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Going Super Chapter 2

Written by happiest_in_shadows :: [Tuesday, 29 March 2005 08:28] Last updated by :: [Thursday, 23 May 2013 09:33]

Going Super Chapter 2


By: Happiest in Shadows


The story of a woman and her ever growing abilities.


I make no claim to any DC characters used within this story after all they are trade marks and I don’t want sued.



Jack looked around at the vast sea of trees that now surrounded him. The two of them having arrived at Kate’s grandparents home Jack couldn’t argue with her that it was a good spot for her to test her abilities and he to do his research. Climbing out of the vehicle he also new why Kate had chosen to get a humvee instead of a car as the mountain path leading up to the house was quite rocky. “My grand parents didn’t really care for being a large group of people and sought to get away. So during their finale years they actually moved way out here and had this home built so they could be alone with one another.” Jack nodded as he heard Kate’s explanation.


Following Kate up to the main door he watched her fumble with some keys for a moment before opening it up and stepping on inside. Turning around rather quickly Kate proceeded to punch a code into a panel to turn off the security system. “Come on I will show you around.” Taking Jack by the hand Kate began to drag him through each room of the rather large house. As he looked around he was quick to notice that the furniture though nice all had a woodsy feel to them right down to the hard wood flooring.


It is nice Kate but what about a work area and a gym?” Kate grinned as she began to walk faster until she came to the door leading down to the basement. Guiding Jack down the steps then flipping on the lights Jack grinned as he got the answer to his question. The basement having a assortment of work out stations though none of the machines were really modern as they belonged to Kate’s grandfather who didn’t see much of a reason to use them in his older years. There was also a good deal of extra room including a rather nice desk.


My grandfather loved to tinker with things so I figured this would make a great work area for you. Still now that we are here just how are we going to go about doing this?”


Well we don’t quite know what is causing the changes to happen right now or exactly how they are going to go. So about the best thing we can do is stick to a normal routine I will probably take a bit of blood from you about once or twice every week and we can just watch how your body changes.”


Well then I guess we had best get situated for a stay.” Once again Jack followed Kate though this time up the stairs as they headed out. Unpacking the items they had brought with them from the vehicle they mostly consisted of Jack’s equipment and clothing.


We will head into town later on today and get some supplies.” Nodding in agreement Jack proceeded to help Kate unload the vehicle the two of them each choosing a room and then settling in.


Jack sighed as he looked up at the night sky it had been two weeks since they moved into Kate’s grandparents house and he had found nothing any were near concrete though a few of his theories were getting more concrete at least. Each time he checked Kate’s cellular structure he had found that they had altered themselves a little bit more this of course was effecting Kate’s body as a whole as he noticed Kate’s muscle tissue had began to alter itself some what as well as the tissue in her joints. He couldn’t help but theorize this was to allow for her strength to increase while maintaining her agility and speed or perhaps to enhance that as well.


This really wasn’t the problem though the problem was would these changes start altering her appearance and even more important her way of thinking. Unable to sleep with these thoughts going through his head Jack set up in bed and began to make his way down stairs. As he did so he was actually surprised as he heard the tv on wondering a bit further he found out what was going on when he saw Kate laid out on one of the couches in a solid white t-shirt. Taking in the site for a moment Kate’s athletic form stretched out over the couch the shirt felling to cover her panties entirely while her hair feel over her shoulders he found his eyes wouldn’t move away from her lovely form.


Kate hearing Jack behind her slowly turned her head in his direction seeing him standing at the top of the steps. “Hey there what are you doing up at this hour?” Kate grinned as she looked up at Jack taking note of how the last six weeks of exercise since he had come to live with her back in her apartment had paid off. His belly had visibly decreased a fact that she could tell from how much further his shirts went down and that he had trouble keeping some of his shorts up. His arms didn’t really have anything along the lines of biceps just yet but when Kate felt them there wasn’t nearly as much flab to grab. Over all she was quite pleased with the way things were going and finding herself increasingly attracted to him not just because the physical changes but also because they were growing closer as friends nearing the next step.


Grinning as Kate noticed Jack’s eyes were focusing more on her crotch area more she shifted her legs a bit to give him a better view of her rear. “Well then why don’t you come down here and join me?” Jack only nodded as he walked down the steps. Kate reaching out picked up the remote and flicked off the tv before turning to face Jack more completely the room growing darker as the television was shut off.


Hey I bet I know the reason you couldn’t get to sleep.” Jack gave Kate a odd look as he watched Kate move her legs making room for him on the couch. As he took his seat he was surprised when Kate set up and took hold of his shirt collar. A moment later her lips pressed against his while she pulled him against her body. At first Jack was actually a little to surprised to respond as Kate’s lips engulfed his own but only for a moment as he found himself returning the kiss. After a few moments Kate finally let Jack up for rear chuckling a bit as he took in a rather deep breath of air a rather large grin on his face. “This is the night we usually spend cuddling and I let you feel of these babies.”


Kate then proceeded to flex her right arm while guiding Jack’s hand to her biceps with her free hand. He grinned as he began to message the muscle comparing the odd contrast with Kate’s soft skim with the solid muscle he felt under it. The over all firmness and power he felt her arm was truly an exciting experience a fact that didn’t go unnoticed by Kate. As Kate pulled Jack down upon herself he noticed a marked difference from how he had been laying with her before. Instead of laying on his back he now found himself facing Kate a wide grin on her face.


Once again Kissing Jack Kate felt his hand’s beginning to explore her body starting with her upper arms. Feeling her smooth skin as the powerful muscles underneath Jack’s hands slowly made it down to Kate’s hands her fingers interlocking with his. Kate’s hands then proceeded to guide Jacks down to her abs moving his fingers alone them. Jack was impressed as he felt each of Kate’s abs muscles individually while he continued to kiss her. Working his hands up her stomach he started to grasp her breast when he felt her hand take hold of his. Looking up for a moment he noticed Kate waving her finger in a scolding manner while a grin was on her face.


Jack grinned as he realized what was going on. Kate was allowing him to explore more of her body but she wasn’t ready to let him explore everything just yet. This became even more evident as his hand started to brush the inside of her thighs only to have his hand removed by hers. Not wanting to push his luck Jack soon learned the areas of Kate’s body that he was now permitted to touch and explore. Her arms, and outer legs having been the start now Kate permitted him to explore her stomach area and most importantly for the moment her lips. As he felt Kate’s soft lips engulf his own several times.


Jack soon found that these restrictions Kate applied to herself except she also got to explore his chest. Her fingers moving about feeling his weaker muscles Kate seemed to be testing him much as he had been testing her muscle tone only a few moments ago. A amusing thought came to Jack as he wondered if perhaps one of the reasons Kate put him through such exercise routines is because she wanted him to have enough stamina to satisfy her or perhaps to be strong enough to make sure she didn’t brake him in half. It was a rather amusing though as he considered the fact that with her strength increasing the way it was that might actually be a possibility.


These thoughts were sent rushing out of Jack’s head as he suddenly felt Kate’s tongue press against his cheek and she gave him a lick. “So does that mean I have climbed a bit further on the ladder?” Kate chuckled as she nodded her head and the two continued their general fondling of one another. This was as far as many men had ever made it with Kate as far as getting her into bed as unlike Jack several of them had insisted on going were they weren’t welcome and kept trying to explore the restricted regions of Kate’s body unable to handle her teasing. It had even ended badly for the males in a few cases as in order to make them stop Kate had finally resulted to delivering a solid punch strait to their jaw at times knocking out a few teeth.


Needless to say this was often the end of their relationship as a few of the males had actually thought they were in control only to learn that despite their greater bulk Kate could deliver a very mean blow if she felt the need to. Jack on the other hand did as she wanted him to and only explored the area that he was welcome to. A moment later it was Kate’s turn to be startled as Jack set up then gave her arm a slight pull. Kate allowing him to pull her arm strait he bent down and proceeded to place a kiss on every major part of her arm actually saving her biceps for last. He then followed the same action with her left arm showing his admiration for not only her beauty but her strength as well. This finally concluded with Jack laying a kiss on each one of her abs only holding off when he got to her legs unsure if Kate would mind.


Finally Kate pulled Jack back into her arms and that is where they remained for the rest of the night the two of them falling asleep in each others grasp.


The sun light shining down on her the fresh air feeling her lunges and the sounds of the woods. Kate truly enjoyed her new surroundings as she jogged along the mountain path it was one of the few exercises that she didn’t require Jack to do. There wasn’t any logical reason for him not to join her but Kate had simply learned that Jack truly preferred the comforts of indoors to the out doors. This wasn’t the same story for Kate who had enjoyed her visits with her grandparents partly because it meant she would get to explore the woods surrounding their home. Now there fourth week of being there Kate had started jogging the path the first week they had arrived so that by now she was starting to get a real feel or it and feel more confident going a bit deeper.


Kate’s strength and stamina improved every day she also found that she could run further then she could before though she wasn’t sure how much further. Since Kate didn’t keep track of how long she had ran and thanks to the lack of land marks to judge distance against Kate simply would jog until she felt she had went far enough and then turn around. Lately it had been at a river figuring that it was at least two miles from the old house she would turn herself around there so that she had jogged at least four miles by the time she got back home.


Kate’s eyebrows perked up a bit as she neared the house though and saw Jack standing in the window holding a watching in hand. Wondering just what he was doing as she began to slow her pace she didn’t get to ask Jack what he was doing as he beat her to the punch upon stepping outside. “Hey Kate I was wondering have you just been calling your jogs short recently or are you going to the same spot?” Giving Jack a some what strange look as she made it to the porch she couldn’t help but wonder why he would ask such a question.


The same spot why is something up.” Turning his head back to his watch Jack gave a slight nod. Walking around him and taking a look at the watch Kate blinked as she looked at the number.


Ten minutes ah crap I haven’t been running far at all.” A snort came from Kate as she at least thought she had a good fell for distance. Jack on the other hand was developing a different theory.


Kate you said you have been running to the spot each time but did you know you are making it back here faster and faster each time.” Kate gave Jack a rather strange look before giving her leg muscles a few good pats. It did figure that without her body losing ability that her increased strength would allow her to make better time. As she thought of this though she couldn’t help but wonder.


Just how fast am I running.” Jack gave a slight shrug.


I can’t say but we could go down to the basement and try to check it out.” Nodding her head Kate fell into a trot as she walked behind Jack actually even more delighted. It wasn’t really surprising to either one of them considering all the other changes that Kate’s body where going through. She was now benching 380lbs and could curl 75 lbs in one arm details that rung very true every time Kate would deliver a blow to the punching back down stairs. Listening to it Jack was amazed with how much force Kate’s punches were beginning to impact it with. Having thought she packed a powerful punch previously he imagined he would be missing more then a few teeth if Kate were to hit him now.


Kate didn’t have to be asked to hop onto the treadmill but rather was on it before Jack could even ask her. Grinning for a moment she hadn’t used the machine since the first week they had arrived and now wondered if it would be able to give her a decent work out. It was true that the machine couldn’t get up enough speed to force her into a full run but she would at least see. Kate didn’t bother with any of the lower settings still feel alright from her little jog rather she simply turned the machine to its max and feel into a run. Jack took a seat near by and simply watched as Kate’s legs worked occasionally checking the clock to see how much time had went by 33 minutes later he looked at Kate who still looked fine. “Anything?”


It feels like a brisk walk but not quite a jog.” Kate couldn’t help but grin as she couldn’t help but enjoy the changes that her body was going through. The feeling of her physical abilities increasing every day was simply wonderful and each week she seemed to brake another goal that she would have previously thought simply out of her league.


Well then I guess I will be putting a speed detector on order.” Making his way over to his computer back brought up doing a quick searching for speed detector he began to order one when he felt Kate’s hand set down upon his own. Moving the mouse along with Jack’s hand Kate clicked a significantly more expensive machine but more effective and proceeded to click the order button. Starting to protest Kate just covered his mouth as she typed in her own account name and password and placed the device on order after changing the delivery address so that she could pick it up at the post office.


Well we don’t know how much my speed is going to increase as well so we might as well be ready.”


Rich girl.” Having been called this several times by Jack now Kate was use to it thus he no longer got smacked. Also with her behavior and were they currently were Kate was finding it rather hard to deny that her family was a bit better off then she would normally say.


I swear Kate I am beginning to wonder just why your family couldn’t have just got you the needed surgery.” Kate rapped her arms around Jack and gave him a slight kiss on the cheek.


Because that would have required money like Luther’s or Wayne’s which is still far outside our buying range.” Jack nodded his understanding as he leaned back and returned Kate’s kiss.


Jack gave Kate a knowing look as a realization hit him. “You set your order for free shipping when you could have easily gotten next day delivery. Young lady are you trying to develop your powers more before it arrives so you can show off?” Kate only chuckled as that was exactly what she was planning on doing. Jack didn’t blame her really there wasn’t anything that they could do about her current situation except try to figure out if the alterations would start becoming more obvious physically. So far Kate had kept her human appearance which was a good sine but the truth was they had no way as of yet of knowing how it would go when it began to push into the more powerful range.


Jack had noticed a pattern forming though as far as her cells went but it was far to soon for him to make any good guesses and he didn’t want to tell Kate about them until he knew for sure. So far he had noted Kate’s cells had reworked themselves to be more energy efficient and to make better use of that energy. This was affecting her entire muscle structure but nothing to drastic just yet. It was however enough that he imagined it could affect her outward appearance if they cells were altering themselves in that path. This as far as Jack was concerned was a good sign though as it seemed her body was at least trying to maintain a human appearance.


As Kate straitened up a odd thought came to her mind. While Jack was focused on the computer she slowly bent down and placed her hands under his chair. Getting a good strip on the sturdy frame with a slight groan of effort she lifted the 190lbs of Jack and the 50lbs of sturdy chair clean off the ground and held them. Jack gave out a startled cry and quickly took hold of his seats not knowing what was going on until he looked back and noticed Kate. “Kate your lifting me and the chair!” Came Jack’s surprised voice as Kate just grinned and then proceeded to put a little more effort into her lift managing to get the chair a little higher with a slight huff though she had to settle the chair back down to a easier to support level.


Blast I can’t get you over my head while you are in the seat.” Jack gave Kate a visibly annoyed look as he didn’t particularly like the idea of her trying to hold him above her head and then dropping him. The wall wouldn’t kill him or anything but he was still sure it would hurt. Upon noticing the look on Jack’s face Kate actually blushed a little bit as she realized that she had just said too much. Jack sighed as Kate settled him and the chair down but gave a start when he felt her hands quickly go under him and lift him entirely from the seat this time holding him above her head Kate laughing lightly at his reaction.


Walking around the room for a few moments Kate finally deposited Jack on the bench press seat. “Now since I am already warmed up from my job how about we do some exercising. You have made quite a lot of progress you know who knows perhaps before to long you will be as strong as I use to be.” Jack gave Kate a bit of a offended grin but it was quickly replaced as he lightly laughed. Feeling some what brave since Kate was teasing him so much Jack’s hand shot out and gave Kate’s rear a few quick strikes. Kate at first looking startled for a moment Jack actually got worried that she would retaliate however it become apparent that wasn’t going to happen as he noticed that the bright red forming on Kate’s face wasn’t from anger.


Instead he noticed a soft smile form on Kate’s lips while a light blush lit up her entire face and Jack could hardly keep himself from drooling. As the sweet expression on Kate’s face combined with the power and sensuality of her body Jack felt his drive to improve his body to prove to this divine creature that he was willing to improve himself for her sakes and to make himself more attractive to her shot up three fold. Leaning forward Kate gave Jack’s cheek a lick before she turned and begin to walk towards the leg curl swaying her hips lightly as she walked Jack looked at the barbell. Standing up he removed the weights Kate had been using earlier and replaced them with some lighter ones though for some reason he found himself adding twenty pounds extra then he had been for the past few weeks suddenly feeling that he was ready to move on.



The sound of the alarm going off got Jack’s attention almost right away as he set up in bed he could hear the door swing open followed by the beeps of someone entering the code. Rushing to see what was going on he wasn’t surprised to find that Kate had already made it down stairs but to his surprise instead of seeing someone laid out he saw Kate with her arms rapped around a mountain in a business suit. Taking a moment Jack finally realized that who ever Kate was hugging must be someone she knows. “Daddy what brings you here.” Jack was actually surprised when he heard Kate say this and realized that this mountain of man also happened to be her father.


At first Kate’s father just hugged his little girl before he took a moment to look around. “And this is your friend?” Kate took a moment to pull away from her dad and look up at Jack who was standing at the top of the stairs.


Yup hey Jack come on down and meet my dad.” Walking down the stairs Jack was surprised when he found his hand ceased by Kate’s father and given a good hand shake. “Jack this is my father Nathan and dad this is Jack he has been helping with my medical issue.”


Well then I am glad to see you have been helping to take care of my little girl. Sweety I am sorry it took me so long to come and visit you but I have been busy.” Kate nodding understandingly however her smile went away when she noticed her fathers mood seem to change.


Honey I would like to say I came up here just to check on you out of pure concern but that isn’t completely the truth. I was wondering just what was wrong with you and from what I can tell I don’t see anything. Now Kate you know I would have given you the money you needed for a vacation even a long one if you had just asked you don’t nee to l..” Kate’s hand covered up her fathers mouth before he could finish the sentence.


Sorry Daddy but I thought you were about to say that I fibbed about having a medical condition. What did you think I was just up here raping Jack all the time?”


I wish.”


Jack suddenly got a rather sharp look from Kate’s father as well as one from Kate though in Kate’s case it was something of a laughing glare. “Well honey you haven’t been ordering any medical supplies at least not to my knowledge so could you perhaps show me what is wrong with you and how this fellow is helping.” A grin formed on Kate’s lips as she gave Jack a knowing look realizing what was about to happen Jack had to suppress a chuckle. It had been 12 weeks now since Kate had started developing her abilities without her parents noticing he imagined her dad was in for quite a treat.


Dad I said a medical condition not a problem. I know how about you come down to the basement and I will show you.” Nathan gave a slight start as his daughter gave him a tug on the arm and began to pull through the hall then down the basements steps. Nathan knew that his little girl was strong but he was still surprised by her strength as he could have swore she wasn’t that strong the last time they had seen her. As he looked around for a moment he noticed the addition of Jack’s computer equipment as well as the fact that the weights had clearly been used.


Jack followed close behind and stood just a few feet away from Nathan upon Kate releasing his hand. Kate then proceeding over to the bench press grinned as she removed the bolt and slipped of the weights Jack had been using the last time he was on the machine. Then walking over to the wall she picked up a 100lb weight in each hand then proceeded over to the bar and slipped them on. At first Nathan was a bit surprised wondering if his little girl was really going to bench 280 as he new the bar alone weighed 80lb plus the two 100s. What Kate next surprised him as Kate picked up two more 100lb weights and slipped them onto the bar. “Now honey don’t hurt yourself.”


Kate didn’t say anything as that brought the bar up to 480lbs returning to the weights for one more set of weights though this time it was two 40lb bringing the total weight to 560 pounds she put the bolt back into place. “Alright dad I want you to try and lift this bar to make sure they are no tricks involved go ahead.” Looking at his little girl Nathan just shrugged and made his way over to the bench press. Laying down and placing his hands under the bar he pressed up on it letting out a loud grunt as he put a good deal of effort into it. A moment later he let out a sigh and let his arms fall to his sides before setting up.


Yup they are real though honey I don’t think you …” Kate more or less shoved her father off the seat once again surprising him.


Now daddy let me assure you that what you are about to see is all me.” Nathan started to move towards his daughter as she laid down under the bar not sure what she was about to do. Then without to much effort Kate lifted the bar from its stand slowly lowered it to her chest and then lifted it up. Nathan’s jaw nearly hit the ground as he saw his little girl do this. Had it been possible his eyes would have grown wider as he watched his little girl do this not once but for 3 sets each consist of twelve reps. Having no intention of stopping there Kate proceeded over to the weights and taking 100 pound in each arm began to alternately curl them one after the other. Kate then proceeded to put herself through an entire exercise routine one that by the time it was over almost left her dad in shock.


Walking over to her dad Kate winked at the grinning Jack who was glad to see that Nathan appreciated what had been going on. “Well Daddy I suppose you would like a explanation.” “That would be nice of you.” Jack slowly nodded his head at his daughters’ question. Grinning Kate then proceeded to pick her 300lbs father up with both arms and carrying him up stairs a snickering Jack following close behind as he wondered how long it would take Nathan to return to his normal self.


Kate couldn’t help but laugh as she set her father down upon the sofa and then took a seat opposite to him. Jack setting a little ways away from Kate wondered if he should say anything to explain the situation. “Alright first would you mind telling me how this happened I mean has he got some new exercise drug or something?” Nathan asked indicating Jack who could only grin as he wished it was that simple.


Well it isn’t that simple so I think I will start from the beginning. As you recall 3 months ago you and just about everyone else thought I was a goner as did I. I was laying there ready to die and then Jack came in one day and told me that he had a drug that might save my life but altering my still healthy cells though he also warned me that it might kill me. Naturally seeing no other option I took the drug.”


And that is when you signed yourself out?”


A few days later I signed myself out actually but I was still weak so I had Jack here come and take care of me. Then a short while later we found out that the drug was affecting me in ways that hadn’t been expected. So we came out here to test and just what would happen but.. We are still not sure just how it will affect me in the long run as my body is still changing.”


So you two come up here to test and see just how things were going and I assume to develop your abilities a little bit?” Kate nodded as she smiled a bit sheepishly a smile that didn’t go unnoticed by Nathan.


Ah and from that grin I take it my little girl likes her new strength.” Kate only nodded which got a chuckle from Nathan who finally seemed to be his old self. “You two don’t know how long this is going to last or how strong Kate is going to get do you.” Jack and Kate both shook their heads and were surprised when Nathan let out a long sigh.


You young people these days never seeming to think things through. Kate you know if you want to continue increasing your strength you are going to have to make some changes.” Kate blinked wondering what was going on as she noticed her father pull out a cell phone and dial a number. Jack and Kate listened in as he placed a rather odd order consisting of some metal strips and various reinforcing materials before hanging up.


Umm daddy what was all that for?”


Well sweety you have one of the most unique situations I have ever heard of so of course I am going to help out but really how long do you think that equipment down there is going to last you? Those bars weren’t meant to take that much weight as is so I just put in a order for some reinforcing materials. You any good with a welding torch?” Jack gave a slight start as Nathan indicated him.


Nope sorry just electronics and genetics.”


Well get ready to learn since you are going to be helping me modify that stuff down their once my order arrives. Oh I had better call Marry and get her up here.” Jack looked to Kate with a questioning look in his eyes.


Oh don’t worry my dad is pretty good with the torch from his younger days.”


Okay but who is Marry?”


Marry is my mother of course silly I guess she will want to know about this as well.” Jack nodded then heard Nathan finish up the phone call. Looking towards the two of them for a moment Nathan clapped his hands together.


Alright here is what I am going to do I am going to help modify that work out equipment you have down stairs to last you a while longer but you know even that isn’t going to last forever. I called your mother up here so that you could tell her and show her yourself because quite frankly I think if I told her without proof what was going on I would lose control of my company and be in a nice white room for a while. Now you said that you weren’t all that handy with a welder but can you design things young man?” Jack only nodded his head as he felt a bit of resentment at the statement especially considering his habit of calling Kate young having a elder now kind of annoyed him as he liked being the oldest.


Alright then I am going to put you in charge of this little project and trust you to order and maybe design the equipment Kate is going to need. If you don’t know much about hydraulics though I recommend you start learning.” Kate couldn’t help but give her father a strange look as he referred too it as a project something that didn’t go unnoticed by Kate.


Oops sorry sweety I didn’t mean to sound like that but I am going to devote some of the companies funds to you and this gentlemen here. I think it would be better then having you always go through outside sources for what you need. So I expect the machine parts to be ordered from the company.” A wide grin formed on Kate’s face as she realized what her dad was doing and Nathan soon found himself swept off the ground as his girl gave him a hug.


Thanks daddy and I am glad we have your packing in this.” Nathan didn’t know what to do is his daughter held him in the air except to lightly pat her head and chuckle some at how excitable she could be.


You are welcome sweet heart but umm could you put me down I have a few more things I need to take care of.” Kate noticing what she was doing giggled a bit before settling Nathan back down and returning to her seat. “I figure I will stay about a week and get everything set up then I am going to have to head off. Your mother should be here tomorrow and well Kate would you mind not showing her what you can do all at once? You nearly gave me a heart attack by doing all that at once maybe you can build up to it?” Kate gave a wide grin at her fathers request as she touched the side of her cheek as if thinking.


We will see daddy but you know I really like what this body of mine can do.” With that Kate proceeded to flex her biceps showing off a bit for her father and Jack.


I am sure you do sweety we just need to make sure that you remain you.” Kate gave a nod in agreement with her father who was by now looking around the house and checking in various rooms. “Which rooms are you two using I came up here figuring I would stick around about three days before heading back to work. That way I can make sure you two are going to be alright.” As Jack watched Kate take her father by the arm and lead him towards one of the room that they weren’t using he could see why Kate exercised so often. Since some behavioral patterns are learned from the parent. Still considering what Kate’s father had been like and Kate herself Jack found himself more then a little curious about what Kate’s mother would be like.



Jack looked around for a moment as he and Nathan worked in the basement taking note of some of the exercise equipment. Nathan was making a rather detail lists of ideas as well as some equipment that he didn’t think his little girl would be able to use for very long. Kate for her part was upstairs making dinner finally give Jack the chance to ask something he had been dying to know. “I was wondering could you possibly tell me what you do for a living?” Nathan looked up from his note pad and gave Jack the ultimate you don’t know look.


You mean Kate hasn’t told you yet?” Jack could only shake his head no it was rather embarrassing to know so little about Kate’s family and yet to be living with her.


My little girl she is an odd one that is for sure. Well I am the owner and president of InCon Ltd.” Jack seemed to think about the name for a moment as he could swear he had heard it before but it didn’t stick out right away. “I wouldn’t exactly be surprised if you didn’t know much about us we are not that big after all and competing with those high tech monsters is getting harder and harder.”


Hey I recall now you produce military equipment as well as some hunting gear right?” Nathan nodded before returning to his notes leaving Jack to think about this for a moment. He knew InCon Ltd was one of the few companies that were still managing to hold onto any part of the market with the larger companies pushing their way in. Largely thanks to the fact that they supplied hunting equipment on the side.


That is why I couldn’t come to see my little girl as often as I would like to even when she is in the hospital. Especially right now since we are working on getting a government contract that would really help us.”


What would that be?”


Design a new style of military boot that would last longer and be more comfortable for the soldiers.” Jack didn’t know what to say to this having worked for Lex Corp over the last few years such a simple item almost seemed laughable. Still considering the number of boots it would take he didn’t image it would be a rather big deal for such a company. “Now wipe that grin off your face while Kate was showing me around she mentioned you once worked for Lex Corp so I imagine from that and the look on your face it seems silly but it isn’t like we can compete with them on the more glamorous things like tanks.” Jack who didn’t realize that he had been given Nathan any type of look actually feeling a little embarrassed. It wasn’t like he was a higher up in Lex Corp at anyone time after all and he imagined that even though Nathan only owned a minor company he still had more success in his life time then Jack had. Also from Nathan’s demeanor and the way he behaved towards work Jack doubted Nathan had inherited the company actually judging from his behavior it seemed more likely that he had built it from the ground up himself Jack didn’t get to ask that question as a voice reached down to them. “Alright you two come on upstairs dinner is ready.”


Jack didn’t a chance to ask Nate any more questions as Kate insisted on helping them for the rest of the night. Nathan and Jack actually wondering if she was actually doing it to show off more then help as she seemed to delight in picking up objects for them that they would have normally placed on their side thanks to the weight. As Brian lay in bed that night a funny notion came to his mind as he took a moment to set his alarm clock for before Kate would go off on her morning run. So far Nathan had seen how much strength his little girl had put on Jack now planned on show him how much faster she could move.


The alarm clock managed to get Brian out of bed early the next morning though it took him a moment to think of just why he had set it. As soon as he did though he found himself quickly getting out of bed and heading down stairs to fetch the radar gun as he did this he noticed something strange. Sniffing the air he made his way into the kitchen were he saw a very tired looking Nathan and a rather large amount of food set up. Looking up at Jack for a moment Nathan gave him a strange look as he noticed the radar gun but dismissed it he had a more important question. “Does my daughter always get up this early and for that matter why did she wake me up her aging father before you I wonder.”


I guess she is just use to me sleeping in late and eating cold eggs but I didn’t know she was getting up this early. Blast it I was hoping I would get to show you something else that we have noticed but it seems you might have found something out before me. I wonder how the changes in her are affecting her sleeping habits.”


All well what ever you wanted me to see I am sure you can show me later for now why don’t you go ahead and eat what Kate mate for you before it gets cold.” Jack nodded and took up his plate setting down opposite of Nathan.


Kate likes her secrets don’t she I mean she wouldn’t even tell me what you did for a living. Heck I didn’t even know she could just come here to vacation when ever she wanted to until well she brought me out here.” Nathan grinned as he finished chewing a bit of eggs.


My little girl likes her privacy also she quit telling people about her parents when she felt they were after her for her money. Of course they were still those that got after her because her body but it at least decreased the number of people whose teeth she had to nock out. So tell me just how far have you gotten with my little girl is she letting you sleep in bed with her yet?” Jack gave Nathan a odd look as he considered what he had just been asked. Nathan seem relaxed by he still worried just what would happen if he proved to be more protective then Jack gave him credit for.


No she hasn’t let me get that far yet.”


Still restricting you to cuddling on the couch them I suppose?” Jack couldn’t help but look surprised at Nathan’s response. “I know my little girl pretty well and don’t feel bad to my knowledge no one has made it into the bed with her. Everyone so far has proven a little to grabby I use to worry about my little girl and her flirting but well she has proven she can handle herself. You only started exercising recently haven’t you?”


Yeah it was Kate’s idea she really didn’t give me much of a choice in the matter at first.”


Well then I will say you are one lucky young man as that mean Kate really likes you. Of course it is only fair that if she keeps herself fit then you do the same wouldn’t you say?” Jack nodded in agreement it was a perfectly reasonable thing to do. The two of them continued their conversation for some time until the sound of a vehicle arriving got their attention. Heading to the front door Jack recalled Kate’s mother would be arriving. What stepped out of the vehicle was a older woman looking to be about the same age as Nathan. Her green eyes still shown with life though as Jack looked over her body he noted she was smaller then Kate over all being shorter and her muscles being less expressed though they clearly shown themselves.


Alright now where is my little girl?” Jack couldn’t help but grin as the smartly dressed woman approached.


Out for a run I am afraid but why don’t you step in.” Jack quickly perked up as he recalled what he had wanted to show Nathan earlier even though he couldn’t guarantee he could show them now not knowing how fast Kate would be running when she got home he couldn’t help but feel this was his chance.


Actually would you two mind waiting out here I am sure Kate will be back soon and I wanted to show you something.” Jack quickly dashed inside while Nathan gave his wife a bit of a odd look and shrug before setting down. Marry was about to just go on inside anyway but when her husband set down she decided to follow suit. A moment later Jack stepped outside holding the radar gun and took a spot were they could both seem the numbers. “Now just wait for Kate to get back I am sure this will surprise you.” Marry blinked a moment before deciding to speak up having been brought out here after being told it was important.


Now see here I hope this isn’t some practical joke.” Nathan put his arm around his wife to get her attention.


Trust me dear this isn’t a joke though I am not sure what Jack here wants to show us. Oh and Jack this is my wife Marry.” Marry nodded as she settled back and decided to play around for a while. She didn’t have to wait for long as Kate having left a hour ago was actually finishing her job having found out she couldn’t depend on land marks anymore she no longer watched out for them but rather went for a since of feeling. Marry and Nathan gave a slight start as they saw Kate zip by the numbers on the radar gun reading 36 miles per hour. Nathan having seen Kate’s show of strength the previous day wasn’t overly shocked Marry on the other hand responded the only way she could.


What the devil.” Quickly turning around the woman took a moment to see what had just done that and was surprised to find her daughter standing there. Kate hearing her mother’s voice turned around and gave a bit of a sheepish grin having not meant to make such a entrance but not expecting everyone to be outside waiting on her. When she saw the radar gun in Jack’s hand she knew whose fault it was but she didn’t mind.


Hi Mom glad to see you made it.” Marry’s first reaction was to ask them how they had just pulled off that trick. When she shook her head Marry being quite confident had a great deal of trust in her own eye site thus didn’t need to ask Kate to run by again to make sure she had seen just shoot by instead she turned to her husband.


Explain now.” Nathan grinned while Jack had no wonder at were Kate’s authoritative side came from though he could hardly blame the woman. Helping Marry up from the seat Nathan proceeded to lead her into the house.


I am going to take Marry down into the basement and let her look over the equipment after which Kate I want you to come down there and show her what you showed me. Oh and Jack after that I am going to have to talk to you about the concept of easing someone into a new situation after all what happened to the plan to slowly show Marry what Kate could do so she wouldn’t go into shock.”


I am hardly that fragile and now get to talking.” Marry shut the door as she gave her husband a stern look that quickly dissolved into a grin. She didn’t know exactly what they were going to show her as her husband took her down to the basement then instructed her to look everything over to make sure there were no tricks involved. As she did this Nathan began to tell her what Jack and Kate had told him as well as what he had seen the previous day. Having seen Kate run by only a few moments ago Marry was still having a bit of trouble believing what she was hearing until she heard some heavy foot steps on the stairs. A moment later Kate strolled easily down the steps carrying Jack above her head the whole time. Only setting him down once she got to the bottom of the steps she looked towards her mom.


Well ready for me to show you some real lifting.” Marry nodded as she watched her daughter take her spot at the barbell and once again as she had done for her father the previous day lifted it from its resting position and proceeded to bench the bar for 3 sets of 12 reps before finally settling it down. Marry couldn’t help but be amazed as she followed her daughter through the steps each time Kate would finish a exercise she would feel the weight herself test for wires and try to figure out what was going on. Slowly she found herself believing her husband more and more and coming to understand why he had felt the need to bring her up there. Had he simply told her this over the phone and expected her to believe it she might have required him to go to see a doctor once he got home as well as given him a drug test.


Finally Marry stood up and walked over to her daughter wrapping her arms around her in the hug the woman smiled at her little girl. “Now honey didn’t I always tell you drugs would lead to trouble?” Kate couldn’t help but laugh at her mother as she hugged her in return grinning as she lifted her mother from the ground and then set her back down.


Well your father filled me in on most the details but now how about you tell me about this young man?” Jack started to follow Marry and Kate up the stairs when he felt Nathan’s hand rest on his shoulder stopping him from going up the steps.


We have some work to do down here still and besides I am sure Marry wants to talk to her little girl in private.” Jack could only grin as he wanted to hear what Kate had to say about him but he really couldn’t argue. Looking towards the exercise equipment he wondered what Jack had in mind until he saw him head over to his computer. “Do this machine of yours have any programs for designers?”


Nope can’t say that it does.” Nathan nodded as he brought up his company web site and put in an order for a few programs. Jack didn’t know what to do though when he also printed out a few papers that as far as Jack could tell where a contract.


Alright now as the head of project little lady I am going to need you to sign these papers inside of them you will find your budget as well as your own salary.” Jack couldn’t help but give Nathan an odd look as his actions surprised him. “Now don’t look surprised I said I was going to make this an official project and who else better to make the head of it.”


Thanks but I don’t really need a salary I mean I would help Kate even if I wasn’t paid.”


Oh yes you do need a salary I get that you care for my little girl especially from what I hear you knew her for a while before this. Blast I wish she would tell me more about herself once in a while but anyway. Even if you do love her it often helps peoples work ethic if they know some money is in it for them as well and this way you won’t have to ask Kate when you need to order something. Now this budget is adjustable of course just give me a call and explain the problem if it isn’t enough. Now as this is a job though I expect you to insure my little girls needs are meat so I expect you to spend at least a few hours a day either doing research or working up some things to help her.”


Jack nodded finally taking the papers from Nathan. Looking through them and recalling what Nathan had mentioned about hydraulics earlier Jack began to get a idea of just what he was going to have to do. It was actually surprising how quickly Nathan had drawn up the contract though he imagined it was because he was use to working on the go. At last signing them he handed the sheets of paper back to Nathan who let out a bit of a sigh. “The reinforcing material I ordered should be arriving tomorrow so we can get to work then. I figure we can rig up these old things to last her for a few more months if we are lucky but I am not sure. It will be up to you to make sure she has what she needs after that.”


Alright now to wait for those women to get done …hey.” Jack gave Nathan a odd look as the man went into Jack’s files and quickly located a few of the computer games he had on including a few of the oldies like donkey kong.


Oh those two are going to be at for a few hours trust me we are going to have to stay down here for a while.” Jack just grinned as he considered what he should do before heading over to the weights. Removing what Kate had used earlier to impress both her mother and father Jack began putting himself through his exercise routine figuring Nathan had claimed the computer for now. Jack would regret his choice as the next day arrived and he found himself helping Nathan to adjust Kate’s exercise equipment with the material he had ordered. He never got to spend much time with Marry though he did at least get a feel for her personality especially when she began helping with the adjustments. By the time they were done Jack was glad he had already developed some more muscle tone as the bench press bar alone now weighed 130lbs more then he could have lifted at least before Kate started making him work out.


Nathan only remained the three days that it took to adjust the equipment so that it would last Kate longer. Marry leaving with her husband Jack was a bit surprised when they left a spare vehicle behind saying that they might need it.



Jack set at his computer screen typing away at the program Nathan had left with him. It had been five weeks since their visit and Kate had come along quite nicely. The program that Nathan had delivered for Jack was proving more and more useful as he began to realize that Kate would indeed be moving beyond her current exercise equipment before to long. The sound of foot steps told him that Kate had made it back from her morning jog and was heading down the steps to talk with him. Kate’s jobs had by now become a regular event as the rate of her body’s recovery and also increased.


Hey Jack how those designs coming along?” Looking up from his work station Jack couldn’t help but be amazed as he watched Kate come down the steps. Looking her over he could swear that she was becoming more beautiful every day though he hadn’t mentioned it to her he was developing a theory that as her body grew healthier it was also removing blemishes.


They are coming along well enough the budget your dad set up was pretty darn generous after all and I can use it to get you some really nice equipment though it might take them a while to make everything. So far I got you a bench and leg press that I think should last you a while.” Kate nodded as she made her way over to Jack and leaned over the computer screen looking at the various lay outs on screen.


You know Jack when a woman takes the time to prepare a man breakfast she expects him to eat it.” Jack grinned a bit as he realized he had been working in the basement for so long that he had forgotten to eat the breakfast Kate had prepared for him.


Sorry I forgot tell you what I will head up right after I finish with this and eat it then is that alright?” Jack started to go back to typing assuming Kate would be okay with it.


Nope it isn’t you are going to come up stairs and eat your breakfast right now. After all it is harder to think when your stomach is empty.” Grinning like a jackal Jack decided to be stubborn as he scooted his desk further in and wrapped his legs around one of the metal bars.


Now Kate I really need to finish this we don’t know how long that exercise equipment is going to last you.” The grin Jack saw on Kate’s face told him he didn’t have a choice in the matter though.


Oh don’t worry about that Jack actually I have been thinking of that myself and I have found recently that there are a few substitutes should I need wait for your designs to arrive.” Jack was about to ask what when he felt Kate’s hand snake around to take hold of the front of his pants. A moment later he found out why as he felt himself being lifted from his seat. His first instinct was to try to keep hold with his legs but the desk was to heavy for him to lift with him and he didn’t want to risk his stuff falling off. So he didn’t fight to much as his legs were pulled away from the desk and he was slowly elevated above Kate’s head.


Kate couldn’t help but grin as she held Jack aloft with one arm the muscles in her right arm expressing themselves to great effect as she supported his weight above her head with just one hand. Jack felt more then a little strange as Kate lowered him a bit so that she was only looking up at him slightly though his feet couldn’t touch the ground. “You are coming up stairs and eating your breakfast. Then you are going to take some time off and let me show off for you and talk to me some.” Jack could only nod as he had indeed been spending a good deal of his time working since Nathan had officially started giving him a pay check. He hated to admit it but Nathan had been right as good as a motivator as affection was adding money in really helped.


Turning around Kate proceeded up the steps the whole time holding Jack so that he was two foot above the ground and facing her the entire time. As she carried him Jack found himself reaching up and placing his hands on the arm that supported him so easily. Feeling of the muscles as best he could he hoped Kate would let him explore more of her body. The fact that he was getting a hard on suddenly occurred to him but he didn’t exactly know what to do about it. If he covered it up Kate would notice for sure considering the position she was holding him in. That is if she hadn’t noticed already. Jack finally resolved that Kate had noticed his hard on and simply wasn’t saying anything so he wouldn’t bother mentioning it either.


Here you go.” Kate proceeded to pick up a seat for Jack which she placed him in while still holding it aloft. As she did this though Jack noticed a visible amount of strain as she lowered him to the ground.


So I am not quite as light as you made me out to be, am I super woman?”


Kate grinned and blew in Jack’s ear a bit. “Now don’t you go calling me that I am Kate and that is what my name is going to stay as. But yeah I was testing myself earlier and found that I can support around 180lbs with just one arm. Pretty nice if I do say so myself but it means I can only pack you and maybe a little extra weight still..” Kate proceeded to flex her arm right near Jack’s head allowing him to watch the muscle swell. “I am getting stronger every day before long you will feel as light as a feather to me.” “Now won’t that be fun. So since you are giving me a vacation today what do you want to do?”


Actually I was think we could go do some swimming. While I was out running I came upon this really nice lake that looked just perfect. Far enough out of the way that I doubt we will see anyone else I didn’t even see any four wheeler trails leading up to it.” Looking at Kate for a moment Jack was about to agree it would be a good idea until he stopped to consider that it had been while Kate was out for a jog.”


That sounds good and all but just how far did you run before you found it?” Jack began to dine on the oatmeal as he waited for Kate’s response.


Oh don’t you worry about that I am going to carry you though I best start getting some things together as I will need to drop a few things off before I come and get you.” Jack continued to eat as he watched Kate zip around the rooms preparing a rather large cooler. It was odd as he watched Kate move about and considered how fast she could move. He had imagined that as her over all speed increase the rate at which she did everyday actions would also increase. Really with her increasing strength it surprised Jack that he felt no extra pressure when she held him unless she wanted to put on extra pressure. It could be that she simply wasn’t strong enough yet after all she was strong but she wasn’t tossing around cars yet. Still he would have to watch out for shattered dishes he figured to see if Kate’s strength was getting to much for her to control.


Be back in a bit.” Kate gave Jack a kiss as she picked up the now full cooler of supplies and slipped out the front door. Watching her take off Jack looked towards a rather large clock hanging on the wall to check the time. Kate zipped along easily supporting the coolers weight though she wasn’t running at the same speed that she had went on her jog she was still making good time. The cooler didn’t seem to way anything at all and the only thing about it that really bothered Kate was the awkward shape of the cooler and size made it a bit hard to maneuver like she wanted to. She would have to be a little bit more careful when carrying Jack of course as he wouldn’t exactly make it easy to maneuver either. Arriving at the spot Kate took another glance around before setting down the cooler and dashing back towards the house.


Upon finishing off his breakfast Jack made a quick trip to the rest room and switched into some swimming trunks before taking his seat near the living room door and watching the clock. Roughly ten minutes after she left Kate came zipping back into the house. “Ready to go.” Kate gave a slight start when she found Jack setting near the door.


Yes I am but you know I was timing you and I think I can walk the distance if don’t mind taking a while longer and helping me out. It should only take 30 minutes total.” Kate seemed to think about this for a little while it would be good exercise and let Jack see the woods better.


Sure thing but lets spray you down with some bug repellent.” Jack nodded as he watched Kate dash off to one of the rooms near the back of the house. Returning with a can of bug repellent she proceeded to spray Jack down.


Aren’t you going to use any you won’t be moving as fast after all?” Kate nodded and proceeded to spray herself down as well. Lately she hadn’t been using the spray as she had been moving quite a bit more quickly then the average human just trotting through the forest. Finishing up the two of them headed out the door a wide grin on her face as she wondered how Jack would feel about the forest.


Jack was fairly sure he hated walking through the forest as he was carried by Kate. Having went roughly a mile into the woods stumbling several times over tree roots and wet leaves Kate had taken to walking beside him where she had to constantly catch him as he stumbled. She didn’t mind doing this as she figured Jack would eventually get the hang of it but as someone use to spending their days indoors Jack had finally given out and asked Kate to carry him. Kate didn’t exactly mind this either as she really couldn’t blame Jack for not being use to the out doors. “Sorry about this Kate I just don’t have any experience walking around in the woods.”


I’ll say you don’t but it isn’t a big deal I had planned on carrying you from the start after all. This place really isn’t the best walking area either as there are not any trails to follow.”


Actually that has me wondering just how much of this mountain does your family own anyway?”


All of it. That is why you don’t see any other houses built on it.” Jack blinked for a moment having expected to be told only a few acres considering that Kate freely talked as if there should be people wondering the area and leaving paths.


Then why would there to be trails here? After all I imagine you keep people away from your property.”


Well that is a easy question to answer we aren’t here often enough to really make a fuss and the area isn’t exactly fenced in. Besides even if it was people end up wondering around others property all the time especially during dear season.”


Bunch of hill billies.”


No not really the thing you have to worry about is the city boys that come down thinking they know how to hunt. That is when you start running into your problems and risk getting shot.” Jack grinned a bit as Kate clearly looked at him when she said the words city boys for a moment he wanted to retort but considering how Kate took to the woods he couldn’t help but imagine she was use to them.


Fine then country girl are we about to the lake now?” Kate chuckled and gave Jack a slight nod. The sound of the river flowing got Jack’s attention a while later as the neared the river Jack found himself looking around at the unspoiled scenery deciding it was nice but not enough to get him out in such a place if Kate hadn’t taken him. He was quite sure of that as a slight growl was heard coming off to the side of them. Kate hearing the sound as well had the ultimate oh shit look upon her face as she turned her head and found were she had set the cooler not only was the cooler though now torn open but a brown bear was rummaging through the contents.


Kate I think we should leave.” Jack clutched more tightly to Kate as he looked at the animal though he realized Kate had improved a great deal over the past few weeks he didn’t think she was ready for such a opponent. Kate was apt to agree however as she looked at the animal and the bear looked at her she found herself unable to simply run. Having grown more and more confident over her physical abilities over the past 4 and a half months Kate didn’t feel the same desire to run that she imagined she would rather she felt a strong desire to test herself and show off.


Jack thus gave Kate a look of concern as she lowered him to the ground and pushed him behind her. “Don’t worry Jack I will take care of this I think this animal needs to learn to fear humans.” Jack couldn’t help but feel nervous as he looked at the smile on Kate’s face and watched her tighten up her fist. The bear for its part had been sniffing the air all the while looking at the two of them. Having recently been relocated from the town a few miles away the bear had no fear of humans thanks to its numerous trips into the town thus to it Jack and Kate seemed to be perfect food items. Moving away from the cooler the creature let out a growl while Kate stood her ground Jack for his part not knowing what to do stood a few yard behind this woman unsure if he should run or what.


The bear upon seeing Kate had no intentions of running from it looked at her for a moment before simply choosing to charge it was hungry and felt she would be easy prey. Kate felt a bit of fear but held it as the creature ran towards her she wasn’t going to run now. As it did this Kate couldn’t help but feel the creature was moving more slowly then what it should her reflexes having speed up to allow her to use her increased speed now everything about her seemed to be moving faster. The bear drawing near felt Kate’s fist slam firmly into the side of its head Kate having locked her hands together in order to get as much power into the impact as she possibly could the power and speed coupled together causing the 730lbs animal to actually lift slightly to the ground as the impact sent it rolling on its side.


Jack couldn’t believe what he had just seen while Kate couldn’t believe what she had just done. She had just sent a brown bear down to its side true her arms were not stinging from the force of the impact her punch having not only sent the bear to the ground but also required her to hit it hard enough to redirect the bears momentum. Kate quickly turn her attention back in the bears direction as she noticed the animal recovering from her punch shaking its head as if trying to shake away the pain it was feeling. Kate quickly renewed her combative stance as she waited to see what the big animal was going to do. The bear for its part had to do a double take of the situation as it realized what had just happened having had its first assumption that Kate would be easy prey shattered by the first blow the animal followed its instincts.


Jack jaw nearly hit the ground as he watched the bear take one more look at Kate before roaring and taking off in a dead run though this time it was in the opposite direction. The large animals steps were unsteady though as it ran still being rather dizzy from Kate’s double fisted impact. Jack’s gaze turned to Kate who was still looking at her hands as she realized what had just happened she slowly turned her attention towards Jack a huge grin upon her face. “Well our food got ruined but we can still have some fun swimming now I don’t think he will be coming back.”


Jack didn’t really know what to say having just seen Kate send a bear running with one good solid punch. Realizing Jack was a bit stunned Kate was a bit surprised at herself as she walked over to him. Having Jack lift his arms above his head Kate proceeded to remove his shirt for him then lift him off the ground. While holding Jack in the air Kate then removed his shoes as well as his stocks before walking over to the water. Giving Jack a light toss he was soon taken out of his shock state as he hit the water and came up sputtering. Looking at Kate for a moment he realized what had happened and couldn’t help but grin. Kate only giggled at Jack’s response then proceeded to lift her arms above her head stopping herself she lowered them back down and took hold of the very base of her t-shirt.


Jack watched as Kate slowly began to tear her t-shirt in two slowly revealing her abs she took a moment for Jack to take in the site before she ripped the fabric further. As Jack watched more of Kate’s body being exposed he couldn’t help but notice how perfectly formed her abs seemed to be though his attention was taken away from this wonder rather quickly as Kate tore her shirt just to the point that the under side of her breast could be seen Unsure if Kate was wearing a bra or not Jack was a bit disappointed though not overly so as he found Kate was wearing a string bikini finally removing her shirt Kate then began the same process with her shorts.


The t-shirt had been a nice touch but the tougher material of the shorts was absolutely wonderful to watch as Kate tore it away revealing the bikini bottom underneath she turned her back to Jack allowing him to get a good view of her rear. As Jack looked at Kate’s rear he noted that it was one tail that he truly wanted to kiss. Jack had gotten to give Kate a slight slap on the rear before but other then that he hadn’t really gotten to explore that part of her body. After what he had seen with the bear though he was quite sure until Kate gave the go ahead for him to further explore her body then he should just wait and bide his time. Now unclothed Kate made her way into the water walking out to were Jack was she wrapped her arms around him and pulled him against her chest.


Kate’s lips pressed firmly to Jacks and he felt himself go weak in her arms. The fact that she had just managed to drive off a bear with her own hands, the little strip tease she had just put on, the feeling of her powerful arms around him and the kiss was nearly to much for him. Kate grinned at this as she felt of Jack’s body herself noting the greater muscle tone he had come along quite well in the past few months. His abs had actually became some what defined though not to the same point Kate’s were even before her body began to go under go its changes had she needed to define him she felt light muscular or compact would do for now.. “You have improved a lot since you moved in with me now aren’t you glad I made you start working out.” Jack took a moment to register what Kate had just said a smile of pride appeared on his face as she praised him.


Not as much as you thought.” Kate giggled and pressed her lips to Jack’s once again.


True but I did have some help in getting these.” As Kate said she stepped away from Jack and proceeded to flex her arms her biceps standing out. Grinning Jack stepped forward and proceeded to flex his arm noting the size difference between his and Kate’s muscles.


Dang I guess it is like a hill trying to compare itself to a mountain.”


I wouldn’t say it is quite that bad besides you don’t really need to bulk up after all you have me now.” Relaxing his arms Jack took hold of Kate’s still flexed right arm and began to feel the muscle.


Oh does that mean I can go back to being a couch potato?”


Nope but instead of going for increased weight you can just start doing more sets how about that. After all eventually you are going to have to start concerning yourself more with stamina then strength.” Jack couldn’t help but grin at what Kate’s words implied. Wrapping his arms around her Jack took the lead this time as he kissed Kate. It was a odd position for Jack as he was used to having Kate’s arms around him not the other way around as he let up from the kiss he noticed a slight blush on Kate’s face. Leaning forward a revelation came to Jack as he held Kate in his arms for all her increasing might Kate still was a woman and enjoy having the arms of another around her.


Jack for his part didn’t know exactly what to make of the situation except that it seemed to be Kate’s way of letting him know she trusted him as at the moment he felt in control of the situation despite the fact that had Kate wanted she could easily removed his arms. “Swimming is suppose to be good exercise to you know.” A grunt of effort came from Jack as he reached down and quickly lifted Kate 180lbs from the water delighted that for her increasing strength she still seemed to way the sway. A bit of a shocked yelp came from Kate as Jack quickly released her allowing her to fall into the water. As he did this though Kate’s hand shock up and took hold of his shoulder bringing him down with her.


A moment later a giggling Kate came up from the water holding Jack in her hands. As Jack looked up into Kate’s face, he noticed that the blush hadn’t quite left her cheeks the mixture of power, beauty and femininity almost over whelming him right there. Kate lifted Jack up slightly pressing her lips to his cheek while he hands began to once again explore her arms and abs while she held him. Kate didn’t bother putting Jack down as they explored one another Jack still restricting to the known welcome zones so to speak. He found the situation to actually be more thrilling then when on the couch though as now he wasn’t simply laying on Kate but was actually being supported by her arms and the fact that they showed no strain at all was perhaps the most impressive fact of all.



Now Jack I thought we talked about this the last time I was there. I expected you to plan out everything and make sure my little girl had what she needed.” Jack set quietly on the phone as Nathan continued his quiet yet effective reprimand of Jack’s most recent failure. Jack would have liked to argue that Kate had her powers for 19 weeks now and he hadn’t messed up on anything but really that would have been a lie. The exercise equipment would have worn out long ago if Nathan hadn’t insisted they make the modifications to it and the programs he had Jack sent had proven invaluable. “All well enough about the past lets see what we can do about this problem.”


Sir would you mind letting me take care of this I realize it was my failure to anticipate this need but I think I know a solution. If you will give me a while longer I will send off a order for what Kate needs.”


Alright then but keep in mind you are living with a very strong young lady who probably won’t be to happy if she has to wait much longer. Who knows she might decide to speed you up with a spanking.” Nathan gave a slight laugh which both relaxed and worried Jack as he wondered if in Kate’s playful manner she might very well carry through with such a action. He was sure Kate wouldn’t seriously injure him of course but as he recalled from the bear Kate did have something of a mean streak in her even if it wasn’t seen very often.


What you really think she would do that?” A click came over the line as Nathan hung up without giving Jack his answer. Grinning Jack turned his attention back towards the computer screen and began working on the design once again. The material would have to be tougher then the standard in order to with stand the extreme heat and force of impacts that it would be under. It was fortunate that weight wasn’t a major issue in this as Jack imagined they could way several pounds by now and Kate really wouldn’t be complaining to much. Still since they were wearing out so quickly Kate would have other things that would soon need to be replaced.


Kate sighed as she ran along her feet rapidly impacting the ground as she continued her morning jog. The fact that it was her feet hitting the ground and not her shoes was exactly the problem and the recent over site of Jack’s. The speed at which Kate had began to run and the force of each step she took while running had eaten away her original jogging shoes and she now found herself running bare foot across everything. It didn’t hurt her of course as her skin had strengthened along with the rest of her but it she really hated the feeling of dirt and leaves against her exposed feet.


That was actually why she currently found herself zipping along one of the back roads that few traveled. Grass growing up between the pavement and in some areas the pavement had disintegrated so that only a massive pot whole marked the spot showed just how long it had been since the state had given the road any attention. As Kate enjoyed the peace the sound of a motor running got her attention as she round a corner she could see them two four-wheelers out in front of her. A curious looked appeared on Kate’s face as she wondered if she had been gaining on them this entire time or if they had just pulled out from the woods. As she drew closer to was glad the drivers were to busy to look back as both of them had to be careful thanks to the speeds they were traveling at on the curvy old road. Kate knew she shouldn’t do it but as she looked at the two vehicles she didn’t seem able to help herself.


Michel grumbled a bit as Howard still held the lead on him the jerk had got lucky when Michel had ran into a pot hole and got slowed down other wise he would still have the lead. The two of them speeding along at far faster speeds then what was safe had been racing for some time now not considering what might happen if a car happened to be on the old road. “Hey there don’t you know you are not suppose to have these things on the road?” A voice got Michel’s attention as he looked over his shoulder to see where it had came from he was surprised when he found a woman had pulled up next to him.


Kate looked down checking just how fast Michel was going at the moment she noted it was a bit over 40 miles per hour. A grin broke out on her face as she realized she must be holding a even higher speed at the moment. Michel for his part started to respond when he noticed something the woman who had just pulled up next to him and was now about to pass him wasn’t riding anything but rather she was running. “Holy shit.” Escaped his lips as he suddenly jerked away not stopping to think where he was or how fast he was going.


Kate catching site of this quickly reached out taking hold of the handle bar and turning them back in a more strait forward direction she steered Michel away from the bluff he would have sent himself over. Reaching over with her other hand Kate felt like she was helping a little child steers its’ bike as she forced Michel’s finger away from the accelerator allowing the atv to come to a slow stop. “Now young man not only was that reckless driving but you should know that these things aren’t allowed on the road even if it is a back road.” Michel could only nod his head as he looked up at this amazing female wondering just where she had come from. He didn’t recognize her from any of the justice league people they showed on the television and he didn’t think she was a villain of some sorts. He wondered if she was one of the masked heroin’s he didn’t think so as he couldn’t think of any of them that had Kate’s powerful build.


Well then you need to get off.” Kate realizing the fellow was lost in his own little world grinning as she reached down and took hold of the handle bars and got a good grip just under the seat. Lifting the four-wheeler off the road the weight was a bit more then she expected but she was able to handle it as she carried it over to the road side and set it down. Michel found himself once again amazed as he hadn’t expected someone with such super human abilities to come out of no where. Howard realizing that he had lost his friend had turned around a short while ago and came back what he had seen upon his return had been quite shocking to him. A loan female lifting his friend and his four-wheeler from the road then carrying it over to the road side and setting him down.


Oh you came back for your friend well then I can give you the same lecture.” Howard was a bit shocked when Kate addressed him and even more shocked when she rapidly accelerated over to him and then proceeded to do the same thing she had done with Michel. Lifting the four-wheeler from the road she carried it a even further distance placing him besides Michel. “Now I am going to assume that you boys didn’t know that these vehicles aren’t suppose to be on the road. I am not going to do anything this time but if I catch you again you might be walking home.” Neither Howard or Michel said a thing as Kate continued with her lecture for some time before speeding off. They didn’t really know what to say after Kate’s display of strength though they would later be less impressed when they had realized there had been some effort in her face still it wasn’t every day they got to meet such a powerful or attractive young woman.


Kate couldn’t help but grin as she ran along having given the two boys quite a shocking experience she knew she was suppose to be laying low at the current time but she couldn’t help herself. Figuring she would head home a bit early even though she had fun she had made the mistake of slowing down which left her with a strong desire to head on back and simply rest. Though she would have to get Jack to see just how fast she could run later on she felt excited even though she wasn’t exactly the fastest thing on two feet the fact that she could keep up and pass some motorized vehicle was truly quite a thrill for her.


Jack set at the computer screen the tattered remains of Kate’s original jogging shoes setting beside him. Having forgotten he didn’t know Kate’s shoe size he was glad he had been able to find them as he put in the order. Hearing the familiar beep of the alarm followed by the sound of the security code being put in Jack quickly grabbed the remains of Kate’s shoes and quickly put them back in the trash not being entirely sure if Kate would want him knowing just how big her feet was it was odd in his mind but he knew of some women who could be picky about such things. Looking back to the computer screen he considered getting back to work but brushed it off and went on upstairs were he found Kate drying her feet off having washed the dirt from them before she came inside.


Hey Jack how goes the shoe hunt? I am really getting tired of having to hose my feet down every time I get back.”


Pretty good I think I have something that will hold up for a little while though it might be kind of heavy I think those leg muscles of yours can take it. I also went ahead and ordered some close meant for motorcycle raising.” Kate looked up at Jack for a moment a questioning look in her eyes.


Motorcycle raising think I am going to get to running fast enough to burn off a normal set of clothing?” The material for such outfits Kate knew was meant to endure a rider falling off his bike so that he wouldn’t end up being skinned alive as he went across the ground.


It may very well happen to be honest with you well it is getting harder to tell just how powerful you are going to get. The only thing I can say for sure about your cells is that every since the third month they have been looking less and less like a humans things are starting to appear that I really don’t know what they do.” Dropping the towel Kate walked over to Jack and placed her hand just under his rear. Lifting him into the air she held him well above her head a smile on her face.


Well at least from experience I can say they are advantageous.” Jack nodded his head in agreement as Kate easily held him a lot while just two weeks ago her arm had showed some strain while supporting him it had strengthened since then and thus showed none. “Well now that I have finished my jog and since you are up here it must mean you are done with your work now lets go eat something to cool down.” Jack wasn’t exactly hot but he didn’t argue as Kate carried him into the kitchen and opened the fridge. Bending down she allowed Jack to retrieve a rather large container of ice cream before shutting the door.


Closing the refrigerator door Kate grabbed two spoons before packing Jack into the living room and setting down. Jack found himself setting in Kate’s lap having at first expected to be set down next to Kate he didn’t exactly mind where he was though so he didn’t complain.


Jack ate more slowly then Kate who seemed to be mostly focusing on the foot as they relaxed with one another. It wasn’t overly surprising though considering how much energy she had just expended. Jack quit eating the moment the thought came to him as he considered just how much energy Kate’s body would be requiring at the current times to keep up with the rate of change it was going through and how much energy she put out now. Dwelling on this for a moment a few other questions came to mind but he didn’t exactly know how to ask them at least not all of them. Opting to go with the more socially acceptable questions and leave the others for a later date.


Kate have you been eating more recently then usual?” Kate looked at Jack and took a few moments to finish swallowing the mouth full of ice cream.


No more then what I usually do when I put myself through a intensive work out cession. Why do you ask it isn’t like I am getting pudgy?”


It isn’t that but I was just thinking with all the changes your body has been going through you should be eating a good deal more then you use to. I think I have a idea to just what a few of those additions to your cells do. I imagine they increase the efficiency of your digestive system.” Kate only nodded as she began to think of what was happening on her insides right now it was up to Jack to keep up with her internal alterations she just focused on the external it was less stressful as far as she was concerned.


Think if I ate more my body would make more use of the material and get me stronger even faster?” Jack looked at Kate the look in her eyes telling him that she was hopeful that would be the case.


I don’t think so to be honest I have been monitoring your rate of progress and as far as I can tell your body as set its own pace and I am not sure if you can do anything to change it.” A humph came from Kate telling him that she didn’t like this opinion. “But if you want to stuff yourself you are welcome to try after all with the way your body is working now even if you did put on some weight I imagine you could drop it even more quickly then you put it on.” Jack got a strange look on his face as he felt Kate’s hand take hold of his spoon and remove it from his hand.


Well then in that case I guess I shall start by being the one to finish this off since you seem done.” Jack blinked for a moment before grinning at Kate. Getting up for a moment Kate started to reach up to stop Jack not wanting him to leave her just yet when she noticed him set back down on the couch. A moment later he leaned back and let his head rest on her legs.


Alright then but that doesn’t mean I am just going to get back to work I happen to like it here.” Jack’s grin grew a bit as Kate giggled and he watched her breast bounce pleasantly he was grateful that with all the changes going on inside Kate’s body they still seemed normal enough.


Oh drat I almost forgot. Jack I want you to measure just how fast I can run now we haven’t done that in a while and I am wondering how quickly I can get moving.” A sigh came from Jack having just made the claim that he wasn’t going to be leaving it looked like his claim had came out false. Kate grinned as she saw the look on Jack’s face at having to remove his head from her shapely legs. Standing up Jack made his way out of the living room and back down to the basement to retrieve the speed detector a few moments later he once again joined Kate up stairs expecting to see her still eating but much to his surprised he noticed the ice cream container in the trash.


I can eat rather quickly if I want to.” Jack looked at Kate not sure if it was her speed that allowed her to finish it of or if there simply hadn’t been much of the ice cream left. Following Kate outside Jack took up a position on the porch while he watched Kate trot out into the yard. Taking a moment to brace herself Kate took of in a sprint the force with which her leg pushed into the ground digging her toes rather deeply as she took off. Jack could hear the ground get thrown back a bit a moment later Kate zipped by having went from a standing position to 50.5 miles per hour in less then two seconds. The sound of grinding got Jack’s attention as Kate brought herself to a dead stop her legs tearing up the grass as she did so.


I swear if this was my lawn I would be very irritated with some young person running around it at 50mph and coming to a dead stop leaving a huge tear in my lawn.” Kate couldn’t help but grin in part thanks to what she had just done and in part thanks to the speed she was able to reach.


Heck yeah before long I will be able to go on the interstate.” Jack rolled his eyes but he couldn’t help but laugh at the thought as he considered the current speed limit of 70mph. The thought that before long Kate would probably be able to run along the interstate and at least go the speed limit was actually arousing a fact that didn’t go unnoticed by Kate. This wasn’t exactly a one way street though as Kate found herself getting more and more turned on by what her body allowed her to do.


Well when that time comes just be sure you don’t get any speeding tickets. Now how about we get your pretty legs washed off so that I can go back to using them as a pillow.” Kate grinned and nodded her head as she walked over to the porch. Jack taking hold of the water hose began to wash her off having to fight the impulse to raise it and make it into a wet t-shirt contest. Kate actually found herself having trouble walking back inside as she felt the urge to simply run around at top speed for a while and show off even more. When Jack’s arm rested on her shoulders a moment later though and guided her inside she felt this desire fading as she lightly leaned against him.


The feeling that he was supporting Kate only lasted a moment as Jack felt her arm come under him and once again lift him from the ground. Kate having been doing this frequently since she had gained the strength to lift him with one arm. Jack actually found the fact that Kate seemed to enjoy packing him around amusing still there was a desire to retort. “You know I can walk you don’t have to pack me every where I go when you are around.”


Ah but I like to and besides your so light and cuddly. Hey I think that is what I am going to start calling you from now on. You’re my Cuddly.” Jack blinked not exactly sure that he liked the nick name Kate had just chosen for him. Any thoughts of arguing over it left his mind though as Kate switched his carrying position to a cradle hold and held him against her chest. “You don’t mind that do you Cuddly?” Jack could only grin at Kate’s teasing.


Na it is fine but I reserve the write to give you a nick name when ever I can think of one.”


Alright that sounds fare.” Jack opened the door for Kate as she stepped side ways and moved inside. Returning to the couch Kate cradled Jack for a moment more before placing him down so that his head was once again resting on her legs. Turning his head towards Kate’s stomach Jack lifted her t-shirt and took a moment to look at her well defined abs. Leaning forward he once again placed a single kiss on each one of her ab muscles.


You really like these muscles of mine don’t you?” Jack slowly nodded his head rather then answer giving him a excuse to rub his cheek against Kate’s leg. “I am pretty proud of them myself it was a real pain finding a exercise routine that let me build my strength and agility. I didn’t want to bulk up like my father did but I wanted to be stronger then my mother.” Kate flexed a arm admiring the biceps. “I can’t say that my present strength is the result of pure hard work anymore but at least I can say my body’s build is all my doing. Jack am I a hypocrite?”


The question caught Jack off guard as he relaxed against Kate’s thigh looking up at her now instead of her stomach. “Now just what would make you a hypocrite?”


It is the way I have been treating my powers recently. I never mentioned this but I use to be jealous of those super hero’s still am a little I guess but I think I am catching up. They were so strong and some of them never seemed to have to work for it I mean I never heard of super man lifting weights. I on the other hand use to work out regularly trying to maintain a good balance of speed and power but knew I would never reach that point.”


How does that make you a hypocrite?” Kate’s finger came to rest on Jack’s lip silencing him.


Hush I am getting to that point. I would get angry at them when I saw them at fund raisers or just public appearances showing off their powers. I would say to myself, blasted show offs what did they do to deserve that power. If I had that kind of abilities I could deal with crime just as well or better and not have to flaunt it and yet here I am flaunting it around you every chance I get and really dying to show off on a grander scale. The very behavior that made me so jealous and resent them I am now not only doing it but I am turning out to be even more of a show off.” Jack thought about this for a moment wonder the best way to respond to Kate’s current dilemma finally a way to answer her came to his mind.


Kate is it wrong to show off a gift that someone gave you for Christmas. I mean people show off rings and necklaces from friends all the time.”


Yeah but how does that apply to me?”


You seem to have forgotten that I gave you the drug originally and even though I didn’t expect it to have quite these results it was still a gift from me to you. A gift to my closest friend in the world.” Kate smiled warmly as Jack shifted and put his arms around her while pressing his head against her stomach. “It wasn’t exactly an accident that gave you your abilities but a actual conscious effort on my part to save your life.” Jack felt his arms removed from Kate as she lifted him in her arms up to a level were she could give him a kiss. Planting a kiss on each of Jack’s cheeks then his lips.


But what about earning my power?”


You where nice enough and willing to take the risk and besides you don’t always earn a gift. Any way since it is a gift that I gave you I feel you have every right to use it and insist that you do especially to show off for me.” Kate couldn’t help but find this amusing as she adjusted Jack a bit so that she could run her fingers against his cheek.


Are you sure you won’t get jealous to?” Jack only shook his head know as he smiled up at this amazing creature. Of course the thought that he could try the serum on himself had occurred to him however unlike Kate he wasn’t in a life and death situation and wasn’t sure if it would work so it wasn’t hard to chose not to try. “Well then I will try to show off for you at every chance I get.” Turning his head Jack gave Kate a kiss on the fingers as her hand continued to brush against his cheek. It was odd as he relaxed in her arms but despite her increase in strength her touch seemed to have the same pressure as it had before. It was a good thing as far as Jack was concerned as he wondered how much it would hurt if everyone of Kate’s actions carried the same proportional force as she had before her strength began to develop.


Still if you like seeing me show off you should have seen these two boys …woops.” Jack couldn’t help but give Kate a scolding look while she realized she had just let what she had done slip in her enjoyment of the moment. “Oh don’t worry it was only two boys I doubt that is enough to get any real attention. I mean I doubt the even know who I am.” Jack considered scolding Kate for a moment but then just shook his head he doubted that they really had anything to worry about though he wondered what she had done.


Oh so you are showing off for other men now?” Kate got a odd look on her face followed by a quite amused one.


Well I will have to show myself to the world eventually but don’t worry the showing off I do even then will be in hopes you will see it.” Kate started to give Jack a kiss but changing her mind her tongue flicked out and licked his cheek lightly. Jack couldn’t keep the blush from forming on his face or conceal his erection. Leaning back Kate lightly rocked Jack as she told him of what she had done while out running and how the boys had reacted.



Jack looked on eagerly it had been 7 weeks since Kate had truly started showing off for him and what he was seeing now he imagined to be one of the best shows of all. Kate walked around the barbell packing a two hundred pound weight in each arm she slid it on going back over to the stack of weights she retrieved two more two hundred pound weights and slipped them onto the side one more trip and she retrieved a one hundred and a fifty pound slipping it on now one side of the barbell was loaded. That made for 1,050lbs on just one side of the barbell Jack took a moment to whisper a silent thanks that they had reinforced the bar when Nathan was there. The show didn’t end there though as Kate followed the same act easily carrying the weights over and slipping them onto the right side of the barbell before locking them in place.


One second.” Kate looked up at Jack as she began to lay down under the bar. Jack standing up proceeded over to the wall and grasped a rather heavy chain. Willing it over to Kate’s work out area he hooked the pulley up just in case Kate needed someone to spot her. A giggle came from Kate as she considered the fact that with the level of strength her body had reached Jack now needed a mechanical aid if he was going to have any chance of spotting her. “Alright you are ready to go now.”


Jack watched with anticipation as he watched Kate press up on the 2,220 lbs that now rested above her. The barbell slowly coming off its supports as she put on a show for Jack then slowly lowered to her chest. A moment later the bar rose into the air as Kate did her first rep Jack began to count as the bar was lowered again and once again lifted. A pop tit appeared in Jack’s trousers almost the instant he saw Kate first lift the bar though her arms were showing signs of strain it was still far more then what a normal human could hope to achieve and what made it more delightful for him was the fact that it was Kate his friend for quite a few years and the woman he was now in a relation ship with.


Kate could more feel Jack’s admiring gaze upon her then she could see it as she focused on lifting the weight. It seemed to push her even harder to get the most of her work out as she could and to show off for the man she was growing more affectionate towards with each passing day. “Kate may I feel of your arms?” Jack voice cut into Kate’s thoughts though she maintained her bench press.


Sure just don’t get caught between anything and avoid the barbell.” Jack nodded and made his way over to Kate taking a spot behind her he reached forward and began to run his fingers over her now pumped arms. Feeling of the now blood engorged muscles Kate’s skin was normally soft and quite pleasant to the touch now with her muscles completely pumped there was nothing soft about it as her arms felt like granite his fingers were not able to make a single indent in them. Between her own drive and Jack’s admiration Kate managed to push herself further then what she would have expected as her improved stamina allowed her to bench press the bar for a total of 5 sets each one consisting of 12 reps. Once it was over all Jack could look on with amazement as he watched Kate set up and flex both of her arms.


Grinning from ear to ear Kate didn’t say a word as she walked on over a group of shorter bars and picked one up. Kate having surpassed what normal dumb-bells could offer her Jack had actually made some modifications in the last few weeks. Taking a few bars and cutting them in two to get the appropriate side the bars allowed Kate to chose how much weight she lifted except for the 30lbs the war weighed itself. Picking up another bar Kate returned to the bench press and slipped off the weight locks followed by two of the two hundred pound weights and slipped them on either side of one of the bars following suit with the same one. Then as slowly as she had dumb the bench press Kate lifted the dumb-bells in her hands and began to curl them.


The fact that Kate was now curling over 2 times his weight in each of her arms was not lost on Jack though he found his thoughts constantly returning to the bench press. Kate’s exercise routine followed this pattern the whole time keeping Jack’s eyes locked on her as he considered how far she had come since they had went on this little vacation. Kate had always been a rather strong lady but since they had begun she had gone from a strong lady, too as strong as the strongest human to now super human levels with no sign of slowing down. It made Jack wonder if Kate truly had any limits to what her strength could achieve. Standing up after making use of the pulley system to do a sort of lat pull down Kate turned in Jack’s direction. Seeing the look of admiration that had been on his face the whole time she didn’t giggle instead she found herself blushing.


Thanks for the audience I think I am going to go get cleaned up now though I am all sweaty.” Kate proceeded to rap her arms underneath her chest and push up on her breast making her bust seem some what larger. Her sweat soaked exercise clothes hugging her form quite tightly showing off the curse of her body very well.


Mind if I join you.”


Tut tut not yet mister you need to do your exercises now anyway.” Jack sighed and grinned he didn’t think she would say yes and she was right. Jack had quit working out at the same time Kate did as he truly enjoyed watching her as each day she seemed to go some what further then the previous. Taking a moment before he began his own exercise Jack walked over to the computer screen and brought up a file on Kate’s bench press limit for over the past 26 weeks starting with her initial bench press of 180lbs the list read: 200lbs, 215lbs, 240lbs, 260lbs, 290lbs, 320lbs, 350lbs, 385lbs, 425lbs. Jack stopped there choosing not to read any further he had memorized the numbers long ago after all it was just fun to see them on the screen once in a while.


Making his way over to the barbell he was glad Kate had been nice enough to remove some of the weights for her curl bar though there was still far more weight then Jack could lift on the bar. Stripping it down Jack actually didn’t put any additional weight on the 120 pound choosing to do more reps instead of lift more weight. He had taken Kate up on her offer of a few weeks past and decided to only work on keeping his body toned and building up stamina. Bulking up really wasn’t something he desired to do especially to the point of Kate’s father. A slight chuckle came from Jack as he imagined what Nathan must look walking around a laboratory. Jack couldn’t help but wonder if Nathan had once been a lanky fellow considering how tall he was and if Kate’s mother had gotten Nathan to start working out much the same way as Kate had started himself.


As Kate made her way into the bathroom she stripped away her clothing taking a moment to look at herself in the mirror she grinned as she flexed her muscles. She couldn’t place it but she had been looking differently then what she had before her skin seemed to have a healthier glow to it and small skin blemishes seemed to be fading away from her. Of course she figured her skin should have a healthier look to it considering the alterations her body was going through. Still as much as she liked the view of her muscles fully pumped she didn’t care for being covered in sweat. Climbing into the shower and adjusting the temperature Kate soon found herself having a problem. Having always been a fan of taking rather hot showers she couldn’t get the temperature to the point she liked it any more it seemed.


She hadn’t mentioned it to Jack as she had been able to get the water to the temperature she liked simply by turning down the amount of cold water. Now as she stood in the shower she found herself rolling down the amount of gold water until she found the nob wasn’t suppose to twist anymore and still with nothing but hot the water didn’t seem quite as warm as she would have liked. This would have normally lead her to think the hot water heater was turned off but as she looked towards the rapidly fogging up bathroom mirrors she knew this wasn’t the case. Kate didn’t need Jack to tell her what was going on her body was getting stronger and toughening up which meant it was taking more then usual to hurt her and while her bath water had never really be painful just warm her body couldn’t since it.


An odd notion came to Kate as she quickly turned the hot water off and then proceeded to turn the cold water up to full blast. Kate braced herself for the feeling of the cold water running down her entire body and thus was surprised by the feeling of the water as it hit her skin. It only took a moment for the warm water in the pipes to be washed away and nothing but the ice cold water to hit her skin. Kate being a true hater of cold showers had prepared herself for a unpleasant sting but what she got as the water ran over her form was water that was only slightly displeasing to her. Nothing but pure cold water would have original sent Kate scrambling out of the shower, covering herself with towel and standing over the air vents in order to get warm as quickly as possible.


Turning the cold water of Kate once again set the hot to full blast as she continued her shower. Jack would want to know about this she realized but she figured it could wait after all even if such information would be desirable she doubted it had any immediate applications as far as she knew Jack might already have been expecting the change. A bit of a grin formed on Kate’s face as she wondered how much of the hot water she had been using lately and if Jack had simply been being nice and not asking her about it or if his studying her cells had already hinted at such changes going on inside her body.


Kate finished her shower some time earlier then what she usually did thanks in large part her not being able to get the water to the point she wanted thus not allowing her to enjoy it like she wanted to. Drying herself off Kate’s thoughts turned to getting a better not water heater one that would allow her to get the water to a temperature that she could enjoy. She would need to talk this over with Jack of course as she imagined he would want to know of such plans so that he didn’t accidently turn himself into a stew just by taking a bath and not knowing how hot the water was going to be.


Drying off proved easier than normal as Kate stepped out of her bathroom and into the master bedroom the over heated water seemed to steam off her more then roll. Drying off Kate slipped into a pair of baggy shorts and a tank-top before heading into the living room. Setting down she changed the tv to the news deciding to claim it before Jack could finish with his exercise. Jack could hear the tv as he made his way up the stairs some 20 minutes having breathing rather heavily and eager to get into the shower himself as he made his way into the living room though he noticed Kate seemed caught up in something. “What so interesting pretty lady?” Jack made his way over to the couch leaning over it so that he could see the television.


Kate held up a hand to silence him meaning that she wanted to watch what was on the news. Jack found out a moment later as they news report began talking about a bear attack Jack figuring that is what interested Kate simply shrugged it off. Bear attacks did happen occasionally after all he didn’t see what had Kate so interested at least until it mentioned the location. As Jack realized what was going on with Kate he moved to the other side of the couch and noticed the look of worry in her face. “Come on Kate it couldn’t have been the same bear as you slapped silly at the lake.” Kate’s eyes showed concern as well as a good deal of anger though Jack didn’t feel the anger was focused at him.


How do we know that? That bear was willing to attack people it could have gotten a hold of someone else I I should have deal with it right there and then.” As Kate stood up Jack didn’t know what to do exactly as she began to head towards the door. Stepping in front of her he knew he couldn’t physically stop her but he needed to make sure of just what she was planning.


Kate just what are you doing, your not thinking of going out to find it are you.” Hearing the concern in Jack’s voice Kate placed one hand under each of his arms before easily lifting him from the ground. Walking back over to the couch she set him down so that he was facing the tv.


Jack just watch and see who got attacked. I am going to go and see if I can find it I know the odds aren’t exactly the best in the world but they are already searching for it. In fact I want you to give me a call and report anything you here.” Jack was a bit surprised as Kate handed him a wireless phone and then tucked her cell phone into her back pocket.


Kate it is dangerous someone might see you.”


Beats that animal getting a hold of another little kid don’t worry Jack I was able to run it off before I think I can deal with it now.” No more argument came from Jack as he watched Kate slip on her shoes he knew there wasn’t going to be any talking her out of this. The shoes Kate slipped on were of course her new running shoes so it was obvious she planned on moving fast while on the search. Jack comforted himself by considering how powerful Kate had proven herself to be only a short while ago and the fact that more then likely she would find her prey. There was a lot of mountain to search and he doubted Kate could simply attack every brown bear she happened upon hoping that it was the correct animal.


As Kate stepped outside she stretched her legs a bit before going into a lightly jog her speed having improved over the last few weeks she now found herself able to hold fifty miles per hour without much effort in truth it felt like a jog to her now. Jack sighed as he could actually hear when Kate first pushed off the ground and took off looking at the news feed he wondered what Kate was thinking. As things went along Jack realized just what was going on as it explained how the child had managed to survive the attack. It was bow season and a hunter had heard the child’s scream. He hadn’t managed to kill the bear but he did send several arrows into the animal. As the hunter showed his bow and the type of arrows he had used Jack knew exactly how Kate planned on finding the animal just find the bear that happens to be walking around with three arrows lodged into it.


As Kate ran her legs easily ate up the terrain her morning runs haven’t sent her through the forest every morning moving deeper and deeper she had developed all the skill balancing she needed to move easily through the wooded area. The only problem she found herself having was the fact that she didn’t really know where she was suppose to be going only to head towards the area of the attack. She would have to be careful to avoid the people that were already coaming the woods a bunch of locals now armed with high powered rifles could be some what dangerous after all. The greatest problem for Kate wasn’t the risk of being seen or locating the creature it was the since of responsibility that she now felt herself having to deal with.


The thought that it was the same bear that she had Jack had encountered while out swimming just wouldn’t leave her mind. Why she didn’t kill the animal when she had the chance? The question kept haunting her as she ran along it was true that she wasn’t as powerful then as she currently found herself and the fight would have been significantly more dangerous for her and Jack should the bear had gotten the advantage of her. At the time she had been happy to just drive it off and not think about it anymore. She couldn’t use this to justify not killing the bear to herself though as she still felt she would have won the fight and then she wouldn’t have to think about if it was the same animal or not. Without this knowledge though and not being able to justify letting the animal go in her own eyes the only thing Kate could resolve is that if the child died she was at least in part responsible and she needed to help make sure it didn’t hurt anyone else.


A flash of anger ran through Kate though it wasn’t solely placed on the bear but also on herself. That was the anger Jack had seen in Kate’s eyes before she had left anger with herself for not thinking of what could happen and taking steps to prevent it. These thoughts continued to torment Kate until she heard the sound of foot steps. Slowing her pace down Kate turned in the direction of the noise able to see a few men walking around with their rifles Kate quickly realized she was near the search party as the men slowed down Kate wondered what they were doing and then she nearly hit herself. Realizing that as one of the men checked the area that he was currently searching for any sign of were the bear might have went it had been wounded several times after all so it was bleeding.


Kate could kick herself for having ran off without thinking had she brought some form of firearm she could at least ask them for some directions now if she came up and asked what they had found they would probably ask her where her weapon was. Looking at them for a moment they didn’t notice her as of yet focusing on the task at hand plus Kate still stood a good deal off her senses having become heightened to keep up her speed allowed her to keep her distance. As the men took a moment to converse Kate listened in they at first talked about the child before switching back to the hunt. Kate quickly took off the moment they finished talking and gave her a better idea of just what direction the animal might have went in.


As Kate moved about she was able to make up for her lack of skill with simple speed as she out distanced the police officers and volunteers who were now searching the woods. By occasionally ducking back in towards the main search area Kate quickly found that she could check if she needed to move further out or not. Of course with all this moving back and forth people did see her a few of them even shouted warnings to her about a dangerous animal roaming the area. She was sure she left a few of them quite stunned when she took off without bothering to say a word to them. As Kate widened her search faster then the hunters there was the thought that she could leave it up to them to find the animal but then Kate wouldn’t know if it was the same one she had driven off earlier.


Jack set at home watching the hours tick away as he looked at the tv they were covering the hunt for the bear in a little side window now. It had been a few hours since Kate had went off to join the search and he hadn’t heard a thing from her. Even though he knew she was already fairly powerful he found that he couldn’t stop worry about her safety and if she would be coming back or not. Standing up Jack finally made his way into the bathroom and began to shower realizing that setting around and staring at the tv the entire time wouldn’t be helpful for anyone. Jack missed the part where they spoke of some of the people seeing a woman running around in the woods a good thing as it at least saved Kate from a lecture about being careful.


Finishing with a quick shower Jack dressed comfortably figuring that he wouldn’t be going to bed for a while. Instead he went on into the kitchen and began to make a rather large cup of coffee as well as to cook dinner for two. Kate hadn’t eaten since her work out at least to Jack’s knowledge and he imagined all the running around and physical exercise would make her hungry and if it didn’t then he could just write it off as comfort food. As night grew closer Kate could tell that some of the people were leaving to try again later it didn’t surprise her she had no idea of just how far she was out. As Kate moved through the woods though a glimpse of something metallic caught her eyes in the last flickering of the sun light. Looking in the direction she walked towards the slight glint and saw what she had been looking for.


The arrows being rather costly and new had managed to actually shine some. The bear that had them imbedded into itself turned its head to look in Kate’s direction. As Kate looked back at it she imagined it was the same bear as at the lake but she could be sure. It was clear the animal was going to attack her though it had just been injured after losing a meal. “Are you the same one?” The animal let out a roar as Kate spoke and charged her instead of striking the animal though Kate found herself side stepping it and avoiding the attack. Still trying to see if it was the same bear or not she just couldn’t tell. Kate couldn’t help but feel some hurt as she realized she would never be sure if it was the same animal or not if she could have prevented the child from being attacked.


At least she wouldn’t have to think about that with this bear though as it came at her again. As a arm that could lift 430lbs of force struck out with inhuman speed her fist connected with the bears head. A moment later Kate found herself covered in red from the impact her fist having shattered the animal’s skull. Kate was took back by this as she had expected herself to be hitting harder then before but not enough to kill the animal in one punch. Her thoughts didn’t stay on this for long though as she looked at the animal which was now missing a head. She had hoped that she would feel better if she found the animal and dealt with it herself. All she could do now is wonder if it was the correct animal or not. A part of her truly desired to think that it wasn’t the same animal as before and that she couldn’t have prevented the child being attacked.


The feeling of guild she found within herself wouldn’t simply let her go with this as she looked at her now blood stained hand she wondered if the blood of a child was on it as well. Taking a moment to console herself she couldn’t help out with the past but at least she could resolve that she wouldn’t let such a thing get away from her again. She would at least have time to think about it on her way home as she looked around and realized she had no idea where she was at the moment. Having focused so much on the search for the animal she hadn’t been paying attention to how close she was to any main roads. This got a shrug from her as she took off on the direction she at least thought she had came even if she was lost after all she would just need to find a road and then she could find her way back home.


Jack set looking at the clock as three in the morning rolled around he heard the front door opening. Looking towards it a rather emotionally drained Kate stepped in the door and look at him. At first moving to give her a hug Kate stopped him. “I need to wash my hands.” Jack looking down at her right hand most of the blood had been taken off by the wind but Kate still felt a need to clean it. Heading on into the bathroom Jack could tell she was feeling responsible for something more then killing an animal. Having spent so much time with Kate he had a good idea of just what that was though.


I went ahead and prepared dinner though I think by now it is more like breakfast why don’t you finish washing up and join me?”


Sure be out in a second.” Kate came out of the bathroom a few moments later and joined Jack at the table. Looking at the stake and other dishes Jack had prepared Kate guessed he had spent most of the time she was gone cooking.


You know Kate that bear and the one you fought at the lake probably were totally different animals. I mean they are plenty of bears in these woods.”


Not plenty that attack people.” Jack swallowed as his attempt to console Kate didn’t work in the least. It was true though that the odds of two bears being to the point that they would attack humans and living in the same area were low he didn’t really know what to say.


Besides I hope it was the same animal to be honest I know that means I am at least partly responsible for that child being attacked. Still it also means that there isn’t another one still roaming around looking for easy prey.” Jack nodded his head in agreement though he didn’t like Kate taking any of the responsibility on herself. Had she continued fighting the animal at the lake it could have ended up in her getting killed considering the difference in her abilities at that point and what she currently found them at. This wouldn’t help Kate’s feelings of guilt though and he knew it as he ate though he resolved he wouldn’t tell Kate about what had happened at mid night. The child had died in the hospital despite the medics best efforts to save the kids life. He would have to be careful to beat Kate to the tv for the next few days but in her depressed state he doubted that would be too much trouble.


The run back had been good for Kate as it had allowed her to burn off some energy. It had taken her roughly a hour to find a road she had managed to get herself quite lost after all but her speed had made up for that. She had managed to get all the tears out of her system and now all she felt was emotionally drained. Jack seemed to notice this as he didn’t make any attempt at conversation or to ask her about what had happened. He simply assumed that she had done what she had set out to do. The fact that Kate was tired was apparent though as Jack was actually able to finish his meal before her but instead if simply leaving he stayed and chose to watch her. Kate didn’t speed up or slow down as she ate but continued at a nice pace until her plate was clean of everything.


As Kate put her fork down Jack took there plates and put them in the dish washer then returning for Kate he placed his arms around her from behind. Kate’s hand came up to rest on his while he partly pulled her from her seat her body seeming to follow him mechanically. Getting Kate to set down on a couch he removed her shoes for her before taking a spot next to her then leaning back. Jack pulled Kate down upon him as he did this he couldn’t help but be grateful that Kate’s body weight hadn’t increased along with her strength or he imagined he would be finding it rather had to breath at the moment. It was a odd change of position as for the past several weeks he had been used to resting on top of Kate now he felt her 180lbs resting on top of him and he was once again grateful for the exercise routine.


Kate’s body was heavy but it was warm and felt nice and as Jack let her rest on him he couldn’t help but smell the sent of her hair. It was a pleasant moment which caused him to struggle to keep his mind off sexual matters Kate was in need of comfort for the moment and he didn’t want his lust to ruin that. Running his hands along Kate’s hair her chest settled down upon Jack’s chest as her hands took hold of him. All the coffee Jack has consumed before Kate’s arrival paid off as he managed to keep awake longer then Kate. Feeling her drift off to sleep he thought to get up so that he could give her a real pillow when he found himself having a problem. With Kate’s 180lbs on top of him and her arms now wrapped around him he found there was no way to get up without taking her off the couch.


Alright lovely lady if that is what you want I will be your Cuddly.” Jack had started to use teddy bear but feeling it didn’t fit the moment he had went with Kate’s nick name for him. Kate’s body having sensed him trying to leave she had instinctively tightened her grip so that Jack couldn’t simply slip away from her. As Jack could not leave and he found the position comfortable though restricting he nodded off shortly after Kate did.


Kate’s eyes drifted open as she felt the sun light streaming in through the windows. Looking around for a moment it was one of the few times as of late that she had not been up before sunrise. As she looked around she felt better then she had the previous day having had the time to recoup the rest had helped a lot as well. Now looking down at Jack she smiled and debated on waking him up. Placing her lips against his she gave him a light kiss instead and stood up. Her first notion was to go for a jog but she quickly decided against that realizing that people would still be hunting for the bear. She wondered how they would react if they found it considering that they would find it with its head smashed in.


As Kate made her way into the kitchen she took her time washing her hands. Thinking on the previous night she couldn’t help but feel at the very least she had learned a lesson about dealing with dangerous creatures. She was no longer in the emotionally dead state she didn’t seem to feel any of the anger or sadness she had earlier on either only a form of resignation that the event had changed her. Turning off the sink and laying out a few pots and pans Kate giggled as she opened the dish washer and realized Jack hadn’t turned it on the previous night. The volume of pots and pans that felled it made Kate wonder if Jack had actually tried for more dishes then he had served. Checking in the refrigerator Kate was quite sure of this the meal had been a rather nice one after all and she doubted Jack had any real experience cooking such things.


Putting on a rather large pot of oatmeal Kate didn’t feel so much like eating meat as she desired something sweat. Emptying out the coffee pot Kate also put on a fresh bit of coffee figuring Jack would need some help waking up considering that they had both been up rather late in the morning. Kate’s body simply allowed her to wake up more quickly then Jack as it took her less time to recover her energy despite the amount she had expended running around the previous day.


Jack awoke roughly 25 minutes after Kate though it wasn’t because of the food cooking or the sun. Rather it was thank to the multiple cups of coffee he had consumed while waiting for Kate and the lack of any bathroom brakes. This didn’t surprise Kate as she had just emptied the pot and seen how little was in it. Jack didn’t have time to notice the food as he woke up and was instantly glad to find Kate had woken up before him thus her weight was no longer settled on top of him. He could hear Kate’s giggle as he jetted off towards the rest room and she heard the door slam shut. Jack didn’t mind being laughed at by Kate especially when he considered how drained she had seem the previous night he was glad to see that she was at least feeling better. He couldn’t be sure if she was just covering up her emotions or not but at least she seemed to be doing better. “Don’t forget to wash your hands.” Jack grinned as he turned on the sink hearing Kate’s voice calling out to him.


Kate was smiling when Jack came out of the bathroom as he came out he took a moment to look at her to try and see if she was hiding something. It was a fairly useless attempt as one that had spent a good deal of his time in labs looking through a lense or a computer screen Jack was not the best at reading people so he did the next best thing. “So are you feeling better you looked pretty tired last night?”


I am feeling better still a little sad about what happened but well it is already done. I guess the only thing I can do now is learn from the experience and hope it never happens again.” Jack nodded in agreement as he wondered just what Kate had learned. The only thing he could come up for the moment was make sure you kill a dangerous animal when you have the chance not the most environmentally sound way of thinking but Jack wasn’t environmentalist. As he made his way over to Kate he could smell three things total cooking oatmeal, chocolate and biscuits. Walking around behind her he looked into the two pots Kate had set out seeing a plentiful amount of each.


Indulging our sweet tooth today?” Kate gave a some what guilty smile as it really was more then she normally prepared really as she looked at the oatmeal she wondered if she would be able to finish it all.


I can indulge my sweet tooth once in a while.” Jack nodded his head in agreement as he went ahead and set out two plates as well as two classes. Feeling his with some orange juice he took a seat at the table and began to work on the glass as he considered what would be the best thing to talk about. He didn’t want to risk talking about the previous day the less Kate thought about the bear attack the better as far as he was concerned.


Your braking a lot of limits recently to bad you can’t compete in professional sports anymore.”


Oh and just who says I can’t?” Jack looked up from his glass starting to reply he considered the question. It was true Kate was no longer human but he didn’t know of any laws that dis allowed her to compete in sports. It wouldn’t be fair that was true enough as he doubted there was any other super beings wondering around the pro athlete circuit.


I guess no one.” Kate grinned as she lifted the pot from the burner and began to empty a rather large amount of oatmeal into Jack and her plate followed by the chocolate. Jack rose to retrieve his plate but stopped in his tracks as he watched what happened next. Kate opening the oven checked the biscuits as she reached up for a mitten she stopped herself recalling the time in the shower. She simply reached in with her exposed hand and took the hot tray pulling it out she could feel the temperature change as her fingers touched the pan but it wasn’t enough to hurt her as she drew it out. Jack just looked on as he figured Kate had the oven for around 400 degrees fahrenheit. Seeing the look of shock on Jack’s face Kate grinning recalling her promise to show off around him as much as she could. Instead of using a fork to remove the biscuits she instead proceeded to simply lift them from the pan with her fingers placing several on each plate. She then proceeded to hold her hand up showing Jack that she had not been burned in the least.


Walking over to Kate Jack looked closely at her hand then placing his hand on the back of hers moved it to his cheek. The hand was warmed by the pan but it wasn’t a unpleasant amount of heat seeming that her hand resisted heating up rather well. That didn’t surprise him though considering how heat resistant it had just proven itself to be. Kate then proceeded to lightly run her hand along Jack’s cheek before picking up the plates and setting down at the table. Jack in his some what shocked state followed shortly behind her and took his spot opposite of her as usual. “Now since when have you been able to do that?”


I would say for a little while now I figured I could do it after a shower though. I actually turned it to pure hot water and it didn’t burn at all it felt nice but not hot like I wanted it.” Jack gave Kate the look of a man that had been taking cold showers for the last week and not being sure why. He had figured it was Kate but decided not to bring it up to her now that he knew she was using pure hot water he resolved he would have to bath at least a hour after Kate in order to give the heater time to feel up again. Kate giggled lightly at the look on Jack’s face and began to tear her biscuits in two covering them in a heavy layer of oatmeal and chocolate. Jack followed suit though he ate more slowly then ate as the food was still hot. Even without realizing it Kate was actually putting on a show for Jack as he had to take his time to cool every little bite while she could just put a solid spoon fool in her mouth and have no reaction at all.


No way I am going to keep up with you now.” Kate grinned as she noticed Jack having to take time cooling his food before he could eat it. It was actually some what amusing in her opinion as she found her body’s alterations coming in more and more handy. The thought of just how tough her skin had toughened up made her wonder if she had been shot the previous day would have it been fatal. Thinking back to the weapons she saw the men packing she resolved that if it hadn’t been fatal it would have done some serious damage to her still she could wonder about a small hand gun at least. The thought that she could test the theory and see if she could indeed withstand such a shot did cross Kate’s mind however she quickly pushed it away. That wasn’t exactly something you tested on a whim though she would have to bring up some safer test to Jack later.


I can’t finish this.” Kate looked over towards Jack seeing that he had eaten roughly 1/3 of his food while she was nearly finished with hers. Looking at the amount she had given him and herself she had given him and herself a good deal more then normal. It was odd though as she considered that she and Jack had been sharing meals for a few months and thus he had adapted to eating the portions she normally fixed herself. As she considered the amount of oatmeal though she was surprised to find that she wasn’t feeling rather over stuffed herself.


Strange I don’t feel over stuffed I don’t feel hungry but I don’t feel bloated either. Want me to finish that for you?” Jack only nodded as he noticed a more curious tone to Kate’s voice as she took the plate and began to work on finishing her own and then his. Up until now Kate had been doing just fine only eating her normal amounts of food thus Jack hadn’t stopped to consider that her stomach had altered itself. With all the changes going on inside her body he supposed her stomach might have adapted so that it could handle more just in case. Then again there was the matter of her increased strength and the fact that it seemed to radiate through out her entire being. Considering the fact that Kate could bench press slightly over a ton Jack wondered how much pressure her jaws now exerted as she ate.


Kate I am going to go order some more testing supplies while you finish eating.” Kate only nodded having just taken a mouth full of chocolate and biscuits. She watched for a moment as Jack headed down the stairs before focusing back on her food. Jack made his way to the computer screen bringing it up he began to search through various items wondering if he could find something to test just how much force Kate was now exerting when she bit down it was a some what silly in his mind but he found himself curious. There was also the matter of her teeth of course as he wondered if her bones were strengthening with her body. The thought of what could happen if her bones failed to adapt with her muscles was one that he didn’t like at all. He felt that most likely they where but still wanted to conduct a test.



Kate sighed as she felt the alcohol soaked cotton swab against her skin 32 weeks into getting her power and she still wasn’t use to this. Jack had been taking small mounts of Kate’s blood roughly weekly in order to try and keep up with the changes going on inside her body. This was one of the few things Kate found tiring as she grew weary of the little needle prick she felt almost on a weekly bases. Had it been a daily she might have been able to adapt to it she imagined but she didn’t want to give Jack any ideas she wasn’t donating blood after all. Jack opened the drawer to one of the desk looking at the various medical equipment he prepared the needle and container.


Looking at Kate he could tell she didn’t like this but it was a necessary part of the research. Placing his fingers on her arm he began to try to locate the vein at first this had been difficult and actually been partly luck thanks to his lack of experience working with such things. Having had so many test tries with Kate though he was actually getting fairly good at locating her veins. Locating his query Jack removed the cap from the needle and placed it against Kate’s arm. A moment later he bore down harder then what one would for a normal person thanks to Kate’s skins strengthening he had found himself having to push down harder and harder in order to get through her skin. As he pushed down though he found today he was having to use more force then even he liked and Kate’s skin proved unyielding to the needle.


Kate wondered what was taking so long and if Jack was just picking on her knowing how much she detested getting her blood taken so often. “Hmm it seems your skin doesn’t want a needle going through it no more then the rest of you does.” Kate grinned at Jack’s comment though she didn’t look towards the needle finding the site of it going into her skin some what sickening. Kate could handle seeing the blood of others but she still had trouble seeing her own blood going out of her veins. A moment later she heard a slight clink and a slight gasp from Jack. Looking down she noticed the needle though now it was in two having broken against her skin.


Oh cool did it brake against my skin?” Jack picked up the needle looking at it for a moment he had expected Kate’s skin would resist but he didn’t expect to start braking needles so soon.


Yeah hmm I guess we need to try another needle.” Jack once again turned from Kate who puffed out her cheeks in objection to his comment though she didn’t say anything. Retrieving another needle Jack placed the device against Kate’s skin looking up he waited for her to turn her head away.


Go ahead I want to see if it brakes again.” Jack grinned he wondered that himself or if he had just gotten a some what weak needle. It would have been a mistake after all for him to assume that the needles couldn’t get through Kate’s skin just because one had failed. As he pressed the second needle into Kate’s skin he didn’t hold back as much this time the needle braking far earlier then the first. Sighing for a moment Jack would try three more needles before he finally felt satisfied with the results. Kate for her part seemed perk up even more with the braking of each needle.


We are going to have to get some better needles if I am going to keep checking your blood.”


Think you can find some that are strong enough?” Jack only nodded his head as he turned to the computer screen and put in a order from medical supplies. The rate at which Jack put the order in actually surprised Kate until she looked over Jack’s shoulder and saw just what type of needles he was ordering. The moment he pushed the order button Jack could almost feel Kate’s shock as she saw what he had just ordered.


You just ordered needles normally used for tranquilizing animals from my fathers company.”


I looked into it earlier to be honest I just didn’t think we would be needing them so soon at least I thought it would take a few more weeks before your skin would start putting up enough resistance to brake a needle.”


Kate let out a long sigh as she considered arguing with Jack but gave in. They did need to continue testing her blood still she wished he hadn’t ordered rhino needles as well. All she could do was hope they were for later usage. “All well I guess it was coming anyway actually I have been meaning to ask you. Do you think we could conduct some test to see about how strong my skin actually is I want to find out if I could take a bullet or not.” It was Jack’s turn to be surprised as Kate made her request. His first thought was no however he pushed this away as he realized Kate probably didn’t want him to actually shoot her with a gun but rather they could make use of various tools to find out her skin’s strength.


I guess some general pressure test are in order but what do you have in mind.”


Well how about we start with something light such as maybe putting my hand in the clamp and then we will see if you can actually hurt me.” Jack nodded realizing they would once again be making use of some of the old tools he followed Kate over to the work bench. Kate walking over to the clamp gave the nod a good spin opening the clamp. She slipped her hand into the device before tightening it just a bit. She had no intention of tightening it herself as she was quite sure that would hurt a great deal. Despite her increased strength she didn’t feel quite ready to compare her skin to the three inches of steel that would soon be bearing down upon it.


Let me know if it starts hurting you.”


Oh don’t worry about that. That is why I am having you turn the handle I doubt you can even hurt me with me just leaving my hand here.” Kate’s words came out in a rather teasing tone that spoke of her confidence in her abilities. Jack for his part didn’t mind being teased such ways at all as he began to turn the handle.Kate felt the clamp come down upon her hand as the pressure began to increase though she noticed a rather strange event. Through out the entire process she could feel the pressure increasing however it never seemed to hurt her. Jack for his part started only using one hand to turn the crank however as it began to tighten he found himself using both constantly looking over to see how Kate was doing. He was some what surprised to find her gaze locked on the device and not focusing on him at all.


Feeling rather sure that he wasn’t hurting her he now began to his back into it as he did this though he found it wouldn’t go any further. Thinking for a moment he repositioned himself so that he could lean into the crank and slowly put not only his muscle into the task but also his weight. Pressing as hard as he could he watched as Kate moved her fingers that remained outside of the clamp seeming to be in no pain at all. “Let me try.” Kate was surprised by how things were going upon looking up she was even more shocked to find Jack was putting all his effort into just trying to hurt her in the least and yet she didn’t seem to feel it. Taking hold of the crank in her own hand she began to turn the will. A moment later the metal began to scream lightly as over 760lbs of force was exerted on the crank and the metal began to give.


A huge grin had formed not only on Kate’s face but Jack’s as well as he watched the machine give away. Thinking for moment he wasn’t really sure if he should be surprised or not as Kate had recently reached the point that she could bench press nearly two tons. He imagined the force that must being applied by the weight on the single area of her hands while holding up the massive load. “I think we are going to have to come up with a more effective way of testing me.” Jack could only nod in agreement with their current equipment he doubted they would be able to get a accurate reading of just how much Kate could endure before she was actually injured.


Think we could try a knife?” The thought just rolled out as Jack considered how the needle had broken against Kate’s skin. The way Kate’s head snapped in his direction though told him right away that wasn’t going to happen.


You clearly haven’t worked with knifes very long or weapons in general. It would be more likely that you would injure me with a knife then if you just used a small caliber hand gun to shoot me. I think we should start with something more basic and work our way up since seeing how much raw pressure I can withstand isn’t going to work how about we start with something more basic.” Kate proceeded to roll up her shirt exposing her ab muscles to Jack. “Hit me as hard as you can.


Kate you just left your hand in a vice and them applied enough pressure to tear sed vice up I think I would be more likely to hurt my hand then you should I punch you.”


True but this will give you a feel for how aggressive you can be with me. Come on just give me a good solid punch.” Looking at Kate for a moment Jack doubted it would do any good as he looked at her tightly packed ab muscles still he pulled back his fist and laid into her as hard as he could manage at the moment. Kate gave Jack a rather amused look upon his fist hitting her. “Come on Jack you know you can’t hurt me so don’t hold back.” Jack couldn’t help but give Kate a strange look feeling that he had put all he could into the punch.


Come on Jack your not being aggressive at all tell you what just keep hitting my stomach and I will let you know when I think you are ready.” Kate just smiled at Jack who let out a long sigh as he began to hit her in the stomach though thanks to his lack of experience with such things a few of the punches impacted other areas Kate didn’t say anything. It wasn’t like he was hurting her and besides she needed to get him to be more aggressive while testing her. After all she wanted to find out what she could take and that wouldn’t happen if he was scared to hit her as hard as he could. Jack for his part just couldn’t shake the feeling that he shouldn’t be doing this. Even though the logical side of his mind knew that his punches couldn’t hurt Kate he still felt like a complete ass since he was still hitting a female. Even with Kate’s urging for him to be more aggressive couldn’t get him to put more effort into it and only by repeated striking her did he find his body relaxing and the punches coming harder.


Kate sighed feeling as if a declawed kitten was walking across her stomach it was kind of nice as Kate considered Jack was completely helpless compared to her. It made her want to reach up and cuddle him but she restrained herself. It was true even if she got Jack to be aggressive as possible with her he wouldn’t be able to hurt her she still needed to try. Kate’s thoughts turned to other things as she thought of the best way to test herself. At the current moment each one of her arms could lift 760lbs taking a moment to consider how much speed she could get into a single punch Kate began to get an idea of just what her body could with stand assuming she could treat it as if she was a boxer. A moment later Kate looked up as she felt Jack quit hitting her stomach looking at him she realized she had lost track of time. Jack’s hand where by now a bright red having finally gotten over his lack of aggression he had a look of admiration on his face though it was tempered by the fact that his knuckles were truly hurting him now. “May I go ice these down now miss?”


Oops sorry about that my thoughts trailed off I guess your little taps relaxed me.” Kate grinned as she let her shirt down and then took Jack by the rest doubting he would like his hand being grabbed. Leading him upstairs Kate set out a bowl of ice water and allowed Jack to sink his hands into it. “I didn’t mean for you to hurt yourself but I guess you got over your lack of aggression.” Jack nodded at first he had been subconsciously restraining himself while hitting her but as he had landed more blows and been encouraged by Kate even the subconscious part of his mind quit worrying about hurting her thus he was able to put his full strength into it. The problem was that even though Kate’s skin was soft and pleasant to the touch her muscles underneath were by no means pleasant to hit. To make things worse the harder he hit them the stronger they seemed to become until he felt like he was hitting a peace of plate armor wrapped in thin layer of silk.


Kate stepped behind Jack and began to lightly rub his shoulders as she considered just what the next test should be. They hadn’t gaged the speed of her punches however they had tested to see how fast she could run thus Kate knew she could run at 95mph. Taking this into account Kate made a slight guess at just how fast her fist moved while punching and then factored in the fact that she could deliver 760lbs of force just by pushing on something with her hand. The thought that she might be able to compare her punches to being hit by a street bike going at full speed or perhaps a small car where pushed away as she recalled another important detail. Her fist didn’t cover nearly the same area as these vehicles which meant the force of her punches would be significantly more concentrated and powerful in that smaller area.


Jack I think we might just need to shoot me with a small hand gun and then move up from there to see what I can with stand.” The worried look Jack gave Kate got a large grin from her as it showed right away he wasn’t keen on the idea.


Can’t we just step things up slowly? I mean there isn’t a point in taking any unneeded chances and besides what makes you so sure that you could take a bullet.”


OH let me see I killed a rather large dangerous animal in one punch. Each one of my arms can deliver 760lbs of pressure in a area as compact as my fist and that is if I am just pushing against something. If you consider how fast I can deliver a punch it gets to be significantly more. Now assuming that I can take a few punches that are within the same power range of my own I think I could take a few bullets.”


Braggart, Still I think we should stick to stepping things up slowly I mean I would hate to have to explain to your dad how you got a bullet wound.”


Alright we can just keep to stepping things up slowly before we moved into the real stuff. I am going to go see if I can find something to do as a baseball bat.” The fact that Kate seemed to have just announced she was going to allow herself to be hit with a baseball bat was both a very exciting and strange thing for Jack as he watched her bounce off happily. He was beginning to get a better and better idea of just how much Kate was enjoying being super human. Also she was doing as he had requested earlier and showing off as often as she possible could though in a method he wasn’t sure he approved off. Kate was rummaging through the house trying to find a item that would be suitable for the up coming task. She had already stopped down in the basement and found a crow bar but she doubted Jack would want to start with it.


Jack pulled his no longer throbbing knuckles from the water as he watched Kate return noting a crowbar, the handle of a pick axe and he wondered where she had found that hammer. “So are you ready to get back to testing?”


I think you are more wanting to show off then really be tested but yeah I am ready.” Getting up and following after Kate he couldn’t help but worry about the sledgehammer until he took a moment to consider what Kate had told him. Just pushing on something she could generate 760lbs of force with one hand now he knew good and well that the hammer didn’t weigh nearly that much. There was also the amount of speed that she could get into a single blow considering things Jack’s concern slowly began to turn to excitement as he realized that even with these tools it wasn’t likely that he would be able to cause Kate the least bit of pain. It was odd but he always imagined being around such a person would make him nervous. Instead he found himself only more excited as he began to really comprehend just how far Kate had come since they began testing and how far she could possibly go.


Kate took a moment to retrieve a rather large towel as well as a pillow before leading Jack outside. Placing the items down she then proceeded to lay out the towel and pillow before handing Jack the pick axe handle. “This will have to do as a bat and remember be aggressive.” Nodding his head Jack took hold of the handle reading himself he knew this wasn’t the most scientific means of testing a theory but it was one of the more interesting ways of doing it. A moment later Kate felt a slight impact in her stomach though no where near hurting her. This was followed suit by several rapid impacts each one some what harder then the other. As she stood there Kate mused off how light the impacts seemed to be. “Hit me in the face.” The impacts stopped coming the moment these words left Kate’s mouth.


Are you sure.” Jack was cut off as he felt Kate’s hand get a grip on his own looking at her hand then the wide grin on Kate’s face Jack knew it wasn’t going to hurt her. Drawing back and swinging as hard as he could the sound of the bat impacting Kate’s face was audible and the pain was quite shocking. As Jack felt the handle strike Kate’s face the fact that it didn’t move in the least meant at least some of the force when back into his hands. The pain he felt shoot through them almost made him drop the handle as in his state he had forgotten that one little detail of what happens when you hit something and it doesn’t budge. Kate for her part hadn’t felt any pain though as she looked at Jack she did feel a little bit of guilt. “Um Kate do you think we could stop for a while before I accidently get injured.”


Oh could you just do one more thing you don’t know how neat this is to have someone able to hit me with everything they have and it not even hurt. Hear just lets do one more thing and then we can move on to the other stuff.” Jack sighed wondering what it was he got his answer quickly though as Kate handed him the hammer and proceeded lay down on the blanket and pillow. Placing her hands behind her head she smiled up at Jack. “Start with my stomach and then try the rest of my body.” Jack looked at the hammer then at Kate recalling what he had figured up before he still wasn’t sure if he wanted to do this. So far he could say Kate’s muscles where as hard as stone just what stone he wasn’t sure though.


Still from the look on Kate’s face he figured that she would at least want to continue until something stung a bit. Lifting the hammer slightly he finally proceeded to give her a light tap on her stomach. Kate only grinned there was no rush of air or any sign that she was even tensing up her muscles to brace for the impact she remained completely relaxed. Putting a little more force into the swing Jack once again struck her in the abs and once again there was no sign of damage. Slowly Jack began to increase the force and the frequency of the impacts though he couldn’t get full force into it thanks to the fact that his fingers were hurting him it wasn’t unbearable though he just planned on icing them down for the next hour or so. Kate’s laughter finally caused Jack to stop as he looked down at the giggling amazon. Kate could help herself the situation seemed so ridiculous here she was laying down actually having the man she was coming to care for beating her with a hammer.


The most amusing part for her though was the fact that it had absolutely no effect upon her. Impacts that would normally be braking bones and destroying her completely had absolutely no effect on her just 32 weeks after her body had began its alteration. “Well I think we can officially say now that I am super human.” Jack could only grinned as he set the hammer down and rested on the handle.


I would have to agree with you there so is it alright if this human goes and soaks his sore hands for a while.” Kate nodded happily though she didn’t get up quite yet rather she continued to chuckle and even gave her own stomach a few good pats. Jack could only grin at Kate’s child like behavior though he imagined that since this was really the first time just how powerful she was getting was sinking in she had a reason to be excited. Kate set up a moment later starting to follow Jack inside her attention was drawn to the crow bar that they had never had a chance to use. Picking up the peace of metal Kate looked at it for only a second before she began to twist the metal bar in her hands. The metal’s sturdy build held up for just a moment before it began to give in to Kate’s strength.


Walking back towards the house Kate only had to focus moderately on the bar as she took a moment to open the door. Jack having already made his way inside and returned to the bowl of ice water was surprised when he heard the sound of metal bending though he didn’t realize that was what it was until he looked up at Kate. Jack knew he should be surprised but he couldn’t help himself as he watched Kate twist and bend the bar as he watched her he realized that she was going for a specific shape. Kate focused intently on her task not because the effort but because she wanted to do something more complex then the pretzel stereotype and was actually trying to bind the bar into the shape of an over sized paper clip. Jack was distracted from his sore hands as he watched Kate work the bar.


Kate couldn’t help herself as she found herself having to fight the desire to really test her strength and see what all she could brake. This practice however was akin to vandalizing so she forced herself to refrain from the desire choosing instead to simply focus on tormenting the peace of metal that she held in her hands. After all this wasn’t exactly her home but still belonged to her parents and Kate wasn’t about to allow herself to become a destructive person just because she was getting a little taste of power. After all if she felt the urge to just brake things now she could hardly imagine how strong it would become once she began to come into real power. The thought took her back a bit at one time in her life she would have given up a great deal for the power she held right now. Now that she had it though she was already craving more and to make things even more exciting she was quite sure that she would be getting more as her body continued to change.


As Kate mused on this she let the bar slip from her hands deciding that she would play with it later on. Looking over at Jack she made her way over to him noticing that his breathing was already excited from the display he had just seen. She bent down placing her hand under his chin she moved his head slightly to face her and then pressed her lips firmly against his. Kate had to fight the desire to simply take Jack into her arms and carry him away to her bed room. She wasn’t ready for that yet though so she kept control of herself at least partly. Jack did find Kate’s tongue wasted no time snaking its way into his mouth to wrestle with his. Much as with the rest of her body Jack found that Kate’s tongue easily over powered his own. This only serving to make him more excited he nearly passed out the moment Kate let up partly thanks to the lack of air but mostly thanks to pure excitement.



I am going to get a few firearms.” Jack didn’t say anything right away as it took him a moment to get out of his stunned state he was however able to catch Kate before she left for the master bedroom.


What firearms I haven’t seen a gun in this house since we arrived?”


That is because your not suppose to silly guns are one of the main things people want to steel and besides can’t risk a kid finding them.” Kate continued to speak by raising her voice so that Jack could hear her as she went into the bedroom she played around with one of the dressers for a moment until she heard a click. “Besides one of the reasons for this place was for hunting. My grandfather enjoyed deer season especially.” This was made evident by the supply of shotguns and rifles Kate soon found herself looking at as she put in the safe’s combination. Checking the ammo drawers Kate sighed realizing it hadn’t been restocked since her grand parents’s deaths.


Kate was able to find a decent amount of handguns as well as she laid out a .22 caliber a .38 caliber and a .45 caliber. Digging around for a few moments Kate was able to find the ammo for each weapon and took her time loading them. Figuring Jack would want to soak his hands for a while longer she headed back into the dining area now packing the hand guns. Laying them out in front of Jack she grin as she noticed the nervous look on his face. “We are going to start with the 22 and see if that is able to hurt me then if that doesn’t bother me we will move up to the 38 and finally the 45. Depending on how I do with the 45 I might bring out a few hunting rifles and see what effect it has on me.”


Well give me a few more moments but I warn you if you want me to aim for a precise spot I am not a very good aim. Well actually I pretty much have zero experience at handling a firearm.” Kate seemed to think on this she had been planning on having Jack aim for her shoulder before trying to a area with more important organs now it didn’t seem like she was going to be able to do that. A aim device would have been handy at the moment but she knew her grandfather never stored any of those away. Shrugging her shoulders it wasn’t like she was overly concerned she doubted the weapon could deal a lethal hit to her. Really her only concern at the moment was one of them might be able to damage her which at most would require a try to the hospital.


Don’t worry about it I think I can take it.” Jack sighed and nodded his head at least he wouldn’t be hurting his hands this time around. Though he imagined what the consequences would be if he had to tell Nathan. “Oh I put your daughter in the hospital by shooting her.” Not exactly what he would want to tell someone that could beat the day lights out of him. It was better then letting Kate do it herself though as he imagined she would try it on her own even if that meant shooting herself nearly point blank. Kate for her part was playing around with the 45 rolling the gun around on the table she had a very excited look on her face as she imagined what it would mean if it couldn’t even harm her. The most powerful handgun out of the three it was pretty much the worst firearm she would have to worry about while on patrol at least as far as hand guns went.


Jack on the other hand was quite nervous as he looked at the weapons now set out before him. At least Kate hadn’t asked him to shoot her with a rifle that was a good thing it still made him nervous though. The fact that he was about to shoot the woman that he was coming to love more and more with a handgun wasn’t comforting at all. Even considering what he had done to her earlier he had been able to start out with light taps at least with these though it wouldn’t be no starting out easy and building up. What made him even more reluctant is the thought of what it would mean if one of the weapons killed her. Kate was getting more powerful every day so that if he could just convince her to wait for a while longer it would be safer. He doubted that would work though as he watched Kate play with the various handguns though her attention was mostly on the 45.


Kate didn’t say anything as Jack let his hands soak for longer then the planned time only when the ice was but a few small parts floating around did she stand up. “Come on now enough stalling time to get to testing.” Kate picked up the 22 pocketing it she carried the 38 and 45 in her hands. Jack sighed and followed after her shutting the front door behind him. Placing the 38 and 45 on a lawn chair Kate retrieved the 22 from her pocket and handed it to Jack. Then trotting out into the yard Kate chose a spot away from the front porch which she imagined would be about the same range as she was likely to find herself in the city.


Alright time to get testing.” Kate folded her arms behind her head adopting a very relaxed pose she didn’t bother to remove her clothes thinking it would be more fun to see the bullet whole in them once it was over. Jack took in a deep breath of air as he tried to steady the firearm taking aim at Kate he aimed for her right shoulder even without Kate asking him he wanted to go for a spot without any vital organs in it. The only problem he found himself having was his lack of skill he worried that the shot might end up hitting her in the head. As Kate mouthed the word shoot though he finally pulled the trigger. As Kate stood there a odd thing happened the bullet coming out of the gun seemed to be moving slower then normal in fact much slower then normal considering that she could actually see it.


Kate’s eye site and reaction time having improved to allow her to handle running at her top speed of 95mph allowed her to actually notice the bullet leaving the gun and coming towards her. It was true that it was still coming at her faster then one of her own punches but the extra distance gave her time to react as she realized the bullet was going to miss her. The sound of a rush of air and a impact was the first thing that hit Jack’s ear as he looked at Kate he noticed that her right hand had come out from behind her head and seemed to have caught something in mid air. Now Kate was in shock as she realized what she had just done looking at her hand she slowly began to open her palm finding it hard to believe what she had just did despite everything that had happened. There resting in her hand was the now miss shaped projectile. Slowly a grin spread over her face that threatened to split it in two as she looked at Jack.


Your aim is off and you need to work on your pitch it was a little to slow.” Jack was shocked not only had Kate just with stood the bullet but she had actually caught it when she realized that it was going to miss her entirely. “Well Jack a test must be conducted more then once to make sure it is accurate what say you unload that clip into me though this time try to aim better.” Kate’s finale words were said in a joking tone but Jack still took things slowly.


Kate could hardly define how she felt as Jack began to fire of the shots in a more rapid succession this time no longer aim high most the shots hit her in the stomach and chest area. As they did this Kate was truly thrilled by the lack of pain she felt despite the weapons fire. Instead she would feel a slight thud on her skin and then a moment later the bullet would roll down the inside of her clothing most of the bullets energy being used up as it impacted her skin. At last there was the audible click of the hand gun announcing that all the ammunition had been used up. Looking at her right hand again she still held the bullet she had caught slowly she let it slide from her hand to join the others on the ground.


I think if I was a criminal I would be quite concerned right now.” Kate only grinned as she watched Jack head over to the other weapons and retrieve the 38 after setting the 22 down. Walking back over to Kate he took a moment to steady his hand despite his lack of knowledge he was fairly certain this one would offer more of a kick then the 22 had. Kate considered tensing up her muscles but chose to remain in a relaxed stance. While it wasn’t a good idea to laugh at any gun some are more lethal then others and Kate knew there was a rather big gap between a 22 and a 38. Finally squeezing off a shot the sound and recoil of the gun was indeed worse then the 22 which for a moment made him wonder if it had been a good idea.


Kate reached down towards her abs having felt the bullet impact with her skin she had felt it more then the 22. A moment later she pulled the now disfigured bullet from between her waste band the bullet having slid down the inside of her shirt. Jack let out a long sigh expecting to see that the bullet had managed to get through Kate’s skin. Kate pulled up her shirt taking a moment to let Jack see her abs she places her finger where the bullet had hit. No bruise no red spot the only way Jack would have even known where it hit had Kate not pointed would be if he had examined the whole it made in her shirt. Feeling sure that Kate was safe from the weapons fire Jack pulled off the shots more slowly this time aiming mostly for her mid section. Kate only continued to grin as she felt a few of the shots hit her breast as well as her stomach. Looking towards the porch she eyed the 45 a feeling of excitement rushed through her.


At last Jack expended the last of the rounds in the 38 and retrieved the 45. Kate steadied herself now quite confident she could handle the small arms fire. Taking aim Jack was some what more relaxed with this gun then the others after all Kate had done so well with the other ones. A moment later he squeezed the trigger one of the guns seven rounds slamming into Kate. “Ouch.” Jack looked up having not expected Kate to say that he noticed as she took a moment to dig around in her shirt. A moment later she pulled out the bullet however as she moved her shirt around a bit Jack noticed that there was a slight indent in the skin. As Kate looked at Jack for a moment. “That about felt like a bee sting.” Kate’s grin was supremely confident as she rubbed the area the bullet had hit her.


Do you want me to go ahead and unload or is that enough?” Jack unsure if Kate wanted to go on now was some what disappointed at having found a handgun that could indeed hurt Kate however little. He was glad they had started with the handguns though instead of jumping strait to the rifles as he thought Kate had wanted to other wise she might have actually sustained a injury though from what he had just seen he wasn’t sure how serious of one.


I want to go on it didn’t hurt that bad and to be honest I am sort of getting a kick out of this.” Jack grinned as Kate stated te plainly obvious taking his time he was careful to keep the weapon hitting the strong parts of her body this time around. Each time the bullet would strike her Kate would feel a slight sting of pain then it would fade away. She didn’t really have to worry about a single 45 she decided but she would have to concern herself with a barrage of weapons fire or something more powerful at least she had to worry about them for now. The thought that next week she would be a decent amount more powerful then she was at the moment and the next week even more powerful was almost intoxicating by itself.


The fact that as her body changed and got stronger the rate at which she gained strength also increased was truly a wonderful thought and at that moment she found herself wishing that it would never stop. Jack finally squeeze off the last of the bullets though he was surprised when Kate stood there a moment longer as if in thought finally she smiled at Jack. “Thanks for this gift Jack I must say it is assuredly the fifth best gift I have ever received.” Jack blinked for a moment as he considered what Kate had said just what made her call it the fifth best gift.


Thank but what are the other four?” Kate grinned as she began to walk towards Jack she spoke slowly.


The first would be my live which actually you did help to restore to me. The second gift would be my father the third my mother though I can’t say in which order I would list them.” Kate stood next to Jack and placed her lips against his cheek giving him a kiss. “And the fourth is that I have such a wonderful friend who I home to get to know better and better as we spend time with each other.” Jack couldn’t help but smile as Kate removed the 45 from his hand then retrieved the other guns. “I am going to go put these in the wall safe.” Jack only nodded as he watched Kate head inside waiting a moment he went in himself. Instead of following Kate though he went to the couch and took his usual spot. Kate’s statement had really helped to assure Jack that he was getting closer to her and in some ways petted his ego.


As he considered the testing that they had just went through though he mused over the needles that he had ordered. He was grateful he had ordered some of the stronger ones as from what he had just seen he doubted anything weaker would be able to get through Kate’s skin. He hadn’t been thinking of it while doing the testing but if Kate had indeed made it into the range of rifles in particularly the more powerful rifles he doubted he would be able to find a needle that would brake her skin. Closing his eyes he resolved he would need to write a report and send it to Nathan to see if he could get some speciality made needles just for Kate. It was a kind of amusing thought as he considered the fact that he would probably need to put. “Can go through two inches of steel.” As a requirement but with the way Kate’s strength was increasing he felt it would be needed eventually.


Kate didn’t come out just after putting the guns away rather she stopped to look at herself in the mirror. Looking at the bullet wounds in her clothing she counted 26 in total the two smaller guns having 10 rounds appease while the 45 had 7. There where only twenty six thanks to the one that Kate had caught in her hand. Removing the shirt she places a finger over each of the spots where a bullet from the 45 had hit. There was a slight red mark but they were all quickly fading and she doubted they would be there in 5 minutes. Still quite pleased with herself Kate proceeded to neatly fold the now bullet riddled shirt figuring she would show it off later on or maybe even frame it as one of the mile stones in her strength development. Slipping into a intact t-shirt she checked herself in the mirror one more time before heading back into the living room.


As Kate walked up behind Jack a broad smile appeared on her face as she noticed he seemed lost in thought. At first planning to simply join in him in setting down Kate recalled her promise to show off for him as often as she could. So instead she simply snuck up behind him and bent down taking hold of one of the chairs main supports she lifted the entire sofa with Jack as well easily supporting the weight with a single arm. Jack didn’t cry out this time as he was getting use to Kate suddenly lifting him from the ground. Peeking over the side of the couch he looked down at the amazon who was grinning up at him. “So cuddly what do you think of today’s test?” Jack grinned as he reached down in a attempt to pat Kate on the head finding his arm couldn’t reach her he contented himself by patting her hand.


Well we didn’t really get much work done today but until I get some new needles that can get through that skin of yours it is going to take a while. I must admit though I am really impressed you have most assuredly broken the mark between a human and super human.” Kate continued to grin but let out a some what lamentable sigh.


Yeah but I haven’t made it into the range I really want to be. I mean I am not complaining hehe well I guess I am but I am not in the power range where I feel I could really call myself super powered.” Jack rolled his eyes not exactly feeling sympathy for Kate as far as he was concerned she was well within the super powered range if not a match for some of the big names like Super man or Wonder woman she was still a power house in his eyes and she was getting stronger. “Oh lord I think I have come to consider my current strength range normal. My lord I am currently more powerful then I would have ever imagined I would be and now here I am complaining that it isn’t enough.”


Yup you are a greedy little thing that is for sure you power hungry animal you. Then again that is something that people have sot out almost since humans existed I imagine and you are getting your power through a peaceful means.” Kate smiled and slowly lowered the couch to the ground climbing over the back of it she lightly pounced on Jack making sure to catch most the weight with her legs so she didn’t actually nock the wind out of him.


You know Cuddly I have been thinking have you been working on that serum for yourself recently. I mean you where able to get it to work for me and I bet you have gotten some new information from the effect it had on me.” Jack smiled then shook his head in the negative.


To dangerous as far as I am concerned and to be honest with you I think it would be best if you never mentioned it to anyone. Really we need to get around to telling your parents that the next time you see them.” A questioning look appeared on Kate’s face she knew the drug was dangerous but she didn’t see any harm in Jack researching it further.


Why don’t you want to continue research though after all it seems like it isn’t going to have any negative side effects on me it has been a few months now after all.” Jack nodded in agreement though he still worried it might take a direction Kate wouldn’t like still so far the changes had been purely advantages without any visible side effects Jack just had to keep in mind that every cell in Kate’s body had been altered so that while she looked human on the outside her internal workings where probably not that of a humans anymore.


I just don’t think it would be save to have a treatment that could potentially give someone super powers. As I am sure despite the danger enough people would try it and I am not sure if all of them would have the best intent in mind. I mean to be honest considering how effective it has been I am glad we never finished it at work. As I wonder just who would be getting the treatment.” Jack didn’t bother mentioning to Kate that he didn’t really trust himself with such knowledge either as he tried to imagine what effects of slowly gaining more and more strength would have on him. The thought that Kate could be corrupted by her power hardly ever crossed his mind though having decided to put his trust in her to remain the same person she was no matter how much power she gained. It wouldn’t do him any good to worry after all he didn’t have it in him to try to kill Kate and if she did become corrupted it would probably be to late for that anyway.


Well alright then if you think it is that dangerous.” Kate slipped one of her arms under Jack and easily lifted him from the couch. Positioning herself that he was above her she set him down on top of her so that they were facing once again. Smiling she pulled his face down to hers and once again began kissing him. Jack leaned into the kiss their hands beginning to explore each others bodies having gotten use to the limitations Kate put on their exploration of one another.



Kate snapped in head in the direction of the barbell as the scream of bending metal got her attention. Looking at the weight set she realized what was going on to late as the supports gave way and the barbell now stacked with well over two tons of metal came slamming into the bench. The bench didn’t hold up for a moment thanks to the momentum the weight had gained in the wall and was nearly snapped in two. Walking over to it the look on Kate’s face said it all as she wore the ultimate well fuck look. Bending down she flicked the metal for a moment it had been bending a bit recently but she hadn’t expected it to just give way like that. It made her glad Jack wasn’t in the house to here what had happened as he had taken one of the humvee into town in order to pick up some supplies.


This now left Kate with a problem though as she recalled that Jack had sent off for her custom made weight set several weeks ago. He had finished designing them earlier and ordered them from her father’s company but he hadn’t put it on a rush order as he felt the weights would last Kate a while longer. Now Kate found herself in quite the dilemma as she realized that even if Jack called today they would probably take a while longer to be ready. She could of course continue exercising through jogging and using the other free weights but in truth she rather enjoyed her bench press as a means of showing off and testing her strength. Looking around the basement she tried to locate something that could feel this roll however nothing came to mind. Looking at the barbell itself she contemplated simply using it bending down and taking hold of its center she decided that was a bad idea the moment she lifted it.


The metal screamed the moment Kate lifted it from the ground and began to bend in the center. Placing the barbell back down Kate let out a long sigh and once again began looking around. Walking up stairs she checked around the house for something however upon realizing that even her grandfather’s safes would not have enough weight to give her a good work out she let out a rejected sigh. Walking on outside she took a seat on the steps and began to look around the yard the thought that she could use a large rock suddenly hit her then passed the moment she spotted something else. Quickly dashing back inside Kate proceeded to locate a rather large towel though she went with a worn out one. Dashing back outside she proceeded over to the second humvee that her father had left upon his visit.


Throwing the towel out she managed to get it fairly well distributed underneath the hummer. Laying down Kate proceeded to sort of crawl underneath the vehicle a wide grin upon her face as she began to search for a area that she could place her hands. She was once again grateful Jack had went into town as she imagined how silly she would feel if this didn’t work out.


Jack felt odd driving back to the house it had been quite some time since he had driven anywhere having Kate drive most the time. What made things worse was the vehicle that he found himself driving at the moment the humvee being a far cry from his car. Still he just chose to take things slower then normal it meant a few speedy people had to drive around him but he didn’t mind. The fact that should they chose to hit him their vehicle would be the worse for it seemed to give him a slight confidence boost. As he pulled off on the side road that lead to Kate’s grandparents home he relaxed a bit. As he made his way over the rocky road it eventually gave way to the smoother surface letting him know that he was nearing the house what he was when he got there though made him stop the vehicle a good deal short of the porch.


The second humvee was slowly being lifted from the ground and then placed down. Kate having found a few areas strong enough for her to place her hands and not worry about damaging the vehicle was now putting herself through her sets. It was a amusing moment for her as she heard Jack pulling up but didn’t stop her exercise routine wondering if he was enjoying the show.


Jack found the scene so strange that he didn’t realize just what was going on until he noticed the edge of a towel sticking out from under the vehicle. Pulling the rest of the way up to the porch Jack hopped out and proceeded over to the humvee bending down he looked at Kate who was now grinning at him. “Now just what do you think you are doing down there?”


Oh the barbell can’t hold enough weight for me anymore so I had to improvise. Hey Jack would you mind going on inside and calling my dad let him know that he needs to hurry up with those custom weights for me. I will help you carry in the groceries after that.” Jack could only nod as he straitened up and made his way back inside lightly shaking his head at the sight that he had just seen. At least he now knew that if he ever managed to get the vehicle stuck in a ditch so long as Kate was with him it wouldn’t be a problem getting out. Though he doubted even with his driving skills having down graded over the weeks of inactivity that he would mess up enough to get a humvee stuck.


Nathan was looking over the companies profits when the phone rang. Picking it up he knew who to expect since Jack and Kate was one of the few that had his personal number. “Hi Nathan I was just calling to let you know that well I need to ask if you could speed up the production of Kate’s new gym equipment.” Nathan was caught a bit off guard considering that he had helped with the modifications to Kate’s equipment as one supremely confident in his work he hadn’t expected Kate to go through the equipment before the year was up.


Sure but could you tell me what happened I guess Kate is progressing faster then I thought.”


Progressing faster and faster it seems that as she gets stronger her rate of increase improves as well. She is sort of bench pressing that humvee you left us and to be honest I don’t think it will have enough weight to keep her happy next week.” Nathan blinked hearing that his little girl was currently bench pressing a fairly well armored military vehicle was a bit of a shock. He had left the project in Jack and Kate’s hands so he didn’t know just how strong she was becoming up until that point.


Well I think I can get the weight set ready and shipped to you by the end of the month but I doubt I can get it there any sooner. I guess until then you can just start putting stuff in the truck and seats unless. You haven’t already started loading the thing down yet have you?” Jack smiled hearing the curiosity in Nathan’s voice.


Naa she hasn’t gotten that far yet but I am sure we will be there by the next week.”


Okay then I am going to get on speeding things up here then. We are having to adjust some of your design specks.” Nathan’s last comment was spoken with humor but honesty as well as they had found some of the design plans Jack had sent in though sound had been lacking. It didn’t surprise him though as Jack had admitted before hand he had little experience with such mechanical designs. In truth Nathan felt that he should have had someone that built mining equipment designing the hydriodic gear that Kate would be requiring in order to keep up with her strength increase.


Alright then I will let Kate now.” Jack and Nathan said there good byes when Jack proceeded to look out the window and continue watching the humvee being lifted. The fact that it was Kate doing this and not a machine was the most impressive fact of all as he just shook his head. Walking on outside he looked under the vehicle waiting a moment he watched as the muscles in Kate’s arms swelled and then relaxed and she raised and lowered the vehicle. It wasn’t a complete bench press though thanks to the tires Kate couldn’t lower the vehicle entirely to her chest it was the best they could do for the moment though.


Alright young lady quit playing with your toy and come out here and help me carry in the groceries.” Kate grinned as she turned her head in Jack’s direction and set the vehicle down moving across the towel as she stood up she dusted herself off.


Well it isn’t as good of a work out as I am use to but I am sure it will do see.” Kate proceeded to flex her arm in front of Jack looking at the muscle for a moment Jack reached up and placed his hands on it. Squeezing her biceps Jack couldn’t help but grin it was true that Kate’s muscles hadn’t actually increased in size they had simply redesigned themselves to be even stronger then normal. Still the thought that he currently had his hands on a muscle that could lift a humvee and that it belonged to such a attractive woman was truly a wonderful thought to him.


Slipping her arm from Jack’s grip Kate proceeded over to the humvee opening up the trunk she let out a sigh. “I wish I could get all these on a nice even platform then I could carry them all at once.” Jack grinned realizing that indeed the only thing that kept Kate from carrying everything in at once was that her arms didn’t have enough space. Jack stood back as he watched Kate load herself down with the heavier items until there was no more space on her arms. Following suit Jack was able to carry as many items though this was because none of them where nearly as heavy as the ones Kate carried in. Once inside Kate proceeded to place the groceries away while leaving Jack to carry everything else in.


I think your day was surprised when I told him his little girl was bench pressing a humvee. He didn’t say much but he sound shocked that was for sure.” Kate grinned as she recalled how she use to watch her father work out and would debate if she wanted to be that strong. She could have pushed herself to match her father in strength but she knew she would suffer in the agility department. Nathan was still a good deal taller then his girl despite her being six foot which meant he had more mass to spread out the muscle over. Kate had to stop developing her muscles size sooner then him and turn to simply toning them up other wise she would have began to suffer a decrease to her agility. The drug Jack had given her though had answered her all her problems as she was now able to increase her strength as much as she wanted it seems and not suffer any decrease to agility far from it actually as she found her muscles changing and adapting she found herself getting faster and faster.


Kate looked over at Jack who was busying himself putting away the lighter items. She recalled the conversation about her new abilities being a gift from him and him expecting her to use it. It was amusing to think that thanks to his gift her father max bench pressed seemed like nothing to her. She could easily bench press 500lbs she could even support that much weight easily with one arm by now. He had truly given her a wonderful gift though at first she had thought it came at great personal risk to her she realized it didn’t. She had been on her death bead until Jack had came along with the little drug and saved her during that time she had nothing to lose and so much to gain even more then she realized. The thought that the cancer had been a blessing in disguise got a giggle from her as she realized she would have never tried the drug or even had it mentioned to her if she hadn’t been dying.


Halting what she was doing Kate walked over to Jack and rapped her arms around him from behind looking at him with her emerald green eyes. “You know I am glad things are working out so well after all if they didn’t I wouldn’t know what to do. If you had given me a costly ring for a gift I could have returned it to you if things hadn’t worked out. A necklace the same or anything of simple value I could have returned but what you gave me is worth too much more.” Jack placed his hand on Kate’s. “Even if things hadn’t worked out this well and if I could I still wouldn’t take back your strength seeing you enjoy it so much. After all a gift once given now belongs to the other.” Kate brought her lips closer to Jack’s ear having to stand on her toes a bit she brushed her soft lips against his outer ear.


Who said anything about the strength it is nice and all but you have given me something better.” Jack’s heart jumped a beat as he guessed at what that something was and was scared to ask just what it was. His curiosity was only made worse when Kate released him with no attempt to answer him. He had been living with Kate for a while now and was quite sure he was past the point where he would consider himself just a friend. He was after all allowed to explore some of her body and they did regularly sleep together though he hadn’t gotten nearly as far as having sex just yet. It was frustrating in a lot of ways but as he recalled what Nathan had told him about Kate he didn’t want to risk losing her. Jack bit his lip as he resolved that he at least needed to ask to find out just where he stood with his remarkable creature. After all Kate was growing more powerful every day and there was a fear that she would forget him because of his.


Kate I have been wanting to ask you something. Could you tell me just where me and you stand? I mean I have been living with you for a while now and I was wondering if I was more then a friend.” Kate grinned having expected Jack to ask such a question it actually impressed her that he had waited so many months before bringing the subject up.


We are more then friends Jack at least I consider you more then just a friend. I just think we need to live together for a decent while to make sure everything is going to work out before we go to far.” Jack gave a understanding nod.


Alright but haven’t we been together for a while now.” Kate felt Kate’s hand go under his chin and she gave him a slight kiss.


Yes we have but we have been living away from everyone with only each other to deal with and I haven’t been working. We need to get back to the city and back into the flow of things before we can really say we work well together.”


Yeah that makes since it is just that with you getting more powerful every day and as far as I am concerned more lovely I feel like I might lose you when they are other men to compete with.” Jack knew Kate felt grateful towards him for giving her the drug but he didn’t want that to be the reason she was staying with him.


Don’t worry Cuddly it isn’t like anyone is going to come and just sweep me off my feet and don’t worry if anything my increased strength just makes you seem more adorable to me.” A moment later Jack felt Kate’s hands take hold of his waste and lift him off the ground. “After all I happen to like men that are weaker then me incase you have forgotten.” Kate smiled at Jack she understood that he wanted to move a bit further she wanted to as well but she felt a need to be patient and take her time with such things. It was a lesson her mother had spent several years drilling into her head especially the concept of when to share her body with another.


Alright this is one of those things that I am just going to have to be patient about. That shouldn’t be to hard since I spent a good deal of my life looking threw a lense. Ah crap I forgot to tell your parents that they need to come down here so we can have a conversation with them. I don’t think I want to mention the drug on the phone.” Kate grinned at Jack and ruffled his hair.


My father doesn’t have much of a social life as you might recall after all he didn’t visit me often even in the hospital. Besides neither of my parents are chatter boxes and I am sure they know when something needs to be kept quiet.” Jack considered Nathan’s line of business and nodded his head in agreement.


I suppose you are right. Well now since we got all the groceries taken in hope about we finish putting them up and do some testing.” Kate blinked and set Jack back down looking at the bags she guessed that the needles they had ordered had arrived and now that he had something that could get through her skin they where ready to begin. Kate having slept then on standard delivery it had taken them quite a while to arrive since they happened be quite a bit out of the ways. Jack grinned at the look on her face and began putting the groceries away. Kate let out a sigh and began helping him as she did this though she checked over her shoulder.


You know at the rate my strength is increasing one of these days you won’t be able to even prick me.”


I know and to be honest I can’t wait for the day I can see you with that much power.” Kate actually blushed as she recalled how much of a turn on her power was not only for herself but for Jack as well. It actually made her wonder just why Jack seemed to enjoy taking her blood once in a while. At first it had been a mechanical experience for him something that needed to be done but she had noticed a grin a few times. The realization that hit Kate a moment later made her grin and blush a bit as she recalled those times. Jack had been forced to put more effort into getting the needle through her skin then normal it wasn’t that he enjoyed pricking her it was the fact that he could tell how much more powerful she was getting. The desire to show off and flaunt her strength seemed to reassert itself as Kate thought of this.


Hey Jack just when is that other exercise equipment suppose to arrive and how much weight will it be able to produce?”


Your dad said it should be here by the end of this month but don’t worry he pointed out a pretty good way of adding more weight to your temporary exercise equipment. We can just start stacking the weights in the trunk of the humvee and maybe in the back seat if things get desperate enough.” Kate nodded in agreement it would be the simplest and probably the most effective idea after all.


Alright but how much weight are they suppose to be able to generate.” Jack seemed to think about this recalling the design specs.


Well the bench press should be able to generate around 25 tons of force at least with the dimensions I gave it. Your father mentioned that they were some design flaws though and he was going to have some things redone.” Kate grinned as Jack seemed worried that it wouldn’t be able put out the preplanned amount of pressure.


Oh well then I am going to expect it to be able to put out 35 tons at least considering my father. He isn’t one to allow things to be down graded after all and will probably try to fix what ever was wrong and exceed it.” Jack just nodded not knowing exactly what to say Nathan did seem like he knew what he was doing when it come to mechanics. With that out of the way Jack and Kate finished putting away the last of the items then Jack finally took hold of a rather sturdy looking package. Kate looked over his shoulder to see just what all was in there. The package was much to Kate’s surprise full of needles as she had expected it to come with a bit more equipment. As she looked at the rather sturdy and threatening looking needles considering they were going to get going into her. She noticed at the ends had been fitted so that they would work with the regular medical equipment Jack had down stairs.


Well lets get to work after all we need to get as much information as we can before we lose the ability to brake your skin.” A long sigh came from Kate as she followed Jack down stairs it was true she enjoyed showing off for him but still getting pricked had gotten old and she had enjoyed the few weeks of not having to worry about a needle going into her. Jack made it down stairs a good deal before Kate did and was shocked to see the destroyed bench press letting out a low whistle he looked up at Kate who was slowly making her way down the steps.


Now just how am I suppose to stay fit.”


Oh I am sure we can fix it up I was just wanting to finish my work out earlier. We can do some repairs later on and maybe I can put these muscles of mine to some constructive use. That is provided you don’t take to much blood and leave me feeling light headed.”


Hm that is a risk I guess we are going to have to take I really want to see how your cells have come along since the last time I was able to check them. The last batch of cells I took from you died off about 3 weeks ago.” A curious looked appeared on Kate’s face.


You mean you have been keeping them alive?” Jack grinned finding a chance to brag about something.


Actually no I haven’t intentionally been keeping them alive longer then a few days but I have noticed that as your body strengthens the length of time your cells can survive once taken from you has began to increase. Without me trying to preserve then your cells can now last for several weeks at least they could four weeks ago. I bet they last even longer now who knows they might even last a month.”


I bet you can get some good data from that.”


Err well yeah but actually none of it is relevant to you after a week. You see Kate you are simply changing too quickly the best thing I can do is try to figure out patterns and see which way it is going to go. I haven’t had time to study any one sample and figure out exactly how it is working. I figure others can figure that later on by looking through my data.” Kate held her tongue as she considered commenting on how she hoped the data he recorded was better then the notes he used for his own purpose.


Alright now let me see your arm.” Kate sighed as she held out her arm and Jack began to feel along it. He didn’t bother placing any form of band on her arm to help get the veins to express themselves her muscles having grown to strong for most things to effect them. A moment later he dabbed a section of her arm with some alcohol before preparing the needle. “You may want to look away if you don’t want to see your own blood.” Kate grinned and didn’t look away a part of her still hoping that the needle wouldn’t brake her skin. It had been four weeks since the little firing test and she couldn’t help but nope they needle wouldn’t make it through. A moment later she felt a sharp prick and turned her head away as the needle began to push its way into her body.


Jack found himself having to apply a decent amount of force to get the needle in and he wondered if he could compare it to getting through the hide of a rhino or if Kate’s skin was even stronger. As her skin resisted he doubted that he would ever get to use all the needles he had ordered as he felt certain Kate wouldn’t have to worry about them being able to make their way through her skin for long. It meant he would have to call Nathan later on as well and explain the need for some needles. He had told Nathan that he felt they would need some specially made one but he hadn’t made it an official order. As the blood began to flow into the vial he considered the odds of them being able to make a needle that could continue to make its way through Kate skin. Removing the vial once full he placed another on the needle and once again began to feel it.


I wonder where my skin would rank in strength wise do you think it is plate armor strength?” Jack looked up to find Kate’s head turn in a different direction it being quite clear that she didn’t want to see her own blood going out of her veins.


Actually I would say that your skin is a good deal stronger then simple plate armor at least what a night would have worn. Though I don’t think you should get in the way of a cross bow bolt at least not yet. I think maybe triple layer plate armor if it ever existed would be a good way to define the strength of your skin.” Kate grin rather pridefully though she eagerly wished for the day that they could say her skin was as strong as tank armor and then perhaps battle ship armor. The thought took Kate’s mind away from the needle that was currently inside her body at least until she felt it being removed from her. Kate visibly shivered as she felt the needle being taken from inside her body she didn’t like the feeling one bit.


Placing the vials away Jack quickly bandaged Kate’s arm before looking at her. A surprised look appeared on Kate’s face as she realized Jack wasn’t going jump right into his research as he normally did. “Aren’t you going to get to studying?”


Yeah I suppose I should but you know when I think about it that blood there can survive for at least a week I know. So I guess I don’t have to jump right back into work if there is something you want to do.”


Oh no you don’t you took it from me so you are going to get to studying. Tell you what though while you do some research I am going to go start dinner.” Jack nodded in agreement as he picked up the vials and headed over to the microscope. Drawing out a few slides he began to set the equipment up while Kate headed on upstairs. Heading into the kitchen Kate began to look around for what she wanted to cook as well as to consider what needed to be done before the day was up. She would need to help Jack repair the weight set so that he could exercise as well that could be done after dinner though. Deciding that Jack would probably spend a while in the lab Kate considered making a roast for the two of them since it wouldn’t require much effort on her part and it would kill some time.


Looking through the refrigerator a few steaks caught her eye as she started to reach for them she shook her head. Something like that was to good to waste as she imagined how she could show off for Jack when it came time to cook them. Her body having strengthened a great deal she wondered if Jack would enjoy watching her grill a few steaks and not need anything to flip them other then her own hands. The fact that she could now handle flames that were at least suitable for cooking was a real kick for Kate though she didn’t feel she was ready to stick her hand into a welding torch.


Ruling out the stakes Kate proceeded to get out the roast and prepare the ingredients as she did this she found herself intentionally doing things that would have normally harmed her. Running the blade of the knife along her skin as she pilled a few potatoes not using oven mittens when she placed the roast in. It was getting to the point that Kate was having trouble helping herself recalling that not even a year ago she had to be so careful when doing so many things. Now if she accidently shot herself in the foot or grabbed a hot iron she didn’t have to worry about any consequences and with every day she grew stronger she knew she had fewer and fewer things to concern herself with.


The thought was almost a intoxicating one especially when Kate looked out the window at the two humvees in the yard. Recalling the last trip she made into town she grinned recalling how she had buckled up and had done for years especially after becoming a police officer. She didn’t have to worry about buckling up anymore though at least she thought she didn’t. Being able to run at over 100 miles per hour as well as the fact that her body had strengthened itself to take a even faster punch the thought that even if she got thrown out the wind shield she wouldn’t be harmed in the least was quite amusing. Considering this she resolved that she still needed to use a safety belt considering that she would be riding with Jack and she wanted to make sure he buckled up. Requiring him to where a safety belt while she didn’t hardly seemed fair to her.


Kate finished preparing her and Jack’s dinner well before he was out of the lab leaving her with the dilemma of what to do with her time. Taking a moment Kate checked herself and gave herself a slight slap on the forehead. She knew exactly what she needed to do as she removed her shirt and began to head towards her bathroom. Having just finished working out a short while ago in which one of her work outs actually required her to go outside she felt a need to get herself cleaned up. Tossing her shirt in the laundry basket Kate slipped out of the rest of her clothing. A long sigh came from her as she looked at the bathtub and lamented the fact that they had yet to set up a system that would allow her to take a truly hot bath.


Jack looked perplexed at the computer screen as he began to notice something on the screen. Up until that point Kate’s blood cells had kept mostly a human shape with the same make up as a humans except each individual component was more advanced. Now after a few weeks of not being able to check and see just how Kate’s cells were doing he found himself looking at a component that he couldn’t recognize. It reminded him of the nucleus in many ways except that it seemed to glow a slight blue making the entire cell seem to light up. Thinking for a moment she stood up and made his way over to the light switch. Turning off all the light in the basement area he thought Kate’s blood seemed to glow though he couldn’t be for sure. Turning the lights back on he took a moment to scribble down. “Blood sample seems to be emitting some form of energy thanks to now structure forming in cells. Effect of this energy or the purpose of the structure is unknown.”


Other scientist would be able to see this of course as Jack had by now started recording his findings. Returning his attention back to the computer screen he began to zoom in on various parts of Kate’s cells realizing that he couldn’t focus all his intention on just one part no matter how strange it seemed. As Jack continued to watch what was going on he noticed that while most components seemed to behave normally at least compared to what their old functions where. The nucleus and mitochondria where not. Kate’s cells having developed a higher level of sophistication then what a normal humans had her nucleus seemed to have evolved in its ability to handle information. As Jack considered the fact that Kate’s cells seemed to be evolving and changing he felt quit dim for not realizing it earlier. It truly was changing to process and take in information in order to allow it to alter itself to survive.


The mitochondria for its part was now behaving more like its own organism though it seemed still a member of the community. It seemed to function more on its own as it moved about as if searching for something. Thinking for a moment Jack got a idea as he made his way over to the old storage area and took out the old blood cells of Kate. I twas true they had died a week ago but he still wanted to conduct the test. Taking out a needle he took a bit of the blood and then placed it with the now living and more evolved samples of Kate’s blood. The more advanced blood cells quickly ceased upon the now dead once and much to Jack’s surprise began to tear them apart. Each cell in the area now seemed capable of dealing with such a intruder and responded very quickly as they cannibalized their former.


It quickly became apparent why the cells had to be so actively mindful of changes. If they didn’t the now evolved cells would waste no time in cannibalizing them. Thinking for a moment Jack through away the needle and retrieved a clean one. Pricking himself on the finger he proceeded to introduce some of his own blood into Kate’s sample. The reaction was different then he expected as Kate’s cells seemed to examine his for a moment. He imagined they where to see if they where the same type of cells, the next generation of cells or an intruder. Jack grinned and shook his head as a moment later though he watched the sample of his blood he had introduced be consumed. The mitochondria seeming to be the main instigator of the cannibalization and destruction of interlopers.


Once again turning to some paper he wrote down a few more notes. “Cells do not respond well to weaker cells or interlopers do not on any circumstance get Kate’s blood on you.” The thought of how Kate’s cells had reacted to his own was a some what disturbing yet interesting one as he considered what might happen if it did get on him. At the time his cells had been the interloper as Kate’s had been in greater abundance but would that stop them if they simply got on him or would they tear him apart. Thinking for a moment Jack made his way up stairs, into Kate’s room and stood next to her bathroom doom.


Kate do you know of a place that I could go and get some animals blood?” Kate felt a little odd as she heard Jack’s question wondering just what he would want such a thing but deciding to answer.


Yeah just go into town and stop by the taxidermy people are always shooting something around here and they should have some fresh blood. Not like you would find out at butchers office but Cuddling. Just why do you want animals’ blood.”


I have a test I want to conduct and I will need a decent amount of blood and I don’t want to bleed myself as much as might be needed for a real test.”


Err alright well how about instead of taking of you give me a moment to finish my shower and then I will go with you.”


Sure thing.” Jack stepped away from the door and made his way into the living room. Setting down on the couch he considered just how much blood he wanted to use for this experiment he would probably want to start with just a dish and then move up to a larger amount. He shook his head feeling silly a moment later as he decided it would be a better idea just to use regular small amounts of animals blood and just introduce fewer and fewer of Kate’s cells into it in order to see how they did. A short while later Kate came out of her room wearing a rather large t-shirt and shorts her hair had been brushed but she hadn’t went through too much trouble of fixing it. A short while later the two of them found themselves in the taxidermy office Jack feeling some what silly at what he was about to request.


Kate looked around the officer checking out the various trophies that lined the walls if the owner and killed them himself or if he was showing off his work she wasn’t sure maybe even both. Kate had mixed feelings as she looked around the room and considered the trophies. On one had she respected the hunters right to hunt agreed that the animal population needed to be controlled and admired their willingness to stand the freezing cold conditions during deer season. On the other hand she wasn’t sure if she cared for the concept of having an animal mounted and hoped that the meat was cooked. She didn’t like to see things killed without a reason and the concept of killing something just to kill it seemed idiotic to her. As she did this something got her attention out of the corner of her eyes as she noticed two people where staring at her.


Turning her head to find the two boys that she had caught on the back road a few months earlier she grinned. They were lucky she hadn’t caught them now as she could really scare them thanks to her increased strength and speed. “Well hello there boys you haven’t had your four-wheelers on any back roads recently have you?” Michel and Howard looked in disbelief as they debated on weather Kate was the person they had met on the road earlier. They hadn’t told anyone about what happened deciding that they most likely wouldn’t believe them and actually began to doubt if it had happened or not it was kind of hard to belief even for them.


Howard was the first one to find his voice as Kate approached them a friendly smile on her face. “Nope we have been sticking to the back woods lately no running the back roads for us. I guess we should have asked this earlier but umm who are you?” Kate grinned and considered if answering their question was a good idea or not shrugging her shoulders she imagined it couldn’t do any harm to answer them.


My name is Kate and now may I know yours? I think I had to much fun picking up your toys and out running you last time that I forgot to ask your names.” The boys grinned as Kate openly admitted to teasing them despite everything they recalled happened she seemed friendly enough then they might have felt differently had they realized how much more capable she had become since that day.


Lock jaw over there is Michel and I am Howard pleased to meet you.” Howard started to ask Kate another question when Jack returned carrying a plastic bag.


Hey Cuddly got what we came here for?” Jack nodded noticing the two young men she was talking to but shrugged it off. It was Kate’s business who she decided to converse with though he did wonder what they had been talking about.


Sure did are you ready to get back.” Kate nodded as she walked over to Jack and took him by the arm.


Yup lets go.” Jack felt a little odd as he headed through the door and wondered just what was going on. Kate of course was intentionally drawing attention to Jack wanting to make the two boys wonder who he was now. Jack didn’t realize this but of course enjoyed the attention and wished he wasn’t carrying a container of deer blood at the moment. He had gotten lucky upon his arrival as someone had dropped off a deer only recently. The shop owner had thought him a little strange as he prepared the animal but didn’t have any reason to not give him the animal blood just meant there was less for him to dispose of. Jack had insisted on giving him a twenty for the animals blood as the whole experience left him feeling a little strange.


Michel having been quiet the whole time was the first one able to speak as he walked over to Howard. “Think she is some kind of vampire?” Howard gave Michel the ultimate you are an idiot look at his friends response considering they had just watched Kate walk out in day light. Michel noticing this felt a need to defend himself. “Well we did just see that guy walking out with a whole mess of who knows what kind of blood.”


Deer and that was an odd fellow.” Michel and Howard turn in the direction of the voice to find Howard’s father putting away a twenty dollar bill. The two boys didn’t waste any time in drilling the man for information. Howard coming to regret that his father had a mind your own business attitude as he proved to have little information other then Jack’s name and that he was not a hunter.



Kate sighed as she laid in bed her eyes slowly drifting open. Looking around the still dark room she grinned as she recalled a time when she would be looking at day light. Having went to bed at midnight Kate turned her head in the direction of her alarm clock to find that it was still 5 in the morning and yet she felt totally rested. Such things had been going on with her for a while now as she found her body becoming more capable she found her rate of recovery increasing as well. Now she only required 5 hours sleep instead of the 8 hours it at once required her to fully recover herself. Climbing out of bed she rubbed her hands across her eyes before she began to straiten out her covers another item that she no longer used. It now required so much heat or cold to effect her that she imagined she could safely sleep outside even during winter at least in the region she currently found herself in.


Stretching her muscles Kate ran her hand through her hair a surprised look appearing on her face. Holding her hand in front of her face even she could make it out her fingers where covered with strands of her own bright red hair. Kate’s mouth opened widely as she realized just how much hair had come off in her hand. Flipping on the lights she looked towards the bed and nearly feel over when she found the pillow blanketed by her hair strands. Picking up the strands of hair the amount that had came out over night truly shocked Kate her hair having seemed so much thicker over the last few weeks she didn’t see how she could suddenly be losing it.


Quickly dashing into the bathroom she flipped on a light and proceeded to check herself in the mirror. As she did this though she noted something odd despite the amount of hair she seemed to have lost. Her bright red main still seemed as thick and vibrant as ever. A relieved yet perplexed looked appeared on Kate’s face as she began to hold the strands together in order to gage just how much hair she had lost over night. The worry that she would find a huge bald spot on the back of her head gone Kate began to curiously run her fingers through her hair as she did this she began to notice a change in her hair. Some of her hair seemed thin compared to the others and this was the hair that came out in her hand just by brushing her fingers over it. The other hair strands seemed thicker and healthier then normal encouraging her to run her fingers along their length.


Kate found herself wondering if the changes to her hair was due to her body’s alterations. Deciding to conduct a test she removed a few of the thinner hair strands just by touching them and held them in her hands. Easily snapping them in two she was sure that at least the current strands hadn’t strengthened like the rest of her body but then again hair really wasn’t a muscle. Then taking a moment to feel of one of the new hair strands she noted it felt like her hair though a good deal silkier, softer and smoother. This got a grin from Kate as she wondered if her body was adapting so that she wouldn’t end up balled the first time something yanked her hair. Curiously she took hold of one of the hair strands and gave it a slight tug reading herself for the slight pinch she would feel. Finding out that the thicker strand didn’t want to come out in the least Kate chuckled and gave it another hardier tug. The moment the hair was removed Kate’s eyes nearly doubled in size as she felt a shard of pain shoot throughout her entire being.


Jack was normally a heavy sleeper requiring a fairly loud alarm to wake him from his slumber. That wouldn’t be a problem today though as his ears where pierced by one of Kate’s screams. Kate who normally had a fairly high pain tolerance hadn’t been prepared to feel like she had just torn of a layer of her skin. Catching herself a moment to late she took in a few sharp breaths while she tried to relax herself. The sound of Jack scrambling towards her room field the house as he burst into her room. “Kate is something wrong?” He called out the moment he entered her bed room then ducked into the bathroom to see her standing there holding a single strand of hair in her hand. “What happened Kate?”


I pulled one of my strands of hair out.” Kate said this in the most serious way she possibly could though the look Jack gave her was one of utter shock. The notion seemed to silly as compared to how loud she had been screaming only moments later. Slowly a grin broke on Jack’s face as he resolved that Kate must be playing a joke on him trying to see how fast he would rush to her aid. The fact that he had done so was actually amusing as he considered the difference in their abilities and what chance he would have against something that Kate was having trouble with. The thoughts seemed to ridiculous in his sleep deprived and adrenaline infused state that he found himself chuckling openly. Kate for her part was blushing a bright crimson as she felt extremely silly still it had hurt. “I am serious Jack it really hurt.”


Jack continued to grin as he noted the strand that seemed to be the culprit. “OH then I guess we need to punish it.” Jack removed the strand of hair from Kate’s hand still laughing lightly. Taking it between his hands he gave it a fair yank and nothing happened. The look on his face a moment later got a grin from Kate as he began to struggle with the strand of hair. A moment later he held it up to his eyes getting a closer look at it. He quickly noted that the strand of hair seemed thicker then what he had seen before though it still looked nice. Slowly running it through his fingers it didn’t take him long to take a guess at what was going on. Kate’s body had been strengthening itself after all he couldn’t help but assume that it had adapted itself so that her hair would be proportionally strong to the rest of her. “I guess we need to take a look at this.”


Glad you believe me now.” Jack nodded in agreement thankful for the adrenalin that was currently running through his veins. It had done a good job of waking him up though he knew he would be feeling drained in three hours or so. Deciding not to waste time he headed out of the room and made his way towards the basement Kate following closely behind. Kate stopped and looked around at the basement now it had began to look less and less like a make shift lab area and more like a professional testing center. With the arrival of her new exercise equipment as well as the additional medical equipment Jack had requested. The extra medical equipment had started to help deal with her strengthening skin but it had expanded greatly when Jack had learned how dangerous even her blood could be.


He had later told her that he was worried it could act like a virus and pointed out the risk of such a action. Kate recalled how he had tested it with the animal blood and studied that one sample over the last 7 weeks as well as additional samples. He had learned several things about how Kate’s body worked. He had found that her cells could attack any interloper but they would not respond like a virus. That is if Kate’s cells where in the greatest number they destroyed and consumed any other organic material while if they where in the lesser they seemed to kill themselves. Further more even if they could survive outside her body they would not reproduce once removed from her. It helped to relax Kate a good deal as she had feared what would happen if her cells did form into a virus after Jack mentioned that day.


The final limitation her cells seemed to put on themselves once removed from her though was the fact that they ceased to evolve. Jack couldn’t help but resolve that this meant they required a stimulant to adapt and that most likely came from Kate’s brain and her desires. While Jack was quite sure Kate wouldn’t continue getting stronger by now if she quit exercising he wasn’t sure what would happen if she didn’t want the strength in the first place. That wasn’t a issue though as Kate had no intention of stopping her exercise routine as she truly wanted the increased strength. Really it had been good new in Kate’s opinion as Jack explained even if they could clone her with those cells it wouldn’t be as powerful as the original as whatever time Kate spent working out after the cells had been taken would give her a advantage.


Now it seemed that her body had thrown her another curve ball as she watched Jack set up the equipment and get the hair strand under a microscope. Jack felt a little odd as he began to test the hair strand though he was curious why it had hurt Kate so much when she had pulled it out. He figured it was because she hadn’t been ready for however much pain it has caused her thus she had reacted more strongly then what she would once she was prepared for it. Wondering back over to the computer screen he brought up the image of Kate’s hair on the screen and began to look it over. It didn’t take him long to figure out what had happened as he leaned back in his seat. “Hey Kate have you ever torn off some living skin.”


Well yeah tends to happen when you are removing some dead skin from a bad sun burn and go a little to far.” Jack nodded as he pointed towards the screen. It was strange but despite the discovery Jack didn’t feel as shocked as he normally would have. Working with Kate for nearly a year now had taught him to expect strange alterations within her body. It was something that he was getting used to.


The reason it hurt you so much when you tore out your hair strand and the reason why I couldn’t brake it in two is because your hair is alive now.” Kate blinked and walked over to the screen looking to see what it was showing. The cellular structure of Kate’s hair wasn’t over complex but it was assuredly more then what a normal persons’ had. Jack decided to help illustrate this point by plucking one of his own hair strands and sliding it under the microscope with Kate’s then he began to move it back and forth. “You see while my hair strand is dead thus it doesn’t hurt when I cut it yours is alive. I suppose this is your body’s way of strengthening it to make sure you don’t end up bald if you have to compete someone that is your equal and they swing you around by your hair. Still kind off odd you think your body would take the simpler way and just make you bald.” Jack felt a bit of pain as Kate gave him a slight slap on the head not enough to really hurt but he knew she didn’t like the comment. He grinned realizing that he had just spoken without thinking and got a image of a bald Kate. He didn’t find it too unpleasant but he preferred her with her hair and was grateful her body was taking this rout instead of the simpler one for once. “Yeah I guess that wouldn’t be too attractive hmm who knows maybe your body is instinctively keeping its sex appeal.”


Hmm you really think that is the reason? That my body is naturally following the concept of sex appeal and altering some features.” Jack looked over his shoulder at Kate turning his chair around completely.


Sure may be.” Jack was interrupted as Kate suddenly moved forward pressing her c-cup chest into his face. Her breast where firm but still quite pleasant to the touch a fact that Jack had confirmed several times when she happened to hug him but had yet got to confirm with his hands.


Then do you think these might get better?” Kate giggled as she noticed the look on Jack’s face who actually had to push her back a bit so he could talk. Kate let Jack’s hands push her back as she felt them pressing on her arms.


I am not so sure about that one after all your body is looking out for its own survival to and I am not sure if you would be as effective of a fighter with a pair of DD’s out in front.” Kate sighed and proceeded to press her hands up under her own breast making them seem some what bigger. Sighing as Kate she felt herself up a bit she did this mostly for Jack’s enjoyed as his face remained very close to her chest.


Ah poo all well I guess you can have it all.” Jack smiled when he was suddenly lifted from his chair and into Kate’s arms.


Well now Cuddly I think it is time for you to get back to bed. I didn’t mean to wake you up after all and I don’t want you feeling drained later on today.” Jack grinned as Kate proceeded to carry him upstairs and back into his room. Flipping off the lights as she went he didn’t expected what happened next as Kate laid down in the bed and simply placed his body on top of her own. Her arms wrapping around him he looked at her for a moment knowing that she wouldn’t be tired for quite some time. Kate grinned at Jack and rubbed the side of her cheek against the top of his head as she held him.


You fall asleep quicker when I am with you.” Jack grinned realizing it was the truth as he already felt himself relaxing in Kate’s arms. It was funny but as she held him he felt so relaxed that mingled with the fact that it was still night time helped to push him towards the land of nod. Considering the situation it wasn’t overly surprising though as he noted how safe he felt with Kate around. He didn’t like to think of himself as the type to hide behind another but still Kate’s warmth and the thought that she would protect him where both very relaxing. A short while later Jack’s breathing slowed and his body became more relaxed as he drifted off to sleep. Kate grinned and looked over towards his clock reaching out she set the alarm to go off two hours later. Even if she had woken him up she could let him sleep in to late and get his sleeping habits messed up.


Kate easily lifted Jack’s sleeping form from the bed and placed him back in it. It was easy to move him without waking him thanks to her strength he simply felt so light. Slipping out of the room Kate sighed and ran her fingers through her hair. “Well I guess it beats having you torn out the first time I get into a major fight.” Slipping out of Jack’s room and back to her own Kate proceeded to rummage through the drawers. A few moments later she located the outfits that Jack had bought earlier. Pulling out the gear that was originally meant for motorcycle racing. Looking it over for a moment she recalled why she had started using it recently. The tough material was better able to handle the little nicks she took while running around while her softer outfits could simply get shredded by the branches. Removing her t-shirt she proceeded to slip herself into the outfit as she checked out the window to make sure that it was still dark out. She had been going for her runs before sun rise to help avoid prying eyes. Her sleeping habits having changed so much over the past weeks that she could easily run for a hour and still make it back two hours before Jack would be getting up.


Thanks to today she wouldn’t be making it back quite that soon but there would still be time for a jog. Taking the time to zip herself up in the outfit Kate proceeded into the living room and slipped on a pair of solid black running shoes. She felt a need to have a word with Jack about style and to point out she preferred white over black. It was partly her fault though as she resolved Jack didn’t know what she would like and was probably going by functionality at the time. Stepping outside Kate filled her lunges with the clean mountain air and wondered how it would feel once she got back to the city. A grin formed on her face as she wondered if her body had strengthened itself enough that she wouldn’t notice. She was sure Jack would notice though as he seemed to have adapted to the mountain air.


Taking a few moments to stretch Kate finally took off in a jog the sound of her feet striking against the ground and kicking up some dirt quite audible. Kate easily reached her jogging speed of 120mph while she could reach 160mph she had found that she could only hold such speeds for a limit amount of time thus 120 was preferred for a good work out. As Kate sprinted down the hill side she couldn’t help but find it amusing how easily her eyes followed her own actions as she considered how fast she was moving. She saw things more quickly and yet she could make them out as clearly as ever as her legs quickly ate up the ground. This had actually made Jack nervous when she mentioned it to him before though it was a necessary out come if she wanted to use her speed. It meant that her brain was being altered as well though to better process the information.


Kate had worried about this herself for a while but had to resolve there was little she could do about it. Her thinking process had remained the same at least as far as she could tell. As Kate made it back onto the back roads a grin formed on her face as she enjoyed her greater speed. It was enough so that she didn’t have to worry about someone coming up from behind her though leaving her only concern what was going on in front of her. She did occasionally come upon someone who was out in front of her but they where easy enough to avoid. If she couldn’t find a way around them she would always just turn around and go back the other way. The times that someone was behind and in front of her she could simply jump back into the woods and consider along those paths.


As she moved along she found her mind returning to the thoughts of her hair and what other changes her body might be going through. Jack had mentioned that her body might be holding onto its sex appeal. A part of her hoped it had reached that point of realization however as she moved along she began to worry about the idea of her body thinking on its own. Then again Jack did mention that her cells ceased to function and change once removed from her she only wished she knew if that was because it was removed from the rest of its kind or if it lost the link with her brain her mind.


The sound of some tires screeching against the pavement took Kate’s mind from these thoughts as she looked ahead of herself. At first she thought she had accidentally run upon a driver and scared them but as she looked ahead she knew that wasn’t the case. A older model ford was up ahead swerving dangerously from lain to lain. As Kate got a little closer she could make out the back of the drivers and passengers head. The two passengers seeming to be young teenagers and going by the way they were driving she resolved they where either drunk, getting there or driving like idiots intentionally. None of which where okay as far as Kate was concerned at first she considered pulling them over but quickly recalled she wasn’t a copy anymore. As she considered her options a grin began to form on her face as she quickly hopped into the trees and began to pass the vehicle.


A few moments later she jumped down from the woods and came to a dead stop. Taking a moment to brace herself so she simply wouldn’t be knocked away she listened for the vehicle. As the truck came around the corner Kate moved her legs a bit to get a firmer grip on the ground. Kate having chosen a curve that would offer a good blind spot she had chosen the spot correctly as the drivers noticed her to late to do anything about it. Their reaction time having been dulled and the simple fact that it was a blind spot as well as Kate intentionally putting herself in the way. The vehicle slammed into Kate her feet digging into the ground as while the impact didn’t hurt her she still only weighed 180lbs. Kate felt her shoes being ground into the pavement as she was pushed back a bit though it still ended in the vehicle being stopped rather quickly. She felt the metal fold around her body after ripping through her clothing as her feet finally left the ground.


Kate felt strangely odd as she was sent through the air having lost her footing for just a moment. Her 180lbs pounds slammed into a tree though the motion didn’t hurt in the least. As she came to a stop she slowly stood up and lightly dusted herself off before checking out the vehicle. The damage was significant but she didn’t think she had totaled the vehicle thanks to its sturdy build. This actually disappointed her a bit but she didn’t feel like using her actual hands to damage the vehicle. At the moment she had been hit she had been a pedestrian after all giving her the right of way. A grin formed on her lips as she made her way over to the vehicle and saw the pair moving inside. Looking in the floor poor she was quite sure they where both fairly sauced. Kate snorted in contempt having spent a good deal of time as a cop drunk driving is one thing she couldn’t approve of at all.


Oh the insurance is going to love you to I bet that is if you have it.” The two men looked over at the woman who was now standing beside the vehicle. The two of them seeming to be in a daze thanks to the impact and alcohol going through their system. Kate reached through the open window and shut off the engine for them. Looking at them the passenger had a nice bump on his head but Kate doubted the damage was permanent. Though she was unsure if she really cared after all they had hit her. This instantly got a giggle from Kate as she looked around and resolved that she needed to move the vehicle out of the road.


Taking hold of the vehicle Kate lifted it from the ground and proceeded to move over towards the road side. Setting the vehicle down and tossing the keys in the back seat she figured they could find them when they where sober enough to look strait. Deciding not to stay around to long Kate took back off towards the house figuring this was one of those things she wasn’t going to mention to Jack. As Kate ran along she resolved she would have to find a better way to brace herself for impacts in the future though. As while that had been fun she hadn’t managed to remain as steel as she had wanted to. As Kate made it home she wondered what they two men would end up telling their insurance. She imagined if they where smart they would simply say they had hit a deer or some other animal.


She wasn’t really sure if they would even recall what they had hit though considering they state they had been in even before they had impacted with her. Kate quickly trotted back inside a wide grin upon her lips as she made her way to her room. Looking in the mirror she took note of the damage the crash had done to her clothing as well as her shoes. As she removed her shoes she resolved they where still in good shape and could be used for a while longer. Her jogging out fit on the other hand was a completely wreck as she removed it. Tossing the clothing in the trash she was glad she had more then one outfit as she wouldn’t need to mention it to anyone for quite some time. Even if someone did notice though she imagined she could simply explain that she had slipped while jogging along the highway.


Slipping into some normal clothing she found herself debating on a return trip to the city. It had been nearly a year since she had left and she had went from athletic human to super human in that time. Also she found herself feeling a stronger and stronger desire to put her powers to use especially as they grew. The fact of what she had done only a few minutes ago was proof enough of that. The impulse to demonstrate her abilities where getting stronger and she was having trouble keeping them in the confines of the house. Flexing her arm a sigh came from her as she stood up and began to make her way towards the basement. The new equipment having arrived earlier she felt a need to burn off some energy. As Kate made her way down stairs she looked at the machinery and felt a surge or pride as she flexed a arm. “Lord girl you are becoming a power addict.” Came from Kate’s own lips as she realized how much she enjoyed flaunting her power.


She felt a little gilt as she realized that her decision to have the truck slam into her wasn’t purely moral but it was also a heavy dose of ego and her desire to flaunt her own abilities. Thoughts of what she might start doing as she grew more powerful both excited her and made her shudder a bit. She didn’t like the idea of being owned by the power after all. Closing her eyes Kate made a resolution to herself. “Twelve more weeks one year of development that is all.” Kate then proceeded to type a few numbers into a keypad on the new barbell. At least that is what Kate considered it though it was really a hydraulic press. Setting the machine to exert 5 tons of pressure she made herself comfortable as she pressed up on the bar. The computer registering the act instantly began to apply the pressure. Kate slowly lowered the bar and then easily pushed it back up. Looking at the computer screen for a moment she moved the bar into a secure position before adding another 2/5th’s of a ton to the total weight.



End Chapter 2.

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