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Little Firebug – Chapter 13, The Gift

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Little Firebug – Chapter 13

The Gift

by Sharon Best


On board the Kintzi spaceship

Puroutll woke up with a start as he bumped against the ceiling, for at least the tenth time since he had come on duty. A muted growl rumbled from his chest as he flexed his toes to push himself back toward the command chair. A quick scan of the instruments confirmed the obvious, the anti-grav was still down, down hard this time. He ignored the other blinking light, indicating that the ship was getting a comm scan from the Arion command ship. He would deal with the fucking Arion’s when he felt like it, and he didn’t feel like it right now.

He brushed his orange fur back down at the same time as he slowly stretched, claws at full extension. He didn’t care if the gesture was impolite, zero gravity always made his muscles feel weird. He cleaned the remaining dried blood form his foreclaws as he savored the satisfaction he still felt from rending his chief engineer for his failure to fix the anti-grav. The ship may still be broken, probably getting even worse now given the incompetent engineering staff that the chief engineer had hired. But the fact remained that he, Puroutll, commander of the largest Kintzi ship in the Sol system, had finally been able to show these fools what happens when you are terminally incompetent!

It has also been personally satisfying to vent his frustration over this extended space mission by disemboweling that fool of a Chief Engineer, his torn lifeless body still cooling in a corner of the Engineering spaces, the rest of his staff still too terrorized to even shove his remains into the recycler.

He was still amazed, and a little disgusted, when he thought about these passive engineers that ran this, and other, Kintzi ships. He didn’t understand what drove otherwise healthy physically capable Kintzi to take an interest in that profession, especially since they could be warriors like himself!

Instead, they chose to read boring manuals and tinker with mechanical and electronic gadgets. He had no real comprehension of what they did, things they apparently did rather poorly based on the poor condition of every Kintzi ship he had ever served on. The Kintzi were clearly the finest warriors in the galaxy, but just as clearly the worst engineers!

He growled softly, his deep voice rumbling through the bridge. He still longed for the days of traveling with the Arions. Their ships worked wonderfully and were always comfortable and well equipped. And the food replicators actually worked all the time. Not like this garbage scow!

He wished they had at least one Arion engineer on board. He would have to ask the Arions to assign someone now that he had eliminated his chief engineer. He had to admit once again that his own people, great fighters that they were, simply could not keep a modern ship running. He knew the Arions always made fun of them; unable to travel inter-system without being in the company of an Arion technical staff. What the hell, he thought, those fucking smooth skins, ugly and nearly hairless, couldn’t fight their way out of a Jewet skin bag! I mean, they didn’t even have decent claws, just those flat things they called nails! For the hundredth time he wondered how in the hell his people, the proud and fierce Kintzi, had wound up working for the Arions of all people!

The question was rhetorical, there was a simple answer and he knew it … it was technology. The Arions had it, they developed it; the Kintzi only borrowed it, and then usually broke it anyway!

Of course, if they hadn’t been redirected to this dimension to rendezvous with that strange black Arion ship, a ship unlike any he had ever seen before, his crew would even now be home enjoying their females and playing with their kits. Instead, they were now orbiting this filthy blue planet, their cargo hold containing some Arion secret weapon that even he didn’t know anything about. He only knew that whatever the Arion’s had been planning, they had changed their mind at the last minute and had directed him to rendezvous in this dimension, fortunately still in the Sol system. The worm hole, allowing for inter-dimensional travel in this system, was only 0.2 light-years beyond the orbit of its outermost planet. Very close compared to some of the systems he had visited.

He finally checked out the Arion comm scan. It was another video upload, this one kind of grainy and only in black and white, showing this girl, apparently the same one he had seen footage about for the last 14 centons. She was laying upside down in the middle of some store that sold these thin books, lots of books, Comic books by the look of them if he remembered his Terran orientation training correctly. He looked closely at the girl, the camera positioned above her, as she smoothed her skirt back down while apparently trying to shake off the effects of some blow. He noticed that she was nearly hairless between her legs like other humans, incredibly ugly; he had no idea why the Arions were so interested in these hairless Velorian females! All he cared about was getting a chance to fight one of them … he had been cooped up too long in this tin can. A warriors destiny was to fight, not relay some useless video footage around the planet!

He stared at the girl again, a girl he knew he might get to battle some day. She looked the same as she had the last time he had seen some video footage of her. The Arions didn’t seem to know how she had gotten into this dimension, he had always been told that these Velorian protectors didn’t know how to travel inter-dimensionally ; obviously another fuck up in Arion intelligence. She certainly had the same distinctive looks as always; ugly, skinny with that truly pukey pale hair. The only thing he admired about this girl were her large blue eyes and her strength. He hoped he was the warrior who would someday be worthy of battle with her. He knew that as a Velorian, she had a lot more raw strength than he did, amazing strength that he was in awe of. But claws, fangs and Kintzi quickness, not to mention his own strength and his years of combat training, would make it a fair fight. Especially since he now had those gold grenades, the things that filled the air with fine hair-thin gold filaments when they exploded.

He remembered how he had personally captured a Velorian female in the Rawl system only last year using one of those. She wasn’t as strong as this girl, she was just a medical technician at the Velorian mission there, not a planetary protector like this girl. Even today, he still enjoyed relaxing to his recorded holoscan of her ‘interrogation’. He had discovered that, despite conventional wisdom, it actually was possible to tear a Velorian female apart with just his claws! One just needed a lot of gold, her body encased in it, and the willingness to risk breaking a claw or two on her hard body. But he had found that claws that can tear steel can eventually rend a Velorian who is intoxicated with gold! Especially if that rending starts inside that interesting and sensitive area between her legs!

He checked the control panel … only five chronons until his Exec was due to relieve him. It would then be time to go down and activate this ‘secret weapon’ of the Arions. Whatever it was, it needed a couple of days to warm up before he was supposed to deliver it to the surface of this dirtball planet. At least he could finally head home after that.


It was the middle of the night when Kal awoke. The noises from the other end of the house had awakened him, soft moans and sharper cries; it didn’t take much imagination to know what was happening again. Didn’t that girl ever get enough, he thought angrily to himself! Was she some kind of nympho? He tried to go back to sleep, but sleep would not come, not with his super hearing picking up such wonderfully passionate sounds. He was successful in resisting the temptation for a while, but he finally could not even pretend to be disinterested any longer. He was secretly ashamed that he was doing this, but he slowly raised his head and used his super vision to look through the walls toward the other end of the house!

He saw Monica and Pete, passionately embracing each other in front of the brightly burning fireplace, their perfect bodies thrusting together as they clearly were discovering some of the more unique aspects of their remarkable physiques. He was amazed at how fast Monica was learning to control her power of flight! He saw her floating in mid-air, legs straight out to the side, Pete’s hands holding her powerfully muscled thighs, as she rose up and down on the boy’s immense cock! He smiled to himself as he saw that he was still the ‘superman’ of this world, yet this young man was definitely better endowed than any Terran male! He was quickly startled and fascinated as he watched Monica, her body trembling, her cries filling the far bedroom, was pulled downward by his powerful arms she took the entire length of him into her body! My God, he had never imagined any woman could actually do that! An aching thrill traveled through his body as he witnessed yet another way that these Velorian women were different, physically far superior in even this way, to Terran women.

He finally looked away in embarrassment, he could not violate their privacy like this. He was shocked, however, to suddenly feel his own body responding dramatically as he momentarily imagined it was he that was there with Monica, that it was his body that was pleasing this blonde SuperWoman! He knew it would only take seconds for him to walk over there, to kneel beside her, to take her in his arms and make love to her as only a Superman could!

Yet this woman had already found a lover, a teenage boy nearly as powerful as himself, a young man with the powers of Superman! He again felt the familiar and painful feeling of loss. Everyone on this planet had a lover they could make wild, enthusiastic and uninhibited love with, everyone but him. He felt Lois moving as she sighed softly in her sleep, snuggling up against his warmth, her body suddenly feeling unusually soft and horribly frail in his arms.

Despite his best efforts to avoid it, his thoughts drifted once again to Kara. For the hundredth time since that morning, he used his remarkable photographic memory to explore every curve of her body, every beautiful dimple of her cheeks, the sparkle of her dancing blue eyes, her luscious lips … God, he had to stop thinking like this! He felt his manhood swelling, spreading Lois’s legs apart, as she held him between her soft thighs. Yet, despite his disciplined mind, he could not control his thoughts as they quickly returned to Kara. She was the most beautiful and sexiest woman he had ever met, a true Supergirl in every way. He was secretly thrilled that she was as young as she was, just a teenage girl. His secret fantasies, a fantasy of a super woman powerful enough to satisfy his unique body, but also of a girl, beautiful, young and inexperienced, filled his mind.

The slight stiffness in his right arm clearly reminded him that she certainly lived up to the first part of his fantasy. He couldn’t get the vision out of his head of the spectacular appearance of Kara’s body as she had shown him that her dramatic muscles were even stronger than his! He still couldn’t believe her strength as he massaged his right arm a bit; his bicep still sore. He had never strained his muscles like that before! He had never been overpowered like that before!

He wasn’t sure where Kara was now, but her body language that afternoon had made it very clear that she wanted, needed, him as well. He had not been able to get her out of his mind all day as his wild fantasies and daydreams had made it impossible for him to get any real work done. But there was still the matter of Lois. He brought his thoughts back to her again, her soft sleeping form shifting once again as she curled up comfortably against him.

Kal briefly stole another look at the two lovers in the other room. He was fascinated and aroused as he saw Monica going down on the boy, her shining blond hair cascading across his lower body, her head moving rapidly and energetically while the boy gasped in pleasure, his hands buried in her soft hair, as he used his strength to encourage her. Kal’s cock became fully erect now, held firmly between Lois’s legs as she slept, as he couldn’t help but imagine that he was there with Monica, or even better, with young Kara! He had to force himself to look away again as he used all of his mental self-control and energies to slowly block out these disturbing thoughts. He just had to stop thinking like this!

His incredibly disciplined mind overcame his body’s desires, for the hundredth time that day. His thoughts were almost clear again when he began to notice the most incredible flowery fragrance he had ever smelled. It seemed to be wafting through the air vents that connected the two rooms. The fragrance was incredibly uplifting, it made him feel like he was floating in midair even though he knew he wasn’t. He felt his erection suddenly getting far stronger, more dramatic than he had ever experienced, as a wonderful warmth and feeling of euphoria spread through his body. His thoughts returned immediately to Kara, all discipline forgotten, as he suddenly wanted this young girl, this blonde teenage Supergirl, the young Goddess that he clearly deserved; he suddenly wanted her more than anything he had ever wanted in his entire life. He forgot her young age, forgot Lois, he forgot that he was even Superman, he forgot everything, as his eyes frantically searched the house. He finally found Kara, standing out on the balcony, as she exercised and stretched her body.

A thrill ran through his tingling body as he saw that she was wearing only the bottom of her costume while slowly stretching, demonstrating her incredible flexibility. He watched her as she bent backwards, feet squarely on the floor, slowly bending her body completely backward, her hands finally walking inward along the floor until they touched her feet from the back. The entire front of her body was stretched outward, her dramatic chest rising high up above her body. He stared at the large mounds of her firm perfect breasts as he felt his body beginning to quiver and shake in excitement.

He stared at her as he realized that he had never seen a Terran woman stretch this dramatically, nor demonstrate as much control over her body as Kara did. He watched as she very slowly raised her upper body back up until she stood back upright again. She then lifted each leg until it was pressed against her chest, nestled between her wonderful breasts, as she touched her lips to her knee. Kal was fascinated as he saw her working so hard to maintain her flexibility, something he had to work so hard at himself. Without daily stretching, his powerful muscles had a tendency to become inflexible, far more rapidly than a Terran’s muscles would. He assumed Kara had discovered the same thing.

The walls suddenly seemed to completely melt away between them as he saw the fringing effect from two super vision beams touching each other. He felt an electric surge through his body as he realized that she was looking at him the same way he was looking at her! He took another deep breath of the wonderful flowery fragrance as any second thoughts now left his mind. He eased himself backward and out from between Lois’s legs before floating upward from the bed, through the huge skylight, into the sky. Kara floated up into the air at the same time, rising from the penthouse balcony, until they both hovered above the tall building. They paused, staring at each other, as they hung motionless in the cool night air, the most beautiful and perfect manifestations of humanity that had ever lived.

Kal’s heart pounded painfully in his chest as he found he was paralyzed with indecision. He thought of Lois, sleeping innocently below him, unaware of his thoughts, while he wanted nothing more than to wildly fuck this young girl with every ounce of the power and energy that made him Superman! He saw the same passion in the girl’s face as she clearly wanted the same from him. Her young body ready to absorb and deeply contain all the powers of a Superman! Yet, how could he ever face Lois again if he gave in to this overpowering urge? He felt himself tearing apart inside as the battle, his hormones and rising passion fighting against his conscience, raged through his body. The outcome was hanging in the balance when he heard a soft voice calling to him from the open skylight.

“Kal, Kal, please come back to me.” The balance momentarily shifted away from Kara as he heard Lois’s soft voice. Reluctantly turning, he floated downward to land on the cool floor in front of her. She immediately saw his most pronounced feature, his enormous erection, far larger than she had ever seen before! She knew that it was time. The incident with Cat the previous day, even though she wasn’t seriously injured, had been a warning she could no longer ignore.

She walked safely behind him to lean her face against the warm rippling muscles of his powerful back while wrapping her arms around his slim waist. “Kal, you have been wonderful to me, so kind and faithful, despite all the temptations I know you feel. I know the tortures that you endure, never able to really let yourself go with me, never having any real satisfaction yourself. I want you to bring Kara down here, call her now. We need to resolve this before you are tortured any more.”

Kara could hear and see what was going on as she hovered in the cool air, strongly aroused herself from just having seen Kal in this state. She quickly dropped down to stand before Kal as Lois saw her half nude, and also clearly aroused, body. Kara said nothing as she stood proudly before Superman, hands on her hips, firm rounded breasts standing out from her chest, deep cleavage rising just above the tremendous reach of his huge erect uplifted organ, her gorgeous body looking in very way the young female analog of his.

Lois looked at them both for a moment as her thoughts became very calm. She knew that Kal loved her, but knew that there were powerful forces drawing he and Kara together that could not be denied, at least not without asking Kal to pay a terrible price. A part of her was actually happy for Kal, happy that she had decided this afternoon to let him finally experience a shared sexual encounter with someone close to his own abilities!

“Kal and Kara,” she said in a soft voice. “I want you two to work this out of your systems, however a Superman and a Supergirl might do that.” She stepped forward to put one arm around Kara’s bare shoulders as she took Kara’s soft hand in hers. She wrapped Supergirl’s long strong fingers around the head of Kal’s hard throbbing organ! “Kara, pleasure Kal for me. Use all the strength in this hand, in your entire body, all your amazing abilities, to bring him the pleasures that I cannot.” She gripped Kara’s hand against Kal even tighter, feeling Kara respond as her amazing muscles began to assert themselves. Lois stumbled over her words, in shock that she was actually doing this, that she was actually wrapping this girl’s hand around Kal this intimate way! She suddenly realized that she did not want to be left alone, quickly blurting out the new thoughts that had just formed in her mind.

“I only ask one thing, take me with you. Let me share, if not in your passion, at least in the joy of watching my love, watching Kal, finally able to release himself without worries or fears.”

Kal’s body was surging with nearly uncontrolled passion as he felt Kara’s hand, the fantastic muscles of her forearm flexing, firmly surrounding his cock as Lois’s hand held hers. Each squeeze of Lois’s hand was amplified a hundred times, maybe a thousand times, by this young girl’s firm grip! A wild rush exploded through his body as it took all his willpower to stand immobile as the girl and the woman held him this way.

Kal had always been amazed at how quickly Lois understood and dealt with unusual situations as a reporter, he had no idea she could react this way as a woman, as the love of his life. His heart overflowed with love for her as he saw that she was willingly giving Kara to him herself, as her gift of love, so that he no longer would have to feel such frustration and so he would not feel remorse if he gave in to his frustrations. The depth of her love amazed him as he understood once again how incredible a woman she really was. A woman who was worthy of being the wife of Superman! If perhaps not always the lover of Superman.

For her part, Kara had been startled when Lois had placed her hand on Kal this way, squeezing her hand gently against Kal’s throbbing hardness. She was even more surprised when Lois asked to join them, to watch them; she had not said anything about this when they talked earlier. Kal started to say something, but Kara cut him off. “Watching us would be very dangerous for you in person, Lois, I can’t guarantee your safety. But there is another way.”

Kara glanced at Kal for a moment. She probably shouldn’t even consider this, but she knew how hard this was going to be on Lois if she was left behind, always wondering what a Supergirl could do for her man that she could not. Wondering and also knowing.

“Lois, there is something that I can do, something that was done to me once and I learned how to do it as a result. It is a little dangerous.” She paused for a moment, unsure if she really wanted to do this, unsure how safe it was. She glanced back into Lois’s eyes, the desperate longing she saw making up her mind.

“Lois, what I can do is to pull your mind into mine so that you can see and feel everything that I do. You will, in fact, become me. The trouble is that you have to willingly decide to go back to your own body afterward, I won’t be able to make you. Do you promise that you will do that, no matter how much you might want to remain in me, as part of me?”

Lois was stunned by what Kara said. “You mean, I will trade places with you for a while?”

“No, not really, you will simply be a second consciousness in my mind. You will have little or no direct influence over me, but you will feel everything that happens to my body just as I feel it, just as if it was your own body. This way, you can still be part of making love to Kal, to feel every pleasure I feel, every joy that Kal brings to me.”

Kal frowned as he heard Kara talking about this. “Lois,” Kal warned, “this is something that some Velorian women can do, but it is dangerous, very dangerous. People have gotten lost and been unable to return to their own bodies while doing this. Kara, have you actually done this before, taken and returned someone’s mind?”

“Not exactly like this, but another woman, named Sharon, used to live in me and I learned to co-exist with her in my head. She eventually left, I still don’t know for sure what happened to her, but I learned how to absorb and co-exist with someone else’s mind. I think I can also return a mind safely. But only if Lois wants to return to her own body when we are done, really wants to return. That is the thing I have no control over.”

Kal hesitated as Lois saw the indecision and worry on his face, she could almost see the thoughts passing through his head. She knew he desperately wanted her to be part of their lovemaking, but understood there was a risk, a risk that they could not define until they tried it. A risk she knew he would not ask her to make as he could not, would not, risk losing her forever.

She saw the passion in his face again as he turned to look at Kara. She felt this young Supergirl’s hand beginning to hold Kal ever tighter at the same time; she clearly felt the same passion. Lois decided to not wait for Kal to make up his mind, she made it up for him. There was no way she was going to leave these two alone if she had the power to be with them!

“Oh, God, Kara, yes, lets do it. Do it right now, before I lose my nerve. What do I have to do?”

Kara glanced at Kal, he was clearly very nervous, but he was also clearly excited at the concept of being able to make love to Lois, really make love to her as only Superman could, even if it was her own body that Lois was in. Kara realized it truly was only Lois’s decision and her decision; she turned back to face her.

“You don’t have to do anything, Lois, just relax and try to clear your mind of any thoughts.”

Kal really wanted to say no to this, it was not safe, but he couldn’t open his mouth, his body seemingly paralyzed, as he saw Kara turning to the woman he loved.

Kara placed her hands on either side of Lois’s head and opened her mind as she tried to sense Lois’s mind, to feel her thoughts, her consciousness. At first nothing happened, but after a few minutes, she began to feel some energy tentacles, the traces of Lois’s mind. There was a shimmering blue energy that gradually surrounded the two of them as Kara concentrated on creating an emptiness in her own mind that Lois could fill. It took some time, she had to move her mental state completely to an alpha level and then move parts of her own thoughts elsewhere.

When the emptiness was finally ready, Kara leaned forward as her lips touched Lois’s, making a moist intimate contact between their bodies. The two women, Kal’s longtime lover and his lover to be, suddenly kissed passionately while the blue glow grew far stronger. A rush of energy, barely visible to Kal’s acute eyes, rushed from Lois to surround Kara, to surround the waiting void. Lois’s body suddenly went limp as Kara held her in her arms.

Lois felt her mind drifting, transcending her body, as she momentarily looked down to see the three of them standing in her bedroom, Kara embracing her in her arms. Kal, a look of excitement and anxiety on his face as he watched Kara, still holding her body close to her own, kissing her gently. She suddenly felt a deep emptiness calling to her, drawing her downward, as she floated down and ‘entered’ Kara’s mind.

Lois felt a flash of bright lights and a surge of strange sensations and emotions as their two minds melded. Kal, watching carefully over them, saw Kara’s body shaking for moment as her eyes rolled up in her head. It lasted only for a moment before her body became calm again.


Lois was immediately aware of every aspect of Kara’s body as she felt her ‘being’ spreading comfortably through Kara’s mind, the girl’s consciousness once again taking control of her body.

Lois’s first impression was astonishment at the way Kara’s body felt. So young, so strong, so confident, each movement fluid and effortless. Her own body felt nearly weightless in the girl’s arms as Kara lifted her and walked over to lay her on the bed. There was an incredible sense of peace about Kara’s body. She felt none of the usual minor aches or discomforts that Terrans become used to, the background noise of their bodies. Lois would have to describe this feeling as ‘euphoria’ as Kara’s body had a wonderful warm tingle to it, almost as if she was getting a little … … Lois’s thoughts were suddenly shattered as she felt a sudden rush of incredible sexual hormones coursing through the girl’s body. The sensation, slightly alien feeling yet so very familiar in another way, was a hundred times stronger than anything Lois had ever felt. She felt how her body tingled and burned with wild desire, her nipples growing huge and hard as they longed to be touched, her eyes traveling over Kal’s perfect body, over his broad powerful chest and flat rippling stomach. She compared those feelings to the desires she had so often felt for Kal in her own body. Kara’s response, impossibly, was stronger, far stronger, vastly stronger! Her appreciation for Kara grew as she now realized how difficult it must have been for her to restrain herself around Kal, especially if she had felt this way before!

Lois was shocked by another startling surge of passion as Kara’s eyes looked down at his massive cock as both her strong hands reached out this time to hold him. She held him, testing his hardness, watching the look of ecstasy that filled his eyes, made him smile as he gasped in pleasure. She felt the girl’s strong calves flexing slightly as a funny tingling feeling filled her chest. She slowly caressed Kal, her fingers finally slipping from him as his body floated upward to hover in mid-air. There was a sudden floating feeling in her own body as Lois felt her soaring upward, feeling as free as a bird, while looking back to see Kal turning to follow her into the night air.

Kal was thrilled at the concept of making love to young Kara, no fucking her was the right word, while he made love to Lois at the same time. He had never felt such emotions before, perhaps no man ever had. He could now please his own body’s terrible hunger, could thrill Lois, not to mention his new young lover, in a way that she could never be thrilled in her own body. His Lois, now his super woman, in the gorgeous young body of Supergirl. He felt an incredible sense of release as he knew that every pleasure he brought to Kara would be an equal pleasure for Lois. And every new pleasure that Kara brought to him would be thrilling to Lois, as she was suddenly in a beautiful powerful body that was his equal in every way. A young girl’s strong body that felt the same wild passion as he, that could contain his enormous endowment, that could withstand the immense strength of his muscles, his uncontrolled strength! A body that could bring him the pleasures Lois and Clark had only dreamed of bringing each other!

Kara pulled the tiny top of her costume up over her chest again as she floated over to the other end of the house as she quickly swept down to grab her backpack, loaded with the clothing that Monica had brought for her. Kal did the same, returning to his bedroom, as he filled his pack, made of invulnerable material from Krypton, with a weekend supply of clothes. They quickly met again in the darkness above the building as Kal reached out to hold Kara’s hand; this Superman, his young Supergirl and his fiancee, three making two, accelerated upward into the cold night sky.

Lois was thrilled as Kara strongly flexed her legs, climbing at what she knew had to be many times the force of gravity. She continued accelerating until she was moving so fast that a conical shock wave formed around her outstretched hands, her fingers beginning to glow cherry-red from the air friction, as the Earth streaked by many miles below them. They climbed steeply upward, high into the stratosphere, climbed upward to the very fringes of space.

Lois felt a tingling warmth spreading across Kara’s chest as she realized that the girl’s nearly nude body, traveling at many times the speed of sound, was heating up from the air friction. She looked down to see that what she felt as a comfortable warmth was actually coming from the red-hot glow of her breasts, her nipples glowing nearly white-hot, as the heat spread across Kara’s chest. Her hard nipples were suddenly tingling very pleasantly as the strong hypersonic shock waves played across them, teasing her firm flesh with their raw power. She felt the girl’s wonderfully tight ass flexing even more strongly now as her body suddenly leaped forward at incredible accelerations, the Earth finally curving away beneath her. She felt an incredible sense of peaceful calm and absolute silence, as the atmosphere was left behind, her body floating through the silent void of space. She had no idea that anyone’s body could feel this calm and quiet inside yet be this powerful! Lois suddenly urged Kara on, urged to explore the incredible freedom of being able to soar in space, unfettered by more than a trace of clothing, her bare skin exposed to the hard vacuum. She silently urged her to soar far beyond the Earth.

Kara looked beside her to see Kal struggling to maintain the pace, straining every massive muscle on his body to keep up with her dramatic acceleration. She responded to Lois’s silent urging, felt more than heard in her mind, as she soared upward, far from the Earth, quickly reaching escape velocity, more than 25,000 miles per hour. Kal continued to struggle to stay up with her, yet Kara was only using her legs and buttocks, she clearly wasn’t even near her full speed potential, not by any means. For the first time, Lois began to truly understand that Kara was significantly more powerful than her Kal, than her Superman! This both shocked and thrilled her at the same time. She knew of Kal’s impossible fantasies about a woman more powerful than him, they had often fantasized about this together, about what it would be like for her to be that woman! The woman, no, the young girl she now was!

As the atmosphere fell far behind, Kara flying even faster as she continued accelerating to more than 100,000 miles per hour in the vacuum of space, Lois urging her onward. Lois sensed the hard vacuum tugging at Kara, causing her body to swell slightly, particularly her breasts, yet it was not uncomfortable, just strange feeling. Her vision was incredibly clear, the hard vacuum right against her pupils. No windows or spacesuit visors to look out of, nothing to distort her vision. Just Kara’s remarkably clear eyesight. She looked behind her, the dark globe of the Earth, covered with the bright pinprick lights of civilization, rotated below them as it also seemed to shrink rapidly behind them, their bodies seemingly motionless in space. Above her, the stars were steady and unblinking, just bright pinpoints of light, many with a very distinct color to them.

The sun suddenly rose over the horizon of the Earth, a brief surge of colors visible before the hard white ball of fire began to noticeably heat her body. She felt the moisture still freezing on the dark side of her body while the sun boiled it from the other. Slowly rotating her body to even out the warmth, Kara sped toward the moon as her speed continued to increase. The Earth rapidly shrank as the moon rushed up, their crossing completed in only ten minutes. She flexed all the muscles of her gorgeous body now, decelerating at hundreds of G’s, holding Kal’s hand to help slow him, as they dropped into a low orbit about the moon. They soared down, floating between tall mountain peaks, racing across flat plains, to land in a wide flat landscape, brightly lit by the unblinking sun. Their footsteps joined those of the previous tentative explorers of this moon, which were still untouched on this Sea of Tranquility. The contrast, footprints of bare feet and toes beside the rippled footprints of space boots, only accented the difference between these super beings and the ordinary mortals who had walked here before. Kara and Kal, holding hands, walked beside each other as they examined the relics of this early attempt at Terran space exploration. The Eagle still standing, looking like new with its coating of gold foil, untouched by the nearly 30 years that had passed since its landing. Lois was still awed by how hard her people had worked to do something that was completely natural for this young Velorian woman.

Kara, sensing her thoughts, again wondered if she should help these Terrans more, to use her body, her muscles, to provide the power necessary to take their ships to the moon again or to the nearby planets. She could easily open up the solar system to them, using her own strength to lift their massive space ships out of the gravity well of the Earth so that they could use their existing technology to complete their journeys. Their primitive chemical rockets restricted them now to Earth orbit due to the massive energy that was required to escape the Earth itself. If she only carried them to escape velocity, then they would have the power to explore the nearby planets. Explore them and return.

Her thoughts came back to the present as she felt Kal’s arm around her waist. She turned to face him, her arms gently surrounding his neck as he leaned down to kiss her. Their mouths opening slightly, the last wisps of air escaping their lungs. They finally kissed, the first kiss of Superman and his Supergirl, taking place not in the romantic light of the moon, but in the even more precious and romantic Earthlight, reflected from the silvery mountains in the distance, the large blue globe floating over them.

Kara felt her body, now only a sixth of her normal weight, as she was lifted into the air by Kal’s dramatic reaction to her warm kiss. She reached down to caress him again, his eyes nearly closing in pleasure as the strength that could crush steel was used to fondle her super man. After a moment, she released him as her powerful calves flexed, launching her into space at nearly escape velocity in a single mighty leap. She smiled as she turned to see Kal struggling to catch up to her, his erection clearly visible, sticking out into space in front of him! She flexed her legs strongly as she accelerated outward and around the backside of the moon as she built up her velocity for the trans-Earth return trip. She felt Kal’s hand finally reaching for hers as she held him tightly while strongly flexing the wonderfully powerful muscles of her legs yet again. Their bodies accelerated to incredible speeds as the moon shrunk rapidly behind them and the Earth rushed at them, finally filling their vision with gorgeous blue and red colors.

Now following Kal’s lead, Kara dropped behind, tracing his steep trajectory downward, plunging back into the atmosphere at more than 300,000 miles per hour. The wispy threads of the atmosphere began to tingle along Kara’s body, first tickling her breasts, then walking down her stomach to even more sensitive areas. The shock waves sent hundreds of pleasant sensations across her body, much as a lover would while tracing a feather across her bare skin. The air soon began glowing white-hot at the front of Kara’s outstretched hands as they crashed into the thicker air below them, finally producing an intense ionized corona of energy around their bodies. The thicker air now sent far stronger sensations into her body, her breasts flattening against her chest as the air friction from the strong hypersonic shock waves made her nipples glow red then white-hot, their bodies looking like a huge meteor entering the atmosphere over the United States. They continued slowing rapidly, finally dropping below Mach 3, their superheated bodies now glowing as brightly as the sun itself.

Kal and Kara twisted and rolled in the air, Kara laughing as she felt Lois’s exuberant reaction inside her. The incredible sensation of flight, flying far freer than even the birds, now soaring through the warm air near the ground, was enough, all by itself, to put Lois into a state of ecstasy. The light of the half moon, the moon they had stood on only minutes before, was so bright, reflecting off the walls of the mountains and canyons, that it seemed like daytime. Lois knew that this was the result of Kara’s enhanced vision, vision that turned night into day.

Finally, after soaring supersonically over the peaks of the Rockies, their bodies playfully touching them, supersonic shock waves kicking up snow from the snowy summits as they playfully crashed through some huge snow cornices that overhung deep valleys. Their rapid flight quickly left the mountains behind as they descended over the gorgeous desert canyon terrain of Utah and flew toward Bryce Canyon. They took only minutes to cross the state at Mach 5, bodies only inches above the hard rock and sand, as Kal finally led them down to pause, hovering in the air, near a Bed and Breakfast Inn located next to the park, a wonderful place called the Bryce Inn.

They hung in the air, fifty feet from the ground, silently taking in the beauty of the moonlit canyons as their amazing bodies cooled from their atmospheric re-entry followed by their rapid low-level flight. Kara’s breasts and buttocks were still glowing cherry-red in the early morning shadows, softly lighting the trees of the Aspen grove that they were hovering in. Kal floated over to take her in his arms, her glowing breasts comfortably warming his own chest as her hands traced over the warm reddish glow of his broad shoulders. They felt their bodies slowly cooling together, absorbing the heat energy from their superheated skin back inside themselves.

Finally, they settled to the earth, bare feet landing on a dusting of snow covering the dried leaves in the middle of the thick Aspen grove. They opened their packs and started getting dressed. They were now just two lovers on a romantic getaway, two lovers from the moon, and it was time to check into this unique Inn that Kal had brought them to.

Kal had done a story on Bryce National Park a few years earlier and had discovered this unique Inn at that time. It was composed of a number of really delightful cabins at the eastern edge of the park. The cabins, located in a few narrow twisting canyons that radiated out from the main house, were the remains of an old Ghost town. But what had caught his eye earlier was one particular cabin, one that used to belong to the Forest Service and had been used for years as a fire lookout. It was located at the top of a tall cliff, looking down into one of the majestic canyons of the Park. It was very difficult to reach, a long series of steel stairs bolted to the cliff was the only way up, but it had been refurbished to turn it into a wonderful hideaway. He had always thought this would be the most romantic place in the world, especially if you really wanted to be undisturbed. It was the first place he thought of to take Kara. Comfortable, isolated, perched like an aerie on top of tall cliffs, a perfect view of the beautiful sunrises and sunsets of this rugged desert … a fitting place for a Superman and his Supergirl to begin their unique romance.

Still back in the Aspen grove, Kara slipped into a pair of jeans and a loose blouse; very comfortable clothes for her. Kal quickly got dressed in similar fashion, the two of them now looking every bit the couple on a weekend getaway, which was reasonably accurate in any case. They walked up to the entrance of the Inn just as the first light of the morning sunrise began to light up the massive colorful rock walls and tall pine trees that surrounded them. The two moonwalkers, visitors from a distant star, now seeking only the warmth of a comfortable Inn.

The inn-keeper, sleepy from being aroused so early, registered them and put them in the special cabin that the man, Clark Kent he noticed as he glanced at the credit card, had requested. The long narrow stairway that led to the cabin, more than 1500 steep steps up from the canyon floor below, was a favorite with young couples who wanted to be left alone and who also had the stamina to climb all the way up there! There was no way up other than the stairs and one had to be in really good shape to make that climb. His son was the only one who went up there now days to take care of the place, he was getting too old, and too far out of shape himself to make that climb.

He watched as the couple held each other close while he ran the credit card through. They both looked incredibly athletic and attractive, perhaps the most handsome couple he had ever seen. However, he didn’t really approve of them; the girl looked awfully young for this man, she could easily be his daughter! Also, the way they were holding each other, kissing gently, almost hesitantly, said that they were new lovers, just discovering each other’s bodies. He felt strangely protective toward the young girl, yet he said nothing; part of the job of being an inn-keeper was to keep one’s thoughts to himself. They were just his guests. Besides, they would be so isolated up at the Cliff House that nobody would know they were here anyway.

Registration complete, he directed the two of them toward the stairs leading up to their cabin. He couldn’t help but stare at the beautiful girl as she walked out the door, the man’s arm around her tiny waist. He had never seen a pair of jeans that fit anyone as dramatically as hers did. The obvious movement of the very well-developed muscles of her calves and her butt were very visible under them, her flexing curves stretching the fabric on every step. The fabric simply looked like tight silk the way it moved with her body! He shook his head in amazement; she would have to be incredibly firm, almost a girl of steel, to do that to those thick denim jeans.

He heard the girl giggling and laughing, her clear voice like a ray of morning sunshine, the man scooping her up enthusiastically in his arms while running across the yard toward the steps. He caught a glimpse of them in the window, her long flowing blond hair glowing in the morning sun, as she wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him while he carried her to the steps.

He finally looked away to go into the back of the house to turn on the electricity to the Cliff House; he knew the hot tub would begin heating right away. A few moments later, he walked out to see how they were making out; he assumed they would now be struggling up the beginning part of the nearly 2000’ cliff face. Even the fittest couples usually took a few rests along this hour long climb. He was shocked to see them nearly half way up already! They were actually running up the stairs, the girl’s laughter echoing from the walls of the canyon, as she led the way, obviously challenging her older companion to keep up with her. She didn’t even appear to be breathing hard as she literally sprinted up the thousand steps. He now understood why she had looked that way in those jeans, she did have muscles of ‘steel’ under those curves!

Ah, to be young again, he thought to himself. He remembered climbing all over these canyons as a youth; today, his climbing was restricted to the five steps in the front of the main house. He continued watching the two of them, their amazing pace not slowing in the least, until they finally reached the top of the stairs and disappeared over the top of the cliff.


Gabby finally stopped to rest on the ledge, her muscles aching from the strain of the long 3000’ vertical climb. Ted, her climbing companion, hired by her producer for this episode of Extremes, belayed her as she took a drink from her water bottle. She could barely see the cameraman, located nearly a half mile away on the opposite rim of the canyon, as he trained his massive camera lens on her. Only the occasional glint of morning sunshine from his huge camera lens betrayed his presence. She looked down at her pumped body as she realized he must be getting some good shots, her tiny climbing outfit didn’t cover much of her tall body and she was using a lot of muscle to climb this way. But that was what her director wanted, it helped sell the series and maintain her mystique as some kind of ‘superwoman’.

The cameraman paused for a moment as he saw Gabby do the same. He sat comfortably behind his huge camera, the 3000mm lens and clear air making Gabby look like she was standing next to him even though she was half a mile away. He was thoroughly enjoying this assignment. The wonderful clean air, warm sunshine and a powerful camera focused on Gabby. He had never realized she was as gorgeous, nor as strong, as she turned out to be when he met her I person. Watching her pulling her way up that cliff, focusing the camera in on the tight muscles of her back and legs, not to mention her strong biceps, as they flexed dramatically, was a lot different than shooting a modeling gig with her! This woman may be on the cover of many a magazine, but she was truly an athlete. There was nothing fake about the climb she was making, nor the strength that was required to accomplish it.

While Gabby rested, he scanned upward along the cliff with the camera; he could see that she had a tough climb ahead of her. He finally focused on the house at the top of the cliff once again. He saw the large deck, hot tub sunk in the middle of it, as it hung at the very edge of the 3000’ cliff that Gabby was now climbing. He had no idea who owned the place, but whoever it was, he was the luckiest person he knew of. The location was fabulous, this deep colorful chasm stretching outward and downward from that high end of the canyon where the house was located.

He was about to focus back on Gabby when he was surprised to see two people walking out on the deck. He zoomed in closer, their image filling his viewfinder, as he saw it was a man, probably in his early 40’s and a young girl, maybe 17 or 18, probably father and daughter. They stood at the edge of the deck for a few minutes, admiring the view, before turning to embrace each other, the passion of their kisses clearly visible.

OK, maybe not father and daughter, he thought to himself with a smile. He felt like he was standing ten feet away from them as his powerful camera lens shrunk the distance, yet the clear air kept the image crystal clear. He watched as the girl’s long blonde hair, blowing gently in the up-canyon breeze, glittered like spun gold in the strong morning sunlight. This guy was even luckier than he had first thought! She was gorgeous!

A quick glance downward with his binoculars showed that Gabby was going to take a really long break this time, so he slipped a different tape in the recorder and left the camera running, focused on the romantic couple. Maybe he could freelance some footage …who knows, maybe one of them would turn out to be a celebrity or something.


Kal’s kisses were wonderful as Kara noticed the faint flower and honey taste on his lips, something distinctive to Velorians, obviously Kryptonians as well. She wrapped her arms around his neck as they explored each other’s mouths with their kisses, holding nothing back for the first time in their lives. They were so lost in their passionate kisses and strong embraces that neither noticed that their bodies had begun to float upward, finally hovering several feet into the air.

The cameraman didn’t notice it right away either, he was zoomed in on their faces as he felt himself getting a little aroused from the girl’s impassioned embrace, her hungry kisses. It wasn’t until he had to adjust the camera upward a second time that he decided to back off the zoom a little. He was immediately shocked to see that they were floating in mid-air, more than three feet above the deck! He was an astute man, used to photographing subjects all over the world, so it didn’t take him long to realize that he must actually be filming Superman, probably on a weekend getaway with some sweet young thing!

He felt a thrill as he realized that this footage would be worth millions! And who was this gorgeous young girl that he was romancing? His mind was immediately swirling with the offers he would have from newspapers and magazines, God, even the TV networks! He could make millions on this tape!

He continued to film them, violating what he was sure they thought was their private escape here on the top of that cliff, while a disquieting thought began to bother him. He remembered his priest’s private instructions the other day as he had been ordained into one of the many inner orders of the Aztec religion.

Xochimiltzo had told him that, as an inner guardian of the church, he must now help remove the threats the church faced with any abilities that he possessed. He had been shown their list of enemies and Superman was at the very top of the list. He had been surprised, he had always thought Superman was a pretty cool guy, always helping people out and everything. But on this night he had learned the real truth as Xochimiltzo described how Superman had been sent to Earth by an alien planet with the goal of destroying the Aztec religion and breaking down the world-wide order that their religion promised. Violence, war and the possible destruction of all humankind were the likely results if Superman continued his campaign against the Aztecs.

Xochimiltzo had described to the assembled men and women of this special Sanctum, all professional photographers and cameramen, that any information they learned or footage they shot of Superman should be sent up to a special satellite transponder that the church owned.

Now perched here on the edge of the cliff, he remembered those instructions. He fed the access codes and coordinates that he had been given into his satellite upload equipment. His small dish whirled and tracked to lock onto the right satellite. He entered the code to initiate a live upload of everything that his camera was capturing. He felt good inside, knowing that what he was doing now was far more important than any money he could make from this footage. On the other hand, he kept his VCR running in parallel, just in case! He could really use the money!


Puroutll handed the con over to his Exec, Mewtl, as he floated across the command module toward the door. He turned to see Mewtl relaying the video footage they had finished receiving, which was actually several days old, just as another incoming message light came on. The primitive transponder on the Terran satellite had been enabled again, relaying more video footage, live this time, to their ship for eventual upload to the Arion command ship. He wished his engineers could get that relay satellite fixed, the one they had pulled into the cargo bay yesterday. It supposedly had needed only a minor repair, but when he had checked on the engineers late last night, they had the whole thing disassembled with parts strewn across half the cargo bay. Three of the engineers were sitting and hissing at each other, fur standing on end, tails twitching, as they argued about what piece went where. He quickly knew what that meant; he was witnessing yet another example of his people’s incompetence when it came to technology!

He also knew that the end result of this little repair exercise was going to be a box of parts that they ultimately shipped off to some Arion ship for re-assembly! He would have to endure the smirks and side comments, not the mention the superior smiles, on the Arion’s faces once again; they always seemed to think it was hilarious when they had to deal with Kintzi engineering people. Damn-it, his people were fighters, not fucking gadget-heads like the Arions!

Puroutll could barely contain his frustration now as he knew that his incompetent Engineering staff had condemned him to keep his ship on this station, doing simple communications relay work, until the Arions placed another satellite in their place. That could be days … maybe weeks!

He glanced at the new video being displayed on the screen as it was uplinked. It showed a Terran man and woman in some kind of disgusting embrace. He almost puked as he saw it was another girl with that pale colorless hair; he had no idea why Terrans liked that color so much. This girl looked nearly identical to the one he had seen on the last video, maybe she was indeed the same girl, but all these pale Terran’s looked the same to him anyway. Telling males from females was hard enough sometimes!

He finally turned to go down to the cargo bay to set the controls, beginning the deployment of that ‘weapon’, or whatever in the Framl it was, that the Arions had installed in his cargo bay. He left Mewtl to watch the video stream, he actually seemed to enjoy watching these Terrans, often licking his lips as he was probably imagining how they would taste. His tail would often get twitching so badly when watching the long videos, the ones the Terrans called ‘movies’, that it drummed on the floor, especially when he was watching the creatures chasing each other. He definitely needed some hunting time, Puroutll thought. Framl, they all did! Maybe they could get a day of R&R on this planet before they headed home … that is, if his fucking engineers didn’t screw up any more satellites while they were here!


Kal was thrilled as Kara held him close while kissing him passionately as they stood in the warm morning breeze. Her soft breasts pressed gently against his chest as strands of her silky blonde hair flew across his face. He was lost in her kisses as his hands slowly moved down her back until they rose up over the firm rounded contours of her ass. He cupped her firmly in his hands, using his natural strength, as she gasped softly, her jeans tearing apart under his strong embrace. He held her firmly, her cute firm ass filling his hands as he spread her cheeks gently apart. The sturdy denim of her jeans, already stretched tightly over her firm buttocks, now split down the middle, revealing her gorgeous bare ass. His hands moved back to cup only her soft skin this time as he felt the steel firmness beneath, living steel that Kara felt giving way under a man’s touch for the first time in her young life, steel muscles that felt wonderfully compliant and sexy to Kal under the strong embrace of his Kryptonian muscles.

Kara gasped loudly, her nipples snapping erect, as she felt his hands embracing her like this, no man had ever held her like that before! The sensation of his strong hands, combined with the feel of his massive cock, surprisingly dramatic for even a Superman, as it pressed against her lower abdomen, sent a shiver between her legs as she felt herself getting really wet. She eased herself backward a bit as she heard a loud ripping noise as part of him continued to press strongly against her flat stomach. She looked down, letting out a quick giggle, as she saw Kal’s massive cock tearing his jeans open as his full erection proved too much for mere clothing to contain. He was so large that his head had slid up behind his belt and under his shirt before tearing that thick leather belt, and the front of his jeans, wide open. It was no contest, mere leather and denim fabric against the steel hardness of the man in this Superman!

Kara turned her body around, facing outward toward the edge of the cliff, as she floated upward enough to take his massive cock between her thighs from the rear. She slowly lowered her body, bending him downward and holding him firmly between her buttocks and firm upper thighs, his cockhead protruding far beyond her body in the front, as she leaned her back against his chest. She raised her arms behind her shoulders to embrace him and to pull him down close while turning her head to meet his lips once again.

Kal was thrilled as he felt Kara holding his hard cock between her thighs, firm muscles flexing to hold him with what he knew had to be ten thousand pounds of force, maybe more! The muscles of her long legs held him immobile now as she met his passionate kisses with her own. Kal’s hands surrounded her tiny waist, his fingers tracing across the firm ripples of Velorian muscles, muscles that thrilled him with their definition and firmness! His fingers sliding under the bottom edge of her blouse, touching the softest skin he had ever felt! Softness stretched tightly over hard steel as he gently traced his fingers over the wonderful contours of her flat stomach.

His fingers slowly traced upward, over her blouse, as they followed the wonderful contours of her body. He felt her squirm comfortably in his arms, a soft giggle escaping her lips, his fingers tickling her sensitive ribs slightly, as they rose up across her ribcage. He soon felt the soft mounds of her breasts filling his hands. He had to open his very large hands all the way to cup her firm proud breasts, sitting so high, so dramatically, on her chest. He then did something he had always fantasized about, something he had never imagined he would ever actually be able to do. He slowly flexed his muscles, used all his super strength, as he molded his hands deeply into the soft depths of her ample breasts!

Kara gasped in erotic pleasure as she felt him holding her breasts this way, fondling her with his full Kryptonian strength, in this uniquely Velorian embrace. It felt so incredible to be held this way, his fingers soon stroking across her hardening nipples, as she no longer had to endure the maddening featherlight touches of a Terran male. Her nose wrinkled as she looked down to see smoke curling up from under Kal’s strong hands as her cotton blouse could not withstand the friction of his fingers stroking her hard nipples, squeezing her firm breasts. Her long golden hair blew across her chest, covering Kal’s hands, as the breeze caused her blouse to suddenly burst into bright flames. She looked down to see her invulnerable blonde hair, glowing brightly in the flames, as Kal released her for a moment. He let the flames slowly undress her as he gazed down over her strong shoulder, watching her gorgeous nude body slowly becoming visible among the bright flames!

The flames burned inward along the tightly stretched fabric surrounding her breasts, starting at her engorged nipples, slowly revealing the firm tanned flesh beneath. The flames spread upward and then finally downward, finally covering her entire upper body, until Kal gently brushed the burned remains of her blouse from her now nude body.

Kara’s hands slowly traced down his strong arms, feeling the incredible contours of his muscles, until they reached between her own legs as she attempted to surround the hardness of his huge cock with her soft strong hands. The gorgeous muscles of her own forearms turned to steel as Kal gasped, his body intimately experiencing the immeasurably firm, yet erotic touch, of a woman from his own species for the first time! A touch that would make hard steel flow like warm wax, yet a touch that now found no give, so hint of softness, in the huge organ her hands surrounded! His kisses caressed her earlobes as his hands continued to surround her soft twin mounds as he also began fondling her with a strength that no earthly substance could resist; forces only the firm young breasts of Supergirl could withstand!


The cameraman was shocked as he saw the flames, racing up through the girl’s blonde hair, as they burned her blouse from her body, apparently without injuring her! He saw all the massive muscles of Superman’s arms flexing as he held the young girl; held her soft breasts with a strength that should have reduced her body to jelly! He felt a surge of his own arousal as he saw her hands reaching down to fondle his massive cock, larger than he had ever imagined it was possible for a humanoid male to possess, as it extended nearly a foot in front of the girl’s slim body! He suddenly realized that he must be seeing Superman with a girl of his own race, a super girl! He looked again at his massive cock as he chuckled to himself … if he was going to use that to fuck her, then he also knew that the physiology of this ‘Supergirl’ would have to be a lot different than any Terran woman! My God that man was huge!

The girl suddenly flew upward to hover perhaps five feet over his head as she spread her legs, her cute bare ass revealed where the denim had been torn apart by Superman’s strong hands. His hands reached upward again, caressing her long legs, her calves, her thighs, as her jeans continued to shred under his strong caresses. Suddenly, the camera’s image was dazzled as two actinic red beams reached out to begin traveling over her legs. The torn remains of her jeans burst into flames as the red beams vaporized them, traveling slowly, sensually, up the inside of each leg to dwell for a moment between her long legs. The girl spread her legs very wide as she threw her head back, long blonde hair cascading down her back, while the beams, reaching between her legs, grew far stronger, far brighter. He saw a bright glowing outline beginning to surround her body as the edges of her softly rippling muscles began to glow red-hot. Her buttocks began to glow brightly as Superman kept increasing the power of his heat vision as he focused it between her legs. She slowly lowered her body toward his face, her legs flexing to surround his head, as he suddenly saw a cloud of steam rising from their bodies. He somehow knew that Superman’s moist tongue had found the girl’s hot steaming sex. He saw her throw her head back even further, her upper body heaving, as her gorgeous legs were now clamped tightly around his head.

The red glow of her buttocks shown out from between Superman’s fingers as he held her ass tightly in his grip, her body surging stronger and stronger against his face. The girl finally bent herself completely backward, her hands holding and caressing her own breasts, her legs tightly clamped around Superman’s head. Her body began vibrating so fast that she seemed to blur as the cloud of steam rising from between her legs suddenly grew thicker. Her body surged powerfully, Superman obviously working hard to control her passion, before she suddenly collapsed in his arms, clearly spent from her powerful orgasm. Moments later, he heard the high soprano cries of this young Supergirl’s passion echoing from the walls of the canyon!

He continued watching, fascinated and incredibly aroused, while Superman slowly lowered her, her legs sliding on either side of his massive cock, as it once again supported the weight of her body while he hugged her to himself.

Lois felt Kara collapse as she seemed to pass out for a moment. Amazingly, she suddenly felt herself in control of Kara’s body as she felt Kal hugging her tightly to him, his massive cock held firmly between her legs. She paused for a moment before she finally felt Kara’s mind again, this time in the background of her own. She had no idea how this had happened, but their roles had suddenly been reversed by the force of her, by their, incredible orgasm!

Lois had been thrilled by the erotic joy of the girl’s orgasm, so much more intense than anything she had ever experienced! The wonderful warmth from Kal’s heat vision had warmed the most intimate places of her body, inside and out, as she became more and more aroused the stronger he used it.

For his part, Kal had been amazed as Kara had finally clamped her strong legs around his head, his tongue reaching deeply into the white-hot depths of her steaming sex. The sizzling explosion of his moisture had tickled and aroused her as his firm tongue had swirled around her clit, filling her with indescribable passion. Her powerful legs, using all the strength that Supergirl possessed, had pressed her cunt to his face as he had struggled to keep up with her passion, his powerful tongue working her as fast as he could. Her final orgasm, her gorgeous thighs turning harder than steel as her super muscles contracted, had nearly crushed Kal’s head as he had thrust his tongue deeply into her, his hands squeezing her ass with all his superhuman strength. Her final thrusts, followed by her shrill cries, had thrilled Superman as he realized he had just done things for this young girl that no man had done before. His pride, and his arousal, combined to make him fully appreciate, for the first time, what it really meant to be a man, to be a Superman!

He held her tightly to his chest as he did a slow backflip in mid-air, flying over the edge of the cliff face, to hover in mid-air. He eased Kara’s slim body, looking so young and gorgeous, into a shallow depression in the hard rock as she smiled warmly at him, a hint of anticipation on her full lips. Her smile suddenly reminded him of Lois as he remembered that she was feeling and seeing everything that was happening to Kara. Her soft hands reached out, again holding his massive steel organ, as she guided him downward while gripping his hips with her ankles.

Lois was concerned, as she found herself in control of Kara’s young body, when she looked at the size Kal had grown to. She had never seen him look remotely as large as this before, he must be approaching 18” in length and nearly 4” in width. She had no idea how this young girl’s body could handle such an organ! Yet this girl was Supergirl after all! That ‘super’ in front of her name hopefully referred to more than just her muscles!

Lois felt the massive head of Kal’s cock tracing down between her breasts, to slide across the soft ripples of her stomach. Her own hands held him tightly as Lois watched the wonderful pleasure on Kal’s face as she heard his gasps of ecstasy. She had never been able to please him like this before, but she had never had Kara’s super muscles to use in her lovemaking before either!

Lois finally felt Kal’s massive cockhead teasing her labia as she felt Kara’s passion exciting her, tingling even her mind. She realized the girl could probably take control of her body again, but Lois could tell that she had chosen to give her that pleasure! Kal’s hands rose up to hold her breasts again as Lois felt him slowly easing her labia open with his cock at the same time. She felt him beginning a long wonderful slow penetration of her body. Her ass was pressed firmly against the rock wall as she saw the muscles bunching all across his body as he used his flying power to force himself, thrust after thrust, deeper into her body. Lois felt the thrills running through Kara’s hard body, her body impossibly being forced open ever wider to accept him, the excitement as her young muscular vagina gripped him with immeasurable force. She saw his entire body flexing now as he generated massive power while trying to thrust himself deeper into her firm body. Lois gasped as she felt something tear painfully when he was more than two thirds into her. She then felt what seemed like a second vagina opening up deep inside her! Lois’s and Kara’s thoughts merged as they suddenly knew that Kara was no longer a virgin! They cried out in pleasure and pain as the tight inner vagina of her Velorian body was finally being penetrated! No manmade object in the universe was powerful enough to do this, only the fully erect cock of a male of her own species had the power!

Kal gasped in pleasure as he used every ounce of his strength, finally aided by Kara’s strong legs, to generate the power to fuck this young girl. He thrust himself harder and faster into her slim body as he saw the rock craze behind her as the forces transmitted through her body were crushing her firm ass into the rock face! He thrust himself even harder and faster as he felt her strong vagina gripping and holding him with wonderful firmness. His powerful, but incredibly difficult, penetration of her inner vagina, accompanied by a painful gasp from Kara, took more strength than he had ever used before! His hands gripped her hips, added the power of his arms to her legs and his flying power, as he thrust himself deeper and deeper until he finally buried the fullness of his massive cock into the slim body of this young Velorian girl, this Supergirl!


The Arion Ops officer on duty saw the video feed coming in and instantly recognized both Kal and Kara, the two Velorians they had been tracking for some time. She switched the video onto the large screen in the Command Post as the twenty or so members of the Ops Team turned to watch it. She couldn’t help but feel herself getting aroused as she watched the Kryptonian fucking this blonde teenage girl, fucking her so hard that she saw the cliff face crumbling behind her back.

The command team struggled as it took all of their professional training to view the scene before them objectively as they quickly worked to triangulate the source of the transmission. They finally gave a complex set of orders to the leader of the assault team. His scout ship immediately departed shuttle bay 3 to travel at max acceleration to rendezvous with the Kintzi ship. They needed to fill out a full combat team and this was the type of job the Kintzi loved. They would be on the ground, engaging this Kryptonian and his young Velorian girlfriend, within a few hours. If they would just say put this time until they reached them.

The Ops Officer looked back at the screen, enjoying the show; it certainly looked like they were going to be occupied for a while!


Gabby had just started to climb again when she felt the cliff-face trembling slightly. Small pieces of rock started to rain down on her as she quickly put her hard-hat on. Fortunately, there was a slight overhang above her that was deflecting the bigger rocks outward, but she was very concerned as the deep pounding vibration of the cliff grew stronger. She was from LA and knew about earthquakes, but this was something completely different. She looked down the sheer 2000’ drop below her as she suddenly felt very vulnerable and exposed. She quickly hammered another piton into a nearby crack to give her an additional belay point.

The vibration gradually grew stronger and faster as larger pieces of rock were now spinning off into space as they hit the overhang above her. It was soon all Gabby could do to hang on to the rock face as the shaking developed into something that was as strong as an earthquake, except that it went on and on and grew stronger and faster every minute! She hugged her body to the rock, her long legs widely spread on her two footholds, her pelvis pressing against the hard rock as she held on for dear life. The rhythm of the cliff-face, especially the sensation of the rock protrusion in front of her Lycra shorts, was suddenly very familiar! She glanced up toward Ted, he was around the corner and out of sight, as she felt her body starting to get really aroused as the rock protrusion pressed inward to meet her growing clit with greater and greater urgency as the rock wall shuddered. She suddenly had to press herself even more firmly against the wall as she held on for dear life.

It was impossible, but the woman in her knew that she was feeling the vibrations coming from someone’s athletic lovemaking, a sensation she was very familiar with. How the whole earth could shudder with those same thrusting sensations, she had no idea! She finally closed her eyes as the vibrations of the cliff-face turned her on more and more. Her breasts tingled as her nipples rubbed against the rough rock as the rock protrusion conducted the strong vibrations inside her. She gasped in shocked amazement as she realized that she was going to have an orgasm, legs spread open, hanging 2000’ above the canyon floor, as if the Earth itself was her lover!

Ted initially had no idea what was going on either as the earthquake, somehow growing stronger and shaking him faster, went on and on. It was all he could do to hang on to the rock as she shouted for Gabby to do the same. He thought he heard a gasp in return, but she was too far away and the roar of falling rock was now too loud. Huge sections of shattered rock were now falling, many of them exploding into smaller fragments as they hit the overhang just above him. He suddenly was nearly shaken from the wall by a final, far stronger, shuddering vibration as he heard two loud cries coming from above him, one the high pitched cries of a young woman, the other that of an older man. Impossibly, he heard another woman’s cry from the direction of Gabby, as all the passionate sounds echoed down the canyon, the strong vibrations from the cliff-face suddenly slowing and stopping.

Impossibly, he realized why the vibrations had felt so familiar to him; someone was making wild athletic love up near the top of the cliff! It didn’t take much imagination to realize that to shake the Earth this way, the man had to be Superman; he must have finally found his Superwoman! They were making love on the very cliff he and Gabby were climbing! He suddenly wanted nothing more than to climb higher to see if his suspicions were correct.


Kara kept her arms and legs wrapped around Kal as he stayed hard and deeply buried within her. The strength of her inner muscles prevented his withdrawal and kept him hard. Despite the fact that the two of them had used their own strength and flying power to reduce the impact on the rock wall behind her, she found that her hips and buttocks had shattered the rock as her body had been driven nearly a foot deep into it. She shuddered to imagine what would have happened if Kal had used only his flying power and the resistance of the rock against her back to contain those forces … they would have shattered the whole mountain! As it was, the rock around her body was badly cracked and a strong impression of her backside had been smashed into the cliff!

They floated upward, Kara providing the power this time, as they crossed back over the cliff face and dropped into the bubbling hot tub behind them. There was an instant burst of steam that blotted out the sky as their superheated bodies vaporized large quantities of water. Kara felt Kal starting to move gently within her as he started to slowly fuck her once again. She was determined to control his forceful thrusts with her own flying power this time, hopefully he would not get so far out of control after that first experience. Her own body was still tingling wildly as she had never even realized that there was such a thing as an inner ‘vagina’ to her body, one that only a male like Superman could penetrate, and only then by using every ounce of his fantastic strength! The rewards of this penetration had been immediate as she had had by far the strongest and most amazing orgasm she had ever experienced as his huge cockhead had stimulated nerves that were unique to the inner depths of a Velorian woman.

Kara leaned her body backward now, Kal’s strong hands wonderfully fondling her breasts once again, as she felt those same sensations building again as he slowly built up the speed and force of his thrusting. She wrapped her long gorgeous legs around his hips and met the power of his super body with her own.

Over the next two hours, the two of them made love nearly a dozen times in the warm water of the hot tub. Despite Kara’s best efforts to control their passion and his power, they still nearly emptied the water from the tub, the automatic refiller working overtime to keep up with them. Their lower bodies generated so much heat from the friction of their lovemaking that the heater was unnecessary, in fact, the water was soon approaching the 100C boiling point despite having the faucet running constantly adding cold water! Finally, they were both exhausted as they collapsed to just float in the boiling water, heads slightly below the surface. It just felt warm and comfortable as they floated underwater, half asleep, arms and legs embracing each other, Kal still erect and held impossibly tightly deeply inside Kara.


Puroutll, Mewtl and a couple of other Kintzi warriors joined the two Arion Prime who were shuttling down to the planet. Puroutll was ecstatic, he was not only getting off the wreck of his ship, but he was going to get some combat time fighting a Velorian, a Kryptonian as well! How glorious, he thought, to once again face the most powerful beings in the known universe! He checked his gold grenades once again as he quickly remembered how powerful the Velorian really was. He was unhappy that he needed this edge, but also knew that even in a weakened state, a Velorian female protector, even such a young one as this, would be an awesome opponent. The Kryptonian male was probably going to be pretty impressive also.

Their ship made a fiery entry into the atmosphere of the planet as they soared down over the largest ocean on the planet. They turned on their stealth countermeasures as they floated over the west coast of the United States at 100,000’. The Arion pilot put the ship into a series of long spirals over the desert west as he lost altitude and speed. The scout ship, nearly 50,000 Kg heavy, lost inertia as the pilot scooted low across the landscape, finally approaching the cliff-top house from down below, from the deep canyon on the west side. The scout ship, nearly 30 meters long, flashed low over the site of the video transmission, the man ducking low to avoid the massive ship, as the pilot saw two climbers on the cliff just below the house. He smiled as he figured the force of his jets was going to strip these puny Terran vermin from the wall.

He finally pulled the ship up at the last minute as he soared up to land it softly beside the house, bow and stern hanging over each side of the tall thin rock prominence. The Kintzi were out the door in seconds as they raced for the tub of water where they knew their targets were. The sharp crack of multiple grenades, showers of hair-thin gold fibers filling the air and water, finally announced their presence to their two targets.

The pilot kept his paws on the controls, posed for an immediate lift off, in case the Velorian, in particular, wasn’t adequately restrained. Part of him knew it didn’t matter, if either she or the Kryptonian got loose with their powers intact, he wasn’t going to be able to get away fast enough. Especially from the girl, she had shown what she thought of Arions before and he had no illusions about her desire to show any mercy to them!

He saw all four Kintzi diving into the pool as a huge thrashing battle commenced while the Arions stood by the side and held the thick gold restraints they planned to use. This new gold alloy, nearly as strong as Vanadium steel, had proven to have most of the weakening powers of pure gold yet was far stronger. His fears finally got the best of him as he saw the young girl standing up, throwing one of the Kintzi over the side of the cliff. He panicked and jammed the throttles forward to lift off, dropping down into the canyon on the other side. He would find a distant place to hide in until he heard the ‘all clear’ call come in. Let the damn Kintzi do the fighting, they seemed to enjoy it more than any Arion Prime he had ever met.


Gabby and her guide made it over the overhang and were resting again, sharing their food and water. She was talking to Ted about how they were going to handle the next pitch when she suddenly saw his face turn white. She turned to follow his staring eyes as she saw a huge silver aircraft, nearly the size of a small commercial airliner but with only tiny wings, soaring right at them! They were helpless, sure it was going to crash into the cliff right where they hung, before it suddenly gave off a huge roar and soared upward, barely clearing the top of the cliff. It stopped in mid-air as it settled down, hot jets tearing at their clothing, almost ripping them from the wall, as it landed on top of the cliff. The end of the ship was hanging about 100’ above them as it overhung the cliff-edge by about 10’.

Gabby grabbed Ted as she saw him loosing his handholds, her strong arm easily supporting his full bodyweight as all their extra gear, food, water and clothing, tumbled nearly 3000’ down to the canyon floor. If Gabby hadn’t used extra belays after that incident earlier with the shaking cliff, she would have been swept down it herself. As it was, she had to use most of the strength in her left arm to lift Ted upward enough so that he could reach his handholds once again. He finally took up his own weight again as Gabby collapsed back against her belays, temporarily exhausted. They both knew they were now committed to completing the climb, they would die of thirst before completing the day and a half climb down and hike out in this brutal heat!

They suddenly looked upward in shock as they heard a sound, like a combination of a human scream and cat in heat, a sound that had never been heard on Earth before! It made their skin crawl as they instinctively knew they were dealing with another kind of alien, different than those that Superman had sent away last year. These screams, cat-like and fierce, also suggested far more deadly creatures than those men that Superman had vanquished!

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