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Oh No Sally 01

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Oh-No Sally

By Dru


This very short vignette is the first in a series about a girl with incredible power who just wants to do what's right. Only … it doesn't work out that way …

Sally walked into the bank with the takings from her market stall feeling really really good about herself. Her weekend dealings had been a remarkable success, and the fact that she'd accomplished the task without saying her magic word made the feeling of victory all the sweeter. Every single one of her cakes had sold, and several customers were very generous in their compliments. Now she was looking forward to depositing the money safely into her bank account. A few more weekends like this she's finally be able to buy that new dress she was eyeing off.

As usual, lot's of heads turned when Sally strode in. She hadn't always been so pretty, but since gaining the power to transform into O Girl, even when she changed back she retained a fraction of that abundant power. That tiny fraction was enough to leave her with a body stronger and healthier than anyone else who had ever lived. And though she kinda looked like her old self, enough for people to recognise her, her face had been somehow changed from homely to catwalk beautiful. She'd been uncomfortable about this new attention at first, but Sally knew she was safe. She was the safest person in the whole world, in fact.

"Everybody down! Right now! Face to the floor!"

Just as she joined a cue, four men came bursting into the bank waving machine guns around everywhere.


"You heard him! Kiss the lino, motherfuckers!"

"You! You the manager?"

Sally got right down on the floor with everyone else, but already she was deciding on how to deal with this situation. She wanted to launch into action, but she'd been seen on the security cameras in her normal form. Then one of the gunmen started taking wallets and purses, and Sally saw red. It was one thing to steal from the insured bank, but nobody was taking her cake stall earnings. No way. No how. So Sally got to her feet, and without considering the consequences, readied herself to bring these criminals to justice.

"You! You some kind of hero, gorgeous? Hit the floor!"

"Well … as a matter of fact, I am some kind of hero. The super kind!"

Sally whispered something he couldn't quite hear, and then there was an explosion of dazzling lights that knocked the four gunmen off their feet and sent those on the ground nearby rolling away from where Sally stood. The linoleum floor was charred under her feet, the acrid smell of it filling the air as Sally stood there waiting for everyone to recover.


She wasn't Sally anymore. Now she O Girl … righter of wrongs and doer of things that are good deeds. She stood before them in all her terrible glory, her clothes now that befitting of an unconquerable all-powerful maid of incalculable might. Not only had she grown two feet taller, her body had thickened with imposing muscles that screamed power. Her breasts had grown to stay in proportion to her prodigious frame, and though she was frightening her new body inspired an erection in every man who was watching. None of the women were left unaffected either, one even letting out a low involuntary moan.

"That's right!"

The manager cried out in protest. He knew of this new heroine, this mighty bastion of morality. And he wasn't sure he wanted her help.

"It's alright, O Girl! We're insured against this sort of thing!"

"Never fear, Mr. Manager dude!" Sally assured him dramatically, the volume of her voice painful to everyone in the room. "Super O Girl won't stand idly by while these scumbags perform such a heinous crime!"

She strode toward the closest gunman, her mighty footfalls shuddering the whole building and  leaving deep impressions in the floor. The gunman raised his weapon and opened up. The bullets sprayed over Sally, who put her hands on her hips and walked into the stream of lead with a sparkle in her eye. There was a cry of pain as a stray ricochet off Sally's left breasts struck one of the men laying nearby. It was followed by three or four others while Sally continued to enjoy the pleasant massage, loving the way the bullets felt on her indestructible flesh.

The man dropped his gun and ran, but ran straight into Sally … who had darted in front of him at super-speed, leaving a short wake of destruction behind her. He fell down, his face bleeding where it had impacted her cleavage. She grabbed his upper arm, crunching the bone and hoisting him painfully to his feet. He instinctively hit and scratched her thick forearm, only bringing himself more pain.

The other robbers started shooting. The bullets sparked harmlessly off their intended target to lodge themselves in whatever they hit next. Sally smiled, and playfully turned on the spot. The man she held died as she swayed him through the bullet streams.

"Oh no!" she cried, dropping the corpse. None of the splattered blood seemed to want to spoil O Girl's body.

Angry that they had killed their own friend, Sally strode toward the leader. Her footfalls shattered the concrete, sending small plumes of dust up through fresh tears in the lino as she approached the ringleader, his ammo expiring just as she took hold of the useless weapon he held.

"That wasn't very nice. You're going to jail … and for a long time."

Sally took the gun and tied it around his wrists. He screamed as the hot barrel smoked against his skin, and the excessive strength Sally employed closed the gun so tight around the poor man's wrists that both were joints were shattered.

Slapping in a new clip, the less intelligent of the remaining robbers opened up a fresh round of bullets. But Sally's attention turned to the man who made for the door. Without moving from the spot, she tore a large section of bench from the wall, easily ripping its thick steel mounts free and leaving large jagged holes in the masonry. With no sign of effort, for it required none of her real strength, Sally flicked the large bench and the attached bits of wall at the fleeing man. It hit him with a sickening crunch, and carried him into and through the tall glass windows at the front of the bank. The ruined robber was then smashed into a passing taxi, and then all three pieces of the puzzle continued to slide sideways across the road into a telegraph pole, knocking that onto the awning of a nearby bookstore and igniting it.

"That takes care of you!" she declared, still ignoring the man who continued to shoot her. "Silly criminal scumbags! When will they learn that this city is protected by O Girl!"

Facing the last man as his ammo ran out, Sally gave him a wink. Sucking in a deep breath, drawing everything in the room several feet closer to herself, Sally kissed her palm and held it out to him.

"Thanks for the massage, lover," she told him, her tone driving all the witnesses wild with mysterious lust. "But you've been a very naughty boy and need to be punished, anyway." Sally blew across her palm, and sent the gunman and the wall behind him on a journey through the neighbouring building.

Sally stood proudly at the centre all the destruction and regarded the room with a satisfied smile.

"And once more Super O Girl saves the day!" she intoned, clearly pleased with her success.

"Oh my god," the manager began, clearly awed by events as he took in the state of his bank. "You … my bank … those men …"

"I know! I know! No need to thank me, Citizen! The very reason I've been given the impossible powers I have is to help the helpless … to protect the weak … to save those who vulnerable!" She slapped his back, slamming him into the floor.

"But I have to go now … for there are many other weak and helpless men like you who need the protection of O Girl!"

Grabbing her purse at super-speed, Sally left the bank and headed for the Caribbean, deciding she'd earned a reward after that one.

Hours later, two detectives examined the footage from the foiled robbery very carefully.

"I can't believe it! She changed right there … right in front of the security camera."

"Yep. Now we can finally find out who this woman really is."

"And we put a stop to the killing. How many does this make it?"

"I don't even care anymore. This girl … she's going down."

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