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Elza Excels at Everything

Written by Akane :: [Sunday, 19 August 2018 19:01] Last updated by :: [Saturday, 11 December 2021 23:24]

Edited and remastered by Rhys86

Art by limach-an, Devil-V and jcorbari

After billions of years of slumber, Elza Sabini awoke to a new day. Another day in her regular high school life.

As an immortal, all-powerful Super Goddess, she didn't really need to sleep - any more than she needed to eat or breathe or maintain a physical form, but even beings like herself were born of mankind, and retained enough innate humanity to enjoy such things. And for Elza, who by nature was quiet and lethargic, sleep was perhaps the most pleasurable activity (or lack thereof) by which to while away her eternal life. Of course, time passed differently within her bedroom while she slept, the godly eighteen-year old having folded it inside of a pocket dimension of her own creation. Thus the universe beyond these four walls had only advanced forward eight short hours, while she had peacefully dreamt and slumbered for countless eons, cocooned within a magical barrier of collapsed spacetime.

And what dreams! In one sense they were not so different from reality, since as an omnipotent being whose mind ruled over matter, Elza could do as she pleased whether waking or dreaming. And yet the two realms remained distinct, one governed by her conscious will, and the other by her subconscious, which sometimes offered prophetic glimpses of the future, or insights into herself and her fellow divinities. Her favourite moments though were when sleep blurred into wakefulness, her expanded consciousness briefly merging and then parting ways with her waking self during that slim interval between dozy slumber and consciousness. It was a similar experience to how a human eye needed to adjust after seeing sunlight for the first time after hours of prolonged total darkness, except for Elza it was like existing at once within and without all reality, her godly consciousness spread wide across every atom and drifting thought that ever was or would be.

Rising from bed she drew the curtains, gracing the world with all her 250 centimeters of voluptuous perfection, and allowing the morning sunlight to bathe her flawless, naked skin and titanic breasts. Without even opening her eyes Elza snapped her fingers, and instantly her body was cleansed of sweat. Her hair styled itself back into its accustomed neatness, forming a shimmering train of dark red that cascaded with almost liquid grace from her scalp down to her trim bubble-butt, reality itself bending to Elza's will to leave her perfectly groomed. Finally a single bang flicked forward, masking one of her brown eyes in a manner that suggested power and presence, a being too mature for her age.

Let there be clothes, would be an accurate descriptor for what transpired next: with but a thought, a modified sailor fuku materialized on her body, complemented by white latex opera-gloves and stockings. The local high school’s uniform had originally been more traditional and conservative, but Elza had mandated the design be changed to resemble a swimsuit - in her opinion the girls looked prettier dressed that way. Indulging herself, the Goddess caressed her plentiful, exposed thighs, revelling in her undeniable beauty before opening her eyes and composing her features into their usual serious expression.

There it was, a perpetual glare that demanded the world and everyone in it meet her expected standards. Stoic. Regal. Dignified. One look from her could induce instant respect in anyone, without so much as a single word crossing her kissable lips. A true goddess in the classical sense, aloof and remote from mankind.

She displayed that godly bearing in such a natural way, even in her most intimate moments, that one could easily believe she was indeed a true-born divinity. Crossing to the door the goddess exited her room; leaving behind the gaudy pink decor typical of a high schooler’s room, her cute teddy animals returning to their assigned places, while her telekinesis made the bedsheets.

Reality realigned as she stepped into the corridor beyond, the flow of time resynchronising between her bedroom and the world at large. Inspired by one of her premonitory dreams, Elza decided to will a pair of anchor-shaped earrings on her earlobes as she entered the kitchen-cum-dining-room of her home - a penthouse suite that graced the summit of the city’s most opulent hotel (a gift bestowed upon her by the mayor when she declared to the world that she would be assuming Japanese citizenship). Elza herself wasn't Japanese, having been born in southern Italy to a poor but honest family, but she had developed a taste for nipponese culture over the years (thanks to a lot of manga and anime), and at the tender age of fifteen she opted to move to the land of the rising sun and live the life of a Japanese highschooler.

Of course, by then her Super Goddess powers had fully developed, and with nothing in the Universe capable of challenging her (physically or intellectually) beyond her sister goddesses, there was nothing that Elza could stand to gain from such an education. She just wanted to emulate the lifestyle and environs of Japanese teenagers similar to those depicted in the fictions she so loved. Luckily for the all-powerful beauty, the quiet and clean city of Fumagawa had manifested overnight, tailor-made to her needs. Indeed, the entire town and everyone in it was Elza’s own creation, having been transposed out of her dreaming subconscious as the perfect stage for a young divinity to live out her lifestyle. 

Unsurprisingly, Fumagawa thus conformed to many of the commoner anime tropes, with a higher-than-average number of martial arts dojos, shinto shrines, quirky high-school students, urban myths, shady conspiracies and paranormal activity. Plus, the cherry-blossoms were forever in bloom. The citizens themselves were mostly unaware of their own origins, having been brought into existence with pre-existing memories, histories, family lineages and citizenship details so thorough woven into reality that not even the Japanese government could prove that Fumagawa had previously been a fiction, beyond a nagging sense that the country had gained an entire city, along with half-a-million additional citizens and all the associated districts, diet representatives and local government bureaucracy. But in the age of Super Goddesses, such oddities were not uncommon, and the Empress herself had cut through the behind-the-scenes confusion with a quet ruling that the city and citizens of Fumagawa be considered as much her subjects as any other Japanese national, with all the rights and responsibilities therein.   

Elza found breakfast to already be served - it was a traditional Japanese affair - bowls of rice served alongside miso soup, natto, picked vegetables and grilled fish. Sitting at the table was a cute couple - Elza's Japanese parents, her nominal legal guardians and custodians of the penthouse apartment. Middle-aged and happily married, they both adored their goddess ward and treated her like their own child, though they struggled to control their libidos around her bombastic body and powerful pheromones, which if left unsuppressed could attract anything within a mile-wide radius. 

Her mother, a short-haired and kindly woman in a cute yellow kimono smiled appreciatively as Elza feasted on the dishes she had prepared with the hunger born of a trillion-year catnap. In a demonstration of her powers, Elza never seemed to run out of food, consuming the literal tons which poured with no end from the bowls. Being a Super Goddess sometimes meant having a bottomless stomach, an affliction which fortunately could be easily satisfied by magically-replicating her meals. 

"Does it taste good, sweetie?" asked the facsimile matron.

Elza nodded stoically in answer, her expression entirely failing to convey how much she loved and appreciated the food this woman had made for her. A solitary being, Elza was not in particular need of parental guidance. However, she did want to fully experience the life of a normal Japanese-schoolgirl/anime-protagonist with the highest possible fidelity, and that included having nurturing and slightly eccentric parents. Plus, she could literally taste that the food had been prepared with love, a flavour that warmed her in ways beyond a mere breakfast.

After being done with her breakfast she asked her glasses-wearing father to pass her the newspaper through sign language, which he of course was trained to understand. Never a talkative person, since the age of three Elza had preferred to communicate with body language or through text. She did possess the ability of speech of course, but preferred to save her words for when they most mattered. This contributed to her aloof persona, the average person considering it a blessing for Elza to waste even a single precious word upon mortals such as themselves. Whenever she did make use of her beautiful voice, it was an important and rare event, passed down by fortunate witnesses as word-of-mouth, the stuff of legend.

Her father gladly handed the broadsheet over to his Super Goddess daughter, smiling as she scanned through it in seconds, finishing her coffee as she read, without care or concern for its heat. 

With breakfast done, school beckoned, but Elza still had an entire hour to spare for her own activities. Before leaving home, she cheekily stroked her father's crotch through the fabric of his pants. Instantly his dick grew erect and burst through his fly, growing out as long as a tree-trunk before cumming hard, coating the floor with a knee-high flood of gooey semen. Unfazed, Elza donned her shoes and closed the door behind her, muffling the sounds of of her pseudo-parents making wild love over the breakfast table. Both were kind and decent people, and had benefited greatly from her favour, being Enhanced in health, vitality, mental acuity and stamina. They’d be at it for hours.

Although the penthouse was located on the top floor of the hotel, Elza had no need of an elevator. Stepping off the lip of the balcony she floated herself down to street level, magical sparkles trailing behind her. Some of her fans were gathered outside the hotel’s entrance, students from another school that had become enamoured of her princely charm after spotting her in the park some days ago. They had been a pain in her ass ever since, electing to follow Elza around on her accustomed morning walks, ruining the contemplative peace she enjoyed so much. 

"Hey, Elza-sama! How do you feel today? Want me to carry your briefcase?" begged a cute, short girl, dressed in a dark green and yellow uniform, and completely enamoured with the goddess.

"I could be your steed; you’re a goddess, you don't need to step on this dirty sidewalk!" proclaimed one guy, desperate for her approval.

Elza barely acknowledged their presence, instead choosing to ignore them, not that their constant pleas for attention and creepy petitions didn't leave her any other choice than to tune them out. She just wanted to enjoy a quiet and cozy stroll through the city before classes started, just a run-of-the-mill Super-Goddess savouring the eternally-blooming cherry blossoms. 

Attempting to isolate herself from the mob, she opened her current light-reading, a treatise on advanced theoretical physics written by her fellow Super Goddess, Irina Volkoba, under the pseudonym Christina. If a normal human being had snuck a glance at the pages it would have left their eyes weeping, thanks to portions having been written in four or more dimensions, lying way beyond the complexity of mortal understanding. Even the visual depictions of the formulae were hazardous to human health, and so such books were written and published by Super Goddesses, banned to mortals and circulated exclusively among Elza's intellectually-gifted kind.

Similar dimensional warping followed Super Goddesses wherever they went. Case in point was how impressively tall Elza looked alongside literally all the students now crowded her.

In truth, everyone actually looked short next to her. Beyond being naturally tall in stature, one of Elza’s reality warping powers was always in passive effect unless she remembered to disable it. Put succinctly, even hypothetical persons taller than her superhuman 250 cm perceived Elza to stand a head taller than themselves, all the way up to infinity depending on their own height. 

It was quite the funny piece of dimensional-distortion, but one that happened to create a little problem. For every person beholding Elza, a new quantum shadow of her was called into being by that passive power, each one further increasing the local load on the fabric of reality, which was already struggling to hold itself together in the presence of such divinity. Infinite multiplied upon infinite, and as the spacetime curvature became increasingly bent around Elza, she developed a gravitational effect akin to a black hole. Under such conditions, lesser matter (like, say, that which comprises the body of a normal human being) would be drawn towards Elza and assimilated into her, disappearing forever. This effect, akin to nature’s recycling bin, was one normally suppressed by Super Goddesses when socialising with mortals, but focused on her book Elza forgot about it just long enough for her legion of fans to literally became one with her body, lost forever in her superior biomass. 

Only when the thoughts, desires, memories and consciousnesses of dozens of terrified students merged with Elza’s own did she realise her careless mistake. Sighing, she put down her book long enough to rewind time, rebirthing the crowd into existence. Not wanting to deal with them any further she faked an angry glance in their direction, and they ran away, many pissing themselves in abject fear.

Elza herself was just glad to have at last found some peace and quiet. Following her usual route she made her way through Fumagawa’s business district, headed for a beautiful park at the heart of the ward, where she liked to feed the ducks every morning. Salarymen had long since noticed this daily routine and began to take advantage of its regularity and how thoroughly oblivious to her surroundings Elza became when absorbed in whatever she was reading. Buses were in perpetual danger of becoming obsolete along her usual route, because people found it far more convenient (and cheaper) to commute to work on Elza herself, climbing atop her powerful shoulders as she proceeded on her way with the steady, unstoppable momentum of a glacier. At some points the Super Goddess seemed to be supporting a literal human tower, composed of the dozen or so people that had scrambled onto her back. For her part Elza  didn’t even notice - she might have been carrying the whole weight of the universe on her shoulders and not so much as blink.

This lack of care for the outside world had in the past caused some problems for the city - Elza tended to retreat into her inner space so thoroughly as to not even pay attention to basic things such as crosswalk signs. Her first week in Fumagawa had thus been attended by a score of accidents resulting from her stepping absent-mindedly into the flow of traffic. Of course, she came off without so much as a scratch, while the cars unlucky enough to collide with her were totalled. Elza had not so much as registered the blows, but many of the drivers who had suddenly encountered an invulnerable object in their right-of-way had been hospitalised. It was a miracle that no-one had died, and it had taken a petition from the mayor himself to draw Elza’s attention to the situation, and she had consequently visited her inadvertent victims and healed them, and promised to pay a touch more attention to her environment, as a responsible citizen should.

Still, there was no sense in playing things careless, and since then the city’s traffic control system had been reconfigured to account for the clueless goddess. Traffic was now automatically halted when she approached a crosswalk, so protecting innocence life from her oblivious presence. It was a subtle reminder of how it had been Fumagawa that had mostly been forced to adapt to Elza’s presence, and not the other way around.

Exactly forty-five minutes after leaving home, Elza crossed the bridge over the river that split the city in two, and entered the grounds of Fumagawa High School. Almost immediately after arriving on campus she found herself surrounded by her friends (though some would have called them flunkies), an elite squad of extremely beautiful students, endowed with equally impressive physiques. They were the beneficiaries of another passive ability of the Super Goddess, one that bestowed a fraction of their own divinity upon those that spent considerable periods of time in their presence, transforming them into superior versions of themselves. This had been the case with her birth-family back in Italy, and her adoptive family here in Japan, once-normal people now transformed into superhuman Enhanced.

Breasts, asses, muscles, sexual endowment, stamily, facial features, talent, intelligence, charisma, physical ability - all of these were stats that were gradually upgraded and improved upon for those considered worthy of joining a Super Goddess’s social circle. Elza's little group of courtiers were no exception, through passive exposure to her magic now standing head and shoulders above their former peers (figuratively and literally). They were unquestionably the cool kids at Fumagawa High, demi-gods in human flesh at the peak of athletic and academic ability, and yet for all their physical beauty and enhanced charm, beside Elza they still looked like minnows beside a shark, like trash. That had not stopped them from taking advantage of her popularity and their own enhancements to rule the school’s social scene, presenting themselves as her consiglieres - as heralds and ambassadors of the Super Goddess. 

Elza herself remained innocent unaware as to the cult of personality that had emerged around her, remaining grateful that this group of people enjoyed sharing their time with her. In truth, for all her power she was socially awkward, and rather than try to engage with people at their own level preferred to mask her inner self behind an implacable mask. It had not occurred to her that others tended to read into this as her being stern, aloof and inherently ‘cool’, which only deepened the aura of mystery that surrounded her. 

In truth, this was in part why her groupies did their best to keep Elza somewhat isolated from the student body as a whole. They’d glimpsed the friendly, approachable and generous girl beneath the reserved, tough exterior she projected, and realised that anyone genuinely opening up to her would not only tear down that facade, but collapse the racket they had set up for themselves as the ones who benefited the most from Elza’s power and allure.

Thus they fell into formation around their golden goose once Elza arrived, escorting her in a straight line towards her locker. Lesser people jumped aside as they approached, clearing space for the cadre of tall and beautiful demigods and goddesses, and the silent queen they so jealously guarded.

Unlike those that flanked it, there was no padlock on Elza’s locker, and she simply swung it open with a casual tug of the hand. She had no need of such mundane security, not with the protection of the magical seal she had placed upon it. The door swung open to reveal the entire Universe contained within its tiny interior. Students craned and gawked in awe as she reached inside and began gathering her school supplies from across the mighty expanse of time and space. Somewhere in the Andromeda Galaxy, a giant gloved hand reached from the sky of a barren, frozen world, to retrieve an immense history textbook that had been left propped up between two colossal mountain peaks. The very stars quivered in their orbits as Elza withdrew her arm from the locker, the now regular-sized book firmly in hand. There, now she was ready for class.

En-route however something captured her attention. Two kids were having an argument off to one side of the hallway, unaware of the approaching Super Goddess and her entourage of supermodels. 

Well, to call it an argument would have been an injustice. It wasn’t even a fight. Instead it was an outright case of bullying. The victim was Nobuo, a timid and skinny wretch with neither the inclination or the physical strength to so much as hurt a fly. His oppressor was Takeshi, a leanly-muscled youth who currently had the smaller boy pinned against the wall. A quick scan of the context with her Super Empathy was enough for Elza to gain an understanding of the situation. It seemed Takeshi was himself a victim of domestic abuse, and was paying on that abuse in kind as a release for his stress and anxiety. Nobuo himself was entirely unaware of anything he had done to deserve being the focus of Takeshi’s hatred, but had resigned himself to paying with his flesh.

Even in the modern Japan of Empress Shizuka, bullying was still a problem, especially in lesser cities such as Fumagawa. The country might have possessed one of the highest human development indexes in the world, but much of its social culture remained painfully conformist and hidebound. Students that stuck out - be it because of ability or physical appearance or unusual behavior - and who didn’t have the benefits of Enhancement or a Super Goddesses’ abilities to protect them, tended to be harshly put in their place, like the proverbial nail getting hammered back down. The worst thing was that this culture extended to faculty, the teachers preferring to ignore this kind of behaviour for fear of disrupting ‘harmony’ within a classroom.

"This will be the last time you laugh at me, retard!" Takeshi roared, slamming the smaller boy against a locker. From what Elza could see, Takeshi’s father had abandoned his wife and son some months ago. Since then it had become harder and harder for them to make ends meet, and in her stress, the boy’s mother had begun taking her own pain and distress out on him. Home life had become a shadow of its former happy (or at least harmonious) self, and Takeshi was increasingly sensitive about his shameful situation. Berating and hurting others was the only option he saw left to him to repay the world for the horrible cards he had been dealt, especially if he thought he saw someone daring to pity him. In his mind, Nobuo had been looking down on him, which was not only intolerable, but total grounds for laying into the pathetic weed.

Elza sniffed. Takeshi was completely wrong in his actions, but such behavior was completely in line with a poor, troubled and abused youth like himself. Her glance at Nobuo’s find did indeed confirm that the smaller boy had become aware of his bully’s circumstances, but far from mocking Takeshi, he had actually been trying to reach out and offer him a gesture of support. That was a surprising show of courage and empathy from a boy who saw himself as a scaredy cat and a weakling.

“P-please let me be… " Nobuo was a lifelong victim, and like many such people he was quick to protect his bespectacled face with his arms, knowing a punch was imminent. Parts of him wondered what he had done to deserve this treatment. Deep down inside, he was beginning the process of internalisation that which, if left unchecked, would turn into despair and depression. If he came to the conclusion that he was an easy target and destined to remain as such, then he would be locked into this cycle of abuse, a wheel which could only be broken by removing oneself from the equation. Sadly, teen suicide was also a lingering social ill amount Japanese youth.

This time however, the wheel was broken. Unexpectedly, both Nobuo and Takeshi found themselves held in a gentle, yet irresistibly strong hold. Elza had stepped in. If the faculty preferred for students to police their own problems, then she would do just that. Before either boy had so much as blinked, she had pressed their faces to her armpits, basking them both in her pheromone-scented musk, the intoxicating perfume that she produced naturally. This was her non-violent way of de-escalating the situation, and did not require so much as a single spoken word.

“Elza-san!” despite the heavenly scent flooding his mind and nostrils, Takeshi was still running on enough adrenalin to remember the slight he perceived Nobuo having committed against him. Despite the drool dribbling from his mouth, he was able to still rage against the universe, even when in the presence of an erotic goddess. “T-this doesn’t concern you! H-he insulted me!”

“You scum! How dare you speak to the goddess in such a tone after she graced you with her scent!” snapped a large-breasted girl, one of Elza’s tagalongs. Privately, she was actually jealous at the brat being given such an intimate taste of divinity, and channeled that rage into a command that reasserted her own place in the hierarchy, second only to Elza herself - her liege-lady and Queen of Fumagawa High. “Beg for her forgiveness now! And remember to use the correct honorific - she is Elza-sama, divine and holy!”

Takeshi did not answer, gritting his teeth in a furious show of defiance. Before any of her friends could intervene on her behalf, Elza set out a little telepathic ping, asking them to stay back and allow her to handle this, and turned her attention to little Nobuo.

"P-please save me Elza-sama…" 

Saving him from Takeshi was not the answer. Physically, any member of her entourage could have defeated the bully in a physical fight. But that would not have gotten to the root of the problem - the rage and resignation that Takeshi and Nobuo had internalised and made the bitter mote of their identities. 

In an instant, Elza devised a more permanent and innovative solution, her decision expressing itself with only the faintest twitch of her implacable features. Still holding both boys by the collar she lifted them off the floor as easily as if they were nothing but feathers, and in a flash of divine power fused them together.

Flesh and identity blurred instantly, bodies and souls commingling in one blinding instant. What was left in Elza’s grasp was a new being, a person that combined the minds and psyches of both Nobuo and Takeshi. The muscled, glasses-wearing teen blinked as Elza set him back on his feet, and continued downward, sinking to their knees as the horror of what had just happened.

“Wh-what have you done?” they screamed, touching at their face and body with hands that suddenly felt both familiar and alien. Newly-shared memories and knowledge crashed around in their dual psyche, bringing with it both physical rage and intellectual acumen. And fear, a raw and refined terror. “Please, Elza-sama, undo this!”

Even their voice was strange, tonally resting at a midpoint between their previous registers, and mingling Takeshi’s Osakan accent with Nobuo’s precise diction.

“Please! Elza-sama, Goddess! We’re BEGGING YOU!”

Elza didn't answer, or so much as acknowledge them with one of her usual terrifying glares. Instead she absented herself from the scene with a dignified flip of her hair, leaving the new fusion behind in a circle of dumbstruck students.

“Enough!” the girl from Elza’s group who had previously chastised the former-duo lingered behind, passing on instructions telepathically relayed to her from a higher power. “Elza-sama’s decision has been made, and is final. You are now called Nanashi - ‘no name’ - and until you learn to live together you shall remain confined together.” She paused, mouth twisting in distaste at the mushy sentiment she was about to express, but the Goddess spoke and she obeyed. “Help each other, learn to understand one another and yourselves, and then you shall be worthy of your former individuality.”

With that the beta bitch snapped her fingers, cementing those words like holy writ. “So Elza-sama has decreed, and so it shall be.” 

The other students blinked, turning with confusion to Tak.. to Nob… no, to Nakashi. In their minds, and in the minds of the world at large, that was now the only name that was allowed to be applied to the fusion. With another snap of the flunky’s fingers, they followed her and the rest of the cool kids into class.

Left in the corridor to process their fate, Nanashi burst into anguished tears. Was this their fate, to live the rest of their lives as a hybrid monster, denied even their original names. How could a supposedly wise and benign goddess have decided on such a foolish plan, one that forced them to share families, friends and lifestyles. It was logistically impossible.

Of course, they were wrong, and they found themselves better able to adapt then they had expected. Both fused boys quickly learned from one another, and were restored to their normal state in just a few short weeks, having gained some much-needed insight from their shared existence as Nanashi, and also a new best friend to help them through the individual troubles.

Elza, having already foreseen this, allowed herself a private, inner smile as she waited for class to start. Having sat herself at her seat at precisely 08:59:00 (without need of a watch or any kind of chronometer, beyond her instinctive awareness of the slow tick of the cosmos), it was barely a minute later that the teacher arrived.

Most of history class went by usual, Elza lost in her thoughts, absent-mindedly paying attention to the lesson while gazing out the window, scanning entire distant galaxies with her telescopic vision. Yet she still absorbed and retained everything that was being taught. History was actually one of her favourite subjects, because it focused less on facts (which she could determine for herself at a glance), and on those subjective truths that wove those facts together in the course of human events. The teacher was also excellent, being able to actually retain even this small fraction of her attention.

Maths was an entirely different subject, literally and metaphorically. There was nothing for Elza to learn here, and the teacher (a new hire) was more focused on her than she on him. She didn’t need the ability to read minds to know that his thoughts were centered on her sexy figure.

There were other thoughts there too of course, mostly ones of frustration and confusion. Front and centre was his inability to grasp why a Super Goddess, with an intellect that surpassed the collective processing power of all mankind, was behooving herself to repeating the final year of high school on a perpetual loop. No doubt that Elza had nothing to gain from this arrangement, and yet not only did she seem set on never graduating, but the principal indulged her behavior. 

Mostly however, he was lusting after her incredible body, struggling to fight back mental visions of bending her over one of the desks and fucking her in every position imaginable, or at least imaginable within his limited experience. In his imagination, it was heaven on Earth - by Elza’s standards, his fantasies were fairly humdrum.

The truth of course was that Elsa was not attending Fumagawa High out of any desire to learn - at least academically. No, she was here to live the life she most desired, and perhaps make a few genuine friends. The fact that she was already a year older than the rest of the senior class was no bother - she could keep herself physically frozen at 18 for however long she liked, and she had no intention of leaving school until she felt she had been improved by the experience.

Well, she mentally shrugged, she couldn’t fault the teacher for feeling somewhat frustrated. She was beginning to feel a bit pent-up herself in fact, so perhaps it was time for the both of them to get some release.

A stir went through the class as Elza turned her attention from the window towards the little man beside the blackboard. Like flowers turning to face the sun, or trees rustling ahead of the storm, the students knew straight away that this lesson was about to become a lot more interesting. Several of the more astute, those who had learned to interpret Elza’s fairly robotic body-language, were already unbuttoning their tops and unfastening their pants. Others gathered together in pairs or small groups, eager grins rising to their faces as they helped one another strip down to their underwear.

For the teacher, only in his second week at the school, what came next was beyond all expectation. Elza locked eyes with him, and before he knew it, he was elsewhere…

...and he was not alone. The maths teacher suddenly found himself floating naked in a dark, glistening space, surrounded by multiple clones of the Super Goddess. Except for her ever-present latex gloves, all of them were naked, rubbing their incredible bodies up against him. Immediately his dick sprang to attention, and as one of the duplicates took it into her sumptuous mouth he felt his mind melt, surrendering to a level of pleasure he had never before known.

Despite this, he was not an unintelligent man, and enough of his faculties remained for him to realise that this incredible orgy was taking place within one of Elza’s beautiful ‘sanpaku’ eyes. The evidence was plain to see, because beyond the space he currently occupied, he could see an immense upscaled vision of the classroom, bordered by black skyscrapers that could only be Elza’s eyelashes.

He was inside her, inside the Goddess. There were his clothes lying in a heap on the classroom floor, left behind when he was raptured into her eyeball. And beyond were the students…

...fucking each other in a frenzy of lustful passion, a no-holds barred orgy fuelled on a single concentrated release of Elza’s overpowering pheremones. That was the second-to-last observation he made before the clone Elzas guided him to a glorious climax.

The last observation, gazing out on that sea of sexual youthful beauty, was that he thought he might just understand why this Super Goddess never wanted to leave highschool. Then he came, with such an explosive eruption of pleasure that he passed out.

Back in the classroom, Elza pouted in childish disappointment, even as she snapped the wasted, unconscious teacher back into reality. Despite his mounting lust, his stamina had been unimpressive, and rising to her feet she decided to find herself a better lay. But she didn’t want to break up any of her classmates’ groups, not when they seemed to be having so much fun.

It was while she was pondering this situation, and wondering if the solution would be to fold herself inside the new pocket dimension within her eyeball and engage in a good bit of self-gratification with her own clones, that something small bumped into her chest, just as she turned to exit the class. Tall by Japanese standards, even without her own perceptual-blurring abilities in play, Elza had to look down to see whom she had collided with.

Haruo, the smallest boy in the senior year, had apparently been the only person in the class to have not found a partner in the orgy. Buck-naked except for his socks, he was pressed up with his back against the door, one hand wrapped around his surprisingly-girthy penis. His head was now pressed into the valley between her melon-sized breasts, having been positioned at exactly the right height to slot into her cleavage when she turned towards the door. 

"S-sorry Elza-sama… " he blushed, looking up from the snug he had discovered between her breasts. Alright, that was downright adorable, and Elza found herself returning his blush, though her stern expression did not shift in the slightest. Licking her lips, she knelt down to Haruo’s eye-level and appraised this wonderful little find, caressing his face with her soft, gloved hands.

Haruo, red as a tomato and shivering all over, could not believe that such a superior specimen of female was giving him such attention. But the second he felt the warm touch of her fingers his raw horniness and desire to bone Elza were overridden, mellowing and deepening into something greater, something richer and meaningful. For the first time in his short life he felt desired, and that awareness was enough to calm his tremors.

Without speaking a single word, Elza took his hand and guided him through the swelling orgy to her desk. Haruo made no protest, almost mesmerised by the swaying motion of her hypnotic ass and hips, and by the realisation that he had been chosen by Elza-sama herself for a quick fuck. But he was still composed enough to not drool- wanted to show he thought better of himself, and of her, than to debase what was about to happen with animalistic behavior.

Secretly, anyone who wanted sex with Elza only needed to ask. As a Super Goddess her sex-drive was as infinate has her power, and she was never one to turn down the offer of potentially good fuck. The problem was that Elza had not shared this information, and even if she had, the odds are that most everyone would have been too intimidated by her aloof, unsmiling demeanour to do so. And even then, it would have taken a ridiculously hung sexual maestro to have lasted just a few seconds down between her legs, let alone bring her to climax.

Not that Haruo intended to give this any less than his best shot. Bending forward over her desk, Elza presented her ass and with two latex-sheathed fingers gently slid aside that part of her swimsuit school uniform that masked her puffy cameltoe, exposing her magical pussy to the incredulous boy. The scent of it was divine, a raw sexuality so potent and magical that around them their screwing classmates began to transform, even the previously-unenhanced among them growing out into beautiful, powerful, superior versions of themselves. The lovemaking became even more wild and potent, the kind of sex that only an orgy of lusty, horny, imaginatively-creative demi-gods could provide.

Haruo however, caught in the calm eye of the storm, the focus of Elza’s attention, remained unchanged. Her pussy captivated him: it was slickly wet, dripping pearlescant liquid, and already prepared for fucking by the math teacher’s sub-par performance. A nod from Elza was all the permission he needed, and leaning forward Haruo buried his face in between her silky thighs, breathing deep on her erotic musk, his already errect dick straining with need. The boy was aware that he was hardly a hunk, but right now he was absolutely focused on the task at hand - his first and probably last opportunity to make love to a Super Goddess. He was going to commit himself to this, to work at it like a convert seeking to prove his devotion to the deity that had won his heart. Elza-sama deserved nothing less.

Rising to his feet, face dripping with her divine juices, he got his dick in alignment and drove himself deep inside of Elza. She made no sign of reaction, but her pussy was tight and warm, and that first thrust was enough to leave Haruo feeling like he was sleeping on a cloud, his intelligence drifting away thanks to the mind-numbing pleasure that only a Super Goddess' vagina could provide. Not wanting to disappoint his queen, he drew back and then thrust himself in again, getting his hips into a rhythm. Her inner walls seemed to fit his dick like a glove, thought whether that was her magic at work or some inherent compatibility Haruo did not know. All he knew was that it was not enough for him to merely fuck her - no, he had to satisify her. Not because he had something to prove, but because in this instant he loved Elza-sama with all his soul, and wanted to make her feel just as good.

To his dismay, instead of responding to his ministrations, Elza had instead pulled a book (the same higher-dimensional treatise she had been reading earlier) from her schoolbag and engrossed herself in its pages, completely ignoring Haruo's feeble attempts at pleasuring her. It was humiliating, but instead of pulling out the boy redoubled his efforts.

That surprised Elza. She had expected Haruo to shoot his load as quickly as the maths teacher, but despite her apparent lack of interest he had not given up. Impressed, she decided to reward his tenacity - not by humouring him with a feigned reaction, but by giving him equipment that perhaps stood a chance of getting her off.

In less than a second, Haruo’s dick transformed, sprouting out a good ten inches while his testicles swelled to the size of oranges. Instantly he became one of the most well-endowed man in Japan, yet Elza's pussy was as tight as ever, clamping down around his new cock like like meant to break it. 

But he wouldn't surrender. If anything this was a sign of favour, a hint that Elza definitely liked him and wanted him to make this sexual act one of significance. Rising further to the challenge, he guided his rock-hard, ramrod penis further, deeper… until he accidentally drove all the way to the back of Elza’s pussy and struck her cervix.

For the first time today, Ezla vocalised a sound, letting out an adorable little moan. Isolated among the orgy as they were, Haruo was the only one that heard, but not even he saw Elza flush, her stoic expression momentarily relaxing into a surprised ‘mou’ before her hand flew up to cover her mouth. But he had heard the truth in that tiny little mewl - she was enjoying this, appreciating his efforts. Him, a mere boy-toy that had fallen in love with her at first sight.

Little did Haruo know that in this moment his feelings were reciprocated. Their hearts began to beat faster, their bodies moving in unison. As he accelerated the rhythm of his penetrations, his giant balls slapping against her ass, Elza began to pant, visibly fighting to not let out another moan. The pheromones and sweat steaming off of her divine body became so powerful, so intense, that their classmates actually slowed their fucking to witness and appreciate this miracle, synchronising their own thrusts and grinds with those of Haruo Adachi, a nobody kid from the suburbs, an archetypical NPC that right now was achieving the impossible: fucking the Super Goddess, and having her enjoy it, something no-one else in the school had accomplished to date.  

Everyone present was discovering a new side to Elza. A cute one. The next few minutes felt like a religious experience to the class, a communion with the divine focused around Haruo and Elza’s synergistic coupling. And it wasn’t just her magic that had made this happen, nor the giant dick she had bestowed upon Haruo, tailored specifically to pleasure her sublime pussy. The boy’s own resolve and desire to pleasure his Goddess was the moving spirit of this miracle, and turning around she finally acknowledged her partner, giving him a glimpse of a shining spark in her eyes that signified something deeper, something unbelievable…

The impossible happened. With Haruo still buried deep within her, Elza came hard. For the first time since her move to Fumagawa, the city had not only surprised her, but rewarded her with a wholly new and unexpected experience. Hers was not the stereotypical screaming orgasm, but something quiet and intimate and profound. The gathered students felt her flicker of her satisfaction ignite warmly within themselves, and across the Earth Elza’s fellow Super Goddesses felt the balance of the cosmos shift, and smiled with joy for their radiant sister.

Despite the incredible feat of stamina and restraint he had shown, Haruo was about to cum himself. The pleasure was too great; he had to release, but he couldn't soil Elza's perfect womb with his filthy seed. It would be like desecrating holy ground. 

Yet, as he moved to pull out, Elza clamped down harder with her titanic vaginal muscles, holding him firmly in place. The look in her eyes was now one of defiance, of determination. Lifting her hand, she motioned that he should keep on going, and if anything go even deeper. That look, at once inviting and dominating, was enough to induce Haruo’s compliance, and clenching onto his cresting climax with all his strength he worked himself in up to the hilt, his engorged balls rumbling in protest. His throbbing head struck the touch-line of her uterus, and then with a transcendent gasp Haruo came…

...he filled her to the brim, with jet after jet of rich, creamy semen. It should have been impossible for a human being to cum for a full sixty seconds, but Haruo did just that. Maybe it was his magically enhanced anatomy at work, or perhaps Elza herself - was it possible that she desired to conceive? Why else would she be screwing her eyes up and biting her lip in a clear sign of delight, the most obvious emotional expression that anyone present had ever seen grace her beautiful face.

Liter upon liter of sperm flowed into the goddess, sucked up into the hammerspace of her womb. Otherwise she would have exploded from the sheer quantity of jizz. When Haruo had shot the last of his load, and was left standing knock-kneed and gasping in the afterglow, Elza turned over and gently extricated him from her cunt, just before the skinny son of a bitch that had done mankind proud passed out.

When Haruo opened his eyes, he found himself cradled against Elza's breasts, the classmate not only empty of students but scrubbed clean of the signs of their orgy. A slow, ponderous rumble drew his ear, and looking up he saw the second-hand of the clock ponderously swinging through its motion, the strange sound a distorted, time-lated tick. In any other situation he would have been freaked out but, he was too tired and awed after that amazing bout of coitus - where he had not only survived, but thrived. And looking into Elza’s surprisingly gentle eyes, he realised the two of them now shared a bond, a special connection that felt almost sacred. The face around those eyes might have been as regal and stern as ever, but Haruo now felt he saw Elza's true self, once that was as sweet and gentle as the soft hands now caressing his face. He felt light, hazy, floaty...

...then he remembered everything that had happened, and crashed down hard, mortified with shame. Not for the sexual act, but for how he had disgraced her at the climax.

"Elza-sama, please - please forgive me for coming inside you… I didn't want to, and I’m truly sorry!" Convinced he was about to be vaporized by an angry and almighty girl, he babbled out a string of apologies that only ended when he felt her patting his head, in a manner that could only be reassuring.

“Just ‘Elza’ is fine… between the two of us, there’s no need for the sama, Haruo-kun.”

Haruo nodded, and then gawped in realisation. Here, in a classroom where just moments ago he had lost his virginity, Elza the Super Goddess was SPEAKING, deigning to grace him with her divine voice. It was a blue-moon event, a rare miracle, and her voice itself was the most gentle and soothing sound Haruo had ever heard.

“I wanted it,” she continued, and he realised she was referring to his seed. “And I want to keep it… the little one.”

A baby… she was referring to an infant child. But that meant she was…

“You’re pregnant?” he clasped her hand, not with the world-shattering alarm that such a young boy might be expected to feel at having knocked a girl up, but rare and adulant joy. “But how could you already know? Aren't you mad because I… ?" 

Elza put her index finger in Haruo's lips, silencing him.

“Yes, I’m pregnant, and no, you’re not in trouble.” She let out a tiny laugh, as brief and ephemeral and beautiful as fairy-song. “In fact, you’ve made me the happiest person in Fumagawa.”

Millions of thoughts cascaded through Haruo's mind, but in that moment he knew everything was going to be okay, that this was not the end of everything but the beginning of something wonderful. Super Goddesses were known to be attentive mothers, and to welcome the other parent into their lives so as to help raise and care for their children they sired together.

A vision suddenly flew into his mind, of he and Elza living together as a married couple, bringing up a beautiful god-child. What would their family-dynamic be like, and would she let him indulge in his greatest fantasy, to make love to a beautiful woman while playing video-games. There was no woman more beautiful after all, and in his imagination Haruo could see her riding his crotch, a controller in hand and a teasing, inviting smirk on her face...

...the same smirk that she was wearing right now. It was only there for a brief half-second, and to some it might have looked out of place on such an aloof being, but for Haruo it was the most wondrous sight he could ever have imagined. She had seen his imagined fantasy, and approved. That was almost as good as a promise that they would indeed raise their child together, and enjoy many a communion along the way.

Maybe in another lifetime Haruo was destined to remain a nobody. But here and now, he could proudly say that he had not only sexually pleased a Super Goddess, but fathered a child with her. At the age of eighteen he had already fulfilled his base biological purpose, and now the world opened out before him, full of infinite possibilities.

“Rise with me…” Elza stood and offered him a hand. “ Beloved.”

Taking hold Haruo stood with her help, and for a second felt the flacid weight of his immense new dick threaten to drag him down. Then she kissed him deeply and passionately; from that contact a warmth flowed into him, and Haruo suddenly found himself standing strong and upright, new muscle reinforcing his physique, body resculpted into a form he could only have dreamed of. And with it came clarity, a new mental agility that in an instant saw and understood the truth of things, and the immense love and compassion embodied in the being that, even in his Enhanced body, still stood above and beyond him. Alien, divine… and yet oh so human. Haruo felt like he was in orbit with that understanding - that her love for him was genuine, and she truly wished to have his baby. 

There was precedent of course, Super Goddesses were naturally fecund and usually had a lot of babies, sometimes even with people that they had enjoyed coitus with just once. Unconcerned with the challenges and trials that faced mortal women, they were blessed with painless births, even carrying their infants to term without developing anything more than the cutest of baby-bellies (and even that was optional).

The result was an ongoing population boom. Even if only inheriting a fraction of their mothers’ divinity, the children of Super Goddesses were themselves powerful and potent, growing up themselves to be ridiculously fertile adults who themselves sired vast families. He guessed (rightly) that Elza herself had contributed immensely to the Super Baby Boom of the past decade, siring the children of countless fathers (and mothers). For all Haruo knew, she might be carrying other children at this very moment - there was after all little limitation to her power.

But none of that mattered right now. All that was important was what they had achieved here, the love they had shared, and the new life that love had conceived. Haruo felt incredibly blessed to be such a lucky father, and the recipient of such good news. With a Super Goddess at his side, he could easily rearrange his life to raise his future child.

"See you soon," Elza declared, faintly caressing his chin and recomposing her features into their usual stern glare. But as time reverted to normal and she flew away to her next period, Haruo knew just how much that stoic mein was a mask. He smiled like a child, excited to experience whatever the next nine months (and beyond) would bring, and eager to better get to know the amazing, gentle, lovely, loving deity that was now the mother of his child.

The rest of Elza’s day progressed fairly normally, or as normally as it could when it had to accommodate a person of her stature. As usual, her lunch was spared sharing bento meals with her circle of friends, but today they seemed more aggressive than usual. In truth, this was because of what had transpired during the orgy - so many more people had not only been enhanced, but glimpsed the true gentility that hid beneath Elza’s deadpan expression, which was likely to inspire more and more people to reach out to the Super Goddess with open hearts, instead of open ands. With their exclusive access to Elza (and the perks she provided) in danger of imminent collapse, the rush was on for her groupies to bind themselves closer to her before the second generation of more genuine friends rushed in.

"Please Elza-sama, taste a bit of my takoyaki!" 

"No! Elza-sama should have my famous sushi instead, bitch!"

"Learn your place, you stupid cow!"

And thus it continued,on and on and on and on. For Elza it stopped being cute after the first fifteen minutes, and so she left her fragmenting circle of courtiers to war among themselves, preferring to read in the peace of the sakura tree in the school courtyard, nestled high in its unclimbable branches. 

At last the final period rolled around, which today was Phys Ed. It being late September, summer was already ended, however the school was taking advantage of the sunny weather to take one last use out of the school swimming pool. Elza had foreseen this in her dreams last night, hence why she had created her stylish new anchor earrings. Despite this, most of the students were complaining about the temperature as they gathered by the poolside, even her enhanced entourage feeling an autumnal chill in the air. Elza however stood tall and proud with scarcely a shiver, magnificent and unassailable, a one-piece rubber swimsuit sexily hugging her body, perfectly complemented by her ever-present latex opera gloves. The sukumizu pattern of swimwear had once been standard for elementary schools in Japan, back in the Heisei era, before the Super Goddesses had first manifested. However it had since gained the reputation of fetish wear, and until Empress Shizuka had mandated its return had been phased out in most schools. The Empresses’ official reasoning for the restoration of the one-pieces had been to preserve Japan’s cultural heritage, but Elza secretly suspected that it was because Shizuka enjoyed seeing beautiful young girls dressed so sexily.

Not that Elza herself was complaining - sukumizu swimsuits were, after all, a staple of the anime lifestyle she sought to emulate. And of course it flaunted her own figure wonderfully, leaving students and staff alike yearning with desire for her. Her thoughts however were far and away from sexual gratification, she having decided that this school year’s final use of the pool ought to be memorable. 

With a snap of her fingers, space became merely conception, the pool expanding to equal the Pacific Ocean in length and breadth, while still remaining constrained within its usual fifty-meter footprint. Classmates quickly scrambled back, rubbing at eyes suddenly left sore by the dimensional blurring, giving Elza space to do her own thing. Gathering a fraction of her will, the swimsuited Goddess cast her hand towards the supersized pool, firing off a series of magical beams. Where they struck the water, ships manifested from thin air, an entire fleet crewed by fragments of her imagination. Yachts, pleasure craft, warships - all conjured into existence for her amusement and exercise..

It was time to race! Allowing herself the slightest of smirks, Elza dove into the water, her entry so flawless as to not send up a single ripple, and positioned herself at the starting line next to her improvised, iron-hulled competitors.

Realising what was inspected of her, the sports teacher blew her whistle, and the air erupted with the deafening roar of whistles and foghorns as the race started, cheered on by the students gathered along the lip of the pool. 

Propellors churned and sails filled with wind, and as the mighty assemblage of vessels stirred into motion Elza launched herself into an elegant breaststroke and powered forward, at speeds far superior to any every achieved by a mortal athlete. Quickly she overlook the slower ships, a JSDF destroyer and a US aircraft carrier, and just as rapidly was going toe-to-toe with a sports yacht and a performance speedboat. But even these marine greyhounds were not enough to challenge her. Realising that she could leave them being as if they were rowboats, Elza decided to give herself a handicap.

Magically, her anchor earrings began to grow out, their mass and weight multiplying in a desperate attempt to slow her progress through the chlorinated ocean. But it was to no avail, even when their flukes dug into the tiled bottom of the pool, neither this nor the fathoms of chain that connected them back to Elza’s earlobes could slow her inevitable advance. Less than a minute of continued acceleration was enough to leave the yacht and the speedboat competing for second pace, left far behind in Elza’s foaming wake. From the dimensionally-folded poolside her classmates followed along, keeping pace and monitoring her progress through binoculars quickly procured from the birdwatching club.

Elza by this point knew she was going to win the race, even though her earrings had now themselves grown to the size of supertankers and massed as much as a dwarf star. The speedboat’s engine was faltering, and the yacht sails, although cunningly set to tack on the slipstream of her message, were beginning to tear free from their shrouds. Elza herself wasn’t tired at all, and after a few minutes reached the finish line. Gazing back with her infinite vision she snorted in disdain - all of her competitors were now floundering about in mid-ocean. The yacht lolled on its side, masts felled, while the speedboat drifted without power. Most disappointingly, the destroyer and the aircraft carrier were both in the process of sinking, having shaken their hulls apart barely a tenth of the way into the race.

Unsatisfied with her physical workout, Elza swam back to where the two warships were sinking. The aircraft carrier was already well on its way to the bottom, but the destroyer had yet to succumb to its watery tomb. Rising to her feet within suddenly-shallow water, Elza grabbed the wrecked vessel and easily hefted it aloft on one hand, like a waitress carrying a plate. Running on the surface, she carried it back to the far end of the pool at lightspeed. Her classmates were gathered there, awed at the powerful sight of her lifting nearly ten-thousand tons of missile destroyer with one single dainty hand. Some already had their phones out, and she posed long enough for them to snap a few commemorative pictures, shrinking her earrings back down to a more manageable size, but still large enough to convey that she was casually carrying several tons of battleship-grade steel on her ears.

Eventually however she tired of this charade, and with a casual toss she sent the destroyer skywards. Bow-first it shot up like a giant steel javelin, to quickly vanish amidst the infinite blue arc of the sky. Elza didn’t need to check twice to know it had reached escape velocity - within a few hours astronomers worldwide would be discovering that Earth had a new satellite, in the form of a perfect replica of the JS Atago. Climbing out of the pool she rested her hands on her tiny waist, expression proud and resolute.

Everyone agreed that it had indeed been a memorable swim session.

Among Elza’s various extra-curricular activities, a favourite was the baseball club, the members of which were perhaps the closest she had in school to actual friends, since they got to see her make mistakes and occasionally even strike out. The reason for this was that Elza would intentionally throttle her abilities to what passed as normal during meetings: in her reserved way she enjoyed the camaraderie of team sports, and wanted to play at the same level as her teammates. The alternative, of magically enhancing them to a level akin to her own, would have disrespected their own training and drive to excel, and make any victories scored against other teams hollow at best. In that light, humbling herself on the field was a gesture Elza had offered willingly, happily even - though her usual stern expression might have given the impression that she had done so grudgingly at best.

Sadly, that gesture was not enough for sports authorities. Elza was forbidden from playing with the team during official competitions and tournament leagues. Even if she proved she was not enhancing the abilities of herself and her teammates, other teams’ performances tended to be crippled by the knowledge that they were playing against a Super Goddess. Elza could not deny such a well-reasoned argument, and in truth she preferred to stay in Funagawa rather than wasting her precious (infinite) time away from her beloved home city.

So tonight, while her teammates were playing an away-game in Osaka, Elza was the only member of the club in attendance, and decided to take advantage of this opportunity to genuinely flex her divine muscles at their full strength. Dressed in her team uniform (but still donning her trademark gloves), she retrieved the pitching machine from its shed and set it up to shoot some fastballs her way, so that she could practice her batting ability. 

She struck out on the first ball, not because of any failure on her part, but because the wooden bat disintegrated under her superhuman swing. Anyone present might have seen one of Elza’s rare grins, the splendorous meta-being glancing in surprise from the ball embedded in the wall behind her, to the cluster of splinters she still clutched in her hand. 

A simple application of power was enough to conjure herself a new bat, one that looked and felt like regular maplewood, but magically reinforced to the point that it could probably withstand atmospheric re-entry. After a moment’s consideration, Elza also decided to apply a similar enhancement to the training balls, else they simply blit out of existence the second she struck them.

With those formalities taken care of, she settled into a comfortable rhythm, turning every ball the machine pitched her way into an easy home run. Far from feeling bored, Elza found herself relaxing into a state of comparative zen, enjoying the peace and tranquility of batting alone at the plate. One ball she struck so hard that it breached not only Earth’s orbit but continued onwards, soaring along a trajectory out of the solar system and the Milky Way as a whole, destined to traverse the universe to the end of time.

Elza continued in this form of relaxation well into the evening, until the sun had set and twilight was casting a shadow across the baseball pitch. For some time the Super Goddess had been aware that she had gained an audience of one, and as she sent the last ball a good country mile out to sea she turned to regard the silent observer.

It was a little girl, no older than nine. Elza had sensed her approach about an hour ago, and since then the child had watched on in quiet awe, absolutely starstruck at the amazing display of strength and feminine power. Reading the girl’s mind from afar (with previous subconscious permission of course) yielded the name Mariko Nakamura, along with a complete brief of her life history and personality. Elza’s prodigious brain processed all of this in an instant, forever committing Mariko’s name, face and delighted smile to her infinite memory.

Silently phasing through the chainlink fence that surrounded the court, Elza stopped in front of the girl and knelt down to look her in the eye. The kid was incredibly brave, not so much as flinching as the tall and scary-looking schoolgirl goddess appraised her. Elza approved, and could furthermore sense that this encounter had been enough to tweak the trajectory of Mariko’s life. It seemed that she had unintentionally inspired the girl to become a baseball player.

“Are you the Super Goddess?” the youngling asked. Her voice was soft and adorable, and Elza would have squealed in delight had she not had an image to maintain. She answered with a subtle smile and a nod, and not needing to lie about her status, she held out the enhanced baseball bat she had conjured for herself. As she did, her signature appeared upon its surface, etched into the wood where a manufacturer’s brand would normally appear. 

“For me?” little Mariko whispered in a gasp, realising that she was being offered the bat to keep as her own. The adoration in her eyes would have been obvious even to someone not possessed of Elza’s superior empathy. 

“For you,” Elza answered aloud, her own eyes softening. She had suddenly become this girl's idol, and so needed to treat the situation with all the care and meaning such status commanded, hence the rare use of her voice. “Would you like to play?”

“Yes please!”

For the rest of the evening, the Italian Super Goddess talked Mariko through the basics of baseball, helping her develop the right stance and grip. By the end of their time together, Mariko was batting against some easy pitches Elza sent her way, and even if she did not have the strength to send the balls far, she was reliably connecting with every swing.

By the time they were finished, night had draped a dark mantle over Fumagawa. Elza subsequently escorted Mariko home, and when they parted ways had been surprised (and touched) for the little girl, clutching her prized new baseball bat, to hug her goodbye. Elza had returned the gesture by kneeling to kiss Mariko on the brow, conferring a small blessing upon her in the process. Not an enhancement, but a targeted suppression of any latent diseases and genetic disorders lurking within the bright youngster’s body, a reinforcement of her new drive to succeed in baseball, and a subtle metabolic tweak to help her athletic development.

Years later, Mariko went on to become one of the greatest non-enhanced women to ever play professional baseball, setting up an historic batting record that saw every team in the Japanese leagues begging for her to sign with them. Elza herself would be present at several of her games, and be privately delighted to still see the same courageous, optimistic smile gracing the young superstar’s face.

Right now however, all that mattered to Elza was that this had been a wholesome and worthwhile day. She had shared some joy with the world, made a few memories, and changed a few lives, all in the course of a single school day. And of course, the world had shared something with her too - the wonderful new life now growing within her. As she floated back up to her downtown penthouse, Elza lovingly fondled her tummy, and hoped that the kid  Haruo had sired within her would turn about to be as cute as Mariko. A little boy of her own - she already knew it would be a boy - to take on walks through the city, to teach to swim,  play baseball with, and someday send off on his own high school adventures. That thought alone was enough to make her euphoric with delight.

"I'm home."

And to those who knew Elza Sabini the best, such as her adoring and attentive pseudo-parents, that radiant joy shone through even the flat monotone with which she announced her return home. 

“Welcome home sweetheart.”

Setting down her schoolbags and leaving her shoes in the lobby, Elza moved towards the kitchen and the delicious scent of cooking food, ready to share every detail of another weird, wonderful, and thoroughly normal day.

To the world, Elza was a Super Goddess. But in her own mind, she was just another girl, one who utterly loved her regular high school life.

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