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The Strongest Woman in the World

Written by drmuttoncops2 :: [Friday, 20 December 2013 10:02] Last updated by :: [Wednesday, 17 June 2015 15:25]

C’mon! Come on, Tulip, move it!” Roger Collins, the rather handsome young man with longish straw blonde hair, a brown, faded fringe leather jacket that may have been left over from Woodstock, grunted, tempting a hernia as he shoved his rather broad back against the bottom of a rather large black and white blotched bovine who was preoccupied with chewing the grass on the dew soaked ground.

“Alright, I’ll say it in your native tongue: Mooooooove!” Roger growled.

It was then that Debbie Riley walked up. She was a thin, petite girl dressed in a green blouse and bell bottom jeans, a rather pretty, but sad face hidden behind large, thick square glasses and long, mousy, light brown hair. She blushed and giggled as she looked at Roger straining with effort. “Learning a second language, Rog?” She teased good naturally.

“Is that all you can do? Stand there and mock me? I’d like to see you get this big dumb animal into the stable!” Roger countered.

“Hey, now … That “big dumb animal” happens to be the latest school science experiment!” She reprimanded kindly, before turning to the cow and massaging it’s side. “That’s wight. You’re speciaw, awn’t you, Tuwip?” She asked in comforting baby talk.

The creature merely wiggled her ears and licked her muzzle with her thick, slimy tongue.

“Aw, phooey! It doesn’t understand you!” Roger objected.

“Well, unlike you, I know how to move her!” Debbie said, before walking over to a nearby patch where tulips were growing. Daintily, she picked one and maneuvered it in front of the cow’s face. The hulking beast suddenly moved forward, causing Roger to fall flat on his face!

Giggling out loud, her hand to her mouth, Debbie turned her attention to the cow lumbering towards her. “Here, Tulip! Here, girl! That’s right … Nice and easy …” She said soothingly, slowly backing up into the stable, being mindful of the many excrement land mines planted amongst the hay strewn about the floor. As the mobile science project made her way slowly and steadily all the way inside the stable, Debbie dropped the flower to the ground, before rushing past Tulip over to the door, where she closed and locked it. Tulip, meanwhile, chowed down on the single flower that was her namesake.

“Need some help there, pardner?” Debbie asked, walking over to Roger, beginning to hoist him up.

“Don’t touch me! I can get up on my own!” Roger objected, getting to his feet and dusting himself off.

“Well, aren’t you going to thank me?” Debbie quieried.

“For what?”

“For helping you move Tulip back to her stable!” Debbie said, redness of frustration starting to come into her cheeks.

“Oh, so you expect me to come crawling on my hands and knees and express my gratitude?” Roger said, becoming just as angry.

“No! I was only saying …” Debbie began.

“Save it, nerd! I’m outta here! Class is starting soon, anyway!” Roger interrupted rudely, before dismissing himself, walking off.

“Fine! Beat it, you chauvinist! And as far as I’m concerned, we’re through!” Debbie called back at the top of her voice, before tossing her hair, turning on her heel, and storming off towards the girls’ dorms of Medfield University. [*Psh* And to THINK we were an item!] She sniffed derisively, thinking to herself. [I’ll teach him some respect one of these … ] She continued to think, right before she bumped into someone! “Oof!” She said, as she looked down to see a rather chubby female student with bright red hair in a ponytail, dressed in a very form fitting outfit, picking herself and her books off of the ground. “Oh, my goodness! I’m so sorry! Here, let me help you with those!” Debbie apologized, bending over to help the girl.

“Why … Why thank you … No one’s ever done anything like that for me before …” The girl said quiet softly and timidly.

“Oh, think nothing of it. It was my fault. I should’ve watched where I was going!” Debbie said in a friendly voice, helping the girl up, before asking her “Say, what might your name be?”

“Uh … I … It’s Amber. Amber Gladden.” The girl quietly stammered.

“Nice to meet you, Amber! The name’s Debbie Riley! Put ‘er there!” Debbie said enthusiastically, thrusting her hand out.

“P … Pleased to meet you, Debbie …” Amber said. Meekly placing her hand in Debbie’s and shaking it a fraction of an inch.

“Say, Amber, I don’t think I’ve seen you around these parts. You new here?” Debbie asked.

“Yes. I just started today …” Amber said, smiling bashfully, some warmth seeping into her voice.

“Have you made any friends yet?” Debbie asked with a twinkle in her eyes.

“N … No …” Amber said nervously.

“You’ve got one now!” Debbie said, throwing her arm arm around Amber’s shoulder with a wink.

“T … Thanks, Debbie …” Amber said, her grin widening.

“You’re quite welcome! Now, if we have enough time, let’s see if I can show you around campus …” Debbie said cheerfully with a grin, taking Debbie by the shoulder and leading her through the front doors.

”Put it on, Coach!” Debbie, dressed in her gym sweats, said intensely, her brows furrowed.

“For the last time, Riley, I’m not going to do it! You can’t handle it!” Coach Curtis Buckley, a large, intimidating looking man with grey hair stuffed under a baseball cap, with big bushy eyebrows, barked at her.

“I’m telling you, I have what it takes, Coach! Put it on! I’ll prove to you that women can handle this just as well as men!” Debbie said in a determined voice.

“Okay, fine, young lady! But if you can’t lift a pencil after this, don’t come crying to me!” Buckley growled, his walrus-like jowls tightening as he picked up the extra weights and placed them onto the barbell. “There! That … Ungh … adds up to 70 pounds! Just remember, you asked for this!” He reprimanded, placing the barbell in her hands.

As soon as Coach Buckner let go of the barbell, however, Debbie suddenly realized that the barbell was much heavier than she had expected! In fact, no matter how much resistance she put against it, it only seemed to sink deeper and deeper towards her chest. Debbie groaned with discomfort as she strained to lift the heavy barbell into the air, her weak arm muscles sure to burst under the pressure!

“Well? I’m waiting!” Buckner said impatiently, his beefy arms folded across his chest as Debbie panted fiercely, groaning as she managed to lift the barbell half an inch off her aching chest.

“C’mon! You wanted this, Riley! Pump!” Buckner yelled like a Drill Seargeant, spittle flying from his mouth, landing on Debbie’s face!

With a herculean effort, Debbie strained every fiber of her being to raise the barbell completely into the air, and to her great surprise … She did!

“Okay, that’s one! Now give me 19 more!” Buckner ordered harshly.

“What?!” Debbie squeaked, the barbell coming back hard on her chest! “OOF!” She exclaimed as the wind was knocked out of her.

“Don’t give me that, Riley! Lift that barbell!” Coach Buckner yelled, veins started to show in his thick neck.

Tears were now coming to Debbie’s eyes as she once again attempted to lift the heavy object above her, her glasses beginning to fog up, her teeth grinding with the motion of a train’s wheels.

“Come on, Riley! Give me some reps!” Buckner growled fiercely.

However, with a groan, Debbie simply dropped her arms limply by her sides.

“CONSARN IT, Riley! You’re pathetic!” Buckner yelled, his voice bouncing off the walls of the gym and getting the attention of the other students. He then grabbed the barbell and heaved it off of Debbie’s chest and placing it on the rack. “Call me when you have the fortitude and the contact lenses to be a cheerleader, Riley! Now hit the showers!” He ordered.

With a moan, Debbie pulled herself up from the bench and shuffled painfully off towards the shower area.

A great abundance of steam rose from the showering area as the hot, soothing water poured down upon Debbie’s nude and frail, aching body from the stainless steel showerhead. Debbie kneaded and messaged her thin, throbbing arms.

“Oooh, they’re so sore …” Debbie moaned to herself over the hiss of the water pouring. “Why do I have to be so weak? If I could just lift enough of those weights, I’d show that jerk, Buckner! I’d show that jerk, Roger! I’d show both of ‘em …” She thought, as the water poured down her flat chest and stomach, before adopting a dreary look. “But who am I kidding? How on Earth would do such a thing, other than investing my life savings in protein powder and steroids …” Just then, however, her eyebrows perked up! “That’s it!” She exclaimed. “Maybe the answer to quickly increasing my strength may be with chemicals and science! And seeing as how my next class just happens to BE science …” She said with a sneaky grin, her thumb and forefinger on her chin.

The worn down nub of chalk clattered noisily against the greenish blackboard as Professor Orson Colvig scribbled a complex equation upon it. To most of his students, the Science class instructor resembled Jerry Lewis’ character in the film “The Nutty Professor”. He was a short man with light brown, curly hair which, according to the grape vine was a wig, large, coke bottle framed spectacles, beady eyes, an upturned nose and large, pronounced buck teeth. Dressed in a standard white lab coat over a blah plaid shirt and beige slacks, he was a walking punchline.

“So, you see, the stronger the molecular structure … Therefore, the stronger the object they make.” His crackly voice concluded with a final tap on the board, before turning to face the class. It didn’t help much that, just like Lewis’ character, his S’ whistled through his teeth.

[The stronger the object … ] Debbie thought, the thought tumbling through her mind. Then, as if her right arm was experiencing an involuntary spasm, it shot up quickly.

“Yes, Miss uh … Filey … er, Riley … You have a question?” Colvig stammered.

“Yes, Professor Colvig … Uh … I was wondering if that molecular structure, say the ones that make up our bodies, could be manipulated to make it stronger?” She asked cautiously.

“Uh … Yes … Well, that is … Not without a great deal of either protein or chemical alteration, mixed with a heavy workout regimen … But of course, Miss Riley, even Steve Reeves could’ve told you that!” Colvig explained in a smug manner, and with that, the entire classroom burst out laughing. Many fingers were pointed in her direction … Even Roger’s, who sat a few tables away!

Debbie sank deeper and deeper into her chair with a deep, strawberry colored blush, hoping to simply vanish in thin air. Embarrassed and angry at the same time, she thought to herself [That jerk, Roger! And that awful Professor Colvig, making fun of me in front of all these people! I’ll show them! There’s got to be a faster way to get stronger! There’s just got to be!]

The bell rang its shrill note and as Debbie walked out of the science lab, trying to avoid the titters and giggles of those close to her, she managed to catch a glimpse of Roger walking together with the living Barbie Doll herself, Christie Hollis! The richest girl in school! She tossed her elegantly styled blonde hair as she smiled at Roger, her stupid little dimples showing.

[WHY THAT SLIMY, NO GOOD SNAKE! CHRISTIE HOLLIS OF ALL PEOPLE!!] Debbie fumed [If I only had amazing strength right now! If only for the purpose of tearing BOTH of them apart! But … I … Hate Roger now. So … Why am I so jealous … ?] Debbie, her thoughts conflicting, as she wandered down the halls.

“… add a little glyceride … and … No, no … that wouldn’t work …” Debbie said that evening in her dormroom as she culled over multiple science books, thrown carelessly on her bed and writing equations in her notebook. With great frustration, Debbie ripped the page out, crumpled it into a ball, and, without looking, tossed it over her shoulder towards the wastepaper basket, missing and adding to a small pile of paper wads in front of it.

Lauren Fuller, Debbie’s dormmate, walked into the room with a bowl of her favorite Vitamin Cereal, Crumbly Crunch, and scoffed in a disgusted manner. “Debbie! Would it kill ya to watch where you’re throwin’ those things? We DO share this room, ya know!” She complained.

Lauren was a somewhat pretty girl, all the way from New York. She was quite attractive, with her symmetrical face, loving brown eyes, her pitch black hair in a bowl style and a smattering of chocolate freckles across the bridge of her nose. It seems as though Lauren was a bit confused, some days she would dress like a tomboy, sometimes, like a fancy girl, a complex brought on by her parents, one tugging her in one direction, the other another. She was still a little bit of a neat freak and health nut sometimes. On this occasion, Lauren was in full tomboy mode, dressed in an oversized red football Jersey with nothing on underneath (hey, it was a girl’s dorm, after all) and some plain white socks.

“Shh, can’t talk right now, Laurie, I’m working on something …” Debbie said without looking up.

“Uh, Didn’t you already do your homework, Deb? What are ya writin’?” Lauren asked curiously.

“I’m trying to figure out a formula that will make me stronger in a shorter length of time!” Debbie said, her eyes still glued to her calculations as she scribbled furiously upon the paper with such friction, that it was starting to rip.

“Deb, my old friend, ya can’t rush these things. Strength’s gotta come naturally through exercise and eatin’ healthy. Like this bowl of Crumbly Crunch for example!” Lauren explained, with her mouth full, motioning to it with her spoon.

Debbie knew what was coming next and she groaned under her breath “Pleeease Lauren, not the jingle!”

But there was no stopping her, with that, Lauren closed her eyes, and, crooning like Ruth Buzzi, started in on the theme to her favorite commercial. “When you need somethin’ healthy ta munch, look no further than Crumbly Crunch! The taste of whole grains with a Vanilla punch, its the king of cereals, Crumbly Crunch!”

After taking her fingers out of her ears, Debbie then studiously went back to her research. Then, suddenly, it hit her! “Wait a minute … If I combined the glyceride with the Amino … and multiply this formula with the … Yes … This could work!” She exclaimed, her voice getting more and more excited.

“What might work?” Lauren asked, confused.

“No time to talk, I’m sneaking off to the lab to experiment, cover for me!” Debbie said in a rapid, rushed voice as she bolted from the room out into the hall!

“Wait! What did you say?” Lauren asked, but asked too late, she was already gone. The feminine tomboy then shrugged her shoulders and took another large bite out of her cereal.

Moving stealthily like a tiger on the prowl, Debbie, made her way slowly but surely across the field of campus property near the college building. Approaching from the west side, which was the closest to the science lab, she pressed herself against the building and slowly slid along the wall until she came to the door. She tried it. Locked of course, but she expected it. So, taking a hairpin from her pocket, she pressed it into the lock and turned the handle. Thankfully, it opened!

Now inside, Debbie carefully closed the door behind her and crept along the hall, trying not to make a sound. She sure if the night watchman was around by this time, but she didn’t want to find out.

Moving along in the near dark, she felt along the doors as though she were blind until, BINGO! She came to the door marked “Science”, and she entered quietly as she could. In the darkened lab, the desks were still lined up neatly, bared of any items. Debbie was about to change all that! Her brows furrowed dutifully, her pulse quickened as she approached the large steel cabinet in the back of the room. Scatterbrained Professor Colvig usually forgot to lock it and thankfully tonight was no exception. She pressed the handle down and began to yank it open [CREEEAAAKKKK … ] [DARN! Forgot about the squeaky doors!] Debbie thought to herself with a start, stopping the door with her hand, her heart fluttering nervously as she listened for the rushing footsteps that didn’t come. Calming herself, her breathing returning to normal, as she slowly and carefully finished opening the doors, the squeaking was the minimum of a barely audible mouse now. Debbie then covertly searched the numerous beakers, holding each of them close to her eyes so she could read the faded tape labels upon them “No … No … Wait, YES!” Debbie whispered to herself as she came upon the one marked Amino Acid. Her face lit up with joy and she placed it down on the nearest desk “Glyceride … Glyceride … A-HA!” Debbie exclaimed quietly as she located the second needed beaker, her breath once again beginning to race with anticipation. “And now … Ah, there you are!” She said with an aristocratic accent, taking the test tube of zinc. Panting heavily in anticipation, taking a paper cup from the cabinet as well, Debbie set to work. She poured a modest amount of Glyceride into the amino beaker, then poured half the tube of zinc in as well. Then, a chemical reaction started as the now white, milky concoction began bubbling and smoking! “Hmm … It looks kinda dangerous … Should I?” Debbie said under her breath uncertainly, before adopting a resolute expression! “No! I can’t be scared! I have to try!” She said in a confident voice! Taking the smoking mixture, she poured it into her cup, and slowly raised it to her mouth, before taking a sip. “Bleeech! That tastes awful!” She shouted in disgust, before quickly covering her mouth, as if to stuff the shout back in. However, despite the awful taste, she felt some small change inside of her, as if a small spark of pleasure had gone off in her loins. However, she figured that with her great big mouth shooting off, she had better bolt from the building and take her experiment with her!

Quickly sliding out the half open door, cup carefully in hand, Debbie speed walked to the door that led outside, only to find it locked again! As she went for the hairpin, though, she heard footsteps off in the distance! [THE NIGHT WATCHMAN!] Debbie thought, her breath catching in her throat! Her hand shook rapidly as she jammed the hairpin into the lock as the sound of the footsteps got closer! Twisting the knob, Debbie sprinted outside, leaving the hairpin in it’s place!

Her hand was clasped over the mouth of the paper cup as she darted off towards the girls dorms! Approaching the door, she quickly turned the knob and snuck inside! Walking down the hallway, hoping she hadn’t awakened the Dorm Mother! With the sneakiness of a professional cat burglar, she crept back into her room …

“Phew!” she verbalized her sigh of relief, wiping the sweat from her brow. She noticed the lights were out. [Lauren must be asleep! Good!] Debbie thought as she walked over to the small refrigerator. [Let’s see if I can wash this nasty stuff down with anything!] However, upon opening the door, she was disappointed. “Aw! All there is is that bland low fat milk she likes to drink … Oh well …” Debbie muttered, before taking the jug of milk out, and going to the pantry. “A good way to liven milk up is with some cereal!” But upon looking inside, she struck out again. “What! All we have is that Crumbly Crunch stuff? Ugh! This is not my day …” Debbie said in disgust, before taking the box of cereal and quietly pouring it into a small bowl. “Better use only a little of this stuff. Too much might hurt me …” Debbie said cautiously as she carefully poured the still bubbling liquid onto the cereal. There was an unpleasant crackling, as though she had poured some milk on some Rice Krispies. “Shh! Quiet! You wanna wake Laurie up?!” She hissed at her concoction, before pouring the milk over it. Much better … There was still a slight bubbling, but it would have to do! Then, her pulse pounding, her stomach and privates tight with anticipation, Debbie raised a large spoonful to her mouth and sucked it in! Chewing contentedly, satisfied that the milk had indeed covered the awful taste, she swallowed …

That’s when it happened …

Fire! No … pure energy exploded inside Debbie’s stomach! It was as if there were a million Pop Rocks dancing upon a sea of cola in her digestive system! Debbie was worried and even began to whimper a little! Was she damaging her body with this stuff? Then, that’s when the feeling of raw power began! If physical power could be described as a feeling, Debbie was sure feeling it now!It started in her thin, string bean calves, she could feel meat, muscle mass forming in them, as if being injected into a sausage! She continued to pant as a smile of joy eclipsed her face like a crescent shadow! Now it was in her thighs, her pants were bulging, the seams screaming in protest as if to say [STOP! WE CAN’T TAKE THE PRESSURE!!] Her legs were extending as well! Raising her head higher and higher into the air until she stood two heads taller than before! Debbie wanted to shout, to Lauren, to anyone about how good it felt! But she was feeling such pleasure, such power, that she could only exclaim in a hoarse whisper with tears in her eyes “It’s happening! It actually works! Next was her crotch and oh, did it feel good, it was being shaped into a tighter, larger vaginal opening and Debbie couldn’t resist the urge to let out an orgasmic squeal!

“Debbie! Keep it down, will ya?!” Lauren drowsily growled from the bedroom.

It only continued … Debbie’s buttocks began expanding and gaining definition as well! The stitching on her bell bottoms were now tearing, her pants coming apart, and Debbie couldn’t have been happier! Her back and stomach began to expand vertically and horizontally, she gained a washboard abdomen in a matter of seconds! Her arms began to thicken and bulge as well, powerful biceps began forming as if they were inflated with an air pump! Debbie was absolutely gritting her teeth now with utter elation! “Muscles! I’m getting muscles without even working out!” She nearly shouted. Her pink shirt with patterns of hearts and rainbows upon it was now beginning to rip and tear as well! Finally, Debbie’s flat breasts now were blowing outward like slowly inflating balloons! “Breasts! I’m … I’m getting breasts! I … I can’t believe it!” Finally, her formerly flat, ironing board chest was replaced by proudly proportioned D-cups! Her shirt now stretched to its limit as well! It was then that Debbie’s vision grew blurry, as if her glasses were smeared with vasoline. Curious, she removed them, only to be greeted with crystal clear vision! She could see clearly without her glasses! With a gasp, she dropped her glasses! Then, she adopted a look of supreme confidence and stepped down hard on them, crunching them beneath her cowgirl boot!

It was no longer the meek, rail thin, four-eyed nerd that stood proudly in the middle of the dorm room with her mighty arms akimbo, her large breasts thrust out … No … This was a changed Debbie, a SUPER Debbie! And she wondered about the many possibilities that her bountiful new body was capable of! Suddenly, there was a faint rapid knocking on the dormitory door outside. “Hmm … Better check this out …” Debbie thought to herself with a smirk as she deliberately sasshayed out to the front.

Upon reaching the front door, she pulled it open with a mighty tug! Almost yanking it off his hinges! There stood the portly Night Watchman, a slovenly fellow with a light brown moustache and an indignant expression.

“Didn’t think I’d catch you, did you?!” He asked with a grimace. “We have laws against sneaking into School property after-hours, Missy!” He was clearly not intimidated by the fact that she towered over him. Debbie would have to change that as she stood in the doorway silently with a smirk. “Not talking, huh? Okay, you’re comin’ with me!” The Watchman grunted as he took hold of Debbie’s meaty arm and pulled in a come-along motion, but he may as well have been pulling at the bumper of a semi truck, because she didn’t budge a hair of an inch!

Fuming now, The tubby guard then pulled out a pair of handcuffs and snapped them onto Debbie’s wrists! “Just for that, you’re under arrest, Missy!” He steamed.

“Oh, am I now … ?” Debbie asked in a low, menacing voice as she bent down until her eyes met his. She then rose back up and, with a simple flick of her wrists, snapped the cuffs apart! Peices of the linking chain went flying in all directions!

As the Guard watched in horror as Debbie tore the cuffs from her wrists and flexed her large biceps, shredding her already tight shirt to ribbons, exposing her large and luscious breasts! Debbie then simply ripped the reminder of her torn jeans from her waist, until she was only wearing a pair of heart covered panties and her brown cowgirl boots! She glared at the guard with an intimidating smile!

The Night Watchman, although aroused, still attempted to do his job. He whipped out his puny revolver from his holster and aimed it square at Debbie! “Don’t make me use …” He began, but he never finished his sentence, for immediately at that moment, Debbie simply snatched the weapon from his grasp and, with little effort, much to the watchman’s shock, crumpled it into a ball of steel, as she had done with the notebook pages earlier! She then tossed it carelessly over her shoulder and tied her long brown hair into a ponytail knot, before grabbing the speechless watchman by the collar and walking out to the spacious yard, before lying flat on her back and lifted her large, shapely legs into the air, placing the watchman’s body on the soles of her boots! Then she began bouncing his fat, helpless body on her boots, as if she were a performer in the circus!

“Stop! Oof! Oww! Ow! Please Stop!” The guard protested.

Debbie did just that. Taking the pudgy guard in her hands, she hopped back onto her feet and said in a sugary sweet voice “Say, why don’t you take a vacation and fly someplace nice?!” Before cocking her arms back flinging the guard forward, sending him careening across the sky! His scream receding as he disappeared over the horizon.

“I can’t believe it! I just can’t believe it! I’ve finally got the body, the STRENGTH I’ve wanted for so long!” Debbie exclaimed with pure joy as she surveyed her new, powerful body with the wonder of a young child. “I was able to throw that bully guard around like he was a basketball … And the way I crushed his gun! Oh, this had better not be a dream! With an ounce of hesitation, she pinched some flesh on one of her biceps and, although she barely felt a thing, there she was, standing outside the dorms, in her underwear and her amazing body! “Oh boy! Its real after all! This is so exciting! I’ve got so many people to get back at! Coach Buckner, Professor Colvig, but most of all, that jerk, Roger!” Debbie said excitedly and quickly all in one breath. However, she stopped at this thought … Roger … She remembered the times they used to spend laughing at jokes together in study hall … Kissing together on their picnics … Riding with him on his motorcycle … No! She didn’t want to remember that damn motorcycle! With an indignant expression, she stormed over to the boy’s dorm and marched to the parking area, and located the motorbike in its usual place. Effortlessly breaking off the safety chain as though it were a strand of spaghetti, Debbie slung the heavy vehicle over her shoulder as though it were weightless and walked around to the front of the dorms. There she carefully placed the bike in the middle of the “No Parking” spaces and then bent down and pressed her finger into the front tire, puncturing it as though it were a long needle! She did the same for the rear tire and as the air hissed out of both of them, she merrily skipped back to the girls dorm with a mischievous grin on her face. “Well, that lousy cheat Roger is in for a few nasty surprises when he wakes up tomorrow, and speaking of unexpected surprises, wait ‘til Lauren sees me …”

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