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What a Crazy Dream

Written by Woody :: [Wednesday, 13 February 2019 08:49] Last updated by :: [Wednesday, 13 February 2019 22:15]

It was Tues afternoon about 20 past three

I was in the library studying diligently

Alone in a room, alone with my thoughts

Wondering if my degree was really all for naught

Suddenly the door opens and a young woman walks in

Listening to headphones, with a generous grin

She takes a seat, and pulls out a book

The two of us don’t exchange many more looks

10 minutes later, 3:30 I suppose.

She snaps her head up in a worrying throw

“Move now” she said with a surprised yell

I looks up and saw the support beam had just fell

I jumped out of the way survived the crash

“Are you ok” she said with a dash

“a little shaken, a bit stirred,” I mumbled a lie

Truth was I was afraid I was going to die

The beam had block the exit the two of us had,

We were trapped like sardines in a can, it was bad

Then I took a turn for the worst

I started to black out, I was not as good as I thought at first

The next bit is sketchy, I don’t know how much to trust

She came and saw I was heavily concussed

I was in and out of consciousness, but I couldn’t trust my eyes

I swear that the woman was changing her guise

She whipped out her hair that was in a neat bun

Took off her glasses, then a transformation begun

She ripped open her shirt, I saw the S

Was the girl in the room Supergirl, I tried to assess

Had I just seen Supergirl transform

Into her customary red and blue uniform

The thing is though, I say that with doubt

Because right after that, I just passed out


I woke up later in a hospital bed

I had been in there for three hours they said

“How did I get here” I stammered the question

“shes behind you” the nurse said with a quizzical expression

I slowly turned my head and the doctors left the room

The girl from the library was standing by a broom

“Supergirl, you saved me” I asked to her face

“No she saved us both” she said with endless grace

“But I saw you change into supergirl”

“I think it a delusion, that beam gave you a whirl”

“So you’re not the girl of steel”

“I wish” she laughed “Get well soon” she said as she turned on her heel

Two days later I was home for the day

Unpacking my clothes from the hospital stay

I came across some glasses. That’s funny, I thought

I don’t wear glasses. But she did….. surely not

Just then I heard a tap on the blind

I opened them up and was shocked at my find

It was Supergirl, outside my dorm

“Can I come in and out of this storm”

She entered the room, I could not speak

The girl of steel was in my company, I went weak

She grabbed the glasses, looked into their hue

“I had wondered where these had gotten to”

“It was you” I said, I was in shock

“I couldn’t leave you” she said and looked at the clock

“I must go now” and with that she flew away

My mind still thinks back to that day

A day full of luck, a day like no other

None before or since, nor likely to be another

I went to the library, to give studying a whirl

And I ended up being saved by Supergirl.

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