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Cowboys and Superbabes Pt 2

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Quentin Barrett had taken a little more pleasure in seeing Ed's saloon burn than most. He knew that business would be booming from now on, as Ed's whores would be needing a new home, and they might finally consider his offer.

He still chaffed at the off-hand way Mary had dismissed his attempts to recruit the fine wares she had on offer. Not just her personal wares, but Quentin knew at least half the other girls would have followed their unofficial Madame in a heartbeat. All the customers knew that while Ed was in charge of the saloon and everything in it, Mary ran the girls.

Standing on the porch of his three-month-old saloon, Quentin watched the strange scene at the heart of town with a crooked smile. Assuming they'd had help getting the furniture out on the street he was surprised how much they had managed to save. They had been standing there, talking among themselves and standing in the midst of their belongings, ever since Quentin had come out to watch.

"You poor bastards," he said, without any sense of sincerity.

He forced away his smile and looked serious as he saw the gathering on the street break up. All the mystery riders, whose business Quentin was now glad he had lost to Ed, were escorted toward the bunkhouse on the other side of town. One girl remained with the furniture, looking none too pleased, while Edward was encouraged to his feet by Mary before she turned the clearly devastated man toward Quentin and urged him gently forward.

"No," Quentin mused quietly. "They surely ain't coming here."

When Mary looked into Quentin's eyes, and even so far away he was dead certain she was looking deep into them, he felt a shiver run down his spine. Not a cold shiver, but a rather pleasant and warm one that was deeply disturbing nonetheless. She smiled, and Quentin felt the shiver (or was it a shudder this time?) again. He couldn't make see her very clearly, the street being hazy from smoke, but he suddenly realised she was very attractive. Very, very, attractive.

With difficulty he unlocked his eyes from hers and rushed the tip of his hat before turning and, smoothly as his sudden erection would allow, entering his saloon.

Quentin's wife stood behind the bar. She wasn't drinking yet, but he knew she would be before his breakfast was done cooking.

"Well? Is anyone dead?"

"I hate to bear bad news, woman, but I counted all of 'em. Maybe some of them strangers.hard to say."

"God-damned whores deserve worse," she snapped, still angry that they'd refused to work for her.

"Time to gloat is coming, Constance. I think Mary's bringing Ed here for a drink right now."

"But we ain't open," Constance told him flatly.

"Now, now, Connie. Let's not be ungracious in victory. Mary might want to have a new bed to work from tonight. And we've only got them two whores. This town's getting bigger every day now. We could use those extra legs."

Connie scowled. "Them bitches had their chance! They wanted to stay right where they was, and now far's I'm concerned they can get it."

"Don't be so damn foolish," Quentin told her sharply. So firm were his words that she took an involuntary step back. "We got all our money tied up and we can't afford to buy ourselves no new whores, and you know that. You let me talk, should they come our way, and don't be showing no rudeness."

There was a creak from the corner steps as Mary and Ed made their way up onto the porch.

"There was a time you'd never speak to me like that," Constance muttered.


Both Connie and Quentin stared at the doorway as Mary led a dazed Ed in. She still sounded like Mary when she spoke, but her voice seemed oddly rich and there was something.different.about her posture that got both their blood pumping. Edward's bedragglement only enhanced the startling vibrancy of Mary's bueaty.

"Good morning," Quentin managed, stepping forward and failing to take his eyes off Mary's hypnotic face when he awkwardly reached for Ed's hand.

"Hi Quentin. I hope you don't mind.I know we haven't been the best of friends.but I really could use some whiskey right now."

"I saw the fire." Quentin was relieved to find the gravity of Ed's mood enough to distract him from the incredible effects Mary was having on him. "Is it under control?"

"It's just about done. It only took a few minutes once it took hold."

"Well, at least it didn't spread."

Ed slumped further. "Yea.lucky we's on the corner and the wind is right, otherwise it could been much worse."

Quentin suddenly felt all his glee vanish. For a moment he forgot all about Mary, and his own considerable personal greed, and looked into the eyes of a man who had just lost everything. A competitor, sure, and a damned good one at that. As he realised how he would feel in Ed's shoes right at this moment, he wanted to give him a hug. If not for his raging erection, he may have done.

"Jesus, Mary and best come in and sit down. You don't worry 'bout paying.first one's on the house."

"Gee, thanks Quentin. That's mighty decent of you."

"Sit down, take a table," Quentin offered.

"Thank you, Quentin," Mary said, placing an electrifying hand on Quentin's shoulder. "Bring a glass for yourself, too. We've got to talk."

Unable to answer for an uncomfortable moment, Quentin's mind fumbled for it's mantra of 'no drinking while the sun shines' but failed to find it.

" to talk." He shook his head to clear it. "I'll be right back.

While Ed took a seat, Mary opened a curtain to bath his table in sunlight. Her hands wandered a little over the fabric, assessing it. Connie didn't like the way she did that. Nor did she like the way Mary turned and ran her appraising eyes over the whole room.

"I don't like them being here," Connie whispered. "What's she doing?"

"Shut the fuck up. This man's lost everything and we're good Christians, damn it." Much louder, he added: "Yes, I know it's expensive, but the moment demands top-shelf." He rolled his eyes and peered up at the bottles high above her.

Connie glowered, but added, "Of course, my love," before turning to pull a large bottle of Scotch off the top shelf. It was her husband's personal stash, and though not as good as the stuff the fancy bottle had once contained, he was sure to refill it with only the best that he could get. Unfortunately, the best wasn't really very good around here.

"Something's not right about that woman," Connie whispered. The genuine hint of fear in her voice resonated so much with Quentin that he didn't say anything. He just took the bottle and made his way back to Ed. Mary was now sitting beside her employer, the sunlight dancing magically about her silhouette. Connie was right...there was something unnatural in Mary's sudden beauty.



William Hadfield didn't like hangovers. But judging by he how worked so hard to obtain them you'd be forgiven for thinking otherwise.

"What the hell's going on?"

No-one had spoken for several minutes after the whores had closed them all in the bunkhouse common-room. All eyes turned his way.

"Why are we all crammed in here like damned rabbits?"

A particularly beautiful brunette whore was suddenly in front of him. He wasn't sure how she got there so fast.

"Shut up. We're waiting for Mary to get back."

Bill was furious. Gorgeous or butt-ugly, no whore spoke to him like that.

"What did you say to me?"

"You think I want to be in this smelly room with you?"

Bill rose to his feet, towering over the short young woman.

"Just who do you think you're talking to?"

"Sit down, Bill," one of the others suggested sharply. "You ain't seen..."

"Fuck you, Danny," Bill spat.

"He's right, Billy-boy," the brunette told him seductively. "You really ought sit down."

"I'm no child to be spoken to like that!"

"Don't hurt him too much, Sally," said another of the unusually attractive whores, her tone more cautioning than commanding.

"Hurt me?"

Without a clue how close he'd come to terrible pain, Bill fell back to the bench in a fit of laughter. Sally narrowed her eyes, but moved on.

When he recovered, Bill reached into his pocket and pulled out two thirds of a large cigar he'd won in a last night's poker game. As terrible as he felt, he thought the cigar would settle his stomach and ease his headache. The taste of it he'd last night had been heavenly.

"Did y'all hear that one?" he guffawed. "Hurt me.little woman like that hurting me?" His chuckles eased as he raised the cigar and pulled out a dirty book of matches. As he prepared to strike a light, Sally returned to hover over him.

"I'll thank you not to smoke that right now," she told him. "This room's choked as it is."

"If I got sit here for some stupid reason, I'm gonna smoke. Unless the Boss says otherwise and I don't see Cletus or to hell with you!"

Ignoring the shake of her head, Bill struck up a flame and touched it to the cigar. He puffed up a big red cherry, filling his big mouth with at last with the thick smoke. Wafting the smoke in his mouth, he rather expertly blasted a large smoke ring into Sally's pretty scowling eyes. Expecting her to choke and cough, he was surprised to see her hold his gaze without blinking.

"You like smoking cigars, Billy?" she asked him, her tone mysteriously full of menace.

"If you ain't gonna give me a freebie.I'll thank you to seek conversation elsewhere," Bill told her smoothly.

Sally reached out for the cigar.

"You mind if I have a toke on that?" she asked, her voice now almost irresistibly sweet.


Mary knew she had him. Had him by the balls. The moment she heard him speak on the porch, she knew whose saloon was going to the replacement for Ed's loss. Sure they had very little money to offer, but Mary was an experience professional who knew the value of her talents. And she was fully aware that, since last night, the value of her assets had increased beyond reason.

Even from almost two blocks away she could see the effect she having on Quentin. The way he walked as he went inside the freshly built saloon confirmed her power over him. Listening to the conversation inside as she led Ed toward the promise of a stiff drink, Mary was a little disappointed to hear the disappointment from Connie that no-one had died in the fire. It was at that moment she decided not just stiff the selfish unpleasant couple on the upcoming sale of their saloon, she would really fuck them both over as much as she could.

Which is why, when Quentin sat down with the bottle and poured three glasses, she got right to work.

"This sure is a nice saloon, Mr. Barrett. Such a big warm and inviting."

"Why...thank you, Mary. You know that you and your girls can move in today. I'll even give you the first night free. You too Ed. No need for you all to stay in the bunkhouse."

"We ain't staying in the bunkhouse," Mary told him, reaching out to take his Quentin's hand. "That's very sweet, very kind of you Mr. Barrett."

Connie shuffled uncomfortably behind the bar. Her husband hadn't even had a drink and she could tell by his body language how aroused he'd instantly become when Mary touched him. Was he flirting with this hussy? Right in front of his own wife?

"It's the least I can do,"

"It is.isn't it?"

Quentin was melting into a pool of lust as Mary's thumb gently massaged the band of his hand. "I wish I could offer you more.uh.tell you what, how 'bout I let you set up shop here?"

"You'd let me do that? You're so kind.I bet you'd even let me bring the rest of Ed's girls with me."

Ed sat, drink in hand, staring off into space as though so lost he thought he couldn't hear what was being said.

"Of course," Quentin declared, staring into Mary's eyes as a fire burned within him.

"Well, I got a proposition for you that goes a little further than that. How about you sell Eddy this place?"

Quentin smiled dreamily. "I could never do that."


The fire suddenly surged within him, producing a groan of arousal.

"Hey! What are you doing to my husband you hussy?"

Mary ignored Connie, and intensified her growing influence over Quentin's failing mind. She knew what she was doing was unfair, unreasonable, and immoral. But the new Mary didn't seem to worry as much about such things.

"I reckon you'd sell up...for the right price."

"Ahhh...what would that be?"

"Well, you must have invested every cent to your name in this place. You dreamed of owning a saloon all your life, haven't you? I think the price should reflect you're good nature, too. You are, after all, a very decent man, Quentin. Tell you what, how does one dollar sound?"

Quentin started, the spell momentarily broken.

"One dollar!?"

Connie was furious, and came out from behind the bar. But by the time she reached Mary the room was drenched in scent that drove away her anger and fuelled a lust in her she had never known before.

Mary watched Connie come out and approach the table. The woman was clearly gathering herself for a tirade, but Mary didn't want negotiations to fail. The furniture was on the street, and she wanted to get that sorted out as soon as possible. Smiling, Mary unleashed one of her most powerful new weapons. Both Constance and Quentin went bleary eyed with lust. Glancing at Ed, making sure he wasn't uncomfortable in the comatose state she had placed him in, Mary gestured at Connie to take a seat beside her.

"Of course, I'd be willing to trade something else as well. How about a dollar and a poke? For you, Quentin, and for you too, Connie. How does that sound? Just the three of us? You'd like me."


Mary smiled. It was actually Connie who begged her. Was she so overwhelming now that even the woman who hated her more than any other person in town was yearning to love her.

"A dollar and poke then? Let's make his all legal like."

While Ed sat staring off into space, and the happy couple stewed under Mary's crushing sexuality, a pad and inkwell seemed to magically appear on the table and Mary was now holding Quentin's best quill. In a heartbeat Mary had drawn up a contract. She'd seen contracts drawn up before, and drew on her now perfect memory to produce a binding document.

Easing her influence, Mary allowed the Barrett's to recover just enough to sign the document without messing up their signatures. Looking at Ed, Mary made her comatose former employer pull a silver dollar from his pocket, before forcing him to sign the paper and adding her own signature as a witness.

"Right. Let's go upstairs and settle the final payment," Mary told them, making them both shiver with delight.


Sally let Bill place the cigar in her hand.

"Go ahead. I got something else you can suck on, though."

"Ain't you a smooth talker," Sally told the belligerent man. "I'll bet it's not so big as this stogie."

Bill glared at her as his fellow prisoners chuckled at the insult, but he didn't get up. Sally put the cigar to her lip and slowly drew smoke in. The cherry flared dramatically and crackled, then with a smooth motion began to move up the length of the tube. Bill's eyes opened along with his mouth as Sally looked into them and smoothly smoked the entire cigar. Most impressive of all, she let go and held it with just her lips, not stopping until the bright ember rested between lips. She stopped and let the cigar fade to ash before carefully dumping it on Bill's shirt.

"Hey!" he complained, dusting himself off to the annoyance of his immediate neighbours. "How did you do that?"

"You like to smoke?" she asked him, showing no signs of discomfort at the vast quantity of tobacco smoke in her mouth and lungs. "Then you'll love this."

A hand took hold of Bill's shirt, and he found himself hoisted up with frightening ease. Sally's arm showed no hint of the strength required as she bore his awkward weight and forced her lips onto his. For the next two minutes she carefully breathed a concentrated stream of smoke into Bill's system, keeping their lips lock and placing a hand on his back to keep him from pulling away. Bill's eyes windened still further and he beat his fists ineffectively on her back and sides. He went very pale as the nicotine and other toxins flooded his system, his lungs burning with agonising pain as the smoke was forced in.

Sally didn't want to kill him, but only because for some reason it seemed more important than ever to please Mary. Somehow she knew that if she wasn't very careful, then her breath would rip Bill apart. So keeping the air pressure at a constant, and watching him for the inevitable loss of consciousness that soon came, she allowed him to fall back to his seat and slump unceremoniously onto the man beside him. Unhappy about this, the man Bill had fallen pushed the wheezing cowboy to the floorboards. Smoke continued to come out of Bill's mouth and nose for several breaths, but the wheezing did not stop.

"What the hell?"

Nancy entered the room with two remaining leaders of the large group, both of whom look quite worse for wear after spending the last fifteen minutes being dominated cruelly in the upstairs bedroom.

"Hey, Nancy," Sally greeted the older woman. "He was being a prick."

" least you didn't kill him. Mary seems to have some sort of plan in mind. I think it's best to keep these boys alive for now."

"What do you mean for now?" someone demanded, clearly put out.

"You're all going to pay," Nancy declared, a certain righteousness in her tone. "I don't know what for, exactly...but I reckon you know why."

"I don't know 'bout you boys," a rather large brute intoned, rising to his imposing full height. "But I'm not going to be held prisoner by a bunch of whores."

He moved to leave, but a buxom blonde stood sternly in his path where only empty space had been a heartbeat before.

"Sit down."

"No more orders from whores," he declared, moving forward and attempting to brush her aside. He was stunned to find himself unable to even sway her on her feet.

"I'm not gonna ask again."

Feeling more threatened by the small blonde than any bare-knuckle fighter he'd faced, the brute swung his meaty fist into her pretty face. Then he cried out in pain, the sound of tow knuckles cracking making those who heard it cringe.

"Filthy bastard," the blonde fumed, delivering a backhanded slap with such force the large man flew into his seated companions and came to rest on the floor. He made no movement after that.

"Shit! Hank's dead!!"

The room erupted into panic as the men moved for the door as one. The five beautiful women smiled in unison, overjoyed at the sudden opportunity to test their new physical power.


Mary had poked more men than cared to think about. And she was good at it. She could not only ensure satisfaction for her customers, but she was also expert at taking as much pleasure from her work as she possibly could. But never in her life had she enjoyed her job as much as right now.

Quentin was drooling, his head lolling to one side as she rocked the bed. Mary's breasts were being attended to by a very eager Constance, who sat on her husband's chest as Mary humped away with inhuman speed and stamina.

"Mmmm," Mary murmered. "That feels nice Connie. Do you think I'm fucking you over on this deal?"

"No," Connie firmly replied, removing her lips from Mary's engorged nipple only long enough to utter the single syllable.

"Of course I am, silly! And what do you say, Quentin? Is becoming a homeless, penniless pauper worth a dollar and a poke with me?"


"Of course it is."

Mary allowed herself a little giggle.

"It's not really you're fault," she told them, ramping up her influence another notch to increase Connie's urgency and making Quentin cry out. "But it's because of me that Ed's in need of a new place, and you were really mean wishing us dead and all. A little to the left, Connie. Yes.mmmm.that's the spot. I suppose I better get you off too, huh?"

Keeping a steady rhythm Mary reached out a finger and touched Connie's forehead between her eyes. The slightly older woman groaned, and even as her pupils dilated her eyeballs rolled dangerously far in their sockets as Mary's fingertip glowed very softly.

"Mmmm.having the power of a god is going to be handy," Mary observed, touching the same finger to her free nipple. The glow intensified, making Connie close her eyes but not breaking the spell. Mary let out a soft gasp as her own sexual power formed feedback loop that was like a long unbroken orgasm. Both her playthings cried out in unison. Mary felt Quentin's release within her, and Connie gushed all over her husband's hairy chest, but the groggy man remained rock hard within Mary's near divine embrace.

"Ohhh..." he managed. "Don' more..."

"Now, now, Mr. Barrett. I wouldn't like to think I've stiffed you on our deal." She picked up the pace a little, lifting Connie effortlessly by the hips and holding the writhing woman over Quentin's face.

"How about you stop complaining, and show you're a good husband," she suggested. She soon realised the man had no idea what she hinting at, so she ensnared his mind with hers and he was soon using his tongue to make Connie writhe about even more in Mary's steady hands. "Good boy."



Things were almost under control. Nearly all the men had at least one broken bone now, and every single one of them had deep bruises to their egos. Unfortunately, the girls still didn't understand the extremity of their new physical power.

As one of them at last pulled a gun, Sally steeled herself into action. With speed and strength beyond reason, she slapped the offending weapon away and gave the man a push with the other hand. He flew away much faster than anyone would have expected, hitting and passing through the west wall. Though he was now too injured to take advantage himself, several others scrambled out of the new exit and into the street.

Nancy let out a sigh as she watched Sally go after them. "Let her handle them," she suggested as another moved to follow. "It's her mess...and I don't think she needs any help with just four of them."

Out in the street a few people had stopped to listen to the ruckus coming out of the bunkhouse. When the alleyside wall burst out and a body hit the neighbouring building with a bone jarring thud they gasped in surprise. They could only look on in amazement as  four men came running out of the opening and took off down the street as though the devil himself were on their heels.

"Demons!" one cried in warning.

As they bore toward the stables, thinking only of escape, a blur streaked out from the broken wall and formed itself instantly into Sally. She stood on the dusty road beside a startled onlooker and watched the running men with an unreadable smile.

"Sally?" she heard, and turned her head to see one of regulars eyeing her with increasing desire.

"Oh hey, darlin'." Her mysterious smile became clearly smug as she realised the poor fellow would think of nothing but her perfect features for at least the rest of the day. At least, that would have been the case if not for the show he was about see.

Sally started walking toward the stables, her attention returning to her quarry. They seemed so slow to her now. She waited for them to get within twenty yards of their unsaddled horses, then her slow became a burst of speed impossible for anyone watching to fathom. To them it appeared that she simply disappeared from one place, and reappeared in another: directly in the quartet's path.

Keen to test all her abilities, Sally gave them only enough to see she was there before puckering her lips and blowing them all off their feet. She wasn't thinking about what witnesses would make of such a feat as she kept blowing them back toward the bunkhouse. The dust whipped up forces to the bystanders to protect their eyes, the howling wind from her lips enough to make everyone stumble about and try to maintain their footing. Several hats were lost before those still in possession of theirs held them fast their heads until Sally let up.

She was grinning at her incredible handiwork. She hadn't even had to put in any effort, and she knew then and there she could have wiped the whole town off the map just as easily. Her smug expression even more self-satisfied she started a casual walk toward the confused bandits. As each man regained his composure and rose warily from the ground, they produced their pistols.

Sally could quite easily have prevented what followed, and later she would come to regret her choice. But she was curious to know if she was really as powerful as she felt. She had seen the bullet hit Mary in the bar when that fool had set the place on fire. Somehow, deep down inside, Sally knew that she was just as invulnerable to bullets as Mary was, but she could wait no longer to prove it to herself. And so, rather than employ the super-speed she had been enjoying to stop the gunmen from shooting, she stopped before them and allowed the doomed men to give  it their best. She'd even let them reload, if they felt a desire to do so...



Mary was splayed out on the bed. Connie was eagerly pleasing her while Quentin watched Mary's myriad of orgasmic expressions with devoted interest and worshiped her breasts without seeming to be aware of his wife at all. Both of them were drenched in their own sweat, approaching total exhaustion even though Mary had been doing much of the physical work. Mary, in stark contrast, looked fresh as daisy and knew for a certainty she could continue toying with them both indefinitely.

"Feel's good, don't it?" Mary breathed, her words producing vigorous nods. "You have no idea..." Mary advised, her body suddenly covered from head to tow in the gentle glow she'd lit her only her fingertip with earlier. Both her lovers went into spasms of ecstasy until Mary thought she might kill them and eased up.

She was about to change positions and continue torturing the pair with pleasure beyond their comprehension when gunshots interrupted her fun. She turned her head to look through the wall, and saw Sally in the street casually staring down four frightened gunmen. The many bullets failed to move the girl, other than to make her put her hands on her hips. Sally's giggle revealed what she though of their useless guns.

"Oh Sally."

The street was filling with witnesses as the scene unfolded, and Mary realised the girls weren't going to be able keep their secret any longer. Too many people were watching in open amazement, and fear, as Sally allowed two of the shooters to reload and try again.

Mary's flesh glowed a little more brightly than before, and both her toys let out tortured cries of joy before collapsing on top her. Pleased with the effortless way her body dominated the Barrett's, she pushed their utterly drained bodies to the floor and got up off the bed.

"Thank you," she told them, though in truth they hadn't really been that good.

Leaving them to sleep it off, she went downstairs to check on Ed. He was still frozen with a whiskey in his hand. Deciding to leave him like that until she got things under control, Mary made herself presentable and went out into the street.

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