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Lindsay: A Rebirth

Written by castor :: [Friday, 20 September 2013 15:07] Last updated by :: [Friday, 20 September 2013 16:11]


              Lindsay: A Rebirth



                                                                                                                      by Castor

(special thanks To Lindsay for being the inspiration and muse of the story, and to ong76win2 for making further suggestions and themes. Also thanks to Dru for Editing and proofreeding of this)

About three months ago Lindsay first noticed it.

She was cleaning up her apartment and lifted up the vacuum cleaner.

Now you may not think much of it. It was just a vacuum cleaner. But it was a big grey heavy model. Her mother had given it to her, as a present for her new place in a new city. It was industrial strength, and weighed maybe 20 pounds - for the small and slightly frail Lindsay it was a bit of a challenge. She had to use both hands and get a big lift to take it of the floor and put it back in the little closet fell a bit of a grunt.

But not today. She picked it up absently after cleaning the space, and put it back easily. Using one hand.

Huh? she thought

She picked it up again. Holding it in one hand - she did feel the weight...but she could manage it.

Lindsay put it down.

She tried a test that you might do. She tried lifting up the heavy mattress off the bed. It budged, but she couldn't lift it. But somehow she did feel stronger. Noticeably stronger.

Lindsay was a small girl by most standards. 5'3 with dark brown hair that one could call black without getting into trouble. She was pretty, but rather small. Her arms were little pencils, her legs chalk. She weighed in the double digits of pounds. Everything about her was small and petite, and while she was pretty, her size got to her. She often felt unsure, a little frightened by the world.  

She took off her sweater and looked at her arm in a mirror. Did it look a bit bigger? She didn't go to a gym or anything. Girlfriends had told not to bulk up, to be small and thin. Guys like that. They liked her thin reedy body. It looked cool. They wanted to be stronger and more powerful to do stuff for her. She assumed that was a metaphor for sex, though Lindsay herself had never done it - but she was...

It was at work that day when she saw Freddy. A sweet, gentle young man who was bigger then she was - but not by much. 5'5 a 150 pounds of lean arms, and short blond hair, he did however have a kindness to his eyes, a certain sympathy. He would make a good boyfriend (even if his job was to work in collections).

But she never had any boyfriends.

However, a couple hours earlier, as they sat in the break-room for lunch (she had some pre-bought sushi), he came and...

"Do you mind if I sit next to you?"

She blushed - but nodded.

And so they sat - in silence, yes, but she noticed he was looking at her, his gaze following her curves, her lines...her. She could see by his eyes, his expression, he thought silly old Lindsay was pretty.

She smiled.

And did the same.

And he smiled.

And they ate their lunch.


And as she stood in her bedroom, after lifting up her vacuum, she felt strong.


But not as strong as she would be.

Over the next several weeks she and Freddy would start eating lunch together almost everyday - in three days they got to conversation - 'so what kind of music do you like?' It was awkward, and stilted - but she realized it was awkward for him too. She had a power over a man who she had seen really curse people out on the phone. And she melted a little.

And she discovered one day she could lift up a car.


Not all the way - but when she was in the parking garage after work, she dropped her keys down, and as she leaned over she put her hand under the fords carriage...and lifted a bit to get a better angle.

And the car moved.

She paused, and tried it with both hands.

Yes. She lifted it up a little.

It was moving.

She went to the car’s bonnet and looked around to make sure no one was there.

And putting both hands underneath it – and felt something. She felt like she never quite felt before. She knew what heavy was, and this was - but there was also a tingle to it, an eroticism, a kind of electric melting in her brain...and then betweenst her that the shy Lindsay had never quite admitted.

It was heavy.

But as she put her strength behind it - let it out....and into it, the car moved in her hands, moving with her. lifting up, off the ground, higher into the air inch by beautiful inch, until her back was straight and her breasts jutted forwarded. She had it in her hand.

And then dropped it, startled, and watched it drop and bounce on its tires. The loud cracking noise brought her back to reality, right from the brink of orgasm.

She didn't know what it was she feeling. Fear was in there. Fear she knew...but...but...

She liked it. God help her, she really did.


"So would you like to go to the movies tonight?" asked Freddy.

"It’s Wednesday" said Lindsay, eating a pad tai.

"Don't mean we can't pop round the cinema," said Freddy. "I am sure they would like the custom."

Lindsay smiled. "But what?"

"I like going to movies in the middle of the week. It’s kind of a treat. You’re so busy,, life, then you spend a couple of hours and it’s just magic...after work."


"And," said Freddy, "I get to spend it with you."

And Lindsay felt her heart melt.

And her fork too.


She looked into her hand to see that it was now a smeary mess in her fingers. She had crushed it a bit while talking to him putting her wrist together.

Lindsay was slightly freaked out, but she had enough mind to seem cool.

"Um...sure," she said. "What do you want to see?"

Freddy paused.

"Well, this is the other great pleasure. Other than you, of course, which we established. We get to pick. At 5 o’clock we’ll both agree on something."

"Whatever you want to see," offered Lindsay hopefully.

"Well, that’s very generous of you," said Lindsay. "I shall have to pick something with a lot of gratuitous explosions and violence then."

He left the table soon after...and she looked at her fork. She would have to be more careful. This was getting to be a problem.  She tossed it into the recycling bin, not wanting to be seen.


That night they went to a small multi-theatre complex next to their work. Freddy had picked "SuperDude: Man of iron". They had a big box of popcorn, and those little chocolate raisin candies - it was coming up.

They went into a busier theatre then Lindsay had pictured - it wasn't packed, but were far from alone. They sat next to each other, and he held her hand.

Then the film started.

Abstractly, Lindsay knew this film wasn't exactly Citizen Kane, though it was trying for a kind of faux-seriousness, that made the long scenes of SuperDude learning his origins, dealing with him being alien, blah-blah-blah, kind of boring.   

But then his arch nemesis appeared. The Crimson - a beautiful woman with long red hair, wearing a bikini to match. Now you would think this would prevent her from being taken seriously by society - but the fact that she was stronger then SuperDude, with powerful muscles that could lift, in one scene, the Pyramid’s themselves, may have done that.

She started to watch intently - watching Crimson lift buildings, aircraft carriers, or just men - sometimes just lifting a man by his neck was so powerful an act - such a weight to it. She watched the villainess, teamed up with a CEO type, try to take over the world despite being unfamiliar with it due to her alien ways. This actual plot was a little confusing to her - because she kept waiting for her to test her strength, knowing that soon, so soon, Crimson and SuperDude would fight, and...
She felt something in her body. Something so *strong*...

"Can you excuse me?" she said to Freddy, "I need to powder my nose."

Freddy nodded, and smiled, as she raced out of the theatre.


Lindsay was thankfully alone in the bathroom.

"Get it, keep cool..."

She was wearing a loose white blouse, and a medium length black skirt from work over her pantyhose covered thighs - but she could feel how tight her pantyhose was strained.

What her co-workers didn't know was that over the last month she had bought a completely different wardrobe of loose blouses and skirts. She thought she would have to buy another wardrobe soon, especially her tights.


Lindsay unbuttoned her blouse. She didn't want to damage it, especially here, and was increasingly scared that she would. She pulled it off her tight lithe frame, covered now in sleek muscle - from the swell of her long biceps to the flicker on her stomach of her tight flat six-pack, she looked like someone out of a muscle and fitness magazine.

But swollen. She was clearly bigger than she had been just this morning when she took a shower. It was getting harder and harder not to have people notice it - but she didn't want to be a freak. But something about it...

She went into a stall.

This was something bad girls did.

But she couldn't help putting her hand underneath her skirt and feeling her naughty bits, let them tingle and grow, and get wet and...

With her other hand she made a muscle, watching her biceps expand, watching them grow and sweat and just spasmed and grew before her eyes pushing upward as it pressed into her muscles into small peaks...her power. The pure power of her young small body was intense to her. A feeling of just pleasure. Pure, unadulterated bliss.

She put her finger inside herself and started to push, and push faster, letting it go and go against her - it spasmed against her finger as she realized even this part of her was getting stronger.

But then she realized, as she closed her eyes, it wouldn't be enough. She needed more.

She looked around.

She put her blouse over her shoulders, looking  consideraly tighter  as she walked into the hallway - thankfully no one was there, at least no one who cared.

There was a door to the end of it that went directly to the carpark. she sighed. She needed this...needed it badly.

The garage was large, but empty of people - and mostly of cars. She didn't see a guard, she didn't see anybody.

But what she did see was a Lamborghini.

It was a beautiful car, far more expensive then she could afford. A gorgeous red that even in the darkness gleaned on Italian metal.  But it was the kind of car the driver probably could easily afford - which was good - and they almost certainly had insurance on it. The way they had casually parked it across two spaces, she hoped they did.

She needed this...

He was probably a jerk, she told herself.

She reached underneath it and smoothly picked it up.

By now the weight of a car was that casual, that light.  The 1500 pound automobile was like a toy to her, just something to hold - but as she did the tingle came into her...stronger and stronger and stronger...

She lifted it right off the ground, straight into the air - just missing the top of the roof, which was good. She tested it holding it with one hand. It wasn't quite nothing, but the something...god the felt so wonderful to her. Each individual tendon in her arm tensed and grew, sweating ever so slightly as beautiful muscle hit car.

First the right arm, then the left...

And then she grabbed both ends of the car at once - it wasn't that wide and started to push them together. Bending the metal of it into one mass, feeling...

Then there was a small explosion, a sort of popping noise. She was startled for a second, but realized she just popped the spare tire.

Lindsay giggled. It felt so good to be strong. She thought of the weak nothing she had been all her life and she wondered how she ever handled it.

One of the tires burst, the other somehow fell off. Ahh well. She kept pressing and pressing, and soon the back end of the car was as close together as her hands, pushed against each other like a silent clap.

Lindsay smiled.,.

And pressed down, pushing the front of the car into the concrete and started to bed it, to crush the car together into a mass...the windshield broke in the initial stint, the engine leaked gas and oil everywhere as it started to crack and then burst. And she felt bliss, a sense of peace, a sense of connection between the metal in her hands and strength in her body.

And she kept pushing - which was stronger? Her? Or the car? Her...obviously, but the concrete she was pushing against started failing before she did - she started to push a hole into it. She saw it splatter and crush, turning into dust with the car, the metal of the car hitting rebar, bursting together into one mass of metal and plastic and glass. One small insignificant thing to...

And she came.

And came.


"Hey" said Freddy "You took awhile. I’m sorry...that was rude"

"There was a bit of a line," explained Lindsay "For the good...”

Freddy nodded. "Superdude just discovered that Felix Corp is working with someone strong...he’s just going to investigate...”

And she settled into it - and Freddy put his arm around her and held her. And she felt his strength, his warmth.

It was nothing like what she just did.

But it felt wonderful too.


Afterwards they took a brief walk into a small park with a Japanese garden, not far from their work - which was just as well, as there was a lot of activity for some reason with the fire department and the police in the garage.

Instead they walked peacefully, arm and arm.

"I’m big fan of Superdude comics," admitted Freddy. "This was alright. It got better as it went along.

Lindsay nodded. "There were some nice performances."

"Who was that actress playing Crimson?"  asked Freddy. "’Never saw her before -”

"You just liked her butt."

"There is that. But there was something else about her. I know the strength stuff was all special effects and CGI and all that...but the scene where she tossed the navy boats’s not what she did; it’s just the look of power on her face. Her satisfaction, her grace...maybe just a small bit of was just amazing really. “

Lindsay listened.

"They don't give Academy Awards to women in bikinis, but well...there was just something to it.”

"But she was the villain," Lindsay pointed out. "She did pretty horrible stuff."

"Maybe, but that’s just how she was written. Just the strength of her! Well, imagine what she could do with it for good."

"Then you have Superdude..." said Lindsay.

"He was kind of a snooze," said Freddy.

Lindsay giggled slightly...and put her head into his shoulder.

"Not that you have to be super strong. You have a strength to you, Lindsay. You don't know it...but you do. Just let it come out."

"I am afraid of it sometimes," she told him, looking into his eyes. "I’m worried that it will hurt someone, or that you won't like me."

"Don’t I look like I like you?"

And he smiled.

And she melted.

"What was the actresses name?”


Lindsay sat at home, exhausted. in the distance she could here sometype of military excerise at the national guard base half a mile away. This did nothing for her sence of nerviousness.

She was on the news, though not a major story. Some type of weird car accident. No one knew how it happened. Police were baffled. It was one of the benefits to being something beyond belief. Law enforcement couldn't believe that what they thought had perhaps been a large tractor trailer that hit the car and then left, had really been a 90 pound girl. Yep.

She sighed. She wondered what would happen next. She suspected that the police would learn about it if she kept doing stuff - tonight had been lucky. Maybe there had been a security camera and the police were trying to find her already. She had been foolish. But what would happen?

The problem with power, abstractly, is that it almost always has to be used...and she didn't know...

Well all her power was at the moment focused on a heavily edited rerun of Sex and the City.

When the TV turned blank for a second. And then came back on again.

But instead of Sarah Jessica Parker, the screen now displayed an owlish looking man with brown hair and huge glasses. Not quite fat, not quite thin. A small camera was pointed at him as he sat on a chair in what looked like a bedroom. He Lindsay’s utter astonishment...right at her. Not towards the camera. But directly where Lindsay was siting on her coach.

"Good evening, Lindsay," he said.

She opened her mouth, but no words came out

"I see by your expression that this is working, then," he observed. "My name is Nathaniel"

"What’s going on? Can you hear...”

"I can," he told her. "Your cellphone has a speaker in it, and I can feed that in here. It’s a little weak, but I’m amping it.

"What is this, magic?" Lindsay asked.

"Excellent question. Yes...and no. No in the sense this is just science. I am breaking into a TV signal through a satellite and replacing it with a highly focused cable feed right to your TV. No one else could really do it, but it’s all physically possible. But, in the important sense...yes, this is magic.”

"The important..?"

"I can't read your mind precisely," said Nathanial, "but I can guess what you’re thinking. What’s going on? How am I so tough? I have a similar, but different issue. I am no stronger then anyone else, I go to the gym occasionally, but not nearly as much as I should. But what I am, Lindsay, is smart. And I say this with all due humility. I can read a book in 20 seconds, and remember every word. I took an IQ test for fun, and got 500. I scored 500 because the test itself could go no further. I could patch a computer into a single TV just like this, listen to your cellphone...and well, track you based on what you did tonight, all the way home. And all of this remotely. I suspect the police may never figure it out. But me? I am smart."

Lindsay nodded.

"I have been like this for about a year. Mostly in hiding, not wanting to come out. Thinking and researching - and I think I have found the answer to our problem.”


"We are gods" Nathanial told her firmly "in the literaly sense".

Lindsay paused. "I don't see wings and halos..."

Nathanial shook his head "I didn’t say angels, Lindsay. I said gods. I have been studying...throughout human history there have been individuals, people who have possessed immense power. The why, well I don't know yet. But I believe I know the how. If you believe in them, and if they believe in themselves, it comes to them. It’s not physical...heck, just how many calories do you think you have to burn to destroy a Lamborghini? Rather, it’s from the mind. These people gain an incredible power. Some can control the Sea. Some master love, and the emotions of others. Some have power over nature, over animals, some know the future or can delve deep into the past. I have ultimate intelligence. And you...”

Lindsay filled his pause. "Strength."

"Stories of Hercules, of Thor, of Rama... the ultimate warrior...the pinnacle of human strength and capacity. They were quite real, and just like you. They may even be *you*, or an aspect of your soul. But it requires a sense of something to start this belief. Self approval; a sense that you are something special. That’s why you were such a small girl, Lindsay. Hercules was probably a very small child who one day fought a lion. And won. Now it’s your turn"

"This is crazy."

"Yes," agreed Nathaniel. "You see, they were worshiped...idolized. That was the key.  They were gods of man, if that had any real meaning. And that’s what you are. Or at least, so far as I can determine. You are a physical powerful god, and once let possess strength without limitation. There is nothing you cannot do, no goal you won't be able to accomplish...if only you let other people worship you. If you can worship yourself..."

"I went to Sunday school..."

"At Fifth Avenue parish," Nathanial told her, though she had forgotten that. "Somehow, around 2000 years ago, by design, or perhaps by fate, new churches arose, new faiths and religions. They discouraged the open faith in us, and replaced it with rotes and ancient miracles of long ago. When we showed up after that, they burnt us, called us witches, warlocks...declared us heretics. Maybe these are different, and very real gods themselves that these churches devote themselves to. I don't fully know. the people in power want to stay in power, and when they discover us, they will hunt and destroy us. "

Lindsay quaked.

"No. Do not be afraid of what you are, what we are. That’s what takes your power away: Your fear. You do not owe the world fear. It owes you awe. Such unimaginable awe.

Lindsay paused.

"I just got a boyfriend,” Lindsay mused “For the first time in forever, really. I just want to be with him...i mean...yeah, I do mean I want to be with him, and be a normal..."

Nathaniel nodded from the television screen.

"The evidence I found that led me to your house, I can erase easily enough...clean right it up. I doubt ordinary investigators will find it. You can just go and be a girlfriend, be a normal person. I bet others of our kind do much the same. But I don't think you want that, do you? You don't really want to be a nice ordinary little girl at all. You want this more then anything. Such pure strength such pure power. And you want to show it to the world. What I have in, I don't want you to be a superhero, nothing so banal as that. I want us to remake this world together. I have three others already...but I was waiting for you, Lindsay. We can inspire the world...and take it into a new golden age that the gods of yore could not conceive. The Earth will be our oyster, and Lindsay, shall be its queen."


"What’s the problem? You’re going to need a new high-priest, and herald. Someone to warm your bed at night. And what would he think of all this?"

What would he think of this?


It was Saturday, and their first official date. They were going out to dinner, and maybe some dancing. Freddy didn't admit it to himself, but he was a little nervous. What had started as innocent flirtation had turned into, well...he wasn't sure what it was. But he knew he wanted it to continue. There was something moved deep within him when he looked into her eyes.

He knocked on her door.

"Be there in a second!"

He smiled, and looked up and down the hall a moment before she opened the door. There was Lindsay, wearing a bright yellow sundress, tall tan heals....and a big black jacket over it. The jacket didn't quite fit, but well...what were you going to do. She smiled. He liked her smile, but his eyes wandered. The dress was higher then normal and she wasn’t wearing stockings. e could see her legs were more muscular then he thought – wow...they were pretty cut, actually, Slabs of muscle that as she walked he could see bend and flex, dancing with strength.

He shook his head. Wow.

"Shall we go?" he asked.

"Where?" said Lindsay.

"Wherever the night takes us."

Lindsay blushed.

"That’s an excellent idea, Freddy."


They walked down the stairs, holding each-others hand.

"I’m sorry," Lindsay apologised, "I don't always wear heels. It’s tricky."

"You have beautiful legs," complimented Freddy. "I didn't know. Their just so very...sleek. And muscular, I’m babbling."

"Thank you," said Lindsay.

And she felt more power still well within her. He liked her muscles. He wanted her muscles. Soon he would have them.

Lindsay wanted to wait, just a tad, but as they left her apartment building they walked she saw Freddy had parked in front of a shipping facility for a supermarket chain. In the darkness there was a large amount of huge trucks, 18 wheel monstrosities, all empty at this time of night, waiting in the dark.  They almost glistened in the moonlight. Some of them had really elaborate chrome grills, and in the night they almost looked like monsters. Gorgons, Hydras, Serpents and dragons. The perfect challenge for a goddess on the path of ascension.

And the only time was now.

Freddy paused as he got to his small economy car. He walked to the other side and opened the door.

She paused. It was a sweet enough gesture, one that she had never experienced before. As she thought of this, it occurred to her that perhaps this was a gesture one would perform for a goddess – that’s what they do, isn’t it? Have someone always open the door for you? But he did it for her. Just plain old Lindsay.

She leaned in and kissed his cheek.

"My beautiful, chivalrous knight."

"It’s not that big a deal," said Freddy.

"No matter what happens now, know that I care about you, Freddy. You’re the sweetest thing that’s happened to me ever, really."

"We have gone on, like, one date," Freddy said. "And that was more of an after-work thing."

Lindsay turned. "I want you to watch something. And if you run away, in fear, that’s perfectly understandable. But if you stay, well.. This is a surprise..."

And Lindsay walked away. She dropped her jacket as she walked. For the first time he could see the sleek lines of her arms, the curves as she... sauntered. Yes, Freddy decided, that was definitely the right word. She assumed a ballsy walk of confidence and sex that flittered forward.

Freddy paused. This was rather odd.

Freddy didn't quite comprehend it when it happened. There was a moment where the everyday - working, living, being with her - changed completely and one found oneself in a very different world indeed. A moment when his pleasant date with a sweet girl...turned...

It was when she walked into a large chain-link fence...and just walked straight through it. Just like it was strands of tissue paper.

And Freddy’s jaw dropped.


Lindsay strode easily through the metal, barely acknowledging its existence - it did slow her - for about a quarter of a second. The feeling of metal pressing against her flesh, then ripping and tearing...unable to contain her, was quite enjoyable.

It was starting.

Something had switched on inside of her - maybe it was the fact that she was being watched this time - and not just by Freddy. The street wasn't empty, and there were many eyes turned her way. But whatever the reason, something switched. She was changing. It was like she was bleeding, but not blood. Nothing physical.

Pain was weakness leaving the body, but there was no pain. The first punishment of humanity was the agony of birth. But she was being born, and agony wasn't the word.

The word was heavenly.

And now it was time to slay a dragon.

The ‘dragons’ were 50 feet of steal resting on huge tires - each was taller then her head. It was nearly 20 feet tall - tractor trailers are much bigger then you think - with an empty cab in front decked out with chrome almost everywhere. At night it was slightly fearsome - belied somewhat by the fact that there was a happy cow on the side of it.

It was her test.

Lindsay stroked the side of the dragon lightly for a second.

Then lifted it off the ground as if it was completely weightless. There was not even the illusion of challenge for her godlike power.

At first she used two hands - but quickly switched to just one. How was this even possible? How was she, a short little girl, simply balancing the cumbersome beast? But she held it easily in one hand - at least 20 tons, or was it 30? It was slightly hard to judge when she couldn’t really feel any resistance.
Why was humanity so afraid of things like this? Humanity: that was an odd word. But it was the right word. For Lindsay realized, as she stepped forward, moving her hand lightly so she was right underneath the cab, that Nathaniel was right. She was a goddess.

And now it was time to give these mortals a show.

She tossed the cab straight up into the sky.

Well, not straight up. Lindsay didn't realize that there was a roof covering the trucks as they went to sleep at night which the truck had to pass through first. However, that was to prove little difference. The truck hit the roof and instantly burst through, not stopped by the pathetic wood and shingles so easily that it was almost an insult.

And the truck flew...high into the night sky, with such speed it became a fire in the sky, a new star to signify her greatness.

And then the truck broke the sound barrier. Once, twice, three times. 23 tons of mass flying through the night sky propelled by a force that no master of physics could possibly understand. As radar surveys tracked it they marvelled, for they had no answer, no explanation. but soon they would know the truth.

The dragon flew, freeing itself from the atmosphere...

And then about 20 seconds later it hit the moon.

Even from the surface of the Earth you could see the dull spark of the explosive impact.

She looked up through the remains of the roof and smiled.

People were coming - there were hundreds now in the street - she saw cop cars pull up as well. But for the moment they were doing nothing, just watching her silently in awe. And their awe fed her.

What should she do? Talk? Tell them of her ascension to the higher planes?

No. Not right now. Actions spoke louder then words.

There was an old private bus that caught her attention. It existed; that would soon be fixed.

Between her and them were several more trucks. She could have walked around them, even leapt over them. But...why bother?

She simply walked into the nearest one and watched the bottom of the trailer deform - metal grinding as the cab opened.

She walked forward right, through the bottom of the cab, which came up to about her shoulder. It was interesting, seeing the space within. It looked like it was designed to hold frozen food. Interesting. She kept walking feeling her shoulders deform and bend the metal of the bottom of the truck away from her without any conscious effort. Seeing the world by making herself a door was neat. For she was the door now.

However, she walked through it a couple seconds later with no incident. The other side proved no challenge either, as her head was once more outdoors. Neat, at least a little bit. She strode forward.

The entire truck collapsed in the middle - without the bottom to support it in that spot, the trailer just fell apart in a wreck. Interesting.

She could have played more that, but she was tired of trucks. Time to move on.

The bus was an older model. What was its use? It was interesting to speculate about things like that to a degree. Why, in front of this grocery store, was a bus parked? Did they use it for corporate something-or-other?

In any case, she grasped the bumper and started to bend.

She moved around to the right side, holding the bumper, watching it bend and straighten as she held the first.

She moved through the insides of the metal and machine like it was clay, headed towards the back bumper, and grabbed that.
Finally she moved around the back, a little around the machine that used to be a bus but now looked like strange bent metal, a weird twisty creation of 30 tons of steel and rubber. The windows long broken, the tires long punctured, oil and hydraulic fluid spilling everywhere. She moved behind it, and transferring all bumpers into her hands...she squeezed.

And it all came together.

It all started to press into one mass as her fingers pushed it in.

It started to compact - not into a neat cube, but rather more of a ball, 10 feet in size then five.

Now there was so much steel and mass there was no possible way that it could be doing that, the atomic laws itself would prevent it from being compressed into itself any further.

But that was of no consequence to Lindsay.

The forces pushed against the mass were unimaginable, measuring in tons would be futile...the pressure was beyond that required to make diamonds.

However, she needed to be stronger still. Lindsay’s superpowered muscles and strength demanded more.

The particles of steel were pushed together until they turned quickly into a single alloy, then heated up plasma. However Lindsay was unharmed, uninjured by the forces her now superpowered body could exert. Heat, pressure - it felt nothing to the heat and pressure inside of her.

She worked the once 80 foot long bus, 20 feet high 15 feet wide...

Until it was about 1 centimetre cubed.

Then she played a bit with the mass. It was like Playdoh. She giggled a little.

Then dropped it to the ground.

The mass started to sink into the earth, breaking through the cement, the dirt beneath, then the bedrock the city rested on, because it still had the same mass of the bus, just unmanageably more compact. It started to expand a bit away from her hands - the power of the earth  itself was so much less then her hands that it was now free to expand. The forces exerted created a small Quakes that rumbled a bit before the bus settled into a molten mass 3 miles or so down, at last the superhuman forces met their match.

She smiled and looked into the crowd. By now newsvans were coming, showing footage of Lindsay all over the country. This served to give her even more power, more strength - even though it was already immeasurable.

Perhaps it was something about the look in her eye that inspired the first bullet.

It actually missed her, going about 2 feet to the side of her head. That was a little disappointing.

But then more came. Large semi automatic fire from a dozen guns. She looked to see the police weren't even bothering. This looked to be the National Guard.

They hit her legs, her face, her breasts, her ear. That last one was just so loud...though it didn't hurt her at all or anything. But sure was loud.

It hit her on the edge, the fabric, the strap of her little yellow sundress that somehow she was still wearing. It broke, sagging a little over her breasts. That was too bad - she loved this dress. She didn't want to be to punitive on the shooters - but....

They where afraid. It was natural to be afraid of her, but with her in place no one would ever have to be afraid again.

Then she got hit by a giant tank mounted rocket.

a giant explosion filled the shopping centre parking lot, a mass of flame and smoke, the cement cracked. What was left of the cover provided for the trucks was gone. A fire started behind it as rubble filled the yard – well, more rubble. It was chaos and destruction as a series of tanks started to fire, and kept firing, firing all there weapons at where she was standing. Hit after direct hit, the tanks pummelled her with all the non-nuclear force that they had.

Did they think that would hurt her in the least?

She stoped out of the smoke.

Lindsay walked forward, as they reloaded, towards the nearest tank...she approached and climbed on top of it, and pushed - not even grabbed, just pushed - the cannon’s barrel to the side, then she opened the top and saw the driver within. He was scared shitless.

She looked at him in the eyes, and hoisted him up with one hand...

And looked into his eyes.

Yes, just picking up a man, holding him like this, was a thrill. After everything so far, this was still a thrill.

She pulled him up out of the cab and held him over the ground.

But, realizing that it wasn't Freddy, just tossed him to the side.

And then went inside the tank.

The driver stared at his M30 tank with curiosity for a second, waiting for something, afraid...

Then the entire thing exploded into a million pieces, flying off in as many directions at once into the night sky, creating a dozen large comets that fluttered into the night.

And there she was, standing on the ground.

And the military surrounded her with all their might. She looked up to see bombers flying above her. Helicopters, gunships, all the forces of man.

"Are you finished yet?""

Her voice was loud - it almost didn't feel as if was coming out of her mouth. Such a majestic sound, a trumpet and a violin, flutes and harps, all playing at once. An orchestra - but still clear. The voice of the Goddess.

Many of the crowd subconsciously prostrated themselves on the ground to their Goddess.

An army tank lowered its cannon downward. The other National Guard did as well. The forces of the world acknowledged her, which was what she was looking for. This would take time. Days, weeks, maybe even years for it to fully sap humanities new status as her parishioners, their new duty of worship.  But it was for their good. They could accomplish much, if she let them, leave their pettiness and strife aside to find new wonders. But there was much organizing and planning too boring meetings and 10 commandments. But that was later. She looked over the city, the world...

And the people.

And she saw Freddy, found his eyes, found his face easily in a now crowded space. As promised, he was just waiting there, standing for her.  

She walked to Freddy, looking at him. And the fear entered her mind. Not of the tanks, or any other the pathetic weaponry that the world might use futilely against her...but fear of Freddy and his reaction.

"Wow," he breathed.

Yep. That about covered it.



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