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Shizuka's Ambitions

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By Akane and Delta7447

Sunday, June 30, 2052

Akihabara, Tokyo, Japan

Shizuka Hirose was at home, in her apartment above Wasurenagusa Maid Cafe in Akihabara, often shortened to simply Nagusa. It was a modest apartment at 50 square meters, but she had made some modifications. As a world-famous fashion model, omnidisciplinary scientist, businesswoman, cosplayer, chef, and Nagusa’s owner, she needed a bit more room than just 50 square meters.

As a Super Goddess, solving that problem was child’s play. She warped the apartment’s interior to make it 50 square kilometers, which she used in part to make a living space appropriate for a Super Goddess: pleasant, welcoming, maybe a little indulgent, but not gaudy. What was left over was for storage. She kept the originals of everything she ever made--selling, donating, or giving away exact replicas. They were still made by the same impeccable Super Goddess, so no one could tell the difference. Even if they could, they wouldn’t care.

She had entire wings of her apartment devoted solely to her cosplays, recipes, research, accolades, and even gifts others had given her over the years. It was absolutely secure: no force was capable of penetrating it without Shizuka’s express permission. Earth’s sun could go supernova, engulf the Earth, incinerate it into oblivion, and her apartment and its contents would remain perfectly intact as if nothing had ever happened. Another Super Goddess could conceivably get in, but they all respected her and each other’s privacy too much to actually attempt anything of the sort.

It was all for show, though. Everything stored in her apartment was also within her flawless and absolute mind, which meant she could effortlessly produce anything in her hammerspace depository with but a thought, regardless of where she might be at the time. Anyhow, she liked her effects being physical objects--or at least seeming like it when not in use.

Just because it was Sunday didn’t mean she had the day off. She worked on writing nine new songs for her upcoming live shows, recording seven other ones she finished writing minutes ago, attending voice acting sessions for twelve anime series, three movies, and two foreign films, appearing in five live shows, finishing up four more autograph and handshaking events, working tirelessly downstairs at Nagusa as her otaku idol persona Shizurin, experimenting with eighteen new dishes to be served at her cafe and most likely beyond, and sewing custom-made cosplays of 3B’s dress, Ashe Christelight’s Swimsuit of Endless Summer, Kozumi’s Hunter outfit, Hifumi Aino’s school uniform, Tsunami’s dress, and six more of her own design.

In other words, she wasn’t particularly busy.

It occurred to her that she hadn’t been in the habit of keeping her ear to the ground, so she decided to get herself up to date and began absorbing all the pertinent information directly through the internet.

M’Wela’s recently formed nation of Prosperia in Africa was, quite appropriately, prospering.

Irina received yet another Nobel Peace Prize for her developing a cure for Parkinson’s disease. She sent an android of her own design--not unlike the one Shizuka just made a costume of--to receive the award on her behalf, as she was reluctant to show herself in public, especially before a large crowd of people.

Guinness World Records continues to struggle to count how many vehicles Ha-neul juggles, as she breaks her previous record practically daily on her TV show. She’s teased that she plans to juggle much larger objects for her season finale.

Jennifer headed out into deep space and took a selfie while floating in front of Andromeda, which allowed astronomers an unprecedented look at the galaxy without the significant time lag from the sluggish speed of light.

And of course, there was also the share of praise towards Shizuka herself, but she paid little attention to it, as it obviously wasn’t news to her.

To make a long story short, she and her Super Goddess peers were in the news a lot--always for positive, oftentimes downright amazing reasons. A recurring theme outside their circle, she found, was how politicians could never just get along and agree on even the smallest thing. Looking further, it seemed this wasn’t only a Japanese problem.

It’s a miracle this country has lasted fourteen hundred-odd years now with such uncooperative politicians. A Super Goddess in office could certainly help improve things. I dunno… maybe I should run for public office. That’d be pretty crazy, but I bet I can do it. I guess I could start out as… governor of Tokyo. It’s probably a good idea to start small… relatively speaking… before effecting nationwide change.

She went online and determined how to apply as a candidate. The only requirements were to be of Japanese descent and over the age of 30--both of which she met. Fortunately, this was an election year and the deadline for submitting one’s candidacy hadn’t come yet, so she did so. She needed to put together a campaign team to handle matters like publicity and advertising. Fortunately, she had plenty of Enhanceds in her harem who would be delighted to assist her in any endeavor she pursued.

Not even a day later, she was out and about, spreading the word of her candidacy to the Tokyo prefecture. She made a point of not criticizing the other candidates. If anything, she anticipated being at a distinct disadvantage compared to them, since she had no prior political experience. As it turned out, however, the people tended to really like the idea of a Super Goddess as governor and immediately rallied behind her. In retrospect, that was only to be expected, seeing as the entire country and beyond knew and loved her.

Along the way, she met some occasional apprehension to the prospect, but she was able to alleviate their concerns with negligible hassle. There was one time in suburban Nakano, 24 days into her campaign, where she encountered some trouble. Several people exited their homes, formed a crowd in front of her campaign van, and began yelling criticisms and protests. Shizuka had the driver stop the van and she stepped out. The crowd immediately moved to surround her, all the while continuing to yell at her.

With sagely calm, she began, “Okay, I’ll hear you out, but one at a time.”

No response. She tried again, boosting her voice just enough to be heard over the din.

“I said I’ll hear you out, but one at a time!”

That got them to quiet down. “Much better. We can be civil about this, right? Now, one at a time.”

“You don’t have any political experience!”

“Hey, if every political position required prior experience, then no one would be able to get anywhere! Gotta start somewhere, right?”

“You’re way too young to be a good governor!”

“Being youthful doesn’t automatically mean incompetence. If anything, a fresh, young mind is suited for coming up with and introducing new and innovative ideas to improve the prefecture. Change is the essential process of all existence. If you were to elect another old guy as governor, you’d get more of the same and not get anywhere new. And, to be frank, young people of voting age would almost certainly be more interested in what the beautiful young woman has to say than the aged 63-year-old man.”

“Are you even old enough to run?”

“Despite how I may look, I’m 32, and you only need to be 30. Check my birth certificate. Tohoku Rosai Hospital in Sendai has a copy.”

“We won’t let you impose your will on us, no matter how much power you claim to possess!”

“If you just give me a chance, I’ll prove to you and the entire prefecture that I’m really here to help improve things. I don’t want to impose my will on anyone.”

“You’re just trying to get votes by handing out that unnatural genetic enhancement whatever-it-is like candy!”

“Well, you’re not wrong, but I’m not trying to bribe people with Enhancement. Enhanced people are far stronger and smarter than an average person, so they’re able to get many more man-hours into a single day. That boost in worker productivity means construction projects could be started and finished in the same day! Paperwork and the like can be taken care of in a miniscule fraction of the time it would take anyone else! What an Enhanced does with their free time after work is frankly none of your business.”

“The governor should be a career politician, not a childish anime character!”

“That’s barely even an argument. All you’re saying there is that you’re resistant to change. Change is inevitable, whether you like it or not. Anyone else? …No? Alright, well, it was great talking with you all, even if you don’t share my views on things. I look forward to election day!”

Once back in her van, she told the driver, “That’s enough for today. Please take me back to my cafe.”


Shizuka arrived at Nagusa with an expression none of her maids had ever seen before--and she would see to it that they never would. There was genuine sadness in her beautiful, crimson eyes. Sitting in the back of the van while reflecting on what happened, the driver noticed raindrops forming on the windshield. Moments ago, the day was sunny without a single cloud to be seen, but just a few seconds of a Super Goddess feeling a bit down quickly resulted in the weather reflecting her mood, filling the sky with heavy, black clouds and torrential rain. It was as if the planet was crying alongside Shizuka’s soul.

The van stopped at the cafe’s entrance and Shizuka stepped out. The diminutive mistress of the universe didn’t need an umbrella, as her idlest thought produced an impenetrable barrier between herself and the rain, keeping her perfectly dry. She didn’t want to ruin the black business suit she made by hand specifically for her campaign, after all.

As she opened the door to the cafe, the melancholy candidate vanished. She took her professional-looking glasses off and spun on her heel faster than light, transforming her clothes into her usual outfit: a short-skirted red kimono with colorful accents and ornamental patterns on the sleeves.

“Hi everyone~!” Shizurin, all-powerful entrepreneur and entertainer extraordinaire, exclaimed. “My trip to Nakano went really well! I’m sure they will give me lots of votes--just wait and see! Your favorite idol will become the prefecture’s next governor, and it’s all thanks to your unconditional support! Drinks are on the house for the next hour, so have fun and enjoy~!”

She had to keep everyone convinced she was fine, even if it wasn’t true.


Some may argue that omnipotent beings don’t or shouldn’t care about what humans think, being objectively so much better than lowly mortals, but this wasn’t true for Super Goddesses, particularly one as emotional as Shizuka. They felt quite human themselves and were very interested in the thoughts and ideas of unpowered people. Compliments delighted them, while criticism had the potential to take a toll on their mood.

Shizuka found herself in her golf course-sized apartment after a quick teleportation that left everyone on the cafe speechless, followed by a roaring ovation. She materialized a glass of alcohol of a flavor and color she had just invented on the spot and drank it slowly. She observed her petite, voluptuous frame in the mirror with a crestfallen expression on her lovely face, the entire universe visible within her ruby-colored eyes.

She was flanked by several duplicates of herself, hard at work on creating new recipes for the cafe, or sewing clothes for her new fashion and cosplay lines. Those Shizukas were as blissful and hard-working as ever, because she ensured that only her original body had to deal with her doubts and sadness.

Why were those people so angry at her? Why was there such animosity against Super Goddesses? She didn’t choose to be born as one, nor did she see it as a problem at all. Will a lot of people think like that when the time to vote comes? Even though she could brainwash each and every constituent in Tokyo effortlessly, she wouldn’t dream of forcing people to vote for her. Not only was that immoral, but what would be the point of going through the electoral process if she was just going to cheat? She genuinely wanted to change things for the better, but only with people actually allowing her to do so from their hearts.

Tears started down her cheeks. She giggled, finding this self-doubt a bit pathetic for someone of her profound knowledge and titanic power.

She decided to turn her sadness into a vehicle for the creation of something beautiful. Inspiration struck her. She transformed the tears into liquid gold, and molded them into a small reconstruction of Nakano Ward in its entirety, down to the smallest of details, complete with even the little confrontation with her detractors, portrayed thanks to her perfect memory.

She sealed the scale model into a snow globe. The moment when humans made her cry would be preserved for eons inside that little souvenir, thousands of generations after the deaths of those that defied the Goddess.


Come election day on July 29, not many people were surprised to find that Shizuka won by an unprecedented landslide: 87.4% to 12.6%. She won practically everyone over, which was only to be expected, given that the entire country knew and loved her.

Now that she was governor, she had to assemble a cabinet. She already knew exactly who to appoint, as she remembered every member of her harem intimately well. She sent out four duplicates of herself out to the four she chose to become her vice governors.

The four were Haruka Toujou, Iroha Midorikawa, Yomi Shirogane, and Mikono Hanazono. She transported each of them to her residence, each in separate private rooms. A snap of her fingers rendered both herself and her harem members completely naked. Then she hugged them, pressing their abundant breasts together, empowering them beyond everything they could have ever dreamed.

Each of the four Enhanceds screamed in divine ecstasy as Shizuka poured more power into them. They came and came endlessly. Almost literally, in fact--the hyper-orgasmic feeling of being touched by a goddess would never fully dissipate from their minds.

Shizuka felt their ecstasy herself, but effortlessly remained perfectly poised and calm as her subjects continued screaming. She just smiled beatifically at her new vice governors--her new Heavenly Queens--as they reveled in their magically granted absolute power.

Shizuka enjoyed their pleasure, but wanted to give them so much more. Total omnipotence, even. They deserved it a hundred times over, after all.

She made it so… but found she couldn’t. It seemed that the only way to achieve her level of power was to be born with it. She mentally shrugged, figuring it was no big deal. Ultipotence would do just as well. Besides, Super Goddesses were basically ultipotent themselves, keeping their omniscience disabled.

She met with two dozen other Enhanceds in her harem simultaneously, many of whom had already worked for her as maids at her cafe. She presented them with their respective job offer and a few conditions and empowered them all when they enthusiastically agreed. Of course, no one in her harem would even consider declining an offer to work so closely with the Super Goddess, not to mention the instant benefit of Enhancement.

And just like that, in a record-breaking three hours and twelve minutes after her victory was announced, Shizuka Hirose, the youngest Governor of Tokyo, had assembled her cabinet of 28 Enhanceds.

With that taken care of so quickly, Shizuka realized she actually had some time to kill. As she was about to start pacing around her apartment aimlessly, an interesting idea came to her.

I could spend the next several hours entirely as a human. Only one me, no powers--unless an emergency happens--and I can simulate human bodily processes for the duration. A heartbeat to pump blood through the body, inhaling oxygen and exhaling carbon dioxide, digestion of food to sort nutrients from waste, fatigue over time… the works.

As she made these tweaks, she heard--and felt--her stomach growl rather loudly. She blushed in embarrassment, even though no one heard her.

Well, I think that’s my cue to eat. Instead of making something myself, I think I’ll walk to a restaurant and buy something. Going off the prices at my cafe, I… guess I’ll bring 100,000 yen. Better to have too much than not enough. I highly doubt anyone will rob me. Even if they could, it’s not like I’m actually helpless without my powers.

She was about to head out when she caught a glimpse of herself, still in her business suit.

I should probably change into casual clothes. Normal person casual clothes.

She changed into a white tank top and a sky blue off-shoulder T-shirt with her trademark forget-me-not flower emblazoned over her left breast, with capri sweatpants and sneakers, and headed downstairs into Nagusa. Several of her newly appointed cabinet members were working the cafe and interacting with customers. Mikono was sitting at an empty table, eating her bento lunch.

“Oh!” she exclaimed upon spotting her boss. “Hi, Shizurin. Did you need something?”

“No, I’m good. Things seem to be going smoothly here.”

“Oh yes! Same at the Tochō, too!”

Shizuka smiled, glad her cabinet had adapted to their new powers quickly and were able to maintain their productivity perfectly, even managing to exist in equally productive measure at Nagusa and the Metropolitan Government Building over in Shinjuku simultaneously.

“Great! I’m gonna head out for a while.” Shizuka gestured towards the door.

“On foot?” Mikono looked a bit confused. Shizuka usually teleported or flew--at least, in her experience.

“Yeah.” With a giggle, Shizuka added, “I guess you could say I could use the exercise.”

That didn’t help Mikono’s confusion at all, but she wished her well all the same and Shizuka went on her way.

She walked a couple blocks to a nearby WcDonald’s. Practically every head she could see turned as she entered, as if she had announced her arrival with a triumphant fanfare.

Of course, she hadn’t really. Regardless, it wasn’t every day that a Super Goddess or an astoundingly popular politician just happened to stroll into a fast food establishment. It was a little embarrassing to be put in the center of attention after making an effort to blend in and be normal, but she figured this sort of thing would be inevitable.

She approached the counter. A young man no older than 19 stammered a greeting.

“W-w-welcome to WcDonald’s, Governor!” he half-shouted.

“Hi there!” Shizuka skimmed over the menu. “Oh, everything on the menu looks so good! I’ll take two of everyth--!”

She paused, suddenly remembering this excursion was so she could spend some time being normal.

Normal, as in not gorging on the entire restaurant’s food supply and requesting seconds.

Normal, as in not traumatizing the poor kid at the cash register.

Normal, as in politely ordering a meal intended for one person, because Shizuka was one person--or at least acting like one for now.

“Ah, sorry. On second thought, I’ll just have a chicken crisp sandwich, a medium fries, and a soda, please.”

“Uh… uh, right! Chicken crisp, medium fries, and a soda. That’ll be 558 yen! Ah, will that be for here or to go?”

Shizuka produced a 1000-yen bill and handed it to the cashier. “Here, please.”

“R-right! Out of 1000…” He fumbled with the coins, counting up the correct amount.

“Your change is 442 yen,” he said, timidly handing her the coins and her receipt. “Please listen for your order number listed on your receipt. Thank you for choosing WcDonald’s! A-and here’s your soda cup!”

Shizuka pocketed the coins and took the cup. “Thanks!”

She filled her cup with melon soda, grabbed a few ketchup packets, and found an empty table next to a window. She spent the next few minutes watching people--many of them different varieties of otaku--walk by. This was, after all, Akihabara--otaku central.

Her number was called, so she got up and retrieved her food on a tray, and started eating.

The food was remarkably good, despite being so cheap. The chicken in the sandwich was crisp on the outside and juicy on the inside. The fries went astonishingly well with the ketchup, to the point that she wondered if the potato and tomato were created explicitly to allow for the divine combination of French fries and ketchup.

…or maybe it was just the salt and fat. She shrugged.

I suppose I should count my blessings that I can eat whatever I want and never gain weight. Plenty of people in the world aren’t lucky like that. Though, at the same time, plenty of people aren’t omnipotent goddesses, either. I kinda won the ultimate lottery, being born as one. I sometimes take that for granted, when I really shouldn’t.

Her thoughts were interrupted by an unfamiliar feeling slowly building up inside her. While she had never felt it before, she had several biology doctorates making what was happening apparent.

She had to use the restroom. So, a little sheepishly, she stood up, walked into the women’s room, and took care of business.

Well, that was a little weirder than I envisioned it. But I guess it’s all part of the human experience!

She finished her food, disposed of the trash in the bin, and headed back.

Once back in her apartment, she rid herself of her biological processes, effectively bringing herself back to normal.

That was a good experience for me, I think. Fun, too!


August 13. Shizuka was busy with a few dozen things simultaneously--nothing new, save for her recently acquired gubernatorial responsibilities, but she had those well under control, naturally.

Shizuka? Haruka’s voice echoed telepathically in her powerful mind.

Yes? the Goddess answered without stopping what she was doing.

I have a suggestion for something you could do to help with your popularity as governor.

Oh? Let’s hear it!

There’s a renovation project just starting in Shibuya. An old office building is being made into an apartment complex. I was thinking you could assist in the renovation--maybe even finish the project before the day’s over?

Before the day’s over? Shizuka giggled. I intend to do much better than that! Thanks for bringing this to my attention--I’ll be right there!

Haruka transmitted the location to her telepathically. Shizuka created a duplicate of herself on the roof of the building. She faced west-southwest, the direction of Shibuya from Akihabara. She took a few steps back, and leapt, propelling herself upward and forward, traveling the ten kilometers in about thirty seconds. As she approached the ground, she softened her fall with a quick burst of telekinesis, allowing her to gently step onto the ground instead of producing a devastatingly large crater.

“Hi there, boys!” she said to the handful of construction workers just about to enter the building to begin their work. “Mind if I lend a hand?”

“Sh-Shizuka! I-- wow!” one man stammered. “It’s great to meet you! We’ve actually been understaffed lately, so I’m afraid this project will take an extra month to complete.”

“Non non!” Shizuka wagged a finger. “With me helping out, you can have this building made into an apartment complex in an hour or two, easy!”

“A-an hour? There’s sixty floors in that building!”


“Each one is something like a couple square kilometers of space!”


“I-- you’re serious, aren’t you.”

“Absolutely! I could even Enhance everyone here so the work can go even faster without me doing everything! How does that sound?”

The fourteen workers all approved of the idea, so Shizuka wasted no time and Enhanced them all. They became almost a meter taller and significantly more muscular.

“Well, everyone,” Shizuka said with a clap of her hands. “You know what to do, so let’s get to it!”

Knocking down walls and replacing them with new, differently arranged ones took seconds. A single worker took care of the entire building’s plumbing, ensuring every apartment had running water and a functional toilet. Another installed new doors and made sure they all locked properly.

Entire floors were finished in minutes. In just under two hours, the fourteen Enhanceds and one Super Goddess finished the renovation, with about one month, thirty days, and twenty-two hours to spare.

They all met on the roof to celebrate a job well done with a spontaneous orgy. Everyone involved was thrilled at the opportunity to fuck the prefecture’s omnipotent governor, so she produced several duplicates of herself, so there’d be enough of her to go around.

As things started to heat up, Shizuka pinged Haruka telepathically.

Done! How’s that for a day’s work?

Oh, already? I should expect nothing less from you, Shizurin! Well done!

There’s an orgy starting up on the roof of the building. Interested?

Instead of responding, Haruka teleported there, dropped all her pheromone blocks, and immediately dove in. Before long, Haruka’s pheromones alone created a slightly visible mist, causing everyone to become wildly horny. Shizuka ensured the pheromones were contained on the rooftop, then let loose herself and joined in the fun.


As September started, Shizuka began establishing Enhancement Centers throughout the city, like inside the government building, city hall, and the bigger train stations. There were at least three in each ward.

They were somewhat reminiscent of small clinics, albeit warped spatially to allow each individual privacy, should their situation warrant it. Average citizens were able to walk in 24 hours a day to become Enhanced, entirely free of charge. The workers were all powerful Enhanceds themselves. They were, frankly, more than powerful enough to never really need to take breaks, but Shizuka insisted they take them anyway.

“It’s good to give yourself a bit of care every now and again,” she had said.

The amount of power an individual received was dependent on both their request and the Enhancer’s own power level. Much like how a Super Goddess was only able to empower someone else to ultipotence at most, an Enhanced could only empower someone to a noticeably lower degree than themselves. The usual Enhancement methods involved sexually charged actions like French kissing, plain sex, or erotic massages that molded unpowered humans like clay, thanks to the mighty Enhancer’s magical hands. Alternatively, it was perfectly possible to become Enhanced on the spot with just a simple poof.

It was literally no trouble at all for Shizuka to have some duplicates of herself working at a few randomly selected centers, so she did so on occasion. People looking to become Enhanced attempted to determine where Shizuka was working on a given day, in hopes they could be empowered by the Super Goddess herself.

One such center was within Tokyo Tower’s main deck, which was where Shizuka was today. It was a pretty busy day. There was an almost constant stream of normal people coming in and Enhanced beauties and bombshells coming out. She had to warp space substantially to have enough room for everyone--naturally, an effortless feat for her.

A plain-looking girl rather timidly entered Shizuka’s space, which was designed to change to whatever locale the customer would prefer. Her surroundings became a tranquil grassy hill under a bright blue and cloudless sky. In addition, both her and Shizuka’s clothes became white flowing sundresses, gentling fluttering in the calm breeze. She stared at Shizuka in unmoving awe for a long time. Shizuka was in no rush, so she let her make the first move.

She became aware she was staring and stopped.

“Um… I, uh…” she mumbled, avoiding eye contact. She abruptly let out in a much louder tone, “Excuse me!”


“Hi, I’m Shizuka!”

After several seconds of silence, her face became bright red and she turned away abruptly. “I-I’m sorry! It’s just that I’ve been a fan of everything you do for a long time now, in no small part because we have the same name! Y-you can call me Kodai--everyone else does. S-so, when I first heard about these Enhancement Centers, I couldn’t help but think about how amazing it would be to be Enhanced by you, Governor Shizuka Hirose, of all people, so, I certainly don’t mean to impose on you if you’re busy or something, but if you don’t mind, I would really appreciate it if you--”

She trailed off as Shizuka approached her and gave her a hug. Kodai was a good 15 centimeters shorter than the Super Goddess, so her face was pressed against Shizuka’s tremendous bust. She blushed at first, but didn’t resist.

She didn’t want to. She wasn’t aware of it until then, but this was all what she wanted: blissful contentment, given to her by her idol. Things like Enhancement and reality-warping powers and godlike sex were all secondary to her.

Shizuka continued to hug Kodai for a while, until she gently moved her idol’s arms aside.

“Thank you so much,” Kodai whispered.

Shizuka smiled. “You’re welcome, Shizuka-chan.”

Kodai became pale and would have fallen over, if Shizuka hadn’t quickly remedied that and took her in her arms.

“You okay? You almost fainted.”

“Oh, did I? I’m sorry. I, uh… that was very nice, but… if you don’t mind, could you, uh…?”

Shizuka grinned. “Could I what?”

“Y-you know!” Kodai pouted. “Enhance me!”

“Shizuka-chan, how tall are you?”

“147 centimeters. Why?”

“Well, I’m 162 myself… but you’re a head taller than me. For that matter, did your breasts and hips get bigger?”

“What?” Kodai blinked, only now conscious of the height difference. “Oh my goddess, you’re right! And my breasts… wow, these things are huge!”

A brief moan escaped her lips as she squeezed them. “Ooh… wow, they feel so good! Sensitive! Did you… did you Enhance me?”

Shizuka shrugged, and a full length mirror emerged from the grass between them, showing Kodai her new body. She gasped as she stared at the curvy amazon, the very image of sexuality and beauty. It took her a few moments to realize that amazon was her.

She phased through the mirror and hugged Shizuka. “Oh my goddess, thank you thank you thank you thank you! I look so amazing! I feel so amazing! This is so incredible, I can’t believe it! Thank you!”

“Hey, you’re very welcome!” Shizuka chuckled, returning the hug. “Hope you don’t mind having to learn your new measurements.”

“I already know them!” Kodai chirped, gesturing to the corresponding parts of her body. “191 centimeters, bust 148, waist 75, hips 132!”

“What about your self-confidence?” Shizuka asked.

“Booming! I can safely say I feel better now than I ever have before! Thank you so much!”

She turned around and started back into Tokyo Tower… but stopped.

“Uh…” she uttered. “Will I… will we… can we, um…”

She sighed, then spun on her heel to face Shizuka again.

“Can we spend some time together?!”

Shizuka giggled. “Absolutely! Not now, I’m afraid, since I still have work to do. But I guarantee we’ll meet again, Shizuka-chan.”

Kodai exited the warped space thrilled. As she returned to Tokyo Tower’s main deck, she found the unflattering overalls she arrived in now hugged her voluptuous body. Moreover, the T-shirt and underwear she had on underneath were gone. An additional thrill shot through her body as she realized just how daring her formerly modest outfit had become. It crossed her mind that she had grown dramatically in every direction--none of her clothes at home would fit her now. She wished that she wouldn’t have to buy a whole new wardrobe, that she could somehow make it work…

It wasn’t until she arrived at her apartment later that day that she realized she had subconsciously used her powers earlier to warp reality very slightly, altering her clothes to ensure they all still fit her.


A couple hours later, Shizuka took a break, heading into a cafeteria-like space connected to all the other Enhancement Centers, where the workers could take a break from Enhancing people and socialize outside time and space. She materialized a bento for herself and sat down with a trio of Enhanceds she recognized from her harem: Ichika, Futaba, and Mia.

“Hi, you three,” she said.

“Shizurin, hi~!” Ichika squealed, obviously delighted.

“Hey Shizuka,” Futaba said.

Mia remained silent.

“So, any issues so far?” Shizuka asked as she realized she forgot chopsticks and materialized a pair in her hand.

“Nope!” Ichika shook her head vigorously, causing her ankle-length braided hair to fly around. Annoyed, Futaba created a force field to keep it from hitting anyone’s face or food.

“Same here,” Futaba said. “Aside from Ichika’s neverending madness.”

“Oh, come on,” Shizuka replied. “Ichika-chan’s cute.”

“I got praised by Shizurin! Yay~!”

“What about you, Mia?” Shizuka turned to the silent one of the quartet. “Something up?”

Despite being exceptionally more powerful than Ichika and Futaba combined, Mia was still very reserved. She was more comfortable speaking to Shizuka, as she was responsible for her Enhancement, but only somewhat.

“It’s… not really a problem, but… I’m afraid I don’t see how Enhancing people left and right like this… helps them.”

“Oh, it’s quite simple!” Shizuka replied with a wink and confident smile that could melt hearts. “We Enhance people and just let them flourish! Like, there was this German girl who I met at Comiket when I was just a kid. That was my first Comiket, actually. I was admittedly a little lost and overwhelmed, but I had come alone, so I was going to take care of myself.

“This little German girl walking with her parents passed by me. We made eye contact briefly. I guess she figured I was separated from my parents. You know, with a little 9-year-old kid at a big event like Comiket, that’s a natural reaction, right? I watch her ask her parents for some money. She heads over to a food stall and buys two ice cream cones, and hands me one. I can’t quite put into words how I felt. I… guess I was just really touched by the gesture. I hugged her… only to cause her ice cream to spill. She heard the splat and immediately realized what happened. Instead of crying, like you'd expect, she just stared as time reversed by just a second, and the ice cream flew back into the cone. She did it, not me. As it turns out, I had subconsciously made that girl into a powerful Enhanced without even realizing it.”

“Doesn’t Enhancement augment the body dramatically?” Futaba asked.

“Yeah! Did you make the most exaggerated oppai loli ever?” Ichika added.

“No, actually,” Shizuka replied. “Apparently, the bodily changes involved with Enhancement remain dormant until sexual maturity--age 18, generally. So this girl was about as powerful as Mia here, but with the same body she had before meeting me. I mean, come on--you just don’t sexualize children like that.

“Anyway, we spent the rest of the day together. Her parents didn’t mind, being the hardcore weeaboos they were. They admittedly didn’t know it at the time, but their child was much safer with me than with them.”

“I’m not sure what you’re getting at here,” Futaba said.

“I’m just about there,” Shizuka answered. “It might blow your minds. You three all know who this little girl is--or rather, has become. Take a guess.”

“Mia!” Ichika blurted out.

“Margot Giesler?” Futaba guessed. “The hoverbike entrepreneur?”

Shizuka smiled, aware Mio already knew the answer. “Helga Kampmann.”

“The Helga Kampmann?!” Futaba exclaimed. “The founding saint of the Super Goddess Church?!”

“The one and only. This is what I was talking about. Even a little girl who spent some time with me at Comiket was so motivated by me that she went on to meet with greatness and found a religion!”

“Oh wow! Is she here?” Ichika asked, downright exuberant. “Are you guys, like, friends on RINE or something?”

“We keep in touch, but she wouldn’t be interested in secular Enhancement like this. She has her own share of things to worry about, deifying Super Goddesses and all. Honestly, I try to stay interested and enthused--Helga’s a good friend, so I try to return the favor--but I don’t really care all that much. It’s weird, you know?”

“Fair enough,” Mia said.

“God…” Shizuka mumbled. “That was 23 years ago… I’m immortal--I shouldn’t feel old like this.”

“You’re not even all that old,” Futaba pointed out.

“Think of it this way,” Ichika added. “In a few thousand years, something that happened 23 years ago will feel like last week!”

“Yeah, that’s true. Still, I’m not sure I’ve fully wrapped my mind around never dying ever yet.”

“You have no choice but to get used to it, I’m afraid,” Mia whispered.

“Grim much?” Futaba replied.

“No, she’s right,” Shizuka said. “I’ll have to get used to that, and I will. I just… haven’t yet.” She shrugged. “Well, I have time to, so it’s nothing to worry about.”

“Now that I think about it,” Futaba said. “It makes perfect sense that you’d know someone as great as St. Helga.”

“Well, to be fair, I don’t know Margot Giesler personally. Never even driven a hoverbike. Looks like fun, though--maybe I should hit her up sometime…?”

“I have a hoverbike!” Ichika exclaimed. “You can borrow it anytime, Shizurin--just say the word~!”

No response.


“Hey…” Shizuka said, noticeably more somber. “Am I doing the right thing here? Is there really any place in politics for a Super Goddess?”

“Whaaaaat?” Ichika asked, baffled. “Of course you are, and of course there is!”

“If it weren’t for you, Shizuka,” Futaba said. “I’d be struggling to make ends meet in a crappy part-time job.”

Mia put her hands over Shizuka’s. “You have done nothing but help this city prosper since taking office.”

Shizuka considered what was said, and eventually smiled. “…Yeah, you’re right. I… guess I just needed a bit of validation there. Thanks for indulging me.”


It had become apparent that Shizuka’s time as governor was already regarded as the best Tokyo had ever seen. Many of the capital’s inhabitants had been transformed into sexy and infinitely superior versions of themselves, and the Human Development Index for that part of Japan skyrocketed. The newly transformed Enhanceds were extremely intelligent, allowing their scores in standardized exams to fly off the charts on a worldwide scale. They also forced revisions to be made to every IQ test they took.

After three months, all this made Shizuka’s popularity skyrocket as well. She was already a celebrity in Japan before her political career, having won a Nobel Prize in Chemistry and being a celebrated fashion designer, and naturally a world renowned Super Goddess. So it was inevitable that people began taking an interest in her private life and opinions. There was even a documentary being made about her unprecedented entrance into politics.

Enter Brigitte Labelle, formerly the host of a Québécois late night talk show. Her sex was changed by the Super Goddess Jennifer Martinette. Now a towering Enhanced with gigantic, perky breasts, a muscular body, and blonde hair, she went from a regional C-lister to a worldwide television sensation in mere months. She made her show mobile, allowing her to travel around the world to interview people--most famously Super Goddesses. She made a point of making those exclusive.

Come December 14, she was in Japan. With her superior intelligence, it took her only a day to become fluent in the language and establish her late night show, a format not very popular in Japan until then.

Today, Brigitte was going to treat her Japanese audience with a guest that everyone had been anticipating for weeks: Governor Hirose herself. The crowd roared when she appeared in unprofessional clothing. People had become so used to her suit-clad governor look that she always sported on TV lately (ads for Nagusa notwithstanding) that many of her fans had become disappointed. They were thrilled to see her dressed in a flawless recreation of Ryoko Lattrow’s iconic combo of sexy bikini and shorts from Mugen Tsugann. She had always been fond of the classics of decades past.

Brigitte had to wipe some dribble off her face after witnessing perfection made flesh, to a degree on par with Jennifer herself. Shizuka’s enormous, bouncing tits, barely contained by the flame-printed bra, were undeniably impressive. They were accentuated even further by her short stature. It was hopeless for Brigitte to completely maintain her composure in the presence of the ultimate in feminine beauty, but she had to do her best while she was live.

“Hey guys~!” she announced. “Let’s give a warm welcome to our super cute guest, Governor Shizuka Hirose~!”

The audience’s applause was a downright roar. It completely drowned out both the interviewer and interviewee greeting each other, but they both were more than powerful enough to hear each other over the din.

The goddess sat on the couch next to the host’s desk and glanced seductively at her. Brigitte began to pant nervously. In no time, she was thoroughly hot and bothered, in stark contrast to what she was used to, where her guests regularly found themselves captivated by her tomboyish beauty.

Brigitte knew Shizuka was extremely popular, but there was no anticipating this kind of attention. The interview had barely started, and it had already attracted a record number of viewers worldwide, by a large margin. People from all around the world tuned in to the livestream online--many of them not caring in the slightest that the young woman was speaking a language they didn’t know at all.

The number of viewers soon surpassed the original record of simultaneous viewers set by Princess Diana’s funeral in 1997. Astoundingly enough, it even overtook Brigitte’s interview with Jennifer by at least five billion viewers--no surprise from a world that fucks like bunnies.

Absolute bliss washed over Shizuka as she became aware of the international reaction to her appearance in the show. She clapped happily for a while, smiling with her cute eyes closed and waving and sending smooches to her fans.

Seeing Shizuka act this friendly caused Brigitte to relax and just like that she started the interview.

“Well!” Brigitte exclaimed once the applause died down. “Like, it’s not every day that I get to interview a celebrity-turned-politician--and a Super Goddess, you know what I mean? It’s so awesome to have you here. Also, you look like super gorgeous! Ah, I could totes eat you up!”

If a significant portion of the entire world is going to be watching, Shizuka thought. Then perhaps I shouldn’t just speak Japanese….

With just the slightest application of her will, Shizuka made it so everything that was said on the interview was instantly translated to the language of each individual spectator in their minds. Whether it was watched on TV, the internet, or even heard on the radio, no matter the mother tongue, everyone could understand what was said on stage.

“Oh, please, no!” Shizuka replied. “If anyone here looks gorgeous tonight, it’s you, Bri-chan.”

Brigitte was delighted that the Super Goddess took the liberty of addressing her like a close friend.

“I’m mega ultra honored, governor! Well, I’ve got, like, tons of questions here, both my own and ones submitted online, ranging from your budding political career to your personal life.”

“I’m ready!” Shizuka chirped enthusiastically with an iconic Shizurin wink. “Hit me with your best shot!”

“Aight!” Brigitte had already memorized all the questions asked before the show started, so she needed no prompts to keep things moving along.

“You’re the second Super Goddess to, like, get into politics and stuff, after M’Wela way over in Prosperia! A very commonly asked question is: what made you run for governor all of a sudden? I’m super curious!”

“I’ll admit, it actually took me by surprise, too…. Honestly, why not? The people already have a lot of faith in me as an idol, so why not try and improve their lives more directly? I want them to become the best version of themselves: better educated, more athletic, more responsible, and harder-working. Change on that dramatic of scale is something only I can spur into action--well, only a Super Goddess, at least. If even a single person has their life improved by my changes, then I will consider that a victory.”

“But like, my sweeties told me you had some problems along the way. How did ya feel? As a Super Goddess, you might not be used to that kind of stuff, y’know?”

“Indeed I do, Bri-chan. The first time the people on the opposition gave me a real piece of their mind, I was so affected that I almost considered quitting. However, after seeing all the positive effects of my mandate so far--not to mention all the happy faces in the audience when they saw me…” Shizuka smiled with the genuine tenderness of a little child. “…all my doubts disappeared. I will continue with my job to ensure everyone can enjoy the benefits of my administration and--”

A man within the live audience abruptly bellowed, “SHIZURIN FOR EMPRESS OF JAPAN!”

He was almost certainly an Enhanced, to be able to project as well as he did. Not only could everyone in the studio hear him, but the cameras picked him up loud and clear, effectively transmitting his voice to almost the entire world. His exclamation was followed by an awkward silence. Shizuka was clearly flustered.

“Huh? E-empress? O-oh dear… how could I…? That’s… I’m afraid it’s not that simple, sir. I-I mean, it’s a hereditary position. The Constitution would need to be amended to make that even possible, and that doesn’t happen very often. I appreciate your enthusiasm, but I think it more prudent to strive for more realistic goals, like helping the little guy as governor, rather than becoming a grand figure with no real political power. Besides, I’m not sure Hisahito would appreciate me taking his seat.”

“I bet he’s totes watchin’ this right now!” Brigitte replied. “Wouldn’t it be super cool if he called ya after this?”

Shizuka giggled.

“Next up is a question from 7de453: ‘Why did the Enhancement of so many high school students tend to dramatically increase their bust size?’"

“Japan has had a problem regarding declining birth rates for a long time now, so I implemented a possible solution, one which I sincerely hope will produce favorable results. Breasts have always been considered indicators of fertility. Large breasts are one of several factors that contribute to a subconscious impulse that a certain woman--let’s use myself as an example--is deemed fertile and able to produce and nurse healthy offspring, thus making me sexually desirable. Well, for normal people, that would apply only to people who are interested in women. But, in my case, if I have my pheromones on full blast, literally no living thing would be able to deny their attraction to me.”

“A part of me, like, totally wants to see what that’s like,” Brigitte commented. “Buuuuuut I can’t say the same for the entire studio audience, so, um… don’t really do that, okay?”

Shizuka giggled. “No, of course not. Actually, Enhanceds produce pheromones themselves, albeit on a much lower level than my own. They contribute to their exceptional sexual attractiveness, just like me.”

“Next is…” Brigitte paused for a moment to giggle. “Potato-chan! ‘How do you feel about all this popularity of yours?’”

“Oh, I love being the center of attention, so you can probably guess how excited I am to be seen by almost six billion people like this! That’s a new personal best for me, actually! I don’t think I’ve quite gotten over it yet!” She giggled.

“Triskaidekaphile would like to know if you think your policies have improved Tokyo.”

“It’s still a bit early to tell--my crystal ball’s in the shop, I’m afraid--but so far, it’s looking very promising.”

“Alright, next up, we have KG9QSJ,” Brigitte recited each letter in standard phonetics, as a ham operator would. “They are interested in your plans for the future.”

Before Shizuka could collect her thoughts, a group within the audience began yelling that she had to become empress, surprising the entire world again. Others seemed to like the idea and joined in. It didn’t take long for the entire audience to start chanting, “EMPRESS! EMPRESS! EMPRESS!”

Shizuka chuckled and patiently gestured to the crowd to quiet down so she could speak. Once they complied, she answered, “Right now I’m focusing on fulfilling all the promises I made during my campaign. I think I’m managing that at a reasonable pace… but between you and me, I’m thinking about eventually running for prime minister. My party is quite aware of my popularity and will definitely try to capitalize on that. That would be a best case scenario, since that position would allow me to help the whole country, instead of just the capital. Worst case, I don’t make it. There’s always the next election, and I can keep focusing my efforts on Tokyo in the interim.”

“Ya know, I think we’re all super excited here at this point, especially the audience,” Brigitte said, gesturing in their direction, specifically the source of the earlier chanting. “Do ya think you could do one of those super-cool miracles of yours?”

A golden spark appeared in Shizuka’s crimson eyes, her gentle smile turning into a smug, catlike smirk.

“Say no more!”

The Super Goddess simply bat her beautiful eyelashes. That was all it took to make all the shades of the color red in the universe disappear instantly, including on herself. She observed her duller surroundings with her now-less-striking black eyes and relished in the confused, gawking expressions on everyone’s faces.


Meanwhile, in Toronto, one of Jennifer Martinette’s many protégés, a young man named Thomas, sat in the Super Goddess’s art studio. He was working on a colorful, abstract painting, under her tutelage, though she had a tendency to disappear without warning or explanation, which took him a while get used to….

He was about to replenish his palette’s supply of red paint… when it inexplicably turned grey! All the red on his entire canvas had disappeared, making it look remarkably duller.

He panicked only momentarily, until he remembered just who his mentor was.

“Jennifer?” he called out, not knowing where she was. “Did, uh… did you do that just now?”

“♪ I don’t know what you’re talking about…! ♪” Jennifer sang teasingly. Literal eighth notes danced in his vision as he heard her melodic voice, which was coming from his canvas. He turned that direction, and found she was standing within the swirls of color he was working on. Before he could react, she got closer to him, until her face practically filled the canvas. She just smiled at him, gazing straight into his eyes.

He felt a tightness in his pants, which turned out to be her influence making his cock erect. She must have had plans for him, as his cock grew substantially--twice as thick and as long as his thigh! He stared at the bulging serpent eager to escape, then back at Jennifer… who wasn’t in his painting anymore, but instead behind him. She draped her arms over his shoulders, lazily playing with his extra large cock.

“I think you’ve more than earned a break. Don’t you?”

Sometimes he was convinced Jennifer hadn’t Enhanced him because she enjoyed that infinite difference in power between them. To be perfectly frank, he couldn’t say he didn’t enjoy it himself.


“W-what did you do?” Brigitte asked Shizuka, clearly unsettled by this casual warping of reality, despite being a powerful and (typically) fearless Enhanced herself.

“Oh, this?” Shizuka shrugged as she crossed her legs. “I just erased the color red.”

Billions of spectators around the world gasped at this realization. Some were scared, while others turned on by this strangely capricious and yet subtle display of mystical power that only cosmical beings like her could perform.

“Not permanently, of course,” she added, reverting the effect with the slightest whim. “I love red too much to let that happen.” Chuckling, she continued, “I mean, picture the Japanese flag! Can you imagine if it was stuck as a black dot on a field of white? What would you even call it? Kuromaru? That’s a dog name! Who could take the flag seriously, knowing it was called that?”

Shizuka burst into laughter, as did Brigitte and the audience.


The rest of the event proceeded without incident. The last portion of the interview was a boring discussion of Shizuka’s more mundane policies.

“Oh nooooooo! We have no time left!” Brigitte said, pouting. “Well, it’s been a blast talking with ya, Governor!”

“Likewise, Bri-chan! Maybe we could do it again sometime?”

“Totes!” To the audience, she announced, “Governor Shizuka Hirose, everybody!”

The audience burst into applause, as did the billions of TV and internet viewers. Brigitte and Shizuka shook hands before turning their separate ways and heading offstage. Meanwhile, crew members kept the crowds of people heading the towards the exits and not trying to pursue the interviewer or interviewee.

In the hallway directly behind the stage, the blonde amazon found that Governor Hirose wanted to talk with her some more off-camera. Given the seductive look on her face, it was crystal clear what kind of business she had in mind with the show’s host.

After a brief but extremely enticing telepathic conversation and a substantial increase of the politician’s pheromone production, Brigitte quickly found herself unable to resist Shizuka. The two stepped into a dressing room, which Shizuka sealed with her powers. Absolutely nothing could get in or spy on them now.

Brigitte was simultaneously thrilled and ecstatic as Shizuka fucked her senseless. This was what she had been desperately yearning for, ever since she interviewed Jennifer and became Enhanced nine years ago! Shizuka brought her to the heights of bliss, to the point that she actually couldn’t take any more.

In the end, she was lying on the floor alongside her discarded clothing strewn everywhere. She was conscious, but the vast majority of her brain was flooded with endorphins and couldn’t process much of anything beyond the divine pleasure permeating her very soul.

She was expecting a good time… but nobody could have expected a student-sized girl like Shizuka to outdo a sexual monster like Brigitte in bed.

A month later, the renowned interviewer was thrilled to find out Shizuka had magically impregnated her. Shizuka did so deliberately and had decided to let Brigitte find out for herself. From that moment on, Shizuka dedicated a clone of herself to stay by Brigitte’s side as they reveled together in her blissful pregnancy. The two raised their child, a girl named Naomi, until she became self-sufficient. For a wonder child like her, she would reach that point at age 13 at the absolute latest, thanks to the perfect genes she inherited from both parents.


The truth was, with Shizuka’s popularity and effectiveness as a governor, there was no doubt that she could all but literally destroy her opponent in any election for prime minister of Japan, hypothetically speaking. Even in her own party, there was no fight for the candidacy, because no one had the balls to go against the Super Goddess who had so utterly transformed the party into a vessel for her political goals and even associated its very image with her. It also helped that 100% of its members totally supported her and her Enhanced subordinates.

After eleven months of a successful career as governor of the capital metropolis and enjoying the neverending praise that came with being the genius behind the most developed city in the entire world by any measurable metric, it was obvious that Shizuka gave results and then some. Tokyo became dubbed ‘The Citadel of the Enhanced’ by tourists, who stared in wonder at the pristine streets, incredible public services, downright futuristic technology, and, of course, the exceptionally beautiful, gifted, and generously endowed inhabitants of the city.

By now, Shizuka had become a master at politics. She knew all the tricks on the book. She had scheduled a phony candidate election for the party’s president on June 22--mostly because the law forced them to do this before presenting their candidate to prime minister. She got the most incompetent, most ‘unenhanced’ old man to oppose her in a televised debate. This man belonged to the old guard of the party and represented a minimal percentage of the voterbase of Japan and particularly Tokyo at this point: the vocal minority of bitter normals who were jealous of the obvious superiority of their enhanced counterparts in every environment from workplaces to the sexual market--extremely old and religious people not able to reconcile to the idea of a Super Goddess holding an important political position such as leader of a party or prime minister, along with mindless contrarians.

Not only did Shizuka easily dismantle and destroy all his arguments with absolute ease, but she also projected a calm and wise personality that attracted the elderly demographic.

The youth were convinced by what happened next. Shizuka’s already tight bra suddenly burst. Of course, it was a deliberate act on her part. A small application of her telekinesis tore open her blouse and expensive suit in the process, revealing her monumental mammaries to the world. Shizuka pretended to be embarrassed, a trick she learned to perform as Shizurin to appear delicate and adorable; her fans loved it. She also made a deliberate point not to cover up her bared breasts in the few seconds this lasted.

The broadcast was cut off moments later, not because Shizuka’s gigantic breasts and delicious pink nipples were unexpectedly revealed to millions, but because her naked form was actually too attractive for the camera crew on set. They were immediately struck with an overwhelming need to have sex with whoever was next to them.

This had become a very common scene to see, after many of Tokyo’s citizens volunteered to become hypersexualized demigods with hair-trigger libidos, who just about constantly participated in spontaneous, public orgies. It didn’t take long for these orgies to become known as flash orgies. Long gone were the times when prudish media would censor something like this, however it was also true that there couldn’t be a broadcast to begin with if the crew manning the camera equipment broke into a flash orgy with the governor, while completely ignoring her aged opponent. Indignant, he left the building; not just out of humiliation, but also because he was left out of the fun.

As she expected, her numbers in the polls shot upwards. Not only were the results within her party 100% in her favor, but now there were new ones that estimated her odds of winning the prime minister election at 98% probability--a figure that showed her that there were only a small handful of haters convincing themselves she wasn’t the fittest person for the job.

Thanks to the new technology developed by Tokyo’s slew of Enhanced scientists, TV could broadcast whatever you wished from your mind to your smartphone, which meant that most of the country was able to see Shizurin’s boob slip live.


Come October, there was a pretty clear idea on who was going to win. Shizuka had become even more popular and had legions of fans following her campaign van whenever she visited the wards of Tokyo and Osaka. This time, however, she had to win over the entire country. On one trip to Akita, she posed for the cameras and happily handpicked all the crops on every single field in the countryside at the speed of light and appeared with several dozen giant baskets, each weighing a few tons, that she easily carried and supported, thanks to the the addition of several dozen extra arms on her body, effectively sparing hundreds of farmers of having to harvest that year. She looked quite like a cute Vishnu in a traditional farmer getup, with the giant straw hat and all.

Next step was Fujisawa, a cute coastal city next to Mount Fuji, the tallest mountain of Japan’s archipelago and a known active volcano. What Shizuka and her associates did so casually there was history in the making and quickly became a legend that passed through the generations. The immortal, perfect goddess ordered her Heavenly Queens to work together to separate the entire mountain from the earth. Everyone watched with unbelieving eyes wide and mouths agape as four incredibly beautiful office ladies, clad in business suits, pantyhose, and glasses, lifted the iconic and ancient symbol of Japan by hand.

Shizuka didn’t waste time using her unlimited telekinesis to make the caldera of the actual volcano explode. Only a few seconds passed between the eruption and panic setting in. Everyone stopped taking photos and escaped the area, completely terrified. The suited Super Goddess smiled with an almost mystical calm and directed the lava like a conductor before an orchestra, turning the whole eruption into an enormous heart made of molten rock floating in the air behind her. Then, before the amazed expression of thousands, she turned the construct into a slew of fireworks, which immediately launched and exploded high in the sky. The witnesses to this amazing display stopped panicking and cheered for her--something that became more and more popular over time. Shizuka was trending on practically every social media platform, with very many people asking Shizuka to become Empress of Japan, even some people outside the country.


Why did Shizuka do all these things? It had initially seemed like she wanted to play fair in the campaign, but that changed once a rival party presented an Enhanced, much younger version of the formerly 52 year old Kaname Tsukauchi of the Liberal Democratic Party, the most relevant in Japan’s political panorama for decades. At this point, the petite goddess had already changed the name of her party to the Super Party, represented with her signature forget-me-not flower.

So, after seeing this desperate attempt to up the ante, using a non-normal against another non-normal, Shizuka chose to go bananas with the use of her omnipotence to impress people so she could garner their vote and show how puny a mere Enhanced was compared to her.

One of the most blatant examples being the holographic banners that the Super Party put around the city of Tokyo a week before the actual vote took place. Giant holograms of the divine candidate appeared dressed in different attires; some more serious, some more casual, other times it was just Shizurin doing cosplay and being adorable. Their mode of dress was less important than what made them exceptionally unique. The holographic images of Shizuka were actual, living, breathing clones of her. They were fully interactive, allowing you to socialize with her as if you were speaking to the politician herself. Who better to explain one’s campaign promises and political ideas than the candidate herself?

These holograms had a bonus feature that proved very popular. They possessed the same telepathic intuition as the Super Goddess herself, allowing them to determine at a glance if a given individual would consent to sudden wild and passionate sex with her holographic facsimile. If the answer proved to be yes, she would quite literally pull the individual into a digitally created world and make love to them.

Ads depicting Shizuka’s countless feats were constantly broadcasted on TV. Two of them were particularly loved by people and became instant classics.

In one, the Governor of Tokyo finds herself in Yokohama fishing with rod and bait, the sea breaks apart as she catches the biggest giant octopus in the history of the world, pulling it out of the water with ease with her superior strength and achieving a world record just like that, without even trying. In the second, she turned the snow in the frozen, northern region of Hokkaido into rice, feeding the poor people of that island for days.

It was as if Shizuka and her popularity were unstoppable. The rival party couldn’t do a thing against her despite having an Enhanced as their leader--a rather cute and competent one, at that--with decades of experience as a politician behind her.

In a last ditch effort to have even the slightest possibility of victory, Kaname hired a mercenary in a desperate attempt to kill Shizuka. Despite the catastrophic repercussions it could inflict on her career and her party, she went with the plan, anyway. She used the full extent of her limited powers to enhance the killer’s senses to a superhuman degree, along with his ammunition, rendering the bullets far more powerful and explosive than even military-grade large arms.

The hitman’s objective was enjoying her last day of campaign in the hot springs of Kusatsu Onsen in Gunma prefecture with one of her trusted Heavenly Queens, Yomi Shirogane.

It being a cold October night out, they were the only ones currently using the hot springs. Completely unbothered by the cold, Yomi was playfully harassing Shizuka’s giant tits. They were so sensitive that Shizuka couldn’t help but giggle uncontrollably.

“That tickles!” she cried. “Yomi, stop!”

“Hey, in my defense, you took me to the hot spring and proceeded to remove all your clothes and not hold back your pheromones! It’s because of you that I’m like this, Shizurin… You need to take responsibility….”

A playful and perverted grin formed on her lips, which parted to reveal teeth sharp as fangs. She was ready to pounce on her leader and eat her pussy out.

“Hahahaha! No, Yomi! Stop, plea--!”

A gunshot rang out. The hitman smirked, confident he scored a hit. His Enhanced senses knew everything went perfectly. No one could survive having a bullet of that caliber fly straight through their skull, Super Goddess or no.

…or so he thought. Subconsciously, Yomi’s hand darted and effortlessly caught the bullet between her manicured fingers. She examined it.

“Huh, a bullet,” the Heavenly Queen reported. “I thought it was a leaf or something fluttering in the wind. It was going about that slow.”

She showed Shizuka the bullet.

“It seems someone tried to murder you, Shizurin.”

“Is that so…?” Shizuka took the bullet and examined it herself. She shrugged.

“Well, I don’t feel murdered. I wouldn’t worry about it.”

“I think this warrants some investigation, though.”

“Mmmm… if you want. I’m just gonna stay here and relax. Have fun.”

“As you wish.”

The Heavenly Queen stood up without even covering her glorious body and read the would-be assailant’s mind and stopped his escape with a casual application of her telekinesis.

“Ah, I see!” Yomi said. She spoke out loud, but the assassin clearly heard her from six kilometers away as he struggled to move against her telekinesis.

“Kaname-chan sent you to kill Shizuka, eh? What a poorly thought out plan. Doesn’t she know Super Goddesses are unkillable? Why did she even bother?”

Shizuka added with a scoff, “This was pretty pathetic, if you ask me. Tell you what… if you tell Kaname-chan that I’m going to win the election tomorrow, then no one else has to know about this, and we’ll let you go.”

The assassin did his best to nod despite the telekinetic restraints. Yomi flicked the bullet back at him, faster than the rifle had shot it. It blasted a hole through the wall next to the assassin’s head. He was scared shitless, about to cry even, faced against the undeniable power of these two indestructible goddesses. The ultipotent Heavenly Queen and vice governor grinned with more than a little malice. She was enjoying this--an evil man receiving his comeuppance.

But, her childhood friend, lover, and mistress told her telepathically to let him go.

How will he report back to Kaname-chan if he’s a pile of sauce on the ground?

“Tell your boss not to bother us again. Understood?” Yomi ordered sternly. He nodded frantically. Yomi released her telekinetic grip on him, and he got the hell out of there as fast as he could, before either of the goddesses could turn him into roadkill with a thought.

Shizuka found herself more turned on by Yomi’s display of power and dominance than she would have expected.

“Now then, with that out of the way…” she asked, biting her lip in anticipation. “Where were we?”

That night, the two horny goddesses had passionate, downright animalistic sex in the hot springs.


It was no surprise to almost literally anyone that Shizuka won the election by a landslide the next day. She beat Kaname Tsukauchi with a staggering 85.4% of the vote, which effectively gave her the highest political office in the country. The Liberal Democratic party was crushed and never recovered from its loss of popularity, and the other parties didn’t do any better. Shizuka’s Super Party was the clear favorite for the majority of the Japanese people. They wanted their country to become an enhanced utopia of constant progress that still respected the old traditions and culture of the nation. That was precisely what Shizuka promised, and as a Super Goddess, she could make any promise reality, no matter how grandiose--something her constituents were well aware and proud of.

The new Japanese Prime Minister decided to broadcast her inauguration on national television and give an emotive speech about her ideals and the future of Japan in her almighty hands. It being on December 31, many people worldwide were torn between watching the speech and enjoying New Year’s televised festivities.

With the determination of a true leader and a passionate fire in her crimson eyes, the goddess proclaimed, “We have come a long way!”

She couldn’t help but laugh. Everyone else in the room followed suit. She still felt a bit uncomfortable being serious like this, so she wanted to make fun of a cliched start to relax.

“Yeah, let’s not get carried away with silly stuff. I would like to wholeheartedly thank everyone who helped me reach this point, though. I think the only thing I can do to repay every single one of you is introduce a couple new long-term endeavors.”

She stood there, savoring the moment in front of cameras from the entire world.

“I want to Enhance all the people of my beautiful Japan, so we can all work together for the betterment of our country. I have no intention of forcing anyone to follow me, but I expect to see the rest of you become the best version of yourselves. I need you to make our collective dream possible: to turn Japan into the magnificent nation it has always had the potential to be. For that reason, I will double down on my efforts on the complete Enhancement of Japan’s population. I can make you faster, smarter, stronger, all-around better. I can turn you into the person you deserve to be. I can turn everyone into the people this country needs to reach a new, never-before-achieved level of excellence. If you allow me to guide you in these new, rapidly changing times, we will create a new era of beauty, honor, and happiness together; constantly moving forward, but never forgetting our humble roots. An Enhanced never forgets the time they weren’t something beyond.”

Shizuka closed her magical eyes and took a slow, deep breath.

It was time to let it out.

“Once that’s accomplished, my focus will be helping humanity expand into the final frontier: space! Those of you in the room with me, those of you watching on TV or online, those of you reading a transcription of my words after this speech has taken place, I ask you… please support me in this odyssey of self-improvement.”

Her strong tone became sweet again. “I will never let you down. As your leader, my top priorities will be your happiness and the rise of this country as one of the most prominent international agents in the world! I may be a Super Goddess. I may admittedly be pretty different from you on some fundamental levels. But regardless, I fully accept the responsibilities of the executive branch of Japan, because, that way, I can make you all super like me.”

The ovation in the Diet Building was overwhelming. After all, the margin by which she won was so large that most of the representatives in the chamber were members of her party now. She had total control over the country and needed no help from the opposition to change and improve the law to the best of her ability.


Shizuka maintained the same kind of administration from being governor to Prime Minister. The constant, tireless work of her and her Enhanceds on the party made sure that the progress seen in Tokyo expanded to the rest of the nation, slowly but surely. The optional Enhancement provided by the government had occurring in Tokyo and its biggest prefectures continued. Shizuka didn’t want to jam Enhancement down people’s throats. She insisted the change should be gradual and not forceful. Each region was different and their acceptance of such measures would differ greatly, and she had every intention of respecting that.

Meanwhile, Japan’s GDP was getting closer to the biggest nations of the world with each passing month. In the eyes of the international community, Japan becoming another Prosperia was inevitable at this point. The party’s management of the country’s finances, natural resources, and infrastructure was so incredibly competent that Japan’s past days of rampant recession felt like a fever dream now.

However, there was a problem that she had to address: the ever-growing crowd of people outside the Diet Building, protesting. They didn’t want Shizuka out, but rather her in, as Empress of Japan. This tiring meme, originating during Brigitte’s interview with her two years ago, had gotten way out of hand, as well as become a pain in Shizuka’s plentiful ass. People were taking it really seriously now, actually demanding that she take total control of the nation like the days of old. She didn’t understand it at all.

What could they be thinking? Who would want to throw their liberties away like that and submit to an absolute monarch?

Shizuka’s ideas were fixing the country while keeping the sovereignty in the hands of those who put her in power, not her alone. Besides, she had told them publicly many times that such a thing was impossible, because that was an hereditary position and she didn’t belong to the Imperial bloodline. Ironically, she was the one with divine blood, unlike the current emperor Hisahito.

It was the people’s will, though. So even if the idea didn’t fit with her plans at first, she had to take care of the constant mail her administration received daily demanding her coronation. However, a title like emperor held no real political weight in Japan. Its duties were representative at best, so she wouldn’t be able to take care of the country’s needs as empress. Regardless, most polls tallied people’s opinion about Shizuka’s ascension to the Imperial throne at or over a staggering 75% in favor. The citizens of Japan knew why the nation was flourishing again and exactly who was responsible. It seemed that their loyalty was to their new goddess of a Prime Minister. They were convinced she would bring them prosperity.

Of course, the Imperial family opposed to this notion on principle at first, but with time and constant pressure from people and the media, they eventually opened their minds and got in touch with the Prime Minister. The Emperor himself had never received any Enhancement and felt a bit overwhelmed by Tokyo’s Enhanceds being more like actual gods than himself. It was actually somewhat humiliating to him. His bloodline was said to have descended directly from Amaterasu herself… and yet he had become inferior to most commoners in any conceivable way. But he knew that was the thinking of a long time ago, so he didn’t let it get to him. On June 3, he and Shizuka debated how to proceed with this nuanced and unprecedented process in a closed meeting that was the first of its kind.

Shizuka had to accept the fact that the Emperor was going to abdicate and put her as the first place of the successory line, he and his family were undeniably tired of all the protesting outside the palace and constant insults and rejection, so they were stepping aside indefinitely, trusting the throne to the immortal and wise Super Goddess.

After a day of lengthy discussion and consideration, it was announced that Hisahito would abdicate the throne to Shizuka Hirose on September 1, 2054, despite her being a woman and completely unrelated to the Imperial family. Her official title as Empress became Shizuko.

The nation entered in a state of optimistic euphoria after this revelation, not caring about the fact that so many rules from the past were broken just to turn Shizuka into the empress.

Knowing it was not enough, Shizuka and her party proposed a change in the Constitution to allow the goddess to perform her duties as both empress and prime minister indefinitely, merging both positions together and factually erasing every trace of democracy in the higher executive branch of the state. However, both legislative and judiciary powers would still be independent of the executive and so, still decided by election. It would take almost five months of legal procedures and lengthy discourse to ensure its execution.

Even if the people were content enough with just a title, Shizuka wanted to handle state matters personally. Thanks to the incredible support she had, both in the chamber of representatives and the citizens of Japan, the amendment was approved and the preparations commenced quickly. She was able to keep her prime minister powers and her cabinet, while also appeasing those that wanted her on the Chrysanthemum Throne, but the best part would be that the sovereignty of the country happened to be shared between her and the people. She had her cake and ate it, too.

By September 2054, Japan was in its historical peak as a nation in every measure that could be imagined. Such a historical era deserved a similar historic moment to commemorate it, which in this case was when former Emperor Hisahito abdicated in an official ceremony, then shook hands with Shizuka. This was the birth of Shizuko, empress of Japan and first woman (and Super Goddess) to achieve this position.

That evening, there was a parade in which hundreds of Imperial officials carried an enormous and ornate black and golden palanquin in which Shizuka sat. More than half of Japan attended the celebration and rushed to see the beautiful new Goddess-Empress so they could bask in all her glory. She wore a sophisticated, crimson red kimono with forget-me-not patterns. Her silky, dark hair was done traditionally, dating back to the Meiji era. Her face was covered in white makeup and her eyes shadowed with red--the same color as her lipstick; a deep, regal red, reminiscent of times past.

Shizuka hid her face during all the trip around Tokyo to the Imperial Palace with a manufactured fan worth millions of yen. Once children started throwing flowers at her, she found it difficult to contain herself. The feeling of being so absolutely adored and revered by everyone in her country was, frankly, addicting. She felt good. Better than good, in fact. She started to like this more and more with each passing second, as she read the minds of the crowd outside the palace and perceived nothing short of absolute loyalty and admiration.

It was time for her to claim her throne--the moment to become someone capable of making the lives of her compatriots easier, happier, and more prosperous. She floated out of the palanquin as her magnificent and long sleeves and earrings trailed behind her. She landed atop a traditionally decorated podium and addressed her people.

“From today onwards, my dear subjects, my only concern will be taking care of you. But fear not, I won’t become a tyrant; I wouldn’t dream of it after you have all placed your hopes on me. I will become the best empress Japan has ever seen. All of you will witness the beginning of a new era for our beautiful nation. Rest assured, I will do my absolute best to bring happiness to every single one of you, ensuring you all are able to go to sleep every day with a smile on your faces.”

In an uncharacteristic manner for an empress, Shizuka closed her eyes while grinning and flashing a V sign. Everyone understood that she was channeling Shizurin. The platform transformed into a gigantic stage. Shizuka sang and danced alongside her Heavenly Queens (who had teleported there only moments prior) in that uncomfortable empress outfit for hours, for the joy of millions of fans.

While she sang and the crowd cheered ceaselessly, she realized that, to them, she hadn’t changed at all. She was still the same pure, magical idol and cosplayer that everyone had been loving for the last fifteen years.


When the impromptu live show was over, the Super Goddess literally poofed out of sight and reappeared legs crossed on the Chrysanthemum Throne inside the palace, with her usual attire and hairstyle. The symbol on the chair changed magically, effectively making it the Forget-me-not Throne. She proceeded to mentally rearrange the palace to better accommodate her and her ultipotent harem. She even went so far as to warp reality to change room sizes, shapes, and colors around her. Every guard, maid, cook, and even the chauffeur were all either Enhanced or replaced by a buxom young woman, orders of magnitude more competent and intelligent than their predecessors.

“Iroha, please, come in,” the empress said. “I have a surprise for you.”

She could tell the Heavenly Queen was standing just behind the door of the throne room.

Iroha phased through the door and started towards the empress.

“S-Shizurin, that was… spectacular. That show, with you…” She was clearly blushing. The Goddess-Empress was able to hear her heart beating almost constantly. If she weren’t ultipotent, she would have had a tachycardia-induced heart attack by now.

“Isn’t it incredible, Iroha?” Shizuka said with a warm grin on her face and her hand on her cheek. “I started as nothing, but now? Look where I am! It all happened so fast that I didn’t even have to time to savor it. How did it all happen?”

The ultipotent Enhanced sauntered towards her beloved Shizurin and knelt next to the throne.

“I personally believe it was destiny,” Iroha replied. “Japan had to realize your greatness at some point. Having a god as emperor just makes sense.”

“I’m not going to ask them to worship me, though. I’m going to be fair about this. That reminds me, though…. Please come with me. I have something very important to discuss with you.” She paused, lost in her thoughts for a brief moment. A devilish smirk formed on her lips.

“But first…”

The goddess gently took her by the hand. Iroha followed, floating behind her without protest. Shizuka was the most important person in Iroha’s life by far. The Heavenly Queen was admittedly uncertain as to where the empress was taking her.

As they entered her enormous private chambers in the Imperial Palace, Shizuka started disrobing. She was uncharacteristically bashful. Iroha was a little surprised; surely Shizuka was far beyond petty embarrassment from revealing her body to others…

A beautiful beam of silver moonlight emerged through an open window, perfectly illuminating her delicious body. Once the tiny bombshell opened her kimono, revealing her bountiful, motherly breasts and sexy pink nipples, Iroha suddenly became acutely aware of the empress’s intentions.

I need her. I need her. I need her. I need her. I need to fuck Shizurin… I don’t know if I can live otherwise…

An unnatural, bright red light radiated from Shizuka’s increasingly suggestive eyes as she held her endless twintails over her chest, hiding her assets in a simultaneously cute and erotic fashion.

“I am your Empress for tonight.”


A week after her coronation, things remained more or less the same as when she was Prime Minister. Now, however, Shizuka could receive visitors to her palace and listen to their pleas. Despite this busy schedule, she still maintained her idol, cosplayer, and cafe owner careers, thanks to her innumerable duplicates. In addition to them, she had also Enhanced a dozen more young ladies to ultipotence. Reports from people who visited the palace often talked about their unparalleled beauty and power. There was more reason for their presence than simply Shizuka enjoying having lots of beautiful women around, though.

A Magnitude 7 earthquake hit Osaka with such powerful force that part of the metropolis was separated from the other by a giant rift. People were trying to escape as their homes were being destroyed and trillions were lost on public property. The death count rose up to the hundreds after an hour of constant tremors and uncontrolled destruction. As a city of non-Enhanceds, the police and firefighting services found themselves completely defenseless and overwhelmed by this unexpected event. As if that wasn’t enough, a giant tsunami roared Osaka’s way, with waves over 20 meters in height.

Everyone thought this was going to be the end. The powerful waves would destroy what was left of the city and turn it into an underwater tomb. Then suddenly, a blinding light appeared out of nowhere in the form of a slash, cutting through the water and splitting both the sea and the heavens in two. The level of the water magically stood in place before both walls of water closed again.

Realizing they weren’t drowning, people left their hiding places behind the rubble and discovered who saved the city. It was Iroha Midorikawa, the renowned Heavenly Queen and aide to Empress Shizuko, sheathing a golden katana and standing proud and dignified after her act of heroism. She wore an unusual combination of traditional Japanese kimono, metal armor, and spandex bodysuit that thoroughly accentuated her sexy curves.

The tsunami has been stopped, Shizuka, she telepathically informed her mistress. Situation under control.


Iroha teleported back to the palace after helping completely reconstruct Osaka with her magical powers. Shizuka gave her a long French kiss as a reward for her good job.

“Looks like our little experiment was a resounding success!” the empress exclaimed happily. “It hasn’t been an hour since you saved the city and you’re already all they talk about on the news!”

“I did it out of my love for you, Shizuka.”

“I know, dear,” she said with a smile.

“If you don’t mind my asking, how did you know such a devastating earthquake was coming?”

“I saw it in a dream the other day. Normally I would’ve taken care of it myself, but I thought it would be a fantastic opportunity to introduce my latest project to Japan’s public consciousness. Honestly, you did better than I was expecting! I think we can officially announce this project of ours to the public very soon.”


And so she did. Before long, everyone caught wind of the existence of the Sakimori, or Sentinels. They were an elite squad of Enhanced warriors who had ultipotence bestowed upon them by Empress Shizuko herself and were tasked with protecting the country in her name, as well as maintaining the culture and mystical wisdom of the past. Thanks to their universal presence and incredible abilities, they replaced every other security corps statewide, including the police and military.

Twenty-eight women--four divisions of seven Sakimori, each led by a Heavenly Queen acting as a captain--wielded unlimited power and protected the entirety of Japan. It would have been dismissed as impossible a hundred years ago, but it was reality now. With a Super Goddess on the throne, nothing was impossible for Japan.

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