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Omni: Pretty Cure

Written by Akane :: [Wednesday, 24 July 2019 06:37] Last updated by :: [Saturday, 11 December 2021 23:34]

Please read the prequel: Godspeed: Pretty Cure

Author's note: I know most of you aren't familiar with Toei's magical girl series, Pretty Cure. Perhaps a lot of you don't even like the genre, but I would still recommend you to read this story, as I tried to adapt the franchise to the conventions of my other stories. Thanks for reading.

Ten years have passed since Momo Hanamura, also known as Cure Unity, relinquished her infinite magical power in exchange of a wholesome life as a mother of two, leaving a pink, heart shaped Sun as the only reminder that this omnipotent warrior of love and justice ever existed. However, while Cure Unity's power was unsurmountable, her time as a guardian eventually ended and so The Council needed someone to replace her to fend off the hordes of evil that want to destroy both the human and the magical world.

Us fairies were tasked with re-forging Unity's glove and harnessing her immense reality bending magic to imbue other magical tools with it. We expected them to be impossibly powerful but we never could have predicted the fact that the glove's power was so endless that this quality was transferred to the other items as well. These six new artifacts were named The Tools of Unity; a coronet, a bow, a wand, a necklace, a pair of earrings and a mirror, they all have the ability to transform the pure hearted girls that will wear them into unstoppable goddesses.

What follows next is a report from all the fairies that were assigned to the current six Pretty Cures, as the Council requested. We have also taken the liberty to include a special addendum by petition of one of our colleagues.


I was assigned to Aida Umihara, alias Cure Eternity, perhaps the gentlest and most laid back of the girls that were gifted with The Tools of Unity. I was particularly dumbfounded after hearing of this decision because I happen to be the most serious and hardworking of my peers. I have no time to act cute like them since I don’t actually look cute at all, some comparing me to a hammer headed bearded dragon.

She is the wearer of the wand, which she never carries around after she transforms. I have to say that I haven't felt so useless in my entire life as an experienced fairy. For generations I have guided the Pretty Cures through the perils they had to face and helped them learn how to control their powers but with these new warriors it's turning out to be impossible. For starters, once they turn into cures the unlimited power is so intoxicating to them that they don't want to become normal again. They carry out their daily lives as cures, they even go to class and engage others in that form. Why wouldn't they? They are so powerful and beautiful that they will always get all the praise and adoration from everyone they meet as well as perform exceptionally at everything they put their almighty minds to. They are living gods after all.

I'm currently being dragged like a ragdoll around the Universe by my Godde..I mean Cure! She has taken a liking to wearing latex so she replaced the original metallic texture of her usual full body armor by that shiny and squeaky material, from the same violet color as her hair and eyes. Her body of course, is incredible. She is short but proudly boasts about her pair of giant breasts all the time, while also flaunting some motherly hips and a tight butt. She honestly looks like she has been taken out of a hentai book. Yes, I know what that is, my Cure consumes a lot of porn since her transformation and she makes sure I read it with her. It's a bit embarrassing but at least we get to bond unlike when she goes around fighting evil or just having fun like now when I'm basically one of her accessories. The worst part is that I can't even say no as galaxies scroll through our hyperspace tunnel, scaring me to death.

"We have arrived, Meruru-tan!" She yelled as we popped out in the middle of space. Her calm expression betrayed that she was unaffected by the coldness and hotness she was being exposed to, as well as unscathed by the lack of oxygen and pressure. Suddenly, an explosion of purple fireworks decorated the entire solar system. This display was made possible by her leftover energy and she always used that trick to greet the inhabitants of Planet Aida whenever she approached their world. Apparently she has grown to like the inhabitants since her second visit three years ago and she always spends a few days there every Summer between the locals who love her.

Why would they love her? Pretty easy if you understand the story of her first visit. Cure Eternity travelled back in time once to enjoy the peace and quiet of a randomly selected planet in its earliest days, way before complex life was a thing, about 3200 million years ago. She happened to take a relaxing bath in one of the main giant oceans, which back then were primordial soups full of microorganisms that fed off her magical perfection and in turn eventually evolved into the most beautiful, intelligent, powerful and advanced species in the entire Universe. They all looked very feminine but it was uncanny how all the females resembled pale imitations of Aida. Perhaps the males of their species selected them with their similarity to their genetic foremother as the most important feminine trait in mind. Luckily enough, they were inoffensive and pacifist, choosing not to meddle with the rest of the sapient species of the Universe despite their obvious superiority in every regard.

They worshipped Aida. So much that they went on to build statues and monuments named after her and keeping the original ocean where she landed, now an interior lake, as a sacred place where she swims every time she visits.

Cure Eternity teleported to the main street of the capital and cockily posed in front of everyone, making her latex dress squeak and showing off her voluptuous body. Her superior pheromones instantly attracted the aliens, which were sexually enticed by her despite being from a different species thanks to her physique being a perfect example of their official beauty canon. I had to watch her have sex with all the men and the women that surrounded her and conduct about a hundred different orgies. Of course everyone was exhausted and laying on the ground after that, they would remember the time they had sex with the goddess forever. But Aida? She was as good as new, like it was natural to her.

"Ah that was good, Meruru! Should I give you a human body so we have sex sometime?"

"I'm flattered but no thanks, Aida. My duty as a fairy is to watch over you and I don't have time for distractions."

"Watch over me? You…? Pffffthahaha!" It was true that all the cures were kind hearted women but it was obvious that the power had gone to their heads and made them act arrogant like that.

Aida strolled through the city, materializing toys from nothing and selflessly gifting them away just to see the children smile. She even cured those that were diseased since she was able to perform any kind of medical miracle with ease. That was until she found something that was different from last time.

"What is this? A sword on a rock?!" She stopped at the monument and looked at it. It was protected by a tall aidasteel fence, the strongest metal in the Universe forged with strands of her beautiful, short hair she had donated to science for no particular reason. No force on Earth could bend those bars. Except hers. After her curiosity got the best of her as always, she easily torn the fence apart, literally melting it with her unmatchable strength. It started to snow as she appreciated the craftsmanship, carelessly pulling it out of the rock and lifting its many tons of weight. A thick blade resembling scottish claymores with a big, orange jewel on the hilt that had the same shape as Cure Eternity's wand gem. Aida instantly knew it was an incredibly powerful weapon and that some kind of spell sealed it into the rock, like in the Arthurian Legend. However, that level of magic couldn't stop an omnipotent Cure like her.

An alarm predictably started to sound and a small legion of guards run towards Cure Eternity, being extremely relieved that it was hers and not someone villain the one who pulled the sword out. They were pale and sweating. "Thankfully it's just you Aida-sama. That weapon has the power to destroy our entire world in just one swing, no one but the most kind hearted of beings should bear something of that calibre. We decided to dig it from a rock formation near the sacred lake where you appeared for the first time." He stared at one of the planet's moons that had been cut in half by it in a past intergalactic battle.

Cure Eternity analyzed the weapon with her super vision and put her mighty infinite IQ brain to work. It took her a few seconds to understand everything. "Wow! The civilization that preceded yours forged this sword eons ago after my first visit? So cute! Makes sense, it even has a gem with some of my crystallized essence on it. Although it's still too weak to be called a legendary weapon of mass destruction like you just did. If you wish I could improve it and make it more stable and easier to control so you can protect yourselves better." She didn't need an answer, instead preferring to read his mind on the spot. "What?! You say it's too dangerous as it is? I'll take it with me as a souvenir then." With a snap of her omnipotent fingers, the sword shrinked and hung from Aida's ear through a thread that she summoned. She giggled like a schoolgirl with a new adorable accessory.

"W-Wait Aida-sama, we had it there as a reminder that absolute power corrupts absolutely. Are you sure you want to take it with you?"

"Huh? You need it back? But I like it as my earring! Sorry but you'll have to do without it" And with that said, we went to the sacred lake and swam together for a while before going back home.

To be honest, while Aida is a great person with a firm sense of justice, she also happens to be very capricious. As a wise man said once, those that don't need to struggle in life won't ever grow up.

"Hey! I heard that Meruru, you are a meanie! I'm not a kid, I'm 24 years old!" The fairy didn't write those words but they magically appeared on the memo by themselves anyway.

"S-Sorry" I can't even hide my thoughts from her, not even those that I'm writing on paper.

"No, you can't. Now let's go fight crime! There's an evil wizard we need to stop in Alpha Centauri!"

“By ‘we’ you mean ‘you’, right?”

“Oh, don’t say that! It cheers me up that you are always there for me when I fight! You do me a great service!”

“Whatever you say, Aida.”


Komaru Maeda was the chosen one for the magical earrings and… perhaps it was the best choice of all the bunch, despite her high and mighty personality type. Don't get me wrong, she does her job as efficiently as possible when it needs to be done and she is a selfless samaritan but it seems that she has made a brand of her omnipotence. Using her alter ego Cure Demi she has become a superstar in almost every inhabited planet in the Universe, enjoying her fame and making sure everyone knows what a Pretty Cure can do and why they should be revered. While she's extremely sweet with me in private, calling me her 'little macaron' due to my resemblance to a colorful, sugary dessert from Earth, she acts extremely dignified and almost stuck up in public, demanding to be taken seriously and addressed as the superior lifeform that she is. As such, she rarely smiles and she never asks anything out of the people she helps beyond recognition, respect and gratitude. However, she still acts very motherly towards those that need her help and genuinely cares about them which is really hard to come by these days.

Her dress mixes different shades of green, pink and red and evoques plant and butterfly motifs as to communicate her relationship with nature, that she is mistress of. This concept goes as far as being represented in the emeralds that hang from her ears. Her two strawberry colored, ultra long braids and some of her accessories are adorned with different varieties of flower.

She became famous the moment she defeated an army of space pirates that had stolen a superweapon from the Aidans, it was some kind of stupid generator that was able to drain the heat from planets and stars to create a multiverse-buster beam. The ultimate weapon indeed, but the moment it was shot against Komaru when she tried to stop them she simply waved a small rainbow colored magic blast with her right hand. The careless burst of energy from the omnipotent Cure instantly neutralized the power of the machine and then blew all of it up, and she wasn't even using a 0.1% of her total strength, if she was using any at all. However she happened to stay too close to the beam clash and unlike her indestructible body, her beautiful dress was turned into rags, making her look sexier than she should. She eventually would base a new outfit off this libidinous aesthetic, since she had come to enjoy the feeling of being lustfully gazed at.

For these reasons, Pretty Cures are now widely acknowledged as the strongest beings in existence, and as such their iconography and appearance are what embodies the modern meaning of power. Gone are the days when might was measured in size, big muscles and intimidating looks. As of today; being small, girly, feminine and dressing like a fairy tale princess are the first signs that inform you that someone is divine since they imply that a girl with these attributes could potentially happen to be a Cure. Following Cure Demi's style and demeanor, a new fashion trend was born between girls and teenagers. Dressing like her was empowering and made you feel like you could do anything, as opposed to the 'damsel in distress' connotations that came with wearing those kinds of outfits in the past. Currently it allows you to jumpscare your elders and make them sweat in terror in the presence of what they will perceive as a true god. In other words, little girls in princess attires are now serious business.

Let’s return to what my protégée is doing, though. I don’t wish to keep rambling about tangential observations.

Komaru wanted to learn about politics and diplomacy to help lesser beings live in peace or something like that. Despite being a 20 year old and the youngest Cure of the group she also happens to be the most mature and, on top of that, extremely interested in learning. Her superior intelligence and infinite computational capabilities as well as her perfect, eidetic memory make studying every subject at any level of difficulty a non-deal for her. In about half a second she had learned the entire history of mankind from all the available perspectives, alongside the laws of each country in every period of time including international treaties. She also processed and understood everything perfectly with no room for misinterpretation and she made sure of it by using a sliver of an attosecond to travel to every country and establish thousands of simulations where she would live in a house with natives from every era of each part of the globe she visited. I didn't believe that she had done all of this in such a short frame of time at first but I could tell by the expression on her face that she was saying the truth. Pretty Cures are omnipotent and with that comes the fact that time is but a mere suggestion to them.

She had matured into a weathered woman thanks to having all those life changing experiences in less time than it took me to blink. I instantly had to change my tone to address her properly. She was now a fully grown adult with a capital A and possessed an extremely commanding presence, her wisdom was beyond me or anyone on the Council now. That was the moment I became a glorified pet for her, and to be honest I'm kinda honored to be serving such a powerful and dignified mistress, my loyalty now lies with her and I would give my life to make her happy.

Last week my goddess Cure Demi and I manifested in the middle of Shibuya Crossing. She was going to flex her new acquired knowledge with the country where she was born. Japan. It was raining and cars were honking at us because we weren’t moving but the moment she raised her hand everything stopped. The weather became sunny and everyone suddenly understood that she was in Tokyo for political business and they went on with their lives without bothering us anymore. Everyone respected her so much that they wouldn't say a word. Her giant breasts jiggled majestically as an entourage of government officials appeared and protected her as she walked down the lane. Although an all-powerful entity like her had nothing to fear, making her escorts a tedious and purposeless formality.

Once we entered the Diet Building, the Prime Minister kneeled and kissed her dainty, well manicured hand, able to lift the weight of the entire multiverse many times over. She didn't do as much as close her gorgeous blue eyes while sitting cross legged on an expensive looking chair, summoning floating chibi versions of herself to polish her nails.

She smiled gently at me. "You don't need to attend this boring meeting, go have some fun with your friends while I'm here." Before the door closed thanks to her powerful telekinesis, the man stared right into my eyes, he was scared shitless. Knowing he stood no chance against someone of her diplomatic ability, he had already mentally prepared himself to grant her any request. From that day onwards a lot of things were going to change for the better in the tiny island nation.


I was once the guardian fairy of the great Cure Unity, the first omnipotent Pretty Cure in history. I knew Momo inside and out and I was happy to know she had decided to dedicate herself to her family after years of fighting against evil. It's not like it was difficult for her but it did take a toll on her personal life and preferred the simplicity of taking care of her children rather than being an unpaid soldier.

Since I'm the only veteran that has lived through this one-of-a-kind experience before I was chosen to guide the most unstable and unpredictable of all the new chosen ones. Kasumi Hanegawa proved to be a challenge since the moment she transformed into Cure Quantum, shifting into a completely different person the moment she activated her magical mirror. Naturally there were changes in her body. She got taller, grew giant breasts and her new proportions put supermodels and porn stars to shame. A dark, miniature top hat adorned her head while her stylish cyan twin braids cascaded to the floor, followed by her body getting covered in blue heeled boots, gloves and a swimsuit that exposed her perfect cleavage and tummy, all with little patches of white fur. Her eyes turned into pools of concentrated twilight colored energy, and then the most impressive happened, two very real cat ears and a tail attached almost naturally to her body.

The Council knew I was used to this kind of craziness so they threw the weirdest one of the bunch at me because the moment she transformed she never spoke again, like a human that is. Now she only goes "Meow" this and "Meow" that. She believes she is cat! What can I do with that? Not much to work with, to be honest! The worst thing is that she is probably stronger than Momo, all of these new girls probably are too! And in this state, I couldn't control her for long.

I currently don't know where Kasumi is, she happens to blink in and out of reality at her capricious whim and I only see her when she wants to hug me or turn me into something funny with her transformation abilities, like I'm her plaything or something. In the last few months she has turned me into a toad, a lava lamp, a female sports coach, another coach, as in a bus, and even into intangible concepts like love and hate. I will never forget those last ones, very trippy stuff.

There have been reports by US government officials that she has voluntarily teleported to their testing zones just to display her incredible powers.

At first she just wanted to play with the scientists, all of which she intellectually outdid with ease, to the point of mocking them by mimicking feline mannerisms behind one of their ultra resistant one-way mirrors, like licking her paws or rubbing her ass against the carpet. They didn't know she could see them with astounding clarity thanks to her magical vision that could detect stuff from an infinite distance. Quantum would usually draw circles in the glass with her kitty claws, showing off her superior strength in how simple it was for her to cut it. At times she would just go and correct the formulae on their blackboards just to tease them and even hypnotized some of them with a brief stare off, turning them into her sex slaves in a matter of seconds. Apparently they had to plead her not to stream her thoughts with her telepathy because they were so complex and intricate they could drive the sanest man mad.

Eventually she would have around a dozen scientists around her at all times, kissing, groping and fucking her. They had become, of course, young and handsome versions of their former nerdy selves thanks to her reality bending magic. The orgies were legendary, her pheromones so powerful they would make everyone in the base masturbate furiously until passing out. What she did to the women was even more kinky, she would mentally order them to suck from her triangle shaped, golden earrings as if they were nipples. As they kept sucking, their faces became more attractive and their bodies turned voluptuous and motherly, their breasts would even start lactating. Then she would make them eat her pussy and even rim her anus with their tongues, apparently it tasted so good they started to kiss and worship it, causing Kasumi to purr sensually. She was getting all blushy and bothered.

They also made her lift heavy vehicles, experimental multi-ton dumbells and even whole mountains but that would also prove effortless for her. She would pick them up one-handed, remove all her fingers until she was hoisting them with her pinky, then for laughs balance them on her cute button nose. Same result with the speed tests, she would break all the treadmills because she was too fast and to prove a point she dodged all the bullets from a minigun at 10 cm of distance from the barrel. She used human speech only one time on the short period in which she stayed at those laboratories, and it was to claim that for her the deathly projectiles didn't even look slow but completely still. If you slow the video a quintillion times you can see her gracefully dancing around the bullet shower like a ballerina, flaunting her rainbow colored tutu.

Kasumi would also consistently tear reinforced concrete and titanium walls apart instead of using doors or just turning intangible or teleporting, as well as make objects disappear and appear at random just because of her presence. At this point I don't know if she pretends to fulfill her duties as a guardian of truth, justice and love but she apparently doesn't care at all. And now that I think of it, such a lack of responsibility and her rampant unwillingness to listen to others fits very well with the personality of the common house cat.

I have learned that if I throw a ball of yarn, wherever I am, no matter how far we are apart from each other, she will instantly appear to play with it, carrying a childish brand of enthusiasm written on her flawless face. After doing that just now, she has appeared next to me in what used to be her room back when she was normal human. She has made her parents forget her so she doesn't have to deal with the nuances of her past life like worrying your family when you disappear for months. She's hugging me tight and I can't even breathe while writing this. Unlike regular cats, who get physical with their toys, she prefers to manipulate the yarn with her mind, making it travel in impossible trajectories and break stuff around by wishing unnatural speeds and density upon it. Back then I thought that Momo was a handful but now I really understand hell. She was a repressed nun in comparison! "Meow, meow!" She repeats frantically, enthralled with me for some reason.

I've talked with the other Cures before and they have told me she's bonafide inoffensive in the big picture. I tend to believe them but becoming her living plushie is something I might not tolerate for a lot longer.

The voice of a confused broadcaster is now coming from the TV downstairs. “Breaking news from downtown Tokyo, it’s raining cats with no apparent reason. Could this be related to the Pretty Cures? We’ll keep informing you!” Kasumi brings her paws to her mouth and giggles. Oh but of course she is the culprit, what an immature use of her powers!

Ahhhhhhh I miss my lovely Momo!


Despite how much my colleagues complain, I actually have it the worst of all. I have to take care of not one, but two of these omnipotent little urchins. Cure Alpha and Cure Omega, aka Mami Kawada and Sakura Nishizawa. Originally I was supposed to guide Mami while my good partner Crocororo would help Sakura but after activating both the necklace and the coronet they became omnipotent, met each other in the high school they both attended and by now they have become official girlfriends. They can't be separated; they eat, sleep and do everything together and they stop every few minutes to fuck each other like rabbits, and when they aren't fucking, I find them kissing or cuddling with each other. Because of this, the Council deemed unnecessary to provide two fairies for them and I became stuck with this situation after losing at rock, paper & scissors. I have the suspicion that this couple of lovebirds took the liberty to alter the laws of probability as to alter the result without us knowing just so I could be the one taking care of them. After all, Crocororo is a reptile and I'm the cutest doggie ever, so of course they would choose me.

Uhhh, I am losing track of what I was supposed to say…

Yeah, Cure Alpha and Omega, the blonde and purple haired almighty lesbians. Currently they don't even wear the outfit we specifically designed for them, they created one themselves. Made to match with each other. A sexy cleavage revealing outfit that combines top and skirt in a frilly one piece. Long stockings and a shameful tanga to cover their private parts which I find them fondling almost all the time. They also wear white latex gloves and possess eyes of impossible colors, those being red and violet respectively. Even their big and needlessly complicated hairstyles are weird. Alpha wears a pinkish red version of this outfit and arranges her hair in two giant twintails while Omega chose a purple one and letting her hair loose with the exception of some whimsical ribbons made of hair that she ties with magic powerful enough to power whole countries. The cherry on the top being their small, fluffy pom pom earrings. Apparently this is the aesthetic that turns them on so I won't be the one to judge, I'm not even human.

To quote an example of a moment in which these two let themselves go and almost forgone their mission was this morning when an entire Universe made of dark magic was used as a vessel by one of our worst enemies, Baron Von Meusar, in order to conquer ours. Mami and Sakura were told to go the frontier between universes and they got there in about an attosecond, a bit slow considering their actual capabilities. All because they had sex about three times along the way, to the point where by the time they arrived, they were covered in their fluids, giggling like fools and with cartoony hearts instead of pupils.

Cure Omega gasped softly and let out a little post-coitus moan but she apparently didn't control it enough. They usually made sure to protect the world around them with an invisible magical barrier because sex between two goddesses is too powerful for reality to bear but this time she forgot she wasn't having sex with Alpha anymore. This little gesture destroyed half the fleet and left their entire Universe behind them in ruins. She laughed heartily at how fragile they were. "What should we do with them, cutie?" She hugged Cure Alpha's body and docked their breasts together. They could inhabit outer space like nothing and talk on top of that.

"They are pretty evil, wanna punish them?" Sakura kissed Mami passionately while the Baron was in the middle of one of his long-winded speeches. It was all to cope with the fact that half his army and home Universe had been casually wiped out by a little girl dressed like a pink magical princess but nobody was listening to him because they were terrified by such a godly display of power.

"Of course, but on our own terms!" Sakura kissed her shorter lover back and smiled smugly as she used her dainty hands to pretend to grab the entire Dark Universe from that distance. A pair of colossal gloves appeared from nothing and squashed it, erasing it from existence. I must emphasize that for her pulling off this impressive feat was as easy as wishing for it to happen.

Mami bit her lip. "Gee, you always use your omnipotence in sexy ways. Take a look at this…" She snapped her fingers and they were suddenly back on Earth again, including the few members of the enemy fleet that were alive and well. They wanted to play heroines in the desert, where no innocent people would get hurt. "Don't worry!" She yelled at them. "We won't dispose of you that fast!"

"As a matter of fact we are going to let you throw your best at us here, don't disappoint us!" Sakura added.

"Nobody laughs at me and my army! For your insolence, the people of your Universe are going to suffer even more once we conquer them!" Yeah, as you can see the enemies of the Council are usually this two-dimensional and pathetic, we don't know why that is. "Use the bombs…" He whispered to one of his commanders.

While they were doing preparations for the attack Sakura was teasing them by using her super breath to shake their imposing, country sized spaceships. They were but paper tigers to the all powerful force of her lungs. All the people inside them were terrified by the relentless stream of air that poured out of her kissable lips. "I would have been impressed by this in the past, cutie, but now… needing machines to fly seems a bit pathetic."

"You are right… and it turns me on so much that we are so superior to them, let's make out again!"

"This is your end, Pretty Cures. The forces of darkness will never lose against your stupid ideals, prepare to die!" And while the two were staring romantically at each other, the Baron dropped a few bombs on them. They didn't even react, taking them head on like pros. Everyone expected the desert to become an inferno of blinding light since these bombs could destroy entire galaxies. Basically combining the power of magic with nuclear energy. But it didn't happen, Cure Alpha started absorbing the energy and smoke of the gigantic explosion through her tiny and beautiful lips. Quite literally slurping it up like it was a delicious treat. It took her a few seconds to eliminate all the danger, and then, instead of storing it all in her indestructible tummy, she chose to compress it all in her mouth and kiss Cure Omega, their tongues playing with all that energy and matter like it was nothing until it faded out. Both spit the solid leftovers, molten because of the friction and pressure they had all been subjected too. Two of the spaceships instantly exploded in contact.

"Hngggg, you are so powerful. It really turns me on so much…" Mami stated. They started fingering each other at lightspeed while kissing and groping their juicy thighs.

"You are a goddess…" She started sucking on one of Sakura's plentiful tits which caused her to moan.

"N-No… You are the goddess, I love you so much…" Sakura counterattacked by softly biting Mami's smaller breasts. While Cure Alpha had been completely flat before her transformation, now she had cowtits, even bigger than Sakura's regular form. But compared to Cure Omega's torpedoes, they were nothing.

After their failure, the enemies kept dropping bombs to no avail, they were not hurting the Cures at all and the pair of goddesses were not even paying attention to them. At one point Cure Omega simply absorbed the energy of one of them through her magical vagina and shared it with her loved one while scissoring.

Eventually the Baron run out of bombs and other weapons to use so he ordered a tactical retreat, but by that point the two lovers were done having sex and on the verge of orgasm. Their pussies liberated a tsunami of cum at such high pressure and temperature that everyone on the enemy lines that was still alive was completely vaporized.

Mami finally spoke after a few minutes of only being able to pant and moan and hugged Sakura against her chest. She looked at her lovingly and stroke her marvellous purple hair. "I love you too, you are the most important person in my life."

Terrific, sooo romantic and magical aaaand heartwarming! But… how do I explain to my superiors that my protégées have transformed the Gobi Desert into a white ocean? Well, at least the invasion was taken care of… somewhat…


I am the cutest little penguin so of course they gave me the sweetest and most responsible Cure of this generation, the bearer of the magical bow. Cure Existence, formerly known as Yoshino Tsubaraya. Despite her outfit being inspired in traditional witches with the pointy hat, dark colors and revealing gothic aesthetic, she is so kind hearted I cannot help but to love her. I also subjectively believe that she's the sexiest of them all with her enormous assets, long, dark hime cut, red eyes and glamorous fashion sense. What other girl her age wears black opera gloves with golden jewelry over them, eh? She always cooks for me and treats me like a king despite not really helping her much. I mean, at this point, with their power these omnipotent girls need no mentor or guidance of any kind so we fairies act more like beacons to inform the Council of the current state of our Cures. But she likes to keep me around and cuddle with me on the couch whenever we have some free time. It's great.

Since everything Yoshino wants to do is to create a better world she asked me to organize a charity event for her at the magical world. I opened a portal and begged the Council, wanting to make her happy since she deserved it so much after all her hard work and good intentions. Fortunately the old geezers accepted my petition.

A boxing match?!! A freaking boxing match! That was the best they could do with a charity event starring Miss Elegance Personified, Cure Existence.

"Hahaha! It's ok, Pipurin! It's not my usual thing but it will do. I want to raise some money for poor and diseased people in both worlds, human and magical. And fighting this… Godbeast… that they are putting me against is a perfect way to do it!" She seemed so casual about it, almost like she was having fun.

"But… It's dangerous Yoshino." Despite knowing about her omnipotence, I still cared a lot about her. I said that as a reflex to be honest.

"Don't worry, I'm virtually invincible, and it's not like I'm going serious. I won't kill it. Really now, just rest my friend, tomorrow is gonna be great. We are going to have a hell of a good time." I had the impression that 'we' she used meant something else rather than me and her, but whatever.

For the rest of the night we watched a movie she created on the spot together with some popcorn she pulled from thin air. It was very high quality in script, pacing and cinematography even if half the actresses were versions of her and me she projected from her mind. We laughed a lot and she even baked cookies for me, she told me she asked my granny for the recipe despite the fact that she had been dead for decades by then. I wonder how she did it, I sometimes do it as a mental exercise. Time Travel? Visiting the otherworld? Meh, I shouldn't question Cure Existence. I just want to keep being best friends forever with her.

I wasn't prepared for the actual fight, the stadium was as big as a planet and the ring had the size of small country from Earth to facilitate the battle between two cosmic entities like Cure Existence and the Godbeast. An aberration from the depths of the void. It walked on two legs, had a black hole as a mouth and possessed no distinct features beyond being a literal walking shadow. The shadow of a big, fat blob at that. Meanwhile, on the other corner, Yoshino looked as beautiful as ever, but now with extra spice given that she had modified her usual outfit to look even more shameless. She was flaunting the wrestling swimsuit version of her witch dress which exposed her magnificent armpits, sending an explosion of unrestrained pheromones that drove the attendants crazy. No matter their species, all magical beings from the realm started to copulate with their couples.

"Heh, that was fun!" Enjoying the show and the attention, she pointed at the Godbeast. "What about you? Not in the mood to fuck? Well, don't worry because you are going down!" She punched her own hand, sending a shockwave that made the whole place tremble and causing the monster to tumble awkwardly.

It instantly got mad at her for that humiliation and run straight at her. Despite his size and obese appearance it apparently was one of the fastest creatures in the Universe, being able to travel between galaxies in minutes. But that was still too slow for my cute Cure Existence who dodged all of its attacks with grace and confidence. The ring was being destroyed too fast and while this ceremony was being a total success and a lot of money was being donated it was still too early to finish so she calmed it down by winking. The power generated by such a cute and small action literally made the creature decompose into a million fragments that tried to regenerate slowly.

Yoshino grinned like a predator and jumped on the ropes with her arms crossed. "Is that all you have, Godbeast-kun? I'm not very impressed. Do you hear the people cheering for me? They want me to beat you up!" She rejoiced in her popularity and posed, flexing her almost non-existent but infinitely powerful muscles for her fans.

When the Godbeast got up, its body completely put together again, it yelled with a terrifying scream that filled everyone's hearts with existential dread. Except Yoshino's, who was about to punish it. "Dance for me, little one!" Laser hotter than the center of a white dwarf was shot from her sensual eyes, blowing up one of the creature's arms, this time not regenerating. It suddenly felt fear for the first time in its life. It was older than the Universe itself but had never faced such a threat before. It even had to be lured out of its conceptual void by the Council using the energy print of another Cure so he would step into the stadium. After all, it was more powerful than the whole Council together.

After a pathetic and comedic effort in dodging Cure Existence's magical beams of death, it ceased and took a few of them, getting sent to the ropes, miles away. It slowly stood up and used its last resort to face the almighty girl. Its black hole mouth.

A powerful suction started pulling everything on the stadium towards it, the spectators on their seats included. To protect them, Cure Existence made her pearl earrings glow and produce an energy shield that prevented anything outside of it from being absorbed into the whirlwind. "Nooooooooooooo!" Yoshino faked, letting herself get sucked in.

Her sizeable derriere got stuck inside the Godbeast's mouth, stopping its effect instantly. "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh it seems I need to go on a diet… I have been eating so much sweet stuff that I'm now able to stop black holes with my ass!" Everyone laughed at her stupid joke when she placed it directly inside their minds with her telepathy. "But it's time to finish this, don't you think?" With a single slurp, her butt sucked the whole monster in. "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Feels good!" And then she exploded into tiny bits like a balloon, leaving the Godbeast free again. Everyone started mumbling, worried about her, but I knew better. She just did that to change its genetic code inside her magical body. Now it didn't even have his fearsome black hole mouth anymore. Clever move, Yoshino!

"Not so fast!" A redheaded beauty in long twintails and a yellow bikini, sporting star shaped earrings jumped into the ring.

"We are avenging our friend, Cure Existence, so kids all over the world can have medicine and food to eat!" This came from another impressive, maturer and taller supermodel-like goddess with cat ears and dark purple hair. She winked at the audience "You all need to donate now, we are not gonna end this guy if you don’t!"

The two of them started completely dominating the monster, surpassing it in speed, strength and durability and removing all but one of its limbs with each new blow of their world ending kicks and punches. Before the Godbeast finally went down, it tried to strike one of them with its last arm but Cure Existence phased through the floor and received the punch in her pretty face. She didn't even budge, deliciously laughing at how ineffective the attack was. "You are pretty silly, thinking you can beat me when you can't even fight my clones." She said, revealing the nature of the other two girls, just lesser iterations of her own self with about a small fraction of her full power level.

The terrified Godbeast stepped back and tried to escape, feeling its impending demise drawing near, but instead of torturing it more the goddess decided to be magnanimous for once in this fight. A microphone materialized next to her and she spoke to all her audience. "I've been told that we have already raised many curellions from every civilized planet of both the regular and the magical world! The whole Multiverse is watching this show and has chosen to solidarize with those unfortunate enough not to be able to!" You can imagine how high a number a 'curellion' is, considering the infinite power and fame of the Pretty Cures. "So it's time to end with a bang!"

In front of everyone, Cure Existence snapped her fingers and reality obeyed. The Godbeast was now another voluptuous magical girl dressed in a princess outfit. In fact it was a complete copy of herself but with blonde hair, softer colors and violet eyes. "You don't need to be a hateful monster anymore, you can be a Pretty Cure like me and fight against evil and injustice!" And just like that Yoshino had pulled off a miracle, creating another omnipotent being like it was nothing, without the need of any Tool of Unity to trigger such a transformation. Me and the Council, both present, were dumbfounded at this jaw-dropping feat. Both girls took each other's hands.

"T-Thank you, I'll do my best!" Cure Godbeast exclaimed on the verge of tears, her recently acquired emotions exploding prematurely as the stadium suddenly skyrocketed towards the stratosphere, propelled by the power of Yoshino's clones flying and lifting the entire building with their hands.

The audience went crazy and enjoyed the night sky turning into space with all the stars watching over them.

Yoshino thanked her copies and shook their hands for the public, congratulating them for doing a great job. After blowing some kisses to the spectators they fused with her body again.

That was a night no one would ever forget. Especially the Godbeast, who had been given a second chance in life as a beloved Pretty Cure. She would go on to fight alongside Yoshino under my supervision. To this day, she's as happy as ever, her all-powerful brain being perfectly able to process and handle her new human nature.


The Council has forged a new Tool of Unity. A pair of magical leg warmers! They told me to hand them to a college freshman named Tomoko Suzuki and to help her through her journey as an omnipotent Pretty Cure. When I met her, she happened to be a bespectacled beauty with an impeccable academic historial and a demure and shy personality. She had incredible breasts for a Japanese girl though, which more or less told me her powered form would be something out of this world in terms of beauty and voluptuousness.

My surprise was even bigger when her transformed form, Cure Infinity, had a ridiculously big hairstyle with an intense red color, instead of her regular dark blue! She also looked a lot meaner and maturer, gaining two feet in height and surpassing most humans. She was quite scary but also beautiful, very hard to explain…

Apparently she had quite a personality and she didn't wish to go around dressed as a pretty princess so she gave herself a very slutty, custom high school uniform aesthetic. I think they call girls that look like that Gyaru in this country. Weirdly enough, her breasts seemed to suffer a downgrade from her normal appearance. It's like a total 180!

In any case, she isn't very talkative and a bit irritable. I have told her that she needs to do her job as a protector but in her own words "Go fuck yourself, you deformed sheep plushie." Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I want my cute and studious Tomoko back! This one is too arrogant, rude and snooty!

She wastes her time going to college not to study but to fuck everyone there, making them their slaves with her mind control powers and imposing and godly presence, even teachers. She refuses to use her cure designation and instead demands to be called a weird version of her civilian name, Tomoco. I'm getting pretty scared at this point. If she goes out of her way to deny her responsibilities I might have to tell the other Cures. They might be able to do something about it because as it stands I can't do anything, she's just too powerful to be ordered around and too stubborn to listen to reason.

I'll prepare a status report for the Council next week but I'm not liking how this is going so far…

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