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'Z'upergirl Part II: Film at Eleven

Written by lfan :: [Tuesday, 05 July 2005 16:30] Last updated by :: [Friday, 03 May 2013 09:34]

Supergirl descended gracefully from the sky to land in front of Zatanna and the almost unrecognizable getaway car, compliments of the newly anointed super magician herself. Z could hardly contain her thoughts and excitement over the situation and the realization that she was standing in front of probably now the second-most powerful girl on the planet! Zatanna was eager to tell Supergril of her new powers, but ever the classic showoff, she decided to show her!


“Zee, what happened here? Are you alright?”


“Oh, I’m fine, Kara, just a simple bank robbery, nothing I couldn’t handle!”


“But, the car … what kind of spell did you use?!?”


“Oh, this?” Zee said nonchanlantly pointing and walking over to the driver’s side. “No spell needed, I took a more … umm … shall we say ‘hands on’ approach!”


Supergirl looked uneasily at Zee, knowing something was wrong. “What do you mean? You couldn’t have stopped this by yourself! Its not like you are superstrong like me or Kal-El!”


“Yeah I know I’ll never be as strong as you guys!” declared Zatanna almost mockingly “But I HAVE been working out. See?” Zee flashed back a glare at Kara and then bent down to effortlessly lift the vehicle over her head with her right hand as if it were a milk carton to the amazement of a stunned Supergirl.


“Kara? Geez, for someone who can bench press a battleship herself, you’re certainly
speechless!” giggled Zee.


Suddenly Kara regained her senses and everything made perfect sense! “Waitaminute! Kal-El mysteriously lost his powers today!”


“Well, I wouldn’t say LOST! I know right where to find them!” Zee said as she made her point by pressing the car overhead a couple of times to demonstrate her newfound Kryptonian strength.


“But why would you do that?! What has he ever -”


“Oh gimme a break, Miss Super Sandra Dee!! You and your cousin act like you are SOOOOOOO superior to everyone, even us other superheroes! It was about time he just got a dose of humility! Besides, I wasn’t gonna keep them for long…..I just wanted to see what it was like!”


“Give ‘em back now, Zee!”




“NOW!” said Supergirl sternly folding her arms across the emblazoned ‘S’ on her chest.


“And what if I don’t want to!” snapped Zee, still almost oblivious to the fact that she was still holding three ton vehicle over her head like a beach ball.


“Zee, don’t make me do this!” retorted a confident and pissed off Kara as she hovered in mid air with her hands crossed.. “You might be as strong as Kal-El, but your not experienced with using this kind of power!”


“So, you saying I should pick up a copy of ‘Kryptonian Powers for Dummies’ at Barnes & Noble or something?” Zatanna quipped as she glanced up smiling at the sight of her hand still holding the multi-ton vehicle aloft with no sign of fatigue whatsoever. “Oh, I think I’m doin alright, Kara, dontcha think?”, an arrogant smirk firing back at the Girl of Steel.


“It’s not just the strength, Zee! It’s about controlling the power! I mean it took Kal-El and me almost 2 weeks to even fly! So don’t try to take me on when you don’t even understand your new powers!”


“Hmm … maybe you’re right, Kara. I don’t what I was thinking!” said Zee as the smile faded from her face and she bowed her head like a scolded puppy. Suddenly, without warning, Zee’s mood changed at superspeed, her feigned frown turning to a mischievous smirk as she flexed her shapely fishnets and took to the skies holding the car aloft.


Like a scud missile, the ‘Magician of Might’ raced toward Supergirl at a eye-popping speed, veering at the last second with the skill of a fighter pilot and stopping impossibly to hover above a flabbergasted Girl of Steel.


“But … how … that’s impossible!”


Zee could only beam a 100-watt smile as she felt her body would explode from the feeling of power that raced through her! She felt unstoppable! “Impossible? Hardly! Today is full of new possiblilities! Besides, I’ve always been a quick study!” giggled Zatanna, loving the expression still on Kara’s speechless face. “But this thing IS getting heavy you know…, CATCH!”


Without warning, Zatanna casually flexed her new Kryptonian-powered muscles as her arms accelerated forward with just a blur, along with the 3-ton mangled vehicle, hurling it at an unsuspecting Kara.




Like a superpowered cannonball, the car impacted against Kara’s firm body, sending both careening into a nearby abandoned warehouse. The brick exterior of the building which had stood for sixty years was reduced to rubble in a matter of seconds as the car, and Kara’s superhard body, crashed into the structure at breakneck velocity.


“Wow!” said Zatanna playfully as she stared wide-eyed at the destruction she had wreaked with just a simple wave of her arms. The feeling of power that she now possessed was indescribable!! As Zatanna hovered toward the ad-hoc “ground zero”, smoke and mortar dust bellowed in the air as a shadowy female figure emerged from the rubble.


A seething Kara, eyes ablaze, walked through the rubble, tossing aside thousand-pound blocks of cement and reinforced rebar like party balloons. No one did this to Supergirl! She was embarrassed – and pissed!! And hell hath no fury like a supergirl scorned!


“Friend or not, you’re gonna regret that!” Kara shouted with fiery determination in her eyes …


“Oh, c’mon, Kara! I was just playing! You’re invulnerable, remember?!” said Zee playfully with a hint of sarcasm.


“Screw you, Miss Kryptonian Wannabe! You just bit off more that you can chew!” retorted Supergirl as her pupils suddenly shone with the brightness of two Kryptonian red suns and two heat beams shot forth, striking Zatanna directly in the face.


And so it was on…



Panting heavily, Arnold Flogget ran through the hallway, his body – and velocity – significantly slowed from several recent years of late night binges at the Doughnut Dungeon. Despite his impressive girth, Arnold moved faster than anyone thought his 278lb frame was capable of as his serpentined his way through the myriad of cubicles. Unfettered by the near concussion on an open filing cabinet as he rounded cubicle 32-A, the portly producer finally reached his final destination, the office of Vincent Diforio, the Channel Six Editor-in-Chief.


“Sir … Supergirl and Zatanna … they’re battling each other and … tearing up the city … I just saw … Zatanna toss Supergirl … into a factory smokestack!” Flogget said, heavily out of breath.


Vincent Diforio stood with a stern and cynical look on his face, not in the mood for non-sensical stories. “So tell me wise guy, you wanna explain to me how Zatanna can toss Supergirl into a smokestack? It’s not like she’s Superman. Besides, they’re not enemies!


“But sir, LOOK!” said an exasperated Flogget as he lunged at the television remote and quickly turned the channel to Channel Ten. Diforio quelled his admonishment as he stood transfixed at the sight of the two heroines battling on live television.


“What the hell?!? Supergirl just nailed that magician chick with a steel girder and she barely flinched? And I thought they were friends?”


“Apparently not life-long friends, sir!”


“Well, what the hell you standing here for, Flogget? Get Brock and his crew out there right now, he’s in the area right? I wanna cut-in with an breaking update in 5 minutes!”


“Yessir, he’s in the area! He’s covering-”


“MOVE IT, SON!!! GO!!”


“Yessir!” said the startled Flogget as he exited Diforio’s office to make the needed calls while Vincent Diforio could not take his eyes of the shapely titanesses as there battle raged on …



Despite her newfound invulnerability, Zatanna quickly found out that fellow Kryptonians carried quite a punch. During the course of the battle, however, she felt pride in going toe-to-toe with the legendary Maid of Might. But as the battle raged on, Zee found her seemingly infinite stamina begin to wane.


With a punch that could level a mountain, Kara sent Zatanna reeling once again, her superhard body impacting the asphalt with the force of a meteor and creating a crater twenty feet deep. As she struggled to her feet and leapt gingerly from the crater, for the first time since her miraculous transformation, Zatanna began to question her confidence.


“NO! I’ve got the powers of Superman!” Zee quickly remembered to herself as she reached down inside herself to tap into reserves of confidence – and strength – she never knew existed. With unbelievable strength and quickness, Zatanna zoomed over to a nearby tanker truck at superspeed and with a nonchalant tug, she ripped the storage container from its moorings. The massive cylindrical container dwarfed the 5’10” magician, but Zatanna’s taut feminine muscles flexed in a symphony of power as she held the tank aloft and with methodical precision spotted her incoming target-



Kara was speeding toward Zatanna at an incredibly fast speed … faster still was the metal tanker rocketing toward the incoming Girl of Steel.


Witnesses later said the titanic fireball could be seen for over 5 miles. Whatever the range, the collision of the gasoline tanker with Kara’s superhuman body ignited a supernova over the skies of Metropolis that rained droplets of fire from the sky and sent Kara plummeting toward the ground, her invulnerable body crashing through the hood of a parked car.


Zatanna trembled with excitement over this power she now had, knowing that she threw a 30 ton gasoline tanker with as much effort as someone would throw a softball!

“Maybe that’ll teach her to mess with me!” shouted Zatanna as she mockingly dusted her hands and postured to the throngs of people gathered around.



“Goddamn it! What do you mean they are stuck in traffic?!? You mean to tell me I’m gonna miss reporting on this cause of some Goddamn fender bender?”


“Sir, Tredyn is right in the area and has a film crew with her!”


“For Christ’s sake, are you shittin me? You want me to put the lead story on every channel in the hands of Tredyn Sinclair? She sucks and that’s why I had her covering that stupid film festival downtown to begin with!”


“Mr. Diforio, she’s our only option at this point!”


Vincent Diforio slumped in his chair and rubbed his face with his sweat covered palms knowing he had no other recourse. “Fine! Tell Blue Ridge Barbie to get her ass over there A-S-A-P! And gimme a direct audio feed to her, I wanna make sure she doesn’t screw it up!”


Tredyn Sinclair was Channel Six’s newest staff member. Growing up in High Point, North Carolina and later attending Appalachian State, Tredyn was known as the ‘Country Bumpkin’ of Channel Six, despite her academic accomplishments (graduated Magna Cum Laude) and her eye-catching looks.


A green-eyed, blonde Southern Belle standing a diminutive 5’3”, the twenty-four year old Tredyn had lost some of her hardbody from her former Miss Teen North Carolina days. Still, Tredyn maintained the drive to keep herself in great shape, knowing that her physical appearance certainly didn’t hurt her chances to one day be the lead anchor at Channel Six. All she wanted was a chance or a break and she would show everyone what she could do – and now she had it.



The piercing shriek of metal swept through the air as each of Supergirl’s hands clutched and rent fists full of crumpled Detroit steel as she freed herself from her embedded imprint in the hood of the mangled Chrysler. As she sat up and regained her bearings, Kara fumed.


“Zee! ZEE!!” Supergirl screamed, her voice resonating and shattering windows within a two-block radius.


Zatanna said nothing as she took to the air and hovered over near Kara, her eyebrows raised with a smug look on her face. She knew Kara was all but defeated!


But Kara wasn’t just a Kryptonian, she was SUPERGIRL! And besides possessing immense strength and a myriad of other powers, she also had an indomitable spirit and drive to succeed – along with a superpowered temper!


“This … ends … NOW!” said Supergirl under her breath as she bolted toward Zatanna and delivered a uppercut that sent her careening skyward. Like a superpowered tigress, Kara did not relent as she zoomed after her prey and followed up with a flurry of punches and kicks that left Zee bewildered and battered.


Supergirl was a blonde tornado of fury fueled with and endless supply of rage as she continued to pummel Zatanna. The superpowered blonde dynamo was amazing! Her experienced fighting skills allowed her to deliver a series of seemingly countless blows against Zatanna at superspeed while eluding any counterpunch that Zatanna futilely attempted.


As a coup de grâce, Supergirl grabbed a dazed Zatanna by her ankles and swung her around like a top, finally launching her into a city bus parked below.


There was a thunderous crash, masking the sound of the windows blowing out and metal wailing in protest as Zatanna’s body struck the side of the bus like a round from a rail gun. Striking in the middle of one of its sides, the bus’s metallic shell folded almost folding instantly around her body like a stainless steel curtain.


“Uhhhhhh…” said Zee, almost on the brink of defeat as she used every ounce of remaining strength the free herself from her metallic tomb. Just minutes before, she had felt unstoppable, but now her beautiful superbody was battered and beaten. She thought to herself that she felt weak as a kitten. Still, she managed to pry herself free as she pushed outward, her arms slowly bending the metal away from her body.


“Well, maybe a Kryptonian kitten!” chuckled Zatanna to herself, amazed as the resilience .she possessed. Despite being a Kryptonian powered heroine for a little over 4 hours though, even Zee knew that she was on the brink of defeat.


“Uhhhhhh!” shuddered Zee as she fell to the ground again from a blast of heat vision from Kara.


Kara floated downward with the grace of a ballerina and landed twenty yards away, her
hands on her hips as she began to walk toward Zatanna.


“It’s over, Zee! We both know it!” Supergirl chided sternly. “Now I don’t know how you did it, but you’re gonna give Kal his powers back! NOW!”


Zee hung her head despondently. She was beaten – again! Even with Superman’s powers she found herself still inferior! Now she was gonna have to give her powers back to Superman with the scrolls of Anter-


“Oh god!” Zee exclaimed to herself as she suddenly realized she had an ace in the hole – the Scrolls of Anterion! She had been so determined to prove herself as the new Kryptonian savior that she absently forgot the magical scroll. The scroll that had granted her so much power. A scroll that could give her even more. A scroll that could sap that smug superbitch’s powers and transfer it into her. A scroll that could make her the most powerful Kryptonian hero the Earth had ever seen!


Zee’s pain seemed to ebb away at the thought of having Superman’s powers augmented with Kara’s! The thought was mind boggling! She would -


“NOW, ZEE!” Kara shouted, snapping Zee back to reality.


Zee played it ever like the master showman! She wore a despondent look and even managed a fake tear as she looked up at Kara, knowing the tables would once again be turned – for good!


“I know, Kara……I’m……I’m sorry! I just wanted to know what its like being … you know … a hero!” said a tearful Zatanna on the outside as she practically was about to burst with laughter on the inside. The thought that Kara was believing her tearful lament only reinforced to her that she and her cousin were such saps!


“Zee, being a hero isn’t about how strong you are on the outside! It’s how strong you are here!” said Kara as she gently placed her hand on her heart, her voice now caring and sympathetic.


“I’m gonna barf!” thought Zee to herself as she struggled with all her superpowered might to not roll her eyes. As Zatanna reached into her tuxedo vest and pulled out the Scroll of Anterion, her hand tremored with excitement.


“What is that?”


“It’s a magical scroll, its what gave me Kal’s powers, and its what will set everything right!” said Zee softly as a fake, caring smile slowly formed on her lovely face.


Kara returned Zee’s smile with one of her own, but remained vigil. It was widely known and accepted by the general public, even by members of the Justice League, that Supergirl was naïve, but this was façade that often maintained to gain an upper hand on her opponents. Kara, in truth, wasn’t so naïve. And she definitely wasn’t stupid!


Zee felt ecstatic as if she was able to explode! Explode with power, that is! Soon she would have the combined strength of both Superman AND Supergirl. Just the thought of how strong and powerful she would be was almost too much to comprehend! Zee closed her eyes and imagined herself with the power, visualizing herself as the most powerful force in the universe – an unfathomably powerful goddess with unparalleled strength and beauty!


As Zee closed her eyes and focused her magic, her hand clutched the scroll tightly as she spoke the words slowly with purpose as Kara watched intently.


“Ydob …..sith….. ecnahnel….. rigrepus …”


Kara’s eyes winced in horror as her Kryptonian-enhanced thought processes allowed her brain to decipher the beginnings of the spell with the speed and accuracy that would rival any earth-made supercomputer.


“NO!” screamed Kara as she became a blue and white blur and hurtled toward Zatanna.


“…fos re -”


Kara struck the shapely figure with the combined speed and power of a thousand bullet trains. Her harder than steel fist impacted on Zatanna’s beautiful face like some ultrapowerful jackhammer, sending her sailing 150 yards backwards and knocking her out cold before she could complete the spell. Zatanna’s critically battered body lay motionless in the middle of the street like the final act of a Greek tragedy.


To Kara and the hundreds of cheering onlookers, and to anyone viewing on television, the only question was how long Zatanna would be out – or if she would even wake up at all! And so it was over …


Tredyn Sinclair and her news crew raced onto the scene just in time to see Zatanna’s lifeless body rocket in front of them and careen into an adjacent mailbox, coming to rest only 20 yards away.


Suddenly, the sound of cheering echoed through the streets of Metropolis as the denizens cheered their champion. Amidst fanfare the likes Tredyn had never before seen, throngs of reports and news crews flocked to surround the Girl of Steel for comments.


“Tredyn! Tredyn! Where the hell are you? Get over there you dumbass! We’re getting shut out!”


Tredyn was startled at the sound of Vincent Diforio’s voice in her earpiece, which caused her to drop her microphone abruptly.


“Oh … Mr Diforio! Yessir!” stammered Tredyn as she bent down to pick it back up.


“Jesus! Listen, Daisy Mae, get your spineless little backbone over there and gain some composure! You’re a professional, for Christ’s sake. Act like one!”


“Yes, Mr Diforio” Tredyn said quietly, obviously intimidated by her sexist newsroom chief. Tredyn was never one to be intimidated by men, especially when she could win them over to do their bidding with her looks. But Diforio was a bitter old man, jaded and spurned by women over the years, and completely oblivious to Tredyn’s southern charm. Over the past eight months, Tredyn had endured one verbal assault after another from Diforio, but she had no other choice in her current job situation …



Supergirl at this point was deluged in a sea of media personnel, microphones and cameras probing her like she was in the midst of a surgerical operation. Nevertheless, the ever-gracious Girl of Steel did her best to respond gracefully to almost every question asked of her.


As Tredyn prepared to dash over to the spectacle as per Diforio’s orders, the young reporter froze in her tracks realizing that there was almost no way they were gonna get near Supergirl, the crowd around her already twenty people deep in every direction. As Tredyn began to fear the hopelessness of the situation, she suddenly spun her head in the direction of Zatanna’s supine body.


On pure instinct, Tredyn motioned for her camera crew to follow her as she ran over to Zatanna’s still body. She knew it was a gamble, but with some luck, she would have an exclusive! Everyone would have footage of Supergirl, but she would be the only one with an interview and comments from Zatanna. That is, if she regained consciousness.


“What the fuck are you doing?!?” screamed Diforio in her earpiece, but Tredyn did not relent. For the first time since she began working at Channel Six, Tredyn mustered the courage to go with her reporter’s instinct and defy the direct orders of her despotic boss. She knew this could make or break her career, especially at Channel Six, but she didn’t care. It was as if a fire inside her had been lit and she was no longer going to be everyone’s doormat. She was gonna call the shots here, albeit for probably the last time!


Like a seasoned pro, Tredyn approached the unconscious Zatanna and gave the signal for the cameras to start rolling. “Zatanna? Zatanna? Are you ok?” Tredyn asked as she knelt beside the fallen heroine and pushed the microphone near Zee’s unmoving lips. “Zatanna? Wake up! Why were you fighting Supergirl?”


“Oh my god!” exclaimed Vincent in the newsroom headquarters via the reporter’s audio feed. “Tredyn, you stupid bimbo, she’s out cold! Get over by Supergirl, you dumb bitch!”


Tredyn heard Diforios’s insults through her earpiece but tried to block it out as she continued to search for answers from Zatanna. “Zatanna, what happened to you? How are you now so strong?”


“She’s not strong, you loser! She’s unconscious! I want an interview with Supergirl NOW! So help me god, you dumb ass, if you don’t get over there …”


As Vincent Diforio’s disparaging comment resonated through her earpiece, Tredyn suddenly noticed Zatanna’s eyes slightly twitch as she moaned in pain and with shortness of breath.


“… and I’ll make sure you never work in television again, you friggin’ dyke! I’ll make it my mission in life to screw you …”


Tredyn inched closer the critically wounded magician and clutched her hand in hers, continuing to ignore his verbal assault, knowing she was right! “Stupid wop!” Tredyn casually said under breath, rolling her eyes, as she leaned in to hear Zatanna as she struggled to speak.


“W-w-wop?” whispered Zatanna as her eyes slightly opened and gazed upon Tredyn, a weak smile creeping across her lips before she slipped back in unconsciousness …


The word was faint, almost unintelligible, but spoken nonetheless. Zatanna’s repetition of Tredyn’s simple, three-letter derogative finalized the incomplete spell Zatanna had begun moments before that yearned, and refused to die, until it was completed. It was the magical equivalent of inertia, and with it, it set of a series of a chain of events that would cause a dramatic shift in the balance of power of the superhero universe …



“Well, I cannot say exactly what I was feeling at the time, I just … ohhhhhhhhhhh!”


If it was anyone else, it would have been dismissed as a simple fainting spell, perhaps the stress of the interviews or the exhaustion of the battle or even the excruciating summer heat. But this was Supergirl! Kryptonians did not simply faint!


Nevertheless, Kara’s body suddenly went limp like a wet noodle in the midst of her sentence as she seemingly lost consciousness and slumped to the ground. It was if something inside her had been stripped away … or stolen!


Everyone present stood transfixed at this latest curious and confusing development, concerned for the well-being of their heroine. No one, except for one lone news crew, even noticed a bright light suddenly illuminating about 150 yards away …



Without explanation, Tredyn found herself feeling strange almost immediately after Zatanna whispered that word. The strange feeling began to intensify even more as Tredyn’s body was soon enveloped in a celestial light as Zatanna’s spell worked its magic. Unbeknownst to the news crew taping her or even Tredyn herself, all the powers of Supergirl were being transferred into the diminutive reporter. While she didn’t understand what was happening, Tredyn welcomed it, the strange feeling suddenly becoming a euphoric one as her wondrous transformation took effect.


Tredyn felt amazing as she thought she could actually feel her blood pump vigorously through her system like a raging superpowered river, feeding every muscle and fiber of her being with a vitality and strength she never thought possible.


“Oohhhhhhhh!” the news reporter moaned as she felt her body harden and any and every trace of fat melt away – her muscles and flesh becoming harder than diamond. Harder than solid steel. Harder and firmer than anything on the planet!


When it was over, Tredyn Sinclair stood smiling from ear to ear, knowing that she was different. No, not different, better!!! Much better!! With a slight gesture, Treden flexed her slender arm and was in awe at the feeling of power she now felt as she stared at her rock hard biceps. As Tredyn wrapped her other hand around them, she marveled at paradoxical sensation of touch – a layer of silk wrapped around an impossibly hard steel ball barring. She was strong now! She felt like Superg-


“Oh my god! That’s it!” thought Tredyn to herself as her newly accelerated thought processes suddenly lay it all out like a road map to her. “Somehow, I’ve got the same powers as Supergirl!” deduced the new ‘Reporter of Steel’ as she grinned from ear to ear. Her mind now raced with infinite possibilities. She WAS strong now! Beautiful! Unstoppable! She was -


“Tredyn! Tredyn! Tredyn, you dumb ass! What’s going on? Say something, we’re live, dammit!!! Suddenly, Tredyn’s realized she still had her earpiece in. With a mischievous smile, Tredyn simply smiled at the camera and removed the earpiece from her ear, crushing it casually between her fingers like a potato chip.


Seeing her delicate fingers crush her earpiece almost out of existence sent an orgasmic rush through Tredyn’s whole being at the power she now possessed. True, a cheap piece of plastic was hardly a Herculean feat of strength, but for Tredyn it was all about making a statement. She had always been the laughing stock at Channel Six thanks to Diforio – a nobody … a bimbo … .a pushover! But now she was super in everyway – superstrong, superfast, supersmart and superconfident!


Tredyn smiled a cat-that-ate-the-canary smile as she looked at the camera and realized everyone was watching her --- including Vincent Diforio! Tredyn held her microphone in front of her and spoke as she walked with purpose, letting the camera follow her.


“America, for the last eight months since I’ve been with Channel Six, I’ve done my best to report the news to you all the best I could!”


“Holy shit! What the hell is she doing?!?!” screamed Diforio to no one in particular as he watched the live feed from the newsroom.


Tredyn stopped in front of her news van, leaning against it sexily as she continued to speak. “But for my many critics, including a good number here at Channel Six, my reporting has never been up to par! So I’m taking this opportunity to formally resign from reporting the news …”


“HA! No resignation needed sweetie! You’re friggin fired!!!” said Diforio to the television monitor as his Alka Selzer fizzled like a bubbling cauldron in front of him.


As Tredyn spoke, she sexily bent her toned legs to bend down and place her hands by the undercarriage of the van.


“… I mean why report the news when I can MAKE the news.” With that statement, Tredyn stood upright, flexing her slender arm muscles. Muscles fueled with Kryptonian power. Muscles that allowed Tredyn to lift and hold the van aloft like it was made of cardboard.


Tredyn smiled back at the camera with a wink as she continued to hold the multi-ton van aloft with almost no effort. Finally, in a show of power – to both the viewing public and herself – Tredyn launched the van skyward with the simplest throwing gesture, the van leaving her hand at close to 500 mph. As it crashed back to Earth in a fiery explosion, Tredyn turned back to the camera unable to repress her beaming smile.


“This is Tredyn Sinclair, reporting from Channel Six for the last time. But do not worry, I have a feeling you all will be seeing more of this gal … especially you, Vincent!” Tredyn said with a sinister grin as she squeezed the microphone in her hand in a farewell statement, the metal stem oozing out of her dainty fist. Dropping the microphone for show, Tredyn flexed her steel hard legs and buttocks as she instinctively took to the sky, knowing that a new chapter of her life had just begun – and that Vincent Diforio’s life was soon gonna get a little rockier!

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