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Kneel Before Roz – Part 8

Written by Dru1076 :: [Saturday, 01 September 2018 23:00] Last updated by :: [Sunday, 02 September 2018 09:49]

Standing behind the purple shield in the underground hanger, Garry wondered how the super muscled God of inhuman power standing in front of him was even possible. A thousand questions ran through his head while Mega Roz stared off into the distance.

“They’re getting in the chopper now, dude,” Roz informed him. “A five man team, with a support chopper and all armed to the teeth. They think they can kidnap my parents and use them to stop me.”

Garry really didn’t like the cheerful tone in Roz’s voice. The all powerful God wasn’t angry. It was clear she was happy about this development, and was eager to play with more toys.

“What the hells gotten into you, Roz? How did you get so strong? Why kill so many people, man?”

Roz chuckled. “Because it’s fun, Garry. I’ve always had stronger muscles than everyone else. But there’s a lot more where that came from. Being a super duper, ultra invincible, divine muscle God with unlimited mega powers has its advantages, dude. That why I can fuck around here and not hurry. It’ll take that chopper hours to get anywhere near mum and dad.”

Garry’s mum suddenly found her voice. “Are you going to kill us, you murderous monster?”

Roz smiled at her. “Garry here has been chosen as First Toy. You silly cunts are safe for now. But I hope you learned to keep fucking mouths shut. Next time you fuck tards snitch on me I’ll rip your fucking legs off. Now then… let’s get going shall we?”

“You mean you’re taking us with you?”

The way Roz smiled chilled the three prisoners to the bone. “Your my toys. And I have a really cool idea how to keep you big mouths close.”

Frightening them, Roz stepped right up to the purple shield and the crackling energy sent several arcs of deadly power out to destroy the arrogant super God. Instead, the purple sparks merely teased Roz’s thick solid chest with new strength. Reaching up a hand, Roz placed it on the shield and smiled wickedly as the alien energy raged over his skin snapped out bolts of protesting violence to tickle his face and abs. Smiling wickedly, delighted by the pleasant soothing warmth of new strength filling his muscles, Roz concentrated on drawing the shield energy into herself rather than just letting it do its own thing. A machine somewhere popped and blew in shower of sparks, and the purple shield brightened and the wall of force was suddenly shrinking and drawing in toward the point of contact with Roz’s hand. When the last purple light blinked out of existence the three ordinary humans stepped back from the sudden proximity of Roz’s super strong mega muscles.

“Haven’t you ever wanted to go in a spaceship?”

Roz turned away and strode over to the sleek silver ship and with astonishing physical ease got a grip by sinking her fingers effortlessly into the special alloy and raising the large vessel with one muscle bound arm. Walking back, she span the ship around to get a good look at it from all angles, his strength handling the large object very easily. Unable to find the door, mega Roz shrugged and put it down close to his toys. Reaching out she made a blade with his hand and his fingers easily carved through the shiny smooth alloy. In short order Roz had cut a rough door in the surface, and peeled it down to make a ramp.

“There we go! An instant door, just for you pussies. Get in there.”

When they hesitated, Roz smiled and swelled out his physique with several thousand tonnes of divinely strong super hard muscle. They quickly decided to oblige, rather than have Roz force them. Once in there, the mega mighty super God bent the noisily protesting alloy back into place and squished the edges with smeared pressure welds to seal it. The family were horrified to find themselves trapped inside the ship with no way out until Roz opened it up again. Some small relief came when a light blinked on, revealing the clean smooth interior of the ship. A single room that Roz began to furnish with items conjured from her imagination, including a huge screen displaying the outside world. A couch, three beds, and even a bathroom cubicle, magically appeared in the room with them and they all examined their prison in wonder and dread.

Roz’s huge face filled the wall screen. “Comfortable in there, little rabbits? I used my mega God powers to hook you cunts with some beds and shit. Now you can sit back and enjoy the show while I crush the seal team, destroy the carrier group they launched from, and then I’m gonna arrange a meeting with the president. You guys shouldn’t kiss any of this, since it’s happening because of you.”

Roz grinned wickedly, and grandly waved a hand in through air at the ship. The large vessel shrank, and so did its cargo. Smaller and smaller, the ship was soon only half the size of a marble. With a little wiggling of fingers, Roz wove into existence a chain for her small bauble then picked it up and secured it around her neck. Within that tiny silver trinket the three prisoners of the divine Roz were in fact the safest people in the entire world. The clever super God has made the necklace indestructible, and nothing other than Roz’s own unlimited super strength had the ability to damage it.

Over a thousand miles, their two choppers riding through a thunderstorm, the seal team were preparing themselves and going over their plan. If they could get their hands on the menacing super girls parents, they would have a lot more information and hopefully some leverage. Unaware that Roz had smashed her super muscles through the roof of the base and was rocketing toward them, they were discussing what the hell could have created a monster like Roz.

Roz’s passengers were in quite a state of shock. The shifting perspective as they shrank to a size smaller than ants was absolutely sickening. The depths of Roz’s power over them was appalling, and all three had been stunned to discover new degrees of hopelessness. When Mega Roz has leapt upward through the roof and into the night sky above the desert, they were able to witness first hand the amazing sight of concrete steel and rock being smashed and bullied by super hard divine mega muscles. The ship protected them from the g forces, but they could tell by the blurring scenery that Roz was moving at an impossible speed.

The seal team had been deployed from carrier group six, at sea in the Gulf of Mexico. They had flown for only a few minutes, but had crossed the coast and were headed to the drop point at a good clip. The stealth choppers enabled them to move fast and undetected by civilian radar, which was what made this very illegal operation possible. Using an armed military aircraft to deploy an active seal team on a mission targeting US civilians was the sort of thing that would end careers. But this team of trained killers had already done much worse. This sort of mission was more common than anyone dared to admit.

In less than two minutes Mega Roz was drifting in the clouds above the two rapid moving choppers considering her options. Deciding against her first impulse of destroying the backup chopper with her finger canon, Roz soared down and came up to the closed cargo door undetected. The handle broke off in her strong fingers when she took hold of it, so with a shrug of indifference she laid a hand on the panel over the lock and curled her fingers into the metal around the mechanism. Tearing it out tossing it it over her shoulder, Roz flicked the door open with a finger, bending it dramatically and weakening it enough to be ripped off completely by the fast moving wind. Roz entered the cabin and smiled at the pilot, floating with her feet inches off the floor.

“How’s it going, dickheads? Nice night for flying fucktards to go joy riding? Or are you gay cunts off to somewhere special?”

“What the fuck… Songbird this is blue bird over. We have a fucking problem. The psycho cunt from Nevada is here.”

“The psycho cunt from Nevada?” Roz demanded, clearly unhappy. “I think you mean the super strong, divine muscle God, ruler of life on Earth and bad ass invincible Mother fucker. If you can’t be respectful, you weak little shit flake, then we might as well skip to the part where you and your weak as piss flying rat turd get royally fucked over by my super hard, super strong, mega mighty divine mega muscles.”

Roz simply allowed gravity to take hold of her, and dropped to the floor. Her naked feet bent and splintered the aluminum plate, and the chopper lurched under her current five ton weight. Smiling with her arms folded and watching them with scornful disdain while they screamed and panicked wrestling desperately with the controls to regain control. But the chopper had no way of maintaining altitude with an added five ton payload. It dropped like a stone toward the mountains, hardly slowed by the outmatched rotors.

The men screamed in horror as the ground rushed up to meet them. Mega Roz chuckled confidently and watched on happily. The chopper hit the ground at a massive speed, and the whole thing was dramatically torn apart in a flaming explosion fueled by the unused armaments. Boom, ka boom. The ground shook. Mega Roz had no problem keeping upright, landing easily on her feet with just a small flex of her calves and quads absorbing the impact comfortably. Flaming wreckage smashed itself apart upon her diamond hard body while she just smiled and enjoyed the show. Letting the sunken ruin burn and caress her impossible divine muscles with delightful flames, Roz looked up and focused on the confused flight crew in the main chopper, and the monstrously overpowered super God callously laid waste to the whole area by using extremely excessive physical power to spring up towards her prey.

Now aware of Roz’s presence, the remaining chopper was looking for her and swung around to face her as she approached. She stopped in the air and flew along in from them, letting the targeting system get a good healthy lock on her. Every missile they had blasted out and faced toward her, slamming like an oversized stream of bullets into Roz’s thick strong chest and rolling cobbled stomach. Even before the last missile had struck the chain gun wound into life and unleashed a stream of thirty caliber bullets to splatter like water bombs on her mighty torso.

Roz smirked, not showing them how much she absolutely adored their gunfire but preferring to ooze scorn and disdain for their wasted efforts. They broke off and started to run, but there would be no escape for them. Mega Roz flexed her quads and explosively accelerated after them. Coming up underneath them, she matched speeds with the chopper and grabbed a hold of it with the super strong fingers of her left hand sunk deep into the landing skid. With arm Mega Roz easily took a firm unquestionable command of the chopper and its confused cargo. Looking around, she chose a clearing in the mountainous terrain and accelerated toward it. With blood boiling pressure Roz’s helpless passengers were thrust into their seats. Booming through the sound barriers three times, the helicopter shook violently and lost its blades to brutal wind resistance. Just when the screaming pilot thought his cracking window was going to burst, the ground filled his vision and the chopper slowed to a bone jarring stop a few feet above the ground.

Without bothering to let them recover from the sickening speed of the trip, Roz dropped her badly damaged cargo negligently to the ground and hovered above the scene. Crashing the last few feet to the ground the ruined chopper rolled to a rest on is side and men inside began to emerge. They were in shock, and didn’t notice Roz floating casually above them until after the last man climbed free and she addressed her playthings.

“And just who the fuck do you weak little cunts think you are? Well? How fucking dare you? You pathetic little ants think it’s a good idea to try fucking with people I care for? You guys know who you your messing with? Do you? I… am… a… fucking… God. A super bad, super strong, super cunt, with indestructible mega muscles and a bad fucking attitude. Just what the fuck did you think would happen, pansy boys? You weak cunts. If you want to come after me, then here I am. Don’t involve my fucking parents. I am going to fuck you up real bad for going after them. When you’re crying for your bitch mothers, remember that. When your screaming in pain, soaking in your own blood shit and piss I want you to remember why I’m fucking you up so damn slow and hard.”

The man in charge of the seal team motioned his men to be calm. “Listen Roz. We go after who they tell us to. We have no desire to harm you or anyone you know.”

“Don’t worry, pussy boy. Once I finish with you little wimps I’m going to use my super duper mega muscles to smash, bash, and pulverize the navy. Your boss is getting fucked over today as well… and so is his boss, but that’s later.”

“You can just leave us here, Roz. We’re already fucked. There’s no finishing the mission now.”

Roz laughed. “You dumb cunts were never going to finish your mission. And no. I can’t just leave you. I’m going to smash the shit out of you. These mega God muscles right here are going to fuck you up. Big time. Are you ready, fucktards? Ready to feel some serious fucking pain?

With a shocking thump, Roz knocked them to ground with a playful double bicep pose. Lowering her arms to her powerful hips, Mega Roz relished the hot storm of lead that was stripped of its steel jackets and splattered mercilessly upon her divine muscles the moment each elite soldier jad rolled to a firing position. Roz sucked in a few missed shots as they sailed by, happily chewing the bullets with her pearly white teeth while they kept on shooting. For several minutes Roz calmly chewed the lead into a glowing molten mass rolling on her tongue watching as men now stopped and slapped new magazines into their drained weapons. Each man had reloaded twice before Roz decided it was time to show them her power.

Looking past them she focused on the ruined chopper, now emptied of all its passengers and heavy armaments. Rolling the hot ball of molten lead on her tongue and cooling it into a solid sphere with her controlled breath, Roz flicked the musket ball she’d made off the tip of her super strong tongue into the exposed belly of the fallen warbird. Kaboom. The whole wreck exploded into burning chunks of debris, Roz’s bullet having struck with appalling force and leaving nothing behind.

Roz smiled with smug understanding of their weakness while they picked themselves up and quickly discussed their options. Knowing what was sure to come next, Roz drifted back to keep from killing themselves with their own explosive attack. The first rocket exploded against Roz’s thick left pec, entertaining her shoulder and neck with flame and giving the super hard, super strong, indestructible divine muscle a friendly tap almost as if congratulating the unstoppable mega Roz for her incredible invulnerability. A second rocket bravely attacked Roz’s gut and there it met its doom upon the fortress of Hard unforgiving cobbled abs. Boom. Fragments tickled her impenetrable skin, and the wonderfully delightful rush of new energy pouring into her obscenely potent muscles thrilled the almighty muscle God.

“Fuck yeah.” Boom, boom. Boom. “That feels great. I gotta tell you…” Boom. Boom. Thathathathathatatatatatatat. Boom “… you better give me all you got. Because I’m really going to fuck you over bad once these mega mighty super God muscles come out to play. You weak counts are so fucked.”

Giving them a wicked grin that showed her perfectly straight teeth, mega Roz let gravity take her to the ground. Kaboom. Her mighty feet struck the Earth like mortar shells. The soldiers were thrown once more to the ground, and the divine muscle God they had foolishly gained the attention of stood in a shallow crater of her own making, clearing the air by giving her thigh a booming slap and waiting patiently for the hand grenades. Boom. Boom. Boom. Boom.

“Hahahahahaha. Fuck yeah. Keep trying dickheads. What else you got? Not going to cry are you? Maybe I get your mommy for you? Hahahahahahahah. You fucking fucktards.”

One of the closest angrily rose and charged forward, drawing his huge handgun and lining it up bravely a mere inch from Roz’s open eye. Bang. Bang… … … bang. Bang. Bang. Bang. All six bullets shattered like glass against Roz’s beautiful clear but eye, the fragments scattered violently aside. Bleeding from several pieces of own bullets stuck in his body, the soldier slumped to his knees and looked back and forth between Roz’s sparkling eye and his smoking pistol.

“Brave little pussy, aren’t you girly boy? I guess you earned a quick death. That’s much more than anyone else here can hope for. You lucky mother fucker!”

Absently kneading her hard ripped abs, Roz reached out one super strong hand and laid it calmly over the mans wide eyed face. Mega Roz took a firm grip on the doom mans face, feeling bone crack. The man screamed a high uncontrolled howl of pure agony, and grabbed hold of Roz’s thick muscled wrist with both hands struggling violently to no avail. Roz only smirked, and held her toy on the brink for a few moments to make it clear to the witnesses she had total unquestionable control of the situation. And then, with callous abuse of her absolute power, the all powerful super brat closed her fist on the mans face, destroying it and killing him instantly.

“Okay, lads. We are getting the fuck out of here. Right now. Mark! On point! I want the pilot and navigator wedged in. Let’s go. Move!”

At a hand signal from the leader, the last grenades were thrown at the super strong bully, and then men trundled off in retreat. Over the next ten minutes they made their way into a ravine, checking carefully with night vision goggles for any sign of their tormentor. It appeared Roz had lost them, so they proceeded to hide themselves under a huge outcropping and tried to stay quiet.,

There were no footsteps to alert them to her approach before Roz startled them with her voice. “Just how stupid are you pussies, anyway? I can fly, you dumb cunts. And think about it, fuck yards. I found your choppers from all the way over in Nevada. Exactly how far did you think you were going to get? Come out kneel before Roz. I’ll make it easy on you.”

Nobody came out. They just breathed in rapid frightened gasps and looked about frantically unable to find any visual sign of Roz. After a few moments, the super strong mega gods legs dropped slowly into their field of vision from above the low lip of the outcrop. Her floating feet gently sank into the earth, and while all eyes were on the potent bulge of her calves and the imposing threat of her powerful thighs, Roz reached her left hand down under the cold rock. Her open hand searched around for a grip, then with no warning crunched hard into the surface to send dust and chips raining down. Doing it slowly to let them appreciate her relentless super strength, Roz smoothly and steadily tore the huge slab of rock that formed the outcrop from the Earth. Dirt and small stones rained down on her appalled toys as moonlight streamed in to light up their pale astonished faces. When she had the slab at chest height Roz shot her arm up and sent the huge uprooted monolith spinning through the air to come down with a booming crash, splinter tree trunks and pulverizing smaller boulders as it came to rest.

“You can’t run from me, mother fuckers. You can’t hide from these mega muscles. They sniff out weak pansy boys to fuck over with their unstoppable super strength. Then they fuck them over. Now… you, with the bandana. You’re going to die next. Get up and fight me, you puny fucking loser. I’m gonna show these other pansies what’s coming up for them.”

The bandana was firey, and defiant. “Just kill me, you little cunt. You can’t make me do a fucking thing.”

Roz laughed heartily. “Oh really? Stand up.”

To his great surprise, unaware of the tidal force Roz’s divine will crushed him with the angry and the confused man rose to his feet. “Hey! What the…”

Roz silenced him with a rude dismissive upheld Palm. “Shut the fuck up, loser.” The man went silent instantly. Now get the fuck over here and break yourself upon me. Go on, pussy. Hit me with your best shot.”

One of his comrades tried to pull him back, but without hesitation the man rose and approached Mega Roz with a look of confusion on his face. It was clear he was resisting, but Mega Roz’s indomitable divine will crushed his merely mortal will without any trouble. The man watched his fist in confusion as his shoulder got behind a devastating left swing, and even as the knuckles shattered loudly on Roz’s cute smiling face bandanna was throwing a fully committed haymaker with his right. With a sickening crunch accompanied by Roz’s giggles, the fist broke in seventeen places and howls of agony cut through air. Mega Roz gave him an arrogantly smug smile, very pleased to be super mega muscle God surrounded by puny weak mortals.

“What a fucking pussy.” Roz stepped forward and scrunched a single handful of noisily cracking Kevlar and pulled the big bulky soldier down to look him in the eyes, overpowering the brute with obvious ease. “My turn, you puny little pansy boy.” Holding him firmly by his armour, Roz slapped the open palm of her free hand lightly across bandannas face. Light for Roz was three times as powerful as Mike Tyson’s best punch. Three teeth drew thin lines traced with blood in an arc as they flew out of his broken jaw with several large bits of other teeth. Chuckling and watching Bandannas face with sparkling interest, Roz backhanded out two more teeth and heard a cheekbone snap. The huge soldier sagged, but Roz shook him back to awareness and slapped him again, backhanded him, slapped him again, then let go and backhanded with a just a tiny little bit actually effort. After just two more of those slaps the mans face had been ruthlessly destroyed. Both eye sockets were crushed, both cheekbones had multiple fractures, and his pulverized jaw hung sickeningly low. The last backhanded blow Roz delivered actually splattered the skull completely and the force of the appalling strike sent the body sailing through the air into a tree.

“Now the rest of you,” Roz commanded, turning to the remaining men. “Get on your feet, pansy boys. Give me your best shot. I want everything you’ve got.”

With wide eyed disbelief the rest of the men rose and ran at Roz. Even the chopper crew. Knives slipped out of sheaves, and the leader even slipped on cruel knuckle dusters. Crack. Snap. Kathuk. Thud. Crunch. Snap. Fists broke like glass, knives stopped dead on her impenetrable skin and snapped. Roz grinned at the pilot who slammed his forehead on Roz’s brow with total commitment despite his confusion, and reeled back wobbling on his feet with blood oozing from the wound he had opened up over his left eye. He came back and tried the same move again. This time Roz laughed happily and jerked her own face forward to add her super strength to the impact. The pilots body flopped to the ground while pieces of popped skull still rained down.

After breaking their fists on Roz’s impossibly hard super strong muscles, the men just wanted to run. But their legs refused to obey, and their broken fists pressed the assault regardless of their owners wishes. As an already broken fist smashed itself further on Roz’s face, the ultra powerful god reached out a cruel super strong hand and crushed her fingers brutally into the soldiers chest. Ribs snapped as Roz tossed the man hard at a tree and splattered him like a water balloon, ripping quite a large chunk of splintered trunk out of the tree.

While two remaining seal team members continued to strike and assault her vigorously, Roz took a hold of the navigators arm and forced him down to his knees. Then she moved her hands to either side of the man’s skull and started to mercilessly push them together. The head in hands instantly deformed and cracked, but she went very very slowly and enjoyed the shrill horrified screams of agony. The lead seal grabbed hold of one super strong arm and yanked hard as he could. But that single arm was steady as beam. He leaned in and angrily bit down on the forearm with all his might. Roz just ignored him, and kept pressing her hands ever so slowly inward. All the seal did was snap his teeth on the indestructible muscle of Roz’s mega mighty forearm. Even both seals doing all they could possibly do, nothing in the universe could have stopped Roz from torturously squeezing on on the navigators head. With a horrible crunch, the super strong bully ended the man’s pain with an explosive increase in force and splattered the seals with hot blood, bits of bone, and chunks of brain.

Now Roz took a bone pulverizing grip on the last two and moved them without any sign of effort against their angry desperate struggles to in front of her. She pressed them together facing each other and forced to kneel before her, and held them painfully tight together with a super strong immovable hand on each back.

“You know something? I am really impressed with your team work. You pussies work really well together. There’s something special about the brotherhood of facing a challenge together, I guess. I wouldn’t know. I don’t need any help to smash and crush and pulverize you pack of pansies. I get shit done all on my own, yeah? But you guys need each other. You’re too fucking weak to get anywhere alone the any I always do. Yeah. You weak fuckers should stick together.”

They both screamed and pushed against Roz’s ruthless strength to no avail as the mega mighty super God began forcing them together tighter and tighter between her unstoppable hands. Crunch, snap, bones gave way to each other as two rib cages were forced to become one. Blood spurted from their mouths as with a terrific snapping crunch Roz forced them home, her hands only inches apart, and dropped the last of the seal team sent after her parents to the ground.

“What did you think of that shit, Garry? Pretty fucking cool huh?”

Inside the necklace, Garry shuddered. “You didn’t have to kill them!”

Roz chuckled as she floated up into the sky. “Of course not. I don’t have to do anything, you fucking moron. I’m a fucking God, remember? Mega muscle gods only do what they want to. And right now, I want to fuck up the pricks who sent those assholes. And that’s exactly what I’m going to fucking to do.”

Garry swallowed his dread as the scenery rocketed along in a blur far beneath them. The pace Roz’s divine mega muscles could generate was truly astonishing. Within seconds they were out over the ocean. And then Garry saw it. Nine ships in tight formation. An aircraft carrier, 2 missile defense vessels, 3 destroyers and 3 frigates.

Roz saw much more than Garry and his folks did. She could see every ship was on a battle footing, and had heard the orders following the destruction of the seal team. And as she slowed to approach them, Roz grinned when she saw the alert to out. There was no hesitation from the commodore. He ordered all automated defense measures activated. Choosing a random frigate, mega flew down to become the target of several anti missile guns. The lead pelted against her smiling face and was broken by her delicate features. Gracefully rolling over to land gently on her feet outside the bridge, Roz’s sudden appearance prompted a surprised sailor to shoot her in the side of the face. Without even looking at the gunman, Roz raised a negligent hand and fired a tiny bolt of energy at her attacker. The man jolted, and cried out in a shock. 3 seconds later he exploded in a gory mess when the bolt lodged in his body finally released its pent up charge.

Not bothering with doors, Mega Roz put her hands on her hips and confidently pushed her jutting breasts through the steel plate of the bridge and easily parted the outclassed metal with chest abs and thighs. An officer pulled a pistol and shot the intruder in the head from less than an inch away. The bullet snapped off of Roz’s temple and straight back into the officers chest. But what killed him was Roz’s scornful shove. Without even bothering to sneer at the man, Roz put a hand on him and shoved him into a row of consoles. The man and consoles were both dramatically destroyed by the casually over use of extreme strength. Another man shot a pistol her way, and Roz merely tapped each bullet back at the shooter with a relaxed fingertip. The bullets sailed into the doomed man with cruel accuracy and appalling force. One, then both arms vanished. Two massive holes opened on either side of his chest, and the last bullet popped his skull.

“Hey there, pussies. I’ve got good news, and bad news. The good news is I’ve decided to smash and crush this fleet with my super duper mega Muscle God power. It’s going to be a lot of fun! I’m going to laugh and pump my muscles in your faces and your all going to get royally fucked over real bad by my super strength. The bad news is you weak cunts won’t get enjoy the party very much. I need to make an example… give the other pansy boys some motivation. You know how it goes, right? So as much as I would really love to let you shoot all your missiles and shit at me, I’m just going to go into the ship and flex up a shit storm of mega Roz super power. It’s a shame, but someone’s gotta go first, right pussies?”

The captain and crew had no idea what Roz was talking about at all. Watching her sink into the steel plate floor didn’t help at all, and hearing the steel groan then tear only added to the confusion. Parting the steel plate very easily, Roz’s legs sank toward the deck below and her quads bullied the hole open wider. Leaving the bridge, Roz smashed through four more decks and stopped roughly in the middle of the ship.

“Check this shit out, Garry. Watch me fuck this shitty tin can over with divine super muscle power. Try not to cry, loser. Save the tears for later, okay?”

Roz put her hands proudly on her hips and puffed up her chest proudly. Flexing up in an awesome display of incredible divine muscle power, Roz watched the bulkheads buckle around her and the steel plate rip apart rapidly at the seams. And then she powered down on her brutal flex and unleashed a deadly steel smashing wave of utter destruction. Harry watched appalled as the entire frigate was torn apart from the inside by Roz’s raw muscle God power. Kaboom. The explosive force of Roz’s flex was so great that it even dwarfed the blast set off when entire magazine went up. The entire ship was gone in seconds, thrown out in chunks and largely vaporized before what was left sank fast into the uncaring sea.

Condition red was announced, and the entire Carrier group went into a high speed battle formation. The nearest ship, one of the missile platforms, came steaming hard to the churning sea below Roz in vain hope of finding survivors. The immense force of Mega Roz’s divine muscle explosion had left none of the crew intact. The information they had about their attacker was limited, but they had been given targeting information for their computers. The instant Roz’s presence was detected by the computer, firing solutions were sent to every vessel in the small fleet.

Roz was marveling at her abs, pressing her hands into the hard muscle with as much force as she could muster but only able to make mild impressions. “So fucking hard. So fucking strong. Fuck yeah.”

Garry, still bedazzled from the explosion, suddenly realised something. “You… you killed all those people. Roz… you have to stop this!”

Roz laughed, looking up to see the missile tubes on the approaching ship open and fire a salvo of large anti-aircraft missile. Four of the high tech toys traced a line of thick black smoke as they rocketed toward the invulnerable super God at impressive speed. Roz smiled patiently and waited with her fists pressed into her obliques, ready to enjoy the fireworks. Proximity sensors were triggered within the missiles as they came rushing toward her, and they exploded several feet away in fireballs that flashed out bearing thousands of white hot shards and engulfed Roz’s whole physique in hellish flames. It felt fucking fantastic, and she relished the luxurious warmth and splattering steel that entertained her invulnerable mega God muscles so delightfully.

“Is that all you weak fuckers can do? Hahahahahahahaha. I will fuck you up, pansy boys! Just like I fucked up your pussy friends. Are you gonna cry like a bunch of fucking girls? Ha. When I killed all your fucktard friends, they were running around like rabbits! Hahahahahahahah!”

Roz started to match pace with them, looking at their own targeting screens to make sure they had a good shot at her.

The two frigates were already firing from behind her, and fighters were streaming off the deck of the aircraft carrier, when the missile boat launched a bus sized anti ship missile. Roz was pretty impressed by its speed. But it was not very accurate, and if she hadn’t moved a little to the left it would have missed her completely.

The nose of the missile drove into her powerfully protruding breasts and got no further, her invulnerable super divine mega muscles scornfully ignored the hull cracking force of the impact. The flaring engine proceeded to drive the big long tube into the unmovable, mega mighty, super God even as the carefully crafted payload fired its devilish main charge right against her indestructible super human flesh. Kaboom. Cleverly focused forward, the massive detonation of the missile drove a large wedge of depleted uranium with determined armor piercing force. The super dense uranium got no further than the initial impact. Stopped cold upon Mega Roz’s super mega muscles it burst apart with hopeless resignation to its doom.

Boom. Boom. Boom. Boom. Shells from both of the frigates main guns smashed into explosive ruin on her back. And then… boom. Boom. Boom. Bam. Kaboom. Roz laughed as missiles large and small from the fighter jets smashed into her from all sides. Allowing a second large missile from the ship drive itself destructively into her invulnerable body, Roz went into action. Just as the next missile was about to fire, she darted incredibly fast to put herself right in front of the tube, the missiles nose poking out and the ignition sequence already started. Grinning, she place a single hand very carefully on the cold tip of the deadly weapon and held herself ready.

Men on the deck saw her, and realised what was about to happen. They screamed a warning as they fled for safety. The engine ignited with a flaming roar, the huge missile jolted in its tube trying to accelerate into the sky. But mega Roz single hand would not allow the monster to move forward a single inch. With a sneer of half amused contempt she felt the massive force of the rocket engine trying to push through her hand, but her super strong mega muscles easily outclassed the million dollar engine. The missile housing buckled. The launch tube popped and groaned. The rocket shook insistently against her steady hand, angry and eager for freedom. Kaboom. The engine blew out in a fiery blast that engulfed the launcher and ignited the payload under the cone beneath Roz’s super strong hand. Even then Roz’s hand remained immobile. Boom. Kaboom. The deck was torn up as a series of explosions rocked the vessel, leaving it listing to port.

Roz flew up to the bridge and floated a few feet away smiling happily at the Captain with her hands proud and arrogant upon her hips. With a playful pump of her super powered pecs, Roz unleashed a small but effective explosion of divine muscle power to smash the long row of windows. She locked eyes with the Captain as the stunned man regained his feet.

“Hey pussy! Mind if I borrow your boat? I’ll only need it for a little while.”

The man stood confused while Roz waited for an answer. “This is… is an unprovoked attack…”

Roz rolled her eyes and feigned exasperation. “What a load of rubbish. And anyway… fuck you and weak cunt friends. I’m a super duper mega muscle God of unstoppable invincible power. Almighty. All powerful. Eternal. You? What you got, pussy? Squishy. Weak. Pansy. Super mega muscles ear squishy weak pansy boys for breakfast, little girl. Even you hadn’t been involved with a personal attack on my family; even if this was just me being a complete cunt. You can’t stop me. You can’t even scratch these super mega muscles. A weak cunt like you can’t even put a fucking dent on these bad as muscles, powder puff. So guess what? You’re. Fucked. And I’m borrowing your little boat not matter what you say. Hold on to something, you fuck tards. It’s gonna be a rough ride.”

Mega Roz flew over the side of the ship and dropped into the water. Before anyone could ask the question about what she was doing, the ship lurched and righted itself with a deep unsettled groan of shifting and popping steel plates. And then the prow and stern both dipped as the entire vessel bowed up out of the water. The two hundred foot naval warship was held aloft very comfortably, and very easily, by the comparatively tiny mega Roz. As her hands sunk deep into a bulkhead her mighty muscles relished the very minor challenge the weight presented. Roz knocked people about, throwing them around all over the place, as she pumped out some playful overhead lifts for a quickt twenty reps. It was clear that the hulk was buckling, and the ship would soon break apart. So Roz stopped mucking about and executed her plan for her doomed cargo. Locating the second missile ship, Roz soared over toward it accelerating with care to keep her load in one piece.

Once it was clear what was happening, the targeting ship fires a string of rapid anti aircraft missiles toward the looming load Roz carried. Not willing to let them spoil her plan, Roz gleefully blasted the missiles from the sky with her lava vision and kept on accelerating toward her target. She rolled the ship and pushed it along, now approaching the other vessel with blistering speed. Mega Roz rammed her cargo home, and her invulnerable super hard body carved easily through both sets of decks while the meeting ships were obliterated all around her in a very impressive yet absolutely appalling display of fiery destruction. Kaboom. Those who saw the fate of the missile frigates felt their hearts sink into the sickening depths of hopelessness. How could they possibly hope to defeat an enemy who could do that? If they had actually seen the muscle God and understood exactly how she had accomplished the devastating task, they would have mutinied.

Roz absently kneaded her abs, and looked about for her next target to present itself. A jet unleashed a couple of sidewinders at her. Boom. Boom. Without even bothering to look, Mega Roz raised an uncaring negligent finger and fired a bolt of pure muscle power at the offending fighter plane. Kaboom. The explosion was so huge it knocked three other planes right out of the sky. Before the falling planes had struck the water, Roz was on her way to her next choice of toy. Ignoring the frigates for the moment she soared up toward a squadron of F22’s, playfully smashing her fist into the noses of two missiles and detonating with satisfying explosions, marvelously amplified by her miraculous strength. Allowing a third missile to destroy itself in her shamelessly naked breasts, painting brief hot flame delightfully across her skin and splattering her with pleasant debris.

Placing herself squarely in the squadrons path, Roz came to a stop and patiently waited for the onslaught of missiles they fired and watched them veer left and break off. More missiles exploded on her back and an anti aircraft gun sprayed her from the right. Boom. Boom. Boom. Baboom. Shwooooosh kaboom. Boom. Grinning as the last fireball faded, Mega Roz launched herself after the squadron. Her quads flexed and the awesome force generated smashed through six sonic booms almost instantly, and she quickly homed in on the tailing plane. She slowed and came up behind it, getting very close and letting the hot afterburner wash over her super hard and invincibly strong physique. Even as the flames blasted directly into her deceptively cute face, her eyes sparkled with interest and examined the inner workings of the turbine. Enjoying the exhausts failure to cook her indestructible body, Roz pulled her arms against her sides and entered the engine. The turbine began to splutter, it’s airflow now partially blocked. With a wicked smile, happy to be such super strong bad ass, Roz joyfully flexed the titanic power of her thighs and rocketed forward to smash her face through the spinning blades. The explosive divine force she generated tore the plane to shreds from the inside out, turning a hundred million dollar jet fighter into a broad cloud of fragments.

Arcing up and pursuing the next plane, Roz easily closed the distance and passed over the top plane close enough to punch it out of the sky in a million fiery pieces with super strong fist. Boom. Boom. Boom. The next one she punched into ruin with the other fist. Lining up the third, she passed a little higher over it and twitched her pecs hard. Boom. The modern military jet was utterly smashed by the appalling the force, breaking apart and tumbling from the sky in fragments to make dozens of white splashes on the dark rolling waves below.

Going up even higher, Roz got above the next one and flew down hard and fast through the fuselage, shattering the spine of the expensive jet and dooming the pilot to a watery grave. Pulling up, Mega Roz aimed herself at the belly of another f22 and plowed through it. Boom. Boom. Boom. KaBoom. Roz playfully dipped and dived through the entire squadron. Several planes tried incredibly difficult aerobatic maneuvers to evade her, but they didn’t have a chance of matching the darting turns mega Roz was so easily capable of.

Coming up underneath the leader, Roz slowed and reached up with one super strong hand and pressed into through the panel to wrap her steely fingers around a main strut. The whole airframe was instantly under her complete control, and she was pleased to see several missiles still aboard. That would make her next move more effective.

Taking aim at one of the remaining frigates, her sparkling blue eyes having no trouble at all seeing it in the darkness, Mega Roz accelerated hard and took a dive headlong at the ship. The pilot screamed, but his cries were choked off by the pressure and he was crushed cruelly into his seat. His bones were smashed, and he was already dead before the wings were starting to peel off. Just before the helpless plane broke apart in her hand, there was a gut wrenching impact as she smashed her toy into the bridge of the frigate. Kaboom. Mega Roz’s indestructible divine muscles carved easily through the explosion and the decks beyond, her face slapping into through the thick hull. Entering the water, Roz was not all surprised to find she could go just as fast underwater as though air. Like a supersonic torpedo, boiling water with the Pressure wave she effortlessly created, Roz homed in on the last frigate.

Placing her enormously powerful hands wide on the hull, positioning herself in the middle of the ship, Roz felt her muscle exhaltantly take the weight the ship and she rose with the large warship looming above her. Sailors lost their foot as the vessel shifted upward so very unexpectedly and quickly lifted clear of the waves dripping water and instantly beginning to lose its form. Before it could fall apart, Roz choose a destroyer and smashed into it with the frigate resulting in complete punishing doom for both ships. And then, lodged deep inside the still churning destruction, mega Roz ruthlessly flexed up her mega God muscles and obliterated the merged ships with a detonation far larger than had been up that point in mega Roz’s first naval engagement. Chunks of torn, tortured and twisted steel shot through the air to spray a very large area with deadly projectiles ranging in size from matchbox car to London bus.

The ships had been turned into giant hand grenades by the playful mega muscled super God, and nearly half the planes in the air were destroyed by the hellish storm of death. One of the destroyers and the carrier itself were pelted with debris, taking some serious damage but still in the fight. Hovering free in the air, Roz enjoyed the wonderfully entertaining results of her callous abuse of divine power.

“Suck it up you fucking pussies! Hahahahahahahah. My mega mighty super muscles are gonna fuck your up, you poofy weak cunts! Can you girly boy mermaids kneel? Huh? I hope so, bitches! You better get on your fucking knees, you squishy fucktards. I’m not rucking done with you! These super duper mega God muscles are gonna. Fuck. You. Up. It’s gonna be so much fun. Fuck yeah. So much power. So much super awesome, mega God, unstoppable divine power. So much strength. So much incredible, amazing, fantastic, in your face, super strength. Fucking oath, man. You guys? You guys are just fucked, man. Hahahahahahahah. So fucked. You’re not gonna cry are you? I wouldn’t blame you. It isn’t like doing anything else would save you. Because you can’t stop me, you weak cunts. You can’t stop divine mega just can’t. They’re too strong. Too strong for weak cunts like you! I’m. Too. Fucking. Strong. And you mermaids better be able to kneel. Because I’m going to make you kneel. Before. Roz.”

Shortly after her speech had begun, Roz had been enjoying insistent splattering lead in her chest from several guns on the destroyer. By the end of motivational talk, their main guns were lined up and they fired ambitious salvo. The large shells were all going to miss, so Roz moved forward with lightning speed to catch the two outside ones and reappear close to her starting point to wait for the middle shell to snap into her super hard, super strong, cobblestone abs. Larger by far than the tank shells, this new weapon provided a good solid dose of new power as her muscles easily absorbed the impact. Shattered on Roz’s impregnable stomach the shell did not enjoy the impact nearly so much as the almighty super strong god. Grinning happily, Roz ruthlessly smashed the shell in her left hand into her chest and relished the impressive result.

Looking skyward, even as the destroyed started splattering lead on her legs, torso, and face, Roz took a bite from the shell she held and chewed the lead into hot paste. With callous abuse of her immeasurable all powerful divinity, Roz crudely spat the metal at Mach 9 straight into the belly of a plane.

“Ha ha ha. Pussies. Take this shit, mother fuckers. One shell is all these mega muscles need to fuck you over.”

The second destroyer had lined her now, and another shell shattered on the back of Roz’s neck. Other than enjoying the power boost and the lovely warmth she ignored the pitiful attack and proceeded to clean the entire sky above of the remaining jets. Taking bite after bite she chewed each into a molten mass and launched them at the evasive jets with unerring accuracy and appalling destructive power. More than once, the unreasonable excessive force imparted to her projectiles wiped out two or more aircraft at a time. Such was the shocking obscene power invincible divine super Roz effortlessly unleashed from her lips.

Boom. Kaboom. “Enjoying the show, Garry?” Boom, boom.

“No. Not at all, man.” Boom. Kaboom. Boom.

“Really? Hahahahaha. I’m having a fucking blast, dude.” Kaboom. Boom. Baboom.

“There’s no need for this. You already saved your mum and dad.”

Boom. Boom. Boom. Shells and missiles continued to come at Roz wholesale but she was more than happy to just hover there a moment soaking up all the free power boosts.

“Need? Fuck need, you pussy! I don’t need to do anything! I’m a god, dickhead. An all powerful, almighty, super strong, invincible muscle God. Need? Ha. You have needs, mother fucker. I have wants. I want to smash. I want crush. I want fuck them up. I want flex and pump my super muscles in the faces of these mother fuckers and make them cry. I want to make them scream. I want to make them understand. I want them to know. I want you to know. You. Are. Pussies. Weak little piss ant pussy mother fuckers. Good for nothing but getting fucked over by super duper mega muscle gods. Good for getting squished. And until I get bored with fucking you weak cunts over with my super muscles and divine mega powers, you’re getting squished Garry. It’s that fucking simple. Now..if you want to try telling me what to do, and actually seeing me do it… then tell me which one of these floating shit tins I should fuck up next.”

Garry shook his head. “Fuck you, Roz. I’m not helping you.”

Roz laughed heartily. “Wrong answer. Now, just cuz you’re so dumb cunt who can’t follow simple instructions from their betters, I’m gonna fuck them both up.” Roz pretended to draw her finger pistols again, and aimed up the two angry warships in the ocean before her. Her pointed fingertips welled up with blinding light, and the light flashed out in two fast balls of raging energy. The balls closed in rapidly in the two ships, and pierced the hulls almost simultaneously. When they blew, they blew together. The explosions were monstrously huge, injuring a large number of people on the aircraft carrier and reducing the targets to mere particles. Roz smiled, very pleased with her effortless victory over more than a billion dollars worth of U.S warships. Now only the carrier remained, and Roz’s super hard, super strong, almighty and all powerful muscles were going to very much enjoy shredding it.

The officers on the bridge were shocked by the speed at which their carrier group had been destroyed. Within minutes of her arrival, their divine super muscled opponent had easily wiped out all their escort vessels and left them completely unprotected. Desperately sending pleas for help, alerting the pentagon of their situation, the men aboard the aircraft carrier prepared everything they had left to throw it at Mega Roz in hopes avenging their friends and, not least of all, save their own lives.

Only a handful of people understood the nature of situation. The Captain, no longer commodore, had summoned the CIA liaison, the only other man who had been present during the presidential briefing regarding the unstoppable super strong Mega Roz. He finally arrived just as the rampaging Roz blasted the last two destroyers into oblivion.

“Holy fuck. Did that superchick do that?”

The captain grimaced. “This situation is out of hands. I’ve ordered the last planes into the air, and all off duty personnel are at battle stations. I’ve got all non-combat personnel mustered for an airlift. Given the circumstances, it might be suicide trying to fly out… but I think it’s the safest place for you. With any luck, the enemy will be tied up with the rest of our fighters long enough for the transports to reach safety.”

The first officer, consulting the air Marshall, chimed in with an update. “All attack birds are now airborne, Sir. Runway is cleared for the airlift.”

“Very good. Begin the evacuation immediately.” Turning back to the liaison the captain shook his hand. “Good luck, Frank.”

Roz listened in on the conversation, keen to have a personal chat with both the captain and Frank, while she watched twenty fighter jets launched from the huge deck of the carrier. The planes grouped into a tight formation, armed with various weapons, mostly conventional with a few experimental missiles thrown in. To omnipotent Roz, they were all very entertaining. She allowed the planes to distract her while Frank climbed aboard a C130 and strapped in for take off.

Boom. Boom. Boom. Kaboom. The attack formation flew at her and fired dozens of very powerful, highly explosive air to air missiles at her. The smashed into Roz’s thick super hard breasts, shattered upon her superstrong cobbled abs, and teased her torso with tickling hot shards of shrapnel that varied greatly in size. The heat washed over her, and should have vaporized her. Instead, the lung smashing shockwaves and steel melting infernos just felt fucking fantastic. The pilots were drained of hope but pulled sharp turns to head back out to take a second run at her.

Franks transport cleared the runway, and the plane climbed into a turn toward land. Letting it go for now, Roz ignored all her flying toys for now and soared down toward the carrier. Anti missile guns locked onto her as she approached and slowed to enjoy the lead splattering across her invincible chest. Picking one of many guns at random, The super strong mega God flew deliberately right into the stream of lead it spat and alternated her breasts into the delightful splattering bullets. She pulled up and gave the gun a playful kick with her obscenely powerful leg, and the dome of the phalanx ruptured dramatically along with a ten foot section of the surrounding deck. Kaboom. The explosion threw pieces of the weapon and chunks of the ship flying in all directions.

Laughing at the injured and horrified crew, Roz soared up toward the bridge and smashed through the steel plate and into the angry gunfire of three hastily drawn pistols. Mega Roz laughed and flexed her pecs to jut chest toward the offending men with callous disregard for the integrity of the command tower. Kaboom. The three officers, the consoles behind them, and most of the wall, were smashed into fragments and scattered out over the ocean. Roz’s abusive overuse of power tore apart the deck below, and sent out a shockwave that knocked five planes from the sky. The captain was filled with dreadful awe to witness such unbelievable power so very ruthlessly deployed on his men. Running the scenario through his experienced military mind, he became quickly stuck in a loop of seeing his huge ship being defeated in all sorts of various ways. In no situation he could think of while Mega Roz was floating right there just ten feet away could he perceive victory.

“Cool, right? I bet you weak cunts wish you could twitch your mega muscles and smash the fuck of shit like I do. I am pretty fucking amazing. Yeah? Sucks to be you, though. You little pansies are really getting fucked over. Boo fucking hoo, bitches. Should have thought of that before you took on a super duper mega muscle God. Seriously, you dumb fucktards. You really fucked up. Now you better get down on your fucking knees and beg to be my toys. Kneel before your invincible muscle God and beg, you weak cunts. Beg to be my toys. Beg to be my little playthings. Maybe I won’t break you. Maybe I won’t fuck you up. Maybe these super strong, super hard, ultra invincible, divine mega muscles won’t take a steaming shit on you pussies. Well? Kneel, mother fucker. Kneel. Before. Roz.”

The defiant captain stormed forward.

“We will never kneel! We are the…” And then Roz crushed his will, and he dropped to his knees.

“You were saying? Pussy boy?” Roz smiled, and raised her arm to show a massive super strong bicep to him. “You’ll do whatever the fuck I say, asshole.”

“This is a nuclear powered vessel. It won’t leak oil like the others… if you smash this ship like the others it will be an environmental disaster.”

Roz only laughed. “Really? These muscles don’t give a flying fuck! Environments are for smashing the fuck out of. But let me ease your mind, fuck face.”

Roz smashed through the wall and dove into the the deck at speed, shattering bulkheads and ripping through the ship bullying the steel with her far superior divine mega muscles. Alarms sounded as she broke the containment of the main reactor room. Men ran about in a panic as Roz calmly placed her feet carefully in the deck and examined the reactor. She didn’t know how these things worked. But she did know how to suck up all that wonderful free power. She smiled warmly, and flexed up a double bicep flex. Her monster muscles began to draw the power straight out of the reactor, soaking up all the radiation and energy and growing harder and stronger and even more invincible.

Careful to keep her excessive divine strength under control, the room around her was still brutally enlarged by her aura and all the equipment was crushed and destroyed. Bulkheads buckled and pipes were smashed. And Mega Roz grew stronger. Mega Roz grew harder. The world had even less chance of defeating her.

With the core drained, Roz proceed to suck the power right out of the emergency backup systems as well. Even watch batteries gave up their tiny fractions of potential to her muscles. Roz was certain that had she wanted to she could have drained all the crew of their very life force had she so desired. But for now she wanted to keep feeling their fear and awe while she messed with, then  finished the captain.

Lights flickered, and the ship went dark. The screws suddenly grew weak and the slow process of slowing to dead stop was begun. Roz swelled with 20 years worth of aircraft carrier power added to her already absurd strength. One of the buckled walls have way to her aura of might, and she relaxed her flex. Pleased with her new power, she rose slowly through the ceiling and tore through the decks. Her super strong mega God muscles bullied their way through the steel easily and she was soon floating back onto the bridge. It was dark now, and a dozen degrees colder. Roz lit the room by igniting a couple of spot fires with her lava vision.

“Thanks for the power boost, pussy boy. That was fucking great. But now that I sucked this shit can dry, I guess I’m done with you. Hahahahahahaha. Gonna cry pansies? You fucktards should see your faces. Go on, cry. Cry for mummy. Whah whah whah. Boo fucking hoo. The big bad super cunt fucked up all your floating turds with her mega muscles. Sucks. To be. You. Ha ha ha. Me? I’m doing okay over here, fuck you very much. Fuck yeah. What a rush… sucking all the juice from your engine felt fucking fantastic, man. It makes me stronger. Yeah? It makes me harder. Don’t tell anyone… but every time I take one of your weak cunt missiles on, it makes me even harder, even stronger. Yeah? Understand what I mean, pussy boy? Do you get it? It’s petty unfair. Damn right man. It’s all kinds of unreasonable. But I am, after all, a super duper mega muscle God. I am strength, I am power. I am the almighty, all powerful, super hard, super strong, omnipotent mega muscle God. What do you expect you weak cunt? Don’t feel too bad thought, about making me stronger with all your bullets and missiles, fucktard. It isn’t a drop in the ocean. I don’t even need the power boost. I can boost myself! Cool. Yeah? Awesome. Right? Fuck yeah. Fuck oath.”

Roz showed the frightened officers her bicep again, swollen with incredible divine super strength.

“All a super duper mega muscle God needs to do to get more power is flex up a shit storm.”

Roz pumped her arm once, and the stunned audience was tossed to the floor.

“Fuck yeah. Take that shit, you pussies, stronger win every pump, man,”

She pumped her arm again. Steel groaned and half the men were killed by the blast. Consoles were shredded and the world was thrown in chaos. Only the captain and two officers still lived to watch mega Roz’s awesome muscles swell in response to her flex. Her whole body grew harder and stronger right in front of their eyes. They knew they would never survive the third pump.

“See? You were always fucked, yeah? You were never going to win. Yeah? Get it now, losers? Fuck you and your weak as shit navy. I took a steaming shit on all your weak as fuck weapons. I fucking crushed you, you fucktards. Sucked the fuck in, I mean… seriously. Fuck with my family? Fuck you. Fuck with my mum? My dad? What the fuck? You were always getting fucked over for that. Didn’t they tell you about my mega mighty super God muscle power? Didn’t they tell you I’m an invincible bad ass mother fucker with indestructible divine muscles? That was pretty rude of them. Yeah? Pretty fucking mean if them. But it doesn’t matter, captain shit pants! Because now I’m here and now you’re fucked. Times up for you losers. You should have kneeled. But you dumb cunts didn’t, so. Fuck the lot of you. You weak, puny fuck tards. Suck. On. This.”

Roz pumped her arm for a third, world shattered time. Kaboom. The bridge was utterly destroyed. The whole tower was in fact demolished cruelly and remorselessly by mega Roz’s abusive over use of her divine muscle power. That last pump had torn through the doomed tower explosively smashing everything to hot ragged pieces no bigger than a quarter. The ship rocked in the water, and listed several degrees. Roz laughed, and looked up at her next targets. Obeying their last order, the planes were making for the coast to escort the airlift home. Roz was not going to let the see one thirty with the CIA guy get away, but she had time for a quick game with the last fighter jets first. And her improvised plan would also involve the final destruction of the carrier.

Roz went into the water, and got under the huge ship. The vessel righted and became level under her super strong influence. And then she lifted it from the water easy, and grinned at her obscene mastery over the huge ship. It should have broken apart but didn’t thanks to her subconscious desire for it to remain while. Her muscles exhaled in the glorious warmth of almost being a little taxed, and she marveled at her wonderful super strength. So much power. So much strength. So good to be a super duper mega muscle God like Roz.

“Hey! Pansy boys! You forgot your ship!”

With a mighty, impossibly effortless heave, Roz threw the ship at the fleeing planes. Her thick powerful arms easily provided the muscle for the task. And the ship sailed through the air at an appalling 2000 miles an hour. It broke apart shortly after leaving her hands but it didn’t matter. The spinning wreck shed massive pieces of itself, and the huge looming aircraft carrier glowed red hot on the leading edges. The planes had no hope. There was no escaping the wide front of destruction that swept through them. The planes from the airlift were lucky to be in line with Roz’s targets, or they too would have been smashed from the sky. With the planes it once had launched crushed into its debris field, the flying ship became less and less recognizable, and Roz patiently waited for it to crash hard into the coast, tearing an atrocious chunk of mountain away and altering the landscape forever.

“Holy shit, Roz,” Garry gaped at what he ha just seen. “You fucked them up already. Shit man. No more… please. Stop.”

“Don’t be such a fucking pussy. Just because you’re a weak puny cunt doesn’t mean I have to be! I’m a mega muscle God, you dumb mother fucker. And I still got shit to take care of, you whiney mega strong bitch. Fuck you and your pansy boy bullshit. I’m a mega mighty super duper invincible omnipotent ultra muscle God. And I will fuck over every weak cunt I want to, Garry. They are. All. My. Toys. Now shut up, and make room for some company. We’re getting a secret agent for the gang.”

Now that Roz could read minds, she knew she had nothing to worry about if most of the planes in the airlift got through. She flitted through the memories of all the people on every plane in mere seconds, her expanded mind easily determining the extent of their knowledge. None of them knew about the presidential briefing except for the CIA guy.

Roz caught the plane in seconds, her thick sculpted quads provided several hundred g’s of acceleration on demand and easily capable of much more. The passengers screamed in horror when the mega strong divine muscle God tore her way into the plane and hovered magnificent and terrible before them. They shrank away from her radiant super powerful physique and trembled.

“Hi there, losers. What’s wrong? Never seen a mega muscled super God before?” She put her hands on her hips and playfully flexed her muscles for them. “Pretty fucking awesome, right? Did you see me take a steaming shit on your weak cunt bath toys? I didn’t even break a sweat fucking you losers over with my mega muscles. That shit was easy as fuck, you pussies. Did you really think you could escape a flying super cunt like me? What a bunch of brain dead retards. You can’t run. You can’t hide. You can’t fight. All you can do is kneel, bitches. Kneel. Before. Roz.”

Frank bravely stepped forward. “It’s me you want, right? Let these people go, Roz. They’re no threat to you.”

Mega Roz chilled them with her merry laughter. “Hahahahaha. Either are you, dick head. Nukes can’t threaten these bad ass muscles. Nothing is a threat to divine super gods of unlimited power and strength, pansy boy. Just how fucking stupid are you? Never mind… I already know. Your a drooling retarded shit for brains. It’s a good thing I’m here, fuck tard. I’m going to educate you, pansy boy.”

Frank gulped. He knew enough about Roz to be aware how fucked he was. He looked on as the terrifying super muscle God removed the shiny necklace she wore and held it in her hand. Impossibly, the necklace grew in Roz’s palm and she tossed it into the emptied space behind her. People pressed back further from her as the Roswell ship expanded to fill the width of the cargo hold, and covered their ears as the strange metal shrieked in protest while Roz tore the hand made door back open.

The family inside shrank away from the opening, and Roz turned to Frank. “Alright asshole. Get in.”

Frank hesitated, but Roz didn’t wait long. She just walked up to Frank and took the bewildered man by the hand, very careful so as to not break any bones. Even though Frank panicked and struggled, Roz clearly had no trouble dragging him to the ship and tossing him roughly inside. Then she sealed the ship back up and wiggled her fingers at it. The ship dwindled rapidly in size, and Roz soon had the miniature spacecraft back around her neck.

“By the way, Frank,” Roz informed her new captive. “I want you to know that I was going to let these people live. But because you asked me to, and because I know you want me to, I’ve changed my mind. I’m gonna fuck them over after all, just because I can. And it’s your fault, dick head.”

So saying, mega Roz grinned wickedly at her doomed toys, and swelled up with an unneeded boost of divine muscle power. Putting her hand firmly in her hips and squeezing her super hard flesh, mega Roz flexed up a shit storm of muscle power. Nobody had time to scream or suffer as the appalling waves of atomizing destruction reached out and shattered molecules apart all around the super hard, super strong mega muscular divine supergirl.

“Suck on that shit, Frank. That’s on you, mother fucker.”

The reign of death spread to two other transports, but mercifully let the rest go with minor damage. And Roz’s work in the Gulf of Mexico was complete. The seal team was dead. The carrier group was destroyed. And the men who had responsible for carrying out the plan to kidnap her parents had been, or still were being, punished. So far, Roz was very pleased with herself. But there was one more very important target in her list before she headed back home: The White House.

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