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Chapter 1 – Introductions and dysfunctions


Charlie felt as though he was lost as his car slowly bounced along a rough gravel road as the radio played the music of Tornado from little big town. He knew he was just outside the city’s limits but the thick brush and tall tree’s that hugged the roads rocky narrow path obscured the nearby city’s skyline. He had driven out here to look at a home that had recently become available on the market. His ex-wife had suggested it.

His current girlfriend, Lisa, was not at all impressed that Charlie’s ex-wife was their realtor and it became a source of argument. Charlie maintained that he was still friends with his ex and that nothing could change that. After all, Charlie had a child with his ex and they had shared the greater part of their lives together. Secretly though, he still loved his ex.

Lisa’s daughter Veronica had her head phones on and her ipod music blaring in the back seat to the sounds of one of her favourite bands, Awolnation. She couldn’t help but annoyingly sing the verses out loud. Veronica cared very little for her mothers and Charlie’s arguments or for that matter most issues that didn’t involve her. Veronica’s relationship with Charlie was a cold one. That being said, Veronica’s relationship with her own mother could be described the exact same way.

Charlie had been married to his ex-wife Selma for 19 years. They were high school sweet hearts and got married right after high-school. They had one daughter, Celeste, whom Charlie loved very much. She was now 22 years old, one year older than Veronica.

Selma was of half Arabic and half Slavic decent. She was tall and slender and even now in her mid-forties looked beautiful. She had olive skin and long thick dark hair. She had a beautiful face which was accentuated by a beauty mark on the left side of her cheek. She had dark brown eyes and slightly thicker brow lines that arched almost intimidatingly over top of her eyes.

And then there was Lisa, Charlie’s current girlfriend. Lisa had blonde hair and bright blue eyes and where Selma had lacked in the curves department Lisa was quite the opposite. Lisa was shorter than Selma but had a perfectly sculpted body. She had the kind of body that perhaps would have been drawn by Todd McFarlane himself to exaggerate one of his female characters proportions. She had a Perfect bubble butt, impossibly slim waist line and a bust that got attention no matter where she went or what she wore. Lisa was 10 years younger than Charlie and although she was now in her early thirties. She took great pride in retaining the youthful face and firm body that had rewarded her for so many years.

Charlie reflected on meeting Lisa, it was one of his biggest mistakes. Charlie was a Physicist at the University, he made a modest wage and for the most part he was happy. At the time, one of his colleague’s was desperate to get out of teaching a Physics 20 course because of other obligations. The University offered the night time course to help older students who had not taken Physics in their high school years. Charlie reluctantly agreed and that’s where he met Lisa.

Lisa was not a good student but was extremely beautiful. She would flirt with Charlie, often leaning at Charlie’s desk so that he would have a fantastic view of her massive breasts and tight cleavage. Later, Lisa would get in nice and close, indiscreetly pressing her big breasts against Charlie’s arm while she asked him questions. As Lisa’s marks progressively became worst she would come to class wearing progressively more revealing and tighter attire. Charlie couldn’t help but enjoy the attention he was getting from Lisa and created justifications in his brain for spending extra time with Lisa to tutor her. Often he would remind himself that it was okay to look as long as he didn’t touch. After all it was Lisa who was doing all the touching. Her hands would gently caress his shoulder or thigh. Her breasts would find an inconspicuous way of pressing up against his body. Every day that past his desire for her grew. Then one day he had gone to the university’s pool to relax. He was in the hot tub when Lisa joined him.

“Hey professor, since when did you start coming here??” Lisa had asked. The fact of the matter was that Charlie had been going to the same pool for 3-4 days a week for years. That he had never seen her there, made him a little suspicious that perhaps she had intentionally followed him. Charlie struggled to maintain eye contact as she entered the tub, often times he tripped up his words or looked blankly somewhere else, especially when she stood up, which she did quite often in order to adjust her tight red bathing suit. Lisa was wearing a one piece bright red bathing suit, her cleavage blasted out of her swimsuits neck line seemingly forcing the other parts of her bathing suit to be all the more tighter. Lisa and Charlie spoke with each other for over an hour before she made her move on him. Charlie was unable to resist. Throughout the conversation she had come closer and closer to him. Now when she stood up to seemingly adjust her bathing suit, her breasts were practically right over top of him. At the time Charlie was 39 years of age and Lisa was 29. Charlie was a good looking man. He was fairly toned and had a youthful face. He had bright blue eyes and a full set of reddish hair. He had been hit on in the past by very attractive female students in which he had always ignored. This time, as he finally stared at Lisa’s super tight curvy body, he gave in. The conversation had gone to how he really enjoyed the private hot tubs at the Windom Hotel. Lisa had slid into the pool so that the swirling waters were at her neck line, so that the general public could not see what she was doing. She grabbed Charlie’s hand and guided it closer to her body. Charlie swallowed nervously as he looked into Lisa’s eyes as she guided his fingertips up the smooth contours of her tight body. His hand eventually found its way to Lisa’s breasts and he felt Lisa’s firm nipple on her incredible chest. After staring into his eyes for a long while, Lisa then whispered a suggestion in Charlie’s ear. That they should go to the hotel. The rest is history.

A series of unfortunate events transpired soon after. At first, Charlie kept his one-time affair a secret. He passed Lisa in physics and gave her cash which she accepted to keep matters on the down low. He was very civil to her, but never spoke of what transpired between them. After 3 months had passed, Lisa informed him that she was pregnant. The gig was up. His wife Selma, a very strong willed woman, would never forgive him for this. Their marriage ended. His reparation with his own daughter due to his affair was made even harder because of Veronica, who was roughly the same age as Celeste.

Lisa’s daughter Veronica was a polar opposite of Charlie’s daughter Celeste. Celeste had curlier reddish hair and a body that might have been considered on the frumpier side of things. Veronica had black hair with a Bob cut hair style where the ends are cut just around chin length and aligned close to the facial area. She had an impressive body, natural darker looking skin and facial features of a model. Veronica was ultra-popular in the high school the two girls would eventually attend together. Charlie had to admit that given his ex-wife’s darker skin and her beautiful features his daughter, Celeste, clearly took a little more from his side on the genetic spectrum. He couldn’t say that bothered him a whole bunch. While Veronica had a different date every weekend, Celeste was often at home alone. Playing online vids or playing some sort of fantasy game. What bothered Charlie the most was how cruel Veronica was to his daughter. Veronica would often rub her advantages into Celeste’s face when the opportunity presented itself. She would always ask Celeste “Jealous??” “I’m going out with Dirk tonight … Jealous? Look how my ass looks in these jeans … Jealous? Look how flat my stomach is … Jealous??” But Celeste, seemingly, took it all with a grain of salt.

That is until Celeste turned 22. A few weeks ago Charlie was approached by Lisa with Veronica’s phone. Apparently Celeste, who was now in college, was texting Veronica a series of pictures with a caption of the word ‘jealous?’ One of the pictures was a top less picture of Celeste she had clearly taken of herself. If Charlie had not known better he would have sworn his daughter had undergone breast augmentation. He found the pic disturbing and extremely out of character of the daughter he thought he knew so well. The pic showed her lying on her bed with her arm raised in order to take a picture of herself. Although her hairstyle and face remained the same, her body seemed much thinner and her large, round firm bust jutted out from her chest as if gravity had no effect on them whatsoever. Charlie had not seen Celeste in over 6 months, but he had to admit, it was quite the transition. He also couldn’t help but be somewhat relieved by the fact that his daughter had blossomed into a beautiful woman in her university days rather than her high school days.

Regardless, Lisa was upset that Charlie’s daughter could be so cruel. Veronica was now desperately talking about getting breast implants, breast implants that she undoubtedly wanted Charlie to pay for. That wasn’t going to happen. As out of character as Celeste’s actions were, Charlie couldn’t help but see the irony and karma of the situation; still, he needed to talk to his daughter about the matter.

Although Charlie’s life took a rough bump after the exposed affair, things turned out quite nicely for him afterwards. Although he and Lisa were never married he lived with her and raised their Son Lucas, who was now 5 years old and was, as of right now, in Kindergarten school. Lisa was a good mother. A far better Mother to their son than she was to Veronica, but Charlie took into account how extremely young Lisa was when she had Veronica. Lisa was kind, fun and a surprisingly very generous and decent person, despite a few misgivings.

The biggest change for Charlie happened 8 months ago. His company, whom he had established with 4 other colleagues from the university, developed a unique type of laser.

Every particle or object gives off some form of energy; they managed to create a laser that could amplify that objects energy pattern, making it track able. Meaning this, you could emit a light onto your car keys, car, wallet, practically anything and then track it on gps using something like Google maps. Of course there are obviously privacy concerns they had to contend with, considering you could technically track people as well. So when a company with the Government opted to purchase their corporation and patents for approximately 1.1 billion dollars, they took the money and ran. They did however have to sign some non-disclosure forms. Which brings us back to today’s drive and the new house he had requested his ex-wife Selma, to find for him.


Chapter 2 – One Big House


The tree’s finally cleared up and the rough gravel road smoothed into finely paved asphalt. Charlie was now driving past large, trimmed hedgerows. The vehicle passed through a gate and Charlie marvelled at the sight of the mansion. It was massive.

Veronica who was in the back seat took her head phones off and asked “Is there a pool??” seemingly unimpressed.

Charlie drove around a large concrete fountain which was basically a traffic circle right in the front yard. He pulled behind his ex-wife’s car and stepped out.

Selma, Charlie’s ex-wife walked toward the couple and asked “What do you think??”

Charlie looked around and was about to speak when his daughter snuck up behind him “Hi daddy!!”

Charlie looked behind him and was surprised to see Celeste. “Oh my God! It’s so good to see you! I had no idea you were in town..” Charlie then looked at his daughter’s remarkably thinner physique. “Do they feed you in College!??”

Celeste hugged her father and giggled at his remark “Just dieting and exercise and maybe some of Moms genes kicked in. So is this going to be your new pad??”

“Well … We’ll see … It looks kind of ….”

“I love it!!” Lisa finally chimed in. Lisa looked at Charlie “Don’t you love it??”

“Well ….” Charlie said “It’s a bit overwhelming..”

Selma greeted Lisa with a polite smile and then asked “So, you guys want to go inside??”

“Does it have a pool??” Veronica asked

Selma smiled “It has everything.”

The family began walking to the doors of the mansion. “So … How much is it??” Charlie asked Selma quietly.

“Well, in 2008 this place was on the market for 7.6, I spoke with the owners and they’ve agreed to sell it now for 1.9..”

Charlie was cautiously pessimistic as they entered the giant home. While its exterior revealed a polished late 19th century look its interior was very modern. It was an open concept with a massive living room and dining area and a stairwell running parallel alongside of the living room leading to the upstairs. As Charlie looked up he could see that there was yet a third set of stairs leading to a third floor. Charlie felt compelled to say something “This is way too big for us. And who’s taking care of the yard? You’d have to employ dozens just to keep this place in order..”

Selma smiled at Charlie “Charlie, you said your budget was 2.6. This house is almost a million dollars cheaper, use the money saved and hire a gardener. Or better yet design your own 300 yard golf hole in the back yard..”

Charlie said nothing, but kind of liked that idea.

Lisa walked into the kitchen just beside the dining room and marvelled at the spacious room. Charlie and Selma followed Lisa into the kitchen, Veronica and Celeste split up. Veronica anxiously looked to see how the pool looked out back and Celeste wandered into the different rooms on the main floor.


Celeste looked closely at the furniture and its arrangement. Everything in the house was in good order. The furniture was very modern. The house was very clean and it had an inviting feel to it. But, it almost seemed as though the house had not been lived in, despite its good order.

Celeste walked through a hallway and inspected some rooms on the main floor. She briefly walked through a small library and a billiard room before she eventually made her way back to the living room and toward the kitchen. As she walked through the living room she stopped as she noticed a box on the coffee table, a box that would be extremely hard to not notice the first time she walked through. She couldn’t help but wonder how she missed it. It was bright yellow box with the word Supanji written on it in bold red, it had golden aged DC and Marvel characters on the bottom sides of the box. Underneath the word SupanJi read the words, ‘play to see who the next Super hero. or Super villain will be’. That kind of game was right up Celeste’s alley. Her and her friends often gathered to play trivial role playing games or board games. She was surprised she had never heard of this game before. She opened the box.


Veronica walked around one of the three pools that were outside. There was a deep pool, there was a shallow pool and there was a hot tub. There even was a bar at the far edge of the pool and a Pool house. She couldn’t contain her excitement anymore. This was it! This had to be her new home! The parties she could have here! Her friends would be so jealous and it was a mere 15 minutes out of town … give or take. Veronica ran back inside to try to convince her mom that this was the right house for her and Charlie.


Charlie, Lisa and Selma had gone upstairs. Charlie was looking through the giant glass window that oversaw the swimming pools in a Den on the second floor. He looked at the giant back yard which extended for a couple of acres. Thick forest and brush flanked either sides of a bright, trimmed green grass which extended that way for hundreds of yards just beyond the backyards pool. He had to admit, it would be a great place to design a golf hole. Then Charlie watched Veronica walk around the pools for a-while and then she came rushing back into the house undoubtedly impressed with what she had seen. Charlie looked at Selma “I don’t know..”

“Why not?!!” Lisa immediately cut in taking Charlie’s skepticism as a no.

“The place is massive.” Charlie argued. “My daughter has moved away. Your daughter is 21, I’m sure she’ll move when the time is right, which leaves me you and Lucas in this oversized house. I don’t think it’s a right fit..”

Lisa looked over at Selma “Selma … Convince him.”

Selma smiled, “Charlie, try looking at the house as an investment. If for whatever reason you don’t like it. Move out and make a few hundred thousand dollars. It really is a great deal. I’m not just saying that because I’m your realtor..”

“You have to buy this house!!” Veronica practically screamed as she joined the group in the large den.

Charlie rolled his eyes, “Of course we do..”


Chapter 3 – The Game


Celeste opened the box and unfolded the board game and placed it onto the coffee table. There were 4 player pieces which looked like 4 multi colored wood carved generic pieces from a sorry game. The game squares went into a warped oval like pattern around a red plunger on the game which read “start..” The game squares were also multi colored. They were red, yellow, blue, green and purple. There were no dice, but there was an odd retro looking digital read out above the start plunger. There was also a slit from which a card should come out, but there were no cards in the box. It looked pretty lame. Curious though, Celeste’s finger pressed the start button. In retro style fashion the game made a beep and the digital read out displayed ‘The game will begin’.


Doors and windows that were left ajar slammed violently shut and all the lights flicked on and off before finally turning to the off position. The conversation in the Den, ceased.

“What the hell was that??” Veronica asked

Charlie looked at Selma “Any other reasons why this house is going for a million dollars cheaper than it should??”

Selma rolled her eyes “Yes Charlie, because there are ghosts here … Did I forget to mention that??” She stated sarcastically.

Charlie looked over Selma’s shoulder. “Where’s Celeste? Celeste!!” he called out.

“I’m in the living room!!” Celeste called back.

Charlie went back to the original discussion. “Look, it’s a nice house. Maybe, give us the night to think about it..”

Selma nodded “Sounds good..”

The group made their way downstairs and to the front door. “Celeste we’re leaving..”

A card popped out of the game and Celeste cautiously took it and began reading it. ‘The game has begun. There are 4 characters in this game. Decide who each character is by picking up the piece and saying who they are and handing it to the player. The 4 characters to choose from are Superman, Supergirl, Superboy and Powergirl. All power levels are the same at the beginning of each game regardless of the character. Please refer to the instruction manual for further game details’.

“Celeste, we are going.” Selma told her daughter.

Celeste got up and joined the group at the door. Charlie’s hand pulled at the door but it didn’t budge. Charlie pulled harder, but still the door didn’t budge. “I think the door is jammed..”

“Can I try??” Selma attempted to open the door but to no avail. “That’s strange..”

“I guess we can try going through the back door.” Veronica suggested. The group headed to the back door but the back door proved to be just as difficult as the front door.

For a half hour they struggled with both doors until Charlie became frustrated and grabbed an iron candle holder off the dining room table. With no argument to be had he smashed the iron candle holder against the glass beside the back door. The iron candle holder rebounded off the glass without as much as scratching it. “You’ve got to be kidding me.” Charlie finally said. More and more time passed and more and more extreme methods were used trying to get out of the house before Celeste returned back to the game. After-all, the doors did slam when the game said it had begun. Was it a coincidence?

After more than a few unsuccessful tries were attempted to get out of the house Celeste decided to call everyone into the living. Eventually everyone gathered there.

Charlie was a little more distraught with the situation than anyone else. “Does anyone have reception on their phones … Is there even a working phone in this house??” Charlie asked.

Celeste looked at the red piece and said “Superman.” and attempted to hand it over to her father.

Charlie looked at the piece “Sweetie, we don’t have time for games.” With that he left the room.

Selma couldn’t help but smile seeing her ex-husband so flustered, “Here Celeste, I’ll take that..” Selma took the piece from her daughter.

Celeste than said “Power girl.” and handed the blue piece to Lisa. Lisa gave Celeste a crooked eyed expression after she took hold of the game piece.

Celeste then said “Superboy.” and handed the yellow piece to Veronica.

“Oh fuck you!!” Veronica said and threw the piece away.

Celeste then clutched the last remaining piece and said “Supergirl..”

Selma smiled at her daughter, “Your father is right Celeste, we don’t have ….”

The living rooms flood lights turned on and began going brighter and brighter to the point where it was becoming blinding. The girls looked up at the lights in unison and then the lights busted. The girls screamed as flakes of glass showered them.

A cool chill filled the room and all the girls felt as though something very strange was occurring. There was an ominous hum from the flood lights that had shattered. All four girls could feel something within their bodies, something not natural. A spark popped out from one of the broken lights above them. Then another and another and then four bolts of various colors streamlined into the 4 girls from the busted lights above them. They all screamed as the lightning ran down their bodies and burned off their clothes. Every fibre in their being tensed up and their bodies illuminated as brightly as the lights had before they exploded.

It was over. They all looked at each other, for a long while, shocked, with nothing to say. They were all wearing the clothing of the person Celeste had called out. Selma was wearing a Superman costume. Lisa was wearing Powergirl's. Veronica was wearing Superboy's costume and Celeste was wearing Supergirl's costume.

“What the fuck?… WHAT THE FUCK!!” Veronica managed to mutter and eventually scream as she checked her body out. She was wearing tight red leather pants secured by a yellow belt, a tight Lycra Blue T- shirt with a red and yellow S Shield across her chest. She was also wearing a zipped down black leather jacket.

Lisa’s body was on full display as the PowerGirl attire she wore left little to the imagination. At first she observed her blue gloves and the white ultra-tight fabric that clung to her arms. She then looked down at the oval shaped hole in her bust revealing her deep cleavage. Her hands went to her chest and she finally managed to say “What! Is going on?!!”

Selma too was looking up and down her body. The super tight attire was so tight that it made her almost feel naked. And while it certainly accentuated her body’s curves, it showed just how lacking she was in comparison to Lisa. In her mind she felt it exemplified how much more of a woman Lisa looked than she did. It reminded her of why Charlie did what he did.

Then there was Celeste, her bust looked dramatic with a tight red S strapping across it. She was wearing an almost identical costume to that of her mother with the exception of a short red skirt which bared her naked thighs to her knee high red boots.

Selma finally looked at Celeste and calmly asked “Celeste … What did you do??”

Veronica took off her jacket and walked toward a living room mirror. Her shirt was short sleeved and she posed in front of the mirror often times rotating her hips so she could see her ass in the smooth tight leather. “Whatever she did … I think I like it!!”

Celeste was too stunned to speak. Instead she walked over to a steel ornament. Picked it up and squished it in her hands. Celeste mouth dropped as she continued squeezing the ornament to the point where steaming metallic fluid oozed out of her fingers. “We’re Super!!” she finally said.

“What are you talking about??” Veronica asked.

Celeste tried to contain what she was feeling as she spoke “You know! Like Superman … We! Are! Super! … Watch!!” Celeste went to a book cabinet and then heaved it above her head, balancing it just right so that the books it contained did not fall out of it slots.

Selma was dumbfounded and so to was Veronica as they watched the feat of strength performed by Celeste.

Lisa began thinking about flying, it was the only power that she really was familiar with when it came to Superman. As if on cue and with her hands on her hips, her blue boots left the ground and she began floating upwards. It was as easy as commanding her body to walk. “Oh my God! This is Incredible!!”

Selma massaged her temples as she watched Lisa float into the air, eventually Lisa was flying around as if she had done it several of times before. She too began imagining herself fly and her red boots began leaving the ground. “Charlie! You should come up here!!” Selma yelled as she looked at her feet which she rotated a few feet from the ground.

Charlie was in the basement looking for something more durable to break a window with or pry open the door or a window. He heard his ex-wife call but continued looking anyways.

Selma walked over to the instructions and began reading them out loud. “Welcome to Supanji, before the game begins you will have to decide who will be which character. Either decide by random draw or have someone designate the characters. There are 2 male characters and 2 female characters. Please note: If the character you have chosen is of the opposite sex, you will simply adopt his/her costume or a variation of the costume and not his male or female characteristics.” Selma stopped reading the instructions and looked at Celeste “Thank god you read the instructions first.” she said sarcastically and then continued reading the instructions. “The game will take you through a variety of quests, each one very unique from the last. You will all notice that you are missing a variation of the costume and that is, Superman’s cape. The goal of the game is to acquire Superman’s cape. The first one to do so will win the game and permanently acquire the powers and enhancements the game has provided, while the others will return to their normal selves. To fight Superman you will have to go to the third floor. The door to that floor will take you to the city of Metropolis where you will remain until the task is complete. Please note: Do not underestimate Superman’s powers. As the game progresses you will be able to improve your own powers, Steal powers and acquire beneficial attributes. Your powers are broken into 3 groups, power, body and mind. Power includes – Heat vision and Super breath. Body includes – Invulnerability, Super strength and speed. Mind includes – Super senses, Super intelligence and telekinesis. A player will press the start plunger and a random color will appear. The player will move his/her piece to the nearest colored square from the starting point and a mission card will appear. If the mission is completed successfully the player will receive a bonus to the power attributed to the specific color he/she landed on. Example Red is power, Blue is body, Green is mind. There is also a yellow and purple square, if the player lands on the yellow square a group quest will immediately start. If a player completes any quest flawlessly he/she will receive a gold card to use at their discretion. If a player lands on a purple square, the player will automatically receive a mystery bonus. The game cards will explain each quest and the rest is up to you. The first person to hit start shall begin. Good luck..”

Charlie walked into the room and blankly looked at the girls “Am I the butt end of a joke??”

Lisa immediately went to him and hugged him. Her breasts compressed against his chest. Charlie’s face instantly went red. He barely was able to whisper “Honey … your crushing me.” before she released him. Charlie gasped for air.

Lisa seemed upset initially “I barely held you.” and then her tone changed. “How powerful am I??” she asked as she brought her arm up and felt her feminine bicep as she flexed.

Charlie recovered his breath. “Alright! … Alright! What the hell is going on here?!!”

Veronica’s boots left the ground and she casually floated next to him. “You’re the physics professor. You tell us..”

Charlie swallowed hard and took in all the imagery. A woman, Lisa’s daughter, hovering in the air then landed elegantly next to him. His girlfriend wearing a tight white leotard with a convenient hole centered at her chest. His ex-wife dressed up as Superman? His own daughter presumably as Superwoman? Had he fallen and struck his head downstairs? Was he being pranked by his colleagues from work? They certainly had the money to pull it off. Charlie began to gage his reactions accordingly. If he was being recorded he wasn’t going to give the overreaction his friends or whoever was spectating, the satisfaction. “Lisa, honey, please tell me what’s going on??”

Lisa walked over to the living room table and hoisted it into the air by one of its thick oak legs and effortlessly raised it up and down. “Uhhh, Charlie you don’t think we aren’t trying to figure that out??”

Charlie looked at his daughter and step daughter. “First person to tell me what’s really going on, I’ll buy them a brand new car..”

Celeste looked at her father sympathetically. “I opened that game and pressed start and this happened..”

Charlie bit his tongue as his temper started to flare “And you expect me to believe THAT!??”

Selma walked over to Charlie, “Charlie, Its true. Trust me. We know as much about this as you do..”

Veronica walked over to the game and pressed start. A yellow color appeared. Veronica walked over to her piece which was lying on the ground and placed it on the yellow square nearest to the start button. A game card appeared which made a popping sound that got every ones attention.

Celeste looked at Veronica in shock. “You pressed the button!??”

“Uhhh – Duh!!” Veronica looked at the card “Group quest. The first person to eliminate the majority of Sunny’s gang will win … Sunny’s gang??”

Everyone in the room now heard the cocking of a 30’s Thompson machine guns and men in pin striped suits standing above them on the second floor and alongside of the rail on the stair case leading to the upstairs. One of the men threw his cigar away and spoke “Sunny said you bitches would be hard to find and kill. Apparently not! Kill em boys..”

Charlie looked at all the men standing above them on the second floor. “What … the … fuck??”

Selma looked down at the S symbol on her chest, then looked at everyone else’s outfit. Charlie was the only one that didn’t belong. Instinctively Selma ran in front of Charlie as the gun fire erupted. Giant chunks of wood blasted out of the floor boards as the .45 calibre bullets left their destructive impressions all across the living room. The whipping sound of bullets and the mini explosions caused by the heavy rounds made Veronica and Celeste jump over the couch and seek cover behind it. Lisa ran out of the room not even realizing that two of the rounds pinged off her rear end.

The rounds eventually began cutting through the couch Celeste and Veronica were hiding behind. Veronica watched in horror as the rounds punched through the couch and began heading toward Celeste. The last round that punched through the couch smacked off of Celeste’s right breast and then redirected into the hardwood floor with a loud crack. Celeste gasped and began rubbing her chest where the bullet hit. Celeste’s nipple then became erect. Celeste looked up at Veronica who watched her in disbelief. Celeste smiled as Veronica’s eyes remained firmly on her chest. When Veronica’s eyes made contact with hers, Celeste casually asked “Jealous??”

Charlie watched in amazement as the entire living room erupted into smoke and debris. He was too scared to move. When the gun fire stopped he looked to see Selma standing between him and the line of fire. Selma looked down briefly at her own body. She was uninjured and not one piece of her costume was damaged despite the damage all around her. Selma eyes squinted at the men who were now reloading their weapons. Charlie heard the squeal of a high powered laser. He watched in shock as his ex-wife was blasting a concentrated beam of red energy from her eyes. The energy blasted into the wall cutting a deep hole in it and as she made her way to her targets one by one the Gangsters were cut down. They screamed as the energies blasted into them causing them to vaporize. One by one, each one of them fell to the energy pouring out of Selma’s eyes. The other girls watched in amazement as Selma wiped out the entire gang. When the last gangster was eliminated, Selma fell to her knees in exhaustion. Charlie came to her aid. She was massaging her temples and even though her eyes were closed a light smoke was emanating from them. When she opened her eyes Charlie jumped out of the way.

“Relax! I’m not going to vaporize you. dummy!!” Selma said in an irritated tone.

“Mom! Are you okay!!” Celeste asked as she ran over and hugged her mother.

Charlie looked at the extensive damage to the room and slowly walked through it and then to the staircase. He began working his way upstairs where his wife had trained her laser vision. There was a deep burn line that traced all the way upstairs which still smouldered. He touched it as if to authenticate its existence, it was still hot. Charlie then picked up a Thompson Machine gun that one of his ex-wife’s victims had dropped after being incinerated. It certainly felt real enough. He pointed it at the wall and depressed the trigger. The gun fired 4 rounds, popping four holes in the wall before Charlie let go of the trigger. The girls all looked at him with irritation. He looked down at them in shock “This is a real fucking gun!!”

A gold card popped out of the game. Lisa walked cautiously toward it and read it. “Selma has won this challenge flawlessly. You will receive a 25% power boost of your choice. Make that choice now. Additionally you wiped out all 7 of the 7 gangsters for a flawless quest you have received a wish of your choice as it applies to the game. You may make that wish at any time. Note: The game will decide if the wish is applicable..”

Selma looked at the girls who were waiting for her response “Mind … I guess??” Selma grabbed her head in pain but soon the pain ceased and there was a feeling of euphoria. “Wow!!”

“How do you feel??” Lisa asked

Selma smiled “Wow! Like a billion bucks.”

“Who’s turn is it now!??” Veronica asked excitedly

Charlie interrupted “Nobody is touching that game!!”

Selma looked at Charlie and nodded “I agree, we have no idea what could happen next or how dangerous it might be..”

Lisa looked at the locked front door and walked toward it. “Maybe we have enough power to pry the door open??” They all watched as Lisa reached for the door handle. Her blue glove clasped around the steel handle. She tugged at the door violently, the whole house began to tremble, but the door didn’t budge.

Celeste sighed, “Guys! The game won’t let us out until we finish the game. So let’s just finish the game!!”

Charlie shook his head “No No No! This is ridiculous! I feel as if I went downstairs, fell, and now I’m in a coma in a hospital somewhere and I’m now in some sort of … Nightmare!!”

“And how do you think we feel Charlie??” Selma asked.

“The difference of course being, that when a bullet hits you its bounces off … Me? not so much!!” Charlie countered.

“How do you know that you’re not like us??” Celeste asked.

“You mean beside the obvious reason!??” Charlie referred to his clothes, “Because while the bullets were bouncing off and around your mom’s body one of them struck the floor next to me. A splinter stuck into my hand. Look!!” Charlie showed his hand, there was a tiny scratch.

Everyone smiled and resisted the urge to laugh.

Lisa grabbed his hand “Ooooo My poor dear, do you want Mommy to kiss it better.”

Charlie shook his head. “My point is! if a tiny piece of wood can do that to my hand. What do you suppose one of those bullets would have done? Just … lets figure this out okay?… No more games!!”


Charlie walked to the kitchen and paced while he tried, in vain, to come up with a rational theory. Lisa followed him. She watched him pace a few more times before speaking “Charlie, we are all kind of scared..”

Charlie looked up at her “It doesn’t seem like it..”

Lisa’s feet left the ground and she began to float. Her body looked as if she was relaxing on an inflatable cushion in the middle of a pool. Her hand supported her head, but nothing supported the rest of her body as she casually floated in mid-air toward Charlie.

Charlie looked at her, and despite her amazing body, couldn’t get past the fact that what she was doing was literally impossible. “You see! what you’re doing there, it defies every rule of physics.”

“Well, I’m more concerned about another thing.” Lisa challenged

“What’s that??”

“Well, when your Girl friend wears an outfit like this!!” Lisa adjusted herself in midair so that she was in an upright position and presented her body with her hands “And her boyfriend shows little to no interest. Well it’s a little concerning, don’t you think??” Lisa smiled as Charlie’s attention re-focused on Lisa’s outrageous body.

“Let’s pretend this is a dream.” Lisa continued as Charlie’s eyes continued to focus on her body. “Wouldn’t you be a little disappointed if you didn’t have fun with it before you woke up??”

Charlie smiled as he looked at Lisa. Her costume was so tight making her fantastic curves so much more obvious. Her cleavage was squeezed so tightly together that her mounds of flesh radiated out of her oval cut out. Lisa’s arms draped around Charlie’s shoulders and she smiled at him. Charlie looked Lisa in the eyes.

Lisa looked down briefly at her own bust and then back into Charlie’s eyes “Don’t be shy..”

Charlie kissed her passionately and then bit her playfully on the neck.

Lisa lightly gasped as that always was a sensitive spot of hers.

Charlie’s hand moved across her chest and felt her nipples tenting out of her Powergirl outfit. Charlie was fully aroused as his hands grabbed Lisa’s full breasts and he squeezed them. Charlie couldn’t believe how much firmer and heavier they felt. Although his fingers dimpled into them, they only did so for a few centimetres before he felt something much firmer underneath.

Lisa began passionately kissing Charlie “Squeeze them harder Charlie.” she managed to say between breaths.

Selma walked into the kitchen and watched the two making out. She watched Charlie’s hands run all over Lisa’s huge breasts. She would be lying if she said it didn’t bother her. It bothered her a lot. “Umm kids? We have some other issues we need to deal with … don’t we??”

Lisa rolled her eyes as Charlie immediately stopped.

“Umm … of course.” Charlie said uncomfortably as he walked by Selma and calmed himself before going back to the living room.

Lisa then began walking by Selma. Selma grabbed her arm and whispered into her ear “Lisa?… Show some class..”

Lisa gave Selma an irritated expression “Or else what??” Lisa placed her hands on her hips and her large chest pressed against Selma’s S symbol on her much smaller chest. Lisa’s eyes looked down at the comparison then looked up at Selma’s eyes “Pathetic.” she whispered.

Selma clenched her jaw as Lisa walked away. As much as the animosity had run high between the two women. This was the first time it had led to a verbal exchange. Selma took in a deep breath and calmed herself before following them into the living room.


The group began a long discussion as to whether they should continue the game, which eventually led to a unanimous yes, but that made Charlie ask himself several troubling questions. Would the person who wins actually be able to keep this kind of power? Which one deserved to have that kind of power? What would they do with it? He seemed to be the only person in the house concerned with the consequences of such a reality. The girls eventually split up and began experimenting with their powers. Charlie couldn’t help but feel a tad jealous. What would it feel like to have super powers? He wondered. The tasks we take for granted, like walking, breathing seeing would feel infinitely different. It was no wonder the girls response to their new abilities lacked substantially less concern than his own.

Charlie watched his ex wife Selma purse her lips and blow on a glass of water she held in her hand. Remarkably, frost began to form on the glass and soon after the water was a frozen block of ice. Charlie’s thought began to reflect on his ex, what if she won? Selma was an outspoken woman; she was very opinionated in most matters of current events. Charlie had no doubt she would use her powers to influence political and federal changes. However, he imagined she would do it without the costume. Something as tight as the costume Selma was wearing right now was really not her style, which was really too bad. Charlie observed her as her back was turned to him, she really did have a fantastic ass. He wouldn’t admit to her, but he found her especially attractive in that costume. It was a shame, in their 25 years of marriage; he didn’t see her more often in tights.

Charlie then looked at his daughter who was watching her mother excitedly as she used her super breath. Celeste was always a good and patient girl. But she had changed since going to college. Charlie imagined that she would most likely attempt to keep her powers a secret, using them mostly for good. But the texts she sent to Veronica showed she also had a mean streak. Charlie felt that Celeste might use the powers to settle some unsettled scores. Otherwise though, her retaining these powers concerned him the least. At least he’d never have to worry about some guy taking advantage of her.

Charlie then went upstairs to see his Girlfriend Lisa. Maybe Charlie caught her at a bad time but Lisa seemed to be fascinated with the things she could squash by just using her breasts. She was testing her invulnerability and found that there was nothing she could hit, poke or prod herself with that could cause her pain. It would be impossible to know who Lisa would become with this kind of power he thought. Super mother extraordinaire? Super floosy? Or both. Lisa was full of surprises. After getting to know her, Charlie realized that Lisa was a much smarter, much more compassionate girl that he had originally stereo typed her to be. But, Charlie was also under the impression that she had missed her wilder years. He had no doubt Lisa loved him, but it might be a relationship of convenience for her. In other words, Lisa may have settled. If Lisa acquired these powers he doubted the relationship continuing.

Charlie then walked down a hallway. There were burn lines everywhere which eventually led to Veronica. Veronica was firing beams of intense energy out of her eyes. She was melting or burning everything in sight. He couldn’t help but shake his head. Veronica, he thought, the absolute worst case scenario. Veronica would use her powers as she saw fit and death and mayhem would follow. Judging by the rivalry developed between his daughter and her, Charlie doubted that Celeste would survive Veronica’s wrath. Veronica would become an international tabloid to the likes of which would compare to that of Paris Hilton or Lindsey Lohan. A Lindsey Lohan or Paris Hilton with the powers of a God, that is.

In every scenario the result, in some way or form, would be catastrophic. Charlie was brought back to the origin of his questioning. How could any of this be real?


Chapter 4 – A Norse God


“Okay! I’m pressing the button.” Celeste called out.

“Wait!!” Charlie said as he began gathering ammo for the tommy gun he acquired. He grabbed as many cartridges as he could and barricaded himself in the corner of the room. “Okay … Go for it!!”

Celeste pressed start. “Blue!!” A card came out. “Defeat the Norse thunder God known as Thor for 30% improvement. Or pass the challenge to one who is brave enough. Thor is located on the second floor in the guest bedroom..” Celeste looked at everyone in the room. “Okay … I’m scared shitless..”

“Who’s Thor??” Lisa asked

The group all went to the second floor and approached the closed bedroom door. Celeste’s hand slowly went to the door and she drew a deep sigh.

“You don’t have to do this sweetie.” Her mother reminded her.

Celeste reluctantly opened the door. There was a loud boom and ominous dark clouds swirled several of miles below them. The entire room was an entirely different place or for that matter an entirely different reality. Lightning bolt streaked from within the clouds and seconds later another loud boom echoed inside the house. “Oh! Fuck this! I’m not jumping into that.” Celeste bellowed.

“I’ll do it!!” Lisa exclaimed and without warning or discussion she jumped into the room and the clouds below.

The girls watched in shock as Lisa dived into the ominous reality. As surprised as the other girls seemed to be, Charlie wasn’t. That was simply the Lisa he had come to know. She was fearless and aggressive; she usually got what she wanted. One thing Charlie knew for certain, Lisa wanted these powers to be permanent, more than anything in the world. But Charlie was concerned, if it was the Thor he imagined to be, she could be in some real trouble. What would happen if she lost?

Lisa flew to the center of the storm and stopped, she looked back at the girls who peered through an open door miles above her. Despite being in an alien environment and floating miles from the ground, Lisa couldn’t recall a better feeling than flying. It was a freedom she had never known. It was intoxicating and made her feel that there was nothing she could not do.

The dark clouds now swirled around her, sometimes illuminating before her as a flash of lighting lashed out in the distance. Lisa flew confidently through the dark clouds and to the surface of the strange world. Despite the ominous and alien terrain she still remained fearless. The rain was heavy, soaking her hair and costume, just as she wondered when this Thor would show up a bolt of lightning crashed into her. The electricity wrapped around her body and felt strange. It neither felt pleasant nor un-pleasant. Lisa looked down at her body looking for any sign of damage, there was none and so she smiled as her confidence reached extremes.

The ground near her blasted smoke and debris into the air, a man stood up from the smoke from a kneeling position and asked “Who art thou??” He had an orange beard, thick broad shoulders and muscular arms. He directed a large hammer at her. At 6ft6 he towered over Lisa, he had metallic body armour covering his muscular frame.

Perhaps had Lisa known who Thor was she may have been more reluctant in volunteering so quickly, or react to him the way she did. Lisa looked at the Norse god and was blunt. “My name is Lisa and if you’re Thor than I guess I’m here to kick your ass.”

“Ha! Do you think Thor can be bested by a mere woman??”

“Well.” Lisa replied confidently, still believing this to be a game “I don’t know if you’ve noticed but I’m a lot of women.” Lisa grabbed her chest playfully.

“You think thou can tempt Thor!??”

“Do you think thou can resist Lisa? Since were all talking in third person..”

“Enough!!” Thor screamed and threw his hammer. Lisa was unprepared for the throw. The hammer struck her in the face causing her to fly backwards then crashing into a small formation of rocks.

Lisa had been punched in the face before. The way your eyes swell up and the way your gums feel after you’ve received a swift punch to the nose was exactly how she was feeling now. She checked to see if there was blood by touching her nose and mouth with the back of her hand but there was none.

A bolt of lightning struck Lisa and the distraction caused her to not see Thor’s attack. The Hammer came down on the back of her head driving her face into the soaked stony ground.

“Go back!!” Thor demanded “Go back to your master and inform him you have failed!!”

Lisa turned to face Thor. Intentional or not, her look of anger unleashed her heat vision. The intense beams struck him in the face and felt hotter and more painful than anything Thor had previously faced. He immediately raised his hammer to absorb the energy.

Lisa pounced, attacking a man the best way she knew how. She ran at him and toe punted him in the crotch. What sounded like a clap of thunder was actually the shock wave from the low blow. Thor was lifted several of feet into the air, and although he landed on his feet, he soon fell to his knees in shock, it had took a few seconds to kick in but when it did Thor had never known pain like this. Thor collapsed in the mud. Lisa looked at his limp body “Fucking asshole! Who throws a hammer at a woman!??” With that she punted him and his body flew limply through the air until it landed in a lake miles away.

The storm clouds began to dissipate and so did the terrain and before Lisa knew it she was in the guest bedroom as it was originally. The girls looked at her in shock.

Lisa rushed over to Charlie “Is there something wrong with my nose??” Lisa raised her head so that Charlie could get a good look at her nose.

“Lisa??” Charlie asked, ignoring her question “Did you defeat Thor??”

“You mean that asshole who threw a hammer at me? Yeah I kicked his ass..” Lisa then cringed in pain. Her costume became tighter as her muscles developed all over her body. The sound of her costume straining was heard and everyone assumed it would rip. The feeling subsided and Lisa checked out her improvements. She always had maintained a good figure. Although, after the child she had with Charlie it became a bit more difficult. But now as she looked at her ab formation, which could be seen even under her tight costume, she felt as though she had never been or looked more fit. She gave the girls a double bicep pose. Although her muscles remained feminine they were clearly much more defined. She winked at the girls “How do you like me now??”

Selma shook her head annoyed, if not a little jealous “whose turn is it??”

Lisa smirked at Selma “Yeah you guys go and play. I’m going to go kick Superman’s ass!!”

Lisa left the guest bedroom and headed upstairs to the third floor.

Charlie ran after her. “Lisa … Wait!!”

Lisa stopped “What is it Charlie??”

“Lisa, the game just started. If you go into that room you won’t be able to get out unless you defeat Superman.” Charlie pleaded with her. Although, his primary concern was that she might actually defeat Superman.

“I defeated Thor Charlie, I’m pretty sure I can take Superman.”

“Lisa! Do you even know who Thor is!? Look, all I’m saying is you can enter that room at any time. Why not acquire a little bit more power first??”

Lisa contemplated what Charlie had said and then smiled as she caught Charlie looking at her extreme body, “Do you think maybe we should discuss this in greater detail in the master bedroom??”

Charlie smiled “I think that might be a fantastic idea.”

Lisa lifted Charlie off his feet and flew with him into the bedroom eventually tossing him onto the bed.

Charlie looked at Lisa with a wide eyed expression “Did you know that what you just did, is literally impossible??”

“If you thought that was impossible..” Lisa asked as she adjusted the hole in her chest so that it exposed one of her big round breasts “You are in for one hell of a ride.”


Chapter 5 – Explosive Indiscretions


“Mom do you want to go or do you want Lisa to??” Celeste asked.

Selma’s eyes were squinting as her x-ray vision and super hearing was picking up Lisa’s and Charlie’s love making. She was becoming furious.

“Mom! Are we going to doing this or not??”

“Maybe we should wait for my mom??” Veronica suggested.

“No! Let’s play.” Selma said snapping out of her trance and then hitting the start button. “Purple.” Selma moved her piece to the nearest purple square and then took the card.

“What’s it say??” Celeste asked.

“Banishment, select a player you wish to banish from the game for the next two turns.” Selma smiled. “Easy enough, I choose Lisa..”


It was getting hot and passionate in the master bedroom. Lisa had floated to the ceiling pinning Charlie on the roof as she kissed him passionately. Lisa then disappeared causing Charlie to fall from the 12 foot ceiling and land awkwardly onto the bed. Charlie looked around “Lisa??” he called out. Charlie’s mind instantly went to the game “Awww what now??” he groaned


Veronica looked at Selma scornfully.

Selma returned the look, “Would you rather have me chosen you!? Or my own daughter? Whoevers turn is it, go. I need to do something..”

Veronica watched Selma leave the room and then spoke to Celeste “Well … I guess it would have been my mom’s turn, but since she’s missing two turns, I guess now it’s back to me.” Veronica hit the start button. It displayed yellow “Fuck! Yellow again!!” Veronica placed her piece on the nearest yellow square and a card popped out of the board.


“Lisa!??” Charlie called out.

“She’s gone.” Selma surprised him.

“What do you mean gone??” Charlie asked concerned.

“She has to miss a turn or two, I’m sure she’ll be back soon. Look Charlie, we need to talk..”

“ … About??”

“Your discretion or should I say Indiscretion.”

Charlie nodded and sat on the bed “I know.”

“You don’t know, you don’t know how mad I still am. How hurt I still am … How could you kiss her in front of me?… How could you have let us go??”

“I made a mistake.”

“And after you made the mistake, you didn’t even try to fix things.”

“Now that’s not true.” Charlie countered “You wouldn’t hear of it, you never let me talk and I can’t count how many times I said I was sorry..”

Selma shook her head “I would never have thought a girl like Lisa was your type. If you were so into that kind of girl, why didn’t you say something to me??”

Charlie was becoming frustrated “And say what Selma?? And girls like Lisa aren’t what I’m into. It was a novelty that I fell for by accident. If I could take it back, I would. I still love you and I always will..”

“You still love me??”

“Of course I do.”


Selma approached Charlie slowly. They looked into each-other’s eyes. Selma engaged him in a kiss when he suddenly turned away. Selma smiled somewhat annoyed, “Yeah, that’s what I thought..”

“Selma … I can’t … I can’t keep making mistakes. I hope you understand.” Charlie pleaded.

“Mmhmm. And if I was younger and had huge boobs and a tighter ass you’d still reject me??”


Selma shook her head. “What’s the name of that model I caught you looking at back in the day..”

Charlie smiled reflecting back on the awkward moment. “I don’t know.” he lied.

Seeing Charlie smile, Selma began smiling as well “Oh yes you do! What was it? Tell me!!”

Charlie shook his head as he remembered the ultra-busty, slim model she was referring to “I think it was Wendy Fiore. But in my defense her face looks nearly identical to yours when you were in your early 20’s..”

“Right! It was her face you were looking at. So If I was 20 years younger and had the body of Wendy Fiore, and I tried to kiss you right now. You’d still reject me??”

“Yes! Absolutely, 100%.” Charlie insisted.

Selma shook her head and laughed “Oh how I wish I could prove you wrong right now..”

They both began laughing and then Selma grabbed her hips and then her hands went up to her chest. “Something feels weird..”

Charlie noticed some immediate changes. Primarily her costume was getting tighter on her. “Oh my god! Selma have you used the wishing card yet!??”

“No but ….” Selma gasped and then her bust began to grow and grow, bigger and rounder. The S symbol on her chest began to warp drastically as her breasts grew larger than D cups, larger than E cups. The rubber like material of her costume audibly strained like balloons on the verge of popping. “Oh shit Charlie! What have I done?!!” Her body became slightly fuller and her ass much rounder.

Charlie grabbed her shoulders and stood her up, her hair was covering her face and his hands parted it so that he could see her “Selma! Are you … Oh my!!” Charlie looked at Selma. Selma’s face looked to be that of her late teens or early 20’s. When she looked at Charlie now it reminded Charlie of exactly why he was so in love with her. Reminded him of a time when she was so far out of his league, that simply sitting next to her was an honor. But now, coupled with her stunning youthful face, her body had turned into the busty model she wished to become. Charlie observed her new body specifically her outrageous chest that was tightly contained in the confinement of her Super costume. He couldn’t help but just stare. The costume was so tight now that every part of it was a smoothed surface, not crinkle anywhere on it. It had stretched so much that much more of her wrists were exposed as the costume had no choice but to compensate for the additional frontal real-a-state.

Selma looked down at her own body for a while. As shocked as she was, Selma couldn’t help but smile at Charlie’s reaction to her super enlarged boobs. He just stared, like a little kid at a toy store. “Ahem! You okay Charlie??” she finally asked as she crossed her forearms in front of her super bust.

Charlie sighed and sat on the bed as he tried to overcome his desires and light headedness all the while thinking, this fucking game.

Selma went to the mirror in the master bedroom and rotated her body. “Okay! This a bit extreme! This is ridiculous! Like, these boobs are massive! And you find this attractive!??”

Charlie looked at his ex-wife her arms were extended outwards with her palms up to exemplify her question while her bust was pushed outward. The tight costume proudly accentuated her exaggerated curves. When Charlie took in a breath he became light headed again. “Oh my God.” He finally whispered.

Selma smiled and walked over to him. She placed her hands on her hips and arched an eye brow as she stared at Charlie sitting on the bed. It had been a very long time since she had been able to turn Charlie on like this. She knew how badly he wanted her. “Touch me.” She dared.


“I’m not going to ask again.” Selma said and was right about to turn away when Charlie grabbed her wrist. Selma smiled down at Charlie who seemed almost hypnotized by her body.

Charlie’s hands went to her thighs. Her thighs felt smoother than any surface Charlie had ever felt in his life. He then moved them up the tight contours of her rear end. His hands continued up her hour glass figure and slowly moved up onto her breasts.

Selma closed her eyes, It felt wonderful having her new breasts squeezed. Her nipples began to tent outward from underneath the tight S symbol which still strained to cover her breasts. Selma grabbed the back of Charlie’s head and began kissing him passionately.

Selma’s scent, her beauty her fantastic body and her huge breasts … it was sensory overload for Charlie. Selma’s thigh pressed hard against him, her breath was almost intoxicating. She used her hands to rub Charlie’s lower body into her. Charlie’s over excitement caused a premature reaction. Selma noticed it immediately and then laughed.

Charlie shook his head and smiled “I’m neither surprised nor embarrassed..”

“You’ve never reacted like that before.” Selma said still laughing.

“I’ve never been in this kind of position before..”

“Well Charlie, how are you going to handle yourself if I win this game??”

“Well … If I can be honest, I hope you don’t.”

“Oh really??” Selma asked in annoyance “You’d rather Lisa win??”

Charlie sighed “If either of you win, I lose.”

“What do you mean??”

“Don’t get me wrong, I still think that this is some sort of elaborate illusion. There’s no possible way that what’s occurring in this house, with this game, could ever occur outside this house. But, if it does occur and Lisa wins, do you think she would remain with me? The world would become her playground and me, just an old toy.”

“What about me??” Selma asked

“With you, well. If my wish came true and you forgave me, took me back do you think I would stand a chance when John Stamos and Mathew Fox are sending Super Selma flowers and gifts pleading with her to meet them..”

“Mmmm that’s a nice visual, never thought of that. Do you really think they’d like me??” Selma smiled as she continued teasing Charlie “And then I’d float down to his balcony and take him on a romantic trip to Costa Rica, making out with him for the entire flight.” Selma laughed as she looked at Charlie “oh cmon, do you really think that’s the kind of girl I am??”

“I think that nobody really knows who they are when they have this kind of power placed on them.” Charlie thought for a moment “Selma, do you know who Superman is??”

Selma laughed, “Umm Charlie.” she looked down at her S symbol “I think I have some basic ideas..”

Charlie shook his head “You have no idea. Selma, if any one of you comes out of this house with those powers, you’d be unstoppable. Personally, I think the best case scenario is if Celeste wins. She’s kind, she’s sweet and she knows what it feels like to be bullied. She knows better than to rub someone’s face in the mud just because she can. And I think she’d be discrete..”

“True, but you don’t think I can be all those things too.” Selma countered.

“Cmon Selma, you’re so outspoken about everything. You have a problem with the war in Iraq, You have a problem with how Israel is mistreating the Palestinians. You have a problem with every Republicans point of view. And you’re so misinformed..”

“Excuse me??” she asked while arching an eyebrow and crossing her arms.

“Look, I never argued with you about politics before because it’s pointless. But if you won this game, and could make real changes to this planet in accordance with your point of view, are you telling me right now you wouldn’t??”

“I’ll admit it would be hard for me to do nothing when I could very well do something. But what’s this about me being misinformed??”

Charlie smiled and shook his head “I chose the wrong words. Let’s change the subject..”

Selma grinned “Fine … So when Matthew Fox calls me up for a date, should I wear this? Or something a bit more formal??”

Charlie looked at his ex-wife’s smug look “Now you’re just being mean.”


Veronica read the card “Death toll! Inflict maximum casualty in Fawcett city within 20 minutes and receive a mighty gift. Fawcett city is located in the basement.” Veronica got up and headed to the basement.

“Wait! Shouldn’t we wait for our moms.” Celeste pleaded

“Nope.” Veronica replied and opened the basement door and took in the surreal sight of the city that lay miles below them. Veronica grinned and then jumped into the clouds and headed for the city.

Celeste swallowed nervously before jumping in and following Veronica. They flew quickly toward the city center and hovered above a traffic jam. Veronica smiled as the masses below looked at them in shock and used their phones to snap pictures of them.

“What now??” Celeste asked as the two girls hovered 20 feet above the traffic below them.

“Well.” Veronica smiled and bit her lower lip. “This of course!!” Her eyes lit up and a torrent of energy streamlined into a car. The vehicle exploded.

Celeste looked down in horror as another car exploded. Veronica had a small smirk as she blasted car after car with a deadly dose of her heat vision. A family of 5 was engulfed in one of the explosions when Celeste had seen enough “Stop!!”

Veronica’s heat vision was fading and she began to tire so she landed beside a vehicle. Veronica hoisted it into the air and flung it. The car slammed into a bus causing another wicked scene.

Celeste looked at the situation and panicked “That’s enough Veronica!!”

Veronica continued smiling and then put her extended hand underneath her chin and blew as hard as she could. Vehicles, people and debris flipped down the crowded street as the hurricane gale continued blasting out of Veronica’s pursed lips.

“I said STOP IT!!” Celeste yelled and then pushed Veronica. Veronica stumbled and then fell into a car. Her body left a deep impression in the door before Veronica got back up.

“Is that the best you got??” Veronica asked and then hoisted the same sedan she fell into over top of her head and launched it at a building across the street. Glass and debris tumbled to the streets below. Veronica sneered “This is so fucking cool!!”

Emergency sirens could be heard as panic struck people ran from the two girls.

Veronica smiled as a bullet pinged off her body. She looked at the citizen who had fired the shot and gave him a wide mouthed smile. She shook her chest as she put her hands on her head “Hit me where it hurts baby!!” A bullet cracked off of her shoulder, another hit her square in the chest. “Woo-Hoo! Bullet proof titties!!” Veronica triumphantly declared. The civilian fired his last round at the girl. Veronica caught the bullet “How fucking cool is that??” Veronica whispered as she looked at the bullet. Veronica then flicked the bullet back at civilian dropping him to the ground.

Veronica looked to her right and dozens of spectators were taking pictures of her behind a store glass window. Veronica kissed her two fingers and then blew the spectators a kiss. The glass in front of them blasted into pieces cutting all of them down.

Celeste flew over to Veronica. “I said STOP IT!!” she grabbed Veronica’s jacket and hoisted her into the air and then the world began to dissipate and their surroundings became that of the basement of which they were in. “You sick little BITCH!!” Celeste continued.

Veronica smirked, “It’s not as if any of that was real. Take a chill pill.”

Veronica headed for the upstairs, anxious to get to the game to see what reward she would receive for undoubtedly winning.

Celeste followed close by “You’re a fucking little monster; you shouldn’t be playing this game. There’s no way you should be allowed to win!!”

Veronica looked at the game. There was a gold card sticking out. “Flawless quest!!” Veronica read out loud and winked to Celeste. “You killed 127 people. Celeste killed 0 Lisa 0 Selma 0. For your reward you will receive a massive 50% power up. Choose your power up now. You will also be able to steal an attribute from a competitor … Nice!!” Veronica bit her lip and then continued “I choose powers!!” Veronica’s eyes began to sparkle and burn. Smoke began to ooze out of her closed eyes. She opened them and looked at Veronica “Ohhh my God I can feel it! Someone might have some sucking up to do..” Veronica said with a smile as she wagged her finger at Celeste.

Celeste was furious “Why have you always been such a bitch? Your whole life you’ve been a total bitch to me and everyone around you!!”

“It’s the price of beauty my dear. You might understand that in a different life time..”

“Yeah, guys find you really hot now don’t they? When did Dirk dump you again??”

“I dumped him.”

“That’s not what he told me. Yeah! We talk, among other things. He told me exactly how big of a bitch he thinks you are..”

Veronica laughed “Yeah! Cause Dirk would talk to you!!”

“A lot has changed since High School Veronica! When I was with him he told me that he’d rather be with me, than some little girl. He even said he caught you stuffing your Bra..” Celeste began giggling as Veronica began to fume “My mom told me you wanted Charlie to buy you breast implants. Tell me something, would you get them this big??” Celeste asked as she proudly cupped her large breasts. “If you win are you okay with being a small chested little delinquent for the rest of your life? You’re so pathetic!!”

Veronica was furious. She walked over to Celeste. Celeste thought for sure Veronica would punch her but instead showed her the gold card and said “I steal Celeste’s tits!!”

Celeste laughed “You idiot, you cant do ….” Celeste grabbed her chest “What?! No!!” Her breasts began to shrink. “NO!!”

“Ohhh YES!!” Veronica said as her breasts began to grow. Veronica had a wide mouthed smile as her hands cupped her growing mounds. Her tight Super girl T shirt strained and popped out from its tucked in position from her pants. By the time her breasts had finished growing her shirt was just above her belly button. Veronica had a huge smile on her face as she looked down at her own bust. She did a few poses and then looked at Celeste as she used the palms of her hands to squeeze her large breasts together and asked “Jealous!??”


Selma sat next to Charlie “What do you want Charlie? Do you want me to forgive you and go back to the way things were??”

“That’s all I’ve ever wanted.” Charlie replied.

“You think things can ever go back to the way things were??”

Charlie nodded “In time, I’d hope … All I can do is tell you I’m sorry. Tell you that it won’t happen again. Tell you how much I’ve always loved you. But, I never believed, at the time … and even now … that, that was enough.”

The two looked deep into one another’s eyes looking for that spark that was so bright when they first met so many years ago. Selma moved her lips towards Charlie’s and they began kissing passionately.

“WHAT! is going on!??” Lisa asked in horror as she reappeared right in front of them.

Charlie closed his eyes and muttered “I hate this game.”

Lisa grabbed Charlie by the neck and easily hoisted him up. Charlie’s hands could do nothing to ease the pressure of the grip. He felt as if his neck was about to snap.

“Wait!!” Selma pleaded “It’s my fault! I made a wish for all this to happen! It’s not Charlie’s fault.”

Lisa looked at Selma who now looked dramatically bustier and much younger. Lisa tossed Charlie aside and walked over to Selma. “When I win this game, I’m going to have you on your knees licking my boots, begging for my mercy.”

Selma sneered angrily at Lisa “What? You didn’t like the taste of your own medicine? Don’t like the fact that there isn’t a man alive who wouldn’t choose me over you? Deal with it you old hag!!”

Lisa and Selma stared at each other not entirely sure what would happen next or who would throw the first punch. What infuriated Lisa the most was how absolutely stunning, beautiful and young Selma had become. A loud crashing sound and a series of bangs coming from downstairs snapped both of them out of it.


Chapter 6 - Circes and company


Celeste pounced on Veronica. She threw Veronica half way through the wall before Veronica was able to use her improved power. Her nose scrunched up and her eyes squinted. A much thicker stream of energy blasted out of her eyes and into Celeste’s chest. Celeste was blasted back into the living room window and remained pinned by the ultra-bright beams and Veronica continued pouring it on. Celeste screamed in pain as every fibre in her being felt as though she was going to combust.

“What are you doing!? Stop it!!” Selma yelled.

Veronica ceased her barrage as Charlie looked at her dramatically bustier form. Veronica walked by him, strutting as if she was on a cat walk. “What’s up Charlie? Like what you see??”

Selma was tending to her daughter, steam was emanating from her body but otherwise she seemed fine.

Celeste began crying, “she stole ….”

Selma immediately could see the transitions between the two girls and assumed what may have happened. “I know sweetie, I know.” She comforted.

It wasn’t until Selma’s huge breasts pressed against Celeste did she realize that this woman was not her mother. “Mom!? Who are you!??”

Selma held her hand, “Trust me darling it’s me, and it’s a long story..”

“It’s your turn Celeste.” Veronica practically sang.

“I’m not playing anymore!!”

“Sweetie.” Selma Pleaded “You have to play, it’s the only way to get back to normal..”

Eventually Celeste wiped her eyes and walked over to the game and pressed the start button. It flashed blue. Celeste moved her piece to the blue square and a card came out of the machine. “Medieval siege. save the soldiers from the Queens army. They are barricaded in Barma’s keep. Save the Captain for an additional bonus. Barma’s keep is located in the master bedroom.” Celeste sighed and went up-stairs. Selma followed her.

When they got to the door Celeste whispered to her mom “It also says in the card that I may choose a player to assist me in this quest … wanna come??”

Selma kissed her daughter on the forehead “Absolutely!!”

Celeste looked down at the stone fort that lay thousands of feet below them surrounded by tens of thousands of soldiers. “Let’s do it.” Celeste said as she jumped down.


“Under no circumstances can Selma win.” Lisa demanded.

“I agree.” Veronica replied while running her fingertips along her stolen endowments.

“Would you stop playing with those!!” Lisa demanded.

“What? Charlie seems to like it.” Veronica said and then winked at him.

Charlie shook his head. “Out of respect for your mom I avoided asking you a question for so many years, but now I can’t help myself. What is wrong with you??”

Veronica smiled at Charlie, “Whatever Charlie, you love it. Now run along, us Supers need to chat..”

Charlie smiled “Let’s be perfectly clear, no matter who you become, or how much power you think you have, you’ll never be able to tell me what to do. We clear on that??”

Veronica smiled “Are you sure about that? I betcha your wrong!!” Veronica formed a tight o with her lips and began blowing gently at Charlie.

Charlie put his hand forward and leaned into the extreme winds.

Lisa stepped in front of the winds before Charlie was flung against the wall. Her blonde air whipped behind her but other than that she remained unaffected. “Enough! Did you not hear what I said??”

“Yeah, you said you wanted to prevent Selma from winning. So let’s work together so I can win.”

Lisa half smiled in irritation “So you can win? I am your mother!!”

Veronica smiled sweetly “So you should be happy for me.”

Lisa looked on in irritation at Veronica when Charlie interrupted “Lisa, can I speak to you??”

Lisa looked at Charlie “Charlie, we have nothing to talk about.”

“I think we do.”

“Trust me Charlie, when this game is over me and you are going to have a very long and very thorough conversation. Until then, we have nothing to discuss.”


His lieutenant updated the Captain of the situation. The Captain walked up the steps of the stone fortress and looked over its walls. “The enemy has more troops than we have bullets.” he said grimly.

A whistle could be heard in the air getting louder and louder.

“Incoming!!” A soldier yelled

“Seek cover.” Another voice yelled

Celeste landed hard on her feet in the middle of the fort. She looked around at the soldiers who eventually drew their fire arms and swords against her. They looked at her in shock and disbelief.

“Who’s in charge here??” Celeste asked.

A man walked toward her “That would be me, and who might you be??”

Celeste smiled “I guess you can call me Supergirl, I’m here to solve your problems..”

“Our problem is far too severe to be solved by a mere girl. Regardless of her entrance or her sorcery.” The Captain responded.

The small army gasped as Celeste floated to the top of the forts walls. One of the men already positioned there pressed his spear into her side. Celeste looked down at her side, the spear head was dimpling into her tight blue attire. Celeste then looked at the man “Umm Do you mind??”

The soldier didn’t budge but then gasped as Celeste grabbed the pole and drove the spear harder into her side. The spear snapped and the soldier retreated. The Captain cautiously approached Celeste with his hand raised, signaling his troops to hold their fire.

Celeste placed her hands on her hips and scanned the battlefield. “Why are they not attacking??”

The Captain looked at the field “Presumably because they’re waiting for their Heavy canons to come within range..”

Celeste squinted her eyes, zooming her vision deep into the enemy ranks “Ah yes, there they are. Captain, is there a safer place for you to hide for the next hour??”

“I will not hide!!”

“Very well then, I guess we should get this started..” Celeste walked over to a stacked grouping of cannon balls almost the size of a bowling balls. Celeste picked up one of the balls and felt its weight.

The Captain began laughing “Are you planning on throwing that? The enemy is over kilometer away.”

Celeste threw the cannon ball into the air. The ball sailed high into the air and then fell into the enemies’ ranks.

The Captain looked on in shock as a plume of smoke popped into the air in the distant enemy ranks. He turned to his men “Bring every Canon ball we have to me, Now!!”

Celeste grabbed the next ball and then the next fast and continuous. In less than 30 seconds 50 cannon balls had been thrown. The soldiers within the keep watched in shock as eventually the cannon balls landed on their enemy.

Chaos erupted in the enemy camp as soldiers and equipment were being blasted by a maelstrom of cannon balls falling from the sky. The Queen, a beautiful red haired woman with bright blue eyes, stepped out of her tent wearing an elegant white skirt and a tight green bodice. She looked on at the destruction with disinterest and callous. A canon ball eventually found its way to her but before it landed she raised her two fingers and the cannon ball froze in mid-air. She then pointed her finger at the fort and the cannon ball blasted its way back to the fort at lightning speed. The Queen casually looked at her Generals and in a calm voice asked “What are you waiting for? Attack.”

“But m’lady our canons are still ….”

The queen looked at him, her calm and callous look was unchanged, but the General knew she was displeased. The General yelled “ADVANCING! … BATALLIONS!!” the order was repeated by the captains several times over and soldiers began assuming their double line formations. A drum roll began to play followed by a single bass drum. “BATALLIONS! … ADVANCE!!”

Celeste watched as a cannon ball streaked back toward the fort crashing through the front wall then streaking into the rear wall with enough force to blast out a huge chunk of it. “What the hell was that??” Celeste asked.

“Do you not know who you face!? Are you not from these lands!? .” The Captain screamed.

Celeste watched as the armies quickly formed up and began their march on the fort. “Ummm maybe a quick 30 second synopsis might help.”

“You face Circe! She has the power to turn anyone into strange creatures. She has the power of the Gods. We discovered an enchanted staff, a staff that was strong enough to prevent her wicked enchantments from turning our armies into beasts. But it was not enough to stop her God like powers. We had marched against her with an army twice as strong as hers. She beat us with ease. We retreated to this strong hold.”

Celeste was familiar with the fictional character, and looked at the Captain “Give me 2 seconds..” Celeste grabbed a piece of a rock and tossed it into the air. She looked up at the stone and her eyes lit up. A quick blast of heat hit the stone causing a small explosion in the sky.

The captain watched in shock as another woman came floating down from the sky. She was dressed similar to the first woman, but with a far more curvy and voluptuous body.

“Change of plans??” Selma asked her daughter

“Yup, we have to stay within the fort.”

“Why??” Selma asked suspiciously

“Because the woman we’re fighting has the power to change us into some pretty nasty things. The Captain has a staff that can protect us from her.”

The Captain looked at Selma and his attraction for her was immediate. He took her hand and bowed his head and lightly kissed it. “Captain Nigel, humbly at your service.” he added.

Celeste crossed her arms as she looked contemptuously at the captain “And why didn’t I receive that kind of welcome??”

The attacking army was layered in several of double line formations, each one the stretched for several hundred yards. The lead formation was now 50 meters from the walls of the fort. The captain ordered his men to fire their rifles. The simultaneous booms of their rifles went off and many in the front line dropped to the ground. “Reload!!” The captain ordered.

Celeste looked at her mother, “Our turn!!” Both Celeste’s and her mother’s eyes glowed a deep red and then twin laser from both their eyes began to trace and engulf the front line of the army.

Circe smiled as she watched the women blast powerful beams of energy into her troops. Her decisive victories of these lands had become a bore as of late, at last this might be a challenge. Circe’s hand reached out toward the giant forts gate, still quite a distance away. She swiped her open hand in the air, seemingly at nothing, and the giant gate ripped off its concrete hinges and was thrown miles into the sky.

“The fort has been breached!!” a soldier called out.

Selma looked at Celeste “Stay here, I’m on it!!” With that Selma dropped down to the open gate. She threw an attacking solider so far into the air that it took him nearly a minute to finally land. The next man was vaporized. The next couple were blown across the battlefield. Finally the assaulting troops formed a battle line and aimed their rifles at Selma. They fired their weapons and the rapid booms of their rifles were nearly simultaneous creating a cacophony of booms that trumped all others on the battlefield.

Selma showed no fear. She placed her hands on her hips and pushed out her massive chest and even smiled before the enemy fired their volley. Smoke, stone and debris blasted out of the forts walls behind her as not every bullet found its intended target. The ones that did dimpled all over her body, some leaving deeper impressions than others. The formation then charged her with their bayonets on their rifles drawn. With every wave of her hand 2 or 3 troops met their demise, but there were still so many. Their bayonets deflected harmlessly off her body, but some were deflecting off parts of her body which left an uncomfortable, if not offensive feeling. One soldier bent his bayonet by smashing it into her breast, another foolish solider drove his bayonet into her ass, after she had leaned over to deal with a different soldier. Although the super tight invulnerable spandex of her costume prevented the bayonet from entering more than an inch into her rear, it was enough to shock and offend Selma. She paid him special attention before continuing with the others.

Celeste again used her heat vision, but now all it managed to do was bathe several soldiers in an uncomfortably hot, painful glow. She was getting tired, and the army they faced still looked massive and undeterred.

Two large attacking groups began forming up below the wall, the first rank kneeled and the second rank took aim at the defenders along the forts wall. There was a massive volley of rifle fire that shot defenders from the walls. Celeste managed to grab one of the bullets before it struck the Captains head.

The Captain looked at the bullet being held inches from his face in between Celeste’s thumb and forefinger.

Celeste looked at the Captain as another wall blew out. “Okay sweetie, your days done here.” She tucked the captain securely into her body and supported his head as she blasted off into the distance. In less than 8 seconds they were several miles from the battle.

She released him next to a large stone formation. “What are you doing!??” The captain screamed “I need to be with my troops!!”

Celeste took a moment to recharge her power as she stretched out before the bright sun. She then grabbed a boulder nearly the size of a minivan and heaved it over her head. “What do ya say you leave the fighting to the girls for this one.” With that she blasted into the air and back toward the fort.

The captain could not believe how far he was flown in merely 8 seconds. Frustrated, he leapt down from the rock formation he was left upon and began his hike back to the battle.

A swarm of men began entering the fort from the new opening created by Circes. They were in turn met with a giant boulder that smashed into them and rolled like a bowling ball down their lines.

Celeste landed at the entrance of the opening and like her mother ended the lives of all those that attempted to pass her. A giant stone hand formed out of the forts walls and grabbed Celeste and attempted to crush her. It was uncomfortably tight but Celeste extended her limbs and the stone hand broke into thousands of pieces.

Circes smile had now dissipated as her closed hand opened involuntarily. Her troops had lost half of its force and not one of them had managed to breach the castle walls. It was time to end this game. A purple smoke spun around Circes and she grew bigger and bigger. When the smoke cleared, even the assaulting troops looked on in fear as a massive Dragon looked upon the battlefield. The Dragon blew a immense fire ball into the fort engulfing many defending soldiers in flames. Armies on both sides began to run from the battlefield. The dragon smashed its massive foot into Selma pinning her to the ground.

Celeste charged her but as she flew toward the giant creature it snatched her up. Celeste’s body was now trapped between its massive jaws and sharp teeth. The dragon chewed on her for a while, its sharp teeth chomping and grinding into Celeste’s invulnerable body. The dragon then swallowed her.

Selma looked on in horror as her Daughter fell down the Dragons throat. She began lifting the dragon’s giant paw off her body. A light then began to form inside the long neck of the beast. Twin beams blasted out of its neck and began turning 360 degrees. The Dragon let out a mighty roar and desperately attempted to spit out Celeste. The Dragons head fell off its body and it fell dead.

Exhausted and sore Celeste pulled herself out of the oozing neck of the dragon as the environment began to collapse in on itself until the two girls were back in the master bedroom.

Selma and Celeste embraced each other in a hug and then hurried down stairs.

“Took you guys long enough.” Veronica stated annoyingly as the girls came down the stairs.

“Where’s Charlie??” Selma asked.

“He’s probably fucking my mom.” Veronica crudely replied.


Lisa’s jaw was tight and her head slightly raised as Charlie informed her that he had made a mistake. That he was meant to be with Selma and that he would try his best to work things out with her after they had left here. The temptation to use her heat vision on him or super breath, perhaps even simply tear off a limb briefly crossed her mind. Insulting as it was being dumped; she was well aware that their relationship stood a little chance once she, along with her new powers undoubtedly exited the house. After Charlie was done talking, it was her turn. “Do you really think your Ex wife is going to win this game? When this game is over Selma will go back to being her skinny, old, bony, flat chested self. If that’s what you really wanted in life, you’d never have cheated on her in the first place..”

Charlie nodded and cautiously gaged Lisa’s reaction to every word he spoke. “I’d prefer if Selma didn’t win. I’d prefer if she went back to looking the way she had because she’s beautiful and that’s never changed. I made a mistake. I’m sorry to her for that. I’m sorry to you, for that..”

Lisa floated over to Charlie so that she was looking down at him, her massive cleavage practically in his face “Not nearly sorry enough Charlie! But you will be. You’ll watch me, as I become a God. Watch me be the envy of millions. And regret this day, this moment, for the rest of your life..”


Celeste grabbed the card and read it silently. ‘Congratulations’ it read ‘you have defeated Circes and her army. The Captain has also survived the battle. As you have selected a player to assist you, you have the option to choose one of Circe’s powers to add to your own or a 30% gain in body. The assisting player will receive the option you do not choose. Circe’s powers options include: Metamorphosis, Telekinesis, Shape shifter’. Celeste thought for a while.

“What’s it say??” Selma asked.

Celeste closed her eyes and whispered what she had chosen.

Selma’s body began to tense up. Her costume which appeared overly tight because of her new curves was tightening up again as her muscle began showing their definition.

Selma smiled as she looked at her toned arms as she performed a double bicep pose, “Oh my God, this feels fantastic!!” She then looked at Celeste “What did you get??”

Celeste smiled and began ripping up the card, “It’ll be my little secret..”

Selma laughed “Alright then, be that way.” she then walked over to the game, “I guess it’s my turn again.” She said with an almost regretful overtone. Selma pressed the button and it landed on green. She moved her piece to the nearest green square and a card popped out. “Subdue the Hulk for 5 seconds and receive a 25% bonus, or defer the card to one brave enough. Hulk is located in the guest bedroom. Bonus will be awarded if the Hulk is killed..”


Chapter 7Selma SMASH!


“He’s the big green guy, Right??” Selma asked

Celeste looked concerned “Ummm yeah, I’m thinking you might need to defer this one..”

Selma gaged her daughter’s reaction “You don’t think I could win??”

“It’s just that, there are a lot of people who’d argue that the Hulk is stronger than Superman. Maybe give it to Lisa, let her take the fall on this one.”

“And if she wins? She did after-all beat Thor.”

“I still don’t know how she did that.”

Selma sighed “I’m not taking any chances..” The two girls walked upstairs and Selma opened the guest bedroom, the vast Arizona desert laid before her. She looked at her daughter before she stepped in “Any advice??”

Celeste thought quickly “The angrier he gets the stronger he’ll get. Ummm stay in the air, he can’t fly.”

Selma nodded and then walked into the room and onto the desert landscape.

Selma’s red boots stepped onto the cracked desert floor. She began thinking about flying and her body slowly rose elegantly into the air until she had a vast 360 degrees view of the enormous desert. It was beautiful. She couldn’t help but smile as she got a taste of what it would be like if she had these powers in the real world. She motioned her arm toward the tallest hoodoo and her body blasted toward it. Selma slowed her speed and her red boots touched down softly on the flat surface of the dusty hoodoo.

The hot sun felt fantastic and she laid down on the stony surface like a sunbather on a white hot beach. If she won this game the first thing she’d do is fly west, find a secluded hot beach and lay there for hours. Selma began thinking about Charlie, how cool would it be if she could take him to a place like this. Then Selma began thinking about celebrities, what would they think of her when she made front page news? She smiled as she had no doubt that she would get more than a few letters and requests. She looked down at her bust and gently ran her finger tips down the big smooth S. She never wanted to have breasts this big, but she had to admit her body looked fantastic, coupled with her youthful face she was a bombshell and she knew it.

Selma sat up and could hear the audible strain her costume made as she adjusted. It sounded like the wires of a draw bridge on the verge of collapse. How was it even possible that the fabric could take that kind of strain without ripping she wondered? If she won the game she’d definitely have to get a different costume, this one was way too tight. Every-time she moved she could hear the stress of her costume, obviously not designed for her double F’s.

In the distance she heard a roar. Selma sighed and looked off into the direction in which she heard the monstrous sound. Her telescopic vision zoomed in on the action. A military chopper was firing on something, and then the chopper went down. Selma’s vision zoomed in on the green beast that had taken the chopper out.

She took in a deep breath in order to cool her anxieties and then slowly stood up. She blasted off in the direction of the monster.

Selma was behind the Hulk as he was looking through the wreckage of the chopper he had destroyed. Selma thought about what Celeste had told her and concluded that she needed to end it before it even started.

Selma’s eyes began to glow and then sparkle. Before the Hulk even realized Selma was behind him she unleashed the full fury of her heat vision. The Hulk let out an incredible roar as the beams blasted into his back. Selma never let up, she used every ounce of her energy to end the Hulk. The Hulk screamed in agony as his back glowed brightly, his chest beginning to emit a red light as the nuclear energy began to push through his dense torso.

Selma felt too weak to fly and she slowly descended to the ground. She felt light headed and was recouping her strength when she was struck by a fist almost half the size of her. Selma let out a scream as her body flew backwards. Her limbs flailed as she soared for a mile just a few feet from the ground. Eventually her arm smacked the hard desert ground followed by her head and legs causing her to flip and then skid on the hard desert ground. Her skid created a giant plume of dust which surrounded her.

Selma barely had enough time to react as the Hulk had leapt into the dust cloud and thrown his hardest punch. Selma’s hands reached up and caught the giant fist causing her red boots to sink deep into the sand. Her knees bent to absorb the blow. The Hulk roared as his fist inched closer and closer to Selma’s body. Selma’s knees continued to bend, and so too did her elbows as the Hulks fist was practically in her face.

Selma screamed in anger, her body flexed and strained as she began pushing the Hulk’s fist away from her body. Even the Hulk seemed to be surprised by the woman’s strength, but the Hulk was using only one hand. The Hulk threw a side punch with his free hand and into Selma’s ribs, she let out a scream and again her body took to the air involuntarily. The Hulk pursued her before she even landed.

Selma hit the desert ground hard, she recovered quickly as the Hulk closed in on her. Selma took in a great deep breath, her costume once again began to audibly strain as her chest swelled momentarily before she let loose. Her cheeks flared out and a dense plume of concentrated air blasted out of her pursed lips.

The Hulk was running at her at full speed and not more than 20 yards away when he was hit with the force of a Category 6 freezing cold wind. Ice began to form all over his body and his speed slowed down to a crawl, but still he inched closer and closer to Selma.

Selma was out of breath and the Hulks giant fist smashed into her head. Selma fell to her knees and the Hulk repeated his attack. This time his fists came down on her back and her body flattened onto the ground. His giant foot rose above her head, but before he could smash her head into the ground Selma rolled out of the way. She stood up, her hair was in disarray and she had dirt smudges all over her body. Selma was practically panting as the Hulk approached her.

Selma’s tiny fist nailed him in the chest, but the Hulk was barely pushed back a step. He let out another tremendous roar before his arms wrapped around Selma and squeezed her petite body into his chest. Selma’s breasts flattened dramatically against the massive iron like chest of the Hulk as his bear hug became tighter and tighter.


Veronica closed the door to the library on the main floor. She was desperate to get out of the house. She looked at the 10 foot glass window which showed the outside world and then unleashed her heat vision. The beams squealed as they blasted out of her eyes and into the window. The glass was becoming red hot, but did not break. She smashed her fist into the hot glass and it rebounded off. Veronica was breathing hard as her mind worked to find a way to get through the glass. Then she caught sight of her body. She was still having a hard time getting used to the costume she was wearing, especially now since her breasts had grown so large. It took her a moment to realize that it was even her. She was stunning; her stolen endowments were the last piece of the puzzle.

But Veronica was desperate to get out of the house, her breasts had not just gotten bigger, but they had also become ultra-sensitive. Far more sensitive than what she was used too, and she was becoming sexually frustrated by that fact. Every-time she touched her new endowments it caused her arousal to grow. It felt fantastic when she rolled her nipple in between her thumb and forefinger but as soon as she stopped, her desire to have sex returned two fold. Even staring at her own reflection was seemingly turning her on.

Veronica walked to the mirror, her hands on her especially narrow hips. Her mind began to drift off. Like a person who purchased a lotto ticket, she began dreaming and thinking of all the things she would do if she won.

She would definitely pay have to pay Dirk a visit …

Veronica landed hard on Dirks parent’s driveway, her boots leaving two substantial cracks on his driveway. She casually knocked once at the door, and the door cracked off its hinges and slid down the hard wood floor.

Dirk came rushing out of his bedroom and looked at Veronica. He looked at her ultra-tight red leather pants firmly secured by a yellow belt. But it was her chest that caught his attention. Her blue shirt was far too small and tight for her protruding, especially large breasts.

A hundred questions raced through Dirks head, Why was the door smashed? When did Veronica’s breasts become so large? He settled on “Why are you dressed up as Super girl??”

Veronica walked up to him and began kissing him, “I just wanted to say good bye Dirk. It’s been fun. She guided his face into her chest. With her hand on the back of his head she pressed is face harder and harder into her large round breast. A loud CRACK snapped Veronica out of her day dream.

Apparently she had pressed a round crystal vase up against her chest far too hard, the remnants of the thick glass began to drop to the floor.

Veronica was desperate, she needed satisfaction now, her fingers undid the yellow belt holding her tight red leather pants and her hand went down them. Her other hand went to her chest and she rubbed her breast harder than any man ever could. The door opened behind her, and Veronica turned quickly to see Celeste.

Celeste let out a slight laugh “Staying classy I see.” With that she closed the door.

Veronica grinded her teeth, ‘I am going to kill that bitch!’ she thought to herself.


Selma was losing consciousness as she desperately tried to break out of the Hulks bear hug. She realized, as she attempted to push away his thick forearms that she had no chance of breaking out of his grip. The pressure became tighter and tighter, The Hulk seemed to strengthen as he used more and more of his strength. Selma was now finding it hard to breathe.

In a desperate move, she flexed her calves, raised her free arm into the air and used her flight powers to launch out of the Hulks grip. The Hulk’s grip was far too tight, and he continued to hold on but Selma was now air borne. Despite being squeezed by the Hulk she flew higher and higher, if she couldn’t force the Hulk to let her go, maybe she could make him voluntarily let her go.

They were now in the upper stratosphere; Selma could hear the Hulk starting to grunt as his breathing became laboured. Selma too found it hard to breathe, so she simply stopped trying to. The Hulk’s grip was loosening. Selma’s arm went around his side as her grip on him began to tighten.

The Hulk now let her go as they reached the edge of space but Selma kept her tight grip on him and she continued taking him higher until they were now in space. She pushed the Hulk away from her and he floated helplessly away from the planet.

Selma sneered; anger consumed her as she realized the tide had turned. The Hulk was virtually helpless in space, and she felt more powerful than ever. Selma balled her fists and her body sped toward the Hulk at lightning speeds. Her fists smashed into the Hulks chest. The vacuum of space silenced Hulk’s mighty roar as he tried to capture her with his slow moving hand.

Selma easily made the dodge and lined his head up with her red boot. She kicked at his head with all the strength she had. The tip of her red boot caught the Hulk in the jaw causing him to spin like a top. She showed her teeth as her anger consumed her and let loose her heat vision. The Hulk strained in agony as the intense beams of nuclear radiation blasted into his face. The Hulk cupped his eyes in agony.

Selma charged him again, her hands once again balled into fists as they rammed into his stomach, this time, with her fists still planted in the Hulks gut she continued flying, faster and faster. With Gravity a non-factor her speeds reached extremes as her fists remained firmly planted into the Hulk’s midriff.

The Sun became bigger, brighter and hotter as they rapidly approached it. Although the Sun was a great source of her powers even Selma felt as though it was getting uncomfortably hot, she ceased her flight but let the Hulk go and watched.

The Hulk screamed in agony as a solar flare cropped out of the Sun and burned his skin. The extreme gravity of the Sun becoming far too great for even the Hulks body tissue as one of his joints snapped. It was too much for the Hulk, his head felt as though it would implode, his ribs felt as though they would collapse. The Hulk was less than 500 miles from the Sun before his body flattened like a pancake and finally disintegrated before he reached the surface of the sun.

Selma was in space a few thousand miles from the Sun and satisfied with her accomplishment, when the stars began to disappear and so too did the Sun as Selma was once again in the guest bedroom. Her head began to pound and then eased into a warm soothing sensation. She drew in a deep breath and sighed. It was over, she had won.


Charlie saw Selma from behind. Her hair was a disaster and she had dirt smudges and dust all over her body. “Are you okay??” he asked her while placing his hand on her shoulder. The sound of sizzling water on a frying pan emanated from her shoulder, Charlie removed his hand as soon as he realized his hand was burning “HOLY - FUCK!!” he screamed in pain as blisters began to form on his hand.

“Oh my God Charlie, are you okay??”

“What the hell! Were you bathing inside a volcano??”

Selma grabbed Charlie’s hand and began blowing on it, his hand immediately began to form frost on it and he began screaming.

Charlie looked at his frozen hand “Oooooh ooooh! Okay … Okay … I’m just going to go to the kitchen and deal with this.”

“Oh Charlie I’m so sorry, let me help.”

“No! No! I’m good … It’ll be fine, just let me do this on my own.” Charlie turned from her and hurried his way to the kitchen sink.

Selma couldn’t help but smile, Charlie had a bad burn and maybe a bit of a frost bite but she had no doubt he’d be okay. Selma walked down the hall way and then entered a washroom to fix herself up. Her costume which was normally a shiny blue, red and yellow was now dull because of the accumulation of dust it had collected. Selma stepped into the shower with her costume still on and twisted the knob of the shower to the cold side. The blast of cold water from the shower head dowsed the S symbol on her bust. The cold water sizzled off her still hot body and steamed up the washroom. Selma loved the amazing effect as she rolled her head back and forth in the shower.

Selma remained in the shower for a half hour before she exited the tub. She then realized there was no towel. She looked at the droplets of water on her forearm and then ever so carefully she dosed her arm with a controlled amount of her heat vision. The water crackled as it disintegrated from her arm, it gave her a fantastic idea. Selma walked down the hallway and met up with Celeste.

“How’d it go?… why are you soaking wet??”

“Guess who killed the Hulk??” Selma replied with a contentious grin.

“Killed!??” Celeste said in amazement, “You can’t kill the Hulk!??”

“Apparently you can! Apparently I did!!” Selma replied as she looked at the card sticking out of the game. Selma walked to the game and turned to her daughter, “Could you do me a favour and dry me off??”


“Use your heat vision.”

“Dose you with my heat vision??”

“Yeah … just lightly … Whats the big deal??”

Celeste shook her head and looked at her mother. She couldn’t help but admit she was a bombshell. No wonder the Captain was so into her, what guy wouldn’t be. Celeste’s eyes squinted and she lightly dosed her mother with her heat vision.

Selma arched her back and her boots lifted off the ground and slowly rotated 360 degrees as the water particles on her body crackled and steamed off of her.

Selma landed on the ground as Celeste’s heat vision stopped “My God sweetie! You could charge a fortune for that..” Selma then picked up the card and read it out loud “You have killed the Hulk, pick a power of your choice to additionally improve by 25%.” Selma didn’t hesitate “Mind.” she stated. Once again she felt her head pulse and then the euphoric after feeling.


Chapter 8 – No Joke


Celeste gave her mother a disappointing look “How many times have you chosen mind? It’s not going to help you in this game you know.”

“No??” she asked Celeste. Selma’s eyes focused in on a bookshelf. On it there were several encyclopaedias; one of them came shooting out of its socket and right into her hand.

Celeste was already impressed.

Selma then licked her finger and read the first page, then the next … then the next and then faster and faster until it seemed as though she simply fanned through the book. 2200 pages were consumed by her in under a minute. She looked at Celeste, “That was probably the most boring thing I have ever read!!”

Celeste laughed “Shut up!!”

Selma smiled at her daughter, “Go ahead and test me.” She said while tossing the book to Celeste.

Celeste laughed, “Okay fine..” She turned her body so that her mother wouldn’t be able to use her X ray vision. “On page 437 they talk about what animal..”

Selma looked in the air and then began reciting the page verse by verse “The kangaroo is a marsupial from the family Macropodidae. In common use the term is used to describe the largest species from this ….”

“Okay, okay! I get it … So you can read books really fast … Impressive, I guess..”

“Your father called me misinformed … kinda struck a chord with me..”

Celeste thought about her words before she asked her question “You and Dad really getting back together? or ….”

“Or??” Selma asked sensing her daughter was reluctant to finish the question.

“Or is your new body clouding his judgement.”

Selma laughed. “Truth of the matter is … Years ago your father begged me to forgive him. My philosophy had always been once a cheater always a cheater. I was so mad at him. But, over the years I started to miss him. He’s the only man I’ve ever loved. I went on one date you know, about a year ago … It just didn’t feel right, and sometimes I worry that it’ll never feel right..”

Celeste gave her mom a weird look “What if your date was John Stamos??”

Selma gave her daughter a shocked look “Who else knows I like John Stamos!??”

“I’m pretty sure Stamos would like those.” Celeste referred to Selma’s incredible curves “ … Just an educated guess.”

“Sweetie!!” Selma said firmly “Trust me when I say those! are an accident.”

“Sure sure.”

Selma gave her daughter a scolding but playful look “Who’s turn is it??”

“That would be me.” Lisa said as she strolled into the room. She pressed the button and then moved her piece to the blue square. A card popped out and she began reading it “Defeat the Joker and receive a magnificent gift. Flawless quest will be rewarded if all hostages are saved. The Joker is located in the den located on the second floor.” Lisa paid no attention to the girls who watched her intently.


Lisa floated up to the second floor and then walked down the hall way. She entered the den and was greeted by rain, thunder and unfamiliar streets. Lisa looked down the street where a bank was surrounded by the police. She flew toward them and landed next to an officer.

“PowerGirl!!” The officer said in shock “Couldn’t be happier to see you. The Joker is inside and has about 20 hostag ….”

“Yeah yeah … sure … I’ll deal with it.”

“But! Wait ….”

Lisa strolled to the front door of the bank and kicked it open.

There was a loud bang and a female hostage slumped forward in her chair while other hostages screamed. The Joker then looked at Lisa “See what you made me do!!”

“You just ruined my bonus … You’ll have to be punished for that.” Lisa said casually.

“In that outfit dear, you can punish me all day long. Just so you know, my two favorite things are blow jobs and lolli pops. Does the cost more? What are your rates anyways??”

Lisa didn’t bother inhaling. She simply pursed her lips and blew. The Joker was blasted off his feet flew over the bank desk and left his impression in the wall before falling to the ground. Lisa smiled “That one was free of charge..”

The Joker slowly stood up holding his back and limped toward the other side of the long desk he had been blown over. “oooo! … fuck me … Oh that was … that was really something. I don’t think it was the best blow I’ve received, but it was up there..” The Joker began to giggle as he spoke “I’m actually grateful that you did what you did, rather than what I had in mind. Could you imagine??” The Joker began laughing “But I can’t recall a time where I was treated and I didn’t unload!!” The Joker pulled out his gun and began firing it at Lisa.

Bullet after bullet pinged off her body. The Joker was a great shot and seemed to be aiming at Lisa’s chest. Lisa looked down at her chest as the Joker fired his last round. She then looked at the Joker with a slight grin.

The Joker looked at his gun with a look of anger and then threw his weapon at Lisa. Then he grabbed a stapler and threw that at her too. He reached into his pocket and threw his wallet at her. And then he reached into his other pocket and threw a small stone at her.

Lisa enjoyed his last futile attempts and was now about to have some fun of her own “Time to suffer!!” she said and then squinted her eyes and … nothing. Lisa squinted her eyes again and scrunched her nose and leaned in with her neck muscles and … … nothing. “My powers!??”

The Joker began laughing “Don’t you know anything about me? I always have an ace up my sleeve … or sometimes a piece of kryptonite..”

Lisa looked down and saw the glowing green stone the Joker had thrown at her lying at her feet. She attempted to kick it away but the Jokers foot stopped it.

The Joker clenched his fist and punched Lisa in the stomach. She doubled over and grabbed her gut in obvious discomfort. The Joker kicked her leg and Lisa fell to the ground and on top of the piece of Kryptonite. The Joker followed her to the ground and squeezed her breasts. “Ooooo I’m betting your boobies are so much more squishy when you’re nice and relaxed..” He began undoing his belt, and unzipping his fly.

Lisa saw what he wanted to do and began to panic, she attempted to get up but was cracked in the face by Jokers fist. The punch was harder than when she was hit by Thors hammer and sent her back to the ground.

The Joker rapidly waved his hand in the air, as the hit had hurt his fist as well. “Time is money my Dear and I’d say you owe me at least 15 minutes..”

“Joker!!” one of his henchmen called out. “Choppers here!!”

The Joker sighed “Work! Work! Work! and never no play.” The Joker then snapped his fingers and one of his henchmen handed him a stick of dynamite which he in turn stuffed down Lisa’s cleavage along with the piece of kryptonite.

Lisa couldn’t help herself and without realizing it muttered the oldest cliché in the book “You’ll never get away with this..”

The Joker began laughing as the sunroof collapsed above him and 4 ropes descended down to him and his henchmen from a helicopter above. “My dear, I always get away with this!!” The Joker began laughing and as soon as he had ascended above the building the dynamite in Lisa’s chest along with several other explosive devices in the building went off. Lisa felt tremendous amount of pain followed by the screams of the hostages as they were engulfed in the series of massive explosions.

The smoke cleared and as it did, the city she was in dissipated, she was back in the den. Lisa slowly stood up and went to the washroom. She was sore but otherwise uninjured. Her costume was still intact but she had several dark smudges all over her body. Her hair was frazzled and she began making corrections to it. Lisa was embarrassed, and very much humbled by the experience. She started tearing up and it took her several of minutes to calm herself. Lisa got into the shower and turned the heat to the maximum heat setting and stepped into it.

Lisa eventually walked downstairs where her daughter was lying on the couch and reading a card that was meant for her.

Veronica looked at her mother and read the card out loud “The Joker defeated you - lose 25%..” As Veronica read the card Lisa could feel her strength slightly drain from her body. Veronica began laughing hysterically “Oh My God, you lost to the Joker!? How pathetic!!”

Lisa clenched her fists, finally having enough of her daughter’s attitude. “You ungrateful little whore!!” Lisa grabbed Veronica and threw her into the living room window. The entire house shook, but the window didn’t so much as crack.

Lisa charged Veronica slapping her twice in the face before Veronica recovered. Veronica’s eyes lit up and a blast of searing heat beams coursed into Lisa. Since the game had progressed Veronica’s powers in this department had greatly exceeded the others. Lisa screamed in pain as Veronica stood up, continuing to pour it on.

Everyone else came rushing in and watched in dumbfounded silence.

“Anything more to say? Mother!!” Veronica bit her lower lip as the brilliant beams of heat continued streaming into Lisa.

Lisa couldn’t take it. Her daughter’s powers were too much. “I’m sorry!!” She whimpered.

Veronica’s eyes shut down and smouldered. “You’re fucking rights you’re sorry!!” With that Veronica stormed out of the room.

Charlie looked over at Selma “See what I’ve had to put up with for the last 5 years..”

Selma contained her smile as she looked at Charlie and then walked over to Lisa and grabbed her shoulders “Are you okay??”

Lisa slowly got up, “I want to be alone.” With that Lisa stormed off.

Celeste looked at Selma and Charlie, “So like? What now?… Its Veronica’s turn..”

Charlie walked over to the game and grabbed the instructions “Let them cool off, I’m presuming this game isn’t going anywhere until someone wins..”

“And … who do you think that’ll be??” Celeste asked her father who now sat down on the bullet riddled couch.

“I hope it’s you sweetie.”

“Why not Mom??”

Selma crossed her arms and smiled “Because your father thinks that I’ll leave him for John Stamos if I win.”

Charlie shook his head “That’s not why, and we already had this discussion. It’s because your mother would become America’s first empress and would have no time for me.” Charlie countered with a smile.

Celeste paused for a while “Still, I don’t know why you’d pick me over Mom. You worried that guys would go crazy over her new look. Worried that she’d cheat on you … It’d serve you right..”

Charlie nodded and maintained his cool although he was a little rattled by the way his daughter was speaking to him. “It certainly would serve me right. But that’s not why I don’t want your mother winning. A part of me still believes that none of this is real. There’s no way that any of this could actually spill into reality. Still, I have a terrifying question bouncing around in my head … What if? And if in fact this does spill into reality, I’d want my daughter to have these abilities. I think … That you had two good parents. I think we raised you with good morals and values. I think you’d make a wonderful … Supergirl..”

“Who do you suppose is winning??” Celeste asked.

“I don’t know.” Selma interjected “But if what I just saw Veronica do is any indication. I’d say Veronica.”

Celeste shook her head “There’s no way we can let that maniac win … Could you imagine!??”

Veronica walked into the room just as Celeste finished her question “Oh, I can imagine just fine. I can imagine you, your family and my Mom being my slaves, right here, in my beautiful new home. Or maybe I’d just, you know … make you disappear. Save me the worry that you might embarrass me someday. So, Celeste, when I win … How would you want to go??”

“How dare you!!” Selma yelled and approached Veronica “Your nothing but a bully who’s only achievement in life is being a High school slut. Now you’re living with your mom reminiscing of the high school days and doing nothing to better yourself..”

Veronica laughed, She looked up and down Selma’s body “Did you change yourself into that because you were sick and tired of looking ugly. You know … Tired of your husband looking at other women … Like my mom??”

Selma clenched her fists and walked up to Veronica.

Veronica’s eyes sparkled “Careful now.” she warned. They continued looking at each other for a moment then Veronica smiled and looked at the board. “It’s my turn isn’t it??” She asked casually.


Chapter 9 – The Gauntlet


Veronica casually walked to the board game and pressed start. “Ooooo red! I like red!!” A card then popped out once she had moved her piece. “Gauntlet! Defeat as many New York heroes as possible within the 1 hour time line. New York is located in the library on the main floor.” Veronica smiled “Should be fun, wish me luck!!”

Veronica walked down the hall way on the main floor and stepped into the library. Her red boot stepped into a puddle and she smiled as she looked around her surroundings. It was close to sunset and she was in a dirty alley; two large residential building flanked her sides. She began to rise into the air until she was a kilometer above the city. Her telescopic vision scanned the city. Veronica smiled as she watched a girl make a long jump onto a roof top. ‘First catch of the hour’ she thought as she blasted off in her direction.

The Black cat sprinted across the roof top intending to jump onto the adjacent buildings roof top. While in mid-air she smacked into a woman hovering right in her path. The Black Cat spiralled and twisted into position as she plummeted several stories. Finally, the Black Cat was able to throw a thin rope onto a rail. The rope snapped but it was enough to slow her descent and allow her to survive the landing. The Black Cat looked at her attacker, casually leaning against a wall as if she’d been there the entire time. “Who are you? What do you want??”

Veronica grinned at her “Smile for the birdy!!” Veronica’s eyes glowed momentarily then twin beams of energy blasted out of them.

The Black Cat made the dodge and made several flips and other dodges before getting close enough to launch her fist into Veronica’s face. There was a sharp cracking sound. The Black Cat gasped as she looked at her limp sprained wrist.

Veronica smiled as she watched the Black Cat’s reaction after hitting her in the face. “Best you got??”

The Black Cat cradled her fist for a moment, and then attacked again. She used her left fist this time to cross punch Veronica in the face. She used her right elbow to smash in Veronica’s nose. She then began kicking at Veronica’s ribs. All the while Veronica stood unflinching, her arms crossed over her large bust, smiling and enjoying every second of it.

Veronica grabbed the Black Cat by the neck. She hoisted her into the air, looked her in the eyes, and then snapped her neck. She smiled as the Black Cat fell limply onto the street. “One down.” she said contently and then blasted back into the air.


Charlie went to the kitchen and poured himself a glass of water. He looked at the burn on his hand, it looked bad and still hurt, he began running cool water over top of it. The fact that he received the burn by simply touching his ex-wife’s shoulder was completely ludicrous.

“You okay??”

The voice startled Charlie as he turned to see Selma floating just a few feet off the ground right beside him. “Is there something wrong with walking!??” Charlie replied somewhat irritated.

Selma smiled and one by one her red boots touched the marble floor “Better??”

Charlie shook his head, still annoyed.

Selma looked at his hand and gave him a sympathetic frown. “Charlie, I’m so sorry … Had I known I was so hot I would never have let you..”

“Are you being funny??” Charlie interrupted.

Selma smiled realizing her accidental play on words.

Charlie shook his head “Oh, you’re loving this aren’t you.”

Selma started to giggle “No … Of course not … you’re be silly.”

Charlie ripped a dish towel and made a suitable bandage for his hand. “Dare I ask how you became so ….”

“Hot??” Selma finished his statement with another smile. “I guess the short story is … I fought the Hulk in space and threw him into the sun. Maybe I got a little too close to the Sun in the process..”

Charlie nodded as the explanation sounded so ridiculous that it sounded like a horrible farce, yet he knew it to be true. “Of course you did … Why would I even ask??”

“Think about it Charlie, just try to imagine … I was in space, flying toward the Sun … Charlie … It felt so good … Like, nothing I could ever compare it with.” Selma began reflecting on the power she possessed and finally asked a question she already knew the answer to. “If one of us got out of this house with this power … Is there anything that could stop us??”

Charlie shook his head “Nope.”

Selma gave Charlie a pretend look of concern, but in actuality her heart was skipping and stomach churning with excitement.

Charlie’s eyes squinted and he looked carefully at his Ex wife’s face. Charlie spotted a mannerism on her in which he knew too well. “You’re getting off on this, aren’t you? Your loving this. You want this for yourself??”

Selma was about to deny it, but then her attitude changed “Oh cmon … who wouldn’t? One minute I was sunbathing on a hoodoo 800 feet in the sky and the next flying in space. Hell, I beat the Hulk! Of course I want this! Who wouldn’t want this?!!”

“Mmmhmm.I thought you said you didn’t like the size of your ummm.” Charlie said referring to her breasts. “My guess is, it might be difficult getting a reduction when you’re invulnerable.”

Selma looked down at her massive bust “Yeah well … I think I can get used to them. Besides, I heard Stamos like his women busty.”

Charlie shot Selma an irritated expression.

Selma began laughing hysterically “I’m kidding!!”


Veronica began scanning again. After 15 minutes she was becoming frustrated. Even though she passed a building with a giant 4 on it, she was clueless as to what the 4 meant. Veronica was becoming increasingly inpatient. She stopped to think. There was a sure way of getting a hero to face her. Veronica flew to a crowded street and took in a deep breath. The wind whistled and the tree’s ruffled as she continued to take in air. As she was about to release the massive gust of compressed air from her lungs, which would have surely killed dozens, a voice interrupted her.

“You know … I’ve always wanted to put the letter I on my chest. You know, so that when I show up people see the I and say – hey! That’s Iron Man.”

Veronica didn’t respond she simply adjusted the direction of which way she intended to blow. As hard as she could she blew through her pursed lips and at Iron Man.

Iron Man was pushed back several feet but then resisted the extreme winds with his thrusters. Jarvis, his on board computer, warned him that his suit was reaching extreme cold temperatures. He continued using his thrusters to stabilize himself in the incredible winds until she ran out of breath.

Iron man began knocking chunks of ice off from his costume “I’m sorry! Where are my manners, I’m Tony Stark … And you might be??”

Veronica almost laughed at the man’s over confidence as he extended his hand to shake hers. Veronica smiled and took his hand. “My name is Veronica.” She said sweetly “So nice to meet you..”

Iron Man took her small feminine hand and shook it. “You see the big S, threw me off, cause I was guessing that it might have been Summer or Sarah or..” Iron man’s computer began warning him of a breach. The girl’s petite fingers began to sink into his costume. He grunted as he attempted to reclaim his hand. The pressure increased, he could feel the metal of his glove began sinking and began squeezing in on his skin, his hand was being crushed. “Ummm, my hand.” he suggested as his Iron mit became tighter and tighter. “Jarvis??” Tony called to his computer “Could our girl here survive a plasma blast??”

“Most certainly sir.” Tony’s onboard computer responded.

In a desperate move Iron Man placed his other hand inches from her chest, there was quick hum coming from Tony’s hand before a pulse blasted into Veronica.

Veronica screamed from the blast and began falling to the ground.

Iron man swooped down and caught her. He looked into her irritated face. “Just so we are clear, I never do that on a first date.”

Veronica could feel her nipple swelling under her shirt, the frustration she felt turned to anger “How dare you! Let go of me!!” She grabbed Iron Man by his torso and threw him into the ground.

Iron Man crunched into the road and before he could get up Veronica’s boots landed on him causing him to crash into the sewers below.

People on the boulevard began screaming and running away from the scene. Tony recalled all the times he had been hit, she was packing a harder punch then anyone he could remember, but how? As tiny of a girl as she was, she packed just as much power in those petite arms as the Hulk or Thor did.

Veronica’s boots splashed into the sewer water as she continued her attack.

Iron Man went on the offensive. His first punch missed Veronica who used her super speed to get behind him. Iron Man instinctively punched blindly behind him. With enough power to knock a semi-truck down a street, Iron man’s fist rammed into the S symbol of Veronica’s impressive bust.

Veronica staggered a few steps backwards; she looked down and cupped her large breasts. Her expression seemed no different than had a random guy groped her breast in the middle of a park. Veronica grinded her teeth and unleashed a torrent of heat from her eyes.

Iron Man grunted as the heat engulfed his body. His on board computer began warning him of the extreme heat and possible breaches. Tony could feel the uncomfortable heat already transferring from his protective suit into his body. He used his arm to absorb the rest of her energies and then used his other arm to quickly attack. He contorted his body so that the streams of heat missed him momentarily. A latch flipped open on his arm and he fired a small device at the woman.

Veronica looked down at her bust and noticed a small metallic device attached to the center of her S symbol. She reached to get it and it exploded. The blast knocked Iron Man out of the sewer and back onto the street. At first he attempted a retreat; however his on board computer informed him that his thrusters were no longer available.

The concussion from the blast knocked Veronica down and into the dirty waters. What remained of Veronica’s jacket was a tattered mess. She removed the tattered remains of her jacket and looked at it, she threw the jacket away and screamed while clenching her teeth. Like a four year old throwing a tantrum her fists repeatedly smashed the water beside her.

Veronica floated out of the sewer; her eyes squinted angrily at Iron man. Her fists were so tense they gave off a reddish aura.

Tony’s onboard computer provided Tony with a warning “Sir - A cursory evaluation of defensive capabilities indicate a distinct tactical deficiency.”

“Thank – you Jarvis.” Tony said sarcastically as he activated a mini gun that rotated from his back and onto his shoulder. The mini gun began blasting into the S symbol of Veronica’s massive bust. The symbol on her chest dimpled repeatedly. Her breasts felt tender and every heavy round that hit her nipple felt like a mini orgasm.

The tracers careened off Veronica’s body so hard and fast that the asphalt below her was being chalked up by the deflecting rounds. She didn’t know if she hated the feeling … or loved it. She didn’t know if the sensation of her swelling tits was a bad thing, or a fantastic blessing. One thing was certain; her new endowments were far more sensitive than she was used to. She walked into the rounds staring intently at Iron Man.

Veronica reached Iron Man and ripped the gun off his shoulder. “STOP! SHOOTING! MY TITS!!” She screamed as her finger nails dug into his helmet and then she ripped it off.

Tony Stark looked behind him as his helmet flipped down the street. He then looked at the woman before him and then at her large breasts, he looked up at her quickly. “I know how it seems, but just so you know … .I’m more of an ass guy..”

Veronica was about to rip his head off, but she needed a man desperately. And unfortunately, he was cute. She felt as though if she didn’t have sex and soon her breasts would pop. Veronica pulled her shirt off and loosened her belt “You’ve got only 20 minutes to satisfy me..”

Tony looked at the busty Supergirl as she finished undressing, exposing her round full breasts. “Well … uhh … that’s good, cause I usually only last for 8..”

Veronica looked Tony in the eyes “Shut up.” she demanded and then embraced Tony in a kiss and rubbed her firm round breasts overtop of the rough exterior of Tony’s costume. Her nipples scratching deep groves into Iron man’s body armour. She used her free hand to tear away the metallic girdle protecting Tony’s crotch.

Tony looked down in wide eyed shock as she grabbed hold of him. “Be gentle.” He pleaded.


Celeste closed the door to the washroom and then used her x ray vision to see if anyone was curious as to where she had gone. Her mother was in the living room with her Dad. Lisa was upstairs, pacing.

Celeste then looked in the mirror and experimented with her new power. She closed her eyes and visualized Megan Fox. When she opened them, Megan Fox was looking at her through the mirror. Celeste smiled as she looked at her body still tightly wrapped in her Supergirl outfit. She smiled mischievously as she imagined bigger breasts on her body. Her costume began to strain and the S symbol on her bust warped as her breasts grew larger and larger. She changed her eyes so they practically glow a bright, deep blue. This was the life she wanted, to be anyone she wanted to be, with only a thought. To have the powers to do anything, to own anything or fit right in, without anyone none the wiser. As Megan Fox stared back at her, she realized that she’s been playing this game all wrong. That nothing matters in this game as much as it matters outside the doors of this house. So what if she has to kill a few thousand innocent people in this game?… Its not as if she’d do it in real life. But Celeste also understood that her line of thinking was a slippery slope. These weren’t cartoon characters; every part of this game seemed very real. When she witnessed Veronica use her heat vision on the family in the sedan, she saw physical agony in many of Veronica’s victims. Real fear when she tossed them into the air. Real devastation when the dust settled. The question, which she was not oblivious too was, would desensitization to this game, result in desensitization in real life?

Regardless of the answer, Celeste knew that competing with Veronica meant she needed to adjust her attitude, morale’s and values. In order to win, she’d have to be crueler than Veronica, More callous, at least until the game was over.

Celeste’s super hearing picked up her name in a conversation in the living room and she quickly reverted to her old self. She sighed as she looked at herself. Almost wanted to change again, but she wanted to keep her talent a secret for now. Celeste walked into the living room. “What I miss??”

Veronica had received a 15% power for her partial completion of her task, even though that completion was only the death of one Superhero. “It’s your move bitch!!” Veronica answered.

Celeste looked at Veronica who had her hands on her hips and her bust pushed outward as if to say, look what I stole from you. Oh how she wanted to rub her new ability in Veronica’s face.


Chapter 10 – Between Heaven and Hell


Celeste hit start and the colored wheel spun and landed on blue. A card immediately popped out and Celeste began reading it “Choose your path, Defeat Magneto for a 25% increase or Defeat the X-men for a 25% increase and a bonus..” There was also a note indicating that she may be accompanied by an additional member to split the reward, but she kept that part a secret. “The X-men are located in the basement. Magneto is located in the guest bedroom..” Celeste took a moment to think about it. When she defeated Circe she had received a bonus in which she was very fond of. It seemed to her that the bonuses in this game outweighed the Power ups. Celeste headed toward the basement. Once again her mother followed her.

Selma waited until they were close to the basement stairs before speaking “I don’t know much about comics, but aren’t the X men the good guys??”

Celeste brushed off her mother’s concerns “Mom, for all you know, so is Magneto..”

Selma crossed her arms and arched her eyebrow as she normally did when she felt her daughter was deceiving her. But now, her youthful features hindered its affect “Celeste, you forced me to watch the movie 8 years ago … remember??”

“Mom! Relax! It’s just a game! Don’t be annoying.” With that Celeste went into the basement and stepped into a park with beautiful hedge rows. There was a mansion, not entirely dissimilar to the one they were actually in. There were several benches occupied by students at the school. Celeste looked at them as she walked by. They were so young. The thought of killing anyone of them made her briefly consider abandoning the quest.

“Hi!!” a young man said to her from behind.

Celeste turned to him and smiled, “Ice man??” She asked noting a distinct familiarity with the person before her and of the movies she had seen.

He smiled at her “Actually, Rob … but I guess Ice man works as well.” He looked over her body and the tight costume she wore. “Where did you come from? And what’s with the costume??”

Celeste briefly looked down at her own attire and then looked up at Ice Man “Do you like it? Do you know who I’m supposed to be??”

Ice Man smiled “It’s alright. But I have no idea who you’re supposed to be.”

Celeste swallowed nervously, it was show time. She changed her appearance to that of Mystique. Her blue voluptuous body filled the Super Costume nicely. “How about now??” she said menacingly.

“Mystique!!” Iceman yelled gathering the attention of students nearby. Iceman pointed his fingers at Celeste’s boots and a stream of super cooled air began freezing Celeste’s feet. Some of the students rushed over to Ice Man but he quickly called them off. “Get help!!” he yelled.

Celeste looked down at her feet and smiled. With very little effort her red boots lifted from the ice with two loud cracks.

Ice Man raised his hand to Celeste’s face. “I’m warning you! Not another step!!”

Logan was lying on the couch when one of the students came rushing in “Logan! Mystique is fighting Rob in the back yard..”

Logan quickly got off the couch “Who else!??” he called to the student.

Storm overheard the conversation and came rushing into the living room.

The student was nervous “Uhhh just Mystique..”

Storm looked at Logan “There’s no way Mystique would attack the school by herself.”

“Agreed, warn the others! I’ll head outside.”

Storm confirmed Logan’s orders with a nod and they both headed in separate directions.

Celeste walked toward Iceman “Is it my appearance that caused you to freak out? Cause I can be someone else.” Celeste’s hair turned red and she took on the appearance of Jean Grey. “There, satisfied??”

“Where’s the rest of your gang??” Wolverine asked while lighting his cigar.

Celeste looked at him and became star struck “Oh my God Wolverine! … I’m your biggest fan! That’s why …

Wolverine looked at her suspiciously “That’s why??”

“That’s why I’m already regretting this decision.”

“And what decision is that??”

Celeste tilted her head sympathetically at Wolverine “This one.” Her eyes lit up and a concentrated beam of energy stream lined into Logan’s chest causing him to lift off the ground and smoulder across the lawn before finally coming to rest against some hedge rows.

“No!!” Ice man screamed as he used both hands to encompass Celeste in a block of ice.

Celeste waited for the X-men to surround her. As soon as she was surrounded she lashed out with all her limbs. The ice that encompassed her became shrapnel. Ice Man and Storm fell backwards. Colossus and Rogue stood unfazed.

Colossus made his move first. His giant steel fist sped its way toward Celeste’s head. It was intended to be a killing blow. No one was more surprised than himself when his giant steel fist was stopped in its tracks by the tiny hand of, who they believed to be, Mystique.

“Let me try!!” Rogue added as she wound up and smashed her fist into Celeste’s face. Celeste let out a scream as her body tumbled across the backyard kicking up dirt as her limbs awkwardly and repeatedly smashed into the ground.

Celeste’s tongue pushed out her cheek and she put her hand on the side of her jaw. It was the hardest she’d ever been punched. That’s it! No more Misses nice girl, she thought.

Professor Xavier was watching the battle from the top floor of the mansion. He desperately attempted to get inside the attackers mind but could not. He did however get vital information. He entered Storms mind ‘She is not who she appears to be. I cannot see her thoughts, except her intention … to wipe out this school and the X-men. She must be stopped at all cost’.

Storm looked at the group “We need to kill her!!”

“What did he say??” Rogue asked instinctively knowing Xavier had sent her a message.

“That she’s here to kill us … all of us.”

As Storm spoke a blue streak blasted across the field. Celeste had combined her super speed to coincide with her hardest punch. The punch was intended for Rogue but at the very last second Colossus deliberately got in the way.

Everyone went silent as they watched Colossus shiver as he attempted to pull Celeste’s fist from deep out of his chest.

Celeste swallowed nervously as she pulled out her hand from the mangled steel of Colossus’s chest. It was covered in blood. She could hear screams and chaos around her. Someone even punched her. She didn’t feel a thing. She just stared into Colossus’s eyes as he slumped to his knees, undoubtedly soon to die. Dark clouds quickly formed above Celeste. A tornado came out of nowhere and pulled Celeste off her feet and tossed her violently.

Celeste used her flight ability to stop in mid-air.

Storm was furious. Her eyes were white as she joined Celeste in the air. “DIE!!” she screamed. A bolt of lightning struck Celeste followed by another and another, each one more intense than the last.

Celeste looked down at Colossus who, in his last moments, was being comforted by Rogue and Iceman. Unimaginable guilt consumed her as lightning strike after lightning strike lambasted her. She looked at her hand covered in blood. Then a thought began to echo in her mind, over and over again until she yelled it out loud. “THIS ISN’T REAL!!” with that Storm was blasted with a fury of concentrated heat from Celeste’s eyes.

Rogue looked up as the clouds quickly dissipated. Storms boot, with her foot smouldering in it, fell to the ground and her cape slowly descended in the light breeze. Rogue was filled with rage and rose into the air.

Rogue flew in the air and struck Celeste in the face. Celeste countered and fought Rogue the best way she knew how. She grabbed her hair and tossed her violently to the ground.

Rogue screamed as her body hit the sidewalk below her. Her body cracked and left a deep impression in the paved path.

Celeste landed beside Rogue and kicked her in the stomach as she attempted to get up. Rouge’s body flew backwards and smashed against an oak tree.

Wolverine’s injuries had not yet fully healed as he and Iceman simultaneously converged on Celeste. Iceman had raised his fists and began firing super cooled air at Celeste who in turn let loose her heat vision.

Wolverine had smashed his adamantium claws into Celeste’s face abruptly ending her brief assault on Iceman.

Wolverine repeatedly struck Celeste, his claws not even managing to rip her attire, never mind penetrate her skin.

Iceman stared at his fist. The shock of what happened still not full registering in his mind. He grabbed his smouldering stub with his only remaining hand and began screaming as the pain set in.

Celeste eventually caught Wolverine’s hand. Wolverine watched in shock as her fist tightly clenched around his inside claw. Her other hand clenched around his outside claw and Wolverine’s shock turned to horror as he witnessed what was to come.

Celeste began pulling his claws apart. Wolverine screamed as his claws were eventually yanked so that 2 of the claws were at 90 degree angles. It was impossible for him to retract his claws now. Celeste then guided his wrist so that his fist was facing his own body. Wolverine could do nothing to prevent the inevitable but he grunted as he desperately tried. Simply put, she was far too strong. His own fist guided by Celeste’s hand entered into his chest. His one extended adamantium claw easily cutting through his adamantium rib cage and cutting into his heart. Wolverine fell to his knees but before collapsing he asked Celeste “Why are you doing this??”

Again Celeste paused and reflected on what she had done, and why she was doing it as Wolverine fell dead.

Celeste was tackled by Rogue. They flew across the lawn and eventually into the mansion crashing through its walls and ending up in the kitchen. Rogue knew what she had to do. Rogue’s gloves were still on, so instead she grabbed the back of Celeste’s head and embraced her in a kiss.

Celeste was caught off guard by the move. She quickly realized what was happening. She was losing her powers and Rogue was becoming stronger, so much stronger, and so quickly that she found it difficult to break off the kiss. It was Rogue who broke it off, feeling that she could absorb no more.

Rogue grinded her teeth in anger, every fibre of her being felt as though she was going to explode. She felt like a Goddess, a Goddess with the means to exact her revenge.

Celeste could feel how weak she was as she got to her feet. Rogue’s costume tightened and every part of her body was rapidly developing muscle mass. It was at that moment that Celeste realized it was over, she had lost. She attempted to run away, realizing that her speed was drastically reduced. She doubted she could even fly.

Psylocke got to her before Celeste got to the door. Psylocke smashed her fist into Celeste’s face and dodged Celeste’s counter attacks. Psylocke conducted a series of impressive moves which resulted in Celeste’s arm being locked by Psylocke’s legs. Then, almost as if it was easy, Psylocke twisted Celeste and knocked her face down into the ground.

Celeste panicked, if Psylocke could take her down this easily, she was terrified of what Rogue would now be able to do to her. Celeste eventually shoved Psylocke off of her and stood up fearfully as Rogue stared at her. Rogue’s body’s definition looked so much different than when she originally saw her. She looked as if she was a body builder. Her muscles were huge and defined. Her green body suit was stretched to the max. A rip formed down her bicep, followed by another down the middle of her chest exposing her massive tight muscular bust.

It was all too intimidating for Celeste who looked at Rogue with fear. “I give up.” She said softly and then yelled it “I GIVE UP!!”

Rogue had no intention of accepting her surrender. Her eyes lit up and a torrent of purple energy blasted out of them. The beams engulfed Celeste and she blasted out of the mansions wall and into the backyard.

Celeste didn’t feel the pain right away. She felt it afterwards. She felt as if she had fallen asleep under the desert sun and now awoke to feel every fibre of her being burned. Oddly enough, the hot sun she was under was soothing her. She could feel her powers starting to return.

Rogue stepped outside; she intended to ram her fist through the girl as the girl had done to Colossus. As soon as Rogue stepped outside, the Sun had a remarkable effect on her. She could feel more power surging into her. Tremendous amounts of energies flowing into her like an untapped well. Her muscles intensified her eyes began to steam. Unknown to her was that, by absorbing the energies of a Kryptonian her human dna had learned how to absorb the powers of the yellow sun. However, unlike a Kryptonian her Dna didn’t know how to turn it off. More and more power streamed into her causing photons within her body to begin to smash into atoms, eventually causing her own atoms to begin colliding into each other. Pain finally began to set in as her body’s proportions reached a ridiculous size. Her costume was now was now no more than a green bikini bottom as her proportions continued to swell.

Celeste felt her strength return to her and made her desperate retreat. She blasted away from the mansion as fast as she could praying rogue would not be able to get her hands on her.

Rogue let out an incredible scream as her Bust and muscles continued to increase in mass and size. Her muscular legs density increased so dramatically that her feet began sinking into the ground. A chemical process had begun within her body Rogue would never have suspected to be possible. Nuclear fusion was about to occur.

A white flash knocked Celeste out of her flight plan and she tumbled across the sky. When she looked back a massive fire ball had engulfed the mansion. A mushroom cloud formed shortly after as a blast wave began to engulf the nearby city. The blast wave hit Celeste and knocked her into the basement wall. She lay there motionless as she came to terms with her reality; she was now in the basement, just as it was, calm and orderly. She had done it, or at least she believed she had done it. She got up and hurried upstairs, almost forgetting that she still looked like Jean Grey. She changed her appearance just in time to see everyone looking at her.

“How’d it go??” Selma asked

“Fine … I think.” a card popped out of the game and Celeste hurried to grab it. She read the card and smiled.


Chapter 11 – Darkness Descends


Lisa looked over at Selma “Go.” she demanded.

Selma looked over at Lisa and resisted the urge to comment on her mood. She stood up and pressed start. The color displayed was blue. Selma moved her piece to the blue square. A card popped out of the game which she read out loud. “Defeat Vampirella for a 25% bonus. Vampirella is located in the master bedroom..” Selma looked over to Celeste who seemed to be in her own world. “Celeste? Any advice??”

Celeste snapped out of it “What?… No … look I’m busy with something.” She said and walked out of the room.

Selma watched her daughter leave and sighed. “Okay then.” Selma finally replied, hurt by her daughters insensitivity. Selma headed upstairs and opened the door to the master bedroom.

Selma was greeted by the freezing cold air of Alaska’s far north. She looked around; the only activity that was occurring was in a local tavern. She walked up the dark snow covered street and to the entrance of the Artic Knight pub. She opened the door to the club and looked at a husky black male that stood just inside the entrance door.

The bouncer looked at her body, completely exposed to the elements in her tight costume. “Lady I know its Halloween but its -30 degrees out there. You’re going to freeze to death..”

Selma didn’t feel cold at all and smiled politely at the bouncer.

“Got any ID??” The bouncer asked

“Does it look like I have any ID on me??”

The bouncer smiled as he looked at her skin tight costume, “Suppose not..” He looked at the curves the girl displayed for a bit longer before opening a second door for her. “And I suppose I can’t send you back into the cold, so, have fun.”

The bar was packed, and everyone was in a costume. The music in the club was thumping to sound of ‘The world is a Vampire’ by the smashing pumpkins. Selma sighed as she didn’t even know what this Vampirella would look like.

A man wearing a Captain America costume walked passed her and commented “Cold outside??”

Selma looked down at her tremendous bust; her thumb sized nipples were tenting out of her ultra-tight costume. ‘I hate this costume’ she thought to herself.

Selma made her way to the bar. Never before in her life had so many guys brushed by her so closely that their bodies made contact with her breasts. Then again she had never owned a pair of breasts this large. She smiled as she jokingly thought about swinging her chest from side to side … How many people would she kill?

The bartender smiled at her as she finally managed to get through the traffic “what will it be??”

Selma smiled politely and attempted to talk over the loud music “No Thank-you! I don’t have any money … I’m looking for ….”

The Bartender cut her off “Who’s gonna buy Superwoman here a drink!!” he yelled.

A large overweight man in his late 20’s dressed up in a Superman costume immediately put his money down and called out to the bartender. The bartender smiled at Selma, “In that outfit … Looking the way you do … You won’t need money. What will it be Superwoman??”

“No really, I’m just looking for ….”

The Bartender smiled at her “Double Vodka and cran coming right up.”

Selma shook her head as the Bartender took Superman’s money and began making her drink.

The man in the Superman costume weaved through the crowd and came up close to her. “It appears we have something in common.” he said.

Selma was annoyed as the man stared at her “And what would that be??” She asked as she placed her hands on her hips “The same size breasts??”

“Aww no reason to be mean, I was just being sociable.”

Selma shook her head as she immediately felt bad. “Sorry … I didn’t mean to be rude. I’m looking for ….”

“Ooops!!” The man in the super man costume said as he spilled his beer on Selma’s chest. “Shit! How clumsy of me, let me just get that..” The alcoholic fluid rolled off her S symbol and dripped to the ground.

Selma was in shock as the man grabbed a rag from the bar and began wiping her chest. She actually let it occur, too stunned to properly respond. That is until she witnessed a group of guys, undoubtedly Supermans friends laughing at a table near-by. Selma then looked at the man who appeared to enjoy himself as he rubbed the smooth surface of the giant S on her chest with the filthy rag.

Selma’s petite hand grabbed his wrist. She smiled sweetly as she placed a bit of pressure on his arm.

“Ahg! Fuck!!” He said, while dropping the rag.

“Your friends think something is funny.”

“Shit! Fuck! You’re going to break my arm!!” The man kneeled while desperately trying to pry her vice like grip away from his arm with his other hand.

Selma smiled over to his friends who were now laughing hysterically. “You’re friends still find this amusing. I’m not going to lie … so do I.”

There was a crunching sound in his wrist and he gasped “Oh my God! … Fuck! Please! I’m sorry!!”

“Oh, not as sorry as you will be if you don’t point out Vampirella to me … Now!!”

“There! There!!” The man pointed to a tall busty woman with 80’s curls in a tight black dress.

“Thank you.” She said to the man and released his arm. Selma then pulled off his cape and tucked it under her costume’s collar. “You don’t mind do you??” she asked the man still on his knees.

“No no … .ahhh … Shit!!” The man said still clasping his arm.

“Here’s your drink.” The bartender said as he gave it to Selma.

Selma took down the drink in one swig and leaned over to the man still clutching his wrist. “Thank-you very much for the drink.” she said and then walked away from the bar. Supermans friends were still laughing as she walked by. Selma’s vision focused in on one of their crotches. As she passed the man she whispered into his ear. “Your pants are on fire.”

A man who was dressed up as a pirate looked down in shock to see his crotch region on fire. He began hitting himself until one of his friends dumped his pitcher of beer on his crotch.

Selma approached a woman in the dark dress, Superman had earlier pointed out. “Vampirella??” she asked.

The pale girl turned to her “Actually … I was going for Elvira.” The girl then checked Selma out “Wow … How much??”

Selma sighed “What??”

“How much did you pay for those??” The woman was referring to her breasts.

“No! … I didn’t pay anything … Look I’m looking for someone who’s dressed like Vampirella.”

The woman laughed “Your telling me those are real! You’re not even wearing a bra.”

Selma shook her head. She had never felt more uncomfortable in all her life. “Look, can you help me or not.”

Elvira nodded and smiled “I can help you, but first I wanna feel.”

“Would it help if I told you I’m not a lesbian??”

Elvira smiled “Neither am I, but I can guarantee there isn’t a soul in this bar that isn’t curious on knowing what those monsters feel like.”

Selma had never in her life been more embarrassed. She drew in another sigh “Make it quick.” she said as her arms flopped down to her sides and her head tilted to the side.

Elvira smiled and ran her finger tips overtop of Selma’s large breasts and the red S that encompassed them. Her finger bent as it attempted to poke into them “Holy fuck! They are so firm!!” She called over to her friend sitting across the table “Claire you gotta feel this girls super tits!!”

“Okay! That’s enough, you’ve had your fun now we had a deal.” Selma said now very much annoyed.

Elvira laughed “Relax there Super Tits, your friend is sitting over there in the booth all by her lonesome..”

Selma looked at the woman. She had straight shoulder length hair and she was wearing a skimpy red bathing suit which criss crossed around her toned body. A white collar attached to her skimpy outfit made a semi-circle around the girls neck “That’s Vampirella??” she asked.

“You bet! I wouldn’t get too close … She looks feisty.”

Selma made her way to the booth in which Vampirella was sitting. Along the way several of people got an “Accidental.” feel of her body. She had never felt more annoyed. Selma got to the booth and sat across from Vampirella.

The woman’s dark brown eyes looked up at Selma. “That spot is taken.” she said in a direct tone.

Selma continued to observe her. Selma had no idea how this was supposed to play out “My name is Selma, what’s your name??” she asked sweetly still suspicious as to whether or not this was in fact Vampirella.

The woman smiled at her. “Little girl … If you know what’s good for you, you’ll leave..”

Selma smiled at the woman. If this was Vampirella, she knew it was going to get violent soon enough. What she didn’t know, was if there was there supposed to be a start to this, or could she vaporize her right here and now? Selma decided to continue the conversation “Little girl? Actually, I’m probably older than you.”

The woman’s eyes stared into Selma’s and a slight grin formed on her face. “That I doubt..”

“Look, I’ll make this short and sweet. I’m here to defeat Vampirella … So are you her or not??”

Vampirella giggled “Listen Supergirl … You amuse me … Sometimes I turn those who amuse me into my very own pets. My advice, walk away.”

It was time to bring the conversation to a close. Knowing what Selma knew about her powers, and knowing what effect sun light has on Vampire’s, Selma’s deep brown eyes zoomed in on Vampirella’s hand and gave her the lightest dose of her heat vision. The action would have had no more effect than a minor sunburn on an ordinary human. For Vampirella the effect was devastating. Vampirella’s hand blistered and turned black. She held in her scream as the burning ran up her arm and then suddenly stopped.

Vampirella held her hand in front of her. In some parts of her hand her bone was exposed and then her hand began to heal right before their eyes. In seconds her hand had returned to the way it once was.

A boiling rage sizzled inside of Vampirella. She shot Selma a look. Their eyes met. Selma couldn’t look away, Vampirella’s eyes were hypnotic. The tiny gold specs of the brown in Vampirella’s eyes seemed to rotate. Selma was lost within them and then she could hear a voice in her mind “Why would you hurt me? You love me? You want to be with me? Why don’t you sit closer with me??”

Selma couldn’t help herself as she scooted next to Vampirella as she continued looking into her eyes. Vampirella wanted to tell Selma to follow her somewhere where they could be alone. But, Selma`s will was strong, if she lost eye contact … even for a moment Selma would surely vaporize her.

Vampirella continued staring into Selma`s eyes “You want me so badly, don`t you??”

Selma’s mouth was half open. Vampirella’s hand moved onto Selma’s thigh and she felt a cool chill run up her body. “I do.” she replied. Vampirella’s bright red lips traced along Selma’s lips “Prove it.” she said. Vampirella believed the woman before her literally was Superwoman and that her teeth would undoubtedly break if she attempted to bite her. But she also knew her only chance was to get a taste of the power that pumped through her super body. “Scratch your neck until you draw blood.” Vampirella asked.

Selma continued to stare into the eyes of Vampirella her finger hooked into her neck and her finger nail dug deeply until a small cut developed.

Vampirella licked her lips as the smallest trickle of blood began seeping from the Superwomans skin. Vampirella had to break eye contact with Superwoman to go for the open wound. She quickly began sucking blood from Selma`s neck. The Instant the blood touched her tongue she felt a burning rush. It felt as though her entire body would be consumed by the fire she felt. Her breasts began to swell and her nipples quickly hardened in the confines of her skimpy red suit. There was an audible snapping sound as her breasts swelled to the point where they could no longer be contained by her tight suit. The distraction snapped Selma out of it.

Selma pushed Vampirella away from her. Vampirella’s body was pushed so hard that she went through the booth they sat on then rammed into the wall at the corner of the bar.

At first the crowd of people in the club simply looked dumbfounded and confused at the aftermath of the push. The booth was destroyed and 2 people sitting behind the girls were visibly hurt but no one could say for certain what had happened. The music continued to play, and a couple of bouncers moved in on the commotion.

Selma touched her neck and panicked. She drew her hand back to see the blood on her finger. The only thing she worried about was infection. Was it even possible?

Vampirella moved quickly, far more quickly then she had moved before. She pounced on Selma from behind. Her teeth sunk into her neck and she clamped down wishing for the same exhilaration she had experienced when she had received just a small taste of what Selma had to offer. Some people in the crowd began to scream and many headed for the doors.

Selma’s hand grabbed Vampirella’s hair and ripped her lips off her neck. She then threw Vampirella into the bar. Glasses and bottles crashed all over Vampirella’s body wetting her hair and bare breasts with booze.

Vampirella’s body was responding with what she drank. She convulsed. The feeling was terrifying, painful and exhilarating all at the same time. Vampirella stood up and clenched her fists and pushed her bust outward. Her spine arched dramatically and her feet began leaving the ground.

Selma wasted no time. This fight had to end now. Selma’s eyes began to sparkle and then she unleashed a torrent of energy. The beams struck Vampirella right between her pushed out chest. Her breasts glowed brightly. The rest of her red bikini burned off her body and her skin began to blacken and then she was gone. Most of the crowd had streamlined to the exits now.

Selma moved toward the bar cautiously and looked to see if there was any trace of her.

“Looking for someone??” a seductive and confident voice cooed from behind Selma.

Selma turned and faced Vampirella. She was standing behind her completely naked, smoke still emanating from her body. Her hands were on her narrowing hips, she was fearless. Selma attacked her. She threw her hardest punch and her fist sunk deep into Vampirella’s midriff causing her to double over. She elbowed Vampirella across the face and then pushed her onto the ground. While Vampirella was on the ground she kicked her as hard as she could. Her body flew across the bar eventually crashing through the kitchens wall of the club and finally blasting into the men’s washroom.

The heavier set fellow dressed as Superman had just finished taking a piss when he heard a loud crash from behind him. He simply stared at the naked dark haired beauty and observed her glorious body merged halfway through the concrete wall. Vampirella looked at the man and for a moment their eyes locked. She grinned as her pupils began to turn red. In an instant he was nothing more than ashes.

Selma rushed into the washroom as it happened.

Vampirella then looked at Selma in contentious marvel “Did you see what I did??”

Selma rushed Vampirella. This time Vampirella reached out and grabbed Selma’s neck. Vampirella hoisted Selma into the air and stared into her eyes. Selma could hear the voice again, this time far more powerful than before. Selma stopped her thrashing and allowed Vampirella to continue sucking at the side of her neck.

Finally she released Selma. Vampirella was coping with the pain and pleasure of the Kryptonian blood she had consumed.

The thought of running away never once crossed Selma’s mind as she once again pounced on Vampirella. She threw her hardest punch. This time her fist had little effect on Vampirella’s body, her fist bent as it made contact with Vampirella’s belly. Selma threw another punch, this time cracking off the side of Vampirella’s head. Selma cradled her fist.

Vampirella watched Selma with amusement as her feeble punches reminding her of what mortal punches felt like. Vampieralla took in a deep breath. Her chest swelled, Selma knew exactly what was to come. What she didn’t know was how powerful the gust of air would be. The wind blasted her along with several pieces of debris through the walls of the washroom and into the far corner of the bar.

Selma wearily began to stand up when she was dosed with her own medicine. Twin beams of light blasted out of Vampirella’s eyes. Selma’s body began to glow as the nuclear energy intensified. “Stop!!” Selma pleaded.

Vampirella laughed and then walked toward her. She hoisted Selma into the air with one hand “Well, well … Look whose super now??” she said with a smirk. But it was far much more than that; the Kryptonian blood had improved her already powerful abilities but now to a Krytponian level. She could feel the power coursing through her veins and she very much doubted there was anything on the planet that could stop her. Her fingers tightened around Selma’s neck.

Selma felt like her neck would snap. She pleaded with Vampirella to stop.

Vampirella let go of Selma “Do what I say, and I’ll let you survive the night..”

“What do you want??” Selma asked fearfully

“Give me your clothes.”


“I’m naked, and so very shy … Besides you’re the one who ruined my outfit … now hurry before I decide to take, so much more from you..”

Selma stood up and began removing her boots, then her tight red underwear. Finally she began pulling off her tight body suit. There was no zipper in the back, she stretched out the collar to the point where she could pull down the suit down her body.

Vampirella smiled as she looked at Selma. She began walking around Selma tracing her fingers along her naked body. “Very Impressive my dear..” Vampirella’s hand grabbed Selma’s back and pulled her into her own body, Selma’s breasts pushed up against hers. The two locked eyes and then Vampirella looked down at their cleavage. Vampirella smiled as Selma’s larger breasts yielded to Vampirella’s much firmer chest. “Guess we know who the dominant female is? Don’t we sweetie? Try not to forget that if we ever meet again.”

Vampirella looked at the costume and then put her legs down the collar of the body suit and then stretched it up her body. She adjusted the big S on her chest and pulled it away from her body briefly before letting go which made an audible popping sound. Vampirella casually put on Selma’s boots and then looked up at her. “I trust you’ll be able to find your way home??”

Selma remained quiet, and looked away from Vampirella’s glare.

Vampirella smiled at her sympathetically “Awww don’t be so sad. We both gained a mighty gift today. See you around sister..” With that Vampirella balled her hands into fists, raised her arms in the air and blasted through the roof and into the night sky.

The night club disappeared, and so did the Alaskan landscape. Selma found herself in the bedroom all alone. Her costume and boots had seemingly fallen from the roof and landed across the room. Selma hurried to the mirror and moved her hair so that she could see her neck line. “Oh my God.” she whispered.


Celeste had gone down stairs with her card. On top of her 25% increase in power the card also read that she was now able to take an ability from one of the X-men. An X-men in which she had killed, not in self-defence, but in a deliberately cold manner. She tried to get over her guilt and just when she thought she had, she broke down again. Her voice yelled at her within the confines of her mind, desperately trying to convince her “This isn’t real! None of it is! Do whatever the fuck you want!!” The thought calmed her and made her re-focus on what really mattered.

What mattered now was the prize she was allowed to have. She paced back and forth thinking about which power she wanted. Every power she thought about had a negative aspect to it. Rogues ability to steal power would be great in this game … But would that mean she couldn’t touch anyone ever again? Professor Xavier ability would be cool, but would she be able to control it? Imagine if she had claws like wolverine coupled with her current powers … But wouldn’t that be kind of gross? Then she thought about Psylocke. Although Celeste was weakened when she was confronted by Psylocke, she was still more than likely 10 – 20 times stronger than her, perhaps even more. Psylocke’s martial arts skill put her flat on her ass. Celeste couldn’t help but imagine how powerful she would be if she had her abilities. If she had the ability to fight at that high of a level, coupled with her super strength, she would be unstoppable.

Celeste thought for another 15 minutes before finally asking for Psylocke’s martial arts ability. She didn’t feel any different. Had it worked? Celeste brought her leg up. The super powers she received at the start of the game did not come with increased flexibility. But as Celeste’s leg rose higher and higher into the air with ease, balance and no discomfort, she realized … With absolute certainty … She had Pyslocke’s ability.

Celeste was giddy to see herself in the mirror, she went into a bedroom in one of the basements rooms but there was no mirror. She went into another room and smiled. It looked like an empty workout room. Large mirrors covered all the walls. There was an old stereo leaning against the wall with 4 foot speakers flanking its sides. She looked at it and pressed play. It really didn’t matter what the music was … she just wanted to hear music.

A slow song called New Holy Ground began to play. It began with the sound of high heel footsteps which gave Celeste the impression that it wasn’t a song at all. But when it began, the words of the music spoke to her.

Her intent was to come to the room and impress herself with her new abilities. But as she looked in the mirror, she couldn’t help but dislike her reflection. She was a normal looking girl, average at best, and that bothered her.

Celeste looked intently at her dull blue eyes, average body and smaller breasts - thanks to Veronica. She focused on her dull reddish hair, featureless and average face. In truth, her judgement of herself was much more harsh and critical than the actuality.

The song continued in the background ‘There’s no hope of savior - and there’s no escape from sin. We must now abandon - the people that we’ve been. So take a look at yourself - walk to the edge - take a deep breath -and be someone else.

Celeste slowly began making corrections. At first slight changes, slightly smaller nose, slightly darker skin, slightly thinner and defined neck line. She liked so much what she had done she began making much more dramatic changes. Her hands went to her scalp and she ran her fingers down her hair … Her reddish hair turned into a bright fiery red, waved and long. Her hair almost reached her lower back. She made her lips fuller, and bright red. She made her teeth pearly white and perfectly straight.

Celeste than began focusing on her body. She made herself taller by increasing just the length of her legs. Her height increased to 5ft11. Her costume which was designed for her 5ft5 frame changed dramatically. Her red skirt which was short before, was now barely covering her ass

She made her legs tighter and more toned. She then sculpted her ass to perfection, making it fuller and rounder. She made her waist more narrow, her belly perfectly flat.

Celeste then focused in on her bust. At first she simply made them rounder, so that the S symbol on her chest was entirely encompassed. Celeste smiled as she then began increasing their size. Her costume began to audibly strain as they became bigger and bigger. Celeste made them into two massive spheres of perfection on her petite perfectly sculpted body.

Celeste looked at herself … her perfect self. Even she had to confess, she was intimidatingly hot. Super-hot! Like a Supergirl like herself was supposed to be. She ran her hands firmly down her body and imagined what a man might think if they were blessed with the privilege.

Celeste then returned her focus on why she had come to this room in the first place. At first she conducted a high kick, and almost immediately afterwards felt what her body was capable of. She began kicking her long legs up in the air and twisting and moving like she had never dreamed of doing before. She conducted a triple spinning back kick, followed by a cartwheel and a flip, the fact that her Super powers allowed her defy the laws of gravity indeed helped. She moved like a character from one of her favorite fighting games, Dead or alive, Twisting and turning in ways she would not even thought possible, but now accomplishing as if she had trained her whole life.

She felt more confident and secure then she had ever been in her life. She conducted one last move, but it was much too bold for the room she was in. Her head smashed into the roof with a loud bang. Celeste giggled as she looked at the damage her head had made on the roof.


Chapter 12 – Attitude Adjustments


Charlie was lying on the couch alone in the living room, recovering and stressing over past events. His mind still furiously working on possible situations and possible outcomes. He wondered desperately how this night would end. He wondered if his relationship with Selma would last.

How he would manage custody of their child Lucas with Lisa. And how every scenario and plan he developed was ruined if either one of these girls were actually able to keep these powers in the end. He couldn’t help but laugh out loud imagining the ensuing chaos. Charlie also couldn’t help blaming himself. His daughter handed him a game piece. What if he had taken that piece? If anything he would be competing in this ridiculous game rather than Veronica.

‘Veronica’ he thought … Charlie had practically been a father to her since she was 16 years old. She was 21 now, and no different now than she was when she was 16. What cruel fate would allow a girl like Veronica to win this game? Charlie never did believe in fate, or God for that matter, but as this game challenged the very principle of general physics he began to consider more options. He began to open his mind. Who made this game? He wondered, the answer he believed, must lie there.

Charlie looked at the board game and studied it. It looked like any other game you’d buy at a toy store or a Walmart. He began reading the instructions, going over them carefully. He then began looking for a make. There was no serial number or brand name. Curiously though, he did find something on the back of the box. “This game has been brought to you by Aleesha..” Who was Aleesha? sounded perhaps like a Hindu God, there were after all so many of them. He had a feeling though, if he found the answer to that, he’d have a far better understanding of what was really going on.

A card had popped out of the game disrupting his chain of thought. Charlie looked at it for a moment. It undoubtedly was the result of Selma’s quest. He patiently awaited Selma but she wasn’t coming down stairs. Curiosity finally got the better of him and he reached over and grabbed the card. ‘You have been infected’ it read. ‘What could that possibly mean’ Charlie thought.

Charlie cautiously walked upstairs. His hand went to the door of the master bedroom and he slowly opened it. He could see Selma in the corner of the room, naked and curled up in a ball. He couldn’t tell if she was crying.

“Selma??” He called softly

Selma quickly stopped crying and brushed away her tears. She stood up slowly and faced Charlie. She floated above the bed and gingerly landed on her feet and began walking toward him until her large naked breasts were practically touching his chest.

They looked into each other’s eyes. Charlie felt as though he was lost. He could hear Selma speak to him, but not out loud. He heard her voice in his mind. “Make love to me Charlie.” it said to him. Although his free will would have undoubtedly volunteered, in this instance, he simply had no choice.


Celeste exited the room and was face to face with Veronica who had come down stairs to investigate the loud banging sound.

Veronica looked at the much taller, much more beautiful version of Celeste. Even Veronica couldn’t help but feel …

“Jealous??” Celeste asked as she swaggered toward her.

“How?….” Veronica asked as her eyes continued scanning Celeste’s perfection.

“Oh, that’s my lil secret.”

Veronica observed her model tall statuesque body, her perfect legs and her incredible breasts, then she snapped out of it. “Enjoy it bitch! The games gonna be over soon. And you’ll go back to being your featureless ugly self. Maybe, if you kiss my boots right now … I’ll let you live and be my servant when this game is over..”

Celeste smiled at Veronica. With her red high heel boots on she was intimidatingly tall. Her breasts were practically rested in Veronica’s face “You know what Veronica … Those sound like fighting words.”

Veronica half laughed “Please, last time we fought you cried for Mommy! Bring it!!”

Celeste pushed Veronica. Her body shot across the hall way and smashed into a pool table. The pool table cracked and was pushed, along with Veronica, against the wall.

Veronica smiled “Oooo Bad move bitch!!” Veronica’s eyes began to glow.

Celeste ran at her as Veronica released a torrent of energy from her eyes. Celeste contorted and twisted her body in an impressive acrobatic dodge as she approached Veronica at super speed. The beams of energy barely scraped Celeste as she was now close enough to stomp down on Veronica’s foot.

Veronica barely had enough time to gasp in pain before Celeste’s elbow smashed her in the face. Veronica didn’t even recover from that hit as Celeste’s follow through resulted in her back left leg hooking from behind her back and around Veronica’s neck. Celeste then planted her hand on the ground and used her body’s momentum to flip Veronica.

Veronica was thrown into the air and hit the opposite wall. Before her body dropped to the floor, Celeste’s foot smashed Veronica against the wall. Celeste held her out stretched leg in place pinning Veronica against the wall.

Celeste smiled at Veronica who seemed more in shock of what happened, than in pain. “What’s the matter … Gonna cry??” Celeste snickered and let go of the pressure her foot was exerting against Veronica and then walked a few steps away from Veronica.

Veronica was breathing hard, and now she was feeling the discomfort from Celeste’s hits. She stood up, fuming in anger.

Celeste looked at her playfully “Ohhh I fucking dare you to do it!!”

Veronica unleashed another blast of her heat vision.

As if on cue, Celeste made another acrobatic dodge. She grabbed hold of Veronica’s limp hand and twisted it forcing Veronica face the opposite direction.

Celeste then hooked her leg behind Veronica’s leg tripping Veronica to the ground. They landed on the ground awkwardly causing Veronica to scream.

Celeste had Veronica’s right arm pinned down awkwardly and painfully with her right arm. She then pinned Veronica’s other arm with her long leg which stretched across Veronica’s chest and hooked around it. Celeste then adjusted so that she could hook her other leg around her other arm. Celeste smiled down at Veronica who felt as though a slight movement would cause one of her arms to break. Celeste stretched out her back and Veronica screamed out in pain.

“Awww what’s the matter? Maybe you should call for Mommy.”

“Fuck you!!” Veronica cried out.

Celeste raised her hand and made a fist. “This is gonna feel so good.”

Veronica looked fearfully at Celeste as she was unable to protect her face. Veronica’s eyes began to glow but Celeste smashed her fist into Veronica’s face. Veronica’s head was cracked into the basement floor but that almost felt like reprieve from the devastating blows Celeste was launching. Veronica pleaded and screamed for Celeste to stop.

The rush was like a drug for Celeste. She could have beaten Veronica to her death and enjoyed it. Each blow made the sound of a gunshot and Veronica’s head cracked into the floor. The commotion eventually got the attention of everyone upstairs.

Lisa showed up first. Quickly she rushed to her daughter’s aid “Stop it!!” She screamed as her hand grabbed Celeste’s wrist as it winded up to hit Veronica in the face yet again.

Celeste looked menacingly at Lisa. Her left hand rotated in Lisa’s hand. Celeste now had her thumb tightly along Lisa’s wrist and her fingers pressing hard against the back of her hand. Celeste squeezed.

Lisa gasped in shock and fell to her knees. At the same time, Celeste stood up and then began slapping Lisa with her free hand.

“Celeste! What are you doing!??” Selma screamed as she rushed over to Celeste.

In quick combination and succession her boot smashed into Selma’s stomach then into her face. She stumbled and then fell backwards and landed against a sofa.

Everyone looked at Celeste in shock, including her father who had just walked in to see the spectacle. At first he didn’t believe that it was his daughter.

Selma was too in shock to respond. Her daughter had never been violent, especially to her own family.

Celeste knew she had gone too far, but she wasn’t about to apologize for it. She walked past Charlie and her fallen mother without making eye contact and stormed up the stairs.

Charlie looked at the girls in the room. All knocked on their asses. Maybe his message was for his daughter, whom he’d never in a million years imagined capable of this. He said it to the girls in the basement instead. “You are all becoming monsters!!” Charlie continued his rant “This game doesn’t want to create a hero, It wants a villain! It wants you to become the most evil, twisted soul you can be before it unleashes you into the real world. As if you are supposed to be the very embodiment of humanities punishment. As if some sick twisted Deity invented this for its very own amusement. We are not finishing this game!!”

Lisa was tending to Veronica whose lip and nose were slightly cut.

Selma stood up and was lost in her own mind as she reflected on Celeste.

Nobody commented on Charlie’s statement.


Celeste walked to the main floor and into the living room. She stared at the board game for some time, she was anxious to put her new talents to work. Then she began thinking about possibilities. Outrageous possibilities this game was more than capable of throwing into the mix. Going for more power now, after what she had just done, would be greedy. Now was the time to go for gold.

Celeste hurried upstairs and then up to the third floor. She looked at the closed door, now within arm’s reach. Celeste reached out, and opened the door. As soon as Celeste opened the door a gust of wind ruffled her skirt and blew her red hair back.


Chapter 13 – The End Game


Celeste was miles in the sky; the massive city of Metropolis lay miles below her. Celeste took a deep breath, calmed her nerves and jumped. Now she had no idea what to expect, she looked back at the door she had jumped from. It was still there; high in the sky, but now the door was shut. She assumed it would remain that way until she returned with Superman’s cape.

She also assumed Superman would find her easily, or vice versa. After 15 minutes of searching she started to get frustrated.

Celeste flew past the Globe and smiled. Finally, a reference point she was familiar with. Celeste landed on the street and contemplated how she intended to get Super Man to come out. There was an extremely easy way of going about it, and after a moment of thought she opted for it.

A group of construction workers immediately stopped working as the red headed dynamite landed on the road near them. They were speechless as they attempted to take in the tremendous curves this woman was displaying. The big red S on her sizeable rack was coming off more as a dare than a representation of the power that coursed through her tight body. Before any of them had a chance to act on their desire, the red head showed her intent, which soon ensued in panic across the street.

Celeste’s eyes had lit up and the energy beams she made squealed as they emitted out of her eyes. The nuclear energy blasting out of eyes cut through the concrete of the building causing secondary explosions and chaos from within the building.

Celeste was still blasting away when she was smashed through the concrete and into the sewers below.

Superman had engaged her so quickly that his approach had made no sound. There were two booms that followed. One from the hit he delivered and the other from the incoming sonic boom.

A manhole cover almost a block down the road popped high into the sky. Celeste floated up through the opening and landed gingerly on to the road. She began walking toward the man of steel who stared at her with his fists clenched.

“What do you want!??” Superman asked

“Not much.” Celeste calmly said as her high heels clicked as she walked toward him “Just your cape … Give me that and you could avoid all of this.” Celeste looked at a small group of people who were watching her. Celeste’s eyes lit up and a beam of intense energy cut them all down. Their screams still echoed even after all that remained of them was ashes.

“NO!!” Superman screamed as he flew toward Celeste as fast as he could.

Celeste smiled and a quick hold and twist of Supermans incoming wrist caused him to smash into the ground practically at the speed he engaged her at. With Superman still on the ground Celeste stomped her boot into Supermans face. She twisted his arm again and then launched him into a fuel truck. She gave the leaking fuel from the hole Superman had created the lightest dose of her heat vision. Celeste’s long bright red hair and her skimpy red skirt ruffled in the ensuing blast.

From out of the explosion, Superman charged her again. And once again Celeste smiled as he approached. Superman stopped his attack just short of Celeste, knowing full well she would use his power and momentum against him.

This time Celeste’s anticipatory grab missed its mark and Superman was able to finally grab Celeste. His thick muscular arm wrapped around her slim neckline and he tightly pulled her into his body. He could feel her squirming within his grip. “Why Are you doing this!!” He yelled, still trying to maintain the grip.

Celeste’s hand was pushing up against Superman chin forcing his neck to twist awkwardly, her chin found the slight opening at the point of his elbow. Superman was losing his grip.

Celeste’s foot slammed down on Supermans foot. He screamed as his foot cracked through the pavement. She was free and her body contorted as she attempted to round house the man of steel.

Superman caught her ankle inches from his face. He used Celeste’s ankle as if it was the handle of a hammer and he smashed Celeste into the road, then smashed her again on the other side of him. Superman planned to continue the process over and over again, but Celeste used her flight powers to launch herself into the air.

Superman’s grip was far too tight on her ankle and they both flew into the sky. Celeste’s course was altered by Superman’s pull and both of them crashed into an adjacent building. They both rolled violently through an office space causing everybody in the office to run for the exits.

Celeste was feeling sore, she stretched her neck and rotated her elbow. She looked at Superman with contempt “Give me your fucking cape and I’ll leave!!”

Superman’s eyes were red with anger “For all the people you killed? You think you can just walk away? NO! You’ll face justice for everything you’ve done.”


“Celeste!!” Selma called out for the third time. Selma used her x-ray vision to scan the house and finally determined she wasn’t in the house.

Charlie had approached Selma from behind “Where is she??” he asked

“She’s gone.”

“What do you mean … gone??”

“I think she’s gone after Superman’s cape.”

Lisa was still comforting Veronica but her super hearing picked up the conversation from upstairs. “Did you hear that? Celeste went for the cape!!”

Veronica’s expression turned to anger “There’s no way I’m letting that bitch win!!”

Lisa gave her daughter an approving nod and then helped her off the floor.

Veronica and Lisa came rushing up the stairs, nearly knocking Charlie over as they passed him in a blur and then they made their way up the stairs and then up another set of stairs.

“I guess the games ending is nearly here.” Charlie said as he watched the girls rush up the stairs. He then looked at Selma “Shouldn’t you be going as well..”

Selma eyes started to tear up. “You were right Charlie, the game is designed to create a monster … not a hero. I think I would have been a great Superhero. I think I would have been kind, just, courageous … faithful. But not anymore..”

Charlie thought about what Selma was saying and then thought back to when he picked up the card intended for Selma. He pulled it out of his pocket and showed Selma “What does this mean??”

Selma’s heart fell into her stomach as the card confirmed what she had already believed to be true. She took it from Charlie and stared at the written words ‘You have been Infected’ Selma then moved her hair out of the way so that Charlie could see for himself what that meant.

The distinct marks on her neck made it very clear to Charlie what the card meant. But he was still confused. “Who bit you??”

Selma wiped a tear from her face and became annoyed “What difference does that make! I’m turning into a Vampire … .Just imagine what would happen if I won this game?… Who I might become??”

Charlie hugged Selma tightly “Selma … we can figure this out later … But I promise you this, life on this Earth would be better off you living on it as a Super powered vampire. Rather than a Super powered Veronica. Veronica … with the powers of Superman … Could you imagine??”

Selma smiled “what about Celeste??”

“I don’t know what’s got into her … but I do know how Veronica bullied her back in the day. Maybe she just snapped, perhaps took things too far. I don’t think it’s becoming of who she actually is. I don’t believe for an instant that she hit you deliberately..”

Selma nodded “I should help her..”

Charlie nodded in agreement but before Selma left he embraced her in a deep passionate kiss.

“Mmmm.” Selma smiled “Am I going to see that passion when I revert to my 44 year old plain self??”

“And more … I have a lot to make up for.”

“You most certainly do.”


Celeste’s moves were impressive, but so was Superman’s ability to take a hit. Celeste would deflect Superman’s punch and counter with a sharp strike to Superman’s neck with her elbow. Dodge another punch and strike him in the knee with her knee. Block his high powered punch with a countering strike to his incoming fist with her elbow and then simultaneously strike at his throat with her other hand. The super-fast exchange lasted for a minute. Eventually Superman got one through, an upper cut caught Celeste in the chin and her body blasted through the floor above her and then through the roof of the building.

Celeste was practically out of breath and her jaw was terribly sore. Although she had delivered 10 times more hits to Superman than she had received, it seemed as though he had taken her best without breaking a sweat. Doubt began creeping into her mind. Perhaps she should have waited.

Superman’s throat hurt and his knee was in tremendous pain, for the first time in his life he felt what a strained ligament felt like. He could feel it every time he placed pressure on it. Out of all the Kryptonians he had faced, he had never faced one with abilities such as these. She fought with an uncanny quickness and grace and her hits were deadly accurate. Somehow, he needed to find a way to win this fight.

Celeste heard a slight rumbling which she paid no attention to as she awaited Supermans next move. Two F-22 military jets conducted a strafing run across her. The massive rounds ripped apart the roof she was on and then thumped across her body. “HEY!!” She yelled as she shielded her face from the rounds. The two jets past as quickly as they came.

Celeste was almost annoyed enough to go after the planes. She then realized more and more military were beginning to show up. Off in the distance she could see Hum V’s loaded with military personnel, Tanks trudging along the suburbs in long columns, helicopters and formation of jets lingering on the outskirts of the great city. They were all meant for her. This quest was about to get harder before it got easier.

Superman blasted out of the roof top and charged Celeste. Celeste knew he would hold off his attack just prior to striking her. A perfectly timed spinning back kick rocked Superman in the face. His body flew off the building’s roof top and onto the roof top of the next adjacent building.

Superman blasted his heat vision at Celeste who rapidly approached him.

Celeste turned and weaved in mid air narrowly avoiding the destructive beams. Celeste had moved into striking distance and just as she was about to deliver her punch she was smoked from her flank.

Lisa had tackled her and held on tightly as they flew off the building and eventually smashed into a bank down below.

Superman watched as the two girls fell, crashing through a banks window.

“Oh Superman??” A voice practically sang. Veronica had her hands on her hips, smiling as Superman looked at her.

“Who are you people? What do you want??”

Veronica walked toward him “Not much … Just your cape.”

“Why do you want my cape??”

“Lets just say … From where I’m from … It’s an extremely valuable collector’s item..”


Celeste was tired from her confrontation with Superman. Lisa’s hands were wrapped tightly around her torso. Lisa was holding her as if her life depended on it.

Celeste began adjusting her body. Her hand moved to Lisa’s wrist. Her thumb began asserting pressure on the tendons of her lower wrist. Just like that, Celeste was free of the hold. Celeste then used her grip on Lisa’s hand to spin her 360 degrees, and then again and again. Like the rotors of a helicopter, she was spinning Lisa so fast that the air began to make a popping sound. Celeste then released her.

Lisa’s body blasted into the massive bank vault. The 12 inches of reinforced steel was no match for her velocity. Cash, jewels and diamonds showered overtop of Lisa as her body limply lay over top of the steel door she crashed through the vault with.

Celeste’s eyes went back to the real prize. Veronica and Superman appeared to be in some sort of negotiation. Like hell she was going to allow that. As soon as she stepped out of the bank 4 military Hum V’s had formed a semi-circle around the institution. The manned turrets on the Hum V’s roof top opened up on her.

Rapid and continuous booms echoed through the streets of Metropolis as the gunners continuously held down their triggers of the 50 cal machine guns.

The asphalt beneath Celeste was being chewed up as large pieces of rock blasted out of the street. The concrete wall of the bank behind her was being turned into Swiss cheese. A worker from the bank chose the wrong time to make his exit as one of the rounds cut through and out of his torso, another round made quick work of his head. But Celeste? She seemed unimpressed. The bullets that hit her shoulder or head would spark off of her with a loud twinging sound. The bullets that blasted into her large bust would dimple an inch into her costume with an audible thumping sound before falling gently to the ground.

Celeste eyes lit up and she blasted a Hum V in front of her with a concentrated dose of her heat vision. The Hum V exploded and the others began backing up in an attempted retreat.

Celeste grabbed the one closest to her by its rear bumper. She then lifted the vehicle in the air. She could hear soldiers screaming inside as they fell into the rear of the vehicle. Then she tossed it, as high as she could. The Hum V flew into the air, over top of the buildings and then finally began to descend.

Superman caught the falling Vehicle and gently placed it on a roof top. “You boys okay??” he asked the shocked soldiers.

“Yeah Superman, thanks for the lift.”

“Can you contact the General … Let him know to keep their ground forces off the streets. Also, whatever planes you have in the sky have them focus on the red head but only when I’ve lured her out of the city … We clear??”

“Will do!!” the soldier replied.

Superman then turned to Veronica “You ready to do this??”

Veronica nodded “As long as you keep your end of the bargain.”

Superman and Veronica flew down to the streets below.

The soldier got on the Mic “Delta Mike 42.”

A military dispatcher chimed in on the other end “Go ahead Delta Mike 42.”

Just as the soldier was about to relay Supermans orders a woman approached him. She was dressed nearly identically to Superman minus the cape. The soldier couldn’t help but stare at the Woman’s incredible body. She leaned into the vehicle, her massive breasts practically resting on the Hum V’s door threatening to collapse it. The soldier stared at the big red S practically in his face.

“Ahem! Hi boys.” Selma said.

“Go for Delta Mike 42.” The dispatcher called out again on the radio.

The soldier’s eyes locked in on Selma’s, he became lost in her hypnotic deep brown eyes. As soon as Selma felt her powers were in full effect she spoke to him “Superman changed his mind. Gather as many planes as you can and light the street up. It’s vital to stop these people here and now. Or we’ll lose the city. Understood boys??”

The soldiers nodded “Understood.” A soldier replied and began relaying the orders to the command post.


Celeste blocked Superman’s attack and then flipped him to the ground. He screamed as he landed awkwardly on his damaged knee.

Veronica’s heat vision fired a torrent of energy at Celeste, which she also dodged. She didn’t, however, dodge Lisa’s strike. Lisa had reorganized herself and come out of the bank taking Celeste by Surprise.

A massive punch to the head was enough to disorientate Celeste. She didn’t even realize that Veronica was lining her up for another dose of her heat vision. Twin beams of intense energy poured out of Veronica’s eyes and this time directly into Celeste’s body.

Celeste screamed as the beams blasted her into the side of a building pinning her there until Veronica’s energies began to fade. Celeste slid off the building and onto the street as her body smouldered from the intensity of Veronica’s heat vision.

Superman pounced, immediately smashing his fist into Celeste causing half her body to crunch into the pavement.

Selma watched the fighting below and then she looked at the gathering of dozens of jets and bombers in the distance. She raised her hand to her head and focused on Celeste. She concentrated as hard as she could, to deliver a brief message “Celeste! Get off the street!!” She repeated the message over and over as the swarming military air craft appeared ready for their attack run. Dozens of aircrafts began closing in fast on their location. ‘GET OFF THE STREET!’ Selma practically screamed in her mind.

Celeste could hear a voice inside of her own mind, but didn’t know what to make of it. That is until she saw her mother standing on a roof several buildings away just before Superman’s fist pummelled her head into the concrete. With all the power she had remaining she pushed Superman off her body and retreated. Superman was about to give pursuit when a blast wave knocked him off his feet.

The first of many military aircraft began dropping their payloads. Blast after blast engulfed the trio. At first the large explosions simply had the power to knock Veronica and her mother to the ground. The continuous nature of the assault, however, eventually turned to discomfort and then pain. Giant smoke clouds began to arise from the street. Adjacent buildings near the strike zone began to collapse. After 3 minutes of continuous bombardment the waves of fighter jets disappeared into the distance.

Selma floated down and into the darkness of the smoke and debris of the ruins of the street below. She could see Lisa’s body was buried under rubble. Veronica was lying face down in the street. Superman was beginning to stand up noticeably disorientated and hurt.

Superman stumbled in the thick smoke; he rubbed his eyes with his forearm and then looked up as a figure approached him. Superman watched as the dark haired beauty walked up to him. The S symbol on her chest was warped so much so that it took Superman a moment to realize it was the very same symbol as the one on his chest. Her huge breasts compressed against his chest. She grabbed him gently by the back of his head and began kissing him. Superman’s hand embraced her smooth perfect body, he then stared into her perfect brown eyes and it was done. He might as well have been an obedient dog waiting for his master’s command.

Selma continued locking eyes with Superman “take off your cape … And hand it over to me.”

Superman reached behind him and began pulling off his cape. He then handed it over to Selma. Selma couldn’t believe it, she had done it, she had won! She looked up at the door miles in the sky. All she had to do was walk through that door. Selma looked at Superman, “There are people still alive in the rubble, find them and save them..” Superman nodded and Selma blasted into the sky and to the door as fast as she could.

Selma began tucking the cape under her collar as she rapidly approached the door in the sky. Less than a mile away now, she was already imagining the game ending, already imagining that she was going to win. Get ready world for Super Selma!

Selma’s body was jolted violently as she was kicked in mid-air. She lost her grip on the cape as it was caught in the high wind currents and began floating down slowly to the ground. She looked over at her attacker and screamed “CELESTE! NO!!”

As soon as Celeste grabbed the cape her back was blasted from behind by Veronica’s heat vision. Celeste screamed and let go of the cape as Veronica grabbed hold of it and began speeding to the door.

Selma panicked as Veronica was within a few hundred meters of the door. She flew after her and reached out and snagged Veronica’s boot in a desperate attempt to prevent her from getting to the door with the cape.

Celeste recovered and flew toward Veronica. She grabbed Veronica’s head. Her finger nails scratched deeply into Veronica’s face “Give me the fucking cape!!” Celeste screamed as Veronica desperately used all her strength to get to the door.

Lisa pushed a giant chunk of concrete off her body. She looked at Superman across the street, attempting to save people still trapped in the rubble. He was missing his cape. Lisa’s stomach churned. Who had his cape!? She flew into the sky and spotted the trio high in the sky, heading for the door.

Veronica was meters from the door still holding the cape and desperately trying to inch her way to the door. Celeste’s fingers found a nerve in her neck and she applied as much pressure as she could. Veronica screamed but still held on to the cape.

Lisa was approaching the group in the sky. Her fists were clenched into tight balls as she used all her speed to catch up to the group. The air around her visibly displaced as she turned on the speed.

Veronica was an arm’s length away from the door. She desperately used all her powers to inch closer and closer to the door as Selma desperately tugged and attempted to pull the cape away from her.

Veronica yelled as she still inched closer to the door, while still fighting a tug of war with Selma over the cape.

Celeste’s thumbs dimpled deeply into Veronica’s jaw, just below her ears. The pain was excruciating, still, with determination to the likes of which she had never known, her finger tips grazed the polished handle of the door.

Lisa was well past the speed of sound as she rapidly approached the girls. She slammed into the girls at full speed causing them all to smash into … and through the door.


Chapter 14 – A Nervous Reality


Charlie was in the living room when he heard the banging sound of a door opening way too fast and slamming up against the wall next to it. He ran up the stairs and shuddered. He watched three of the girls on the floor wearing the same clothes and looking the exact same as they had before the game started. All of them were staring fearfully at the girl whose clothes did not revert, whose body did not revert.

She smiled as she looked at her body, her tight costume clinging to her like a second skin, her long cape now dragging along the steps as she stepped down.

None of the girls made contact with her. They stayed perfectly still as she continued past them and down the steps.

Charlie swallowed hard as she was now making her way down from the second floor. He backed away from her but maintained eye contact.

She continued smiling sensing Charlie’s confusion, hesitation and fear. Charlie backed away from the staircase as she finally stepped onto the main floor. She remained focused at the closed door as she walked up to it. Her hand balled into a fist and she punched the door.

The door cracked off its hinges and flew into the front yard, deflected off the sidewalk and then smashed into the fountain on the driveway. A gust of fresh air blew into the house which caused the Superwoman to smile.

Charlie felt nauseous as she stepped outside of the mansion. What Charlie thought to be impossible was in fact happening. Reality from this house … This farce, this physically impossible farcical house … Just stepped into the real world. How could this happen? What cruel fate waited for mankind?

She took in a deep breath. Her chest swelled from taking in the deep breath of glorious fresh air. The tree’s and nearby brush and leaves ruffled in response to her glory and then she turned to Charlie and looked him in the eyes.

Charlie was brave, but overwhelmed. He couldn’t maintain eye contact. Couldn’t say anything … he looked down nervously.

“Purchase the house … And, be sure to put in under my name. I’m going to go now, have some fun, but don’t you or the girls go anywhere … Or I’ll find you.” she added with a particularly haunting overtone. She then blasted into the air.

The pavement had cracked due to her sudden velocity and the shock caused Charlie to fall backwards. He continued looking up as a trail of smoke began to mark her path as she continued speeding up through the atmosphere.

The rest of the girls stepped outside in dumbfounded silence watching in awe as she flew off West and into the sunset. Where was she going? What was she going to do with power that the real world could not possibly comprehend?

The girls continued looking into the sky; the spec in the sky they had known was her, was long gone. Charlie stood up and entered the house. He looked at the living room. A room that was once chewed up and in disarray because of gunfire and the girl’s experimentations was now back to its normal self. Exactly the way it looked when they first entered the home. Charlie then looked at his hand; there wasn’t a scratch or a blister anywhere on it. And on the coffee table in the living room was an untouched yellow board game with the word Supanji written on it. Charlie thought for a moment. He walked back to where the girls were, still silent, still in shock as they stared into the sunset.

“So.” Charlie finally asked, getting the girls attention. He thought for a brief moment before asking his question “You girls want to play again??”


She basked in the freedom of flight as her cape flapped behind her. She slowed down and began flying next to a commercial plane, almost surprised by its slow speed in relation to the speeds she could reach. At first no one on the plane had noticed her. Then she moved in closer to one of the windows and knocked at it. That got their attention. The man sitting there did a double take as he stared at the flying woman. He began yelling and several of the passengers began looking at her. The whole right side of the plane left their seat so that they could catch a glimpse. Many were taking pictures.

She began laughing and gave the passengers a friendly wave. She took comfort that their reality, was now hers and vice versa. She was the most powerful being the world has ever known. There was so much she wanted to do. She continued flying until she was over the Pacific Ocean. She would continue flying until she found a beautiful beach. Her mind began reciting the lyrics of one of her favorite songs. It thumped in her mind as if the band itself was playing right in front of her. She couldn’t help but sing it out loud.


[Roll Credits …]


“Well I met an old man dying on a train

No more destination no more pain.

Well he said one thing before I graduate …

never let your fear decide your fate!


I say ya kill your heroes &

fly, fly, baby don't cry!

No need to worry cuz

Ev-ery-body will die!

Every day we just

go, go, baby don't go!

Don't you worry we

love – you - more than you know!


Well the sun one day will leave us all behind.

Unexplainable sightings in the sky.

Well I hate to be the one to ruin the night.

Right before your, right before your eyes!


I say ya kill your heroes!


fly fly, baby don't cry.

No need to worry cuz

Ev –ery - body will die!

Every day we just

go, go, baby don't go!

Don't you worry we

love you more than you know.


Well I met an old man dying on a train.

No more destination - no more pain.

Well he said one thing, before I graduate …

never let your fear decide your fate.


I say ya kill your heroes -


fly, fly, baby don't cry!

No need to worry cuz

Ev – ery body will die!

Every day we just

go, go, baby don't go.

Don't you worry we

love you more than you know.







Written by dkc


This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




The door to the mansion was angled in the fountain in such a way that water from the corner of it, was leaking outside the fountain. A pool of water began to form outside the fountain which quickly spread across the drive way. The water began picking up small pebbles and dust and pushing it to the curbs, drastically changing the look of the driveway.

The door then began to rattle, moments later, it flipped out of the fountain and across the front yard. It slammed against the house’s entrance. The hinges of the door reattached themselves and the bolt of the door shot out - locking it shut.

There was a quiet calm that shrouded the lonely mansion. The Sun had now set and darkness encompassed the lot. Every light in the mansion was off.

A bright flash of intense light illuminated the living room windows. The living rooms thick curtains did very little to shield the light from escaping the massive home, illuminating the front yard, ever so briefly.

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