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Darala Starr, Tau Ceti Superwoman – Earth Mission Alpha – Chapter 15

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As soon as they arrived back at Tina’s house, Darala rushed into the guest studio. In less than two minutes she re-appeared in her lycra mission suit, the shine of it glorious in the midday sun. With her silver bracelets and belt, she looked every bit a superwoman.

“We should get you a cape,” Tina said.

Darala chuckled and said, “Maybe some other time. Now, where can we find our friend the ‘locksmith’?” she asked.

Tina said, “I’ll take you to him.”

They drove for fifteen minutes and arrived at a storefront on the far side of town with a large sign above the entrance that read LOCK AND KEY. The surrounding buildings were industrial, and a block further away was a junkyard. The sound of trucks and machinery was in the air and Darala surveyed the area with discerning eyes. Darala squared her shoulders, her expression hard and serious—she wanted to get her hands on the Torellian.

“Wait,” Jason said. “I have an idea.” He turned to Tina. “Play along with me.” Tina nodded.

Darala asked, “And what am I supposed to do?”

Jason smiled at her. “We’re going to create a diversion so you can surprise him.”

Darala understood, and quickly made her way around the back of the building.

Jason and Tina entered the Lock and Key and had a look around the place. Nothing but locks and keys, much as they expected. At the sound of their arrival, a man appeared behind the old, wood paneled counter. His eyes were a vibrant greenish color and instantly Tina recognized him.

Jason led the conversation by saying, “Hi there. We’re looking to get a new set of keys made, wondering if you can help us.”

The man looked annoyed and scowled. “Look around you. This is a lock and key store. I’m pretty sure I can help,” he said.

Tina said, “What I really need is a new lock and new keys. It seems the old one has been… compromised.”

Meanwhile, out back behind the store, Darala found a door with a metal handle. She tried the handle and found it locked.She shook her head, annoyed. This wouldn’t take too much effort, she figured.

Darala grabbed the handle and braced her other hand against the door. With what was only a third of her strength, she pulled on it. The handle quickly bent in her grip,the metal giving a momentary cry of protest. She tore the lock from the door with a squeal of stressed steel plates and screws. Darala flung it aside and pulled the door open, vanishing inside.

Unaware of Darala’s entry, the man asked Jason, “I’ll have to come to your location and replace the whole lock. What’s the address?”

Tina said, “The antique store.My antique store. It seems someone got their hands on a copy and tried to rob me.”

At this, the man with the glowing green eyes stiffened up, his face trapped in momentary surprise.

“Um, well, I’m sorry to hear it. But I’m afraid I can’t help you with that.”

Suddenly, Darala’s voice was behind him.

“Then perhaps your partner, deputy Brown could assist us,” she said, her voice strong and sharp.

Starled, the Torellian spun around and Darala grabbed him by his shirt.

“Not so fast, Torellian.” With ease she hoisted him with one hand off the ground until his feet dangled helplessly in the air. He grabbed her wrist to try and shake himself free, but her grip was impossibly strong.

“Well,” he said, gasping and frantic, “Tau Ceti Woman….”

Jason said, “Her name is Darala Starr.”

Doctor… Darala Starr,” Darala said with emphasis, staring into the Torellian’s frightened face. “Now, where is the transponder?”

Darala kept him suspended in the air and said, “I can hold you here like this all day if I have to.”

He was gasping and writhing around, growing more and more frantic.

“Okay, listen… put me down and I’ll tell you where it is.”

Darala held him stationary and then keeping him suspended pulled him closer to her so she was almost eye-to-eye with him.

“If you try anything sneaky, you won’t stand a chance,” she said. With superhuman control and her bicep a rounded bulge under her suit, she lowered him to the ground in what seemed like slow motion. Finally, his feet touched the floor. Darala let him go and crossed her arms in front of her chest muscles that flexed ever so much.

“All right,” he said, “Doctor Starr… I’ll take you to it. But I have to lock up first.”

Darala shook her head. “That won’t be necessary. Let’s go!”

A few minutes later and two blocks away, they were standing outside a warehouse. They made their way around the back of it as the Torellian reluctantly led them to a secluded, sliding metal door.

“Now listen to me,” the Torellian began. His speech was full of nervous energy and he was bouncing up and down on his toes fitfully.

“When we go inside, you should let me do the talking,” he said.

Darala narrowed her eyes at him.

“Talking to whom?” she asked.

The Torellian swallowed hard and began to perspire.

Jason said, “You’d be well advised to answer her.”

The Torellian said, “Just let me do the talking. Please.”

“Where is the transponder,” Darala demanded.

“It’s in a crate in the middle of the room, but….”

“Then let’s go,” Tina said. “Open this door.”

The Torellian said, “Let me find the key.” He pulled out a large ring of keys, the one Darala recognized from her first encounter with him. He began thumbing through them. Losing patience, Darala said, “If you don’t hurry, I’ll peel this door open with my bare hands.”

The Torellian frowned and said, “I’m sure you could do that, Doctor Starr, but your use of otherworldly strength won’t be necessary.”

He found the key and unlocked the door. He slid it open, and a moment later they walked inside.

The space was cavernous and mostly bare, but there were building materials scattered about—concrete blocks and long steel bars and beams. In the middle of the room, standing beside the crate was deputy Brown. His face was a scowl and he held a rifle in his hands. At the sight of them, he turned the gun in their direction and said, “Well, well… it appears the circus has come to town.”

Darala planted fists on her stunning lycra hips and said, “Deputy Brown I’ve had just about enough of you and your games. I think you know why I’m here and that you’re no match for me.”

Deputy Brown swung his rifle up to his shoulder and aimed the barrel at Darala.

“Maybe not, Doctor Darala Starr, but I’ve learned some things about you. You’re not bullet proof and you’re not faster than a gun. One false move and I’ll kill you,” he said. But slowly then, he adjusted his aim toward Tina and Jason. “Or maybe I’ll kill your friends.”

Darala was about to charge at him, but the Torellian stepped forward between them and put his hands up high over his head.

“Wait, everybody just wait. Let’s all take a deep breath and relax.”

What’s he up to, Darala wondered.

“After taking things under much consideration and, um, persuasion…” he said, glancing at Darala, “I think it best if we give the device back to our good Tau Ceti Doctor.”

Deputy Brown scowled. “That’s not what we discussed, creature.”

“With all due respect, I’m a Torellian, not a creature,” the Torellian protested.

“Shut up,” deputy Brown said. “Now, everyone just back out slowly. This little chat is over.”

Darala pushed out her chest, her suit tightening against her breasts that even now began to harden with her rippling muscles beneath them.

“I’m not leaving here without the transponder,” Darala said.

Deputy Brown aimed the gun directly at Darala.

“Then I’ll have to kill you,” he said. The Torellian ducked to the ground and Jason ran forward, yelling, “Stop!”

And a moment later, deputy Brown pulled the trigger!

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