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Hyperwoman – Chapter Three: Where to from here?

Written by Woody :: [Thursday, 26 September 2019 14:40] Last updated by :: [Thursday, 26 September 2019 15:42]

“Now how do I fly and where is this warehouse?”

A quick internet search on the search engine Giggle gave me the address and rough directions. It was only about three minutes as the crow flies. “That’s the where taken care of, Now how do I get there?” I thought. “Fly,” I said and jumped into the air; only to land on my feet. I tried again. “Fly,” I said as this time I took a running leap; and I face planted in the lounge room.

“This is worse than Ralph and Holly.” I said to no one in particular. “at least they had an instruction manual. Well it was just a plot device on a fictional TV show and they never found it, but one still existed in their world. Hannah needs me.”

I sighed “How do I help her?”

I looked down and I was two feet off the ground. “I did it.” I squealed before falling again.

I got up and dusted the suit off. “This is hopeless, I need to help her. She’s counting on me.” I looked down, I was floating again.

“Thinking about helping Hannah is making me fly, works for me.” I landed rather ungracefully and went to the roof.

“Here I come Hannah!” I said as I jumped off the building.

With my thoughts alternating between Hannah and Joey Scarbury’s iconic theme song I flew the three minutes to the warehouse and perched, well, thudded onto the roof. Thankfully I was unseen by the cops at the base with a megaphone while they were negotiating with the men inside. Through some glass ceiling panels, I spied Hannah still tied up. There were three armed guards, two guarding her and one at the door.

“How do I get in without being…” I didn’t finish the sentence as the glass caved in. Shards showered the two men as I made my ungraceful entrance landing on one of them. I managed to get up and fortunately for me Hannah was a few meters away from the glass.

“HYPERWOMAN!” she exclaimed. “But how…”

“I’ll probably need your help with that later,” I said.

“Wait!” Hannah replied. The same realization hit her “NO. REALLY!” “NO. REALLY!”

I nodded confirming her suspicions.

“You know… OOMPH!” I stumbled forward with a harsh Jolt. “Fuck; what was that?”

One of the men had smacked me in the back with a crowbar. I turned just in time to see the second swing. I stuck out my arm and it bent the crowbar.

“Cool,” I said as I then stepped into the guy and laid a right cross on him. He dropped like a sack of potatoes in the winter.

Just then

“STOP!” a booming deep voice said, “Or she gets a bullet to the head.” I turned around slowly. The third man was now beside Hannah and had a gun trained on Hannah’s head.

“C’mon leave her out of it. Why did you take her anyway?” I said without thinking.

“We actually wanted you. We were using her as bait.”

Oh crap” I sighed to myself.

“Why?” I said with bravado, hoping to convey a semblance of intent.

“You put away our boss, and now you’re going to pay,” he said and pointed the gun at me.

“Ahh, how about we talk it over without the hostage?” I said with my arms forward trying to diffuse the unexpected development. “Let her go, she’s no one. I don’t even know her.”

“WHAT!” exclaimed Hannah.

“No. She sees you die now.” and with that, he fired.

Suddenly the world went into slow-mo. Hannah’s eyes went wide. The man grinned an evil grin from ear to ear and I could see the bullet coming at me. Suddenly the bullet drew my focus and I could see every minute detail. The spin caused by the rifling, Marks from the residual gunpowder. I put my fingers up and closed them. Right when the bullet was between them in front of my face. I looked; I had caught the bullet.

“Nice shot.” I said running on adrenaline as I dropped the bullet and started advancing.

The man went slack-jawed; then regaining his composure a second later he fired a second round, then a third.

Fortunately, I had already jumped and he couldn’t lock onto me. I was too quick and 4 shots later I was behind him. I grabbed the gun and pulled it out of his hand with ease. Then I put him in a headlock.

“We good?” I said before head butting him. He dropped like the others.

“OW!” I said rubbing my head “Remind me not to head butt bad guys.” I said to Hannah.

I untied her and she gave me a hug.

“How the fuck did you do that” Hannah asked.

“Put him in a headlock and headbutt him?”

“Not that, catch the bullet,” Hannah said excitedly.

“Beats me, I’ve been Hyperwoman all of 30 minutes. You’re the expert.”

“Yeah but I’ve never caught a fucking bullet,” she said.

“You ever tried?” I asked.

“Well, no.” she said. “Let’s talk about this later shall we, let’s get out of here.”

We started towards the exit. Suddenly the door burst open and SWAT entered the building.

“Don’t hurt us” I screamed to the bewildered looks of the SWAT officers.

“As we could hurt you.” they laughed as they circled around us and apprehended the men. The commander then appeared.

“We heard gunshots and stormed in to save this young lady.” They pointed at Hannah. “But it looks like you beat us to the punch.”

“It’s Ok, Hyperwoman here saved me didn’t you.” Hannah jabbed me in the waist.

“Ahh, yes, of course, citizen. All in a day's work.”

Hannah leaned in. “too much.” she whispered. She then talked to the commander.

“I just want to go home.”

“We need to ask you some questions but you can come down the station later if you’d like.”

“I’ll take her home” I Interjected.

“If that’s ok,” Hannah asked the commander.

“No problem Hyperwoman, Thanks again.”

As Hannah and I resumed walking I leaned in. “He thinks I’m you,” I said so only she could hear.

“Shall we go home?”

“Yeah. But ahh, how are we doing that?” she asked.

“Flying I guess.”

“Do you know how to?”

“Not really.”

And with that, I grabbed her and flew off.

Hannah screamed the entire 3 minutes and we landed on her roof and we made our way inside her apartment.

“You’re terrifying at flying,” she said.

“Were you any better when you started?” I retorted. “Also I suppose I don’t need to be like this anymore; how do I change back.”

“Follow my actions.” Hannah said as she did a twirl. I copied her then I was back in my pajamas.

“Oh that is so cool,” I said looking down. I got changed while Hannah made a coffee and sat down in the lounge room.

“Well, I guess my secrets out.” Hannah Said.

“Yeah on that note, how did I transform into Hyperwoman?”

“If I had to have a guess it’s because I can transform into Hyperwoman. We are the same person so it makes sense if I can do it that you can do it too. I was going to show you actually to stop you discovering it yourself, but too late for that now I suppose. How did it happen?”

“I saw you held hostage on the news and felt compelled to help but I didn’t know how. I rushed to get changed to go to the warehouse and as I was getting changed I ripped my shirt like this” I said and pulled my shirt – the buttons flew everywhere and I was there in my bra visible and my shirt hanging loose.

“WHAT” It worked last time I said looking down at my bra.

“I got this” Hannah said as she got up and put her glasses down. “You need to be standing. Watch”

She then looked to rip her top open. As her arms moved apart however her clothes morphed into her red and blue bodysuit, her gloves and the rest of her costume.

“Get up and try it”

I stood, put my own glasses down and took a step back. I put my hands over my bra and mimicked a rip of my shirt. I felt the same rush as earlier and then looked down. I was Hyperwoman again

“God that rush is good,” I said

“I know right.” Hannah replied.

“You feel it too?”

“Every time.”

We sized each other up. Both of us were indeed in the same costume. We went to a mirror and we were twins. Two identical versions of Hyperwoman.

“You know I reckon every lowlife in this town just shuddered,” she said triumphantly.

“Why is that?” I asked.

“Because now there are two of us.”

“That’s, uh, great,” I said as I stepped back and twirled into my normal clothes again complete with the shirt hanging by my side. Hannah did the same, then went and got me another shirt.

She could tell I was upset and came and gave me a hug. “I don’t know how you got here, why you did or how to get you home. I’m grateful that you felt you needed to save me and I’m glad you did. As long as you’re here stay with me. I’ve loved you being here and I think I know you pretty well. I know you’re up for this, however long you have the opportunity for. I think you’ll like it here”

“Thanks.” I said putting on the shirt. “For everything.”

“Anytime Hannah.” she said.

It’s been two months since Hannah’s abduction and about four months overall since I arrived. I’m still stuck here. I’m still living with Hannah and rather unsurprisingly we get along great. She taught me the ropes of being a hero and our abilities and my flying has really improved, and she even caught a bullet. To her credit she showed me how to save a person without hurting them which is a lot harder than I anticipated. If I went in green I would have probably killed 350 people, which is probably not a good look for a heroine. Turns out humans are really fragile.

I got a job at the newsagent with the owner whom I found out was Enrico. It turns out Hannah has been a regular there since she moved in and he was happy to give me a job thinking he was hiring her. In my spare time, I’m still reading up on string theory and working out what the hell has happened to me.

Hannah is still the main Hyperwoman still but I take some jobs occasionally or if she’s out of town, I have even developed a sixth sense for when I’m needed which Hannah explained happened to her as well.

And that’s where I’m at; I’m stuck in a foreign dimension with my genetic doppelganger who is also a Superheroine. I somehow gained those superpowers as well and now I’m a part-time superheroine.

As for when/how/if I can even get home. Well, I don’t think that the story has been written yet. I guess time will tell.

Will Hannah ever get back to her own Dimension? What further adventures await Hannah and Hannah in the meantime? Will Woody get some ideas and continue this story, unlike DOZER and MULTIPLEX? Tune in for future installments of HYPERWOMAN… hopefully.

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