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Deep Down Inside - Part 32 - A Haunting II

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Part 32 - A Haunting II
The massacre of the animals somehow seemed to bring out the fighter in Cuthbertson.  When Leonard suggested they go for help, Cuth was quick to quash it. 
"Help?  You think we need help?"  he had retorted.  "Nobody is running me off of MY land.  We have two hunting rifles, a shotgun -- pump action -- and two Glocks.  And the Glocks are semi-automatic.  We can take care of ourselves."
"Still, I'd feel better if..."
"We go inside.  We lock the doors.  We wait for whatever hooligan is out there, and if he tries to come in, we fill his abdomen with buckshot.  That's how real men do it."  Cuthbertson turned to Robby, who was still standing by the truck.  "You coming in or not?"
Robby followed.  Maybe Cuth was right.  Hooligan hunters had no right to be harassing Cuth on his own land.
But then again, "No longer the hunters" the blood said.  It was as if the vandal had heard Cuth's earlier, similar statement and was mocking him, stalking him.   
The blood on the wall was so fresh, the skies above so dark, and the evening so still.  His first few strides toward the house had been forceful and confident.   But for the last few yards, he found himself picking up into a run.
The night wore on slowly.  With no power, the DVD player and the cable weren't working.  The light of the candle danced ochre along the length of the shotguns.
Robby played over the recent events of the night in his mind.  Maybe the neighbor was playing a joke on them.  Maybe some hooligans were out to cause trouble.  Hooligans he could handle.  Robby had been in prison before.
But the shit about the flying shadow-- that kept taunting his mind as well.   The neighbor had a creepy, fearful sincerity to him.   And the artist, with that strange steel thing he was crafting, and the thing he said about evil spirits.  Maybe something was indeed out there.
That was when he felt it...
... a breeze, as if a window was wide open.   But every single opening of the house had been sealed tight and checked, he remembered.
CREAK, came a noise from upstairs.
"What the hell was that?"  Robby asked.
Cuth grabbed his shotgun and inched toward the stairs.  "It sounds like the skylight.  Come on," he said to Robby.
Carefully, the two men ascended the stairs.  Thud, thud, thud went their feet in the emptiness of the house.
The third floor was cool with the nighttime air, and stars twinkled through the open skylight.
"That's strange," Cuth said as he jostled it with the end of his gun.  The skylight came down with a THUNK.
Out of the corner of his eye, Robby thought he saw something down the hallway -- a dark form, erect, like a human.  But it was gone in a blink, almost as if it had slipped down the stairs they had just ascended.
"Uh Cuth, did you see that?"
"See what?"
"I think something is in here with us."
Robby was hoping the man would disagree, but instead Cuth set his jaw firmly and looked warily about.  
And then they heard it....
Up from downstairs wafted a sickening noise, a loud CRUNCH -- the sound of wishbone makes when you snap it, but louder and deeper.  It was following by an indistinct gurgling.
"Leonard," Cuth hollered down the stairs, "you OK down there?"
No response.
Robby and Cuth half-ran, half-stumbled down the stairs.  
Leonard was dead -- his neck bent at an odd angle.
The sound of a footstep came from down the hallway.  
"We need to get out of here!" rasped Robby.
"No way.  Whoever did that is going to pay,"  Cuth announced.  He was already halfway down the hallway, pump action shotgun in hand.
"Cuth..." Robby nearly pleaded.  "Let's call the cops and go."
 "And how are you going to do that, chickenshit?  Our cell phones are in that room." He motioned toward the end of the hall.
"Then skip the cell phones, let's just go...."
But Cuth cocked the gun and kept walking down the tight hallway.  CLUNK CLUNK CLUNK went his feet on the floorboards.
"No, Cuth, please...."
But Cuth only raised a finger to his lips.  CLUNK CLUNK CLUNK.
The windows of the dining room were shrouded in faded linen; even the moonlight didn't set foot in the space.  A single candle, lit earlier by the men, flickered.  Cuthbertson stepped in; Robby followed reluctantly behind.  The room was L-shaped.
SLAM.  A wind had somehow sucked the door behind them closed.  The candle danced wildly but recovered.  The two men rounded the corner of the "L". 
It was standing there-- the dark, robed form.  It was a person perhaps, or something worse.  There was a sound of snapping plastic.  It opened its hands, and shards of cell phone fell to the floor.
BLAM  Cuth's shotgun went off immediately, causing the grey robes to flap with the wind of the blast.  But the being did not stir.
Somewhere under the darkness of the being's hood, Robby saw a glint of white -- a smile?
The being opened its robe and let it drop, revealing a woman.  She wore a bikini of sorts, made not of polyester, but of steel -- mean ropes of it welded together.  She was remarkably built-- statuesque curves and a toned musculature that was lithe but somehow as formidable as the scant pieces of steel that she wore.
Her hair was a deep, smoldering red.  The expression on her face was carnal and fierce.  She said nothing.
BLAM BLAM.  Cuth's pump-action shotgun pummeled her with two more blasts.
Robby expected to see a bloody corpse where the woman had stood.  But she was there, unharmed.  She ran a delicate hand over the deep expanse of her bust, brushing off the residue of the blast.  Manicured deep red fingernails brushed gently over the triangles of her bikini top as well.  She seemed to be examining it for damage, but the industrial strength garment was unharmed.
Upon realizing that, she smiled.  
BLAM BLAM.  Robby discharged his own shotgun almost without thinking.  But apart from blowing her hair back momentarily, the blasts had not caused her even to blink.
Her hand flashed angrily toward the barrel of his gun and the felt it wrenched out of his hands.  
She glanced at the object dismissively, put her hands in the center of it, and pulled apart.  The stock and barrel came apart instantly, and Robby's mind recoiled at the amount of force that must have been required to do that.  
She discarded the stock, and held the end of the barrel between her palms.  She grinned as she brought her palms together, the metal of the barrel collapsing in an accordion shape and giving up a CRUNCH as it succumbed to otherworldly forces.  She rotated her hand back and forth slightly, and the metal was soon the shape of a baseball.  She looked up at the men.
"Which of you wants to die first?"
Arian saw Cuth bolt away.  Robby ran down the other hallway, as fast as his legs could carry him.  In the back of his mind, he heard Cuth break a window, and expected that his friend was now free of the house.
THUMP THUMP THUMP went Robby's feet as he pounded down the hall.  He got to the front door, noting in the back of his mind that the doorknob looked strange.  He tried to turn it, but the entire door locking mechanism was deformed.  The monster woman had crushed it.  Robby ran to a second door, in the back, but found a pile of heavy objects in front of it.
He was about to go through a window when he felt a strange, violent air current.  The window shattered inward, toward him, followed by a gale-force rush of air.  Only by throwing up his arms at the last moment did his face avoid total laceration.  
Even as he recovered from this, Robby noticed that he was sliding backward across the floor, driven inward by the growing, monstrous wind.  He tried to arrest his movement, but the wind only intensified.  Holy shit, he thought, the house is sucking me back inside.  He grabbed a doorframe to stop his backward slide.  But the wind then doubled in intensity again and Robby lost his grip.  He felt his body tumble violently through the house, until he was grabbed by a hand -- fiercely strong -- and the wind suddenly ceased.
She bored her hazel gaze into him.  "What did you say your greatest fear was, anyway?  Wild animals?"
Robby was too stunned to react.  
He tried to keep a stolid face, focusing on the steel cables of her bikini.
"Yes, that's right it was falling.  Men like you were once my greatest fear.  And one day my greatest fear became a reality.  How would you handle it of your greatest fear became a reality?"
The girl disappeared-- straight downward, the wooden flooring emitting a CRACK as her body drove vertically through it.  For a brief moment, Robby entertained the hope that she had left him.  But without warning, a number of deeper wooden sounds filled his ears--- CRACK CRACK CRACK.  The room began to sway wildly, as if he was on a boat in a tempest.  He was knocked off his feet.  He crawled to the window: the slope was steep on this side of the house, but even a fifteen-foot tumble was better than another moment inside this hell house.
But when he got to the window, a rush of air tickled his face.  Looking out, he saw that the ground was a hundred of feet below him.  The house was flying.  
He looked through a hole in the floorboards and a horrible truth emerged.  The monster woman had climbed under the foundation, picked up the house entire, and it was flying.  "No, no, no!" Robby screamed to himself.
The house emitted a vicious GROAN, and the floor of the room began to droop.  The house wasn't meant to be held like this.  It was breaking apart.  "How on earth can she be doing this?"  Robby's mind screamed as he ran down the hall toward the central stair.
Behind him, the room at the end of the house broke away, revealing a cavernous void.  The air howled through the stair case.  Robby grabbed a semi-automatic pistol as the patio and one of the bedrooms broke away.  Though a window, trees looked like grey toothpicks in the moonlit night.  They were now flying as high as a plane.
Suddenly, the movement of the house stopped and he could hear only the whistle of the wind through the trees.
"What was her name?" came a booming yet feminine voice from below the floorboards. 
Robby found the hole in the flooring again and pointed the semi-automatic through it, aiming for her eyes.  Buckshot had produced no effect on her abdomen, but a more powerful projectile against a more vulnerable part of her body might just be enough to blind her-- and necessitate a return to ground.
BLAM BLAM BLAM BLAM, went the pistol.  She shifted the house to one hand -- causing it to roll violently.  Then she brushed the bullet residue from her face.  She looked up at him through the floorboards--- and smiled.
If Robby thought the house had moved violently before, it was nothing compared to what happened next.  The room spun quickly -- the ceiling became the wall, the wall became a floor.  Adrain was falling down, towards and open window, beyond which he could see the endless void.  He spread his arms and grabbed for the window frame, violently arresting his fall. 
The room spun yet again.  She was playing with the house, like a juggler plays with a pin.  The house lurched yet again, and large dresser launched toward him.  Robby struggled to scramble out of its way.  The heavy piece exploded against the wall.
The room continued to spin.  The groaning of the house's frame grew louder: it was truly coming apart.
"Alice!"  Robby screamed.  "Her name was Alice."
GROAN.  CRACK.  The house could not withstand the force of her games any longer: it would soon be a descending cloud of loose lumber.  The room reshaped itself from a right-angled rectangle to a rhombus.  And then the walls separated entirely, revealing the sickening void below.  Robby and the remaining fragments of the house began free-falling downward.  
He found himself clinging to a floor joist as he plummeted.  As he stared into the merciless void, he heard a guttural screaming, and only belatedly realized it was him.
Mysteriously, however, his descent began to slow.  He clung to the floor joist all the while, and soon he was at a complete stop, floating in mid-air.   He slowly tore his eyes off the terrifying expanse below and raised them to the horizon line.  She was floating at the other end of the joist, dangling it in one hand the way a woman at a cafe languidly holds a cigarette.
"What's her address?" she asked over the wind.
How could she have these powers, he thought to himself?  How could she be so strong?
"What is her ADDRESS?"
He gave it to her.
"Good.  I want to visit her after you're gone."  She swung the long wooden beam upward -- just a flick of her wrist, but on his end of the beam it was like getting launched by a catapult.
He soared thousands of feet skyward, staring down at the revolting emptiness below him.  He felt himself rise, and then begin falling again.  Certain death was below.
But out of the blue she was there again, descending alongside him.  While he was a confused jumble of limbs, she was placid and erect, standing simply with her hands on her hips, matching his downward pace perfectly.  He reached out desperately for her.  His hands landed on the steel cable of her "bikini" -- specifically, the cable that connected the two triangles of her top.
She slowed her descent abruptly, and he hung on for dear life.  It quickly arrested his fall.  The cable cut into his hand, and he felt blood running down his palm.  
Her body was unfathomably solid: despite his 200-pound mass suspended from her bust, the girl's breasts did not compress in the least.  It should have been painful to her, but instead the expression on her face was one of bored curiosity.
In the movies, the hero never has trouble hanging on to a rock ledge or bridge cable for dear life, Robby knew.  But Robby found that in real life, he could only support his 200-pound mass for a few moments before his bleeding hands started to tremble.  He began to grasp for her arm but she brushed him off.
"Please..."  he begged.  His trembling hands were losing strength.  He couldn't hold on any longer.
She returned her hands to her hips and cocked an eyebrow.  "Is that what Alice said, 'please'?  Is that what she said before you....."
"I don't remember."  
"Once I'm done teaching her to smile again, she won't remember you either."  The remarkable woman inhaled slightly, causing the steel "bikini" to groan with strain.  His handhold rose up by a few inches.  
It was the straw that broke the camel's back.  His trembling hands finally gave up, and he  felt himself falling into the evening sky's dark, ravenous expanse.
Which of you wants to die first, she had asked.  Cuthbertson wasted no time on the answer.  It wasn't going to be him.  Bolting down the hallway, he found the first window, dropped his shoulder and went straight through it.  Glass cut into him but he did not care.  Tumbling onto the grass, he jumped to his feet and looked for the truck.
His heart sank.  The vehicle was upside down.  The cabin and hood were a crumbled, as if the vehicle had not just been flipped, but dropped.
Before he had a chance to react, her heard a CRACK coming from his house.  Turning his head, the sight that greeted him unimaginable.  The house was rising, a foot at at time, wobbling back and forth as if someone was holding it.  And as the space between the house and the ground widened, the horrible truth became clear.  Someone was indeed holding it.  Her muscles had flexed slightly, as if they recognized that they were bearing a load.  But those remarkable muscles showed no strain, and she had a casual smirk on her face.   The gargantuan load was nothing to her.
"Run, Cuth.  Run for your life.  When I come back, I'm going to tear you a apart piece by piece."
In moments, the structure was, unbelievably, rocketing skyward.  The frightening, stunning woman was below the house, CARRYING IT, FLYING.  His mind could barely process the reality.  Only broken foundation timbers remained on the ground.
"Holy shit," he whispered to himself.  Nearly paralyzing fear ran through his gut even as his mind assessed his options.  He could run to the neighbor's house.   But this woman, this monster, could fly.  She would easily see him in the well-moonlit evening.
Or, he thought, looking to the hillside, he could run to the mine.  He hated that place: the fear of being trapped was his biggest nightmare.  And yet, it was the unexpected thing to do.  Looking up, he could see his house receding into the heavens.  If he ran quickly, there was no way she would be back before he was well into the mine, and she would not think to look for him there.  
The mine's passages led to an exit on the opposite side of the hill.  He didn't have a flashlight, but he had made the trip once before.  With luck he could feel his way through.  And below that passage was a small town with phones and police. 
Cuth glanced regretfully at entrance of the mine, now far behind him.  With his eyes now adjusted to the pitch-black tunnel, the entrance shone brightly with the light of the moon.  Ahead, by contrast, the passage was total blackness.  His heart thumped a loud cadence as he stepped gingerly forward.
The air was damp and cold as he descended.  The shaft was straight for at least a hundred yards, he knew, so his view of the receding entrance was unobstructed for the first ten minutes of his descent into the mountain.
The silence of the cave was suffocating.  The only sounds came from him -- boots grinding over rock, hands brushing pebbles and chunks of rock off the walls as he guided himself through the narrow corridor.
After several minutes, the walls of the passage fell away from him.  He felt around the space.  He was at an intersection-- and one he did not remember.  With a flashlight, he could have remembered they way by sight.  But in the dark...?
It was then that he heard it -- a single delicate footfall.  And then, a sing-song voice, from far away.  "Hey baby, where are you?"
THUMP THUMP THUMP when his heart.  How the hell did she know he was in here?
Spinning around, he saw her silhouette at the entrance-- an hourglass form that under any other circumstances would have been enticing.  Now, it was simply evidence that the monster had arrived.
He took solace only in the darkness that surrounded him.  So far down in the cave, he was a no risk of being seen by her, right?
"I'm impressed," her distant voice chimed.  "I didn't think you'd have the nerve to play hide and seek in here.  This could actually turn out to be fun."
He didn't respond.
"But if we're going to play this game, let's make it a little bit more interesting."  Her hands shot outward like pistons, driving straight into solid rock.  A sickening CRACK echoed through the tunnel, a sign that the rock had offered no resistance to the battering rams that were her arms.
She began to walk toward him, with her arms extended straight out.  CRACK CRACK CRACK sounded the rock as her fists passed through it.  Her arms didn't waver; her pace didn't slow.  She was a juggernaut.  
Cuth heard a deeper, stomach-churning rumbling and then a huge CRASH.  The passage around her darkened as the walls and ceiling around her collapsed.
"Ooops!" she giggled.  "Looks like you can't go out that way."
Cuth felt desperately around the intersection.  One of these passages lead to safety; others could only lead further into the mountain.
A sinister giggle slithered down the passage to him.
Desperate to get away, Cuth picked a passage at random and felt his way forward on cat feet.  The darkness was total.  Ventilation shafts were everywhere, he knew, and one false step could send him plummeting thousands of feet.  Every step forward sent a momentary bolt of fear through him until his foot found ground again.  But the fear of what was behind him was even stronger.
He could hear her in the distance, walking at a slow, measured pace.  He wondered if she had a flashlight, if she could see.  Her slower pace suggested no.  And yet the sound of her walk, though slow, was steady and certain.
"Come out, come out wherever you are!" her sugary voice taunted.
Cuth felt his way into another intersection.  You need to stop, he told himself.  There is only one way through this maze and a thousand ways to die.  You could stop and try to reason with her.  No, he said, thinking about the terrifying spectacle of Leonard's body.  He picked a passage at random and kept going.
Without the light on, the blackness seemed to devour his senses.  She could be a mile away from him.  She could be ten feet away from him.  He had no way to know.
All of a sudden, his foot went out from under him, and in a moment he was falling, tumbling.  The air rushed by.  The stone floor came up to meet him and he slammed into it.  Agony crashed through his body.
He tried to stand but the pain was unbearable, and he collapsed into a pile.  Something down there -- his legs, his feet -- was broken.  Above, the steps of his pursuer continued methodically, uninterrupted. 
"Did you get a boo boo?" her sing-song voice asked.
Got to keep going, he told himself.  He crawled forward in the impenetrable dark, on hands and elbows, scraping the ground with his body, feeling as he went.  
He felt cool air on his face.  That must be coming from a passage ahead of him.  The the ground had an upward incline-- a path to the surface, perhaps.  It brought hope.
But then, behind him, came the sickening sound of delicate foot falls.  
She was here.
"How..." he whispered into the darkness.
"... did I find you?" she laughed.  "It was easy.  I'm enhanced, if you didn't happen to notice.  My eyes are hundreds of times better than yours.  And even in total darkness, I can easily follow your scent.  My nose is, oh, about a hundred times better than the best tracking dogs."
Robby took in the information slowly.  She was super-human in every horrible respect.
She continued, "But this would be more fun for me if you could see as well."
The space around him lit up in a warm red.  She was resting one hand against the wall, and the rock around her hand was glowing.  In the light of the glowing rock, he was able to take in the full measure of her appearance for the first time.  She was curvy -- that much he had seen when he was shooting at her.  But more than that, she was fantastically built -- full and athletic thighs; washboard abs; fantastically large, firm breasts; a sculpted yet inviting hourglass shape.  The redness of the light gave her an appearance as other-worldly as her gargantuan strength.  And her face, there was something about it that was strangely familiar, as if he had met her somewhere before...
She took her hand off the wall.  It continued glowing.  She sauntered toward him, her body a fluid wave of perfect flesh.
"How I treat you now depends upon how you answer a very simple question."  Without warning, she grabbed him by the shirt collar and hoisted him up effortlessly.  She slammed him into the wall with more force than a college linebacker.  Pain shook his body, and spots danced across his vision.
"What was her name?"
"The girl you hired.  At the campaign.  You had her make yard signs, in a storage room. And then, when the office grew quiet, you had her do something else for you as well.  You were very unkind to her.  What was her name?"
She released her grip on him and he fell to his shattered feet.  A scream of agony escaped his lips.  "I don't know what you're talking about," he lied.
"That's not an answer," she growled, kicking him in the stomach.  The kick was so hard that he flew halfway across the chamber, landing in a pile.
"OK, honestly, I know what you're talking about.  I don't remember her name," he rasped.
He felt himself being hauled up again.  
"How does it feel to be defenseless, like  her?  How does it feel to be trapped in a small room, like her?"
The question jabbed painfully at his mind, his fear of enclosed spaces.  The walls of the chamber seemed to crowd in on him.  He felt as though the mountain above was crushing down on him.  The reminder of it made his heart beat even shallower.
He raised an arm instinctively to defend himself.  Her palm moved in a flash, and he heard a SNAP coming from his forearm.  Her face was placid.  She had broken his arm with hardly a thought.  Her voice filled the chamber.  "What was her NAME?"
"I... I don't.... I don't remember."
She grabbed him under the armpits and slammed him into the wall, with the force of three linebackers this time.  He mustered the courage to look into her face.  In the red glow of the room, her eyes displayed a terrifying anger.
She cocked two arms back and slammed them into the wall on either side of his ribcage.  The impacts were explosive: they shook air in the room and hurt his ears.  
With her fists still buried in the rock, he saw her elbows bend outward and realized the she was pulling herself into him.  Her firm, voluminous breasts -- enticing in any other situation, began to press uncomfortably into his ribcage.  His breathing, already shallow from fear, was constricted further.
"You like my tits?" she asked lightly.  "I saw you staring at them.  They're unbelievable, aren't they?"
He nodded uncertainly.
"Let me show you exactly how awesome they are."
Her arms moved further, and he felt a crushing force on his chest.  He looked downward: those magnificent breasts were not compacting in the least, but his ribcage felt like there was a 300-pound man sitting on top of it.  The steel of her bikini dug into his flesh, and he could feel it opening bloody wounds in his skin.
"How does it feel..." she quipped.  "... to have another's sexual organs forced upon you?"
He could only nod frantically in agreement as her juggernaut strength smashed the air out of his lungs.
"But to me it's just a turn on," she mused.  "That's the thing about what you did to her.  For her, it was the depths of agony and despair, but for you it was just a turn on."
She was crushing the life out of him now.  
"She's just thankful that she later turned into a super-human.  Now she can give you a taste of your own medicine."
Despite the pain, Cuth's mind suddenly, finally recognized the connection.  This female monster was the girl from the campaign.  Somehow, unbelievably, she had been transformed.
He batted desperately at her, pressing against her shoulders, slamming his fist into her face.  Her cheekbones had the hardness of marble.  
"Oh, so you still like it rough," she stated.  She lowered herself slightly on him.  And then, the pressure she applied -- unbelievably -- doubled.  POP POP went his lower ribs.  A smile broadened across her face, as she raised her torso slightly.  He breasts -- hard as steel -- plowed up his ribs as if they were no more resistant than soft topsoil.  POP POP POP POP went his remaining ribs.
She released him and walked away.  He crumpled painfully to the ground.  
"What's your greatest fear, Cuth?  Freezing?  Falling?  Are you claustrophobic?"
Cuth tried to stare at her evenly.
"Ah, your eyes dilated a tenth of a millimeter on that last one.  You don't like being trapped."
She bent at the waist and picked up a boulder the size of an SUV.  Her remarkable body held the mass suspended with no visible strain.  The steel of her bikini top groaned against her bustline as she inhaled lightly.  With a wink at her captive, she hurled the massive rock at the entrance to the tunnel through which they had arrived.  The rock exploded with deafening force, followed by deeper rumblings.  The tunnel was collapsing, and so was the chamber. 
Cuthbertson imagined the endlessness of the mountain above him and his mind spasmed. The mass was now crushing down on them.  
"What else?  Any other greatest fears?" she asked lightly.  "Razors?  Wild Animals?  Getting burned alive?"
He tried to look away.
"I yes, another slight dilation there.  Burned alive."
He mustered what shreds of courage he had left.  He could barely press the words out of his lungs.  "'re a fool... you'll never find your way out of here..."
"Dude," she said, hoisting him by his shirt collar by one hand, "don't worry about me.  The world is my playground.  I can do whatever I want, to anyone, to anything.  A mountain is nothing to me."
His feet dangling twelve inches above the ground, her free hand pointed toward the ceiling.  A blinding, purple bolt of lightning shot out of her hand.  A manhole-cover-sized spot on the ceiling glowed bright red, liquified, and then began dripping to the floor in hot blobs.  The beam thickened, and within moments molten rock was flowing out of the ceiling like water out of a faucet.  She was boring a hole to the surface.
Below them, molten rock had now filled the surface of the chamber, wall to wall.  She was standing ankle deep in it, and the tide was rising.  It must hurt her, he thought, to be standing in molten rock.  Yet he searched her face for signs of pain, and found none.
For a brief moment, he thought she might take him up through the newly-formed hole --- lesson learned, turn you over to the police, serve your time for the crimes you committed, that sort of thing.  
But then he looked into her eyes.  They were emotionless.  An empty feeling formed inside of him.  She held him steadily suspended.  The molten pool of rock was continuing to rise.  It was only an inch from his feet.  He kicked and bucked wildly, raised his legs into a fetal position to avoid it.   But her purple beam doubled in brightness, and molten rock now gushed into the chamber.
Finally, he could avoid it no longer.  Searing pain consumed his feet and buttocks.  He could smell burned flesh, and he knew it wasn't hers.
"One last time, stud.  Tell me my name."
His mind incoherent with agony, he blathered something inarticulate.  
"You knew my name before you took advantage of me," she snarled.  "Was is that casual for you, that you couldn't even remember?  If you had remember that simple thing, I would have let you live."
He felt her let go, felt his body falling backward into the pool of death.  And then it came to him, but too late.  Her name was Vicky.
Alice heard the knock on her door and groaned to herself.   Who could it possibly be?  And besides, she hadn't been out of the house that day, and she looked like shit.  These days, she always looked like shit.  It was part of being depressed, she supposed.
She had been this way ever since that awfulness Robby had done to her.  The police had arrested him, but that didn't take the pain away.  And now he had skipped bail, which made her even more reluctant to answer to door.
But peering through the eyehole, she saw that it was a woman--  a remarkable woman.   She had the type of statuesque body that made Alice pine with jealousy.  Her hair was mussed up, but that somehow made her even hotter -- that, and the fact that she was wearing a bikini.
"Alice?" the beauty asked as the door opened.
Alice only nodded.
"You and I have something in common."
"It's not our dimensions," Alice quipped.
"We were both mistreated, I believe.   You know a guy named Robby?"
Alice felt her inside clench a bit.  "How did you know..."
"Don't worry about that."  The look in the beauty's eyes was confident, powerful.  Her presence filled the room, and made Alice somehow feel safe.
"Yes, I know him.  And I'm scared lifeless of him.  He skipped bail.  Every noise I hear in the front yard these days-- I think it might be him."
"Here..."  The beauty fiddled with her cell phone, and finally held up the screen for Alice to see.  Robby was lying on the ground, twisted, bloodied and lifeless.  "...I killed him for you.  And also the one that abused me."
Alice didn't know what to say.  Seeing him dead was at first revolting.  But the rush of relief that followed -- the knowledge that he could no longer hurt her -- was far more powerful.  She was happy the man was gone.
Alice searched the self-assured depths of the beauty's eyes, the mesmerizing perfection of the woman's face.  She had never been attracted to women before, but the relief at knowing that Robby was gone, the gratitude she felt for this girl, and the intoxicating nature of her beauty all combined in that moment to make Alice's heart pump fast.  Alice watched as the woman inhale slightly, as if she was preparing to say something big, but Alice could only notice the rising tide of the woman's chest.  It was magnificent.
"Would you like me to take you back to my place?"  the woman suggested.  "I can make you forget about him entirely, as if he never existed.  And I can make you feel very, very good again."  Her smile invited.
Alice stepped forward, trance-like, and closed the door behind her, not caring that her keys were locked inside.  The beauty extended her arms slightly and Alice melted into them.  The woman's body was hard as a rock, and what covering it did have was made of steel.  In this woman's strong embrace, Alice felt safe, even as they rocketed skywards together.
"I suppose this means that you're one of the supergirls," Alice observed as her house receded below her feet.
The mansion was sumptuous, but Alice barely noticed or cared, such was the exceptional appeal of the woman who led her into the master bedroom.
"I'm covered in yucky dirt," the beauty pouted, stepping into a bathroom larger than many people's living rooms.  "Would you like to get it off of me?"
Moments later Alice found herself naked in the shower, running soapy hands over the finest body imaginable.  The beauty's back was sculpted with lean muscle that writhed under Alice's hands as the girl wiggled delightedly.  Her thumbs followed the shallow valley of the girl's spine down to the firm globes her ass.  Soap suds slid down the delicious curves of the girl's thighs, and then raced down the elegance of her toned calves and dainty feet.
"You missed my front," the girl's winsome voice complained.  
Alice happily obliged, sliding her soapy hands up repeated ridges of abdominal muscle.  Then, she hefted the extraordinary weight of the girl's tits as she brushed her lips over the girl's dainty ears.
"Thank you," Alice began to say.  "It's been so long since I've wanted--"
"Sssshhh," the girl replied, turning her lips to meet Alice's own.
Alice brushed a hand over the woman's sex.  "I think I'll need to use my tongue to clean that part out."
The girl smiled knowingly, confidently.  She's used to this, Alice realized.  Everyone wants her.
Two minutes later a trail of discarded bath towels marked the path from the shower to the bed.  Vicky-- the girl's name was Vicky-- lay invitingly on the bed as Alice crawled on.  On the nightstand sat at pile of white powder the size of a softball.
"Cocaine," the beauty Vicky explained as she picked it up gingerly.  "It's enough to put a several football teams into the Intensive Care ward.  But to my enhanced body..."
Alice surveyed the perfect body laid out below her-- enhanced, indeed.
" me, it's just a rush.  My body filters out the bad stuff and keeps the good.  Even better, the part that it keeps will bend your mind."  The beauty put a finger over one nostril and snorted the mound of powder in a single breath.
"Bend my mind?" Alice asked uncertainly.
But the beauty didn't respond.  She simply spread her legs.  Alice found herself crawling toward the sweetness of the woman's sex, licking her lips with hunger.
"He never existed, and nothing bad has ever happened to you," the beauty stated cryptically.
"Robby?" Alice inquired.  "Of course he existed, and yes, he did to those awful things to me.  Don't make me think of that now.  I don't want to ruin my happiness."  To distract herself, she dove into the slippery wet folds of the woman's sex.  
Alice's mind began to cloud over with an unfocused bliss.  How could a person taste so wonderful?  And to think only this morning she had never desired a woman before!
"He never existed, and nothing bad has ever happened to you," Vicky seemed to repeat.  
Alice's mind begged to differ, but it also didn't care.  The words were distant to Alice, an annoyance and nothing more.  She traced her tongue over the beauty's clit, which was easily twice as large as Alice's own.  How much pleasure must that body be capable of, she wondered?  The beauty's legs developed goose bumps, and her hips bucked slightly at the motion of Alice's tongue.  Alice was warmed by a deep feeling of pride at knowing that she had brought pleasure to such a goddess
"You don't remember him, and it never happened," Vicky repeated to the ceiling, followed by a moan.  
Alice heard only the moan.  Her tongue traced sweet circles around the girl's labia.  Deep sighs slipped from the girl's lips.  Meanwhile, the girl's other lips coated Alice's tongue with sumptuous juice.   Alice felt her own arousal rising with the girl's.  She found that she had inadvertently wedged her free hand between her own legs.
"Not yet, you naughty girl," Vicky chided.  "You're not ready."
Alice's disappointment was erased only by the opportunity to bury her face again in Vicky's delightful pussy.  Vicky moaned in contentment and Alice felt the fire growing hotter inside of her.  Trying to ignore the need, Alice thrust her tongue back in, deep.  Her partner cooed in delight, and Alice felt a penetrating wetness between her own legs.
"Vicky, you've got me so turned on!" Alice confessed.  "I've never been this turned on in my life, and you haven't even touched me yet!"
The beauty smiled knowingly.  "I can bring you orgasms like you never dreamed...."
Alice felt her heart thumping like a bass drum.  If the girl's sexual skills were anything like her body, they must be divine.
Vicky propped herself up on an elbow and ran a light finger over Alice's clit.  "But I only touch girls you are truthful, ok?"
Alice nodded furiously.  THUMP THUMP THUMP went Alice's expectant heart.  Her mouth sagged open in nearly feral need.  
"You know he never did anything to you," she purred.  "So why won't you say he did?  Why won't you tell me the truth?"
"Whaa... Huuh....." Alice's brain was suddenly clumsy and bleary.  She wanted to be touched by the girl so badly.  Her memories of Robby, and all the awful shit he did, began to slump and ooze like a glass bottle thrown on a bonfire.  If those memories disappear, her mind told her, then Vicky stays.  
Maybe he never did anything bad to her.  She didn't really know anymore.  "Did he do something to me?" Alice heard herself say aloud.  "I don't really remember."
Vicky sat up on her knees and pulled Alice upward as well by the waist.  The beauty's hot breath ran up Alice's neck.  Vicky's nipples, the size of small thumbs, dug delightfully into Alice's own.  "No, you've never been violated."
Alice nodded eagerly in agreement.
"In fact, Robby never even existed, did he?"
Now, that was preposterous on its face.  But Vicky was now lowering Alice onto the bed.  And her tongue was beginning to dance lightly across Alice's sex.  The beauty's tongue must have been talented in ways that no man's could ever be -- fluid, precise, firm movements sent Alice's body into overdrive.  It was pleasurable and teasing at the same time.  She needed more-- so much more.  Her pussy was exploding with desire.
"Doesn't sound like you're being very truthful with me," Vicky chided.  "Why do you claim this guy Robby existed when he never did?"
Alice felt her need for Vicky spill over like a volcano.  Until she could remember her life correctly, her erupting desire would go unsatiated.  She felt her mind becoming the coke bottle over the campfire again, oozing and slumping around the firm log beneath it. 
"Who the hell is Robby?" Alice asked, baffled.  She had never heard of him before.
At that, Alice felt Vicky's tongue enter her -- nimble, fluid, and impossibly firm.  Alice's loins exploded with delight.  She screamed in orgasmic release as wave after wave of pleasure washed over her body. 
Minutes of rapturous pleasuring passed.  Or maybe it was hours.  Alice didn't know.
Panting, Alice reveled in the intense bodily happiness and the affection she felt for the beautiful goddess between her legs.  But in the back of her mind, she seemed to remember something else.  Didn't she used to hurt inside?  Didn't she used to be unhappy?  She couldn't quite remember.  In any event, whatever had been fettering her to sadness was no longer there.  Somehow, her mind had rid herself of the unhappiness, and now, there was only the bliss of this incredible encounter.  She was free.  

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