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Atypical Vacation – Monday & Tuesday

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Chapter 2 – Monday

I woke up in a plush, king-sized bed with a thick pillow-top mattress and silky smooth sheets. I didn’t recognize anything, and for a moment, I wasn’t even sure where I was. At least not until I sat up and noticed that the room had an open wall, displaying a commanding view of the Pacific Ocean. Suddenly, the sounds of the surf brought the events of last night crashing back.

I took a moment to get my bearings. The room was decorated much like the rest of the house, with solid comfortable furniture and sparse yet elegant decorations. There was an end table on either side of the bed, and a comfortable sitting area with a pair of thick, high backed chairs flanking a small table. A large, mahogany bureau rested against one wall, and a chest, shaped to look like a piece of driftwood sat at the foot of the bed. Everything was well made and looked brand-new. A wood-paneled ceiling fan hummed quietly, keeping the room comfortable.

I got to my feet to look around. I didn’t remember walking to the room, I didn’t even remember falling asleep, but I found my things were all here and placed neatly in the closet and dresser, with my luggage stowed away. I must have been pretty lucid to accomplish all of that.

I was still a little sleepy, but a quick glance at a clock told me that it was already getting into late morning, so I didn’t bother trying to go back to sleep. What I needed was a cup of coffee, but I wasn’t quite ready to find my way to the kitchen just yet.

My iPad was sitting on an end table next to the bed, so I fired it up and was pleased to find the place had wifi installed. I launched my web browser and checked out how the market was doing. Not only was it late in the morning, but I was six hours behind East Coast time, meaning the markets had been open for quite some time. It was my vacation, and I didn’t actually have a job, but it was a good practice to keep up to date.

I checked CNN for any important headlines that would have an effect on the market, and then I checked out how the European markets began the week. I had been surfing for almost half an hour before I realized what I was really doing: stalling.

Despite her protests to the contrary, Jamie was more of a daughter to me than anything else. It was insane, since she was only 4 years younger, but the nature of our relationship led us to those roles no matter what she wanted to believe. We’ve been that way for so long, I simply couldn't see how I could ever look at her romantically.

Of course I was hardly the world’s foremost authority on romance. I’ve never had a girlfriend for more than a couple months. I simply didn’t have the experience to know how to properly treat a girl. That, plus the fact that years of being alone had left me with unrealistic expectations of what to hope for in a woman.

Of course I could never tell Jamie why I had no luck with women. She would be crushed if she knew she was the reason I was mostly alone. Not that we never talked about relationships. I often asked her about her boyfriends, inquiring what she was looking for in a guy, and she in turn inquired into my tastes. I kept my list of what I found attractive in the fairer sex to things that I felt she could identify with; like intelligence, kindness, honesty and confidence. You’d think my ideal girl friend would be a boy scout.

I couldn’t remember ever talking to her about my real fantasies. I was actually embarrassed by the things that really turned me on in a woman, and would have felt like a dirty old man sharing them with Jamie. Of course if she really knew my deepest fantasy, being with a woman who possessed incredible strength, she would realize that she could never be my fantasy woman; it simply wasn’t possible. It left me a little curious as to what she thought my fantasy woman was and how exactly she thought she embodied that woman. No doubt she spent the last few years memorizing the Kama Sutra and mastering the art of the blowjob. The mere image of Jamie sucking my dick sent shivers up and down my spine. This whole thing was crazy. It was going to be the longest week of my life.

The smell of bacon woke me from my reverie. My stomach rumbled, reminding me that I hadn’t eaten anything since a late lunch on the plane. Still, I dreaded going out there. How the hell am I supposed to act? Does it matter? I'm stuck here for the week, and I certainly can’t spend the whole time hiding in my bedroom. Besides, she clearly put a lot of time and effort into planning this week. It wouldn’t be right to spend the week ignoring her.

Determined to make the best of an awkward situation, I changed out of the clothes I'd been wearing since yesterday and followed my nose.

Daylight gave me a better view of the place we had. I walked out of one of two doors of the northernmost of three buildings. The building to my left, closest to the ocean, was the largest of the three and housed the kitchen, living room, dining room and god only knows what else. There was another building on the far side of the main building of similar size and design of the one I just left.

The courtyard was covered with a meticulously manicured lawn and beautifully landscaped gardens filled with brightly colored, tropical flowers and lush green ground cover. A winding stone path connected the three buildings with a garage at the foot of the driveway. Palm trees were planted strategically throughout the property, providing shade from the midday sun. The buildings were made mostly of white stone and wood with a lot of wall-less rooms. The architecture had a subtle Asian influence.

Jamie was in the kitchen tending to a few eggs on the griddle as toast popped out of the toaster. A plate of thick, bacon sat next to the stove, whose aroma competed against that of freshly-brewed coffee finishing up in the coffee maker.

My eyes fell on Jamie as she moved gracefully around the kitchen as she knew exactly where everything was. There was certainly no denying her beauty. She was very pretty…hell, who was I kidding, she was a knockout. If she were any other woman, I’d probably be salivating over her. But she wasn’t any other woman, she was Jamie, and I felt incapable of looking at her that way.

Surprisingly enough, considering her declared motives, she was wearing a rather conservative outfit. The brightly colored outfit she chose set off nicely against her deeply tanned skin, yet it was hardly the form-fitting ensemble I expected her to be in. She had on a loose-fitting pair of gleaming white Capri’s, leaving only the very bottoms of her toned calves bare. Her bright purple tee-shirt hung loosely around her body, except for across her chest. The fabric there was stretched tightly across her ample bosom.

Another shiver went up my spine as I realized I was checking out her breasts. Jamie was not the kind of girl I ogled. I had comforted her after her first period and helped her clean up the mess! I showed her how to use a damn tampon for crying out loud! How the hell was I supposed to look at her like she was any other woman?

Her head whipped around at my sigh as she was taking the eggs off the griddle. Her bright green eyes sparkled as she saw me. She flashed me a grin, showing off a perfect set of gleaming white teeth. The warm smile was almost enough to settle my unease. She really was stunning.

"Hey Paul. I made your favorite breakfast. Eggs over easy with some nice, chewy bacon. There are home fries in that pot on the stove and some Verona in the coffee pot. Just let me butter this bread and we can eat."

The table was already set with water and a small glass of orange juice at my seat. I wondered at the near-perfect timing of our meal, but chalked it up to coincidence. It had to be, didn’t it? I plopped down in a chair and took a sip of juice to fill the uncomfortable silence. I couldn’t bring myself to meet her stare. I don’t think I’ve ever felt so uncomfortable in my entire life!

I mumbled a word of thanks as she set a piping hot plate of food down in front of me, but couldn’t bring myself to touch any of it. Jamie retrieved her own plate and sat down across from me. She placed her hands gently on her lap and regarded me with a pleasant, patient look, saying not a word. For a long time, the sound of the ocean was the only noise in the room.

Finally, I forced myself to meet her gaze. I wish I could conjure half the confidence she was exuding. “So, how is this going to work?” I asked. “Are you going to throw me on the couch and have sex with me until I fall madly in love with you?” I couldn’t believe I just said that! I tried to shove the words back into my mouth the second they were out of my lips, but it was too late.

I thought she’d be pissed off, or at least snap at me. Instead, she said. “Is that what you want to do?” She didn’t sound seductive or flirty, merely inquisitive.

I said “No!” so fast that Jamie jumped. My face colored in embarrassment. I was treating her like she was a leper.

She took the whole thing in stride. “Look, Paul, I’m not going to force you to do anything you’re uncomfortable with. If you want to make out on the couch, I’d be more than happy to do that. Believe me, I can make you feel things you never dreamed you could feel.”

I shivered as a chill ran up my spine. That last line was delivered with more than a hint of seduction.

“But I don’t want to do that unless it’s what you want to do.” The seductive tone was gone so suddenly I wasn’t sure I didn’t imagine it. She got up and moved around the table to sit right next to me. She gently placed her hands on mine and adopted a completely non-threatening posture. “Look, I want to make this 100% clear: my object here isn’t to force myself on you, or force you into anything. My only goal is to get you to be as attracted to me as I am to you.

“Now, I’m certainly going to try to seduce you, and at times you might find that I’ll be a little more forward than what you might be used to. But if at any time, you’re not comfortable with the way things are going, just tell me to stop and I’ll stop.”

It was all a lot to take in. I mean, no one has ever said anything even remotely like that to me before. It was like the opening scene to a porno. “Okay then. The question stands. What do we do now?”

“We have a good time. Look if this week turns into nothing else, it’s still a week on a tropical island that neither of us has ever been to. I want to have some fun, I want to catch up, I want to sightsee, I want to relax, and I want to eat good food. If our relationship is going to turn into something more than just friends, that would be wonderful; but I want it to happen organically, not forced.

“So let’s just start by eating our breakfast before the food gets cold. Then we can just take things as they go. How does that sound?”

I gave her a nod of approval, though I thought it sounded weird; but she certainly had a good point. Just have fun, and if something else happened, it would happen. I couldn’t imagine it would, but who knew. A sudden thought came to me. I nodded toward the meal, my favorite meal. “So, the quickest way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, huh?”

“I’ve already got your heart. I was a little more interested in what’s in your pants. If I can get that through food, I’m certainly ready to spend the week in the kitchen.”

I spit out the forkful of potatoes I just shoved in my mouth. Jamie giggled at me.

The rest of the breakfast was quite delightful. Jamie had cooked the meal to perfection. The eggs yolks were just runny enough, the bacon perfectly chewy and the potatoes wonderfully spiced. The coffee was nice and strong, no cream and just a hint of sugar. Even the bread was toasted just the right amount. I didn’t remember her being such a good cook. Clearly she’d spent a lot of time practicing. The meal was delicious.

We spent the meal catching up. Jamie started us off with what she'd been up to over the past couple of years. I jumped in, recounting my own tales of grad school. I had forgotten that we hadn't seen each other over the past two years; there were lots of stories to be told, by both of us. So, over mouthfuls of delicious breakfast, the uneasiness of the past twelve hours melted away and we fell back into our comfortable rolls close friends.

It was refreshing. It reminded me of how much I really enjoyed her company. My friends had always wondered how I didn't get annoyed spending so much time with a younger kid that I couldn't have had much in common with. Truth was, Jamie was an amazing kid with an infectious sense of wonder and excitement at the world around her. Too many people I knew were quick to be cynical about damn near everything. But Jamie was an optimist. More than that, she took great joy in experiencing all the various wonders of life. It made me really enjoy spending time with her.

Being the dutiful guardian, I asked after her studies, finding myself amazed at her intellect. I had always thought I was a pretty smart guy, but Jamie blew me away in the smarts department. She launched into an excited recitation of molecular genetics and some dormant, hypo-something hormone, though she used so many three-letter abbreviations and eight-syllable words that I was lost almost instantly. Still, I couldn’t help but feel a touch of pride at how remarkable she’d turned out. Though I imagined I didn’t have as much to do with it as I would have hoped.

We talked well past the end of breakfast, until Jamie got up and began to clear the dishes. I got up to help but was quickly rebuffed. She insisted on doing all the dishes herself. When I mentioned that I should clean because she cooked, she told me that I needed to shower or we’d be late. So I went back to my room, showered and changed into a pair of khaki shorts and a comfortable tee shirt. By the time I was all ready, the kitchen was spotless. Jamie was lounging on one of the living room chairs, waiting patiently for me. She bounded up when I came through the door, grabbed my hand, and practically pulled me to the garage.

Much to my delight, Jamie handed me the keys to the Jeep Wrangler, letting me drive while she navigated. I don’t know what it was about getting behind the wheel of the open-air vehicle, but I felt like a big old badass. The jeep seemed appropriate in a place like this. I wondered if there was anywhere around here where we could take it off-roading. I found myself grinning ear to ear as I pulled the jeep out of the driveway. I must have looked like an idiot, but I didn’t care. It was something I could check off the old bucket list.

Now, I went to school to learn how to play the stock market, but it wasn’t really something I was passionate about, just something I thought I could do well and make a lot of money at. My real passion was American history. Unfortunately, there were no high paying jobs available to history majors, so I stuck with business, though I did minor in History at URI.

So naturally, the first thing on our to-do list was Pearl Harbor, the site of the most devastating attack on US soil by a foreign power. I thought World War II was incredibly fascinating. Most of the nonfiction books I owned were on the subject, including one on the attack at Pearl Harbor, the battle that brought America into the war.

We got there just in time for the last Battleships of WWII tour. It was a six-hour, guided tour of the USS Arizona Memorial, the Battleship Missouri, the Punchbowl National Cemetery, and Historic Honolulu. I balked at the price, $75 per person, but Jamie pulled out her credit card without a second thought.

Then it suddenly occurred to me: none of my eight friends, who I thought were going to be here, came to Hawaii! None of the eight people that I was assuming were splitting the cost of my trip was here! I suddenly realized that Jamie must be footing the bill for all of this herself! Jamie had to have paid for the limo that came to pick me up, my first-class flight from one side of the country to the other and the amazing villa that we were staying in; which had to have cost more for one night than the dive I thought we were going to stay in would cost for the entire week.

Suddenly I was feeling very ashamed. Jamie's family was far from rich, and in all the stories Jamie had of college, she never once mentioned working. Now here she was, destroying her credit just to impress me. We still had a couple of minutes until the tour started, so I pulled Jamie off to the side.

"Look, Jame, I'm just starting to realize how much money you must have already shelled out for this trip. I can’t let you ruin yourself financially because you think it could buy my love."

She smiled up at me and gave me a reassuring pat on the shoulder. "Don't worry about it. I have plenty of money; more than enough to cover whatever we want to do for the whole week. So don’t you worry about a thing. This week’s on me."

I was a little surprised at the blasé attitude she had toward the fortune she must have been spending. I couldn’t for the life of me figure out how she could possibly afford any of it. "It’s just…I don't remember you having a lot of money. And if you charge everything, you’re going to destroy your credit. I just spent the past six years learning all about finances and fiscal responsibility, and you don’t want to have to deal with bad credit. It affects everything you want to…"

I trailed off as a troubling thought occurred to me. There were certain ways a beautiful young woman could make a lot of money in a short time. "Hey, you didn't do anything...uh...illegal to make your money, did you?"

Jamie tsked me. "Don't be silly. If you really must know, I won a prize a couple of years ago. I took my winnings and invested them in the market. I wound up making quite a bit of money off my investments."

That piqued my interest. Now she was talking about something that was right in my wheelhouse. "You should have called me. That's what I'm going into. I could have helped you."

"Well if I asked for your help, you might have wondered what I was up to and it could have ruined the surprise. Besides, I did pretty well on my own, if I do say so myself."

I was a little skeptical. The market could be vicious if you didn't know what you were doing. I’d been learning all about the various idiosyncrasies of the stock market for several years now and still felt like a babe in the woods. "How well? What was your yield, if you don't mind me asking."

"Why would I mind you asking?" She gave me a sheepish grin. "Well, I’d never really played the market before, so I tried to stay pretty conservative at first. I wound up gaining one hundred.”

I was a little bit puzzled. $100 wasn’t much of a yield; unless it was on a prize so small it wouldn’t have even covered the limo ride to the airport. But she seemed pretty proud of herself, so I tried to sound encouraging. "$100, huh, not bad."

Her grin deepened. "No silly, not $100. I earned a 100% return on the money I invested."

I did a double-take. "I'm sorry, what?"

She took a step toward me. "I said I earned 100%."

My jaw dropped a bit. That was impossible! "No, you're saying it wrong. That would mean you doubled your investment over the last two years. That's just not possible."

Jamie giggled. “Don’t be silly. I earned 100% the first year. After that, I got a hang of it and got a little more aggressive with my investments.”

I think my eyes popped out of my skull. 15% was considered a very good return on your investment for an entire year, and most people barely earn half that; especially in the economic climate we were in. A 100% yield was incredible. “Uh, what do you mean, more aggressive?”

Jamie was smiling ear to ear. “Well, last year, I was really aggressive. I’d have to check, but I’m pretty sure I grew my portfolio by somewhere around 250%.” Her smile turned seductive and she ran one of her hands gently across my chest. “Why, is that good?"

I was so stunned I could hardly speak! "Good! Are you kidding me? That's amazing! It's more than amazing, it's impossible!"

She continued stroking my chest, while twirling a finger from her other hand through her hair. "Hmmm, does that impress you? Do you like a girl who can handle her money?"

I was stunned to realize that my heart was beating faster. Was I actually a little turned on? God, it made me feel dirty! I tried to casually pull back away from her while shaking my body, trying to get control of myself. I must have looked like an idiot.

"Anyhow," she went on with a knowing smirk on her face, "I made more than enough in my investments to cover this week's expenses and then some, so don't worry about money. I got it all covered."

It was all a little hard to believe, but I didn’t think for a second that she was lying to me. We might have both hidden things from each other from time to time, I certainly have, but we were always honest with each other. It was one of the major tenants of our relationship. If she said she could cover it, she could cover it.

However, the thought of having Jamie pay for everything was weird on a couple of levels. The first was that I was kind of old fashioned and was used to paying for all my dates. I shook my head at the thought. “This isn’t a date!” I told myself. “Just two friends enjoying a vacation together.”

The other level that it bothered me on was one I had to voice out loud. "Well, okay, if you say so, but you really aren’t trying to buy my love, are you?"

She gave me another sultry look. She was really enjoying herself. "Is it for sale?"

Wait a second; did I just flirt with her? No, it was an honest question. My heart was pounding in my chest, and it was not from arousal. This was Jamie! She was my friend, nothing more. I had to get a hold of myself before I did something I would regret.

As if she could sense my unease, she dropped the subject completely. “Uh oh, we’re running out of time, let’s go.” She led me back to the check-in desk and paid for our tickets while offering a surprisingly astute observation about the attack. “Did you know that the Japanese specifically chose to attack on a Sunday because they believed Americans would be more relaxed and thus less alert on a weekend.” And just like that, we were back to being just a couple of friends hanging out. The change was so sudden, I almost felt like I just imagined the flirting.

The tour was amazing. Our guide was knowledgeable and personable. The tour was designed to make you feel as though you were transported back to 1941, with facts from the attack presented in a way as if they had just happened. They covered the events leading up to the battle, all the way to the Japanese surrender on the deck of the Missouri.

Jamie also seemed well versed in the events surrounding the attack. She impressed our tour guide more than once with her knowledge of the events. She even went so far as to correct him once. The guide was surprised to find that she was right and he was wrong. I was impressed. I knew she was smart, but I didn’t realize she was interested in history. Did she do that just to please me?

By the time the tour was over, we were both starved. Jamie directed me to a restaurant called Alan Wong’s, which was on our way home. It was a pretty fancy restaurant, and I thought we’d be a little underdressed for the place, but Hawaii wasn’t the kind of place that people dressed up just to go eat. There were several patrons dressed just like us.

Alan Wong’s specialized in authentic Hawaiian cuisine, which was cooked to perfection. Jamie spared no expense. She ordered a nice bottle of Shiraz and several appetizers. Seafood Cakes were followed by Kona Lobster Dumplings, which both left my mouth watering and went perfectly with the wine. I had something called Whole Tomato Salad, which was okay, but not great. The entrée made up for it. I got Pan-Steamed Opakapaka, which was a short-tailed pink snapper served with shrimp-pork hash, truffle nage, gingered vegetables and tapioca pearls. I had never had Hawaiian food before, but after that entrée, I was becoming quite a fan.

A bottle of port came after, and we shared a dessert called Five Spoons of Brulee, which included exotic flavors like lilikoi, yuzo, coffee, chocolate and macadamia nut. We sat there after the food was done, letting our stomachs settle while sipping port and sharing our experiences from the Pearl Harbor tour. It was a wonderful evening.

We were both a little tipsy after dinner. Jamie insisted that we call for a cab, no matter how much I assured her I was fine. Back at the villa, Jamie went back to her bedroom to “slip into something a little more comfortable”.

I gulped nervously; worried that she was finally going to try to make a move on me. I wondered what my reaction would be. I slipped into a pair of gym shorts and a tank top. It was kind of bumy, hardly the kind of outfit I’d wear to attract a girl, besides the fact that it showed off my muscular arms.

I shuffled nervously to the main villa, my heart pounding in my chest. As I sat waiting for Jamie to appear, I was trying to go over whatever excuse I could think of that would get me out of any kind of awkward physical contact that I might have been about to be subject to.

I breathed a sigh of relief when Jamie walked through the door. She was wearing a pair of loose fitting shorts that showed a lot more leg than her Capri’s, but weren’t really all that short. Her short-sleeve shirt was also loosely fit, except around the bosom. Sure she looked amazing, but it was hardly the sexy outfit I’d expect from someone trying to seduce me. She was carrying a DVD in her hand.

She made her way to the kitchen and pulled out a pair of Coronas. Was she going to try to get me drunk and take advantage of me? I didn’t think so, but didn’t completely dismiss the possibility.

I took the offered beer, but regarded her suspiciously, especially the unlabeled DVD case she was carrying. "So, the plan is to get me drunk and show me pornography to get me going, driving me into your waiting arms?"

She gave me a wry smile, then leaned down into me until her mouth hovered right next to my ears. "If I wanted to get you going, I wouldn't need pornography."

A chill ran up my spine and my heart skipped a beat. Where'd she learn to talk like that? With a voice like that, she could make a fortune at phone sex!

Jamie was pleased by my reaction. She walked toward the DVD player, pulling the movie from its case. "This isn't porn. It's just a little movie I downloaded online that I thought you might enjoy."

She loaded the movie into the player and then skipped back to me, the seductive look and husky voice replaced with childish innocence. She took a drink from her beer and then curled up on the comfy couch beside me, putting her head on my lap. It felt kind of awkward to me, given the current state of our relationship, but we were both big movie buffs and had watched countless films over the years in this very position. In fact, having her cuddle up to me like this brought me back to a time when our relationship was considerably less complicated. Besides, she looked so comfortable lying there, it would be a shame to make her move, so I let it go and turned my attention to the film.

The intro certainly seemed like a porno. It was a very low production value, like someone made it at his home. Some dire, yet cheesy music played as the credits rolled over a stock image. The Awakening was the name. The title seemed like a not-too-subtle commentary about our present predicament. I wondered for a moment if Jamie had made the film. It would have been a shame if I had driven such a bright young woman to a life of porn. The very thought gave me the chills.

I breathed a muffled sigh of relief when the main character entered the screen and it wasn't Jamie. It was a pretty, busty, blonde woman named Lara. Lara was entering the late stages of some terminal illness. Her husband just happened to be a handsome, brilliant scientist who was working on a cure. "Yeah," I thought, "that's certainly not the setup for a porno."

The sound wasn't crisp, and it was clear normal actors weren’t portraying the characters, but the story actually wasn't all that bad and seemed to be bereft of the mind-numbing dialog I had expected. I silently applauded the makers of the film for doing so much on what must have been a very modest budget.

It wasn't long at all before Lara was on her deathbed. Of course her brilliant husband had a potential, yet untested cure. After a heartfelt moment, Lara was injected with the magical serum. "And becomes a sex crazed bimbo with big boobs and the superhuman ability to cause orgasms in men," I thought sarcastically.

Lara woke up after a long recovery, seemingly cured from her illness. "Here it comes." I thought. She was getting a drink of water, when suddenly; she had some kind of strange episode, almost like a migraine. Lara squeezed her hand around the glass as her body was wracked with pain. The glass shattered into a million different pieces. Lara looked at her hand in wonder, her skin was unhurt from the broken glass.

My throat seized as my heart skipped more than a beat. A tingling chill spread throughout my entire body, leaving the hair on my head feeling like it was standing straight up. She had crushed the glass with her hands! This wasn't a porno at all!

My body was suddenly trembling. My heart beat furiously. I felt like I’d got caught with my hand in the cookie jar. How had she found out? It wasn't possible! Nobody knew! What the hell was I going to do?

Back on the screen, Lara greeted her husband wearing a trench coat. She removed the trench coat, showing off a stunning body in a provocative workout outfit. She let her husband look at her for a moment, and then grabbed his hand and led him into a room with all kinds of gym equipment.

"No, no, no, NO!" My heart was beating so loudly I could feel it in my ears. But that wasn't the worst of it. I felt my cock lurch as it began to fill up with blood, and Jamie's head was resting right on top of it! She was just lying there, not moving at all, but there was no way she wasn't aware of me squirming around beneath her. I tried with all of my might to get a hold of myself, but my mind and libido were working furiously against each other.

On the screen, Lara led her husband to a weight bench and had him sit down while she moved over to a heavy looking barbell. "Nooooooooooooooooo." My mind screamed, but it was no use. The busty blonde bent down and easily lifted the heavy-looking weight up over her head with a smile. My cock hardened right into Jamie's ear!

With a muffled grunt, I slid out from beneath her, nearly throwing her to the ground, and bolted up from the couch. Sweat was pouring down my brow. I twisted and squirmed, trying to stop my erection from poking out of my loose fitting gym shorts. Out of the corner of my eye, I could see Lara mangling a weight disc. God, stop watching that! Jamie was looking at me with a fake, innocent expression. How did she know!

"You okay sweetie?" She could barely keep the conniving grin from her face.

"Um...uh...yeah...I'm good." I squirmed around like a worm, trying to hide my hard on from her. "I just...uh...I haven't gotta pee." I tripped and stumbled away from the couch, opening up the front closet, the door to outside, and the kitchen pantry, before finally finding a bathroom. I rushed inside, slamming the door, and then locked it behind me. I thought I could hear Jamie giggle from the other side.

My heart pounded in my chest. What the hell was I going to do! My cock was stiff as a board, and I had little doubt the rest of the movie would feature other various feats of strength. The problem was, I was completely turned on.

Some guys liked legs, other guys liked butts, everyone liked big boobs; but nothing in the world turned me on more than strong women. And I'm not talking emotionally powerful women either. I mean women with immense physical strength. And it seemed like the stronger the woman; the more turned on I got.

I have no idea how I developed this unusual fetish. It's not like I was surrounded by strong women as a kid. In fact, I had really never met a woman much more than slightly athletic, but it made no difference. I was hooked, and there was nothing I could do to make it go away. Believe me I tried. Social awkwardness wasn't the only thing that kept me alone most nights. The fact of the matter was, the kind of woman that really turned me on, that really got my blood boiling, simply didn't exist. So I was left chasing this unattainable fantasy girl that left me perpetually unsatisfied.

I had kept my desires secret, even from Jamie, my closest friend. It had been my experience that most people thought strong, muscular women were manly; not to be the object of desire. The various demands of my life had left me too few friends to risk alienating them with my odd fetish. Of everyone I knew, only Mike knew my secret, and that’s because we shared the same fetish, well close enough. I could still remember quite vividly the way I found out Mike shared my interests.

Being turned on by strong women isn’t like being turned on by big breasts. You can see a big set of tits anywhere. It’s much harder to find a woman who can press an SUV over her head. I was stuck lusting after cartoon characters and 3D renders. There was a site that sold magazines filled with art depicting strong, powerful women. So I got a PO Box so that I could get them delivered to me without my roommate knowing.

It all seemed to be working out fine, until one day I noticed one of the large envelops from the magazine company showed up in my mailbox. I was relieved I was home first, something that didn’t happen often, and quickly hid the envelop in my room. Later that night, when I opened it to check out the new mags, I was surprised to find that I hadn’t ordered them. I double checked the address on the package, and was mortified to find out that they were addressed to my roommate, Mike.

My first instinct was to throw the things away and pretend like they never came. But at the 11th hour I changed my mind. I had spent so long keeping my fantasies bottled up inside, the thought of actually knowing someone I could freely talk to about it was appealing to me. And so I gave Mike his magazines, showed him mine, and we had a long talk about our fetish of choice. It wound up forming the tightest bond I felt to anyone, outside of Jamie that is.

I had little fear that Mike would spill the beans on my secret, not the least of which is it would have ousted him as well, and he was just as secretive about his fantasy as I was of mine. On top of that, Mike was the shyest person I’ve ever met. The only reason I was even close to him was because we were roommates, and to my knowledge, he didn’t really have any friends I hadn’t introduced him to. He was terrified around other people, except his few friends with whom he was merely timid. He was especially nervous around pretty woman. When he was around Jamie, he was all but comatose. There was no way he told her.

Be that as it may, she had found out somehow, there was no doubt. Just as disturbing, she knew my fantasy, and yet still claimed to be my fantasy girl! Sure she was a lot more buff than she had ever been, but she'd need to be gigantic to have the strength I truly desired. For the first time, I allowed for the fact that Jamie might not be entirely sane. What a great vacation this was turning out to be.

Regardless of what just happened, it was a vacation, and I couldn't spend it standing in the bathroom. Still, I had to do something about my rigid cock. I whipped it out, and stroked it furiously until I achieved sweet relief. I felt so creepy, masturbating in the bathroom with Jamie in the other room, but there was nothing else for it.

I flushed the toilet and washed my hands before sheepishly creeping out of the bathroom. Jamie greeted me with a raised eyebrow, and a devilish grin.

"Sorry." I said as I plopped down on a chair on the far side of the room from her. "This…uh… alcohol is going right through me."

Jamie contented herself with a knowing smile before silently turning her attention back to the film. The smile never left her face.

The next hour was complete torture. The movie was chocked full of strength feats. Lara bending a fire poker, Lara crushing a pool ball to dust with her bare hand, Lara busting through a locked door, Lara lifting and throwing a full sized van, and on and on and on.

And I just couldn't keep my eyes off of it. As awkward as I felt with Jamie sitting just a few feet away from me, I just couldn’t pull my eyes away from the screen. Lara was my fantasy come flesh. I was willing to look past the cheesy special effects to enjoy the object of my desire. I almost forgot Jamie was in the room.

Then the tone of the film started to change; the movie took a dark turn. Lara wasn't handling her powers well. She became emotionally unstable and more than a little crazy. She started using her strength to hurt people, even kill people. And she was simply too powerful to be stopped. A dozen men were powerless against her. Bullets bounced off her body without causing a bit of harm, and all the while she left a trail of death and destruction in her wake.

I looked at Jamie, once more wondering at her mental state. She was completely engrossed with the film, studying it, embracing it. I had a sudden terrible thought. This isn't what she thought my fantasy was, was it? There was certainly a portion of the amazon admirers that seemed to love stories of powerful women performing unspeakable acts of cruelty to helpless men. I didn't understand why anyone would fantasize about getting tortured and killed, but then there were people who had an equally hard time understanding my obsession.

Jamie clicked off the TV as the movie ended and rose up from the couch. She turned and regarded me with a predatory look on her face. "This is what you like, isn't it?" Her voice was soft, but confident. "A strong, powerful woman, capable of grinding a man’s bones to dust with the strength of her bare hands."

Oh my god! She was insane! She took a slow step toward me, a predator stalking its prey. I jumped up from my chair and shook my head vigorously. “No, no, no.” She was starting to freak me out. She had a fire in her eyes that I’d never seen before. It looked like she was about to pounce on me. I did not like the way this conversation was going at all. I put my hands out, trying to get her to stop “Look, I don’t know what Mike told you, but this is not my thing! I don’t want to get ground to dust by you or anyone.”

But Jamie didn’t even seem to hear me. She kept taking slow, deliberate steps toward me; her entire body was tensed, making her muscles bulge from her limbs. She looked like she was ready to pounce on me. “Oh really? You don’t want me to wrap my arms around you and crush you in a bear hug that will force the breath from your lungs. Or maybe you’d like me to wrap my legs around your head and squeeze with these powerful thighs until your head pops like a zit!”

My heart was pounding nervously. I was starting to get worried that she was actually going to attack me. Not that I was afraid of getting hurt. Despite her buff physique, she was half my size at the most. I was in no danger of getting crushed or popped by her. On the other hand, I was a very strong guy, and I was worried that I might inadvertently hurt her while trying to stop her from attacking me. “Let’s just calm down. This is getting a little crazy. You’ve been misinformed. This is not what I want.”

In a flash she launched herself at me. I was surprised at how fast she moved, but I was ready for it. I grabbed her outstretched arms, getting a hand around each of her wrists, and kept them at bay. I was a bit impressed at how much effort it took me to keep her at bay; she must have been pretty amped up. “Jamie, stop.” I kept my voice even, trying to diffuse the situation. “Someone’s going to get hurt.”

She looked up at me with an evil smile. “That’s the idea isn’t it?” With a lightning quick move, she twisted her wrists, pulling them both free from my grasp. Before I could even think to react, she leaned forward and pushed her hands into my chest. I was completely stunned, as the force from her push sent me sprawling back down into the chair. How the hell did she do that?

She reached forward; curling her arms into a Most Muscular pose. Defined muscles bulged all over her impressive body. She had the most well defined body I’d ever seen before in my life! I couldn’t help but to gawk at her in awe.

And then suddenly, she bust out laughing, clutching her stomach and doubling over in a full on belly laugh. "Oh my god. Hahahaha, should see yourself...hehehehe...oh god, hahaha, you look like you’re jaw’s going to fall off."

The perplexed look on my face sent Jamie into another laughing fit. By the time she finally got control over herself she was grinning ear-to-ear, tears rolled down her face and her body shook with laughter. It did nothing to lessen my confusion. "What the hell?"

"Oh come on," she playfully tapped me on the shoulder. "You didn't really think I was going to hurt you, did you?"

Of course I didn’t, not really. I was suddenly embarrassed that I would think she’d consider hurting me. I knew her much better than that. "Uh, no…um, of course not. No, don't be silly."

"Oh Paul. I was just playing." She plopped down on my lap, took my head in her hands, and gave me a peck on the lips. "Honey, I love you. I would never even think of hurting so much as the tiniest little hair on your pretty little head. You know that right?"

The tension eased from my body. "Yeah, kind of funny, huh. You really had me going for a minute there." She was running her fingers through my hair. "I can't believe I actually thought you could hurt me." I let myself chuckle.

Jamie cocked an eyebrow at me. "Who said anything about could?"

I looked at her, confused.

She leaned down, her face right in front of mine, her eyes searching my own. "I said I wouldn't hurt you, Paul. I know you don't want me to beat you up. I do know you better than that." She leaned closer still, her lips brushed up against my cheek. "But I also know that you fantasize about strong and powerful women." Her lips traveled along my cheek to my ear. She began massaging my ear with her lips. When she spoke, it was barely a whisper. "And I did tell you that I became your fantasy woman."

Before I could think of anything to say, her lips left my ear and found my mouth. Her soft, supple lips gently caressed my own, giving me feelings I'd never felt from a kiss before. Then her tongue was in my mouth, gently sliding across mine; so soft, so sensual, so amazing. I was too stunned by what was happening to even think about pushing her away, and her lips felt so good I really wouldn't have wanted to anyway. I just sat there motionless; letting her give me the most amazing kiss I've ever received.

After what seemed like forever, she finally pulled away. She sat on my lap, dreamily looking into my eyes. "I can't tell you how long I dreamed of doing that."

"Uh huh." Was all I could manage.

Her smile deepened. Right then and there, she looked so happy, so content, so completely in love. She got up off of my lap, leaned over and gave me a peck on my cheek. "It's late. I'm going to bed. Good night."

Later it would occur to me that she might have been giving me an invitation to join her, but at the moment, I was lost in my own thoughts, staring at a fireplace devoid of flame.

I couldn’t believe I let her kiss me! Why didn’t I do something to stop her? And oh god, she knew of my fantasy, my obsession. How did she know? Forget that; did it bother her? Apparently not from the way she just kissed me, but who knew with women. More over, she knew my fantasies and still proclaimed to be my fantasy woman. How could that be? Didn’t she realize that was impossible?

But the biggest thing on my mind, as Jamie got up off my lap and walked out of the room, was the fact that I was sitting there, sporting a huge erection! For Jamie! She had to have felt it. She had to have known, hell, she was probably thrilled that she had that effect on me. But for me, it just wasn’t that simple

I mean I raised her; she was part of my family. Sure we weren’t blood, but I was closer to her than to any blood relative I have. Wasn’t that wrong? Didn’t that make me a dirty old man? How could I possibly just let myself give in to her? What would that make me?

I stared into the empty fireplace, looking for answers that weren’t to be found. Trying to sort out feelings that I never thought I’d experience. Trying to reconcile my head with my heart. I stared for a long time, late into the night. The answers never came.

Chapter 3 – Tuesday

I walked through the door. Jamie was standing there in a trench coat. She pulled it off. She was dressed in the same workout outfit Lara wore in the movie. She took me into a room with a bunch of weights. She grabbed a huge barbell, and lifted it easily over her head.

That’s when I woke up. “Damn, she’s in my head!” I thought with a shake of my head. Maybe this was her plan all along; to mess with me, get in my head. I looked down at my cock; it was rock hard. Maybe her plan was working.

That’s when I noticed that I was in bed again, and again did not remember walking here. Yesterday I was only marginally curious with how I got up here. Today, after movie night last night, I couldn't help but to wonder if Jamie was responsible. The idea was preposterous. I weighed 245lbs. I was 6’3”. I don’t care how buff Jamie had gotten, she was a foot shorter than I was and couldn’t weigh much more than 120. The only way she could have possibly got me up here was with a forklift.

She somehow knew about my love of strong women, and yet kept up her claim of being my fantasy woman. Could she have really spent the last six years working out trying to get as strong is possible? She certainly looked like she was in phenomenal shape, but being in great shape didn’t mean she was strong, certainly not as strong as I had fantasized about. Again I wondered in what way she thought she was my dream girl.

She was an amazing athlete, and I assumed her increased muscle mass enhanced her athleticism. Maybe she had hit the gym hard, tried to get as strong as possible, but then, when she realized the level of strength I truly desired was unattainable, sought to become dominant in other areas. She certainly seemed to have mastered investing.

With investments on my mind, I fired up my iPad and checked the markets. I looked at the numbers without really seeing them. I couldn't get Jamie out of my mind. Would it really be so bad if we became a couple? A lot of people say the best person to marry is your best friend, and no one is as close to me as Jamie, not by a long shot. Why couldn't it work? Its not like she was a bitch, or hideously deformed; quite the opposite on both counts. I just had to somehow get over this mental image I had of her being my sister.

I shut down my iPad, the stock market forgotten. Maybe I was going about this all wrong. Ever since Jamie told me she loved me, I'd been trying to find reasons it wouldn't work out. Maybe it was time to look for ways that it would. With renewed resolve, I threw on some clothes and headed toward the kitchen.

Once more I arrived just as Jamie was finishing up making breakfast. A bowl of sausage links was already steaming on the table, and Jamie was serving the last of a batch of blueberry pancakes from the griddle. The coffee maker sighed, signaling it was finished the second I walked through the door, and there was already a glass of orange juice on the table as well as a bowl of freshly cut fruit.

"How do you do that?"

She turned to me, flashing a brilliant smile. Her gleaming teeth were almost as white as the beach cover-up that hung around her body, loose and flowing except across her chest. The whiteness of the garment really brought out the deepness of her tan and showed off a lot more of her toned, athletic legs than her previous outfit. It was still quite conservative, all things considered.

"How do I do what?"

"How do you keep just finishing up breakfast the second I walk through the door?" I sat down at the table and took a swallow of orange juice. It was freshly squeezed, just the way I liked it.

She brought over a large plate of steaming hot pancakes and a jar of 100% Pure Vermont Grade A Maple Syrup. The smile never left her face. "Because I anticipate your every need and desire." She set the plate down in front of me and gave me a little peck on the cheek. "Just as every fantasy woman should."

"Anticipating my desires is one thing, a true fantasy girl would be able to fulfill them." I nearly choked on my first bite of pancakes! I can't believe I just flirted with her! She really was in my head.

Jamie pounced on the opening. "I was going to ease into that; wait 'til you were a little more comfortable before I started fulfilling your fantasies in ways you couldn't even imagine." She leaned in closer; I could feel her breath hot on my ear. "But if you're ready now, I'll have your heart pounding and your cock rock hard so fast your head will spin." She used that voice again that made my blood boil and brought back my erection.

On top of that, this time I did choke on my pancake, and wound up spitting pieces all over the table. My face reddened, Jamie giggled.

"Let's... uh... not move so quickly. We still have plenty of time left in the week for you to properly seduce me." Oh god, did I really just say that!

Jamie just smiled, she was clearly enjoying herself. "As you wish."

She started to move over to her chair, but I grabbed her wrist, stopping her. "Jame, wait."

She turned back around and cocked an eyebrow inquisitively.

I took a deep breath and cleared my throat. "Look, I just wanted you to know that I realize how much trouble you went through to set all this up, and how much time and effort you must have put in to... uh... change for me." God, I felt so dumb saying that. "And I'm not making things easy for you. I've been fighting you every step of the way, and that's not fair to you. So I've decided, starting now, I'm going to be as open-minded as I can, and stop being such a grump."

Jamie seemed pleased at my proclamation, but didn't say anything. Well, words were cheap; maybe she needed some sign of my willingness to adapt. I grabbed her arms and pulled her close. I took a big gulp, and then pulled her lips to mine. I trembled at the feel of her lips, but I was determined to show her I was committed. With only a little hesitation, I parted my lips and slipped my tongue into her mouth. My whole body was shaking. The deep recesses of my mind recoiled at what I was doing. I just kept telling myself that it was okay; she's not your sister.

After what seemed like forever, I pulled my tongue from her mouth and let go of her. I somehow managed to fight the tremendous urge to spit. I looked her in the eye, managed a smile, and said. "There, see."

Jamie just giggled and mussed up my hair. "You're sweet." She said before going around the table to take her seat. I let out a long breath I didn't realize I was holding in. How many times was I going to have to do that before it didn't seem weird anymore?

We enjoyed our breakfast. I really enjoyed it. The pancakes were delicious, the sausage perfectly browned, and the fruit was fresh and sweet. If nothing else, I sure was eating well this week. "So, what's on tap for today." I asked as we were finishing up breakfast.

"Well, no offense, Paul, but you look exhausted. How about we spend the day relaxing. There's a beautiful, secluded beach right out our back door. We can get you some r&r this morning. This afternoon, I thought we might boat out to a coral reef that's a couple miles off shore. It's supposed to be breathtaking. I thought we could do a little snorkeling."

That all sounded good to me. I certainly hadn't slept well the past two nights, and nothing relaxed me more than the soothing sound of waves lapping against the shore. Not to mention I’d always wanted to go snorkeling.

We finished up breakfast, and I got up to do the dishes, but Jamie held me off one more time. "No, you go change, I'll get this."

"Oh come on, it'll take me two seconds to change. You've done everything so far, not to mention footing the bill. Let me help."

But Jamie was adamant. "I told you not to worry about money." She grabbed my wrist and turned me around. I was a little surprised. I had actually tried to resist her. She pushed me against my will. (Who had put me in bed the last two nights?) "This is your week, Paul. Like you said, I went to a lot of trouble to make sure everything is perfect, and I won't have you messing it up." She pushed me gently toward the door. Again I tried to resist, and again it didn't seem to make a lick of difference.

"Okay, fine, I'll go. No need to be all pushy." I went back to my room and put my swimsuit on.

I wasn't gone very long, but Jamie had already gotten the kitchen spotless and was putting suntan lotion on her arms when I came back. Was she throwing the dishes in the trash? But I could hear the soft sounds of the dishwasher. She must wash dishes really quickly.

She finished up her arms and then pulled the cover up over her head. I heard myself gasp as I gazed at her body. I had seen Jamie in a swimsuit before, but I never really saw her. Not like I did now.

She wore a gleaming white, string bikini that left absolutely nothing to the imagination. For the first time, I got a good look at just how amazing her body was. Her skin was seemingly unblemished by freckle, mole, hair, vein, scar, or wrinkle. Her entire body was evenly covered with a gorgeous, golden brown tan. There was not an ounce of fat to be seen. Every limb and contour was flawlessly shaped and perfectly proportioned. Her legs and arms looked powerful and athletic. She had broad shoulders and a wide back that tapered down into a waist so tiny it looked photoshopped. Her stomach bore the outline of a well-toned set of abs that flared out to wide hips completing the perfect hourglass figure. But it was her chest that drew most of my attention.

Jamie's breasts had shot out of the gate right at the beginning of puberty and hadn't stopped growing until they were simply massive. Each breast was big and full and so perfectly shaped that I'd assume they were implants if I hadn't seen her grow them first hand. I had no idea how big they were, but I knew girls who had D cup breasts and Jamie's were definitely larger. They looked even bigger on Jamie's 5'3" frame. I always felt a little uncomfortable around her when she wore form-fitting clothes. I loved big breasts on a women, what man didn't, and I'd be lying if I said my gaze didn't linger from time to time on her chest when she was wearing provocative clothing. But doing so always made me feel dirty.

Something was a little different today. I was sure she knew I was in the room, but she was ignoring me, inviting me to stare at her body undisturbed. I surprised myself by obliging her. Her full breasts pushed the cloth of her bikini out so far I was afraid it might burst. The overmatched material pushed into the sides of her chest, squeezing her breasts together to form the most amazing display of cleavage I had ever seen in my life. As big as they were, they still sat high and proud on her chest, without the slightest hint of sag. I felt my heart beat a little faster, and blood drain down to my crotch as her incredible beauty had its desired effect. How had I never been attracted to her before? Gay men would drool at the perfection of her body.

Still ignoring my presence, she poured suntan lotion on her hands and started applying it to her breasts. She rubbed her hand in and out of her deep cleavage with slow, sensual strokes. She actually moaned a little as she let her hands linger much longer than necessary on those amazing breasts. I couldn't believe how turned on I was; I actually felt my cock push against the fabric of my shorts.

After lubing up, she spent a while carefully making sure each breast was sitting perfectly in the tiny cup of her bikini. The whole process was done without her so much as glancing up.

"You like what you see?" The question was so sudden and unexpected; I nearly jumped out of my skin. I quickly averted my eyes as I felt the heat of embarrassment color my cheeks. Maybe I was a dirty old man.

She looked up at me with a seductive smile on her face. "You don't have to be embarrassed, Paul; I want you to look. It takes a lot of work for me to keep my body looking like this. It would be a shame if the right person didn't get to enjoy it."

I was put off guard with how brazen she was being. Much more forward than she was yesterday.

She put her hands behind her back and thrust her chest out. She twisted back and forth slowly, adopting the look of an innocent child. "You know, I normally dressed pretty conservatively, except when I knew we were going to be alone. I had a whole section of low cut tops in my closet that I wore just for you. I knew how much you liked big boobies. You were never one to pass up a glance when we passed a busty woman on the street; yet you never looked at mine, no matter how sexy my top was. It was pretty frustrating, actually."

She walked towards me slowly, her chest filling up my vision more and more as she got closer and closer. "I picked out this bikini just for you. So please, stare as much as you want. I like it when you stare, it makes me feel sexy."

I didn't know what to say. No one had ever said anything like that to me before. It was like being in a porno. She just smiled up at me serenely, trying to put me at ease.

I was actually torn. Part of me really wanted to stare at her breasts. They were fantastic, and I was getting aroused. If it were any other girl, I'd probably have my face buried in her cleavage by now. But this wasn't any other girl.

Jamie broke the uneasy silence, seemingly unperturbed at my reluctance to stare at her tits. The very thought sounded weird in my head. She held up the bottle of suntan oil she'd been using. "Could you do my back?"

"Huh...what...oh, sure." I took the bottle from her and she thankfully turned around and pulled her wavy brown hair around to her front, revealing her broad back and shoulders. The skin of her back was just as perfect as the front of her. Even relaxed, I could see the outline of the muscles of her back. She must have put a ton of time into toning up; every single muscle I could think of was well represented.

I squirted some oil onto my hand and started rubbing it in. Her skin was impossibly soft; it felt like silk beneath my hands. They glided easily across her back, as my fingers tried to dig unsuccessfully into rock hard muscle beneath. I had never felt anyone so solid before. It was like she was carved out of marble. Maybe she was stronger than I thought.

"Mmmmmmmmmm, that feels so good." She moaned as I let my hands roam around her skin, probably a bit longer than I needed to. Finally, I pulled my hands away from her with a twinge of regret.

She turned around, a dreamy look in her eyes. "Thank you. That was wonderful. Do you see anything else you'd like to put some lotion on?" She breathed in deeply, and I couldn’t keep my eyes from dropping to her chest as it seemed to grow larger and larger until I could hear it strain against her bikini top.

I was so entranced by her expanding chest, the suntan oil bottle fell from my hand and banged on the ground. I quickly apologized for staring as I bent down to grab the bottle, only to have my head slam into her abundant cleavage. I think she might have giggled in delight as my head bounced up off her incredibly solid breasts. It actually hurt my head a little.

I was mortified over what I did. I stood straight up; trying to apologize so fast I'm not sure I was using actual words.

Jamie just giggled at me. "It's fine, don't worry about it. Now turn around and let me do you." She grabbed me by then hips and turned me around, again handling me with surprising ease. She pushed me down to sit on one of the kitchen chairs.

I was so jittery; I doubted I could sit there for a second. I just wanted to run out of the room and hide my face.

Then, she dug her fingers into my back. Oh my god in heaven! The stress that had been building up over the past several days seeped out of my body, evaporating into the air like a fine mist, and just as quickly forgotten. Her magical fingers roamed over my back, digging into muscle and releasing tension. I felt so relaxed I practically went limp. I would have fallen out of my chair if Jamie's hands weren't keeping me up.

She worked at my back for a long time, before finally releasing me and giving me a light pat. "There, does that feel better?"

"Better? Are you kidding, that was incredible! I haven't felt this good in forever. How'd you learn to do that?"

I got another peck on the cheek. "My roommate’s sister was a master masseuse. She taught me several ways to bring a man to total relaxation. If you're a good boy I'll show you some of the others." It was a testament to how loose I felt that I didn't even react to her tease.

Jamie pulled me to my feet and led me out through the open wall to a covered porch where a fireplace, or I guess fire pit, sat. Beyond was a large pool sitting in a deck made of highly polished stone. The water came right up to the edge of the pool and was refreshingly cool to the touch. On one side of the pool was a fully stocked bar, with three different beers on tap, and a hot tub that would comfortably seat four. On the other side, was a small pool house built of the same design as the main villa.

It was filled with towels, extra chairs, an assortment of rafts and various squirt guns, beach balls and other pool toys. Six chairs were spread around the pool in pairs with a small table between each. In one corner was a table with four chairs around it. Banyans and palms provided shade throughout the deck, with plenty of sunny areas for those who wished to soak in some rays.

At the far end of the pool, a stone path lined with tiki torches wandered down a gentle slope through the trees. At the other end of the path stood a large tiki hut, filled with towels, blankets, chairs, umbrellas, surfboards, boogie boards, snorkeling and scuba gear, life jackets and a vast array of games that could be enjoyed on the beach.

I stopped at the end of the path and stood admiring the amazing view. The emerald blue ocean stretched out under a clear blue sky. Moderate sized waves crashed dozens of yards off the shore, dissipating into a gently rolling current that lapped lazily against the shore. Soft white sand stretched left and right as far as the eye could see without a soul in sight. Looking back, the trees practically hid the house from view, leaving a backdrop of lush tropical foliage. Terns and pelicans skimmed low across the water, swooping in occasionally to pluck out a fish, and a light breeze took the edge off the early morning heat.


Jamie put her arm around me. “Yeah, wow.”

We stood there for a while, taking in the incredible view. Eventually, she yanked on my hand. “Come on.” She led me down to the water’s edge, where a pair of lounge chairs with plush cushions was set up. A low table sat between them bearing the book I was reading on the plane, my iPod and a bowl of freshly cut mangos. A cooler filled with ice and an assortment of beers sat at the base of the table. A pair of surfboards and boogie boards sat near the water’s edge.

“Well, you sure did think of everything, didn’t you?” She just smiled.

We spent the next hour playing in the water. We swam for a bit, and then I grabbed a boogie board (there wasn’t a lot of surfing where I normally vacationed at Cape Cod) to ride the waves. Jamie opted for a surfboard and proceeded to amaze me with her skill. She rode the board easily like she was born with it on her feet, easily maneuvering up and down waves like she’d been surfing all her life. When I mentioned how impressed I was at her prowess, she simply shrugged it off. “Well, I have been living in California for the past couple of years.” She told me, like everyone who lived in California was an expert surfer.

I pulled myself out of the water and plopped down onto a comfortable lounge chair, popping open a Summer Shandy. I put on my iPod, and watched Jamie continue to surf for a little bit before I dozed off.

I'm not sure how long I slept, but when I woke up, Jamie wasn’t surfing, nor was she sitting next to me. I took a moment to slowly bring myself back to consciousness before looking around for her. I didn't see her anywhere on the beach, and was looking back toward the house to see if she had went in there when I heard splashing coming from the ocean.

I turned just in time to see Jamie emerging from the water. The water cast a sheen over her body, enhancing her unreal features. She ran her hands down her torso, tossing her head back and forth to let water spray out from her wet hair. She looked amazing. It was like being in a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition photo shoot. The contours of her body, the water glistening on her skin, the sunlight hitting her just right to accentuate her every curve. She was simply breathtaking.

She sauntered to her chair, clearly pleased with the reaction she got. "Did you have a good nap?"

"As a matter of fact, I did. I feel better than I have in a long time."


I watched as she reclined back onto her chair, arching her back slightly to accentuate the curves of her chest.

I sat there, staring at this incredible vision, wondering what I ever did to get such an exquisite creature to fall so madly in love with me. "Can I ask you a question?"

She turned to look at me. God was she beautiful. "Of course."

"How did you know... about my thing for strong women? I never told anyone except Mike, and I know he didn’t tell you. I thought I did a good job of hiding it."

"Why did you try to hide it?"

"Because it's embarrassing."

"Why's it embarrassing?"

I shrugged. "It's just not normal. Society tells us that guys are supposed to be stronger, faster, and more athletic than women. They're supposed to be embarrassed when a girl beats them at something."

"But you don't find that embarrassing?" It wasn't really a question.

"No. I mean, I’m kind of competitive, when I’m competing against other guys. But the thought of a woman being so strong that she could overpower me and I could do nothing to stop it, well for some reason that’s just always turned me on."

"Have you ever known a woman who could dominate you like that?"

"No, not really. I mean I've known some athletic women. Some could even hold their own in events that relied mostly on aim or coordination, but I’ve never met a woman even close to my strength, let alone stronger."

"So you want a woman to physically humiliate you?" she inquired.

"No. I don't want to be talked down to, or humiliated, or emasculated, or anything like that. I just think a woman who can completely overwhelm me with her strength -- and in a playful way mind you -- would be kind of sexy." I stopped for a second. And gave her a questioning look. "You don't think that's weird, do you?"

"People are attracted to all manner of weird things. Guys like licking women's feet. I've seen videos of women giving blowjobs to horses, or eating poop. I mean hell, breasts are just two lumps of fat on a woman's chest -- well, some women’s breasts are mostly fat -- yet guys seem to act like they have some kind of magical properties. So I don't think it's weird at all that a strong, powerful woman is appealing to you. In fact, I've met so many guys who look down on women just because they're women, that it's refreshing to know a guy who's comfortable with a woman being not just his equal, but his superior."

It was a relief to hear her say that. However this week went, Jamie was still one of the most important people in my life. I wouldn’t be able to bear it if she thought ill of me.

"You never answered my question though. How did you know how I felt?"

Jamie shrugged, blushing slightly. "Paul, I worshipped you for a long time. I was obsessed with finding out what you liked, so that I could be that woman. When you study someone that intently, it's only a matter of time before you find what you're looking for. Don't get me wrong; you hid it very well, but we were together so often it was only a matter of time before you let something slip."

My curiosity was piqued. "What did I let slip?"

"Well, Mrs. Henderson moving in down the street was my first hint."

Linda Henderson was the only woman I'd ever known with a muscular physique, and as such, was the object of my affection through much of high school. Unfortunately, she was 37 and married to a doctor, but I tried to make excuses to walk by her house as often as possible. I thought I was so subtle.

"At first I thought it was muscle that turned you on. Then we started watching wrestling. It was pretty clear you weren't all that interested, and I was never sure why we watched it, until Canyda came on. Again, I thought it was a muscle thing. That girl was huge, and you were always glued to the TV when she was on. But then she lifted that ref up over her head. Well, lets just say I’d never seen you look like that before. And so from there on out, I knew. And once I knew what to look for, it was fairly easy to find corroborating evidence."

And there it was. My secret laid bare for all to see, if one knew where to look. "And so you spent the last six years working out so that you could be stronger than me?" The tone of my voice made it clear how unlikely I thought that to be.

"No, of course not." She made it sound like the mere thought was ridiculous, which I suppose it was. "I spent the last six years training to become stronger, faster, smarter and more athletic than you."

It sounded so weird to hear someone say that, not the least because it was totally ludicrous. Normally I'd assume she was joking, but there was no humor in her voice. Not to mention the fact that a person wouldn't go to all this trouble for a joke. Still, it was pretty hard to believe. "And did you... uh... become all strong and fast and stuff."

She was grinning now; most likely because of the way I was squirming in my seat. As ridiculous as all this sounded, the thought of Jamie being as powerful as she claimed aroused me. For the first time this week I realized that this seduction was starting to work. "I’d like to think so. But in the end, only you can decide whether or not I’m strong enough for you?"

My mind was racing. She couldn’t possibly understand what strong enough for me was. “Uh, Jame, in the interest of full disclosure, my true fantasy woman can do a whole lot more than just lift me over her head.” I actually felt like a bit of a jerk, quantifying what I hoped she would be.

But Jamie didn’t seem concerned. “I know that, Paul.” She reached out and patted my hand. “Don’t you worry sweetie, I think you’ll be quite impressed with what I can do.” I actually felt aroused at the thought.

“Now that’s out of the way, lets play a game." She got up from her chair, and skipped over to the tiki hut. She came back a moment later with a bag that she upended in front of me. Out spilled a bocce set.

It confirmed my suspicions from earlier. Of course she hadn't gained super strength, the mere thought was ludicrous. But, she had always been very athletic. I now had no doubt that she spent the last several years honing her incredible athleticism, in hopes that it would be enough to satisfy my desire for strong women.

Of course, if she thought she was going to dominate me playing bocce, she had another think coming to her. I never played that much growing up, but The Wharton School of Business was the bocce capital of the east coast. It was the thing the students there did to unwind. I played bocce all through grad school, I played a lot of bocce, and I had gotten pretty damn good at it. She was going to be hard pressed to beat me at my own game.

The object was simple. Each player got four bocce balls; in this case, there were four green and four red ceramic balls about the size of a grapefruit, each weighing a few pounds. One player would throw a small white ball about the size of a cue ball, called a pallino. Then each player would take turns throwing their larger bocce balls as close to the pallino as they could. You got a point for each bocce you had closer to the pallino than your opponent's closest bocce. A game was generally played to 15, and you had to win by two.

I decided right from the get go that I wasn't going to take it easy on her. If she wanted to dominate me, she was going to have to do it on her own merit. Unfortunately, this was simply the wrong sport for Jamie to dominate me in.

It's not that she was horrible, she was actually pretty good, but she had vastly underestimated how good I was. She made some good tosses, but I always managed to get a little closer, much to her dismay. In fact, it wasn't even close. It took me several rounds, but eventually I worked my way up to a 13-0 lead. I was on a roll, no pun intended. We were playing what was going to wind up being our last round of the game. I had tossed the pallino very close, and while she had three bocces close, the last two I needed had rolled up right against the pallino, way closer than hers. She only had one bocce left. Unless she made some kind of miracle shot, I was going to shut her out.

It was a little disappointing. At the beginning of the game, I was actually excited to see if she could overwhelm me. Truth be told, I was actually slightly aroused. Not any more though. If she was expecting to woo me with her physical prowess, she had a long way to go. I couldn't help but to get a little dig in. "You know, maybe we should have started with something a little easier, like a spelling contest."

She turned her back on the pallino and gave me a wry look. "I got you right where I want you."

"Yeah right. You know, it would be a little more impressive if you got A point."

Suddenly she grinned. The frustrated look was gone from her face and replaced by a confident grin. "OK." Without even looking, Jamie casually tossed her last bocce over her shoulder.

I thought she was giving up by the haphazard way she tossed the ball, but she held my gaze with a knowing look that made me think maybe something else was going on.

Then I saw her ball land right between mine! My balls shot away from the pallino in different directions. I actually had to dodge one. When everything stopped moving, I looked down in amazement. The ball Jamie had so casually tossed, had landed right on top the pallino, giving her a point. Not only that, it had knocked my balls so far away that her other three were all closer than my closest one. Just like that, she scored 4 points, bringing the score to 13-4.

I just stood there for a moment, my mouth hanging open. That was an impossible shot! There was no way she did that on purpose. "That was a lucky shot." I said accusingly. "But, you still have a long way to go before you're back in this game." With renewed determination, I got ready for the next round. There was no way she was beating me.

It was her turn to pitch the pallino, which she threw a moderate distance. I made a beautiful toss with my first bocce. It rolled up to about a foot from the pallino. I looked at Jamie triumphantly. "Beat that!

She giggled at me! With a light fling, she arced her bocce through the air, over my ball, and landed it softly, right in front of the pallino. I tried with my second shot to move her ball, but missed. Her second ball landed directly to the right of the pallino, her third to the left, and her last one right behind. Neither of my final two shots got anywhere close enough to make a difference. When we walked up to look at the balls, Jamie's four had formed a perfect box around the pallino, each of the four touching it. She gave me this shit eating, innocent grin. "Looks like that's another four for me." Her smile lit her face.

I had to say I was impressed. I had seen a lot of good bocce players over the last couple years and none of them could come close to pulling off the shots Jamie was now making. "Don't get too cocky, I'm still up 13-8."

Not for long. This time it was my turn to throw the pallino. I gave it a good hard chuck, trying to make it far enough away that my greater strength would come in to play and give me an edge. But her first bocce easily sailed the distance and rolled right up behind the pallino. I was impressed. That was a long way to throw a three-pound ball. Maybe she was stronger than she looked. I tossed my ball to land in front of the pallino, trying to block her shot. Jamie complimented me on the shot and then launched her second ball. It smashed into mine, knocking it clear from her path. Not only that, but her own ball careened off mine right toward her other ball and it wound up nestling right against the pallino.

My next two shots were both followed by her knocking my ball clear while rolling her ball right up against the pallino, once again forming a protective box around our target. My fourth ball had no chance. I was beyond impressed. The level of skill and accuracy it took to pull off those four shots was amazing. What's more, her plan was working! I actually found myself getting aroused by her!

I still held a slight lead at 13-12, but the way Jamie was playing made her victory seem a lock.

She plucked the pallino up off the ground and tossed it up and down a few times. "So, you want to try to make this a distance thing, huh. Well, let's see what we can do about that." With a heave, she launched the pallino down the beach, much farther than my last fling. The thing flew and flew until it finally landed, maybe 100 yards away. It was an impressive hurl for a ball the size of the pallino. For the much bigger and heavier bocce ball, it would be impossible to reach. Still, I decided to give it the good ole college try, so I hurled my first bocce with all the strength I could muster. The thing barely made it half way to the pallino.

Now it was Jamie's turn. She winked at me, and then with an almost casual toss, she launched her bocce down the beach. It didn't make it to the pallino either, but it did wind up rolling a few feet past mine.

No way! How the hell did she do that? She must know some technique that gave her some extra distance.

We still had three bocce balls left. I grabbed the next one and really wound up this time before hurling it down the beach with all of my might. It didn’t go any further than my first attempt, and now my arm was starting to hurt!

Jamie was shooting me a smoldering look. "Did you really think I'd challenge you to bocce if I didn't think I could crush you?" She launched her next bocce without any of the wind up or fanfare that I just used. It just made it all that more unbelievable when her ball sailed past both of my balls in the air. It landed and kept on rolling, still short of the pallino, but a good twenty yards further than any of mine. I felt my jaw drop! That had to be more than just technique, didn’t it? Jamie giggled.

My next ball failed to reach my other two, and my arm was shot. If Jamie just got one of her two balls past the furthest one I had out there, she would win. There was no way my last bocce was going anywhere.

"I could have crushed you like that!" she said, snapping her fingers. "But I thought it would be a little more fun if I strung you along a bit." Her third ball sailed through the air beyond all the other balls on the sand. This time the bocce rolled all the way up to nestle snuggly against the pallino. I was in a state of disbelief. How was she throwing those balls that far?

"15-12; I win." She walked right up to me, and placed her hand gently on my bare chest.

"So, what do you think? Did you enjoy that, being completely dominated at a game that you thought you were good at, by a little girl? We could play again if you'd like, this time I'll only use two balls and I'll still beat you. Maybe I'll toss my balls with my back to the pallino, or with my eyes closed. I'd still beat you, no problem. You'd like that wouldn't you?"

I was in such stunned disbelief that I hadn't realized that my cock was rock hard. I was completely aroused! I had never been so thoroughly beaten in anything by anyone before. My fantasy had always been to be overwhelmed by a woman with incredible strength, and while Jamie didn’t use strength to dominate me -- well, not only strength -- I still found that I was more excited that I’d ever been before.

I couldn't find a way to put any of that into words, but I didn't have to. It was evident that Jamie read it all on my face. She dropped her hand from my chest, letting it subtly brush against my crotch. She giggled again as she touched my erection. Then she brought her attention to the last bocce ball, still in her hand.

"Oh look, I still have one left. Well, I guess I won't be needing this anymore." And with that, she heaved the bocce ball down the beach with all her might. The ball hurled from her arm like it was shot from a cannon. I watched in wonder as the bocce sailed easily past my balls. The thing was still rising as it got to the pallino, 100 yards away, and kept going! It must have flown well more than 200 yards before the thing finally bounced on the ground, but it didn’t stop there. It just kept bouncing and rolling for what seemed like forever. By the time it finally stopped, I could barely see it.

I stared after the ball slack jawed long after it came to rest. When I finally turned my stunned gaze back to Jamie, she was holding her arms behind her back, her chest sticking out, twisting back and forth, an innocent smile on her face. She brought up the arm she just used to hurl the bocce and flexed her bicep for me. An incredible ball of perfectly shaped muscle rose up from her tightly toned arm. It wasn't huge by most standards, but it looked absolutely massive on a girl her size. "What do you think? Impressed?"

I was too dumbfounded to be impressed, or say anything.

Clearly enjoying the effect she was having on me, she relaxed and flexed her bicep several times while I stared at her powerful arm. After a few moments of posing, she relaxed her arm. "Come on, let’s have some lunch."

She had to practically drag me back to the house. My mind was so preoccupied with trying to figure out how she just threw the ball that far that I had nothing left to process the mechanics of walking. There had to be some logical explanation for what I just saw. I’m not sure there was a distance record for throwing a bocce ball, but if there was, Jamie had just crushed it.

Thing is, there’s no such thing as super strength. Super strength is a gimmick they use in comic books. Or a plot device some hack writer includes in a fantasy story he posts on one of those obscure Internet fetish sites;) Jamie simply couldn’t be strong enough to do what I just saw her do.

She knew I fantasized about being lifted overhead. If she really was interested in turning me on, and did possess super-human strength, it would stand to reason that she would try to attract me by fulfilling one of my long-standing fantasies. But she hadn’t used her strength on me at all; she used a prop.

And there it was. It was some kind of parlor trick; it had to be. She used some kind of optical illusion, or trick ball, or some other special effect that made it seem like she was stronger than she was. It was the only thing that made sense.

I sat down on the couch, pondering the morning events as Jamie cooked our lunch. She made delicious homemade fried chicken, which was crunchy and perfectly spiced on the outside, tender and juicy on the inside. She fixed some sides of spicy fried potatoes and fresh corn on the cob, with sweet iced tea to wash it all down.

“Mmmmm,” I said as I polished off my second piece of chicken. “That was delicious. Where’d you learn how to cook?”

Jamie had that dreamy look in her eyes that she got every time I enjoyed something she prepared for me. "I live with a girl who’s a fantastic cook. I watch her from time to time to get some pointers.”

Again she swatted me away when I tried to help her clean up. I suppose some people would like being waited on hand and foot, but it made me feel weird. I was used to doing things for myself.

After lunch we went back down to the beach. She led me to a small rowboat that was pushed far enough up the beach to avoid high tide. Contrary to the pristine, luxurious house we were staying in, the rowboat was an old wasted thing, with chipped white paint and well-worn wood. A ten-horsepower outboard motor was attached to the back of it, and it was already filled with snorkeling equipment, a pair of life jackets, a pair of paddles for an emergency, and a small cooler filled with refreshments.

I heaved the thing to the edge of the water, and held it still for Jamie to get in before shoving off. It took me a few tries to get the motor started, but we were soon coasting across the water, with Jamie in front directing me. We followed the shore for a couple of miles, then she had me turn the boat further out to sea. After a while, I saw a buoy ahead of us that Jamie was pointing at. I pulled the boat along side, tied-on to the buoy, and shut off the motor.

I got my fins and mask on and slid off the boat while Jamie steadied it. Once in the water, I grabbed the side of the boat to steady it for Jamie, but she just handed me her gear, and stood up on the seat in the center of the boat. She crouched down low, and then leapt way up into the air. Her body spun like a top as she twisted and flipped before entering the water cleanly in a perfect dive with absolutely no splash.

She came up from the water with a grin on her face to find me once more wearing a stunned expression. "That was incredible." I said in true admiration.

"I dabbled in diving a bit at school." She said as she offhandedly as she slipped on her snorkeling gear. Dabbled! Olympic divers would have a hard time duplicating the incredible dive she just performed. Once we were both set, I followed Jamie a short way from the boat to the reef.

I had seen pictures online, but nothing could prepare me for the beauty of an actual reef. I've never seen colors so bright and rich before in my life. Not only was the coral itself colorful, but the exotic, tropical fish only added to the vibrant tapestry of ocean life.

My family didn't travel much when I was growing up, at least not to any place that had snorkeling, but I had swum with flippers before. I loved swimming in flippers, it made moving through the water so much easier, but I was slow as molasses next to Jamie. She glided through the water like a fish using powerful undulations of her legs to propel her at amazing speeds. Not only that, but her lung capacity was amazing. Sometimes we’d have to hold our breath to dive down to get a closer look at a particular fish or piece of coral. I could never stay down for much longer than a minute, while Jamie seemed able to hold her breath forever. Once, I came back up for air twice while Jamie remained under the water. She was still able to stay down a little longer than me, and emerged from the water without all the gasping I did from holding my breath for a long time.

We explored for more than an hour before I started to get tired. Jamie on the other hand, seemed as fresh as when we started. She truly was a phenomenal athlete. We made our way back to the boat and tossed our gear over the side. I grabbed on to the gunwale on one side of the boat and motioned for Jamie to pull herself up on the other side. I needed a little breather before I had the energy to pull myself up. But Jamie had a different idea. She swam right up next to me. Before I could ask her what she was doing I felt her hand on my butt; then, all of a sudden, I felt my body lift up out of the water and tip gently into the boat!

Holy shit! Did she just lift me up into the boat! With one hand! I whipped my head around and looked at Jamie, who wore a devilish smile. "How did you do that?"

She flexed her arm for me, and I was again treated to the sight of her impressive bicep. "I told you, I'm a little stronger than I look."

It was the buoyancy of the water, I told myself. That was the only way she could possibly handle my 245lbs that way. And I must have been subconsciously helping her. Yeah, that had to be it.

I reached my hand over the boat to help her in, but once more, she brushed off my offer of help. Instead, she disappeared into the water. At first, I thought she was just trying to get her hair to lay flat down her back, but when she didn't come right back up, I started to worry a bit. Suddenly, Jamie's body burst out of the water. Her body rose up from the water all the way up past her knees. It was like watching a dolphin jump! At the apex of her jump, she reached out a hand to the gunwale and vaulted over the side of the boat to land gently on the seat in front of me without rocking the boat an inch. She ended with a flourish, her arms out and fingers extended like she was a gymnast.

Again my mouth gaped open, an expression that was becoming more and more common around her. “Let me guess,” I said in the most sarcastic voice I could muster, “you met a dolphin in California who taught you a thing or two about swimming.”

She giggled at my joke. “No, I just have really strong legs.” She thrust one of her legs out and flexed her quads for me. Her thick, shapely thigh bulged and the various muscle groups separated with amazing definition. She twisted her leg back and forth so that I could see the whole thing. I wasn’t really a leg man, but I couldn’t help but to admire her perfectly shaped thigh. It certainly looked powerful. She switched legs, giving me a view of her other thigh, and then turned around and got up on her toes, flexing her thick, powerful calf muscles. She was really getting into her little show, not at all like the modest girl I thought I raised. Jamie was becoming quite the exhibitionist.

Once she was done her impromptu posing routine, I stowed our gear and tried to start the motor. Nothing happened. I pulled at the ripcord again and again with the same result. I looked back toward the shore with a big sigh. I couldn't even see our place from here. It would take forever to row, not to mention I was still exhausted from all the swimming I just did.

Jamie, chipper as if she had just woken from a nap, would have no complaining from me. Without a word, she plopped down in the middle bench and started fixing the oars in the rowlocks. I gave a half hearted protest in an attempt to save a little face, but the truth was, I was interested in seeing how the new improved Jamie would be able to handle a 5-mile row.

She took her time getting ready then told me to sit down. I grabbed myself a beer, and sat down to enjoy the show. She leaned forward, dipped the oars into the water, and gave them a powerful pull. I was thrown back into my seat as the boat lurched forward at an incredible speed. In perfect rhythm and synchronization, Jamie dipped the oars and pulled them through the water with another powerful stroke. The rowboat started going faster and faster and faster, until soon we were going so fast through the water we were making a wake! Her strokes seemed effortless, but the results were truly astounding. I wasn't sure we weren't going faster than we went with the motor.

Before I knew it, Jamie had rowed us all the way back to our house. She didn't even seem to be winded by her exertions. She just smiled at me the whole time, taking great joy in the reaction I was having to her newest feat. “I used to work out with the girls from the crew team,” she offered as I shook my head in disbelief.

“Of course you did.”

As we got near the shore, Jamie leapt out of the boat and grabbed it with her right arm. I was about to jump out and help, but a quick yank by Jamie plopped me back in my seat. She pulled the boat, with me still in it, up to the shore. I thought she’d stop, but she didn’t. She continued dragging the boat across the sand all the way to the tiki hut using her one arm. The muscles on her arm bulged, yet she didn’t seem to have any trouble at all dragging all that weight through the thick sand. I was stunned. Her energy, her strength and her stamina were simply astounding.

And she wasn’t done yet. While I was still stunned by her latest show of strength, she reached down into the boat, slipped her arms under me, and lifted me out of the boat. Then she just stood there holding me cradled in her arms.

I felt myself shudder. For as long as I could remember I fantasized about being with a girl who could lift me. And yet, in my whole life, I'd never met one that could. And now here was Jamie, half my size, holding me in her arms like I was a baby -- and seemed to have very little trouble doing it. The whole thing was surreal.

She held me there for a while before finally putting me down. "Did you like that?" she asked softly.

"Yeah. That was... amazing." I don't know why I said that; probably because it was the truth.

She smiled up at me, and then enveloped me in a big hug. "There's lots more where that came from. But we can get to that later. Come on, let’s relax." The balance of the afternoon was spent lounging by the pool and getting ready for dinner.

We went out to a place called Sushi Sasabune in downtown Honolulu for dinner and were treated to some of the best sushi I ever had. Most of the time when I eat sushi, I could only stomach the maki; everything else is too much fish. But the fish was so fresh at Sasabune; I thoroughly enjoyed their nigiri, too.

The food wasn’t the only thing to enjoy. Jamie had changed into a coral-colored sundress that was very low cut, showing off oceans of her delectable cleavage. Everyone in town seemed to stop to take a look, and I found myself more comfortable stealing glances from time to time at her breasts. She really did have an incredible rack.

That night we opened up a bottle of wine, curled up in front of the fire and played some games. There weren't a lot of board games for just two players, but they had a chessboard with chess and checkers pieces. Jamie creamed me in both.

“Jesus, Jamie. How are you able to be good at everything?” I asked after getting beat at chess for the third time.

She shot me an evil grin. “Do you really think I’m just ‘good’ at everything?”

“Oh, come on. I mean: massages, bocce, swimming, diving, rowing, checkers, chess...” I paused a moment after listing these. "It would be impressive if you were good at any of them, but to be so amazing at all of them... I mean how did you find time to learn all this stuff?”

"Sweetie, we’ve barely scratched the surface of what I can do. I don’t want to sound too arrogant, but I’ve honestly never tried anything that I haven’t been able to excel at.”

“But how can you excel in everything?”

Jamie shrugged. "At first it was a lot of hard work. I spent nearly all my free time studying, working out and training at various things. But a lot of things have a certain synergy to them. Once I got strong enough and fast enough, it got a lot easier to pick up and master different sports. My eidetic memory helped me to absorb knowledge and strategy. Actually, by last year I was so good at so many things that I could master just about any task in about a week."

I shook my head. "It's just all so hard to believe. I mean, I know people who are incredibly talented at lots of different things. But most of the time, when you spend enough time on something to master it, you become deficient in other things. But, you somehow seem to be good at everything. It's just hard to believe that's possible."

"It excites you, doesn't it? This body, this mind, can do things you can't even begin to fathom. Today was just the tip of the iceberg. Wait until tomorrow, and the next day, and the day after that. The more you see of what I can do, the more amazed you'll be, and the more turned on you'll be."

There was no doubt; I was getting aroused just listening to her talk about it. She certainly knew how to push all of my buttons.

A disturbing thought occurred to me. “Jame, you didn’t get so much time to work on all this stuff by dropping out of school, did you.” I’d be heartbroken if she had dropped out of school on my account.

She tsked at me. “Don’t be silly. I’m a straight-A student and at the top of my class. I’m already doing research that my professors can’t even figure out. Believe me, I’m undoubtedly the smartest person you know.”

“And the humblest.”

That earned me a level look. She jumped off the couch and walked over to the cabinet we got the chess set out of. She came walking back with a box of Trivial Pursuit in her hands. "How about a little demonstration. This is Trivial Pursuit, Genus Edition. I’ll let you go through this box and pick out... lets say, six questions. You pick out the six hardest questions you can find. I bet you I get all of them right.”

This was intriguing. I was no stranger to Trivial Pursuit; there were some truly impossible questions in there. “All right.” I said, opening the box. “How about this, if you miss just one question, I win. And you have to answer it exactly how they word it on the back of the card.”

“OK.” A grin crept onto her face. “Do you wanna make this a little more interesting?”

“A bet?”

“Uh, huh.”

“What are the stakes?”

She shot me a seductive smile. “I don’t know. What do you want?”

I gulped as a chill went down my spine. I wasn’t quite ready yet to bet sexual favors with her. “If I win, you let me help you clean and pay for some stuff for the rest of the week.”

That earned me a wry grin. “Are you sure that’s what you want to bet?” She pressed her arms into her chest, pushing her breasts even further out of the front of her dress.

I gulped even louder. “Uh, well, that’s the bet, take it or leave it.”

“Fine. Now, if I win, you have to let me make out with you.” She arched her eyebrow, waiting for my objection.

That was hardly a surprise, though it did give me pause. This was just the situation I was initially trying to avoid; yet I did tell her I’d be more open. Besides, look at her. Who wouldn’t want to make out with that? "What the hell. We have a deal."

Jamie's eyes lit up at my response. Her body was practically trembling with excitement. “Lets do it."

Again, I decided I wasn't going to make this easy for her. So I started rooting through cards, looking for questions no normal person could possibly know the answer to. Jamie watched patiently, sipping her wine with a coy smile on her face. It took me awhile, but finally I had half a dozen cards set aside that Wikipedia would have a tough time answering.

"All right smarty pants, how about this one. ‘In the Adrian Mole Diaries, what is the surname of his girlfriend?’" I had no idea what the hell any of that was, much less what the answer could be.

Jamie seemed unconcerned; she slid across the couch to me, reached out and gently started tracing her finger down my arm. "Braithwaithe." She whispered softly.

"Yeah right, like that's a word." I flipped the card over, sure our little bet was over; except, she was right! "What... how could you possibly know that?"

She giggled lightly in my ear. "That's one."

I was stunned. My hand trembled as I grabbed the next card. "’What is the only national capital that borders two different countries?’"

She leaned so close to me, I could feel her breath on my ear. "Bratislava."

Right again! "No way!"


My palms were starting to sweat. "’Which two countries are double-landlocked (surrounded only by other landlocked countries)?’"

"Liechtenstein and Uzbekistan." Her lips lightly grazed my ear. Now, not only was her finger running up and down my arm, but I could feel the weight of her breasts against my arm.

I could feel my heart start to beat faster and faster in my chest. "’Name four race courses in the UK that don't have any of the letters from the word 'race' in their name.’"

"Plumpton, Ludlow, Goodwood and Huntingdon." Her teeth lightly nibbled at my ear.

I was stunned, how could she possibly know any of this. She wasn’t even guessing. She was answering each question immediately after I asked it with the confidence of someone who knows they’re right. I remember her saying she had an eidetic memory. Did she actually read through every question in the box?

"’What does MRSA stand for?’"

"Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus” She swung her leg up over me and sat on my lap, still nibbling on my ear. I could feel the heat coming off of her body, the smoothness of her thighs as they touched my bare skin. With horror, I could feel my erection press against her crotch. Oh my god, she was going to do it!

I had one card left, and for the life of me, I couldn’t decide whether or not I wanted her to know the answer to the question. "’In the British 2001 census, what was the resident population of Scotland?’" I flipped the card over to see the answer.

She pulled up from my ear and looked at me lustily. "5 million..." she kissed my cheek, "62 thousand..." she kissed the other cheek, "and 11." Without even waiting to hear if she was right (she was!) she leaned in and attacked my mouth with hers.

Her soft, luscious lips, caressed my own, while her fingers worked along the back of my neck and shoulders, squeezing away the tension and unease. The softness of her lips, the heat of her body, the smell of her hair, the tenderness of her caress, all became too much, and I found myself giving in to her. Her tongue penetrated my mouth, and started rubbing against mine in small circles and then large circles. Then she started thrusting her tongue in and out of my mouth. Her hands pulled at my neck, her fingers dug into my skin. It felt so damned good.

Finally she stopped, wrapping her lips around my lower lip as she pulled away slowly. "Mmmmm, did you like that?"

I was so excited I could barely breath. "That was amazing." I heard myself breath out.

"Sports and trivia weren't the only things I've been practicing. This body can do things to you, things you never even dreamt of." She grabbed the straps of her dress and slipped them off of her shoulders. She had to peel the garment off of her heaving breasts, leaving a soft, white cotton bra, which had all it could handle trying to contain her incredible tits. They were so close to my face, I couldn't look away if I tried.

"Incredible, aren't they? They're 36F and all natural. Not bad for a 5'2", 118lb girl, huh. I know you're dying to feel them. Go ahead, they're all yours."

I was so nervous, I couldn’t move. It made little difference to Jamie. She took my wrists and put my hands right on her breasts. Her tits were amazing! As soft as the skin on her back was, the skin on her chest was much smoother. Each breast was so big; my hands came nowhere close to covering one.

She moved my hands around the expanse of her chest, letting my fingers feel the softest skin in the world. I couldn't help but to squeeze. They were wonderfully soft on the surface, yet deep down had a firmness I'd never felt in a breast before.

"You like that, don't you?" Her voice was oozing with passion. She practically moaned the words. "Have you ever felt skin like that before? A babies butt feels like sandpaper next to that. And they're so firm. You wouldn't believe how powerful these breasts are. Would you like to see? I could do more pushups than you can count. Or maybe you'd like to watch me do some bench-presses. I can bench more weight than you'd believe. Or maybe I could just stick something between there, and you can watch me crush it to pieces."

I was getting so turned on. She was talking in the sexiest voice I'd ever heard, and was rubbing my hands all over her chest as she kept telling me how amazing it was. My cock was so hard, it was straining the fabric of my shorts.

"And they're so big, aren't they. These tits would look big on a woman twice my size. On me, they just look mammoth. I'm only wearing a D-cup bra." Only a D-cup! "It was kind of hard to shove my tits into a bra so small, but I did it so that I could do this."

She pulled my hands away from her tits, still holding onto my wrists, and took a deep breath. I watched in rapt fascination as her chest started to swell and expand before my very eyes! Her gigantic tits strained against the confines of her already-bursting bra. I swear I could hear the sound of fabric straining to its limits as her chest got bigger and bigger and bigger.

With a loud SNAP! Her bra burst open, spilling out her magnificent mammaries. As big as her tits were, they barely sagged a bit, even without a single stitch of support. The incredible sight mesmerized me.

Jamie pushed my wrists against the back of the couch, pinning them as sure as if they were nailed. I tried for a moment to push against her hands, but she was so powerful I couldn't move my arms an inch.

She thrust her tits right into my face. With her arms, she squeezed her breasts together, enveloping my face in an ocean of soft, delectable cleavage. She started slowly rubbing her incredible chest up and down on my face. "Mmmmm, doesn't that feel so good."

God did it ever. I could barely talk with her breasts covering my face, but I didn't have anything to say anyhow. The feel of her soft, full, voluptuous breasts against my face, the power of her arms holding mine so easily at bay, the exotic smell of her skin, the erotic moans she was making above me, and the rhythmic gyrations of her body on mine was too much for me to handle. With an uncontrollable spasm, I exploded into my shorts. It was a sweet release, but I was mortified. She had made me cum without even so much as touching my cock! What was she going to think of me?

As she pulled her chest away from my face, I expected to see a look of disappointment, but instead, I got one of satisfaction. She brought her lips back down to mine and caressed my lower lip once more before finally pulling away and releasing my arms. "There, that wasn't so terrible, was it?"

I was so overcome; it took me forever to finally find some words. "I don't know what to say. No woman has ever done that to me, you know, without touching me. You're just so erotic, so sexy. I can't believe it, but I have seriously never been so turned on in my life."

She giggled and gave me another long kiss. "Just wait ’til tomorrow. Now, lets get you to bed." She reached down, and scooped me easily off the couch into her arms. I was again amazed at the ease with which she handled my weight. The more I saw of her strength, the more I thought it might actually be possible that she was indeed stronger than me.

She carried me easily out the door, across the courtyard, and into my bedroom. She set me gently down into bed. I got another long kiss, before she pulled away. She looked down at me like I was her child. "Now you get yourself a good night's sleep. Tomorrow is going to be a big day." And then, with another peck on my forehead, she slipped out of my room.

Again, sleep was hard to come by. The last couple nights, I had a hard time sleeping because I didn't know how to react to Jamie’s confessed love. Tonight I had a hard time falling asleep because I was stunned to find that I was actually falling for her. When I finally did fall asleep, I dreamt of Jamie all night long.

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