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A Blast From the Past

Written by d_k_c :: [Tuesday, 08 October 2013 12:04] Last updated by :: [Friday, 09 May 2014 10:19]


Blastfrompast1Suffering amnesia, Lee awoke on a deserted island. She wasn’t entirely sure what her name was, or where she was – but she was familiar with the dead woman beside her. It was Powergirl. Powergirl’s skin was pale and the costume that fit so snugly on her glorious body before, was now drooping and loose.

Eventually, Lee found a cave on the island, which appeared to be Powergirl’s hide-out. In the cave was a dresser, bed and a mirror. She could hardly see inside the cave, so Lee took the mirror outside the cave.

Lee was an attractive Japanese dark haired beauty, she was slender and short. Lee was relieved that her reflection was familiar to her, with a few exceptions. Her dark hair had blonde strands and her breasts were seemed noticeably firmer.

Weeks eventually turned to months and Lee thought that she would surely die of starvation or thirst, but she never did. She remembered she loved jogging and so that became her hobby: jogging around the island and praying for salvation. She desperately tried to remember the events which led her to this island, but instead, she remembered her boyfriend.

Brett had visited Japan from America where he met Lee. Brett always had stubble on his face, thick dark hair which, even when combed, still looked messy. Lee always gave him a hard time about his unshaven face. She missed him terribly. She wondered where he was now, was he still thinking about her?

Lee’s reflection in the mirror changed daily. At first there were subtle changes. Eventually, the hair on her head turned blonde and her eyes turned a bright blue. Her breasts, which were initially a modest B-cup, were now impressively massive. Lee was also taller but – despite the changes – she still looked distinctly Asian.

Two years later Lee’s casual jog around the island was an all-out Olympic sprint. She, at one point, wondered about the possibility of swimming to another island. It wasn’t until she learned how to fly that she begin to truly understand what had indeed happened.

Lee now remembered her identity and what she did for a living. She even remembered returning to work to pick a forgotten SD-card, after Blastfromthepast2that, nothing. Something happened after that moment and somehow Powergirl’s powers had transferred into her.

Years had passed before Lee returned to the corpse of Powergirl and, to her surprise, all that remained was dust. Lee shook the white leotard, washed it in the ocean, then tried it on. She did the same with the blue gloves, boots and red cape.

Going to the mirror, she adjusted the hole on the costume so that her powerful cleavage blasted out of it evenly. She was stunningly beautiful. She was built like a fitness model. Her face had remained nearly the same, with the exception of the bright blue eyes and the bleach blonde hair. She looked similar to that of Powergirl, or at least a Japanese version.

While Lee was certain that she had at least some of Powergirl’s powers, she wasn’t convinced she had them all. After a while of practice and training, Lee was eventually soaring in the air. Using her heat vision to start fires, and her super strength to uproot tree’s and heave giant boulders. Her favorite ability was how she could blow a powerful wind out from her pursed lips. 

Lee returned to the cave and that became her new home, she no longer needed light to see. One month after that day, she introduced herself to the world. 

Powergirl! Earth’s only superhero was back and she was Japanese. To the people of Japan this was cause for celebration.

Lee had made international headlines. She was as kind as she was super, extremely humble and somewhat shy. She never gave interviews, but gave speeches at charity events. Sometimes she hovered high in the sky and looked to the east. Looked for a man, whom she was sure, had long since forgotten her.


On the morning of September 5th 2014, Brett unhooked his speed boat from the dock and took it for a cruise out into the Pacific-Ocean. Usually he’d be accompanied by a guest, today he went by himself. It was the anniversary of a relationship of a girl which he loved, who died long ago.

Brett drove the boat West into the ocean, until all traces of civilization were behind him. He stopped the boat and grabbed a Sapporo out of his cooler. He hopped over the canopy and onto the front of the boat, lay down, and opened the beer and looked Westward out into the ocean.

“Isn’t it illegal to drink and drive on a motor boat?”

Brett was startled by the question. He almost slipped into the ocean as he quickly jumped to his feet. “Powergirl!? … Uhhh … What!? .”

Powergirl’s bright white teeth showed in her smile as she lounged on the boats back seat “I said, it’s illegal to drive a motor boat while intoxicated .”

Brett looked at the beer, “Yeah … Sorry … I was just going to have a couple … It’s ummm … tradition .”

Powergirl looked at Brett and continued smiling as an awkward silence ensued. “Aren’t you going to offer me a drink?”

“Uhhh yeah” Brett cracked open a beer and handed it to her, still in awe.

“So what tradition brings you so far out into the ocean, all by yourself?”

“Long story”

“Then give me the foot notes”

Brett half laughed, still shocked that Powergirl was sitting in his boat. “My Girlfriends family had a boat … We used to take it out to the islands and do some wake boarding, have a picnic, do some climbing and then cliff jumping. We did it every year for our anniversary.”

“And today is your anniversary?”


 “I’m assuming your girlfriend has … past?”

Brett nodded a few times, and his blue eyes became brighter. Lee had never known Brett to cry, her only hint that he was feeling any emotion was that his blue eyes would become bluer. She felt like embracing him, letting him know that she never died. That she was Powergirl. But she didn’t. Powergirl took a swig from the beer. “I’d like to do something for you Brett.”

Brett was curious “How did you know my name?”

Powergirl smiled, “It’s called X-ray vision, I can see right through the glove department and into your wallet, Brett Thompson, born December 12th 1985.”

Brett smiled politely at her, “Of course you can … and I’m honoured … but, I usually spend this day alone .”

Powergirl smiled sympathetically at him. “Mmmm I see, well! Too bad for you” Powergirl stood up from her sitting position “Make sure to keep your head down … The wind is going to get nasty .”


Powergirl jumped from the boat and Bret had to stabilize himself as the boat itself began to rise out of the ocean and then pick up speed. It began going faster and faster. Brett was sure the canopy would break as the wind screamed around him. He huddled on the floor thinking that the boat would fly apart.

A half hour later the boat was beached on a tropical island. Brett stood up and looked around “Where the hell am I?”

“I took you out here to get your mind off of things” Powergirl replied.

“Has it occurred to you that maybe I don’t want my mind off things”

Powergirl ignored him “So – The first thing you did was wake board, right?” Powergirl began taking the cable out from the trunk of the boat and connected it to the wake board. “So let’s go wake boarding”

Brett looked at her in shock and was almost annoyed, and then he smiled. Powergirl wanted to go wakeboarding with him … Who was he to refuse. Except, her idea of wake boarding wasn’t exactly what he had expected. She was towing him. Brett had never wake boarded at that high a speed before. Powergirl was flying and using one hand to toe him around the island at speeds he couldn’t fathom. A wave came out of nowhere and launched him 20 feet in the sky before he violently crashed into the warm waters.

When he surfaced Powergirl was there to greet him “You okay?” she asked sweetly

“That was awesome!” Brett exclaimed with snott running out his nose.



After several of hours, Powergirl lifted him out of the water and took him to the beach where a picnic basket was prepared. They talked for over an hour. Brett seemed so happy, it made Powergirl feel the same. 

A few hours chatting wasn’t enough time. The entire world wanted to ask Powergirl a multitude of questions. What happened to the other Powergirl? Where are you from? And so on. But Brett kept the conversation far away from her super powers. Everyone knew how charitable Powergirl was. Brett was simply impressed that her charity … reached him. Though, he knew he didn’t exactly deserve it.

Powergirl eventually convinced him to climb the high cliffs of the mountain on the island. At first he was reluctant, there were no safety cables. But he was assured that she would catch him if he fell. He couldn’t help but still feel a little unsettled, especially considering that Powergirl was climbing with him, and not hovering up the mountain beside him.

They sat together on top of the mountain, the sun was now setting and they continued talking and laughing. Her head rested on his shoulder and his arm went around hers. For the briefest of moments he believed that the woman he held in his arms was Lee. The harsh reality rushed into his mind, interrupting the pleasant moment. Lee was dead. He swallowed hard and his blue eyes lit up.

Powergirl smiled sweetly at him, a smile that vaguely reminded him of Lee’s. “Time to jump!” Powergirl suggested snapping Brett out of it.

Brett laughed “No no … I’m good, this is a little too high for us mortals.”

Powergirl looked down from the cliff “Silly! We’re not going to jump from here!”

Brett smiled “Okay good cause …”

Powergirl grabbed Brett’s body and blasted high into the sky. At 3000 feet she let go of him.

Brett felt his heart sink to his gut as he descended down toward the island. At first he was terrified and then he relaxed believing that surely she would catch him. Now the water below was getting closer. At 50 feet he was still at free fall speeds, he wanted to scream out “Catch me!” But the wind was too much. At 20 feet Powergirl grabbed his waist and slowed him down to the speed of someone jumping off a 40 foot cliff before they smacked into the water.

Brett swam to the surface and next to Powergirl. He was breathing hard as he wiped the water from his eyes.

Powergirl smiled at him “Want to do that again?”

Brett swallowed hard and tried to catch his breath “Nope!” 

Powergirl draped her arms around Brett’s shoulders; she caught him looking at her soaking deep cleavage before he quickly returned his gaze into her eyes. She was about to kiss him and then Brett spoke.

“Thank-you! For everything, but I have to ask, I was close to Lee’s family. They knew how distraught I was after her death. And they were extremely wealthy, so I was wondering. Did they pay you to do this for me?”

Powergirl smiled. He hadn’t changed. Leave it to Brett to spoil a perfectly good mood with perfectly stupid question. “I should get you home.” she responded.

Brett nodded and she flew him to his boat and then back to California. 

Brett watched her fly off without saying so much as a good-bye. He sighed as he reflected on the most amazing day of his life. 

Brett opened up the glove department of the boat to retrieve his wallet. To his surprise he saw that it wasn’t there. After a moment, he realized … He had left it in his car.



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