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Kneel Before Roz – Part 3

Written by Dru1076 :: [Friday, 27 July 2018 13:35] Last updated by :: [Thursday, 02 August 2018 13:27]

Roz landed softly in the sidewalk outside the tall glass building, choking down the impulse to smash into the ground. Amazed people stared with wide eyes as the almighty super powered Omni Roz adjusted her skirt in the reflective surface of the glass, and straightened the lapels of expensive trendy jacket. She smiled a “yeah, you look pretty fucking cool” smile and admired how her sunglasses framed her flawless beautiful features. She had condensed her power into a sleek gymnasts build and stolen a professional looking outfit in anticipation of some great fun ahead. Beneath the silk blouse and black jacket, Roz felt her solid softly buffed super muscles yearning to hulk out and tear through her clothes. She wouldn’t wait too long before she flexed up with mountainous super powered strength. Her smile stretched with satisfaction and she strode through the large doors into the vast empty space of the lobby.

A massive long marble desk was home to a seven foot monster of a security guard, who now sat looking at the smartly dressed young lady stroll professionally across the room. Roz had wiped her smile away, and adopted the calm cold demeanour of a professional government agent. For this game, she was gong to be role play the opening act and see if she could get any of the real government agents to play along. But it was super muscle smash and burn she was looking forward to most of all. Hulking out and smashing puny mortals, letting their deadly weapons entertain her mega god muscles while she demolished their buildings, vehicles, and weak squishy bodies, was Roz’s favourite thing in the world.

Approaching the security desk with confidence, Roz looked at the security guard with a flat face and delivered her first line. “Agent M reporting in. Any messages for me?”

The guard looked at the young woman before him blankly. Then smiled. “Agent M, girl? Is that the best you could come up with?”

“As I’m sure you know, mister security dude, Agent M is the woman in black with the super mega strong invincible muscles. Agent Muscle. Hey… can I have one of those security ID’s? That would be way cool.”

“And what brings you here today, Special Agent Muscle?” the guard asked, hamming it up as he played along.

“I’m here for a prisoner interrogation. I have some questions for that snivelling snitch you guys have locked up downstairs.”

“You what now?” The guard was alarmed immediately. The statement revealed too much information. “There’s no people locked up here. You better leave.”

Roz lowered her glasses and looked across the top the rims. “He’s in the secret facility in the basement. The subjects parents are down there too. I’m working this case. You better buzz me through.”

“Give me a minute, okay?” The guard pressed his radio. “We have a young woman claiming to be one Special Agent Muscle out here asking to see a snitch in the basement.”

A voice spoke secretly into the guards ear. With remarkable super hearing, Roz had no problem listening in.

“Holy shit, Bob. That’s the crazy bitch driving every mad down here. The one that just blew up the military base. Stall her while we work this out, and be careful.”

The guards eyes went wide, and he looked at Special Agent Muscle with a bead of sweat rolling down his brow. He knew enough about this superhuman powerhouse to know he was in extreme danger.

“Right. We can check you in, Agent M. Let me just…”

“Check me in? I’m checked in. Special Agent Muscle has full clearance. Thanks, security dude. I’ll find my own way down.”

“Wait. I have to… to enter you into the system.”

Roz smiled for the first time. “You mean stall me.” Dropping the act a minute, Roz spoke conspiratorially to the nervous security guard. “I’m not really Special Agent Muscle. I’m actually the invincible and unstoppable super muscle god, Mega Roz. I’m going down there to break and smash everything with my super strong muscle power. And I’m going to kill all your friends with my crazy super strength while they bitch and cry about it. Then everyone still alive will play my favourite game with me. Kneel before Roz.”

The guard whipped out his taser and aimed it across the counter at the grinning woman, who only whipped her glasses back up and went back to playing the role of straight faced Special Agent Muscle.

“I appreciate your, diligence, mister security guy. Your good at your job. Now step aside and let the real professionals do theirs.”

“Stay right there, Roz,” the shaking guard commanded, aware that this non-threatening and smartly dressed respectable young woman had just slaughtered and demolished a whole military base. “I don’t want to shoot you.”

Roz nodded seriously in agreement. “Why would anyone want to shoot Special Agent Muscle? Stalwart defender of the helpless weak squishies. Tireless destroyer of evil.”

“Just wait here until they come get you.”

“Special Agent Muscle finds her own way, my fellow if not nearly as strong and invincible secret agent man.” Roz confidently walked toward the bank of elevators. And the moment she took her first step the nervous guard fired the taser. Roz didn’t even look. With frightening speed, she licked her thumb and a few fingers and caught the flying pins. The taser crackled and hummed, but her sleek gymnast physique easily took in the paralysing electrical charge with no other effect than swelling a little with new strength, hardening a fraction more beneath her form fitting attire. Still walking, and still ignoring the guard, Roz flicked the still sparking pins back at her attacker and they buried themselves deep in the man’s shoulder, hitting hard enough to knock the massive man clean over his high backed swivel chair. The crackling electricity that had done nothing but pleasantly tingle Roz’s super strong muscle god physique left the huge guard besieged by violent spasms until the power was drained and he passed out.

Ignoring the unconscious man, Special Agent Muscle choose one of the only two elevators possessed of directional buttons pointed down and summoned a lift. A moment later the doors slid open and she stepped in. The panel of floor buttons had an unmarked switch below the Bee for basement, and Roz happily tapped it. Nothing happened. She pressed it again. And again. The fourth press she accidentally pressed her fingertip too deep and smashed the button with a burst of sparks.

“This elevator is faulty,” she joked in her Special Agent Muscle voice. “Maybe I should try the other one.”

Roz went out and summoned the second elevator. But this time no lift appeared. She could hear the panicking agents far below and knew that they had pushed the emergency stop on the lift she was waiting for. She grinned, and with the greatest of ease pushed her fingers into the split and smoothly forced them open. There was a squeal and pop, and then a steady hiss. The empty shaft before was opened before her, and Roz leaned in to look down at the roof of the elevator far below. Smiling, she reached for the greasy cable. Her super muscles hardly flexed at all, her monster strength not remotely tested, as Roz pulled the reluctant lift up the shaft. It’s safety brakes squealed and snapped, and it shifted off kilter. Jammed in the shaft, Roz was unimpressed and simply tore the lift onward and upward through the concrete and steel. The concrete walls offered no real resistance to her extreme strength, and she easily dragged the lift up and through the shaft. She kept going until she could crouch down and tear off the roof with her super strong hand. Hopping down inside, Special Agent Muscle playfully jabbed her finger deep into the button, smashing it easily.

“Oh no!” Special Agent Muscle cried in mock frustration. “This lift is busted too. I will never be able to torture the snitch and fuck up the bad guys! Whatever shall I do?” Roz chuckled, and stamped her foot hard to send the floor buckled and broken tumbling down the shaft. Hovering in the open air now, she could hear the men milling about down there. She could hear Garry’s worried parents. She could smell the terror, and taste the fear. Oh yeah. This game was tremendous fun.

“Going down!” At roughly the pace of an elevator, Special Agent Muscle descended the shaft and stopped to hover in front of a large secure door. Piercing the cold surface with her remarkable muscle god eyesight, Roz could see the dark suited men had pulled back into the facility and we’re all preparing various top secret weapons for use in stopping her game and restoring balance to their doomed world. Roz straightened her outfit up then calmly and easily peeled the inch thick steel security open like curtain.

“Special Agent Muscle reporting to pick up the snitch,” she declared, really getting into her role play and hamming it up terribly. “Where is that dirty slime ball?”

“Wait a minute, now, Roz.” A man stepped forward, calm and in charge. “We all know who you are and what you can do. Nobody needs to get hurt here. Why don’t we just go in the other room and talk about this?”

“Good point, chief. Make sure and put that in a memo. I think all the boys agree your the smarterest, least smelly bossy old fart any of us ever worked for. Am I right, boys?”

“What are you talking about, Roz?”

Roz tilted her head and raised a hand to conspiratorially cup her mouth and pretend whisper to the confused project leader. “I’m pretending to be Special Agent Muscle. That’s why I got the suit. Pretty fucking sweet, right? Later… not very long from now actually… I’m going to flex my super muscles out of this hot outfit I stole and get me some good old Mega Roz smash time on you puny weak little cunts. It’s gonna be pretty cool. And lots of fun. Then if your lucky, you can play kneel before Roz with me.”

She snapped back into her Special Agent Muscle role, and flattened her evil smile.

“Now then, chief. Where is this evil big mouth? Snitches are bitches, am I right? Let me talk to him. I’ll get it out of him. And his twisted crazy parents.”

“Roz. This has to stop. You’re hurting people!”

“Special Agent Muscle is on a mission right now to see how much this naughty little rat knows. Where is he? I’ll have him singing like a bird, chief. Don’t you worry! Special Agent Muscle will take care of this!”

Confused and worried, the head agent watched Roz stride into the facility doing a perfect FBI agent impersonation. She actually looked looked right at home as she strutted directly for the hall leading to the interview rooms and the quivering mess Garry had become the moment he learned of Roz’s arrival. Several bulky agents tried to clamp hands on Roz and stop her, but without so much as a glance the super strong girl just pressed their weak appendages into smashed bruised pulp against her super hard body, but she was careful not to actually pop any of them on her Special Agent suit.

Stopping in front of the door, Roz allowed herself a quick smile before straightening out her face and entering the interrogation room with a cold professional expression. Garry yelped in horror when he saw Roz, and he shrank in his seat opposite the table.

“Hello there, snitch. I hear you have some information you want to share with us super secret government agents.”

“Roz… what the fuck man? I swear dude… I don’t know who these people are. They just… brought me here. Don’t fucking hurt me Roz… please don’t fucking hurt me!”

“I am Agent M of the Dirty Snitch Unit. It’s my job to determine what you told, and who you told it to. It’s my duty to keep super muscle god Mega Roz’s personal information out of the hands of the wrong people.” Roz made him cry again, by sitting down in the opposite chair. “So… let’s hear it, snitch. Who did you tell Mega Roz’s real name to?”

“I… it was… please Roz… .”

The superhuman held back her smile. Garry was really sweating now. “Tell me everything that you told them, Garry. Work with me here, boy. You could go to jail for a very long time. Or is that… hospital?”

Garry was crying for real now. Roz looked smaller than she had been the last time he had seen her, and her muscles were hidden under smart attire, but he knew the superhuman strength was still there. She still had an intensity to her presence that made him rock hard and absolutely terrified simultaneously, and she still had an unnatural super healthy glow. He swore he could smell the total soul crushing invulnerability of her skin. He was an ant with Roz’s titanic super strength hovering over him like an exterminators jackboot. He talked. He opened up his mouth and talked, spilling the beans on every detail of every minute from his decision to run away from the burning death and destruction of the military base, to repeating every word he’d spoken to the government agents trying to work out who and what Mega Roz, rampaging super strong muscle bound god, was really trying to accomplish.

“Are you sure that’s everything?” Special Agent Muscle demanded, making sure Garry had been completely squeezed.

“I guess that will do. I’m done with you for now, big mouth. I will have to discus this further with my colleagues. And I am sure the chief will want a word with me about this case. Such a tricky investigation. A good thing Special Agent Muscle is here to sort all of this out. Just think… poor innocent mister and missus parents of the super muscle god might very well have been unfairly targeted because of your misguided use of top secret information. As usual, Special Agent Muscle will have to save the day!”

Garry quivered in fear. “Wait! My parents! What are you going to do to them? Please… I beg you man, don’t hurt them!”

“I’m afraid they know too much, Garry. There are consequences for being a snitch, young man. And such a waste. They were nice people.”

Leaving the confused and frightened First Toy to stew on her hammy special agent performance, Super Roz wandered back out to find the chief. Her super hearing and her super computer of a subconscious had been monitoring all conversations and sounds in the facility, and she knew exactly what they were up to. She knew that the moment she had left the room, another door had opened and Garry was whisked away to join his parents. She knew they were being herded toward the surviving elevator to be shuttled to the roof and put in a helicopter bound for a safe location. But Roz had absolutely no reason to rush things, and kept playing her game. Everyone down here was hurriedly preparing to take down the arrogant super strong muscle her, and she wanted to watch them try. Nothing could stop her super hard muscles. Nothing in this world could stop this mega mighty super strong god from playing her next round of Kneel before Roz.

The chief was waiting for her with a group of unhappy looking men holding strange oversized rifles. Roz had no idea what they were, but she did recognise what she assumed were two flame throwers.

“The stooly squealed like a canary, chief. He told me everything. He was a tough one… yes he was… but my years of training and experience wore him down.”

The chief frowned at the nonsense coming out of Roz’s mouth. “We need to have a long serious discussion, young lady. Do you have any idea how much trouble you’re in?”

Roz nodded, her face firm behind her groovy shades. “Damn right, chief. This is bad. I mean, such information getting around is dangerous! We can’t have just anybody knowing who the Super duper mega strong muscle god rampaging through the weak and frail city of puny mortal people really is. If the wrong people found out too much about that super, super, strong badass… people could get hurt, chief. Really. Really. Bad. People could die.” Roz overacted a disapproving frown, and tut tutted in disgust as stared of into the distance dramatically.

“People are dead, Roz. A lot of people. You killed five thousand men at that base. This can’t be allowed to go on. This senseless violence must stop, and you need to answer for your crimes.”

Again, Roz nodded. This time more thoughtfully. “Yes. This can’t go on. You are, as always chief, absolutely right. I’ll secure the information, and put an end to all your concerns about the great and powerful Mega Roz.”

The chief sighed. “Enough games, Roz. Talk to me, girl. Why did you kill all those innocent people?”

Roz ignored him, and looked around the room. “Special Agent Muscle will have to clean up this carelessness as always. I’ll have to kill you all, of course. Better to be sure I get everyone, and leave no stone unturned. Good thing these super duper muscles are up to the task. Super Special Agent Muscle is always up for the task. Always ready to step in and bend the rules a little to make sure justice is served and the innocent are saved!”

The chief gulped nervously. “Now now, Roz nobody needs to get hurt here. Sit down and talk to me for a while. I’m sure you can be reasonable. Help me understand you. Help me understand your power. Help me to help you, before it’s too late.”

She pulled off her shades and smiled devilishly as the chief was startled by the sheer clarity and brilliance of Super Roz’s remarkably beautiful eyes. Her stance loosened as she dropped out of character. Time to start being the super strong mega mighty god of power and ultra bad ass again. Time to make these weak pussies kneel before Roz.

“You will never understand my power, you puny weak pussy. My power is beyond you. I am a god. A god of muscle. Hard muscle. Strong muscle. Super fucking powerful, mega mighty, god crushing, ass kicking, ultra hard, invincible, Omni muscle. Muscle that can break you. Muscle that can smash you. Muscle that will make you cry.” As she made her little speech, Roz flexed up her pecs to drive her breast forward through the buttons of her blouse. Triceps popped through a sudden tear in her upper arm, and her skirt ripped noisily as her thighs bulged softly through them. “Super fucking hard. Super fucking strong muscle, powerful; unstoppable; invincible; muscle.”

Her physique inflated more, steadily and undeniably thickening to the sound of torn seams and popping buttons. “I killed those weak little army cunts because it was fun. I like to smash shit up with my super strength. Nothing feels better than fucking shit up with my super duper mega Muscles. I can’t stop. I don’t want to stop. I want everyone to know they can’t stop these super fucking hard, mega strong muscles. I want to show them. I want to make them try as hard as they fucking can. Know why? Because I am a god. And they can’t. They can’t stop a god. You can’t stop a god. But I still want you pussy cunts to try, okay? Because I fucking love how bullets get fucked over by my super hard muscles. It’s fucking great. I love it when you weak little cunts scream and get your fucking panties in a bunch just because I’m a god. And this super strong, super bad, muscle god wants to use this super muscles to fuck you weak pansy cunts over. So guess what pussy boy? You weak pansy cunts are getting fucked over. Because you are weak cunts, and I’m a god. If I want to play smash the Nancy boy, Nancy boy gets fucking smashed. If these super strong, super powerful, mega mighty muscles want to crush skulls and demolish shit, then you better fucking believe skulls will get. Fucking CRUSHED. Shit will be DEMOLISHED. Because I’m a god. A super fucking hard, super fucking strong, god of power, god of strength, god of muscle. And your a weak, cunt. All of you are. Gonna cry now? Poor whittle baby gonna cry for momma? Boo fucking hoo, pansy boy. Ha ha ha ha ha ha. Want to tell me all about how I should be a nice well behaves super muscled god for you pussy fuckwits? Fuck off, pussy boy. I’m a fucking GOD. Suck it up bitches, because I’m gonna fuck all you cunts right up. And with these super hard muscles in your faces, nobody can stop me killing every dickhead in this shithole.”

The chief was horrified. By the time the speech was done, Roz had reduced her sexy skirt and silk shirt to tattered fragments that flailed over the surface of her warm, steel hard and super strong physique. The chief could feel the power wafting off the super strong muscle god and see the hard curves of prodigious obscenely strong muscle peeking out everywhere. Hope abandoned his soul.

“Please… Roz. Please don’t kill us. There’s no reason to do it.”

Roz sneered. “Don’t be such a fucking pussy. Everybody else was all just a game so far. I actually have reason to wipe you silly cunts off the face of the Earth. You smart fuckers talked to my First Toy. He told you about my family. And that is unacceptable, pussy boy. Now these mega god muscles of mine actually have a reason to fuck you over. So don’t feel bad. Sure, I am playing a game with you. But you were dead cunts the moment you found out my mums name.”

The chief realised that the whole Agent Muscle thing really was just the super powered god’s idea of a fun little game. As was her trip to the gym. And the merciless slaughter of thousands of armed soldiers was just for her whimsical entertainment. The world was merely a playground for this super strong muscle god, and there wasn’t anything the chief or anybody else could do to stop that obscene super strong muscle. As the chief turned his thoughts to nukes, Super Roz deepened his desperation by hopping a foot clear of the concrete and anchoring herself in the air with a solidifying flex of her unearthly muscles that also served to remove the last vestiges of her stolen secret agent outfit. Even her shoes popped off her feet as she arched and flexed her toes in defiance of gravity.

Still floating there, grinning happily and wallowing in the swelling magma of her super strong muscles, Roz clasped the astonished chief by the head and pressed the trembling mans ear to her thick cobblestone abs above her heart. “Hear that? That’s what I live with every day.”

It was the sound of an industrial earth breaker of a heart, thumping like planets colliding in the super girls solid fortress of a chest. Baboom. Baboom. Baboom. Steady and regular and unstoppable as the sun. It was the sound of planet sized boulders of granite, recently ground together and still grinding, as Mega Roz’s stupendously hard and strong muscles flexed and writhed under the smooth unblemished surface of her soft skin. It was a blood curdling sound that rapidly bled sanity from the chief. How could he fight something like that? How could anybody fight something like that? He felt very tiny. He felt very, very, insignificant. He was an ant in the presence of a genuine, planet smashing, muscle god. He could do nothing but shake with tears and despair.

“Cool, huh? My skin keeps all the heat and noise from getting out. But in there, I think I’m getting really big. It sounds like it, right? Anyway… you’re boring. Did you know that? You are real boring dude. Dull as fuck. I am going to see what fun I can squeeze out of your party toys, but first… guess what happens when I flex my super hard, super fucking strong, pansy popping muscles in your weak cunt face, pussy boy?”

The chief went wild, but could not extricate himself from Mega Roz’s one handed hold on his head. He felt the hard muscle pressed to his ear harden impossibly further, heard the seismic movement of muscle beneath that warm, impenetrable skin, and then his world exploded in pain as mega Roz smoothly flexed her whole body, playfully making her abs swell. The Chiefs head had nowhere to go. Roz’s hand was firm and unmoving. So the chief found his skull invaded by Roz’s bullying super strong muscle. Hard and smooth, the invincible diamond hard muscles pressed ever harder until with a dismissive sneer, “So fucking weak… so puny,” Roz flexed out and the chief’s head exploded like a watermelon testing itself against a shotgun blast. The gore slid clean off Roz’s naked stomach, leaving it immaculately clean as she put her hands on her hips and regarded the curiously armed secret agents.

“Are you weak cunts going to stand there all day? Or are you gonna tickle my mega muscles with your big scary nerf guns? Just so you know.” Roz bounced her pecs and flexed for them. “These muscles are gonna fuck your shit up. I’m gonna pound you little fucktards into paste. I’m gonna rip your fucking arms off and bash them up your asses. These super hard, super strong, bad ass mega muscles are gonna CRUSH you little girls like the little pussies you are. I’m gonna fuck you up. Because I can. Because I am a fucking god.”

The super strong muscle god flexed joyfully for her shaking audience, her taunts however did have the desired effect. When they began to fight, they fought hard. They had some new tricks to try, and Roz was eager to see what the weird guns could do. She as pretty sure it would be Jack fucking shit. Her muscles were too hard; her muscles were too strong. They were just pussies, and she was a super duper mega ultra muscle god of invincible strength and unassailable power. She was invincible.

At last one of them made a move, letting out a frustrated animal howl of rage and raising his long bulky rifle. It whirred into life and lights flashed warnings along the strange design of the stock. The large bulbous tip grew white hot and hissed, then with a brilliant burst of deadly energy it launched a plasma bolt with unerring accuracy at the bulging super strong terror. Fascinated by the wonderful display, mega Roz tilted her head with genuine interest and observed the attack with fascination. Not even the smallest flicker of fear crossed her brow as the matchbox sized lump of hot plasma slapped into her proudly thrust out chest and splattered out to lick across and torso and even splash up into her naked eyes. Everyone was transfixed in a momentary silence as the hot sticky plasma steamed in the moist air and ran in rivulets down the infuriating perfection of Mega Roz’s bulging six pack. The concrete under Roz’s feet burned, and she just thrust out her belligerent jaw and double flashed her eyebrows with an infuriating smug smile.

“Got any more, bitch?”

With a despairing cry of frustration the men opened fire with everything they had. The plasma splashed across Mega Roz’s chest and abs as her muscles danced along with her merry laughter. “Check it out, pussies! Your fancy-pants lava rifles can’t burn my big bad super muscles! As if these mega strong hard as fuck muscles ever had anything to worry about from you shit burgers.” They kept shooting superheated lumps of plasma, and the plasma kept slapping hard into her strong epic physique. She continued to hover a foot above the burning floor, plasma refusing to get caught even in her long luxurious blonde hair, and waited for the flame throwers.

As it turned out, the flame throwers were actually nothing of the sort. The two men baring the interesting double tanks on their back hefted the thick hoses attached to their backpacks and fired a thick sticky goo at her. However sticky it was, though, Mega Roz’s skin refused to let it do anything else but slide off. As the goo hit the ground, Roz heard it chemically burn rapidly through the surface.

“Acid guns? Nice. That is actually really fucking cool! But check it out, pussies! The weak puny shit doesn’t fucking work on me. If I ever got dirty, I could use this crap to wash under my pits. But… super duper muscle gods don’t get dirty, mutha fuckas. Hey! How about you shoot some in here?”

Opening her mouth in a massive grin, she pointed into her gaping maw and wiggled her tongue at them. In reward, both of the acid guns were soon pouring a thick green extremely toxic acid at high pressure into her mouth. Roz was a little disappointed that they ran dry so fast, because she could have kept slurping it down all day if they kept looking at her with that “holy shit… this isn’t possible” expression in their pale faces. The streams ceased, and Mega Roz slurped the last of the nasty acid around in her mouth eyeing them while still being slapped with superheated plasma. Soon the plasma guns were dry too, and the floating got dropped to the floor and stood happily letting the flames from the melting concrete squishing between her mighty toes lick her calves and thighs.

Kneading her stomach muscles and flicking the harmless super acid around in her mouth, Roz looked at the silly secret agents. There were two in another room preparing one more treat, but Super Roz was bored now with these toys. They had entertained her mega muscles for a time, and amused her with new gimmicky weapons. But they were boring. Mega mighty super muscle god Omni-Roz was ready for more action, and these boring pussies were no more fun at all. Without any more force than a normal Roz would mustered, she spat a ball of acid into the heads of the doomed toys one by one. They screamed, drew firearms and blasted away at her face and torso with lead, and some just ran. Roz just stood there comfortable in the hot luxurious flames of her plasma and concrete fire and kept spitting deadly accurate acid balls until one shooter remained. Pop. Pop. Pop. Unable to defend themselves or stop her with their attacks the agents were doomed by Mega Roz’s spitballs.

“How fucking cool was that?” Mega Roz asked the last man. “Check out how the fire can’t hurt my super muscles! It feels pretty fucking nice, man. Fuck yeah! Being an invincible super muscle god is way fucking cool. You squishy little mortals will never know how fucking wonderful mega strong super gods feel, pussy boy. It feels fantastic. You cunts will never know true power.”

Roz grinned, and hooked her muscular arms to pop her biceps and harden her pecs. The man stared in shameless awe of the physical perfection marvelling at the though of all that super acidic liquid swishing about behind that pristine stone wall of rippling abdominal power. Roz smiled a knowing, intensely aware smile, and slowly brought her arms up flexed harder into a double bicep pose and let her muscles rip out eagerly with excessive super charged strength.

“That’s right, big eyes. Want to know why I play so rough, little pussy? It’s because I’m so fucking strong. These muscles are the only reason there needs to be. I’m a super hard super strong super bad, mega muscled, god. Feel my power. Kneel! Before!! ROZ!!!”

The man cried in fear and pain as an invisible wall of hard force shoved him brutally back into the wall behind him and pinned him there as Roz playfully toyed with the raw physical strength of a true muscle god. Thin threads of power caressed her bristling body hair as her muscles swelled and her aura crushed into her surroundings. The flames licking her legs were squashed out of existence, and the bodies and everything else around her was pushed away as the floor around her feet first cleared and then cracked. As the man felt the force holding him grow with Mega Roz’s intensifying power flex, he struggled to even breath and felt a rib snap. The floor beneath Roz’s delicate little feet cracked again more violently and the room shook. Then the broken concrete was pushed down by Roz’s excess super strength and crushed into a radar dish shaped crater in the floor.

“How fucking cool. Just flexing these bad mother fuckers is enough to crush the world. Did you know I could do this? Ha ha. I did. This isn’t new but I fucking. Love. It.”

She doubled down on her still playful effortless pose, and the radar dish retreated from Mega Roz’s inflating mega muscular super thighs and calves.

“Look at yourself, you weak little cunt. Hahahaha ha ha ha. Your so fucking pathetic… all a muscle god like me has to do is flex and your fucked. Sucks to be you, dweeb, because I fucking love smashing and crushing little pukes like you with my super strength. Look at me! I’m not even trying yet. Ready for the pain, bitch? I hope so, bitch. Here it fucken comes!”

Roz smashed the walls down all around herself, rending the bricks free from the mortar and sending chunks of shattered masonry in every direction. The only other witness was obliterated by the first shocking wave of pure muscle power that exploded forth from Mega Roz’s unforgiving physique.

With a sly chuckle, Roz lowered her amazing arms and walked directly toward the last two toys. It really did suck to be them, she mused. Here she was, unstoppable mega strong super god with abs she could smash warheads on, and they were just weak little pussies. Kittens facing a full grown tiger keen to play rough. They could not stop her. She was too strong. Much, much too strong. She arrogantly pushed her hard nipples and battering ram breasts through the last wall protecting her last playthings and they stopped to look up at her in horror.

“Hey man…” One of them held his hand up in surrender. “No need to hurt anyone, okay super babe? We can be friends.”

“Super strong muscle Gods don’t make friends with weak little cunts like you, dweeb. I’m getting bored with you little squishies now. And my First Toy already left the building. So either man the fuck up with your shit show or kneel, bitches.” Mega Roz gave them a half bored, almost mean curl of her lip and crossed her arms over her ripped chest with sickening petulance, demanding a show from her helplessly outclassed toys.

The man who hadn’t spoken popped up suddenly with a very self satisfied “Got you sucker!” And fired a weird electric net gun. It had been tested successfully on lions, and on rhinos. But not on supergirls with the physical strength of several Greek gods and the stamina of a newborn Galaxy. The strong steel cable mesh pulled itself tight all over Roz’s calm body, sparking and crackling with clearly a very large industrial strength electrical current. Roz raised a scornful eyebrow and stood quite still soaking up the energy and adding it to her mass without aware she was doing it. Not only did not hurt her one little bit. They were making her stronger.

“That feels… great. But I hope you have more up your sleeve than this. If this is all you got… then you ain’t got fuck all, you fucking shit birds. You’re gonna have to find something better or these super strong mega muscles right here are gonna chew you up and shit you out in no time.”

With determination, the man with the weapon popped a cable off the gun, jammed it into another machine, and the second man flicked a switch. “Now you’re gonna die! Fuck you! You murderous fucking monster! Die! Die! Die!”

Roz laughed, popping several pitifully overmatched steel cables with nothing but the gleeful rattling of her solid chest. The machine lit up the air with a brilliant blue light, and the cables encasing her much harder, much stronger muscles became white hot and exploded with several million deadly volts fed directly into Roz’s skin. The light show was mesmerising, and Roz loved it immensely. But the display did not please the god of power nearly so much as the wonderful soothing super strength that the energy added to her belligerent, mega muscle god, physique. She hardened and hardened some more with each and every dancing spark.

They had managed to hit the evil super charged muscle brat with over a million volts of direct current, but it didn’t take long to work out they had failed in the worst possible way. Before their astonished eyes, Roz smiled a little too happily and swelled with terrible, crushing, invincible, superhuman strength. She became even greater in strength with every moment that passed. It flooded her, binding itself to her swelling and hardening physique, wanting to become hers. Seeking her out with new uncalled for levels of strength and invulnerability.

Roz leaned back on her heels and laughed. “You fucking idiots. Did you think you had enough power in that puny machine to hurt these super strong muscles? Nothing in the galaxy can even give me a bad hair day anymore, you puny little shit stains. I’m too fucking strong and too fucking awesome to stop. I’m too tough. Pain is for pussies. Not for super muscles. Not for gods like me. Not for the almighty, all-powerful, Mega Muscle God Roz.”

Very very slowly, all the while being assaulted by the bright light show and fed strength and mass by the impressive energy charging the net, mega Roz unfolded her arms and tore easily free of the snapping cables. She completed the job by leaning back, putting her hands on her hips and flexing her mighty muscles, easily tearing clean through any sparking live cable still trying to hold onto her. The last steel shattered and fell clear of her belligerent bulk, and she sneered arrogantly at the two stupefied fools cowering in her dominant presence.

“I would love to tell you dumb asses more about how fucking great it is to be a muscle bound, super strong, god of invincible power. And it is great. But Garry is getting away and now that you showed me that shitty piss ant gizmo… whatever the fuck that was supposed do to these mega muscles… you filthy idiots have gone and pissed in your fucking pants. Now not only are you boring: You’re disgusting. I’m out of here, you fucking pussies. I don’t even want you pukes to beg to be bitches. And normally, I’d at least, like, pretend I might let you cunts play another day. But. Nah. Not you smelly assholes. I’m off to play more. Smash more. Crush more. Time for more people to kneel! Before!! Roz!!! So long, losers. It sure sucks to be you.”

With that said, Roz looked up through the hundreds of floors above her head and with nothing more than a thigh assisted flex of her super strong, insanely potent calf muscles, Mega Roz launched herself from the basement and smashed her pretty face unprotected and unblinking, through many dozens of floors. The release of force from her legs alone was plenty enough to doom the entire structure, and considerably more than enough to shatter and destroy the last two secret agents. The shattered floors quickened the process, but that first awesome release of brutal super power from the straightening of her knees had sealed the fate of the huge glass skyscraper. Roz cleared the roof, obliterating her way free of the building and anchoring herself in the air to watch it fall further beneath her, crumbling in on itself and vanishing in a horrific cacophony of dust and debris. Screams tore through the silence that followed, and Roz grinned happily in the sky. Her super muscles could do the most amazing things. And she wanted to do more. With the trademark snapping boom of the sound barrier shattering, super muscle god Mega Roz shot off to chase down the helicopter carrying Garry and his confused parents.

The chopper was a large military transport the same as the President used. It had been in the air long enough to be flying over the mountains. Though Mega Roz only needed a few seconds of self propelled supersonic speed, easily generating several hundred of g’s that her sturdy physique easily absorbed. Absorbing energy from the friction of the air allowed for almost perfect efficiency, as the divine muscles of her extremely super strong body casually flexed to generate an excess in force driving her forward, the wind resistance buffeting the omnipotent Titan fuelled them back up.

Listening in on the conversation in the chopper, her gold hair whipping about in the air flowing over her rocketing body, Roz wondered where they were planning on taking her First Toy.

“I still don’t understand,” Garry’s dad Bob was saying. “How can anybody have that kind of power? It’s… obscene.”

A man Roz soon identified as Number One… not the main guy in charge but surely he was high up the food chain… shook his head almost apologetically. “We don’t know. Roz is something new. Some new step, perhaps, in our evolution.”

Garry snivelled, still emotionally destroyed by his interview. “That’s one hell of an evolutionary step. She was bouncing tank shells off her breasts like they were ping pong balls.”

“… yes Garry. She is stronger than is reasonable, and her body is certainly harder than any armour. But hopefully we can reason with the girl.”

Roz glowed with pride to hear them talking with such obvious fear about her super muscles. The super strong muscle god slowed as she approached, and took up a position directly behind them matching their speed. Wanting to see if she had missed anything they might have been saying about her scary super powerful god muscles, Roz only had to check her memory. Her super enhanced hearing had been listening in on the chat inside the chopper since it took off, and her subconscious had stored every last word. Impressed with discovery of this new expression of her amazing power, Mega Roz was much less pleased to discover what Number One had told the people at the choppers destination.

As it turned out, Mega Roz was in for a bigger game than she had expected. She was planning on taking the chopper down to a mountaintop, emptying the passengers onto the ground, and then starting her last round of Kneel Before Roz by crushing the huge helicopter with her super strong mega Roz muscles. After that, she would have played around with the First Toy for a while and crush bend and break the five secret agents and two pilots before flying Garry back home. But Number One had changed all that. Because Number One had spread some top secret information to the people at the choppers destination. And that meant Roz had to take care of a lot more people before her current game was through.

It became clear that the chopper was going to take a very long time to get anywhere. Roz still had no idea where Number One was taking Garry, so she figured she’d have to let them get there and show her where it was. But it was going to take a while. She was considering just smashing into the chopper and asking when Number One made a very interesting response to one of Garry’s questions.”

“What are you going to do with her? What if you can’t stop her?”

“That’s not an easy question this early on. We don’t know enough about her. But my first impulse is to turn her power to good.”

Garry sounded sceptical. “That fucking monster? That super strong psycho? You think you can make that wrecking ball into a superhero? No fucking way, man. No way. I can’t see it happening.”

Roz’s eyes sparkled at the challenge. What a great fucking idea for the next part of her game. And the best thing was it gave her something to do while she waited for them to get wherever they were going. Mega Roz veered up and stopped a few thousand feet above the highest cloud. As amped as she was with pure unstoppable muscle god energy, she didn’t need very long to find what she was looking for. It was on the far coast, where the sun was still going down, but the small shop was perfect. And Roz was already certain she could get there in under a minute even before she had zoomed across the country and proven it.

Standing in the air above the small shop, Mega Roz waited for a customer to leave. Her timing was perfect, because the shopkeeper had just turned the closed sign and was locking the door when Roz gracefully hovered down to land her fine tuned extreme physique right in front of the man’s eyes.

Super Mega Roz’s small feet punished the concrete with her immense weight, making a web of cracks and reminding her she was still in mega muscle god mode. She flexed bulging muscles once more, savouring the delightful sensations, and then shrank them to just over gymnast levels in order to carry out her game. With her weight reduced to a less destructive 850 pounds, she smiled at the confused man inside the store. He was staring in awe at the staggeringly perfect sculpture of physical perfection before him. Her naked breasts magnetically drew his eyes. She pulled him out of his daze with a question he was familiar with. “Do you sell superhero outfits?”

The man opened the door and waved his new customer in, still flabbergasted beyond words. The shop was a party rental with a lot of costumes available. Roz’s eyes sparkled as she checked the room for what she wanted.

“Do you have one with just black and white?”

The man scratched his chin. “Maybe. Do you have any money girl?”

“Ha ha ha ha ha. Of course not. Where would I keep it? You silly cunt.”

The man bristled. “Hey. Watch your language girl.”

“Really?” Roz laughed again. “Hahahahahaha. Weren’t you watching me fly? Did you see those fucking muscles I just had? Want me to bring them back out, fucktard? Because I will if you want me to. I’ll hulk out, flex up my mega strong god muscle and fuck your shit right up. Do you want that? Pussy?”

The man wasn’t having any of this nonsense. He growled and grabbed Roz by the ear to drag her outside. But that ear was strong and sturdy as steel in his fingers. Hard as diamond. Not not only could he not bend or twist it in any way, when he tried to yank on it, the supergirl’s powerful looking neck hardly flexed and no effort would budge her head let alone her still quite muscular body. Roz was immovable, absently pressing her fingers into her rock solid abs and grinning wickedly at the angry shopkeeper.

“What’s the matter, you smelly old fuck? Aw. You want to make me leave your shithole store, mutha fucka? Well. I need a suit for my new game. So let’s make a deal. Give me a super suit, and I’ll leave without completely fucking you over. Sound good?”

Letting go of the ear, the wild eyed man Roz was threatening to fuck over with her super strength grabbed firm hold of two hyper dense upper arms. He went red with effort and grunts rolled out of him as he yanked, pulled, and even pushed, but the large guy was not remotely strong enough to move those titanically strong limbs.

“Hahahahahaha. What a wimp. You couldn’t drag a comb through my hair, you weak cunt. Let alone drag me outside. How about you stop being a dumb cunt and start with helping me become a superhero?”

The man stopped his efforts, and stepped back. “Jesus, girl. Nobody is that hard. Nobody.”

“Nope. No one is this super fucking hard, and no one is this super fucking strong. Just me. Just super Roz. I’m an omnipotent god of muscle and I got super strength. What have you got, you fucking pussy? You’re just weak. A squishy little pansy. Yeah? Not me, though. I’m a super duper mega ultra muscle beast, with invincible mega muscles that can fuck you right over without breaking a sweat. And that’s just what I’ll do if you don’t get me a supersuit. Right. The fuck. Now.”

Roz crossed her arms cocked her leg, tapping her toes and breaking the tiles with her naked feet. Having felt how impossibly hard Roz was, and watching her small feet turning tiles quite casually to dust for a few short heartbeats, the shopkeeper became rather helpful. A few moments later, Roz was dressed in a one piece generic superhero costume. It was black and white, with a shattered check pattern over the shoulders and across the waist. The outfit came with a black cape that reached down to the back of her knees. It was quite tight on her, and Roz only made that worse by swelling out a fraction more to make sure her muscles looked just the right level of super. Not too big, but big enough people would see she wasn’t an ordinary supergirl.

“This will do very nicely,” Roz informed her shop assistant. “But… I need to make some adjustments. Have you got any metal around here? Gold would be best, I think.”

“I… uh… we won’t have gold here.”

Roz frowned and glared at the man, clearly unimpressed and not believing him for a second. “What the fuck is that around your pussy neck? Looks like a gold chain to me, you lying piece of shit. Maybe I should come over there and straighten you out. Or maybe crush you down to size with my mega muscles.”

The man very quickly handed Roz the thick gold chain from around his neck and Roz looked over her skin tight outfit in the mirror for a few thoughtful moments. Then she nodded. “I know what to do. But first thing… is this outfit bulletproof?”

Startled by the question, the man didn’t answer straight away. “Well… no. It’s just stretchy polyester as far as I know.”

Roz shook her head. It wasn’t good enough. She needed a real super suit for her very very real superhero mega muscles. Fortunately, Roz knew a way to very quickly make her new suit very nearly as invulnerable as her body. She only had to sweat, and she knew a great way to make herself sweat. Without a care for the man in front of her, she closed her eyes and carefully teased her body though her outfit, thinking about wonderful bullets and missiles had felt, and about how awesomely strong she was compared to everyone else around her.

“Jesus, woman! What the fuck are you doing?”

“Relax, dickhead. I’m not a squishy mortal mortal fucktard boy like you, you fucking pussy. I’m a super duper, mega muscle god.”

The man prepared to lecture her. But then he stopped, his eyes narrowed, and he leaned closer taking a very deep sniff of the air. She was always quick to arousal when she touched herself this way, and Roz was quickly drenched in sweat. Sweat that infused the air being sucked into the shopkeepers lungs. He kept sucking air through his nose in astonishment, and when Roz reached a mild peak the man fell to his knees in broken awe and came in his pants. Roz smiled through the haze of her arousal, and concentrated on making her body produce more sweat. Her wonderfully divine scented sweat pooled at her feet, and the man leaned right over on his elbows, and licked at the pool with eagerness neither he nor Mega Roz could ever have expected. But the truth was Mega Roz’s sweat smelt better than roses. In fact, it smelt like nothing else on Earth. Roz didn’t know, but it was one of the most appealing scents in existence. Very few things had a more enticing scent than Roz’s body odour. It was absolutely alien and insidiously familiar at the same time. And her sweat tasted even better, not that anyone had bothered to find out before the shopkeeper had dropped to all fours and started drinking it like a greyhound after a race.

The poor foolish shopkeeper was dooming himself. There was no way to know, and even Roz didn’t know. But as the man eagerly lapped up the precious Divine sweat he was consuming what was actually the most addictive substance so far to pass the lips of a human being in all history. Later, he would wonder what his body yearned for. It would confuse him, until all he could think about was his thirst. Sadly for him, no amount of any other liquid could now ease his thirst. Without Roz’s sweat, his addicted body would remain racked with pain and his mouth would always and ever yearn for his thirst to be quenched. But this doom would only be discovered in the hours after Mega Roz left.

“For fuck sake, dude. That’s my fucking sweat your drinking. I mean. Wow. You are one sick mutha fucking shit burger.”

Roz relaxed, and waited a moment for the sweat to do its work. Then she span rapidly on the spot to dry her dripping suit. The room was turned to chaos as items were tossed about and the clothes racks were stripped and she burned a two foot area of tile. Roz smiled when she was done, her outfit now dry and the strengthening effect of her sweat had already done its work. Now the suit was nearly invulnerable. Completely invulnerable as far everyone else was concerned. Only Roz had the physical power required to inflict damage up the fabric now. And once she had taken the gold chain and used molten gold forged in her bare hands to add some extra details. She was no fashion designer, but the U.M.R. she had embossed into the chest of her suit looked professionally done and added the perfect amount of flair. Immensely pleased, she pulled the now totally invulnerable fabric over her muscles and did a power pose, making her new uniform creak dangerously as her mighty muscle god physique swelled massively, now able to happily expand to huge size without ripping the suit apart.

“Stop sucking on the fucking tiles for a minute tell me what you think. Do I look like a superhero?”

The man knelt up and looked at the now fully kitted out muscle god with a slightly drunk look about him. It was more of a “Hello… I’m a homeless person… do you have any beer?” kind of drunk look. But in the end he nodded his approval and went back to cleaning tiles, eagerly searching out the last of Roz’s sweat.

Roz rolled her eyes. Some mortals were just not worth the time. Instead of making the man kneel before her power, seeing that the guy was already kneeling, Roz checked herself in the mirror one more time, then leapt up through the roof to rain plaster and iron on the inside of the store and accelerated with booming shockwaves back across the country.

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