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It's Good to be the Goddess

Written by Dru1076 :: [Saturday, 30 March 2019 21:47] Last updated by :: [Monday, 01 April 2019 06:55]

(Editor's Warning: This story is very violent, brutal and contains a lot of bad language.

I finally had what I needed. Thirty five years after my search began I finally had the last piece of the necklace in my hand. I should have known the Order had sent it to South America, but nothing else mattered now. My destiny, and the fate of the universe, was in my control at last.

I couldn't wait. I told the taxi driver to head back to the hotel and opened my case to pull out the large necklace. Four of the stones were in place. Without the fifth, it was just a piece of costume jewelry. But completing this ancient artifact, older than our world, was key to unlimited power. I put it on, opened my shirt to let it rest on my skin, and held the final stone in my hand.

Not sure exactly what would happen, I put the stone in the socket. It slotted into place and snapped home with a spark of green energy. And then everything started to go my way. My destiny to become the mega mighty ultra muscle God, master of the multiverse, and ruler of all life was realized the minute that stone unlocked the power.

It felt unbelievable. My muscles tingled, and then thrummed with power. The car lurched at the first jolt that speared the change to my body. My muscles hardened, growing stronger and tougher beyond my wildest estimates. My massive body weight tilted the car, and the driver cursed and stopped.

I moaned in unashamed pleasure, my hands pressing into my suddenly buff and hard body. Years were drained from my face, my reflection in the mirror revealing my grey hairs had vanished and all my wrinkles had evaporated. Not only that, but my face was changing to become the most beautiful it could possibly be.

"Hey! What the fuck!"

I didn't care about anything but getting strong, about getting super powerful. I could feel it. It was like magma in my veins. My flesh became harder than the anything else in the universe in the glow from the necklace, and I started to grow. My muscles swelled gloriously, and shit got crazy, man. I'm a sixty-year-old woman. Now I looked 20 with the body of a Greek goddess, and still, my whole body grew. My head was tearing through the roof, and the world was shrinking. I think I grew to about a hundred feet tall, instantly naked, with muscle scary enough to make the hulk shit his pants. The taxi was destroyed. The street was crushed. Buildings were torn apart. All my stuff, still in the boot from the airport, was gone. But as the process went on, and I grew more and more and more powerful, I cared less about my old life.

My skin glowed brightly as the process finished, and the power was locked away within me. Then my body shrank and I was soon normal sized standing in the street.

"Hey! What the fuck was that?" 

The man spoke to me in his own language. But I understood him. I stood naked and with my old physique, staring down a growing mob of locals. I was feeling wonderful. I knew something nobody else knew. I knew I was a god. But this knowledge was soon to be shared widely.

"That, my weak-assed little Mexican friend, was me becoming the most powerful, unstoppable, invincible super cunt on Earth. Check this out."

My thin frame hardened as I flexed up a new physique for myself, one that would show the puny ants my power. It was so fucking fantastic to see their fear as my amazing mega muscles swelled out and I grew inch by inch to tower over them. My radiant strength smashed them away from me in every direction, shattering windows and rocking cars as I sent a shockwave of my divine muscle power through the crowded street. I was horny like you wouldn't believe it. I admit it, it was probably not the best way to start my new job as ruler of all life, but fuck you. You're a weak cunt. What do you know about my needs? My muscle needs satisfaction, cock sucker. So I got me some.

A cop came charging at me and shot me with a taser. The sharp pins bounced off my massive chest and I caught them, my new reflexes easily up to the task. Lightning played over my teeth, and I learned that electricity makes me stronger. My body gently swelled imperceptibly with rising strength, and I chuckled. 

"That feels fucking great, man." With just a flick of my wrist, I sent the crackling pins back at the cop, and they hit so hard he was knocked off his feet. Another cop stepped up, gun in hand, and fired a shot at my chest. Reflexes of a god are pretty fucking fast, and without thinking I caught the bullet between my thumb and finger. I felt so strong, so invincible, that tossing the lead in my mouth seemed perfectly natural and I chewed the bullet with a smile. Another two cop cars arrived, and they all closed in me. I stood before them, naked with my nipples proudly harder than diamonds, and my new super hard, super strong muscles shaming them all with gleaming sensual perfection. 

"Get on your knees and surrender!" One of them shouted at me, waving his puny popgun.

"Funny," I told him, my voice booming with power. "I was about to say that to you."

I stepped forward, and they shot me. Five cops blasted away with their pistols, all well aimed and well placed shots. It felt wonderful. The hot bullets splattered in my sleek smooth super muscles like drops of rain. My body is the hardest thing in the universe even when I'm powered down and relaxed. Nothing can stop me now. 

"Hahahahahahaha. What a fucking rush. I'm bulletproof! Suck on that shit, you losers. And while your sucking on that, check this shit out." I exhaled in sheer physical joy as with tremendous muscular ease I hoisted a car over my head, my hands crushing into the steel as easily as scrunching newspaper to get an unshakable grip. It was so easy. So strong… so fucking powerful. With a cry of joy, I ripped the wreck in half, bullets delightfully splattering over my thick chest and hard abs, and then I laughed at them. So weak and helpless when faced with a super fucking hard mega muscle God like me. I fucked them over hard, bringing the two halves of the car together on them with abusive force. The car was utterly destroyed, and the men vanished in the stunning carnage.

"Hahahahahahaha. Take that you weak cunts. Fuck yeah! This is even better than I dreamed! I'm a fucking God!"

People were starting to run away in fear. Some, however, were just gaping at me. The awe on their faces was pleasing to me and felt very appropriate. I was a little surprised to see quite a few of them were actually gagging in lust at my new super hard body. I tweaked a nipple in appreciation of their lust, and I glowed under their hypnotized gazes. I stroked my sensual flesh, and my body thrummed with incredible pleasure. I felt a rush of sexual arousal, and my muscles responded by hardening all over and shining with sweat. The breeze washed delightfully over my hypersensitive indestructible skin and carried my insidious undeniable scent to the people all around. Suddenly, under the crushing influence of my mild arousal, every man had an erection and every woman was wet. Smiling at them, I massaged my abs and marveled at how fucking hard they were. Tweaking a nipple hard as I could I felt an explosive orgasm rush through me. My raw sexual energy shot out like a bomb blast, and then my peak settled in for an endless period of ejaculation. Ropes of semen shot from every single man within a mile, and I could only laugh as my body radiated out a  relentless blaze of raw sexual energy for over five minutes. When I was done, to the horror of everyone, my arousal didn't subside. I grinned and triggered a fresh orgasmic assault on them with a few strong touches in just the right places. 

When I came, everybody else did too. They were helpless before my divine presence, and I knew I could have any of them. So I took them all. I fucked the men, losing myself in the thrusting heat of my passion. During this first session of divine love making in the street, I discovered that my body produces an aphrodisiac that also makes my toys strong enough to survive unless I cut loose and really enjoy myself with them. I thought I didn't have to worry, pounding my third fuck toy over the bonnet of a cop car while men and women massaged my super hard body, energetically enthralled by my pure sexuality. But when I started ramming his cock into me with my super strong arms and thrusting with my freight train smashing hips, I found out I could still very easily fuck a person to death even after they were reforged by my powers.

Discarding the corpse I rammed a woman's face onto my crotch and started fucking her hard enough to smash out teeth. The taste of my cum sent her into a wild hungry frenzy, and she feasted greedily. Biting my cunt as hard she could with her jagged broken teeth only broke them further. When I came I deliberately came hard, and my juices gushed so hard they shot out the back of her head shattering bone and covering the wall in litres of my magic fluid. My head span with pleasure and my whole body throbbed with eagerness, my stamina untested by several powerful orgasms. I'd produced gallons of fluid, and now understood I could cum endlessly and constantly.

This is when the fight started. I would have happily kept fucking all day. But the cops had other ideas. Those who approached from downwind of my sweat drenched muscle God physique got a heavy brain washing dose of my pheromones and succumbed to lust, becoming instant fuck slaves for my divine sexual pleasure. But upwind, the cops gathered with assault rifles and prepared to attack.

They started with gas, hoping to weaken me I guess. I came over my current fuck toy and pushed him off of me to drop on the ground. His cock dripped cum, and he continued to moan in pleasure. All the people I'd fucked were still cumming as I turned to regard the wide-eyed cops, my hard insistent nipples menacingly aimed in their direction.

"Well?" I demanded, my hands on my hips I smiled smugly at them. My muscles were exhalting in the afterglow of my last release, my nipples harder than ever and my fine body hair bristled at the thought of more delightful bullets. "Are you weak cunts gonna shot me? If not… get the fuck over here and blow me. Come make your God happy, mother fuckers."

One of them raised a bullhorn. "Surrender, American! Or we will shoot you down!"

I laughed hard. "I'm an Australian you fucking retard. And go ahead. I love bullets, little man. They feel good. You might as well, becuase I'm gonna test my new mega muscles on you now. I'm pretty sure this is going to be a lot of fun. Fun for me. You? Not so much. Unless you like getting fucked right over by invincible super strong muscle gods."

I pushed the people still trying to pleasure me away and started walking toward the cops. As I closed the distance, I reached inside and opened the gates to my new power a little. Raw physical strength swelled my muscles and thickened my bones, and I grew taller. My already impressive muscles ballooned with superhuman power beyond anything I had hoped for, and any the time I was halfway to my toys I towered eight feet tall and weighed ten tons. I got stronger and harder, and it felt awesome. They seemed to shrink before me and suddenly opened fire.

The guns barked noisily, and they expected me to fall in a pool of blood. A bullet shattered on my eyeball, and I didn't even blink. I just kept watching the storm of led jackets rapidly destroyed on my swollen rippling torso, providing insanely delightful caresses and somehow strengthening me further. Slapping into me at an impressive rate, the bullets were fucking fantastic. It just felt great. I knew then that my super hard muscles would never ever tire of that wonderful feeling.

Moving up toward the line, I grinned down at my angry little toys and watched their faces while I reached down and scrunched a super strong hand deep into the chassis rail beneath a damaged car. I felt gravity resist, but the two-ton vehicle rose easily as I straightened up and hoisted it effortlessly with just one hand. Brutally abusing my power with relish, bullets still splattering on my chest and abs, I smashed the car down on three men. The whole car shattered into bits and they were gone. The nearest cops were thrown to the ground, and rose to see me standing over them. I reached out, smiling with smug satisfaction as one shot me three times in the gut, and I placed my huge hands on the crowns of two heads. 

The two men let loose shrill shameless screams of pain, but everyone still heard the cracks as I easily lifted the twisting and struggling men from the ground. Closing my hands into fists, the instantly headless corpses flopped two feet to the ground and I grabbed two more by the backs of their neck.

"Leaving already, pussy boys? But you just got here! Did you see how fucking strong I am, dick weeds? See how bullets just bounce right off these super fucking hard God muscles? Ha. You probably think this is some sort of trick. Nobody can be bulletproof? Yeah? These muscles are everything proof. Even foolproof. Check it out, fools."

With a sneer, enjoying my divine super powers immensely, I cruelly smashed the faces of my toys into my large round super strong breasts. Their heads exploded, and I watched the gore slide right off my naked skin without leaving any stains behind at all. Just another perk of being a freshly forged muscle God. My super hard, super strong, divine mega muscles are as invulnerable to gore and muck as they are to bullets.

More bullets pinged off my cobbled gut, and I cruelly laughed at the stupid cunts. Nobody knew how useless fighting against me was. I still had to teach them. I still had a lot of tricks to try and knew there was a lot more to me than just unstoppable unlimited super strength. There was my power to shoot energy blasts. My power to make weather. My power to change reality. My power to move things with my mind.

I reached out a hand toward the most distant man, the one who felt safest. My thoughts ensnared him in imaginary fingers and he was drawn by invisible cables of steel to my waiting hand. Lifting him by the neck, I held him high and grabbed him by thigh. He screamed and struggled. My muscles rudely ignored his struggles. What a fucking wimp. Just like the rest of you puny cunts. Moving my hands together my super strong arms hardly flexed in completely destroying the man. I folded him up like an old coat, and threw him so hard at the ground that he exploded. Then I held my arms wide and grinned wickedly at the puny toys.

"Why don't we just hug and make up?" 

They looked at me in confusion, but had no choice in how I wanted the game to play out. They struggled and cried out, dragging their feet but not slowing down their movement as I pulled them to me with me mind. There was four left, and my long arms had a little trouble wrapping around all of them. This problem was easily solved. I felt my wonderfully erotic breasts press into them, and their bones cracked, as I grew bigger in every way with just a whim.

"Sucks to be weak cunts. Am I right? I mean… it isn't like I would know anymore. I'm not a weak cunt like you. I was a little while ago. Yeah? But now I am a god, you little pukes. Suck in this shit, you puny worms! Hahahahahahaha."

Four men struggled against me, but my super powered muscles outclassed them. And it was easy. Really really easy. It was just as easy to flex my chest and biceps into them. I didn't really crush them by hugging them, but by just flexing my muscles until they were all fucked up. Ribs snapped and organs squished, and my whole being exalted in the glory of super muscular power. My super hard, super strong muscles made short work of their much softer, squishy bodies. 

I dropped the crushed bodies to the ground and looked around at the people still standing there watching me. By their expressions they were mostly lost in lust. I'd never been the object of desire, and it made my nipples perk up shamelessly to feel their eyes on my wonderful new body. Just as I was about to pick out a few people for an orgy, three trucks came screaming around the corner. The army. Somehow they were already here. Then four choppers in formation flew low over the street, and I heard a lot of distant sirens.

I should have been very afraid. But I was grinning. Let them come. Let them do their worst. Only minutes after my transformation I was already supremely confident. Maybe it was feeling so young again, so free of any aches or pains. Maybe it was because I just bounced a shitload of bullets of my abs and pecs like raindrops. Or maybe because I was innately aware of the impossibly long list of powers I now had. In any case, I was really looking forward to pumping up a shitstorm of super muscle God destruction and fucking these losers over, hard and long baby. 

As they approached I stepped over the bodies and strode to the middle of the street and waited for the trucks to approach with my hands on my powerful hips. The three trucks came to a stop and the men inside deployed fast and professionally. They wore body armour, and carried assault rifles.  The over dressed officer in charge came at me with his pistol drawn, but he looked calm for a man facing a god.

"Alright, crazy bitch. Enough of this bullshit. This insanity has gone on long enough! I'm arresting you, and taking you back to the base for questioning. Who do you think you are? Here in Mexico, we do not run naked through the street. Filthy American scum!"

I laughed. "Fair dinkum. You dumb cunt. Didn't they tell you? Did you not get warned? Here I am, clearly a giant super strong mother fucker. I just killed a bunch of heavily armed dick heads with my bare hands, even though they used most of their ammo trying to kill me, and you come in here and get in my face? You? A puny little retard who doesn't know an Aussie from a fucking Seppo, you think you can come get my face and throw your weight around? Think you can threaten me, little wimp? Do you?"

I stepped toward him, crushing the roadway under my foot with deliberate abuse of my power. Wide eyed, and in pain from my deafening voice, he signaled his men and shot me with his little popgun. The bullet snapped into my eye. The next off my forehead. Then the firestorm began, and I was showered by delightful splattering led all over my fantastic super strong body. Fuck yeah. It felt bloody awesome. Thatahthathathathataht. Hundreds of wonderful bullets, each one an absolute delight, splashed into ruin upon my hard unstoppable muscles. Being an invincible divine muscle God really is fucking great.

The officer fell behind the line, and I stopped with all guns barking noisily in the hopeless assault.

"Puny. Weak. You're about to be on the wrong end of a super muscle fuck over, you fucking losers." 

Sneering at their weakness, I stepped forward and grabbed hold of a hot gun barrel. It bent with a squeal as I crushed my fingers into the steel and tore it from the man's hands. He foolishly tried to hold on, and I callously ruined both his weak as shit arms and destroy his hands with industrial force my beautiful hard super muscles generated. With my other hand crushed deep into his shoulder, I lifted the man and swung him like a rag doll at his friend while I smashed another man with the gun. Both my weapons were badly damaged, so I tossed them aside and kicked out a super strong leg toward another puny toy. He was sent back with brutally fatal force and killed two others with his flailing limbs. 

A brave fool rushed in close and stabbed me hard in the lower back. He stabbed and stabbed, but all he did was tickle me, and draw my attention, I turned slowly as he stared at me in horror. Watching him, giving him a knowing smile, I wrapped my hand around the cold steel blade. He instinctively tried to wrench it free, but I gripped the sharp pointy end so hard my fingers broke the blade into fragments. Tossing the pieces absently at the men behind me with force enough to kill all of them expect for three lucky souls, I pulled him close to me and pressed his head and chest into my warm invulnerable breasts and cobbled abs. He was weak. And squishy. I loved how it felt to squash his bones into my far harder torso. His body armour cracked and shattered, and his ribs let go rapidly. His skull was quickly and ruthlessly defeated by my thick protruding pecs, and his shrill screams were cut off by the sounds of snapping and cracking bone.

The rest ran at that point, but I wanted to play some more. Laughing happily, I could hear the choppers returning as I watched their receding backs with pride.

"Pussies! What a pack of pansies. Hey! Dick heads! You forgot your trucks! Hahahahaha."

Walking up between two trucks, I confidently knelt down and sank my contruction crane fingers into the chassis rails on either side of my. With ease I found surprising and glorious, I straightened up and hoisted both military trucks into the air above me. My lift was smooth and stable, my strength clearly capable of much much more. I laughed again, then threw the vehicles after their owners. The trucks flew straight and true, and went through the air so fast the edges glowed hot.

Baboom! Oh wow. Fuck yeah. What a fucking rush! Not only did my effortless left and throw kill all the soldiers, the trucks smashed on through them and destroyed an apartment block. At that point I knew I was going to conquer the world. Nobody could stop me now. I was a fucking God. 

And then, as that delightful heartwarming thought crossed my mind, I was hit by a missile from the lead chopper. It felt great, delightfully warm and strength boosting. But it also destroyed the ground from under my feet, and I fell on my ass. My butt hit the road and cracked it badly, and I pressed my fingers down to spring easily back to my feet. The third truck I lifted with both hands, and then I used my bulging super strong muscles to fold it in half just for sheer thrill of destroying such a big army truck with my bare hands. And then I tossed it at the chopper. Boom. It struck hard and the choppers was destroyed in an appalling explosion.

"Take that shit, you fucking pussies! Hahahahahahaha." 

The remaining helicopters quickly formed up and attacked. Fifty cal bullets tore up the road toward me, and ripped up my calf and quad to stitch a line across my chisiled abs. Missiles rammed my stomach in quick succession. Boom. Boom. Boom. Boom. This time, I was ready for the ground to go. When they had finished their pass, smoke cleared, I got to see the shock and awe reinforced in those around me. There I was, floating on nothing but air above a small new crater in the road.

"I can fly, losers! Now you're really fucked. Yeah?"

I could feel the amazing excess of pure raw strength in my muscles supporting my immense mass easily, and flexed my caves a little rise further and laugh. The choppers came back to check on me, and fired all they had left with admirable accuracy. Even floating in the air, unsupported by the solid earth, the bullets they shot at me didn't move me a hairs breadth as they splashed and splattered on my enormously powerful muscles. 

"You better run little rabbits!" I yelled at the choppers, my voice alone knocking them about dramatically. They dipped their noses as soon as they regained control, and made for home. Given how fast they had arrived on the scene, I figured the base must be very close. Wanting to test myself more against a larger force and bigger weapons, with the strength and stamina of a newborn multiverse in my monstrously over powered muscles, I flexed my massive threatening quads and launched like a rocket in pursuit of the cheeky choppers.

The explosion of appalling devestation that shot out from my flexing thighs smashed the world around me, sending cars and entire buildings sailing over the city. I was more impressed with my first glimpse of the world from above, and how even at seventy thousand feet I could see individual grains of sand in the desert with powerful eyes. On a whim, my eyesight improved a million fold and I was instantly watching electrons dance in the sea water.

Focusing back on the choppers, now far below me, I quickly spotted the base. With an evil smile, massaging my amazing abs absently with one hand, I held up my other and pointed a finger at the middle chopper. "Chick chick… boom." In time with my vocalised sound effects, I shot a ball of mega muscle forged energy through the rotors and destroyed the helicopter in a ball of blue fire. Laughing, I dove down toward the remaining choppers and blasted through the first with my fists held out in front of me. The blades of the rotor shattered, and the metal body of the flying machine gave way instantly. Kaboom. It exploded as I deliberately ruptured the fuel tank on my way through. What a fucking rush. I can't tell you how awesome it felt to smash through that flying shit tin. What I can tell you is it was an even bigger rush to take out the next one with just my face, pulling my arms back accelerating into the belly of the machine with my smug smiling mug. I didn't even blink, man. That thing just popped like a water balloon and sailed on through it watching the metal, rubber, and plastic getting fucked over by my eyeballs.

Fuck yeah. Such a great feeling to smash army choppers with my face. Fuck you cunts and your weak shit. You have no idea how fragile you are to me. Either did I then, I guess. I was still learning.

The base was in high alert. I was upon them fast, and could have landed deep inside the perimeter had I chose to. Instead, I flew down politely to the gate and stopped there with my gloriously perfect muscles gleaming in the sun, and my massive breasts shamelessly shoved in their faces.

"Hey there, assholes. I hear you cunts want to arrest and interrogate me. I thought I'd come quietly."

The guards looked up in awe as I hovered there a meter in the air smirking at them with my hands on my deeply cut hips. My inhuman appearance was affecting them. Gay or straight, it didn't matter when it came to me anymore. I was radiating divine power like a beacon, and so flawlessly built that any person with a pulse was potentially a mindless fuck zombie in my presence. But I wasn't here to fuck. I was here to fuck shit up. So to get them in the right frame of mind, I let gravity take me. My three hundred thousand ton body smashed into the ground very dramatically, sending up a plume of dust and debris as the roadway sank two feet under the astounding force of my landing.

"Okay… some honesty. I'm not gonna come quietly. I'm gonna walk right through you weak cunts, and I'm going to fuck you up with my super strength when I do. Real. Fucking. Bad. I'm gonna crush you pansy boy assholes. These super strong, divine mega God muscles are gonna chew you up like marshmallow and shit you out on the grass. And you can't fucking stop me. Wanna know why? Because of these bad mother fuckers right here."

I flexed up a double bicep pose for the, bouncing my pecs and pumping up a monster flex. Then, with my most devilish smile, I intensified the flex and sent out an excessive blast of divine energy that knocked all of them rudely to the ground and smashed windows. That was enough, after seeing me fly and my impressive touchdown. They shot at me.

I put my hands on my hips and laughed happily with led exploding in puffs of hot liquid all over my torso and face while I playfully bounced my breasts with my pecs and rippled my shiny new abdominals. I had the power to destroy this whole base with one little power flex. But that could wait… I wasn't going to waste any toys.

The end

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