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Power and Obsession – Part 4

Written by Wizalex :: [Saturday, 10 June 2023 01:58] Last updated by :: [Saturday, 10 June 2023 17:48]

Power and Obsession

Girlfriends Sarah and Hayley put themselves in danger in order to get a picture with their latest obsession: the world’s only superhero, J-Girl.

Written by Wizalex

Edited by HarmonyMotion

Part 4

Chapter 8: A Little Crush

Sarah panicked when she realised that the costumes she had planned for herself and Hayley for their late-night playtime were still laid out on the bed. But Hayley smiled when she saw them, dispelling Sarah’s nerves.

“Sooo…” Sarah trilled. “You totally love it, right?”

Sliding the strappy pink outfit to the side, Sarah lay Jaime’s body on her bed to sleep off her fight with Hayley. She’ll be fine, she’s J-Girl! Still totally can’t get over that…

“Were these out when Markus came over?” Hayley smirked, picking up the elastic silver and black number.

“Yep! What do you think he was thinking?” Sarah giggled, imagining her boss seeing the lewd superhero costumes on her bed. “Ooh, we should totally surprise him as superbabes.”

“Maybe. Really went for it on the pink, didn’t you?” Hayley was experimentally stretching the fibres of her outfit.

“Totally. My clothing guy wants to meet you, by the way. I gave him your measurements and he couldn’t believe I had them right.” Sarah gave her titanic, naked girlfriend a lust-filled once over. “I think we need to get you remeasured for it though…”

“Hmph. Like your boobs are gonna fit in yours either.”

“Wanna try them on?”

“You know they’re just gonna break, right?”

“That’s the fun bit!” Sarah made an excited little jump and sent her boobs into the air. They landed back on her chest with a calamitous thump, sending Hayley flying backwards and Jaime tumbling off the bed as the walls rattled around them.

“Oops, sorry! Having supertits is so easy to forget.”

“Urgh…” Jaime groaned from the floor.

Picking herself up quickly and not even sparing a glance at Sarah, Hayley advanced on the sprawled-out blonde, lifted her by the throat and tossed her back onto the bed.

“Hayley, let me—” Jaime was cut off as Hayley completely ignored her protests.

The blonde’s breath left her lungs with a gasping puff of air that Hayley instantly caught hold of. She turned the exhalation back on its owner, slapping Jaime across the face with the touch of her own breath and a minute thunderclap.

Nooo! She can’t start this again!

“Hales!” Sarah flew up to lay an arm across Hayley’s neck and shoulders, inadvertently sending one of her tits on a collision course with Hayley’s cheek.

A cracking sound was followed by a muffled cry of pain as Hayley’s jaw dislocated.

“Shit!” Sarah leapt backwards, once again startled by the effect her boobs could have on Hayley’s super body.

“I-I can help. I’ve had first aid training.” Jaime hesitantly offered from her precarious position underneath Hayley.

“‘uck ‘ew,” Hayley mumbled.

“I’m so sorry, Hales!” Sarah clutched her breasts close to her body, willing them to become less problematic.

“Please let me help, Hayley?”

Hayley didn’t try to respond vocally this time, deciding to flip Jaime off with one hand while her other grabbed her throbbing jaw. A spark of electricity coated her lower face, numbing the area briefly as she yanked it back into place.

“Fuck!” Hayley yelled, punching the bed in frustrated pain.

“I’m so sorry!”

“Sarah, shut up. I’ll forgive you if you don’t interfere with psycho stalker here.”

That’s totally not like her. Sarah was mentally thrown. She’s never like this to me…

“I wasn’t – you were the ones trying to take pictures of me!” Jaime was confused and bleary-eyed, startled by the proximity of Hayley’s fist to her head and wary of the lightning building across the silver-haired girl’s body.

“We wanted pictures with a superhero – who the fuck doesn’t want that!?”

“I told you it was dangerous – that someone would get hurt! Look at what happened, you both almost died!”

“Like fuck it was. You just didn’t want someone else getting your secret superpower goo, did you?”

“Of course not! Hells, everyone else who got near it died! Look what you both did to the city after you got your powers!”

Jaime was gradually lifting her body from the bed, her torso bent at the waist and her breasts coming into close proximity to Hayley’s. Her fantasy girl still loomed oppressively over her, and at this close distance, the tingling sensation brought on by the electricity leaping across Hayley’s skin was giving Jamie goosebumps. The blonde’s lust overpowered her outrage, and once more Jaime began to lose control of her functions.

“Both of you, stop it!” Sarah landed on the floor next to the bed without a sound. “If you keep fighting you’ll hurt each other too badly to take back!”

“Good. She was trying to get you killed.”

“Storms, Hayley, it wasn’t like that at all!”

“Really? So you didn’t leave Sarah to die because you were thinking about having me all to yourself? How often have you fantasised about fucking me, J-Girl?”

Jaime blushed and failed to respond while Sarah looked in shock between the two of them.

“Jaime? You like Hayley too?” Sarah’s face clouded with confusion for a moment, then suddenly brightened. “This is sooo awesome!”

“What the fuck?”

“What the Hells?”

“I mean, who wouldn’t?” Sarah reached out for both girls and brought them into a smothering hug.

It lasted for about a second before both Hayley and Jaime forced their way out.

“No, Sarah. Just no. I'm not interested in her, just you.”

“But she's a superhero! And you're both so totally hot! What's the issue?”

“She’s not you, babe. I love you.”

A despondent Jaime had been backing further away from the pair and now looked on silently. That was it. The last chance she had of being near Hayley. Gone.

“I should go…”

“Yeah, you should. Otherwise, I might actually kill you this time.”

“You two need to be careful with your powers though. Please? When I got mine, it went pretty badly…”

Hayley glared at Jaime, as though daring her to continue berating them. Sarah rolled her eyes at her girlfriend. She’s gonna take a while to get over this. Luckily, I know just the pair of girls to distract her.

“Hales, no. Happy faces only.” Sarah gave Hayley a quick peck on the cheek before turning to Jaime. “Ooh, you’ll need some clothes! Hayley has a top that would-”

“No. She doesn’t get my clothes. She can fly home naked.”

“It’s— it’s fine. Really. Just be careful.”

“I'll text you later, J-Girl!”

Jaime left the apartment, taking care to be out of the range of any superhearing before she burst into tears.

“You, are so meeean.” Sarah cut off Hayley before she could even start speaking. “Why are you so mad that she liiikes you?”

“Not mad she likes me, mad she was trying to kill you.”

“Hales, you’re being toootally dramatic. Jaime wouldn’t kill anyone! What was that stunt you were playing with the lightning earlier?”

Hayley shrugged her shoulders. “Apparently it comes out of my eyes sometimes.”

“So weird.”

“And supertits isn’t a weird power?”

“Nope! These tits are totally awesome!” Sarah squished them together and thrust them out at Hayley. “They want you to plaaay with them. Then they want to play with youuu.”

There was a mixture of lust and hesitation in Hayley’s body language as she gently cupped one of Sarah’s breasts in each hand.

“How are they so light again?”

“Duh, they’re supertits.”

“That cannot be your explanation for everything.”

“No explanations. Kissy time now.”

Relenting to her curvaceous girlfriend’s wishes, Hayley started laying kisses all across the surface of Sarah’s pale skin. Her lips left no marks and after a few tentative pecks, she got back into the mood, providing additional suction with both her lips and her control of the airflow around them. Try as she might though, Hayley completely failed to leave any of her usual marks of ownership on Sarah’s immaculate body.

“Why no kissy marks, babe? You know I love them. You can totally be rougher with me too, don’t worry, I’m a bigger girl now.”

That was the problem though – Hayley was already being rough. Far rougher than she was comfortable with following recent events.

“Sure you don’t want to take it a bit slower this time?”

“Boooo! That doesn’t sound like fun. I wanna totally test out these new superboobies. Yours too.” Sarah reached a hand down and tweaked Hayley’s nipple.

Gasping and wide-eyed, Hayley pulled away from Sarah. Fuck! That hurt!

Sarah grinned. “Feels sooo good, doesn’t it? I totally wanna play with your powers some more. Can you do the tingly thing again?”

“Sarah, I really think we should take it slow-”

“Stop coddling me! I can take it, you totally know I can!”

Sarah’s voice pounded on Hayley’s eardrums and in her head, squeezing her skull until it felt like it might pop. Woozy and light-headed, she felt her body grow heavier, forcing her to lay back on the bed. How is she… doing that?

“That’s better! I wanna go on top. Just do some fun things with your powers, it’ll be great.”

Oh fuck. She doesn’t realise.

Hayley tried to speak, to let Sarah know that something was wrong, but the air in the room was so thick. Every single movement she made was difficult. She tried to grasp for the air and thin it, but a far more powerful force was holding it in place. Her limbs were locked, her body completely immobile as Sarah’s soaked pussy descended onto her face.

“I’m totally gonna give you a makeover with my pussy, babe! Just make sure you use the safeword if I’m too much for you!”

Pineapple, Hayley thought, entirely unable to vocalise the pain spreading throughout her body as it was pressed in by intangible forces from all sides. Fucking pineapple!

Tears failed to make their way to Hayley's eyes, trapped in her tear ducts. The soft flesh of her breasts was being compressed so forcefully that she felt certain they were about to explode. Her chest was so tight, and no air was being circulated into her lungs!

Then Sarah’s body settled on top of Hayley’s, and the goth girl experienced a whole new world of agony.

Sarah’s asscheeks pressed against Hayley’s sternum and threatened to break it. Her pussy smothered Hayley’s face, bringing with it an even thicker layer of musk, choking Hayley as the incredibly dense air seeped into her lungs. Fortunately for Hayley, Sarah’s unnaturally-heavy, natural perfume displaced the currently oxygen-deprived contents of her lungs. Hayley’s burning lungs were finally being ventilated, but only by being completely violated and physically dominated by the mere scent of Sarah’s womanhood.

“Baaabe, you totally need to do something, I can barely feel it. If you’re sulking, I’ll be sooo mad.”

Fuck, I need to get her attention. No air, maybe lightning.

Hayley called upon the racing terror pulsing through her nerves and lifted the electrical impulse to the surface of her skin, harnessing the powerful tingling of her own body to produce sparks that jumped up to greet Sarah.

…Who appeared to love it.

“Ooh, that’s more like it. More of that!”

Panic caused the crackling between their bodies to intensify as Sarah started to grind her pussy across Hayley’s face. Streaks of feminine ejaculate coated her cheeks, lying thick and unmoving against her skin.

With another forceful thrust forward, Sarah’s ass broke Hayley’s clavicle. FUUUUCK!

“Haaales, this feels so gooood!”

The raging, roaring, burning pain across Hayley’s collarbone lent itself to a new strategy. She channelled the pain to heat, roasting the room around them and torching the bed beneath her.

With her eyes closed, Sarah didn’t even notice.

“Hmm, yeah. Keep doing that.”

Sarah’s hands were occupied on her breasts, fondling flesh that threatened to crush the top of Hayley’s head. Every time her boobs slightly separated and came back together again under their own mass, the building shuddered in pain. Cracks appeared in the foundations, and the residents on the floors below were trapped, pinned to their floors, their bodies being pulverised by the ever-increasing pressure that Sarah generated. And despite the impending disaster, except for Sarah’s moans and the groaning of the metal framework, the entire building was silent.

The heat wasn’t working. Hayley had no control of the air around her. Lightning was only leading to Sarah becoming more energetic. Her cold powers were her last hope. Fighting the flares of pain that came from shards of broken bone scraping against each other, Hayley tried to numb herself. Her mind retreated, separating Hayley from the world around her, as she had become so practised over the years.

It was working. The temperature of the room rapidly dropped and frost crystallised at the girls’ extremities. More importantly, Sarah was slowing down. Her fervent grinding on Hayley’s face settled to a suffocating but much more manageable pace.

Then Sarah let out an elongated moan.

Fuck. Fuck, fuck, fuck! She’s about to fucking cum!

The sound was all too familiar to Hayley. She knew just how vigorous Sarah’s motions were during her orgasms. Her girlfriend was beginning to shudder now, not from the biting cold that would have been enough to kill most people outright, but from the pleasurable victory of finally conquering the domineering, silver-haired titan.

Sarah’s breasts shook on her chest, sending ripples of densely compacted air to tear apart the walls around them. Her ass repeatedly descended on Hayley, cracking her sternum and fracturing it into more and more pieces with each bounce. Hayley’s mind blurred, unable to detach itself from the tortured reality of her body. In fact, her whole body was blurring, distorting more and more each second right up until Sarah came.

To a casual observer, Hayley had simply disappeared. As it was, no casual observers were left to witness what happened. Every other person in the building had been compressed to the thickness of a single atom and smeared across their floor.

Sarah came explosively. Her nectar shot from her nether lips, penetrating through the space where Hayley’s head had just been and continuing through the entire building. With no support from Hayley, Sarah’s ass continued downwards and destroyed the bed beneath her.

Then she kept going.

Her body descended through the same path as her ejaculate, crashing violently through the now vacant apartments and demolishing the building around her. In the few seconds that it took Sarah to notice, she had already buried herself dozens of feet below the foundation of the building.

Hayley’s electrically transported body reformed outside the building in time to see a section of it collapse inwards. Unfortunately, she reformed with multiple broken bones and a headache that was threatening to split her skull apart. She took in rasping breaths while trying to work out what was happening. This is more than just fucking ‘supertits’.

Sarah felt amazing.

Totally the best sex ever. Hales even got so excited she turned into lightning again at the end!

Slowly and reluctantly she left her comfortable, Sarah-shaped hole-in-the-ground and floated idly back to her apartment. Should I be sad I kinda totally wrecked the place? Nah, we’re superbabes now, we can find a much better place to live. Ooh, we can get a place together finally!

Seeing Hayley’s buzzing body outside, Sarah excitedly flew towards her.

“Baaabe! That was sooo gooood!” Sarah rushed to give her girlfriend a squishy, appreciative hug but frowned when Hayley vanished again in a flash of light, then reappeared several hundred feet away.

“What’s up? Are you still getting used to your powers?”

“Hurts…” Hayley whispered.

Sarah’s playful demeanour soured instantly. With her super senses, she could hear Hayley’s whimper even at this distance. She focused her vision on Hayley’s body and recoiled in shock when she saw the bruises already forming around her neck.

“Hales! What happened?” Did… did I do that?

Words weren’t making their way out of Hayley’s mouth. Every time she tried to speak her throat closed up painfully and her eyes watered. And it tore Sarah’s heart apart to see what she must have just put her love through.

I need to fix this. I need to make her feel better.

Struck by inspiration, Sarah called out to Hayley while keeping her distance.

“Babe! I’m gonna go get us some coffee and snacks. We’ll head to your place, ‘kay?”

I know just the place! They’ll have to serve me when they see how much of a total superbabe I am.

Sarah quickly grabbed her ill-fitting costume and spare phone from her trashed apartment and flew towards Cheers.

The journey was eventful from many perspectives, despite the fact that Sarah was lost in her phone screen for the duration. She didn’t even notice the naked, effectively mute Hayley struggling to keep up with her flight and catch her attention. Or the occasional building that she passed through on her unerring, unimpeded journey. Air resistance and the force exerted on her by solid bricks were indistinguishable, both entirely failing to halt the progress of her excessively durable body and exceedingly enormous tits.

Initially, Sarah had just picked up the spare phone to contact Jaime. That hadn’t happened, given the number of notifications she had waiting on this phone. She had ignored Hayley’s advice to uninstall Clix, and all of the hater comments poured forth. Thousands of notifications called her out, labelling her a sell-out and a whore with huge tits and no prospects. Sarah’s rage had been building for the last several blocks with every vitriolic comment she read.

And nearly half of them were leaving links to the Clix profile for Cheers.

By the time Sarah arrived at the coffee shop, she was angrier than she had ever been.

They’re totally trying to fucking ruin my life!

Before Sarah even touched the door, it flew open and crumpled into a tiny lump of wood, metal and glass. It hit the ground and rolled underneath Sarah’s foot when she landed, re-emerging when she walked forward as a wafer-thin sheet.

“You guys are totally out of order!” Sarah’s feet dug into the concrete as she stormed to the counter.

“Is that the girl from that terrible bar? Why has her hair, like, turned into cotton candy?”

“I know, right? Attention seeking, much? What was that with the door, some kind of illusion? She’s even got that weird outfit on. This isn't a stripper club like your sleazy bar.”

“And the cosplay competition is next month, you know? Save that stuff for the conventions.”

“Fucking listen, you assholes! You totally need to get your hate brigade off my Clix.” Sarah had reached the counter at this point and was awkwardly glaring up at the cheerleaders.

“Is she, like, demanding that we do something?”

“I know, right? She must’ve confused us with someone else. Maybe her tits knocked her in the head.”

“It’s probably a lack of blood flow, you know? Too much going to her tits, maybe her brain doesn’t work?”

Deciding to put them in their place, Sarah lifted herself off the ground and hovered towards the cheerleaders. Her breasts broke through the counter, but Sarah didn’t notice. She only had eyes for the changing expressions on the faces of the cheerleaders.

“Like, what the fuck is sh-” The girl’s verbal tirade was cut short as she reached out to push Sarah back by the shoulder.

It looked like the girl was just sucked into Sarah’s body, but with her enhanced senses, Sarah could determine exactly what had happened.

The cheerleader’s body had compressed to a single point, folding in on itself repeatedly until it took up less space than one of Sarah’s freckles.

The other two girls panicked. One shoved at Sarah, pressing her hands against Sarah’s tits. Sarah’s boobs refused to compress in the slightest, but once again another cheerleader did. This one collapsed more slowly and the sounds of cracking bone and tearing flesh could be heard alongside a final scream as she died.

That just left one. She ran past Sarah, who was trying to process what was happening to the cheerleaders and how she could be causing it. When the final girl reached the empty doorway Sarah turned around. She raised a hand to call for the girl to stop. Instead, she ended up grabbing the girl’s body in her mind and closing a psychic hand around her, reducing her body to a bloody pulp before she could think to let go of her mental grip.

Hayley appeared in the doorway just as the girl’s body imploded.

“Hales! I think something is wrong…”

The entire coffee shop shot inwards towards Sarah. The walls were instantly powdered, the chairs became sawdust, and the glass turned to sand. Then it all coalesced as it rushed at Sarah’s body. Hayley fought against the force with all of her superpowered might but was forced to zip away as a lightning bolt to escape Sarah’s inexorable pull.

And it wasn’t just the coffee shop. Other buildings in the mall were falling down, unable to support their own weight. Objects were floating into the air, caught in the radius of Sarah’s power. And people nearby clutched their heads and fell to their knees, their muscles now unable to hold up the rest of their bodies.

“Haaales! You have to help me!”

But Hayley had no idea what she could do. All of her attempts to affect her girlfriend’s body had failed so far.

Not learning from her earlier experience, Sarah once more held out a hand. Hayley was caught in the mental prison this time. Only it wasn't a mental prison – it was very much a physical construct. Hayley could feel the immovable air around her, holding her in place and refusing to obey her will. Sarah had solidified it, producing this crushing force against Hayley in the process.

As Hayley was pulled towards Sarah the force increased. Her enhanced durability prevented her from immediately imploding but given the rate at which the pressure was increasing, Hayley didn't think she would survive coming into contact with Sarah.

“Haaales! You have to make it stop!”

Sarah’s voice dismantled more of the mall around her. The crumbling brick and masonry flew at Hayley, creating a layer of dusty grey material just above her skin. With only seconds left before her body succumbed to the rising pressure, Hayley reached deep into her pain and became an inferno.

For a brief moment, a gap appeared in the wall of air and debris. Hayley’s superheated body became lightning, flitting through the opening and escaping. With Hayley’s body no longer present to prevent the inward motion of the gathered matter, the entire mass of her former prison rushed inwards, compacting to a single point. The vacuum created in the wake of the vacant air pulled in more material and a swirling vortex formed in the air, sucking in more of the surroundings.

Sarah watched as her girlfriend fled from her. She slowly descended to the ground and compressed the pavement beneath her with every uncertain step. Every small jiggle of her breasts produced cracks in the world around her. She lifted them up and started wide-eyed at her tits.

How am I doing this? C’mon girls, help me!

Then Sarah made the mistake of letting her tits drop back down to her body.

The entire city felt the shockwave of Sarah’s titanic tits hitting her smooth stomach. A crater spread out below as the effects of the meteoric impact struck. For anyone still alive within a mile radius, their last thoughts came with the sense-oppressing scent of Sarah’s body. It drove them into an incredibly brief state of lustful bliss before that same hyper-compressed air removed one of the dimensions from their bodies.

Sarah didn't even need her breasts to touch someone for her world-rending tits to completely flatten them.

But most dangerously of all, far above, the single point of matter that had formed Hayley’s prison continued to grow in mass.

Chapter 9: Unchecked Power and Unhealthy Obsession

Jaime was discovering that masturbation provided a good distraction from sadness.

She wasn’t crying – that had stopped after she tore her pillows apart and demolished most of her room in a tearful rage. Her lovingly arranged figurines and carefully organised comic books were scattered, some even possibly ripped or broken. Jaime didn’t care. She thrust her fingers angrily inside herself, hoping that a painful orgasm associated with the memory of Hayley might take her mind off the gorgeous powerhouse and let her go back to her life.

The last three orgasms hadn’t worked, but Jaime was adamant that it would eventually.

She was so caught up in her erotic escapism that she didn’t hear Hayley approach her apartment. She did notice when her wall collapsed and a section of her ceiling fell on top of her.

“Hells!” Jaime cried as she flew out from the rubble and somewhat assumed a fighting stance, extracting her fingers from herself at superspeed.

Hayley looked distressed but took a moment to give Jaime a disgusted expression when she saw that the blonde girl was still naked and had her glistening fluids coating her inner thighs. Hayley was also still naked, but having been held captive by Sarah’s overwhelming affections, she had an excuse.

“Fuck me,” Hayley rasped. “Still getting off on this?”

“I-it’s not what it looks like,” Jaime stammered. “I was just…”

“Don’t. Fucking. Care.” Each word from Hayley was accompanied by hesitation and winces of pain.

Floating towards Jaime’s wardrobe, Hayley threw it open and began to ransack the contents. She paused when she came across a silvery leotard with a black lightning emblem on the front. She grabbed it and tossed the item next to it – a yellow and blue costume with a similar motif – at Jaime.

“Get. Dressed.” Hayley squeezed her body into the elasticated outfit. “Sarah needs us.”

“Is she in trouble? What happened? Did you hurt her?” Jaime received an even more intense death glare at the last question as she dressed in one of her cosplay outfits.

“Powers. Can’t control. Panicking.”

If only someone had told you to stop messing around with your powers.

“Where is she?” Jaime’s eyes followed Hayley’s gaze out through the gaping hole in the side of the building.

Things had only gotten worse in the brief period of time since Hayley had fled. Both girls stared in terrified awe at the scene in the sky. The tiny, distant figure of the busty bombshell darted back and forth in front of a stream of debris that soared up from the ground and then simply appeared to vanish. Whatever Sarah was trying to do to regain control of her powers didn’t seem to be helping in the slightest.

“She’s… she’s destroying everything…” Jaime whispered in horror.

Both girls could see the effect that Sarah was having on the people of the city. Each person caught in the expanding radius of Sarah’s power was now being swept up into the air, their bodies stretching out and being pulled apart. Some remained intact for longer than others, primarily those that Sarah wasn’t actively trying to ‘help’. Those she approached directly were either flattened to a plane or compacted to a single point before she even got close enough to touch them.

Tough choice, huh? You could probably solve a lot of problems right now by getting rid of her.

“Fucking. Bitch.” Hayley had caught on to Jaime’s conflicted expression. “She saved you.”

“Storms, she’s going to destroy the city, Hayley!” Jaime hesitated for a moment too long before continuing. “Obviously it’s the last resort…”

Lightning crackled in Hayley’s eyes and Jaime flinched away. With a pained and angered roar, Hayley launched herself at Jaime. This time though, Jaime was prepared for her. She breathed in and let the world slow around her, taking in her surroundings and reacting faster than Hayley could process in her injured state. Vibrating her body at just the right speed Jaime passed through a still-intact wall and out of Hayley’s eye line as a blast of lightning destroyed the wall behind her.

Get to Sarah, Jaime. Stop her before this gets any worse.

Passing through one wall after another Jaime took advantage of the concrete maze to avoid Hayley’s attacks. The sound of the building being demolished behind her spurred her body to new extremes. It seemed to have almost forgotten her injuries from the past few hours.

“J-GIRL!” Hayley’s booming voice echoed with thunder, gathering storm clouds above the city. “FUCKING FIGHT ME!”

Yep. Great job, Jaime. This is exactly what you deserve.

Jaime was about to exit the building when she felt the static charge gathering around her. The air hummed with barely contained power. Coming to an abrupt halt inside the final wall, Jaime watched an immense sheet of lightning cascade down from the sky and surround the entire building. The intensity of the flash of light temporarily blinded her.

Then the resulting boom blew out both of her eardrums.

All across the world, lightning struck. Power stations blew out, overloading server rooms across the country. A death row inmate in a maximum security prison received an electric shock moments before she was due to die. A layabout youth on a park bench, loudly chewing gum, was struck by billions of watts at the moment her bubble popped.

And a rush of freezing air caught up to a deafened Jaime.

Limbs stiff and slowing down, the wall crumbled away as Jaime’s body phased out of it. The power of Hayley’s flame-assisted punch was only slightly attenuated from passing through the wall, connecting with Jaime’s ribs and sending her flying through the city.

Had she been able to hear them, the three distinct snaps would have told Jaime that three of her ribs had just been broken. As it was, she was only vaguely aware of the blurry pain in her chest. Winded, injured and failing to control her powers, Jaime managed to phase through some of the walls in her path, but not all, leaving an obvious path of destruction for her pursuer to follow. Jaime opted to dive low when she regained some control over her flight, keeping away from the clouded skies that had become Hayley’s domain.

When she finally caught a breath and reached the ground in something slightly better than a crash landing, Jaime decided to stay there. Rather than taking back to the air, she ran across the pavement at a quicker pace than she had dared try before. The ground gave out under her feet, but speed was of the essence here. Subtlety didn’t seem to be working.

Keep it together, Jaime. Dodge the lightning and reach the bringer of the apocalypse. Work out how to save the world. And maybe survive doing it.

Sarah was out of sight from the ground at this distance, but the effects of her power were all around. Barely a single building in the area had a roof left, and the screams of people being dragged into the air were now audible to Jaime’s partially repaired ears. Now that she was closer, Jaime could see the minute, darkened region of the sky bringing about the apocalypse.

What the Hells is that thing?

A moment of distraction pondering the situation was enough for Hayley to catch up to Jaime. Surprisingly though, she didn’t immediately attack again.

“Fuck…” Hayley stared open-mouthed at the sky. “Fuck…”

“It’s bad, Hayley. There’s something up there, I don’t know what she did, but it’s killing everyone.”

“Like you did when you got your power?” Hayley’s words struck Jaime more powerfully than any of the other blows so far.

“How did you know?” Jaime whispered.

“Found an article this morning. Apparently, Wizzen Chemicals blew up with no survivors. You know you were listed among the dead?”

“I never meant to hurt them…”

But you killed them all anyway. Because you’re a worthless, pathetic excuse for a hero.

“Sarah is more powerful than I was then.” Jaime made her final plea. “We need to try to stop her from using her power.”

“The fuck is her power? It’s not fucking ‘supertits’, whatever she says.” Hayley’s voice seemed to have recovered to the point where she no longer rasped with every other word.

“I think… I think I might know.” Jaime turned to Hayley. “We need to get closer to her. And we need to not fight each other for the next few minutes. Then you can go back to beating me to a pulp.”

Hayley scoffed. “You’d probably enjoy it.”

“Just follow my lead?”

It took every ounce of Hayley’s resolve to let Jaime take charge. She had to admit though, the girl had been playing superhero for longer than she had. It’s the best chance to save Sarah.

So while Hayley flew up to meet Sarah directly, Jaime went to examine the peculiar region of the sky causing most of the damage. The plan was to calm Sarah down while simultaneously resolving the problem. The difficulty came from how to actually achieve both of those things. Fuck it, I’ve got one good option that always works to calm her down.

Hayley approached Sarah in the open, forcefully diverting the torrents of air around her and pushing anyone caught in the pull to the ground. It became more and more difficult as Hayley got closer and closer, especially when it became clear that it wasn’t just the air pulling people towards Sarah. Being near Sarah, Hayley felt as if she were standing the wrong way up. She reoriented herself, putting her legs pointing towards her girlfriend and immediately noticed how much more natural it felt. She finished her brief journey to Sarah that way, treating her influencer girlfriend’s body as the new ground.

“Haaales! You came back!” Sarah was first elated to see her girlfriend, then confused. “Did you leave to change costume?”

The world rippled around Sarah. Hayley felt herself accelerate towards her. Every action that Sarah took seemed to be strengthening her powers. Every single word acted to impose her dominance on reality. Every single motion was able to dictate the mechanisms of the Universe. And every single jiggle of her breasts proved capable of strangling the life out of the world around her.

The force was so much stronger now, so much more oppressive. Hayley was barely lucid, even hundreds of feet from Sarah. But there was another tugging sensation that Hayley felt too, coming from the object Jaime was hopefully investigating.

Hayley opened her mouth to speak and hesitated. Can I even get close enough to offer this?

“Babe. We need to calm you down. Let me get close to you, I know what you need.”

“Okaaay…” Sarah’s voice warbled as the air around her warped.

It proved futile though. Before Hayley managed to make it another ten feet closer, her whole body felt like it was stuck inside a hydraulic press. Fuck, she’s too strong. Fine. Time for plan B.

Sarah’s face dropped when she saw Hayley retreating away from her. Her saddened expression lightened to curiosity when she saw the sparks of silvery lightning building up across the skin of her scantily clad girlfriend. When it had covered the entirety of her body, Hayley zapped out of the lightning shroud and appeared behind it, leaving a cloak of electricity in the shape of her body.

With intense concentration and expert precision, Hayley guided her electrical simulacrum towards Sarah. The buzzing of the current grew more intense as the sparks flew at greater speed. By the time the construct reached Sarah she was biting her lower lip in anticipation while Hayley had broken into a sweat that vaporised from her body as soon as it formed. Steam rose from her as she puppeteered her creation against Sarah, allowing the incredibly high voltage to produce a pleasant tingle across the invulnerable skin of the world’s most dangerous woman.

The lightning form acted with Hayley’s will, pushing one scintillating digit into Sarah’s pussy and lightly stroking her clitoris with another. The electric tongue that forked out from its mouth was consumed by Sarah’s insatiable lips, which then eagerly drank in more of the tantalising sparks.

“Hmm…” Sarah hummed. “Sooo gooood.”

The electric mounds of the lightning duplicate’s chest pressed into Sarah’s enormous tits, massaging her nipples by grasping them firmly and delivering a series of quick, sharp shocks. The crackling around Sarah’s nether lips became erratic as her excitement reached new peaks and her fluids began to gush forth from her pussy in earnest. Rivulets of her nectar ran down her thick thighs – thighs that Sarah was pressing together with astounding force. A single drop fell from Sarah’s body and descended to Earth.

Here, Hayley realised her mistake.

That single droplet, weighing far in excess of a million tons, hit the Earth with a force greater than that of any conventional bomb. The explosion rocked the entire city. The shockwave that spread out from the impact site levelled one building after another, crushing anything that failed to withstand the astonishing wave of tremendous pressure. Which in this case was everything except for the three superpowered girls. Hayley was blown backwards, losing control of her lightning manifestation with one final burst of fiery electric heat all over Sarah’s body.

“Hayleeeey!” Sarah screamed out as she came explosively.

The torrents of hyperdense fluid that squirted from her pussy rained down on the city. A minuscule drop had been enough to utterly devastate the landscape and now dozens fell upon the ground. Each impact tore up more of the world and pulverised the broken city, creating craters that only lasted for fractions of a second before another bead of Sarah’s unopposable ejaculation destroyed them in favour of one that reached even deeper.

Hayley’s ears were ringing and her mind was reeling. She was pretty sure she had worked out what Sarah’s power was at this point. She briefly looked back at the singularity that her precious girl had formed earlier with her powers of density manipulation.

An entire city. Wiped off the face of the planet. Fuck.

There’s one chance left, Jaime. You just need to convince Sarah to do it. Then avoid Hayley when she tries to kill you.

Jaime had seen the effects of Hayley’s ill-thought-out plan to calm Sarah. On one hand, it had eventually worked. Sarah looked surprisingly blissful at the moment, reclining in the sky above the city she had just completely erased from existence.

Does she even know what she just did?

There were no other options. Sarah had to be stopped. Removed from the area. Or the planet. Or perhaps even existence entirely. Jaime honestly had no idea what would happen to Sarah if she did do what she was about to suggest.

“Sarah! You need to go into the thing you made over there! Maybe you can stop it?”

Sarah blearily blinked her eyes open as she came down from her destructive, climactic, post-orgasmic high.

“I don’t know hooow though…”

Sarah’s every word subjected both Hayley and Jaime to the effects of blunt-force trauma. Her cutesy elongated words pressed heavily against their bodies and squeezed the air out of their lungs as the external air density dramatically increased.

“Please, Sarah.” Jaime wheezed. “You’ll kill more people if you don’t.”

“You think I can fix it?” Sarah looked around her properly for a long moment, becoming paler as she took in the extent of the destruction. “Oh… oh no…”

“Err…” Jaime paused for breath. “Sure.”

“Fuck. No.” Hayley fought against the syrupy air to reach Jaime. “She’s not. A fucking. Martyr.”

“She’s a killer,” Jaime asserted.

“So are you,” Hayley retorted.

“And she can make. Her own choice. This is for the good. Of the rest of the world.”

“She is my fucking world!” Hayley had finally reached Jaime and swung a lethargic punch through the hindering air.

Jaime tried to dodge backwards but found that she was moving too slowly. Her body failed to cooperate, leaving her open to Hayley’s attack. The impact of her fist was barely consequential, but the lightning strike that followed it was significantly more painful. Switching tactics, Jaime started to vibrate, phasing her body into Hayley’s hand.

She’s going to hate you so much already, why not add a couple more reasons?

Passing through Hayley’s body, Jaime phased in and out of sync with the arm of the aggressive amazonian. Her rapid vibration shredded Hayley’s nerves and rendered the limb useless.

“Fuck! Again!?” Hayley spewed flames from her mouth that torched Jaime’s costume and produced a wall of thick smoke between the warring superhumans.

A smokescreen that dissipated immediately when Sarah spoke.

“She’s right,” Sarah said somberly, having easily flown to the singularity. “It’s my fault. I need to fix it.”

“No!” Hayley cried out. “I need you, babe. I love you!”

“I know, Hayley. I love you too.” Sarah smiled and disappeared into the darkness.

Suddenly, both girls were freed from the restrictive air. Free to resume their attacks on each other.

Instead, Hayley slowly drifted to the ground with an aura of cool stillness around her.

Epilogue: Picture Imperfect

In the wreckage of an apartment, in a city with no residents, Hayley destroyed a picture. It had been taken by the girl she loved above any other, but that sentiment was marred by its subjects. The two people that she hated most in the world – the girl who had as good as gotten her precious baby killed, and the girl who had failed to prevent it.

Jaime entered the room as the picture became ash.

“I— my offer is still open.” Jaime hovered at the edge of the threshold where the doorway once stood.

“Fuck. You.” Hayley’s response was the same one that Jaime had received the last four times she had offered her help.

“She could be anywhere, Hayley. We don’t even—”

“Finish the sentence and I finish you.” Hayley’s glare was ice-cold as the temperature of the room plummeted deep into the negatives.

Jaime started to speak but hesitated. In any case, Hayley offered a response to her unasked question.

“I’m going to find her. And I’m not going to kill you because I want you to live the rest of your fucking life knowing what you did.”

She knows you so well, she even knows just how to torture you.

“Well— I— err,” Jaime stumbled over her words as she left, choking back tears. “I’ll always be here if you need me.”

“And I never fucking will.”

Alone once more, Hayley looked up at the stars from the darkness of her ruined life.

Don’t worry babe. I’ll work this out. Then I’ll bring you back home.

Somewhere, in a region of the Universe unknown to humanity, Sarah idly floated past an asteroid.

It instantly compressed to the size of a grain of sand.

Still can’t control it…

She looked forlornly at the stars in the distance and wondered if Hayley was looking at the same ones.

Don’t worry babe. I’ll work this out. Then I’ll come back to you.

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