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The Book Club

Written by Camille Jones :: [Thursday, 10 October 2013 17:03] Last updated by :: [Tuesday, 08 July 2014 12:23]

Kimberly smiles softly as she peers into the oven door, looking at the wonderful confection baking in the oven. A pleasant aroma of fudge, caramel and chocolate fills her house, making sure that her home greets the book club that she’s hosting today. As soon as she hears the timer go off, Kimberly shuts the stove off before pulling the door open. She grabs the scalding hot baking pan with her bare hand, not even offering a slight wince, before setting it on the cooling rack. With a gentle blow of wind from her lips, the brownies quickly cool off in the pan.

After cutting the brownies into squares, Kimberly starts to make a check-list of everything she needs for today’s meeting.

A copy of Death of a Salesman, heavily decorated with sticky notes?


Chairs neatly arranged in the living room in a circular fashion?


Freshly baked homemade brownies neatly arranged in a tray with other refreshments?


One vial of a clear serum that makes sure she does not revert back to normal?

Check. And check.

Kim stared at the vial as she lets the sunbeam hit the clear liquid, watching various colors reflect off it as she twirls the vial in her fingers. Already, Kim starts to feel the wonderful energy inside of her starting to dissipate and fade. Her muscles started to look less pumped and full as she was shrinking quickly.

‘Not if I have anything to say about it.’ she thinks with warm grin.

Kim unscrews the top of the vial before drinking down about half of the contents. She sets the open vial down next to the brownies as she smiles, always loving the part that follows after drinking it.

She can feel her muscles regaining their usual size and definition, filled with that wonderful energy the serum gives her. She can feel her incredible strength coming back to her, coursing through her body. Her breasts started to fill and stretch her top, her pert nipples poking against the fabric. The sensation was too wonderful, as she can no longer keep her feet on the marble floor. She rises higher and higher, no longer caring as the feeling of being this powerful made her feel good. She was experiencing an indescribable and euphoric sensation that washes her over, to which that feeling of elation is connected with her ability to defy gravity.

Kim smiles hazily, looking down at her impressive physique, feeling every single cell in her body charged with this incredible power. She brings her biceps up and curls them into an impressive ball of muscle, knowing they each contain insurmountable power. Normally, she uses this power just to make her life a bit easier and occasionally help out if there happened to be a crime or disaster nearby. But today, she just needed to make sure that she keeps up her superhuman physique for general appearances. After all, her normal job is an personal trainer for the local gym, which demands that she has to be in shape. Though she does feel bad that she’s cheating, it does serve as a good cover-up and she can exert herself a bit more when hauling a barbell over to her clients effortlessly.

Her eyes glance over at the clock on the stove in her post-transformation reverie, causing her to do a double-take and stare at the clock in disbelief.

“I only got five minutes until they get here!” Kim exclaims before she disappears in a burst of speed, heading upstairs to change clothes. Her burst of speed rattled her hanging pots and wine glasses in a gust of wind.


There was a polite knock on the door. Kim hovers down from the second floor; her billowing yellow dress accentuates her toned arms and legs. Her white cotton flats touch the hardwood floor just a few feet before she walks up to the door.

“Kim! So good to see you! Wow you are looking fantastic.” Jodie said.

“Thanks Jodie, that new two week detoxing plan is working, thanks for the recommendation! Come in.”

Soon, the other members of the neighborhood book club start to arrive at her front door. The eight other women take a seat in the living room as they slowly pull out their own copies of Death of a Salesman. Meanwhile, Kim brings a platter of her brownies to the coffee table. The other women take a square before taking a small bite. Not wanting to be left out, Kim also takes a bite of a brownie.

“Mmmph, Kim these brownies are great!” Jodie says after swallowing a mouthful. “It just tastes better than any other brownie I’d had.”

“Yep, and they are packed with protein too since I used my chocolate caramel protein powder.” Kim says.

“You mean they’re healthy and delicious? You must give me the recipe sometime.” Anna, another book club member, said.

“Sure thing, but after this meeting is over. First, has everyone read the entire book so far? Because I wanted to talk about how Willie-”

“Mmmph, Kim did you put anything in those brownies?” Anna interrupts.

“No? Like what do you mean?” Kim asks her, her brow raised.

“What she means is that those brownies are making me feel really good all of the sudden,” Jodie coos softly after taking another bite. “You didn’t do anything did you?”

Kim looks at her inquisitively before she looks around to see the other in a similar state of elation. She then looks at her brownie, noting that they look a lot better than she remembered. It tasted better than any other brownie she’s had before. Kim is no slouch in the kitchen, but she didn’t expect her brownies to taste or look this good.

She looks down and notices that her arms appears much more defined than usual, even more than her superhuman usual. Kim looks around to see that the other women were somehow gaining definition and size, their busts stretching their tops. A slight moan escapes Jodie’s lips as her hair was growing with a healthier shine. Anna’s top was stretching and ripping her shirt down the middle. The other ladies were now rivaling Kim’s muscularity and definition as their hands dig into the wooden chairs, pressing their fingerprints until the wood started to splinter underneath their growing superhuman grip. Panic sets in for a moment as she looks around frantically, searching for the answer. It wasn’t until she spots it from her vantage point, the empty vial sitting at the bottom of the fridge. Kim remembers setting the vial down next to the brownies. She remembers leaving the vial open before rushing upstairs to get read. Her eyes widen, as she realizes that her super serum must have splashed onto the brownies after the her wake of wind blew the vial over.

“Shit …” was all that Kim could mutter. Her secret is out.

“Oh my gosh, Kim, I’m flying!”

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