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Come ride with me.

Written by JpHr3 :: [Sunday, 13 October 2013 23:38] Last updated by :: [Thursday, 31 October 2013 16:32]

I love rollercoasters. I really do. My home amusement park, “Magic Lake”, has some extreme world class coasters, but my personal favorite is an old ride clearly underrated by most visitors to the park: the “Phantom”, not the tallest or fastest, but a pretty intense one. To me, no visit to “Magic Lake” can be complete without a ride in the “Phantom”. Having a season pass, I regularly visit the park on most weekends and it was on a certain Sunday that everything changed when I saw her standing there…

This one girl: She was fairly tall, dark hair (with a little touch of red), beautiful face and a hypnotic smile. Her conservative outfit (if I may call it that) did not show the body that I could only imagine by looking at her amazing legs. I saw her at the entrance plaza and then at the waiting line of some of the big rides: “The Giant”, “Shockwave”, “Wicked Streak” and the record breaking “The Infinity”. While waiting for the later, for a second there we finally had eye contact: that’s when I noticed her precious green eyes and freckles all over her cheeks. That was the closest I had been to her all day, my heart raced when she smiled and lightly touched my hand while walking to the opposite side of the switchback. I did not see her again as I had to enter the ride station in order to be launched 500 feet into the sky at “The Infinity”. I waited for her at the ride’s exit but after half an hour I just realized that somehow I missed her, so I just gave up and continued to walk around. So far, I had such a blast visiting the park, thus I decided to go to the “Phantom” to call it a day.


-Do You really like this piece of junk? –Said a sweet voice just seconds after I started to wait in line for the “Phantom”. When I turned my head back I already knew it was her.

-Why I wouldn’t? It’s historic, intense and the shortest wait in the whole park! That’s a good bargain! –Maybe not the best answer, but that was the coaster aficionado within me speaking.

-I normally don’t follow strangers into crappy rides but you seem like a good guy,…. ? –Clearly kidding, she made a pause waiting to know my name.

-Jay, my name’s Jay… and you’re?

-Ellie, nice to meet you Jay! –And just by seeing that astonishing smile I easily got trapped into the unbreakable spell of Ellie’s beauty.

-I have never been on this one, Jay, I hope it’s worth the wait! –She smiled since the wait was less than 10 minutes. Nevertheless, I played along with her:

-You’ll love it, it’s got an amazing 97 foot drop and two interlocked vertical loops! Can you imagine that? I bet that you have never seen anything like that on a rollercoaster! -My heart was running faster than any train from “The Infinity”!

-You’re right, I only ride coasters above 100 feet tall, this one for sure is a first, but I’ll ride with you! –Then she opened the zipper of her jacket showing off a theme park related shirt (with images of big rides and their stats) to make her point. That is how I got to see a glimpse of the amazing body beneath her jacket: the shirt had a low cut style so there was a preview of a nice cleavage that surely would reveal a most impressive bust under the fabric. I had to make a great effort just to not stare directly at her chest until I found a way to continue the conversation:

-But it is not about the height or the loops. Look! – I pointed to a peculiar medium sized hill at the track of the rollercoaster –That bunny hop has more “airtime” than any of the other rides in Magic Lake. If you want to feel like really floating, that’s reason number 1 to ride the “Phantom”!

She smiled but did not say a thing. A couple of seconds later she looked at me but remained silent, she just raised her eyebrows to tell me that the line was advancing again. We entered into the station. Just seconds before our train was dispatched she took my hand and said something that I did not fully understand at that precise moment:

-I also love that sensation of floating, if it has got “airtime” then I will love the “Phantom” as much as you do! Just relax and enjoy the ride of your life Jay!

The 33 year old coaster started its slow climb towards the first drop which, compared to newer rides, was kind of “boring” for most riders. However, and after riding the “Phantom” dozens of times, this time the first drop felt different as it went faster than expected, and when we entered the first vertical loop I could swear that time seemed to slow down at the top of the loop! I normally like to scream on these rides, but this time I remained silent, my vocal chords could not make any kind of sound!

On the opposite, Ellie seemed as like as she was having the time of her life. She screamed and raised her hands during most of the ride and, just before entering the big “airtimebunny hop, she held my hand and somehow I finally was able to scream and enjoy an impossible amount of “airtime”, just as if the train had separated from the track not only at the top but way before and after the hill! As we walked towards the exit, no one said a word, not until we were back into the midway and Ellie suddenly hugged me.

-Jay… you were right: this ride is one of a kind! I enjoyed it very much and I am really glad to have shared it with you!  -Her embrace was pretty tight, I guess she noticed my awkward facial expression as she adjusted the pressure that her amazingly firm body was exerting onto mine.

-I’m sorry Jay! I did not want to hurt you! I guess that is the main reason why I prefer to ride alone… -She was really concerned after treating me like the equivalent of a human sized rag doll.

-It’s okay. I am really glad that you liked the ride. I must admit this time it felt way more intense than what I can remember. But as you said: “It was the ride of my life” and it was totally worth it!

Her concern slowly faded away to let her wonderful smile return for a couple of seconds and she even gave me a quick kiss on the cheek. Then, all of a sudden, she just started to walk away while saying goodbye.

-Wait! Ellie! At least tell me your phone number! I’d like to see you again! –She was a few meters from me already, people were walking between us and she only smiled:

-Don’t worry Jay, I will see you soon. I just have to go now, I’ve got a plane to catch! Maybe the next time we could share a ride on “The Infinity”!  Take care Jay! –And I can swear that after her last word she just disappeared from my sight among the walking crowds of the midway.

That night, while watching the news at home, there was a piece about a miraculous landing of a small passenger jet near Capitol City. No explanations could have been made about how an aircraft with a burning engine was able to remain in midair far longer than expected and land on a plain field in the outskirts of the city with no casualties and minor damages besides its left engine. Some witnesses said that they saw a mysterious flying woman actually holding the left wing prior to the forced landing, but the smoke and debris did not allow a single clear picture of the mysterious figure being taken.


The next weekend I went to Magic Lake hoping to see Ellie again. Like finding a needle in a haywire, my quest was over just before it started. I just rode the “Phantom” before going back home, and it rolled again like a 33 year old coaster would: bumpy, rough, and still with some “airtime”. However, it was far from what I had experienced while riding with Ellie that unforgettable last time.

On the drive back home, I stopped at the convenience store to get a beer and just before paying I saw the cover of one of those supermarket tabloids claiming to have a clear picture of the mysterious “superwoman”: maybe my desire to see Ellie everywhere was stronger than my common sense, but I quickly checked the inside pages of the magazine where a blurred but at least defined shape of an statuesque redhead with a perfect body (hugged by a skin tight black attire that revealed a pair of magnificent legs) rang a bell inside my mind telling me that the masked heroine was indeed my unusual companion at the “Phantom”!

I did not buy anything at all, I just wanted to go home and search on the internet for anything about this mysterious super woman, but it seemed that besides a couple of tabloid websites and some renderings by online artists, there was no official record of her. Then a sudden knock at the door broke the silence. Almost midnight and with no peephole at the door, I had to take my precautions.

-Who’s there?

-It’s Ellie. I have to tell you something, Jay. –It definitely was her voice, but it sounded so solemn that for a second I doubted if I was already dreaming. However, I opened the door and words were very unnecessary for the following:

-Don’t say a word. Just come here –And as we hugged each other I just added: -Now I understand that song: “All I have ever needed is here in my arms.

Her embrace was firm but not uncomfortable. The woman I was holding was a redheaded version of the Ellie I met at the amusement park and she was wearing the outfit that appeared on that tabloid. Her curved body was beyond perfection, and her beautiful face was even better than the real thing. If she was a super human or a supreme alien from a galaxy far away I did not care. I just knew that the moment we shared was just perfect. I could have died happy then!

-I am sorry Jay. I am not supposed to reveal myself like this. From where I come from it is forbidden… However, I have been thinking about you all week long. I saw you today at the park, but I did not want to meet you. Then I saw you ride again the “Phantom” and enjoy it like it was the best rollercoaster on Earth and it reminded me that maybe I want a little life with more fun and less worries and errands. Maybe I’m amazed at how much I envy your way of living!

-Don’t say that Ellie. From what I see now, your life has to be the way it is meant to be. If I can help you to ease the burden you can count on me, but don’t tell me that you don’t want to be who you must be. -The green eyes of an amazing girl who could handle an aircraft with the same skill as making a crappy rollercoaster become an unforgettable journey were about to shed tears at my front door.

-I don’t know you girl, who or what are you, but as far as I am concerned, now I know it was You, and I am glad that you were able to catch that plane!

We entered into the apartment in what was the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

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