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Modifications – Chapter 7

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Modifications – Chapter 7


By Happiest in Shadows



Well here is the final chapter of Modifications's first novel. I may write a sequel eventually. As normal this story has content the government considered not suitable for minors so if you are one quit reading now. Also if you find sexual situations or sexual situations with super fems to be offensive also quite reading now. As for everyone that continues reading the story I hope you enjoy it.



“Can you see well?”


“Yes, I can see just fine.”


“How are the aerial units doing? I don't believe that many of the cameras are going to survive the first few moments of the battle.”


“They're all fine and probably will be as long as you keep them distracted.” Thomas currently found himself looking at several monitors. He was located several miles away from Rachael in a concealed armored vehicle.


“Maybe I should come back and check to make sure the reception is good.”


“Rachael, believe me no one likes watching you as much as I do. If there was anything that I believed could be done better I'd let you know.”


“Which camera view is your favorite?”


“Do you have to ask?”


“No but I want to hear you say it anyway.”


It was impossible for Thomas not to chuckle. Rachael's current outfit had been equipped with several very small and well protected cameras. They were located on several places but the one that held Thomas's attention was located slightly above and in-between her breasts. Each camera had been placed to try and protect it and the clothing also helped. Of course the primary protection was that Rachael removed some of her own hair and used it to make protective pockets.


“Well aren't you going to tell me?” As Rachael spoke she thrust her chests upward and outward so that she knew Thomas could see the very tops of her breasts.


“The one between those lovely breasts of yours is my favorite of course.”


“I'll try to make sure that it survives.” Rachael was thankful that her enhancement had included a rather notable breasts size. It insured Thomas's favorite camera view was also one of the best protected it. It also allowed her to tuck the main component of the cameras between them.


The cameras that currently decorated Rachael's body were expensive to say the least. Of course given how much she was being paid they could easily afford it. Ever sense Rachael's interview and little display of power Rachael had been becoming more popular as a mercenary though many still seemed to have trouble realizing or believing how powerful she was.


Thomas gave his head a vigorous shake. No one realized how powerful Rachael was except perhaps him and Rachael herself. What people saw Rachael do could have been done by someone that was a few hundred thousand times more powerful then what a human's normal genetic code allowed for. She was so far beyond that though he wasn't sure if there was a way for her to truly display the full extent of her power.


“Thomas, are you okay? You went silent all of a sudden.”


Instead of speaking into the communications unit Thomas glanced over his shoulder. It had only taken a few seconds for Rachael to run back to his little safe area. The only reason it had even taken her a second was she didn't want to destroy the cameras. “I'm fine Rachael. I was just thinking. Now you go ahead and get back to the battle field.”


“MM what were you thinking about?”


“It can wait until later. Now get your tail end back there.”


“Ah does it have to wait tell later?”


“Yes. Now get back there I can't wait to see how well these cameras perform.”


“Well okay. I'll be back soon.”


Before Rachael left she did a quick search of the area. She hadn't mentioned it to Thomas but she was a little nervous. Sally hadn't been available to come with them as she had some situations to resolve. They'd all agreed that given his distance from the battle field and a few other safety measures Thomas would be fine but Rachael still would have liked to have her friend there.


As Thomas watched the screens flashing by all he could make out was a blur of color. Rachael was moving far to fast for his eyes to keep up though the recording device could. At least they believed that it could. The current frame rate was so quick they could have recorded a bullet flying through the air easily.


“Are you sure you don't mind moving slower then normal so the cameras aren't destroyed?”


“I don't mind. It'll just give me more of a chance to enjoy myself. I think once things get started I'll keep my speed down to four hundred and fifty kilometers an hour.”


“That seems a little quick.”


“Pulling soldiers apart one by one just isn't the same. There so many of them and so much going on that it loses a lot of its appeal. To be honest I believe I prefer fewer targets that I can toy around with more.”


“Well you can make it so they're only a few of them.”


A delighted giggle escaped Rachael. “That is true. I suppose I focus too much on drawing things out in the beginning. Then I am drained and just want to finish things up when I get near the end.”


“You should probably be selective of who you leave behind for the last as well. Pick people that seem like they're going to struggle and not just give up. Then again you may want to pick those that look most likely to run.”


A sigh escaped Rachael. “If only I were a mind reader. I believe our conversation is about to be cut off. They're getting within firing range I suspect.”


“It's taken them a while. I suppose they're wondering if you are who they believe you are. They probably slowed down to get some advice from higher ups as well.”


“Why don't they just surrender? They know they can't hurt me in the least.”


“It would make matters simpler. Of course then you'd have to make it clear that surrender doesn't work for you.”


“Huh?” Rachael didn't get Thomas's response. She saw a flash of light and watched as one of the rounds exited from a tank barrel aimed strait at her. In response she Held her hand up so that her palm faced out towards the round. Normally she'd actually liked to have such rounds strike her breasts. However, she didn't know if the camera nestled so close to her breasts would survive the blast and Thomas had said it was his favorite.


Unlike Rachael Thomas couldn't see the round coming. It was clear even to him though that she'd been hit when he lost sight of anything but black smoke. At least the smoke meant the camera hadn't been destroyed. He quickly turned his head to one of the scout drones cameras.


Even before the smoke had cleared Rachael burst out of it. While her speed was limited her acceleration was so swift that it seemed to pull the smoke along for a few moments. Thomas, watched as Rachael's feet kicked up a small cloud of dust as she quickly ran towards the armored units.


A part of Rachael wanted to fall back and see what Thomas was going to say incase it would improve her fun. However, Rachael didn't like the idea of running away and she knew Thomas would just tell her to get back.


When the view from Thomas's favorite camera returned he noticed a slight aura that seemed to be around it. The air seemed to distort at random moments. It only took him a few moments to develop a theory as to what it was.


While Rachael had took steps to protect the camera from its placement to using some of her own hair to shield it. She didn't want to take anymore chance of it being destroyed then needed. For that reason she was using her left arm to shield the camera. Whenever she saw something flying towards it she'd quickly smack it away. What Thomas saw as a sort of haze or aura was her arm moving back and forth far too quickly for him to really see.


Unconsciously Thomas scooted closer to the monitor as he watched Rachael near the first tank. He saw her arm vanish from the screen and then re-enter just slow enough to let him see it she drove her hand towards the tank.


A horrific explosion was heard the moment Rachael's fist struck the tank. Though not as loud as an anti-tank round it was quite noticeable. As she sunk her fist into the fifteen centimeter thick armor she slowed her action. She didn't want to kill the person on the other side of the armor quite yet.


The driver issued a shout of surprise and a cry in pain in one moment as Rachael's fist caused a massive bulge in the metal. Several tiny fragments were sent slamming into them and several broke through the skin. However, Rachael's slowing her punch had the desired effect and most of the energy was lost going through the metal. That didn't help console the crew though.


After impaling the tank with her fist Rachael took hold of the armor with her free hand. She then began to easily lift the tank into the air so that she was holding it entirely vertical.


Thomas couldn't help but smile as he watched the tank be lifted up and out of his line of site. He gave one of the overhead cameras a quick look to see what how the seen appeared from a bird's eye view. He couldn't even see Rachael standing under the massive machine. She must have gotten an exceptionally good hold of the tank to allow her to hold it in such an unusual position.


As soon as Rachael lifted the tank into the air she twisted to the side. Taking on a pictures stance she took aim at the longest line of armored units. Drawing her arm back she then let the tank fly. The crew of the tank didn't feel a thing past the first moments. The force Rachael put into the throw accelerated the tank so quickly that they were all slammed against the interior of the vehicle with enough force to kill them.


The tank was sent flying far too quickly for Thomas to really see despite its size. However, when he saw Rachael arm and the lengthening path of destruction left by the tank he knew what had happened. He also knew that he'd have to take the time to figure out how much force it would require to send a tank flying that quickly. He wasn't surprised when he heard the impact.


Even surrounded by thickly armored walls and several miles from the actual battle site he heard the impact. It wasn't a simple explosion rather it was a constant roar as the tank must have continued to tear through the ground, machines and soldiers for several seconds and many kilometers.


Unlike Thomas Rachael could see what had happened with the tank. She had thrown it so that it flew three meters above the ground until it struck the first armored unit in its path. The force of the impact had been so great that the second unit had been torn apart and even began to melt. Some of the fragments had been sent to the sides tearing those around it apart while it had been sent back.


After that it had struck a second smaller armored unit it was finally forced to hit the ground. It didn't stay there for long though as Rachael had put so much energy into the toss that it had actually bounced almost like a stone being skipped across the water when it hit the ground. It had continued like that for some time. The energy the pile of fused metal carried was so great that the path of destruction it left was far greater in width then it was.


A delighted giggle escaped Rachael and she quickly folded her hands behind her back. She wasn't going to give them a chance to recover of course she also wanted to have some fun. “Thomas. I hope that you're ready to see what these breasts of mine that you love looking at so much can do. Remember this whenever you next see them up close and personnel.”


There wasn't time for Thomas to reply as the moment Rachael finished speaking she was on the move again. He watched intently as she came beside another armored vehicle. He couldn't tell what it was though as he could only see the armored side.


Rachael gave a quick twist so that she was facing away from the vehicle. She then swung herself around. Instead of using her arms to hit the tank she insured that the side of her breast slammed into it. As her breast collided with the armor plating she lapsed into her accelerated state to better watch the happenings.


At first she saw the side of her breasts flatten and they were pressed to the side. This only lasted until it had reached as far as Thomas had ever managed to move them. In that moment her breasts began to push back and the armor began to bend. An oval shaped bend was made into the metal as it began giving to her breasts. As the dent grew the color began to change. The force of Rachael's breast slamming into the side of the tank was so great it began to melt.


As the vehicle was lifted off the ground by the force of the impact it was clear that the metal caught against Rachael's breasts had been entirely melted. Some of the molten metal clung to her breasts for a moment and even as it rose up the expanse of molten metal continued to grow as the depression created by her breasts grew wider.


A massive cloud of dust enveloped Rachael as the armored vehicle was sent flying back. The speed was so great that even though the vehicle didn't strike the ground close to her the air disturbance was enough to draw up a massive cloud of dust.


A delighted giggle escaped Rachael as she felt the wind whip around her. The drag created by the armor vehicle being knocked away was so great she had to use her flight ability to keep stationary. She'd held back a considerable amount of her strength when she'd thrown the tank before hand. That had now been made incredibly clear as the force that she'd struck the armored vehicle with seemed equal to that of when she'd thrown the tank even though she'd used her breasts to strike the vehicle.


He had to watch that video over again in slow motion. There was simply no other option. Thomas knew that he had to see that again and he had to see it in slow motion so that he could truly appreciate the destructive power of even Rachael's breasts.


There was a moment in which Rachael was made to sigh. She would have loved to taunt her targets after such a display of power. However, in the current situation it wouldn't have the same affect and she knew it. Even in her accelerated state she only took a moment to admire the carnage she'd caused just with her breasts.


Once again and several times over Thomas heard the sound of an armored vehicle being sent air born. It appeared that Rachael truly enjoyed using her breasts as weapon as she continued to strike the armored vehicles with her breasts. As he watched her on screen he was made to remember when she had used her breasts to beat a few thugs to death. Now she'd become so powerful that she could use those breasts to easily destroy tanks.


While Rachael remembered to keep her speed down to only a few hundred kilometers an hour she was still moving around far more quickly then any ground vehicle. Indeed it was nearly impossible for anyone to keep track of her given how much of a distraction she was causing each time she slammed her breasts into another armored vehicle.


At least she was getting a limited rush from the situation. The feeling of the armor buckling and heating up when her breasts touch it was a delight to Rachael. She loved the tingle she felt whenever she saw a small tendril of red hot metal clung to her breasts for just a few moments.


As she continued to tear through the vehicles Rachael began to smile more. She didn't have the ability to really draw things out and enjoy them just yet but Thomas was right. She could always leave a few tanks and other vehicles standing to toy with. As she drew close to a particular tank she extended her arm and ran her fingernail through the metal.


There was a tremendous flash of light as sparks were sent flying. Though only the very tip of Rachael's finger struck the tanks armor the speed and force behind it was tremendous. A gash roughly the length of a human arm and seven centimeters deep was left in the tanks armor. The massive scar would serve to remind Rachael that she had decided to single that tank out for later.


Had Thomas been watching some of the other cameras he might have noticed the wound Rachael had dealt to the tank with the very tip of her fingernail. However, his attention was focused on the cameras that decorated her body. A few of them had been destroyed either by her rapid movements or by various bits of debris flying about. His favorite had remained intact in part thanks to placement and in part thanks to Rachael guarding it particularly well.


While she moved throughout the battle field Rachael continued to mark various armored vehicles. She had to be careful which she chose though. Each vehicle was chose mostly due to its location so that the risk of it being destroyed by another armored unit she'd knocked into the air was minimum.


Editing videos wasn't something Thomas was particularly good at nor did he really care for it. However, as he watched Rachael he knew he wouldn't mind working on the recordings they were currently making. He didn't even know if he could stand to allow someone else to work on the video. He wanted to make sure that Rachael was portrayed in the absolute best light. There would be no down playing of her power.


The design Rachael had picked out for her arena uniform was the one that she continued to wear. The material that composed it though was quite different. It had proven quite expensive but they'd managed to find a material that could survive most of the punishment Rachael would subject it to. This wasn't by it being tough but rather by it transferring energy very easily. The clothing offered absolutely no protection for the wearer but it could survive quite an assault.


As Rachael made her way through the armored units and came to the human soldiers she began to change her tactics. She was delighted when she heard a shocked gasp upon coming to a stop right in front of a few foot soldiers. Taking a slight breath she then proceeded to blow upon the soldiers. The force of her lunges pushing the air through her lips combined with the narrow passage was so great that there was actually a spark and it seemed to come out a wall of flame instead of air.


Thomas could have sworn that he saw body parts flying through the air instead of whole humans the moment Rachael breathed on them. He hadn't seen her take much of a breath so he doubted that it was the quantity of the air that gave it its punch. Rather it seemed that she had exhaled a very small amount of air but at exceptionally high speeds. The speeds were so great they gave the air the ability to tear through human flesh as easy as a curtain of bullets despite its miniscule mass.


The powerful gust of wind that Rachael released from her lips didn't even seem to be air. Rather it seemed as if an explosion had been released from and focused through her lips. This was one more situation in which Thomas tore his eyes away from his favorite camera. When he looked at the camera that showed the area where the soldiers had been all he saw was a creator. The force of the wind had been so great that it had actually torn up the earth under the troops.


For a moment he believed he caught sight of a limb but his attention was drawn back to the main screen all too soon. He'd have to check later and see if that was truly a limb he saw and if it had been turned into charcoal.


It wasn't clear to Rachael at first. However, she eventually noticed that her enemy had begun retreating. An amused giggle escaped her. She'd been moving so fast and tearing them apart so quickly that it must have taken the order some time to get through. Of course there was no way that she could allow them to just run away. She'd been hired to repulse the attack but she intended on giving her employer a freebee and tipping the scales of military power in their favor for a while. So she planned on killing every soldier she fought.


A slight whistle escaped Thomas as he watched Rachael tear the treads out from under a tank stopping the machine dead. She didn't stay to finish it off though instead she proceeded to quickly dash over to a smaller armored vehicle and remove a few of its tires. It was clear to him she wanted to play but she didn't want them to run away. He also soon realized how many of the armored vehicles had been marked by Rachael. They seemed to be the only ones left.


She'd been offered a bonus if she managed to secure any military materials but Rachael had no intention of going after that bonus. She'd grown quite sick of attempting to secure machinery. It limited what she was capable of doing, slowed her down a great deal and in general bored her nearly out of her mind. At this point in time she didn't believe there was a bonus that someone could offer her that would be enough that she'd secure anything.


Rachael was always quite thorough when it came to her battles. Thomas had noted that long ago. She always made sure that no one escaped despite their attempts to retreat. This was mostly done by her speed. Even when a few people remained behind to try and slow her down she'd simply run around them and go after the ones attempting to escape.


There had been more then a few times in which Thomas had been made to wonder if Rachael was so thorough because she enjoyed the destruction or if she wanted to keep them from running. He knew that Rachael truly enjoyed the feeling of bullets, missiles and mortars striking her body. She loved flaunting her power and she couldn't truly do that if they tried to run. Perhaps she wouldn't have slaughtered them all if they would just stand and fight.


As Rachael destroyed the armored units' ability to move she was disheartened to see some of the crews climbing out of their vehicles. Apparently after just a few minutes they had enough of her. She really was going to have to do something to make them stand and fight.


Giving a slight shrug she quickly made up her mind as to what that would be. As she began running once again she held out her hand. The first soldier she neared received a powerful smack to his knees. The force of the impact was so great that it not only caused him to flip into the air but it tore his leg from the knee down off.


If they'd fought her Rachael might have teased them some and let them shower her with bullets. However, if they were going to run she was going to make their deaths particularly painful. Instead of going for single killing blows she was going to tear limbs off.


For a moment Thomas wasn't certain what was going on. One of the drone cameras revealed it to him though. He watched as Rachael quickly bounded from soldier to soldier. Each one of them received a quick smack to the knees and their legs were removed. He imagined had they stood and fought she might have continued using her breasts and killed them quickly. Clearly this was going to serve as a warning for later encounters.




“Are you okay Rachael?”


“Yeah I'm fine.” As she spoke Rachael gave a slight shrug. “I suppose I'm getting a little disappointed.”


“You want them to stand and fight instead of trying to retreat.”


“You know I do. I just don't know how to make them. Even if I do take away their ability to escape they don't seem to fight back.”


“Then you should let the world know that. Let them know what today wasn't just for fun but you left them with missing limbs for a reason.” Even now Thomas knew that some of the soldiers still lived. Of course they weren't likely to survive given the level of destruction Rachael had caused and their injuries. The death would be painful that was for certain unless a few of them thought to use their side arms to end their lives quickly. He felt certain some would.


“Do you really believe that it will help?”


“Not at first. Still, once they realize that you don't allow anyone to retreat I'm sure they'll get the idea.”


“Oh I just remembered. What did you want to tell me earlier?”


For a moment Thomas was silent then he clapped his hands together. “I almost forgot. The next time you get a chance you should make it clear that you won't accept surrenders or let your opponents retreat. Even if they should surrender the moment they realize that it's you. Of course you should also make it clear that there will be consequences for any nation that should impersonate you.”


“What if my employer decides they should be able to surrender?”


“Then they should have to pay you a mercy fee. Of course any government can offer you a mercy fee before combat begins. However, they can't after words.”


“Do you think it would help make things more interesting?”


“If they knew that as soon as they entered the battle field with you they were all going to die I believe that it would help. As long as you make it clear that those who try to run will only be made to suffer even more. Of course I could be wrong. It's hard to remember the fine details in the middle of a life or death situation at times and the instinct to run is pretty powerful.”


“Mm well I can give it a shot.” A delighted giggle escaped Rachael. “I don't mind the idea of not accepting surrenders after all if they come to kill they had best be ready to die. Well I guess it is time for me to take over.”


Thomas gave a nod. Currently they were running out of road so it would be up to Rachael to fly them the rest of the way. Bringing the vehicle to a stop he reclined in his seat. “Let me know if you need directions and I'll tell you what the GPS says.”


“Sure thing” instead of making use of jets that had to be landed at specific air fields or even helicopters Rachael chose a different way to transport Thomas from location to location. She had learned to fly a fair deal faster then she'd previously been able to and she didn't have the limits of a human jet pilot so she could easily fly low to the ground and try to avoid radar detection.


Add in the fact that it allowed her to work on her flight abilities and flaunt them some it had been easy for her to decide to start flying Thomas and equipment around herself. The only delays she had to worry about were when she had to avoid other forms of air traffic. Other then she and Thomas Sally and Williams were the only ones that knew how she was getting around.


After she slid the side door to the modified armored troop carried Rachael flew slightly into the air. Moving to the center of the vehicle she took hold of two massive supports. Instead of carrying the vehicle on her back she had them placed on it so she could carry it under herself. She didn't take off right away.


A few moments after Rachael took hold of the vehicle a small hatch opened up and Thomas poked his head out. “Everything is ready.”


“Well then please be seated.”


Thomas gave a nod and proceeded to set the hatch. He then settled down in a chair just below it. Rachael kept her flight path low so there was no need for him to be an entirely enclosed environment. Even thought they had done this a few times before he still liked to set back and really think about what she was doing.


After Thomas settled down Rachael lifted up on the vehicle. The heavily reinforced beams could easily support the vehicle though she chose to accelerate slowly as to not take any risk. Her only concern was that someone might try to shoot her down while she was carrying Thomas. No one had tried and she always kept an eye out to insure she was well away from everyone and had time to set him down if need be. Despite that the concern was there.


“Come on now. If you go this slowly we'll never get back.”


A grin formed on Rachael's face as she glanced down at Thomas. “Hey I don't see you carry this thing. No back seat driving unless you want to be the one packing this thing around.”


“I need a gas peddle in here. I swear you must be the first engine that talks back.”


“Oh shush.”




Secrecy and security had been two things Rachael absolutely insisted upon when it came to their home. Of course it still amazed him how far she was willing to go. Currently Thomas set just outside of an RV which over looked the work sight where there home was being built.


Instead of hiring a vast team of human workers to build their home Rachael had insisted upon doing it herself. Now when Thomas looked down into the open dig sight instead of seeing several hundred human workers toiling away all he saw was a blur and a huge torrent of dirt shooting out of the opening as Rachael busied herself. The fact that the only thing that slowed her down so that she couldn't finish their home within minutes was the fact that the material couldn't survive such treatment was truly astounding.


As Rachael worked she glanced over her shoulder and gave the scoop an annoyed glair. She had planned on using what was now a lump of metal to dig the foundation for their home however it couldn't endure the speeds she moved at. The first time she had went to drive into the ground it had nearly folded in on itself. For that reason she had been forced to resort to her hands as the only thing that could endure her speeds.


At least she didn't have to carry one handful of dirt out of the dig area at a time despite the lack of any tools. Instead of simply carrying the dirt Rachael had taken to a more expedient method.


Upon sinking both of her hands into the ground and scooping up a handful of earth she'd squeeze it together. The force exerted by her hands was far greater then any press and she could compress even the rocks together. She'd then used her free hand to get another lump and once again compress it. As she compressed more and more earth together the lump would began to warm up.


After the soil had began to melt or burn Rachael would finally toss the dirt out of the dig sight. Of course moving at such speeds did have one problem. Rachael had to be careful how hard she stepped on the ground and how quickly she forced her fingers into it. Even with her moving slowly for her there was a fine cloud of dirt that seemed to hang perpetually in the air as constantly thrusting her fingers into the ground stirred it up.


There was no way that human's could work as quickly as Rachael was within the same amount of space. At least Thomas strongly believed that. Though he couldn't truly see Rachael as she dashed about he could easily make out the effects of her work. He saw the massive ditch sinking further and further into the earth while the pile of stones grew ever larger.


There had been a time when he believed Sally could help Rachael out now he realized how foolish he had been in that respect. There was simply no way that she could have kept up with Rachael and more to the point had she tried to work with Rachael she might have been killed. The speeds with which Rachael was moving about the work sight was simply too extreme.


As Rachael worked she repeatedly glanced over her shoulder at a solid steel pole she'd driven into the ground before hand. While she could work quickly she needed something to mark her progress. She was grateful that she didn't need to worry about the structural integrity of the opening for a little while. Of course once she made it down far enough they'd have to take steps to start bracing the sides.


While Rachael worked Thomas had to fight the urge to take a closer look at her efforts. However, she'd made it clear that he was not to come near the actual dig sight while she was working. It wasn't likely that Rachael would hit him with anything given her control but there was still a chance as even a tiny piece of dirt moving at the speeds she was sending about would be more then enough to tear his head off.


A sudden and very powerful gust of wind signaled Rachael leaving the work sight and running around to Thomas. “Okay I believe that is as far as I can go without bracing the sides.”


Thomas glanced over at Rachael who much to his surprise didn't have a speck of dirt on her. Of course the only clothes she had on her were a violet pair of panties and a bra. They were at the moment the only clothing she had that could survive her moving at such speeds. It was true the clothing she wore into combat could take quite a good deal of punishment but it still had its limits. The only reason Rachael's bra and knickers could survive was they had been made from her hair. “So are you ready for things to slow down?”


“No but I don't really have a choice.”


“I still bet you get finished faster then a crew of a thousand would.”


“Thanks. I stopped sense I was wondering if you would like to come closer and” Rachael didn't get to finish the sentence.


“I would!”


An amused giggle escaped Rachael. “Do you like seeing me work that much?”


“Rachael I love seeing you work. I love seeing you period though. You're not exactly hard on the eyes indeed I'd have to say you're the most pleasing sight to the eyes I've ever encountered.”


“Thanks.” Bending down a bit Rachael gave Thomas a gentle kiss on the cheek before straitening up again. “You looked surprised a few moments ago though. Would you mind telling me why?”


“I was just surprised to see that you didn't have any dirt on you.”


“Ah well the wind friction tends to rip it off.”


“I know. It's just hard to remember that at times.”


“Well come on. You can supervise while I work. Constructing genetics is quite easy but buildings are another story.”


“You're one of the few people on this planet that can say that and mean it. Then again I don't know if you were being entirely truthful just now. You sure seem to be having an easy enough time to me.”


“Pfft. That was because I just now got to the stage where I have to work with other materials and not just move dirt around and I am not even done with the foundation yet.”


For a moment Thomas was tempted to suggest Rachael go with a simpler design but he knew that wasn't going to happen. He'd suggested it before hand but she hadn't been willing to listen. Apparently she wanted to insure that their home was not only very comfortable but also exceptionally secure.


“True. Okay I'll make my way down to the work sight while you go and get the materials.”


There was no desire on Thomas's part to see Rachael limited or to see her power stop increasing. However, he couldn't help but be grateful that she had been forced to slow down while she drove the massive bolts through the shaft walls. Of course slow down was a relative thing. Rachael was still moving at an astonishing speed however he could at the very least make out where she was for the quarter of a second that she was still.


“Thomas, I hope you don't mind sleeping in the RV tonight. I don't believe I am going to have any of the rooms finished or anything other then the outer shell done even by tomorrow morning.” As Rachael spoke her voice was somewhat distorted not just by traveling up the cavern she'd dug but by her speed.


“That is fine. So you're going to work through the night?” A rush of air was the only thing Thomas felt indicating that Rachael had flown out of the chasm. He was able to see her on her return trip though. She could only carry so many of the massive rods that she was using in the walls at a time and they forced her to slow down on her return trip other wise she would most likely end up warping the metal so that it couldn't be used.


“Yes unless you don't want me to. I could wait until you went to sleep.”


“There is no need. I bet you're thankful for lazier pointers.”


“At this moment I am very thankful.” Each spot that needed bracing had been marked with a difference colored lazier beam. The different colors indicated what type of brace it needed. As Rachael came to one of the blue spots she once again exited the opening.


The ease with which Rachael returned with the two thousand kilogram beam was astounding. She held the beam with one arm while in the other she held six of the massive spikes. After she flew down to the spot that the blue beams had marked she'd press the massive support over them. In the current case the beam was vertical so Rachael placed her thighs on either side of it she then squeezed them together.


The metal felt exceptionally soft to Rachael and she had to be careful not to bend it. After this she'd quit holding it with her hand so that they were both free. After which she drove the spikes into place to hold the support in its position.


Upon feeling another rush of wind Thomas glanced over his shoulder at a small pile of three beams. Rachael had accidentally squeezed two of them too tightly and the metal had been warped beyond what was acceptable. The third had been damaged by her as well but it hadn't been her thighs. She'd leaned too far into the beam and she's accidentally squeezed it between her breasts or she acted like it was an accident Thomas had his doubts.


“Rachael could we have the section of beam with your breasts impressions in it mounted somewhere?”


At last Rachael stopped and looked up at Thomas. A devilish grin appeared on her face as she looked at him. “You bet we can. What room would you like it in?”


“How about we keep it in the living room?”


A delighted giggle escaped Rachael. “Sure. Do you mean the whole beam or just the section with the impression?”


“We'd need an awfully tall roof to keep the whole beam. I know how about you bend the metal so that it fits? You can try your hand at some art.”


“That sounds like fun. I'll see what shapes I can think up.”


“Well given how successful you were when you tried your breast at art. I am sure you'll do a wonderful job when you try your hand.”


“Mm why thank you. Though I am not sure how many would agree with you.”


“They'd have to be blind not to. Your art work is just superb. After all look how wonderful of a job you did with your own body.”


“I guess someone wants me to make sure that he sleeps well tonight. For now though I had best get back to work.”


“Okay, but if you must then would you mind moving a bit slower so that I can better enjoy the view?”


A delighted giggle escaped Rachael. Reaching up she covered her mouth for a moment and gave her fingers a slight kiss. She then extended her hand up towards Thomas and proceeded to gently blow upon it.


Thomas gave a slight jump as the wind proved more powerful then he had expected. Indeed for a moment he felt like his hands were lifting off the ground. Fortunately Rachael relented before he was sent flying through the air. Once the wind relented all he could do was grin down at Rachael while she smiled up at him.




“I hate cement.”


A slight chuckle escaped Thomas as he glanced over his shoulder at Rachael and then down at the foundation of their home. “I take it you just lay the foundation this morning.”


“Yes. I've been trying to figure out a way to make it dry faster but nothing is really coming to mind. At least nothing that wouldn't damage the cement in the long run that is.”


“I wish I could have watched you laying it. It must have been quite impressive.”


“Ah you didn't miss much.”


“Sure I did. Sleeping is such a problem.”


“Mm not if you dream of me.” As she held Thomas Rachael began to lift him up further as she did so she leaned her head to the side until her lips were level with his neck she then gave it a gentle kiss. A very pleased grin appeared on her face when she heard him give a slight sigh.


“I just remembered something.”


“What is that?”


“You told me to remember the battle field the next time I felt your breasts pressing against me. At this moment it's hard to believe that such wonderful ladies could devastate an entire army.”


As she spoke Rachael shifted her chests about a bit causing her breasts to rub against Thomas. “Well that is because they like you and like touching you. They liked touching the tanks as well but not as much and they didn't care about it in the least. Also unlike they tank they don't just want to touch you. They want you to touch them.”


“Then I had best do as they want before they get upset with me.” As Thomas spoke he reached behind himself then as he finished he pressed up against the underside of Rachael's breasts. He then gave them a gentle squeeze. He was quite happy when he heard confirmation that he could make Rachael sigh happily as well.


“So what would you like to do while the cement dries?”


“Would you mind helping me with some morning exercise?”


“I'd be happy to. Though are you certain you recovered from last night?”


“I'm sure. I feel quite energized actually.”


“Mm perhaps I went too easy on you last night then. It normally takes a day or two for you to recover from one of our aerobic sessions.”


A slight chuckle escaped Thomas. “I prefer to think that I've become more physically fit.”


“Mm that is a possibility. Though I don't see any changes sense the last time we noticed.” For a moment Rachael grew silent. A moment later she lowered Thomas back down and reached one of her arms up to pull his shirt collar further open. She then glanced down at his stomach. “Well that slipped my mind for a while.”


“What slipped your mind?”


“We never figured out what caused your sudden muscle development even with all the testing I did on you.”


“That's true. Have you thought of some more tests you'd like to run?”


“Not at this moment and I doubt that I will for a while yet. For now I want to go and have some fun. Later I may give you a physical. I don't believe that you've had one for a while.”


A slight chuckle escaped Thomas. “Well I tend to think you give me a very good checking over every time we are together. You don't exactly need anything to listen to my heart and those hands of yours sure get around.”


“I do but it isn't the same as a truly thorough examination.”


For a moment Thomas considered protesting but changed his mind. It had taken him a little while to catch on but it finally hit him that Rachael may want to play nurse. “Well how about we begin before I get hungry? I haven't had breakfast just yet.”


“Oh that is great. That means that I get to feed you.” With that Rachael climbed quickly into the air.




Sally couldn't help but blink her eyes as she looked around the vast structure. While she'd seen structures of similar scale before she'd never seen one meant for the purpose Rachael had in mind. “So she's building all of this just for the two you.”


“Yeah, she plans on putting in a lab and a play room as well. Personally I think most of it is for the play room. She needs a place where she can toy around with tanks and not destroy our home.”


“Well it's a good thing that she's building it herself. The labor cost for this would be a nightmare.”


Instead of arguing Thomas's nodded his head in agreement. “Even with what Rachael can earn I'd have to agree with you. She really isn't holding back of course I doubt that is the real reason she isn't letting anyone else work on it.”


“She wants to keep it as safe as possible.”


“When she has jobs that she doesn't believe I should come along for she plans on leaving me here. At least things are faster this way.”


“She did all of this in three days right?”


“Well two days and a few hours actually it hasn't quite been three days yet.” As Thomas looked around it was clear to him that Rachael was far from finished. Still, she'd managed to not only dig out the cavity where the structure would be built, she'd also managed to construct enough of the skeleton to support that cavity and lay the foundation.


Rachael had left Thomas and Sally back at the construction site while she went for more supplies. She was grateful that for the moment she didn't have to carry anything delicate. As she flew to the mill she quickly located the beams that had been set out for her.


Instead of having them taken to a dock Rachael had simply started picking them up from the mill itself. The crews would pack them as if they were going to be shipped by truck and the set then set an additional stack atop them. Several massive cables had been wrapped around the load with a massive hook at the top joining them.


It would have been nice if they'd managed to stack more then one load on top of the other however if they did the cables would have broken before Rachael could get the load back home. She couldn't carry more then one load with her arms either thanks to their width. So she'd come up with a different method of carrying them.


Using her hands Rachael took hold of the first hook. The width of the heavy metal was so great that her fingers couldn't quite span it. She then extended her legs and slipped her left leg inside the second hook. After that she placed her other leg on top of the hook so that her feet touched one another. Even in such an awkward position the lock her legs and feet created was far stronger then any made before.


After that she'd hold her body strait and fly upwards in a horizontal position. The heavy load didn't hinder her in the least though she kept her flight path low. In truth she was also grateful that she started rather far inland.


Instead of flying away quickly she would then begin to slowly increase her speed a few kilometers every second. By the time she was out over the ocean she was moving so quickly that she had to be careful to insure the wind friction wasn't causing the metal to melt. Normally when she arrived home the metal was far to hot to actually do anything with until it had cooled. This wasn't a major factor though as Rachael planned on retrieving a fair bit of material before she resumed her work.


It was easy for Thomas and Sally to tell when Rachael had returned. The disturbance she made in the air while moving so quickly and carrying such a massive load was very noticeable. They actually tended to notice this before they heard Rachael set the building materials down before flying off to pick up another load.


“So how much is she going to bring back?”


“She plans on getting everything they've finished for her so far. She'll then build until she runs out of material and then go back to pick up more materials. Of course they don't seem to be able to keep up with her.”


“That isn't surprising. At least she'll slow down whenever she has to begin work on the delicate components. How long does she think it'll take her to finish the frame work?”


“Well she only believes that it'll take her a day or two longer to finish constructing the frame work. Except for the cement and a few other things, she really hates waiting for the cement to dry.”


A slight giggle escaped Sally. “I wonder how she's going to feel about the wiring. She can't do that at super speeds. Well at least not at the speeds she's been moving at.”


“I don't believe she's looking forward to it.” For a moment Thomas grew silent as he felt a rush of air and heard another loud impact. Once things had settled down again he picked up where he left off. “I have to say though it'll be nice to actually be able to help instead of just stand around.”


“Have you run into any problems?”


“I know that Rachael has. After all no project of this scale goes off without any problems. I just haven't notice sense she's thinking and working too fast for me to keep up with her.”


“You're not the only one.”


“Okay I've cleared the yard for them. Would you two like me to fly you out of here? Things will probably get very loud when I begin working.”


Before he spoke Thomas turned to look at Rachael. “Would it hinder you if I was to stay down here?”


“No but you're going to have to wear your ear muffs. I'd like you to put some ear plugs in as well.”


“I don't take it that we'll be able to talk.”


“I wouldn't feel comfortable raising my voice that level with you in here. Even if your ears are protected your internal organs aren't so well protected. So no we won't be able to talk.”


“Would you mind if we placed a camera in here with you so that I could watch?”


“Mm that is a nice idea. So that means you're going to be waiting up top. What about you Sally?”


“I'll head on up as well. Sense you're going to be busy how about I tell Thomas about our progress. He can relay the information to you later.”


“That'd be fine. It doesn't look like the mills are going to be able to keep up with me so he can tell me about it while I wait for them to get more materials in. Thomas should be able to help you with any problems you're having as well. He hasn't done much of it for a year or so but he's actually quite a capable researcher.”


Thomas chuckled as he felt Rachael wrap one of her arms around his waste. “I don't believe that title really fits me given that I never made it past lab tech.”


“Believe me Thomas you're just as good in the lab as some of my formers colleges. Mm now there is a bunch that I haven't thought about in a good long while. I wonder what they think of me now.”


“I bet they wish they'd gotten to know you better.”


“Honestly I am glad they didn't. This way I can focus all my attention on you.” With that Rachael gave Thomas a quick kiss on the cheek.




As Rachael entered into the RV that had been serving as Thomas and her home for the past few days she let out a slight sigh. Though she'd picked the best money could buy she was still quite eager to get their home finished. She couldn't wait to show off for Thomas in their little play ground. She also reviled how much time the construction project was taking away from her and Thomas.


It was almost enough to make her grateful that the mills couldn't keep up with the demand for materials she'd been putting on them. At least while she waited for them to restock she could spend a little bit of time with Thomas. With that a smile formed on her face and she made her way to Thomas's room.


By the time Rachael had finished with the last shipment of materials Thomas had long sense gone to bed. He was still asleep when Rachael entered the bedroom. There was no need for Rachael to turn on the light to see him and despite her mass she made very little noise as she walked across the floor. Indeed upon seeing him she began making even less noise as she negated some of her own mass by beginning to fly just a little.


Upon coming to the foot of the bed Rachael carefully lifted the covers and bent down a bit. It was hard for her to stifle a giggle as she took in a long slow breath. As she took the air in it was actually compressed inside her body. She had to be careful not to breathe in too quickly or Thomas would have probably been awoken by the sudden lack of oxygen in the room.


After she was finished she turned her head back under the covers and towards Thomas feet. Parting her lips she began to quickly exhale under the covers. This was far different from what she had done to the soldiers though. The air wasn't released nearly quickly enough to be harmful and there was a huge amount of it. Rachael also kept her lips parted far more widely.


The results were nearly instant. Instead of coming out hot the air came out very cold. A solid wave of cold air that was powerful enough to cause the covers to billow up around Thomas and engulf his entire body.


Nearly the instant the cold air hit him Thomas's eyes flew open. He quickly pulled his legs up and took hold of the covers. He only noticed a second later that his feet were still uncovered. “Rachael!”


A delighted giggle escaped Rachael and she released the covers. She could tell that Thomas was quite awake. “So were you dreaming about me?”


“I'm not going to tell you after that.” After taking in a few breaths and shivering under the covers for a bit Thomas was able to grin.


“Ah would it help if I warmed you up?” As she spoke Rachael ducked down and crawled under the covers. She was certain to place her arms on either side of Thomas and insure her breasts brushed against him the entire trip up.


It took Thomas a moment to reply as he felt his mouth go dry. He was going to say no but his lips just wouldn't cooperate. “Well if you're willing to make it up to me.”


A delighted giggle escaped Rachael as she brought her head even with Thomas's and gave him a kiss on the lips. The kiss itself didn't last very long but she took a few moments after words to brush her lips against his. “House that?”


“Wonderful. Okay you win. Yes I was dreaming about you.”


“That's nice. So would you rather be dreaming about me or awake?”


“Awake. No dream can compare to the real thing.”


A delighted giggle escaped Rachael. Leaning close to Thomas she gently blew upon his lips. After she'd cooled his lips with her breath she then pressed her own against his once again warming them up. “I hope you mean that. So what did Sally have to tell you?”


“Mm couldn't you here? I know how aware you are.”


For a moment Rachael was silent then a delighted giggle escaped her. “Yes I could hear. Still, I want to know what you think about it. Come on tell me.”


“It seems strange.”


“That when removed from me my cells quit multiplying unless some of your blood is mixed in with them?”


“Yeah, it's very strange.”


Everyone had realized that the best materials on earth wouldn't be able to survive being warn by Rachael whenever she truly cut lose for a long time. For that reason they'd actually began trying to find ways to make her clothing from her and her hair had been an easy first choice. They'd learned several things from studying her hair including the fact that it was truly alive. Rachael's hair was more flesh then anything else and was a fair bit thicker then human hair.


They'd run into a snag though. While testing it seemed like it would work until Rachael and Thomas had quit visiting the lab except to pick up the result. What they'd found is when that started the hair began to die shortly after Rachael and Thomas left. For a while they had believed it was due to Rachael leaving the room. After that Rachael had started staying over night but once again the problem persisted.


Only after Thomas started keeping her company in the lab did the hair do well and after that Rachael had caught on quickly. For some reason Thomas's presence seemed to stimulate her cells when they had been removed from Rachael. They'd found that if they put some of his living cells in the vat with her hair they'd continue to grow until his cells died.


Even Rachael wasn't entirely certain why this happened though she had come up with a theory. The fact that Rachael had never hurt Thomas while they slept together was what inspired her idea. It seemed that Rachael's body had learned that it wasn't to harm Thomas and indeed should hold him gently. This meant that even when she wasn't unconscious she was exceedingly gentle with him.


“I guess you could say every little bit of my being just wants to wrap around you and keep you all for itself.”


A grin formed on Thomas's face and he leaned upward so that he could place a kiss upon Rachael's lips. As he pressed his lips against hers he thought back to the various displays of power she'd put on. The way that the air had left her lips at such high speeds it could tear human flesh and even stone to bits. Yet they felt so soft and warm when he pressed his lips to them. When he leaned back he had forgotten the cold of only a few moments ago.


“That was nice but now I believe someone has an idea.”


As he spoke Thomas pulled an arm out from under the covers. He then reached up and ran it along her cheek. “I was just thinking about your lips.”


“What were you thinking about them?”


“I know how soft they are but I've never really seen how strong they are.”


“Mm that may be kind of tough to show. I don't know what I could do and not end up using my teeth. Then again I bet I could come up with something. I'll think on it while I am working on our home today.”


“Sure, it's worth the wait to see what you come up with. So sense you already knew what Sally talked to me about what brings you here.”


“I just thought I'd give you some company and talk for a little while. I ran out of materials and the mills have yet to restock so I'm free. I was thinking that I could hold you while you went back to sleep.”


“Mm that is nice.”


While Thomas spoke Rachael lowered herself down so that she was wresting atop him. That didn't last for long though as she rolled over onto her side and took Thomas with her so they were still facing one another. “I hope you don't mind that my work has kept us apart so much.”


“Well of course I mind but I know you don't like it anymore then I do. Still, I am quite eager for the day I can start helping and even more eager for the day when you finish.” For a while now Thomas hadn't been able to help Rachael. The speeds with which she moved about and the sound waves she generated simply weren't healthy for a human's organs.


“I know. It's quite frustrating. The reason I work so quickly is so that we can spend more time together however its that very speed that prevents us from being together now.”


A sigh escaped Thomas and he leaned forward. After he gave Rachael's neck a kiss he raised his head back up onto the pillow. “Well we are together now.”


“Yeah, I just hope I have the willpower to leave in a few hours.”


“I'll just wait until you begin working again to go back to sleep. So what do you plan on having made whenever you have enough of your hair to work with?”


“A few more pairs of knickers and bras of course I really want to do some testing. I hope that I can find a way to change the coloring so that I can make some more diverse clothing.”


“I bet you're looking forward to having clothes that don't burn away whenever you begin really moving.”


“Well I actually have to hold back a little even with clothes made from my hair sense well. Once the cells are removed from me they quit evolving no matter what it seems. You know how fast my strength and other abilities have been building.”


“That is true but it still means a few months sense the strands removal it can endure your top speeds. That must be nice.”


“As long as I am not trying to do a strip tease it sure is. It is nice but it's also something of a let down to be honest. There is just something about knowing if I move too quickly the wind friction will tear my clothing apart that gives me a huge rush.”


“Yeah, every time I lose sight of you I wonder if you're going to be in the nude the next time I see you. You're new clothing takes that element of surprise away.”


“You never told me that. I can wear the weaker clothing if you want me to.”


For a moment Thomas was quiet as he considered Rachael's offer he then gave his head a shake. “I honestly don't know which is better. I love how you dress to tease. Actually, I believe I like thinking about how much fun it'll be to take the wrapping off later. Just please don't cover up too much.”


An amused giggle escaped Rachael and she gave Thomas a quick kiss. “You've got it. So do you prefer regular knickers on me or thongs?”


“Mm I can't say. Once again they both have their own appeal.”


“Are you sure about that?”


“Yeah, though I sure wouldn't mind if you alternated thong or regular. Then again a thong would save some materials.”


“Alternate it is then. Just let me know if you ever develop a preference.”




He had known that Rachael wasn't going to hold back when it came to building their second home. When she'd requested the designed for various old and new bunkers he hadn't been shocked.

Still, as Thomas came to comprehend what she was doing he couldn't help but feel a little stunned.


Currently Thomas was working on the wiring and feeling a little odd. He had never expected Rachael to bring him a protective suit made from her own hair. When she had first presented it to him he'd been somewhat reluctant but she'd refused to allow him to help unless he wore it. The suit insulated him from shock far better then any other he could think of.


There was however two problems with it. One Thomas didn't care for the color. It looked wonderful on Rachael's head and clothing but not on him. The second reason was that it didn't feel safe. Rachael's hair remained almost as silken in its current state as it did when he ran his fingers through her hair. So while he knew the suit insulated him from shock far better then any other he still felt very odd.


As his thoughts turned to Rachael, Thomas glanced over to check on her. The electronics she was working with had forced Rachael to slow down but only to a limited extent for the moment. Currently he estimated her speed to be five times greater then that of a human's.


Of course five times faster then human was actually quite slow for the project when she was doing most of the work and it was fortunate that Rachael didn't need to sleep or eat. She also didn't have to worry about killing herself with a live wire. Currently the two of them were working on wiring the living quarters. Rachael had already taking care of the plumbing and she'd finished the room for the reactor.


“Rachael don't you believe that you're going a little bit over board?”


“Do you believe that I am?”


“Well honestly yes.”


An amused giggle escaped Rachael. “Then you may be right I won't deny that. However, what else am I going to do while you sleep? I can't really go to work sense you might miss something then.”


A slight chuckle escaped Thomas. “So what are you going to do after we're finished with the living quarters?”


“After that I am going to slow things down. Well after I've hooked up the reactor. From then on I am only going to work whenever you're asleep. So what do you believe is the most extreme?”


“I can't really say. Things just seem so over sized.”


“Now I want you to really think about that. Just stop and consider how large most estates are and then think of the really large ones. Do you really believe that the living quarters are larger then them?”


“No. I can't say that they are but you've gone beyond that.”


“Of course I'm also installing a fully functional lab where I can do some research and work on a few projects. Think of how large the lab we worked at before was and consider how much more versatile the one I'm having made is. Now put that together with the estate.”


“Then if I consider you're making an indoor training area for yourself which given your abilities has to be massive and very sturdy. Okay I am seeing where you're coming from with all of this. Though I don't really believe we need an estate or a bedroom the size of some people's homes.”


“Well I don't need a home period.” A delighted giggle escaped Rachael. “I just want one.”


“Okay I see your point. I guess you have a good reason for wanting a reactor as well. Just how much energy is your play room going to require.”


An amused giggle escaped Rachael. “We're pretty far out so it isn't like I can get power from a station and well it's going to require a whole lot. I don't want to have to be flying back and forth to pick up fuel for a generator when reactor would last so much longer. Though, I didn't care for having to read up on them.”


“What do you mean read up on them?”


“Up until a few days ago I didn't know much about reactors or how to build one. So I stopped by Williams's and put in a request for all the data they had involving reactors and a few other things. Sense I am pretty much as dangerous as a nuclear weapon they didn't seem to have any issue with giving me the data that I wanted. I then spent a whole fifteen minutes reading through the material on a computer display, studying designs and test data. I also took a few tests to judge my knowledge.”


“Rachael how long is fifteen minutes to you in comparison to others?”


“Do you mean whenever I lapse entirely into my accelerated state?”




“I didn't do that I'd probably have been insane after words if I did. Thomas if I go all out then a single second to you is several centuries to me.”


“Are you serious?”


“Well I can't be certain but the few times I have lapsed into that state it seemed accurate. If you want to know I spent somewhere around thirty years worth the time studying.”


“How do you hold yourself together during that time?”


“It's odd but without mental exhaustion being a factor I seem to have unlimited patience in my accelerated state. That or a great deal more patience then I do other wise. I tried focusing on something I found boring for thirty minutes once and I nearly drove my hand through the wall. I then lapsed into my accelerated state and I was able to focus for what would have been weeks without getting upset.”


“Did you stay focused for fifteen minutes in the real world?”


“No. After I lapsed into my accelerated state only thirty seconds passed in the real world. I wasn't as fast back then and I didn't use it to its full effect. The article was really boring to me.”


“Well your brain is bound to be working differently when you change states. I suppose that would explain the increase to your patience. In any case it's good that you get the increase.”


“Yeah, I wonder if I could earn every PHD over night if I set my mind to it.”


“If you gathered up all the materials you need first I believe that you could.”


A delighted giggle escaped Rachael. “That is an amusing thought. Well I am finished over here. Once you finish up go ahead and skip the next room and I'll meet you in the one after that.”


For a moment Thomas was silent he then glanced down at his hands and gave his head a quick shake. “Okay. It shouldn't take me much longer to finish up sense I won't be distracted.”




Walter felt a little awkward as he and his camera man set within the small transportation capsule. Currently he was on his way to interview Rachael at her home and of course that meant being flown to her home first. The little capsule they currently road it had been provided by Rachael. It was effectively an aerodynamic pod with no means of propulsion of its own. So of course Rachael was carrying them.


As he set in the capsule he'd already come up with his first question. Just why was Rachael being so careful to insure that no one knew where her home was exactly? It was enough to make him wonder if she had some form of weak point that she didn't want anyone to know about. Of course if she did have such a weak point he didn't think it would be easy to get it out of her and he couldn't risk her realizing that he had.


For a moment he imagined what Rachael would do to him and his camera man if she realized that she had made a mistake and given away too much information. The feed wasn't going to be live. Indeed they were relying on her to provide the equipment. All she'd have to do in order to keep the information from getting out would be to kill them both.


“Is everything alright in there?”


The sound of Rachael's voice took Walter's mind off the possibility of a horrible death for a moment. “Yeah this is all just very unusual.”


“What? Haven't you been blind folded before?”


“Well yes we have. I wasn't taken on a flight then though. I believe the longest journey I took without knowing where I was going was in a car for maybe three hours.”


“Don't worry we're almost there. I could have taken your car but it would have forced me to flight a lot slower.”


“Would that be due to the wind resistance?”


“In a way yes, if I were to fly as quick as I am now while carrying your vehicle it would be torn apart and you shortly there after.”


“So how fast would you say you're flying now?”


“Fast enough that something not designed for it or very sturdy would be torn apart. You'll have to guess at the speeds somewhere in there.”


“You seem rather concerned that someone could gauge the distance to your home if they knew your flight speeds.”


“I try to make it difficult and you're thinking correctly. I don't want anyone knowing where I live.”


“I believe I'll wait until the camera is rolling to ask you further questions.”


“That is fine or you can ask me now and again later if you want to make sure it is the type of information you want.”


“That is very considerate. What would you do if someone was to accidentally stumble upon your home?”


“Well I have the area pretty well marked off as private property and it isn't exactly easy to get to. If someone was to stumble upon my home and realize what they'd done I'd kill them.”


“Don't you believe that is a little extreme for trespassing?”




Thomas couldn't help but chuckle as he saw Rachael landing. The fact that she'd had a small capsule made to transport people was quite odd to him. He could still remember when they were concerned with money. Now Rachael seemed to have more then enough to throw around. At least in a limited sense of the word she still cut down on certain expenses. Their home was a good example of her cutting back. While the materials were costly he could only imagine how much money Rachael had saved by doing the work herself.


As Rachael lowered herself to the ground she flew between two platforms. The platforms were three meters tall so that Rachael could land between them and then walk out from under any object she happened to be carrying. It made setting more fragile objects down much easier and gentler. “Okay we're here.”


After taking in a deep breath Walter reached up and released the latch that held the door shut. As he climbed out of the capsule he found himself in a rather large but mostly empty hanger. He quickly resolved to ask Rachael exactly what it was for. “So is there a particular room you would like to begin the interview in?”


“Let's go to the living quarters your equipment is waiting there.”




“Is everything ready?” Walter glanced over at his camera man who had only taken a few moments to check over the equipment. Once he received a thumbs up he turned to Rachael. “Shall we begin?”


Leaning over a bit Rachael extended one of her arms around Thomas and settled her head down upon his shoulder. “Sure.”


“Hello. I am here with Miss Rachael Marks. As everyone knows Rachael here is a wanted fugitive that has been establishing herself as a major military power. Currently we're in her home though I am not certain where that is. Rachael I have to ask. Given your previous displays of power why are you being so careful to keep your homes location a secret?”


“Well they're a variety of reasons. Mostly I just don't want to have to be finding off attacks at my home or having to do repair work. Even I like to have a place that I can come back to, set down, relax and cuddle with my Thomas. Of course I don't want an overly upset group of people to drop a nuclear weapon on top of my head while I am relaxing either.”


Walter gave a nod and turned to Thomas. “Thomas. I believe that is your name.”


“It is.”


“How do you feel about this?”


“I really thought Rachael was going over bored for a while but then we talked and I came to see her point.”


“Does this structures secrecy have anything to do with your protection?”


Thomas gave a nod. “Yeah, I believe that it does. I can't attend every mission with Rachael though I like to go whenever I can. Of course I tried to explain to Rachael that this isn't necessary. It isn't like I would be hard to hide away for a few hours while she rips an army apart.”


“I want you to be comfortable while I am away and I don't want to risk some random incident endangering you.”


“Thomas, how do you feel about this change in your life style?”


“It's worth it to be with Rachael. I know that it's put me in a little bit of danger but it's worth it.”


“I see. Now Rachael you said earlier that you would kill anyone that happened upon your home.”


“No. I said I'd kill anyone that realized they'd happened upon my home. It isn't exactly easy to recognize.”


“I see. So Rachael, are we going to get a guided tore of your home?”


“I'd be happy to.”


“Well then in a little bit. For now I want to ask. Don't you feel like your extorting money? I am sure you're aware that your activities have caused a great deal of concern. You've devastated several military forces and are charging other nations mercy prices and protection fees.”


“I'm charging a few nations protection fees. Anyone can pay the mercy price to me however I won't accept protection money from everyone.”


“I see. So what is your price?”


“You mean it hasn't gotten around? Well then. I like to charge based on how much work I have to do. I'm actually pretty good at keeping track of how many machines and people I kill. For each seized bit of machinery I charge half of its value, for each destroyed piece I charge a tenth. Every trained soldier I kill is one thousand dollars and each untrained soldier I kill is only a hundred. Of course at times we differ on what is considered trained and what isn't.”


“What do you charge for killing enhanced such as yourself?”


At first Thomas had been content to listen but he quickly turned his attention towards Walter upon hearing him imply there was an enhanced like Rachael. “There is no enhanced like Rachael.”


A delighted giggle escaped Rachael and she gave Thomas a quick kiss on the forehead. “When I really get moving I can't tell the difference between an enhanced and a regular person. So I don't bother charging any special fees for killing enhanced though they do count as trained soldiers if I notice them.”


“Have you ever encountered a situation in which someone couldn't pay?”


“Yes I have though I knew they wouldn't be able to. I am willing to accept installments and as long as they don't force me to motivate them to pay I don't charge any interest.”


“Well at least you seem to be generous when it comes to your rates. Why is that?”


“I know that most who hire me aren't going to be in the best situation financially, militarily or politically speaking at least in most cases. So I try to make employing me cheaper then sending out your own soldiers and getting them killed. That is in terms of human life for those that hire me and money as well. Also look on the bright side to paying me. While I am collecting my money I am far less likely to take a job that would harm you.”


“Is it true you won't accept any surrender if a nation hasn't paid your mercy fee?”


“Yes it is. If I haven't been paid the mercy fee then any combatants entering the battle field can expect to be killed.”


“Now I recall from the last time we spoke you weren't worried about some form of virus being created within your body. I'm going to assume that hasn't changed. What I want to know is. Do you monitor yourself in anyway?”


“Of course, I like to check on my body's progress whenever I can. I also have a few projects going that require further work with my body.”


“What would those projects be?”


“I've been working on some clothing. None of the materials we could find can endure the punishment I can. So I made some clothes from my own hair. Of course I can't do that very often and the strands are kind of hard to work length thanks to their relatively short length. So we found way to take a strand of my hair and stimulate it so that it continues to grow. It turns out my hair doesn't have the same design as most. Then again that goes for my entire body.”


“I see. Does it bother you at all that you're helping to unbalance already delicate political situations?”


“No. The hostilities were already there. I just help them to be expressed plus everyone or just about everyone has an equal chance to hire me. It just depends on who gets the offer in first and which one Thomas decides to go with.”


Walter gave a nod and glanced over at Thomas. “So you seem to be the one that decides which jobs Rachael will accept.”


“Yes she prefers if I act as her manager.”


“Why do you believe that is?”


A smile formed on Thomas's face and he glanced over at Rachael. “She wants me to. That's all I actually know. She won't tell me anything more and the last time I suggest she could handle it she threatened to break my arm.”


“I did not.”


“You sure squeezed me tightly enough.”


An amused giggle escaped Rachael. “That was just me showing you the binding power of your position and the harder you try to get out of it the tighter it becomes.”


“I see.”


Instead of speaking right away Walter waited to insure that Rachael and Thomas had finished speaking. He didn't want to interrupt such moments. “So Thomas what factors determine which jobs Rachael will take?”


“Well for one thing she won't take any job in which her target is unarmed. She also won't work with anyone that had used biological weapons recently. Rachael has quite a hatred for biological weapons. Typically I try to get her jobs that have her acting in a defensive roll.”


“Why would you keep her in a defensive roll?”


“It makes matters simpler. Of course she can't act purely defensively or she wouldn't get enough work”


“Does she have any jobs currently lined up?”


“At the moment she doesn't have any offensive jobs waiting for her and we never know when she'll be called upon to play a defensive roll.”


“What about smaller jobs such as assassinations?”


“Those are doable especially if there isn't any constraint on how she handles it. They tend to be rather expensive of course. Often it's actually cheaper just to hire her to destroy everything there. I know how much Rachael hates having to hold back so I try to discourage those types of assignments.”


“I see. So is there any concern that Rachael will eventually make more enemies then she can handle?”


“No, and that is becoming even less of a concern. You see Rachael is still getting more powerful. I can't say how much more powerful as honestly we lost the ability to gauge her power a long time ago.”


“So what are your and Rachael's plans? Why even work as a mercenary?”


“Well other then finishing up our home. Rachael plans on refining the process by which we've been growing strands of her hair and trying to change the color. She also has several rooms to our home she'd like to finish. As for the reason Rachael works for a mercenary it is actually two fold. For one thing she really likes using her strength and what grander way is there for her to flaunt it? The second reason is for the money.”


“Why does she even bother though? Surely she could take the money by force.”


A delighted giggle escaped Rachael. “I'll take this one. Well being paid makes the money much easier to spend. If I just ripped a bank vault out I may have difficulty spending the money. Also this way I am not just out causing destruction for kicks. Would you rather I just attacked anything I wanted entirely at random?”


“I see your point but does that mean you do concern yourself with politics? I didn't believe you cared what the world thought about you.”


“I don't a great deal but like Thomas said earlier. It makes things easier if I do them this way.”


“What would you do if people quit seeking your services?”


“Then I'd either wait until someone was foolish enough to attack me or I would sell some of my designs. Well not the design that made me the way I am now but I've developed quite a few.”


“You mean you've been working on new genetic designs?”


“Yes I have. It's actually something of a hobby for me. I don't need to sleep anymore so I've taken to various projects which I conduct while Thomas is asleep.”


“The two of you seem to be quite close.”


“We are. Thomas saved my life after all.”


For a moment Walter's eyes, despite his previous experience he couldn't hide the surprise on his face. “Would you mind telling us how?”


“When I first treated myself everything didn't go as planned. I was left on death's door step and if the police had found me I have no doubt that their attempts to treat me would have pushed through the door. However, Thomas came to my rescue much to my surprise. He picked me up and carried me away to safety.”


“How close were you to being caught?”


“Well like I said Thomas saved my life. If it hadn't been for him I would have been captured. It's kind of funny now. If the police had found me within the first six months of my enhancement I would have been dead. It's far too late for that now though.”


“Do you believe that you're invulnerable?”


“I know that I'm not. I can hurt myself as easily as anyone else can hurt themselves. Well not as easily. Stubbing my toe hurts the object kicked not me but if I hit myself in the stomach it hurts.”


“Rachael, can you ever see yourself submitting to any nation's authority or do you believe you've gone beyond that point?”


A slight giggle escaped Rachael. Though she liked that she got to answer the question she couldn't help but feel it was silly. “Why would I do that? I mean really what could anyone offer me that would cause me to submit to their laws?”


“So you feel you're above the law?”


“Whose law are you referring to?”


“Let's just say the world.”


“Well several of those laws disagree with one another. Let's just keep it in terms of the laws of any nation. Yes I am above those laws as there is nothing they can do to stop me and nothing that they can offer me. I don't need police or military protection. I have all the power I need to protect myself. In truth you could say I am my own state.”


“Don't you believe that is going a bit far?”


“No and just think about it. I've claimed an area of land for myself I have a population and a government.” A delighted giggle escaped Rachael and she gave Thomas a quick kiss. “Even if it only consist of one civilian who must play the part of civilian authority and population. I can sustain myself and the population of that land and I can defend that land. I believe I meet all the requirements for a state.”


“You do seem to be correct.”


“Mm I wonder if I should endeavor to have the United Nations recognize my home as an independent state. Well not right now perhaps I'll try whenever I have some more free time on my hands.”


“I see. Would you mind giving us that tore of your home now?”


“Sure. Is that all the questions you want to ask before we begin?”


“Yes that is enough.”




“Rachael when did you hurt yourself?”


Rachael glanced up away from the microscope and over at Thomas. Currently she was monitoring the progress of a strand of her hair that had been removed and placed in a cultivation tank. “It was a little while after I began work on our home. I don't really know what I was thinking at the time. I was just bored sense you were asleep and I didn't have any materials to work with so I resolved to see if even I could hurt myself.”


A chuckle escaped Thomas as he slowly shook his head. “The things we do to relieve out boredom.”


“Or the things we do when we aren't thinking. I have no idea why I am even using this.” As she spoke Rachael stood up and walked away from the microscope. Instead of looking at the sample through the machine she chose to look at it strait through the glass.


“Well that is impressive. I take it that you can see things more clearly with your own eyes then the microscope.”


“Yeah, I can see quite a bit more clearly with my own eyes actually. Of course I feel a little silly right now. I suppose I used the microscope out of force of habit.”


“You have been using them in your lab work for quite a few years. So it isn't surprising that you feel a little odd now that you don't need to any longer. Have you come up with any ideas on how to change the color of your fair?”


“No. I haven't come up with anything yet but I am hopeful. My hair is pretty strange after all so there has got to be something going on. I wonder why it ended up like this in the first place.”


“What color did you originally plan on your hair being?”


“To be honest I didn't plan on it changing. The treatment was meant to strengthen me all around but not change anything like my hair or eye color. Of course you know that the treatment didn't work as it was supposed to.”


“Yeah and now the whole world does. I wonder how people are going to react to the knowledge that you were vulnerable for a time. You did a pretty good job of taunting them over that.”


A delighted giggle escaped Rachael. “What do you mean? I made a simple honest statement.”


“You didn't have to mention the police directly though. I am surprised you didn't name names. You could have really made some people sweat.”


“Oh darn it. I wish you'd brought that up during the interview. So what is going on with my work?”


“It seems they want you to take out a bunker.”


“Did they give a reason?”


“Yeah, they believe that enhanced are being produced there and want it destroyed before they can be made in large enough numbers to be a threat.”


“Are you serious?”


“Apparently a lot of groups have been ignoring the bans on genetic enhancement sense your appearance and first interviews. Those that never developed the technology feel they're at a disadvantage.”


“Well they're right. Still, I didn't expect this. Well this should be a lot of fun. Do you believe that I should take the job?”


“I don't see a reason not to. Would you like to leave now?”


“Shouldn't we let the scout drones get there first so you can watch?”


“Rachael, I am pretty sure you're going to be spending most of your time underground.”


“Oh yeah” A slight giggle escaped Rachael and she stuck her tongue out at Thomas. “What? I forget things to.”


“I didn't say anything.”


“You grinned. You'll just have to rely on the cameras built into my clothing to watch.”


Thomas gave a nod. He already knew that he wouldn't be joining Rachael for this one. He wouldn't be able to see what was going on unless he followed her into the bunker and he'd have to stay rather close to her to watch even if he did. It simply wasn't safe for him to be with here. “Well sense you don't need to wait for the drones and I can't come along do you want to go there now?”


“When do they want me there?”


“In the next twenty four hours it seems. They also want this to be kept quiet. I guess they're worried about how their neighbors will feel about them hiring you.”


“Mm all well. Go ahead and let them know that I'll take the job. While you're doing that I'll get dressed. Are they going to show me to the target or are they sending directions?”


“You'll need to take a GPS unit with you.” As he spoke Thomas typed a few quick commands into the computer. “I'm sending the location to your computer now. Do you want to know their estimation of your opposition's strength?”


“No. I want it to be a surprise. I'm going to have to be careful with this one.”


“Why do you need to be careful?”


“I want to take a look at their progress. I may be able to developed new designs of my own in record time but I still like to see what others come up with.”


“You mean you like to see how much better your designs are so you can pet your ego.”


A look of shock appeared on Rachael's face the moment Thomas leveled the accusation. However, she couldn't hide the slight smile forming at the sides of her face or the gleam in her eyes. Clearly her shocked expression was faked. “What? I'm shocked that you think I'd do that. Why I'm almost too shocked for words. What gave you the idea that I would do such a thing?”


“The fact that you're you and you always liked flaunting your abilities.”


Soon the look of shock faded from Rachael's face faded entirely and she stuck her tongue out at Thomas. “It isn't like I ever did it unfairly. Every researcher and developer in the lab had access to the same materials and information that I did. At least the information that wasn't in my head.”


“I know. I didn't say that you did it unjustly.”


“Well then. I guess I should go and get dressed. Would you like to watch?”


Thomas's response to Rachael question was to quickly stand up. He took his laptop with him but he doubted he'd be paying much attention to it. At least until Rachael left.




As Rachael looked around herself she couldn't help but give a disappointed sigh. She was within a few kilometers of her target and she had yet to meet any resistance. Reaching behind herself she opened a small pouch and took out the sturdy little computer. An arrow on the small screen pointed her in the direction of her target.


After sprinting in the direction the arrow indicated at one hundred and eight kilometers an hour for a few moments what she was found was that the arrow had turned to an x meaning she was right on top of her target area. After taking a few moments more to scan the area she began to focus more on her hearing and less on what she saw. It only took her a few moments to hear the sound of foot steps in a corridor as well as several machines working.


Apparently whoever had built the bunker had done a wonderful job of concealing the entrance and Rachael didn't truly feel like searching for it. As she glanced down she reached behind herself and put the computer back in its pouch. Sense she didn't want to look for the entrance she'd just make one.


The impact generated by Rachael's fist striking the bunker was so powerful that it would have been heard for several kilometers had anyone been around to hear it. Those trees in the immediate area were blasted by enough force to tear them out of the ground as massive chunks of rock and other debris was sent flying through the air. Some trees that were further away weren't torn up from their roots but were still snapped in half by the shockwave.


Rachael hadn't bothered grounding herself so she had been sent flying through the air. The force of the impact acting back on her was enough to send her flying several kilometers into the sky. She made use of her flight ability to sore yet higher as she looked at the massive cloud of debris that had swallowed up the area.


For a radius of one hundred meters every tree in the area had been ripped up from its roots and sent flying. Only a few exceptionally massive boulders remained in their previous position. As Rachael flew back down she had no doubt that she'd used enough force to knock a hole in the top of the bunker.


Soon she could hear various alarms going off and was quite certain she had their attention. Taking in a deep breath of air she sent a torrent of air traveling one hundred and forty kilometers an hour into the dust cloud. This served to help quickly clear away the debris and let her see the opening she had created.


While she lowered herself into the opening Rachael glanced around. She was very amused to see that the concrete roof of the structure was thicker then she was tall. Several steel bars also ran throughout the concrete reinforcing it further. Had the hallway been narrower she would have had to probably clear some of the concrete chunks out of her way before she could land in it.


She assumed that the power and other functions must have been ran through the floor as the lights were still on when she landed though the red emergency lights had been turned on. Despite the sound produced by the alarm Rachael was able to hear in what direction the majority of the activity was occurring. Instead of just plowing through the walls she quickly began to sprint down the corridors. She wanted to keep the damage down on this one in hopes of finding something interesting later.


The dominate question on Rachael's mind as she rounded the hall though was just how she should handle the situation. She could move quickly and not give anyone time to radio her location back to wherever their command center was. That would let her take them apart in smaller numbers but it wouldn't really let them concentrate their attack against her. There was also the option of moving slowly and letting them shoot her until their bullets ran out.


It only took Rachael a moment after the thought to decide. It was much more fun to take her time and wait for them to run out of bullets. While holding back would increase the chance of them destroying something she wanted to examine she felt the loss would be worth it. After all while their work did interest her to a limited extent it wasn't nearly as appealing as her amusement.


Keeping track of Rachael's movements on the monitor was difficult for Thomas. She took turns so quickly that he had a nightmarish time deciding which direction she'd gone. Still, he was able to follow her movements well enough to notice a few oddities. “Rachael is it or does this place seem rather boring?”


Upon hearing Thomas's voice Rachael slowed down. “I'd say it has been rather boring so far but I can hear a lot of activity going on somewhere. It seems to be further down I just need to find a door.”


“Why don't you just break through the ground?”


“Well I figure the labs are on the lower floors as well and I don't want to damage them too badly.”


“Alright, it just seems to me that you've been wondering around for a little while. Far longer then it normally takes to find someone.”


“I can't say that I noticed.”


“It may just me but I expected more activity is all.” Thomas noted Rachael shrug as her cleavage pushed further into view.


As she spoke Rachael once again began to run around the facility. “Do you have any ideas to help me find my way around?”


“Yes. Why don't you just use your fingernail to leave an imprint in the wall? If you see that imprint later you know that you've already been there.” The sound of rock being torn apart told Thomas Rachael liked his idea before she spoke. The microphone limited the volume of the noise it would transmit so it wasn't ear shattering as he imagined it would be if he was there.


“That is a good idea.”


“Have you noticed anything to help you find your way around?”


“Not really. This place seems to have very few markers. Well darn it.”


“What is it?”


“You're right. This place had me going in circles.”


“Do you see where you haven't been yet?”


“Well I see where I haven't marked yet. I don't know if I went down that way earlier or not.” Even before Thomas replied Rachael began to dash down the corridor. “Thomas, are these places normally set up like labyrinths?”


“No, at times it seems that way due to their scale but such facilities are designed to help people find there way around. You don't want anyone getting lost.”


“I thought so but these turns seem like they've been set up to lead me back to the same spot.” Even as Rachael spoke to Thomas she ended up back at her original location and quickly dashed down yet another hallway.


“Perhaps you should retreat for the time being? All of this seems a little too strange for my comfort.”


“Don't worry about it Thomas. It's not like they can do anything to hurt me but they sure can annoy me!” Rachael fumed as she came back to the same spot once again. Glancing around she found that she had three more tunnels to check. This time when she began to run down the tunnel she pushed off with enough force to actually tear apart some of the concrete flooring.


“Woe.” Thomas gave a slight jump and covered his forehead. The sudden blur of motion on the screen was enough to make him dizzy. “What is wrong Rachael?”


“I don't know. I feel like they're playing games with me.” As she ran Rachael sunk even more of her hand into the wall. This time she sunk it in up to her knuckles. Instead of slowing down though she just put more power in her legs to keep up her speed. As she rounded a corner she quickly slowed as she felt the resistance change.


They were some games Rachael liked to play and it was now very clear to Thomas that they were some she didn't like at all. “You know you could go strait to them if you'd just go through the floor.”


“I know hold on a second though I think I found something.” As Rachael felt around she could tell that she'd contacted some form of metal. There were a few centimeters of concrete covering it. She felt around for a moment and found where the concrete touched the door she then quickly tore it away.


“It looks like you might have found your way in.” What Thomas saw on the screen was a door. A badly damaged one from where Rachael's fingers had already torn part way through it but it was still clearly a door.


“Yeah, I wonder if they are any other doors up here. They might have been others hidden behind the concrete.” As Rachael spoke she took hold of the heavy metal door. The alloy was only five centimeters thick as she felt her fingers pushed through to the other side. Taking hold she easily pulled it free from the wall. Several bits of concrete were sent flying as the bolts were pulled out as easily as most would open any other door.


What Rachael found behind the door wasn't a stare way. Rather it looked to be some form of barracks. The room was bare but all the living accommodations remained. The mattresses were on the racks with sheets, covers and pillows. There wasn't much to see but it seemed due to it all being neatly put away.


“Rachael what do you see? There isn't enough light.”


“It's empty but everything is nice and made as if it is ready to be used. I think I may need to check the halls I already been in. There may be more doors hidden under the concrete.”


“Rachael this is really strange. Why don't you just back off for now or at least go strait through the floor?”


“Come on Thomas. I believe I may have figured out just what is going on here. It'll only take me a few moments to check.”


A sigh escaped Thomas he knew that Rachael wasn't going to listen. “Okay, just be careful. You said it yourself you're not invulnerable and this is all very strange.”


It was impossible for Rachael not to giggle. “I may not be invulnerable but so far I'm the only thing that's managed to hurt my body physically.”


For a moment Thomas just shook his head as Rachael opened up what he guessed to be the thirty seventh, door in her search. He couldn't be entirely certain due to the speeds at which Rachael had taken to moving. At last he could see a set of stairs leading further down into the installation. “Well that was fairly well hidden.”


“All these doors are well hidden. This is down right obsessive.”


“Can you hear anything?”


“Huh, I got so focused on looking around I forgot to pay attention.” As Rachael continued down the steps she began listen to see if she could still hear any activity. What she found was things were a lot more silent then upon her arrival. She didn't have time to say anything about this though as the moment she reached the bottom of the steps she was assaulted by a wall of bullets.


What Thomas heard was a dull roar and a delighted squeal from Rachael. When he looked to the screen he noted three tracked robots blocking the hall. Each one of them sported a rather impressive fire arm.


It was a delight for Rachael to finally meet some resistance though it was far from what she expected. As she looked the machines over she resolved to let them use up their ammo despite the lack of a human target. The bullets striking her skin felt delightful and despite their lacking numbers they were able to absolutely cover her. “So these are the machines I heard when I entered. I bet they're set up all over the place.”


Despite his previous concern Thomas couldn't help but wish he could see Rachael better. Considering how quickly the robots were firing upon her he couldn't help but think it must be a spectacular sight. He realized that she was adjusting her body when her cleavage pushed into view and he saw more of the roof.


In response to the bullets striking her Rachael had thrust her chest outward and flew up into the air so that the bullets struck the bottom of her breasts. The bits of hot metal were a delight and came far more quickly then she'd previous experienced. As the bullets continued to strike her she began to turn around and noted that the concrete of the door frame behind her was being eaten away by the bullets that missed her.


The moment the bullets stopped hitting her Rachael froze for a moment. A sigh escaped her and she glanced over at the machines. “Don't tell me that you're out of bullets already it hasn't even been a minute.”


While Thomas didn't like seeing Rachael upset he couldn't help but chuckle as he heard her over the com unit. “Rachael that is often the problem with weapons systems that fire very quickly. They tend to run out of ammunition all too soon.”


“Well blast it.” The machines had run out of bullets before Rachael had even turned halfway around. As she turned around she lowered herself back to the ground once her feet touched down on the floor and she saw that the machines weren't going to take any other action she reached a decision. “I believe I'll take them home with me when I come back. They'd make great toys for later.”


“Be sure to check them for tracking devices.”


“I will” Before the machines could begin to retreat Rachael had moved behind them. She then extended a hand and took hold of the closest machine to prevent it from trying to pull away from her. After that she began to search around for the wires that connected the motors to the batteries. It only took her a few moments to find what she was searching for and she quickly immobilized all three of the machines.


“So how many of them do you think you'll try to gather up?”


“I believe I'll take as many as I can actually. They should be a lot of fun to play with later.”


“Do you have anything in mind?”


“I am sure I'll be able to come up with something. For now I have more work to do. I suppose I should use the same method as above.”


“Yeah, Rachael you know that depending on how far under you go the link may be cut off.”


“I know. If the link is shut off I'll hurry back as quickly as I can. I'm becoming a little worried myself. I've tried to keep anyone from following me back to our home but this place seems set up to delay me.” As Rachael spoke she actually turned around and began to make her way back towards the exit. While she was walking she also began to remove the cameras and more delicate equipment from her body.


At first Thomas didn't know what to think when he saw a few of the cameras changing position. He quickly realized that Rachael was taking them off but chose not to say anything about it. “Someone sure has made it difficult for you to find your way without going strait through the floor.”


Upon removing the final bit of equipment Rachael took off into a sprint. The moment she rounded the corner she truly put on the speed. The moment she took off the walls were impacted with enough force to leave indents on both side of Rachael. The force was only from the wind that had been suddenly dispersed by Rachael's rapidly moving form.


When Rachael vanished from the screen Thomas reclined in his seat. He then glanced over at the nearest clock. It was less then fifteen seconds when he heard Rachael speaking to him as she rounded the corner and returned to her equipment. “Well I didn't see anyone around our home.”


A slight chuckle escaped Thomas. Rachael had removed her equipment and then exited the bunker. It had taken her less then seven seconds to travel back to their home and do a super speed search of their home. He imagined there was quite a path of destruction around their property. She'd then traveled back to the bunker and was putting her equipment back on. “That is a bit of a relief.”


“Keep an eye out just in case. Well time for me to get back to work.”


Five more stairways had been found and each lead Rachael further down into the bunker. She'd encountered several groups of robot defenders but as of yet she hadn't found any humans. Clearly this was beginning to affect her as she had actually quit waiting for the robots to run out of bullets and had begun to quickly immobilize them. “How are you doing Rachael?”


“This would be more fun if it wasn't so darn suspicious.” As Rachael extended her finger and pressed it into the wall a look of surprise appeared on her face. Upon withdrawing her finger she was surprised to find that it wasn't even as thick as her knuckles were long. “What?”


Thomas didn't get to hear the end of the sentence. A moment after Rachael noticed the wall all cameras were lost. There was total silence in the room as Thomas looked at the screens. “Rachael? Rachael, are you there?” At first Thomas's mind went blank however as he slowly stood up he began to think of what might have happened. “Someone set a trap for Rachael.”


Nearly the moment she had realized how thin the walls were an explosion had tore through the entire bunker. The thin walls of the lower rooms served to allow the energy to pass freely while the thicker ones above her head and the floor trapped as much of the energy in the bunker with her. However, even with the layers of concrete and earth that surrounded the bunker there was no way it could contain the explosive energy.


The detonation has occurred far too quickly for Rachael to respond. The moment the wall of hot gasses had wrapped around her every stitch of clothing she wore had been burned away and she'd sent flying through the air. She felt a noticeable change in temperature as the remarkable heat attempted to ignite her flesh.


The sheer power of the explosion stunned Rachael and for a few moments she didn't know what to do. Even as she felt herself falling back to earth she was quite shocked. Only after achieving terminal velocity did Rachael regain enough of her composure to engage her flight ability and fly out of the cloud of debris. As she flew away from the blast area she glanced over her shoulder.


The bunker was gone and so was anything that could be considered a mountain. For a few moments Rachael was silent however as she floated in the sky she felt her skin warming up. This wasn't due to the explosion though this heat was coming from the inside of her. She could feel her anger bubbling to the surface as she noted the shape of the cloud of debris and considered the power of the blast. “The bastards nuked me!”


Rachael fully expected people to try and kill her and she expected them to use their most powerful weapons. However, she didn't expect anyone to try using a nuclear device especially given the collateral damage such a weapon caused.


It was clear to Thomas that Rachael had been hit by something powerful enough to knock out all her cameras at once or had encountered some electrical interference. Unsure of just which one it was he made his out of the observation room and began heading towards the main entrance.


After realizing what had happened Rachael didn't remain behind for very long. While she was still remarkably upset she couldn't help but worry about Thomas. The fact that they had used a nuclear weapon against her made her very concerned about what else might be attempted. As she made her way over the ocean Rachael dipped down into the water.


The moment Rachael's body touched the water a massive vapor cloud burst into the air. This wasn't due so much to the heat energy her skin had soaked up as it could retain a great deal more. Rather this was due to the friction generated between her skin and the water when she moved at such high speeds. While she was quite upset she had the presence of mind to try and clean her body off before she arrived.


A horrific gust of wind rocketed down the hallway as Thomas progressed down it. The wind was so powerful that he was only able to brace himself for a few moments before it lifted him off the ground. A surprise shout escaped him as he found himself flying backwards. He didn't make it very far that as he impacted with something quite soft but very solid.


Upon entering the hallway Rachael realized she'd made a mistake. She was moving far too quickly. So instead of slowing down she'd actually run behind him and caught him. “Thomas, are you alright?”


After giving his head a quick shake to clear it Thomas glanced over his shoulder. He was quite surprised by the concern he saw on Rachael's face. “I am just fine.”


A sigh escaped Rachael and she lowered her head. “I am so glad. Thomas, I am going to dash down to my lab very quickly. I have some test to do. I want you to put on a hazardous material suit and join me there.”


Thomas was about to ask why but before he could he felt another powerful gust of wind. Rachael had already taken off down the hallway. Apparently she was very concerned about something.


Upon reaching her lab Rachael began search through her equipment. Even before Thomas could make it to the room to get suited up she was checking to see what the radiation levels were.


Upon entering the room Thomas was a bit surprised to see various bits of equipment setting on a table opposite Rachael. “Rachael, what happened?” A wave of relief washed over Thomas when Rachael looked up.


There was a slight smile upon Rachael's face though it was far from ecstatic. In truth it seemed to be more of a look of relief then a smile. “The bunker was a trap.”


“Yeah I figured as much when all the cameras went out.”


“There was a nuclear bomb somewhere in it. The entire bunker was built to make sure I felt as much of the bombs effects as possible.”


In response to this information Thomas proceeded to make his way over to the table where Rachael had set her equipment. He then began to search through the various instruments. What he found was that Rachael had already checked herself and there were no radiation levels or anything else that was out of the ordinary. “Well I see that I can take this suit off.”


“Yeah, I shouldn't have even come near you before I checked myself.”


Before he commented Thomas took off the suit. He then made his way over to Rachael and wrapped his arms around her. “I am glad that you did. I'm so glad that I got to see you before you told me what happened. If I had known that a nuclear weapon was used again you before you made it back here I would have been so worried.”


“For the whole thirty seconds it took me to return?”




As she spoke Rachael slipped her hands under Thomas's arms she then lifted him off the floor after which she turned him around and set him down on her lap. “Thomas you should know that you no longer have to worry about me.”


“That was a nuclear weapon Rachael.”


“I know. Just stop and think at the speeds I move at though and my strength. How much energy do you think was in the punch when I hit myself? Then stop and consider that all that energy was focused on one small area while the bomb's energy was all spread out. Even though the bunker was designed to trap it in there with me I still only got hit by a fraction of its total power.”


“Thank goodness they couldn't concentrate that energy into a single spot.”


“Mm well while I have to confess that I was quite upset when I realized I had just been blown up by a nuclear bomb. When I think about it I don't know how small of an area it would have to be concentrate in to kill me. Look I don't even have first degree burns.”


“Please, don't even test that theory of yours. Even if the technology is developed I would prefer if you didn't.”


“Ah but I'm still getting stronger. How about I won't intentionally test it even if the chance arrives for ten years?”


“We'll see what comes about in that time. Rachael, we can't let this slide.”


“I know. While I appreciate they fact that they've just helped us prove how powerful we are. Using a nuclear weapon on me was going too far. So how do you want to go about handling this?”


“I personally believe those responsible for the operation should be handed over to you and that include government officials.”


“Oh! I like that idea. Then I could have some fun with them. I wonder if they believe that I was killed by the explosion.”


“Most likely whoever set this up believes that you're dead. It isn't exactly an every day experience that someone walks away from a nuclear explosion when they were at ground zero.”


An amused giggle escaped Rachael. “Well this isn't good.”




“I'm not really angry anymore now that I think of what happened. I still believe I need to make them pay for this though.”


After a moment a slight chuckle escaped Thomas and he slowly shook his head. “You're the only person that could get over being nuked so easily.”


“Well I know that they are going to pay for nuking me so I don't really have a reason to stay angry.”


“Rachael, let's hold back on letting anyone know that you survived the explosion. Given the situation I doubt that this was one nation acting on its own and we want to make sure you get everyone that is involved.”


“Sure. So how do you want to begin?”


“Do you believe that we should contact Williams and Sally?”


Rachael gave a quick nod. “Sure I trust both of them. Especially Sally. Why don't you contact her first and tell her that I made it back but died from third degree burns?”


For a moment Thomas was silent he then gave his head a quick shake. “Rachael that is just mean!”


“Oh come on it'll be funny. I want to see her response.”


“You know she'd hit you for that if she was strong enough.”


“Come on Thomas. How many times do I get to see how people will respond to the news of my death? I promise that sense she can't hurt me I'll make it up to her if I really do scare her.”


“Would you really do that to a friend?”


A guilty looked appeared on Rachael's face though she didn't quite smiling. A moment later a giggle escaped her. “Well yes.”


For a moment Thomas considered arguing more but at last a long sigh escaped him. “That is just rotten but you can do it if you wish.”


“I am going to need your help you know. I can't speak to her myself and you're the only person they'd believe.”


“I will not be a party to this. Unlike you I can still be hurt when someone else smacks me.”


“Come on Thomas. Please?” Leaning forward Rachael placed a gentle kiss on Thomas's neck. “Sally won't get that upset over it. I am certain of it. Please?” While she waited for Thomas to respond Rachael continued to place kisses along his neck. She even resorted to slowly shifting about so that her exposed breasts rubbed against Thomas's back.


Despite his best efforts to say no, Thomas couldn't get the words to leave his mouth. The mixture of Rachael's kisses and breasts rubbing against his back was quickly melting his resolve. “Fine, but I want you to make it clear to Sally that I had no choice in the matter.”


“Deal, okay now let's practice you calling. She won't believe you if you don't sound torn up.”




“She's standing in the room listening to the conversation right now.”




An amused chuckle escaped Sally. “Thomas, did you really believe you could trick me that easily? Rachael suddenly dies and you call here within twenty four hours to report it to me. Nice try but I've spent far too much time with the two of you to believe that one. Still, at least we know that that explosion was about now.”


“Sally this isn't …”


“Thomas, quit the act.”


Using his free hand Thomas covered up the mouth piece of the phone and turned to Rachael. When all she did was shrug he removed his hand. “Do you at least want to know her condition?”


“She's fine. I don't know if she has a sun burn or not but if she is putting you up to pranks like this one she's fine.”


“You've been observing us quite closely haven't you?”


“It's a force of habit when you're in my line of work. I know more about Williams's behavioral profile then he knows himself as well. To effectively protect someone you often have to know them better then they know themselves. So I am probably right when I say that you're calling for information in regards to who is responsible the bomb.”


“Yes. Do you have any information on it?”


“Thomas, we only learned about the explosion a few minutes ago. If we had knowledge before hand you'd received it.”


“The entire bunker was built to insure that Rachael felt as much of the bombs energy as possible. So this has been in the works for a while.”


“Well, that should make it easier to get some information on. Depending on how well they covered their tracks. So what is Rachael going to do about it?”


“She's planning on lying low for a while so that she can see how the media responds. Then she's going to make them pay.”


“Ah so she's going to let them make an ass of themselves first.”




“They set off a nuclear bomb. That's going to cause some trouble of course they're going to use killing Rachael as justification most likely. That or blame her for it some how. When she re-appears alive it means that they used a nuclear weapon for absolutely no reason at all.”


“Except to prove how powerful she is.”


“That is true. I believe if you watch the news you may get all the answers you need as to who is to blame for this little incident. How many people does Rachael want to know about this?”


“We want to keep it a secret.”


“I bet some people that paid her for protection are going to be sweating bullets.”


A delighted giggle escaped Rachael. As she spoke she made sure to keep it loud enough for Sally to hear it. “Well if anyone tries to attack them I'll still honor my contract and make my appearance. Even if that means revealing myself sooner then I want to.”


“Alright, I'm going to give Williams the news if you want then we can begin looking into who is to blame for this little event. It may take a while to make a full list or it may not require any time at all. It's hard to say how this is going to be handled.”


“Okay. Sally, how long is that going to take?”


“I don't really know.”


“No. No. I should have been clearer on what I was meaning. How long is it going to take you to pass on the information so that you're free?”


“Oh. Well that depends on if you want me for something.”


“I do. If you don't mind ask Williams if you can have the next few days off.”


“I'll need a reason if I am going to do that.”


“Before I had Thomas call you I promised that if you were upset or offended by the little prank I'd make it up to you. I believe seeing through my little prank deserves a little something as well and I may need your help in the future. So I thought I'd bring you back here and give you some further enhancements.”


Thomas was made to jerk the phone away from his ear the moment Sally heard she was going to be enhanced further. A delighted squeal escaped her. Apparently she liked being enhanced quite a bit. Turning to Rachael Thomas mouthed the words ouch as he rubbed his ear.


“Well I see someone likes her enhancements.”


A slight giggle escaped Sally and she was glad no one could see her blush. “I'm sorry about that. It's just news like that is even better then learning I just won the lottery in my opinion.”


“So how long are you going to need?”


“Give me twenty four hours. If I need more time I'll let you know but believe me I'll try my best to insure that I'm ready by then. What lab are you going to be using?”


“We'll use the one at my home.”


“Okay. So is there anything else you need?”


“No. That is all.”


“In that case I am going to get to work. I'll see you in twenty four hours.”


There wasn't even time enough for Thomas to say good bye as Sally hung up. Turning around as he set the phone down Thomas couldn't help but chuckle. “Well she is quite eager.”


“I know. I guess the last enhancement I gave her was very much to her liking.”


“So are you going to begin work on her new DNA design now?”


“No. I already have it prepared.”


“When did you do that?”


“I started as soon as the lab was finished. Instead of just working on our home I also began working on projects sense I often ended up having to wait for results. I figured it was best to multitask so while I worked on our home I thought up new ideas, refined them in my head for a little while and then tested them in the lab. While I waited for results I would resume work on our home.”


“That's good thinking. How is refining the ideas in your mind coming along?”


“I've noticed that the number of times the tests confirms my thoughts has been going up. It seems that I'm becoming quite good at conducting the tests in my own head.”


“That isn't surprising considering how good you must be at processing information to handle the speeds you run at.”


“That is true. Well sense we have twenty four hours before I need to go and get Sally. How about we take some time to celebrate my miraculous survival?”


“That sounds good to me.”


“Celebrating my survival only sounds good to you?”


“Exceptional, it sounds like an exceptionally wonderful idea.”


“That's better.”




As Sally entered Rachael's home lab she had to take a few moments to look around. It was the first time she'd actually seen it. The lab had clearly been set up for Rachael. Various automated testing stations stood ready, far too many for most to make use of by themselves. However, the actual work stations were rather limited in number due to Rachael's ability to set up test long before they finished.


The computer had clearly had durability in mind as Sally tried to guess what alloy the keyboard and casing was made from. It also sported far too many screens for someone to keep track of unless they happened to be able to work at super human speeds. “Rachael, why do you have five extra keyboards?”


“Well I noticed how long it took my computer to save anything while I was working in the higher levels of my accelerated state. This way when I have to stop and save I can just turn around and begin working on another project.”


“I take it you're the only person on this planet that thinks it takes too long for that computer to save.”


“Yeah I probably am. So shall we get to your enhancing?”


“Sure. What do I need to do?”


After walking over to a refrigeration unit Rachael opened the door and retrieved what appeared to be a milk shake. “First you're going to need to drink about three of these.”


“I assume that's the building materials my body is going to need once the redesign begins.”


“Most of them are contained in here. Three should be enough to get you safely started. Ten minutes after you've drunk the first one I'll inject you with the carrier and the redesign can begin.” As she spoke Rachael walked over to Sally and presented the container to her.


As she took the container from Rachael Sally had to ask. “Did you take taste into consideration?”


“This time I was actually able to. I hope you like mint.”


Instead of responding right away Sally opened the container and took a quick sip. She had to inhale a bit to help the thick liquid flow into her mouth. “Mm it isn't bad. I don't believe it would sell very well but it sure is better then what I'm normally forced to swallow before an enhancement.”


“Yeah there was only so much I could do with the flavoring and still have it perform properly. Anyway, hurry up and drink that then two more and I can give you the injection. You'll need to drink a couple more over the next few days.”


“Where is Thomas?”


“He's asleep.”


A slight chuckle escaped Sally after which she took a moment to lock her lips around the containers opening and inhale deeply. While her lunges weren't as powerful as Rachael's she was able to drain the container in one massive swallow. “Sense it isn't exactly late I'm willing to bet you had something to do with him going to bed early.”


“We celebrated my survival of such an extreme attempt upon my life.”


“Considering that was over twenty four hours ago and you probably began then that is a lot of celebrating. Rachael, I've been meaning to ask. You don't have any trouble enhancing me but why haven't you enhanced Thomas yet?”


“In all honesty I've thought about it more then once. The thing is something seems to be telling me not to. Every time I start to consider his genetic profile and how I would best go about enhancing it I get this feeling as if it is a really bad idea.”


As she spoke Sally walked over to the fridge and retrieved another one of the drinks Rachael had just given her. “Surely you're not worried that he'd leave you after he was enhanced. I know the minds of some enhanced have been altered through the process but you know what you're doing.”


“I'm not worried about him leaving me even if I enhanced him to the point that he could survive on his own. Thanks to being with me the world has become a more dangerous place for him after all. I just get this feeling that I shouldn't do it.”


While Rachael had been speaking Sally had quickly drained another one of the drinks. After retrieving the third she began to walk over to Rachael. This one she was drinking more slowly. “So you have absolutely no idea why you feel that way?”


“It's similar to when I was worried about what changes may occur within my body. I didn't even know if I would retain my human form when the changes first began. There just seemed to be something telling me not to worry about it. The same something seems to be telling me not to enhance Thomas.”


“Well considering how protective you are of him you must put a lot of confidence in that something. Sense enhancement would make him safer.”


“I know that it seems silly and I really want to protect him. Perhaps, I am trusting too much in the feeling but I haven't been able to bring myself to act against it. Beyond that I really can't explain my reasons any better.”


“Perhaps, you just like protecting him so much that you detest the idea that he wouldn't need your protection any longer.”


An amused giggle escaped Rachael as walked over to the storage area and removed the syringe with Sally's treatment. “That could be it. I really can't say for certain. I sure hope I am not putting him in unnecessary danger for that though.”


“So you believe that there may be reasons other then emotional ones for not enhancing him?”


“I don't believe that there is but I don't believe there isn't either. So I really don't know. Have you finished your drink?”


“Yeah mint is pretty good but it gets kind of old after two drinks of it.”


“I'll try to come up with more flavors later. You're going to need to eat a lot of protean and drink some more drinks while this treatment is in affect.”


“Where do I need to take it?”


“Your arm is fine.”


Once Rachael drew close enough Sally extended her arm and held it strait for Rachael. A slight chuckle escaped her when she noticed the needle. “Well that doesn't look friendly.”


“I know, after this I may have to start thinking of ways to get the treatment in your blood stream through different methods. I'm thinking converting it into a gaseous form is the best way to go.”


“So what is this going to enhance?”


As Rachael spoke she inserted the needle into Sally's arm. It was fortunate that she had the entire syringe designed with Sally in mind other wise the syringe would have burst under the pressure needed to force its contents into Sally's blood stream. “Well your strength and speed as well as your endurance of course. However, it does have a few special features. I put some serious efforts into effecting your eyes and the region of your brain that handles visual perception. You should be able to see on a much wider range of spectrums once this takes effect. I also worked on improving your memory.”


“Oh? How much of an improvement to my memory are we talking about?”


“That's hard to say actually. You should have a photographic memory when it's finished though.”


“Well that is going to be new. So when am I going to start feeling the effects of this?”


“You'll start feeling the effects in twenty to thirty minutes but you won't feel sickly for at least an hour.”


A sigh escaped Sally as she glanced at where Rachael and injected the syringe. “I really wish that could be avoided. Do you have a room ready for me?”


“Yes I do.”


“How about taking me there now then? I don't really like to be walking around when I feel like I am going to throw up my insides.”




They hadn't even taken five steps before Sally lapsed into her accelerated state and quickly dashed ahead of Rachael. “You know I can move more quickly then human.”


A grin formed on Rachael's face and she quickly moved back in front of her friend. “You don't need to be wasting energy on unnecessary show boating. Let's just walk there.”


As Sally stepped into the room she couldn't help but shake her head. The bed looked more comfortable then what she'd find in a hospital but clearly it had been made with more then comfort in mind. “I take it that its water proofed for a reason.”


“Yeah, if you start to warm up too much I may have to pack some ice around you.”


As she walked over to the bed Sally couldn't help but groan a little bit. She loved the increased power that came with her enhancements and this one was going to give her some extra abilities. Despite that she hated the actual process as more often then not she ended up feeling very sick and weak even if her strength had increased. Rachael wasn't even the first person that had to resort to packing ice or gel packs around her to keep her body from over heating during the enhancement stage. “I wonder how your body constantly improves itself without even making you feel sick.”


“Well for one thing my rate of improvement is far more gradual then what you're undergoing. I've never done anything like become five times stronger then what I was within a week. It's just that my body never stops improving upon itself. At least that is what it's been doing for several years now.”


“You just had to feel weak and helpless for several months.”


For a moment Rachael grew entirely silent. A few moments later an amused giggle escaped her and she felt her face growing hot as she actually blushed. “OH my I had almost forgotten about that.” As she spoke Rachael turned away from Sally and looked in the direction of Thomas's and her room.


There was a moment in which Sally didn't know what was going on with Rachael. Even when she realized that Rachael was actually blushing she wasn't certain of the why. “I believe someone has some naughty thoughts in her mind.”


“No. I just feel kind of strange all of a sudden.”


Even though Sally wasn't certain of exactly what was going on in Rachael's head she had a fairly good guess. Turning back to her bed she noted a cabinet that set beside it. “Is this where my drinks are?”


“Mm?” It was only after Rachael had turned around that she even realized what Sally had said. “Oh yes. They're also some gel packs in there in case you feel the need for some extra.”


“Hey am I going to get room service?”


“Well I can't let you be up and walking about while your being modified or when you're recovering from the enhancement process. So yes if you need anything just give me a shout. Of course I have to make sure you eat anyway. Though as the bathroom is right over there” with that Rachael pointed a finger to a door in the wall. “I expect you to do that under your own power.”


“Well it's nice to see that you don't believe I'll be getting that sick.” As she spoke Sally climbed into the bed and lay down. “Well this is a soft mattress.”


“Only to an enhanced, I had Thomas lay on it to see if it would work. He regarded it as a little firm for his liking.”


A slight chuckle escaped Rachael. “I guess we can lose our feel for the world if we aren't careful. To be honest I am surprised you haven't become detached. Concrete is even less to you then glass is to others. You can feel a resistance difference though can't you?”


“Yes, I can feel a resistance difference in everything I touch. I can feel it when I walk in the air and when I walk through mist even. My ability to process information and my senses have kept on par with my strength throughout all of this. It can still be difficult at times to keep different structural integrities in mind.

I want to go over board quite often according to Thomas.”


“So you always want to make things unrealistically strong.”


“Nope, Thomas has had to remind me on a few occasions that humans aren't as delicate as I seem to think.”


A slight chuckle escaped Sally as she lay down on the bed. After a few moments she noticed that her eye lids were starting to feel heavy. “Rachael, am I going to get tired?”


“It's a possibility and quite likely. I guess you're getting tired now.”


“Should I try to stay awake?”


“No. Just go ahead and wrest. I'll wake you up in a few hours so you can eat some. This is actually better then you running a fever.”


“Don't let me burn up while I am unconscious.”


“I won't. Now go ahead and wrest.”




“So how is sally doing?” Thomas glanced up from the large pan of eggs he was currently working with.


“She's doing fine. So far her body temperature has remained within safe parameters without any external aids.”


“So she's handling the upgrade as well as you believed she would?”


“Yeah, it should become increasingly easy for me to enhance Sally as I improve upon her further.”


“You said the main complication from the first time was the enhancements she's already received I believe.”


“Yes it was. Now with me being the only one that is working on her or able to really improve her things are much simpler. Would you mind making a few eggs for me as well? Hey what's that look for?”


Thomas couldn't help the look of surprise on his face as he looked away from the pan. Currently he was working on preparing himself and Sally breakfast. He hadn't expected Rachael to want to eat. “Do you realize how long it's been sense you've asked for something to eat? Especially something that might actually qualify as a meal.”


An amused giggle escaped Rachael. “Well don't think I'm asking because I'm hungry. I just remembered liking the taste of eggs and want to enjoy it again.”


“Do you want some chocolate and oatmeal as well? There is plenty to go around.”


“That'd be nice. I believe my self test has gone on long enough to confirm my theory.”


“You mean to confirm that you no longer need to eat.”


Rachael gave a quick nod. “You got it. Of course I haven't locked myself in a particle free environment long enough to discovered if I'm drawing any matter from the air.”


“Given how long you went without eating before you felt you no longer needed to eat I don't think I want you testing that theory.” Thomas was a bit surprised when Rachael quickly nodded her head.


“I have to agree. It would require me to separate myself from people I enjoy being around far too much. That is one experiment that will have to go untried.”


There was no need for Thomas to actually put on any additional eggs. In his attempt to make enough for Sally he'd actually made far more then enough. This was made very clear as he filled up the plate meant for Sally with eggs alone while his and now Rachael's still were left with a rather hardy amount. “I think I may have more then I can eat.”


“I'll finish yours off if you do. How's the chocolate coming along?” Instead of waiting for a respond Rachael walked around Thomas and over to the pot where it was currently thickening. She then dipped her index finger into the scalding hot liquid. When she withdrew it there was a less then impressive coating on her finger which she quickly licked off. “I believe it needs more time.”


Sally gave no signs of waking up as they entered the room. It was only when Rachael reached a hand out to shake her awake that she spoke. “I'm already awake so please don't do that.”


A slight chuckle escaped Rachael. “It's food time.”


“Can't I wrest just a little longer? I still feel so tired.”


“No. You're body is going to be running out of materials in a few hours and I don't want to deal with the consequences if that happens. Plus Thomas went through all the trouble of making his nice breakfast for us.” As she spoke Rachael set a trey atop Sally's bed with the various plates setting atop it. “Now get up.”


For a moment Sally didn't move despite Rachael's talk but when the smell of oatmeal and chocolate hit her nose she slowly opened her eyes. She began to set up slowly until she felt Rachael's hand pres against her back and force her into a setting position quickly. “What's the rush? Is it really so important that I eat now?”


“Was it important that you ate when your doctors told you during previous enhancements?”


A sigh escaped Sally as she nodded her head. “This looks good. Who cooked it?”


“That would be Thomas.”


Picking up her fork Sally retrieved a few bits of her scrambled eggs. As she chewed she looked up at Thomas who had taken a seat opposite of Rachael. “They're good. Though I am left wondering why you don't have Rachael higher a cook. I'm sure she could find someone willing to work here especially considering how much she travels.”


“I don't mind cooking and if she'll eat it I actually like cooking for Rachael. They're so few things that I can do for her. I don't like the idea of giving up one of those things to someone else.”


After Thomas finished speaking Sally took another bite of her eggs. She had meant it when she said that the eggs were good but she didn't really feel hungry due to how tired she felt.


“I know its hard Sally but unless you eat you won't start feeling any better. Your body is using a lot of energy right now.”


“I know. This would just be a lot more enjoyable if I didn't feel like I wanted to fall face first into my oatmeal. Do I really have to finish all of this?”


For a moment Rachael considered telling Sally that she could settle for eating three fourths of what Thomas had made for her. She quickly changed her mind though so the words never reached her lips. While she could have actually slept safely for a few more hours if she just ate half of it Rachael felt it was best if she ate it all. “Yes. You have to finish all of it.”


Thomas bit down on his lip nervously as he looked at Sally. After seeing her take two more bites though he had to ask. “Would you like some help?”


A slight chuckle escaped Sally. She didn't answer right away but looked over at Thomas then at Rachael. She was a bit relieved to see that Rachael didn't appear to be annoyed. “No thanks. If I stop moving I'll probably just fall back to sleep.”


“I can feed you while Thomas eats if you want. I don't actually have to eat after all.”


A slight chuckle escaped Sally and she gave her head a slow shake while chewing a mouthful of oatmeal. “I can manage on my own. Just enjoy your food while it's still warm and don't use your super speed to eat it quickly. You should take your time to enjoy it like you did that lobster.”


For a moment Rachael was about to just nod her head and continue eating when she caught onto what Sally had said. “Hey. You're the one that tried to claim the entire lobster for yourself. I saw where you set.”


“All I did was set down there was no planning to my actions.”


“Yeah, like I'm really going to believe that. Anyway it isn't like I didn't share with you.”


Despite her rapidly increasing exhaustion Sally was able to grin though she did grow silent. She normally enjoyed speaking with Rachael but as time went on all she really wanted to do was fall asleep and she wouldn't be allowed to do that until she'd finished her meal.




Sally gave a sigh as she read through the documents on her laptop. Currently the computer set on her dinner trey as she reclined in her bed. Williams had sent her the information they had gathered so far. At least he had sent the information that wasn't already common knowledge thanks to various media broadcast. Williams had chosen to send it to Sally first in hopes that she could keep Rachael from taking off to slaughter them right away.


Keeping Rachael from taking immediate action had proven far simpler of a task then Sally had thought it would be. In truth the only thing that confirmed Rachael still wanted to pay them back was the fact that she asked about the information every forty eight to seventy two hours.


“So what else has Williams managed to gather?”


“I was just thinking of you.” A slight chuckle escaped Sally as she pushed her computer to the side. After she pushed the computer aside Rachael set Sally's dinner in front of her. “The list is growing longer but in truth they're a few on there that may just be escape goats. It seems while some are eager to claim credit others are not.”


“Are they still being condemned?”


“For the use of a nuclear weapon they are. Of course it's tempered by those that argue it was what had to be done as they considered you to be a global threat.” A week has passed sense Sally had been enhanced and she was feeling better. She wasn't up to full strength but she didn't feel like she was going to fall asleep all the time now. This actually let her enjoy her meal.


“That is going to evaporate the moment I re-appear. I take it those nations that originally hired me are trying to distance themselves from that.”


“Quite a few of them are in trouble to a limited extent. I mean hiring you did save most your employers a lot of money. Those that never paid you to attack someone but paid your protection or mercy fee have to justify the expense.”


“It's a good thing I kept this place quiet.”


“What I don't know is how much of your funds have been seized now that they believe you're dead.”


“Do you mean you haven't checked in on it?”


“No. We try not to spy on people that we are trying to form a trusting working relationship with.”


“Hey I thought we had one of those already. You trust me to modify your genetics after all.”


Sally gave a nod. “This is pretty good. I take it that Thomas is use to cooking for himself. I sure hope we already have such a relationship but I was referring to the over all organization and not just Williams or myself.”


“I take it those three I beat the crap out of don't trust me.”


“Those three that you tortured and actually they agree that it's a good idea to work with you. At least after I talked to them they did. That isn't remarkable though. When we picked our candidates we had to pick from those with simple minds to insure they'd enjoy their new lives.”


“Then who doesn't agree that working with me is purely advantageous?”


“Well not everyone has gotten over the fact that you killed one of Williams's more important employees.”


A sigh escaped Rachael as she dropped her head for a moment. “They still hold that against me? Haven't I proven that I've matured?”


“No. You've proven that you're pretty much the same as you have always been if you haven't flat out proved the exact opposite.”


“Hey that's mean.” A slight giggle escaped Rachael a moment later. “Then again it is true when I think about it. Now Williams knows that I don't care if someone is simply claiming credit for my death. If they want to claim credit I'll be glad to kill them just as if they had been involved.”


“We know.”


“As for my funds, well they're largely intact” As she spoke Rachael gave the wall a few quick taps.


“I should have figured a lot of it went into building this place.”


“It sure did. Of course I have other forms of payment stored here as well. Not everyone paid me in currency or building materials.”


A sigh escaped Sally as she finished her lunch off. She then gave her belly a few quick smacks each time generating a dull thud as she struck the exceptionally solid muscle. “Well I hope you don't mind if I wrest some more.”






A wide smile graced Sally's face as she finally opened her eyes and looked at Thomas and Rachael. “So how did I do?”


“You got it word for word.” Rachael had been keeping track as Sally had read the latest report from Williams. The unique thing about it was that she'd only been given a tenth of a second to look at the computer screen. This had required her to make use of her accelerated state but even that hadn't been enough for her to read the entire thing. Instead it had been a test of her memory.


A delighted chuckle escaped Sally. “So does that mean the adjustments in my brain are finished?”


“Well if they're not finished they're in their final stages. You should be fine to operate now. Of course now we have to answer the question. How should I make my comeback?”


For a moment Sally was quiet then a smile return to her face. “I guess that means you waited long enough. You know that we haven't gathered all the information that we can.”


“I know but I've waited long enough like you said. I won't get everyone most likely but I believe I'll get the majority. Even those I don't manage to get my hands on will find themselves in quite a predicament once I am finished.”


For a few moments after Rachael had finished the room was silent then Thomas spoke up. “How about you show up at the UN and demand that they be handed over to you? If they don't give the people responsible to you then you'll start destroying their military bases and once those are gone move onto something else. Don't tell them exactly who you know is responsible though. Also make it very clear that they'll be consequences if they don't hand over everyone to you.”


A toothy grin appeared on Rachael's face as she glanced over at Thomas. “OH that is good. I like that one though I don't know if I care to make my appearance at the UN. Before we talk about that though what kind of consequences are we talking about?”


“Well for one thing you don't fight for free. If they choose not to hand anyone over to you and you're forced to engage their military you're also going to charge them a fine. Even if they don't fight back but don't hand them over they have to pay a mercy price.”


“I like that. What if they don't pay even after handing them over?”


“Then you continue destroying their social, industrial and military structures until they agree to pay over time or until that particular government can no longer support itself.”


“Okay. Now what do you believe the punishment for giving me some of those responsible but not everyone should be?”


“The same thing though I would like it if you took it easy on the populace if they made an effort to find anyone that fled.”


Rachael gave a quick nod. “I can live with that. I suppose I should charge any country that harbors anyone that flees a price as well.”


A slight chuckle escaped Sally. “Well it seems that you have your method already worked out. You may need to stop and consider making some allies to help in the search though. Williams and I won't be able to help you openly with this.”


A sigh escaped Rachael. “Ah darn it. Making allies is troublesome.”


“Just agree not to attack certain countries that help you. That or act in their defense should the need arise. You may find yourself getting some takers and if you clear the path for them you may only need a few helpers.”


It took a moment but Rachael finally perked up again. “Well that isn't so bad. Now how do you believe I should make my grand re- entrance into the public eye?”


“It's going to have to be something rather large if people are going to be made to believe that it's truly you quickly.”


“You could show up and try to collect your payment for the destruction of the bunker.”


An impish grin soon replaced the smile that had been on Rachael's face. “Oh that would be fun. I could also put in my request for everyone that nuked me at the time. Do you really believe that is public enough though?”


After a moment of consideration Thomas nodded his head. “It may not catch them right away but I believe the news would spread very quickly. Of course you don't have to stop there. After the meeting you could go around to everyone that has paid for your services and let them know that you're still alive.”


A delighted giggle escaped Rachael. “Okay that is what we will do. Sally if you don't mind let Williams know he has forty eight hours to pull out every one of his spies. I believe things will start getting quite a bit more dangerous when I make my appearance.”


Sally gave a slight shrug. “You can begin now. It isn't like there is anything to indicate a leak of information. At least there won't be until they discover you already have a list of those involved in the event.”


“Well then. I'll get dressed and start right away.”




As Rachael looked down on the dock yard she took in a deep breath. The ocean air was nice and she was nearly impossible to see thanks to the altitude and holding herself just in front of the sun.

She'd made her demands as to when and where those that plotted against her would be delivered. They'd contacted her ten minutes ago asking for an extension to the deadline.


She hadn't called them back but as they were now five minutes over her given deadline she was going to give her response. As she looked at the ships a giggle escaped her. This was the first time she could remember getting to play with boats.


For the moment she hadn't attacked because she was trying to answer a question. Just where should she begin her attack? She didn't really want to sink any of the large ships until they had a chance to hit her with some of those big guns. Then again she didn't want to sink any aircraft before they had taken off.


Despite being able to fly for a while now Rachael hadn't had a chance to get into a fight with jets. Even though she'd been able to out run any man made machine to date for several years her flight ability had always been lagging far behind. So much so that only now could she not only keep up with any jet fighter she knew of but perhaps even surpass their rockets in speed.


Her flight speed was still remarkably slow compared to her running speed but at least now she felt as if she could have some fun. For a moment her eyes turn towards the communications centers but she gave her head a quick shake. She needed this to get out. The fuel depots held her attention for a moment but she was too worried that the resulting explosion would cut her fun short.


At last Rachael gave a shrug and began to fly down towards the mess hall. She kept her decent slow so that people would notice her. A few of those people quickly turned to their friends. Of course after Rachael had met with their leaders only a short wile ago and made her demands they had been warned about a possible attack. So there was quite a bit of concern.


After Rachael had lowered herself to the point that she could just be seen over most the buildings she held her ground for a few seconds longer. When she spoke after that she made sure to raise her voice so that people all throughout the yard could hear her. “Hi everyone, my name is Rachael and I'm sure you've heard of me. I just thought I'd tell you. I recently asked that your government and army hand over a few people that used a nuclear weapon on me. They asked for more time which I won't be giving so they're over the deadline. So I'll be killing you all. Mm well I guess that's all I wanted to say.”


For a moment there was dead silence then a giggle escaped Rachael. When she finally noticed the massive cranes used for loading supplies and helping with repairs she quickly acted. She kept her flight speed down to around four hundred and fifty kilometers an hour as she zipped over to one of the supports that held the crane aloft. She then gave it a quick smack.


The next thing most heard after Rachael had finished speaking was what sounded like an explosion as Rachael's hand easily tore through the support. Massive chunks of stone were sent raining down on the ground below as a duel roar could be heard due to the remaining supports trying to hold the crane aloft. An alarm had sounded before Rachael had moved over to the second support and gave it a quick smack.


Instead of just tearing through everything Rachael waited for the crane to fall to the ground. A few deck hands were caught by the massive falling structure and flying chunks of stone but not many. All around her she could hear people running about. Some were being evacuated while some were preparing to fight back.


A delightful tingle ran through her as she felt several rounds striking her side. She quickly realized that these weren't the rounds from an assault rifle. When she glanced to her side she was delighted to find that some had already began to make use of the ship's guns.


Instead of staying still as she normally did Rachael began to slowly drift towards the ship. Turning her head to the side and looking up at the sky she let out a slight sigh while placing her hands just behind her neck. She gave the back of her neck a gentle squeeze as she drifted closer to the weapon and closed her eyes. It wasn't as nice as the ships main guns but she wasn't sure she could get them to try using them on her.


Even after surviving the bomb this was what Rachael truly delighted in. The explosion had been over in just a few moments so she hadn't been able to truly enjoy it. The weapons fire could be prolonged especially when she felt other guns joining in on the assault.


At last Rachael just held her ground as she enjoyed the bullets striking her body. She had to wonder how long the ship's guns could keep up such a high rate of fire. She opened her eyes into thin slits though when she heard several engines starting up. There was no real need for her to look around to see what was going on. Several of the other ships had started up their engines and were beginning to pull out.


It didn't take Rachael long to figure out what was going on. The other ships were retreating while the first was going to be left behind to hold her at bay. She didn't mind though. They knew they couldn't beat her so of course they were going to try to retreat. She resolved to let them retreat until she either got tired of the bullets tickling her flesh like a breeze of soap bubbles or until it ran out of ammunition.


Even if the ships retreated at full speed she was very doubtful that any of them would be able to escape her. It would also give them time to bring the jets into play she hoped. Of course that did cause one problem. Slowly Rachael began to turn around and bend over. At the time she also rose slightly higher to cause some of the shells to hit her bottom.


Not everyone was on the ships. Some of them would be retreating by land. Glancing down at her feet she quickly hit on the solution to her problem. As a few of the shells flew past her legs she caught hold of them. She then began scanning the area for all paths of retreat. It didn't take her long to catch sight of a jeep that was currently heading out the road.


Traffic on the road leading from the dock yard ground to a halt for a moment as the lead vehicle was swallowed up in a cloud of dust. What was revealed moments after the dust had settled didn't look like a jeep at all. Rachael didn't want to leave her position so she had thrown a few of the shells at the jeep. The force she had put behind them was so great that they not only ripped through the vehicle but still struck the ground with force equal to a mortar detonating.


An amused giggle escaped Rachael as she caught a few more bullets to replenish her supply of ammo. Shortly after the first vehicle's destruction several others charged forward. Apparently they were relying on numbers to get further then the first. She quickly lapsed further into her accelerated state before they could do that. As the world seemed to slow down around her she took to throwing one bullet at each vehicle.


The force with which Rachael threw the bits of metal was so great that there was no way they could retain their shape. As the wind friction super heated the metal they melted into a tightly packed together goop or even a liquid. Even with this lack of density though they carried more then enough power to destroy each of the vehicles due to the speed Rachael put into them.


The sound of the bits of molting metal destroying the vehicle was as if a grenade launcher had been combined with a machine gun. For every tenth of a second another vehicle was torn apart. In less then three seconds there was a long line of remains blocking the various roads.


A slight yelp escaped Rachael the moment one of the bullets struck against the fabric covering her vulva. As she looked at the line of destruction blocking the road she raised her arms above her head and began to slowly turn so that she faced the guns once again. She'd have to continue listening to insure that no one escaped by land but that wouldn't be too difficult. For the moment she wanted to give her front some more attention as she felt her back had received enough.


Once it became clear that the over land escape rout wasn't going to work those that remained behind felt their hopes of escape sinking. This didn't stop them from trying though as various clustered together and began to talk escape routes. Some took up fire arms to go and delay Rachael. They all had learned that this wouldn't harm her however they had also learned from various reports that it would delay her.


While it was rare that anyone survived a combative encounter with Rachael. It had become known amongst several groups that she enjoyed playing with her targets. That she enjoyed being shot and would allow herself to be showered in bullets and other kinds of weapon's fire for great lengths of time. This actually served to dishearten and yet give hope to those that tried to slow her down.


They knew that it would delay her and this would give others more time if they chose to sacrifice themselves. Any hope in that knowledge was greatly hindered though by the fact that they knew it gave her pleasure. That the only reason it delayed her is she wanted to savor the moment. None of them even knew if she actually benefited from being shot or if she merrily enjoyed.


There was however three fears that surpassed the fear of death for those that delayed her. One was the fear that she wouldn't just kill them but instead would torture them. The second strongest fear was that their efforts were entirely useless. That despite their sacrifice she would kill all those they tried to help escape. The final and greatest fear was that their efforts to delay her actually helped her. Perhaps she gained strength from the energy in the bullets when they struck her.


“She's quite a show off isn't she?”


Despite hearing Sally's voice Thomas couldn't bring himself to turn away from the screen. “Yeah I am glad that we had some spare equipment. How are you feeling?”


“I feel good enough to walk around. Though I have to say I feel a little strange. This has got to be the easiest bodyguard job I've ever had.”


“Rachael is just kind of nervous sense she was nuked. She's worried that if the find out where she lives they may hit it with a nuclear bomb as well and she wouldn't be able to get back in time to save me.”


“I sure hope they don't. Rachael is the only person I know of that could survive that.”


Even while he watched the screen Thomas nodded his head. “I guess it helps her relax knowing that someone she considers a friend and has enhanced is here with me.”


“Humph apologizing to me. Yeah right the only reason she enhanced me was so that I could do a better job of protecting you.”


“I wouldn't go that far. I believe that she'd enhanced you even if she hadn't been nuked.”


“Perhaps, I wonder if she's ever going to figure out a way to make me able to fly as well.”


“I'm sure she could help you develop some wings but I don't believe Rachael knows every detail about how her body works. She can't exactly examine herself after all. So I don't know if she could give you the ability to fly without wings.”


After a moment longer of standing Sally pulled up a seat and set down next to Thomas. While she didn't enjoy the video feed nearly as much as Thomas it did interest her to a limited extent. “It would just be so wonderful to be able to fly. Then again I suppose I could be quite content to just be able to stand there and withstand that kind of fire power.”


“How do you know you can't?”


“Those are some exceptionally powerful weapons they are using. I may be strong but I don't think I could just stand there and let them shoot me with bullets that could tear through tank armor.”


“Did Rachael tell you how much she'd increased your abilities?”


“No, she didn't actually give me an amount and I haven't really been able to test it yet.”


“Wait until Rachael returns before you try and guess what you could and couldn't endure. The quality of her work may surprise you.”


Every time Rachael stopped to let someone shower her with bullets they always seemed to run out before she was finished. This was perhaps the first time that her enjoyment of the experience had begun to run low. The ship was clearly designed to carry a lot of fire power and Rachael had no doubt now that it could continue shelling her for hours.


As she looked at the ship a pout appeared on her face. She didn't know when she'd get another chance to enjoy this but the bullets had done all they could for her. If they could have done more she imagined that she'd have to rush back home and take Thomas to their bedroom for a while. She was quite certain that by now the news of her return had gotten out as well.


No one on the ship knew how long Rachael would just pose and let them shell her. However, even though they had no grounds for it many seemed to have assumed that she'd wait until they had ran out of ammunition. Thus they weren't truly expecting it when she finally acted.


Now that she had her fill of being shot Rachael was finally ready to act. The large ship so far hadn't bothered shooting her with its main guns no doubt because they'd have no effect upon her but would damage the port. Despite that Rachael really wanted to see what it was like to be hit with those massive guns so she quickly came up with a plan of action.


Flying under the water Rachael kept herself four meters below the surface but not at the ships bottom. She then extended her arm and pressed it through the heavy armor plating. She sunk her arm in until it reached her shoulder this was done so quickly that it sounded as if the ship had just been struck by a bomb. A horrific roar was then sent throughout the ship as Rachael flew along tearing a massive gash in the side.


The gash Rachael tore in the ship was easily three fourths of the ship's length and let in a tremendous amount of sea water. Before she reached the back of the ship she withdrew her arm and quickly flew to the back. Taking hold of the base of the propeller blades she wasted no time tearing the massive sheets of metal away from the ship. However, she wasn't quite happy with these results so she quickly moved to take hold of the anchors.


The sound of Rachael yanking on the first anchor was horrific. As she pulled the massive metal chain free of its locks she then took hold of the second anchor on the opposite side. Each one of the massive bits of metal surpassed her in size and forced her to use one arm appease to maintain even a reasonable grip.


With the ship's ability to propel itself destroyed Rachael began to pull on the heavy chains. She needed to work quickly before the massive gash she had torn in the ship caused it to sink too far. It had become clear to her that there was no way she was going to get them to shoot her with the ships main guns. So she had decided on a simple solution.


First she had torn the opening in the ship and destroyed its propellers. Now she was going to pull it out to sea and allow it to sink. After which she would deal with the yard and other ships. Later she could repair the damage she had caused and take the ship home as a trophy. She had been meaning to start collecting various trophies but simply hadn't gotten around to doing so yet.


The crew was far from happy with Rachael's plan as they struggled to respond to the situation. They had expected her to tear the ship apart not to suddenly start dragging it out to sea after crippling the ship. The fear of dying by drowning was now making its presence known. Most had assumed she'd give them a fairly quick death except for perhaps a few she had singled out.


Now every person onboard the ship had to worry about slowly drowning. Water was pouring into the ship at a horrendous rate and they were being taken further and further away from shore. None dared take the life rafts though for fear of Rachael turning around and killing them the moment she saw them in the water.


They'd all been even more concerned if they had known what Rachael had decided to do about them. She would tow the ship out to sea until she felt she was risking tearing it apart due to the water. After that she would go and deal with the yard and other ships. When she came back she could take care of any survivors. She had said that she was going to kill everyone and she didn't want to go back on her word after all.


Those who had been left behind at the port and hadn't tried running where now faced with quite a situation. They had no way of being sure if Rachael could still see them or not. None wanted to try and run for fear of being struck down as the first to try had. However, they also knew that they were dead if they stayed around.


At last Rachael ceased pulling the ship and flew up on the deck. She then placed the ship's heavy anchors on top and took back to the sky. She would allow the ship to make it as far as it could under the momentum she had imparted to it. Instead of flying back to the ship yard she lowered herself back to the water's surface and proceeded to run back.


Rachael wanted to give those ships that had tried to escape more time. So she had decided to return to the yard and deal with the wrest of the personnel stationed there. She would then proceed to chase down the ships.


Even for Thomas there was a time when he could turn away from the screens even though Rachael was the star. This was whenever she began moving so quickly that he couldn't truly tell what was going on. At the moment that was currently what Rachael was doing upon her return to the ship yard. “I guess she really wants to play with those boats.”


Unlike Thomas Sally could actually tell what Rachael was doing though it was still difficult. “I take it you'll slow the footage down and watch it later.”


“Yes, I really wish I could be there though. It's one thing to watch a recording of Rachael it's quite another to be there with her.”


A slight chuckle escaped Sally. “I'd say you're one of the few people that want to be near her when this is going on. A good deal of those people would probably love to be as far away from her as you are now.”


“That is true.”


“Well look on the bright side. At least this is safer. Had you been with her when she was nuked you would have been vaporized before she even knew what was happening.”


As Rachael dashed throughout the dock yard she made use of her flight ability though not in the usual manner. For the most part she used her flight ability to keep her on the ground and dampen her foot falls so she didn't destroy everything her feet touched. This time she still used her flight ability to keep herself grounded but she didn't bother dampening her foot falls. So that each time her foot struck the ground it was with such force that it was as if a bomb had gone off.


This change in her behavioral pattern was brought about by two factors. She had allowed herself to be shelled for quite some time. So long that she didn't really feel the need to allow it to continue much longer. The second major reason was she truly wanted to have her fun on and with the ships.


The ships were the dominant reason however. She simply hadn't had a chance to play with such massive boats and she couldn't help but think the experience would be different from her land battles. As she dashed throughout the various halls and buildings she didn't even give the personnel time to respond. Just a quick tap from her finger and she moved on. Her speeds guaranteed that anything she touched would be reduced to a mist with no more then a grazing blow.


A horrific explosion could be heard by everyone on board the carrier. Those that were already on deck were quickly joined by others who came to see the origin of the explosion. Those that had already been on dock had seen the massive fire ball that erupted from the dock while those that had came up could see the cloud of debris and the raging fire that had been created.


The fire ball wasn't a direct result of Rachael's running about. Rather it was the result of the various stores of ammunition and fuel being set off by Rachael's running around. With so many explosives being set off at once it could have been likened to a small scale nuclear explosion.


“You couldn't have sent a single jet up?”


Nearly everyone's attention was taken away from the burning ship yard towards the pouting, feminine and exceptionally powerful voice. What they found was Rachael hovering just over the far end of the deck. Those close enough to see her noted that she seemed to be pouting as if she was disappointed by something.


Indeed that was the case. Rachael had hoped that they would send up a few jets but apparently they were in full retreat. The most cooperation she was going to get in this seemed to be when the one ship had stayed behind and delayed her. All the others were clearly focusing on retreating and had made no plans to actually engage her in combat.


The battle ship had failed to shoot her with its main guns and the aircraft carrier hadn't sent up any fighters. She had her fill of being shot as well. In truth Rachael was quickly becoming bored. The response of the personnel wouldn't have normally bothered her so much if she hadn't had so many other expectations. There response when retreating was far less amusing then Rachael had hoped for.


“Well isn't anyone even going to try shooting me?” As she spoke Rachael looked around. There weren't even any jets that had been prepared for launch. After a moment a sigh escaped her and Rachael changed her strategy. She didn't feel like standing around and being shot anymore. They hadn't sent up any jets for her to play with and none of the crew seemed to be armed anyway.


She soon resolved at the very least she could see a decent explosion. Settling down on the deck she began walking over to the nearest hatch she saw. She'd just make her way down to the ships armory and prepare the missiles and other weapons to explode. Instead of running though she chose to walk in hopes the crew would think of a way to amuse her before she got there.


Rachael hadn't even made it down a single floor when she heard the alarm. It didn't take her long to realize what the alarm was for either as she heard the ship come alive. It was a call for everyone to abandon the ship. Apparently the crew and captain of the ship had no desire what so ever to stand and fight her.


For a moment Rachael just thought she'd go along with the alarm and make her way on down to the armory. However, the pout that had appeared on her face whenever she realized they hadn't sent up any jets slowly faded as she realized something. Trying to get a retreating enemy to do what she wanted was silly.


If she was going to have any fun at all she was going to have to flow with the situation and make their retreat into her game. Unfortunately quite a few people were already on the deck but that didn't mean she couldn't have some fun. She quickly changed course and dashed back up to the deck. The moment she was on top she spun around and shut the door.


After shutting the door Rachael took hold of the hinges and squeezed them between her hands. She had to be careful with this as she didn't want to destroy them or weaken them too much. She just wanted to make sure the door couldn't be opened unless they happened to be strong enough to tear apart steel.


The sound of the hinges being destroyed drew the attention of those that were currently on deck. Those that stopped to look at what was going on wished they hadn't. The majority didn't see what was going on but a few saw Rachael sealing the door shut and then dashing over to the second hatch she saw. Those that didn't see her the first time began scanning the deck and most found her.


There wasn't anything Rachael could do about those that had made it to the top of the ship first. However, if she wanted to have some fun she could just seal the doors and then play with those insides. At least that was her plan until she took note of the bridge. A truly wicked smile appeared on her face as she came up with a new idea.


Those in the bridge had been horrified to see Rachael appear on the deck. They had hoped she would remain inside the ship and give a few time to escape. Perhaps she wouldn't notice them in the water then. Now that hope was gone as it seemed the alarm had drawn her back up to the deck. They didn't have to wonder about what she was going to do for long either. As nearly the moment she finished with the doors the deck turned crimson.


While Rachael believed playing with the crew would be fun she had opted for a better game and torn threw those on deck in moments. She had moved so quickly and hit them so hard that it had actually ignited the flesh where her fingers had touched. None could see these charred spot though as the body was torn apart far too quickly. As she stood amongst the crimson gel she turned towards the bridge and waved.


The crew on the bridge felt their blood run cold as Rachael waved at them. They didn't get a chance to warn the others though as she became a blur. Before they could even turn to see where the powerful rush of wind that filled the bridge had come from they heard her voice. “Okay so who wants to show me how to sell this thing or am I going to have to figure it out for myself?”


This time Rachael didn't have to wait for an answer. As the captain responded to her as if he'd been expecting her “You'll never control this ship.”


An amused giggle escaped Rachael as she glanced over at the captain. “Well I disagree but I really don't have time to argue. I'm sure I can figure it out myself.” Instead of tearing the bridge crew apart Rachael took a moment to look around. Walking away from the helm she began to search threw anything that seemed to be a drawer.


The captain was almost stunned to find that he was still alive. Though, he grew increasingly nervous as he watched Rachael searching throughout the various drawers. He was unsure of what to do at the moment. He knew that shooting or trying to fight Rachael was futile. Running hadn't helped anyone either. What could he do? “What are you searching for?”


“I'm trying to find some manuals that you might have handy.”




“Well to be honest sinking your ships is a little too easy for my liking. So I was thinking that it might be fun to try driving one and run into some of the other ships.” A delighted giggle escaped Rachael. “I think it may add an extra level of amusement to the whole thing.”


Nearly as soon as Rachael had mentioned her plan one of the crewmen went for the radio. He wasn't thinking about the fact that even if he warned the other ships Rachael could sink them herself. Of course he wasn't thinking of her speed either as the moment his hand came within ten centimeters of the control a blinding pain shot through his arm.


The pain had been caused by Rachael catching and then squeezing the crewmen's hand. The force she used was so great that she actually crushed the bone and muscle into a pulp a bit of which was made to squirt out between her fingers. “No. I want it to be a surprise so it'll be more fun. Hey what is that?” A delighted giggle escaped Rachael as she reached into the crewmen's pocket and pulled out a book. A sigh escaped her though when she found it was just regular reading material. “Well darn it.”


Even though they knew how dire the situation was several of the crewmen rushed to the aid of their comrade when Rachael released him. Some of them began to apply basic medical treatment though none believed they would survive. In truth it wasn't so much of an effort to save his life but instead to have a few moments of normalcy in such an unreal situation.


“Found it.” A delighted giggle escaped Rachael as she held up what she had been looking for. Holding the book in front of her she lapsed into her accelerated state and began to flip through the training manual. By relying on the tension in the pages to flip threw them Rachael gave herself more then enough time to read each one of them.


He knew that Rachael could easily sink the other ships. Indeed he knew that if she did it herself it would get done far more quickly. Still the captain couldn't bring himself to allow her to use his ship as a weapon. Drawing his service revolver he didn't take aim at her but aimed for the book.


Even before the sound of the gunpowder igniting reached Rachael's ears she noticed the bullet making its way out of the barrel. She waited until the bullet had come within arms length to move her arm. She then took the bullet length wise between her thumb and index finger. She didn't stop the bullet immediately though but moved her hand as to slow it down as gradually as possible.


Only after her finger had come within a millimeter of the book did she stop entirely. She didn't even bother looking at the captain as she sent the bullet flying back towards him.


The whole event lasted less then a second and when it was offer a horrific cry escaped the captain as he fell to the floor. Several turned to him while some went to him to see where the bullet had hit. They didn't have to look for long. Rachael had sent the bullet back towards him with so much force that it had actually torn off his right leg from the knee down. “I guess this isn't the complete manual. All well I believe I can wing it from here on out. So it's time to play bumper boats.”




It was exceptionally hard for Williams not to smile as he walked through the halls. He had just received word. The law against enhancements had been revised. They were now to form a special unit studying human enhancement in far more detail then ever before. Of course he knew that the special unit that would be given the task had already been formed.


He had always received generous off the record funding. Now though they wouldn't have to hide their purpose. Indeed with a legal seal of approval their research would also become much easier. Keeping their work hidden always complicated things and added an extra level of expense. For a moment he stopped. He couldn't help but wonder how Sally was going to feel about being able to proudly display what she is.


At least Sally could display what she is as long as she toned it down. While they would be soon coming out he knew it would arouse suspicion if people realized how much more powerful Sally was then others.


“Are you okay Rachael.”


Currently Rachael set atop the sofa a rather upset pout upon her face. It took her a moment to even respond to Thomas. “They committed suicide.”


“Not all of them.”


“I know but I wanted to be the one to kill them for nuking me.”


Despite the situation it was impossible for Thomas not to chuckle as he listened to Rachael pouting. Walking over to where she set he proceeded to slip his arms under her and lift up. The ease with which she rose up off the sofa revealed that she was using her flight ability to aid him. After he had lifted her with her aid Thomas scooted into the seat and settled Rachael down atop him for once. “Now Rachael, they're some things that you can't help. You still have some of them after all.”


There was a long silence before Rachael finally sighed. She then proceeded to wrap one of her arms around Thomas's back and lean against him at least in appearance. In truth she was using her flight ability to support most of her weight. “I know but now I don't know if I am going to just kill them. I need to send a message.”


“I thought you had already done that. After you destroyed the ship yard and every ship in it everyone seemed to respond. I have to ask though. Why did you sink that battle ship?”


“Oh I'm going to fix it later. I want to bring it home as a trophy. Also I was thinking you might be willing to shoot me out of the cannon.”


A slight chuckle escaped Thomas as he shook his head. He had heard of artillery pieces being taken back as a trophy but not an entire battle ship. “I see. I guess you were rather upset when the boiler room exploded.”


Rachael couldn't help the groan that escaped her. “I should have stopped to consider what happens when cold water meets hot boiler. Still, playing bumper boats was a lot of fun. They caught on to what I was doing with the aircraft carrier a little slower then I expected.”


“Well most don't expect someone to take over a carrier and use it to run into ships of their own fleet. So what are you going to do with those you did capture?”


“I'm thinking of having some fun with their genetics. I wonder what I can make them into.”


“I see. I take it you're going to show the world what happened to them after you're finished.”


“Of course if I don't they'll probably just believe I killed them or tortured them to death via the old fashioned method. I need to let everyone know that I am capable of coming up with fresh material.”


“You kind of surprised me when you took over the boat like that. Would you mind telling me why?”


“I was bored and it seemed like it would be fun. I have to say it was quite a lot of fun.”


Thomas gave the side of Rachael's neck a quick kiss before speaking. “Well that is surprising. You never seem to get bored when you're flaunting your strength.”


“I know. They just wouldn't cooperate or fight back like I wanted them to. It didn't help that by the time I went to play with the other ships I was bored with being shot.”


“Well Rachael. You know you can expect to encounter a lot more of that. You're so powerful and now the world knows it. Of course they aren't going to try to fight you. The best you can hope for is a small force that is meant to delay you.”


A slight groan escaped Rachael. “OH that isn't any fun. I suppose with my power increasing I couldn't continue like this forever though.” As she set atop Thomas Rachael shifted about a bit. “Luckily they are some things that never get old.” Rachael pressed her lips against Thomas's before he could even ask what that something was.


“Thank goodness. I'd get worried if you got tired of that.”


“Come on Thomas. Let's go and you can do for me what those bullets couldn't.”




As Thomas prepared himself he couldn't help but feel a little silly as he stepped onto a mat. It seemed Rachael hadn't had her fill of combat and she had challenged him to a wrestling match. Only she had made a few rules to make it more interesting.


Rachael was currently clothed only with a smile and her knickers. At the moment she was hovering above the ring at just the right level to insure her crotch was level with Thomas's head. Her arms were behind her back and there they were to remain until a winner was clear. Thomas on the other hand had been allowed to wear far more clothing. He was currently wearing a shirt, pants as well as his underwear.


The challenge was for one to undress the other. Thomas had to remove only Rachael's knickers to win while she had far more clothing to take off. Of course if she had used her true abilities that would still have guaranteed her a win. To make it more of a challenge she was also forbidden from using her arms. The only things she could use to undress Thomas were her mouth, tongue, legs, flight ability and breasts.


There were no delusions on Thomas's part about the wrestling match. He knew that even with such handicaps Rachael still had a vast advantage over him.


“So Thomas, are you ready to begin?”


“Now you're not going to use your speed are you?”


“Well I won't move any faster then human running speeds.”


Instead of saying anything Thomas responded by sprinting towards Rachael. All he had to do now was move quickly and take hold of her knickers then use his weight to pull them down. As he neared he expected Rachael to fly upward so he actually leapt into the air to compensate for any height she might gain.


The moment Thomas jumped into the air Rachael flew lower. The result was that instead of heading for her knickers he ended up face first in her breasts. As Thomas's face impacted with her chests Rachael actually flew backwards to minimize the amount of force on his face and insure the experience was still enjoyable for the both of them. “You're going to have to do better then that.”


There had been a moment of shock for Thomas when he realized he was going to end up face firsts in Rachael's cleavage instead of grabbing hold of her knickers. The shock of coming in contact with those wonderful globes, Rachael flying backwards and their own size even prevented Thomas from taking hold of Rachael as he fell backwards.


A delighted giggle escaped Rachael the moment Thomas fell backwards. Acting on her advantage she quickly spread her legs and descended upon him so that she trapped his arms to his sides. She turned away from him so that she could get to his shorts meaning her rear was facing him.


Dazed from both feeling his face nearly consumed by Rachael's breasts then the fall backwards Thomas didn't have time to respond. The only thing that even told him he was in trouble was when he felt Rachael's wonderful smooth thighs on either side of him.


The thighs that pinned Thomas's arms to his sides would have put any constrictor to shame. Rachael's skin was wonderfully soft and smooth however he could still feel her thigh muscles pressing into his sides. He could feel the contours of the powerful muscles that made up those wonderful thighs as periodic rises in her flesh could be felt pressing into his sides. Whenever he tried to wriggle free the softness seemed to vanish as Rachael tightened her legs and seemed to become a steel vice. Except he knew those legs were far stronger then any steel.


Rachael took a moment to shift about and rub her rear against Thomas's chests. Her wonderfully firm buttocks pressed down on his chest with enough force to insure that he couldn't rise up and try to remove her knickers with his teeth. Bending at the stomach Rachael leaned forward and began to consider just how she was going to go about removing his shorts.


A shiver ran throughout Thomas's body as he felt something very warm, soft and heavy come to wrest upon his abdomen. As he glanced to his side he was surprised to find that it was Rachael's breasts.


Rachael's plan had been to pin Thomas down and use her teeth to destroy the button on his shorts. Now she faced a problem though as her breasts were actually getting in the way. The massive globes prevented her from actually reaching Thomas's shorts with her teeth at least she couldn't reach them without applying more pressure. Carefully she began to lean further down however she soon stopped.


While it had never been an issue before Rachael knew that the more force that was applied to her breasts the more they'd push back. In order to reach Thomas's shorts she'd have to push down past the point where they'd give and might very well end up crushing some of Thomas's bones in the process. She knew that she would leave some heavy bruises at least if she went further.


At first Thomas had thought his shorts were lost. However, as he realized Rachael's dilemma he couldn't help but grin. “It seems that your allies have turned against you.”


In response Rachael snorted and glanced over her shoulder towards Thomas. “Don't think this is over with yet.” Once again Rachael turned back to Thomas's shorts. Leaning forward as much as she could without causing him pain she then extended her tongue.


In response to Rachael's breast settling down on him again Thomas gave a slight grunt. However, the pressure relaxed before he felt any pain. For a moment he was made to wonder what was going on when he felt something warm and wet just touching the rim of his shorts. A slight gasp escaped him and he had to fight the urge to jerk or risk Rachael getting hold of the button. “Your tongue isn't that long.”


“Mm you're right.” A slight giggle escaped Rachael. Indeed Thomas was right about her tongue not being long enough to get hold of his shorts if he laid flat. However, if she could get him to raise up that would change things. She considered trying to get him to thrust his hips upward once again by stimulation but changed her mind. She normally liked to use more teasing methods of getting Thomas to do what she wanted but this time she was going for force.


It was clear to Thomas that Rachael had thought of something. The relaxed tone in her voice told him that. He just didn't realize what it was until he felt the wind beginning to pick up. “Oh no, you can't.”


To bring Thomas's hips closer to her mouth Rachael had actually began to try drawing them to her by sucking on them. Though she couldn't make direct contact her lunges were so powerful, could compact so much air and could work so fast she felt confident that she could pull Thomas's hips to her by creating a vacuum. She only wished she could tease Thomas about the concern in his voice.


Soon Thomas learned how wrong he was about what Rachael could and couldn't do. As he began to feel himself being pulled upward the only reason he could even stay on the mat was Rachael's rear pinning him down. Despite the situation and the fact that he was about to lose a third of his clothing Thomas couldn't help but be excited by this display of power from Rachael. She didn't even have to touch him to overwhelm his body.


As soon as Thomas's waste drew close enough Rachael quit inhaling and darted out with her tongue. Before gravity could pull Thomas's waste back down she darted her tongue between his waste and the button that held his shorts on. A delighted giggle escaped her the moment she succeeded.


After Thomas realized that Rachael now had a hold of his shorts he began to twist and turn. While there was no way he could over power Rachael's tongue she was using a rather slippery muscle and he hoped to slide free. A loud bending told him that wasn't going to happen.


It had taken a while for Rachael to work enough of her tongue around the fastening for her to exert any pressure upon it. The moment she could though she squeezed with enough force to compact the button into a fine sliver. When she relaxed her tongue the little bit of metal fell free. “I told you it wasn't over.” A delighted giggle escaped Rachael as she looked back at Thomas.


Even before Thomas could respond Rachael changed her position. Flying into the air she adjusted her position so that she was looking up towards Thomas's face though she was level with his crotch. She then bit down on the edge of his shorts and quickly flew backwards.


Thomas was grateful that he hadn't tried to stand as if he had he'd only ended up on his back once again. However, the moment Rachael had his shorts off he quickly rose to his feet to prevent her from pinning him in the same manner once again.


Rachael didn't bother flying upright as she rose into the air. Instead she flew so that her feet stuck up in the air and her head pointed downward. She kept herself at a high enough height to make her head even with Thomas's. Giving her head a quick jerk and releasing her hold on Thomas's shorts she sent them flying across the room. “Now what should I go for? I think I'll try to get your shirt off.”


Bracing himself Thomas took a moment to look Rachael over. With her flying in that position there wasn't any real way for him to take her knickers off. He recognized them as a pair that had been made from her hair. He'd just have to wait for Rachael to begin flying right side up again and play defensive until then.


Only after Rachael began to move towards him did Thomas realize how difficult it would be to keep her from removing his shirt. There was no need for Rachael to fly upright in order to take off his shirt. All she needed to do was get hold of the neck of his shirt with her teeth then she could pull it up over his head. By flying upside down the entire time she eliminated nearly any chance he had of removing her knickers and all reasonable chance.


“Someone looks worried.” A delighted giggle escaped Rachael as she slowly circled Thomas. She knew that he was too fast for her to get behind easily but that didn't matter. Unlike him she wouldn't run out of stamina. All she had to do was keep him dodging until he was too tired to dodge effectively.


“You haven't gotten my shirt off yet.” Thomas had already realized there was no reasonable chance of him removing Rachael's knickers. So before she could exhaust him he decided on a course of action. Once again he charged Rachael if there was not reasonable chance of it he'd just have to gamble on desperation. This time he intended on climbing her though.


Despite not having any idea of what Thomas intended to do Rachael wasn't about to let him try. As soon as he drew within a meter of her she released a powerful gust of wind. She had more then enough air stored in her lunges to drive him back several times due to her previous trick.


A grunt escaped Thomas when the hurricane force winds hit him. He was fortunate enough to have had both feet on the ground when Rachael had begun to blow on him but now he was having a problem. Rachael was keeping the winds at just the right level that he could begin to feel himself lifting off the mat. It was taking a great deal of strength for him to keep himself grounded and he could only begin to guess at how long she could keep blowing on him just with the air she had stored. He knew she could draw more in quite quickly.


Even with the rules handicapping her Thomas had knew he stood a rather poor chance of winning. Despite that he didn't expect to be beaten so badly. Rachael had already removed one third of his clothing and it seemed as if she would make it two shirts very soon. His struggle to keep his balance and remain standing was quickly draining him.


When Thomas began to stumble significantly Rachael acted. She quickly quit blowing on him and moved behind him. Opening her mouth she moved in to try to get hold of his shirt collar. She was rather amazed when he had the presence of mind to move forward and out of her reach.


A sharp yelp escaped Thomas when he felt something bump the back of his head and send him stumbling forward. As he did so he could feel the very edge of Rachael's teeth as they grazed the nape of his shirt collar.


“Well I didn't expect you to recover that quickly.”


While Thomas was glad that Rachael hadn't taken hold of his shirt he couldn't help but wonder what she was talking about. “What do you mean recover?”


For a moment there was silence as Thomas and Rachael looked at one another. Suddenly Rachael glanced up at her breasts with an accusing glare. “You really are on his side. Aren't you?”


There was a moment when Thomas wasn't sure what Rachael was doing. It sounded and looked like she was accusing her breasts of siding with him. A few moments later it was impossible for him not to laugh. It seemed that was exactly what was happening. The bump he had felt on the back of his head just before Rachael could get hold of his shirt was her breasts bumping against the very top of his head.


“Oh laugh it up. I know how to keep these traitors out of the way.” With that Rachael adjusted her position. Instead of flying vertically she began to fly horizontally. This meant that her knickers were more vulnerable to being pulled off of her however it also meant she could get hold of Thomas's shirt without her breasts getting in the way.


“Now Rachael, just because they are helping me it doesn't mean that they've betray you. Perhaps, they just want some of the attention as well.”


“Very funny, well you won't be getting any more help from them now.” Opening her mouth Rachael quickly snapped her teeth shut with enough force to generate a noticeable impact. “That shirt is still coming off of you.”


Once again Thomas was put on the defensive though this time with more hope as Rachael circled him. With her altered position he couldn't help but feel like he was a swimmer trapped in the ocean with a shark. Fortunately his predator was very shapely, playful and had no desire to harm him. She just wanted to strip him of his modesty.


After circling Thomas a few times Rachael quickly charged him. She saw him dodge but in keeping with their game she kept her speed to that of a human's running speed. However, that didn't prevent her from stopping and falling back far more quickly then a human could if they were in a dead run.


The moment Rachael began to fall back Thomas stopped. He knew that even with her holding back she was far too fast for him to catch. He needed to wait for an opening that would let him get hold of her knickers. He just hoped one would appear or he would think of something before Rachael exhausted him too much for it to matter.


As they continued to circle one another Rachael noticed a devious smile appear on Thomas's face. “Oh I believe someone believes they've thought of a method to get around my defense.”


There was no response from Thomas as he continued circling in an attempt to keep Rachael in front of him. Indeed he had thought of a move that would let him remove her knickers however it was a high risk move and his grin had given him away for the moment.


As Rachael circled Thomas she began to slow down. She was going to hold herself to her word and keep to velocities that humans could duplicate. However, that didn't mean she needed to do the same for acceleration. As she eased herself into a slower pace she began to playful snap at Thomas. Every so often she would even move forward a few centimeters snap her teeth at him and then fall back.


It was clear to Thomas that Rachael was trying to get him to relax his guard. The moment he did he knew she'd try to zip behind him and take hold of his shirt collar and this time her breasts wouldn't get in the way. As he continued to turn as she circled him he also knew that he would eventually begin to tire if things went on too long.


Sense Rachael never tired she had no reason to stop moving and every reason to keep moving. As long as Thomas was being forced to try and keep up with her she could slowly tire him out. She wasn't about to stop and give him time to truly recover his energy. If she kept it up long enough then eventually he would be too tired to evade her even if he saw her next move coming.


At last Thomas was ready. Following Rachael's lead he began to slow his pace but he slowed down even further. At the same time he braced his legs and waited for her to strike.


Even though Rachael knew that Thomas had a plan she simply wasn't use to hesitating. The moment she saw the opening she moved in on Thomas. As she drew near though he twisted quickly, she was still able to take hold of his shirt collar however she ended up with the side of the shirt instead of the back.


Now that Rachael had hold of his shirt Thomas quickly pulled his arms inside and as she drew the shirt off him he fell out and charge towards her. While the maneuver had cost him his shirt it now meant was close to her and nearly at a full sprint.


In response to Thomas maneuver Rachael attempted to jerk away. However, she had to limit her speed so she wasn't able to outdistance him. What made matters worse is now he was inside her defenses. Soon she felt his hands nicking the sides of her thighs as he struggled to get hold of the sliver of material Rachael called her knickers.


Thomas wasn't holding any of his energy back. The maneuver had cost him and he knew there wasn't going to be a second chance as good as this one. He was putting all his energy into this one desperate attempt to get hold of the material. A groan of frustration and a yelp of surprise seemed to mix together as a very powerful wind slammed into it and sent him falling backwards.


A delighted giggle escaped Rachael as she felt a wave of relief. She almost hadn't thought to use her breath to drive Thomas back. Realizing that it was now time to end the game she once again moved and pinned Thomas underneath herself so that her rear was pressed against his chest while his arms were trapped between her legs. “Well I have you now.”


Upon feeling Rachael descend upon him Thomas gave a slight grunt. He'd been dazed by being blown through the air and fatigued by his chase. Still, he wasn't ready to give up just yet. “You hardly got my shorts off. What makes you think you can get my underwear?”


“Because, my breasts might have sided with you but there is a part of you that is siding with me.”


Thomas gave a slight chuckle when he realized what Rachael was referring to. Their little game had left him more then a little excited. “Well darn.”


“Mm. I wonder how much help you're willing to give me.” A delighted giggle escaped Rachael as she began to shift about rubbing her bare bottom against Thomas's chest.


A slight groan escaped Thomas as he struggled to keep control of his body. However, seeing Rachael's exposed body the entire time, the struggle to remove her knickers, the repeated contact with her breasts and now her wonderful rump rubbing against him was too much. They were certain parts of his body that Thomas had simply lost control of and there was no getting it back.


“Well, I won't have to even inhale this time.” Lowering herself Rachael very carefully took the front of Thomas's underwear between her teeth. The skin of her teeth just grazed against the top of Thomas's penis as she got a secure grip on the fabric and began to draw herself upward. With Rachael holding his body down as she pulled upward it only took a few moments for the material to shred due to the tension.


Upon feeling the fabric of his underwear tear away a sigh escaped Thomas. “Well you won this time.”


Slowly Rachael stood up. Turning around she grinned as she held the front of Thomas's underwear between her teeth for a few moments before spitting it out. “Would you like trying to use your teeth to undress me? I promise that I won't move.”


A slight chuckle escaped Thomas as he slowly drew himself upward. All the time spent evading Rachael and struggling under that wonderful rear of hers had been more tiring then he realized. Upon pulling himself up on his knees he edged forward and bit down on the crotch of Rachael's knickers. Unlike Rachael though, he made no attempt to avoid biting her flesh that was just under the thin bit of material.


A sharp gasp escaped Rachael and she reached her hand up to press against the bottom of her right breasts. She was quite happy when Thomas didn't pull her knickers down right away but proceeded to bite into the material several times. The feeling of his teeth against the outside of her lips was a delight to Rachael.


Once Thomas felt the heat behind Rachael's knickers build significantly he finally began drawing them downward. He only managed to get them down to her knees though before Rachael removed them though not with her hands. Instead Rachael quickly flexed her thighs and extended her legs away from one another. It hardly took a moment for the material to shred under the sudden and powerful forces.


Rachael wasn't in the mood to wait for Thomas to stand up. The moment her knickers were off she reached down and lifted him from the mat. As she held him level with her face their height difference was notable as Thomas's feet dangled slightly above the mat. He wasn't really thinking of that though as Rachael pressed her lips against his.


While their lips met Thomas reached up and took hold of Rachael nipples between his index fingers and thumbs. He then began to gently massage the tiny bits of flesh. As the kiss broke off he glanced down at Rachael's breasts for a moment. “Thanks for all the help. Without you two I wouldn't have lasted nearly as long.”


A low moan escaped Rachael as her already excited nipples were stimulated further. “They say you're welcome.” Slowly Rachael lifted herself into the air and then began to lean backwards. As she shifted positions she allowed Thomas to settle down atop her and used her hands only to keep him balanced until she was completely horizontal.


“I'll be right back.” Thomas smiled as he gave each one of Rachael's nipples a quick kiss. He then slid his way down Rachael's body so that once again his face was level with her lower lips. Leaning forward he gave Rachael's lips a kiss while at the same time his was coated with her nectar that was flowing from her lips. He then opened his mouth and bit down on Rachael's warm peach.


A sharp gasp escaped Rachael. This was the first time Thomas had used his teeth on that part of her body and she liked it a great deal. His mouth was far too weak to have any chance of harming her after all. As he used his mouth on her lips she felt his hands slip around her thighs. Almost without thinking Rachael flexed her thighs causing them to swell larger.


Running his hands around Rachael thighs and under her Thomas reached around and grasped Rachael's firm rump. The same rump that had held him pinned just a short time ago. Drawing his hands back he gave Rachael's rear a firm enough smack to make his hand sting just a little though he knew it couldn't harm her. He then repeated this act with the opposite hand.


The feeling of Thomas's mouth working her lips and his hands paddling her rear was a delight to Rachael. Her feelings of excitement grew even stronger after she realized why she was most likely getting the spanking.


Only after his hands had truly began to become sore did Thomas relent on Rachael's spanking. “I hope that taught your naughty rear a lesson.”


“It sure did. Next time pin you even longer.”


“Oh that wasn't for pinning me. It was for staying just out of my reach.”


An amused giggle escaped Rachael and she set up slightly. Once again she took hold of Thomas and pulled him back onto her body. “Mm while I was enjoying that my breasts really need some attention. Before they get upset with the neglect and decide to give you a thrashing.”


Thomas gave a quick nod as he steadied himself atop Rachael. As he was brought back to her breasts he leaned forward and gently kissed her right nipple. Then took the bit of flesh in his mouth and began to gently suckle. At the same time his used his right hand to stimulate Rachael's left nipple while his right arm slipped between her wonderful breasts and began to massage the sides of Rachael's wonderful breasts.


As Thomas worked her nipples Rachael took hold of his thighs. Without a word of warning she relaxed her inner muscles and quickly pressed down. A sharp shiver ran throughout her body as she forced Thomas into herself.


Rachael wasn't the only one made to shudder. Upon feeling his penis enter Rachael's vagina Thomas's entire body locked up and he bit down on Rachael's nipple. The moan that he heard escaping her lips only increased the moment.


Their releases were nearly instant. The heavy stimulation from their wrestling match and the time lying together was more then enough for both of them.




Rachael was quite an interesting sight as she walked towards Thomas. Her clothing was hardly what most would consider matching though it did look appealing on her. Currently Rachael wore a white lab coat complete with a small hand held computer in the pocket. However, the front of the coat was entirely open revealing that she only wore a pair of violent knickers and a t-shirt under it. Once she drew close enough to Thomas her breasts were made to press against the back of his head. “How are you doing?”


A sigh escaped Thomas as he felt Rachael's wonderful globes pressing against his head. Almost instinctively he leaned further back into their softness and looked up towards Rachael's face. “Things are going well. It seems that making some changes to my DNA before placing it with your hair or skin samples can cause a change in yours. How is your project going?”


“I have to wait for some more material to grow. So I figured I would come over here and help you.”


It had been three months sense Rachael had been nuked and things had settled down a great deal. Sally hadn't been by to visit often sense Rachael had dealt with those responsible but they knew what she was up to. Williams had come out in the open as part of a special government controlled program to develop enhanced. With fear of Rachael being so strong it seemed too easy to get the approval at times.


Sally had been spending her time helping with the projects and acting as a prime example of what they could do. Of course they had kept it a secret that Rachael had enhanced Sally and continued to do so. Several other programs had been making appearances all seemingly in hope of one day being able to counter Rachael.


There was no doubt in Thomas's mind that they would never match Rachael though. Even if someone did develop a treatment similar to hers she had a head start of several years and wasn't slacking off. When he figured in the fact that such powerful enhancements required customization so that it would only work on one person he felt it was even less likely they'd ever match her.


“I'm sort of in the same boat. Right now I'm just observing to see what happens before I try to go any further.” Thomas for his part had taken on a project in the lab. He was working to trigger changes in Rachael's cells when placed with his. The key they had found wasn't trying to alter Rachael's cells directly but instead to alter his and see how hers responded. They had managed to shift the coloring to blue but black so far was out of his reach.


They had also learned that if the altered Thomas's cells too far Rachael's seemed to lose the ability to recognize them. That didn't ever end well for his cells. Indeed it seemed that whenever they placed cells with Rachael's that hers didn't recognize Rachael's would tear the others to bits. This also went for older version of Rachael's own cells with newer.


“Mm well then, you know the computer can handle the general observation.” Reaching around Thomas Rachael pulled him more firmly into her breasts and shifted his position slightly so that his cheek was close to her nipple.


Rachael had taken on a separate project from Thomas. She had begun developing an organic transmitter and receiver that could work with her nervous system. She had actually managed to develop both the transmitter and receiver already but there was a major hurdle to clear. Rachael couldn't alter her body through the same methods that would work on others. Her body was just too powerful and resisted such change. So she had to develop a device that could send messages back to her that her body would understand and accept and could receive messages from her.


Her goal was to develop it so that it would become a sort of new limb to her. A device that she could not only direct with her thoughts and desires but one that would be able to send data back to her. Such that she could see, taste, hear, smell and even feel through them. Thomas was confident that she would succeed soon enough.


Glancing up Rachael from the corners of his eyes Thomas gave the breast his face was currently trapped against a kiss through Rachael's bra. “I guess we both have some time to pass then.”


“Mm yes we do.” As she backed away Rachael spun Thomas the wrest of the way around and lifted him from his chair.


End chapter 7


End Modification's first novel.

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