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by Grayface


Jenny becomes fantastically strong


Author's Disclaimer: Ok, I know my grammar and spelling are really really bad. I know this. So there is no need for you to in form me of it. At least now I have MS word 2000 and I am not typing right form my hotmail account. You may notice words that are spelled right but have the wrong meaning, even with the spell checker and an electronic dictionary some got by me. Hope you'll like it.


Jenny stood there and looked at herself, all of herself. Wow, now she was something!

At six feet tall, framed with a long blond wave of hair that was waist length, her face was one of a classic beauty: deep blue eyes, high and thin eyebrows, the perfect button nose with a turned up ever so slightly, and her lips were just out and out lush. She parted them in a smile as she rethought her earlier assessment: no her face was simply too sexy to be called a classic, her face was the most sexy face she had ever seen. Not a slut type of sexy. No, she had the most beautiful sexy face and her smile grew as she took in the rest of her fantastic body.

Standing in front of the motel mirror, she took in her boobs. GOD they were BIG, bigger then her head. They were just tremendous and perfect in shape (not like the big fake ones that looked like two big balls or something stuck on the chest), just like two huge teardrops that gently sloped down, just a little, so that if she were in a shirt most of her fantastic cleavage could be seen.

Jenny then looked at the rest of her fantastic body: her arms were long and had the perfect toning to them (as did her whole body). She stared at her hands, they looked so soft and perfect her fingers ended in a quarter inch nail that looked so smooth and glossy. Moving her hand down she looked in the mirror at her waist. It was wasp thin, maybe 18 inches at the most and her hips flared out to the perfect size of, maybe, 36 or so inches probably more, but her enormous breasts made it hard for Jenny to judge. Jenny gazed down at her legs and was again stunned by how her legs were just perfectly long, sleek and soooo hot.

Stepping back from the motel mirror, Jenny got a good long look at her body, said “wow” and was further shocked by how soft and feminine her voice sounded.


Jenny was not sure if she was dreaming or what, so she decided to go to the bar across the street. As she turned and took a look at her perfect butt, she remembered that she was naked. Luckily, she had brought in two of her suitcases from her car, but what did she have in them wasn't going to fit her new body.

Stopping to think for a second it came to her in a flash. Going to the second suitcase on the other bed, she grabbed it and ripped the top of like it was made out of NOTHING. Some of the smaller items in the top of the suitcase were scattered around the room at a very high velocity. A few of the harder items embedded themselves in the walls and other furniture in the room.

Jenny was now double stunned as she sat there, on the edge of the bed, holding half of her suitcase in the air. A minute passed by, Jenny put the top of the suitcase down, stood up and circled around to her bed, trying to lift up the heavy motel mattress.

She sunk her hands easily in to the lumpy mattress, her fingers squeezing it. Jenny was stunned she had the twin size mattress on it's side holding it like a sheet of paper in front of her. She looked down and noticed that her arms were holding the mattress in front of her, squeezing her tremendous boobs up and over her arms and into her face.

Jenny moved her arms apart and was startled by the loud ripping sound of the mattress. As Jenny looked at either hand, she held up two halves of the mattress and then she glanced down at her jiggling breasts and laughed. Could this get any better? Dropping the two mattress halves Jenny still wanted to go out to the bar before this dream ended.


Jenny went back to her mangled suitcase and dug through. Thinking that it was going to be hard to find something to fit her new size, Jenny pulled out several outfits – ripping one by accident, luckily it was not one she wanted. First a black skirt that came up to her knees, but it was almost like a towel and could be wrapped around itself to fit rather nice and snug. For the top half, she pulled out a white sleeveless t-shirt that used to be loose on her and now didn't even come up to the bottom of her huge breasts. Not done yet, she got out a nice white blouse that would not button up past the second bottom button, but it did cover her up some more – just enough so she didn't feel cheap.

Jenny walked to the mirror and just stared, but something was wrong the skirt: it covered up to much of her legs. So she unraveled her skirt, folded it in half and then wrapped it around herself. It was shorter then she would have liked it, coming up to her butt and showing a LOT of leg.

Now for some jewelry, she put her pearl necklace on and matching earrings and looked in the mirror. She couldn't help but the pearls were lost in a sea of cleavage. Slipping on her sandals, Jenny was ready for her night out, picking up her purse as she headed to the door.


Opening the door she twisted the doorknob right off, but at least the door was open. As Jenny walked across the parking lot, she gave the doorknob a testing squeeze. She felt no resistance as she squeezed her hand shut. The doorknob melted and oozed out the sides of her hands. Jenny felt a tingling, a natural high her nipples hardened slightly. She let the remains of the molten doorknob slide off her hand to the ground.


Halfway across the parking lot, Jenny could now hear the music from the bar: country music. Jenny hated country music. 'Oh well, you can't win them all' she thought to herself.

Walking to the edge of the motel parking lot, she saw that it went right up to the street, without any sidewalk. Just as she was going to cross the road, she dropped her purse and she bent down to pick it up. Her massive breasts swung down, blocking the ground from her sight, so Jenny took two steeps back and found her purse. On her second step, her perfect butt pressed against the side of a van and imprinted her butt cheeks in the metal.


At that same moment a car came barreling down the road towards the front of Jenny. Bill, the driver, saw the most cleavage he had ever seen in his 51 years. As Jenny picked up her purse and stood up, Bill was stunned as the two enormous breasts rose up and before him stood the most luscious woman he ever saw. Bill was so stunned that he failed to notice he was heading right at her.


When Jenny stood up, she saw a large car about 50 feet from her veering off the road and heading right for her. Without thinking, Jenny inhaled, then puckered her lips and blew at the speeding car like it was a bug, The concentrated gust of wind hit the car and cracked the windshield. The car started to buffet and shake like a plane caught in a hurricane.

It slowed, but didn't stop, So Jenny blew a little harder. The large car stop five feet from her, but the wind was so intense that the car flipped end over end three times and landed 35 feet down the road on all four tiers.

Jenny was stunned she had just blown a speeding car right off the road.

Once again Jenny's body tingled. She felt so powerfully, so sexy, but she was also worried about the driver, maybe he was hurt. Jenny walked the 40 feet to the car to the large car. It was banged up pretty bad but the driver looked ok


Bill was scared shitless. He said a quick prayer for remembering to wear his seatbelt. He was trying to start the car, but the engine wouldn't even turn over. He heard a sound, someone clearing its throat. He glanced up and right before his eyes stood the most perfect female body he had ever saw. Looking up he saw the two of the biggest breasts ever, so big in fact that Bill could not see her face.


Jenny walked up to the car and saw that the driver wasn't paying attention to her, but was fumbling around. Maybe trying to start the car, Jenny wasn't sure, So she walked to the driver window, placed both hands on the roof and cleared her throat to get his attention.

Jenny knelt down, So she was now looking up at the driver, her hands, which were still on the roof of the car slipped down to the door. Jenny could see that the man was petrified.

She smiled, what she thought was her most friendly smile, but she didn't know what to say, so she just spoke: “Hi, are you ok, um sorry about your car,” her voice was so very sultry and sexy “but I thought you were going to run me over.” and again gave what she thought was her most friendly smile.


Bill was speechless. He wanted to be scared, really scared after what he'd just been through, but she was just so darn beautiful, and her voice was so sexy that he was about to cream himself and she was just sitting there and smiling. In short she was just irresistible. “Uuh I'm fine I think, b-but my car …”


“Well I'm sorry about that. I just reacted on instinct. Can I help you out?” Jenny wasn't sure what the heck was going on, but she didn't want to be the cause of anyone's problems even if she was dreaming.


Bill was lost all he could do was mutter “My car won't start and it's in the middle of the road.”

Bill tried to open the door to get out. He started pushing, but the door wouldn't budge. Then the lady shifted a little, Bill heard a the scrunching of metal and the floor buckled in a little bit. To Bill's amazement, his car seemed to float off the ground and move towards the side of the Joe's Place bar and grill.

Once off the road and by the side of the building, the car stopped moving and Bill could feel the car being placed on the ground. He looked out his window to see her lovely face, she was still there. As Bill tried to open his car door, he thought 'Man I must be dreaming', but he could not get his door opened.


Jenny heard the man's words his car wouldn't start, so she decided to help. She reached under the car with her right arm and grabbed hold of some metal. Jenny remembered what happened to the door knob so she tried not to squeeze too hard. Even so her fingers squeezed the metal into a fist shaped lump and her shoulder bent the frame of the car slightly, as she pulled the car in, so it would not slip from her grasp. She was surprised at how light the large car was. In fact the car seemed totally weightless to her and it was harder for her to not crush the car to pieces than it was to lift it up.


“Um, excuse me miss. My door is stuck I can't open it” Bill said after Jenny set the car to the ground.


“Oh” Jenny replied looking at the mangled outside of the car door and gave the door a slight tug. The troublesome door popped right off the car.

Both Jenny and Bill mouths formed an 'O' shape at how easily the door was ripped from the steel car frame. Jenny gently laid the door on top of the car and took a steep back so the driver could get out. As the driver got out of the mangled vehicle, Jenny realized that she had never introduced herself to the driver of the car.

“By the way my name is Jenny” and held out her Hand to the driver. She said this in a small voice and raised her eyebrows in a sheepish look as the driver took in the devastated car.


Bill gets out of the car and couldn't help but look this lady up and down for two reasons: one, she just mangled a $35,000 Crown Victoria; two, she is the most beautiful and sexy woman he has ever seen with his own eyes.

Bill realized that she introduced herself to him and was holding out her hand to him. Out of reaction Bill shook her hand and said “Hi I'm Bill.”

Too late Bill realized his mistake, this girl just mangled his car with nothing but her bare hands, 'She's going to crush every bone in my hand to powder' thought Bill as he almost peed in his pants for the first time since he was four.

Jenny griped Bill's hand to shake, much to Bill's surprise – and relief – her handshake was a bit on the firm side, but she didn't squeeze his hand off his arm.


Jenny still wanted to hit the bar. She was having so much fun with how Bill was reacting to her. She looked over Bill, just as he had done to her. She thought Bill was not that bad for an older man: a little just about five foot ten, maybe, and a bit on the pudgy side, with white hair and what looked to be a raging hard on. She giggled to herself. “Well Bill, nice to meet you. Um, do you want to go in and discuss what just happened?”

“Ok.” Bill replied, “Uh, Jenny is it?”

“Yes Bill.” she replied in her sultry voice

“Jenny this is pretty rough crowed in here.” Bill said a little worried that the crowd in this bar was a younger more rowdy type then what he was used to. But then he glanced at his car and realized that Jenny could take care of herself.

Jenny could almost see what Bill was thinking and said, in her sweetest voice: “Don't worry Bill.” then gave a reassuring smile to Bill.


They both rounded the corner to the front of the bar, where Bill held the outer door open for Jenny. She waited for Bill to get the inner door for her. Bill never felt claustrophobic, but in the tiny vestibule it was easy to see just how large Jenny's huge breasts were. They must stuck out at least a foot maybe more!

Bill opened the inner door and Jenny stepped into the smoke filled bar. All heads instantly turned towards Jenny and Bill. The god awful country music was the only sound in the bar, As Jenny and Bill made there way to a empty booth.

Jenny was never so satisfied as she was right now. All eyes were on her. The men were comparing her to there girls and the women in the bar were comparing her to them. On both accounts there was no comparison at all. On a scale of one to ten Jenny wasn't even a 1,000,000. She was a goddess of beauty and sexiness, by no means comparable to any woman on Earth any more.

As the strange couple sat at the booth, the chatter seemed to pick up a bit, but in hushed tones. Bill couldn't make out any of the conversations, but Jenny could. She could hear each and every conversation and follow them all. All the conversations went the same for the most part. The men said something like: “Holy shit did you see her she has the biggest 'insert body part here'.” and the woman said “Get a load of her fake 'insert body part here'.”


As the two strangers sat at the table, Jenny smiled, a big happy smile. For the last 30 years of her life, she was called homely a t best and now she was probable the single hottest woman on the planet.

“So Jenny.” Bill said, snapping Jenny from her thoughts “Ahh, how did you get so strong? Are you from krypton or something?”

Jenny looked right at Bill and almost burst out laughing “Krypton? No I'm from Earth actually. As to how I got to be like this … I'll tell you the story, but I don't even believe it or understand it”. Just then the waitress came over to take their order

“What'll you two have to drink?” the waitress said in a bitchy voice glaring at Jenny's breasts, because the bottom of Jenny's breasts were resting on top of the table. Then she tossed two menus down on the table.

“A beer um. No a pitcher of bud.” Jenny said looking at the middle age waitress.

“Two glasses and a pitcher.” The waitress was about to walk away.

“Miss I didn't order yet.” looking at Jenny he said “One glass and a pitcher for the young lady, And for me a bottle of Everclear if you have it and if you don't some Bacarrdi 151, Ok.”

The waitress looked at both of them and nearly snorted “whatever.” And walked away to the Bar

Jenny looked at Bill and said, “Do you still want to hear what happened to me.”

Bill nodded “Continue, please.”


“Ok. Well, I was in my motel room across the road thinking about my life. You see, I just quit my job of ten years working in a grocery store. I had worked my way up the chain from cashier to assistant manager. That was three years ago. I just could not seem to get promoted to a store manager spot, but others less qualified than me were promoted. Then it hit me, I have always been a big tall girl. Six feet tall, but before today I was a tall big boned girl and fat. My body was shaped like a big bowling pin. All my weight settled in my hips and legs. I don't think I was that ugly just very, very homely.

I always had trouble getting boyfriends on a count that I was usually as big or bigger than them. All this was a non-factor in my job or at least I never let it get to me. Till cute, little Jessica got promoted to store manager over me. I mean she wasn't even an assistant manager, for God's sake! She was just a deli manager!” Jenny's voice was rising her face was turning red as the past injustices rose from the past.


“Jenny” Bill said “Please calm down. Look the drinks are coming.”

Bill got a little scared as he saw Jenny getting visibly upset. He could just imagine the havoc a pissed off Jenny could wreak. Bill glanced at the waitress just as she got to the table and saw mischief in her eyes. 'Oh shit' thought Bill.

It was too late, the waitress started to dump the pitcher of beer on Jenny.

“Sorry Bill It just gets me worked up and …” Bill glance to his right and his facial expression said something was wrong.

Jenny glanced over her left and saw the waitress about to 'accidentally' tip the pitcher of beer on her. Without even thinking, Jenny moved so fast that in a fraction of a second, as the pitcher was tipped on it's side, Jenny caught the pitcher before any of the beer spilled out and placed it on the table.

Jenny was pissed. She moved at a blurring speed again, stood up and gently poked the waitress on the head. Next Jenny literally flew across the room 20 feet to a unoccupied pool table and grabbed a pool ball from it before anyone even saw that she had moved. Before the waitress could drop the tray with Bill's liquor and Jenny's mug, Jenny snatched it out of the air, before it had time to lose any altitude. She sat down with a satisfied smile, with plenty of time to watch as the hapless waitress falling on her back into an empty table.


For the second time tonight the crowed at Joe's was silent as what they all saw happened in a blur, as the waitress fell on her back into a empty table knocking it over.

Albert was retuning from the restroom, he had started his drinking early in the afternoon and was passing by the empty pool table, when he though he heard a sound like wood splintering and the pool table seamed to move. He chalked that up to way to much drinking.

In that split second that Jenny streaked to the pool table the waitresses tray of drinks just seemed to hover in the air, before streaking to the table that she was about to serve. Most of the patrons chalked it up to all the alcohol they had drunk already. The few that were sober enough knew that something very odd had happened, because the lady sitting at the booth seemed to almost disappear and reappear in a slightly different position. All the people sat in stunned silence.

Jenny broke the strange silence “She must have tripped on this.” holding up the pool ball for the crowed to see.

Jenny turned to Bill and winked before placing the pool ball on the table and getting up to see if the waitress was ok after her fall.


Bill was stunned again. He was sitting the closest and was focused on the situation. He had even felt the rush of air and saw Jenny move so fast that she wasn't even a blur, more like a streak. The whole mess had taken less then one second and Bill wouldn't believe it if he hadn't seen what the others couldn't see. The pool table with a fist size hole in the side where Jenny's hand pushed/ripped through to get the pool ball. Bill looked over to Jenny, who was kneeling over the waitress still on the floor, and now the waitress had the two breasts that she tried to douse in beer over her face.


The waitress was knocked unconscious for a few seconds and, as she came back, she felt a gentle breeze wake her. Two of the largest breasts were practically covering her chest and face. She almost thought she was going to be smothered to death. The large amount of cleavage lead up to the face of the lady who did this to her. she got scared very quickly!

For her part Jenny went over to the fallen waitress and made sure her poke to the head did no real harm. Jenny tried to wake the waitress by blowing a light breeze on the waitresses face, As the waitress came back, Jenny looked her right in the eyes and whispered so only the waitress could hear her “If you try a stunt like this again I will rip you in half.”

With that Jenny stood up, lifting the waitress with her to a standing position just as some of the bar staff came to see if she was ok. Before Jenny let the waitress go, she gave one last gentle reassuring squeeze to the waitresses hand, causing the waitress to yell out in pain, as Jenny just nearly broke most of the bones in the waitresses hand, “ Oh dear, be careful she must of landed on her hand.”


Jenny returned to her seat, just seconds after the ordeal began. She sat down and saw Bill was drinking right from the bottle.

“Well where did I leave off. Oh yes Jessica …”

Jenny noticed that Bill was just staring at her now. “Bill is there a problem?”

She reached out to hold Bill's hands and gave him her warmest smile and said “Sorry Bill guess I over reacted a bit.” she could see Bill relax slightly.

“Talking about my past combined with her actions …” she motioned towards the waitress, who was now by the bar surrounded by some of her coworkers and customers “… got to me, It won't happen again. Ok, Bill?” Jenny said in a little voice.

“I apologize if I upset you” she really did like Bill and she didn't want him to be afraid of herself.


Bill wasn't to sure what to do or say after what he had been through and seen tonight. He looked at Jenny, she was leaning over the table holding his hands in hers. He could hear the table creaking from the pressure of her breasts, where they rested on the surface threatening to crush it.

Again, he was blown away by how unearthly Jenny's beauty was. As she was apologizing to him, Bill's eyes made their way up her body taking in a long look at her and he thought how could he ever be angry at her.

Tearing his eyes from her gorgeously huge breasts and looking at what, he was sure, was the most beautiful face on God's green Earth, Bill said the only thing he could: “Don't worry Jenny all's forgiven. If you don't want to talk about your past and what happened you don't have too.”

Jenny looked at Bill and watched him slowly looking all over her. She was pleased with his reaction. It took Bill almost 15 seconds to make eye contact with her. Jenny sat back in her seat and poured herself a glass of beer and started her story right where she left off.

“Well I got very pissed off when Jessica was promoted to store manager over me. So I called my mom and dad said to them that I was going to move home, but first I wanted to see some of the country and I decided to I was going to drive cross country from California to Mane, my home. You know take sort of a vacation from life. To be quite honest, I still don't understand myself what happened. I was sleeping soundly, I must have slept right through my alarm because when I woke up it was dark out, but I never felt better. When I passed the mirror in the bathroom I was shocked. I thought that somebody else was in my room. It took me a few minuets to comprehend what was happened and even now I don't believe it. I thought I was dreaming, but the last few minuets were so real. Bill what do you think am I dreaming is this real?”

Bill looked at the lady before him.

“J-J-Jenny if you're dreaming then so am I. I've never sheen anything like what I've sheen tonight, Jenny. I-I 'm at a losss for words I-I don't know what to sahy.” Bill stammered and slurred, obviously the alcohol was having an effect on Bill.

Bill went for his bottle again getting another swig down. Now there were two Jennys and they were looking at him.

Jenny was looking at Bill thinking 'Boy, he really went through that bottle of liquor fast'.

Jenny could not stop wondering, if she was dreaming. She picked up the pool ball, heeled it in her open palm and slowly closed her hand around it, feeling the cold, soothe surface of the cue ball and trying to feel any resistance as she crushed it. Jenny could hear the cracking sound and could see pieces and some dust escape from her hand, but she didn't feel the slightest bit of resistance from the pool ball. She could now feel that what remained of the ball was nothing but powder and opened her hand, dumping the powder on the table Jenny looked at Bill, whose eyes got big and then he passed out.

Bill was trying to go over the night in his head. Was he dreaming?

When he saw Jenny pick the pool ball up from the table hold it in her hand and crush it, it was too much for him and passed out.

Jenny stood up, gave Bill a kiss on the cheek and looked around at everyone in the bar. Listening to the conversations, they were all about her, but the one that caught her attention. It was between the bartender, waitress and a few others. Apparently they had seen Jenny crushing the pool ball and now were telling two big men not to let her out of the bar.


As Jenny walked slowly to the door, she thought that they might hurt Bill and turned around just as the two big men were five feet away from her.

Jenny decided to experiment, she had already noticed the effect (she thought) her looks had on Bill and decided to see if she was as hot as she thought. Jenny looked both men in the eyes and gave her most sultry look, taking three steps towards the men trying to ooze sexiness. She stopped right in front of them, put her hands on her hips and looked around the bar. She literally stunned everyone in the bar with just her looks. Most of the men orgasmed just from the sight of Jenny.

A mischievous idea popped into Jenny's head, she looked at her would-be assailants. They were staring slack jawed with bulges in their pants. Jenny made her way in-between the tables, through the bar, to the jukebox – which had been spewing out an irritating noise that some called country music – listening to some of the people in the bar. A few of the women were huffing angrily at their men to stop staring or else.

Jenny smiled smugly to herself and looked over the jukebox. It looked big and heavy. She gave it a testing push with the tip of her index finger and the big jukebox slid across the floor a few inches as if it were on a bed of grease. Bending over the jukebox, she placed her hands on either side of it and pressed her hands lightly on the sides. Her hands caused some surface damage, cracking the wooden sides a little.

Everyone's attention was on Jenny, as the so called music, came to an abrupt halt. She effortlessly lifted the jukebox over her head. To Jenny the jukebox was just as weightless as the car was, but she had to try harder not to crush the box. It was like she was holding a soap bubble between her hands.

When she was sure all eyes were on her, she held the jukebox over her head with her left hand. Then she lowered it, so that she was holding it straight out from her body. She placed her other hand on the opposite side of the box. Jenny got a wield idea, and pulled the jukebox against her massive chest. She didn't crush the jukebox so much as she slowly smeared it against her chest and arms. Swaying as she savored the feel of the wood and plastic splintering and cracking, the metal bending and melting, Jenny was so turned on by how easy she was destroying the heavy jukebox, in the process her top got shredded off, exposing her massive breasts to the stunned crowd.


The crowd was in awe, ALL men lost it again and creamed again. All they could think about was how sexy she was!

The women were all watching. They were turned on by the display of Jenny's raw power,. They thought how Jenny would never be controlled by anyone, man or woman. This thought turned them on. How she wouldn't have to be afraid of anyone ever again, the thought sent waves of pleasure through the women. The next thought the women in the bar had – while watching Jenny smear the jukebox against her chest, as she swayed slowly to the popping, cracking, and crunching of the box – was also there most frightening: she was unstoppable. She was the ultimate competition. She was a goddess. With that thought the women in the bar orgasmed just from the thought of being as powerful as Jenny.


Jenny smeared the last bits of the jukebox against her massive breasts. She heard the sighs from the men and the moans from the women. She looked at the faces of the men and saw their eyes glued to her body. Their faces showed their longing and desire for her.

She looked at the women and saw the fear and lust in their eye.

Jenny walked to the door, turning one last time to look at the still silent crowd of bar patrons. She winked, blew a not-so-gentle kiss that knocked over tables, chairs and people. All except for Bill, who was still sound asleep in the far corner booth.

Jenny turned to the door and ripped the entire doorframe from the wall. She casually tossed it over her shoulder, causing some of the patrons to scatter and then walked though the next door as if it wasn't even there.


As Jenny walked in to the cool night air she wondered what she should do next. If this was a dream, she hoped she would never woke, and that's when she thought of her next move. Looking up at the moon Jenny smiled she knew this was no dream, and then flew up into the night sky.


The End for now!


Ok so what do you all think? What should happen next if anything? How should Jenny react with her new powers?

  1. Should good old Jenny become a super powered terror with looks that could literally kill, causing destruction wherever she goes, doing whatever she wants to whoever gets in her way – i.e. absolute power corrupts absolutely;
  2. Or might Jenny become a helpful superhero-type, saving crashing airplanes, putting out fires, stopping wars. A philanthropist with superpowers and the looks of a goddess;
  3. Or maybe Jenny will just keep to herself, using her powers for neither good nor bad, but to have fun. Like flying to Tahiti, to do whatever Jenny wants, to be selfish of sorts, showing off her powers. If a situation presents itself where she can help, she just might or, if she has to cause a bit of damage and injury, well so be it. Sort of like this story;
  4. What if Jenny goes around like Michel Landon (in Highway to heaven), or like the Pretender (Jarrod). You know, helping people in need who are being held down, used, abused, and so on.

If anyone can think of another kind of situation, or theme if you will, run it by me. I haven't decided yet, but I am leaning towards 3 or even 4. And to be honest I don't even know when or if I'll continue or start another story.


PS. I couldn't think of how Jenny got her powers so I kinda glossed over/skipped it. Was it aliens? a science experiment? out of date yogurt? a strange gas/fog? an act of god? so on and so forth. Any ideas are welcomed.

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