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A Day at the Beach.

Written by ace191 :: [Sunday, 13 October 2013 21:16] Last updated by :: [Thursday, 15 May 2014 12:08]

A Day at the Beach

by Ace191

“Ok Kerry,” Rick said as he watched the girl of his dreams saunter towards the Ladies room before he turned and headed down to the water. He paused briefly at the edge of the surf taking it all in until the sound of the crashing waves was drown out by the screams coming from the water, Shark, Shark!

He turned his head in horror as he saw the ominous fin that people were desperately swimming away from as he heard a girl scream and then disappear below the surface. He yelled at the lifeguard a few feet away, “Com’on man, we have to go get her.”

The lifeguard replied, “No way. First rule of being a professional is don’t get yourself killed.” Furious, Rick grabbed his torpedo and ran into the water.

Where the hell is Ultragirl when you really need her, Rick thought as he dove into the water and began swimming towards the spot where he had last seen the victim. Now what do I know about sharks, he pondered to himself. Most attacks in SoCal were by great whites who mistake surfers for seals. They usually spit them out, and he could not recall two people ever being killed at the same time by one.

Just before he reached the spot, the girl exploded out of the water, gasped and went back under. Rick took a breath and went under as well. In a few seconds, his hand hit her hair which he grabbed as he started back for the surface, but he could not budge her as she was violently shaking side to side. An instant later, he could feel the girl’s fingernails digging in to his forearm and by the sting of the salt water, he knew he was bleeding.

He struggled for what seemed like an eternity, his lungs bursting for air. Finally the girl released her grasp and a few seconds later she stopped shaking and he was able to pull her up. She was limp and not breathing as he put her over the torpedo and started mouth to mouth resuscitation. For the first time, he saw that the water around him was red.

Suddenly, the girl was ripped away from him. Before he could start to go back under the water he was hit in the chest by a force that threw him up into the air.

But why am I still accelerating upwards, he asked himself as he heard a familiar voice say, “I knew you were the one.”

Stunned, Rick watched a small cliff get closer and closer as the flying maiden gently set him down. He turned and looked at the hovering beauty and asked, “Kerry, you’re Ultragirl?”

“Yes,” she answered. “I am so sorry to do this to you, but I just had to be sure you were the one, and now I am.”

“One for what,” Rick inquired.

“The one for me,” she answered.

Coming to his senses, Rick asked, “So that shark thing was just a ruse to test me?”

“Yes,” she answered.

“But why did you feel the need to scare me out of my mind?”

“I have known how you feel about me for some time, and I have had similar feelings for you, but I had to find out what you were made of and what kind of man you really are.”

“But why was that so important,” Rick wanted to know.

“Ask me again later tonight and I will tell you,” she replied. “But for now, I have a very special day planed out for us, and I want it to be the best day of your life. Here, I brought your wetsuit. Put in on and we can start our adventure together.”

Rick quickly slipped into his ¼ inch Farmer John and Jacket. As he pulled the zipper up, Kerry lifted him up and ascended into the sky heading westbound.

Rick watched the Southern California coast line go by as Santa Catalina Island grew bigger in the distance. Despite the guesstimated 60 mph breeze, he was comfortable in his wet suit. They were only about 100 feet above the water which gave him a perfect view of the boats below him. He could not believe how many sharks there were in the channel. He wondered how many people would still go in the water if they saw all these.

In what seemed like no time they landed on a beach near the isthmus where Kerry had already set up a blanket and a cooler. “What would you like to do first,” she asked.

“How about a little game of Frisbee,” Rick replied.

“Sure,” she answered digging one out of her bag.

Rick made seven perfect throws in a row, just high enough to get Kerry to jump up but not high enough that the Frisbee went over her head to get that perfect boob bounce.

“Hey, I thought you were supposed to be good at this,” Kerry said.

“I am,” he answered as he made another perfect throw and a big smile came to his face. Kerry gave him a dirty look as she returned the disc.

Rick fired off one more perfect throw, but halfway to Kerry she focused her eyes on the target and the Frisbee became a glob of plastic and hit the sand. “You are in big trouble mister,” she said.

“Yea I know,” he replied, “but it was sooo worth it.”

She turned and walked back to the blanket pretending to be upset. Rick marveled as he watched her sexy posterior sway side to side while her one piece blue spandex swimsuit looked as if it was glued on to her perfect butt.

“Are you up for a little water skiing,” Kerry asked.

“Sure,” Rick answered, “but where is the boat?”

“We don’t need one. Now grab that ski and let’s get started.”

Rick waded into the water and put his ski on. Kerry flew over and tossed him the handle and slowly moved away from him. “Let me know when you are ready,” she said.

Rick took a big breath in and yelled, “Hit it!”

Kerry slowly accelerated up to thirty MPH while Rick popped out of the water. He nearly fell on the first wave that he hit as he could not take his eyes off Kerry. Regaining his balance, he decided to focus and started cutting hard back and forth. Kerry took him close to a sailboat and he cut hard and drenched them. He then cut back and ripped through a kelp forest. Kerry took a hard left and he went out on a whip and then he saw it. A four foot wave was coming right at him. He leaned out as hard as he could and let go of the rope hitting the wave at almost forty. At the top, he jumped as high as he could and went sailing over the wave, almost nailing the landing until he did a face plant.

“Wanna try that again,” Kerry inquired.

“Naw, I have had enough of that for the day,” Rick responded.

“Then how about a little wave runner tag,” Kerry replied.

“Sure, what are the rules?”

“First one to 11 touches wins. Since you are bigger than me, you can have the Ski Doo and I will take the little Yamaha.”


Kerry immediately took the lead as she was more experienced than Rick and her Yamaha could out turn his Ski Doo, but soon Rick realized that this was just like a Zero verses a Corsair dogfight. The Zero could out turn the Corsair, but the Corsair was faster. Rick changed tactics and started making slashing attacks and soon the score was ten all. He was closing in for his last touch when Kerry hit a wave and flew up into the air doing a perfect loop and the bow of her runner touched the stern of Rick’s. “Tag, I win,” she exclaimed.

“Hey, no fair,” Rick said in mock protest, “you used your powers to beat me.”

“I don’t remember anything in the rules prohibiting me from using them and now I am going to beat you back to beach,” she said as she opened up the throttle with Rick in hot pursuit.

After cleaning up at the Pavilion Hotel, Rick and Kerry were waiting for their dinner order at the Descanso Beach Club when Kerry got up and said, “I need to go to the Ladies room right now,” and quickly disappeared. No sooner did Rick turn his head back to the bay when he saw four men in ski masks approaching quickly, two armed with pistols, one with a pump shotgun and one with an AR15.

The leader quickly yelled, “Everyone put your hands up now and no one gets hurt! Ladies, empty your purses on the table, take off all your jewelry and empty your mates pockets as well!”

“Or what,” a stern female voice asked.

The robbers quickly turned around and looked up at Kerry in her Ultragirl attire, hovering in the air with fists on her hips and a determined look on her face. Her beautiful long blonde hair was blowing straight back as her incredible breasts stood at attention on her chest which gave way to a sexy two pack and a tiny waist.

“Damn, it’s that Ultrabitch. Get her boys!”

Rick watched as all four men opened up on her. He could see the bullets making small dimples in her breasts (which is where most of them seemed to be going) and then falling harmlessly to the ground. Rick started to get hard as he tried to imagine how truly powerful she must be and what it would be like to have that kind of power.

After they exhausted their ammo, Kerry glance down at the men’s pistols and using her heat vision converted them into molten metal. She then swept down at blinding speed and grabbed the shotgun and rifle out of the assailant’s hands. Using her incredible super strength combined with her heat vision, she compressed the metal into one large red hot piece and then rolled it into bars which she quickly cooled with her super breath and then used to bind the men together in pairs.


She lifted all four men up into the air and headed out to middle of Avalon Bay. “Always best to use the Buddy system when you go diving” she said.

“But I can’t swim,” one of the men protested.

“No time like the present to learn,” she replied as she dropped the men into the chilly water below.

Kerry and Rick were walking up a hill after dinner when Kerry took Rick in her arms and flew them up to a peak overlooking the bay. “This is one of my most favorite spots on your entire planet,” Kerry said to Rick as they both looked at the beautiful Avalon Bay with the Twinkling lights of the SoCal coast in the distance.

“My race is from a place far from here. As they have moved out to distant solar systems, they have established protectors on each planet with human life. It is the tradition of my people to pass these rings down to the eldest daughter if she is worthy of the honor when she becomes of age to find her own mate and continue the tradition. I was the second born daughter to my planet’s protectors, but as your planet was recently discovered, I was sent here with two new rings and the honor of being Earth’s first protector was bestowed on me. So now you know why I had to be sure you were the one. And now, you will be the one for me,” Kerry said as she slipped a silver ring emblazoned with a stylized “U” identical to her own onto his finger.

She took his hand and started to guide it towards her ________ (Sorry, 2000 word limit reached. Please deposit four more quarters.)

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