the vehicles and ready them for combat.


“Well it seems that they finally have a working plan.”


“Which is?”


“From what I can hear it seems like they’re gathering outside. They can’t get enough weapons fire focused on Rachael within the closed confines. Some soldiers are being ordered to delay her as much as possible while those outside secure the exits.”


“Rachael could have killed everyone in there in under a minute considering how quickly she can move. She must be driving them outside. How many do you believe she’s killed so far?”


“Several hundreds I know she’s at least killed four hundred soldiers by now and I’d be willing to bet much more. How many would you estimate?”


“This has been going on for twenty minutes now. I’d say she’s killed at least twenty five percent of the facilities personnel.”


Very few could believe what was actually happening. A loan woman had arrived and within twenty minutes drastically reduced the fighting strength of their entire battalion and they hadn’t even managed to harm her if reports were correct. Many couldn’t help but believe this was a nightmare and that they would waken up at anytime. Even some that weren’t actually part of the enemy force felt as if they were having a nightmare.


Rachael felt far better about herself as she walked into the laboratory. As she looked around at the various vials she quickly realized that the room was meant to work on enhanced. As her eyes pierced the darkness as easily as day light she couldn’t help but wonder how many enhanced she had killed. At one time she would have noticed a difference between enhanced and regular soldiers but no longer.


Once everything was taken care of Rachael resolved she’d have to give the room a more careful examination to see if she could find anything of interest. As she left she made certain to close the door and compress the lock until it fused shut. She didn’t want anyone damaging the materials until she had a chance to look them over.


Sally bit her lower lip as she listened to the conversations. It seemed that they had lost track of Rachael once again. It had been five minutes since anyone had reported encountering her. The commanders made use of this time to further organize their men to attack when Rachael surfaced. By now even those who had been trying to slow Rachael down inside of the facility were being called to the surface.


As Rachael looked up towards the surface a grin spread across her face. Bending at the knees she leapt into the air and felt her head slam into the roof of the facility. The heavily reinforced concrete might as well have been air as Rachael rocketed into the sky. Once she broke through the surface she continued to rise until she was flying forty meters above the facility there she held herself.


The force of the impact took nearly everyone by surprise. As their attention was drawn towards the sound it took them several seconds to realize where Rachael was. From when the first soldiers began noticing her it was at least two minutes before every eye was turned on her.


For a moment the soldiers seem to forget that they were under attack. Finally someone managed to remember what was happening and called for everyone to open fire.


In order to avoid damaging the facility too much Rachael had resolved to take to the air. This also served to let her flaunt her abilities more and insured that everyone would be able to fire at her. As she felt her body being assaulted from every side she lifted her arms above her head. Soon the tanks began to join in on the assault.


Thomas watched as they fired on Rachael. So great was their effort that many didn’t seem to realize just how much friendly fire was also occurring. Those bullets that struck Rachael either expended all their energy and fell to the ground below or bounced off in various directions. Several shells missed entirely and ended up striking other soldiers when they returned to the earth.


As more and more shells struck Rachael it became increasingly difficult to see her however the tanks didn’t need to re-aim. So long as one could hold their weapon steady all they needed to do was fire on the exact same location. Rachael wasn’t attempting to dodge and even the anti-tank rounds that struck her weren’t capable of moving her.


As the smoke grew too thick to see Rachael the weapons finally grew silent and they waited to see if they had managed to affect her. Once again Rachael cleared the air by swinging her arms downward so quickly that it pulled the smoke along with it and once again she was revealed to be entirely unharmed.


There was no need for Thomas to have a listening device to hear the scream that issued forth from the installation. As Rachael vanished from the air he lost sight of her but he could easily see the path she was taking. The soldiers seemed to be dominos as they began to fall in rather strait lines. Every thirtieth of a second another soldier fell to the ground.




Thomas and Sally made their way slowly throughout the hallways. Soon they heard the running water and came to one of the shower rooms.


“Come on in.”


“So what did you think?” Thomas grinned as he walked into the shower to find Rachael cleaning herself off. She made no attempt to conceal her body when Thomas and Sally entered. She was quite comfortable with them being around even if she was naked.


“It wasn’t what I expected. I need to learn some foreign languages so I can at least taunt them.”


As he spoke Thomas walked over to one of the benches and set down so that he could still see Rachael. “Did you still have fun?”


“It was fun at the beginning and quite a few parts in the middle but the ending didn’t really amuse me. To be honest” Rachael was a bit surprised by herself when she suddenly struck the wall closest to her and sent her fist through it. “I feel rather irritable right now.”


“I guessed as much when you quit really giving them time to respond. The way you decided to end the fight just seemed out of place for you.”


“They didn’t have enough time to prepare. I want my next opponents to be fully mobilized and in the field before I fight with them.” Rachael held her hand up to the water after she withdrew it from the wall and allowed the water to wash it clean.


While Rachael showered Thomas took the time to look her over. She had cleaned herself off long ago it seemed. He didn’t know why she continued to wash herself off at the moment. His best guess was that she was trying to calm down after being disappointed. “You were truly spectacular out there Rachael.”


A very warm smile appeared on Rachael’s face as she glanced back at Thomas. “Thanks, I hope you enjoyed what you got to watch.”


“I enjoyed watching you.”


“Next time I’ll put on a better show. The battle can be out in the open and maybe you can watch from a better location.”


While Thomas and Rachael talked Sally amused herself by going through the various lockers. When it seemed that they were done for a moment she joined in. “There was a few minutes delay between the messages once. What happened?”


“I found their research facility and took some time to look it over. It is funny. I wanted this body in part to get out of the lab but now a part of me wants back into one.” Finally Rachael turned the water off and proceeded out of the shower. “Sally, I am going to run back to the camp and get some clothes on. I’ll have to take it slower when I am coming back so I expect me to be gone for maybe five minutes.” A delighted giggle escaped Rachael and she speed out of the room.


Thomas shook his head and stood up. He then walked into the shower and looked where Rachael had driven her fist through the wall. He was suddenly assaulted by a tide of ice cold water. “COLD!”


Sally couldn’t help but giggle as Thomas jumped out of the path of the jet of water. This of course brought his attention strait to her at which time she held up her hands. “It wasn’t me.”


It took a moment but Thomas finally shook his head. He really couldn’t be sure if it was Sally or if Rachael had simply ran back into the room and turned on the water. She could move so quickly that he knew it was within her ability. “Well now I need to get dried off.”


“Oh you aren’t that wet. Come on let’s head back outside. Once you’re in the sun you’ll wish you’d been hit with even more water.”


Kareem set quietly and looked out over the devastated facility. He could see vast patches of crimson slowly spreading as the blood drained out of the corpses of Rachael’s victims. No one had survived the slaughter. He could feel his heart pounding against the inside of his chest and placed his hands over it as if trying to calm himself.




Rachael hadn’t asked what had happened to Thomas when she returned so he didn’t know if she had soaked him or not. Of course Sally was right about him wishing he had been soaked with even more water before going outside. Currently he was setting inside one of the hangers while various people moved about the facility.


Kareem had been silent ever since setting down with Sally, Thomas and Rachael. He hadn’t been able to take his eyes off of Rachael.


Only when the silence had lasted for at least five minutes did Thomas speak up. “Well I take it Rachael secured the materials that you needed.”


Instead of responding verbally Kareem slowly nodded his head though he didn’t look at Thomas. Of course one couldn’t be sure that he was seeing Rachael. While he was most assuredly looking at her he didn’t seem to be aware of the expression on her face.


In most situations Rachael truly liked attention. However, Kareem’s stair annoyed Rachael as did the fact that he didn’t even turn to acknowledge Thomas. While most would look at her several times while speaking to Thomas she couldn’t remember someone staring so blatantly at her.


“Please leave.”


Thomas’s eyes widened. He hadn’t seen that coming. He felt a chill run through the air and heard Sally give a slight sigh. He didn’t have to look at Rachael to know that she wasn’t happy.


Instead of frowning a smile slowly began to form on Rachael face though it was a rather unsettling smile. When she spoke her voice was smooth and calm. “Are you saying that you don’t want my help?”


Kareem felt the color draining from his face and he bit down on his lower lip. “Please leave this land you devil.”


An amused giggle escaped Rachael and she shifted to her side a bit. “Now how could you call someone as pretty as me a devil?”


When no words came to Kareem began to stand. He didn’t get very far though when he suddenly felt Rachael’s hand press down on top of his head. He was forced back to a setting position before he even lifted himself three centimeters from his chair.


“Are you telling me that you want to go back on our agreement? You can’t exactly pay me for the work I did, the supplies I secured and I know you can’t win without my help.” Rachael looked down into Kareem’s eyes and saw nothing but fear.


“I will not work with a devil.”


A slight yelp escaped Rachael when Kareem suddenly vanished from beneath her hand. What she found when she looked down was a fist which was connected to Thomas’s arm who had suddenly rose from a sitting position and driven his fist into Kareem’s head. Rachael lowered her hand and took hold of Thomas’s wrist. She then pulled him close to herself and gave him a gentle kiss.


Due to the way he had been held Kareem had ended up taking the majority of the force of Thomas’s punch. While it wasn’t as bad as having his head trapped against a solid wall it had been close. Before he could stagger to his feat he felt Rachael’s hand once again clamp down atop his head.


“You are a pathetic small minded creature.” With that Rachael began to press down atop Kareem’s head. At first the force was only enough to insure that he couldn’t stand up however it eventually became far more painful. As Rachael pressed down harder she began to dig her fingers into the skin around his skull.


Thomas took his seat once again. He was still rational enough to realize Kareem’s death wouldn’t help anything but he didn’t feel letting him live would help either. He was a bit surprised however when Sally set down next to him.


Sally placed her back against Thomas’s shoulder so that she could watch the one entrance. She was certain that Rachael would be keeping an eye out for any of Kareem’s people that might try to help him but she wasn’t going to risk anything. As she reclined against Thomas she reached into her pants pocket and pulled out a secure cell phone.


As Rachael dug her fingers into Kareem’s head blood begin to seep out around her fingers. Reaching down she took hold of his right thigh and proceeded to break the bone. She then began the process of folding the leg in on itself so that she could reach further down.


Thomas was curious who Sally was calling and what they were talking about. He just couldn’t listen to the conversation due to Kareem’s screams. Of course he could have just asked Sally but he imagined she was having a difficult enough time carrying on a conversation with Kareem’s screaming as well.


Rachael was grateful for her medical training as she broke Kareem’s bones. She wanted to see just how small of a space she could collapse his body into before he died. For that purpose she had began the process of breaking his legs in several areas as well as his arms. His chest would require more caution but she was certain that she could fit him in a very tight space.


Several of Kareem’s men had rushed to check on him when they heard him scream. However, they hadn’t acted even after seeing their leader’s condition. This wasn’t because of what Rachael had done to the installation but rather was due to what Sally had done to them earlier. It took some time for enough men to gather for them to finally act.


“Rachael, you’ll need to cover Thomas.”


“Don’t worry about them. If you don’t mind take Thomas further to the back.”


Instead of questioning Rachael’s decision Sally did as she was told. She continued to cover Thomas while she walked further towards the back of the hanger. As she did she felt a few bullets striking her in the back but they didn’t have nearly enough power to harm her.


As Thomas walked he was actually surprised by how large Sally was. He hadn’t really taken the time to compare his height to hers. He was surprised when he realized that Sally was nearly as tall as Rachael and her build was somewhat more muscular though her muscles were less powerful then Rachael’s.


Once Rachael felt content Sally and Thomas were far enough back she whispered in Kareem’s ear. “Do you want to see how easily I can blow out a life?”


Sally instantly wrapped her arm around Thomas and pulled him against herself as she felt a sudden and very powerful draft. The force of the wind forced her to dig her feet into the ground and she braced herself. She also had to tighten the grip she currently held on her phone.


Kareem was held in place by Rachael as she released a massive gust of wind. The air rushing from her lips created enough force that even those items that were behind her head were effected. Items that happened to have less then eighty kilograms of mass were lifted into the air and sent flying out of the hanger.


Thomas was surprised when he found that it was only Sally and his mass together that kept them grounded. Had either of them separated then they wouldn’t have had enough mass and would have been sent out of the hanger with everything else. He could only imagine how much force was currently being exerted on those that the torrent of air was directed at.


Despite the situation Thomas couldn’t help but wonder how long Rachael could keep a glider aloft just by blowing on it.


Men were sent flying backwards as if caught in a horrific explosion. Had the hanger’s doors not been reinforced to protect against small explosives they wouldn’t have been torn off entirely despite being opened. As the torrent of wind slammed into the soldiers those closest too the front weren’t able to scream as they were lifted into the air.


Five seconds after the opening had been clear Rachael ceased blowing. It was too seconds longer then what was truly required to kill those that had been gathering around the front of the hanger. “Now let’s resume.”


Sally relaxed her grip on Thomas once Rachael ceased. Now that they were further back Thomas could also hear some of what was being said. “Kareem’s dead … will be … least.”


Thomas gave a sigh and quit trying to listen in on the conversation. At best he could hear what was being said every three words. Which truly hindered his ability to understand what Sally was saying and he had no way of hearing what was being said on the other end.




“Do you feel better now?”


“Yeah, I do.” Rachael smiled and squeezed Thomas to herself more firmly, as she did so she adjusted his position so that his head wrested against her breast. “I guess killing business associates isn’t a good way to start a career though.”


“He was the one that tried to cancel the arrangement.”


“That is right.” Sally smiled as she walked into the room and closed her phone.


Thomas had to shift around a bit to see Sally due to the way Rachael was holding him. However, after a few seconds of struggling he was able to see that she was smiling, he had to struggle around a bit more so that he could speak. “I take it we didn’t ruin any of William’s plans.”


“Well Kareem’s death did make things more complicated however we had a plan B. Considering our first encounter in the arena Williams knows enough about Rachael’s temper.”


Instead of responding verbally Rachael stuck her tongue out at Sally. “You’re just jealous.”


Sally chuckled as she walked over and set down opposite of Thomas and Rachael. “It isn’t like Rachael really ruined the plan anyway. You’re right Thomas. Kareem was going to back out of the deal. When he asked Rachael to leave it was clear things weren’t going to work. Even if you’d let him get away with it then I’d be asking you to kill him now.”


At first Thomas was going to nod his head in agreement but that would have involved several minutes more of struggling. “So what is going to happen now?”


“Well I am going to have to go and take care of a few things. So tonight you two are just going to have to keep quiet for a while.”


Rachael smiled. “Are you going to go and talk to some people?”


“Yes and dispose of some others.”


“Could I help with the disposing part?”


“No, you may not.”


Rachael lowered herself in the chair a bit and lifted Thomas higher so that her face was partly concealed behind him. “How come I can’t help?”


“You may have me beat when it comes to pure power but this has to be done quietly.”


“I can be stealthy.”


Sally couldn’t help but chuckle. “Rachael you’re about as stealthy as a bombing run. Sure you can get there without being noticed but once the attack begins everyone knows what is going on.”


Rachael sighed and scooted Thomas along her body until she could easily see over his shoulder. “Well then you can just be that way. Why wasn’t I informed of this plan B of yours?”


“Is it wrong for us to make a plan in case the initial one doesn’t succeed?”




Thomas gave Rachael’s thigh a quick smack. “Quit pouting. You’re just asking that because you were out of the loop. You’re not actually upset.”


A slight giggle escaped Rachael and she squeezed Thomas to herself more firmly. “I suppose I should say thank you as they provided a safety net.”


“Of course we do. We’re trying to get on your good side so you’ll help us more later on.”


“Okay. Well I should return the favor. If this plan of yours works I’ll develop a new general treatment for your standard enhanced. Hey now what was that look for?”


“Oh nothing, I am sure Williams will be thrilled to hear the news.”


“Don’t make me pin you down and ask you.”


A slight giggle escaped Sally and she waved her hand in the air. “There is no need for that. I was just hoping you’d enhance me again.”


“Well you’ll just have to wait and see.”


“Just don’t think we are doing this entirely for you. Williams hopes the project will benefit as well.”


Thomas took a moment to try and set up before he spoke up but Rachael’s grip was too firm. At last he settled for his current position. “I just realized. What is the name of your little organization?”




Rachael gave Thomas a gentle kiss on the neck before speaking again. As she spoke she shifted about slightly causing her breasts to rub against Thomas’s back. “So how long will you be gone?”


“I won’t be back for a few days. I am really going to have to make use of the chaos caused when Rachael killed everyone in the installation. You might have killed Kareem but that doesn’t mean his men are finished with the equipment or the installation itself.”


“Is that a good thing?”


“For what I am going to do, yes it is.”


“When are you going to release the recording of Rachael tearing the installation apart?”


“It will be in the appropriate hands for release within twenty four hours. Well if you’ll excuse me I am going to get dressed and get to moving. They are a great many things that must be done.”


As Sally prepared Rachael loosened her grip on Thomas though she didn’t even begin to truly release him. “So we have a few days of lying low. I wonder what we could do to help pass the time.” As Rachael spoke she ran her finders underneath Thomas’s shirt and began to feel of his abdomen.


“I am not out the door yet.”




Rachael sighed as she set up in bed and looked over at Thomas’s sleeping form. Reaching out she ran her fingers through his hair for a few minutes before finally finding the will to climb out of bed. She hadn’t mentioned it to Thomas yet but she no longer needed to sleep. Of course he already knew that she needed far less sleep then he did she just hadn’t told him that now that meant none at all.


Later she’d have to let him know that she had quit sleeping long ago but for some reason she just didn’t want to tell him yet. As Rachael leaned against the wall she turned around so that she could see Thomas’s sleeping form. A slight giggle escaped her when she considered how she had wiped him out. He never slept in the nude before.


Slowly Rachael began to feel herself sliding against the wall as she began to float into the air. Once she was two and a half meters off the ground she proceeded to fly over to Thomas so that she was hovering just above him. At least while Thomas slept she had plenty of time to practice her abilities though she had to keep herself under control if she didn’t want to wake him up. Rachael seemed to lean over as if she was on a platform as she brought her face closer to Thomas’s and gave him a gentle kiss on the forehead.


After taking a few more moments to observe Thomas Rachael finally straitened up and began to look around. She couldn’t work on of her abilities that might generate enough sound or destruction to wake Thomas however they were others. After only a moment she noted Thomas’s shirt and slowly flew over to the garment. She then proceeded to lower herself until her feet just touched against the clothing.


When Rachael flew she could feel the force moving throughout her body she could also feel something whenever she held herself to a particular location. As of late she had began working on actually taking that energy and trying to effect the world around her. Once she had taken a moment to steady herself she proceeded to lift herself back into the air. After seeing she hadn’t had the desired effect she lowered her feet once again.


“Good morning sleepy head.”


Thomas didn’t respond right away but continued to lie in bed. He didn’t truly need an alarm clock anymore. Rachael always seemed to know when he was waking up and she’d always greet him.


“Ah do you need help getting out of bed.”


A sudden surge of energy ran throughout Thomas as he heard the tone of Rachael’s voice. It wasn’t threatening rather it was very playful. He quickly set up in bed. “Oh no. I am fine. I am fine.”


A delighted giggle escaped Rachael. “Well okay then. I have breakfast ready for you.”


A sigh escaped Thomas as he set up in the bed. “So has anything happened this morning?”


“I don’t know. I wasn’t really paying attention.”


After waiting a moment more Thomas finally forced himself out of bed and began to look around for his clothing. Upon finding his clothing he found that he couldn’t button them then remembered that Rachael had crushed it flat last night. “I am going to have to find an alternative to buttons.”


“But the buttons are part of the fun.”


“Yeah, but I am running low on pants.”


“We can go shopping later. I am sure we can find something for you.”


“Um Rachael you’re suppose to be laying low. I don’t know if you going shopping would be such a good idea.”


“Oh yeah Sally is suppose to be dropping off the video soon. Well that doesn’t mean enough people have seen it to matter.”


“Rachael you’re over two meters tall with purple hair. Even if they saw the video a week later they’d still remember you.”


A slight giggle escaped Rachael. “That is true. Well then it isn’t like you’re going to need to wear pants while we are laying low.”


“I don’t feel comfortable walking around in the nude.”


“Ah well if it would help I could walk around naked with you.”


It was utterly impossible for Thomas not to grin. “That is very tempting and I would be very happy if you’d do just that. However, I still want some clothes to wear.”


“Well I haven’t destroyed any of your underwear and you could still wear a shirt.”


Thomas gave a sigh as he finally put on his pants and found a bit of string to run through the opening where the button would have once gone. After taking a few moments to secure his pants he walked out of the bedroom, through the living room and into the kitchen where Rachael was waiting. “I believe this’ll work so long as I don’t have to go out in public for a little while.”


Rachael pouted a bit when she noted Thomas had found a temporary solution to his button issue. “Well darn it.”


As Thomas took his seat at the table he couldn’t help but grin. “Sorry, I just like to have pants on is all.”


“It is okay. They’ll be coming off of you soon enough anyway.”


“Why is that?”


“After you eat your breakfast we are going to take a nice bath together.”


“Mm maybe we should take the bath first.”


Rachael gave an amused giggle. “Well while that is tempting. I want you to have all your strength. Bath time is going to be extended. So be sure to eat everything.” With that Rachael began to set out Thomas’s breakfast.


“So that is why you went easy on me last night.”


A cheerful grin appeared on Rachael’s face as she practically chirped her response. “Yep”




Thomas couldn’t help but stair as he looked at the neatly folded bits of paper on the plate in front of Rachael. It wasn’t the paper that truly interested him it was what was happening to the paper. “Do you promise that you’re not just moving your hand or something else faster then I can see or just using the wind?”


An amused giggle escaped Rachael which delayed her answering. “I promise that I am not moving any part of my body at more then human speeds. I also promise I am not using the wind to do this.”


After looking up at Rachael for a moment to see if she looked guilty or not he resumed watching the scraps of paper. The bits of paper were made to slide over the smooth surface of the plate. Rachael had folded them so that the little paper flaps were thicker then a loan sheet and every now and then he could have swore he saw an end bending in.


“I’ve been working on this for a few weeks now. Don’t set so close.” Reaching over Rachael placed her hand on Thomas’s shoulder and pressed him back against his chair.


“How are you doing that?”


“I believe I am using something similar to or the same force that lets me fly or hold myself to a particular location.”


While the bits of paper didn’t weigh very much Thomas still couldn’t help but be impressed. Rachael was actually moving an object without actually touching, fanning or blowing on it. “What did you start with?”


“I started using dried pees at first. I couldn’t find anything else though I had hoped to find a tiny ball of some kind.”


“Can you move something heavier?”


“Well yes and no. Yes I can but no I can’t control when I do it. Not so close.”


It surprised Thomas to realize that he had begun to lean forward again. Once again he felt Rachael’s hand press against his shoulder and he was forced back into his seat to what Rachael considered a safe distance. “I take it was accidentally moving something heavier then paper that has you worried.”


“Well I didn’t do anything spectacular.”


“I find that hard to believe. What happened?”


“I was just practicing when I ended up shattering the plate I was working with. Like I said it wasn’t anything spectacular. I just don’t want to risk slipping up and shattering your bones.”


“Was it just the plate?”




“Are you sure?” As Thomas spoke he proceeded to remove the table cloth and begin to search around.


An amused giggle escaped Rachael and she looked up from the plate. “I promise I didn’t crack the table.”


It took a few minutes but at last Thomas confirmed that Rachael was being honest. “Well darn it. All well it isn’t a big deal. I am sure you’ll be able to shatter concrete with an angry glance soon enough.”


“When I broke the plate I was worried that the sound might wake you up. I guess it seemed louder then it actually was.”


“So you’re now able to move things just by looking at them? Do you realize how much that would help in sneaking around?”


“I can’t say that I do Sally.”


Thomas didn’t even think to try and hide the surprised look on his face when he suddenly felt a presence behind him. Turning around he found Sally still dressed in her combat gear leaning over his shoulder and looking at the plate. “When did you get back?”


“She’s been in the building for ten minutes now I believe. It seems you enjoy your sensory enhancements.”


Sally gave a quick nod. “I thought sneaking around was easy with my previous improvements. Having my speed slightly more then tripled and my strength increased five times made it a breeze.”


Thomas took a moment to scoot his seat out and stand up. He then proceeded to take a few steps away from Sally to get a good look at her. “Well I see it didn’t help you keep from getting messy.”


“Hey sneaking around tends to require one to get a little dirty. Though I have to agree that I need to get cleaned up, so I am going to take a shower then I have some news for you and Rachael. Just one question before I go. Why did you get up?”


Thomas couldn’t help but grin. “I don’t know if you want me to answer that question.”


Instead of responding Sally took a moment to sniff the air. “Never mind, I swear the things I do to kill people without being seen.”


An amused giggle escaped Rachael as Sally left the room. “This makes me glad I am not the sneaky one.”




“So when is the video going to air? I’ve wanted to hear the media’s opinion on Rachael’s activities for a while.”


Reaching over Rachael slipped her hands under Thomas and began to lift him into her lap as she spoke. “You should know I don’t like it when you just set on the chair. Though I have to say I want to see the footage to. I thought you said it would be in the proper hands within twenty four hours.”


“I did and it was. Those hands just decided they didn’t want to release it for a little while longer.”


“Why is that?”


“Well releasing that video also means everyone will know a major part of their army was destroyed. With one of their major installations taken and over a thousand soldiers dead you can see where this would create problems.”


“I see your point but when will it be shown in that case? I can’t wait to see myself in action. I wonder just what Thomas recorded. Do you think they’ll edit the tapes? I was nude a good deal of the time after all.”


“Since I finished with my work it shouldn’t take much longer. Don’t worry the footage will be broadcast we really need the fear it is going to generate.”


Thomas took a moment to fidget inside of Rachael’s grip until he was more comfortable. He had learned that it helped to lean against her arms more then her breasts. While her breasts were softer they also came close to pushing him off her lap especially when Rachael inhaled. “How did you keep your actions from being broadcast?”


“We have some contacts in the current party. You see it was never Williams’s intention to have Rachael kill every government leader. We were just going to have her kill of certain powerful figures that caused trouble.”


“I see. So when is the video going to be played?”


Sally couldn’t help but chuckle. “You two are just so impatient. It should be on the evening news. Of course when the reporters try to get in touch with certain leaders and find out they are unavailable it will only drum up more chaos.”


“So what part is Rachael going to play in all of this?”


“Well you wanted a fair amount of publicity. Naturally the government is going to want to retake the installation and kill off the rebels. Of course that means committing even more soldiers unless they can obtain some powerful help.”


An amused giggle escaped Rachael. “It will at least set a good standard for what happens to those that back out of business deals with me. However, I don’t plan on working for free.”


“I expected as much. In truth some people want to meet with you in order to hammer out a long term deal.”


“I don’t really like the idea of working with anyone military full time.”


“You don’t have to worry about that. It is just with their military depleted they want to make a down payment for future services from you. Plus they’d like to talk about what fee you’d charge to never fight against them again.”


“So they won’t ask me to help with any invasions?”


“I can’t promise you that but they’d pay you for it.”


“Well I can’t really agree to it. Those decisions are up to Thomas to make not me.”


Thomas couldn’t help but glance up into Rachael’s eyes as she cuddled him. “This is important you should” Thomas was quite surprised when Rachael suddenly tightened her grip on him so much that it forced the air from his lunges and made him be quiet.


“You’re the one that handles the business aspects.”


After taking in a few breaths when Rachael relaxed her arm he couldn’t help but chuckle. She’d caused him a little bit of pain when she tightened her grip but he should have known better to question her on such matters. “Very well I’ll handle the negotiations. You can still talk about it with Sally though.”


After thinking for a moment Rachael finally nodded her head. “Well alright.”


An amused chuckle issued forth from Sally. “Well then Thomas they are some people that you are going to need to meet with.”


“When will I need to speak with them?”


“Not for at least twenty four hours. We need to let the video tape air, those I killed be found dead and give some time for others to take up their positions. I really hate this time.”


As Rachael spoke she snaked one of her arms further down Thomas’s body and began to pluck at the annoying string that held his pants up. She could have simply torn it away but she didn’t want him to notice what she was doing. “What is the problem?”


“I’ve done everything that I can do for the moment. Now it is up to others to play their part.”


Rachael didn’t want Sally to quit talking as it meant Thomas would be distracted. Of course she didn’t want to talk too much herself as it would draw his attention. “So what types did you kill?”


“A few party leaders and higher ups, I also had to kill various military leaders though Rachael helped a lot in that.”


“How did I do that?”


“Well we had been preparing for this event. What units do you think were primarily stationed at the facility you destroyed?”


“I see.” Rachael was a bit surprised and even whimpered a bit when she felt Thomas suddenly smack her hands.


Thomas couldn’t help but chuckle. He had only given Rachael’s hand a little smack and even if he had hit her as hard as possible it would have only hurt his hands. The little tap that let her know he was on to what she was doing was enough to get her to quit for the moment though he knew he’d have to keep his guard up. “Now you quit that.”


It took an extreme act of will for Sally to keep from laughing when she noticed the grin on Rachael’s face as she peaked over Thomas’s shoulder. Clearly the Valkyrie had no intention of stopping. Though for the moment she was waiting for Thomas to let his guard down again. “Those I didn’t kill of are going to be in for quite a surprise. First they learn that the units loyal to them was destroyed, then learn it was done by a loan woman, now they learn that many of their allies have been assassinated.”


“I imagine the ones that had many of those loyal to them at the facility you didn’t need to kill.”


“I left them alive so they can take the blame for the failure.”


“You mean be used as an escape goat.”


“Well there isn’t much of a difference. One is just something you do voluntarily to protect others. The other you get volunteered for.”


Thomas gave a sigh and went to swat Rachael’s hand again. However, when he glanced down at his waste he heard Rachael giggle and felt her breasts press into his side. She’d managed to get through the string without disturbing him. After looking at the string for a moment he realized that Rachael had pinched it between her fingernails and crushed through the material instead of breaking it. “At least when this is all in the open I should be able to get some buttons. It looks like I am going to have to learn to sow a little.”


Sally gave a slight chuckle. “You could just get a button applicator.”


“It looks like I don’t have a choice in the matter.”




As he gathered up the drinks Thomas retrieved the popcorn from the microwave. He then proceeded into the living room where Sally and Rachael where currently waiting. While the two women didn’t hesitate to take their drinks from him he was a bit surprised when neither of them even grabbed a single popcorn cornel. “You know I can’t eat all of this myself.”


Instead of opening her can with the little latch Rachael simply pressed her finger into the top of the can. Once her fingernail penetrated the metal she proceeded to peal away some of the metal.

“So why did you make so much.”


“Well I thought you two would like some popcorn.”


Once Rachael had opened her can she set it down and proceeded to reach over and pick Thomas up. “You know that I eat very rarely. In truth I shouldn’t be eating anything at all by now.”


It was impossible for Thomas not to frown but Rachael was right. She had stuck with the experimental plan he had set up when it came to hear not eating and she hadn’t shown any ill effects. He had to admit that it didn’t seem as if she was harmed by not eating. Despite this he didn’t like seeing Rachael go an entire day and especially not a week without eating anything. “Don’t you like the taste of popcorn?”


“Well okay I’ll eat a little bit.”


“How about you Sally? I know that you need to eat.”


“No thanks. You don’t seem to have enough butter on it for my liking.”


Thomas gave a nod and took a moment to adjust his position. Rachael had a good idea of how he preferred to be held by now but it seemed to always take some adjustment. Though, he had grown to suspect that this was intentionally done so that he’d have to rub his body against Rachael. That was one thing Thomas felt no desire to complain about.


Once Thomas had situated himself Sally finally turned on the TV.


“What was a major military installation now stands behind me and while it may appear to be manned do not be fooled. Those you see are not soldiers but rather rebels who with the aid of a mercenary group took control of the facility. What makes this more astounding is that the facility itself seems largely intact. This isn’t the result of a virus though or clever infiltration but rather the work of a loan woman.”


“Hey. What wasn’t clever about the way I infiltrated? It was totally unexpected and I am certain they never saw it coming.”


Thomas rolled his eyes and reached into the bowl of popcorn. After getting a hand full he adjusted himself. When Rachael went to make another comment he quickly forced the cornels inside of her mouth though a great many were dropped.


Rachael grinned as she chewed the salty bits of dried vegetable. She’d seen what Thomas was doing the moment he lifted his hand towards her face but she allowed him to succeed. Had she been a normal woman he would have easily moved quickly enough.


“As impossible as this seems to be we have received footage of this assailant. I must warn you what we are about to show is shocking. Please abide by the advisory at the beginning of this program.”


“Well do you hear that Rachael? You may be seen naked world wide in just a few moments.”


Rachael gave an amused giggle and proceeded to use her free arm to pick the bits of popcorn that had fallen off Thomas. Once the video began to roll a delighted giggle escaped her when she noticed something. “It seems that you like my but.” At the beginning of the recording when Rachael had first began to walk towards the gate Thomas had got distracted for a moment and actually looked down at her rear.


It was impossible for Thomas not to blush a little as he realized that he’d slipped up. He’d been so focused on Rachael that he had let his eyes wonder more then he realized. Even while he blushed he slipped his hand behind Rachael’s back and gave her rear a good smack. “I have to say. Having you float like this has its benefits.”


All Rachael did was giggle and turn her attention back to the television. “I really had hoped those guards would go all the way through the gate. I think it would have looked kind of neat. I wonder how fast I’d have to get them moving to make neat little cubes.”


“I don’t know. I think no matter how fast you had them going they’d look more squished through then cut.”


“If only they had finer fencing wire.”


Sally gave a slight chuckle. “Rachael would you like to try one of my drinks?”


“Well I am trying to find out how little I need to eat.”


“Oh come on. How could you get stuck in a situation in which you can’t eat? You tore through everything you’ve encountered and you can fly so it isn’t like launching you into space would help. You’d just bust out of the rocket and fly right back.”


“Fine then I’ll try one.”


Thomas couldn’t help the stunned look on his face. “That is it? I plead with you for all this time and yet she convinces you to eat in just a few sentences.”


“Well she isn’t arguing for my safety.”


After taking a moment to consider his next action Thomas gave Rachael’s bottom a few very sharp smacks. He was grateful that her rear was fairly soft despite her strength so that his hand only tingled a bit. “That is very naughty of you.”


Instead of replying Rachael stuck her tongue out of Thomas and took the drink from Sally when she returned from the kitchen. Upon opening the container she proceeded to gulp the liquid down. At first Rachael was going to drink slowly but after her spanking she couldn’t help herself. She proceeded to drain the container in under a second. The suction she applied was so great that it actually caused it to collapse in on itself.


Thomas jumped slightly due to the sound of the container collapsing. It wasn’t loud enough to seriously hurt his ears or damaging his hearing but it did make him jump. “You just wait until later. I’ll give you a real spanking then.”


“Do you promise?” As Rachael set the collapsed container aside she let her tongue slowly flick out and ran the muscle slowly over her lips.


All Thomas had to do was look into Rachael’s eyes to withdraw his hand. He’d be sure to give Rachael that spanking later but at the moment he didn’t feel up to it. Instead of answering he quickly grabbed a hand full of popcorn and turned his attention back to the television.


“Mm okay. You don’t have to answer that just yet.”


“Well here it comes. So Rachael, are you ready to see your naked tail on international television?”


“You bet.”


While there was no desire in Thomas to risk exciting Rachael too much. He couldn’t help himself. “I just hope everyone that sees this program realizes how lucky they are.”


“Well now I see which one of my features really holds your interest. Do you realize how long you delayed on my breasts?”


“Not enough.”


For a moment Thomas and Sally were surprised when Rachael was actually made to blush. A moment later she lifted Thomas higher and pressed her lips against his. “You know that you’re going to get a very personnel showing tonight.”


“So that is what you were doing whenever I lost sight of you, how much do you believe they’ve slowed the tape down?”


Sally started to reply when she noticed the bottom of the screen. “Just check on the side.”


Thomas took a moment then let out a low whistle. “That is impressive. You really let me use a high quality recording device didn’t you Sally? And as for you Rachael, how dare you go so slow that they can make you viewable just by making the tape run at one twentieth the actual speed.”


“But if I had moved faster then you wouldn’t have been able to keep track of me.”


“Well you have me there. I am sorry that you had to move so slowly just so I could keep up with you.”


“I only regret that you couldn’t really enjoy the show more. When I don’t have to secure equipment I will be sure to take things nice and slow.” As Rachael spoke she slowly ran the fingers of her free hand up Thomas’s shirt and along his abdomen.


“Just make sure it is clear that you’re moving slowly because you want to. I don’t want the world thinking my Rachael is any less wonderful then she is. Sally did you edit out our conversations before or after you delivered the recording?”


“It was edited out before hand though it wasn’t by me. I don’t know how.”


“It is such a shame that you two didn’t get to see me working inside of the installation itself. I am sorry that you had to wait for such a long time but I was. Well blast it.”


“What is wrong Rachael?”


“There was a room with some enhancement equipment. I wanted to go back and look it over but now I really can’t. I bet they’ve already ruffled through it. I wonder if they have anyone that knows how to work it properly.”


Sally didn’t really have to think to answer the question. “Probably not, I doubt that’s kept them from trying but they’ve probably lost more then they enhanced.”


Thomas smiled and leaned his head over. He then gave Rachael’s biceps a gentle kiss. “Where you trying to make yourself look like a goddess when you rose up through the ground like that?”


In response to Thomas’s complement and the kiss Rachael raised his head slightly so that it was closer to her breasts. “I can’t say I was thinking of it at the time.”


“I suppose that is something you can’t help.”




“You can’t help but look like a goddess.”


“Do I need to leave the room?”


Rachael couldn’t help but giggle when she glanced over at Sally. “No. Not yet at least.”


“I swear this is the first time I’ve considered asking for vacation time to try to just socialize.”


“Once again we have Dr. Hall with us to discuss this most recent happening. Tell me Dr. Hall what are your thoughts on this video?”


“Well Jill. I can’t help but questions whether or not this video is a hoax. Indeed I would have to say this video has to be an absolute hoax and a rather poor one at that.”


“What leads you to this conclusion?”


“There is simply no way that a loan woman could have that kind of power. The idea is simply laughable.”


“Wasn’t the same thing said when what appears to be the same woman destroyed several police cars in an escape?”


“While those events were exceptional and hard to believe this is entirely laughable.”


“Then what of the installations fall? How do you explain a well armed military facility being taken with so much of the equipment intact?”


“I suspect that they used a form of gas to clear out the facility.”


Thomas was surprised. While Rachael hadn’t moved in the least he could tell that she was getting angry. He didn’t know what it was but it seemed as if he could feel Rachael’s anger radiating from her.

Instinctively he reached behind her and began to run his hand along her back.


“So you’re dismissing the video evidence entirely?”


“It is the only thing a sane person would do after seeing it. This video is clearly a flight of fancy.”


“Who would have made such a hoax though?”


“I can’t say though I advice you to question your sources more.”


“That is it.” As Rachael spoke she set Thomas down and lowered her legs to the ground. She then proceeded over to her laptop and began to look up the TV stations address.


At first Thomas was going to try to calm Rachael but he knew that wasn’t going to happen. “I’ll be timing you.”


After walking to the door Rachael glanced back over her shoulder at Thomas. “Tell me when to go.”


“Go now.” The moment Thomas spoke he felt a slight rush of air. While Rachael held back enough to avoid damaging her surroundings she still left the room at eighty kilometers an hour.


Once Rachael made it outside she quickly accelerated bringing her speed from eighty kilometers to eight hundred kilometers an hour within moment. As she neared the city limits she once again began to poor on more speed accelerating to eight thousand kilometers an hour and faster. With each moment the world seemed to slow down around her until nothing seemed to be moving.


Thomas quickly turned to the TV monitor. Once he had confirmed that it was a live broadcast he settled down on the couch and waited to see Rachael appear.


Running across water still felt odd to Rachael, as she made her way across the ocean she couldn’t help but wonder if her flight ability was keeping her on the surface of the water or it was due to her speed. She did know that if it weren’t for the same ability that let her fly keeping her on the ground she’d be going air born every time her feet struck the ground at such high velocities.


As she neared the states she didn’t even bother slowing down but thankfully kept herself to the side of the road. Had she ran on the roads surface she’d left a rather clear path of destruction.


“So Dr. Hall do you believe there is any relationship between the woman seen here and the one that destroyed the police.”


“I believe they’re using her image to try and give the recording some believability.” Dr. Hall was made to go silent when a sudden gust of wind ran throughout the room. The force of which was so great that it sent papers flying about and seemed as if it would topple both him and Jill. At this moment Thomas clicked the timer on his watch.


“They’re using my image because I am the one that did it.”


Dr. Hall and Jill were both made to jump out of their seats as Rachael’s voice cut through the air. Upon glancing behind themselves they both seemed more then a little surprised to find Rachael standing behind them.


Rachael stood her ground for a moment but moved when Dr. Hall started to run. She waited until he had just got past the desk then took hold of the back of his shirt. She then proceeded to yank him back over the desk so that his back struck it rather forcefully resulting in a sharp cry of pain.


“So how long did it take her to get there?”


“I clocked her in at fifty seven seconds.”


“I bet you’re rounding down a little so that you can say it was under a minute.”


At first Rachael considered crushing Dr. Hall’s head but the run while short to everyone else had given her plenty of time to think. She’d calmed down and realized that the majority of his insult had been directed towards the recording. Not towards her. Though, she didn’t care for anyone doubting her abilities. “Since you seem to be having so much trouble believing that video was accurate. I came all the way down here to tell you that it is. Now I know you won’t contradict me while I am here since that would lead to me crushing your head. So I’ll just tell you now. If you dare put down my abilities again I will find you and I will kill you. Do you understand?”


When Dr. Hall didn’t answer right away Rachael put her hand on his head and began to press down. After a moment the pain seemed to over whelm his fear and he called out. “YES!”


“That is good. Well then now that I said what I wanted to I’ll let you get back to your show.”


Thomas couldn’t help but blink his eyes when Rachael disappeared from the screen. “I thought she was going to do more.”


Jill took a moment to look around. She hadn’t made it very far when the woman suddenly vanished. When Rachael had first appeared she felt certain that she was going to die. However, the only person that actually got harmed seemed to be Dr. Hall. Slowly she began to make her way over to the doctor. “Dr. Hall, are you okay?”


For a long while Dr. Hall lay silent. To have been put in and let out of a life or death situation so very quickly had left him stunned. Slowly he shifted around and began to climb off the desk so he was on the side opposite of the camera.


“I think he urinated on himself.”


“You mean I scared him that badly?”


Unlike Jill and Hall neither, Thomas or Sally were made to jump when Rachael suddenly reappeared within the room. All Thomas did was chuckle as he turned around to great Rachael. “I believe you did but I couldn’t really tell.”


“So how long did it take me?”


“You were gone for fifty seven seconds by my count.”


“I believe he took the time early so that you’d make it in less then a minute.”


“Pfft, you haven’t worked with Thomas in a lab setting. He is quite professional. Plus you’re just jealous that you can’t even break the sound barrier yet.”


“Well maybe I am just a little jealous.”




Rachael couldn’t help but blink her eyes as she read over the news article. Instead of calling for Thomas right away she found herself reading over it two more times before she was certain that she didn’t miss understand something. “Thomas something strange is going on. Don’t worry, you can stay seated.”


Shrugging a bit Thomas settle back into his seat and began to work on his breakfast once again. “What is happening?”


“It seems that they are calling for an interview with me.”


“Are you serious?”


“Yes I am. It seems that they have a few questions for me and are looking for ways to get in touch with me.”


“Well then. I suppose you should give them a call or pay them a visit.”


“So you believe that meeting with them would be a good idea?”


“Sure. It isn’t like they can do anything to you.”


“Would you come with me?”


“If you want me to I will.”


“Well then once you’re done with your breakfast come on over here.

I’ll go ahead and get the stations phone number.”


“Why don’t you just run down there and speak with them? That way they won’t have any question as to whether it is actually you or some prankster.”


“It would be quicker. Where should I tell them to meet us?”


“Are you two forgetting something? You have an important meeting later today.” Sally gave a slight yawn as she walked into the room. After taking a moment to look around she had to wonder. “Why are you two looking at me like that?”


Thomas gave his head a quick shake. “I am sorry it is just that. We are both use to seeing you in combat gear or casual clothing.”


“Well neither of us has been to the fights lately. Also don’t worry I have a nice dress for you as well.”




“What? We’re all supposed to attend the meeting and I know that you don’t have any evening clothes.”


After a moment Rachael crossed her arms and took on a somewhat defensive stance. “I am only going to where it if I like it.”


An amused giggle escaped Sally. “Don’t worry I figured as much. That is why I want you to try it on now. That way if you don’t like it we can try to find you something else in time. Though given your height I imagine that’d be difficult even with your speed.”


Thomas had been surprised when Sally walked into the room. The tight black dress hugged her bust line as if it had been painted on while slits ran down either side. Her arms were left entirely exposed most likely to avoid ripping the material when she flexed. A few thin strips of material ran down her back as if an outline of a cape. Her legs were entirely concealed down to her calves which showed wonderful in her shoes. Her right leg was left partly exposed due to a slit in the side of the dress.


However, he couldn’t take his eyes of Rachael. The evening dress was the same blue as the majority of her arena clothing and hugged her figure no less tightly then Sally’s hugged her. While Rachael’s dress lacked the slips along the upper body the stomach section was cut out in an oval shape revealing her abdominal muscles.


As with Sally’s dress Rachael’s didn’t have anything concealing her arms. Though, the outfit seemed designed to suggest that it was less to show off her arms and more a necessity because if they were to flex it would shred the material. While both ladies showed a roughly equal amount of their upper body Rachael’s dress had been clearly designed to show more of her leg.


Long slits ran along either side of the dress revealing the outer edges of her astoundingly well developed and unbelievably powerful legs. The only thing that the lack of material hindered was the view of Rachael’s rear. Sally’s dress clung to her tightly all over showing her well developed rear. Due to the lesser amount of material Rachael’s could be made to cling to her quite as tightly so her but wasn’t as noticeable.


It would have nearly impossible for Thomas to decide which dress he liked better. Each dress did a wonderful job of showing off the ladies’ bodies though each in a somewhat different way. The main deciding factor that caused him to have a preference was the simple fact that Rachael was wearing the blue one.


“I believe you’re going to have to dress him.”


It was impossible for Rachael not to giggle as she looked back at Thomas. She gave him another minute to take in the view before she stepped forward. “Come on. Sally picked out a nice tuxedo for you.”


Only after Rachael took hold of Thomas’s arm and began to pull him along did he finally seem to snap back to reality. “Sorry, I was distracted.”


“I am glad to here that. Well take it in while you can. You have some negotiating to do.”


“You shouldn’t ask the impossible of us poor fragile humans.”


A wide grin adorned Rachael’s face as she released Thomas’s arm and moved a few more steps ahead of him. She then came to a stop and proceeded to do a complete spin and a half of a second so that when she stopped she was facing him. Once again she took hold of Thomas’s arm and pulled him to herself. This time she pressed her lips firmly against his.


While she continued to kiss Thomas Rachael pulled him more firmly against her body. Slowly she began to rub her breast against him though the difference in their heights and the size of her bust meant she ended up burying a fair amount of his jaw in her cleavage while rubbing his upper chest. “I have faith in you. Though, after this you’d better not hold back on the attention.”


The grin on Thomas’s face threatened to split it in two when Rachael finally stepped back. As no words seemed to come he simply continued to follow Rachael.




Rachael took a moment to examine the room as she walked inside the building slightly ahead of Thomas. She’d actually been examining the building before they had even arrived. She hadn’t heard or seen anything that concerned her however she still felt the need to actually look around the interior of the building.


A few moments after Rachael entered and made no move to stop him Thomas entered the building followed by Sally. Only once they were actually inside of the building did Sally proceed to move to the front of the group as the attendant made his way over to them.


“Greetings ladies and gentleman, Mr. Akili is waiting for you in the private section. Please, follow me.”


After taking a few steps back Thomas slowed down a bit so that he and Rachael were walking closer together. “So what do you think of the decor?”


“It looks very delicate.”


“Does that bother you?”


“No. Everything is so delicate compared to me now that it is rather nice. I am also a little surprised to see so many people.”


“What do you think about that?”


“It is nice to be finally meeting someone that doesn’t feel the need to fill the entire building with bodyguards.”


Akili smiled when the attendant made his way up the steps. A few moments later Sally appeared followed by Jack and then Rachael. “Welcome. I am so glad that you could make it.”


Sally gave a nod. “Rachael, Thomas this is Akili.”


As Sally spoke Akili stood and gestured to the various seats around the table. Only after waiting for everyone else to be seated did he set down. “I hope you don’t mind but I took the liberty of ordering a few things already.”


“I don’t believe I’d call this a few.” Rachael gave a slight chuckle as she looked the table over. Even at a glance she saw five different kinds of main dish. She quickly realized that Sally was actually setting two seats away from them and had positioned herself for easy access to the lobster. A wide grin crossed her face as she reached under the table and pressed up on it.


Before Akili could respond to Rachael he was rather surprised when the table was suddenly lifted. Instead of saying anything he set silently as he watched the entire table rotating until the lobster was in front of Rachael. At which time Rachael set the table back down. “Well I. I didn’t know what you would like.”


Sally couldn’t help but glare at Rachael for a moment though she quickly hid it. “Thank you Akili, I am sure we will all find something that we like.”


Uncertain of what to say Akili simply nodded his head. “Yes then. Please eat. There is no need to talk over an empty stomach.”


For a moment Thomas expected Sally to lift the table much as Rachael had done. While he knew that Rachael was far stronger then Sally he also knew that Sally had more then enough strength to lift any dining table he was likely to ever see. However, after a few moments and seeing that Sally was focusing on the duck it seemed that she had no interest in mimicking someone else.


“Here you go.”


When Sally glanced up she was actually surprised to find Rachael holding the lobster out to her. While Rachael had taken one of the claws and a few other choice parts it seemed she had no interest in eating the entire thing. “Thanks.”


“You’re welcome.”


Akili waited until all of his guests had covered their plates and at least began eating before speaking again. “Thomas, I am told that you’re the one that handles business negotiations for Rachael. Does that mean I’ll be speaking to you?”


“Yes, unless Rachael finds something particularly objectionable.”


“Very well, so what is it like to be the manager for an entire army?”


Thomas grinned and took a moment to glance over at Rachael who was busy layering some crab meat with butter. Clearly she was only eating to enjoy the taste and not worried about the calories. “Well I am glad the army is such a beauty.”


A slight chuckle escaped Akili. “I am sure that you are. Would you mind telling me what brought about the arrangement?”


“Sure. Rachael asked me if I would handle a business conversation back when she was an arena fighter. She liked the way I handled it and gave me the job.”


“I see.” Akili grew silent for a moment as he took a bite of his food. In truth he was using the time to observe his guests and see if anyone seemed to mind his questions. Once he was sure that neither lady looked irritable he continued. “You must put a lot of trust in one another.”


“Every time she hugs me, I have to trust her not to use more then a billionth of her strength so she doesn’t crush the life out of me.”


“What about you Rachael? What made you decide to have Thomas handle the negotiations?”


Rachael didn’t answer right away but took a few moments to finish savoring her food before swallowing. “There is no one else I can trust to do it. Thomas is even more skilled at thinking up things I would enjoy then I am.”


Akili gave a nod and turned his attention back to Thomas. “Oh well that doesn’t bold well for me, as you see the first thing I would like to talk with you is an insurance fee.”


“What do you mean?”


“After seeing what Rachael is capable of doing, I am rather concerned that she may be hired to fight against us once again. So I was wondering if you would be willing to a sort of piece agreement with potential work in the future.”


“I’ll have to hear your terms before we agree to anything.”


“I realize this isn’t the type of fun you’re looking for. However, I would be willing to pay twenty million dollars if you would agree not to work against us in the future and agree that should we be attacked Rachael will come to our aid. With our military depleted and so many generals dead I fear we are quite vulnerable.”


Thomas was silent for a moment. “The twenty million will buy you twenty years. However, it won’t insure Rachael assistance.”


“You must understand. That without her assistance in the deal then the initial offer is entirely pointless. With our military so badly weakened and the leadership so badly shaken and the rebels now being well armed. Even if Rachael didn’t fight against us the odds of us falling are great.”


For a moment Thomas was silent. “I see you’re point. Very well Rachael will not take any actions against you and I am willing to have her come to your aid immediately if you’re attacked provided that you offer compensation for her services during the battle. The twenty millions will get you my assurance she won’t take any actions against you for twenty years and a quick response.”


“That is reasonable. What would you be expecting for her aid in the battle though?”


“That depends upon the size of the enemy.”


Akili was silent for a moment and seemed to consider Jack’s words. He remained silent until Jack had time to take two more bits of its food and swallow both. “Very well, how about this? If the twenty million insures that Rachael will not attack us for two decades and she will respond quickly to attacks upon us. How about we set her pay according to the type of armaments she has to deal with?”


“That sounds reasonable. What do you propose to pay for each?”


“We should be able to pay one hundred thousand for each tank destroyed, seventy five thousand for every major artillery piece, one hundred twenty five thousand for each jet, fifty thousand for each lightly armored vehicle and twenty five thousand for military vehicles below those. Of course if you should capture them for us we could pay double.”


“That seems reasonable.”


“So we have a deal then?”


“In regards to what we have discussed, yes.”


“Is there something you wish to talk about?”


“Yes. I was thinking that Rachael would take care of those rebels for you provided you could donate one of your research enhancement research facilities to her.”


At once Rachael perked up. She’d been wondering what Thomas was doing by suggesting that she take care of the rebels for free. The moment he finished speaking she wrapped an arm around him and pulled him against herself. She then gave him three extremely rapid kisses on the face.


“Would she be recovering the weapons intact or would she be destroying them?”


“Well if you want the equipment intact you’re going to have to either show us a very promising facility she could have or you’re it is going to cost you.”


“I would be very appreciative if you would recover the equipment intact. Would you be willing to accept payment equal to what you normally receive per each piece of equipment’s destruction?”


“Very well, we have some other things that we need to take care of but Rachael should be able to handle the rebels within forty eight hours. If they actually make a move she’ll come more quickly.”


Akili gave a nod. “I don’t believe that paper work is needed in this situation.”


Thomas gave a slight shrug. “It isn’t unless you want documentation that you maid a deal with Rachael. Of course you seem to realize that such paper work is purely for show.”


“Why don’t you just make the paper work regardless? It would make the terms you each agreed to operate by clear.” Sally had remained quiet throughout the conversation. However, while she realized that the courts couldn’t really do anything to Rachael. She also felt documentation was important to at least insure the conditions were clear and make sure no one forgot what the original agreement said.


While Thomas didn’t see the reason to have any documentation he also realized Sally had been involved in similar deals before and probably knew what she was talking about. “Okay.”


After a moment Akili gave a nod. As he spoke he signaled for one of the attendants. “Well then I’ll just have someone brought up to draw up the paper work. It should only take a few minutes.”




As a sudden gust of wind ran throughout the lobby the receptionist moved to hold down her papers. However, she only had two hands and a few of them were blown onto the floor. As she worked to gather them up she cussed lightly under her breath. “Hello.”


It took a moment for the sound of a human voice to register with her and the woman set up. Between the sudden wind gust and having to gather up her papers she didn’t notice the presence. “Hello and how may I..” The woman felt the color drain from her face when she looked up to see the Valkyrie looking down at her.


Rachael smiled down at the woman between her build, unique features and her height of well over two meters tall it was impossible for someone not to recognize her especially when she was wearing her arena clothing. “I heard that some reporters wanted to talk to me.”


The woman felt her mouth go dry as she looked up at Rachael. She knew that a few people had been discussing the subject and even mentioned it on the air and in articles. However, she had never expected Rachael to respond by showing up at the front desk.


While she waited for the woman to respond Rachael looked at the block behind her. After five minutes had passed she finally spoke up. “Don’t worry I didn’t come here to harm anyone. Hello.” After a moment a giggle escaped Rachael and she waved her hand in front of the receptionist’s face. At last the one seemed to snap back to reality though she was far from calm.


“Oh yes. I am sorry. Shall I get them?”


“Are those security cameras working?”


“I..I believe so.”


“Okay. I guess security isn’t coming in that case.” As Rachael spoke she pressed her pinky finger into the desk until her fingernail sunk in. She then began to slide it through the material. “This is an online account that can be used to contact me to set up an official meeting. I want you to pass it on to your boss and tell them that if they really want to speak to me they can use this. Of course this is only for setting up the meeting. If they truly want to speak to me they’ll have to send someone after we’ve discussed a location.”


The clerk slowly nodded her head. She gave a slight yelp and almost jumped out of her seat when Rachael quickly ran her finger along the edges of the letters and cut them out of desk. A moment later she pulled the solid slab of granite free and set it down in front of the clerk. All the clerk could do was vigorously nod her head.


“Oh and if they really want a nice show they’ll contact me within the next thirty six hours.”




Walter took a deep breath as he double checked the time on his watch.

Currently he found himself a few miles away from the facility that Rachael had taken only a few days ago. He knew Rachael’s name but he had never even come close to meeting her. Now he was suppose to be speaking to her in person and see a true display of her power.


A sudden gust of wind caused him to quickly look behind him. He was actually surprised when he didn’t see anything. He’d been told about the encounter with her in the lobby and seen the footage of her arrival on the set. He’d seen how a sudden and powerful gust of wind always seemed to indicate her arrival.


After a while his heart rate returned to normal and he finally noticed something. Off in the distance he was a tan colored vehicle heading towards him. The vehicle seemed to blend into the desert perfectly while his orange one stuck out like a sore thumb for everyone to see. Rachael had told him to bring an orange vehicle so he’d be easy to spot.


As the vehicle drew closer he was surprised when a blue figure appeared to be running along side of it. It took him a moment but finally he began to fumble for his binoculars to see just what was going on.


“Is that him up ahead?” Thomas glanced over at Rachael who was currently running along side of the vehicle.


“I believe that it is.”


“Do you want to run ahead and meet up with him?”


“No thanks. I want to sort of ease him into the interview. Plus this is kind of fun.”


“Running along side of a vehicle instead of riding in it?”


“You bet. Then again” After taking another step Rachael proceeded to hop into the air. For a moment it seemed like she was going to be left behind however she soon matched the vehicles speed and began to fly along side of it.


Much to his surprise when Walter lowered his binoculars he had a huge smile upon his face. While he hadn’t admitted it to himself, despite the recordings and the first hand reports he had wondered if Rachael truly existed. Though he still felt the situation could be exceptionally dangerous his excitement seemed to entirely over whelm his fear.


As they drew closer Rachael finally began to accelerate and fly ahead of Thomas. However, as she passed the vehicle she began to slowly lose speed. At first Thomas was made to wonder what was going on but he quickly realized Rachael wasn’t slowing down against her will.


Once the vehicle drew close enough Rachael lifted herself higher into the air. While flying higher Rachael righted her body and adjusted herself into a setting position. Though this caused extra wind resistance she was able to cope as she slowed her flight and lowered herself until she felt her bottom press down on top of the vehicle. After making sure she was well seated Rachael finally relaxed her flight ability entirely.


Thomas couldn’t help but chuckle as he began to slow down. He could see Rachael’s legs lying over the passenger’s side of the window. Fortunately she had decided not to be difficult and hadn’t placed her legs over the driver’s side.


As the vehicle came to a stop Rachael smiled down at Walter. “Hi.”


“Um hi, hello”


An amused giggle escaped Rachael when she noticed the grin on Walter’s face. At least she didn’t think he’d spend his time cowering in fear. “Well you look oddly pleased to be meeting someone that has killed well over a thousand people.”


“People that were all combatants or political figures to my knowledge, I am neither.”


As she spoke Rachael stood up and began to walk down the hood of the vehicle. “Oh, it looks like someone has been paying attention.”


A slight chuckle escaped Thomas as he watched Rachael walk down the hood. While she had claimed that she’d take it easy on showing off her power initially she sure wasn’t holding off on the personality. After taking a few deep breaths he was able to will himself to turn off the vehicle and climb out of its air-conditioned interior.


“Would you happen to be Thomas?”


“Yes that would be me.”


Rachael waited until Thomas walked by to hop off the hood. She when walked over to stand next to Thomas. “So shall we get this interview going?”


“I’d be delighted. What would you like to begin with?”


“I believe we should start with the questions.”




“One thing, did you bring the chairs and umbrella?”


“Yes I have.”


“Good then let’s set them up.”


For a moment Walter was entirely silent. He hadn’t known why Rachael wanted him to bring such items. He had joked before leaving it was because of the sun but hadn’t expected to be proven right. He could tell that the camera man was equally surprised with the turn of events.


After taking a few breaths Walter finally steadied himself. Currently he set just opposite Thomas and Rachael. Thomas was seated while Rachael was hovering in the air as if it was the most natural thing in the world. “Hello and I have here with me the young lady responsible for leaving nearly a dozen police cars destroyed, nearly two dozen officers’ dead, killing numerous political figures and now having destroyed an entire military installation.”


“I destroyed a police helicopter to. Don’t forget the helicopter.”


“Yes. So Rachael, I suppose what I should ask first is why? Why did you cause so much destruction and kill so many people?”


“Well starting with the police. They were in the way, paid for it and I was supposed to be paid for it.”


“Did you have to kill them though?”


“Are you talking about the police?”




“No, but it was fun. If someone seeks to fight me then they have to accept that I may and probably will use lethal force especially if they shoot me.”


“Aren’t you risking the lives of billions though with what you’ve done to yourself? Doesn’t it even bother you a plague could be born within you?”


“It would if I believed that it could actually happen.”


“So you don’t believe that it is possible?”


“No, due to my experimentation and research I’ve began to suspect that the plague was actually intentionally made. Though, I haven’t uncovered anything in particular to prove that it was.”


“What about all the reports and studies that say it is possible?”


“Personally I believe those were done by idiots with small minds. After all up until now they didn’t believe it was possible for someone to have my level of power. Clearly they aren’t as infallible as they’d have everyone believe.”


“You said that some of the deaths you’ve caused you were paid to for and supposed to be paid for. Would you mind elaborating a bit on that?”


“I can’t think of much else to say. A few people heard of my abilities and sought my help. They offered to pay me well if I’d remove a few of their problems and I agreed to. It isn’t like I was killing children.”


“Would you be willing to provide some names?”


“Of course not, they’re past employers after all. I hope to get some more work eventually and I need references.”


“So you’re working as a sort of assassin?”


“No. I wouldn’t say assassin. I like to think of myself as a mercenary or a one woman army.”


“Will you work for just anyone or are there certain criteria?”


“That is really up to Thomas here.” As she spoke Rachael leaned over so that her head rested atop Thomas’s shoulder.


Walter gave a nod and turned to Thomas. “So what is your relationship to Rachael?”


“She’s the love of my life and I seem to serve as her business manager.”


“Does her behavior ever bother you?”


After a moment of silence Thomas shook her head. “No. I have yet to see Rachael kill someone that didn’t challenge her or wasn’t a combatant. Plus, as she said I handle the business decisions. If anyone wants to really condemn her actions they are going to have to condemn.”


“Just why is Rachael working as a mercenary?”


“Well one of the reasons is the money of course. Another is it really lets her show what she is capable of doing. In case you didn’t notice Rachael truly enjoys flaunting her capabilities.”


“Would you mind telling me what are your long term goals?”


Thomas was silent until he felt Rachael poke him in the side. A grin formed on his face when he realized she wanted him to explain. “Well my long term goal is to make sure Rachael gets what she wants and to provide for her in whatever way I am able.”


An amused giggle escaped Rachael as she lifted her head from Thomas shoulder and gave him a kiss on the cheek. “I have to say that I rather liked that answer. Okay Walter I guess the why work as a mercenary is up to me to answer. Thomas was right when he said that I enjoyed showing off my power and this is one of the best ways to do it. At the moment my objectives are for the most part to establish myself as a reliable mercenary that can function as a small army. I am also looking for a permanent residence.”


“So you don’t plan on quitting anytime soon?”


“Most assuredly not, I’ve only just begun.”


“Rachael, are you the same Rachael Marks that was wanted for illegal studies a few years ago?”


“Yes that would be me.”


“Did you intentionally destroy all records of your research?”


“Well of course. I didn’t want to risk someone finding my work and duplicating it. In truth though I didn’t expect my body to respond quite the way it did.”


“What do you mean?”


“Oh the enhancing process nearly killed me and would have lead to my death or capture which would have then lead to my death if it hadn’t been for Thomas. He is my savior.”


Walter gave a nod. “Do you ever worry that your work will endanger him?”


“It does concern me. I know he doesn’t like it but I can’t help but worry. That is why I’ll kill anyone that even hints at threatening him. I swear I’d wipe out an entire army or an entire nation if it is what I had to do to insure his safety.”


For a moment Walter felt a chill in the air. Something seemed to tell him that Rachael was deadly serious. After a moment he turned back to Thomas. “Well then. Since you’re looking for future employers for Rachael perhaps you wouldn’t mind mentioning some of the restrictions.”


Thomas gave a nod. “Sure. Well Rachael will only take jobs to destroy armed combatants. At least those are the only ones that I’ll okay. She’s looking for fun after all and how can she have any fun if her opponent can’t even fight back? She isn’t fond of jobs to secure resources either.”


“Yet it seems to be the work I am getting so much of lately.” A sigh escaped Rachael as she dropped her head. “Today is going to be so boring.”


“What do you mean today?”


“Why do you think I called you out here? You’re going to get to see me work first hand.”


Walter took in a deep breath. “I see. May I ask a few more questions before you begin?”


“Sure. I am not in any rush.”


“Why did you do this to yourself? Surely this is far more power then anyone needs.”


“Well I disagree with you there. This is far less power then I need that is why I am still refining my body. As for why I did this to myself. Why not? I didn’t steal this power from anyone and I developed the treatment myself.”


“You mean that you’re getting more powerful?”


“With every second I can feel my body growing stronger and faster. Plus I continue to develop new abilities. My ability to fly is fairly new.”


“I have to say that is a frightening bit of information.”


“Oh there is no reason to be scared. It isn’t like I intend to just start killing people at random. All you need to do is make sure your government hires me enough that I feel it would be disadvantageous to take a job to harm them.”


“Why are you even seeking financial gain when it seems that you could simply take what you want?”


“Well believe or not I don’t like the idea of theft. By working as a mercenary I get to have fun, flaunt my power and get paid. The idea of stealing just leaves me feeling kind of icky. That and people respond better whenever they are being paid and scared to death of what you’ll do to them if they mess up. I really don’t want to make an enemy out of the entire world.”


“Do you believe that you can be killed?”


“Oh sure I can be killed. I just believe that it would take a tremendous amount of force.”


“Would you mind telling us how much force?”


“I don’t mind telling but I can’t. As I mentioned I am growing more powerful with time. That and I really don’t know I haven’t been able to do enough testing to find out what it would take to hurt me. I will say this. I let an anti-tank round hit me head on and I didn’t feel the least bit of pain.”


“I see then. Well then. Thank you for the interview.”


“Ah is that it? All well. Okay let’s get to the slaughter.”


End chapter 6

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