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Born This Way

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Born This Way

By Mark Holmes (Markiehoe)


The costumed crimefighter known as KrimeBuster was in the fight of her life and she was losing.

In pursuit of the Girl Gang, a gang of girls that were knocking off jewelery stores throughout the city she stumbled upon the seven foot tall powerhouse Madam Musclehead on a steroid fueled rampage. The forceful female had just delivered a combination of blows that sent the busty superheroine reeling. She stepped back trying to catch her breath as Musclehead came straight down with her meaty paw narrowly missing KB’s head but catching the scoop neck of her costume’s top and ripping it off. Early in her career KrimeBuster altered her costume and gave it a sweetheart neckline to show off a lot of cleavage. A little fan service never hurt anyone she thought.

“Thank goodness I wore a bra today!” she squeaked out in between gasping for breath.

Madam Musclehead roared with laughter as she tossed the top with the stylized “KB”emblazoned on it off to the side. She started beating her flat rock hard chest.

“Pecks and muscles like a man are what it’s all about. Long legs, hips, a pretty face and big boobies are evolutionary holdovers from a bygone day. What are they good for?”

KrimeBuster’s chest rose and fell with her deep breaths.

“Well the boys seem to like em and I do too.”

The two women started to circle one another amid the wreckage of the downtown city street. The one known as Madam Musclehead was tall and bulging with muscles. So many muscles she was once described as: “Even her muscles had muscles.” She wore a brief unitard that covered what only a technician would call her “feminine” parts.

The other woman was petite. Barely five foot four. Even wearing a mask you could tell she had a pretty face. Her long, wavy dark hair fluttered in the breeze. As noted her costume top was gone but her brightly colored tights and low heeled boots did little to conceal her full hips and long legs. She was the costumed superpowered crime fighter known as KrimeBuster. She also was pretty well endowed and the tabloids stuck the nickname “Bustie” on her and it stuck.

Madam Musclehead stopped moving and so did KrimeBuster. Musclehead pulled out a mobile phone from somewhere, read a text and spoke.

“The great KrimeBuster fails at busting crime. I can come and go as I please” A quick kick to a nearby fire hydrant knocked the safety cover off and sent a jet of cold water straight at KrimeBuster hitting her right in the chest and drenching her. “You’re all washed up. Come see me again when you pack a little power to your punch girlie.” With that Madam Musclehead turned and stomped off.

KrimeBuster stepped out of the water stream. She blew out a mouthful of water and separated the wet hair that hung in front of her eyes. She was soaking wet. An excellent way to cover the tear that fell from her eye.

“I have to power up somehow and I have to do it now.” She took a few steps and gracefully leaped into the air, one arm leading the way and the opposite knee bent forward. The defeated Damsel flew off in the general direction of Lightning Labs in the heart of the city.


Lightning Labs was the brainchild of Professor Keene, he is the father of KrimeBuster’s best friend Amy Keene and the only person to know KrimeBuster’s secret identity, Junior College student Sasha Grossbussen. Professor Keene of Lightning Labs was the cities’ foremost scientist and engineer and a specialist on super powered humans.

KrimeBuster landed on the roof of the Penthouse apartment and entered the laboratory via the secret door next to the roof top hot tub.

If Professor Keene noticed KrimeBuster’s wet body and missing costume top he never let on. Albert Keene was a ruggedly handsome middle aged man with graying temples. Science was his second greatest love and Lightning Labs was his greatest material creation.

“Ah Miss Grossbussen you are little late for your weekly body scan but no matter. You know the procedure, please disrobe and lie down on the scanning table.”

Sasha took off her mask and stepped behind the screen.

“Hey Professor, we have to talk…..” Sasha took off her bra and casually flipped it over the top of the dressing screen.

Keene cut her off.

“Business first young lady. I am compiling data and data must be compiled or none of this will amount to anything.”

Sasha stepped out from behind the screen completely naked. After months of being poked, prodded, tested and re tested she was perfectly comfortable being nude in front of Professor Keene. Besides, the Professor was head over heels in love with his beautiful Trophy Wife, Amy’s stepmother, Lydia Keene. All other women meant nothing to him. If anything this made competitive Sascha even more attracted to the Professor.

Sascha hopped up on the table and laid down in position for a full body scan.

“Professor! This table is freezing. Can’t you install a heater or something?”

Keene activated the scanner and a large plate slowly passed over Sascha’s body bathing her with a dull green light.

“Any type of heating element would disrupt my readings. Now please lie still.” The Professor viewed the readout monitor. “ Let’s see now. Your pulse is slightly faster. Blood pressure normal. Height and weight unchanged. Your breasts, already above average size as noted earlier, are slightly bigger. You might be retaining water.” The clinical analysis went on for another five minutes. Eventually Sascha was released and she slipped on a dress, flats and lab coat and assumed the role of Professor Keene’s lab assistant.

Keene sat behind his desk and started to shuffle papers.

“Now Miss Grossbussen, you had something on your mind.”

Sascha went over to the corner of Keene’s desk and sat on it crossing her long legs. She looked over at the Professor. Nothing. Oh, well.

“Professor.” Sascha knew to come straight to the point. “My effectiveness as a crime fighter and my ability to help humanity would benefit if I was stronger or generally more powerful. I just got my tail end handed to me by a super type and if she wasn’t called away for some reason I don’t think we would be having this conversation right now. We have tried all the normal ways to increase strength like eating right and exercising but nothing came of that. I can not seem to put on any muscle mass. I still look like your average all American girl with big boobs. The super powered bad guys I have been encountering lately are stronger and stronger. I need to step up my game or get off the field.”

Professor Keene leaned back in his chair and started to rub his temples.

“I have been giving this matter some thought. Since we still don’t know how you obtained your superpowers we have been operating on a trial and error basis. I think it is safe to assume now that muscle mass has nothing to do with your strength and stamina. Until I can determine where your power comes from we will have to use cutting edge technology to augment your power levels. In other words: Accessorize!”

Sascha smiled.

“Are you going to give me a make over? Are we going shopping?”

Keene turned away from Sascha and started to page through screens on his computer.

“No, no Miss Grossbussen all will be handled in house. If you get here promptly after class tomorrow I should have something for you.”


KrimeBuster had received a text earlier that day to report to Area 15 just outside of the city. She flew directly to Lightning Labs Aircraft hanger located in Area 15 and met Professor Keene who was standing next to a van which held a garment rack with a bagged outfit hanging from the rack. KB smiled as she landed next to the man.

“What do we have here Professor? A new spring formal?”

“Hardly.” The Professor started to remove the bag. “As you know your flight powers are a complete mystery. How you are able to defy gravity baffles me. However certain laws of physics still pertain. Your top measured speed seems to top out at about 60 miles per hour.”

“I remember you once suggested I shave my head to cut down on wind resistance. Yeah that wasn’t going to happen.” The girl shook her long hair back and forth the empathize the point.

“Never the less. If you want to increase airspeed you are going to have to cut down on wind resistance. I have coated this body suit with a nearly frictionless polymer of my own design. Here put this on.” Keene handed KB the black bodysuit.

KrimeBuster pulled off her boots, tights and top and started to slip on the bodysuit when Keene stopped her.

“Your undergarments also please. The suit must fit right up against your body. Body heat activates the polymer which in turn makes the suit almost frictionless.”

KrimeBuster smirked as she took off her bra and slipped off her panties.

“If you say so Boss.”

The busty girl pulled, tugged, jiggled and wiggled her way into the black suit. Keene had to help her get arms into the sleeves and yank the suit over her shoulders. To say the suit fit her like a second skin would be an understatement.

“You will need to remove your mask and pull the hood completely over your head, it will seal at the neckline. The material is pretty shear. You should be able to see quite clearly. Should take only about a minute for the polymer to activate.”

KrimeBuster did what she was told and walked over to the van’s side view mirror and looked at herself.

“Great googley moogley! You can see every bump on my body.” She covered her nipples with her hands. I look like I belong in an S&M dungeon! We’ll have to do something about the color.”

KB stepped away from the van and her legs went out from under her!

“Whoopsie!” The girl landed on her backside with her arms and legs akimbo. “What was that all about?” KrimeBuster slipped around and tried to stand but every movement was magnified and the girl could not get her footing. Keene reached down to help but his hand slipped off her arm and he almost lost his balance.

“Too frictionless. I made the suit too well.”

“Stand back Professor.” The black clad girl was face up on the floor of the hanger. She stopped moving as best she could. Took a deep breath and watched her chest rise and fall. Using her flight power she then levitated in the air. Another deep breath and she shifted to a vertical position with her feet 6 inches off of the hanger deck. “I’ll never be able to walk wearing this get up as it is now. Maybe you don’t need to coat the soles of my feet and the palms of my hands with this gunk.”

“We will work on that. Now, if you are comfortable, take off! I’ll track you via ground based radar and sensors.”

“Roger that!” and the black clad curvy superheroine took off! She rocketed out of the hanger and went vertical. She loitered around the airfield until Keene made it to the control tower. He gave her the thumbs up and she flew off. The girl easily passed her previous top speed of 60 miles per hour. Making another pass of the control tower she noticed that the Professor had posted her airspeed on the exterior status board. 120 mph! Smiling on the inside she made another pass. This time the board flashed 150mph!!!!!

KrimeBuster was pretty pleased. They may really have something here. A few modifications and….wait a second. The girl started to feel pressure across her entire body. It was getting pretty hard to breathe. She flew back to the control tower and hovered in front of the observation deck where the Professor was watching her from the inside.

KrimeBuster brought her hands up to her throat and made a choking motion. Keene understood and motioned quickly pointing down at the Hanger. KB gave him the thumbs up and flew down to the Hanger. The pressure on her body was increasing and it took all of her strength to force air into her lungs. She grabbed at the suits neck seem to try and pull the hood off but her fingers could not gain any purchase against the frictionless material. The suit was shrinking an KB with all her strength could not pull it off.

Keene made it to the van at a dead run. He saw shapely superheroine writing on the ground trying to pull the suit off and he knew there was only one thing to do. He quickly grabbed the fire extinguisher out of the van and pointed the hose at KB. He pulled the trigger and liberally sprayed her with the white foam. The cooling effect reacted with the overheated polymer faster than the Professor ever hoped it could. The black polymer started to dissolve and the girl literally burst out of the body suit. Keene emptied the contents of the extinguisher on her as she started gasping for air. He put down the now empty bottle and kneelt down next to the now naked girl. She threw her arms around him and sucked in lungs full of air.

“I am so sorry Miss Grossbussen, your body heat and the high speed flying must have caused the polymers to contract. Another few seconds and I am afraid it might have been to late. Thankfully the CO2 was able to reverse the effect. I wonder why the suit disintegrated.” The Professor disengaged from from Sascha. “I have another suit in the van, why don’t you put it on and lets duplicate the test. See where things went wrong.”

Sascha gave him such a look.


After a couple days things fell back into a routine for Sascha. Her days consisted of classes, study, assisting the Professor at the lab, going out with Amy and general crime fighting and humanitarian work. Then one day Keene texted her to meet him at the warehouse at the docks as KrimeBuster.

She flew in and met the Professor standing next to a large box.

“Well Miss Grossbussen I imagine you are wondering what I have for you in this box.”

KB looked around quickly and moved in close to the Professor’s ear.

“Professor please, when we are out in public please call me KrimeBuster or KB or even Bustie if you must. All I need is some shifty dock rat to find out my secret identity and use it against me.”

“Quite correct Miss...errr...KrimeBuster.” The Professor straightened his tie. “What we have here is a modern take on a centuries old solution to body protection.” The Professor opened the box and revealed a full suit of body armor. “This high tech powered body armor especially tailored to you will not only increase your strength it will add another layer of protection to outside forces.”

KrimeBuster ran her hand over the smooth Plastic/ Steel alloy which formed the outer upper thigh piece.

“Wow, powered armor. You should talk to the U.S. Military. I’ll bet they would love to get their hands on this.”

The Professor grimaced.

“Unfortunately the forces involved here to make the powered armor work would severely injure a non super powered individual who wore the suit. Now pay attention KrimeBuster. Move your arms and legs normally they will be instantly augmented and enhanced. So be very careful until you become accustomed to the new suits power levels. Very similar to the time when you gained your current set of super powers. Baby steps first.” The Professor reached into the case and pulled out a high tech looking bra with padded cups. “I designed a special top fitted with sensors to monitor your vital statistics and give instant feedback to the on board computers. So you will have to put this on first.”

KrimeBuster pulled her top off and unhooked her bra.

“Off with my clothes again. In the future can we do these tests in a heated location?”

It took a good 15 minutes for Keene to help secure KrimeBuster into the powered armor. A large area like a thigh took several clamshell pieces to complete where the gloves were prebuilt. KB spread her arms and legs apart and looked down at her bare chest.

“Are we missing a piece?”

The Professor glanced at his checklist and made another hook up.

“Unfortunately the chest piece was delivered not up to specifications so I sent it back to be rebuilt. For the purposes of this test we don’t need it. Here, you can wear this headset instead of the helmet. I am saving the helmet for another test.”

Professor Keene activated the armor and all the clamshell joints locked into place. KrimeBuster became part of the machine and she took a step forward.

“Remember KrimeBuster, baby steps.”

The now armored girl now truthfully be described as ‘well built’ started to move. She walked like a 1950s movie robot. Stiff and stuttering. She walked out of the large truck sized garage door out onto the docks. There were many crates and sea boxes on the dock and a small cargo ship was tied up at the end. A large crane was loading scrap metal onto the ship.

“So far so good. It’s not very comfortable. Or flexible. Should I try a strength test or should I try flying?”

Keene had followed KB out onto the dock.

“Unfortunately you are now subconsciously using your flying ability right now to keep the unit upright. I seriously doubt you could get off the ground. I plan on adding a jet pack on a future model.” Keene surveyed the dock. “Try lifting the end of that 60 foot sea box up.”

KrimeBuster slowly moved over to the sea box. She bent over and grasped the corner of the box and slowly lifted it up at an angle with the other corner as a lever point.

“No sweat Professor. I’m not even trying. I think I could lift this whole box if I could work my way to the center point.”

Suddenly the side door to the sea box burst open and twenty dirty, sweaty men piled out. A couple ran for it. Two men headed for the ship and the rest picked up tools, bars or scrap lumber and fell too beating KrimeBuster.

“Illegal Aliens!” KB pushed the box aside and let it drop. She turned toward the mob attacking her. “Back off fellas, I’ve got no beef with you.” The blows bounced off the armor with no effect. The men didn’t get the message and continued attacking her. With long slow sweeps of her armored arms KrimeBuster swept the men aside not to gingerly. Bodies were flying everywhere.

“Bustie! Look out!” Proffesor Keene shouted over the headset radio.

Two of the illegals had taken control of the electromagnet crane. They maneuvered the crane over KB and dropped the load of scrap on her with no concern for the men on the dock. KB tried to jump to the side however the best she could do was fall over. The scrap metal hit the dock killing and injuring several men. The Illegals operating the crane dropped the heavy magnet down. The large disk hit KrimeBuster’s legs. The armor protected her legs from any injury however the magnet was energized and she was locked on and lifted upside down in the air.

The girl realized if they dropped her from any kind of height she would land on her unprotected head and probably be killed.

“Professor! How do I get out of this armor?” She called out over the radio headset.

Keene thought frantically.

“The release is on the small of your back. Can you reach it?”

Not a chance KB thought. Her right arm was free but with limited mobility. The electro magnetic head maxed out at the top of the crane and the girl new her time was up. She was about to drop.

The voluptuous victim grabbed at her chest and tore her sensor bra off freeing her breasts with sparks flying. The joints on the armor became loose and using all her superhuman strength she spread eagled her arms and legs and broke all the clamshell pieces open and the armor fell away from her magnificent body. KrimeBuster flew away from the falling armor and scrap metal nearly nude. The girl went right at the control deck for the crane. She ripped the door off it’s hinges and went inside …


The weapons tests at the quarry did not go well. KrimeBuster did not like guns of any type to start with but the Professor said she should at least try some to see if they would give her the edge she was looking for. So she stepped out of the van sporting two low slung holsters which held heavy automatic pistols. She stood twenty yards away from a bench which held a line of clay targets. The Professor stood slightly behind her and to the side.

“Fire at will.”

The perky pistolero drew both pistols simultaneously and let loose. Hitting the targets with un natural accuracy. The pistols were a matched set and ejected spent casings to the right. One casing from the left pistol took a perfect trajectory and found it’s way down the front of KB’s low cut top and landed squarely in her cleavage. The casing had no chance of hurting the busty superheroine however it did startle her as she let out a “YELP!” and the last two shots were fired into the ground at her feet as she hunched her shoulders.

“I hate guns.”

“All right KrimeBuster lets try the Non Lethal variety.”

KB holstered her pistols, unbuckled the belts and let them fall to the ground with a THUD. She pulled the neckline of her top away from her body and wiggled her chest until the spent casing fell out.

Keene handed her what looked like an plastic version of an old fashioned blunderbuss from the days of the Pilgrims. “This is the Bean Bag Blaster. It fires a sack of charged particles at a target which will then be hit with a kinetic force hard enough to stun but not kill.”

KrimeBuster took the gun from Keene and hefted it up to her shoulder. She aimed at one of a series of plywood targets placed between ten and twenty yards away.

“Like this Professor?”

“Yes, now pull the trigger.”

KB heard a hum spool up from the breach of the gun. She started to lean her head away.

“Something is happening.”

Keene reassured her.

“Wait for the particles to charge….and now. Pull the trigger again!”

The girl pulled the trigger and a massive blast came out of the barrel of the gun. When the smoke cleared the “head” of one of the targets had been blown clean off and a good sized chunk of rock wall behind it was missing.

“The non lethal Bean Bag Blaster test was a complete success. I am still alive. The target got in the way of death though.”

Keene looked mortified.

“The particle charger must have overloaded. Here, try the Boom Boom Gun. It fires a sonic charge that will disorientate or might even physically push the target.”

The sonic pistol sported a parabolic dish on the nose and was a point and shoot area effect weapon. When she pulled the trigger one of the targets started to shake but collaterally every canine in the valley started to howl.

“This one is for the dogs.”

“OK, lets try the Goo Gun. I’ll get it.” Keene stepped into the van and in a few moments emerged with two cylinders strapped to his back. A hose connected the Goo Gun’s nozzle to the Goo tanks on the Professors back. “The Goo will stick to anything it contacts and immobilize it.”

The tanks were quite heavy for a regular man to carry and just as he swung the nozzle in the general direction of KrimeBuster Professor Keene lost his footing and fell forward. The nozzle hit the ground and Keene’s finger pulled the trigger. A stream of green Goo shot out and hit the shapely superheroine in the torso.

“Professor!!!!!” KB was covered in Goo, her arms were pinned to her side and as she struggled to break free she fell to her knees. “Can you get me out of this?”

The Professor was stunned for a moment then he unbuckled the straps and dropped the tanks to the ground.

“I have a solvent.”

“Let me guess, not only will it breakdown the Goo it will also breakdown my clothes.”



The next day Sascha and her best friend and daughter of the Professor Amy Keene left the campus of Skol Junior College after art history class. Both girls were wearing school uniforms; short pleated skirts, white blouses and pussybow neckties. Amy went off to volunteer at the local children’s hospital while Sascha ducked into the locker room to change out of her school uniform and into her KrimeBuster costume. Sascha actually worried someday Amy would discover her secret identity and become a target of her enemies.

After a quick turn through the locker room to make sure it was empty Sascha went up to her locker and worked the combination lock and opened the door. She untied her tie, kicked off her shoes and dropped her skirt. Sascha unbuttoned her blouse and slipped it off her shoulders. A fashion fad had swept through the city lately and young women were not wearing bras. A slave to fashion in her civilian life Sascha followed this trend so she was standing there bare chested when she heard the noise.

Sascha’s superpowered senses were more acute than an average humans and Sascha heard noises all the time. However she trusted her gut also. She looked side to side.

“Hello….hello….is anyone there?”

Sascha went to one end of the row of lockers and looked around. She walked over to the other end and checked out that end and then went back to her locker. She heard the noise again.

Sascha was only five foot four so she had to stand on tip toes to look over the top of the lockers. A surge of energy raced through her body. Was that adrenaline? Why would she feel energetic now?

She could have used her flight power to levitate a few inches but Sascha rarely used her powers in her civilian life.

Dismissing the phantom noise Sascha pulled her bra out and put it on. She spent a little time moving everything into place so everything was just right. She was just about to pull her colorful KrimeBuster costume out of her locker when the door to the locker room burst open and three gossiping girls in Skol College Lacrosse skirted uniforms barged in. Sascha quickly slammed the door to her locker closed when she recognized the girls known as the Triple D’s. Donna, Delores and Debbie. The three meanest girls Sascha ever came across.

“Well Sascha funny to see you here. You don’t play sports.” Debbie, the leader of the Triple D’s, pulled her jersey off over her head. The other two girls followed her lead. All three of the lacrosse players were pretty busty but Sascha had a much fuller chest and Debbie hated her for it. “Whatcha got in that locker you don’t want us to see?”

“You girls just have a game?” Sascha tried to steer the conversation away from her locker.

“Girls, she has something in that locker. Do you wanna see what it is?”

“None of your business Debbie. Leave me alone.”

The mean girls moved into a semi circle around Sascha and backed her into the bank of lockers.

Sascha took in the situation. Donna to the left, Delores to the right and Debbie right in front.

Debbie licked her blood red lips.

“When are you gonna learn, I get what I want.”

Sascha smirked back.

“Not today.”

As noted Sascha rarely used her powers in her civilian identity. Maybe she used a hint of superspeed when she reached out and tore off Donna and Delores’ bras. The two girls screamed and backed away trying to cover ample assets. Debbie growled and grabbed Sascha by the hair in a classic cat fighting move. Sascha charged forward and pushed Debbie into her own locker denting it. Sascha reached out and tore Debbie’s bra off. Sascha couldn’t stop herself from laughing when the gel pads popped out and Debbie’s boobs turned out to be sloppy looking pancakes.

Debbie fell to her knees trying to recover her bra and the gel pads. Her locker door fell off it’s hinges and a plain bag fell out and burst open. High end watches, bracelets and rings fell out of the bag.

Debbie looked up and tried to recover the jewelery. Sascha grabbed her by the hair and jerked her head back.

“It’s you! You three are that Girl Gang that have been robbing Jewelery stores these past weeks. I’m calling the police.” She turned and pointed at Donna and Delores. “You two stay right there, you are mixed up in this also. Don’t even think of getting dressed. I want the authorities to see you as you truly are.”

Sascha had did her best. It was within reason that one girl could win out against three. Her secret identity was safe. However the Girl’s locker room was now no longer safe place to assume her alter ego KrimeBuster. She would need to find another location on campus to change.

In the basement below the Girl’s locker room the Maintenance man Gus saved to his computer the closed circuit video footage of the girl fight in the locker room. Months ago he secretly placed cameras in strategic locations throughout the school to video tape the girls without their knowledge. The voyeur thought he had been caught when Sascha heard the axillary cameras turning on. He had found out Sascha’s secret fairly early on and kept it to himself. It never once crossed his mind to blackmail Sascha or sell his videos on the internet. These videos were for private use. Gus was not a bad guy after all.


The next day KrimeBuster showed up for testing at Lightning Labs as excited as she has ever been. She walked in on Professor Keene working on an oversized helmet.

“Miss Grossbussen, just in time. I am finishing up this new sensory expander helmet. Care to test it?”

Sascha giggled.

“Should I just rip my clothes off right now?”

“Excuse me?”

“Never mind.” Sascha led Professor Keene by the hand to his desk and motioned for him to sit down. She popped up on the corner of his desk and crossed her legs. “Something happened yesterday and I want to talk about it and I need you to keep an open mind.”

“I saw that you helped the police apprehend the Girl Gang’s crime spree.”

“That’s not what I wanted to talk about. We never have figured out how I got my powers or where my power comes from or how I channel it.”


“Yesterday when I was in the locker room, before all the action happened, I got a rush of energy throughout my body. I thought about it this morning while I was getting dressed. When I stood up straight on my tip toes is when the energy hit me. When I stand normally on my feet I feel like I do now. I tried a couple times to duplicate the energy rush by standing up on my tip toes but nothing happens”

Keene leaned forward.

“Interesting. This fits in nicely with a theory I have about power flow. Mothers always used to tell there girls to stand up straight chest out. Maybe there is a reason for that. Let me get the power meter out. Please stand on the platform.”

KrimeBuster started to take her top off. Keene pulled the power meter off the shelf, it looked like a box with a handle and corded wand.

“No need to disrobe this time.” KrimeBuster was actually a little disappointed. “Just take your boots off to allow some freedom of movement.”

KrimeBuster took off her low heeled soft sided boots. She preferred soft sided boots because they packed down small and could be stashed in her bag with the rest of her lightweight costume. Wearing only her tights, top and mask she stepped up on the platform. Keene activated the power meter and scanned her feet and legs.

“OK, we now have a base line. Please stand up on your tip toes like you did yesterday.”

KrimeBuster slowly raised her self up onto her toes.

“Just like yesterday Professor.”

Keene waved the wand up and down her feet and legs. He walked around her and scanned her from all angles. He squinted and gritted his teeth.

“You can relax now.” The girl dropped to her flats. She could have held that pose much longer if needed.

Keene sat down at the work bench and KrimeBuster stepped up behind him, she leaned over and peered over his shoulder. Maybe her breast brushed his shoulder by accident or maybe it didn’t.

“What’s the good word?”

Keene ran through the data again.

“Interesting there is a small spike in the energy flow when you went up on your toes. However it seems to peter out somewhere near your thighs. Tell me again everything you did yesterday. We want to recreate the situation as close as possible.”

For the next hour the team went through the motions. Arms down, arms up. Leaning forward, leaning backwards. Head to one side. Smiling, frowning. Arms up, leaning forward, head to one side, frowning. No luck.

As KrimeBuster stepped off the platform the main double doors to the laboratory burst open! Her and Keene whipped around in response. The superpowered criminal Madam Musclehead had kicked the doors open. With her were Amy and Lydia Keene. Amy was wearing her school uniform and Lydia, a stunningly beautiful woman, was dressed in high heeled boots, a short skirt and tight sweater. Madam Musclehead securely held both women closely together by the hair with one hand.

Amy cried out.


Lydia called to her husband.

“Oh Hubert…..”

Madam Musclehead roughly shook her hand back and forth shaking the two women violently.

“So I was right! Tracking KrimeBuster’s movements over the last few weeks paid off. She always seems to head in the general direction of Lightning Labs. My original plan was to kidnap Professor Keene and his family to draw her out. Seeing that KrimeBuster is nice enough to be already here and save me some trouble I don’t need these two skirts anymore.”

The criminal powerhouse tossed the two women aside like they were rag dolls. Amy was knocked senseless and Lydia crawled over to her stepdaughter and shielded her with her own body.

KrimeBuster needed no invitation. The busty bombshell flew into action and crashed her shoulder high on Musclehead’s chest hoping to knock her over. The two women collided and Musclehead barely moved. She caught up KB in her arm, slapped her in the face knocking her mask off and then smashed her against the wall stunning the heroine. KrimeBuster kicked out and missed. She tried to regain her feet as Musclehead moved in for the kill.

Professor Keene had not been idol. The rebuilt Bbean Bag Blaster gun was in his hands charging up.

Madam Musclehead noticed the unfamiliar weapon and acted. She charged Keene and he was forced to fire early. The half charge hit Madam Musclehead pretty hard but she shrugged it off. Grabbing the Bean Bag Blaster out of the Professors hands she broke it in half.

Sascha shook the hair out of her eyes and cleared her head and suddenly everything came into focus. She rolled over next to Lydia and Amy who started stirring and started to take off her top.

“Mrs. Keene quickly...I need your boots.”

The beauty could not comprehend.

“You are Amy’s friend’re KrimeBuster!” Lydia muttered.

Amy looked on.

“I never guessed you were Bustie!”

“Your boots quickly, I need you heels.” Sascha pleaded.

Lydia un zipped her boots and passed them to Sascha. Sascha had her top off now and slipped on the expensive Italian stilettos.

“Hey FATSO! Over here. It’s me you want.”

Madam Musclehead dropped the battered scientist to floor and smiled.

“You are going to fight me in heels and a bra?”

Sascha reached up and grabbed the front of her bra.

“Wrong again Musclebrain!” Sascha tore the bra off her own body and let her breasts fall naturally. “Stand up straight, chest out. Mothers used to tell their daughters.” She could feel the power freely flow throughout her body. From the tips of her toes to the top of her head.

Madam Musclehead charged Sascha. Sascha stood her ground and with lightning speed used a roundhouse punch that landed squarely on Musclehead’s nose with a loud KRACK!

Madam Musclehead’s forward momentum halted as her head snapped back. Her body followed her head and she was knocked ten feet backwards. Not only knocked backwards but knocked out.

Amy and Lydia had moved over to the Professor and comforted him as best they could. The three of them looked up as Sascha gracefully moved over and stood over them.

Keene spit some blood out of his mouth into a handkerchief and spoke.

“Miss Grossbussen, can you kindly explain what just happened?”

Amy smiled at her friend.

“Yeah, Sascha or would you rather me call you Bustie?”

“I’d like to be called KrimeBuster when I am in costume. Amy you can call me Sascha, I’m still the same girl.”

The Professor spoke up.

“Hardly, how did you harness all that power?”

Sascha had retrieved her top and slipped it on.

“Musclehead hit me so hard I remembered what I missed when we were trying to recreate the power surge from yesterday. I didn’t have my bra on yesterday when I had my heels up. Mrs. Keene’s boots held my feet at the proper angle and when I let the girls hang free I guess the energy paths in my body were in perfect alignment. The power really flowed. All I need to do now is alter my costume by wearing heels and ditching the bra. The name ‘Bustie’ might truly fit then.”

Amy and Lydia looked at Bustie and then at the Professor.

“I have no idea what you two are talking about.” Amy said.

“Neither do I. Hubert you took quite a beating. You need to see a doctor.”

Professor Keene stood up and straightened his tie. He offered his hand to Lydia to help her up.

“Nonsense, I never felt better. There are many new things to study. Come Miss Grossbussen I have to give you a complete body scan starting with a thorough breast examination.”

Amy and Lydia just looked at each other. Sascha just smiled as she took her top off.

“Whatever you say Professor.”

The End

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