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Not the One: Point of Origin – Part III-IV

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by Dru

Not the One – Point of Origin Part III

The first few days were spent floating in the open void of space, enjoying themselves immensely. Several times in the early hours of their vigorous recreation they had taken their toys to the surfaces of various planets, but the planets had failed to hold up long against their vast power and they were reluctant to be more careful. They were having far too much fun with the legionaries their Master had given them. In the end, one of them had drawn together all the galaxies of Kethlens entire universe and formed them into what was essentially an impossible world, with the density of an entire universe compacted into a space the size of the Earth’s moon.

The toys themselves were not completely unable to enjoy the game. In fact, they enjoyed it whether they wanted to or not. It was soon clear to them all that there was no point in resisting. When their turn came, whether or not their godly powers had recuperated from the last round, the two supergods who were their owners would play with them until they were broken and drained once more. The first time they had been left wrecked and drifting in space a number of the bravest made a run for it. They got twelve whole universes away but it did no good. The primal desires churned within them as the crushing presence of Kathlen’s former Harm Girl’s aggressively invaded their minds, crossing the distance without effort even as they finished the ruin of their current playthings. The fleeing sex toys had returned immediately, hungry and apologetic and eager to please then only to be broken and shamed and erotically manipulated in ways none had thought possible while Legionary Rings rested on their fingers.

“They are strong … aren’t they?”

“Ooh … yes. And tough.”

“Sometimes I forget,” the titanic blonde seductress giggled, producing a chuckle from her friend.

“If they were regular bearers like Kethlen was … we’d obliterate them just talking like we are now. No way we can use Kethlen’s puny type for this anymore.”

“Not unless we share some power with them.”

“Please!” one of toys begged from between her legs. “I … I need to rest …”

The brunette ignored him, other than to push his head back down. “I wonder how much longer Master will let us play? I want to keep playing … I really do … but I really want to make Master stronger too. Don’t you?”

“Of course! Isn’t that the most important thing of all?”

There was a series of cracks as she adjusted her position and began moving herself over a new toy in ways that drew what started as rhythmic grunts but turned to begging screams of joy and pain from him. It was impossible to tell if he was begging her to stop or to continue. Even though his voice was amplified by 3000 rings, the girls were able to speak comfortably over his cries. The discarded woman was the source of a few more cracks as the mighty seductress gripped her and callously tossed her toward the horizon.

“Well … for now I want to keep playing.” She looked long into the face of the super powerful woman massaging and licking her left leg. “I think they still want to play too.”


Itsumi strode arrogantly from the building with an evil smile, the wide city street blockaded in both directions and heavy barricades surrounding the entrance. The men had painted her with hundreds of laser sights, and they all barked commands at her. Itsumi towered over them and made it clear she was not going to get on the ground or put her hands over her head by putting them instead on her hips and sneering at them.

“Just look at you! So sure of yourselves. So very brave. So very, very, outclassed.” She took slow strides toward them, dramatically pushing her feet into the concrete to destroy the polished steps. They opened fire and she laughed heartily, accepting their bullets with armsopen wide. When she got a little nearer Itsumi brought her open arms together slammed her hands together with such terrible force it produced an unholy explosion of energy that shattered the barricades and sent men tumbling all over the place.

As those that lived struggled back to their feet, the deadly goddess tilted an ear to the wind. Once she found the voices she sought safe in their bunker, she turned her head toward it and studied the entire underground structure in details the contractors hoped inspectors would never be able to. Choosing a landing site where she would present the best target, hoping to get the most out of the base defenses, she launched into the sky without the slightest restraint or care for the consequences to the surrounding area. The buildings held up, but the street was scarred by a deep hole. By the time she shattered the grounds of the air force base seventeen miles to the south there were only three officers from the scene clinging to life.

The moment they realized she had arrived, she became the target of pointless gunfire once again. This time there were rockets and grenades thrown into the mix as well. She did not mind … and did not think she ever would. She sensed their shock and their wonder, heard their gasps of shock, and enjoyed the simple massaging pleasure all the more for it. Using a single casual finger as she made her way without haste toward the position she had selected over the bunker below, Itsumi started negligently flicking bullets that were going to miss her back at the shooters. Sometimes the bullets just shattered completely becoming puffs of atoms in the air. But mostly her targets … always the original owner of the bullet … were the ones to explode. Once Itsumi nailed the first target, she didn’t even have to look to get a direct hit flawlessly every time on the rest.

She could sense the field cameras on her, and could see far beneath her the men and women watching her with fear on multiple screens and from many angles. She smiled at a camera and removed her top, admiring her naked breasts as they became her full focus a moment. So firm … so delightfully sensitive to her immensely strong hands. Then she ran her hands firmly and erotically down the curves of her upper body to her hips, where she removed the rest of her clothes and stunned her toys with her shamelessly displayed body in all its formidable glory.

Having no real desire to go digging through the earth or running through the maze of tunnels, Itsumi had settled on a simpler course to dispatch the old power structure once and for all. This bunker was built to withstand nuclear weapons … it was not designed with warriors of the Unchosen in mind. Itsumi, simply adoring the ridiculous power overflowing within her, was confident a bunker specifically designed to hold up against women like her would still fail as fast.

Only her remarkable eyes told her this boring patch of base grounds was in fact the best place to unleash her experiment. With the intensity of weapons fire increasing, several tanks rolling into place to add to the firepower leveled squarely and accurately at the imposing naked woman, her hands began to wander and explore her fantastic nude body. One hand drifted down and lingered, it’s administrations more vigorous, in one particular place while the other seemed to lazily drift about tweaking nipples and pressing into all the right places.

“What is she … doing?”

“She can’t be doing what I think she’s doing. I mean … standing there in a hail of bullets …”

“Wow … I think she is …”

Listening to the voices far below, she heard the clear signs of arousal in their shaky tones. She could smell it in the troops on the surface too … their feeble hearts racing and their aim worsening. Within herself she felt wonderful pleasure, blissful and euphoric in ways she had not anticipated. As her own scent began to drive men twitching to their knees on the battlefield around her she stopped caring if her experiment worked or not. The discovery of just how much more she could enjoy sex with this body was reward enough. But Itsumi was further rewarded when in just a few moments she reached her first ever superpowered orgasm.

At full power and without holding back, Itsumi’s release was far more devastating than she had thought possible. Her passionate cry as the raw undiluted pleasure whomped through her system would have wiped out all life on the surface of the base on its own. But it was the unrestrained release of her over-enhanced body’s orgasm, backed by the generous power Susan had given her, that did most of the damage.

Floating up through the rain of debris, Itsumi was fully refreshed and ready for another go while rocks were still in the air. Admiring her handiwork, she was pleased to see that not only was the bunker gone, but so was a mile of ground beneath it. So vast was her power that she had wiped out the base, three villages, and a town.

With the hopes that they would spend the time digging in and preparing for her, Itsumi left the army base alone for now and instead went after the navy base and port. After she had destroyed the navy, it would be time to begin the part of her plan she would enjoy the most. And the part that people under her rule would enjoy the least.


“Look over there,” Susan suggested with a smile. “I thought we’d see something like this eventually. But things have barely started.”

Liz watched two South American beauties smashing a mountain range as they battled with all their considerable might to kill each other. There rules about these things, and the two women engaging in battle knew they were forbidden to fight each other.

“Do you want me to hurt them bad?”

“You’re in charge of discipline now, Liz. You really don’t need to ask me what action should be taken. They’re breaking the rules … and they need to be disciplined.”

Part of Liz instantly agreed with Susan. Yes. She was in charge of discipline. In charge in a big way. And these two dueling goddesses knew fighting each other was against the rules. They needed to be punished. And Liz needed to punish them. She found the idea arousing.

“I’ll take care of it, Master.”


The two glorious bodies threw themselves at each other with ferocity that was changing the landscape dramatically. It wasn’t that they were impacting the mountain range directly, it was the shockwaves their tremendously powerful blows unleashed. Through it all, the scratching and biting, and kicking and punching, neither girl showed any sign of damage themselves. They were two invulnerable foes of absolutely equal power with unlimited stamina, and it was a fight that could drag on for centuries if left unchecked.

Liz floated nearby, observing quietly for a moment as she considered whose side to take in this dispute. One girl was on a hunt for revenge, and had found the man who killed her brother living on the other girls land, and the other girl had promised the gangs in her region would be spared if they put down their weapons and disbanded. Not all of them had done so, but the man in question was one of those who laid down his guns. At present, the man at the heart of this conflict was awaiting the outcome of the duel many miles away. If, that is, driving in the opposite direction as fast as his stolen car would go could be called waiting.

“Ladies … if you don’t mind … may I have a moment of your time?”

The dueling girls, of which one had actually been in her mid sixties before the change, both stopped in their tracks. Liz’s voice was soft, but something about it spooked them deeply. Hovering before the pair in a regal gold two piece was a woman that radiated power with a terrifying force. But these two South American bombshells were yet to learn any limits to their own terrifying forces, and so shook off their fear.

“Who the fuck are you?”

“Oh yes … introductions. I’m Liz. I am the even-more-powerful-than-you badass who’s job is to stop fuck-ups from fucking up. And I know who you are, of course. You’re a fuck-up.”

The other girl laughed heartily. “Yeah, Bitch. This haughty butt-in is dead right.You’re an A-grade muthafucken fuck-up.”

“That bastard killed my brother! Are you seriously gonna tell me I have all this power and I still can’t get my justice? I will have my justice, Bitch!”

“What about my justice?” the offended girl retorted.

The vengeful girl lost her cool once more, and the fight was resumed. Liz cupped her eyes with one hand and groaned a little. Both girls had a point, and both were determined to have their way. It was time for Liz to end this, so she floated up and grasped each girl by the backs of their necks. The two felt fairly sturdy in her fingers, but wise to her massive strength advantage Liz was still very careful as she pulled them both apart.

All three were a little surprised how easily Liz separated the two fully amped girls, but Liz least of all. The two in her grip scratched and slapped at her, but the churning landscape was the only evidence of the awesome power behind their blows. An unphazed Liz only smiled graciously at them. “I think you should both be concerned far more about my justice.”

“”The fuck you say! I’ll poke out your fucking eye you fucking skank! Put me down!”

“Really? Poke away, Sweetie, if you think it will make you happy.”

Angry, the former street kid did just that. Only … it did not make her happy. She drove her sharpened thumbnail, now superhardened and backed with the brute strength to crush armies, directly into Liz’s dazzling open eye. Screams of pain reverberated off mountains and disturbed clouds, but they were not Liz’s screams. The thumb fared quite badly indeed against Liz’s unblinking eye, the nail shattering and the bone reduced to fragments. Liz’s eyeball wasn’t so much as dimpled, and she had clearly felt no discomfort whatsoever.

Both girls stopped struggling after witnessing this shocking display of invulnerability, stunned and awed by Liz’s immunity to their resistance. For her part, Liz stood completely still and observed in silence as they dangled from her hands, an eyebrow raised as she switched her gaze back forth between them and let the cold fact of her dominance sink right in.

“Don’t look so sad. You are still wonderfully powerful. Just … not as wonderfully powerful as me! Now then … let’s sort this out shall we? You were looking for revenge?” Liz shook the appropriate girl. “And you have him and want to keep him?” She shook the other.

“I … I promised them they could live.”

“Well … it seems really selfish to protect this guy when he owes your colleague here a debt, don’t you think? And you! You think it’s okay to go off the reservation and hunt some else’s buffalo? That’s some damn unneighbourly shit. Disrespectful. Hmm … .this is hard to decide. How about we have a contest and the winner gets the scumbag? I’ll be the judge, so it’ll be fair.”

Both dangling supergirls exchanged worried glances. “Um … if it’s okay maybe she can just have him …”

“No no … you have a fair claim too! Here’s the deal … I need to get off because it’s been a while and who knows when I’ll get to come down and play again? So … we’re going to have an eating contest.”

“Huh? What are you …”

“It’ll be fun! Whoever eats me out and gives me the best orgasm wins. Easy!”

“Hey! I’m not … no way … I ain’t no dyke!”

“Oh … we don’t bother with labels once you get into the multi-million ring club. We just … enjoy ourselves. Since it’ll be your first time, and your sister here doesn’t eat anything else, you can watch and learn before you have your turn. You’ll be surprised how fast that hyperdrive brain of yours picks up new tricks.”

“No way am I eating you out!”

Liz smiled slyly, and gave an answer none could argue against. She swamped both girls with merely a fractional increase in her seductive power. “Are you sure? Are you sure you’re not just a little hungry?” She swelled a little as she allowed dangerous levels of power to concentrate in improving her allure.

Moving as one the girls in her grasp resumed struggling in earnest. But rather than escape, this time they applied all their inconceivable might to getting closer to Liz, to gaining firmer contact with her. Liz could see only herself as she looked deep into their minds, and so released them to fulfil their burning desires. Both girls were now equally ravenous, and equally competitive in Liz’s chosen sport. But neither one was thinking about winning.


The moment Tammy appeared before the column of tanks it halted. She stared them down without fear, confident in her incredible new strength and determined to keep her cool this time.

“Where are you off to? What do you need eight tanks for? The Mayor has already surrendered this city so the fight is over.”

The lead tank popped a hatch and produced a round faced man with a bullhorn. “We’ve got orders to restore calm to the city.”

Fully kitted out guards came running up either side of and between the tanks, and encircled Tammy to menace her with their locked and loaded assault rifles. “On the ground, Miss. You have to answer for your crimes.”

“Really? Are you aware that its impossible for me commit a crime?”

“You have killed people, Miss. Get down in your knees so Sargeant Kendall can restrain you.”

“I can’t break the law, silly. I AM the law now. I’m in charge now, and I don’t need the likes of you to enforce my will. So … you can all lay down your guns and take off your uniforms. Go home. You’re fired.”

“I know it’s fun to play superheroes, Girly. But this is serious now. You’re in real danger now. We are not police officers … we’re trained soldiers. If you try any theatrical bullshit with us, these very real and very much actually able to put a hole in you guns we have will bring you down. Now get on the ground and allow yourself to be restrained or we will open fire. No more tricks. No more games.”

Tammy smiled sweetly. This fool didn’t know the truth. Looking around, she could tell that some of these men were chilled to the bone right now in terror because of her. But most of them didn’t believe, or believed that the Unchosen and her army were some sort of con. A little thrill rose within her as she knew this was going to happen. They were going to take her on.

“I own this land. I own you. All of you. Your mine … and you better do what I say. Put the guns down, go the fuck home, and take off your uniforms. Think about why you brought tanks, and think about those women in North Korea.”

“Okay. Whatever. You will get on your knees whether you want to or not, Ma’am. You two … hold her while the Sarg sercures the prisoner.”

Two burly Guardsmen moved in on either side of Tammy and grabbed her arms and shoulders. They huffed and puffed and grunted, turning beet red with effort but failing to so much as remove her delicate hands from her hips. She was as solid and unmoving as the Lincoln Memorial, and even when the sarge used his rifle to whack her solidly in the stomach Tammy did not bend. Even though she had reduced herself to a less threatening level of power she was well out of their league.

“If you don’t let me go, I am going to hurt you.”

The spooked men stopped and stepped away from her, despite their protesting officer having a fit.

“She’s not normal … something isn’t right …”

In a blur of motion she suddenly held the Sergeant gun in front of her while he toppled over and howled in pain. He clutched at his hands, three fingers having been broken badly when she tore the weapon away from him.

“Drop your guns, or I will take them from you.” With clear ease and obviously careful to do it slowly, Tammy folded the rifle over on itself in front of everyone and tossed it negligently over her shoulder.

At that point, an itchy trigger finger took over the course of events. While a part of Tammy groaned, disappointed things had not gone better, she discovered a larger part of rejoice as she shot rang out. She had found the freedom rally gunmen had provided a great deal of pleasure in the moments before she had amped up and destroyed them. And they hadn’t had tanks.

One bullet led to another, and soon a dozen men had opened up. Within seconds three guards lay shouting in pain, taken down by ricochets from Tammy’s impossibly hard flesh. The men nearby dove for cover, opening up a clear shot for the tanks as they distanced themselves rapidly.

“She’s a demon!”


The grenade was wonderful, and Tammy couldn’t stop herself from raising a hand to her breast in response to shrapnel striking below her nipple. But the huge cracking shot from the tank actually took her breath away with the extraordinary pleasure it assaulted her with. The shell snapped sharply into her with a massive ground shuddering explosion, but the kinetic energy that would have ended her if she was another tank simply made her speechless with the sensations it allowed her to discover. It felt every bit as awesome as she had dreamed.

“More …” She breathed lustily, but the desperate men already rushed to comply. The other tanks were taking up positions while the second lead opened fire and the first reloaded. They watched in utter astonishment while Tammy hopped up and took the shell square in the groin. She was still hovering there rubbing herself shamelessly where the shell had hit when the smoke cleared.

Canisters of tear gas rolled up to her and she watched the foul smoke pour out while small arms fire pinged incessantly off her skin. She already knew she had ample lung capacity, even without amping up, so she didn’t hesitate to drop down and pluck a canister up in each hand. She was unaware that gas canisters become smouldering hot on the surface to prevent targets throwing them back, but her hands could not be damaged as easily other people’s hands and she was not burned by the mistake. Holding both toxic canisters up to her face she sucked in the fumes almost faster than they were released, all the while ignoring more tank shells and countless bullets. It didn’t taste particularly great, but the gas entering her lungs offered no challenge to their capacity and didn’t taste all that terrible. She held her breath a moment, allowing the noxious vapors to soak completely into her enhanced respiratory organs before exhaling cleansed air carrying none of the poisons. She couldn’t resist crushing the canisters like cheap modern coke cans before she dropped them and focused her attention on the tanks.

“I am going to give you a count of three to stop firing,” she warned. “If you don’t stop, I will make you stop.”

Another shell snapped delightfully into her chest, followed fast by another right in her face. She didn’t flinch, she didn’t even blink, as the shell struck and exploded against her features. Watching the whole explosion with fascination Tammy marveled how beautiful it was. She counted to three so they could all hear her, but predictably the tank shells kept coming and she could hear them reload with haste after each shot.

Not wanting to make all the tanks unusable, having found them to be quite pleasant fun, Tammy decided to disable them by removing their crews. But she was prepared to destroy one if it meant getting the rest for more fun down the track. Reluctant to move from the focus of such enjoyable attention, she decided there would be time aplenty to enjoy these tanks once her rule was established and she went into action. Before anybody knew she had moved, Tammy was beside the tank the man had spoken to her from watching the three men inside right through the armour plate. Stroking the cold tank with her hand, it felt solid and impenetrable. At least … it did until she applied a little pressure. It was so easy she could not suppress a giggle as she pressed her hand into the armour plate and peeled back a strip of screaming protesting high tech tank armor. Smiling at the commander whose wide eyes peered back at her through the opening, Tammy used both hands to open the gap into a much large hole.

“Hi there!” She greeted him, quite sweetly. “Are you coming out on your own? Or do you want me to help you?”

He just stared at her, his mind processing as best he could the crazy reality of her superstrength and invulnerability. So Tammy reached in and snapped his harnesses before easily hoisting him clear of the tank and depositing him gently on the ground. She used her ability to fly to make the next step easier. Lifting both feet casually off the ground she moved herself far enough into the tank to pluck out the other two, dumping them both on the ground with their commander.

“Now you’re going to tell everybody to get out of their tanks and walk out of here. Because if you don’t … I’m going to do this to all those tanks with the men still inside them.”

Tammy turned around, and hoisted the tank into the air without the slightest sign it offered any challenge to her strength at all. The sounds that followed were excruciating to those watching, but exquisite to Tammy. That she could, with such little effort, cause steel to make such horrible screams with nothing but her bare hands turned her on enormously. She worked her monstrously strong but fine and delicate hands over the structure of the tank reducing its size rapidly until it was only a rough ball of steel. It didn’t look nearly large enough when she was done, and unless they had seen her do it none would believe the mess of steel she held had been a huge tank. She dropped it to the ground and watched the men nearby to be sure she still had their attention. She pulled a generous handful of red hot metal off the wreckage and worked the metal into an apple shape while looking directly at the man she assumed was in charge.

“Well? Are you going to to tell them to leave their tanks?” There followed a pregnant silence broken only by the unique sound of Tammy cooling her apple with a gentle breath before eating it, taking bites and chewing while she gave the man time to consider the hopeless nature of his position.

After witnessing tank shells bursting on her impossibly beautiful and unprotected body, and watching as she chewed happily on a hand-forged armor plate apple, the tank commander surrendered to the test of sanity that was his new reality.

“Okay. Don’t hurt anybody. You win.”

He ordered his men out of their tanks, and the entire column marched back under Tammy’s watchful gaze. She chewed the last of her snack as she enjoyed the victory for a few moments. She could still hear tanks in the city, and there were still the police to be dealt with. It had of course occurred to her right from the start that she could go immediately to the central command room hidden not so far away and deal with all units of the National Guard and the police at the same time. She could drive the command structure of law enforcement and the military to their knees as easily as she had city council. The idea brought a smile to her face. But the idea of roaming the city and personally firing at least one more tank column and a Special Weapons Assault Team or two made her smile widen into a grin.

Not the One – Point of Origin: Part IV

Itsumi flew over the port, feeling every inch a genuine goddess of death to the scurrying ants she now ruled. Beneath her the harbor was crowded with fleeing ships of every size and already there were vessels steaming out to the horizon loaded with fleeing people. She was not supposed to leave her area of control, and she didn’t want any more of her toys to escape her grasp. So before she played with the navy base, she decided to stop this massive exodus.

She flew out a little ways over the ocean and chose the largest ship she could find. It was a container ship and like many others was plotting a course for the middle of the pacific, where the UN had set up a rendezvous for world shipping. Discovering this plan, Itsumi was impressed how they had transformed a group of remarkably well sheltered uncharted islands into a refuge camp for the worlds navies, both civilian and military. The mistake of the ships around Itsumi right now was waiting to see if the Unchosen would actually create her super soldiers before weighing anchor. Now it was too late.

Diving into the water, Itsumi centered herself under an enormous hull and placed her hands above her onto the steel. Even below the waves her heightened senses allowed her to see and hear clearly, so she was able to fully enjoy how the thick hull succumbed to her unstoppable might. Both her hands sank into the tortured metal as she attempted her lift, and soon she had torn a rather large hole that water rushed into. The water tried with no success to pull Itsumi in with it, in fact she didn’t even notice the powerful current. She was concerned that the ship was sinking, because she didn’t want the ship to sink … not in this particular place anyway. Right now she wanted to lift it. It occurred to her she did have other options, and she decided to give something a try.

Closing her eyes, she felt for the ship with the invisible tendrils of her thoughts. She could sense it, feel it … and grab hold of it. The smokey tendrils of her imagination wrapped around the ship, while she grinned at the amazing things she could do now. Her hands lowered and the intangible tendrils became invisible cables stronger than any steel that crushed the containers mounted on the deck as though they were merely stacks of matchboxes and distorted the hull dramatically. The symphony of gut wrenching and titanic groans from the ship delighted Itsumi, and it was with joy that she motioned the entire ship into the sky using nothing more than her remarkably powerful mind. She had expected much more resistance, but lifting tens of thousands of tons failed to tax her available strength.

Aboard the other ships men were flabbergasted at the sight of one of the largest vessels among them levitating hundreds of metres into the sky, few of them were able to see the tiny speck that followed it. They cried out in horror when the ship began twisting dramatically out of shape as it rose, and then with a fearsome crunch the whole soaring wreck collapsed in on itself in a rapid implosion.

Even Itsumi was stunned this time. She was only trying to hold it, to lift it up. Her ultimate goal was using it to block the harbor exit, but she didn’t mind failing if it meant discovering the truly boggling power of her mind. Her eyes widened at the realization that not a single ship from the harbor had any hope of escaping her now, and for miles around people quivered in terror at the sound of her laughter.

Quite sure it wouldn’t actually be needed, Itsumi eagerly opened the floodgates to stores of power and swelled to her full size anyway, then she floated back to hover a few hundred metres inside the entrance of the harbor. “None of you are going anywhere,” she told them all with a sneer, her voice easily reaching the most distant of the fleeing ships. Posing powerfully on thin air with her arms wide she sent a single invisible tendril of her mind to every ship and carefully wrapped a strand of her thoughts around each stern. What happened next convinced Itsumi utterly of what the Unchosen had made her. She was a god … there could be no doubt.

Aboard the ships, thousands of men were thrown into instant panic. Their ships slowed, despite any effort to increase forward thrust. Orders were given and followed but every ship Itsumi was watching at that moment came to a stop regardless of the wishes of any officers. And then, increasing the widespread fear and confusion, the ships all started moving backward. And they were quickly gaining speed … a dangerous and terrifying speed. They had no chance to escape the tractor beams Itsumi had dreamt up for them, for their engines were hopelessly overmatched. Many breathed a sigh a relief when the impossible acceleration eased up, but when they realized where they were all headed and what was going to happen the panic erupted anew

Reeling in so many ships at once was not remotely taxing on Itsumi, but she quickly realized after one of the smaller oil tankers broke apart that she needed to watch how fast she got them going. The narrow harbor opening had no chance of allowing all these ships through at once, especially the way Itsumi arranged her incoming toys. Like the arms of an old school typewriter swung too fast at the ribbon, the ships crammed together into a congested lump. The massive collection of impacts could be heard for many miles inland and vessels continued to pile into the blockade for a long time, until the harbor was totally locked without hope of being cleared for months.

Itsumi looked out over the now empty ocean and noticed she had missed a small yacht that had dipped over the horizon minutes before she had reached the coast. With a devilish smile she held her open hand out toward it with her palm up, and employed her imagination to crush the distant ship with a simple clenching of her fist. It imploded instantly and disappeared beneath the waves, flotsam scattering quickly over a wide area.

“None shall escape me!” she declared, no-one in the bay able to ignore her booming words. She left the port in utter chaos, with all the remaining ships hopelessly trapped in the bay, and made her way to the nearby navy base.

The moment she hovered down over the sizable military complex she of course became the target of many weapons. With top secret targeting technology they had recently developed they were able to score direct hits nearly 94% of the time as she arrogantly floated about the base examining each weapon and pinpointing each man. Counting the ships she grew suspicious. There was a lot of them, but she had a feeling there should be twice as many.

A few were moving about, and those quickly maneuvered to increase the power of the assault. It was wonderful to observe them come to terms with her invulnerability, and she was sure to give them plenty of time. With all her power still jammed into her she was unmoved even by the most destructive missile they could throw at her. Only her desire to try a new trick with her telekinetic ability stopped her from stripping and vaporizing the entire base as she had the bunker not so long ago.

“Is this all you can bring against me?” Itsumi sneered. “You fools never stood a chance against the power the Unchosen has given me.”

Studying the fleet of armed vessels until she was certain she had located each and every one of them Itsumi began her experiment. Horrified sailors with the sturdiest of sea legs lost their footing as their beloved warships shifted dramatically and unexpectedly beneath their feet. There was a cacophony of defeating structural groans as the ships became airborne, the hulls of most bending dangerously though Itsumu was careful to keep them all in one piece. Some brave men aboard the ships were determined to keep fighting until the very end, and she was very grateful of that, though for these sailors the end had now come. For they would not survive Itsumi’s test.

Her arms went wide as Itsumi brought the ships together in front of her, forcing most of the weapons on the ground to stop firing. Men jumped into the water as the ships began to hit each other, coming together into a massive single mass until they were all soon jumbled loosely together in front of a grinning Itsumi.

“Now you will see the power you face. Despair, puny mortals! For your doom is upon you! Witness the true might of your new God!”

Concentrating more than she ever had she brought her hands out wide and slowly brought them together in front of her, watching with great anticipation to see the impact her imagination alone was having on so many powerful ships of war. The screams of doomed men were drowned out by the crashing tearing metal shrieks and deep inhuman groans of the ships being crushed. Explosions quickly began as ships broke apart. Witnesses felt cold as the giant mass hovering above the navy base shrank under the impossible pressure Itsumi so very easily produced. Gleefully, Itsumi rushed her hands together, and finished the job with such crushing force it appeared the ships had vanished. But then she released the pressure, letting it all go at once.

The base was leveled by the incredible explosion of energy unleashed. Itsumi let it wash over her, luxuriating in the onslaught even as she watched these pleasant forces destroy everything else it touched. It felt so good she just couldn’t resist.

The second explosion was much, much, more devestating than the first. Those who had managed to survive up to that point were atomized by her first release, and those atoms were scattered by her second.


“It wasn’t in the rules, Master. But … do you think I should punish the girls who claim to be gods? I mean … you don’t make that claim, and you ARE a god.”

“Not a god, Liz. I’m using technology. Advanced, and very ancient. Maybe you’re right … I’ll add that to the rules.”

“Before I go punish that girl, Master … there’s something I wanted to do for you. To thank you.”

“If you’re thinking what I can clearly see you thinking … then yes Liz.” Susan smiled slyly, and her clothes vanished in a puff of smoke from her tempting flesh. “I would love for you to show me the little trick that Columbian girl taught you.”


Once Paulie learned one important detail about this incredible turn in world events he was quick to take advantage of it.

“They’re forcing police to retire,” he had gloated to he crew. “And even if they ain’t doing what she wants, they’re way too busy to chase us around.”

And that was why his eight man crew, doubled from its usual size but consisting entirely of men he had worked with before, were now loading their van with their fifth load of cash. Withdrawn, just like every other load, using blunt methods they would never dream of under normal circumstances. There was no police to worry about, and their local girl was far too busy with her dreams of free electricity.

“Um … is that someone’s fucking foot over there?”

Paulie turned to look at the pile of rubble his henchman pointed toward. There were other bits of someone scattered all around the area near where their bomb had gone off.

“Who the fuck cares, you bloody dill. Let’s get moving. We got three more jobs to do today.”


The voice was unexpected, and Paulie felt an awful chill. She was right there, standing next to van with a stern expression on her face. “My god …” he thought, his erection coming hard and fast. “She’s so fucking fit …” And it was all on show, very little hidden by her elaborate but immodest bikini.

“Thought you’d just take advantage of a little chaos and rob a few banks did you?” she demanded, her arms on her hips as she stared right at Paulie.

“I … uh …”

“I would just get you to put the money back. But you can’t get that life back into that man you murdered, can you?”

“Now, now … we didn’t murder anybody. We didn’t know he’d be in there when we blew that hole in the wall.”

“It’s too late for excuses, and I don’t have time for this so let’s get this over with.”

“Now wait a minute. What the hell you mean? Over with?”

As if to explain, and with decisive force, the girl punched the nearest man. He didn’t fly away from her or crumple to the ground. He didn’t even have time to yelp in pain or even in fact feel any. He exploded into a mist that covered the side of the van but for some reason didn’t touch an inch of the deadly executioner.

“I’m sorry, but I have no choice. I’m meeting a few other girls in a little while and I don’t have time right now for individual trials. Your all guilty of killing a man and of robbery.” Another man was disintegrated in front of Paulie by a blow so powerful he felt the wind off it from across the street.

“Run!” someone yelled, but she was instantly beside him and he quickly became the next victim.

Paulie waited his turn as the beautiful demon destroyed his crew around him, seeming to save him for last. She was so fast … so devastating … it took only seconds to complete her work.

“I will spare you,” she told him, her face materializing inches from his. “But here’s the deal: go tell all your deadbeat associates that if you do any jobs from now on I will know. I can see and hear EVERYTHING you pathetic little hoodlums are up to, got that? And if you kill … I kill. Go tell them. Oh … and if you don’t put ALL the money you took today back where it belongs I’m coming back. And you will die slow … not nice and quick like your lucky friends did.”

And then she was gone. Paulie stood in shaking terror for a few minutes thinking about running. But after watching her so quickly dispatch his tough crew, and feeling lucky to be alive, Paulie started unloading the van. As he worked, he had his phone pressed up to his ear by one shoulder.


Norman was a wreck. Last night had been incredibly erotic. Too erotic. So long had she kept him hard, so thoroughly had she ravished him and he ravished her that all he had been able to do until lunchtime was sleep. When he did awaken, it as into a world of pain. His muscles ached terribly. His private parts most of all, having taken the brunt of his girlfriends suddenly invincible sex drive. She had always enjoyed sex, always been up for his games and surprising him with her own fantasies. But he had no idea such a sexual beast had lain within her.

“Coffee …” He groaned and struggled from the floor to his feet. He stumbled on the ruins of the bed but didn’t fall. Pulling on a pair of short and scratching his head in a confused a moment he took in the broken furniture and scattered parts of his hardwood bed.

“Lucky I know what I’m doing, Normie … or I would have just wiped out the whole block,” she had told him, and she hadn’t been bragging. It had been a simple statement of fact as he chewed away at her second. The memory made his jaw ache … he had been working her over with such eagerness he had never dreamed possible. She was just so damned sexy now. She had been weaponized, and he had no defense against her.

He made himself a strong coffee and sought his comfy chair in front of the TV. What it showed him when he turned it on made him want to switch it straight back off but he couldn’t tear his eyes away. There she was: his weaponized girlfriend laughing off the aggressive attentions of at least two dozen heavily armed men and four tanks. At times it was hard to see her because she would vanish within huge churning fireballs, but she would soon be revealed once more among the flying lead and churning debris of the street.

It gave him no small measure of relief to see the way she was handling the men that fought so hopelessly against her. As their ammunition expired she would take their guns away and crush them so thoroughly they turned mostly to liquid that pooled on the ground. She wasn’t killing them. He wasn’t so sure he liked the way she was tearing their clothes off of them, but he could see she was only doing so to cause embarrassment or something, because she only laughed at them as they struggled to maintain their dignity in their undergarments.

He finished his coffee, and was about to get up and grab another, when his superstrong girlfriend took his breath away once more. This time she astonished him by becoming a near invisible blur that the camera could barely track. When it finally focused upon her once more, the tanks stood silent and the whole force facing her had been disarmed and disrobed. Tammy hovered up and laughed at them all.

“Now you can all just go home. Go to your families.”

And then she soared up high above the tallest buildings and took off out of the shot at head spinning speed.

“Now that you’ve finished your coffee, I think we need to have a talk.”

She was there in the room with him. Norman felt a wave of intense arousal knock down over any thoughts in his head like a million ton wrecking ball. Turning toward her voice he knew before he focused on her that he would regret it very deeply, but how could his eyes not seek out that beautiful face? How could they possibly have resisted the urge to wander those fully revealed and completely gob-smacking curves? His mind stumbled, tripped by her raw sex appeal.

“Tammy … beautiful … you …”

“When I say we need to talk, Normie … I guess what I really mean is you need to listen. And you know what that means? That means you can use that talented tongue of your in other ways.”

He didn’t know what she meant, but he could tell that whatever it was made her very happy. Her smile made him smile vacantly back as his mind tried unsuccessfully to take her all in. She approached, and he reached for her. But as she touched him, he winced in pain.

“Ooh … you’re hurt pretty bad, huh? Sorry about that, baby. I got carried away! I very nearly killed you a couple of times last night. I’ll try and be more careful this time. But first … I think you might need some special special care.”

She pulled him close, and despite the intense pain he didn’t offer even a token of resistance. Her scent made him swoon, almost knocking him out but he stayed in the moment. Pleasure and pain were one massive blanket over his body as her mouth sought his, drawing it hypnotically to press against her delightful lips.

An explosion of a different pleasure, a new unknown pleasure, went off deep within Norman the instant their lips met, as if her kiss reached deep within him and made all the pain into an unquestionable pleasure beyond any he had ever known, making speed humps out of the mountains of joy had experienced the previous night. Within a few heartbeats he felt like a completely new man, his head clearing and his pain now altogether gone. He pulled back to speak.

The moment Norman looked into her eyes he forgot what he was going to say. She pulled back and he saw her breasts were somehow exposed now, and she was in fact completely naked. He went down on her without her asking, his tongue yearning for that special flavor his girlfriend now possessed. She moaned, making him come. But his interest didn’t wane a bit. He felt vigour had returned to him, he moved his jaw even more eagerly than he had last night.

“I had the most wonderful day, Normie. They so desperately wanted to stop me. All of them. The Mayor, the whole city council, the national guard, the army …”

She never called him Normie. He hated being called Normie. But when she said it now it seemed somehow right to him. From now on, he knew he would always be Normie. But he rejoiced in being Normie. Because he wasn’t just any Normie. He was Tammy’s Normie.

“They can’t do a damn thing against this body. And when they try … It makes me feel so good.” Tammy pressed both hands into her body, producing deeper impressions than any tank shell had managed all day. “Explosions are so beautiful, Normie. You will never know how it feels to stand there while men with tanks and machine guns do everything they fucking can to kill you while you watch their bullets and shells break on your skin. I’ve kept the tanks … I think I’m going to keep a few other things too. Oh my … you’re working so hard baby and I barely feel you. Here … maybe this will help.”

Norman suddenly felt as if he had been injected with an illegal substance. Only … it was a natural high. He felt stronger. She felt softer. Whatever it was that cleared his mind cleared it enough for him to have moment of terrified clarity. “RUN!!!” his mind screamed. His eyes snapped open and he pulled away from her and looked up.

And in that instant the awful truth came crashing home. His clearer mind was not going to allow him to escape her. It was only going to allow him to appreciate her unattainable beauty even more, and deepen his enslavement to her even further.

Tammy instantly appreciated the boost she had given him. His stronger tongue and increased focus enhanced the vigour of her first orgasm. She internalized the astounding pleasure, tempted as she was every time to unleash the sexual energy exploding within her upon the world around her. But she didn’t want to hurt Norman, and she hadn’t given him nearly enough of her power to be safe from such a devastating release.

“From now on things are going to be a little different. For starters … you don’t go to work anymore. And I want you to pack any stuff you want to keep, because we’re moving. I’m gonna get us a much nicer place than this shithole, okay baby? But before I go get the police and army to officially surrender, and make a few little announcements, I think we have time for another quickie or two.”

Normie found himself growing even stronger, and it felt better than he had imagined. He was grateful, but at the same time he could clearly tell whatever strength she had gifted to him was nothing close to the power that flowed through her own magnificent body. The way she carried him to the ruins of the bed, without any sign that his weight taxed her in the slightest, told him that she was not going to be particularly gentle. In truth, as she laid him down and got in top of him she was being very careful.

Tammy rode him mercilessly. She had not given Normie an excessive amount of strength, but she had made him as invulnerable to harm as she possibly could. Even so, she was so much stronger than he was that she had to employ her supercharged synapses to avoid injuring him badly. It did not prove a difficult task, however, thanks to the extreme level of her awareness.

“I’m so happy, Normie. And just think … I could be this powerful until the end of time! I mean … I’m like immortal too. How cool is that?”

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