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Deep Down Inside - Part 28 - Battle of Kerch Strait I

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Warning: This is adult literature.  If you’re not of a legal age to read this stuff, don’t.
Disclaimer: This is a work of pure fiction.  No semblance between the characters described here and real individuals -- living or dead -- is implied or intended.
"Isn't it sort-of chickenshit to locate your headquarters in a sumptuous villa far away from the front lines?" 
The Eastern Coalition Commander looked up from his massive desk, and his hand instinctively went to his sidearm.  Before him was a striking blond woman in a trim, beige wool dress. 
"How the hell did you get in here?" he huffed.
She seemed to ignore his question.  "I mean, setting up in a barn or a warehouse I can understand.  But a villa?  This place deserves to be lived in, not bombed."  
"It suited the purpose.  Who are you?" he challenged.
"I'm the most deadly weapon on the planet."  Her glossy lips smiled.  Playful tresses of blond hair bounced as she twirled a finger through them.
"Ah, yes, you.  The United States girl who is now the darling of the Ukraine.  The Heroine of the Gulf Coast.  My reconnaissance services wasted much of my afternoon yesterday boring me with rumor and innuendo about you.  You pulled a huge ship through water, they said."
"I also killed 36 mercenaries the other day, but I had the government cover it up.  I'd be happy to prove my effectiveness again, if you like, in a much more public way."
"Combat is not for little girls. You should withdraw before it is too late for you.  We are more than prepared for you and your pathetic army," the Commander said.  
And yet, although he was prepared for her army, he was not prepared for her physical appearance.  She was beyond beautiful.  Gold tresses tumbled over lithe and yet strongly sinewed shoulders.  The curvature of arms offered a clear hint of athleticism underneath.  Her beige dress was intended to be conservative, with a neckline that generally hugged the collarbone, and plunged south of that only in a narrow slit.  Yet her exceptional dimensions had made a mockery of the dress's design, producing horizontal stretch marks in the bust line and separating that narrow vertical slit into a "v".  It was as if her body wanted to be seen, knew that it deserved to be admired.  
The Commander forced his mind back into the conversation.  
"What brings you here?  Just a chat?  Maybe you want to extend the ceasefire?  It will not happen.  Maybe you want to get friendly with the man who will soon control this entire region?"  Given her remarkable attractions, he hoped it was the latter.
"Nope.  I come to you as an envoy.  That's why I put on the pretty business dress."
The Commander waited.
"I was sent by the Ukraine to give you an opportunity to surrender.  The Prime Minister implored me to do this.  He said something about a history of friendly relations in the region."
The general laughed, long and out loud.  "We, surrender?"
"We have twice as many ground troops as you.  Our main battle tanks are world class, whereas yours are little more than lightly armored mobile guns.  Our combat aircraft outnumber yours ten to one.  Surrender -- why the hell would we even consider it?"
The girl's voice was rich with playfulness.  "You don't seem to realize the magnitude of the power you are facing."
He waved his hand dismissively.  "There will be no retreat."  
Upon hearing those words, a slight smile dawned on her face, and her eyes brightened.  "Say it again," she implored.
"There will be no retreat."
Her lips parted slightly, as if a delightful sensation had washed over her.  "And will you bring all your forces to bear against me?"
Her eyes rolled slightly, as if the thought of it was somehow tantalizing.  "Your biggest guns?  Your most powerful missiles?"
"We will rain hell down upon you," he said.
Approaching him, she ran her hands down his arms.  She consumed his gaze in the deep blue of her own.  She seemed to be lost in a form of bliss.  "Do you promise?"
"You can bet your life on it -- and your death."
"Thank you," she purred.  "I can't wait.  I can't wait to feel your biggest bombs only warm and tickle my skin.  I can't wait to punish your forces with my own unfathomable power.  I can't wait to see the look on your face when you realize how pathetically weak you are -- your whole army is -- against my supernatural enhancements.  I want you to realize it, fully, before I crush your army to pieces."
For a moment, the Commander wavered, until he felt the anger rising up inside of him.  "You're crazy.  Beautiful women always are.  You're so attractive to us men that we forgive the useless shit continually coming out of your mouths."
Her gaze was regal and fierce.   "Ah, you're growing angry.  That's perfect.  Now, I know you won't hold back."
She pivoted and began walking away from him, the afternoon sun carving rigid lines along her athletic calves.  Her dress hugged the fantastic globes of her ass.  The Commander scolded himself for letting her go.  She was the enemy, he knew, and crazy too.  But physically, she was living perfection.  He had to see her again, somehow.
"Wait."  His tone was more request than order.  "We need a military line of communication."
"A what?"
"The Ukrainians have clearly chosen you as their envoy -- an incompetent one to be sure, but an envoy nonetheless.  We need a designated radio frequency across which the two armies can communicate.  It's standard for envoys of opposing armies to be in constant radio communication."
Tammy listened.
"In modern warfare," he continued, "there are no white flags.  When you abdicate to us, you'll need a radio frequency to do it on."
"Excellent idea," she smiled.
The man's heart liquified somewhat at that smile.  He handed her a radio.
"Channel 15.  Keep the rest of your troops off of it.  That's for you and me only."
"For you and me only,"  she repeated.  "I love it.  That's so.... intimate."  
Tammy soared high above the enemy army, an ignored speck among the clouds.  She surveyed the countless men and machines below her, splayed from one side of the valley to the other.   The fielded forces below her were immense, and intimidating.  It gave her goosebumps to realize that she was going to take these forces on.
"Did I miss any of the fun yet?"  It was Louisa's voice.  She was outfitted in the same suit as Tammy-- blue and yellow skin-tight kevlar, a bust-hugging top separated from a cute bottom.  She had decorated her hair with ribbons of the same color as the outfit. 
Her smile was radiant.  She had just taken a turn at Tammy's newly conscripted power plant, and it had clearly been good to her.  If her experience had been anything like Tammy's, she had ingested many times more energy than ever before, taking their stored power to unseen new levels.  "I feel fucking awesome!" Louisa exclaimed.  "In fact, I feel awesomer than awesome!"
"Glad to hear it.  And, uh, no, it hasn't started yet.  In fact, there is a temporary ceasefire in place.    It doesn't expire for a few hours yet."
"LAST CHANCE TO DESEEEEEERT!"  Louisa called out in a singsong voice, at such volume that the clouds themselves trembled.
Tammy watched as her friend giggled and did a playful loop in the air.  Below, the arrayed armaments stretched for miles.
"Somebody has to fire the first shot," Louisa suggested.  She began counting each of her fingers.  "Eenie, meenie, mighty, moe."
"Maybe we should wait for them to fire the first shot," Tammy cautioned.  "With a cease fire in effect, I think under the Geneva Conv--"
KA-POW.  Louisa had pointed her pinky finger at a spot in the middle of the enemy army.  When the bolt hit the ground, the entire landscape quivered at the impact.  The fireball was fifty yards across.  Trucks and mobile artillery hurtled ten stories into the air.
The heat from the blast washed over the flying girls, sending their hair streaming backward.
"Sorry."  Louisa said bashfully.  "Were you saying something?"  
Tammy had expected that enemy would immediately fire upon the flying girls, but it was not so.  Instead, Eastern Coalition artillery flashed in yellow anger, and explosions began to rock the Ukrainian ranks.  Tammy belatedly realized that the enemy had little reason to suspect that Louisa's powerful blast came from an unseen speck in the sky.
The two girls sped to the Ukrainian side, where explosions from artillery shells were ripping into the exposed forces.  Each of the impacts sent dirt, debris, and even body parts twenty yards into the air.  Tammy could feel each explosion in her gut, as if someone had grabbed the planet by some invisible handle and jostled it-- hard.
"We won't last long under this assault!"  One of the Ukrainian soldiers offered, as another deafening boom sent a shower of dirt and rocks over him.
Being on the receiving end of artillery fire was more intimidating than Tammy had imagined.  Even though the shrapnel was not harming her, each blast made her insides quiver like gelatin.
"I think he's right.  Louisa,"  Tammy said.  "I'm going to relocate to the empty field over there and try to draw their fire away.  You go behind enemy lines and figure out what else we need to prepare ourselves for."
Louisa gave a playful salute and was gone.
Tammy arrived at the empty field in an instant.  And with the enemy assault intensifying, there was no time to waste. Enemy artillery shells continued to bombard the Ukrainian side, with distant booms and yells evidencing the damage inflicted.
Pointing a hand skyward, a blue beam arced from her finger into the enemy ranks.  Tammy's posture was informal,  one dainty hand resting on a generous hip, the other tracing a finger through the air like a paintbrush on an invisible canvas.
But the effect of the other end of the beam was anything but casual.  Whereas the enemy artillery had created plumes of debris two stories high, Tammy's beam produced ten times that -- a two-hundred foot cloud of debris arose as jarring WHUMP sound travelled across the plains.
"Darn."  Tammy whispered lightly to herself.  "I was actually trying to hold back."
Moments later the response came.  Normal eyes would have been unable to see the artillery shells sail through the air -- small and fast as they were -- but Tammy picked the approaching projectiles out instantly.  They were coming right for her.
Moments later, the explosions rattled Tammy's insides, but did not harm her in the least.   Fire, heat, and vicious chunks of shrapnel caressed Tammy's skin.  A slight smile formed at the edge of her lips.  
Is that it, Tammy laughed to herself?  Is that the most these enemy guns can do?  It had actually been fun to be in the middle of the barrage, like being tossed about by waves on the beach.
Tammy picked up the special radio the enemy commander had given her.  "Tammy to enemy dude" she hailed.
"That's 'Commander' to you," the reply cackled.
"Can you have them fire the artillery guns again?  That was pretty cool."
"It wouldn't be cool if you were under it."
If I were under it.... Tammy repeated the words in her mind.  The enemy's scopes were too weak to see her on the field.  They must know some type of laser weapon would be firing from the field, but they thought she was somewhere else.  Tammy laughed to herself: it's amazing how persistent men are in underestimating me.
As the enemy guns again spoke, she saw three large shells headed her way at supersonic speed.  A bone-jarring BLAM next to her reduced several trees to twigs.  A shower of shrapnel assailed her body, tearing at her skin, her face, her hair.   It felt like being caressed by a loofa scrub in the shower.  Her nipples swelled delightfully in response.   When the smoke cleared, Tammy was standing next to a crater the size of a house.
That felt.... pretty damn hot, Tammy thought to herself.  Then, transmitting to the enemy, she asked "Are those really the biggest guns you have?"
The enemy Commander scowled.  "You will receive your answer in actions, not words."  
Some deeper guns spoke, and Tammy saw even larger shells on their way to her.  She had to jog slightly to get into position for it, but when the shell arrived, it was well worth it.  A monstrous BOOM announced the impact.  Concussive forces that would have shattered mortal organs at a distance of 50 yards felt like nothing but pleasant sensations to the supergirl, at a distance of only a few yards.  She felt like she was at front row at a rock concert, letting the speakers carry her away.   
And the shrapnel -- wow was it intense!  Metal shards that would have torn steel fortifications to bits danced tantalizingly across her skin, like a lover scraping his fingernails across her belly.  
When it was over, the field was a moonscape.  Craters were everywhere.  Trees were now smoldering stumps.  Everything was destroyed, she noted -- everything, that is, except me.  She ran her hands over her flawless skin and reveled in all the pleasant sensations the barrage had created.      
Tammy smoothed bits of metal and mud out of her hair with one hand as she held the radio with the other.  Her lips widened to a smile.  "That was awesome.  Is it my turn now?  I can't wait to show you the truly awesome power I can unleash at this slightest whim."
"What do you mean?" the Commander's voice responded.
"This."  Tammy gently massaged one breast as she raised her arm skyward, fingers splayed.  Electric beams the width of baseball bats filled the sky with bright blue.  The beams arced toward the enemy artillery, where they connected with an apocalyptic fury.
WHUMP WHUMP WHUMP WHUMP the beams went, each creating an explosion ten times the size of anything that had been produced by the conventional armaments.  Debris from each blast flew two hundred feet into the air as deafening concussive BOOMS raced across the plains.  In moments, the enemy's artillery ranks were reduced to craters and splinters.
Tammy pressed the radio button to speak with her adversary.  Panicked screams and shouts could be heard on the other end.
From the distance, she heard a few more of the enemy's guns speak.  They were shielded from her view by a hill and therefore had survived the initial onslaught.
"I didn't realize you could hide them behind a hill too.  That's annoying," Tammy observed into the radio. 
She leveled her fist at the obstructing hill and felt immeasurable power again welling up within her.  She massaged a breast as the a blinding beam leapt off her fist and barreled into the hillside.  The hill quivered and shook.  Debris flew a thousand feet in the air and she piled her power into it.  Shock waves from the blast rumbled across the planes, so intense that they triggered avalanches on the surrounding hills.
The bright blue finally receded as Tammy ceased her barrage.  Where the hill once stood, now there was only vacant space.  And where the guns once stood, only craters of enormous size remained.
She felt the machine inside of her stir appreciatively at the destruction she had wrought.  The enemy had spent days moving thousands of tons of artillery onto the field, she noted.  All that effort, all that ordinance -- and it didn't leave so much as a scratch on me.  Then I struck back -- effortlessly -- and reduced all their carefully assembled guns to dust.  
The machine inside her whirring in delight, she felt a warm pleasure overtake her.  Mortals and their worthless weapons have no hope of beating us-- or even stopping us.  Nothing can stand in our way.
She tried to imagine the look on the EC Commander's face when his forces were shattered.  It would be even more fun, she realized, if I played with his head at the same time.
"Again?  How the hell did you get in here this time?" The enemy Commander asked, more unnerved than the first time.  His emotions were torn.  She was beautiful beyond his wildest fantasies.  But she was his enemy.
She ignored his question.  "Believe me yet?  About me being strong and powerful and everything?" she asked as she smoothed her beige dress over the fantastic curves it had the misfortune of containing.
"No.  Admittedly, you clearly have some sort of laser gun hidden in that field, which even now my bombers are preparing to eliminate." His reconnaissance analysts had urged him not to worry, that the weapon would be eliminated easily.  And yet he wondered.  What weapon could have so easily turned his artillery batteries into a field of craters?
"You seem uncertain."
"What are you doing here?" he challenged.  
"I came to watch the recognition slowly dawn on you.  About how your army is going to be obliterated.  About how you personally are going to go down in resounding defeat.  Seeing the fear and uncertainty dawn on you will be... gratifying."
He looked around the room.  Classified communications equipment blinked and chirped.  Files stamped "Top Secret" were strewn across his desk.
"I have been a fool," he declared brusquely, standing to draw his gun.  "I should have seen it earlier.  A beautiful woman who doesn't know shit about the military -- she poses as a military envoy and shows up at my office with absolutely nothing useful to say.  You're no envoy."  He leveled his gun at her.  "You're a spy.  You probably never even left my compound during the artillery exchange, but instead continued observing us.  And I've been fool enough chit chat with you here, at the heart of our command operation."  His gun hand quivered in anger.
The blonde stared blankly at him, her arms at her sides, relaxed.  "So what do you want me to do?"
"You're doubtless wearing a bug.  I want it out, now."
"I have no bug."
"You must be."
"See for yourself."
The blond reached behind her back.  The general could hear the sound of a zipper.   In a moment, her dress was piled around her feet.  A pair of frilly beige panties was the only garment that remained.  
"Take a good look," her honey voice commanded.  "Let me know if you see anything you don't like..."
The general walked up to her -- pistol still pointed -- and slowly circled around.  Everything about her -- arms abdomen, thighs -- possessed an Olympian's athleticism combined with a fashion model's grace.  His gaze became lost in her spotless, supple skin, perfectly tanned.   His gaze could have wandered her her skin for an hour, but instead it raced to her bust line.  Statuesque tits -- huge and yet supported only by their own firmness -- stood shamelessly at attention.  The look on her face was shameless as well -- as if she were accustomed to being stared at, as if she were well aware of her own perfection.
"... or maybe you meant 'bug' as in 'flaw'.  Do you see any flaws, Commander?"
She was a magnificent fortress of power and femininity.  His eyes scaled the living granite towers of her legs.  His male pride bounced meekly off the iron portcullis of her abdomen, and skewered itself on the solid ramparts of her arms and shoulders.  He tried, and failed, to ignore the presence of her rounded, twin battering rams -- surely without equal the world over.  
"I said, did you see any flaws?"
The Commander's mind struggled to marshal its few remaining forces, which were beating a fast retreat.
"Ok, so you're clean," he heard himself say.  He held the gun pointed at her still, not because she was the enemy, but because her withering beauty made him feel strangely powerless.  He hid behind the deadly force of the weapon in his hand.
The icy blue of her eyes followed the gun as it quivered in front of her chest. 
"It's ok," she reassured.  "I don't mind if you point it at me."
He tried to steady his hand, furious that it betrayed his tremulous emotions.  Behind her, the reconnaissance imagery finally began flashing on the screens -- pictures of the field from which the menacing blue arcs of light originated.  He watched strands of gold dance across the woman's shoulders as the screens behind her began to show magnified images.  
The image on the screens began to transfix him.  A blond woman was down on that field, and it unmistakably her.  Shells were raining down on top of her, and the blond almost seemed to be..... enjoying it.
"Holy shit," he declared, turning to look at her with new eyes.  What exactly was she?
"Here," she offered.  "If you're going to point that thing at me, you'd better make it count for something."  Resting a lazy finger on the barrel, she guided it sideways until the end of the barrel danced over her left nipple.  "Ohh," she exhaled with a smile.
She pressed her fleshy nub into the open barrel-- only the tip fit.  Her eyelids fluttered as he heard a CRUNCH  at the end of the barrel.  He tried to withdraw the weapon slightly, but could not.  It was as if her nipple had become an expanding steel plug, snagging the weapon that surrounded it.
Her hands flashed in a blur.  He felt a momentary and firm pressure on his trigger finger.  The gun discharged with a BANG.
"Ahhhh," she sighed.  
The Commander expected to see her blood spattered over the gun, over the wall behind her.  But instead he looked down to see the gun shattered his hand.  "How..." he began to ask.
She gently removed the gun from his hand.  Her hand closed with a CRUNCH, wadding the weapon like a ball of paper.
"Nothing you possess will leave so much as a scratch on me.  Unless you are prepared to field Kryptonite-tipped shells, all your weapons will feel like nothing more than delightful toys.  I'll return," she promised.
The woman scooped a her beige dress off the floor and floated through the air, shattering one of his office's expansive windows as she left.
The Commander steadied himself on the chair. The image of her peerless body was seared in his mind.  He felt his heart pounding like a war drum, his breath panting as if in a full sprint.  She was sex epitomized.  
She's the enemy, he reminded himself.  But she was also a fantasy-made-real-- and her her touch had come so tantalizingly close.
He had to have her, he resolved.  There were no two ways about it.
Over the ensuing minutes, he slowly regained his composure.
"We're changing our battle plan--" he announced, opening his office door.  "--something she won't anticipate."

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