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Elza Sabini's School for Enhanced Individuals

Written by Akane :: [Saturday, 24 August 2019 02:51] Last updated by :: [Monday, 04 December 2023 08:21]

Art by Ynggvar and FlatObelisk

Edited and remastered by DamienDesee

Extra input by Delta7447

In the year 2485, the world is a beautiful and mesmerizing place. People travel across the universe with ease, visiting various planets and encountering different civilizations. But amidst all the extraordinary changes in humanity’s culture, the Enhanced, and their sensual side effects, take center stage.

To be Enhanced is to possess otherworldly powers and abilities, granted by the reality-warping touch of a Super Goddess. But let us not forget, Enhancement isn’t solely reserved for those that receive these gifts directly from the Super Goddesses themselves. These days, more and more people are turning to Enhancement, eager to taste its sweet fruit… Eager to defy the laws of nature.

Picture, if you will, a seemingly ordinary individual with average muscle proportions, being capable of lifting skyscrapers as if they were toys. Back in the day, you wouldn’t see this very often. In the year 2150, Earth’s “Enhanced” population barely managed to reach 2%. But now, in the present day, there are very few humans who have not had some degree of augmentation.

During the first half of the 25th century, various Super Goddesses—perhaps most notably Shizuka—began infusing their clothing and accessories with enchantments that would heighten the abilities of those who donned them. These artifacts, which were so potent they eclipsed even the most legendary weapons of fabled antiquity, quickly became a mass-produced commodity in response to the incredible demand for them.

It’s no secret that people want to look and feel younger, and to possess greater strength and intelligence. These desires are what initially drove the demand for Super Items - as they soon came to be known. But it wasn’t just these benefits that made them so coveted. In addition to bestowing Enhanced abilities on their wearers, Super Items could also come with secret superpowers not mentioned in their descriptions. This added just another layer of mystery and excitement to already addicting products. What’s more, one could even argue that the luck factor incorporated into the concept was a deliberate move to give the less affluent a fighting chance at superiority over their wealthier counterparts. After all, the possibility of obtaining a potentially game-changing superpower could make all the difference in a world where power is everything.

While males have their enhanced clothing and merchandise tailored to their preferences, that’s not exactly the kind of clothes the Super Goddesses who own the clothing lines prefer to make. Instead, due to their fetishes, these Super Items became inexorably linked with the oversexualization of young women.

It was only fitting that when they began designing clothes, they were always going to be the most erotic, the most decadent, and the most vulgar garments imaginable. 

Latex bodysuits, skin-tight as can be, accentuating every curve of their body. Long opera gloves, nylon pantyhose and nearly transparent spandex tights that leave nothing to the imagination. Stiletto boots so tall they could take down a lesser mortal with one misstep. Revealing swimsuits that can cause cardiac arrests. Extravagant glasses for even more enchantment. And, for reasons we dare not question… volleyball knee pads.

But the Super Items go beyond mere clothing items; extravagant jewelry designed to enhance the body’s natural beauty is sought after as well. The intricate patterns of their earrings, necklaces, and rings sparkle like sapphire mines, and even one of them could potentially render its wearer invincible. When a full Super Outfit is donned, there’s no telling what kind of power can be unleashed.

At first, many girls were hesitant to depart so much from traditional modesty. In fact, many initially shunned the trend. However, it wasn’t long before they began having second thoughts.

When a young woman goes from dressing like a prudish church girl to casually wearing the most vulgar and arousing fetish wear, something happens to their brains. As more and more women started wearing these Super Items, their personalities began to change. The lustful looks, the sensation of being irresistible… They enjoyed it. Women who were once shy and modest found empowerment and liberation in flaunting their bodies for all to see. It wasn’t long before the once taboo, borderline pornographic Super Items became the norm and even celebrated.

These changes gradually exposed more and more of their bodies until it became normal to have revealing necklines, thongs peeking above waistbands, unashamedly on display for the world to see. Even the most conservative women had plunged into these outfits headfirst, their once timid demeanors gradually transformed into that of sexual beasts, and the curve of their breasts and ass only served to enhance their status.

Women were becoming not only the objects of obsession but the surpassers of men. The compliments, the lustful glances, the attention—it all fueled their desire for more. And as they continued to slip into their skin-tight super suits, their inhibitions crumbled away. They were no longer simply girls—they felt like goddesses themselves, and they knew exactly how to use their sex appeal to get what they wanted.

As expected, the Enhanced population exploded in numbers within the span of a decade. Those left behind were either too poor to afford even the most basic Super Items available, or they chose to cling to their humanity due to some inherent skepticism or misplaced sense of nostalgia.

These naysayers believed that utilizing these enchanted items would lead to enslavement by the Super Goddesses who crafted them and who wanted nothing more than to dominate mankind. But the idea that these alluring goddesses needed something mundane like mind-control to achieve control was laughable—they were already so far beyond the realm of ordinary mortals that the notion of conquest was nothing but triviality to them.

Super Goddesses didn’t even want world domination. They couldn’t be bothered by it—what need did they have for more power when even the most Herculean of tasks was a cakewalk to them, when they could reduce entire cities to rubble with the mere flutter of their lashes? Besides, their superior empathy made them kind and respectful of even the weakest of creatures.

In fact, if they wanted world domination, it would have been accomplished long ago. 

Undoubtedly, those among mankind who were once skeptical of the influence of the Super Goddesses must now admit that their creations have exerted an influence over the world beyond what any of them ever thought possible. The once-narrow gap between humanity’s have and have-nots has deepened into an impossible chasm, with Enhanced beings towering high above mere mortals in every conceivable way.

They glisten with latent power, exude an ethereal aura of dominance naturally and as a result, humanity has changed. The very definition of attractiveness has been altered—no longer are simple good looks enough to qualify someone as a true prize. In the age of the Enhanced, physical perfection, grace, and prowess are essential features of any individual worth celebrating.

The Enhanced dominated the beauty pageants, Nobel Prizes, and sporting events. It wasn’t uncommon for the Enhanced to replace the skilled, un-augmented workers, and the most successful politicians, entrepreneurs, and CEOs were invariably Enhanced.

Non-Enhanced individuals were frequently referred to as “Lessers.” It was a derogatory term thrown at them by elitist Enhanced, reinforcing the idea of Lessers being inherently inferior. This caste system feudalized society into two parts, with the bottom being the Lessers, uneducated and worthless, without any traits to show, and at the top was the upper class of superpowered and sexually zealous Enhanced.

However, even the Enhanced were grouped into strict subclasses of their own. The best of them oozed confidence and sensuality with every step, playing with their prey as if it were something of little consequence. But still, even the lowest Enhanced were far above any Lesser.

The chasm of inequality between the two groups was vast, only seeming to grow wider over time. To promote fairness and quell tensions, the Super Goddesses decided to “offshore” some of their most profitable businesses to outer worlds, enabling Enhanced individuals to set sail on new adventures amongst the stars.

Massive waves of Enhanced pioneers spilled out into the universe, lusting for new horizons and gained ground that they could call their own. But still, not all those granted great power longed to break away from their roots on Earth. Many remained faithful, unwilling to forsake the planet that gave them birth. Some of them didn’t even mind sharing their beloved planet with their Non-Enhanced counterparts. Although, that didn’t mean they wouldn’t indulge when they wanted to.

On Earth, it was a common sight to witness Enhanced women molesting normals in public places - it was part and parcel of everyday life, almost. On crowded hover trains, in shopping malls, and even on street corners; it seemed no place was off-limits. They’d hunt them down if they were particularly handsome, or if they looked like an easy target they could overpower with their augmented forms.

Everywhere you looked, the Enhanced strutted around, their voluptuous bodies full of raw sexual energy. Some would take the initiative and push people into their tight latex outfits, pressing them against their outrageous curves as if they owned them. With their superhuman strength, they could lift even the bigger men up and envelop them in their arms, their tight flesh pressing against your frame. They might even squeeze them in their buxom cleavage or grind them between their strong thighs until they came so hard they’d pass out from the sheer pleasure.

There were some normals who knew how to be safe, however, sniffing around for the unmistakable scent of lust nearby. Any Enhanced with sex on her mind had a particular odor about her—it was carnal and desperate, and even more overwhelming than a fragrance from a high-end perfume store.

The problem with knowing how to be careful was that you might not want to run when you picked up such a scent. It was maddening, really. To smell something so arousing and know it was something you should avoid, as if your very survival was on the line.

The streets weren’t as safe for the Non-Enhanced as they used to be - but it was accepted. Every step meant putting oneself in the crosshairs of the Enhanced’s primal gaze. One mistake was all it took to trigger their endless hunger for sexual dominance. Despite the fear and sense of urgency that haunted normals whenever they walked the streets at night, they still felt a thrill of excitement of being targeted by an Enhanced woman. It was a time when anything could happen—a time when surrendering to their primal allure was all they half-dreaded and half-prayed for.

The Enhanced were more often than not polygamous, with their heightened libidos requiring multiple partners to satisfy their insatiable appetites. They enjoyed watching as their partners fucked Lessers whenever and wherever they wanted. And if they didn’t feel like sharing, they weren’t above indulging in some petty cruelty—after all, with their powers, an Enhanced could revel in the luxury of destroying the property of a Lesser without concern for consequence.

It was a time when the concept of power was the only law, and the Enhanced reveled in their dominance over anything and anyone who dared to cross their path. Even the Enhanced police officers knew their limits; they didn’t dare to step on the toes of a higher ranked Enhanced.

Of course, there were some of the most morally proactive Super Goddesses like Paula, Paige, and M’Wela who occasionally intervened to stop such mistreatment from happening. However, it was clear that they weren’t mankind’s nannies, nor were they interested in exerting their will over other humans beyond their purview.

Thankfully, it wasn’t long before Super Goddess Elza Sabini came up with a solution to the widespread depravity of mankind. She took the initiative to turn one of her former high schools in the Japanese city of Fumagawa into an educational institution specifically designed for Enhanced individuals. The goal was to teach these superpowered beings how to control their heightened abilities in a responsible and ethical manner that would minimize incidents of mistreatment and abuse towards normals.

But why would any Enhanced want to attend a school designed to curtail their wild impulses and tone down that raw sexual energy that made them who they were? The answer was simple - It was every Enhanced’s dream to breathe in the same air as Super Goddess Elza herself and bask in the radiance of her divine beauty. The possibility of entering her coveted harem was worth its weight in gold—it was the stuff of legends.

Founded in 2481, ESSEI (Elza Sabini’s School for Enhanced Individuals) was the pinnacle of educational institutions for the Enhanced, and it was rigorously designed to tackle and eliminate any misbehavior or misconduct in their students. The results spoke for themselves, and the world had never been calmer, with the percentage of Enhanced-on-Normal violence reduced by a staggering 67%. Discrimination against the Non-Enhanced was at an all-time low too, and all of it thanks to the wise and dominant leadership of Super Goddess Elza Sabini.

ESSEI was a wonder to behold from the outside, a typical Japanese-style building that belied the discipline and rigor taking place within. Inside its walls, the premises revealed themselves to be sprawling. There were several floors of spacious classrooms, each equipped with high-tech audio and visual equipment. The grounds boasted one of Japan’s most well-equipped gyms, with weightlifting equipment and cardio machines to boot. But that wasn’t all—there were also fully kitted out courts for basketball, softball, and soccer, plus an Olympic-sized swimming pool, and a thriving track and field team that trained year round.

And let’s not forget the cherry on top—the beautifully blooming sakura tree garden that provided a serene space for meditation and reflection. The beauty of these exquisite trees perfectly epitomized the school’s higher ideals.

Of course, Headmistress Elza knew exactly how to cultivate an environment that would mold her students into the very best versions of themselves. 

First and foremost, she was a stickler for security, and quite rightfully so. With this in mind, she had taken extraordinary measures to ensure the safety of her wards. The whole campus, along with a 100 kilometer radius, was sealed with an invisible magical barrier that couldn’t be breached without the explicit authorization of the Super Goddess herself. This meant two things:

One - That no one, not even the mightiest Enhanced, could enter or exit the school premises between the hours of 9 A.M. and 2 P.M. Two - That ESSEI was technically in a different dimension.

This powerful barrier was held in such high regard that despite the Empire of Shizuka surrounding ESSEI and expanding all the way from Japan’s main islands to different regions of continental Asia, northern Australia, New Zealand, and countless Pacific islands, ESSEI was recognized as an independent nation unto itself.

Speaking of the Empire of Shizuka, it wasn’t as if the sultry and voluptuous Super Goddess had conquered all that land through sheer force; in this world of disparate, independent cantons, some of them had simply opted for stability and the added protection of being in a larger, more powerful nation. In many cases, a desire for belonging and recognition had spurred them on to join Shizuka’s empire, where they could bask in the radiance of her boundless charisma.

And let’s not forget, the opportunity to serve such a perfect and irresistible being was an added bonus—one that few could resist. It was a testament to Shizuka’s power that all she needed to do was flash them a smile or give them a wink, and even the strongest and most hardened of foes would fall instantly head over heels.

Returning to ESSEI, nothing within its walls was typical—the corridors between classrooms were connected by hyperspace tunnels so vast that they had the mass shadows of planets and stars projected onto them. For the higher level Enhanced, traversing such tunnels felt like a comfortable, full-body massage. However, for the lesser Enhanced, teleportation from one classroom to another was much more practical; they could also depend on their stronger peers for support.

The interior of the buildings was warped like Prosperia, with so much space that even the entire Universe couldn’t contain it, let alone the pile of bricks that reined it in. Everything was on a scale beyond imagination.

Classes, too, were far from the norm. In the biology and chemistry classrooms, labs the size of small countries were commonplace, replete with state-of-the-art, science fiction–like equipment. Every known sample from the periodic table was at the students’ fingertips, as were cells from every living tissue. Meanwhile, the language and literature blocks were outfitted with entire libraries teeming with every single published book, both in paper and digital form. Mathematical concepts and physics were taught in existential vacuums, and the Ultipotent teachers were capable of recreating and manipulating any experiment or testing environment to showcase principles for their students or to help them prove their own hypothesis.

The courses offered at ESSEI were far beyond what any other educational institution on the planet could even consider. Enhanced students, with their superior intelligence, minds already teeming with knowledge, and natural hunger for learning, were way above the rest of the world’s level of knowledge. The knowledge-based subjects alone blew away any other curriculum available on Earth.

It was more than just a school for the Enhanced. It was the only place where they could truly learn and interact with intellectual equals. Age was never a factor in deciding if one could enter the hallowed halls of this distinguished institution. Anyone was welcome as long as they were powerful enough, regardless of whether they were teenagers or immortal beings with centuries behind them. The hierarchy in the campus was based solely on power levels. Weaker Enhanced students were not allowed into the more complex classes, which would only serve to make their minds explode, while the Ultipotent students would even get the opportunity to be taught by a Super Goddess herself.

But ESSEI wasn’t just about expanding the minds of the Enhanced. There was also a branch of subjects dedicated to teaching them how to properly control their own abilities and urges, minimizing any damage caused to others, and to behave in human society with proper etiquette. These topics would teach ethical behavior that prevented discrimination against the Lessers and fell under the umbrella of the “R’s”: Responsible Use of Strength and Speed, Responsible Transformation and Transmutation, Responsible Creation and Destruction, Responsible Mind Alteration, Responsible Sex Drive Control, Responsible Reality Warping, Responsible Enhanced Ethics and Responsible Time Travel. These were the essential teachings that imbued every Enhanced at ESSEI with the important life skills they needed to avoid destroying human society entirely.

The power and knowledge disparity present within ESSEI made it inevitable that some students would attempt to bully or take advantage of their weaker peers. Fortunately, the school had a Student Council, an institution responsible for upholding student welfare and safeguarding their rights.

A typical Japanese school is split up into various sub-organizations like the Discipline Committee - which is tasked with keeping students in line and ensuring that they adhere to school policies, and the Student Council, which wields power over school politics, club financing, and relations between students and teachers - both of which, in Japanese fiction, are known to be tyrannical institutes with more power than the teachers and principal themselves, stopping at nothing to dominate all aspects of school life.

At ESSEI, however, things were different. The Student Council and the Discipline Committee were merged into a single entity, maintaining the safety and correcting the behavior of their fellow Enhanced students. Unlike their counterparts in manga and anime, the Student Council was not corrupt, but extremely serious and authoritarian in their enforcement of rules and policies. They made it their mission to punish any Enhanced who stepped out of line, with no exception.

The vigilance of the Student Council was felt throughout the entire campus, with the Enhanced students constantly monitored through surprise routine checks in both clubs and lectures. The enforcers' outfits were chic but imposing, making it clear to all students and even faculty that they weren't just there for show.

The Student Council President of ESSEI was none other than its most ultimate and influential student-Gina Sabini. Her beauty was inhuman, with an imposing physique that towered over her contemporaries. She was a stunning goddess who loved to flaunt her power, sheathed in a tight-fitting latex uniform with a daring under-boob window, shoulder pads, fingerless gloves, an abbreviated skirt, and pantyhose that accentuated every curve of her magnificent legs. Her outfit was completed with impeccably polished military boots and adorned with a shimmering dictator’s hat that bore the letters “S” and “K” in gold—an abbreviation that stood for “Seitokaichou,” Japanese for “Student Council President.”

Every gaze was irresistibly drawn to her blood-hued eyes, lightning-shaped earrings and the fiery red mane of hair that flowed down her back, a testament to her lineage as the daughter of none other than Super Goddess Elza Sabini, the headmistress of ESSEI. Though being accurate, Gina was formerly Elza’s biological mother, having relinquished that title to serve as the daughter of the Super Goddess.

The responsibilities of Gina and her underlings included the prevention of bullying, the curbing of any disorderly conduct, and the apprehension and punishment of those who break the rules. Her unparalleled devotion to her mother-daughter fortified her resolve to make the Enhanced the best version of themselves, and she harbored zero tolerance toward any unacceptable behavior or lawbreaking interference. With every fiber of her being, she vowed to remain Headmistress Elza’s right-hand woman in the pursuit of this noble goal. Her beauty and dominating presence were unmistakable, making her an irrefutable queen of the school.

Gina suppressed the thrill that crawled up her spine at the feel of the gloved hand ruffling her hair. For a moment, she was a mere child again, reduced to a fawning servant in the presence of her almighty mother. “Y-yes, mother,” she breathed, her voice as soft and pliable as putty. “I shall resume my patrol duties now that lunchtime has ended. Is there anything specific you would like me to keep an eye out for? Anyone I should be wary of?”

The Super Goddess provided no answer, but Gina knew better than to let her anxiety show. With a deep breath, she rallied herself. “Very well, mother. It’s time now,” she said. “I promise to perform my duties to the best of my abilities. You can count on me.”

The 185 cm of resolute voluptuousness stood up from her spot. She walked towards the exit of the office room, summoned magic sparkles to fix her unruly hair and smooth out her wrinkled uniform, which was the result of her intimate moment with Elza. The powerful and authoritative expression that was her signature quickly replaced her previously submissive demeanor.

Waiting patiently outside the door were two of her contemporaries. One was a towering beauty with piercing blue eyes and long twin braids cascading down her ample breasts, attired in a red version of Gina’s on uniform, the other an impish blonde with warm, olive green eyes, clad in ochre fatigues. “Prez, you were at it again, weren’t you? The headmistress seems to have taken quite a liking to you!” The blonde leered at Gina’s neck, spotting the barely concealed lipstick mark. 

In an instant, the lipstick stain evaporated from Gina’s neck. She rose to the challenge, her authoritative demeanor on full display. “Don’t get carried away, Sayuki. If it’s promotion you’re after, then your rambunctious nature isn’t going to do you any favors. Maybe I should have a word with the headmistress about your inappropriate commentary,” she replied, staring down at her colleague with a smug grin.

“Oh, come on!”, Sayuki pouted and puffed out her cheeks. “You know Elza’s your mom and daughter all rolled in one. She’s bound to be on your side.”

The trio sauntered down the length of the hyperspace corridor at the speed of light, their movements so practiced and effortless that it appeared as if they were standing still. The exhilarating freedom super speed granted them was second nature, and not even the act of carelessly breaking the laws of physics could tire them. As they zoomed along, a latex-clad schoolgirl flew past them.

“Yesterday I went back home for my mother’s birthday, and guess what? I fucked her right in front of my father. It was amazing! It was priceless seeing him so powerless to stop me. He still remembers me as his innocent little daughter. I even brought her a Super Item - a choker that can make her dominate Daddy and turn him into her little bitch!”

“Haha, yeah, dominating Lessers is the best-” The comment had barely left her lips when the group noticed the Student Council nearby, and quickly clammed up.

“H-Haha, uhh… I mean, family is everything, right? I couldn’t possibly imagine being one of those pesky Enhanced ones who bully those poor Less-, uhm, I mean… Non-Enhanced. That’s just plain cruel.” As she glanced up to meet the eyes of the stern, authoritarian Student Council, she knew better than to display her true impure thoughts.

“Remind me to check their records later, Yukari-chan.” With arms folded and eyes squeezed shut tight, Gina tried to erase any traces of their disgusting conversation from her thoughts.

“No problem, Seitokaichou-sama.. In fact, I have already compiled a thorough list of complaints that go from the beginning of the day until now. I can send them to you right away.”

Gina’s expression didn’t falter as she listened to the detailed barrage of telepathic information that Yukari transmitted to her. “Hmm, it looks like we have some repeat offenders today.” Gina pondered aloud. “Nothing you can’t handle on your own, though. Yukari, Sayuki, I’ll leave these students to you. I will make my rounds at the laboratory and gymnasium before rendezvousing with you in the club corridor.” Her proclamation echoed throughout the school, making it clear that none would escape the Student Council’s scrutiny.

“Understood, Prez!” chimed in Sayuki, grinning mischievously as she readied herself for action.

Gina sauntered into the enormous gymnasium, the entrance door giving way effortlessly under her unbridled strength. With a flick of her elegant, gloved fingers, a door made of alien metal ore, capable of withstanding the forces equivalent to an entire universe’s energy output for mind-boggling quintillions of years, groaned in protest against her ultipotence.

As she strode into the gym, Gina couldn’t resist the urge to roll her eyes at the sight before her. Two gargantuan Enhanced girls loomed over a pitiable man, wielding their power and size to intimidate and bully him. The disparity in strength was overwhelming, with each of the hulking women at least four times larger than Gina.

Even from a distance, Gina could make out their schoolgirl swimsuits, converted from ESSEI uniforms, complete with black opera gloves and Super Items that granted them awesome powers. Gina could see that these particular perpetrators were powerful Enhanced–tenacious blonde American with fishnet stockings and a Japanese giantess sporting volleyball knee pads that covered monstrous legs which could crack a boulder with ease. The jewelry adorning their bodies seemed to be worth more than a small country and their smug faces glinted with an inexplicable satisfaction from their perceived dominance.

But Gina was not intimidated in the slightest. She could easily see them from here, even within the colossal arena that could hold several hundred courts of basketball, volleyball, and tennis so that the Enhanced could unleash their full power without any restriction. Nets hung higher than Mount Everest, creating a sky inside the stadium and an atmosphere distinguishable only by those possessing Super Vision, like Ultipotents and Super Goddesses.

The sight before Gina was disgusting, yet unsurprising. The two hulking Enhanced were busy rubbing their oversized asses against his face and edging him into a state of near-crazed lust, his erection peeking out above his underwear. With their godlike powers, they had forced him to the brink of orgasm but then prevented him from release. The blonde giantess grabbed him by the waist as if he weighed nothing and hurled him away, only for her red-eyed counterpart to catch him and continue the cycle of abuse. They toyed with him like cruel cats playing with a mouse, savoring each moment they held him in their grip.

The little man’s fear intensified, even as he couldn’t take his eyes off his big-titted assailants. “W-What have I done to you? P-Please, leave me alone!”

After a pathetic attempt to break free, he ended up falling to the ground, breaking several bones in the process. Crawling helplessly towards the wall, the man’s fate seemed sealed. The two schoolgirls were upon him in an instant, flying faster than the speed of sound, laughing as they reveled in their power over him. The terror in his eyes was unmistakable when the brunette giantess spoke up.

“Come on, let’s try out my new bra!” Her cheeriness alone was chilling. “I think it’s time we let this Lesser piece of shit have a taste of our power.” She activated her Super Item, and the entire scene changed in an instant. Suddenly, thousands of terrifying images flooded the poor man’s mind. The shapes and shadows around him were distorted, twisted into grotesque, nightmarish forms that caused him to scream uncontrollably. The giantesses’ bodies grew larger than life, their monstrous forms dwarfing him with ease while they cackled and laughed in sickening glee. He screamed so hard that his eardrums ruptured under the assault of his own voice, and he was left to endure his tormentors’ wrath.

His weak, mortal body had finally given out, his heart unable to withstand the incredible powers of the Enhanced giants towering above him. He collapsed to the ground, gasping for breath, and in a moment of final agony, he suffered a stroke. His body lay motionless, urine pooling around him, as if summoning all the indignities of his life and releasing them all at once.

“Ugh, this guy wet himself. What a sorry excuse for a Lesser,” the blonde giantess sneered, wrinkling her nose in disgust.

The Enhanced girls gloated and laughed, winking at each other in a show of macabre amusement before combining their spectacular powers to effortlessly resurrect and clean the naked man up. Still bewildered by the recent events, the hapless man began to cry. His tears flowed uncontrollably, mixing with the pungent odor of his urine to create a putrid cocktail of shame and hopelessness.

“Come on, sleepy-head. You can’t die so soon. Not when we have so much fun planned for you,” the blonde Enhanced purred cruelly, her crimson lips moist from the application of her Super Item. As she blew a scintillating, reality-warping kiss his way, the hapless man’s body convulsed, morphing into a small, human-scaled ball. Overwhelmed by terror, he lost consciousness just as the two towering women began to toss him to each other across the vast volleyball court, impish grins plastered on their faces.

“Wait, Alice, I have an even better idea.” The red-eyed giantess struck an ostentatious, almost whimsical pose, conjuring a brilliant blue light from her very eyes. With a triumphant grin, she unleashed a torrent of icy energy that sent the man hurtling through the air and transforming the Lesser ball of flesh into a solid block of ice. The helpless man trapped in the frigid prison, unable to move or escape.

“Wow, Tomoko! That new ring you bought at CoCo’s gives you ice powers? This is fucking insane!” Alice exclaimed, leaping towards the block of ice. Her eyes glinted with hungry excitement as she confirmed that it was the genuine article and not just some cheap illusion made by a fake Super Item. “This is top-tier stuff!”

However, any satisfaction Alice felt was short-lived, as Gina appeared in front of them, teleporting in without a moment’s notice. “Girls, shouldn’t you be in class?” Gina said, her voice catching the attention of the two schoolgirls. “As students of ESSEI, you are expected to act with respect, dignity, and intelligence. What are you doing here, bullying this man? This isn’t the kind of behavior expected of you.”

“Ah, come on! Give us a fucking break, you boot-licking, party-pooper piece of shit!” Alice proclaimed, activating one of her Super Items, a pair of latex pantyhose. Suddenly, every fiber in her body pulsed with energy as she gained muscle mass at an alarming rate. Her biceps bulged out, the veins in her neck snaking along with her neck muscles, and her broad shoulders rippled with power. She could feel her bust size also expand, pushing her tits up and out of her tight school uniform. soon she towered over the President more than she already had, her bulging muscles dwarfing Gina’s already-impressive body. Sweat trickled down her sculpted physique, tracing pathways in the valleys and peaks of her mountainous muscles. “Fuck yeah,” she muttered under her breath, grinning savagely as she flexed for good measure. 

The blonde amazon glared daggers at the Student Council President. “We’re tired of you Student Council bitches sticking your noses where they don’t belong. This is a school, not a prison. If we want to bully a piece of shit Lesser like this, it’s none of your fucking business.” She cracked her knuckles, visibly straining against the fabric of reality. “Leave us alone, or I’ll end you…”

The two Enhanced girls evidently were freshmen, considering that they had no idea what it entailed to provoke Gina or what the full extent of her powers were. Their bravado was understandable, but also foolish.

The Ultipotent enforcer reached into her hammerspace cleavage and retrieved a small red book with gold lettering. With a firm “ahem,” she prepared to recite from the rules of the institution.

“Let’s see here... Article 12, section 1, clearly states that no student is allowed to bring non-Enhanced individuals onto the school grounds without consent from the headmistress.” She paused for a moment, leveling a stern gaze at the man trapped in the block of ice before her. With a wave of her hand, the ice began to melt, and she summoned a warm blanket to wrap around the trembling victim.

As she tended to the man, the two bullies glowered at her, infuriated that she dared to comfort their prey. The enforcer was undeterred, however. “In addition, according to article 401.889.111.191.205, section 1, students are prohibited from remaining in any of the sports facilities when official practice and/or matches aren’t taking place. Furthermore, section 4 adds that Super Items worn as jewelry are strictly prohibited within the sports facilities. And finally, section 78 prohibits the use of any equipment for purposes other than official practice and/or matches.”

It might seem authoritarian to have such a plethora of rules and regulations, but the Enhanced students were simply too intelligent and powerful for there to be any room for error. The rules were in place to prevent any exploitation of any potential loophole by those who wielded God-like power. No superpower could be left unchecked, no potential troublemaker given the opportunity to circumvent the rules. It was all in the service of upholding the fundamental principles of peace, justice, and social order.


Suddenly, Gina was hit in the face, a massive blow capable of sending the recipient spiraling across space-time, tumbling for eons through the rifts and tears of the dimensional fabric. Alice’s muscular arm was broader than a tree-trunk, her fist heavy as an asteroid, and the power behind the punch was as devastating as that of a supernova. “Why don’t you go back to your mommy, you silver-spooned cunt? We do whatever we fucking want!”

The punch created a sonic boom that shook the walls of the gymnasium and shattered the windows nearby. Yet somehow, Gina shrugged it off as if it were nothing, reciting the rules and regulations as if nothing had even happened.

“Goodness, I hope your hand isn’t hurting too much after that punch,” Gina quipped before continuing. “As I was saying, let’s see… Right abouuuuut here. Section 1 of Article 9 clearly establishes that harming and/or molesting Non-Enhanced individuals is strictly prohibited. And remember, Clause 3 in said article explicitly states that... oh, what was it... ah yes, using magical powers for malicious purposes or without proper authorization is a grave violation that warrants further consequences,” she added, leveling a piercing gaze at the startled bullies. “The addendum in Section 5 carries an even harsher punishment for those who gang up on single Non-Enhanced individuals, as you two seem to be fond of doing.”

“Shut up, you fucking bitch!” Tomoko snarled, joining her friend in a vicious flurry of punches and kicks that created shockwaves of force that shattered beams and pillars in the planet-sized gym’s walls. To a regular bystander, the movements would have seemed like blurs as they broke the sound barrier with terrifying speed. But Gina did not even flinch, calmly flipping through the pages without breaking her expression. Though much smaller than them, she was leagues beyond the two bullies, both in terms of power and skill.

“Are you done?” Gina’s expression shifted in a split second from impassive to dangerously predatory. She had been waiting for the perfect excuse to employ non-lethal force in apprehending the culprits. “Ah, and speaking of rules… Let’s not forget Article 20, Section 1, which explicitly prohibits students from disobeying orders from Student Council members,” Gina recited, her voice oozing with malice. “Furthermore, Section 2 makes it clear that you are not allowed to engage in any physical altercation with me. And last but not least, Section 3 warns against any and all forms of verbal or written slander directed towards a Student Council member, with the addendum stipulating harsher punishments for offenders who commit these offenses against the president,” Gina intoned.

She paused for a moment, her lips curling into a sinister smile. “Any idea what this means, ladies? You two have breached so many rules and regulations that I’m afraid I’ll have to place you both under arrest. You’re far too dangerous to be allowed to run around free.” The bullies had given her the ultimate justification to administer the harshest possible punishment, and Gina was more than happy to oblige. She closed her book with a thud, the sharp click of the binding echoing loudly in the gymnasium.

Both bullies stood there, stunned, as Gina appeared behind Alice, her fingers a blur of motion as she punctured the blonde’s arms and legs with blinding speed. It was over before Alice even knew what was happening, and she watched in horror as her once-impressive muscles deflated like a pierced balloon. “H-How can you even do that? Those were real muscles!” Alice stammered, bewildered by the impossible display of power.

Gina just shrugged nonchalantly, a sly smirk playing across her lips. “You really thought the laws of physics applied to those of us with power beyond your wildest dreams? It’s alright, dear. You were a bit too fat for my tastes, anyway.” Suddenly, Alice’s body became rigid, unable to move. She realized, to her horror, that her newly emaciated body was no longer able to sustain her colossal bone structure.

“What have you done to me, you bitch?!” Alice lashed out weakly, flailing about impotently.

“To make sure you understand the gravity of the situation, for every insult you hurl my way, I’ll add a few more weeks to your sentence,” Gina warned her, making a mental note of each transgression. She noticed Tomoko had already fled the scene in terror, leaving Alice to suffer in her own misery.

“You idiot! My knee pads give me the power to fly faster than the speed of light! You can’t catch me!” Tomoko taunted, laughing as she soared away.

The all-powerful Seitokaichou sighed impatiently, her eyes tracking the delinquent’s movements with laser focus. In an instant, she used her fingers to frame Tomoko’s path, ignoring the distance between them and Tomoko’s massive size. With a mere pinch, her fingers met the flier’s tiny form, effortlessly snatching her out of the air. The once-imposing giantess was now smaller than a doll in Gina’s grasp. “You’re much cuter at this size, like a little fairy,” Gina teased, admiring the diminutive girl’s newly shrunken form. But even at full size, Tomoko would have been no match for her. As she wriggled pathetically in Gina’s hand, she summoned a tiny birdcage from thin air and teleported both Alice and Tomoko into it. 

“Let us out, let us out!” they cried, their voices high-pitched and cartoonish, pounding their tiny fists against the metal bars to no avail.

“Sorry ladies, but I’m afraid I have to put you degenerates under arrest,” Gina said firmly, her tone brooking no arguments. “Once I’ve finished the paperwork, I’ll let the headmistress decide your fate. Maybe this punishment will teach you two to behave. I suggest you learn to behave yourselves, or you’ll eventually be stripped of your powers and be banned from this school.” Without any hesitation, she conjured a tennis racket, using her superb skills to slam them straight into the school dungeon with a clean, powerful backhand.

Immediately, she turned her attention to the poor, battered man lying in a fetal position on the ground. “It’s okay, sir. They’re gone now. I’ll take you to the infirmary, where our Ultipotent nurses will heal all your physical and mental wounds. Then we’ll send you safely back home, free from their torment,” she reassured him in a gentle voice before teleporting him away.

Satisfied that the victim was in good hands, Gina shifted her attention to her next target: Super Goddess Irina's xenomedicine lecture. With no time to waste, she rushed to the room, transforming herself into a javelin of pure light that pierced the space-time continuum with unfathomable speed. In literally zero seconds, she was already at the door. The expansive lecture hall contained a few hundred desks overlooking a large stage with a blackboard, before which the Russian Super Goddess stood, clad in a white lab coat over her usual style of gothic dress and a pair of thick-rimmed glasses veiling her eyes in reflected light. The classroom got quieter as Gina strode into the room, her presence commanding respect.

Irina had even taken it upon herself to personally teach at ESSEI for a while as a way of proving her commitment to erasing inequality on Earth. Given her vast scientific knowledge and being the most science-inclined Super Goddess, her lessons were by far the most advanced in the school. Only the most powerful and intelligent of the Enhanced could follow along; in fact, 95 percent of the attendees were Ultipotents in their senior year.

The hushed whispers of the senior students began taking over the background again. Many of them wondering what had happened for Irina to summon Elza and if any of them were at fault. Others simply marveled at the presence of such powerful and beautiful entities, secretly wishing they began making out right there and then.

Gina’s voice boomed with the fury of a thousand suns, silencing the entire classroom. “SILENCE, YOU MAGGOTS!” The senior students, who understood the full extent of the president’s authority, fell silent in terror. “I apologize for their impertinence, my Goddess,” Gina addressed Irina coolly. 

The president projected an obfuscating, soundproof field between them and the students, rendering any attempt at hearing their conversation, or even lip reading, a futile endeavor.

"Now then, you issued a complaint, yes?" Gina silently fought her instincts and didn't kiss Irina's black cross earrings, knowing that it made her uncomfortable.

"Yes," Irina replied. "It has come to my attention that one of my students has been using lab equipment to produce highly addictive drugs. She is part of a smuggling ring, sneaking the goods off campus grounds and selling them to non-Enhanced civilians. I thought it better to go through official channels to resolve this matter, rather than deal with it myself."

Gina chuckled. "I do appreciate that, but part of me wishes I could see you work. It'd truly be a sight to behold...."

Irina seemed less enamored with the idea. "M-maybe next time."

"Thank you for the information, my Goddess. You may continue your lecture." Gina turned around and exited as swiftly as she entered, leaving the students still stunned silent.

Gina floated through the labyrinthine halls, using her incredible speed and impeccable memory to navigate with ease. “H-Her pheromones are overwhelming. I barely could contain myself next to her.” she mused to herself as she searched for the drug lab, noticing she might have leaked a little down there due to Irina’s overwhelming attractiveness. Eventually, she found the culprit, a shortstack blonde with glasses. Judging from her lack of advanced vision, she was likely a lower-level Enhanced. 

"Hey you!" Gina called out, startling the lab's sole occupant. She dropped the test tube in her hand, causing its steaming contents to splatter onto the floor. Gina mentally examined it on a molecular level, discovering how intensely addictive it would be to the mortal Humans no doubt expected to consume it. Like disassembling a tower of toy bricks, Gina rendered the substance inert, no more addictive than water with food coloring. It amused her that she could have made it easily 57 times more effective simply by applying a few basic concepts she picked up in Irina's classes.

“F-fuck! You scared me. What are you doing here? I didn’t do anything wrong! I’m just testing out the lab, but Super Goddess Irina doesn’t want to teach me because she thinks my brain isn’t developed enough for her lessons,” the Enhanced girl stuttered nervously.

Gina raised an eyebrow at the girl’s lame excuses but quickly scanned her mind, confirming that Sarah was indeed the Enhanced responsible for the illegal drug production. “Sure, except you match the profile given to me. Isn’t that right… Sarah Reeves? You were only accepted today and are a low-level Enhanced. Kind of suspicious that you were allowed inside the classroom since the equipment was taken from the future. You shouldn’t even know that. You're rather well-informed for a first-year student, not to mention startlingly adept at circumventing the campus' security measures... almost as if you're not working alone. Well, it’s over now. It’s forbidden to smuggle drugs created here off school grounds, let alone sell them to regular humans. Do you know how dangerous this is?”

“Why do you even care? You think you’re the law or something?” The freshman in front of Gina attempted to project an air of bravado, but her meek demeanor gave her away as Gina’s piercing, intense gaze bore down upon her. The pheromones radiating off the Student Council President were so potent that the weaker Enhanced was already writhing in uncontainable sensations of heat. If given half a chance, she would have buried her face in Gina’s ass or tits and inhaled deeply, savoring her musky scent. Ultipotents like Gina made the air crackle with their intensity, and the pressure in the room was almost suffocating for lesser beings like Sarah. She felt sweat rolling down her back and found herself on her knees, crumpled under the weight of Gina’s powerful aura.

Gina’s lips twisted into a wicked smirk, relishing the effect she had on the younger Enhanced. “Yes, that’s right,” she drawled. “In this school, I AM the fucking law. Headmistress Sabini specifically chose me to weed out scum like you and mete out the appropriate justice. Now, shut your mouth and listen.” With practiced ease, the president began reciting every article Sarah had violated, citing the corresponding punishment for each infraction.

“W-well, I’ll admit to cooking up drugs in the lab, but you can’t prove a thing about smuggling,” Sarah declared defiantly. Her assurance vanished with a wave of Gina’s hand, causing the freshman to flinch in fear. But instead of striking her down, the powerful Seitokaichou reached out and slowly unscrewed the top of Sarah’s head as though it was a lid on a jar, uncovering the Enhanced’s brain for inspection. 

Sarah screamed in horror as Gina’s fingers methodically tunneled into her brain, searching for the incriminating memories. “What the fuck? W-wait! stop it!!” she shrieked, her eyes rolling up into her head as the Student Council President delved deeper.

At first, she found nothing of note. But then, she came across a hazy memory of Sarah discussing a plot to work alongside the Yakuza to sell an Enhanced-tier drug to non-Enhanced humans. They had given Sarah low-level Super Items before sending her off to school, planning to use her as a mole. Using her power, Gina extracted a small cloud-like object from Sarah’s brain, showing her the damning evidence. It shimmered and swirled, and Sarah felt a moment of vertigo as her memories took physical form in front of her.

“This is your brain, Sarah. And this cloud,” Gina gestured to the shimmering mass of color, “represents your plans. A hit on ESSEI, really? Like the Yakuza could ever manage that. Not only is all this illegal, but it’s incredibly dangerous. Even something as weak as this can be lethal to non-Enhanced humans.”

“T-That doesn’t explain anything! You could have fabricated that memory yourself.” Sarah tried to dig herself out of the hole, but Gina was having none of it.

“Tsk, tsk, tsk,” Gina tutted as Sarah’s lies fell apart. “You’d do well to remember I’m an Ultipotent. Is that the best you’ve got?” she scoffed. She snapped her fingers again and with a muted “pop,” Sarah’s powers disappeared, leaving the girl nothing but a confused, fragile, Non-Enhanced mess.

Another snap of Gina’s fingers, and a strange sensation overcame the now Non-Enhanced Sarah, as if her thoughts and actions had been taken over by someone else. Her mouth moved of its own accord, repeating one of the damning lines she had used earlier. The quality of her speech was garbled, and it sounded like a low-quality radio broadcast. “Yeah, I can infiltrate the school and make the drug in a matter of minutes. Super Goddess Irina is teaching the class, so it should be straightforward to convince her to leave me alone.”

Gina’s lips twisted into a sinister grin as she surveyed the trembling girl before her. “Uh oh!” she exclaimed, her smirking expression betraying her amusement. “Looks like we’ve got some real incriminating evidence here, young lady. It seems you guys did your homework, but thankfully you weren’t aware of my existence. You should have known better than to cross ESSEI, Sarah. Actions have consequences, you know.”

Tears streamed down Sarah’s face as the reality of the situation sunk in. “P-Please… what’s going to happen to me?” she stammered.

Gina’s expression softened, and she placed a comforting hand on Sarah’s shoulder. “Don’t worry, kiddo. I’m sending you to Headmistress Elza’s office. I hear she’s always in the mood for a little fun with wayward students like yourself.”

Sarah trembled in fear as Gina’s nonchalant words registered. “H-H-H-Headmistress Elza? N-n-n-n-n-no, please! Not her, anyone but her!”

Gina raised an eyebrow in amusement at Sarah’s frantic objections before batting her long, magical eyelashes. Suddenly, an enormous tidal wave of shimmering colors and energy enveloped the room, picking up Sarah, the Yakuza gang members, and all the incriminating evidence with it. Seemingly weightless under Gina’s power, they were all carried off to Headmistress Elza’s office, where they would soon face the full force of the Super Goddess’s wrath.

Without warning, Gina’s senses were set alight by a shrill, discordant voice packed with distress emanating from her council member, Sayuki. This was highly unusual for a fellow Ultipotent, who was only challenged in power by the Super Goddesses themselves. Gina took off in a blur, her body a mere streak of gold as she hurtled through space before arriving at the club corridor. There she found Sayuki in tears, held tightly by Yukari, who was passionately kissing her in an attempt to ease her emotional pain. “What’s going on here?” the president demanded to know.

Sayuki’s response was immediate, but her tears made her words come out in a choking whisper. “I’m sorry, President… It’s the Gymnastics Club... they’ve been bullying and even kicked other clubs out of their designated meeting rooms. I tried to help, but their members are too strong. They held me down while one of them… fucked my ass. I’m still sore,” she sobbed, the tears streaming down her face.

Gina’s eyes narrowed, and an aura of pure rage and power radiated from her. How dare they? she thought. Her fingers crackled with energy, and the air itself seemed to tremble.“No delinquent is going to mess with my unit. She effortlessly used concealment magic to hide her feelings from her fellow council members, but she was seething underneath.

She then turned to Yukari, her voice measured despite her anger. “Could you please collect the club fees yourself, Yukari? I’ll go make this right,” she asked, her gaze unwavering.

“Gotcha, Seitokaichou-sama,” Yukari nodded, understanding the gravity of the situation. She strolled into the Sculpture Club and the ruckus inside echoed loudly down the hallways. “Here’s looking at you, guys. Do you have the cash?”

“W-Well… the thing is we’ve been dealing with some vital expenses this month. Could you maybe hold off on the payment request for a few more days?”

“I see.” Yukari’s voice rose, exasperated. “So that sculpture of Super Goddess Jennifer with that… massive phallus was… vital?”

“W-Well, it kind of was,” a young man stammered, swallowing nervously. “After all, we used her actual menstruation to create it. It’s an incredibly rare and valuable material.”

Yukari sighed. “You’re suspended, you know that, right? The Gardening Club has been itching for more space, and we’re happy to oblige them since you can’t pay your bills.”

“NOOOOOOO!” They began flailing in fright as the reality of their situation struck. “Please don’t kick us out! We’ll do ANYTHING to stay, anything at all!”

“Club Vermin never learn,” Yukari thought as she left them, ignoring their pathetic begging.

Gina sensed the trail of Ultipotent power from afar and followed it like a bloodhound, her powerful telepathy pinpointing the exact source of the disturbance. Quickly reaching the bathroom, she was assaulted by an overpowering aroma reminiscent of a dairy farm. Despite the room being about as large as the entire country of Norway, the entire floor and the ceiling was covered in a white, viscous liquid. A strategic taste confirmed that it wasn’t semen, but milk, and it was absolutely delicious, a taste bud extravaganza that almost rivaled Headmistress Elza’s own miraculous milk, which she enjoyed supping on from time to time.

“Ultipotent milk…” Gina said in wonderment. “But how did they get this powerful?” The milk was thick and sticky, sticking to her skin like glue as she waded through it, feeling like she was walking through a tar pit. It crept up to her waist, adding to the room’s overall creepiness. ‘What the hell is going on here? And why go this far just to lactate uncontrollably?’ she thought as she continued to wade through the white swamp.

Gina’s eyes narrowed as she observed a baseball court beyond a window. Three students, heavily enhanced in both strength and beauty, were standing triumphantly over members of the soccer and baseball teams. The enhanced girls wore sparkling, tight costumes that clung to their curvy figures like a second skin, emphasizing their huge breasts that seemed to defy the laws of physics. They were casually stepping on the poor students’ faces, lashing out at them with their ribbons as if they were whips. Each impact sounded like a pistol crack, making Gina seethe with anger.

The Enhanced girls showed no mercy, effortlessly fending off the pleas of the students below them. They smirked as her impossibly large breasts passively lactated, cascading milk all around and filling up the baseball field without even trying. The sight of the titanic mammaries spewing milk in every direction was quite something, she had to admit.

The alpha in charge radiated an aura of pure, unbridled power, her colossal breasts shaking violently with every movement. The two understudies were only slightly less powerful, but still more than a match for the leaders of the baseball and football clubs. The football club captain had a sizeable chest herself, but it was as nothing compared to the veritable beach balls adorning the gymnasts.

Gina’s anger boiled over as she watched the gymnasts run rampant over the other students. The alpha was clearly enjoying herself, twirling her ribbon whip as she toyed with her victims. The milk was so overpowering that most other Enhanced would have found it difficult to concentrate. Luckily it wasn’t a problem for Gina, but even she was impressed by the raw force of the gymnasts’ attacks as they easily knocked out the two respective club presidents.

As the responsible seitokaichou she was, Gina had to step in and put a stop to the rampage that was unfolding before her. Wasting no time, she teleported before the three troublemakers, her presence commanding an instant respect.

“You three, cease this madness right now!” she demanded, her voice oozing with power. The leader she recognized as Kaguya Tsubaki, a voluptuous, rich girl from Osaka who had earned Ultipotent powers after birthing three children for Super Goddess Shizuka. After that, the power went to her head, and she had tried to steal Gina’s rightful place as her mother’s helper during the elections, unleashing a barrage of insults and lies to discredit Gina and shift the balance of power in her own favor. It had obviously backfired, with Kaguya ending up humiliating herself in front of the whole school. Gina’s hips swung obscenely as she approached the powerful girls, and her eyes smoldered with fire as she zeroed in on the buxom ringleader, Kaguya Tsubaki.

Gina immediately noticed Kaguya’s tight, revealing outfit, designed to show off her voluptuous curves. It was clear the Ultipotent was aware of her own sex appeal and had no qualms about flaunting it. As highly stimulating as Gina found the sight of her, she had other plans in mind.

This was Gina’s perfect chance to get back at Kaguya, and her wicked smile made it clear that she relished every second of it. “Well, well, well… If it isn’t little Kaguya. What brings you here?” she purred. “I never thought I’d get another chance to teach you a lesson, but here we are.” Gina’s sexy smile was so smug it could melt steel, infuriating Kaguya even more. “I hope you wannabe-posh cunts have a very good explanation for why you’re bullying these weaker Enhanced and causing chaos for other clubs. The Gymnastics Club has its own gym, so why are you all out here, harassing people? Please, do enlighten me.”

Kaguya tried to protest, but Gina cut her off with an icy glare. “Don’t bother, Kaguya. I don’t have time for your excuses. You know how much I dislike bullies.” She paused, taking a deep breath as her breasts swelled with power. “Listen up, you three. I won’t tolerate this sort of behavior on my watch. If you don’t cut this out right now, I’ll be forced to take more drastic measures.”

“Ah, Gina-chan. Still as stupid and unattractive as ever, I see… I guess it’s only natural for a flat womanlet like yourself to be envious of someone like me, but I’m afraid you won’t get to ruin my fun.”

“Have you grown even taller lately? I guess you’re trying to compensate for something,” Gina teased, chuckling softly, knowing very well that her own curves could make Kaguya’s head explode with envy. “But let’s not dwell on your shortcomings, shall we? You don’t intimidate me, Kaguya.”

Kaguya sneered contemptuously at Gina, her eyes gleaming with amusement. “Oh, such a clever taunt. I’m sure you had that one stored up for a while, huh?” she said, running her hands down her body in a slow, seductive motion. “You think you can get under my skin with your jealous little jabs, Gina-chan, but I’m too strong for your feeble attempts. I’ve made myself taller and more powerful than any of the other Enhanced.”

She flexed her biceps beneath her tight, revealing outfit. “Just look at me, Gina. Look how I tower over you like a monolith. You are so small and insignificant compared to me… like an ant!”

She took a step closer, her long legs making her tower over Gina even more. “You know what your problem is, Gina-chan? You’re insecure. You’re insecure about your flat chest, your lack of height, and most of all, your inferiority complex. That’s why you’re always trying to one-up me, trying to steal my position and my prestige, but it’s all for naught.”

Gina simply raised an eyebrow, unfazed by Kaguya’s attempts to intimidate her. “I see. So you’ve made yourself taller and more muscular, Kaguya? That’s nice. But do you really think that will do anything to stop me?”

Kaguya scoffed, shaking her head slowly. “Hmph! You still don’t get it, do you, Gina-chan? Your weak, pathetic Enhanced powers are nothing compared to what I’ve gained. I’m probably twice as powerful as you, thrice as fast, and I can move mountains if I so choose.”

Gina took a step forward, her body poised for action. “Enough. You’ll regret the day you decided to cross the Student Council,” she said, her voice cold as ice. “This is your final warning. Leave now, or face the consequences.”

Kaguya smirked, her eyes sparkling with delight. “Oh, Gina-chan, you poor thing. You really don’t know what’s going on here, do you? My girls and I challenged these guys to a match, and we won fair and square. It was a clean sweep, no cheating involved. But those pathetic weaklings started fighting when they lost. You were just a little too late to witness the main event. It’s only a matter of time before all the other clubs beg me to take them over, whether it’s through force or through choice.”

As infuriating as this was to hear, Gina knew Kaguya was within her rights. The rules clearly stated that clubs could take over other spaces if they defeated them at their own game, since they would then be the best at that particular sport. However, Kaguya was Ultipotent, so she could easily beat every club at their own games. Gina knew she had to act if she didn’t want the Gymnastics girls to envelop the entire club system.

“I know, I know, you’re technically within your rights. But you’re not acting in the spirit of the law, Kaguya. You’re just using your Ultipotent powers to bully everyone else. The whole point of these rules is to promote healthy competition and cooperation between clubs, not to allow one club to dominate all the others. If things continue like this, all the others are going to disappear, and that’s not fair to them or to the school as a whole.”

Kaguya chuckled once more. “Oh, boo hoo. Cry me a river, Gina-chan. Life isn’t fair, you should know that by now.”

Gina gritted her teeth, her patience wearing thin. “You’re right. But that doesn’t mean I have to like it.

“Oh? And what do you plan to do about that?”

“Wouldn’t you like to know? You’ll see, trust me on that. In the meantime, tell me something, Kaguya. What’s with the massive tits? Have you become a fetishist or something?”

Kaguya’s laughter echoed through the baseball field, her body shaking with mirth as she looked down at Gina. “That’s right, Gina-chan. What’s wrong with big boobs? Don’t you understand that ultimate femininity means ultimate power? It’s all about being the perfect woman, and that’s what I am. As long as I have these assets, I’m unstoppable. It’s something masculine brutes like yourself would never understand.” She paused, looking down at Gina with a condescending smirk. “If only you stopped trying to look so manly, maybe then you could be half as powerful and beautiful as me.”

The two other girls nodded in agreement, joining in with Kaguya’s laughter. “Yeah, you tell her, Kaguya!” one of them said, winking at her leader.

Gina rolled her eyes. “Are these friends of yours Ultipotent, Kaguya?”

Kaguya shook her head, a smug grin on her face. “No, they’re not. I am the only one who’s been blessed with Ultipotent powers. They’re just your average Enhanced girls like everyone else.”

“Really? Well, that’s a relief. I’d hate to have to arrest you for handing out Ultipotence like candy.”

Kaguya sneered, folding her arms arrogantly. “Oh, trust me, I’m not that stupid. I know the consequences of doing something like that. But it doesn’t matter, does it? I still beat up your little friend with ease. In fact, it was almost too easy. My friends simply joined in for the fun of it.”

Gina grinned, a mischievous glint in her eyes. “Okay, Kaguya. If that’s how you want to play it, let’s play.” She snapped her fingers, summoning her council members, Yukari and Sayuki. The two women materialized beside her in a puff of smoke, Yukari still comforting Sayuki with her soft, motherly breasts.

Next to them, the president of the Sculpture Club appeared, looking utterly bewildered. He was a tall, muscular boy with a body that could have been plucked right out of one of Michelangelo’s sculptures. “W-what’s going on? Where am I?” he asked, looking around at the chaos surrounding him.

“You… What’s your name?” Gina growled, seizing him by his collar.

“R-René, Seitokaichou-sama,” he stammered, quaking in his boots.

“René, do you know how much the Sculpture Club owes the Student Council?”

René nodded. “Y-yes, Seitokaichou-sama. It’s a considerable sum, and I don’t know how we’ll ever be able to pay it off.”

“Don’t worry, René. I have a solution,” Gina grinned. “You’ll sign over the presidency of your club to me, and I’ll take care of all your debts. You’ll get to stay a member, but I’ll be the one calling the shots from now on. You won’t be able to make any decisions without my approval.”

René gulped. “But… but I’m the president! I don’t want to give up my position!”

“Oh, I think you’ll find it’s in your best interest to follow my orders, René. If not…”

René nodded frantically even before Gina could finish her sentence. “O-okay, Seitokaichou-sama. I accept your offer!”

“Excellent,” Gina said, grinning wickedly. “Now, let’s get down to business.”

“What the hell are you up to, Gina?” Kaguya demanded, twirling her drill-shaped bangs.

Gina smirked confidently, studying her perfectly manicured nails. “I’m now the president of the sculpture club, Kaguya. And as the president, I have the right to challenge you to a club duel. If you win, you get to keep control of the courts. But if I win, you have to give them back to their rightful clubs and dissolve the stupid Gymnastics Club once and for all.”

Kaguya threw back her head and laughed, her chest heaving. “Oh, Gina. You really are a naïve little fool, aren’t you? You think you can beat me at anything? Fine, go ahead and challenge me. In fact, choose whatever you want. But you should know that you’re only setting yourself up for failure.”

At that moment, Kaguya’s massive breasts began to spew out a stream of white liquid, eroding a mountain several kilometers away. The sheer force of the stream was enough to obliterate everything in its path, sending rocks and boulders flying everywhere.

Gina’s eyes were gleaming with determination. “Alright then. How about a titty fight? The one who has the most powerful lactation wins. Or are you too scared to try?”

Kaguya burst into peals of laughter. “A titty fight? Are you serious, Gina-chan? You really are delusional if you think you can beat me at that. I mean, just look at me,” she said, pressing her huge, heaving breasts together. “Do you honestly believe you can beat these perfect tits, these ultimate weapons of mass destruction? I don’t think so.” She thrust out her chest, the globes of flesh casting a large shadow over Gina and the rest of the Student Council.

Gina simply smirked, crossing her arms confidently over her chest. “I saw what you did, Kaguya. But I also saw the look on your face when you were doing it. You were straining, trying to push out as much as you can, weren’t you?”

Kaguya frowned, feeling a little embarrassed. “S-so what? It’s not like it was a struggle for me. I can lactate more powerfully than almost every Enhanced woman in the world.”

Gina cocked her head to one side, still smirking. “I don’t doubt that, Kaguya. But I’m no ordinary Enhanced. My tits may be smaller than yours, but they’re much more powerful. I’ll prove it to you.”

With that, Gina removed the chest part of her outfit, revealing her own perfect breasts. They were smaller than Kaguya’s, but just as firm and perky, with nipples that were already starting to harden. “I’m ready. Are you, Kaguya?”

“Fine, Gina-chan. It’s your funeral,” she said, reaching behind her to undo the clasp of her white spandex leotard. The entire garment fell away, revealing her perfect, naked figure to the world. The scent of her powerful pheromones filled the air, causing erections in the club members she had beaten up, even in their unconscious state. “Like what you see, Gina?”

Gina shook her head, ignoring the intense sensations that were coursing through her body. “Shut up and let’s get this over with, Kaguya.”

As the two women faced off, Kaguya’s two underlings couldn’t resist the overpowering allure of the pheromones any longer. They started making out and rubbing their tits against each other, lost in their own world of lust. Ignoring them, Gina and Kaguya locked eyes, focusing entirely on the task at hand. They both raised their arms, their nipples already hard and ready to shoot out their powerful milk.

As their milky streams collided, Gina and Kaguya let out simultaneous moans of pleasure. The erotic sensation was overwhelming, shooting through their bodies and creating hundreds of orgasmic waves per second. Creamy milk cascaded out of their nipples, running down their tits and thighs in a river of pure sensuality.

“Mmm... n-not so tough now, are you Kaguya?”

Kaguya let out a laugh, even as her own moans echoed through the field. “Impressive, Gina. It seems you really are an Ultipotent, after all. But don’t get cocky. My lactation is still far stronger than yours.”

With those words, Kaguya doubled her milk production, unleashing an even more powerful stream of creamy liquid. The sheer force of it made Gina gasp, a shiver of pleasure coursing through her body.

“Mmmm, I told you before, Gina-chan. You may be an Ultipotent, but you’re still inferior compared to me. After this, even Headmistress Elza will be begging me to replace you as her daughter. I might keep you as my slave. Hahaha, the ultimate humiliation for the ultimate loser!”

Gina smirked through the insult, sending a stream of milk directly towards Kaguya that was now more like the jet from a high pressure washer. Kaguya, startled by the sudden attack, stumbled backwards, her eyes wide with shock.

“I don’t think so. Only I am worthy of the headmistress.” Gina chuckled, her lightning-shaped earrings suddenly lighting up. The energy crackled around her, illuminating the entire baseball field in a dazzling display of light.

Kaguya’s mouth hung open in shock. “W-what’s going on? How are you doing that? You’re... you’re not nearly as powerful as me! You shouldn’t be able to muster all that energy!”

Gina smirked, her earrings glowing brighter and brighter. “Did I forget to mention that these little things give me direct access to my mother’s unlimited power?” she teased. “You’re absolutely fucked now, Kaguya.”

Kaguya’s eyes widened in terror as she realized what was about to happen. “N-no... it can’t be true... it’s not fair! It’s cheating! CHEATING!”

Gina simply laughed, the power of a Super Goddess now coursing through her. Her breasts started pulsing, as if each one was a living entity, ready to burst forth with an unstoppable power. Kaguya let out a scream of terror as she realized that she was about to be swept away by the sheer force of Gina’s milk that was about to come her way.

As the Student Council President let out a confident laugh, her milk jet stream intensified by the thousands, hitting Kaguya’s own stream like a freight train hitting a scooter. The impact was devastating, a shattering earthquake rippling across the field. Kaguya was knocked backwards, her body hitting the ground with a sickening thud.

Gina simply stood there, her breasts still glowing with a bright light. Her milk was now so hot that it could cut through diamonds like butter. She turned to face Kaguya, who was now cowering on the ground, whimpering in fear.

“You’re... you’re a monster, Gina. You... you can’t do this to me... I’m... I’m-”

Kaguya’s desperate cries were suddenly cut off as the powerful waterfall of Gina’s breast milk flooded her mouth. The current was so strong that it caused Kaguya’s head to snap back violently, torpedoing her against the ground and creating a massive crater filled with creamy milk.

Gina simply stood there, her eyes glazed over with pleasure as she continued to lactate. Her milk had flooded the entire field with a torrent of white liquid.

Kaguya’s body was completely submerged under the thick white milk, her figure all puffy and bloated like a giant ball. She was still struggling to get away, but the force of Gina’s lactation was too much for her to handle.

Meanwhile, Gina was too busy orgasming to notice Kaguya’s plight. She moaned and writhed as wave after wave of pleasure swept over her, intensified by the power of her own lactation.

“Ooh... yes... More... please... I love this...!” she cried out, her nipples now glowing with an intense light. The entire field shook as another powerful shockwave spread out from Gina’s breasts, causing the very ground to tremble.

Kaguya’s beta bitches were suddenly engulfed in the flood. They screamed in horror as the warm liquid soaked their clothes and sent them tumbling against each other. “What the fuck?! We had this!”

Meanwhile, Kaguya was still submerged in the milk-filled crater, struggling to keep herself from drowning. Her body was so bloated, the excess milk causing her skin to stretch and stretch beyond what anyone thought was possible.

“You... you cheated, Gina!” Kaguya cried out, her voice muffled by the thick milk. “Just… J-just like in the elections, your m-mommy cheated for you!”

Gina let out a wicked chuckle at Kaguya’s desperate attempts to make her feel guilty. “Oh, you haven’t seen anything yet, Kaguya,” she said. “You thought that was cheating? Then watch this!” With that, she unleashed the full power of her mother’s gift, her breasts swelling and expanding until they were bigger than her entire body.

“Mmm… yesss, ohh! I… I can see why you grew your tits, Kaguya… Mmm, this is sooo good,” she moaned, her back arching as her breasts continued to grow at an incredible rate. The sensation was overwhelming, with each passing moment intensifying the pleasure tenfold.

Kaguya, who was still struggling to stay afloat in the milk-filled crater, gaped in awe as Gina’s breasts grew and grew, dwarfing her own massive orbs. “N-no... no, it’s not possible... how can... how can you have such...?” Her words trailed off as Gina took a step towards her. It was like watching a mountain move, or a planet shift in orbit.

“Mmm… Don’t worry about that, Kaguya. Just sit back and enjoy the show,” Gina grinned, fondling her breasts with both hands and moaning in pleasure. “You really thought your tiny mosquito bites stood a chance against these babies? I could crush you with them, you know. In fact…”

Gina smashed Kaguya with her massive tits, flattening the girl like a pancake. A sonic boom echoed across the gym as Gina’s breasts impacted Kaguya’s body with an insane amount of force, like a wrecking ball hitting a tiny doll house. The arrogant, spoiled girl was now nothing more than a sheet of paper beneath Gina’s massive bosom.

“We’re done here, girls,” Gina said. “I have to go and inform my mother now. As for Kaguya’s underlings, you can handle them. They’re nothing without their leader.”

Sayuki cracked her knuckles and licked her lips in anticipation of beating up the other two gymnasts. “Delinquents like them need to be punished and expelled from here.”

Yukari stood calmly beside her. “Don’t worry, Gina. We’ll take care of them. They won’t be causing any more trouble for you or anyone else.”

The terrified goons tried to escape by flexing and folding their bodies like human origami figures so they could slip between the cracks on the nearest wall, but Sayuki and Yukari were faster and more powerful. They easily caught up to their targets, grabbing them by their hair and slamming them hard into the ground.

Gina’s attention turned back to the task at hand. She reduced her otherworldly breasts to a more manageable size as she teleported back to her mother’s office. The room was dark, the only light coming from the tiny lamp on top of the expensive mahogany desk in the center. Elza was waiting for her, sitting regally in her chair and looking absolutely stunning in her revealing outfit.

The voluptuous Super Goddess stood up, towering over Gina and looking down at her with a sly smirk. It wasn’t just Elza’s height that made Gina feel small, it was every inch of her mother’s mature and sultry body. Elza had the confidence and sophistication of a powerful woman, with the curves of a porn star and the aura of a goddess.

Her massive tits threatened to burst out of the simple white shirt she wore, barely held in check by a red tie. Her tight purple thong hugged her godly pussy, revealing just enough to drive any mortal wild with desire. And those long white boots, with their high heels and buckles, accentuated her powerful thighs and legs. Her entire outfit, from her dark, striped jacket to her flowing cape, gave her an air of authority and expertise that demanded respect. Even her simple glasses, which she absolutely didn’t need, somehow added to her sex appeal, making her look even more professional and deadly, framing her crimson eyes. The fact that her impossibly puffy lips were painted with liquid gold was just the cherry on the icing. As for her hair, it was long and fiery red as always, but today she had it tied up in a cute bun with bangs covering the top part of her stoic face.

In that moment, she was the epitome of beauty, sex appeal made flesh. Gina couldn’t help but feel her entire body tingle with excitement and love for her mother, so impossibly powerful and alluring. The fact that Gina had once been Elza’s mother was so far-fetched that even the Student Council President herself didn’t want to think about it.

Gina sank to her knees before Elza, the beauty and power of her mother almost too much to bear. She could feel the heat rising in her cheeks as she leaned forward to kiss Elza’s trademark gloves. They were almost a part of her mother’s perfect arms, the gloves never removed since the day Elza had first donned them centuries ago.

As she stood up, the tradition required her to lean in and kiss Elza’s earrings. Gina couldn’t help but feel an intense wave of desire wash over her body as she pressed her lips to the delicate metal. “I did what you told me, mother. I took care of those delinquents.”

Elza’s voice was as smooth as silk, with a hint of seduction in every word. “Excellent,” she purred. Her expression was still neutral, but Gina could see and even feel the love in her mother’s crimson eyes. The fact alone that the usually silent goddess appreciated her enough to use her voice was a proof of their bond.

Gina felt her heart skip a beat as Elza’s long, elegant fingers stroked her hair. It was a gesture filled with warmth and affection, and it made her ache with desire. Without even realizing it, she started sucking on Elza’s finger like a baby, lost in the sensations of comfort and adoration.

“Mmm... s-sorry mommy,” Gina stammered as Elza’s sultry voice filled her mind through telepathy. “You have an appointment now? Of course, my goddess. You want us to hang out later!? Oh, I absolutely can’t wait! There’s so much I want to show you, mother!” She giggled, feeling like a kid on Christmas Eve.

As Gina stepped out of the office, her eyes widened at the sight of M’Wela Mutergaraba, an imposing Super Goddess and the Queen-Mother of Prosperia. The gorgeous African woman was a towering beauty with long dreadlocks, diamond earrings, and a figure that could make anyone weak in the knees. She was dressed in a long, flowing white gown that hugged every curve of her muscular body, the thigh-high slit teasingly revealing her thick, powerful legs.

“Good afternoon, little rascal!” M’Wela greeted Gina with a warm smile, leaning in to plant kisses on both of her cheeks. Gina felt her cheeks heat up, suddenly self-conscious under the gaze of the stunning Super Goddess.

Gina’s birth name was actually Gina Mutegaraba Sabini. Initially Gina’s stepparent, M’Wela had felt that she needed to make Gina truly their own. On a whim, the Super Goddess, with Elza’s blessing, decided to retroactively warp reality to make Gina the biological daughter of her and Elza.

This new reality was the result of Elza’s passionate union with the powerful Super Goddess M’Wela. Their love was so intense that it had spawned the most watched wedding of all time, one that saw billions of people glued to their screens. Even after two centuries, the wedding was still the subject of conversation, despite everyone unable to remember who wore the dress or the suit.

The two Super Goddesses had entered an almost quantum dynamic of dominance and submission, where their vibes dictated the role of each lover in the relationship at any given moment. The African queen had found herself in the dominant side lately, turning the otherwise imposing headmistress into a meek kitten.

Elza crouched to kiss M’Wela, and Gina could see the love and desire in her mother’s eyes. Elza’s face broke out into the most beautiful smile as she embraced her better half, her mountainous chest bouncing in delight. “My lover…”

M’Wela let out a throaty chuckle as she playfully slapped Elza’s ass. “You keep teasing me like that, my delicious wife, and I’m gonna make you pregnant again. You know that, right?”

The two Super Goddesses wasted no time in showing their love for each other. They began fucking each other right there, with the abandon and intimacy that could only come from them.

“Oh fuck...” Gina muttered, her hands instinctively moving to massage her own breasts. Watching her parents lustfully go at it was such a turn-on. She could practically feel the heat radiating off the couple, and the scent of their sex filled the air.

Feeling as if she would be about to pull down her panties and start rubbing herself right there and then, Gina took the hint and closed the door. She was instantly greeted by Yukari and Sayuki, who had easily dealt with Kaguya’s beta bitches. Gina’s mind wandered as she traveled far enough from the Super Goddesses’ sexual rampage for her own arousal to fade to controllable levels.

Mother’s Day is close. I should get in touch with Dia to find a gift they'll love.

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