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The Towers' Syndrome – Chapter 16

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This chapter, like most of the story, is significantly better thanks to Larafan's help with the editing and his great contributions to the story's content itself!

The last obstable in Sienna's world domination plans is gone

Chapter 16

The change of mood in the room was obvious enough, so even if Matt wasn’t told anything, he knew that something was going wrong.

He felt very frustrated at not being allowed to follow the action. After all, he was the one that had created the chance of fighting back. Still, he did a reasonably good job at hiding it as he stood up from his station and approached the desk of the Major in charge with a calm demeanor. His voice was soft as he asked:

“Is everything going alright?”

The Major looked up at him and gave him a look he was used to.

“Nothing of your concern, kid.”

Matt hated being addressed like that. After a few weeks, he was used enough to it to control his reaction. He was about to ask again, but the Major was faster.

“Go back to your station. You’ll be the first one to know when we have news.”

The implied respect of the latest offer managed to ease Matt a bit, so he reluctantly walked back to his desk and kept feigning that he was working on something while he wondered whether Nemesis had finally been activated and, in case it had, how it was faring against the nefarious Dr. Towers.


Director Wilbur Stahl was sitting in the comfortable chair of the Bixley’s CO office he had taken while working there. His feet were rested on the desk as he savored a sip of the expensive whiskey that had been his most important addition to Colonel Sanders office.

There was no knocking before the doorknob moved, gently opening the door and revealing the figure standing at it.

“Dr. Towers,” he said in a calm tone. “I was expecting you earlier.”

“I had to stop by the Servers room. I was not expecting the reading to be so interesting.”

Stahl swallowed hard, a gesture that did not go unnoticed to the ultra-perceptive Sienna, who smirked in response. Still, the director went on as if nothing had happened.

“Please, take a seat.”

Sienna smiled at him and crossed the spacious office, turning right to sit in one of the two comfortable armchairs rather than in the chair on the opposite side of Stahl’s desk. The heavy piece of furniture groaned as Sienna rested her slim and gorgeous body on it, as if a much heavier woman had taken the seat.

“Will you join me?” she asked, pointing to the empty armchair with an extended hand.

Stahl nodded, grabbed his glass of whiskey and walked around the table to join Sienna at the coffee area. His demeanor was smooth as he did that, even though he was contemplating at his impending demise. He had accepted that already, though, and so, at that particular moment his curiosity for the creature he had been working to stop over the last 5 weeks was stronger than any personal considerations.

Dr. Towers was certainly imposing. And not only because of the uncanny power he knew she possessed. Her presence commanding, the tight black pants and best wrapping a perfect body in the proportions of Classic Greek sculpture, her gray-blue eyes so deep that he felt pierced with every look.

Sienna moved a couple of fingers and, suddenly, a glass and the bottle of whiskey raised from the bar and floated across the room to land gently in the small coffee table between the armchairs. She gestured her fingers again and an invisible hand poured a generous serving of liquor in the glass, which moved from the table and into Sienna’s waiting hand right after.

Even if Director Stahl knew that the woman was capable of so much more, seeing her powers in display in such a casual way made his hair stand on end. Judging by her smirk, this did not go unnoticed to her.

There was nothing else to do but to sit down, so that’s what he did as the former researcher turned goddess raised the glass a few inches as she nodded at him.

“You did not leave,” Sienna stated.

“It would have been pointless,” Wilbur Stahl replied.

Sienna nodded in agreement.

“Still, it says something about you,” she added.

There were a few seconds of silence.

“I’m curious about why you chose to send Smith and Black away instead of taking the place along with the nerd.”

Stahl was taken by surprise once more. He managed to prevent any sort of physical reaction this time, but Dr. Towers smirked just the same. His face must have shown the surprise at having been caught, since the superwoman explained:

“Your heartbeat cannot lie, Director Stahl.”

Sienna’s outfit was pretty worn out, after having fought with a full army and a superpowered Navy Seal while wearing it. There were no traces of the bruises and cuts in her skin, though, which looked as flawless as ever. She was obviously happy at finding out about the very accelerated rate of her healing, although she expected she would not need to make use of that ability anymore. In any case, it proved to her that it had been a good idea to dispose of Major Rivetti as soon as she had been able to.

“The nerd already did what he had to do,” Stahl finally admitted. “And I’m here to face the consequences of my failure.”

"Sienna arched an eyebrow and asked:

“So, what is it that Smith and Fiona have yet to do?”

Stahl did not reply.

“I would threaten you with torture, but that would be uncivilized. You have been a worthy adversary,” Sienna said.

“I hope you don’t mind if I don’t care about your opinion in that matter,” Stahl replied.

“Of course, I don’t. I just wanted to let you know. As I did with Fiona. And as I’ll do with Agent Black, when I find them both.”

Stahl suppressed a smile. Her reference to finding them meant that she did not know where they were yet.

“Don’t get too excited,” Sienna said, noticing his change of mood. “Believe me, they will not beat me to the North Pole.”

“And then, what?” Stahl asked, eager to change the topic. The less they talked about Smith and Black, the lower the risk of revealing anything about their latest chance.

“And then, the World,” Sienna replied.

“Well, that certainly fits well with your megalomaniac streak, but for all that I know, you are hardly a leader,” Stahl said.

Dr. Towers seemed unaffected by the Director’s remark.

“A leader is someone who’s followed. And the World will soon learn that they have no other option than following me. It will be up to the people to decide the level of pain it will require, really.”

“You cannot lead when you don’t care about those you are leading,” Stahl spat out. This part of the conversation was becoming annoying very quickly.

“I don’t care about people, true. But I care about humanity. I see it going down the cliff. And I know what it will take to make it realize its full potential. The difference between me and others is that I will have the power to enforce my vision.”

“I’m thankful that I will not be around to see it,” Stahl said.

“Do you have any preferences in the manner of your death? I can give you that much,” Sienna offered.

“I… I would like to be buried… in one piece” Stahl replied, his voice trembling for the first time in the conversations.

“You got it,” Sienna replied.

She snapped her fingers; Stahl’s neck snapped at the same time.


Matt wondered by the guards kept facing the door, weapons ready. If anything came through it, that would be completely useless.

It turned out that the danger came from somewhere else. One of his older colleagues was buried as large chunks of the roof rained on him a second before a gorgeous blonde woman he recognized as Dr. Sienna Towers floated down the whole and posed her bare feet in the rubble.

Twenty-three faces, including Matt’s, turned to face the newcomer, jaws dropping as they realized that she had broken through ten stories of solid rock in order to get to the underground facility.

Dr. Towers’ hand raised, and twenty-two pairs of hands reached for their throats, all but Matt’s. The sounds of choking were varied, and Matt looked around to see everyone else’s face turning purple. He looked back at the just-arrived woman, who smiled back at him. Then, her hand closed in a fist and twenty-two people dropped dead in the floor.

“I’m here for you, Matt,” the superwoman said, as if that had not yet been made obvious by her actions.

Matt Dunbar knew he should have been afraid. And he was. But there were several more feelings mixed with the intense fear.

He thought that one was some sort of admiration at the extraordinary creature that stood in front of him. He had seen the videos, but the casual display of power she had just shown had managed to drive the point home like no AV material had been able to.

The second… Matt was ashamed as he felt his dick swelling in his pants. The utter attractiveness of the woman was undeniable, but he knew he should have been appalled by her presence, and not excited.

Matt hoped that no one would notice. The woman’s laughter let him know that his hopes were unfounded.

“It seems that someone is happy to see me,” she said in a bedroom voice.

“Please, don’t kill me!” Matt let out.

It made her laugh again.

Sienna climbed down the pile of rubble and ambled across the room, putting more swagger in her hips than would have been needed. The boy was apparently paralyzed, so he was still in the same spot by the time she reached him and took a careful hold of his chin, lifting him a couple of feet off the ground with ease.

She then brought him down to her face and said:

“How old are you? Seventeen?”

“Twenty-three!” the boy protested, making Sienna chuckle.

“Honestly, I was expecting someone nerdier,” she observed, setting him down on the floor and looking at his surfer look. Of course, the lack of any meaningful muscular mass indicated that the closest he had been to a board was probably at the shop.

“I have two PhDs!” Matt replied with pride.

“Don’t get too excited. I do, too,” Sienna replied with a wink.

“You got your second one when you were twenty-four,” Matt let out.

Sienna hesitated for a second. Then, she laughed again.

“Do you have super-powers?”

Matt remained motionless.

“I thought so,” she finished.

Sienna scanned the room and quickly found the boy’s station.

“You are not a biologist,” she observed.

“I’m a physicist,” Matt replied.

“So, tell me… what was the nature of your work here?”

Matt hesitated. Then, he took a look around to see the dead bodies of his former colleagues and swallowed hard.

“My job was to find a way to accelerate the effects of the rock,” he finally acknowledged.

“And I’m witness to the fact that you were successful,” Sienna said, her voice somewhat colder as she remembered the fight with the Seal. “How?”

She was amused by how quickly the nerd had moved from scared to bragging. They were all the same, including her: they loved talking about their achievements.

“You got powers after irradiating the rock and getting a response back from it,” Matt started. “In a way, the rock is like a computer, and the radiation are the input instructions. And your instructions were as confusing as they get.”

Sienna was surprised at someone discussing her transformation from a completely different angle. She did not say anything, sure that the boy would go on.

“You irradiated the comet with just every type and frequency of radiation you could find. That’s what caused the coma. Both times. The rock made you what you are. But it also messed with you in plenty of other ways. You were lucky the “superwoman” one ended up prevailing over the others in the end. For all I know, you could have ended up disintegrated or turned into something similar to a vegetable.”

“So, what did you do?” Sienna said.

“I broke the code,” Matt said. “And isolated the set of instructions that caused the desired effect. Once I had that, it was a matter of creating the right generator, and there you go… Major Rivetti was a Super Seal in less than a day.”

“Yeah, I had the pleasure of meeting him,” Sienna said coldly.

Her sentence brought Matt out of his temporary euphoria.

“Er… how did you beat him? He was a daunting man…”

“You still only had sixty percent of the rock,” Sienna said.

“Of course!” Matt replied, realizing that he had never thought about that. It was someone else’s area of responsibility.

“You know, I’m interested in learning more about your findings,” Sienna addressed him with a soft voice.

Matt hesitated. He suddenly remembered who he was talking to and changed his gawking expression.

“Why should I? I mean, what is my incentive? After all, you are going to kill me, when we are done!”

Sienna smiled naughtily and snapped her fingers. Matt’s clothes shredded away from his body, revealing his skinny figure. His erection was very noticeable.

She did not say anything else before she lifted him with easy by his armpits. Her lips soon reached for his boner.

“Let me see if I can convince you,” she said in a naughty tone.


The messages from Bixley had been incredibly disheartening. Stevenson climbed down the three flights of makeshift stairs that separated the improvised command center with the mining operation and yelled at the first people he met.

“We need to evacuate!”

He got surprised glances back, but he just ignored them and pushed the button that activated the alarm that would let people in lower levels know that it was time to go.

“But we can already see the tip!” Renaud protested.

“There is no time for explanations. We need to pack and leave within the hour. Tell Clark to activate the charges. That’s an order.”

He could see the lack of understanding in his second-in-command’s face, but to his credit, he just turned and started following his commands.

They were ready to leave forty-five minutes later. The first two snow-cruisers were already manned and ready to go. Stevenson and Renaud were waiting for the two men that were checking the charges in order to get into the third.

The wind was especially sharp and cold, that afternoon. Even their thick attire, with layer after layer of protection, felt inadequate for the harsh conditions of the day. This was not the main reason for their dismay, though. Even if they had not yet talked about it, abandoning NorthStar base could only mean one thing: defeat.

No one was ready for the slim shadow that became noticeable in the blizzard. With such wind, there was no way of getting a good look at it. Then, the first snow-cruiser burst into flames and Stevenson understood what was going on. He did not have time to react before the second snow-cruiser melted in front of him.

“It’s her!” he yelled, his voice lost in the heavy wind.

The woman’s voice sounded way louder and clearer when it said:

“How nice of you to gather all in the front. Saves me the job of ratting you out!”

Two bright red dots shone fiercely in the head of the shadowy woman. Stevenson saw the third snow-cruiser exploding a second before his thick polar clothes caught on fire.


Sienna stepped into the dome the excavation team had built to soften the North Pole’s weather conditions. It was deserted, letting her saunter around calmly and take a look at their operation. She guessed it was impressive enough, even if it was hard to judge those things fairly in her new condition.

It was easy enough to find the entrance to the pit and to hover down the wide shaft. The opening made a bit of a twist; the tip of the comet became visible just after passing it.

Sienna’s mouth opened in her widest smile yet. God, it was massive! Judging by the part that could be seen, the rock buried in the ice had to be at least the size of a two-story house.  Quick scan with her sonar confirmed it. Sienna’s nipples began to harden with excitement as she contemplated how much power was contained in the massive meteor.  She took a deep breath and felt her incredible chest rise with inhuman force against her skin-tight top, her superhuman nipples so engorged they felt like would tear through the supposedly indestructible fibers of the vest.  Sienna was all too eager to seize all that delicious power.  And now, it was time.

With a smile, Sienna  turned the world’s most beautiful -- and powerful -- eyes on the massive rock and let go with a controlled, experimental shot of her x-ray vision, striking the rock near its center as Sienna began to recognize that familiar tingle, signaling the advent of the meteor’s power.

“Mmmmmm…..” Sienna cooed as she once again felt the benefits of the alien energy trickle into her.  But as good as it felt, the young supergirl knew this was only the prelude to her true ascendance into immortality.

With a little practice, Sienna began to manipulate the wavelength and frequency of her x-ray vision up and down the electromagnetic radiation spectrum.  In a matter of seconds, Sienna quickly mastered this skill and slowly proceeded to replicate the frequency sequence she had learned from the nerd just moments before.  All the while, Sienna continued to feel that wonderful trickle of power seeping into her fantastic body.

As she continued to tune her eyes to the desired frequencies in their specific order, Sienna felt like an expert safe cracker, using her powerful eyes to turn her proverbial tumbler until she had one last frequency change to go.  She bit her lower lip in excitement as she completed the sequence.



Sienna squealed in ecstasy as the magical sequence unlocked a torrent of energy that silently and invisibly radiated out from the massive meteor into Sienna inviting body.  To anyone who might have been watching, there was no bright lights, explosions, or celestial fireworks. They would have only seen Sienna Towers gasping and panting euphorically as the invisible, uninterrupted cascade of raw alien energy bombarded her curvaceous body with limitless power.

Sienna’s first exposure to the alien energy was initially unnoticed by her, and even the second exposure back at the lab had been rather uneventful in terms of immediate results, with a subsequent induced coma needed to synthesize the alien power and transform her.  This time, however, was quite different!

Using the sequence that Matt had unlocked, Sienna had now fast-tracked the transfer process, enabling her body to instantly reap -- and FEEL -- the intoxicating power of the meteor.

“Fuck.  Yes. Oh.  God. YESSS!”

The young ubergirl moaned in delight as her already incredible superhuman power levels began to elevate and soar even higher.  Where the initial feel was a trickle of power, this seemed like being blasted with a firehose in the middle of a rainstorm... as a tsunami crashed over her.

Soft, luscious skin that could easily repel bullets and rockets became exponentially denser.  Taut, feminine muscle fibers that were already capable of tossing tanks became impossibly stronger by factors of hundreds throughout her body.  Superhuman boobs that were the envy of any swimsuit model became firmer and sexier and swelled with even more unnatural power than before. Sienna’s already prodigious mind also began to expand, enhancing her super senses and mental powers to the Nth degree.  

Despite all the changes happening simultaneously, however, Sienna was still able to categorize and FEEL every sensation, every spike of power as the meteor continued to bathe her with seemingly unlimited energy.  “Ha! And I thought I was powerful before!” Sienna began to laugh as she experienced the changes KNOWING she was now completely unstoppable. She would now be a sexy juggernaut who could hear and see anything within a 100-mile radius.  She could now probably unearth mountains with her bare hands. Boil lakes with a mere glance. Rip entire buildings from their foundation with just her mind!

At that moment, the power flow from the meteor to her receded to nothing, as Sienna Towers simply stood there motionless, eyes blinking, trying to internalize and comprehend everything.  A quick blast of scattered x-ray vision at the rock confirmed what she suspected -- the meteor’s energy was completely dried up. She took it all.

Looking up at the massive meteor, she grinned mischievously.  She felt goosebumps at the notion that she was superhuman after being exposed to a chunk the size of a football.  And now she had completely drained a two-story rock containing the same power. She felt her pussy moisten at the mere thought.  She was now so, so much more powerful. And she now had guaranteed she would be the only one. There would be no one to stop her now!

Sienna placed a delicate hand on the rough surface of the meteor as she spoke to herself.  “Still… I need to be thorough…” Sienna raised her right hand and snapped her fingers as the 30 ton rock levitated in the air and slid to rest on her awaiting palm, compliments of her newly amped up telekinesis.

“Wow!” laughed Sienna, “That was so much easier than I thought it would be!”  The young superwoman was so impressed with her expanded mental powers that she barely acknowledged that she was now holding a 30-ton boulder in her hand like some empty drink tray.

“I really appreciate all you’ve done for me, REALLY!”   Sienna said, speaking to the meteor as if it was listening.  “But I don’t want anyone possibly figuring out how to recharge you like some big lithium battery, so I’m afraid this is where we have to say goodbye…”

With that, Sienna pulled back her right arm and threw the two-story meteor skyward like it had been shot out of a cannon --- at thousands of miles per hour.  The meteor smashed through the steel ceiling of the facility like it was made of wet tissue paper as it streaked into the night sky. Sienna watched with enhanced vision better than any orbital telescope as the large rock rocketed into space at nearly 30,000 miles per hour, enough to escape Earth’s orbit and be lost in space forever.

Dusting her hands theatrically, Sienna placed them on hips, revealing once again in how she had outsmarted everyone.  And now she knew taking over the world would almost be easy. There would be nothing to stop her.

“But, God, I certainly hope they try…” Sienna giggled as her sexy legs tightened like a spring, launching her into the air in a trajectory towards Washington DC.


“I still don’t understand what I’m doing here,” Fiona Black said, standing at the access door to the Hermes space shuttle, the astronaut gear making her look way bulkier than usual.

Standing in the massive platform that held the shuttle and its launcher, Agent Smith was still dressed in his usual black suit.

“You will understand when you are upstairs. Captain Chen will fill you in.”

“Why are you not coming, then?” Black said. We have about the same amount of astronaut training.

“I need to take care of a couple of things down here,” Smith replied.

A canned voice let them know that the launch would happen in fifteen minutes and that the access ramps would be disengaged in sixty seconds.

“Good luck, Black,” Smith said before turning. “You don’t need any more pressure, but the fate of the world might very well be in your hands.”

Fiona raised an eyebrow.

“I’ll see you when I get back.”

Smith nodded and turned, heading for the metallic stairs.

Special Agent Smith had already seen a Space Shuttle launch before, back when he was a kid. His father had driven down to Florida with his brother and him, and they had camped outside Cape Canaveral to see the Discovery’s first flight. He had very fond memories of the moment, especially since it was one of the latest activities he had done with his father before he and his mother had died in a car accident.

The situation was different now. The stakes were way higher. He was led to the forward observation post, along with the rest of technicians that had worked in the last preparations for the launch.

His heart beat louder than ever as he followed the climb of the Hermes in the screens, the images of the Challenger haunting him. Smith caught himself sighing when the boosters and the tank decoupled from the shuttle and it kept his smooth way into orbit. By the time the bell rang and the words “We have a successful launch,” came over the radio, he smiled for the first time in many years.

He unholstered his 9mm gun right after, aiming it at the first technician and shooting him in the forehead without second thought. The rest of technicians reacted in shock, but Smith had already shot two more down before anyone could do anything logical. Six shots later, 9 technicians were down and the tenth was looking at him with dread in his eyes.

“Sorry, it’s nothing personal. But I cannot let anyone that knows about this launch live,” he said as he pulled the trigger a tenth time.

He set the gun, still hot, in the table and took his cell phone out of his pocket. The app was already in his home screen. It took him only a tap of a virtual button, a fingerprint ID and a code to initiate the sequence.

The voices started coming through the radio a few seconds later.

“What is this… oh God! It’s gas!”

There were screams, shrieks and thuds. A minute later, there was only silence.

Taking the gun once more, Agent Smith walked his way back to the control center, avoiding thinking on what he had done. The corridors were full of corpses as he walked through them and into the control room.

He doubted anyone would put a serious effort in checking what had happened, with everything that was going to happen in the world in the coming hours. But he could take no risks.

Most people did not know that Cape Canaveral, now Cape Kennedy, had a level -5. Even less people had the access codes. Smith finished inputting the sequence and got a green light as the heavy metal door opened. With the base commander dead, the only way to access the nuke was through the manual override, directly on it. Smith did not know when it was installed, but he had been briefed about the tactical nuclear weapon buried in the heart of NASA’s launch site. It was a reminiscence of the cold war, when their government had decided to take precautions in front of the possibility of their most advanced technology falling into Soviet hands.

As far as he knew, the nuke was very low yield, barely enough to vaporize the base and some of the closest houses around. Of course, there would be a fallout, but he could do nothing about it except looking at it as collateral.

The trail of false evidence he had planted would point anyone who sniffed into the direction of a terrorist attack. By the time he was done, there would be nothing on Earth that suggested that a space shuttle had been launched seven years after the program had been stopped.

These were Smith’s last thoughts as he finished inputting the override codes and pushed the detonation button.


President Reynolds looked through the bulletproof window of the Oval office and into the massive display of troops standing on the other side of the fence of the rose garden.

“Was martial law really needed?” he wondered aloud.

He was not really looking for an answer, but the Secretary of Defense did not understand it like that.

“The country was about to break,” he said.

“It’s time to address them again,” the President said. “Will, have the camera crew ready.”

“Mr. President…” the National Security Advisor interrupted. “It did not do any good last night. People are demanding answers, not assurances. What happened in Silverport… it shocked the country.”

“I have no more answers than the ones we already provided!” the President protested.

“Which is the reason addressing them again is not advisable,” the man replied.

“Where is she, anyway?” President Reynolds asked, sounding exasperated. There was nothing worse for a leader than losing the people he led.

“We have not located her since she left Bixley yesterday afternoon. We lost contact with NorthStar shortly after, though.”

President Reynolds already knew that, so he had already had time to digest the implications of the “loss of contact” with NorthStar.

Just then, they heard some scattered shots in the distance.


Sienna had felt great before, but in hindsight, it was nothing compared to what she was enjoying right now. Power flowed through every inch of her body and, better than that, she realized that she had an understanding of it that was at a complete different level than the warm-up she had gone through in the last weeks. Sienna felt complete. Ever since she had woken up from her second dose of comet, Sienna had wondered whether her power was absolute, only to be disappointed in several occasions. Now she knew it was.

Washington DC was already into view, less than twenty minutes after leaving the excavation site in the North Pole, despite the fact that she had taken a leisurely pace. The army had taken the city. Sienna’s lips curled in a sly smile. And then she accelerated and landed softly right in front of the massive military display stationed just outside of the White House.

Tension raised in an instant. By now, everyone knew who she was. Thousands of rifles cocked as soldiers stiffened with a mix of fear and uncertainty.

Sienna placed her hands on her hips and widened her stance, smiling at them in a commanding pose. She was still dressed in the same black Zylon outfit, but what had fit her tightly before was now fighting a constant battle to contain her amazing body now. The halter top had become little more than a sports bra, while her pants now had trouble to reach just a bit lower than her knees.

The final dose of the comet, which Sienna now knew had also been the ultimate one, had added about half a foot to her already imposing stature, perfecting her body even when if felt it would be impossible. The power surge had been way more remarkable than the height one, though. And Sienna was eager to test it.

A quick scan of the army stationed between her and her target soon revealed what she was looking for.

“Oh, lovely,” Sienna said aloud, her voice carrying way farther than it had the right to do.

No one understood what she was talking about until she lifted a finger and an M1 Abrams tank in the back of the army display lifted in the air, pulled by an invisible force. Sienna directed its movements like an orchestra conductor, making it soar over the terrified soldiers. Then, without warning, she closed her fist and moaned when the tank was compressed into an incredibly dense ball of metal the size of a soda can.

“Yes!” Sienna let out.

The first scattered shots started hitting her an instant later. The officers had not given the fire command, but some of the soldiers had not been able to take it any longer.

Of course, bullets were the last of her concerns at this point. Still, she was not going to let the affront unanswered, so she singled out every one of her shooters and moved another finger, sending them all into a hover some thirty feet over the ground. There were about fifty of them. They vanished, vaporized into fine dust, an instant after Sienna’s eyes lit in a bright red.

“Kneel and you’ll live!” Sienna bellowed.

No one did.

Sienna’s lips pushed out as she turned to face one of the most packed infantry sections. The blizzard that got out of her lungs ridiculed the storms she had lived when visiting the excavation site in the North Pole. Two seconds later, over a thousand men stood frozen in several positions that indicated motion or horror.

“Kneel and you’ll live!” Sienna repeated.

Again, there was no movement.

A squadron of gunships appeared over the White House building, no doubt coming to the rescue of their friends in the ground.

Sienna’s lips parted again, sending the twelve aircraft spiraling for miles before they crashed in Maryland.

“Kneel and you’ll live!” Sienna said once more.

Sienna controlled the output from her eyes so that the two thousand men that were caught into it would roast slowly rather than vaporize instantly. Their anguished screams were horrible for everyone but her.

She enjoyed them. Not out of pure sadism, but because they were the proof of her ultimate power. She would have been able to deal with the army before. She would have even been able to deal with them with ease. But it was a different league, now. Sienna knew that she would have been able to kill everyone in sight with a snap of her fingers. The fact that she was doing it in groups of thousands was merely to let the humans realize about what she had become.

She could not prevent a loud laughter when random soldiers started kneeling after her latest display. They were still only a few, but it meant that she had broken them. Sienna knew that she would win, no matter what. That was not the question. The question was getting total domination.

“Follow your comrades, if you are smart!” Sienna advised.

A second later, a thousand men found their rifles pointed to their heads against their will. A clasp of Sienna’s fingers pulled the thousand triggers and finished as many men.

A tank shell hit her in the stomach and reminded her about the cavalry. Suddenly aware of them, Sienna scowled and raised both hands. Seventy-one tanks followed her movements and rose into the air, their combined 5,000 tons being no issue for the superwoman’s mind.

When she brought her hands together, the tanks crashed into each other. They did not just collide. The strength of the push was such that the tanks merged into each other, the steel melting and joining. Sienna kept pushing the recently formed ball of steel, compacting it long after every member of the tank’s crew was dead. By the time she was done, she had a car-sized ball of super compacted metal comfortably held in her palm.

She weighted it a bit, bounced it a couple of times and then rested it in the ground, saving it for later use.

There were more and more soldiers kneeling. They were still a minority, though. Sienna decided that she had given them enough opportunity right then. Raising her hand, her eyes turned an intense purple as Sienna concentrated. The sunny sky over DC darkened so fast that no one could understand what was happening. Then, lightning bolts started striking the ground at great cadence. It did not take long for the soldiers to realize that they were hitting those that were still standing with great precision.

Five minutes later, the Sun was shining again, and it was all over.

Sienna had never been so exhilarated. She had made a bet with the whole “controlling the weather” stunt. It had played perfectly well. It was curious how an almost unlimited telekinetic power could take so many different forms, in this case helping to form storm clouds, stirring the electrical charge they held and guiding the lightning bolts with incredible accuracy.

Part of the character required her to express it without restraint, so she just widened her smile, removed her hands from her hips and started walking towards the White House.

“You chose the good side,” she addressed those that had bent the knee and were now looking around with a mix of shame and relief.

Sienna walked towards the White House at a regular pace, only stopping when the guard at the door blocked her path.

“Really?” she asked the muscular man, finding it hard to believe that someone would be so stupid to act like he did.

“I cannot let you in, ma’am,” he said as he raised his gun and pointed it at Sienna’s face.

She was too quick for him to react when she stooped forward and bit the barrel of the gun with her perfect teeth, easily slicing half of the weapon and bringing it into her mouth. The guard was still trying to recover as Sienna balled the deformed piece of metal with her tongue and spat it, making the man headless in an instant.

Having taken care of the distraction, she went on and crossed the lawn into the main building. Sienna’s plans included establishing her residence in the President’s mansion, so she took care of not breaking too much of it as she opened the main door and started ambling along the corridors and in the direction of the oval office. She had to swat a couple of people out of the way, which inevitably ended up splattering the walls with gore, but she was not too concerned about stuff that would only require a good cleaning. Thankfully, most people got the new situation and stayed out of the way.

She reached her destination two minutes later, checking the doorknob to see that the door was open. The President was sitting behind his desk, the rest of his cabinet surrounding him.

She was about to address them when a bang and a slight tap in her temple surprised her. The Secret Service man was holding the gun almost at point blank. Sienna frowned, trying to understand how they could keep acting that stupidly. She then caught sight of the pellet that had ricocheted from her impregnable skull and scowled.

The tiny sphere was soon travelling towards Sienna’s extended fingers. Holding it in front of her haunting eyes while the rest of the room remained silent, Sienna let out a groan and launched an inquisitive glance at the cabinet.

“You thought you had one last trick up your sleeve, didn’t you?” she asked. “I should not have left the bullet behind after killing Major Rivetti, in any case, so I guess that I’m to blame for this one.”

She reached out and grabbed the Secret Service man by the throat before he could react. Sienna did not say anything before she started shaking her wrist so quickly that the man soon caught fire as a result of the friction. The screams were anguishing.

“This still does not mean that I have to like it, of course.”

“He just followed orders,” the President finally spoke.

“The wrong orders,” Sienna replied. “As a matter of fact, I’m here to discuss the transition in power.”

“You have no legitimacy,” the President said.

Sienna let a laugh out.

“No legitimacy? No one else in history has ever had a better claim than I have!” she let out.

“What are your conditions?” the President asked.

Sienna scanned the room and evaluated the reactions of each and every men and women on it, profiling them.

“There are no conditions. Other than you kneeling to me,” Sienna said.

“I don’t kneel before anyone!” the President said, getting as many looks of admiration as looks of concern.

“I’ll give you a second to think it through a bit more. There is nothing wrong in accepting reality, President Reynolds. And there is nothing wrong in submitting to the greater power. Not doing it would be foolish”

“I said I won’t kneel…”

The President’s could not finish the sentence. Before he knew, he was standing, even if it had not been out of his own will. Sienna kept maneuvering her fingers like a puppet master as the man walked around the desk with a terrified expression, stood in front of Sienna and finally knelt.

“From now on, everyone does whatever I say, President Reynolds. The question is whether they do it willingly or not,” Sienna said with a cold voice.

Her finger remained extended. President Reynolds started screaming. His screams kept increasing in intensity and anguish as Sienna kept pointing at him casually. She made it last a full minute. By the time she was tired, she just compressed her finger and Reynold’s body exploded, splattering everyone with gore but herself.

“Anyone who opposes me will end up undone,” Sienna said casually, turning to look to a gore-covered man and saying “Mr. Vice President, I believe you are next in line, isn’t it?”

Vice President Harris did not waste time in kneeling.

“Smart man,” Sienna said with a smile.


The White House logo appeared in every screen of every TV in every home in the United States. International networks were hurrying to connect to, even if the address had been unannounced.

Rumors about the too short battle that had taken place in DC were spreading, but there was no reliable information about the outcome.

As soon as the logo faded out and was replaced by the live broadcast, hearts started accelerating across the country. Where everyone had expected President Reynolds sitting behind his desk in the Oval Office they got a scene in a larger room, with Vice President Harris standing next to a skimpily dressed and ravishing blonde woman that was a full head taller than him. She was the woman that had shocked the world with her brief appearance in Silverport the day before and that had been the only conversation topic since then.

“My fellow Americans,” Harris started. “I’m addressing you as your acting President, following the tragic demise of Bruce Reynolds. I wanted my first act to be a public address to the nation to inform you that the cabinet and I decided to surrender the United States of America to Dr. Sienna Towers. While I realize that this will be a hard to understand decision, I wanted to reassure you that the cabinet and I have meditated it with care and have concluded that it is the best option to guarantee the safety and wellbeing of our citizens. Effective immediately, Dr. Towers will be the supreme ruler of this country, not subject to any laws and restrictions,” the man said, looking visibly weary.

As soon as he finished his speech, the Vice President knelt, giving the cue to Sienna to address the camera with a sly smile.

“Thank you, Mr. Harris. People of the United States of America. I’m Doctor Sienna Towers. I’m sure that you have all heard about me by now. I will keep my first address to you short, but you will be hearing much more from me in the coming days. As you will already know, I possess god-like powers. And, as the Vice President already said, I decided to use them to take control of this country as your ruler, empress, goddess or however you want to refer to me. This is just a first stop. It is my intention to gather the United Nations General Assembly tomorrow and demand the same from the remaining nations in the world. I have plans for humanity. You will hear about them soon. And you will have no other option than obeying. Be warned that my power is only matched by my ruthlessness. I can assure you that I won’t flinch to do whatever needs to be done in order to achieve what I want. With that being said, it is my intention to rule you well. I will not tolerate dissent, but I will accept suggestions. Needless to say, there will be changes. I’ll communicate them soon enough. In the meantime, your current forms of government will continue applying as long as they submit to me. Live your lives as you did, unless I give you instructions in a different direction. You’ll hear from me soon.”

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