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Little Firebug – Chapter 09, The 5th Street Boys

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Little Firebug – Chapter 9

The 5th Street Boys

by Sharon Best

Outside the Warehouse

Kara floated down to land beside Jimmy and Lois’s van as she opened the door and climbed into the back.

“Ah, Jimmy, you can go anytime now,” Lois said nervously. “I don’t think these guys are our welcoming party.” She turned to Kara. “Where’s Kal?”

“He took the second Arion up to his ship and I think, hell I hope, he hangs around for a while up there to escort them out of the solar system. The Arions can probably handle more than 50G’s in their spaceships, but even at that rate, it will take them quite a while to clear Pluto’s orbit. And what the hell is it with Kal, I was about to finish off the second Arion and he actually helped the man escape! Doesn’t he realized how dangerous they are?”

“I think he understands perfectly, Kara, but he has sworn to never take a life unless there is no other way to defeat an enemy. He would rather send that Arion away today and fight him again tomorrow than take his life unnecessarily. That is one of things I find so amazing about him. He has all that power, but he is still gentle in his own way.”

“Well, personally, I think he’s insane. He may be condemning a lot of innocent Terrans to death when those Arions come back. They hold grudges that can last for centuries, passed on from generation to generation. Death is the only thing that stops them.”

Lois was shocked by the hard bitterness in the young girl’s voice. She may look like a sweet young thing, she thought to herself, but this was one hard lady when she gets pissed off! She turned back around.

“Jimmy, lets go to my place. I have a spare bedroom. I assume you don’t have anyplace else to stay, do you Kara.”

“Nope, I’m broke; I just arrived in Metropolis. And I could really use a shower and a change of clothes.” She looked down at herself. “This was an expensive suit, but I don’t think they had fighting Arion men in mind when they tailored it!”

Jimmy continued to grind the starter while pumping the pedal, but the old van just wouldn’t start. He tried it again and again until Lois’s eyes suddenly rolled up as she collapsed in her chair.

“Now, I suppose you don’t have the cellular phone either, do you Jimmy?”

“Ah, no, its back in the warehouse somewhere. All my gear got scattered around in there.”

“It’s Ok, Lois,” Kara piped in. “I can still get you where you are going. I need to stop back at the Planet and pick up my backpack in any case. Besides, I don’t think those guys out there are going to let us drive out of here now. At least, not without some encouragement.”

Lois looked back out the windshield to see that the gang had parked cars at either end of the van as a couple of them walked toward them with tire irons in hand.

“Looks like I haven’t finished for the night,” Kara sighed. “Let me handle this. Just stay in the van and keep your seat-belts on, whatever happens.”

“Kara, don’t hurt them. They don’t understand who you are or what you can do.”

“Don’t worry … it’s only Arions that make my blood boil!”

With that, Kara stepped back out of the van and walked around to the front to meet the two guys with the tire irons.

Darien was impressed as he saw the cute young blonde in the expensive business suit step out of the van. He looked closer at her as she walked up to him. Her clothes were half ripped off, her blouse open in the front and her nylons torn down to below her knees. There were black smudges and dirt all over her face. She looked like she had already spent the last hour with the 5th Street Boys. Well, he would finish what somebody else had obviously started. Besides, his own woman was taking care of her mamma tonight and he could use some new pussy. Especially some young blonde pussy!

He didn’t wait for her to stop walking toward him as he suddenly reached out to grab her hair to pull her roughly up against his face.

“What the hell you doin in my hood, bitch. We don’t usually let you honkies, especially honkie bitches, out of here without paying tolls. Your friends over there, they can give us their money and all those fancy cameras we saw that guy carrying. But you, you can pay by getting down on your knees, right here and showing your friends how much you are trying to save their white asses!”

Kara suddenly shrugged her shoulders as she shoved the big man backward. “Listen, my friend, you really don’t want to do this. I’ve had a bitch of a day and I don’t need this. You may be used to the kind of girls that live around here, the ones you can push around like this, but you don’t even begin to understand what I can do to you. I work out a lot.”

“Yeah, what can a little bitch like you do to me. Maybe scratch my eyes out, huh, bitch. Well, scratch this.” With that, he swung the tire iron at her head, striking her in the right temple. He didn’t care if she was conscious or unconscious, he was still going to have his fun with her.

Kara held her head completely rigid as she heard the steel tire iron ring out as it struck her harder-than-steel skull. The tire iron was knocked from the man’s hand to clatter into the street in front of him. He groaned in pain as he held his hand against his stomach while leaning over, obviously in pain. Kara bent down to pick the tire iron up.

“Excuse me, did you drop this. Here, let me help you make sure you can hang onto it next time.” She grabbed both ends of it and, with a powerful flex of her amazing arms, twisted the hard groaning steel tightly around his wrists to form a huge pair of handcuffs.

Kara turned around to walk back to the van. She was normally amused by handling guys like this, but tonight she just wanted to go home and get a shower. She was almost back to the van when she saw Lois motioning at something behind her. She stopped just as the other tire iron crashed down on the back of her head. It rebounded so strongly from her steel-hard body that the man was thrown backwards to land on his ass. She was turning around, planning to do the same thing to him with the other tire iron, when the first bullet struck her right between the eyes.

Her head was snapped backward as the surprise impact threw her backwards onto the street. She quickly got up while rubbing her brow as she felt two more impacts against her chest. She quickly saw the gun and lashed out with her heat vision to turn it red hot. The man yelped and dropped it as Kara’s eyes flashed again and again, finding and heating each gun she saw, even the ones still stuck in pockets and waistbands. So many guns! The men danced around and yelped as they tried to pull the red-hot metal from their pockets and waistbands before their private parts were burned too badly. Within seconds, a dozen glowing chunks of half-molten metal were laying in the dark street as Kara finally turned around and walked back to the van. No one challenged her this time.

She gave Jimmy a quick reassuring grin as she saw his mouth hanging open as he sat in the drivers seat. She reached down and grabbed the front bumper before lifting strongly upward. Lois and Jimmy grabbed each other as the van was suddenly lifted into the air. They felt it lurching as Kara walked her hands down the bottom of the frame until she found the balance point. A moment later, they were pressed deeply into their seats as she flexed her shapely calves to accelerate the van upward into the night sky!

Kara floated gently above, sometimes between, the huge lighted skyscrapers until she saw the lighted globe of the Daily Planet building below her. She soared gracefully down to set the van on the edge of the roof while she ran inside for a moment. Jimmy held his foot firmly on the brake as he glanced nervously out his side window; he saw nothing but a straight drop down to the street 50 stories below! He realized that the wheels of the van on his side were right at the edge of the roof and that the van was essentially hanging over the edge. Jimmy’s heart was pounding as his adrenaline strengthened leg nearly broke the brake pedal off the van!

Lois and he both looked up to see the night watchman suddenly walk around the side of one of the air conditioning towers to stare into the van’s headlights. They could both see the whites of his wide-open eyes shining in the black depths of his face. Jimmy gave him a quick wave and Lois a funny smile as they saw him trying to figure out how one of the Planet’s vans had gotten on the roof. It sure hadn’t been here a few minutes ago when he came up to check on things!

Jimmy suddenly saw Kara dash out from the doorway and duck down in front of the headlights again. He was pushed down into his seat again as the van was lifted strongly upward as they soared rapidly back up into the night.

They soared along for a moment, Lois and he laughing as they described the look in the watchman’s eyes to each other. It took them a moment before they recognized the knocking sound coming from the side door. Jimmy crawled back to slide it open as he saw Kara’s face just below the door, her blond hair flying in the wind. His stomach lurched and he almost screamed as he found he was looking straight down the side of the Chrysler building as the van barely cleared the top of the spire. He lurched backward, away from the door, as Kara tossed her backpack to him. He suddenly realized that this girl was holding the van in just one hand! Somehow, that made him feel incredibly nervous as he now saw the top of the Empire State Building float by about a hundred feet beside them. He suddenly clutched his chest as he moved as far from the open door as he could. His fear of heights was really getting to him now.

“Where am I supposed to be taking you guys, anyway?” Kara yelled in the door. Lois thought for a moment before her sharp mind figured a way to direct her.

“Just follow the wheels …”

“Wheels … what are you …Oh, yeah, I understand. Ok Jimmy, you can close the door now before you have a heart attack.”

Jimmy crouched low and scooted nervously over near the door as he quickly slid it closed again. He felt the van shift from side to side a bit as he envisioned Kara trying to get a comfortable grip on it. He suddenly had to sit down hard in the middle of the floor and bury his head between his legs.

My God, he thought, this teenage girl is all that is holding us up. He knew he would feel a whole lot better if it was Superman holding them. He knew he shouldn’t feel this way, but he still wasn’t used to the idea of pretty young girls having the same kind of muscles and powers as Superman, especially when they were using those muscles to fly his van a thousand feet above Manhattan!

Kara followed the direction that Lois pointed with the wheels until she heard Lois shouting for her to land the van. She quickly dropped down to set the rear wheels on the street before walking her hands back to the front until she could lower the bumper. The van was still bouncing on its worn shocks as she walked around to climb in the passengers seat. Lois tried to crank the van again, this time it immediately started.

“Figures, given the lousy maintenance at the Planet,” Lois said. “It only starts when you don’t really need it to!”

Lois drove a few blocks further before dropping down into the underground parking garage below the building she and Clark shared a penthouse suite in. Clark clearly had more money than he earned at the Planet.

Jimmy thought to grab a blanket from the back of the van, along with the shiny metallic backpack that Kara had tossed him. He wrapped the blanket around Kara’s strong shoulders as the three of them caught the elevator up to their penthouse apartment. They put their arms around the girl and hugged her as several people entered and left the elevator at various floors. Several of them commented on Kara’s disheveled appearance and dirty face and hair. Fortunately the blanket hid the worst of the damage. Lois explained that she had been in a car accident, but yes, she was really OK, despite the way she looked.

As soon as the door to their apartment closed, Lois guided Kara to the master bath as she folded the blanket back up. She grabbed some towels while she saw Kara tearing the remains of her business suit from herself. Kara had given up on saving any part of it so she just tore the remains off and dropped them on the floor.

Lois felt a twinge of female jealousy as her eyes ran down Kara’s perfect nude body. She could never imagine having a body as firm and buffed as her. From the shape of her breasts to the firm contours of her muscular back, muscles she now knew were very much like Kal’s, the young girl was gorgeous! Her eyes finally came back up to her face as she saw that Kara was watching her. She quickly felt embarrassed as she muttered, “doesn’t look like you have a scratch on you, despite what you went through.” Kara’s quick warm smile told her that she didn’t have to be embarrassed. Lois finally turned and left while Kara slid into the scalding hot shower. She sighed as the water felt wonderful as it streamed across her body!

Lois tossed Kara’s torn clothes in the trash as she sat down with Jimmy for a nightcap. “That is quite a young woman in there …”

“Yeah, I kinda noticed,” Jimmy said with a smile. “At least I now know why she was able to fight off those three guys in the warehouse. I was starting to think I needed to take Karate lessons or something to keep up with her. I guess I would need a bit more than that!”

They both chuckled for a moment. “Lois, do you mind if I crash on your couch tonight?” Jimmy said. “I’m beat and my place is all the way across town. Besides, you and I have an early morning interview with that Aztec ambassador from Colombia.”

“Oh geez, Jimmy, I’m glad you reminded me of that. So many things went on today that I had completely forgotten about it. Sure, the couch is yours. Kara can have the guest bedroom.”

They were still talking when they heard the shower stop. A moment later Kara walked out of the bathroom while toweling her long blonde hair. She had another towel wrapped around herself, sort of. Jimmy felt a tingling flush run through his body as he saw that the towel barely came below her hips and was tied low between her generous breasts, which mounded upward well above the top of the towel.

“I could really use a Sherry if you have some, Lois. On the rocks if you don’t mind.” Lois hesitated for a moment as she realized that this girl was awfully young to be drinking. She then realized that age was probably relative for her. After all, a girl that could fly between planets and lift tall buildings off the ground with just the strength of her arms, certainly wasn’t going to be affected by a little alcohol. She turned and got her the drink as Kara sat on the bar stool next to Jimmy. She continued to towel her hair as Lois noticed that the bottom of the towel sliding up enough so that her blond bush was showing a little. She glanced at Jimmy as she saw that he had indeed seen the same thing.

“Ah, Kara,” Lois said quickly, “can I loan you something to wear. It looks like you don’t have much left after getting your clothes trashed like that.”

“Yeah, sure Lois, if you have something that might fit me. That would be great. “

“Follow me.” With that, Jimmy watched her walk across the room, firm nearly bare buttocks moving sensually under the tightly wrapped towel, as her long legs once again mesmerized him the way they moved. He shook his head as he realized that he had to get his mind off her.

“Hey, guys,” he called out, “I’m hitting the sack. See you at 7 Lois!” A chorus of “goodnights” reached him from Lois’s bedroom as he grabbed a blanket and headed over to the living room couch. He stretched out on it and covered himself with the blanket as his hand reached down to hold his hard throbbing cock. My god, that girl, that Supergirl, had an effect on him! He was definitely going to have to look up Monica, his girlfriend, tomorrow night. Kara was starting to drive him mad, especially the innocent and unpretentious way that she walked around displaying that incredibly gorgeous superhuman body of hers! She really didn’t seem to understand the incredible effect she was having on him, or any other man around her.

He finally heard Lois saying goodnight as well. He closed his eyes, and was trying to shut out thoughts of Kara, when he heard the soft sound of a magazine page turning and ice tinkling in a glass. He suddenly realized that Kara was still sitting at the bar, finishing her drink. He debated whether he should just try to go to sleep or whether he should get back up and keep her company. He quickly decided that despite the long day, he was too turned on and wired to sleep. He might as well get up and keep her company. Her back was facing him as he walked across the floor. She was brushing her hair while reading a magazine. Jimmy was surprised that her hair was already dry. He then remembered seeing a red glow from Lois’s bedroom as he realized Kara must have used her heat vision, reflected from a mirror, as he had once seen Superman do.

The vision of her long gorgeous blonde hair, flowing well down her back, as she wore one of Lois’s little nightgowns was something that Frederick’s of Hollywood could use to sell a million nighties. She looked like a perfect blond goddess; he almost didn’t have the courage to walk up to her. He finally moved silently behind her as he reached out to gently take the brush from her hand. She didn’t startle as she released the brush willingly to him. He quickly realized that with her super hearing, she had undoubtedly known that he was approaching, probably from the sound of his pounding heart and rushing hormones if nothing else!

He began slowly brushing her long hair as he ran his hands through it. He was amazed at how soft it was, silky would be the right word. He stroked the brush smoothly through it as she closed her eyes and leaned her head backward a bit. He continued to brush it, finally working his way along the sides of her head to her bangs, before he set the brush down. He gently slid his hands under her silky hair as he began to massage her shoulders. She sighed softly, obviously enjoying the attention, as he was quickly amazed not only at how soft her skin was but also how firm the underlying muscles were! Her flesh would give under his fingers for only a little bit before he felt the steel hardness of the cores of her muscles. He knew that it would probably take Superman to give this girl a really deep massage!


That sudden thought raised a question in his mind. How was Kal going to react to Kara. He knew, from that one candid conversation with him, that he was physically unfulfilled with Lois, and all other women on Earth. Yet she was his fiance and he was in love with her. Yet here was this super girl, definitely a little young for him, but someone who could probably meet all of his physical needs, and maybe then some! She was undoubtedly the most powerful, and probably the most beautiful, female on the planet to boot. Yet, what did she want from Kal? Why was she trying to find him? She could certainly have any man she wanted, but did she also have the same frustrations as Kal did? If so, how would they all deal with this, especially Lois?

He finally felt her stir slightly under his hands as he brought his thoughts back to what he was doing. Her shoulder muscles momentarily flexed as they instantly became too hard for him to make even the slightest impression in. He was amazed at the effortless transformation of her shoulders from soft firmness to hard rippling invulnerable steel as she barely shrugged them! He quickly came back to reality as he was reminded that she was indeed a female ‘superman’. Her muscles, even when casually flexed like that, were undoubtedly far harder than any type of steel. He suddenly had a strange feeling standing here with her. Despite her young age, he suddenly felt that he was in the presence of an awe inspiring and powerful woman, not just the girl she appeared to be. A young Goddess!

Jimmy had always had a fascination for well-developed buffed women. His off-again, on-again girlfriend, Monica, a fitness model, certainly met that description, but her body was not nearly as exciting to him as Kara’s. He knew he was infatuated with Kara’s strength and powers as well as the other attractions of her body. Just her name, Supergirl, brought a thrill to him as he ran it through his mind!

His thoughts continued to wander as he suddenly remembered the suppressed dreams he had had of what Kal’s body would feel like. He remembered the time he had actually been jealous of Lois as he saw her hands all over him at last year’s Christmas party, right after they had both learned that Clark was really Superman.

He had pushed those thoughts from his mind at the time, after all, he wasn’t gay or anything, at least he didn’t think he was. There was just something incredibly sensual about the way Kal’s body moved and flexed, especially as he saw how large his muscles grew when he used his super strength. He now realized that he had those same feelings for Kara, but they were many times stronger now. After all, she was a gorgeous young woman. His hands continued to massage the soft skin of her super body as he became lost in the incredibly sensual feeling of her firm shapely muscles.

Kara leaned back as she enjoyed Jimmy’s soft touches. His hands felt very nice, even if he wasn’t doing a very good job of really helping her muscles relax. She was still pretty tense from fighting those Arions today and he was only able to move her skin around a bit, not to really work his fingers into her tense muscles.

Letting her mind drift, she suddenly had this vision of Jimmy running his hands slowly and sensually over Superman’s body! It wasn’t really a sexual image, just a sensual thing as his hands rose up across Kal’s huge broad chest to grip his massive shoulders. That startling sensual thought sent a wave of tingling warmth through her own body as she found herself enjoying this image of a nude Superman. The thought was then quickly replaced by one of him doing the same thing to her own body! She saw a vision of her back, glowing blonde hair hanging far below her shoulder blades, as his hands slipped under her soft hair to massage her shoulders. She suddenly realized, based on the warm caress of his hands, that she was ‘seeing’ what he was seeing and feeling right now!

Kara was startled, but she forced herself to keep her mind clear of her own thoughts as she realized she was doing something she hadn’t realized was possible, she was sensing another person’s thoughts! She suddenly saw another image forming, in her mind’s eye, of her sitting on the bar stool, as she was earlier, with the towel sliding up to display her long legs and finally, her glowing blonde bush! She flinched for a moment as she hadn’t realized that the towel had been that revealing! She felt a tingling surge in her body as the mind’s image remained fixated on her golden bush as it was clearly revealed below the towel.

A few more minutes of ‘eavesdropping’ on his thoughts and she realized, as she saw the current mental image of him looking over her shoulder and down the front of her nightgown, that he was getting really getting turned on. She knew she should get up now before this got out of hand, but she was feeling lonely and a little vulnerable tonight. This was a strange world, she wasn’t sure she could ever get back to her own friends, and the presence of the Arions here was deeply disturbing. Especially the way Kal seemed to tolerate them.

She relaxed her body a little more as she snuggled back against Jimmy’s chest as she got more comfortable. She paused for a moment before sitting back up while raising her hands to slip the straps of the nightgown down a bit. She reached back to take his hands in hers to guide them down over the front of her shoulders, moving from her tense muscles to some distinctly softer areas, where his strength would be better applied. Kara softly sighed as his hands slid under her nightgown and closed around her soft breasts; she responded by snuggling back against his chest. She closed her eyes and began enjoying the firm sensual touch of his hands as he began using his strength to massage the parts of her body that were suitable given his Terran strength. His hands felt wonderful as she slowly felt her body responding to his touch. Just as she was starting to really drift off, her nipples slowly growing firmer, a loud knocking came from the front door.

She heard Jimmy groan as Kara quickly stood and pulled her nightgown back up. She let him walk to the door as she took another sip of her drink. He opened it to see a young man with shoulder length blond hair. “Hi, I’m looking for Lois Lane. I was told that this was her apartment.”

“Ah, you have the right place, but she isn’t available right now. Can I help you?”

“I don’t know, I’m actually looking for a friend of mine, her name is Kara. She’s a tall blonde girl, about 17, very attractive. She came to Metropolis to find Lois. I was wondering if Lois could tell me where she was staying, assuming they met today.”

“Pete … is that you Pete?” Kara called out as she walked across the floor. She smiled as she saw that indeed it was. She quickly brushed by Jimmy as she invited him in while holding his arm and hugging him to her side.

“Jimmy, this is my friend Pete from Sulfur Wells, Arizona.” She turned to Pete. “But what are you doing here. I thought you had football tryouts this week down at the University?”

“Well, they last for a few weeks and I’ve got a full-ride scholarship set up anyway. I figured I’d fly out to help you find Superman.”

“Well, its only been a couple of days since we last met, but it’s good to see you again.”

Jimmy watched as she slid her arms around his neck and gave him a warm kiss. The familiar way that his arms surrounded her tiny waist was all the confirmation he needed. Damn, this must be Kara’s boyfriend. What the hell was he doing here?

“Ah, Pete,” Jimmy said as he held out his hand, “glad to meet you. Kara didn’t tell me that her boyfriend was coming out. In fact, she didn’t say she had a boyfriend,” he said as he glanced at her with eyebrows raised.

“Well, I’m not sure what we are,“ Kara said with a wink as she smiled at Pete, “’boyfriend’ would be a little strong. But he is definitely a friend who helped me with testing my new costumes. He has been gathering information about Superman for years. He and his mom are the ones that sent me to you guys.”

Pete looked at Jimmy’s disappointed expression, and his obviously displayed erection, before he looked back at Kara. She was dressed in a very tiny nightgown that barely came down far enough to cover her. The bottom of her rounded buttocks were visible below it as only two thin spaghetti straps crossed her shoulders to hold the front up. Her back was mostly bare, covered only by her long hair, and her nipples looked hard as they tented up under the filmy nightie. He realized he was definitely interrupting something, but based on Kara’s skimpy clothing and Jimmy’s sour disappointed look, not to mention his pronounced erection, he felt glad he had come when he did!

Kara watched the expression in both men’s eyes as she realized that she was triggering some male territoriality here. The last thing she wanted tonight was for a couple of Terran men to be competing for her attentions. Choosing either one would devastate the other. Maybe she should say goodnight to both of them. Or maybe …

Kara quickly used her super vision to check out the guest bedroom. She found she was impressed! It looked like the previous owner must have enjoyed entertaining his ladies in that room. The room had a huge synthetic white fur rug in front of a wide fireplace. The room itself was massive and opened up out onto a huge balcony, much as the master bedroom did on the other side of the penthouse. There was a huge round bed in the middle with a mirrored ceiling. No wonder Lois and Clark preferred the more modest bedroom at the other end of the house, this room was definitely for ‘entertaining’ and they were actually a very conservative couple.

She looked at the flushed looks on the two men’s faces as it was now clear that both of them were really aroused. She knew that they were both infatuated with her, especially her strength and powers. She wanted company tonight, but having two guys here was a little weird; she had never done that before. But what did she have to lose, she wasn’t going to be on this Earth long (she hoped).

Kara walked over to put her arms around both of their waists as she held them close. “Jimmy here was just starting to give me a good back rub, today was a rough day for me. Any chance I could talk the two of you into continuing that? “

Jimmy and Pete both looked at each other for a moment as Kara’s words sunk in. If it was anyone but Kara, Jimmy would have been out of there in a moment, but this was, after all, Supergirl! Maybe she needed more than one man at a time? There was certainly enough of her to go around!

Pete, who was more Kara’s age, thought it was a great idea while Jimmy maintained his reservations. But he wasn’t going to walk away from this gorgeous and appealing girl, even if it meant sharing her. He was puzzled, though, by how much she and Pete looked alike, almost as if they were brother and sister, even though they certainly didn’t act like it. He had the same perfect muscularity as she did. Maybe it was just his age or maybe there was more to him than met the eye.

They hugged Kara between them as she led them into the other room. One look at the huge deep fur rug and the fireplace and they knew this was going to be a night to remember. For his part, Jimmy slipped over and made a call to a very familiar number. Perhaps she would still be up. He talked for a few minutes before he walked back out to unlock the front door.

“Jimmy, I think there is some scented oil and an oil warmer in those drawers over there. That would make things a little easier for you. I know that I’m very tense and firm tonight, how are your hands holding up?”

“I’m fine … where’s the oil …?”

“Beside the fireplace … you know, a fire would feel good as well.”

Pete closed the door behind them as he walked over to turn on the gas fireplace. The warm light from the dancing flames softly lit the room as both their eyes returned to Kara. She turned her back to them as she quickly slipped the straps of her nightgown off to let it slide down and pool at her feet. She stepped out of it before laying down on her stomach on the white fur. The light from the fire accented her body as they were both amazed and aroused by the incredible curves they saw across her back. Their eyes ran down to her perfectly round buttocks as she pressed her long legs together. Jimmy, who had just barely met Kara today, was too staggered to even move for a moment as his eyes ran up and down her perfect legs and back. My God, he couldn’t believe he was here with this Supergirl!

She turned her head to rest it on her folded arms as she looked into the warm flames of the fireplace. Jimmy finally got himself back under control enough to find the bottle of oil and the oil warmer as he saw Pete kneeling down beside her. He was amazed when he thought he saw a little trail of blue sparks, barely visible in the soft light from the fire, as his fingers gently traced down her back! Must be a trick of the soft lighting from the fireplace, he thought to himself, as he set the warming oil beside them.

Jimmy wet his hands in the still cool Strawberry-scented oil as he slid down on the soft fur to begin to massage her feet. He knew that feet were consistently underestimated as a sensual body part by most people. He wondered if Velorians responded the same way as the women he had met before?

Kara sighed as she felt Jimmy’s fingers pressing firmly into the bottom of her feet. His thumbs, pressing deeply into her arches, sent little waves of pleasure up her legs. She was surprised at how good it felt; no one had ever massaged her feet that way before. At the same time, Pete’s fingers sent gentle tingles through her body as he stroked down her back, barely touching her skin. There was almost an electric vibration to his touch as it felt like little goosebumps were being raised wherever his fingers touched. She felt Pete pausing for a moment before she felt a trickle of warm oil down her back. His hands soon returned to hold her as he began to use the strength of his young athletic body to work her muscles.

This was the ultimate luxury, Kara thought to herself, two cute guys giving her a massage at the same time. She felt her scalp tingling and knew that she was starting to give off her pheromones as she started to get a little turned on by it all. Hopefully they would not lose concentration on what they were doing, she thought, as their hands really felt wonderful. She felt a funny glow, almost like it felt when she was absorbing energy through her skin, but somehow reversed, wherever Pete’s hands touched her. Jimmy’s hands felt great too, but they were different somehow. She drifted off, almost asleep, as part of her brain thought that this electric tingling was significant, but the other parts of her brain just enjoyed the sensuousness of it all.

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