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Tales of An 'Mazing Girl: Dance of the Sugar Cleaning Fairies

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Tales of An 'Mazing Girl: Dance of the Sugar Cleaning Fairies


by Castor

(special thanks to Dru for editing and proof reading


It was a Good Idea. It wasn't Sarah's entirely but it was a good idea.


When she had first moved to LA three years ago, she had met Wendy, who introduced her to Grace and F (her name was Florence, but everyone called her F). All of them were low industry girls at the time, living in the Southbay. Wendy and F were roommates of the non-sexual variety. Three years latter Sarah had become prop master on her own show. Janice had moved from working at a rental shop to being a first assistant camerawoman. F was now manager at the rental house, and Wendy was still a secretary for a production company.


They still got together once a month or so and had cleaning parties. All of the girls where messy, so spending a couple of hours each month to clean off their apartments together did help. Each girl would get a chore that they could somewhat tolerate, they would spend about an hour at each place … and well, maybe drink (Janice was a featherweight so usually she drove). Mainly they chatted about boys, music, or whatever. Sarah was the biggest nerd of the group by far, so constant talk about pop music was something she could kind of zone out on, but she was pleasant and she had fun. And occasionally they wouldn't bother with the chores, and watch a DVD or something.


It was Thursday around 7. Sarah had spent about 7 hours in the studio which was pretty easy work in the business. She felt kind of awake to be honest. It was the kind of night she could have gone out and fought crime. But crime would have to wait.


Or maybe spent some time with her little magic wand (don't judge her). It was often said of superheroes that their powers made them super-horny. Not Sarah, not really. Her libido was normal, maybe a tad above average, but really, she could manage it.


But Sarah couldn't help rubbing her legs together a bit as she sat on her bed. She knew would have to get dressed after taking off her work clothes to put on some old sweats (that were rubbing her breasts just the right way) She had to get to Janice’s house by 7:30 . She did have 15 minutes. if she ran and jumped there, she could do it three times as fast as driving. And she was feeling worked up …


She sighed. No, that probably wouldn’t work.


Then her hand found its way into her sweats pants. Ahh, fuck.




It was around 7:40 when a slightly flushed and unshowered Sarah made her way to Janice’s house (and it was a house, even if like a lot of places in the Southbay it had no yard or anything). Janice at some point had invested in the kind of furniture one would get from an Italian store. It was brass bowls and strong colors. Still, Janice was nice enough, if maybe a tad withdrawn, and they got along okay. Sarah was the last person there but no one commented.


"Tough day at the shoot"


"Good episode?" asked F. F was the type of person who worked in TV but never actually watched much of it. She was the kind of conventional attractive that one would see from across the street, until you realize that she kind of had a strange personality. How strange was hard to say.


"Ahhh, the directors not bad actually," Sarah commented "He’s done some Indie movies you never heard of, and he’s trying some interesting stuff with the camera"


The actual answer was, 'No, it was pretty terrible', but Sarah was not the type in Hollywood to bad-mouth the crap she worked on.


"Bought some margarita mixes. Three in the package, a forth I made my own," said Wendy. “Let’s have ourselves a night."


Wendy drank. The imprecise amount of alcohol in her drink suggested that she may in fact have a 'dranking' problem. owever, she was a pleasant enough person either sober or drunk, and she was good with a vacuum.


Wendy vacuumed. F could dust with the best of them. Janice could wash and clean a kitchen to spotlessness. Sarah had learned something about herself. She actually could tolerate cleaning other people’s bathrooms, despite what people did in bathrooms. She was tolerant of shit and blood she found, well, she could handle it. It wasn't that hard. This was despite the fact that they had by moving doubled the number of bathrooms she did in the night from 3 to 6. She found she was better at a really good once over.


Sarah spent about 30 minutes in the bathroom. It was kind of hard to hear Janice talking about her boyfriend, who was clearly coming over a lot. Pee stains on the side of the toilet confirm this, and the **** vague/vast **** amounts of it suggested it wasn't from one visit.


He was really into sports, and Janice’s voice suggested that she was in a particular stage of maybe caring about sports herself.


Sarah had seen sporting events of course, on occasion, but had never managed to care about it. With her great gifts at all athletic endeavours she had tried, basketball, softball and tennis had been trifles, not worth the bother to win, or watch the other players loose. She got peeved at them for their lack of ability. It was around Junior High when her abilities fully blossomed that her parents suggested she faked being bad, to go into the background and not become the worlds best tennis player or fastest miler . She agreed, and never did much in the way of traditional athletics again … and never bother watching it either. Why didn't that basketball player do a slam dunk from half court like she could? Instead, she found a whole world of comicbooks and action figures to bide her time.


It should be noted, as said before, that Sarah Jennings was secretly ‘Mazing Girl, champion of Los Angeles. None of her friends here knew. The only friend who knew (except for Knife Girl, who was also a hero), was Jim … an ex-boyfriend who was now just a friend … but he knew her secret. The rest just assumed she was a plumpy, vaguely semi-put-together nerd. A nerd who was friendly enough, enjoyed a beer, and was a good shoulder to talk to And willing, in Janice’s case, to clean her bathroom of a lot crud this week. Ahh well.


Yet they were her friends and she was glad for them. She knew other superheroes spent a lot of time mainly together forming cliques and circles. She wanted to you know actual humanity. She worked all day with actors, and had seen what happened to them … how they could grow isolated in their fame. Even the friendliest of stars, tended to have an aura of isolation … of distance. She shook her head. Not for her. Theoretically there were methods through advertising or some foundation she could be 'mazing full time, but she was glad for being her.


"Ooh! A quarter!" she said, as she found it behind the toilet. She paused Janet was a good friend. And 25 cents had some value as money. But ahh, it was hers.


It took her about 30 minutes to clean bathroom one, 10 to clean bathroom two (the half bath off the main living room), and a glance at the small bathroom for Janice’s unused second and third bedrooms to confirm that, once again, no one had used them since last time. Hell, she probably should do some light dusting. Meanwhile the other girls finished their chores, and some margaritas were consumed. It wasn't a great evening, but the margaritas were starting to kick in when Janice agreed to drive them to Sarah’s condo to get going.


Sarah was a little embarrassed by her little two bedroom condo. One bedroom was obviously a bedroom with a giant bed, and the second was used as an office/workroom that in actual working periods didn't see much use, other then to paint models or the occasional action figure (her hobby). It was maybe a tad bigger then a two bedroom apartment, but only a tad. Some posters, some of them signed by the original artist, lined the wall … but they weren't framed or anything. She could have probably, theoretically, afforded more … but ehh, it was her little piece of El Segundo magic (though it didn't have a view of the ocean or anything).


She didn't have a Batcave. She had thought about getting, like, a bat-computer or something, but had no idea what she would actually do with it. She put some news apps on her phone and felt she was giving due diligence in that department.


Still, secrecy made her keep her costume, and her backup costume in the trunk of her car. What if they came across her embarrassing secret!! The vibrator she kept in her room worried her, but less. She drove her car home, feeling sober enough to drive, hoping that a cop would agree … and not find her secret. This would be the most embarrassing way to loose your secret identity imaginable. Unless midgets or people wearing furry costumes were involved.


Well what can you do? She hadn't drank that much yet, and it would be a pain to get the car tomorrow.


It was on the drive home that she noticed it. Well … heard it. She turned on local news.


“A large apartment fire is raging in Torrance this evening …”


She could have driven there in, what? 2 minutes? She was good with fires. Her powers made these kinds of events trivial.


But she had guests coming home. And an apartment to clean …


"No causalities have been reported as yet, but fire-crews are on the scene, rescuing people … ”


Friends. And she had promised snacks.


She got home and opened the door for everyone.


"Someone’s been messy" F teased.


Well screw you. But she had guests.


She worked on cleaning her own bathroom. She hadn't been that bad really, but clearly at some point she had spilled some stuff.


The girls talked. She turned on the radio.


"What’s going on?" asked Wendy.


"Just listening."


"… artment fire in Torrance. It has spread to an adjoining building … and the super villain known as Deca is at the site.” They played Deca’s voice: "PEOPLE OF LOS ANGELES, BUT MAINLY THE WRETDCHED CREATURE KNOWN AS ‘MAZING GIRL, COME TO ME!!! OR I WILL DESTROY YOUR PRECIOUS CITY, BUILDING BY BUILDING!!!”


Deca. He was her arch-nemeses. His real name was Arthur Macquire, and like her had a superpower: Telepathy. He had used it in a productive way. For insider trade so much that it hurt. But as he read peoples mines he learned dirty secrets (and clean ones) about earnings reports etc. It was never proven that he actually talked to anyone, which just meant he was very lucky at the stock market.


Still, Sarah had captured him about two years ago. But not on this. For Macquire wanted to be a real supervillain too. Despite making millions and millions and owning a very large mansion in Bel Air (She had been there. It was pretty sweet), he had invested in thugs, private armies, and most notably power-armor. She remembered the truck incident about a month ago. That so could have been him. He liked armor and machines and things like that, and despite having no real technical skill had invested in tons. Plus he had a snazzy black cape.


But why? Even at his trial he had never really given a good answer as to what the end-game was. It wasn't money. He wasn't trying to take over the world or destroy it. What his end-game was, despite really being mad at her for capturing him, was never known. The government had taken his house, his cars, and his gay lovers (well the government didn't take that but that had been the result).


She hoped he wasn't monarching her from the Venture Bros, because she always found that show tiresomely up its own ass.


He had managed to escape jail using his a’Mazing powers to get past the guards (or possibly bribed them) and had spent a lot of time trying to enact some terrible vengeance on her.


This was pretty brazen.


But, well … she had bathrooms to clean.


"We have fresh reports that Nighthawk and The Glider are now on the scene. One unconfirmed sighting of Knife Girl … ”


She finished early and helped Janice in the kitchen.


"You doing something interesting with cheese," Janice said.


"Made some pretty kicking fajitas the other night."


She wanted to be social but she only half paid attention.


"This is something to see, Jim. Glider is setting down anti-aircraft style fire from his laser at Deca, while Nighthawk is trying a more hands on strategy. However, Deca’s armor is extremely powerful, and it maybe to much for him to … ”




Her apartment was pretty easy to clean. It was small, before they then moved on to F’s largish house. Sarah paused to consider. Should she call it a night? People’s lives could, you know, be at stake, and all …


"Hey, you know guys … um … I’m feeling a little … well I’m feeling a little … crampy.”


“Urgh,” uttered Wendy.


"We’re at my house already … I don't think the alcohol was helping … "


"Alcohol helps all problems," Wendy said.


"I don't want you have to drive me home early."


"That’s a good idea" said Janice. “We’ll finish up here."


And they did finish up, helpfully, as Sarah lay on her bed. And listened.




"Oh my … Nighthawk … how to describe it … wait, wait. Knife Girl IS here. Knife Girl is here … She’s throwing knives at Deca, which seems to have distracted him from killing nighthawk. Deca’s coming over to attack … Glider just came down and kicked him. No wait! Deca has hit Glider’s hang-glider and he’s down. God! He’s down! Nighthawk is up and going at Deca from behind … and wait … Knife Girl has stuck a knife in Deca’s back … it looks … it looks like it hit something important. Sparks are flying … ”




“Deca has thrown down all three heroes with just a thrust of his hand. Like they’re dominos … bowling pins … now he’s running away … running …”




"I think we’re done in here.”


"Thanks, guys," Sarah said as she helped them out. “I really got to thank you all.”


"What are friends for? See in you a couple of weeks.”


"I'll buy some really kick-ass cleanser. And some better margaritas."




It was about 30 minutes before she got to the scene. The fire was still blazing, but all the people had been evacuated. Not much she could do. Still she made an appearance, looking over the wreckage.


She looked over at the building from another side.


"Where were you?" demanded Nighthawk, coming from the shadows.


"Um, I had personal business to attend to … I came as fast as I could.”


"That clown of a friend of yours, Knife Girl, almost got me killed," said Nighthawk, "We almost got killed, and Glider … ”


Glider was a telekinetic, which meant he could move things with his mind. Mainly himself. He couldn't fly, perse, as his powers tired his mind quickly, but he could manipulate a hang-glider to provide lift and float so he could kind of fly. He also had a laser from somewhere.


"I heard you, all of you did pretty well … you and Knife Girl made a pretty good team."


Nighthawk shrugged. "She’s a menace."


"Right," said ‘Mazing girl. "Sorry I couldn't help more."


"You are the most powerful among us ‘Mazing girl. Frankly you’re among the top five in the world. You have to be responsible with these gifts, use them well, or they might as well not be there."


"I came as soon as I could. You know super-battles. This was done in like 5 minutes. I can't be everywhere."


Nighthawk didn't answer, he just slinked off into the shadows dropping into the night .


Sarah sat down on the buildings edge. She was feeling really guilty about letting down two sides of her life. Wendy’s bathroom would not be as fresh as it could be … and Deca had escaped to possibly threaten millions.


Life. Well … life.

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