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Power and Obsession – Part 1

Written by Wizalex :: [Saturday, 20 May 2023 10:39] Last updated by :: [Sunday, 21 May 2023 09:23]

Power and Obsession

Girlfriends Sarah and Hayley put themselves in danger in order to get a picture with their latest obsession: the world’s only superhero, J-Girl.

Written by Wizalex

Edited by HarmonyMotion

Part 1

Chapter 1: Photo Opportunities

The scream had come from at least three blocks away.

With only the slightest hint of panic, J-Girl’s senses quickly honed in on the source - a girl, plummeting from a ten-storey building!

Storms! Just don’t go too fast. Don’t mess this up, Jaime.

Windows rattled in the wake of J-Girl’s supersonic flight, bringing her to the rapidly descending form within seconds. It seemed to be going well until Jaime took a proper look at the girl. She almost dropped her when her hands started vibrating.

She’s… so stunning…

The blonde-haired, dark-skinned heroine attempted to compose herself, adjusting her hold on the windswept vision of brilliance in her arms. The girl was tall. So very tall. J-Girl’s ascension into a superhero had given her a hefty boost in height — she knew that she was a fair few inches over six foot now — but this girl was even taller than that!

Hells, it’s happening again. Just calm down, idiot. If you drop her, you’ll be responsible for more deaths. Put her down and get out of here.

Slowly descending to the ground, perhaps taking a bit longer than she should have, J-Girl took in the appearance of her latest rescuee. Long black hair whipping erratically in the tumultuous winds. Eyes so dark that Jaime could get lost in them. Gothic makeup, the eyeshadow slightly mussed up by the biting breeze of the free-fall.

Jaime felt dizzy just holding her.

Oh, Hellfire! What’s happening to you?

The air around Jaime’s body was getting too tight, too heavy to breathe. Her vision blurred. The world slowed. Fortunately, she was still flying so managed to shrug off her newfound inability to use her legs. Keeping a sombre, serene smile on her face, so as to not betray her emotions, she tried to wait out the rushing heat running through her body.

It wasn’t abating.

Now Jaime’s eyes were refusing to obey her. Her sight regained, she could only focus on the impressive mounds on the chest of this astonishingly perfect girl. Her own boobs had also received a glow-up in her transformation, but again this girl already had her beat. Jaime self-consciously adjusted her posture, raising her own breasts off of the chest of the girl, too focused to notice the glint of a camera lens in the distance.

Just, put her down. Then you can run away. Like you always do.

When Jaime finally reached the ground and settled the girl, she didn’t even land. She didn’t ask the girl for her name or number, as much as she wanted to. Instead, she flew off with the intent to continue patrolling the city.

What she ended up doing was flying immediately back to her apartment and discovering masturbation, fantasising about the most attractive girl she had ever seen.

The resulting localised earthquake was reported later that day.

Lying on her bed with a gleeful look painted on her face, Sarah answered Hayley's call.

"Hey, babe, what's up? You sound sooo totally out of breath."

"You know what's up. Did you get them?"

"Maaaybe I did," Sarah coyishly replied while holding the phone above her, scrolling through the series of photos she had just taken. "Maaaybe I don't think you deserve to see them after you messed up my turn though."

"We both agreed that was an accident! How was I supposed to know that she would fly away before I could take the pictures?"

"Duh, because she's faster than a bullet? Lucky for you too, otherwise you'd be pretty flat right now. Well, flatter I guess."

Sarah continued scrolling through the photos, while her free hand moved underneath her hoodie to tease the hardening nipple of her left breast. Technically it was Hayley's hoodie, but given that she had left it in Sarah's apartment last week and hadn't reclaimed it yet, it belonged to Sarah now as far as she was concerned.

"Bitch, you know I'm not flat. Not everyone has all of their height go to their tits like you. I bet you're playing with them while you look at my pictures. Sarah, send them to me right now."

"Wow Hales, some of these are great shots, if I do say so myself," Sarah said, ignoring most of Hayley's rant. She let out a low moan, lips close to the microphone. "Reeeally gives you a great view of my sexy girlfriend and a super sexy someone. It's fun seeing you cradled in someone's arms for a change you know?"

Sarah stayed quiet for a moment, waiting to see if her girlfriend was going to continue being infuriated or take the seductive bait she just dangled in front of her. She was so cute when she got irritated; when she got possessive though - well, that was a whole other level.

No response, huh? Fine, I'm not gonna make this easy for her. She’s gotta work for these after messing up yesterday.

"Ooh, better idea - you make your way to my place and we work out a way for me to get my pics. Then, if you're a good girl, I'll totally send you yours."

"Urgh, I'll be there in 5."

Hayley hung up first, leaving Sarah to peruse her newfound treasure - images of Hayley being rescued from certain death by J-Girl. The fall from the ten-story building had been high enough to be very likely lethal, but any lower and they ran the much greater risk of J-Girl not arriving in time. No one quite knew the extent of her powers yet, but they had worked out roughly how long it took her to react to emergencies. The girls, or in this case Hayley – Sarah didn’t have a head for numbers – had also determined how far away their idol had been before Hayley took her plunge from a great height.

Unfortunately, any other information about J-Girl was light on the ground. The superheroine had only appeared a few months ago, and even the origin of her name was uncertain. She rarely hung around for long after any incidents, and when someone she saved had asked her directly who she was, she had simply provided her moniker and sped away as usual. A few low-quality photos and videos of her existed in places on the web, but it was infuriating that in the age of technology no one seemed able to properly operate a phone camera.

Hayley and Sarah had quickly become obsessed with J-Girl. Her origin, her power set, her fascinating rose-gold costume with tasteful silver trim…

Damn, these pictures are possibly the best photos of J-Girl in existence, Sarah mused as her fingers continued to tease her nipple under her hoodie. She'd taken her bra off as soon as she got into her room earlier; the cursed monstrosity currently lying discarded on her bedroom floor. Dropping her phone to the bed and pulling the hoodie up over her head, she noticed the rather severe deformation in the bust area.

Maybe Hales is onto something there, Sarah thought as she failed to fully enclose one of her breasts within both of her hands. I stopped growing up and started growing out. Although, maybe it's best if she doesn't remember to ask for her hoodie back. She'll go ape if she realises I've stretched out more of her clothes.

Hearing a firm knocking at the door, Sarah quickly threw the hoodie to the back of her wardrobe, wandered over, and waited for the second set of knocks.

"Sarah, I swear to J-Girl, if you don't let me in, I'm not going to have sex with you for a month!"

"Baaabe, you know you can't resist me that long," Sarah replied, opening the door to let Hayley in.

On the other side stood the tallest girl that Sarah had ever had the fortune to lay her eyes, and hands, on. Hayley was 6'7 barefoot but was currently wearing her platform heels, so pushed that up by another 3 inches. She leaned forward as the door opened to prevent the top of her head from bonking the top of the doorway. As she did so, her long black hair, which was already windswept and in disarray, fell forward to frame her chest. In most company, Hayley could have normally claimed to have an impressive bust. Her large and firm breasts certainly put her above average and looking at these photos, she probably matched J-Girl. Neither were anywhere close to the realms of Hayley's girlfriend though.

Wow, she looks flustered. She's so cute when she's not acting like a bad bitch. Maybe that's what makes the photos so hot.

Hayley barely batted an eyelid at the sight of her half-naked girlfriend in the doorway, but she did look generally less together than normal. Tear streaks drew her mascara down the dark skin of her cheeks, and the slight puffiness of her eyes made her appear uncharacteristically vulnerable. She was breathing slightly more heavily than usual from her recent dash to get to Sarah, not that the short sprint would have been any trouble for the powerhouse of a girl. As usual, her tight black t-shirt was warped around her breasts, strained lines moving from its rhythmic rise with hypnotic frequency.

"Sarah, why do your boobs look bigger every time I see them?"

"You saw me two hours ago!” Sarah paused for a moment to consider it. “I don't think they've grown in that time."

"Must be the smugness you're radiating then; it adds at least a few cup sizes."

Sarah cheekily grinned upwards and closed her eyes as Hayley's black-painted lips descended towards her bright red ones. Just before contact, Hayley spotted something in the room beyond. She strode straight in, and Sarah’s tiny body was forced aside without effort by the titanic goth girl. The mattress springs groaned under her added weight as she jumped on the bed and grabbed the phone.

"Jackpot bitch! You didn't lock it!" Hayley gloated as she flicked through the images. "Maybe I should look into acting; my damsel in distress game is on point."

Sarah’s grin turned into a pout. She joined Hayley on the bed, kneeling next to her lover’s sprawled body. Hayley held the phone in the air, out of reach of Sarah's half-hearted attempts to retrieve it.

"I think this is the wrong way around though. Obviously, I should be the hot super babe and she should be the one cradled helplessly in my arms.”

"Hmph. Well, I think some people get superpowers, and other people get beautiful pictures of them being rescued from a falling building by a superhero, taken by their totally competent and stunning girlfriend.” Sarah glared at Hayley, putting on her best mock angry face. “And some people have to climb a tree, wait hours for a supergirl to show up and get rescued, only then to find out that their girlfriend forgot which button takes the pictures."

“I know, I messed up.”

“I was totally gonna add cat ears to the photo. It would have been sooo cute.”

"Urgh, you cannot seriously be thinking of ruining any of these photos with filters. We know what to do now though, you just jump off a building, easy.”

"We can’t pull the same stunt twice, Hales! She'll get suspicious if multiple people start falling off the buildings around here. Plus, think about how basic I’ll look on Clix if I just redo the same rescue scene.”

"So we make another emergency, you'll get your pics, and everyone is happy.”

Hayley finished transferring the pictures to her phone and stretched out a long arm to wrap around Sarah’s torso, causing her to pivot at the waist. Sarah’s breasts descended towards Hayley’s face as she craned her head upwards to plant a quick kiss on each of them.

“Ooh, I see how it is! You’ll kiss the twins but not me.”

“I’d kiss you properly, but I’m pretty sure this is the only option at this angle.” Hayley gazed wistfully into Sarah’s tits. “If I were J-girl I’d just lift you into the air and lower you down on top of me.”

Sarah swung her leg over Hayley and rested her plump behind on Hayley’s stomach.

“Well if I were J-girl I could just keep you stuck in this position for as looong as I like. I could take pictures of me flying you around the city, wrapped between my legs. Then I could add as many silly filters to your face as I wanted.”

In a sudden blur of motion, Hayley twisted her body around Sarah’s, pinning her much smaller lover into the bed. Her hands fully locked around Sarah’s wrist and held them above her head. By simple virtue of her much greater mass, Hayley prevented any movement from Sarah’s legs or lower body. As her girlfriend squirmed underneath her, Hayley watched Sarah’s breasts spill over the sides of her chest and lowered her head to once again assail them with her mouth.

“No faaair,” Sarah moaned reluctantly. “You never let me be on top.”

“That’s because I’m bigger,” Hayley moved Sarah’s wrists together, securing them easily within just one of her hands, on top of the splayed mess of fiery red hair.

“And stronger.” Using her free hand Hayley slid down her tights and lifted her black mini-skirt.

“And I’m more than enough to completely dominate you, even without any superpowers." Shifting her body awkwardly over the massive mounds beneath her, Hayley hung her bare crotch over Sarah's face.

"You have three minutes to make me cum. You know what happens if you fail."

I take it back. She might be cute when flustered, but I'll totally take sexy hot bad bitch mode, any day. Sarah could no longer see Hayley's face, but she could imagine her expression. A self-satisfied and incredibly smug grin, mocking anyone who tried to claim they could overpower her. Sarah's thoughts and attention soon turned back to more pressing concerns though, as her girlfriend's glistening pussy met her tongue.

Across the city, buildings shook as another girl imagined herself in Sarah’s place.

Chapter 2: The New Hires

Jaime sprinted down the street, blonde hair flying out behind her as her feet seemingly glided across the pavement.

Keep it together, Jaime. You won't be late; no need to cause a scene.

The bar was only a five-minute walk from her apartment, but she had been held up on her journey, as usual. Well, technically a young couple had been held up in a darkened alleyway by a group of thugs, but she'd dealt with that - reasonably swiftly too. Not quickly enough to stop her from running late though.

Blasted criminals. You’ll need to put time into your journey to deal with them any time you go out.

Too many late arrivals had resulted in Jaime losing her previous job at the diner. She'd somehow managed to lose her job as a delivery girl before that, despite being able to move faster than any delivery vehicle possibly could.

Job hunting is so tedious. You really don't want to have to be searching for your fourth this month.

The main reason Jaime had managed to get this new job was a recommendation by a friend of hers. Fortunately, the bar manager seemed to be pretty chill, and her friend had informed her that he wouldn't ask too many questions if she turned up late once in a while. The bar was in a rough part of town, and he seemed to be more concerned about the staff showing up at all.

Jaime's feet began to spend more time off the ground than on it as she forced herself to slow down and return to the pavement.

No flying in public. Not unless you're on super business. Can't go too fast, you know how badly that ends up. Storms forbid that you run into a pedestrian. Just slow down, Jaime.

With seconds to spare, Jaime arrived at the back of the bar to see Marcus attempting to drag a crate of empty bottles out the door.

"Hey boss, let me help you with that," Jaime called out as she slowed to a halt in front of the bar manager. Easily lifting the crate, Jaime carefully placed it down next to others. Her baggy sweatshirt covered her arms and chest, a habit she had kept from the months after her top surgery and before her power-up. Jaime couldn’t quite bring herself to expose her body in a civilian setting yet, as liberating as it was to show off her perfect — and thankfully now very feminine — figure in her costume. Even if her post-power-up body hadn’t been covered though, there would have been no perceivable flexing of any of her muscles as she accomplished the task.

"Must be exhausted from the day. I shoulda been able to lift that by myself, but I just had to carry in half the stock. Damn delivery drivers refused to do it.” Marcus rolled his shoulders and scrunched up his hands, trying to return the feeling to his fingers. “I'd have asked the other new hire, but Sarah's not quite cut out for heavy lifting."

Having restored sensation to his body, Marcus smiled warmly at Jaime.

"Anyway, good timing Jaime! Help me bring in the rest of the stuff, then I'll introduce you to the rest of the staff. After that, I'm heading off. Been a hectic day, but it's been pretty quiet for the last hour or so." Marcus leaned towards Jaime and whispered conspiratorially, "You'll see who I think is to blame for both of those in a little while."

Now standing side by side, Jaime could take in Marcus’ appearance with a quick super speed once over. He seemed average height for a guy, which put him about a head shorter than Jaime. His hair was in dreads, the dark curls matching his dark eyes and skin — quite similar to Jaime’s own complexion. He wore a casual work shirt with the bar logo emblazoned on the chest, and a pair of khaki shorts.

Next, Jaime took stock of the remaining crates. Four full boxes of beer and liquor bottles to go inside. Easy. She could carry those herself. Hells, she could have carried four of the trucks they came in without difficulty, provided they had a good handle; carrying vehicles was not easy when most of them were not designed to be held by a single point. Jaime had discovered that the hard way with her first car. And the second.

In any case, she didn't exactly want to advertise her powers. She settled on carrying one at a time as directed by Marcus while he continued to give her the rundown on the bar. The other new girl had started earlier that day and was working the barmaid role, while most of Jaime's work would be behind the scenes, cooking food and taking inventory. That was more how Jaime liked it.

After the boxes were relocated, Marcus redirected Jaime to the staff room and the lockers.

"Most of 'em should be empty. Just pick one, leave any valuables in it, and make sure you lock it after you."

Jaime absently nodded and pulled open the nearest door. There was a horrendous wrenching sound of strained metal, as Jaime realised with horror that she had chosen the only occupied locker and torn the lock off in the process.

The locker began to topple towards Jaime as a coat, t-shirt, phone, umbrella and the largest bra that Jaime had ever seen fell on top of her.

"Gwaa!" she shrieked, as one of the enormous cups completely engulfed her head.

Your head could fit in here multiple times over!

In a blind panic, Jaime shoved the locker back against the wall with far more force than the metal could withstand. She winced at the cacophonous clanging from the buckling metal. The phone clattered to the floor, its screen lighting up. Refraining from any further motion for fear of causing additional damage, Jaime silently wished for Marcus not to leap to any conclusions.

"Jeez, you okay Jaime?" Marcus exclaimed as he ran to needlessly prop up the lockers. "I'll need to get maintenance to check these out. That one must be Sarah's. I'll send her in, tell her to use a different locker. Just change into the bar shirt, there's a selection of sizes in the cupboard over there, all right?"

He pointedly wasn't mentioning the fact that Jaime currently had a bra that could serve as a hammock on her head.

Okay, this is fine, he didn't notice anything weird. Well, ‘super’ weird at least. Maintenance might be confused if they find the mangled door though. It's fine, you’ll just need to fix it first. Blast it, Jaime, you've been employed here for five minutes and you've already almost given yourself away.

As Marcus left, Jaime closed her eyes and slowly breathed in and out. This wasn't the first mishap she'd had to deal with after acquiring her powers. A lot of the others had been far more embarrassing than this one too. Reopening her eyes, Jaime remembered the presence of the item currently covering her head and reconsidered. Maybe this one made it into the top five.

Jaime blushed as she remembered the first of those incidents. Primarily how she’d managed to obtain her moniker. When her very first rescue had asked for her name, it was her real name she almost gave. She managed to switch tracks to J-Girl at the last moment, but it meant that she couldn’t stick with the incredibly cool name she spent hours thinking up the previous evening.

Supersonic Lightning Lass was a much cooler name. You even had the lightning bolt emblem ready to put on your costume.

Instead of placing the emblem on her suit, Jaime had decided to simply leave the space between her breasts blank. She just needed inspiration for a symbol.

Nothing at all to do with wanting to show off those enormous new mounds on your chest.

She’d work on her image again at some point; she just needed to wait until she was more confident with her powers.

Storms, you need to focus, Jaime — you’ve been far too distracted recently. Prioritise — first remove the bra from your head. It is not yours, nor intended to be worn as a hat.

Taking extra care to not damage the marvellous feat of fabric and engineering, Jaime lifted the bra from her head and began to turn. She was amazed by the sheer size of the thing. Bras had been a fascinating subject to her from the moment she had first considered top surgery. Her own chest was beyond substantial now — something that she definitely wouldn’t have believed just a couple of years ago — but this was on another level entirely. There was no obvious label to give the size, so Jaime futilely tried to make an estimate. Her top surgery had given her modest C-cups. Her more recent incident had grown those into proud F-cups. This bra had to be custom-made, surely?

Secondly, collect the rest of the belongings you just threw on the floor. They are not yours, it is not polite to do such things.

Jaime picked up the scattered belongings and stepped forward to place them all on the table. A sudden sharp sound of breaking glass startled her. Instinctively, she flew into the air and looked down. Her face swiftly shifted from surprise to horror as she saw that her foot had come down onto the phone, shattering the screen.

She quickly alighted and practically threw the garments across the room, reaching for the phone and abruptly stopping just before she touched it.

That was a picture of her!

Even with a broken screen, the phone fortunately still operated. But there was no denying that the picture displayed on the lock screen was of one of her rescues. Not only that, but it was that rescue.

Jaime’s heart was beating faster now. Girl of steel? Sure. Nerves of steel? Absolutely not.

How does she have pictures of you? You slowed down too much for that rescue, dummy. Does she know? She can’t possibly know. Even you don't properly know how you feel.

Stuck in a state of panic, Jaime was consequently startled by a new arrival.

“Marcus said there was a problem back here? Heeey, why are my clothes all over the floor?”

Storms and wildfire, it's her! It’s tree-girl!

Jaime didn’t even need to look up to confirm it. That voice was distinctive enough on its own—she sounded how Jaime imagined a lost puppy or kitten would if it could talk. Apparently, she got into similar situations too, because the last time Jaime had seen her was yesterday afternoon when she had been clinging to the branches of a tree in the park. Jaime hadn’t given the girl much thought at the time, other than the obvious ‘how?’, and she certainly hadn’t given her much thought after her later… activities. But now she had a whole talk-show host’s worth of questions for her. This must be Sarah, the other new hire.

“Omg is that my phone? Does it work? What happened?”

Jaime hadn’t really taken the time to observe Sarah when they last met, but now she realised that she should have made the connection earlier. There was no way that there were two girls living in the area, maybe even the world, who had a chest as massive as that. To top it all off, Sarah was so short. Jaime herself was pretty tall now at 6’3, so was becoming accustomed to looking down at both guys and girls. This girl was over a foot shorter than her though, which only served to emphasise just how huge she was in that area.

As the girl bounded forth, Jaime realised that for some reason this girl had decided not to wear her bra while working. The bar uniform Sarah wore strained valiantly to hold her in place, but it was always going to be a losing battle. The dozens of inches of cleavage on display rapidly approached Jaime and the garment fit Sarah more like a crop top than the t-shirt it was intended to be. The girl’s smooth tummy would have been fully exposed if her pendulous breasts weren’t currently covering most of it.

Sarah struggled with her balance as she bent to retrieve her phone while Jaime tried to calm herself down.

Was this girl spying on her? Did she know her identity? Was that why she was working here?

“Okay, it still works! I’ll totally have to get a new one though, I can’t live with a broken screen. Just imagine how that would mess up all my photos! I would be totally blasted on Clix. Good thing I already backed up these babies.”

Erm, what? Does this girl think that her screen cracks will show on all her photos? Surely not. She must be attempting to lure me into lowering my guard.

“You must be Jaime, right? Marcus was telling me about you earlier, he said you’d had a load of jobs recently. I’ve totally been focusing on my social media recently, so this is my first real job. The customers have been so nice though, I’ve had so many tips! Marcus is such a babe too.”

“Er, yeah, Marcus seems pretty nice. Did he tell you anything else?”

“Loads of stuff! He’s been teaching me about all the different kinds of drinks they serve here. He even said I could totally practise making some and put them on my socials. There’s this really cute pink drink I wanted to try, but he said I shouldn’t drink while I’m on the clock.”

As she stood back up again with her phone, Sarah moved the device towards her chest. With some difficulty, she slipped the phone down the cleavage line where it was completely enveloped.

“I didn’t want to put it there earlier because the twins totally have a habit of breaking things. But it's already broken now. Not like it can break again, can it?”

Is it an act? Surely…

Phone secured, Sarah began to pile up her clothing. Jaime’s eyes went wide as she realised the locker was still partially crushed. There was no way that would go unnoticed. She would have to fix it before Sarah turned back around.

It will be so loud though, how can you get away with it?

Create a distraction. Another loud noise from elsewhere.

Thinking quickly, Jaime remembered the crates of empty glass bottles waiting outside. Moving at speeds imperceivable to the human eye, she flew back outside and very gently tapped the crate on the top of the pile. Before it had time to experience the effects of gravity, Jaime returned to the staff room and laid her hands securely on the deformed metal. With perfect timing, she wrenched the door back into shape as the crash from outside was heard, covering the squeal of protesting metal.

“What was that!” Marcus yelled from a nearby room, before running out the back door to find the broken crate and pile of smashed glass. Jaime felt horrible.

Perfect. Now you’re a vandal twice, Jaime. You’re a repeat offender. You need to go and offer to clean it up. Right away. No powers, just a broom.

Finally getting to the original purpose of the staff room, Jaime distractedly removed her baggy t-shirt and started putting the bar shirt on. She paused when she heard a whistling noise from behind her.

Is… did she just catcall you?

“Wowzer girl, you have a totally great body. Why are you hiding it under that horrendous thing? I’d be putting that all over my feed if I had girl abs like that. There are a lot of followers for the fitness model girl look, I can help you if you like.”

By the sky above, this girl is getting personal. Is she telling you that she knows who you are? Is that what she means? And what does she mean by ‘horrendous thing’? This is your favourite Magical Mystical Heroes t-shirt, maybe she doesn’t like the game? That is understandable, the show is way better.

“Erm, maybe some other time? I’m going to go help Marcus with the breakages.”

After dealing with the mess and getting a few final instructions from Marcus, Jaime entered the bar area. The place was surprisingly quiet, as Marcus had mentioned. It didn’t take long to find the main culprit though. If Sarah had managed to bring in more customers, the girl sitting at the far end of the bar, right next to the door, had surely struck dumb the clientele with her astounding looks as she had Jaime.

The statuesque goth looked both more terrifying and gorgeous when not falling from ten stories, and Jaime would recognise her anywhere. She had, after all, spent the previous night fantasising about her, touching herself, giving herself midair super orgasms in the cold night sky to prevent damage, all while she couldn’t sleep as thoughts of this girl raced through her mind. The girl caught Jaime looking her way. The besotted superhero felt blood rushing to her face and another more private region. Her body felt like it was heating uncontrollably. The world was becoming fuzzy around her.

Not again, not again! Hells, pull yourself together, Jaime!

Then Sarah ran past her, leaping at the girl who had plagued her thoughts for the past 24 hours. She collided with the girl, who was evidently accustomed to bracing herself for the squishy impact of Sarah’s torso. The girl planted a kiss on the top of Sarah’s head, as Sarah lifted her face to address the object of Jaime’s fantasies.

“Baaabe, you totally have to meet Jaime. She has such a great body, but terrible dress sense. We need to help her. Jaime, this is Hayley. She only bites sometimes.”

Chills went down Jaime’s spine as she looked up into the disinterested eyes of her current obsession. With her heart accelerating and throat tightening, it took some moments for Jaime to realise the terrible scope of her situation.

The first girl that she had ever had a crush on was already claimed, by a person against whom she had no hopes of competing.

Chapter 3: Jealousy and Cocktails

“Your new friend is pretty weird, don’t you think?”

“Hales, that’s ruuude! She’s just a little shy. Okay, not having any socials is totally weird, but some people do that right? Maybe it’s like a cultural thing.”

Hayley and Sarah were lying on Sarah’s bed, exhausted from work, followed by a fair bit of play. Technically Sarah was mostly lying on top of Hayley rather than on the bed, but the taller girl was more than able to accommodate that. Both of the girls were completely naked, but neither felt the need to get dressed just yet. After all, playtime might not quite be over.

At the end of her first shift, Sarah had asked Jaime for her socials, which had returned a blank. Jaime offered her number instead and Sarah had been on a mission since to try to find out whether or not the lack of social media presence was truly a cover-up for an upbringing in a cult of fanatics.

“I don’t think nerd culture means that you can’t have a social media presence... more like no one wants you to have one.”

“Sooo rude. Honestly, Hales, she can't be that nerdy. I mean, she has glasses and nerd clothes, but anyone can suffer from poor fashion sense. Just think about what you wore before I rescued you from the totally drab rags you called clothing."

"You know that I only looked like that because nothing for small people fits me."

"And that's why you wear cute skirts now. Seriously though, you have to see this girl's body at some point. She’s way more sculpted than you Hales. She must hit the gym every day.”

Hayley looked down at the traitorous creature resting on her stomach with an icy glare and promptly rolled over. Sarah shrieked as she fell off the side of the bed, a cascade of blankets and stuffed animals falling around her.

“That’s it! No more comfy, cosy snuggles for you. My body is only open to those willing to praise it as a goddess like me deserves! I shall suffer no false idols in this."

"Now I'm hurting, Hales.” Sarah whined from a tangled mess of fabric on the floor. “You need to kiss me better. My pussy is sooore! I think I landed on it."

"Please, I've never seen you fall and not land on your boobs. You know why your pussy is sore and it's nothing to do with falling off a bed."

"Well, you still totally caused it. You need to give her a kiss to show your love.”

“If you can manage to pin my face under your butt, sure babe. Until you can do that, I get to decide.”

Pouting all the while, Sarah rose from the floor in a huff and picked up her phone.

“One day, babe, I’m gonna sit on your face and not let you up until I’ve given you a pretty little makeover with my pussy,” Sarah said with a devilish grin, climbing back onto the bed. “Then, I’m totally gonna take photos of your face and keep them for when I’m alone and missing you.”

“Speaking of photos, I had an idea about yours.”

“Oh, the one you messed up? That you still haven’t earned my forgiveness for?”

“A new one. The cat in a tree thing was cute, sure. But I have something better.”

Standing up and casually disregarding Sarah’s attempts to clamber back onto her body, Hayley walked to Sarah’s laptop and started typing. A few seconds later, she beckoned a still pouting Sarah over to her with a pat of a hand against her knee.

Pouncing off the bed and bouncing forward, Sarah made herself comfortable on her girlfriend’s lap and examined the page.

“How is a condemned warehouse better than a tree? Hales, the lighting will be totally terrible! You still have a lot to learn about taking good pics.”

“It’s not just any condemned warehouse. This is the site of J-Girl’s first appearance from what I heard. Rumour has it she crashed into it from Jupiter. That’s how she got here.”

“You’re still going with the Jupiter-Girl thing? I still think it’s her cup size. Definitely what I would do.”

“One, she’s basically the same size as me. She’s an F, G tops. Two, you don’t have a cup size, they ran out of letters.”

“I know, isn't that so cool! Guess I’ll have to use Greek letters or something then. Omega-Girl to the rescue! Sounds totally cool right?”

“How do you know Greek letters?” Hayley playfully teased her academically-deficient girlfriend.

Sarah’s face reddened to match her hair as she stuck out her tongue. “Sororities use them, duh.”

“Anyway. This place is great. You can recreate her origin or something. Pretend it’s lost footage of her actual first sighting.”

“Hayley, I am ashamed that you think I would script content and lie to my fans like that,” Sarah said in mock affront. “I totally love it though. How should I be in danger?”

“Hanging from a gangway? We need to scout out the site, find out how tall the building is, what’s there we can use.”

“Let’s gooo! My next shift isn’t until this evening! We still have like three hours.”

“You’d really rather check out an abandoned wreck than my body?”

“Duh. At least until I get my pic with J-Girl. I can’t believe you wouldn’t let me post your one on Clix. It would have totally broken the Internet!”

“Also definitely would have given us away. What if one of her powers is superintelligence?”

“Obviously not, because that’s a dumb power.”

“Okay, well maybe she has average intelligence and didn’t have her brains replaced with tits like you.”

“Ouch, Hayley. Now you have to apologise to the twins before we go. You made them sore.”

“Babe, if I get hold of your tits again, they’ll be a lot sorer.”

“Hmm, maaaybe we can go once more before we -'' Sarah began, cut off as Hayley invaded her mouth with her tongue and assaulted Sarah’s nipples with her fingers.

Hayley was always rough, but never so much as when she thought that Sarah’s eyes might be wandering to other girls. She lifted the much smaller but surprisingly heavy girl with relative ease and tossed her on the bed. Given the focus on both J-Girl and her new co-worker lately, Hayley was feeling the need to show Sarah exactly who she belonged to.

The new girl was a little unnerving in a way. Sarah had insisted on including Jaime in a few of their recent shopping trips and Hayley was not happy with what she was seeing there. There was just something off about her, furtive glances around the place, lingering peculiar looks at Hayley. That stank of the girl trying to make a move on Sarah. Which was utterly intolerable.

Hands and mouth wandering, Hayley began to abuse Sarah’s breasts with her lips. She grasped one tightly while the other suffered her furious suction, planting bruising kisses across the expansive flesh. Further down, Hayley’s fingers clutched tightly onto the source of Sarah’s delicious nectar, invading her most intimate region whilst a thumb vigorously worked Sarah’s bud.

At least there were a few things Hayley could do about this new girl. She’d been a lot more possessive of Sarah in public recently when Jaime was around. That had caused some targeted looks at Sarah from the girl, so Hayley knew she was getting to her. Knowing Sarah’s love for tall girls too, Hayley had spent the past two weeks wearing only her 5” inch platforms, bringing her up to a formidable height of 7’0, just to assert her dominance over Jaime in that field.

Moans and sharp inhalations were coming from the writhing girl beneath her, leading Hayley to drive her play up to an even higher gear. Her teeth grazed firm nipples, then bit down, eliciting more cries. Nails dug into tender flesh, blood being drawn from the scratches, lasting wounds of ownership on Hayley’s property.

The main concern was tomorrow. Sarah had convinced Jaime to come bikini shopping, so the reveal of the best beach body was about to be on. Thinking about how she would cope if Sarah ended up preferring this new blonde girl was keeping Hayley on edge. Her fingers were submerged inside Sarah at this point, so Hayley curled them back upwards while grinding her thumb across Sarah’s clitoris. So immersed in her actions, Hayley didn’t even notice that Sarah’s screams of pain had turned all too real below her.

“Pineapple! Pineapple! Hayley, stop! It hurts!” Sarah cried from under Hayley’s body.

Recoiling in horror, Hayley removed herself from the whimpering girl beneath her. Sarah immediately curled up into a foetal position, one hand clutching herself between her legs, the other attempting to wrap an arm around her breasts.

“I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean - I thought you wanted me to be rough,” Hayley began, edging away from the bed before realising her mistakes.

For her part, Sarah just continued sobbing. She reached out a hand and Hayley caught a brief glimpse of the trails of blood running down Sarah’s breasts. Wincing in pain, Sarah grabbed a cat plushie and dragged it back to her chest. Her eyes didn’t meet Hayley's.

“I’m sorry babe, I didn’t know. I thought you were enjoying it, honestly. You know I can get a bit rough,” Hayley reiterated.

This time, Sarah turned around. Hayley would have been prepared for daggers and looks that could kill, but the betrayed eyes that gazed innocently at her tore her heart apart.

“I - I said our safe word.” Sarah managed to say. “I thought you forgot it.”

“No, babe, of course not. I just - look, let me cuddle you okay? I’ll make it better, you know I would never hurt you.”

As it turns out, hearts torn to shreds can still be pained. The wince that Sarah made when Hayley touched her again made Hayley’s chest ache - her perfect girl had been hurt and it was all her fault. She moved away again and sat back down in the chair, head in her hands. She had hurt Sarah. That was unforgivable.

“Hayley, I need you to hold me,” Sarah whispered meekly after a few minutes. “Just, please be gentle with me, I need to know that you’re here.”

In a fugue state, Hayley wrapped herself around the smaller girl. Hours passed with them in that position, before Sarah suddenly gasped.

“I have to go to work, my shift starts in like 10 minutes!” Sarah extracted herself from Hayley’s embrace and cried out in pain as her bruised breasts landed heavily on her chest.

“You can’t go to work, you need to recover,” Hayley stated firmly. “I have Marcus’ number, I’ll call him and let him know I’m covering for you.”

“Erm, babe,” Sarah began, voice heavy with hesitation. “I don’t think Marcus would like that. He kind of totally thinks you scare the customers away.”

“Yeah, well he’s not gonna tell me I’m not doing it to my face either, so it’ll work,” Hayley asserted. “Besides, I’ve spent enough time there recently to know the basics.”

“Okay, fine. You know I trust you, Hales, just try to be a bit more… welcoming.” Sarah paused for a moment as she thought. “Both towards the customers and Jaime. You’ve been totally weird around her lately.”

Internally, Hayley fumed at the prospect of having to be buddies with the new girl for an evening, but she swallowed her feelings. If that's what Sarah wanted, she would do it.

“I’m going to have a bath and then go to bed. I’ll see you tomorrow?”

“Sure, bikini shopping. With Jaime. Sounds great!” Hayley smiled falsely at the prospect, then more genuinely at her girlfriend as she left.

Which is how Hayley found herself working a shift at the bar with her arch-nemesis.

Why is she here?

Jaime arrived at the staff room to find Hayley standing in front of Sarah’s locker.

Oh Hells, she’s going to confront you over the time she caught you staring at her. Or… one of the times at least. How can you still manage to get caught staring, even with super speed? Can she feel how much you’re staring at her with your super vision from far away?

It had been a long day already. Two building fires, a robbery and a car crash. No fatalities, minor casualties and one would-be thief arrested. At least the police were getting used to the presence of J-Girl. Jaime was hoping to forge some connections there and get to work with the law more actively in the future.

Maybe you can even get a secret hotline to the commissioner’s phone! Are those a real thing?

Robotically, Jaime performed her normal routine of packing her belongings into a locker, both lost in her thoughts and pointedly attempting to not look at Hayley. It only occurred to her after a moment that it was more suspicious to not say anything than to ignore the stunning, statuesque goth’s presence.

“Oh, hey Hayley?” Jaime queried.

Well, that already sounds dumb. What if she thinks that you're mocking her name? Did you say that as a question? Yes, you did. Okay, you have to commit to it now though.

“Sarah not here today?” Jaime received a surprisingly filthy look from Hayley for her efforts at conversation.

“Lift your shirt Jaime, I want to see something,” Hayley replied, far too casually for such a request.

Oh storms, what does she want with you? Why is she asking you to lift your shirt? Does she know you have the costume underneath? Is she trying to out you?

“I’d rather not, really. You must know it takes an age to get the fabric to sit right.” Jaime forced a smile.

Good, much smoother. Try to relate to her.

“Yes, we both have big tits. I’m not interested in those. I want to see the abs that Sarah has been hyping up since she first met you.”

Is she hitting on you? She wouldn’t really prefer you to Sarah though, surely? Unless…

“Erm, I don’t really tend to show off my body to random people, Hales. Not that you’re a random person!” Jaime quickly corrected herself. “I just mean, maybe not now?”

It was her eyes. Something about Hayley’s eyes was utterly terrifying and so incredibly confusing to Jaime. The fact that she could pierce you with her gaze. You knew who was in control of this conversation. But Jaime forced herself to look into them as they spoke this time. Except for the initial cursory super-speed glance, Jaime managed to maintain eye contact. No persistent lingering glances on the rest of Hayley’s amazing body.

“Guess Sarah was an exception then.” Hayley rolled her eyes away from Jaime. “Whatever, I’ll see them tomorrow when we go shopping.”

“We’re really doing that? Bikini shopping, I mean? Won't that be a…” Jaime thought carefully before her next word. “A bit of a problem for Sarah?”

“Are you seriously asking about my girlfriend’s tits?” Hayley looked furious and Jaime withered beneath her intense glare.

“S-she’s, er, quite big?”

Hayley looked like she was about to explode, so what happened next confused Jaime even more.

Harley burst into laughter. Thunderous, outrageous guffaws. For the first time ever, Jaime saw a side of Hayley that she could never have imagined might exist.

Storms, she dominates the room even more when she’s happy. She’s even more perfect than you thought, isn’t she?

“Quite big? Her tits are fucking enormous!” Hayley snorted as she tried to control her booming voice. “Fuck, wait until I tell her that. Quite big.”

“So, we’re still going shopping?” Jaime was still confused but needed closure on at least this.

“Yep. Sarah’s really looking forward to it. She’s got a guy she goes to for her customs. I hear you got intimately familiar with his work when you first met?” Hayley’s riotous laughter had reduced to a mere smirk as she made her way to the door. “Make sure you get over your fear of exposure, Jaime. We’re going to be seeing a lot of each other.”

You can do it, Jaime. Sure, a fight with a bulldozer would be preferable — and a lot easier — but you can do it. You can expose yourself — your new, perfect self — in front of the hottest girl you’ve ever seen, no problem. For now, just try to survive the night with her, no incidents.

The bar was busier than usual. Marcus had indeed been reluctant to have Hayley serve but had eventually relented when she noted the likelihood of a high turnout after some event in the nearby stadium.

The presence of Hayley in the bar was always somewhat strange to observe. Jaime had witnessed it before, but not quite from this perspective. Hayley seemed to be attempting to be friendly towards other people. Normally, the people eager to get close and peek at the towering black-haired beauty would quickly have to recoil for fear of being stepped on. Today though, her normally severe demeanour was being tempered by something.

Instead of having a brief drink and then fleeing — as was the custom — patrons were filling up the bar. Knowing it was coming but dreading it, Jaime finally received the request from Marcus to start mixing and serving at the bar; the hot wings could wait until the massive queue had been tended to a bit.

The place was swarming with rowdy sports fans and what appeared to be a group of cheerleaders; along with a few regulars. Beers and shots were flowing quickly, but the real holdup was the cocktails — Hayley had no experience in that area. So while most of the place was happy, the cheerleaders were getting frustrated at their lack of service and looked about to kick up a fuss.

Making the cocktails was easy enough. Jaime knew the recipes and had practised the shaking to the point where she no longer accidentally blended the drink into something unrecognisable with her speed. Ensuring that her step contained a sufficient degree of pep, Jaime approached the table of cheerleaders with an array of colourful drinks.

“Hey, I’m Jaime! Sorry for the wait, here are your drinks!” She carefully placed the tray of incredibly fancy-looking beverages on the table.

“I hope these are on the house. We’ve been waiting, like, a whole five minutes for these. That’s disgraceful.”

“I know, right? I hope someone gets fired for this. You know we’re influencers, right? We could all trash this place online and you’d never get another customer.”

“Businesses live and die off their online presence, you know? The only reason we’re even here is because apparently there are some chill vibes in this place.”

“I, er, I’m not authorised to grant people free drinks,” Jaime mumbled, struck by the nerve of the girls.

They were all stunning but in an identically vacuous way. Long blonde hair and slim bodies, matching Jaime in new appearance in at least those aspects. Where they and Jaime differed was the expressions on all of their faces; like they were about to argue with daddy about why they absolutely needed another pony. Though she had extensive experience dealing with exactly this type of girl, Jaime never came out of those interactions as either the victor or any wiser as to how to handle them.

“What do you mean, free? We’ve had to spend, like, hours of our valuable time in this place, waiting for you to actually do your job. I think the least you can do is make it worth our while.”

“So right! Just us being here has boosted your image. Look at all these people here, right? Do you think you would be anywhere near this popular without us promoting the place?”

“Honestly, you should be paying us just for coming here, you know? Think about the exposure you’ll get if we take some Clix pics here.”

“I’ll check with the manager and see what I can do.” Jaime conceded, turning to walk away.

As she did so though, one of the girl’s hands shot out and grabbed Jamie’s arm. Acting on reflex, Jaime spun and lifted her arm over her head, in an attempt to force her opponent to loosen her grip. Unfortunately, this had the effect of dragging the girl out of her seat and into a collision with the table, causing the drinks to come crashing down into the lap of one of the other girls.

Oh, Hellfire!

“You fucking idiot! You dumb bitch, you did that, like, on purpose! You ruined my outfit!” The drenched girl screamed, leaping out of her seat and lunging towards Jaime.

No, no, no, this cannot be happening! You cannot be starting barfights! This is not something a responsible superhero does!

Taking a quick breath, Jaime reached into her power and the world slowed down around her.

Moving to the side with the aid of her enhanced speed, Jaime dodged the oncoming whirl of hair and arms, which continued past her and almost into the back of another group of customers. Fortunately, Jaime managed to grab hold of the back of the girl’s top before the collision happened.

Now, Jaime had a new problem. While the first girl was restrained temporarily, the second was rising from the table and looking to rush her. Not to mention if the third got involved.

You’re going to run out of arms before they run out of bodies.

Feeling the pressure of nails attempting to pierce into her skin, Jaime looked back just in time to see the restrained girl’s face contort in pain as her nails broke against Jamie’s impenetrable flesh.

Okay, Jaime, this is bad. You need to think quickly and get out of this situation. Firstly, move the one you already have elsewhere. Somewhere she won’t cause trouble for herself or others.

As the second girl was rushing at her, Jaime ducked low and pivoted, sliding the first girl along the floor and launching her underneath the table. This had the benefit of throwing off the motion of the running girl, causing her to start staggering with her next step.

Good. Next, you need to ensure that the second one doesn’t break her nose by running into us or the floor.

Moving from low to high, Jaime put her arms out in front of her to catch the now-falling girl and gently lowered her to the floor, with a strong scent of cinnamon from the girl reaching Jaime’s nose as she did so. The crash from behind her signalled that the first girl had finally reached her destination under the table, so Jaime scooted her friend along the ground to join her.

You did it, Jaime! You resolved a bar fight! You started it too, but at least you dealt with it.

Jaime was lost in self-congratulatory thoughts after having dealt with the two girls with so little collateral damage. Returning to normal speed and finally breathing out in relief, she was first made aware of the third girl sneaking up behind her by a pained yelping noise, followed by the sound of a bottle smashing on the ground.

Standing with the third girl’s arm tightly in her hand, Hayley looked ready to tear the group of cheerleaders apart. The bottle must have fallen from the girl’s grip when Hayley interrupted her. Evidently, the girl had been in the process of trying to smash it over Jaime’s head. Jaime’s superpowered heart began to thump like the wings of a hummingbird.

She just tried to save you.

“If I ever see any of you in here again, I’m going to break all of your arms off and shove them so far up your ass you’ll still be able to apply your lipstick.” The terrifying goth titan accompanied her declaration with a shove that sent the third girl sprawling forward.

The dazed and drenched group left the bar in a hurry, murmuring some insults at a volume they assumed that Hayley and Jaime wouldn’t be able to hear. Indeed, Hayley couldn’t hear them.

“So, I guess that was some evidence of the abs then. Pretty sweet moves there. You do martial arts?” Hayley studied Jaime with an expression somewhere between admiration and envy.

“Oh, right. Just have to, like, keep myself safe, you know?” Jaime clumsily mimicked the cheerleaders in her response.

Hayley smirked at her with a humorous, rather than condescending, look.

“Just gotta make sure you have someone to watch your back in future. Those sneaky bitches will go for any opening they can.” Hayley patted Jaime on the back as she returned to the bar.

She smiled at something you did. And she actually touched you.

Which is how Jaime found herself fantasising about her crush while working next to her for the rest of the night. And why earthquakes were once again reported in the city in the early hours of the morning.

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