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Little Firebug – Chapter 11, The Contest

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Little Firebug – Chapter 11

The Contest

by Sharon Best


The guest bedroom, Lois and Clark’s penthouse

Jimmy looked around to see his girlfriend Monica and Kara’s friend, Pete, unconscious on the bed. He knew that something incredible had happened here, but had no idea what. The blue glow surrounding the two of them, especially Monica, was unearthly.

Kara, for her part, was feeling emotions she had never felt before. She wasn’t sure what these emotions really were, but there was kind of a feeling of ‘belonging’ to Monica in some way. She couldn’t put it into words.

She remembered Frank, her guardian, telling her about a long story that her mother had told him once. It seemed that she and a Velorian male, a man that would be Kara’s father (a normally impossible concept in a world of artificially conceived beings), had been able to actually have children while living on the planet they had originally been assigned to protect. Reproduction through normal means, while still possible with Velorians, was not allowed on any Velorian world. The fact that some protectors, who normally were not ever allowed to return to the Velorian system anyway, had engaged in natural reproduction was something that was considered a state secret back on Velor. However, since protectors were by definition beyond the control of Velor, there wasn’t much they could do about it except to make sure neither they, nor any of their offspring, ever returned to Velor. After all, this kind of reproduction was no better than the Arions and was the original reason for the Arions to splinter themselves off from the Velorians!

In any case, her mother had related a tale of another daughter, about four years older than Kara, who had been taken from her during a battle on that planet, a battle that killed the male Velorian and had driven Kara’s mother into space when they destroyed the entire planet. Mother and infant daughter, both invulnerable to the harsh environment of interstellar space, but still lost in the endless emptiness and vast distances between stars, had traveled aimlessly. They went from one inhospitable planet to another until she had seen that beautiful blue world, circling around a distant star, a world that drew her ever onward. She eventually reached that troubled planet. Without specific instructions from Velor, she had assumed the role of protector for that planet. She soon learned that this one planet was the mythical origin of her own species, the place called Earth.

Kara herself had vague memories of an older sister, but Kara was only 2 years old when her sister ‘went away’ and was barely older than that when she had been orphaned herself. Her mother had left on a mission to help protect another planet and had never returned. Kara had been raised by adoptive parents who were themselves killed eight years later, when Kara was 10 years old, when the Arions again tried to destroy this little Velorian girl.

Now, seven years later, Kara, with all the powers of a grown Velorian woman, had apparently found her long lost older sister, on an alternate Earth of all places! She couldn’t wait for her to awaken so she could find out what her life had been like. Despite growing up apart from each other, it was clear just by looking at her that they were related. The fact that she had been able to absorb power from that electrical substation, just as Kara could, was proof that she was also a Velorian.

Jimmy was still a little sore and more than a little traumatized from nearly losing such an important organ, or at least, such a fun loving one, when Monica’s body had suddenly surged with energy. He had little interest in any more adventures today, at least any with women that could do that to him. He suspected he may have gotten off easy. If Monica’s inability to penetrate Kara earlier with her fingers, Monica was damn strong, was any indication! He quickly got dressed again as he walked into the other room to get the bag of clothes that Monica had brought for Kara. They were about the same size, so he had figured that Monica and Kara could wear each other’s clothing.

Kara looked through the bag and pulled on a tight pair of Levis cut-offs and a thin white top. It came down only to her ribs and left her shoulder, arms, back and abdomen bare. Yet it stretched firmly over her chest to provide acceptable, if not eye-catching, modesty. She picked Monica up and set her on the bed as she laid Pete closer to the fire. She reached into the glowing gas logs to pick one up. She held the glowing red-hot stone in her hand as she reached it down to touch it to the back of Pete’s arm. She was prepared to jerk it away if it started burning him, she half expected to see the hair on the back of his arm fry, but instead, nothing happened. She held it there until his skin began to glow red-hot as well, but it seemed to cause him no injury. She had half expected this, but was still amazed to see it with her own eyes.

What were the odds that she would encounter two Velorians on this planet, both of whom were so depleted of energy that they did not have any knowledge of their own incredible capabilities? And why had she found them so quickly? It was clear to her that there were other forces at work here, forces that were probably coming from the end of some long strings back to Velor. This was the kind of interaction that many Terrans claimed came from the Gods, but Kara had been around enough now to know that the term ‘God’ needed to be qualified a fair bit! She certainly didn’t feel much like a ‘Goddess’ right now. She was feeling a little lost and insecure.

“Kara,” Jimmy said, “I’m going back out to crash on the couch. Lois and I still have this assignment to do in the morning, a whole five hours from now. You may not need sleep with that super body of yours, but I sure do.”

“Let me get another drink first, Jimmy, and then I’ll leave you alone.” She walked out to get another Sherry before closing the door softly and walking over to sit in front of the fire. Too many thoughts were going through her head to sleep this night as she thought about what it would be like to have a sister. Everything Frank ever told her about her mother went through her head, again and again, as she stared into the flames until morning.


The morning light crept into the overhead skylight and lit Kara’s long blond hair. She had gotten up a couple of times to check on Pete and Monica, but they were still sleeping like babies. The blue glow was mostly gone now as their bodies finished absorbing the energies they had been exposed to. The power finally came back on as Kara heard Lois’s alarm clock buzzing at the other end of the house. She went out to the kitchen and put some coffee on to help them greet another day.

Lois jumped up and checked the time; damn, they were a half hour late getting started.

“Jimmy, we gotta hurry, we are due at City Hall in 45 minutes and it’s 30 minutes away.”

She dashed for the shower as she got herself ready in record time. This was an easy trick for a seasoned reporter like Lois, she never knew when she would be called out on a hot story. She and Jimmy then grabbed their gear and dashed for the door as Kal wandered sleepily into the kitchen to find Kara sitting there reading the paper, wearing one of Lois’s tiny nighties. He looked around nervously for a moment before suddenly realizing that the two of them were finally alone, except for the sleeping beauties in the next room.

Kal was immediately uncomfortable as he found his eyes straying as he looked at Kara’s strong beautiful legs as she sat at the counter. She shifted, crossing her legs, as Kal realized that this tiny nightie didn’t cover much. She looked up and gave him a stunning warm smile, her cute dimples and sparkling blue eyes making his heart miss a few beats. His legs, normally able to lift railroad cars without straining, suddenly felt weak as his eyes ran down to see her dramatic chest, firm mounds filling and stretching this familiar nightie quite differently than Lois ever had! Kal had never seen a woman with breasts as perfectly round, firm and high as Kara’s. He had studied athletic women for years, keenly aware of how firm and strong their bodies were. Kara eclipsed anything he had ever seen, or even imagined, as she was absolutely perfect, truly a girl-of-steel! He took a few more steps and sat down heavily as Kara got up and poured him a cup of coffee.

Kara’s keen hearing heard his heart pounding louder and faster as his eyes had slowly traveled down her body, dwelling on her breasts for some time. Part of her felt sorry for him, such a handsome powerful man, constrained to loving only soft Terran women. Another part of her wanted to take him in her arms and make love to him the way only she could do. She felt her own emotions, not to mention her hormones, surging as she tried to maintain control. This was harder than she had expected! His silent staring was turning her on as she knew what he must be thinking about her now. She smiled to herself as she realized that she needed to break this silence before she lost control and jumped his bones! She cleared her throat.

“Kal, I’m sort of having a problem figuring out where you are from. The stuff I’ve read says ‘Krypton’, but I’ve never heard of that planet. You seem to have Arion or Velorian powers, but your dark hair pretty much rules out actually being a Velorian. And your personality certainly isn’t Arion, so that is out. What can you tell me about this planet Krypton and your people.”

Kal was relieved as well to have something else to talk about. He spent the next half hour describing how his race had splintered from the Arions and why. How they had formed their own world and then isolated themselves and, finally, how it had been destroyed. It felt funny to finally describe all this to someone who knew exactly what he meant when he talked about Arions and Velorians. Funny but really good too. Somehow, Kara and he belonged to something bigger, something more than just this Earth they were on.

Kara felt herself bristle when he said that the Kryptonians were descended from the hated Arions. However, she reminded herself of his passive nature the day before. She had been far more aggressive and dangerous to the Arions than he had been. However, she was still worried that he was being a little soft on them because of his shared heritage. This would bear watching, she quickly decided.

“Well, Kal, since you are descended from Arions, I think you will be surprised at how much Velorian genetics have advanced since those days. We have reached the point where the average Velorian woman is about as strong as the average Arion male, probably the average Kryptonian male as well. Of course, protectors like myself are quite a bit stronger than average.”

“Ah, I saw some evidence of that yesterday … fortunately, my race did emphasize physical development early on and we had access to pretty much the same genetic technology as Velor. Still, you almost seem to be saying that you think you are as strong as me. If you don’t mind my saying so, that is a pretty arrogant statement, given the dramatic differences in our physiques.”

“Only one way to find out, isn’t there Kal?’

“No way, Kara, I don’t want to hurt you.”

“Funny, I was worried about the same thing, Kal.”

Kara’s aggressive challenge filled Kal with a mixture of excitement and anticipation combined with a wild fear of losing control of his emotions. He had fantasized about powerful women all his life, but despite the fabulous physiques of some Terran women, the difference in strength between the strongest woman and the weakest was hardly noticeable to him. Yet here was a girl, a fabulously beautiful girl, challenging him, REALLY challenging him, to a contest of strength!

“I’m a pretty good arm wrestler, Kal. I beat Wonder Woman back on Paradise Island, and nobody had ever done that before me. I think I would surprise you a bit.”

Kara didn’t wait for his reply as she heard his heart beating far louder now. She cleaned the dishes off the strong butcher block pedestal table in the middle of the kitchen. “We can use this as long as we both put our hands under our elbows and try not to exert any force on the table. Otherwise it won’t last long, given our muscles.”

“You’re serious about this, aren’t you Kara?”

She turned to look closely at him with surprise on her face. “Yes, why not. I’ve been curious about you since I got here … is Superman the strongest person in the universe as everyone thinks. And how do I measure up to you? Yes, I’m serious. Does this bother you, the prospect that my body might be stronger than yours?”

Kal struggled as he tried to imagine what it was going to be like to pit his strength against this young girl. Hell yes, it bothered him. It wasn’t that he was afraid she could beat him, that was ridiculous. If she could last for even a few seconds against his massive super muscles, he was going to be impressed. The problem was that he was probably going to be so ‘impressed’ that he was going to tear his pants open! He didn’t want to embarrass himself. Damn, he wished he had his invulnerable costume on now!

“One thing Kal,” Kara said, “I suggest you take your shirt off. I think you might be getting a little warm after we have been going at this for a few minutes. Besides,” she said with a flirtatious smile, “I would like to see if you are as gorgeous when you flex as everyone thinks you are.”

Kal flinched as he saw the playful smile crossing her face as she said that. Why did she have to keep talking like that! He realized, however, that he really did want her to see him that way; and this certainly wasn’t helping his self control.

He fully understood what she meant about the shirt in any case; he remembered what it was like when he did isometric exercises, how his body heated up tremendously. He got ready to take it off as his eyes moved back to look down at the tightly stretched top of Lois’s nightie. Kara saw his eyes as she chuckled, “Don’t worry, I’ll slip something else on. I don’t want to shock you too much, besides, I need to keep some blood in your upper body to make sure you aren’t too easy to beat!”

Kal felt himself flush again. Damn, she seemed to know exactly what he was thinking all the time! He watched as she walked into the living room to take some clothes out of a bag that was on the couch. She turned her back to him and pulled her little nightie off. She tossed it on a chair while his eyes ran down the perfect contours of her strong back to her perfect firm glutes and long strong legs. He closed his eyes as he felt himself getting lightheaded. He heard her cut-offs zipping up as he opened his eyes to see her pulling the strap of her top over her head. She finished by pushing her hair behind her shoulders as she turned around to meet his gaze.

Kal’s eyes almost fell out of his head as he saw the two thin diagonal bands of fabric that came up from her waist to cross over her huge breasts and then run around her neck. The 2” wide ‘cups’ of the straps covered only the center of her breasts, leaving them bare all the rest of the way around. Her large perky nipples pointed slightly upward as they stretched the thin fabric that was surrounding them. He gasped as he realized he had never seen a woman’s body like this before! Kara quickly saw his face flush as she heard some threads snapping in his pants as the heavy steel and wood table lifted slightly from his side, yet his hands were on top of it!

“Hmm, I can see you like the tailoring that Pete’s mom did for me out in Arizona. The fabric was scarce and expensive, it is damn near as invulnerable as your own costume, so they didn’t use much of it.”

She turned to grab a T-shirt from the bag and slipped it back on over her costume.

My God, a ‘little modesty’ is right, Kal thought to himself. He had resisted using his x-ray vision on her previously so he really hadn’t been prepared for how gorgeous she really was. He felt his erection pushing upward even more firmly under the table as he reached down to hold himself for a moment. He didn’t want to lift the heavy table completely off the floor! Sometimes he wished he was more like Terran men in that way. He finally reached up to pull his own shirt off as he saw it was now time for her eyes to study his body.

Kara had also resisted the desire to look under his clothes earlier, despite a growing fascination with this man. She was astounded now to see how perfect his body was! No fantasy drawing had ever shown a more perfect human form, or a more massively muscled one, than the man she saw before her! She felt her own body becoming flushed as she saw his gorgeous physique. He was the ultimate hunk, just like everyone had thought!

She also noticed that despite the massive muscularity, there was almost no sign of any vascularity, as was the case with her body and Aurora’s. Just hard smooth muscle and tanned skin. Another trait of their similar genetic ancestry, she realized.

She felt her own nipples getting hard just by looking at him, stretching both the fabric of her costume and her thin cotton T-shirt. She saw him look down at her again, he smiled as he saw that it was her turn to react to him now. She quickly bent down and reached across the table to take his hand in hers. Time to get this started, she thought to herself, before she lost all control!

Kara rested her other hand under her elbow, they would both use flying power to steady themselves. She pressed her legs together and flexed her buttocks firmly enough to hear some threads in her tight cut-offs popping as her glutes flexed. She was going to need all the power she had to hold herself steady. She felt Kal’s far larger hand trying to get a comfortable grip on her own as she wished she could see what his cute butt looked like; he undoubtedly was flexing it the same.

“Ok, Kal, are you ready … here we go now. 1 …2 … 3, GO!”

There was suddenly a low hum in the room as this Superman and young Supergirl flexed their massive super muscles while opposing each other. Kal started off easily, he didn’t want to hurt the girl. He was immediately surprised as he looked down at her arm; it was flexing a lot larger than he had expected! Her shoulders and chest also surprised him by flexing wonderfully, displaying deeply cut muscles, far larger than he had expected. Her bicep, though, was completely amazing, especially coming from that slim arm. It grew round and peaked, easily as large as any female bodybuilder he had ever seen! Yet it was impossibly expanding from just her model-slim arm!

His body became more flushed with his arousal while he rapidly increased his strength; he saw he wasn’t hurting her and that she was easily keeping up with him. He saw her smile growing broader as her bicep and shoulder continued to grow and flex larger as he increased the pressure. Yet their hands remained perfectly still, right in the center! Finally, he felt her arm giving as he approached his full strength! My God this girl was strong, Kal thought to himself in amazement, she is almost equal to me! That still seemed impossible to him, given the dramatic differences in the size of their bodies!

Kara, for her part, couldn’t believe how huge Kal’s body flexed as he poured his strength into her arm! He was far larger and clearly stronger than any Arion she had met. His muscles, especially his bicep, grew to massive proportions as he was soon far larger than any male Terran bodybuilder she had ever seen! His bicep towered upward, as it peaked in a way she had never seen before. She felt his muscles beginning to tremble as she saw steam rising from his bicep. She knew he was approaching his full strength. The moisture and oils had already burned off her own arm as she looked down to see a dull red glow spreading through her bicep, almost as if it was made of some translucent material that was glowing from within.

The red glow spread rapidly upward as she began to see the same thing happening to Kal. His entire massive bicep was now glowing so hot that the kitchen was lit in the red glow. His massive arm pushed her halfway to the table as she saw the satisfaction in his face as he knew he was beating her, as he had fully expected. After all, he was Superman!

Kara waited while her muscles got properly warmed up. The red glow from her upper body was now also reflecting from the walls of the kitchen. Steam was rising from between her deeply-formed cleavage as her breasts began to conduct the immense heat outward. Her pecs were pushing her breasts so far upward now that the thin fabric of her top stretched and started to tear slightly as it tried to surround her nearly inch-long hard nipples. She looked up to see Kal’s eyes moving from her protruding nipples to her huge round peaked bicep. She realized it was time to blow his mind!

She waited until he was staring in amazement at her bicep before she suddenly flexed it the rest of the way. It suddenly grew many inches larger, clearly larger than any woman who had ever lived on this Earth, as Kal’s arm began to give way smoothly before her! She slowly and powerfully pushed their gripped hands upright, her hands pressing against his with well more than a million pounds of pure female strength, as she began to force him down on the other side!

Kal was astounded both at the size and strength of Kara’s bicep as she started to put everything she had into her arm! The red glow began to approach white-hot as he was astounded to feel his own arm being pushed downward. He strained every muscle in his upper body, while he used all the strength in his legs and buttocks to generate even more flying force to oppose her incredible muscles, but he still felt himself being forced downward! He was amazed, and infinitely impressed, as he saw that the girl’s arm wasn’t even trembling. It was clear that she still had strength in reserve! God, how could this be!

He watched as even the strong tendons of her arm began to glow red-hot now as the incredible heat of her muscular contractions traveled down to her hand and also back up to her shoulders. Steam was rising from her smooth tanned skin as the sweat on her body sizzled. The incredible heat from their muscular tension raised their body temperatures to many hundreds of degrees. The edges of Kara’s cotton T-shirt began smoking from the intense heat, radiating upward through her muscles and skin, until the fabric finally burst into flames. The bright flames slowly burned downward across her dramatic chest as Kal saw more and more of her perfect firm breasts as her top gradually burned away.

This was all an impossible erotic dream for Kal as he felt the sweat pouring down his face and streaming across his chest. The heat of his own powerfully flexed pecs turned it instantly into steam as he grunted with the effort of trying to hold his own against this slip of a girl. And he wasn’t holding! He started to feel his erection growing out of control, crunching into the knife drawer on his side of the table, as his most incredible fantasy, a woman stronger than he was, was finally realized. And a young gorgeous teenage girl at that! He threw a last gasp of energy into his arm as he managed to force Kara to pause for a moment, just before the back of his hand was about to touch the table.

Kara saw Kal straining with everything he had, clearly working a whole lot harder than she was. For all that, she was astounded at how strong he was, far stronger than Wonder Woman had been. She found that, for the first time since she had wrestled with Aurora, she was holding nothing back as this contest took all of her strength. But it was enough, she was clearly winning! She eased up for a moment as she felt Kal putting a last desperate burst of energy into his arm as he stopped the downward movement of his hand. She looked back up into his blue eyes as she prepared to finish him off. She was wondering how he was going to feel about losing to her when she flashed her x-ray vision downward to see his huge cock pressing forward, tearing though the steel frame of the strong table. She realized she didn’t have to worry about his reaction to losing as he already seemed incredibly aroused by what she was doing to him already!

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